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Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE)

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326 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:08 pm


If I knew this was how it would end, if this was my last week with Niya I probably would have changed every moment between us. If I would have known that last night would have been our last night I probably would have stayed with her every second of the day. But if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing between us. Funny how before I knew this was my last time seeing her I wasn't acted as if I loved her. I never knew that this would be the end of the road for us, for her, for me. I'm twenty seven, thinking the world was ahead of me, but realizing the my life was only behind me. I've loved Niya since the day I met her, I won't forget the first time I made love to her, or the fist time she left me. But I guess I'm kind of ahead of the story sooo let me go back about three hours so you can catch up with me.

"Niya what's going on, haven't spoken to you all day hit me back ASAP" I said hanging up the phoe after hitting Niya up for the seventh time in the day and was starting to worry. I hit Rell up, wondering where he was, but I got no answer. My aunt had came to pick up the kids so that Niya and I could go on vacation and celebrate our annivarsary. There was a knock on the door so I walked to the door, sighing wondering why Niya ass was playin games and shook my head, when I saw Pablo standing at the door.
"Hey" he said walking in with a face that said it all. "Where's the kids?" he asked looking around, but I could tell that something was going on with him.
"I took them to my aunts, so I can finish packing up for tomorrow. Man you want something to drink or eat my dude, you lookin serious." I said trying to clear the tension in my room.
"We need to talk" he said giving me a face, that showed me something I never thought I would see, it was a face of pure hurt and Pablo never showed me that side.
"What's up" I asked becoming worried.
"Rell was shot and is in the hospital in critical condition, he was rushed to surgery, but from what I was told it's a small chance if he comes out alive." he said looking away from me and all I could was place my hands on my head, while my mind began to spin. HOw the fuck did that happen, where waht securtiy, what the fuck was he doin?. "That's not all, Sauce got Niya"
"What you mean got her?" I said feeling like my heart just dropped to my knees. WHat the fuck was goign on, how the fuck did this go down rght under my nose I was always cautious to make sure that Niya was safe. Today she was suppose to run a few errands and come home to me, what was she doin with Sauce. "How much he want?" I asked knowing that there was not amount of money that would keep me from my wife.
"No price, he's playin for keeps" Pablo said stinging me in my heart. I turned around kicking the wooden table that stood, by the door then punching the wall. I was not just hearing that, how was I suppose to live without my shorty.
"I want them, I want all of them, right now him and Cash" I said looking at Pablo, making sure that no tears escaped by crying on the inside.
"I made a few callds to find out where they were, I should be getting a call in thirty minutes." he said looking down at his watch.
"Call Cash, right now" I yelled calling orders while I felt the feeling I felt in my heart when I caught my first body when I was only fourteen.
It was on the block, some big nigga tried to beat me for some weed, and I had to show him I didn't play, it ended up with me grabbing a forty-five and blasting his life away. That was one of many bodies, a few casualties, no one said working my way up to the top would be easy. Death was the only way out, and I knew that this was the moment it was all worth it. I could feel my jaw lock up and began to twitch left to right, while my mind raced of all things I wanted to do to Sauce when I got my hands on him and to get to him no one would be able to leave my sight with there life, I was not going to just take Sauce out I planned on taking out every man that worked under him. I was planning on ending an empire, I was planning on destroying a legacy of a hood nigga. The thoughts that ran through my mind excited me all the dark things that set on my stomach made my skin eager my fingers aggitated.
"Get ready, they expectin war" Pablo spoke after he got off his phone. It was about twenty minutes later and I could still feel my jaw tightening with each breathe. Here I was standing on the other side of Pablo's black BMW ready for war. In the truck Pablo loaded it with enough weapons to take out a small state out. I was dressed in all black, black dickies, black thermal, black ski mask, with the black suede Timberland boots.
I was about to take the ride of my life, I was about to commit a few murders, I was about to go back to the life I was living, so to keep the life I have now. I knew at this moment that I would have to be all in, there was no turning back now. I made sure that the two glocks on my waist was stuffed tight and that they were locked and loaded. The two stuffed in my back was the same way ready to go. I didn't have Rell riding with me, all I had was Pablo, who was as quiet thinking plotting what was going to happen.
"He want to cut a deal" Pable said while we drove, cutting the silence.
"How much?" I asked knowing that with Sauce there was always a price.
"It's called insurance, Cash and I use to do it to the other pimps when they started a small competition." Pablo said explaining something that was unnecessary.
"HOw much?" I asked becoming annoyed.
"Fifty grand to keep her safe, a hundred to keep her untouched"
"Untouched?" I asked looking over at him with a raised eyebrow.
"Yea, that mean she dance no fucking done. Each month you pay the amount and he keeps his end of the deal." Pablo said looking at me.
"How much do I need to get her back safe and untouched?" I said becoming annoyed ass hell.
"No price, he's playin for keeps." Pablo said popping a piece of gum.
"Then no deal, I'm getting her back tonight" I said making up my mind.
"I knew, you would say that and that's why were here." Pablo said giving me a chuckle.
"I got word he got her in the back room, we got ten minutes to get in get out." Pablo said parking in the target parking lot that was across the street. "Im two minutes the lights are gonna go off, give us about thirty seconds to get in there and start spraying once we get in the back, you're on your on. What happens in that room is between you, Niya, and that nigga. He got a save pass for this time, and I can't touch him." Pablo spoke reaching in the back grabbing two nines. I grabbed the shot gun that was sitting under my seat and locked it back. I was planning on causing damage leaving no one with a breathe, tonight was going to be a genocide in the club. We both stepped out walking across the street and before we got to the side door, just like Pablo said the lights went out, we each pulled down our ski masks shaking our heads giving each other the sign.
I shot the door opened and Pablo stepped through then started spraying, I heard women screaming, men cursing, but none of those things mattered to me because at the moment I was busting bullets to anyone I felt breathing, men an women tonight was losing their lives over a war that they didn't start, probably didn't even participate in. The only lights showing where the ones blasting out of Pablo and I guns. Pablo led the way and I followed, getting in small shoot out, but nothing slowed us down from the mission.
I heard the guns, the screams, the curses, I heard it all, but my mind was focused. I ran up to a nigga and put one in his dome, with no remorse, I didn't even think twice about it. The only thing I regretted was that, that bullet was not wasted on Sauce, while I threw the black shot gun down and started using both pistols, blowing away more bodies that I could remember. We got to the hallway and Pablo cleared it, then walked to the door, he looked at me and I looked at him like we were reading each other. I knew after I entered this door that I would never be able to turn back around, and I would be on my own. He gave me a nod, then blasted the door opened. I wald in the dark only hearing a whimpering sound, as the light flickered, there Niya set with her legs tied up and arms behind her. Before I could touch her, before I could save her, I felt something hit me from the back. I immediately dropped down to my knees and loooked up, to be punched in the face. I got up and tackled him to the wall where he elbowed my side and I stepped back. I knew this was going to be an easy fight. Sauce had no weight, no strength, just a quick start over me, I punched him in his head and then under his eye. the anger that was gathered up, the anger that was in my belly has been unleased and him or anyone else who stood in my way would be punished. I began sending hit after hit, once he was on the ground, I sent stomp after the stomp. The only thing that stopped me from killing him, with my bare hands and feet were the tight whimpers that escaped Niya's covere mouth.
"Baby" I said running over to her uncovering her mouth.
"You came" she said surprised as I untied her legs adn paused.
"I'll always come for you" I said starring my hear in her eyes.
"I love you" she said as I began to untie her arms. I started to get teh knot, but then saw her eyes bulge and before I could turn around a shot rang out burning my shoulder as it entered. I turned aroudn with speed tackling Sauce to the ground, while Niya screamed. I wanted to save her, but I had to tak this nigga out of the equation first. We rolled around hitting one another, trying to get to the gun, I began reaching when he sunk down a bite me and I immediately felt the pain and before I could react, a gun shot went off. I didn't know what was happening, but my body went into shock, my body went into a state of uncertainty. I rolled over, and when I looked down the blood began to leak from my stomach. He jumped up pointing the gun to me, ready to burst my brains all over the fucking walls, before he could pull the trigger I would not die like a pussy so I opened my eyes up and starred him in his eyes like a real man preparing to meet satan himself.
"Stop" Niya yelled distracting both of us.
"What?" Sauce yelled still pointing the gun at him. "You want this nigga huh?" he said pulling the trigger again, sending one through my thigh. I screamed in pain and kneeled over trying to grab my thigh. "How bout I kill him right here Niya, I told you that you had to make a choice and now you're choosing him." he yelled and I didn't understand what was happening. WHat choice he was talking bout and I looked over at Niya and her face was drenched with tears.
"I choose you" she yelled and everything in the room paused.
"No Niya" I said closing my eyes and shaking my head.
"Shut up nigga" she said looking at me and there was the face, I've seen a million times. THere was her face, that she showed to the world when everything was going wrong. The face, I hated to see I hated to watch was now turned towards me. "What the fuck I'm pose to do with you, look at you, you a wash up, and I only deal with winners" she said starring me in the eyes as each word hit my heart. She stood up and strutted towards Sauce each step sexy and sultry, she got to him and rub his shoulders. Why was she doing this to me? How could she do this to me? She was suppose to ride or die, she was the chick I trusted with my heart, but this bitch wasn't her. "You're a nobody, and Im sorry I can't be with a nobody" she said putting on a smirk, but her face read it all. "I want you Sauce, only you know what the money means to me." she said wrapping her arms around him and kissing him on his cheek.
"Bitch" I yelled sitting up and then another shot rang through my torso. Damn I knew this was death at it's finest, I was going to die over a bitch that didn't even love me.
"No," she screamed and I saw the hope as I felt life began to leave me. "You can't kill him" she said standing between me and Sauce as he wrapped his arms around her hips.
"Why the fuck not, you said you ridin with a winner what's the fuckin problem" he said becoming aggressive. "You tryna fuck me over" he said slapping her and making her stumble back, if I ahd the streght I would have killed him.
"No, not even, I just don't want my son to grow up with nobody baby" she said walking towards him again. "Just give me that, let my son grow up with atleast one parent" she said rubbing the side of his face.
"You just saved his fuckin life" he said opening the door. "Come on we got a flight to catch." he said wiping his face off.
"Where we goin?" she said giggling like a little girl.
"Bitch don't ask me no fuckin questions" he said smacking he ass as they walked away.
"Wait" she screamed running back in the room. "I love you" she whispered to me lightly, before dropping her engagement ring on the floor beside.
That was the last moment I had with Aniya, that was the last thing I ever felt for anyone, it was the last of my breathes. I closed my eyes, feeling like I had no reason to leave, I didn't wan to have to figure out why Niya left on my last breathe. I was going to get my vengence on Sauce if it killed me and I knew tha twith what was going if I got a second chance, I was never going to love again. I grabbed the ring, I gave Niya finalizing my plans with her. I held it tight to my heart, and feel back into a deep breathe. If GOd let me live there was never going to be another emotion showned to a person, I was going back before the fame, to when the only things that mattered was the hood and my money. I closed my eyes and prayed that my son see a better life tehn the one that was given to me. He was going to have to grow up like Niya and I did, without parenty having to learn about the cold world just like I did. And Lea she was going to have to see the world without a father to give her lessons on boys. Here I was taking my last breathes, getting closer to my father in hell. I knew he was waiting for me with a blunt lite. This was my life story and I would do it all over again, just like I did it this time. I chuckled as I placed both my hands behind my head and folded my legs, I was going to accept death with opened arms......

327 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:13 pm



Tell me what you think, give me some feed back, leave some love and comments....

Author Questions:
1. Do you think that Aniya truly loved King?
2. What role did Cash play in the whole story?
3. Did Sasha choose the right choice?
4. Will King live?
5. What happens with Dior?
6. Should there be a part 2?

Thanks for the support from everyone, I know it took a long time, but next story I post on here I will be more consitent with..... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

328 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:44 pm

her love is infinite ;)

i am sitting here crying my eyes out . man that shit was crazy.
about to go read the sequel now ! Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Shocked Sad


329 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:11 pm


aries27 wrote:THE END

Tell me what you think, give me some feed back, leave some love and comments....

Author Questions:
1. Do you think that Aniya truly loved King?
2. What role did Cash play in the whole story?
3. Did Sasha choose the right choice?
4. Will King live?
5. What happens with Dior?
6. Should there be a part 2?

Thanks for the support from everyone, I know it took a long time, but next story I post on here I will be more consitent with..... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

First I wanna say this is the best story ever & OF COURSE THERE SHOULD BE A PART 2! You wrote the hell out this story!
1. I think Niya loves King but she just wanted to keep him alive
2. Cash just... Ion even know! Maybe Sauce kidnapping Niya to take her to Cash.
3. Yes, because she had been looking for Nikki for a long time
4. I hope he doesn't die!
5. I hope King don't wife her up!
6. OF COURSE coming from a huge fan!

330 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Tue Feb 04, 2014 11:31 am


Niya (cont...)

I looked at King knowing how angry he was and knowing that breaking him would be a battle in it's own, but I was determine to show Lia life. Real life and how one decision was all it took to change your life forever, one second one moment was all it took.
"King please, I know what she's feeling, I know what she's thinking I was her before and I don't want to push her away. She need to know what she did was wrong, but she needs to understand why she did so that she wouldn't do it agian." I said pleading with him, but I could tell he was not beat for what I was saying.
"I'm going to the studio to work on this album for a bit, when I come back I'll talk to her, but she's getting punished by me. I'll let you talk to her," he said sighing heavy.
"I know babe, I know, please just let me handle it first okay" I said rubbing the side of his face.
"Damn Niy" he said sighing deeply. "I need to get dressed" he said walking past me as I turned aroung.
"Do you think you'll be able to take Zane with you?" I said pushing my luck, but I had to do something I've never done.
"Yeah, I miss my little man" he said sighing again and it lightly broke my heart.
"I love you King" I said before he walked through the bedroom door.
"I love you too Kid" he said right before he slammed the bathroom door and I walked to the closet. I walked to the back of my wall pulling my clothes apart where a small black safe was put into the wall for me. I unlocked the safe and pulled out another small safe with a small lock on it. I grabbed the key and closed the safe back making sure everything was in place.
I walked through the room and headed straight to Lia's, she was sitting on her bed just starring at the wall. I closed the door and set on her bed. She crawled beside me as I unlocked the box and held up a picture of my mom. She stood there, 5'6 caramel skin that looked as if it glowed, her body could make any pastor curse and any sinner convert. I remember her scent was always a mixture of vanilla and lillies, and her hair always flowed perfectly down her back. She had a small simple on her left cheek, I had the same one in the same exact place. Her eyes glistened in the light while she stood with me on her hip trying to get me to look at the camera my dad held, it was our first day in the new house and my dad was catching everything on camera because he always told me it was the happiest day of his life. I passed it to her, then began taking out pictures after pictures of my mother.
"I was fifteen, I was fifteen when it happened" I said becoming very silent. "My mom was the most beatiful woman I've ever laid my eyes on, she was perfect" I said lightly giggling. "I remember every morning, a full breakfast on the table for me and my dad, she would dress me every morning for school, picking out everything, always doing my hair, I was her little doll baby. I don't think there was ever a moment where my mom wasn't looking like a million dollars and honestly I swore I was going to be just like her. She use to be straight up real with me, she was born in columbia so she didn't play. She wouldn't take shit from no one including my dad and he always had a soft spot for her giving her what ever she wanted. But no matter how much my dad gave her, diamonds, pearls, trips around the globe,

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