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Unexpected Writings » THE CREATIONS » Erotica » Males » Take A Risk {Janae and Ryan Gentles Story}

Take A Risk {Janae and Ryan Gentles Story}

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1 Take A Risk {Janae and Ryan Gentles Story} on Sun Sep 27, 2009 7:18 am



Take A Risk

Janae woke feeling a bit dizzy. She looked around trying to remember where she was.
Oh great. On a boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean with Ryan who doesn’t know where the hell he is. The stupid fuck think we near the Seychelles Islands and I haven’t seen land in a week. What I’d give to be able to dip my toes in the white, soft sand and swim in the clear, blue ocean; just like it said in the brochures.
Ryan walked in shirtless and looked at Janae with scrunched eyebrows.

‘So do you know where we are?’
‘Yeah I fixed the compass and checked the maps. We should be nearing one of the islands called Fregate’
‘We better. I don’t wanna run into those Somali pirates. I told your ass to get a captain but NO you aced Geography at school so you don’t need a captain. YOU’RE SO GOOD and look at us WE’RE FUCKING LOST Ryan’
‘STOP Fucking yelling at me. I told you I found out what was wrong and fixed it’

He walked menacingly towards Janae who was still in bed. She got out and walked to the bathroom rolling her eyes.
‘Whatever, when we get off this fucking boat I’m talking a plane back to L.A. Maybe I’ll stop over in London for some shopping since you ruined all my shoes by leaving them outside where I remind you they got wet with sea water’
By now Ryan was getting enough of being reminded that he ruined her suitcase of expensive shoes and how her hair got wet trying to salvage some or about how dizzy she got on the boat and especially about how he couldn’t handle a boat. He was beginning to regret this romantic get-away on a yacht which he had planned for months.

He followed his fiancée to the bathroom and sighed as she watched him in the mirror with her famous eagle eyes. She stood naked in front of him but she was so mad at him he decided to walk back up and check the compass instead of trying to get lucky.

Janae was mad and she knew Ryan knew. As she brushed her brown locks which were ruined by the sea-water she tried to remember why the hell she agreed to come on the yacht with him. She put on her robe and went up to see what he was doing and perhaps a glimpse of this so-called island. Once up on deck she looked around and so nothing. Not even Ryan. Worried that maybe he fell overboard she ran to the side and looked in the water. As she was leaning forward she felt a hand on her waist rubbing her silk robe up revealing her tanned legs. She felt his body press up against hers as she continued to balance on the railings. Her hands reached up to feel his rough locks which framed his face. Moaning a little she felt his big hands grope her breasts and untie her robe. She shivered as she felt her naked shoulders in the wind but immediately warmed up as he leaned down and planted kisses on the nape of her neck while his hands played with round breasts.

Ryan reached down and lifted one her legs and placed it over the railing. He loved how flexible she was. He allowed his hands to trail back up her leg and find her wet treasure chest. He felt his manhood grow in his trousers as she moaned louder.
‘I’m still mad at you’
‘Then take out your anger on me’

He knew he had her cornered. He kissed her neck and left a trail of kisses on her back as he got lower and found her pussy; placing his tongue at her entrance he pressed his thumb on her clit and applied pressure as he licked her insides. She was leaning forward and he saw her knuckles turn white as she tightened her grip on the rails and pushed her pussy into his face. He took it all in and sucked her clit.
‘Want me to stop?’

He was smirking as he felt her body shake. She was playing with her breasts and that turned him on even more. He applied continuous pressure on her clit with his fingers while his tongue roamed inside her sweet tasting cunt.

Janae was going crazy. She felt like she could fall in the sea at any time. Ryan was eating her pussy so good that she forgot she was mad at him for getting them lost. The wind was beating against her body and the cold made her nipples hard. She fingered them and enjoyed as Ryan softly bit her clit. One of his hands slithered up to squeeze her breast. She reached down and touched her clit something she had never done before. She surprised herself when she began to moan louder and pushed her pussy further into Ryan’s face. Both of his hands played with her well-rounded twins while his tongue slipped in and out of her pussy. She continued to rub her clit.
‘Damn baby...You playing with yourself like that’
‘It’s feels so good...I can’t help it’
‘Than play for me’

Ryan smiled and backed away from Janae. She turned around and faced him. She licked her lips and walked towards him switching her hips from side to side while playing with her boobs. She danced to an imaginary song in her head until she reached the floor. Her hands went up to her breasts and her nipples hardened once more. She spread her legs as she watched Ryan the entire time. He was removing his trousers to reveal his large dick driving Janae further to insanity. Her hands made their down to her pussy and she inserted two fingers into her tight hole. The other fingers were rubbing her clit as she imaged Ryan in her mind.
‘Oh Ryan...baby...oooohhh’
Ryan rubbed his dick as he watched her pleasing herself. He walked towards her and knelt in between her legs spreading them wider. He began to lick her pussy once more and felt her remove her hands and play with her boobs again as she arched her back and shoved her pussy in this mouth. He grabbed her ass burying his head in her goodies as he licked and bit to all his delight.

He felt her legs begin to shake and she grabbed his head and pressed his head further in her pussy and she squirted her juice in his mouth. He didn’t stop licking as she screamed loudly enjoying her orgasm. He kept eating her sweet tasting pussy so that she could come again.
‘Cum for me Janae...let me drink that juice’

He rolled over she got up on his face and held on to the railings. She shook her ass as his tongue licked her clit. He was slapping her ass as she leaned back keeping her pussy in his mouth. Ryan grabbed her pulling her closer and he felt her come once more.
‘Oh SHIT Ryan...eat my pussy baby...make me cum’

Once she came again she straddled him so quickly he groaned loudly. She began moving her hips slowly pleasing him. Janae watched his parted lips whispering her name as his hands grabbed her breasts . He pulled himself up and began to lick and suck on her nipples as she bounced up and down on his 9 inch shaft. She felt it ramming into her walls as her pussy contracted around it. She felt another orgasm coming and he grabbed her ass making her move quicker on his dick.
‘Ride me baby...move on that dick...’
She felt her juices flow down his dick and lifted her and placed her on the railings. She decided to do something dangerous as she leaned all the way back over the railing.

‘You sure about this baby’
‘Shut up and fuck me’

She reached for his dick and guided it to her entrance. It was her fantasy to fuck over the railing of a boat and she wanted it right now. Ryan pumped in and out of her driving her crazy. She felt him hit her spot over and over again.
‘Oh yes...Ryan...harder’
He obeyed and she felt his dick getting bigger inside of her. She didn’t know how he did that, but she loved it as he kept pumping in and out of her pussy so hard she thought it might tear. He was groaning loudly and grunting with each trust inside of her.
‘I’m bout to come baby...’
‘Come inside of me Ryan...ooooh baby’

She felt him blow up inside of her as he yelled her name in the wind. She sat back up and leaned looked over his shoulders.
‘Ryan...baby look’
He turned around and saw the island he told her about. Smiling her kissed her lips.
‘I love you baby...I wish you trusted me more’
‘I do trust you. I was hanging over the side of the yacht while you fucked me a few seconds ago.’

He lifted her up and carried her down to the bed and climbed on top of her.
‘Go drop the anchor than’
He ran and did as he was told.
‘I’m sorry I yelled at you a lot...I was frustrated’
‘I know...it’s all good baby’
She smiled at him as she watched his head disappear between her legs. She couldn’t be happier; Engaged to the sexiest man on planet earth and on a yacht spending countless nights in his arms. As he sent her to ecstasy once more she realized she couldn’t care less that they were near land. Fuck dipping her toes in the sand and swimming in the sea, she only wanted to make love to the man of her dreams over and over again. And she was going to. After all tomorrow was other day and she’d go play in the sand then. Today was for her and her man to make a baby.

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Woo...I loved it
That was something serious.
I felt that...lol...Imma finish typing
yours up.

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]As always my compliments goes to Jas


Glad u like it!
Can't wait to read mine!!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!

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