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A Freak in the Park {Janae and Trey joint}

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1 A Freak in the Park {Janae and Trey joint} on Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:44 am


A Freak in the Park

‘Trey hurry up!’ Janae was yelling from outside for me to hurry up.
‘I’m coming baby’
She got in the car and started it while I locked the door and carried the basket to the car.
‘Finally, what took you so damn long?’
I smiled as I ignored her question and got in the driver’s seat. I patted my pocket for my wallet. I took so much time because I was searching the house for it.
‘You ready baby?’
‘Yeah, let’s go’

Today was our 3 year anniversary and we were going to the park for a pic-nic. ‘You brought the wine?’
‘Off course Janae!’
‘Ok I’m just checking...jeez’
We made our way to the park and found a really quiet spot. Janae fixed the blanket and laid out the dishes for us to eat.
‘I cooked all these so make sure you like it’ she warned me as I dug in.
‘Mmm...yeah baby, it’s good’ I said with my mouth full.
We ate in silence with her eyeing me every now and then. ‘What’s your problem?’
‘Nothing...you just so cute’
When we done she lay on me and caressed my face. I reached in the basket for the surprise I had planned for her. it was a small black box and I was hoping she would love it.
‘Hey baby, turn around’ she turned and looked up at me with her brown eyes. I saw my whole future every time I looked in them. ‘You know we been together for 3 years now. I’ve loved you since day 1 and it’s been growing ever since that first day. I can’t imagine my life without you and from this moment on I want the world to know about us. I want those guys who look at you to look away when they see this...’ I popped open the box and watched as her eyes widened and she laughed.
‘Are you serious Trey?’
‘Yeah Nae...Will you marry me?’
‘YES YES YES YES!!’ She jumped on me as she slipped on the ring and we rolled over on the blanket. I held on to her and we kissed. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and it made me tingle all over. Her hands reached to my crotch and she giggled. She unzipped my jeans and reached inside my boxers. She felt for my tool which had enlarged by now. ‘Are you insane Nae?’
‘Aww come on baby, let’s make love..ain’t no one around!’
I looked around, ‘man the cops can bust us for this’ she didn’t even wait for me to finish as she removed her top and revealed her bright red lace bra. I watched as she stood up and removed her skirt to reveal her matching thong. She walked over to me and lowered herself onto me. Her breasts were in my face and I couldn’t help but start to lick and suck at her nipples through her bra as my hands reached behind to get it off. ‘I knew you couldn’t resist!’
‘You have no idea’ I flipped her on her back and removed my t-shirt and my jeans.
‘Give it to me baby’ I can tell she enjoying this because she kept giggling.
I buried my head in her chest and she moaned as I played with her breasts sucking gently at her nipple until it turned rock hard. ‘Ooh baby’ she cooed as I raised my head and looked at her. I smirked as I lowered my head and reached her thong.

I felt her pussy and found it to be wet through her thong. ‘Damn Nae, you really want this dick?’
‘Oh yeah baby...I want it right now’
I bit her thong and removed it with my teeth. I went straight back to her goodies and began tasting her clit. Her moans got louder and she began touching her boobs as I dropped my tongue to her entrance and tasted her insides. ‘Shit Trey...Yes...’ my hands played with her clit as my tongue worked her pussy. She continued to play with her breasts and worked herself into a frenzy. Her legs began to shake and I applied more pressure on her clit and she began rotating her hips pushing her pussy further into mouth. ‘Eat my pussy baby...oh yes’ she was moaning so loud I was afraid people might hear her. as she came into my mouth her whole body shook. I looked at her and she laughed.
‘See, it wasn’t so bad’
‘Nah, baby, that was nothing’ I removed my boxers revealing my eager dick. She took it in her hands and wrapped her lips around it. She moved her mouth up and down on my shaft bringing me to my climax. She stopped right before I came and lay down pulling me with her.

‘Give me that dick and make it good’ she looked damn sexy like that and I inserted myself inside of her without hesitation. ‘Oooh Trey...harder’ I began pumping in and out really hard causing her body to rock and her boobs to bounce like jelly on her chest. It felt so right to be inside of her. She lifted her thighs onto my shoulders and I went deeper inside of her. Her finger nails dug into my shoulders as I continued to pump in and out repeatedly. I made her turn around so I could enter her from behind. I didn’t stop hitting her spot as I reached my hands to clit and she began moaning loudly. ‘Oh Trey baby...feel so good’ I was bouncing on her ass as my dick was covered in her juices once again, but that didn’t stop me. I kept hitting it until I came all inside of her.
‘We making a baby too?’
‘Yeah boo’
We lay naked wrapped in each other’s arms until we heard voices coming our way causing us to hurry up and get dressed. 2 young girls walked when they saw me the gasped and waved back. I waved back smiling and they ran off with their hands over their mouths.
‘What now baby?’
‘I don’t know Nae, what you wanna do?’
‘Whatever you wanna do!’
I smiled at her and gently pushed her back down on the blanket, ‘ok than...you ready for baby’
‘I’m always ready’

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2 Re: A Freak in the Park {Janae and Trey joint} on Mon Oct 12, 2009 10:07 am


Lol...I love it...
Now Imma go to the
park thinking about
this foreplay...lol

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