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Breakup to Makeup |Trevor and Rachel|

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1 Breakup to Makeup |Trevor and Rachel| on Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:26 am


Trevor and Rachel

I sat in the armchair in darkness waiting for her to come home. All sorts of things ran in my mind seeing it is now after 1 in the morning. The sound of the door unlocked, but I continued sitting in darkness pondering over what to expect. I know she not fucking around on me. She wouldn’t do me like that would she? I made a mistake of clubbing with my boys and my ex was there trying to start shit up. I was pissy drunk and all I could remember was telling her to leave me the hell alone. Rae ended up finding out from one of her friends who was at the club and shit still haven’t been right. That only been two weeks ago. The light flicked on while I squint my eyes to adjust to the lighting. I watched Rachel grab onto her heart after seeing me.

“What the hell Trevor?” she asked while trying to calm her heart rate.
“Where were you?” I asked her seeing her take off her stiletto heels that elongated her beautiful legs.
“Minding my business. What are you doing over here?” she asked with attitude.
“Wondering why the fuck we acting like this.” I said standing up from my seat.
“Hmm Trevor, maybe it might be the fact you went home with your ex. Yea I think that‘s what caused us to come to this point don‘t you think?” she asked sarcastically.
“See that shit right there has to stop.” I said as she approached me.
“You‘re in my house telling me this. Why are you over here in the first place? I told you not to come until I say to come.” she said digging her finger in my forehead. “So what I did tonight is my affairs just as you told me what you did was your business.” she said dropping her stilettos on the floor as she held her arms up like she was ready to fight.

I examined her body, noticing a mark on her neck.

“What the fuck Rae? What the fuck is this on your neck?” I asked gripping her face as I turned her head. “This is what you call payback? Fucking around on me. I told your ass I didn‘t fuck her. I told you Rae.” I said angrily.

She snatched away from my grasp and look me in my eyes.

“I didn‘t fuck anybody…or did I.” she said prancing off while humming a tune like nothing happened. I knew I hurt her, but I didn’t expect it to get this far.

I walked behind her snatching her arm causing her to twirl into my chest.

“Answer me Rae, for real.” I demanded.
“Trevor let go of me.” she said.
“What is it you want from me Rae? If honesty would separate us like this, how will we move forward in the future?” I said.
“The point is you wasn‘t honest in the first place. I asked you what went down and you played me like no shit happen. I don‘t give a damn if you didn‘t put it on her, the fact of the matter you went as far as taking her home in expectation of doing something. Trevor what’s bad is this isn‘t your first time lying to me. I don‘t even know why the hell I stay with your ass.” she said piercing my heart. “I don‘t even know if your love is real.” and that shattered my heart.
“Your doubting me baby? Your doubting everything we been through?” I asked her wanting her real honest opinion. “I put my damn life on the line for you. I risked myself with your crazy as ex and your doubting my love to you. You act like you was perfect. You act like you haven‘t crossed the line at some point. I knew you secretly accept that motherfucker calls when he calls from jail. For what? Why the hell you answer?” I asked seeing she look away with hurt in her eyes. “Answer me dammit!” I demanded thinking of all the shit that happened in our past, and yet the present has stopped moving forward to the future because of our past.
“His mom is ill…Since she don‘t answer him, he calls me a million times to check on her. He is my past. Is your ex your past or your future.” she asked me.

I stepped closer to Rae, placing my hands upon her shoulders.

“A past I regret, but I want my future to be filled with memories with you. You make me smile every morning, give me wet dreams when I sleep at night. I fucked up slightly. I know that, but don‘t let my imperfection hold us back of what our love holds. Don‘t ever doubt my love.” I said pointing at her chest. “Do you hear me.” I asked

She simply nod her head. I raised her frame in my arms, instantly feeling hers legs wrap around me.

“I asked did you hear me.” I asked once more in her ear.
“Yes Trevor.” she said as I made my way to her bedroom.
“Your going to regret for getting that fucking passion mark on your neck.” I said thinking about who the hell she allowed to do that besides me.

Entering her bedroom, I tossed her on her bed, then encircled the bed to retrieve her box of toys she had for when she was feeling kinky. Two weeks no sex. I’m beyond horny at this point. Her eyes glued to my every movement.

“Get out of your clothing.” I demanded, placing the box on the dresser to see what I wanted to use.

She did as I told her to, stripping out of her clothing seeing she only had worn a thong in the first place under her clothing. Holding handcuffs in my hand, I turned around staring at her fully naked body that sat upon the bed. My bulge pressed against the zipper of my pants wanting to fuck her now, but no. She need a tease of a lifetime first. I approached her, grabbing one of her hands and cuffing it to the poles of her canopy style bed.

“What do you think your doing?” she asked as I walked slowly around the bed to cuff her other hand.
“Don‘t worry about that.” I said, cuffing her hands to the bed while I admired her creamy soft brown complexion. “Just know you will never get me out of your mind.” I said walking out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Opening the freezer, I grabbed a bowl with a few small cubes of ice, then entered back into the bedroom to see her trying to get loose but I caught her.
“Your not going anywhere.” I said placing the bowl on the side.
“What‘s that?” she asked being nosy.
“You’ll see.” I said unbuttoning my shirt. I dropped it on the floor then began unbuckling my pants. All of my clothing were off, and I stood there naked with my dick sticking as far out as I could see.
“Someone is happy to see me.” she joked, while I crawled in her king sized bed with the bowl of ice. My hands played with the ice cube until my hands were cold. I glance evilly at her knowing she doesn’t like the feeling of being cold.
“What do you think your doing?” she asked as my hands covered over her breast causing her to squeal. “Trevor!” she exclaimed to the feeling. My fingers pinched her harden nipples before I at up to lick the light colored morsels. Biting down on one, she tightened her legs around me. I sat back up, slipping a few small cubes in my mouth then ran over her nipples once again causing her to squirm under me.

My cold tongue trailed down to her belly button then her treasure where the cubes melted by then. I had let my hand rest on the cubes as I was working her breast and now my hand settled on her wet cunt. Her moans excited me more so. I sat up kissing her lips before making my way to her lower lips. I spread her legs as wide as she could stand it exposing her pussy for me to admire. Lightly blowing on her pearl she tried tightening her legs back together, but my hands pinned her legs down. I planted soft kisses along her thigh, then on her wet lips. My tongue lightly ran across her opening tasting the sweetness of my delight before shoving my tongue in her opening. Darting my tongue in and out of her, I grabbed another ice placing it in my mouth and rubbed it over her clit.

“Trevor!” she squirmed. I didn’t let in though, while I toyed with her clit, my cold fingers intruded her walls. I shoved deeper inside of her pushing my fingers in and out until I found her spot. At this moment she was screaming out my name as the chains of the handcuffs kept hitting back and fourth as she struggled to contain herself.

“Trevor, I‘m about to cum…” she shouted and with no time after her saying that, she released and I licked her clean. I sat up staring at her panting. She did release a waterfall.

My fingers rubbed her extremely sensitive clit. Her head moved from side to side as she gripped the chains reaching up. Watching her struggle was sexy. I began fooling with my tool as she called out to me.

“Fuck me Trevor.” she screamed out, but I wasn’t giving in so soon.

She pulled herself up slightly squeezing her legs together, but I continued rubbing her clit faster and faster. She screamed my name once more, releasing another sweet treat for me. I lapped her up once again before raising her legs in the air. Since her walls are so slick, I made her straddle her legs across my shoulders, pushing my overgrown length inside of her. I watched her expression of pain and pleasure as I dug inside of her deeper. Ramming myself in her, I pushed deep until I smashed in her g-spot where I began gyrating my hips then slid out, once more ramming into her where she flooded my dick with her cum. Enough with games now, I’m ready for more. I got off the bed to grab the key and unlock the handcuffs. She sat up, rubbing her wrist, then glared a me with an evil grin. I grabbed at her waist turning her around with her ass tooted in the air. I slid myself in her instantly feeling myself further than ever before. She moaned out while gripping the sheets as began smacking her ass seeing my hand print disappearing before my eyes.

My hands massaged her back as I worked in and out of her. The tension from my feet entered into my balls until I came following her rush. Sliding out of her, I laid on the side of her, but she had more plans… Her lips kissed my chest down to my semi hard on where she kissed it lovingly. I grunted to the feeling of an erection growing. Her mouth surrounded the head of my dick and I notice she looked at me with a smirk before sucking my dick. Her lips feel so good as her tongue surrounded me like a vacuum. Once my hard on came back to life, she straddled her legs around me sliding her way down my dick. She pinned my arms down and kissed me with so much flame and passion, she began riding faster. She sat back up giving me a face full of her breast. I nibbled her nipples then sat back as she sat up fully working her hips like a pro that she is. I was fascinated with the way she played with her breast being they were untamable at the moment. My hands settled on her waist as I thrust along with her getting more aggressive with the ride. Our musical session grew louder until she came all over me and I followed behind her. Collapsing on my chest, we both heavily breath in and out until it grew back to normal. Once more I thought about that passion mark, while I flipped her on her back, kissing the other side of her neck to leave my mark. Once said and done, I laid on the side of her.

“I love you so much.” she said turning to the side to stare me in my eyes.
“I love you too My Future.” I said, moving a strand of her wild hair to the side.

She smiled, then kissed me sweetly before nestling in my arms.

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Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

2 Re: Breakup to Makeup |Trevor and Rachel| on Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:41 am


I'm off to bed now...its like 9:30 here...
And ima have sweet dreams!!!
That was hella kinky and its what i luv....

When you think up a scene
Let me know...
I'ma think up another one too...
OMG... Shocked

Gimme ONE night with the guy...
The things I'd do
To keep him!!!
lol! lol!

Thanks Janae...
You made my day!!!

Me I love you Uz!!!

Stories running
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Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
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Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!

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3 Re: Breakup to Makeup |Trevor and Rachel| on Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:46 am


Im glad you loved it...
I know only a couple
hours with you you will
have trevor hooked...lol

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Stories by Me:
Not So Perfect
Unexpected |Complete|

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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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