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Make it Work |Kamaria and Laython|

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1 Make it Work |Kamaria and Laython| on Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:24 am


Kamria and Laython

I sat on the steps of the school grounds, checking to see it is now after 10pm. As many times as I tried to call him and text him, he refused to answer or reply. He knew damn well I got out for nine and he have the nerve to not even respond to any of my calls knowing I get out at that time. No one was really left in the school but the janitors. I ended up calling my friend to pick me up. I held down low as the hoodie was tossed over my head to protect me from catching a cold from the coolness of the night. A flash of light soon shine in my eyes causing me to look up and see a car. Grabbing my belongings, I got up and headed to the car seeing my girl with her hair tied down and she wearing a pair of jogging pants under her night gown. She just shook her head when I entered into the car.

“Thanks McKenzie. I‘m sorry I bothered you this late, but Laython was late again.” I said really pissed off about the situation.
“Yea…This shit is getting old. Time to get his ass checked.” she said while turning the music up hearing the beat of Twister joint in the stereo.

That was the end of the conversation for we had too many conversations about getting Laython in check on different things he did that needs to improve. My phone lit up, seeing the name “Chocolate” plastered on my screen letting me know its Laython. I didn’t bother to answer. I refused to answer. Kenzie notice the light as well, then turn down the volume.

“Is that him?” she asked.

I just nod my head.

“Give me that phone, I have some words for him.” she said being the big sister she was.
“No, I don‘t feel like hearing any bullshit from nobody tonight. Let me just get in the tub and go to sleep.” I said seeing my screen light up once again. I rolled my eyes, then tossed my phone in my bag as we pulled up to my apartment.

“Thank you so much sis.” I said, giving her a hug.
“No problem. But wait until tomorrow when I see that nigga. His ass will regret for doing this shit to you again.” she said as I closed the door.

Grabbing my keys that clattered together upon my hip, I made it to the door, making my way inside. That’s when I heard Kenzie blow her horn and pulled off like a mad woman. I flickered the light to see everything is still in tact. My body felt weak from being up all day, and yet my mind was filled with anger being this is the third time this week Laython did this shit and then coming up with lame ass excuses. I dropped my belongings, then head to the bathroom where I stripped out of my clothing and began running the shower. Immediately the bathroom fogged and I slipped my body in feeling my tense muscles relax from the water hitting against my pressure points. A good 15 minutes in the shower, I hopped out drying my body with the big soft towel and then lotioning my body down. Banging on the door made me skip a beat in my heart. I slipped on my robe with nothing beneath and trailed to the door where the beating persisted.

“Quit banging on my door.” I shouted.

Looking through the peep hole, I seen Laython. Shit…Tonight I do not want to see him. Not now.

“Open up Kay…” he said while continuously banging on the door. I didn’t want the neighbors calling the cops so I opened the door.
“What the hell do you want?” I asked angrily seeing his bright eyes looking into mines.
“Where the hell were you?” he asked stepping into my apartment. I closed the door and ignored his question.
“I should ask where the hell was you. I was standing my ass in the cold for an hour waiting for you. This was your third time this week let alone no telling how many times you stood me up this month. This is the final straw. I want answers this time and no sorry ass excuse.” I screamed at him.
“Don‘t you holler at me like you crazy girl.” he said getting offended.
“Don‘t tell me what to do in my house. You fucking around on me or something? Is that what this is? Your late because you found someone to give you more time?” I asked.
“You always want to put the guilt trip on me. What if I did find somebody to chill with, what you going to do about it? Its not like we spend time together anyway so what‘s the deal?” he asked straight to me.
“So is this what its all about? Me not spending time with you.” I asked placing a hand upon my hip.
“Ever since you started school you put me on the back burner. I bring your ass to and from school only to hear you say, I‘m tired…I don‘t feel like it today…lets chill tomorrow.” he mocked me.
I walked towards my sofa and plopped down on it, while grabbing the remote and stretching out.
“So now you don‘t want me to plea my case. I‘m telling you now Kay, we don‘t do shit so why not find a friend to chill with if you ain’t?” he asked.
“What the hell that’s suppose to mean Laython? You want to split? Is that it? You want a girl to be all on your dick like there is no future. Go on ahead. I‘m not stopping you.” I said calmly while flipping through the channels like nothing was going on.

A shadow soon cast over me as the remote was snatched from my grasp. The television became a blank screen once more and the remote control hit against the wall abruptly. I didn’t bother to move. I continued looking at the television screen.

“So its like that now?” he asked, but I didn’t say anything. “Look at me Kay.” he said angrily my stubbornness refused to look at him. His enlarged hands grabbed my wrist, pulling me off the sofa to force me to look at him. I pushed him away, and yet he pulled me into his chest.

“Let go of me Laython. Go home to the other bitch.” I said upset feeling tears smother my eyes.
My head shifted away, but his hands grabbed my chin causing me to look his way.

“You trying to get rid of me Kay?” he asked me in a serious manner. “You seriously thinking I‘m fucking around on you?” he added grabbing my face tighter. I noticed a gleam in his eyes as though he wanted to cry.
“I wouldn‘t have to try if you wouldn‘t act so damn crazy. I‘m in school what do you expect. I try to make time, but I also have grades to keep up. At the same time, your not proving your being faithful either. ” I said.
“I asked are you trying to get rid of me?” he asked once more.
“Are you?” I asked back with a little attitude.

He licked his lips causing a reaction to automatically hit against my sensitive area.

“Don‘t play games. You know I love your ass too much for this foolishness.” he said lightly pecking my lips.
“Then why treat me like that?” I asked, feeling his lips wrap around mines once again.
“So you can know I‘m hurting when you push me to the side like that all the time. I want you to be successful. I want to be there with you too. I want to feel loved by you and not pushed to the side. I‘m sorry for being selfish, but you all I got baby girl.” he said getting more aggressive with the kiss. He slipped his sweet tongue into mines letting the fight each other in a playful manner. I released a moan from the kiss and suddenly he broke it.
“What‘s behind this robe?” he asked.
“Myself.” I said with a smile. “But not tonight baby…I have school in the morning.” I said softly playing with his feelings.
“Don‘t worry about that right now. Let‘s concentrate on you and me.” he said while his hand slipped on the lose bow causing my robe to open and expose my naked body beneath.

His hands slid by my shoulders, causing the garment to fall to the floor leaving my body naked for his eyes to embrace the sight. I felt a bit awkward with his bright eyes gleaming at me. He held a smirk.

“Sexy.” he said licking his lips once more. He had it to where all he had to do was just look at me and I would get wet instantly.

I went on ahead and stripped him out of his shirt, then felt his hands surround my head while kissing me once more. My hands continued to move, while trying to unbuckle his belt. My body became excited when I felt his bulge hitting against me. His tall frame secured my body perfectly. I managed to undo his belt with my focus on his lips. I even managed to unzip his pants and unbuckle it. My hands slid in his jeans, while caressing his hard dick. He let out a moan from my touch causing my insides to smile. He moved my head to the side letting his lips fall upon my neck. Sucking it and gently biting it, I found my other hand slipping in between my legs from the excitement.

“Damn baby…I want you so bad.” I cooed in his ear as he stood up to stare at me. He smiled, while pushing me back on the sofa. He let his pants fall to the floor, kicking them to the side, then his boxers, leaving both souls naked. I admired his frame. His physique muscular and athletic built. His chocolate complexion made me want to lick him to there is no more. He dropped down on his knees with a boyish grin on his face. He propped my legs up on the sofa wide, giving him a good view of my insides.

“Make that pussy wet for me.” he whispered in a deep voice. “Play with yourself.” he said. I felt a bit shy, but I watched as his hands fondled with his dick. I smiled thinking he was just staring at me and masturbating. I couldn’t help but get a good rush through my body. My fingers fondled with the folds of my wet walls, finding my pleasure toy and began caressing it. I let out moans and could hear Laython in the background.

“Moan louder baby. Make it juicy for me.” he said as I closed my eyes and bit down on my lip thinking of all the kinky shit I wanted to do to him. I felt the insides of myself, while finding pleasure all too enjoyable it shocked me. I was now soaked with my eyes still closed. Suddenly a cold breeze blew on my nipples sending a sensation down to my clit. I opened my eyes to see it was Laython hovering over me then stuck his tongue out to play with my nipples. My head fell back as I continued playing with myself, but felt more joy with the feel of his warm tongue covering over my nipples. He gave both there undivided attention. His lips met up to my ear.

“Are you soaked?” he asked and all I could do was not while feeling an orgasm building up. “Good.” he said as he lowered himself down.

I stopped playing with myself as I felt a coolness over my clit that is now extremely tender causing my legs to tremble. Laython held my calves so I wouldn’t move so much as his warm tongue covered over my pussy. He soon found my pearl and began teasing it so much until I felt my legs tremble. Biting down on my pearl, I came while holding my breast just to have something to hold on to. He licked me up, then went at it once more. My insides were being taking over by his tongue. His fingers slipped in my walls. His fingers were much larger and longer than mines. He hit my spot instantly causing me to start grinding back in his mouth even more so. My moans were out of control…

“I‘m about to cum again.” I screamed out as another big blow left me. I began breathing heavily. His tall body stood over me licking his finger. He smirked as he hovered over me kissing me roughly, yet passionately. My hands wrapped around him, and so did my legs as he lifted me off the sofa. He laid me on the floor with him on top. He sat up and just stared at me.

“I‘m tired of your ass pushing me away every time we fight.” he said and with that, he slid himself inside of me causing me to spontaneously moan. He lunged deep and slow.
“Well quit making me think…that…” I let out pulling him closer to me as he began picking up his speed as I kissed his lips. He broke the kiss, ramming into me faster causing my moans turn into screams.
“Damn baby…wait…” I said trying to hold my uncontrollable breast at the moment. He was focused. My legs ended up across his shoulders as he went faster while I could feel the rough carpet hitting rubbing against my delicate back. He lowered to my neck, biting down roughly causing another outcry while he circulated his hips getting my spot so good.
“Shit Lay…” I could barely get out as my nails dug in his arms. My legs pressed against my chest as he slid out and rammed into me again. Another orgasm build up at the pit of my stomach. I screamed out as that final push he did released my intense orgasm causing my body to tremble. He pulled out before he could cum. Letting it hit my inner thigh. Damn and I just brought this rug.

I sat up pushing him back with my leg as I seen his semi hard on. I wasn’t finished. I crawled towards him, grabbing his dick and began maneuvering my hand up and down. I lowered myself to taste his chocolate bar as my tongue massaged his tool. His dick became solid in my mouth as it turned me on even more so. His free hand massaged my back because he know I do not like for anybody to grab my head, no matter how good it feels. Now satisfied he is hard again, I climbed on top. My pussy rubbed against his bare dick that was covered with my fluids… My neck still hurt and I knew it was because he was letting off steam from our earlier argument.

I sat up so I could guide him back in my entry. I wrapped my hands around his neck and my eyes peering into his as I maneuvered slowly. His tongue licked my bottom lip as he sucked on it causing me to open my lips to taste his lips. I began to gear up my grind time as I broke the kiss and my hands upon his shoulder. He massaged my back, while I decided to leave my mark. My lips met his most sensitive are as I suddenly felt him meeting my thrust. My clit matched his pelvic bone releasing more moans. I bit down sporadically after feeling the bows causing him to moan out my name. I smiled at the thought, and continued sucking on his neck without letting up.

“Shit Kay…I‘m about to nut. Damn baby.” he said as I continued working his dick. I felt a huge blow in my inner walls causing my release at the same time. My insides leaked with our love as he laid back with me following still on top and he buried deep in me. Our breathing is so irregular trying to get our heart rate down.

As our sweaty bodies laid there, I listened to his heart beat. His hands continued rubbing my back while I planted kisses upon his chest.

“I‘m sorry Kay.” he whispered with a deep voice. “I‘m sorry for standing you up this week.” he continued.

Sitting up to stare his into his eyes, I smiled some.

“You better be.” I said hitting his chest. His hands forced me to meet his face closer, kissing me once more.

“Get your ass in the shower and go to bed. You have school in the morning.”
“Aye Papi…” I cooed in his ear as I stood my naked body up ready to walk towards my room.

He grasped my ankle almost making me stumble.

“Not without me.” He said with a smirk. Here we go again.

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Stories by Me:
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Unexpected |Complete|

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2 Re: Make it Work |Kamaria and Laython| on Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:59 am



i L 0 V E it !
i`m over here screamin and
jumpin and GOT DAMN !

imma be smiling all day !

thank you so much janae !

tha fight was perfect !

tha sex was amazing !

and laython was so LAytH0N !
( kinda gave me some ideas for " P0EtRy " too ) !

thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so
much !
Very Happy Laughing Wink tongue bounce cheers


3 Re: Make it Work |Kamaria and Laython| on Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:04 am


lol! lol! lol!
I'm so happy...
See it takes me forever to get it
right. And I was hoping it came
out right...AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stories by Me:
Not So Perfect
Unexpected |Complete|

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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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