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Unexpected Writings » THE CREATIONS » Erotica » Males » I can't do It {A Marcus and Janae Story}

I can't do It {A Marcus and Janae Story}

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1 I can't do It {A Marcus and Janae Story} on Mon Nov 16, 2009 9:05 am



‘Mum...hurry up please’ I yelled from outside while leaning on the Black Mercedes. She ran outside hopping on one leg trying to put on her other shoe. I burst out laughing while at the same time walking to help her into the car.

‘I swear Marcus, you’ll be the death of me’
‘Aww mum...Don’t say that!’
‘Drive now...we must hurry...we’re late already’
‘I wonder why...’
She threw me a dirty look as I put the car into gear and sped off to a house I hadn’t seen in at least 3 years. As we approached I noticed that the neighbourhood still looked the same. All the Victorian style houses were still there with nice lawns and kids playing on the streets. A few stopped at stared at the strange car that I was driving. I guess they didn’t know who was in it.
‘There we are...it’s still the same isn’t it?’
‘Yeah mum’
I opened my door and sighed. This is it huh...I walked to my mum’s side and helped her out. She walked to the door and I followed. We waited for someone to open the door after ringing the door bell.
‘Janae...oh sweetie look at you’
Great it had to be her. ‘Hi Janae’
‘Marcus’ we greeted each other coldly, but I noticed that she still looked the same. Sexy brown eyes and shoulder length hair framed her pretty face. The same pretty face that broke my heart.
‘Come on in’

We followed her in and noticed the house still looked the same. I saw her mum and she greeted me with a big hug despite the occasion. ‘I’m so glad you could make it...I know this is hard for you’
‘No...Janae getting engaged is a sign of her moving on...and so have I’
A guy is suspected was her finacee stood up and we greeted each other coolly. ‘Hey is that spare room still there?’
‘The one you used to sleep in?’
‘Yeah that one...I need to lie down a little bit...the plane gave me a massive head-ache...we have 2 hours before guests arrive right?’
‘Off course my love...go on up...your mum and I will busy ourselves with the food and Trey is going to the supermarket’
‘Ok thanks...see you’
I walked up the stairs and opened the door. Immediately I was hit by visions and Janae and I on that bed...shit. I removed my clothes remaining in my boxers and lay down thinking of the day Janae broke up with me. Shrugging it off I closed my eyes trying to sleep.

I had been asleep for at least 30 minutes when I heard the door open. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I noticed a blurry figure walk towards me.
She sat down beside me and we looked at each other. Even though she broke my heart I could not hate her...the love still burnt in my heart and she knew it. I sat up and looked at her. ‘What’s up?’
She looked away and I turned her face towards mine. I shouldn’t have because her lips made contact with me and my tongue slipped into her waiting mouth. Damn she tasted the same. Her hands crawled up my body and I touched her face. Slowly I fell back on the bed and she climbed on top of me. My hands went down to her well rounded breasts. She moaned as I squeezed them a little. Her t-shirt came off and so did her bra. We were skin to skin from the waist up.
‘Should I stop?’

I flipped her on her back and removed the rest of her clothing so we were both naked. I locked the door and admired her body. That caramel skin was enough to make my dick rise to its full height. I got in between her legs and blew over her pussy. She answered with a soft moan and I licked her clit before inserting two fingers and rubbing against her spot. ‘Marcus..Oh...’ she thrust her wet pussy into my mouth and I grabbed her boobs as I kept eating her sweet pussy. ‘You still taste so good baby’ I felt her tremble beneath me and she came in my mouth. I licked her pussy dry ready for part 2.

‘Janae, this is wrong’
‘Make love to me Marcus...I need to know I don’t love you anymore’
I was shocked but I climbed on top and inserted myself into her tight hole. Her man may be downstairs but this is where I wanna be at. She dug her fingernails into my back as I slowly went in and out. Increasing my speed I watched as she bit her lips and pulled at her hair. her breasts bounced in all directions as I bent down and licked a nipple and insert it in my mouth sucking at it wildly. ‘Fuck Janae...you’re so tight’
I pulled up and lifted her legs onto shoulder. I need to go deeper and deeper I went. ‘Oh shit...Janae’ she rose up to meet my lips and we kissed aggressively as I neared my climax. ‘Come inside of me Marcus...I need you’
My thrusts came faster and harder and I released my load inside as she wanted. We stared at each other and I kissed her sweaty brows. I held on to her wondering if I would be able to do so again one day. She got up and put her clothes back on. I watched her every move until she opened the door and walked out.

‘Mum get that please’ the phone was ringing and I was too busy.
‘It’s for you Marcus’
‘Fine...I’m coming’ I ran to take the phone from her hands. ‘Hello’
‘Marcus...It’s over’
‘Janae...what you talking about’
‘I couldn’t do it...I still love you...I need you in my life...Marcus’ she broke down and cried on the phone. ‘Marcus please...I’m so sorry...take me back...I’m begging you’
It broke my heart hearing her cry and I smiled thinking we could do it again. ‘I’m coming for you baby...I got you don’t worry’

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2 Re: I can't do It {A Marcus and Janae Story} on Tue Nov 17, 2009 6:09 pm


This was good!!!!

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3 Re: I can't do It {A Marcus and Janae Story} on Tue Nov 17, 2009 6:48 pm



i friqqin love it....
i had to read it twice
old flame never dies...lol

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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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