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Spa Therapy 101 |Trevor and Rachel|

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1 Spa Therapy 101 |Trevor and Rachel| on Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:53 pm


Ever since my boy brought me to the spa to help relax me before the game I been hooked. Two major reasons for my consistency, one it does my body good and two, someone has my body hooked. Walking into the spa center, ladies greet me with smiles. Approaching the receptionist desk, a female sitting behind the desk looking up towards me with a serious smile.

“Welcome back Mr. Ariza.” she said getting up to give me a full view of her body.
“Glad to be back.” I said as she stepped from around the desk with a clipboard in hand.
“I see you requested the same masseuse who gave you your treatment. Is that correct?” She asked, eyes lingering over my body.
“Yea. Did you find her because I didn‘t get her name the last couple of times I was here so I was hoping you all have her info.” I said hoping this was the same person.
“Follow me.” she twist her hips showing off her figure in a red pencil skirt. “The last person I had on your file is Rachel. Does that ring a bell?” The name dawned on me because I couldn’t help but admire her full plump breast while noticing her name tag.

“That‘s it. Is she here?” I asked anxious to see her yet again. The female cut her eyes at me with a hint of jealousy, but soon shrugged it off.
“This is the room.” she opened the door to a beautiful sight.

French door open the view if the mountains in the distance while the light shun beautiful within.

“You are welcome to disrobe behind this curtain which is where your robe and towel are located. You have any questions?” she asked before moving.
“No. I‘m good. Thanks.” I said while seeing her walk off closing the door behind.

I glanced around my private setting and decided to go on ahead and strip out of my clothing. I went behind the curtain as suggested leaving my boxers on, but wrapping a towel around my waist. Walking back into the opening, I made myself comfortable on the sofa provided as my sitting area. Suddenly a tap on the door then the entrance of a tall figured woman stepping in with a suitcase. She noticed me sitting on the sofa and smiled.

“Well, I see you are back Mr. Ariza. So good to see you.” she said with that beautiful smile.

Nothing changed on her. She always kept her hair pinned up wearing a uniform required by the company.

“Yea, its something about your fingers that have me crawling back for more.” I said standing up while watching her place her suitcase of supplies down and walk towards the stereo to play some music. Her eyes glanced my way with a devious smile.

“What would you like to start with today sir?” she asked so formally.
“Call me Trevor.” I said approaching her slowly. “And whatever you have in mind is good with me.” I said staring at her.

She smiled, biting down on her bottom lip making her look even more sexier. I knew she held similar thoughts in her mind as I did in mine.

“Well, how a massage first.” she said staring at my body. “That way, I could loosen the tension you have.” she added in a low tone, while turning on her heels and walking towards her suitcase.

I’m tired of my body and mind feigning for her. Ever since day one my body has been calling out for her. I think it was time for me to switch it up and relieve some stress from her tall thick frame. I licked my lips and approached her from behind. My groin felt her backside as I could feel my dick rise from inappropriate thoughts that will not leave my mind. My hands rest upon her shoulders as I leaned in a little bit closer to her ear.

“Can I suggest something?” I asked whispering lightly.
“Sure. What‘s that?” she asked knowing she held a smile on her face.

I didn’t say anything because I believe action speaks louder than words. I turned her around to face me. Looking in her soft brown eyes, I felt a weird connection between us. More than lust. We shared conversations and the like in the past visits, but I fell something different about her. She didn’t look at me being famous. She looked into my eyes as though she see my past.

I lowered to her and kissed her soft strawberry coated lips that awaited mines. Soft and sensual is what I like to call it. I back away to see if she was feeling it. To see her eyes closed still and lips slightly puckered let me know she was feeling it. My hands covered her waist pulling her entire frame against mines.

Once more our lips matched this time much more passionate. I sucked on her lips as her body hit against the table. We stopped to make sure nothing had fallen. She looked down and laughed placing her hand upon my chest.

“Mr. Ariza.” she stopped after looking at my eyes beam at her. “I mean Trevor. I don‘t want to loose my job.” she held a grin.
“Any cameras?” I asked.
“Not in the rooms.” she replied.
“Good. No problems then. I booked you for three hours so we have no disturbance.” I said seeing her eyes light up. Instantly she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me in for a hard kiss. My hands began touching forbidden places, but she seem to not mind. Breaking the kiss, I slid down slightly letting her pants slide down to the floor as well until it dropped to her feet kicking them off to the side. Making my way back up, I trailed kisses along her thigh, then picked her up causing her butt to be in the air. She squealed and began hitting my back, but little did she know it made me hornier for her.

Placing her on the table provided for my massage, she sat there and stared at me. I was ready to taste her sweet lips yet again but she brushed one finger against my lips.

“Wait Ariza.” she smiled while I watch her sexily unbutton her shirt. My hands rest on the table while watching her reveal a nice pair of C-sups causing my mouth to water.

The shirt flung across the room as she leaned back and smile. My lips pressed against her soft skin biting lightly on her neck. She smell so wonderful so gentle, it made my dick rise to another level.

“Make me be your number one fan.” she whispered driving me wild on the inside. “Make me cheer for you and you only.” she continued while my fingers fumbled to find the hook of her bra. After unhooking her bra, they were free for my eyes to explore her delicious caramel coated breast, my tongue trailed along her chest until I reached a harden nipple that I sucked on like there was no tomorrow. Her moans set the mood. Her hands flipped around my neck as her head flung back with enjoyment. My fingers pressed against her moist panties rubbing it at a fast pace while hearing her purring in my ear.

“You like that?” I asked while feeling her lips against my ear.
“Yea…I want you so bad.” she whispered.
“Stand up baby doll.” I said having an idea to consume her inside my taste buds have been longing for. She stood up on the table, eyes focused on mines. She turned around giving me a nice view of her plump behind before stripping her panties off. Once slid down, she kicked them off the table and continued standing there giving me a perfect view of her body.

I laid back on the table and told her to squat her twat over my face. She held a mischievous grin upon her face as she wind her body in a dancing motion down to my face giving me all that I desired. Her pussy was so wet, it seemed she already had an orgasm before I really did anything. My tongue slide over her wet cunt to taste a sweet flavor instead of that nasty bitter shit. No she is all I expected. Like a juicy watermelon on a summer day. My finger slid inside her tight pussy while feeling my finger being sucked inside as she contracted.

“O…Trevor…” she purred in delight while I bit down on her pearl. My tongue swarmed over her clit at a steadily fast pace while my finger rubbed her g spot as my hands became soaked. I watched her legs wobble while a smile grew on my face. I ate her til her flood gates opened. Her rocky legs caused her to slid down to my stomach, sitting her sticky pussy on me. She lowered down towards me, kissing away her sweetness from my lips. I sat up, while she sat on my lap surrounding her arms around my neck. We kissed each other immensely until she broke it.

“Condoms?” she asked looking me in my eyes. I tapped her thigh as she climbed off, and I got off as well, quickly heading over to the curtain to retrieve the condoms. Walking back in, I seen her naked body slightly bent over at the table.

I pulled my boxers down, sliding the condom over my dick, then walked up behind her plump ass, letting my dick rest on her rear. I bent slightly over, kissing the small of her back, then grabbed her hips causing her to spread her legs open. Her forearms rested on the table. I noticed her hair coming loose from the pinned up style she originally had, so I decided to take the pin out to see her long hair cascade across her back. She look to the side some with a grin on her face.

Entering from behind, I watched her back arch up some while letting out moans. My hands caressed her back while I took long deep strides into her pussy from the back. As the rhythm grew, she added more force as I did causing even greater satisfaction. My hands reached for her breast, while leaning in, hitting inside of her deeper.

“Oh…Trevor…” she moaned out, letting me know she was in for another climax.

Soon I felt my head swarm with her love juices, while I slid out and she turned around taking in deep breaths while smiling at me. Instantly, I lift her frame up, taking in sweet kisses as I carried her to the sofa. Placing her on the sofa, I got right back to work. Her legs laid across my shoulders while I took deep long strokes in side of her warm insides once again. Her head rest against the frame of the sofa as her hands covered her breast so that it would not be in the way of my fast pace strokes. Her loud moans and sudden outcries drove me up the wall until I found myself cumming after she covered my head with her sweet cum once again. I pulled out and sat of the sofa, breathing heavily. She sat up, climbing on top of my lap. She rolled her hips as the natural dancer she is, kissing my lips hungrily wanting more. I have so much to offer her she just don’t know. Her kisses trailed down to my neck, sucking on it. My dick harden instantly.

“Ride me baby…Do your magic.”

She positioned herself for a ride. My hands gripped on her ass for a minute, until she flung her head back. This gave me access to rubbed her clit, and once I did, her moans grew so loud I was for sure someone would barge in her. My thumb mashed down on her clit, rubbing it as fast as she was riding me. I had her good. She knew it. Her breathing grew short, and her legs stiffened. Finally, my lap became wet with juices of joy. Her arms wrapped around my neck and her head upon my shoulders as she continued breathing heavily from her workout…2 more hours to go and I could ask her out on our first date…

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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

2 Re: Spa Therapy 101 |Trevor and Rachel| on Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:25 am


Thats all i can say!!!
Embarassed Embarassed Urm....I'd like anotha one!!
lol! lol!
Let me know if u want one too!!

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