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Teacher's Pet |Trevor and Rachel Joint|

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1 Teacher's Pet |Trevor and Rachel Joint| on Thu Oct 08, 2009 5:04 pm


Teachers Pet

The grounds of college were jammed pack with new comers of the second semester. The cold air is whipping my ass as I tried to find warmth through the indoors. I was determined not to be late since I heard about Miss Rae being a hard ass teacher and if you are late points will be taken away. Finding the room number, I stepped in seeing I wasn’t the only one with the idea of coming in early. Looks as though half of my class was in here already. Scanning the room out, I spotted my boy Leech and a female friend Kadence. I trotted towards them, dapping off Leech and hugging Kadence.

“Man, that vacation was too damn long for me to spend that much time with my family.” I said.
“I know right. My mom didn‘t give me a break when she picked me up from the airport.” Leech said.
“Well I had fun.” Kadence decided to join in as we both smacked our teeth in a unison. “Jealous negroes.” she smirked when suddenly the sound of heels clattered in the room. I didn’t bother to look around as I continued on with the conversation, but suddenly heard silence.

Looking around I noticed eyes piercing my way. Immediately I sat up in my seat noticing who she was. Miss Rae. Is this Miss Rae? This can’t be Miss Rae everyone was talking about. She had a figure of a twenty year old to be a college professor.

“Now that I have everyone‘s attention…” her eyes finally looked away from my area. “Time for introductions. I am Miss Rae. I will be as nice as you would allow me to. I do not tolerate disrespect, and since we are all adults in this room, I am sure you would not like to be disrespected as well.” she said when suddenly my phone flipped off with the tune of Becky blaring from my phone.

Immediately I stood up trying to find my phone to place it on silent, but of course it wasn’t trying to let me find it.

“Excuse me sir. I am going to have to ask you to leave out of here until you get yourself in order.” she said sternly as I caught a glimpse of her eyes peering at me, but my phone finally went off. People around me were giggling as I sat back down trying to see where my phone is at.

“So that we won‘t have that incident again, everyone place your phone on silence. Not on vibrate. SILENT.” she said then jumped into the lesson. After retrieving my phone, it started going off again as I quickly turned the volume off. I got up and excused myself from class to see what the deal is. I knew I was going to be on bad terms with Miss Rae after this…

Since I missed part of the class messing around with my crazy ex, I stayed a little afterwards trying to finish copying all of the information down from the board. Miss Rae desk was situated in front of it, so she became a distraction for me to even finish copying the information. Her hair pinned up and dark frame specs only made her look sexier. She just remind me of a naughty teacher looking to get laid by a good pipe. I smirked at the thought until it got interrupted.

“Mr. Ariza.” she said lightly, looking up at me with her specs.
“Call me Trevor please. That just sounds way too formal.” I asked her as I noticed she stood up. The sheer white shirt underneath her suit jacket revealed a colorful lacey bra that I want to unsnap for her. Once again I drifted off and she caught me in the act.

“Okay, Trevor. I have a meeting to go to and cannot leave you in here by yourself. I‘m sure your friends have notes you could borrow.” she suggested.
“They may have your notes Miss Rae, but its only meant for them to understand.” I said, placing a few items in my bag.
“Well, if you didn‘t have so many interruptions, I‘m sure you could have gathered all of the information and not get left behind.” she said with a slight smirk on her face.
“Okay, I know its my fault. Is there any possible way for me to retrieve the notes later from you. I don‘t want to fall too far in your class or anything.” I suggested.
“I have an evening class that ends at eight. That‘s the only time I‘m not preoccupied with classes. If you want to meet me after to retrieve a copy that’s fine because I‘m already late for this meeting.” she said.
“That‘s fine. I‘ll meet up around eight.” I said, standing up to toss my bag across my shoulder. She held a smirk once more revealing her dimples. Damn she is sexy. I licked my lips before walking off, then heard her clear her throat. I looked back to see if she was saying something when I noticed what she was pointing towards.

I smirked at her blush red cheeks seeing I dropped my wallet with my mega sized condoms. Once more I licked my lips at her to see her biting down on her lips then walked out. Tonight it shall be then.

The hallways were silent and all of the doors closed. I sat in the hallway waiting for her to finish up classes. I fiddled with a game on my phone, when suddenly the door opened and people were walking out talking amongst themselves. Placing my phone away, I sat there waiting for her to tell me its ok to step in. She peeped her head out and fingered me to come in. I got up, pulling my pants up and looking around to see if anyone was looking. I followed in behind her who look completely different. Her hair swayed down her back and the jacket was off revealing her perky breast. Her legs look longer for some reason. She walked behind her desk to retrieve the item for me, then approached me. The paper flopped before me, but I didn’t look at the papers. I stared in her eyes.

“Are you okay Trevor?” she asked.
“Yea…yea. I was just trying to figure out why so many people say you‘re mean.” I said, taking the papers from her hand.

She maneuvered back towards her desk but continued facing her back towards me.

“Because I have to be in this business.” she said.
“Why?” I asked slowly approaching her. I stood a couple of inches away, but her hair moved every time I breath out.
“Why do you think?” she asked, still not looking my way.
“I don‘t know. Tell me.” I said.
“Trevor, its really simple. I deal with young men like yourself on a day to day basis that I find attractive. If I don‘t be stern, then…” she stopped as I dropped the paper on her desk, and moved her hair to the side as my hands began to massage her shoulders. She let out a soft moan causing me to smile.
“Then what?” I asked whispering lightly in her ear.

She nudged her shoulders away from me.

“Then, I wouldn‘t have a job.” she said returning to a stern stance. She walked around to her desk, but I refuse to let her get away from that sorry ass excuse. “You have your papers…you can go now.” she said finding it hard to look my way. I took my papers off her desk, and began to approach the door then stopped. I locked the door then turned around to see she was staring at me.
“And what do you think your doing?” she asked standing slightly with her hands firmly on the desk.
“Like you said earlier, we‘re adults. I respect you as a grown woman who seems very tense. Let me ease you away from that stress.” I said approaching her desk.
“Trevor, this is not professional like what so ever. What if the dean walk this way? The janitor? Who knows who will be here. Cameras are in the hallways, so what if…” I stepped around to her desk, and pinned her on her desk causing papers to fly off. My lips slightly played with her lips until I felt her tongue slip into my mouth.

Her skirt rose up as she spread her legs open. Suddenly she grew a little more aggressive. I pushed my hard dick against her, letting her know I want to give her everything. She smelled so good, feels so good, taste so good. She was no longer a college professor. She was a sexy woman seeking someone to fulfill her desires, and that’s what I plan to do. I released one hand from her hand and caressed her thigh. Soon it mingled from her outer thigh to inner thigh as I massaged her extremely moist panties. That turned me on even more, knowing I was able to make her so wet instantly. When we released each other from our lip lock, she sat up and so did I. Her fingers unbuttoned my shirt and I did to her. I stripped out of my shirt, and revealed her red lacy bra that my eyes been wanting to see earlier. My hands cupped her breast lightly as she pulled my neck down for another kiss.

“This doesn‘t mean your getting an A.” she said as I smirked.
“You can give me a F to let me know you want to fuck that night.” I replied as she laughed.

I chuckled myself as my fingers pushed her panties to the side to let my fingers rub her throbbing pussy. She leaned back on her king size desk and let out soft moans letting me know she likes it. She bit down on her lips before saying anything.

“Tease me later, give it to me now.” she said pushing me back as she slid of her desk. I watch as she twisted her skirt around, unzipping her skirt and let it drop to the floor to find she is wearing the matching panties. She turned around in her heels, showing off her lace thong.

“Do you mind unsnapping me.” she said as my fingers began unhooking the bra the enclosed her freedom. Once unsnapped she slid the off. I spin her body around until her back pressed against the clean dry board. My hands fell to her hips as my lips pressed against hers again. My fingers toyed with her panties, slipping in the inner part to let my hands grope her ass. Sliding her thongs down, she is fully bare leaving me throbbing all over my body. She is a breath taker. Nipples dark caramel, to a nice soaked pussy, she was everything I wanted. I stepped back to place my wallet on her desk and slipped a condom out. She did the honors of undoing my pants, letting them and the boxers fall. I slid the condom on, pushing her frame back against the wall and lift her body up. Her arms automatically wrapped around me as I held her legs wide open to insert myself. Her sleek walls met my dick like a blanket on a cold day. Words muttered from her lips as I continued to penetrate inside of her. Trying to keep her moans to a minimum, my mouth automatically kissed her lips as I had her moving at a nice pace. My lips moved to her neck, while I sucked on it like a vampire seeking her blood. She was a delight.

Her hands massaged my head and back as I maneuvered her at a faster pace. I felt her breast rubbing against mines as she held me tightly keeping up with my past. Every move I made, she returned it ten times better. I felt myself ready to climax already, but I refused.

“Damn Trevor.” she moaned out loudly, causing me to find her g-spot. Faster I met her causing her to get louder. “I‘m about to cum…” she screamed out trying to hold back.
“Cum for me please.” I said feeling her legs tightening around my waist, then warm juices flooding over my dick causing her body growing limp from her explosion. Her legs slid to the floor, but I wasn’t through. And I don’t think she was through. She tossed her leg up on the desk and the other remained on the floor.

“Give me more.” she said, but I had other thought in mind. I got down on my knees seeing her wet opening. My hand wrapped around her legs as I got to work. My tongue darted inside of her, lapping up her sweet juices. Moans sang in the air. My tongue slid across her pearl making her legs jump a little. I looked up and smiled.

“You like that huh.” I teased while getting back to work.
“Ooo yes…” she said while grinding her hips towards me.

Her hands massaged my head, pushing me further inside of her as I began to eat her out of a house and home. The walls echoed with her singing in the air. Right when her legs began trembling, I stood up, and pushed myself back in her walls causing an instant orgasm. My hands reached for her breast, as I worked on her from the back. She begged for more and I was giving her more. Finally I was building up my climax and immediately pulled out after she swarmed my head with another blow. We breathed heavily, feeling limp after the hard work then suddenly footsteps from down the hall.

“Shit…” we said in a unison, grabbing our belongings and trailing to the closet where we dressed quickly. She told me to stay in the closet as she walked back out. The sound of someone unlocking the door could be heard and soon talking.

“I‘m almost through. I will lock up.” she said.
“Ok boss.” sound as though the janitor said…

I ran into the building after a long walk in the cold and stepped into the classroom to see Miss Rae had started class. Everyone looked my way, knowing I was going to get chewed out.

“Well, Mr. Trevor. Nice of you to join us.” she said, not looking my way whatsoever. She held no expression on her face.
“I‘m sorry Miss Rae. I seem to have misplaced my wallet.” I said then looked on her desk to see its positioned where I left it last night. I smiled and walked over to my seat.
“Walk into my class late again you could ask to transfer to another class.” she said peering my way once I made it to my seat.
“Yes ma‘am.” I held a smirk and seen a slight smile peer on her face.

“Damn man, your running a little behind huh.” Leech said hitting my shoulder.
“You just don‘t know half of it.” I laughed to myself and then gave Miss Rae my full attention.


]As always my compliments goes to Jas

2 Re: Teacher's Pet |Trevor and Rachel Joint| on Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:51 am


Wow...that was some serious hot stuff
And you I'm a teacher Janae!!
Lol...and I deal with attractive boy too...
But don't worry I don't do that!!
Bout to post urz up!!
Gotta go cool down now!!

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Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!


3 Re: Teacher's Pet |Trevor and Rachel Joint| on Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:43 am


lol...i kno u wouldnt do that
but we just couldn't pass him



]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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