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Unexpected Writings » THE CREATIONS » Erotica » Males » Do Right By me | A Laython and Kamaria Story |

Do Right By me | A Laython and Kamaria Story |

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‘So you think we should tell her?’
‘Nah...we don’t gotta tell anything...it should be a surprise’
‘Ok...your call Laython’
We jumped at the sound of a door slamming shut and in walked Kamaria. She did not look very happy.
‘Urm...I think I’m going to go now Laython. I’ll see you around’
‘Yeah ok Jill’
Kamaria stood leaning against the wall staring at Jill with bloodshot eyes. Before I could even explain she held her hand up.
‘What the hell is she doing here at this hour? Almost 1 in the morning...When I called to say I’d be late cuz I’m closing a deal didn’t mean invite your best female friend over...had I stayed out all night would she have stayed too?’
‘Kay...listen to me...’
‘No...I think you fucking over me Laython...you did it once in High School’
‘Come on Kay...I was 16 and jealous of the attention you were giving to Brian...I’m a grown man now...and I’m not interested in Jill. We been friends for too long’
‘Whatever...I’m tired and need to sleep...we can talk about this tomorrow’
I watched walk to the bathroom. Man she was pissed, I knew I should have let Jill go early but we hadn’t finished planning her surprise birthday party yet. And I can’t tell her that because than it wouldn’t be a surprise.
‘Kay please....’
‘Shut up Laython...I done put with enough shit from work today...I don’t need that’
She walked into the bathroom kicking of her stilettos and removing all her clothes before she stepped in the shower. I sat on the bed and texted Jill letting her know what was up. She replied saying I need to find a way to convince her to calm down...she suggested really good sex. I was in the mood but I don’t think Kay was...Hell I’m always in the mood when she is around me. I chuckled at the thought and felt my dick rise slowly. ‘Down boy’ I whispered.

I heard the water run and stop after a few minutes. She must be stepping in the shower. I imagined her naked in the tub and my dick became rock hard. Damn...What now? I walked into the bathroom. Her eyes were closed and bubbles covered every inch of her body. I picked up the bath salt I know she loves and poured some in the water. She opened her eyes and looked at me.
‘OUT!’ I ignored her as I stripped out of my clothes and got in the tub. I forced her up and sat up behind her. she refused to lean on me so I began rubbing her back and shoulders relieving any tension she had today. She moaned softly and finally lay back. I kissed the nape of her neck while my hands found her breasts which were afloat. I toyed with her nipples and heard her moans get louder. The tub was big enough to force her to turn around so that she was facing me. I brought her face to mine and kissed her lips passionately.
‘When you go realise that it’s just us two in this relationship....ain’t nobody else...Wait till tomorrow...you gon regret what you said tonight’
Before she could ask questions I inserted two fingers inside of her and kissed her mouth muffling her moans. Lifting her up I made her sit on the edge leaning against the wall. I spread her legs wide for me to see her treasure chest. I was eager to taste the treasure. Flicking her clit with my tongue I reached my fingers further in to find her spot and hear her say my name loudly. She clutched her breasts and tightened my head between her legs. She was thrusting her pussy into my mouth so that I got a mouthful of her juices when she came. But it wasn’t enough. I kept licking even as she squirmed because her clit was now extremely sensitive. I held her body tight and gently bit her clit. ‘Laython...oh baby...stop please....’ I didn’t let up even as I asked her ‘are you sure?’ Her legs trembled some more and I felt her hold back before screaming out loud and releasing all her cum into my open mouth. Then I licked her dry.

She slid back into the tub and washed herself up as I sat and stared at her. She was the most beautiful creature I’d ever laid eyes on and I don’t know why she always thought I was playing her. She climbed out without saying a word and walked to the bedroom. 5 minutes after I followed. She lay naked on the bed with her eyes closed. Only a soft silk sheet covered her body. I climbed on top of her removing the sheet and she jumped. ‘Who told you to sleep?’
‘I’m tired...’
‘And I’m not done’
‘Laython...baby I’m sorry about yelling at you but I just had a bad bad day’
I listened to her complain about her day and just when she was almost done I inserted my dick into her tight pussy. ‘SHIT...LAYTHON...Oh my God...’
I held onto the headrest and pumped in and out of her as if there was no tomorrow. I looked down at her and her eyes were closed while her large boobs bounced in all directions. I lowered my body and crushed them with my chest. I grunted at the feeling of her hard nipples against my chest. Her fingernails scratched my back and I felt them tear at my skin. But it only made me drive further and harder inside of her. ‘Oh baby...YES...fuck me...Laython...ahhhh’ she came all my dick making my movements faster and harder. Her whole body moved as I trusted in and out until I finally came and collapsed on her.

‘Laython...I’m so sorry...’
‘It’s ok baby...trust me please...Tomorrow you will understand everything’

I held her tight against my frame singing softly the tune of Boyz II Men ‘I’ll Make Love to You’ as she closed her eyes and smiled. She was off to dreamworld. I picked up my phone and texted Jill.
Everything is good...The party still on...she don’t suspect anything...Thanks for the advice...it worked!
Good...I’ll pick up the ring for you at Tiffany’s. She will flip when she sees the diamonds on it.
I know...I just hope she says YES!
She will you silly boy...that girl love you to death...and you better do right by her.
Trust me...I will

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oh em gee ! i`m g
married bitches ( lol ) !
i loved it ! i had some
tear jerkin moments
and some " good God " moments !
it was crazy . thank you girlie !
you and janae should tag team
and erotica series !


This add was awesome...

A Series huh...interesting

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Stories by Me:
Not So Perfect
Unexpected |Complete|

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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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