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Flying to Love |Marcus and Rachelle|

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1 Flying to Love |Marcus and Rachelle| on Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:26 pm



Tonight is the night I’ve been waiting on. I’ve been on tour for a good month and haven’t had any contact with my baby girl Rachelle. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had strong temptation, but my mind wouldn’t allow me to. I’ve only tried that shit once, but it didn’t go too far being that the other chick only gave me head. Consciousness is something you don’t want to mess with.

Anyway, tonight was special. Tonight I am surprising Rae for her big promotion. She simply thinks I am throwing her a simple ass party, but it wouldn’t simply do. I need something different. Something really special. The mountains seem like a nice secluded place to take her, so I suggested she dress warm. A private jet is to leave in the next hour or so. Everything is set. I had on my Sean John whit long sleeve shirt and some light denim jeans that I let sag slightly to leave comfort for big poppa as Rae say. A fresh pair of Tims complimented the fit as I slid on my orange Polo shirt on top of the white long sleeve. Dabbing a bit of Rachelle’s favorite cologne on, I knew for a fact she couldn’t resist. The people I invited to the mountains were to arrive tomorrow evening turning it into a couples retreat.

Grabbing the luggage I packed for Rachelle and myself, along with my wallet, cell and coat, the sound of the taxi blowing his horn outside. I trotted out of with the loaded suitcase that I threw in the back of the trunk and off we went to pick Rae up from her crib.

It wasn’t long after pulling up at her place. I got out to knock on her door. I could hear her in the background. “Just a minute.” he soft voice said through the door. I leaned against the rail of her porch, placing my hands in my pockets feeling a chill come over me. The coolness of the night air was present among me. I actually felt nervous to see her. Finally, the locks on the door were being unlocked as the door open letting the heat touch my cold face. I stared at the beautiful creature before me. Hair flipped in a layered style as the rest his in her cap. Her body revealed no skin, but curves to run your imagination wild. Her legs look long with her knee high boots covering her dark denim jeans and a cream top hiding behind her trench coat. She look sexy. She was mine. My mind was so focus on her sensual attributes, I failed to realize I didn’t answer her at first.

“Well, I guess you don‘t miss me.” she said standing there with her arms folded. I didn’t even say anything. Moving off of the rail, I stood face to face with her. Damn she was glowing. I licked my dry lips from the coolness of the air as I layered my lips on her soft pillow like lips. It didn’t take me long to slide my tongue into her mouth as she gleefully danced with my tongue. I explored the inside of her mouth after desiring her for weeks. She pulled away as I finally opened my eyes to see a smile on her face.

“Hell yea I miss you.” I finally let fall from my lips.
“Damn I miss your voice.” she said seductively as she stepped off onto the porch locking the door behind.
“I told you to not bring your purse.” I said noticing it on her shoulder.
“I have too. I have a lot of important items that are in this bag.” she said patting it after slipping her keys in the bag.

Walking off the porch, my arm wrapped across her shoulder, pulling her close to me.

“So you always dress this sexy when I‘m not around?” I asked.
“Boy you are a trip.” she laughed a little while smacking me on my chest.

I pulled her in even closer until we reached the taxi, opening the door for her to slip in then myself. Next stop, the airport.

We didn’t say too much as our lips locked onto each other until the arrival at the airport. That’s when her mouth began running a hundred miles an hour.

“Marcus? The airport?” she asked looking at the jet for us. I didn’t say anything. “What‘s going on? Why your not saying anything? You are so sneaky…” she said and all I could do was chuckle.

Finally the taxi driver pulled up to our spot, while I slipped a bill out of my wallet, letting him keep the change. I asked him to pop the trunk, and as he did, he got out himself to gather our luggage while Rae and myself got out looking around. Loud roaring engines caused a slight deafness as the man gave me the bags. Rae and I were off, on our way to the private jet. Outside were the attendants who assist us upon the jet. Inside things were set up just the way I expected it to be. Soft subtle music played in the speakers, instead of lighting being extremely bright, it was dimmer than normal. An array of snacks were provided for us as well as drinks. Looking at Rachelle’s face, I knew it was something never expected. I only want the best for baby girl.

Once we were on and the luggage tucked away, it was time to lift off. Rachelle took off her trench coat once she was on. Both Rae and I made ourselves comfortable on the plush leather seating. She, of course, sat near the window because the lights over the city always amazed her. The attendant began explaining the procedures to follow in case of an emergency before lift off. She, of course knew after this lecture not to disturb me unless I request for someone to interrupt us. I wanted everything to be perfect. The pilot announced the departure for us to remain in our seats until he announced it is clear to become mobile. I look over to see Rae staring out of the window. Her soft scent only aroused me even more as erotic thought plagued my mind. The plane motion began picking up speed as its force pushed me further back in my seat. Rae head rested on my shoulder while we began elevating off of the ground. Finally we reached the maximum height to where we were able to become mobile.

“So you ignored my questions twice. Marcus…where are we going?” she asked refusing to let it off, and being the hardheaded person I was, I still refused to tell her. Instead my finger ran under her chin, pulling her in for a taste of her lips. Instantly, she removed from my lips.

“You think you‘re slick…Don‘t you negro.” she joked as I chuckled at her curiosity.
“Baby, will you just relax. I‘ve been waiting for practically a month to get some alone time with you and now your jumping down my back trying to figure out the reason why I‘m not saying anything. Let this be a surprise you won‘t ruin this time. Okay.” I said seeing her eyes soften and a heavy sigh of retreat slip through her lips. She sat back in her seat, once again looking out of the window, but I had other things on my mind. Other things I plan to do that was on my mind for the longest.


The sound of my seatbelt unbuckling touched my ear, as I look down to see Marcus unfastening my seatbelt. He stood up suddenly in the middle of the floor. I looked around to see what was going on as he held one hand out for me to grasp on to. I slightly chuckled as I always expect the unexpected from him.

“What do you think your doing?” I asked with a grin upon my face while extending my hand into his for him to pull me up into his arms.

He lightly held me in his grasp as his mouthpiece pressed against my ear gently.

“I want to try something new.” he said gently in my ear as my arms automatically held on to his shoulders.
“Really…and what‘s that?” I whispered back.
“Close your eyes and relax…” he said simply and so I did. “I want your eyes to be at rest. I want your eyes to not be interrupted by anything. Keep them closed as though you are sleep and just relax.” he said as the tension once inside of my body freed from his calm words. It was soothing to hear his voice in my ear.

“Now…just imagine something for me. Okay.” he said as I nod my head slightly… “Imagine you are at your favorite place…No matter where its at. When you find your favorite place, imagine you are very relaxed, calm, and stress free. Away from it all. When you come to such a calming state, lightly squeeze onto my right shoulder.” he whispered in my ear, which did not take me long to be in the state he desired me to be in. I squeezed his right shoulder as my head leaned against his chest.

“Good…now lets imagine some more…Imagine your nipples becoming harden in line with your clit. My tongue is gently stroking your clit slowly yet firmly to where your nipples are harden from the sensation. Now its tender. My lips trail to your sensitive nipples, sucking and gently biting it causing them to become even more sensitive and feel more wonderful than ever as the sensations continue to grow and become even more deliciously pleasurable. Now let those feeling flow down to your clit. ”

What is he doing to me? My sensations are going wild as images of Marcus doing such entered into my mind.

“As my tongue slide back across your clit, my tongue becomes more rapid until my teeth begin to gently tug at it, surprising you with two wet fingers entering in you wet slit. The feeling is constantly flowing from you nipples to your clit and are becoming stronger and stronger with every breath you take and every sound you hear. Your pussy is throbbing as your body feeling the waves of pleasure overcoming your body.” my legs began getting weak…What is going on?
“The feeling is growing more and more intense…Your pussy is throbbing now that my fingers are quickening its pace and my tongue will not let up from your clit. Your clit is becoming extremely sensitive as you hold in your stomach feeling a sensation deep within. Your not ready to cum yet though…You hold off letting your orgasm build up, but I will not let up. Your tender clit it getting teased by my teeth as I gently tug on it trying to taste your sweetness. Your body begins to tense as my fingers push against your g-spot and your breathing becomes rapid as the wonderful feeling inside the pit of your stomach rushed into my mouth hard and long while my tongue cleaned your throbbing pussy…Now open your eyes.” he said and I did so, feeling a great amount of moistness in my panties. My eyes look into Marcus eyes, unsure of what just happened. Did I just dream all of that up until I came.

“What the hell Marcus? What did you just do to me?” I asked, amazed at the amount of wetness I felt. He didn’t bother to respond as his lips pressed against mines, while his fingers unbuttoned my jeans. His hands slid my jeans off until it hit the floor so I kicked them to the side. His whole hand palmed my wetness as he massaged my now tender clit in a circular motion through my panties. A moan slip through my lips into his mouth, as I pulled him closer to me more. He pulled my shirt over my head as his eyes stayed focused on me. I stood there, watching his eyes overlook my body. I too removed his layered shirts, revealing his chocolate muscular body, filled with tattoos of both past and present. Before I moved to his pants, he slipped a couple of condoms out of his pocket.

“Very prepared weren‘t you.” I joked as I moved back to unzipping his pants.
“Always.” he said as I finally loosened his pants to where they collapsed upon the floor. I slipped out of my panties as he did his boxers. My hand took his hand, making him sit in the window seat.
“Put the condom on.” I said as watching him do as I told him. His length seem to pulsating in my eyes as though it has its own heartbeat. I licked my lips, watching him until it covered his tool.

His hand reached out to help me on top of him. My back faced him, so before I slid down on his dick, he unsnapped my bra, freeing my plump melons. My hands removed the rest of my bra. Finally time to get to work. I stood up slightly as Marcus held on to my hip to pull me back down over his length. Feeling the tip of his head opening my soaked slit, an unexpected bump of turbulence caused me to slip fully down on his 10 inch thick dick. My mouth opened letting out a moan as I sat there for a minute feeling him buried in me deep. My walls wrapped around his heart throb deep within.

“Damn baby you feel so good.” Marcus said as I began to rock back and fourth stimulating myself even more so. Slowly I went up and down with Marcus help as his hands held my hips. My rhythm began to pick up, feeling warms hands cupping over my breast that bounced with delight. Marcus name came fourth several times through my lips as my hands gripped onto the seat before me. He pinch my tender nipples slightly. It feels so good, everything felt good.

“Ooo…deeper baby…” I cooed as his thrust became stronger.
“I got you…” his breaths running short as he gripped back onto my hips…faster and faster I went until the lower pit of my stomach tingled with a sensation. My moaning grew louder…
“I‘m about to…cum…” I said loudly…”Don‘t hold back.” he encouraged as I felt my juices release, covering his dick, my walls contracting until it released all of my cum. My breaths were heavy, but Marcus continued going, as the sound of my slick walls echoed on the loud plane.
“Damn…” he said aloud as he finally came as well. My back rested upon his chest as we both heavily breath as I stared out the small framed window to see darkness surrounding us. Marcus hands raised me up as he whispered in my ear.

“I want you facing me.” he said as I slowly got up because he was still buried deep within. I turned around, sitting on his lap to face him. Pulling me in closer, he gave my breast its undivided attention. My tender nipples were getting its full treatment. He sucked and nibbled, while trailing his hand between my gapped legs toying with my clit. My hands surround the back of his head, pulling him closer to me feeling a slight tingling sensation. I moaned unintentionally while noticing his once semi hard on fully erect once again. I pulled his head back from my breast because my lips need attention now. My tongue slipped in his mouth as flames grew once again. Its going to be another bumpy ride…

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Stories by Me:
Not So Perfect
Unexpected |Complete|

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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

2 Re: Flying to Love |Marcus and Rachelle| on Tue Sep 15, 2009 2:51 pm


ooooooooooooooo janae now that was the business

tat was so unexpected lol pig

piggy say he likes it to...well loves it to

3 Re: Flying to Love |Marcus and Rachelle| on Tue Sep 15, 2009 3:51 pm


lol...thanku Rae Smile

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Stories by Me:
Not So Perfect
Unexpected |Complete|

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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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