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A Letter to You |Kamaria and Laython|

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1 A Letter to You |Kamaria and Laython| on Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:27 pm


Kamaria and Laython

“Thank you so much for watching the twins for us. Remember Laython will be here around ten to relieve you. Since we will not be back until Monday we left your money in an envelop on the counter.” Mrs. Stacey said before hearing her husbands call.

“Come on baby. Let’s go we’re already behind. He husband shouted.
“Ok. Love you boys…Be good.” she shouted towards them upstairs.
“Everything will be fine. Have fun.” I said while watching them run to their vehicle and pull off.

My mom and Stacey been friends for so long. I develop my fist crush on her son and its been forever since the last time I seen him since he moved away to college. Now he is coming back tonight. My heart fluttered at the thought of seeing his bright brown eyes once again.

The twins ran from their room upstairs and into my arms where they greet me with a hug.

“Hey Leo and Lorenzo. Ya‘ll must have missed me.” I said while the eight year olds looked my way with smiles revealing their deep dimples and one missing a tooth.
“Yes we did.” they said in a unison while laughing. Leo grabbed my hand pulling me towards the stairs.
“Ok…Ok…What‘s going on?” I asked walking up behind the two.
“Games. Come on.” both said as I walked into the semi decent room to see their PS3 on NBA 2K10.
“Ya‘ll do not want to cry tonight.” I joked at the boys who began playing once more.
“Nah u…you gonna cry.” Lorenzo said as his little head focused on the game.
“We shall se.” I said settling my bottom on the floor.

My stomach started growling.

“Did your momma leave anything to eat?” I asked the two.
“No. Money is sitting on the counter next to your money. She said for us to order something.” Leo said.

I stood up. “Be right back. I‘m going to order us some pizza then.” I said walking back out of the room and down the stairs into the kitchen.

I spotted the money on the counter as well as a special she had cut out I guess for me to order. Grabbing the phone, I began dialing the number and waited until I received an answer. Placing my order, I heard someone at the door. Someone was trying to unlock the door. Still placing the order I glanced at the door seeing someone open the door. The first thing that came through the door was suitcases.

“Is that everything?” the man asked after a moment of silence through the phone.
“Yea…” I said seeing that the individual still never showed their face while the man told me my total. “Thanks” I respond then hung up to approach the door while Laython ran clean into me.
“Damn…Damn I‘m sorry.” he said as I finally look up to see my first crush. My main crush.

“Kamaria.? Is that you?” he asked as though its been years when its only been one year. His long arms wrapped around my frame pulling me close to his delightful scent while I wrapped my arms around him.
“Hey Laython. You are home super early. Your mom said you wouldn‘t be hear til ten.” I said really surprised as we let go of our embrace I never wanted to end.
“Yea I left early.” his eyes beaming at me. “I can‘t believe this is you.” he said like he couldn’t really believe its me. I must say I did spice my wardrobe up tonight knowing he was going to be here.
“What is so unbelievable?” I asked playfully knowing that I went from comfortable basketball shorts to a cute pair of booty jeans and from t-shirts to a little cleavage showing. I felt a little cocky I must admit, but still being around him had my heart floating.

He didn’t say anything but his stare was burning a water leakage on my insides.

“I just ordered a pizza, but since you are here so early, I guess I can leave.” I said with a smile.
“What‘s your rush? I know I‘m early. There was a reason for that.” he said with his infamous smirk.
“Really…Like what?” I asked, while turning around ready to head to the staircase, but he grabbed my hand pulling me into his arms.

Memories of him leaving before college flooded in my mind. It was only a year since it happened but I remembered it all to familiar. I thought I was losing my world at the time because he was my best friend. The main person who stood in our way of taking a further step was his girlfriend who was so ignorant to many things.

I look shyly towards him wondering why the sudden embrace. I felt movement then suddenly paper rattling until I was able to see it.

“Remember this?” he asked with a smirk on his face. My eyes peered at the old paper once again realizing it was a confession letter I written before he left. I made him swear not to read it until he was on campus.

“You still have that?” I asked not believing it myself.
“Yep. This letter changed me Kae.” his finger brushed against my chin raising my head to glimpse into his eyes.

Right before our lips met, we heard footsteps running from the bedroom upstairs causing me to back away from him immediately. The brother all greet each other.

“Laython, come upstairs and see out new PS3.” they exclaimed pulling on him.

Laython glanced my way before he was dragged upstairs. My insides were boiling thinking this whole incident was just a dream. What did he mean he changed because of my letter? Does this means he really have feelings towards me?

I sat around downstairs waiting for the pizza man. Laython was upstairs showering and the boys still on that game. I turned the television on a movie until I heard the doorbell ring. I hopped up and checked the door to see it was the pizza. The twins hustled downstairs while I opened the door to greet the person.

“$31.57.” he said while I gathered the pizza and wings and extra things that came with the meal, then gave him the money. After retrieving my change, I walked into the kitchen dropping the boxes on the table and the boys surround my sides.

“Okay. I know ya‘ll little groupies are hungry. Go wash your hands while I fix ya‘ll plates.” I said and off they went. Footsteps approached behind me, causing me to immediately turn around to see it was Laython looking too damn sexy. His chocolate coated complexion is glowing from his white muscle shirt and black shorts with a pair of ankle socks. He took my breath away regardless. And that scent he was wearing. Oh my goodness, do I need to go to the bathroom and check myself. His smile caught my attention as I reached for the plates that were up so high.

“Why are you smiling like that?” I asked, finally grabbing a couple of plates. He approached me to help.
“Nothing.” he simply said as the twins gathered back in the kitchen. We made ourselves comfortable in the living room, I sat on the sofa, Laython sat on the floor by my leg and the boys on the floor as well tearing up the pizza. The movie was pretty interesting causing us to get hooked on it after we became full. The boys started goofing off with each other, running around after each other and everything. Laython turned me on even more for the love he displayed in his family. Something completely distant from my family.

I was so into the movie after a while, I didn’t realize a plot had been made on me. Suddenly I felt Laython climb on top of me pinning me down as the twins began tickling me.

“Stop…Stop!!!” I screamed out, hating to be tickled.

Laython just was cracking up but they were not giving in. I began kicking my legs hysterically until they finally called it quits. My eyes darted at all three.

“Payback is necessary.” I retorted sitting there on the sofa trying to catch my breath.

Laython smiled at me, then look at his brothers. “Time to get ya‘ll musty butts in the tub. Whatever you do after that is fine as long as you stay upstairs.” he said.
“Its too early.” Lorenzo said sarcastically.
“Well Laython, I guess they want their new PS3 to be infected just like their Xbox was infected.” I said thinking of a little joke.
“You mean the Red Ring of Death could be on the PS3?” Leo asked kind of worried.
“Nah uh…PS3‘s don‘t have red ring of deaths. They lying to us.” Lorenzo said.
“Its worst though Renzo.” Laython said joining in. “My boy has one and when he tried playing it before taking his bath this late the whole television blacked out. He couldn‘t play his system nor watch tv.” he added. I wanted to laugh because he was so serious about it.

Leo ran towards the staircase.

“I‘m taking my bath first.” he said as Lorenzo ran behind him.
“No I am.” They ran up the stairs and towards the bathroom where we heard doors slamming.

I finally let out my laugh and so did Laython.

“They are a trip.” I said.
“Yea…” he said looking upstairs.
“Well, I guess I should be on my way then.” I said really not wanting to leave.

He didn’t say anything, just took my hand. He began walking towards the basement, which he turned it into his spot.

“Don‘t leave me so soon.” he whispered opening the door. “Chill with me for a while.” he added, while opening the door. I never been down here before, but heard he created his bedroom in the basement.

I just nod my head feeling butterflies swarming in my stomach. He flicked on the light and stepped to the side for me to enter first. down the stairs I went as he followed after closing the door. His room is really nice. Nice carpeted flooring, a big king size bed, lighting around the trim work and a flat screen.

“This is so nice. I‘m feeling this.” I said standing there not wanting to sit on his neatly made bed.
“Thanks.” he said then noticed I was just standing there. He chuckled to himself slightly. “You can sit on my bed.” he said.
“Its too pretty.” I smiled. He walked over to the bed and hopped on it, messing it up. He grabbed the remote from his night stand and turned his stereo system on.
“Now is it so pretty?” he asked while maneuvering his finger for me to come over by him.

I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, looking back at him to see a smirk on his face.

“Why are you so nervous?” he asked me while sitting up.
“I don‘t know.” I simply said while feeling him push me. I pushed him back. “Why you pushing me?” I asked.

He pushed me once again, and once more I pushed him back. We both started laughing.

“We used to do that all of the time.” he reminded me.
“I know with your big head self.” I said.
“See, more memories. Your head is bigger than mine.” he joked, and we continued on about things we used to do.

Suddenly my mind slipped onto the letter.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked him as we were both laying on our backs looking at the ceiling.
“What‘s up?” he asked.
“That letter I written to you ages ago. What did you mean it changed you?” I asked.

Silence flooded the room at first, then he spoke.

“It gave me a new perspective on a Kae. It opened my eyes on what I want in life, how I want it, and who I wanted to spend it with.” he said sitting up on his elbow.
“You were my best friend through thick and thin and I couldn‘t figure out why my mind constantly thought about you when I was with my ex.” he said triggering the fact he and his girl broke it off.
“Your ex?” I asked sitting up on my elbow as well, both seeing each other eye to eye.
“Yea my ex. After reading your letter, I know who I want. I want you. I want you to be in my life all the time. Not partly. When you graduate, I want to see you on my campus so I could show you off in front of everybody.” he said, licking his lips. “You may think I might be crazy after this, but I even envisioned having kids with you.” he said and I started laughing not believing this was real.
“Are you serious.” I blurted out.
“Yea, I‘m serious.” he said taking my chin with his finger and pulled me in for me to taste his lips for the first time.

I broke the kiss and stared in his soft brown eyes to see if truth was in his eyes.

“Your going to be my girl?” he asked, but I wanted to show him. He would be gone before I knew it and I wanted him to remember what he has at home. Who would have thought a simple letter I written a year ago would have a hold on him as it did.

I pushed him back, then climbed on top of him. He held a surprised look on his face while he grabbed a hold of my waist. My hands massaged his firm chest while I continued looking at him.

“I‘ve wanted you for so long Laython. I want to be your main girl, your only.” I whispered as I lowered to him kissing his lips with a higher passion than earlier. His hands were shifting my hips back and fourth, while excitement build in my pants feeling his ever growing dick beneath me. I had one confession. I was still a virgin. I doubt after tonight I will though.

With clothing, our bodies felt like one with each other, creating a beat that matched the music in the air. His arms surround my waist, lifting me slightly and onto my back. We broke the kiss as he stared at me.

His hands slipped under my shirt feeling warm hands upon my stomach.

“Laython…” I said softly, pulling him into my arms where his ear met my lips.
“Yes baby.” he said making me smile hearing him calling me baby.
“This is my first time, and I want you to be my only.” I whispered causing him to look up in my eyes with awe. He didn’t hesitate afterwards kissing me, slipping his long sweet tongue in my mouth letting me know he is going to take care of me.

“I got you baby girl. I won‘t hurt you.” he said, sitting up to pull off his shirt showing off his well defined body. Slipping off the bed, he took my hands into his, pulling me off the bed as he raised my hands in the air. I kept them up while he slid off my shirt leaving me in my blue bra’s.

My shirt landed in the midst of darkness, while I dropped my hands and closed my eyes feeling his lips press against my tender neck. Warm hands seek to find the hook of my bra, unsnapping it letting free my rounds that only his eyes seen from the opposite sex. More butterflies swarmed my insides hoping he found me to be attractive.

Hands settled on my shoulders as I opened my eyes.

“Relax baby. You are so beautiful.” he whispered in my ear as though he read my thoughts. Hands mingled up from my waist to my breast, lifting them into the palms of his hand. I watched his eyes look excited and I smiled to myself. My butt rested on the high bed, while I watched him lower to my breast sending a new sensation inside of my body.

Did I just slip out a moan? I heard myself making noises I never made before as Laython worked his magic tongue against my now sensitive nipples. His lips trailed onto my stomach, meeting my jeans. I stared at him as his brownies matched my eye sight. He kissed my womanhood through my jeans, but felt more than a kiss. It hit every nerve inside of me.

He undid my jeans, slipping it over my hips until it hit the floor. I felt shy all over again, he stood up, wrapping his arms around my body while my head rest upon his chest hearing his heartbeat. I look towards him, feeling his lips on my forehead down to my lips easing away my nervousness.

His hands slipped on my butt, gripping it firmly in his hands. After that, he slipped in my panties, pulling them down until they hit the floor. Here I stood naked for his eyes only. He lifted me back on his bed, while his hands rest on the side, him staring at me once more.

“I‘m going to do your body good.” he said, kissing my lips. “Now lay back and relax.” he said and I did as he told me to. He raised my legs for me to rest my feet on the bed while seeing a full view of my now wet pussy. A cool draft met my opening as I closed my eyes trying to conceal my nervousness. No words we spoken…A warm feeling soon met my opening and I tensed once more. His tongue swarmed over my clit relaxing me all over again. The feeling only intensified though. I held onto my breast as more moans slipped out which I think made Laython go crazy. Something formed in my lower stomach, but I was afraid to let it go. Once more my body tensed at the feeling. He came up for air.

“Just release it baby. Don‘t hold back.” he said from my unusual feeling.

I clenched the bed sheets and released an orgasm. My breathing is rapid while I watch Laython stand up licking his lips after clearing away my wet cunt only for it to return wet. He settled back in between my legs, rocking his hips against my opening. Good thing he still had shorts on, because we would have had a baby soon.

“That wasn‘t so bad wasn‘t it.” he said with a smirk.

I pulled him in to taste his sticky lips.

“You taste good.” he added as his fingers returned in between my legs running my opening.

He stood back up completely and I sat on my elbows watching him. I noticed his bulge, but I’m ready to see it physically. He walked over to the stand grabbing something from it and placed a condom on my stomach.

“Your going to put it on for me?” he asked with a smirk causing me to sit fully up.

I nod with a smile upon my face. Looking at the condom, I noticed the word mega on there. I’m not dumbfounded about sex, but I’m dealing with a mega dick. He chuckled as he watched me. I opened the condom after he slid everything off and my eyes bucked. I’m speechless at the moment. It stood before me wanting my full attention. After opening the condom wrapper, I slid it on his not only huge dick, but long as well. I felt it move as though it had a mind of its own.

Laython grabbed my legs, pushing me in the middle of his bed as he climbed on top of me. He stared at me.

“I‘m going to take it slow.” he said, spreading my legs wide enough for him to get good in me.

I nod my head, wrapping my arms around him. He guide his dick in me. I felt a slight sharp pain as his dick probed inside of me deeper, but slowly. Biting down on my lip, my eyes shut close until the feeling of pain escaped bring in pleasure. My screams left, bringing moans of delight. He lunged deeper inside of me and my walls surrounded him lovingly. It feels so right. My legs were lifted more so that he could get in my better, deeper.

“You like that ma?” he asked with his sexy as grunts.
“Umm hmm…” I moaned out the deeper he went. “I love it…” I cooed feeling his thrust hitting my g-spot feeling another orgasm building inside.

My teeth bit down on his neck and my hands clenched his back as my juices flooded his dick. He continued on his way until he came as well. He slid out, while I rolled on my side. He laid on the side of me, lifting my leg, while inserting from behind. It felt awkward for a minute, but he made it feel amazing. I tossed my hair to one side as he slid his tongue on my neck. My knee was touching my chest the more he worked. His hands lingered my body while he whispered sweet things in my ear as his grunts turned me on once more.

Once more I was building up another orgasm but he pulled up, wrapping his arm around my waist. He ended up behind my and my ass in the air. I looked back, hearing of this infamous position that I have yet to experience. He slid my legs wide.

“Don‘t tell your momma why your ass getting big.” he joked while I laughed a little.
“Quit playing…” I laughed. His hands massaged my back before I raised up on my knees.

“You want it bad?” he asked whispering my ear, as I could feel his dick pressing against my backside and hands massaging my breast.
“Yes…” I said. He grabbed a hold of my waist, lifting me slightly so that he could reposition himself right. I He helped me slide down his shaft from the back, teaching me to ride from behind. As soon as I got the rhythm, his lips kissed the nap of my neck while his hands tamed my uncontrollable breast.

“Damn, I love you Kae.” he whispered in my ear bringing an orgasm to its finale. “You love me?” he asked,
“I love you so much Laython.” I respond while I continued both of us singing the same tune until we came together…

My first…My only…I want Laython to be that man. Laying in his arms I seen our whole future, but for now, I am his girl.

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Stories by Me:
Not So Perfect
Unexpected |Complete|

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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

2 Re: A Letter to You |Kamaria and Laython| on Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:28 pm


Lol...I told you it was a lot

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Stories by Me:
Not So Perfect
Unexpected |Complete|

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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

3 Re: A Letter to You |Kamaria and Laython| on Wed Oct 28, 2009 1:32 pm



tELL tHA G00D L0RD " tHANK yA ! "

tHiS ! GiRL , i`M GEttiNG H0tt WHiLE

i L0VED it !

4 Re: A Letter to You |Kamaria and Laython| on Wed Oct 28, 2009 1:38 pm


Lol...O goodness.
Suppose to be focued on the Lord
Well now u see it took me FOREVER
to finish...lol...I had to make u into a
virgin. It only seemed fair. Now I have to
finish Rae's add.

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Stories by Me:
Not So Perfect
Unexpected |Complete|

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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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