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All II Need In This Liife Of Sin (New add) 12-07-09

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Oh Hell No

It Was Jumpin On The Dance Floor And Hot As Ever So London Was Glad She Wear Her Blue Silk Baby Phat Blouse That Cut Down To The Middle of her breast. she had a nice size chest and they were perky,so she got away with wearing shiit liike that and the low rider babyphat jeans made her but look even bigger then it was.
and london loved it

.kamaria her stylist had hooked her hair up the day before she wear her hair in a chinese bang and the rest of it was striite {like the gurls in the break up video},her honey colored skin glowed under the clubs lighting and the flashing showed her grey eye's. and the mac lip-gloss she wear made her lips look even jucier then usaul.

LOndon was a leathel weapon at onlii nineteen. wit a bad ass shape,and personality to match, she couldnt be fucked with. and she knew it.even tho she was skinny she wasnt as small as the usal stick figured gurls. she was black and dominican and she liked having meat on her bones. And all her curves were in the riite places.and niggas couldnt get enough of her sexy thighs and hip's. besides her lips and eyes those were the next best things.

Walking thro the crowd of dudes, one in particular caught London's eye. she had seen him around the local clubs before. his name was Tremaine Neverson..But they calld him Trey,Trigga,Maine.

he was A 23 Year old sexy Carmel Nigga And Carmel he was
She had been eyeing him for awhile na.But she Could Never Get The Nerve To Talk to him.She tryd sudtle things like.Walking past him and bumping him on accident.or giving him her sexiest face but nothing worked.

He acted as if She didnt Even exist. Maine Would jus look the othea way and laugh and the shiit was starting to piss London the fuck off..But today was go be different or so she thought she was buzzed so she got enough confidence to walk up on him and say.

"Why Every Time i see you,You act like you dnt see me?"

'What r u tawkin bout shawty'he asked

"you know what im talkin bout.You see me choosen you,and You play it off like you dnt"London replied

'Look,I Dnt Know what the fuck you on or wat you tawkin bout ma,But your high and trippin.Next time you approach Me,approach me like you Got some sense. A Drizzy Let's Go mii Nigga I Aint got time for this shiit.'He said as they walked off

Oh Hell No London thought,She had been played in front of his boi's.She couldnt beleive he did Her like that..
Fuck him she said to herself as she walked onto the dance floor and started to dance by herself.

Upstairs in the V.I.P,Maine and his boy's were rolling up a blunt of Kush, sharing was Something maine never adapted to. So he pulled out a bag of purp and started rolling it.Leaning on the railing, he saw London Danceing by herself on the dance floor.

As He lit The Blunt He Thought
BabyGirl do look gud,But shiid she probaly not For Me,She to disrespectful,or maybe she dnt need to drink Lol,but damn she is bad,and she dnt know what she talwkin bout cuz i do see her,she Do always be look Gud,but Damn ........Fuck it Imma go holla at her{So he went down to the dance floor and.....

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Now I KNOW you ain't leaving us all hanging like that!!!
Gurl...add NOW!!!
Trey better realize that's some shit and get down on that floor
and take care of business!!!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

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Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas


Lol Imma Add Tomorrow yall I Been At Church all weekend






add soon pig


Let's Dance Forever

London Was On The Dance Floor Danceing By Her Self ,When She Felt Somebody Come Up Behind Her She Was About To Push Him of Until She Noticed Who It Was She Stood There For A Minute Then Started To Dance Again

"Dnt Do That"London Said

'Do What Scare You'Maine Replied

"Naw Play Me In Front Of Yo Boy's"London Said

'Naw Never Dat You Just Gotta Learn How to Come At Me Baby'Maine Said

"So Im Yo Baby"She Said With A Giggle

'Sure If I Want You To Be 'Maine replied

"Yea Ok"

'So What Your Name Baby Gurl'Maine Said

"London,London Bank$"She Said Proudly And You

'Tremaine'Or Trigga If I Make You Bust'He Said With A Sexy Smile On his Face

London Thought Damn He Got a Sexy Ass Smile And Perfect Teeth

' So Who You Hear Wit Ma' He Spoke Snapping Her out Of Her Thoughts

" Im Here Wit Mii Gurls"She Said As She pointed To The V.I.P Section They Were At

'So Why you Not up There With Yo Gurlz partying"He Said

"Cuz Im Were I Wanna Be" She replied Back

'Thats Here With Me Huh'He Said With A giggle

"Nope you played Me Remember I Was Out Here By Mii Lone some"Danceing With Me Myself And II

'He Laughed At How fiesty She Was Mainely Because No woman Has Ever Talked To him Like She Did And It Made Him Like Her Even More

They Dance 3 More Songs And Then It Was time To Go ,London Went upstair To The V.i.P Room to Get Her Gurl But They Were Already Gone FUCK,She Said As She pulled out Her Cell Phone And Called Sam

"Hello"Sam Screamed In The Reciever

"Why The Fuck Ya'll Leave Me "London Yelled Back

'We Outside In The parking Lot Were You At Biitch'Sam said Loudly

"Here Im Come Im Walking Out Na"London Hung Up Her phone Before Sam Could Say Anything Back

As She Walked Back Down The V.I.P Stair's She Bumpe Back Into Maine,
Aye Baby put Mii Number In Ya Phone And Wen You Get Home Call Me,

She Handed Him Her phone As He Handed Her The Phone Back She Said Can You Help Me Find Mii Friends Plz He Look At Her Up And Down And Said Yea Ma Whatever you Like,

They Walked Outside to Where Sam's Car Was They Seen The Car But No Samantha or the rest of the gurls

UGH IMMA KILL DIS BITCH SAM I SWEAR,Falling To The Ground Trey Picked Her Up And Said
"No Need To Kill Anybody Baby I'll Take You Home"
'Thank you Thank you Sweetheart'london said

So The WalkedTo Were His Car Was Parked To Her Suprise It Was A Black S~550 He Opened Her Door Then Went Around To The Driver Seat And Turned The Car On Then ...Shut The Door

London Look Around The Car It Had Black Leather Seat With Tan Stiching.
The Car Was Very Nice And Clean She Looked In The Back Seat,
And Saw A Note Book That Read Songbook..As He Talked To His Friend She Grabed The Book And Started to Flip yhrought The page Until Something Cought Her Eye It Said ~ ROLE PLAY~She Started Reading It And It Said

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I am so liking this...
Sam wrong for leaving her
but Trey got her...
Don't tell me they gonna


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas


loving it .
uppz !!


If I snuck up in yo bedroom,
touch you while you sleep,would you act suprised as if
you didn't know it's me?
I came to steal your heart, girl, don't call the police.
I only want a part, girl,
really just a piece.
If you show me the money, then
I'm gon' show you the beast.
If you give me your honey, girl
I promise I'll be sweet.
Then, I'm gon' sneak out the back
so nobody will notice me
Then we can run it back girl,
it's your turn to go on me.
We can...

We can try some role play,
you can do what I say,
I can do what you say.
You can have it your way.
We can try some role play.
I can do what you say,
you can do what I say.
I can have it my way.

The room is spinnin' ridiculous,
my body freezing cold.
I can't even remember what I did the night before.
I don't know where I am, girl
but I gotta go.
I can't feel my legs,
somebody help.
If you come in and rescue me,
I don't know what to do.
I say I need a remedy,
you say the cure is you.
Then you tell me relax,
and get ready for surgery.
Baby fix me fast,
you know it's an emergency.

This is Some Freaky Shiit ,I Wonder If He Really Do This.....Man I Kinda
Well Mii Name Is Susie And Gucci Think II Love Him,The Sound Of Her Phone Scared Her. It Was Her Sister Janae

"Hello"She Answer The Phone
"Were You At Man Im Hella Bored And Domo Took Mii Babii To See His Momma"Janae Spoke Fiesty
"Man Im On Mii Why Frm THa Club When Dis Dude Come On"London Said

From Tha Way She Souned Her Big Sis Knew Something Was Wrong "What Happend Angel"Janae Replied Quickly
Damn She Always Know When Something Wrong London Thought

"Dis Rat Ass Biitch Sam Left Me At The Club Brah ,

"See II Told You Not To Trust Dat Biitch "Janae Said Cutting her off

"So Na Dis Nigga Go Take Me Hme"London said

"Who"janae replied quickly

"Trey"London Said As He Siter Gave He The 3rd Dagree

"Who The Fuck Is Trey"Janae Asked

"Dis Dude I Met At The Club"London Mumbled Here She Go Wit The 25 Questions

"What His plate's Say"

'Nae Man LOL'London Laughed At Her Sister

'do you Want Me To Come And Get You'Janae Asked With Concern

"Naw Man Im Gud I Dnt Need Yo Crazy Ass Comeing Acting a Fool"London Said

"He Must Look Gud Then "janae asked

"Somein Like Dat"London Said Shyly

"Tell Dat Nigga Come On I'll Be There At The Door Wen Ya'll Pull Up"Janae Said

"Lmao No Man Take yo Ass Home And Do Somethin Wit yo Self" London Thought Her F.B.I Ass

"Man You Should Jus Let Me Put Deez Hands To Her Like I Wanted To"Janae To London

"Naw Man She Gud Biitch Jus Thirsty" They Both Laughed

London Look At The Driver Sie Window And Saw Maine Comeing {Aiight Nae Nae I'll Be Ther Here He Come}Bye, Maine Got In The Car And Said.......," I Aint Have You Wait To Long Right Ma,"Naw Im Gud"
So Whe Bout you Stay Babii Gurl`````"On Webb And James"

"Aye Dat's Mii Hood" `````` "Oreally" ```` "Yea Well I Dnt Stay There Nomore But I Do Get It In Dat Way" ```````` "Oh I Just Moved Over THere About A Yr Ago" ```````` "Dat's Wassup You Got Yo Own Shiit " ``````"Yuup"

They Made Small Talk The Whole Way There When They Pulled Up In Front Of Londondon House ,She Sat There For A Min Not Wanting To Leave Him......Well Wen Do you Want Me To Call You?````` "Anytime You Want He Said With a Yarn" Umm Okey Do You Wanna Come In

Naw Baby Gurl I Gotta Make A Couple Runs But Make Sure You Call Me Wen You Get In"Maine Told Her
"Okey" See You Later Babii Be Safe

Damn He Thought She Has Some Sexy Ass Eye's ,He Watch Her Walk To Her Do And Waited Un Til He Sn A Light Pop On, That How He Knew Where Her House Was Jus In Case He Needed Her one Day [/font]



add soonn pig


It's Been a while since London And Maine Been Talkin To Eachother

After I Drop Mii Gurl Off {yea I said It Mii Gurl}Well She Not Mii Gurl But I Been Kickin it Wit Shawty From The Club lately And Im Really Felling Her It Seem Like everytime I think About Her She Call I Mean Dis Shit Buggin Me out ..I Really Fuckin Like Her And Real Talk Im Tryna to Get To Kno Her But It Seem like Every time I Let A gurl Im Mii Liife I Always Seem To Fuck It up And I Dnt Want this to Happen Wit Us...Most Gurls I Been Wit Dey Only In it For A Nigga Cash{Niggas Wit Cheese Dnt Like Rats } Dats The Motto I Follow Imma Real Ass Nigga With Every Move You Make You Have Somthing To Prove...And I Kno How these Hoes Get Once They See A Lil Money They Think MAINE Got He Go Give And Dats Not Wat I Want I Wanna Gurl Who Go Be There For Me And once I Make They Go Hold Me Dwn I Mean i Had A Lot Of Relationship's Fail Cuz They Dnt Understand Me As Trey{It's Kinda Funny Cuz She Got Me Callin Myself Trey}See Baby Gurl Gettin In Mii Head And Idk If Im Or She Ready For Mii Liifestyle Im Young,Fly,And,Flashy Oh Yea And Did I Mention I Just Got Mii First Record Deal SONGBOOK BABY! And I Aint Even Tell Her Yet But I Wanna Suprise Her And Let Her Find Out For Her Self In Stead OFF ME Telling HEr Cuz That Where The Want's And Needs Come In And I aint Bought To Take Care Of Somebody Who NotTreyna Take Care Of Themselves....But II THINK IIMA ASK HEr TO BE MII GURL WEN I Find OUT If She The One For ME

It's Bout Time For Me To Go And Pick Shawty Up,Maine Went To London's Skool She Was Outside Talkin To Her Friend's She Saw Me And walked To The Car I Rolled Dwn The Window And Said

"Excuse Me Baby But Can I Get Your Number"He Said To London She pointed To Her Self And Said
"Who Me"

"Duh You To Only one Im Looking At Riite' wit A Smile

"I DNT KNo WHO YOU LOOK AT BABY BOI"She replied back smartly Wit HEr ARMS on Her Hip's

"Im Bout To Leave You You Keep Playin Games"

"And ILL HAve To Beat Yo Ass "She Said Walking Up to The Car

She Said Bye To The White Gurls She Was Talking to And Opened the Door She Said `````

Hey Trey Babii And Gave Me A Hug``` Wassup Angel``` I Called Her By Her Middle name Witch Is Angelica,She Rolled Her Eye's Cuz Of What I Called Her

"I Need You To Do Me A Big Favor Trey ```

I Look At Her And Said ```And That May Be```` To Take Me To Get Mii Other Car Frm Mii Dads House Mii Lil Brother Be Fixing On It ```Sure and Were Her Stay`````On The Sunny side By st.Pauls st. ```

Damn Dats A Lil Way's Aint It ``````And That Why It's Call A Favor`````So Dat Mean You owe Me A Favor````Yuup````I Laughed At Her She Sounded So Cute Doin It

We got On The High Way And She put a C.d In II Looked At Her And Asked Whats That She Said Me and mii gurlz Singing....`
``So you Can Sing`````it's me mii nigga nicki and Monica we did this today`````so you can sing

Something like dat See mii Gurl Asiia Major in Braodcasting She Want to Be A producer And Mii Lil Cousin Lauren A Song Writer So Im One Of There Project's We Going To Make A C.d By The End Of The School Year`````

I Look At Her As She Turn On The First Song I Was Amaze at how well she sung I Turned It Dwn To Hear Her More

I don't know what it is that you've done to me...
but it's caused me to act in such a crazy way.
Whatever it is that you do when you do what you're doing...
it's a feeling I don't understand.

'Cause my heart starts beating triple time,
with thoughts of loving you on my mind.
I can't figure out just what to do,
when the cause and cure is you.

I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak.
I lose all control and something takes over me.
In a daze and it's so amazing, it's not a phase.
I want you to stay with me, by my side.
I swallow my pride, your love is so sweet.
It knocks me right off of my feet.
I can't explain why your loving makes me weak.

It's Time after time after time I've tried to fight it.
But your love is strong it keeps on holding on.
Resistance is down when you're around, starts fading.
In my condition I don't want to be alone.

I try hard to fight it.
No way can I deny it.
Your love's so sweet.
It knocks me off my feet.

I get so weak...
Blood starts racing through my veins
I get so weak...
Boy it's something I can't explain.
I get so weak...
Something 'bout the way you do
the things you do ooh ooh, it...
knocks me right off of my feet,
off of my feet.
Can't explain why your loving makes me weak.

W.o.W I Said As The Song Ended ``````You Liked It```

Your Really Gud Who Thought You How To Sing`````

Umm Mii Self Wit Help From Mii Sister Na She Great````Wen Did you Fine Out That You could Sing``````I Say Wen I Was 6 I Sung BBD Smile Again````Aye Dats Funny ````What Is````

Dats Mii Favorite song ````So You Can Siing She Said With Her eyebrow Raised```Ill Let You Be The Judge Of That One Day ```Striite Up You Go Leave Me Hanging Like Dat````

I Gotcha One Day Baby Gurl Well`````Mii B-day In About 2 week and Maybe thats Wen you Can Show Me `````Ill Show You More Than That I laugh````Oreally How Much More
``` You'll see```UGH I Hate Suprises ```

Trust You'll Love Dis One `````````Make a Left Hear ````Damn Who House Is Dis`````Mii Daddies He's Laron Bank$`````Laron Bank$ Laron Bank$```

Yea He Play's For The Atlanta Hawks````Word ```Yuup Yuup```

Damn All This Time Im Tryna hide Mii Whealth Frm Her She Baaby Bank$ Out This Biitch Damn Dats Crazy How Small This World is Wild .....

They Got Out The Car London Put The Key In The Door And They Walked In ,She sreamed DAREN, Raylon, Where Ya'll At She Turned Around To Me As I Look Around She Walked To The Fire Place And Said Dis Is Mii Moms,

````You Look Jus Like Her Baby````Naw I Dnt She Dnt Look Nthn Like Dat Na ```

Was Wrong Wit Her ````Ugh She a Crackhead london said Bluntly, I Look At Her Deep In Her Eye And I Could See The Pain And Anger Toward Her Mother`````

Damn I Thought She Went Thro Sum Shiit Growing up I Look At All The Picture On The Fire place She Was Such A pretty Gurl ```And A Pretty ,Sexii Woman I Kno I Have To Do Something Wonderful For Her B-day

`````There You Bumz Go Her Brother Daren Walked In The Room Did You And Raylon fix Mii Car

"Not Yet Man"daren Said

"I Should Be inna Min Tho"

"wen "

"I dnt kno Ask Him"

"Man I Need Mii Car I Dnt Have A Air Conditioner in Mii Other One"She Said

"Well It Should Be finish In About a Couple Of day's"

"Ok I Was Jus Comeing to Check On Ya'll Daddy Told Me To See If Ya'll Been Haven parties "she told him

"You A Lil To Late For That Ain't You" daren laugh

"Whatever Man Im Comeing to Spend The Weekend So You Kno Wat That Mean"London said wit a smile on her face

"Party party party Let All get Wasted "They Both Said Together

"Ya'll Wild "Maine Said

They Laughed At Him London And MaineChilled For a min Then They Left On The Car Ride Back They Made Small Talk Her Told Her He Was Go Come Back Later `````And She Said You Better ````He looked At Her In Her Eye's And Said ```Believe Dat Then He Kissed Her ......As She Got Out The Car He Watch Her And Before He pulled of And Said


"OKEY BABII BE SAFE"London Replies

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I'm liking Trey and how he feeling London...
They are cute together!!
Add more...
I'd love to meet ur other characters!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!



Yea Imma Do It LIke THat I Just Wanted To Get Around To How They Met And Shiit But Its Go Be Like Dat



See I Known Eli Since Junior High He Was One Of The Finest Dudes In Skool We First Met In Mii Cos Class He Wanted His Hair Braided And Fast And I Was The One That Was The Fastest And Neatest ,And Every Since The It Was History I Mean I Did He Hair Every other Weekend I Remember The First Time He Sung To Me He Was Shy Cuz He Aint Think He Could Sing Be Shiid I Didn't Care I Started Writeing His Songz For Him Before He Made It ,Naw He Mister Big Time King Of Dance LOL We Like Bobbie And Witney Without The Crack I Write All His Songs And he sings It's Crazy Cuz We Totaly Different I Mean Im Loud Crazy And Fun And He's Mellow Shy And ...Idk But He Knows With out Me He Would Be As Gud As He Is Now I Kno I kno I Sound Cocky But Im Not I Jus Know Im Gud At What I Do And We Go Try To Get Dis Gurl Group Up And Running We Tryna Make Then Like The Next Destiny's Child....But We Gotta See

It Was Fifteen Minute Before Class And Eli Droped Me Off He Jus Got Back Frm Tour And We Go Have A party To Welcome Him Back I Looked At Him One More Time Before Kissing Him And going in Skool,

,II So Thankful to Have Him He's Like Mii Better Half And Im Lucky All Them Groupie's Aint Get To His Head And Make Him Change on Me But He Know Im His Ride or Die And If II Gotta BEat Shot Stab or Kill Any Bitch II Will He Looked At Me And Said

"What R U Looking At" Eli Asked

"You" She Replied

"Aww Babe You Think Im Pretty"He Said

"Yea You More Then pretty Bae"She Told Him

"Yea I Kno But You Beautiful"He Replied

"I Kno I Kno "She Said Cocky

"So You Go Pick Me Up Or I Gotta Get A Ride"She Asked

"Ugh"He Played Wit Her

"LOL DNt Play Wit Me Eli " Lauren Told Him

"You Kno Imma pick You Up As Long As Mii Car Dnt Have Four Flat Cuz Mii Fanz See Me Up Here" He Joked

"Whatever "She Said Smart,I Missed You Soo Much Bae I Be Lonely

"I Kno Im Hme Now For A Gud Min So You Betta Treat Me Gud" He Replied

"Dnt I Always"

Yea You Do

Aiight Bae I Gotta Go 3:30

Yea ,I Kissed Him Then Opened The Door And Said I LOVE You Elijah


As He Pulled Of I Wacth Him LEave Damn It's Crazy I Still Get Butterflies In Mii Stumach Every Time I See Him, She Walked In The Skool Building And I See Mii Bestfriend Asiia

```````````Were The Fuck You Been La'La II Been Tryna Get In Touch Wit You All Weekend
``````I Couldnt Hold It In Anymore``````

Eli Home Man``````Foreal Mii Bro Home awww II Missed His Black Ass`

```So You Kno What II Was Doin And Why Mii phone Was off``````eww You A Freak
````For Him A Super Freak````II Kno You Is```A Voice Frm Back Of Her Spoke`````Shut Up Dnt Act Like you Not`````
Im Not Biitch ````London You Mii Cuzzo I Kno You Better Then You Kno Your Self````Not
```Yea``Not ```Yea```Not ``
Yea ugh Dats How Me And London Is And That How We Will always Be Our Dads Are Brother's And I Used To Hate Her Gut's LOL But She Fam.

So I Had To Love Her We Gotta A Love Hate Relation Ship We Fight We Cuss And miite Even Dog Eachother Out But If Or Wen Bitches Talkin Shit About Me She Check Dey Ass Quick...

I Remember Me And Her Got in To A Fight With Eachother,And Wen Me AndDat Bitch Stacy Got InTo a Fight She Ran Frm Around The Corner To Help Me I LOve Her Ass But At The Same Time She Get's On Mii Fuckin Nerves But Nomatter What We Family And Caint Nobody Take Dat Away Frm Us And I Told Her If She Stick Wit Me WriteingFor Her She Go Make it No If's And's Or But's About It....

"Aiight Biitch Tell Mii Nigga Eli Wassup""See You In Class "Lodon said ......Did I Mention We Got 3 Classes Together And She Always Copy Of Me,See Dats Wat gets on Mii Nerves Lol I Went To Mii First Period And Got A Txt Frm Asiia It Was Saying London Dads Going outta Town And She Throwing A party

```I Txt Back Yea Boi You Already Kno we Go Do The Fool,I Went To Mii Forth period And Dats Wen It Came To Me Idk Why But All Mii Song Come To Me At This Time Every Day LOL ,

Next Period We Finished Up The Vocals For The Song I Called Eli And He Told Me He on His Way```Wen He Pulled Up He Had His Boi's Wit Him Ugh I Hate Him For This This Was Suppose To Be Me And Him Time Not Us And Them But Anyways Imma Take Care of Him Later........


Do You Guy's Think I Should Keep Going Wit This Story



that Tuesday I Got a phone Call Frm Mii Crazy As Cousin Nicki Tellin Me She Was comeing Up Here Frm Atlanta And Can She Come stay Wit Me Until She Got her Shiit together Hell Yea London Was Geek That Her Favorite Cousin

See Nicki Dat Biitch Can Dance And When They Got together It Was A Wrap They Was go Dance And Dance And Dance Thats Wat Iim Talking bout Dis Biitch Riite In Time For Tha Party

{III WANNA BE YOUR MAN.... I WANNA BE YOUR MAN.. III WANNA BE YOU MAN}Her Phone Ringing Snapped Her Outta Her Thought

Phone Convo

"Trigga"She Said In A Funny Voice

"Wassup Babii"He Relpied

"Wahat Guddie Bae Guess What"

"Wass Up"

"Mii Cousin Nicki Comeing To Stay Wit Me"


"Yea She Riite In Time For The Party Too"


"LOl Dats Funny Bae"

"I Kno I See You Useing It"

"So What You Been Doing Babii"

"Just Came From The Studio"

"So Wen You Go Let Me Hear You Sing"


"Ugh Yuuuup"

He Laughed At Her Tryna Do It

"What Tha Fuck Is So Funny"


"Man You So Lame"

"So London You Lame"

"Dnt Talk Yo Me Im Mad At You Brah"

"So You Really Mad At Me"

"Yea I Dnt Fucks Wit Lame o's"

Then She Heard A Knock At THe Door.Hold On Lame Somebody At Mii Door,WHO IS IT !!!!
Didnt Nobody Answer Then She look Out the Peep Hole,Man Somebody playin at Mii Door Trey

Well Open It And Then Another Knock So She Opend It ,She Rolled Her Eye's Why You Playin Lil Boi Games Punk She Said As She Hung Up Tha Phone

So You Say You Wanna Go To The Studio Let's Go He Said Pulling Her Towards Him And To The Door``````R U Serious```Yuuuup Let's Go```Well Let Me Get Mii Shoes And Purse````Hurry Up Babii Gurl```Damn

London Was Geek She Really Like Dis Nigga And He Always Made Time To Call Or Txt Her Even If He Was Doing Something Important And That Was Makeing Her Dig Him

They Drove For About 20 Minutes To A Very Nice House They Got Out And Went Threw The Doubble Doors And Down Stair To The Basement The Walked Down A Lil Hall And There It Was The Studio

He Introduced Her To Everybody Then He Sat Down Grabbing Her Arm So She Could Sit On His Lap Then She Asked Why You Aint In The Booth ````We Waiting On Mii Producer To Come Wit The Rest On Mii Unfinished Songs```Oh

They Sat There For About 15 Minute Then He Walked Inn And Said
Trey you Ready To Finish These Songs Trey looked At Her And Said
"Baby This Is Troy Taylor"He Told London

"Hi Troy"She Said

He Paused And Then Said "Trey Dis Her" He Asked

"Yes This Is She"Trey Replied

"does She Kno"


"Kno What"

"You'll See"

They Talked A Lil More Keeping Her In The Dark,Well We Gotta Get These Last Bit Of VocalsAnd Then You Good To Go

"Excuse Me Babii,She Stood As He Got Up The Music Started Playing,She Sat Down And Watched Him As He Went In The Booth And Put The Head Set On And As He Started To Sing Her Eye Widend

Maybe it's the dude,
maybe it's the cool.
Maybe it's my shoes,
call 'em 22's.
Baby it's your waist,
baby it's your face.
Baby it's your smile,
make me wonder how you taste.
Maybe cuz the thugs say that I'm cool.
Maybe cuz the girls wanna be like you.
Maybe it's the ice that made you look twice.
Maybe it's your back that made me look back.

She Never Thought He Was That Good The Whole Time Her Head Was Down And When She Lifted Her Head Up He Was Looking At Her And As The Chorus Started

Baby I look good with you.
You should know that you look good with me too. (true)
Let me ride through the hood with you,
And show you to my boys cuz ooh, ooh you.

You so fly, I'm so fly,
what's mo' fly than you and I together?
Get high, let's fly together.
Oh, girl.
I'm so fly, you so fly,
what's mo' fly than you and I together?
Get high, let's fly together.

She Knew He Was Talking Bout Her

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its good add more soon



Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

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Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

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Damn Ya'll
Im Tryna Get On Page Four
It Seem Like It Taking Forever












Yay Me Thanks Rae
For Makeing That Happen
Imma Add More Today


Reading when I get home. Didn't realize how far behind I was


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas


We Should Be Makeing Love

She Smiled Back At Him And Thought .....................I Think Im In Love With Him He's Jus to Gud To Be True To Fuccking Good Or Is He Playing Me ....Damn London Is This more Than You Can Handle .........Idk but I Do Like Him A Lot

As I Watch Her II Thought Damn Trigg Dis Gurl Got You Writeing Songs About Her And You Kno We Dnt Do That One Not Ever
But It Seems Like When Im Around Her I Think Of Songs So Shiid I Guess She Inspire Me To Write These Love+
Sex Songs And That wassup i can dig it I Mean She Make Me Wanna Be A Better Man For Her

I Finished 3 More Songs Then It Was Time To Leave We got In The Car And The Whole Car Ride Was Silent.I Just Kept Looking Over At Her She Was Just Looking Out The Window Did I Scare Her Or Was That To Much ,We Pulled Up At Her Apartment She looked At me And Asked

"All Those Songs Where Bout Me"

"Fly together,In Tha Middle,And Just Gotta Make It.Yes.. Gotta Go Was Wrting For Me Why?'

"Because I Like Them"

"Do You"I Said With A Smile

She Looked Me In Mii Eye's For 5 Minutes And Said"So Do You Really Wanna Be In Tha Middle of Mii Love"

I Look At Her Deep In Her Eyes And Replied " Onlii If you Want Me To

"Can I Ask You Something"


"What Made You Write Those Songs About Me"

"You InSpire Me Baby"

She Looked At Me Up And Down And Kissed Me Passionatly As She Took Her Leg And Cliamed Onto Mii Side On Mii Lap II Let Mii Seat Back

She Kissed Me On Mii Liips Then Forhead,Cheeks,Nose,And Eyelids,Mii Dick Got Hard She Jumped A Little She looked Down Then Looked At Me With A Shocked Look On Her Face Then Out Of Nowhere She Grabbed Her Purse And Opened The Door Hoping Off Mii Lap I Cought Her Hand And Asked ```What's Wrong She Said `````It's Not You It's Me

I Sat There In Disbelief Shiid This Was The First Time A Gurl Rejected Me What The Fuck Went Wrong I Thought As I pulled Off....About 15 Minutes Later I Felt Mii Phone Buzz


"I Dnt Want You To Be Mad At Me"

"Im Gud Ma'Ma"


"Look I understand If you Not Ready Im not Go Force you to Do anything you Dnt wanna Do"

"But Dats Not Tha Case I Been Ready It's jus"

"What You Scared"He Said Cutting Her Off


"So What Is It"

"Look I Only Been Wit One Person And He Died"

"So You Not Over Him"Cutting her off again

"No Dats Not What Im Saying"

"So What R U Saying London"

"Promise Me That If We Do This You Not Go Leave Me"

Answer The Door She Did And He Said I Promise As He Picked Her Up She Wraped Her Legs Aroud His Waist``````You Promise She Said In Between Every Kiss,Yes I Said As She Guided Me To Her Room II Layed Her On Her Bed Then Touched Her Face And Asked ````R U Sure```Yes.........I Took Mii Shirt Off As She Unbuckled Mii Belt I Help Her Take Of Her Shirt,Shoes Then Pants

She Had A Cute Vickie Sercet Bra And Panty Set On I Dropped Mii Pants As I Cliamed On Top Of Her I Kissed Her Lips,Neck,Breast,Stomach,Hips Then i Took Her Panties Off , I Kissed Her Where Nobody Else Has She Jumped A little I Looked At Her As I Moved Her Legs And Opened Her NaNa I Licked Her like She Was Mii Last Meal She Moaned Louder And Louder As I Played Wit Her pearl Wit Mii Tongue I Felt Her Legs Buckle She Screamed And I Knew I Made Her Bust

"I Came"She Said

"Yes you did"

"I Never Felt Nothing Like That Before"

"UmmHmm It's A Lot Of Thing You Havent Felt "I Said As I Droped Mii Boxers

Her Jaw Dropped She Closed Her Eye's tight

"Are You Ready Babii ?"I Said As I Put Tha Condom On

she Shook Her Head Yes.As I Entered Her I Heard A Scream``````Do you Want Me To Stop````No ill Be Okey````I Had To Work mii Self In Her I Finally Went All 11 Inches was All The Way In Her II Told Her Open Yo Eye's She Did And All i Seen Was pain And Pleasure In Her Face She Got Wetter And Wetter As I Stroked Her Like No OtherShe Told Me Go Harder I Did As I Was Told To Make Sure i Wasn't Hurting Her I Look Down At Her And She Was Staring at me She Poked out Her Lips For Me to Kiss Them

I Did And thats When I FeltI t Building Up II Told Her I Not Go Hurt YouAs II Put Mii Hands Around Her Neck As I Chocked Her I Strocked Her In A Papid Motion I Put Mii Arms Under Her And Griped Her Shoulders And Held The tight As I Nutted I Layed There For a Minute Then I pulled Out Wen i Looked Down i Noticed Somtehing............

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