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Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story)

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1 Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Fri Dec 04, 2009 3:38 pm

bbc dope

ummm im not new to the board but im not old either i just remembered this site and thought maybe i should put up one of my storys that im currently writing. so here it goes let me kno if you guys like it or not.

Here it goes......

My name is Charli'Mari and i live with my mom out here in Cleveland Ohio, and i mean we dont really have a good relationship do to the fact that shes a hoe and im the bread maker in the house. I have only 1 bestfriend for real for real i mean i have friends but my girl chazidy is always here for me no matter what adn i love her for that. But lets get to the main part of my story i was raped by my ex boyfriend juelz. I cant believe that son of a bitch did some shit like this to me. dont get me wrong i love the death out of little Marcus-Laron hes the cuttiest little boy ever i just wish i could have went about him differently. Me and juelz dont get along at all and i really dont speak of him as juelz its more like "HIM" but lets get to my story.....

I was on my way to the corner store with marcus when i ran into "HIM"

Me-Yo joe can i get 2 pepsi and i bag of gummie bears(walkin to the cashier)
joe-hey baby girl i c you brought the baby with you this time
me-yeah were on our way to chazidy's
joe-hows things been since you had him (baggin items)
me-hard i mean my mom dont help me with shit(intuption)
m.v-aye joe give me a black
me-excuse you(not looking up)
m.v-my bad ma
me-i anit ya ma(looking up) oh its you
HIM-charli whts up ma
me-dont tlk to me...thanks joe see you later tell your wife i say hi
joe-will do
HIM- aye umm thats ur baby?
me-(walkin to my car)
HIM- i asked you a fuckin question
me-(putting the baby in)what it look like nigga
HIM-(scratching head) is he mine?
me-look you kno wht happen and so do i lets not relive details...he's the outcome of ur actions but hey no biggy
HIM- what you tryin to say charli
me-(gettin in my car and flickin him off)stupid bitch

Chaz-took you long enough
Me- i ran into him
chaz- did he touch you or anything
me-hell naw he anit stupid
chaz-oh lol
me-where's my goddaughter
chaz-laying down
me-im bout 2 put marcus down 2 hld up.......
chaz-so do you want the house i was tellin you about
me-well i was think about just moving in with my bestie for startes lol
chaz-alright then
me-so whats this i hear about you fuckin with one of 'HIS' friends
chaz-thats a lie
me-you told me bry was nya father...come to think of trick she looks like nell
chaz-so what if hes the father
me-why anit you tell me u trick(sittin on the couch)
chaz- i didnt want you to be mad at the fact i knew where juelz was this whole time
chaz-my bad
me-so....ill move in here(changing subject)
chaz-alright go get ur stuff and ill watch the kids

i left 2 my mom house to get all of me and marcus clothes and moeny i had saved up when iw alked in my mom was surrounded by six men 1 being "HIM". my mom was kissing one of the guys while another played with their selfs.

me-what the fuck is dis ma
my mother- shut up and go to yo damn room
me-fukin slut
ma-you just mad yo damn baby daddy dont want yo bastard as son
me-fuk you
HIM-shut the fuk up tonya, you go 2 yo room
me-you anit my daddy
m/v's- oh, shes about to get it now

i walked away from them up 2 my room and started packing our stuff, HE walked in and locked my door...........

2 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Fri Dec 04, 2009 8:49 pm


I Looooove It
Please Continue !
I love you

3 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:17 pm


This is nice!
Continue please!

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4 thanks on Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:05 am

bbc dope

ill add real soon today though

5 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:27 am

bbc dope

walked away from them up 2 my room and started packing our stuff, HE walked in and locked my door...........

Him-man what i gotta do for you 2 forgive me
me-apolgize 2 me, help me take care of OUR son shit man up or something(puttin clothes in bags)
HIm-i aplogize man, i aplogize, i didnt mean it
me-but you did(rollin eyes)
HIm-can i be in his life(bittin nails)
me- his(chuckles) his got a fuckin name
him-marcus it is
me-marcus-la'ron lamarRamone james
him-he has my name(lookin at me)
me-yeah heres a picture of him(he sat on my bed)
him-come sit(patting bed)
me-you must really take me as stupid to sit on the same ass bed with u, u raped me on(through a shoe at him)
him-look man i promise not to touch you
me-ill stand
him-can we start over please(tkin jacket off)
me- what u mean start over and put yo damn jacket on you wont be here long
him-start over as friends please
me-we can start over by you being a father to OUR son
him-ok...so hi im la'ron your name is (exstending his hand)
me-im charli'mari but you can call me charli

Hours pasted and we continued to talk about marcus and get to know each other a little better, and he even offered to turn himself in to the cops for raping me and what not.

chaz-where are you at
me-at home packing, i walked in on moms having a freakin orgy man(laughs)
me-yeah gurl, but ill be there soon
chaz-alright the key is under my car
chaz-wait r u and him up in ur room together
me-yeah me and la'ron are tlking
chaz-do i have to come over there to monitor
me-naw i think i got this covered(lookn at him)
la'ron-(mouthed what covered)
me-ill see you soon lata*click*

so i finished packing and la'ron walked all my stuff 2 da car and followed me over to chaz house

la'ron- i know its kind of late but can i come in and see marcus
me-yeah if hes up(walkin in the house) chaz im here(lookin around)
chaz-gurl you wou....juelz
chaz-he didnt force his way in(walkin to her closet)
me-wait no chaz he didnt i let him in(grabbin her arm)
chaz-oh well, marcus is laying in the living room
la'ron-can i hold him
me-put yo hand behind his head and the other at his bottom
la'ron-he has my ears, nose....
me-and eyes(lookin over his shoulder)
la'ron-does he always slee like this(marcus was squriming in his arms)
me-until he finds a heartbeat to listen to then yeah, and if he dont kno ur heartbeat...place him on ur heart
la'ron-(does so) aye man his eyes open i didnt do it(lookin scared)
me-thats ok he just wanna put a face to a beat thats all(laughing)
la'ron-oh alright
me-welp im going to go start unpackin when hes sleep put in the room 2 doors to ur left k(gettin up)

so i went and put all of our stuff up and i walked in on la'ron tlkin to someone on the phone and im assuming shes a chick due to the fact bitch keep getting threw around
la'ron- bitch listen...i said listen bitch..its ova what we had is done, ill send my dude over there to give you some dick thirsty trick....i dont want yo dry ass pu__ ....bitch did you just question me....apolizge.....i siad.....thats better....no get the fuck off my phone and dont call me no more bitch.....
me-can you not tlk like that in front of my son
la'ron-my bad i put him to sleep
me- you can go i got it from here
la'ron-alright call me if you need anything
la'ron-lata(reachin for a hug)
me-lata(hugging him) im......

6 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Sat Dec 05, 2009 12:09 pm


add soon!!
I love this!!!
will they make up???

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7 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Sat Dec 05, 2009 4:50 pm


i like it add soon

8 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Sun Dec 06, 2009 9:05 pm

bbc dope

CHARLI POV.So basicly months pass and marcu just turned one and la'ron aka elz....only i can call him that so u stick to la'ron or juelz came over to take us to the mall to get him some things.[i]

elz-(on the phone)-nig__ i tell you...man get out....
me-(i started to look at him like excuse you)
elz-aye look man i gotta go so ill call you later
me-you wanna hld marcus while i go to underground
elz-yeah ill come with you also
worker-how may i help you
elz-im good ma but she lookin around(pointing at me)
worker-if you(all in his face) need ANYTHING call me im trina
elz-alright trina(lookin her up and down)
me-elz i want these three
elz-these three
me-yeah duh
elz-can she get these three in a size 6
trina-yeah(mumbles) lucky bitch
me- yeah i kno am
elz-lil man what you want
elz-them 2
me-look bitch go get the shoes you wasting time
elz-calm down ma
she came back and liteway threw the shoes at me so i had to tell her ass
me-excuse you
me-take these damn shoes bak and hand them to me like you got fukin sense bitch
elz-(gave her this look)
trina-(she picks the shoes up and hand them to me and apolizge)
me-(looked at elz) fuk it i dont want htem from here
elz-come on ma, well go to footlocker
trina-im sorry
me-(holding marcus) im hungry elz
elz-(puttin arm around my waiste) why you gotta act like that
me-she disrespected me(with attitude)
elz-aye calm all that down iight
me-alright, get him some fries please and me some chinese food and pizza
elz-wht kind(starts laughing)
me-dont act like you dont kno
elz-fat ass...i want purperoni
me-fuk you
elz-thats how marcus got here

[i]we ate got my shoes and headed bak to his mom house to drop off marcus, den when he was takin me to my house(i moved from with chaz) he got a call from the corner so he had to go there first.


elz-sit in here lock the doors, blow the horn 2 times if the cops come
me-i didnt sign up for dis shit elz, im just your baby mother not no damn look out
elz-well then you already signed up for it then, so do it for me(kissin my lips real quick then hopped out the car) locked the doors
phone rings

f/v-who dis
me-charli, you?
f/v-alica where juelz
me-behind me
alicia-what you mean behind you hoe
me-bitch like i siad he behind me you got somthing you wanna tell him
alicia-you must not kno who i am
me-no you must not kno who i am
alicia- bitch put him on
me-he anit in the car no can i tke a message
alicia-tell him im PREGANT
me-been there done that
alicia-you really dont know hwo you tlking to, im alicia gant
me-oh really so you dont remember me huh bitch
alicia-who r you..c....ch...charli'mari?
me-yeah bitch
alicia-y you with him didnt he rape yo ass
me-whts it to you
alicia-i bet he dont wanna father ur child be he do mine bastard ass son
me-exspect a vist from me soon bitch(click)(unlocked the doors)

9 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:50 pm




add soon

glad they cool again i guess thats good..



10 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:07 pm



im loving it so far .
i cant wait until tha next add !


11 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Mon Dec 07, 2009 5:12 pm

bbc dope

hey if you guys like this story wait until you really see how things turn out and oh yeah tell your friends to read also bump bump bump i love you guys for readin my story

12 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Mon Dec 07, 2009 5:34 pm

bbc dope

[i]elz finally got bak into the car

elz-you were on my phone(lookin down at his phone)
me-yep alicia called
elz-ahhh she did, what she want(pickin his phone up)
me-to tell you she pregant
elz-that bitch lieing
me-(bitting nails)then she had the nerve to through that you raped me into the coversation(started hittin him) you told niggas some sick shit like that
elz-naw(gaurding himself) i anit tell no one, she gave me that shit that night
me-take me to her house(adjustin myself in the seat)
elz-naw(starting car)
me-im being way to calm for u to be tellin me naw la'ron
elz-alright but let me go in you stay in the car

[i] we get there and juelz hop out the car and i do right after him and hide behind him to the fact im only 5'2

alicia-hey juju
elz-hey,sooo...you called
alicia-where that bitch charli and her bastard son at(looking around outside) you came to stay?
me-(grabbed her by her hair) bastard son huh bitch
alica-let go
me-naw bitch, what you got to say about my son(punching her in the face)
alica-let me go im pregant
elz-you a liein bitch alicia quit playin
alicia-(holding my hand while its on her hair) its true juelz im not liein
me-whateva bitch(lettin her go) 10 months and 2 weeks come on la'ron
elz-oh yeah ill have los over here soon
alicia-y(scared face)
elz-you think i didnt kno bout yall fuckin(chuckles)
alicia-im sorry
me-stupid fuck
elz-come on

[i]so we left and was headed to my house, when we got there elz got out with me, and wnet in and straight up to my room(laying down)

me-damn dont let that hoe get to you like that(takin hair down)
elz-it anit that
me-what is it then
elz- after what i done to you we still can kick it like this(looking around)
me-thats in the past(placing jewerly on the dresser)
elz-and alicia jsut brought it bak, man i anit mean to hurt you like that(puttin head in his hands)
me-its ok im not mad anymore(walkin in between his legs)
elz-what you wanna do for the rest of the day(grabbin my waiste)
me-this(i started to take off my clothes then i headed to the bathroom) shower
elz-(hard as fuck) that wasnt even cool yo....(lookin down at himself)
me-(biting my lip) you can join me if you want
elz-hell yeah(jumping up)

[i]so we got in the bath for about 30 mins just relaxing then got in the showe, it started just us washing eachother up then we got out and wrapped up in towels then headed out ot my room. i sat on the bed laughing wit elz den started to put lotion on, but was stopped by elz litely pushing me bak on the bed and........

[b]meanwhile with chazidy and nellz

chaz-can you come put ur daughter to bed
nell-why cant you
chaz-cause she want you to now go before i get up nigga(laughing)
nell-(tuckin mimi in) dont be tlkin to me like im some bitch
chaz-yeah yeah love you to(waklin out mimi room)

[b]knock knock

chaz-who is it
f/v-bitch open the door
chaz-hell naw(opening the door) who da fuk r u
chante-were dat hoe charli at(lookin around the house)
chaz-bitch who the fuk r u
chante-chante(turned toward her car) alicia sister, where charli at , she fuckin with my sister
chaz-naw bitch yo sister must have been fuckin with her so gon wit this pussy ass shit ma
chaz-listen bitch charli anit here(eating a apple) anythin else
chante-(swung at chaz)
chaz-(grabbed her hand before it connected to her cheek) nell hit charli on her cell tell her ass to hurry up

[b]mean while bak with elz and me

me-put it in
elz-you sure(holdin himself)
me-(phone rings) yeah shit its chaz hld up....HELLO
nell- man come outside alicia and her sister here and her sister just swung on chaz
me-alright here i come(pushes elz off me)
elz-whats wrong(puttin on boxers)
me-dat bitch alica brought her sister chante to chaz house lookin for me, im bout to beat her ass
elz-man(getting dress)

13 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Mon Dec 07, 2009 5:46 pm

bbc dope


me-what da fuk(lookin at 3 cars full of niggaz)
chaz-tell me y dis bitch got 2 cars full waiting on ur ass
me-hell naw, btich wht the fuck you doing here
chate-you choked my sister today
chante-im bout to beat yo ass
chaz-naw bitch im bout to beat yo hss you swung at me
me- you can have her i want alica lieing ass(heading towards her car)

chante vs chaz

so chante swung once again but missed, but followed up with a to piece to chaz stomach, chaz recooped hit her three times to the lip eye and nose, chante fell over so chaz grabbed her by the hiar and dropped her den started kickin her. then about three girls jumped out and came to hcaz she was working with all three until two grabbed her so i jumped in and beat a hoe ass or two den the rest got ou including nigas thats when elz and nell jumped in we finshed them i went ater alicia.

[b]me vs alicia

alicia locked the doors so i broke the windwo with my elbow...damn its bleeding i unlocked the dorrs den chaz dragged her out the car, i kicked the bitch in her mouth den fucked up her face. i told chaz to hold her head so i could slap the shit uot of her den chaz daughter ran out and started kicking alicia i laughed den placed her bak in the car whole chante crawled to the car. hahaha dumb bitch

[b]In chaz house

me-damn she fucked up my lip
chaz-yo lip my hair and arm, dat bitch cut me
me-she tried to cut me and my fuckin eye hurt
elz/nell-suck dat shit up
chaz-fuk yall
me-right, yal anit hurt
elz-(mumbles) dat was what i was tryin to do to you
chaz-huh juelz i anit hear you(puttin hand to her ear)
nell-yall soft ass hell man up mim jumped in she anit complaing
me-she three she cant and thats so wrong he had to jump in lol
elz- i just told your bout being dot and shit....man come on (gettin up)
chaz-who he talkin to
me-not me
elz-come da hell on, its on chaz, nell(dappin him)
me-dis bigga lost his mind lets go la'ron(pushing him outside the house) who you tlkin to
elz-(walkin up to my door) dont be pushing me man
me-yeah whatever(walkin in)
elz-dont whteva me(throwing a pillow at me)
me-oh so you wanna start a pillow fight(pickin one up).......

14 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Mon Dec 07, 2009 8:51 pm



that was funny..

even the baby jumped in lol

add more uppsz

15 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Mon Dec 07, 2009 9:02 pm

bbc dope

thanks for reading add more when i get to page 2....tell ya friends about my story also thnks chicka

16 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Tue Dec 08, 2009 4:20 am


I'm lovin this story...
It's cute..
I'm intrigued so add more...

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17 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Tue Dec 08, 2009 4:22 am


You wanted a page 2...
Here it is...
and we got a rule here...
Its goes like this...
So do what you gotta do!!!
lol! lol!

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Love Mist

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Will be revived
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18 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:14 am

bbc dope

elz beat my ass with pillows, den i beat his ass with the hands when we was done we fell on the floor tired

me-hell man im hungry
elz-me 2 what you want to eat
me-some chicken and rice
me-i want some hot wings from winkin lizard and some chinese frm amazing wok
elz-damn, i bet you kno the prices to(tiein up his shoes)
me-yeah i do swan
elz-are u pregant
me-nope i just like to eat
elz-oh..thats hot, have you talked to yo mom lately
me-y dat bitch kicked me and my 12month son out
elz-man word around is she a ture hoe
elz-so...man dont be like that
me-go get my food, and ill think about it
elz-whateva,, you want marcus from my moms
me-(looked at the clock) if you want
elz-alright, be bak

elz left to get the food, and marcus. when he got bak he put marcus down tto sleep and brought my food to me but i was sleep

elz-babe ay wake up
elz-get up
me-my food(jumping up and lookin for it)
elz- its in the kitchen
elz-no prob

so we ate and went to sleep the next day, i had decided to go to school, so i called up chaz and let her know, got marcus dressed and made elz some ceral and was out with marcus. i met up with chaz at the door then we went to put the kids in the daycare and went to gym then picked them back up and went to our classes

chaz pov.
i walked into class and ran into the school how sitting on bry lap

courtney- i hope you anit her baby daddy(smiling at me)
me-and if he is
courtney-dont no one want that demon ass child
mimi-shut up bitch b4 my mommie beat yo asp
courtney-listen here you lil...(hit)
charli-bitch dont be talkin shit to my goddaughter(hittin her again)
teacher-thanks enough ms. charlo
charli-alright teach
me-thank god you came before i got up,c asue i was about to cut dis bitch
charli- yeah, i fogot the walkie talkie to give tameka(mimi)
me-by charli

so i sat down wit mimi
bry-how you been
me-good...y you wanna kno
mimi-(kept looking at him confused) ma
me-yes mimi
mimi-do i kno him
me-this bryan babe
teacher-ms. chazidy please calm yo child
me-got this deb, mimi be quiet babe
bry- hey mimi
mimi- hi, me miss you, we be we
me-where you been
mim-you dont wuv me anymore
bry-of course
mimi-so where you been
bry-ive been(lookin at me)
me-hes been busy baby with school
bry(hands her gummy bears)
teacher- so thats all im going to say, pick partners, and do the research. if not then fuk it then
me- she cuss lets roll
class-(laughs) shes cute
courtney- ugly ass baby
mimi-bitch yo mad you dont bok like this(spinnin around)
me-(laughs) enough mim, no more cussin

with charli and marcus
i just got finish with my work so i started toplay with marcus. mommys baby. cant believ it im 18 with a 18monmths year old baby

me- damn marcus you look just like daddy
me-but you smile like(phone rings) hello
elz-let me speaks to my soon
me-my dude he cant talk
elz-let me tlk to him then
me-alright...say hi marcus 2 daddy
marcus(smiles and make noise)
elz-hey lil man, daddy just wanted to say heu, make sure no niggas mess with mommy k, love ya
marcus-(smiles and baby talk)(blows bubble)
me-wht you tell him nigga(laughs at marcus) hes tryin to tlk
elz-that i love him dats all(smiles)
me-oh hld up...hey evan
marcus-(starts cryin)
elz-(chuckles) why he cryin
me-cause evan wlked up
elz-tell that nigga to get lost
me-no he can tlk to me, babys cry elz
elz-dont ply
me-who said i was, i do wht i want la'ron
elz-alright..i got u...........

19 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Fri Dec 11, 2009 2:40 pm


o snap



wanna know whats up next..


20 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Sat Dec 12, 2009 9:01 am

bbc dope

10mins later elz walked in the class and sat next to me and marcus the teacher didnt really say shit cause she knew about him. alll the girls stared one even treied to talk to him.

elz-(wihsphering to me) what was that shit on the phone
me-like i said i dont waht i please laron
elz-do i have to teach yo ass a lesson charli
me-fu you elz(rolling my eyes) you dont fuckin control the shit i do
elz-(got mad) aye shell be back(pickin up marcus) get the fuk up
me-nigga i dont told yo ass bout tlkin to me like im one of your hoes
elz-get the fuk up and i anit gon say it again
me-i swear im bout to beat yo ass(gettin up)
we walked marcus to the daycare and then went to his house, before we got in the car he was holding my hand like i was some damn child he even put my damn seatbelt on me, and took it off once we got to his house.
elz-what was that shit you was tlkin(putting keys down)
me-y you always gotta start shit with me elz
elz-cause of your smart ass mouth charli
me-i dont think thats the truth(waklin up on him) i think you like startin shit with me so we can be alone(grabbin his penis) so you can get me alone and try to fuck right(blowing on his ear) im sayin if thats the case all you had to do was say it(letting on and goin in the kitchen) any food
elz-(to him self) im def bou to fuck that .....get out my kitchen
me-fiix me somthing and get dis crap off the table
elz-dis my damn house not urs
me-fix me somthing while i bag dis crap upbfore the cops come in
elz-shit if i do that im fuckin
me- in ur dreams if u think u hittin dis again

elz had made me some chicken and fires while i cleaned his mess up den we sat around and watch some movies. on the second movie elz started to kiss me he lucky as hell i was craving some dick to day shit i anit had none since ewll you kno lol. well we went at it for a while then headed back to the school. wehen we got there we got marcus and elz walked up to class.

elx- you sure you dont want me to take him
me-i mean if you want(looking sleepu)
elz- you alright ma
me-yeah gotta go get this work done
elz-alright...say by marcus
evan(wlkin up) hey charli are you ok i didnt see you these last 3 periods
me-yeah im good did i miss much
evan-not really i offered to bring you ur work
elz-(looked at evan) we bout to be out
me-alright later guys be good
elz-so were my goodbye hug and kiss(lookin at evan)
me-lata elz huggin him(he grabbed my face and kissed my lips)
elz-aright ma(wlkin off)
evan-thats yo man(lookin bak at elz)
me-naw hes my son father
m.v-(he was watching us the whole time) bitch quit lieing everybody kno you is hoe, that pussy ass nigga
me-look i anit got time for tht shit tell it to juelz(i called elz in to come bak in) bay he tlkin reckless
elz-(handing me marcus) who
me-ol dude right there
elz-wht the fuk u gotta say lil nigga(wlkin up to him)
dude-you a pussy and she a hoe
elz-(hit the fuk out og ol dude ) she a hoe, well come take a ride with me and ill show you want me and my niggas do to hoes....

21 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:04 pm


more please .
thank you so much

22 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Sun Dec 20, 2009 2:12 pm

bbc dope

RECAP:Elz came up to the skool to check ol dude out

evan-so he dont play
me-(continued to wlk)nope
evan-ur walk ok
me-yeah just a little cramp from practice
evan-oh yeah i forgot you on the b-ball team
me-lol yeah(wlkin in class)
mimi-TT, me wll you, wilkie milkie
me-you did, sorry boo i had to take care of some business next time i will answer(sitting down)
chaz-you fuked juelz didnt you(wishpering to me)
me-you can tell(pattin hair)
chaz-yep, dats y all these hoes staring you down(pointin her head)
me-damn what yall lookin at/
f/v-u slut
me-bitch catch me after school, when my baby anit with me
f/v2- you damn hoe....whts this yo second child....you must really be settin that shit out huh
me-just like all those deasies you got, you must realy be giving them up...adam shes the reason you burning
me-you wanna continue to go head to head hoe
f/v2-well see you after school(rollin eyes)
mimi-well be waiting

so we went threw the class and the last period elz showed up with olboy and he wasnt wlking right, or lookin right. for some reason i was mission elz. i walked up to him and kissed him

me-hey elz(standin between his legs)
elz-damn if knew giving ya dis dick made yo act like this i should have been did dat
me-shut up, so wht we doin today
elz-i gotta hit the block
me-oh(backing up)
f/v-hey juelz boo
elz-sup crystal(lickin lips)
me-(wlkin away)
elz-where you going red
elz-my house or yours
crystal-(in between his legs)wht she doing at ur house
me-its OUR house not just his(chicks frm class wlk up) elz take marcus wit u for a few
elz-wht u bout to do
me-gotta teach yo hoes some lessons
elz-(pushin crystal away)aye(grabbin my waiste)you anit gotta do that(puttin his head on mines)
crystal(clears throat)uh uh
elz-u can leave,im wit my gurl
crystal-wht am i...she yo babymomma
elz-dis wifey(lookin me in the eyes)be gonr
crystal-i anit givin up

all of a sudden i get hit in the head with something............

23 Re: Loving Wht I Cant Resist(New Story) on Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:37 pm

shawnie poo

FUK!!! I LUV IT!!!!


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