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Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE)

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301 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Thu Jun 23, 2011 2:07 pm


loved it!

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yaaayyy new page! Smile

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i like the story hope u add again Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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add soon plzzzzzzz

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307 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:43 pm


King Chapter 56

I laid down on the bed after four rounds with Niya, needless to say I hung up the phone. I knew where I wanted to be and I had to do whatever it took to be there. I stroked Niya every possible way, from the front back the side the top the bottom, anyway she wanted it I gave it to her and she returned the favor.
"King" she purred in my ear while she cuddled against my chest.
"Wassup" I said coming out of deep thought.
"I can't believe you asked me?" she said smiling while she starred at her ring.
"Why not, I told you we were going to get better and I meant it." I said holding her in my arms tightly.
"I have to call Sasha and tell her, she won't believe it" she said sitting up and jumping off the bed then calapsing to her knees. "Oh my god" she said laughing and lying on her back.
"What's wrong Niy?" I said in a worried voice.
"I can't walk" she said cracking up.
"Word" I said laughing. "I did you like that?"
"Yea" she said crawling back to the bed.
"Damn" I said smiling to myself. I leaned over and picked her up lying her across my chest. "You my baby," I said kissing her face.
"I love you" she whispered back to me before falling into a deep sleep.
I had to head to physical thearapy today, so I left my house around six while she laid in bed peacefully. I couldn't wait to make it back home to her, so we could start living the rest of our lives together. My mind was stuck on Niya all morning, making me work a little harder just to get better for her. I wanted to call Dior and ask her what was up with last night, but I wasn't ready to face the reality that a small part of me wanted her last night.
"You did good today?" my trainer told me right after the work out.
"Thanks" I said picking up my phone for the first time today. I had a few missed calls from Mya and Niya, I called Mya back first to see what she wanted.
"Wassup" I said when I was leaving the center heading to my car.
"Lea, want you" she said with an attitude.
"Aight, put her on the phone." I said getting in the back seat waiting for my driver to pull off.
"Daddy" her sweet voice rang through the phone.
"Yea baby" I said picking up my second phone, and texting a few people about what was going on with me today.
"Can I come stay with you and Niya this weekend?"
"Yea, you can baby"
"Okay" she said in a happy voice.
"I'll pick you up on Saturday, when me and Niya get back"
"Okay Daddy, I love you" she said through the phone making me smile.
"I love you too" I said disconnecting the call.
I finished making plans for this week to start because Niya and mine's anniversary was this week and I had to clear a few days up for it. I was taking Niya on a trip to Cancun on our new Yacht that I brought for her. Just so we could get away from everythign that was going on wiht life, I knew she was goign to like it. I pulled up to the house and walked inside, feeling light tingles in my leg. I was ready to hop in the hot tub and relax my sore muscles, before I could get upstairs I heard screaming and became worried.
"Niya" I yelled through the house as I limped through the rooms.
"Yea baby" she said walking through the room with a smile on her face.
"Why were you yelling?" I said walking up to her giving her a kiss.
"I dropped something" she said shrugging her shoulders and giving me a kiss. "How was thearpy?" she said following me up the steps.
"Long, I'm sore" I said dropping my bag on the floor of the bedroom and heading to the bathroom.
"You want me to run you a bath?" she asked while I pulled my shirt off.
"Yea" I said pulling my sneakers off. "What did you drop?" I said sitting in a chair while I watched her run her bath.
"What?" she said confused.
"I said what did you drop, you told me you dropped something" I said looking at her while her mind raced.
"Oh a knife in the kitchen, I was trying to peel an apple." she said waving her hand, but something was off in her story.
"Niya" I said starring at her seeing through her lies.
"Sasha is coming over to see the house" she said cutting me off while she checked the temperature of the water. "I called a moving company and set everything up, so we just gotta go back to old house and decide what we want and what we don't want." she said adding bubbles to the water.
"That's wassup, we can do that next week" I said pulling off my shirt, when Niya came over to help me.
"Are you hungry?" she said helping me pull off my jeans.
"Yea, you're going to make me a sandwhich" I said limping to the tub and getting in.
"Yea," she said turning on the jets.
"Aight, yo hand me the remote" I said pointing to the table.
She passed it to me and walked out and I turned on the large plasma television mounted in the wall and turned on the news. She returned with my sandwhich and a bottle of water, with a big bag of chips, yeah I had to admit that I was spoiled when it came to certain shit. After about an hour of letting my muscles relax, I pulled myself out of the tub and wrapped a towel around my waist. I turned on the radio and started blasting Max B, while I lotioned my body down completely. I stepped into the bedroom wearing a pair of boxers and slippers, getting ready to play Call Of Duty, when I heard Niya and Sasha walking towards the bedroom. \
"King, put on some clothes." Niya said when her and Sasha walked through the bedroom.
"Why, Sasha ain't nobody" I said shrugging my shoulders and leaning back on the bed.
"Cuz, I don't want to see your skinny ass body" she snapped back walking over and kissing me on my cheek. "I like this, it's all fancy" she said looking around.
"Thank you, I decorated it myself." I said patting my chest.
"Oh god" she said rolling her eyes. "What's this?" she said picking up the camcorder from last night. She immediately pressed play and Niya ran towards her ripping it out of her hands.
"Nothing" she said laughing and placing it in the night stand.
"Ya'll nasty ass hell" she said shaking her head and wiping off her hand.
"Did you see it?" I asked talking about the ring.
"Nah, I don't think I have that in my private collection" she said laughing.
"I was talking about the ring?" I said shaking my head.
"Yea, I saw it" she said with a light attitude.
"What's wrong with your face?" Niya said nudging her.
"It's the same size ass mines" Sasha said pouting.
"No, I think it's a little bigger" Niya said rubbing it in. "I'm about to start cooking dinner, what you want?"
"I don't care" I said starting my game.
"King" Niya said placing her hands on her hip.
"Whateva you want to make, I will eat" I said becoming hyped with the game.
"Well Pablo is coming over for dinner" she said sucking her teeth and walking away.
"Anyone else you've invited I don't know about?" I said with sarcasm as I rolled my eyes.
"Yea, Rell and April, and Dior" She said standing in the door.
I looked at her like she lost her mind why would she invite them. Something in my stomach tied up and dropped to my ankles. I could feel that this night was going to be filled with nothing, but drama. I became so annoyed I just shook my head and sucked my teeth, why was my girl so dipsy. Anyone else wouldn't try to put all that drama into a room, but not my girl she was always optumistic.
I continued to play my game and slept until seven o' clock when I woke back up and smelled food cooking. I went into the closet and picked out a pair of jeans with with a simple gray sweater and black leather boots. I brushed my teeth and sprayed my body with Gucci cologne then walked downstairs. I saw Niya and Sasha in the kitchen talking and I knew they were gossiping and wished that someone else would hurry up and get here, cuz I needed the conversation of another normal person.
"What you cooking?" I said walking behind Niya and rubbing up against her.
"Food, it will be done soon," she said spinning around and facing me.
"Well can I eat now and leave"
"Hell no, if I gotta stay through this dinner from hell so do you?" Sasha said sitting in a stool flipping pages in a magazine.
"Can ya'll two atleast act like ya'll having a good time?" Niya said looking between Sasha and I.
"I don't know why you invited all these people thingking that shit won't hit the fan, and when it do I'm just going to pick up a bottle of wine and move my chair away.
"Ya'll make it seem like a fight is going to break out, we are all responsible adults who can act in a mature way." Niya said turning back towards the stove. "Look at yall two, ya'll here and ya'll aren't bickering with one another." she said pointing a wooden spoon between Sasha and I.
"That's because I ain't a scag he had sex with" Sasha said rolling her eyes.
"And I didn't get her pregnant" I said agreeing and leaning towards the island.
"I swear I can't win with ya'll two." Niya said laughing.
"look we just being honest, and with al the secrets that's going on and the dirt that's been done, I don't think you should put all of us in a room with alcohol." Sasha said sipping on red wine. "Then to put me in a room with that bitch, is going to send someone to jail and someone to the hospital." she siad sucking her teeth.
"And she looks serious" I said hearing the doorbell ring. "I got it" I said walking through the rooms then opening the door when I found out it was Pablo.
"How you been my man?" I said giving him a dap and hug.
"Not as good as you" he said noticing I was walking. "I see you back walking."
"Man, I'm trying" I said closing the door behind and walking into the kitchen.
"Hey" he said giving Niya a hug and kiss.
"Hey Pablo, how you been?" she said smiling at him.
"Good good, I would ask you back, but I see the house and know ya'll doing good."
"Big, ain't she" I said with pride.
After showing Pablo around the house and smoking on the patio outside, everyone showed up and it was time to eat. I shook my head because I knew this night would not end up going as well as I thought it would.

Niya (Chapter 57)
I don't know why King is acting all crazy over this simple dinner, it was just going to be a close few friends and we were all going to be civilized. I even invited Dior to show him how serious I was about us having a good time. But with him being him, I couldn't tell him nothing, he already crossed the night off as a bad experienced and I just wanted to change his mind.
"Niya" April screamed when she saw me. She came towards me full speed and hugged me tight and as much as I wanted to hate this girl I was too happy with my life to let her take away my good energy.
"What's shaking mamas" I said hugging her and rubbing her stomach. "Hey you" I said hugging Rell and letting him kiss my cheek.
"Hey" he siad looking at the house. "I don't know what you did, but if it was good enough to get a house, you must got it going on." Rell said with a joke.
"Yea, something like that" I said laughing. "Come everyone let's head to the dinning room." I said heading towards our large rectangle table able to sit twenty. "What is everyone drinking?" I asked everyone.
"You can bring any type of juice for me." April said getting settled right next to Rell.
"Bring a bottle of that Ace of Spades." Rell said and Pablo agreed.
"Babe, what about you?" I said looking at King.
"A shot of Henny" he said sitting at the head of the table.
"Make mines a double" Sasha added.
"Woah, someones trying to get fucked up tonight" Rell said nudging King.
"Yea, it's a celebration." King said laughing.
"That's the door babe" I said hearing the doorbell, knowing exactly who it was.
"I got it" he said getting up heading towards the door.
I walked to the kitchen pulling out a bottle of Hennesy and a bottle of apple juice and closed the refridgerator when I saw Dior satnding in the kitchen way. I looked at her and a big part of me wanted to slap the shit out of her, but the better half of me wanted to take a deep breathe.
"Hey" I said smilling as King helped me with the bottles.
"Hi, I brought red wine, since I won't be drinking it anytime soon." she said rubbing her stomach and smiling at me.
"Oh that's cool" I said a little offended.
"Come on" King said walking with me to the dinning room.
"Okay here's the drinks." I said placing the bottles on the table.
After placing bread sticks and fresh ceasar salad on the table everyone decided to start holding small simple conversations containing no drama. I was so happy I couldn't help to smile while I set next to my king and we held hands the whole time.
"Niya this salad is so good" Sasha said finishing off her plate.
"Thanks, see I told you it would be good" I told her.
"It is," April said placing more on her plate.
"Save room for the pasta April" I said laughing.
"Girl I'm eating for two I got you" she sauid rubbing her stomach.
"I hear you" Dior said sitting right next to April who was across from Sasha.
"When are you due?" April asked making me feel a little uncomfortable.
"By the end of the summer, I can't wait for the little one to come out." She said starring directly at me.
"You know what you're having?" April asked while Sasha began to rub my thigh under the table.
"Yea, a girl" she said smiling extra hard.
"I'm going to go get the pasta," I said immediately jumping up and quickly walking to the kitchen.
"I'm going to help" I heard King say behind me. "You aight," he asked when he walked into the kitchen.
"Yea, it's cool" I said grabbing the pasta's out the oven.
"I see your face, if you can't handle it tell me." King said walking over to me and wrapping his arm around me.
"I'm cool, I just didn't know what it felt like to have someone floss something you want." I said shrugging my shoulders.
"You have my son, my first son, and a fat rock that costed alot of money and between me and you it is bigger then Sasha's" he said lightly kissing me.
"Yea, it is" I said reaching out my left hand and looking at the glisten.
"Now, come bring the food out with your sexy ass" he said smacking my butt and grabbing one of the pasta trays.
"Damn sis, that is smelling too good." Rell sadi as I placed the tray down.
"Thnak you, it's chicking alfredo, stuffed shells, and vodka regiotinni. Dig in" I said clapping my hands and sitting down.
While we all ate and chewed I began enjoying the conversations and laughing with everyone, I let all the stress of thinking things would go wrong. While everyone became stuffed and relaxed all the bottles was becoming empty everyone began to calm.
"Damn sis, I didn't even see the ring sitting on your finger" Rell said laughing.
"Oh shit, I didn't even tell ya'll" King said laughing.
"Yea, we're engaged" I said flashing my fingers.
"Damn you're ring is gorgeous" April said holding my finger.
"Thank you, he asked me last night" I said looking at King who was smiling.
"That is a good reason for a toast" Sasha said raising her cup.
"Any reason is a good reason for you to toast" Dior said holding up her cup.
"Excuse you, how about we toast to your pregnancy because as soon as it ends I'm going to give you an..."
"Sasha" I said before she went any further. "Thank you for the toast."
"Let's toast to King's and Niya's proposal, Pablo and Sasha's working it out, my new additon to my famil, and Diors new addition to the family." Rell said raising his cup and saying congratulations.
"I know that's right" I said raising my class as I clinked cups with everyone else.
"Life is good" King said clapping his hands together.
"this is nice sharing important moments in my life with the people I love most" I said looking around the table then smiling at King.
"Yea, we sharing aight" Dior said under her breathe.
"Why you got something to say?" Sasha said giving her a deadly look.
"Please don't" I said shaking my head.
I knew this was going to turn out terribly, and I wanted to switch the conversation before things could get worst, but I was too late.
"Yea, I got a hold lot that needs to be said, that apperantly ain't no one else going to say it so I mines well put it on the table."
Gotta keep you guessing LOL...

308 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:50 pm


thank the lord!! Smile ive been waiting for an add from YOU!!!


n that hoe dior better shut up before she get killed lol

309 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Tue Sep 20, 2011 8:28 am



Dior is all about the drama...
she needs to keep her mouth shut...or else Sasha gon send her straight to labour!! lol
Add soon please!!!

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310 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:41 am

EBz Perradize

I have so been waiting on this add!! Lol

Bro, Dior needs to stfu! I hate when females get pregnant and think you can't do anything to them! She is so jealous and envious! No one is complaining but her! Misery loves company, i swear! Ugh She needs to fall back before Sasha tags that ass!


311 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:46 pm


Im a new reader n i loveeeeee this story

312 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Wed Oct 12, 2011 12:39 am


pleeeeeease add! why'd yu leave me hanging?

313 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Sun Oct 16, 2011 3:45 am


OMG! Please Add ASAP! Rolling Eyes

314 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Mon Nov 21, 2011 1:19 pm


Lovee it Laughing

315 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Sat Jan 28, 2012 8:11 pm


I was lost for words when I Dior began to clear her throat, a part of me wanted to hear what she had to say while the other part of me hoped she silenced herself. The room grew with tension while everyone thought about dirty little secrets being spilled through the room. A part of me wished that she would drop dead right now becuase if looks could kill daggers from every direction would be shot through her soul.
"Oh I'm hearing nothing, but silence now." Dior said taking a sip of her soda.
"Girl, there ain't nothing to be said from your mouth that rises as a threat." Sasha said plying it off, but you could see the nervousness unfold through her demenor.
"Really, so while you're sitting at this table all lovey dovey have you explained to Pablo and April that you and Rell knew eachother waaaay before King and Niya" she said swinging her cup from left to right.
"Shit" Rell released with a breathe of air. Then I became interrested in this secret because he never mentioned her to me before and he usuallly mentions everyone he's dealt with in his past.
"Oh, I guess not. Well I guess I should explain further more" Dior said with a crocked smile on her face. "Sasha was Rell's official mistress before Niya and King met. AIn't that right Sash" Dior said winking at Sash.
"Babe" Sasha said directing her face and body towards Pablo, but he just gave her a look that told her to be quiet.
"When King met Niya they decided to call it off officially, but could never fully let go of eachother without one last night in Vegas. The same night Niyia went missing, is that right?"
"Really?" April said throwing her napkin from her lap to her table.
"It wasn't like that" Rell tried to say before a hard slap echoed through the table and landed on Rell cheek.
"And you?" April said pointing past Rell to Sasha.
"What about her, are you really mad sweetie because you have secrets too" Dior said laughing and holding her stomach. Apirl began shaking her head silently from left to right whispering words as tears fell down her face. I knew what was next and wanted to stop it, but a part of me was glued to the seat.
"April who's baby are you carrying?" Dior said leaning forward.
"Woah don't you start that" Rell said standing up looking straight at Dior like he would slap the shit out of her.
"Oh you mad, don't be mad at me be mad at the nigga you trusted since you was on the block, the nigga who would back you through thick and then. That's the nigga you should be mad at, hell that would be the nigga who fucked your wife and got you pregnant." Dior said folding her legs.
"What the fuck?" rell said directing his eyes driectly at me. "You fucked my wife" Rell said to me and I just froze.
"Listen" I said getting the base back in my voice.
"Nah, I don't want to fucking listen unless you answering the fucking question." Rell said slamming his fish on the table.
"Yo, it wasn't like that and we were waiting for the right time to tell you." I said standing up to calm him.
"Rell, are you really sad because your secrets run deeper then anyone else at this table. Explain to King why you took him to the club that night. Explain the real story, not fate, you knew Niya was working that night and you knew King would like her. Tell him how you wanted King to take Niya so that Cash would be out his game and you could take him out. Tell them your plan to kill Cash over Sasha." Dior said refilling her cup.
"Damn, really dog you was using me?" I said adding two and two together.
"Don't act brand new it's all charged to the fucking game, Sasha was my bitch and I had to get her away from that nigga so I schemed figuring if I took his favorite toy away from him he would be off his shit and I could pop him right there and then. But nah you fell in love with the bitch." Rell said pointing to Niya while she held a look of shock on her face.
"I knew I remembered you from somewhere" Pablo spoke calmly.
"Oh Pablo if it wasn't for your silence I would have forgotten all about you and your dirt. Tell Sasha about you daughter and wife."
"What daughter and wife" Sasha said ready to pop.
"Don't start we will discuss this later." Pable said in a stern voice.
"No we will talk now, because I was fucking Rell, but you was married with a fucking daughter that's some foul shit." Sasha said pointing in Pablo's face.
"Girl you had Rell ready to kill Cash, what you complaining for the only thing that stopped you was falling in love with Pablo. Too bad you didn't know that was all part of his plan, he wanted you to fall in love with you to keep Rell from killing Cash until the right time came. Bitch you were just a pawn in this game and you thought you were running shit."
"That's what happened bitch, you lied" Rell said pointing at Sasha as secrets unraveled.
"What nigga you mad at her because your plans went wrong, you was going to kill him over some pussy" I said becoming annoyed with the whole situation.
"Nigga don't turn this on to me, you got my wife pregnant."
"I'm sorry man, it wasn't like that" I said spreading out my arms.
"Oh really guys don't fight, it's more secrets to be told" Dior said laughing. "Like how Niya lost her second baby, the baby she never mentioned one word about to you. That's the reason she didn't want to have anymore children. Well that was until I talked her into it."
"Why wouldn't you tell me something like that?" I siad directing my attention to Niya while her head slumped.
"She didn't tell you because she was scared that you would hate her, but that's not the only reason why you would hate her. Niya explain to Pablo and King your plans with Sasha. How you was going to get her little sister back. One last night with him and he would trade that night for Nikki. Isn't that what you was going to do?"
"What the fuck" Sasha said standing up. "You told her?" she yelled at Niya and for a minute I could see tears dripping down her face.
"Ha, I guess all these secrets getting out may help ya'll get ya'll shit together." Dior said standing up and throwing her purse over her sleeve. She swallowed the last of her drink and began walking towards the door as her heels clicked against the marble flooring.
"Why the fuck did you invite her?" Sasha directed towards Niya. "I told you that bitch was a snake now look at what she did." Sasha said becoming heated as her fist opened and closed.
"Don't blame this on her, she just brought it to the table." Pablo said speaking up for the first time.
"Pablo shut up, just shut up" Sasha said as tears fell from her eyes. "I can't believe you a wife and daughter all along you were using me." she said wiping her face and pointing to herself.
"We will talk later" Pablo said remaining calm, but slowly losing his temple.
"I don't want to talk later, I don't want to talk now, I don't want to talk ever." she said getting ready to leave, but he gripped her arm. "Let me go" she said pulling her arm away. "You're a liar."
"No you're a liar bitch" Pablo said standing up without letting go of her arm. And before anything could be said his hand was flying across her face and sending her across the table. Niya quickly snapped to reality and ran to Sahsa's aid, she began helping her up while Sasha held the side of her face while blood began to slowly leak from her nose.
"Pablo, man you gotta go" I said to him as Niya wiped Sasha's face and began screaming.
"I'm out" he said grabbing his coat and taking one last step.
"Yea, me too" Rell said grabbing April's hand and pulling her through the room. I sighed lightly and fell back into my chair taking a sip of my wine.

Niya Chapter 58
Life is full of ups and downs, full of yes and nos, full of twist and turns, but if you don't buckle up for the ride your bound to get tossed around. Sometimes the darkest secrets find a speckle of light and comes to light, things you believe that would stay a secret becomes a well known fact. Tonight so many things was said I didn't know how to register most of it, I didn't know how to swallow all of it. I wish that I could just make it all go away, but it won't go anywhere. After I finished cleaning up with Sasha putting her in one of the guest rooms giving her some medicine to go to sleep. I went to the dinning room and began cleaning up, a part of me relived the whole scene thinking about everything as I picked up each cup, as I pushed in each chair. I cleaned and cleaned making sure that every single little thing was back to perfect getting my head clean, trying to avoid going to bed lying next to him. I finally finished up and the clock read three-fourteen. I walked up the steps and slowly glided to the bedroom, I slowly opened the door and crept inside.
There he was lying in bed watching television, the man I loved for so long, the man I devoted myself ever since the day I met him. He looked at me and tears begn to fall from my eyes slowly, and I avoided contact as I slowly walked to the closet and then to the bathroom. Taking a hot shower as the water spilled all over my body, the water hit my muscles lightly relaxed and calmed. I don't know how long I was in the shower, but the water began to turn warm and I was still scrubbing even through my skin was bare pink. I cried lightly praying to god that everything would make a turn for the better even through it felt like my whole life was going through hell.
I don't know how long it was, but King came to the shower and pulled me out, he wrapped a towel around my body and carried me to bed. He massaged lotion all over my body gently taking care of me. I could tell althrough his mind was a million miles away he was in love with me so he took care of me.
"I'm sorry" I said as he pulled the covers over and I laid down.
"Don't" he said shaking his head and kissing me on my cheek.
He stripped down naked and got in bed with me and wrapped both his arms around me like he was protecting me from the world like he still cared about me. I teared up and he told me to be quiet as he planted soft kisses all over my body, I just wanted to be taken away from eveyone.
"Make love to me tonight" I said turning around and rubbing her arms up and down.
"Shhhh" he said breathing against the back of my ear. He pulled me ontop of him and slowly caressed my breast as he sucked on my neck.
He quickly spent me over again getting the covers wrapped between our bodies. Combining our fingers I wrapped my legs around his waist holding on for dear life as he placed small bits all over my neck. He began sucking on my neck licking me softly with small hints of aggression. He turned me on my back and began planting small kisses all over my spine and licking my back as he placed bites that intrigued me then made me moan lightly. He gripped each of my cheeks seperating them and releasing them as he kissed them and smacked them. I turned my head and he laid on top of me as he his man laid between my cheeks resting on my crack. He tightly gripped my hair pulling my head towards him and planting a sloppy kiss on my lips. He pulled my waist up as I respted on my knees and began licking my pearl from behind. I lost my breathe as I began to grip the sheets slowly rocking my body back and fourth. I began to slowly move away as the pleasure took control, he pulled me back to his tongue gripping my hips as he kissed my lips. I continued to try to get away then he laid on his back and pulled me on his face. I began rocking my hips from left to right to better the sensation, I could feel it building. I knew it was coming I knew I was about to come so I began to pull away. I reached up gripping the sheets, but he wouldn't allow me to leave and before I knew it I was exploding all over his tongue. I groaned thinking he was done, but it felt like that just influenced him to work harder as he added a finger rolling it over my pearl.
"Arggg" I screamed realizing that my body was now shivering as I tried to match his tongue strokes.
"Come here" He said pulling me down on his lap and spinning me on my back. His face was filled with my juices as he began kissing me like it was our last kiss. "You want it" he said gliding his head over my slippery opening. I shook my head and rolled over on his back, he smiled and sucked my neck then began biting and sucking on my chest as he fingered me. He ran both fingers through my hair and then gripped my scalp as me kissed. I don't know why this time was different I felt it in the way he moved, the way he acted, it was different and it felt like every moment counted. It felt like every second mattered, like every movement that he made was made with reason. The reason was clear he wanted to please me, he wanted to show me how much he loved me. And I wanted to show him the same thing, I don't know what took over me I caressed his chest up and down dragging my nails over his skin creating small scratches.
"Give it to me." I secretly whispered in his ear. I wrapped my arms around his neck while we spent around until I was on top again. Planting crazy kisses all over his face, then onto his neck as I scratched his neck down to his chest. He let out a small scream and then gave a wicked smile as he sucked on my lip. Then began kissing me and sucking on my bottom lip and biting down until I yelped. I looked at him and he smiled at me squeezing my breaast as I threw my head back. I he lifted up my waist and inserted him self roughly then slammed my body on him again making me scream.
"Baaabe" I said wrapping my arms around him.
"Huh?" he said lifting me and dropping me on his dick with a little more strength with each stroke. "You like that?" he said holding me down on his dick while I felt it in my stomach. I tried to move, but he wouldn't allow me he just watched my face as my eyes shut tightly. "Look at me" he said grinding me on his dick making me feel the sensation everywhere. I looked up and then covered my face as he bite on my chest. He left small prints all over my chest as my eyes teared up, it was nothing, but pleasure and pain.
"It hurt" I lightly moaned when he wrapped his fingers around my throat.
"This hurt" he said using my arm to pick me and drop me on his dick. I yelped a little and bit down on my lip, then when he started slowly grinding I let out a moan."I thought it hurt" He said teasing me as he grinded then let go, and repeated those steps making me moan.
"OH shit." I said gripping his shoulders and matching his grind.
"Damn" he said gripping my ass digging his nails into my skin, like he was holding on for dear life.
I began sucking on his neck then began bitin on him, pushing him down and taking control. I grabbed both of his hands and placed them over his head, then began working my body letting him feel every part of me as he dug into my stomach. He let me bounce on him like I was taking my last ride through the park. I looked back and I could see my cheeks vibrating every time I bounced against his thighs.
"Baabe" I screamed as I came all over him.
This was his que to roll over and lay me on my back, he apread both of my legs getting a clear shot of my pink lips as he stroked in and out. He he began popping my vaginia lightly creating a smooth creation, he gripped my waist tightly and scratched my hips as he pulled me into as he pumped ontop of me. He pulled me to him and pumped inside of me at the same time as I screamed and he leaned over giving me a crazy kiss that sent me crazy. "You like this?" he said holding he against him as we kissed. I wrapped my legs around his neck and kissed him, he gripped both my thighs lightly digging his nails into my skin. He interlocked our fingers and began grinding against me slowly then quickly, he created his own beat as he drove into me leting his dick hit every wall. He began grinding like no tomorrow and making sure that every part of my body was touched. I tried to pull away when I felt him diving inside of me.
"Where you going?" he said gripping me tightly and pulling me back on his dick. "Huh?" he said as I began to cum all over him. I couldn't take it anymore, how could a man drive me this crazy? Where did this man come from, how did he know the secret places that was never touched before. How did he know where to touch me to melt my body away? This is too much right now I thought to myself as I couldn't breathe, as I couldn't think or function. I tried to talk a little before, but nothing would come out. Once again he found a way to silence me, once again he found a way to keep me quiet, he always knew what to do and how to do it. He always knew where to take my body at and pleasure me like no tomorrow. I hated the small torture he gave to me with only his hands.
"I love you" I whispered softly against his ear as my fingers rubbed over his waves.
"I know" he said leaning up and pulling me against his body slamming his dick in me as I lay on my back. He pulled both of my legs on his shoulders and began pulling me back and fourth as he slammed his body against mines. He pulled me into him picking me up completely off of the bed and walking over to the wall. Slamming my body against the wall he wrapped his fingers around my throat and tightly squeezed my thighs as he went to work. The only sound was my body crashing against the walls and our groans. I grabbed his back and began matching his pump letting my body feel the soft but steady strokes he gave me.
He pulled out, throwing me onto the ground as I began catching my breathe, he cleared off our marble dresser letting all of our vases and nic knacks hit the ground a some of the glass breaking into little pieces. He pulled me up by my hair and bent me over the dresser, his energy flew through me as he sucked on my back preparing for entrance. He pressed my body flatly against the dresser and seperated my cheeks smoothly sliding in.
Holding my waist tightly as he pumped in and out like it was going to be his last stand, I don't know where this energy came from, but it was racing through me. He tightly gripped my neck and pressed me down as he began slapping each cheek spanking me aggressively leaving small hand prints all over my skin. He gripped my cheeks and squeezed as hard as possible, the pain shocked through me, but I didn't want him to stop. I could feel him getting ready to explode inside of me as each of his pumps became direct and unbelievable. I felt him explode and it shot up to my stomach, he pulled out and began milking it all over my back and butt then began rubbing the head over each cheeks. I stayed in that position, just like that catching my breathe letting my body cach up to the feelings. He picked me up like I was a rag doll and carried me to the bed lying me down and tucking my body under the covers.
It didn't take long for me to fall asleep, my body was at a peace like never before and after last night's dinner I needed that more then anything in the world. I slept hard letting my body relax and my mind stay at peace, even through I knew this feeling would not last long. I felt the sun start to lightly rise and rolled over reaching for my baby, he wasn't there I shot up with a panic realizing I didn't feel his precense at all during the night. I looked around wondering where he could have went, I looked around hoping last night wasn't a dream and that our love still stood strong through the traumas of last night. I jumped up and my legs shook, barely being able to move, but I found a way to throw on my silk robe. I began to walk lightly towards the door when I heard a light tap coming from the patio door and I looked at King standing on the other side of the door with a blunt hanging from his lips.
"Babe, why aren't you in bed?" I asked as soon as I stepped into the cold breeze of today.
"I'm thinking" he said sitting down and pulling me ontop of his lap.
"About last night" I said rubbing the side of his face.
"Yea," he said taking a long sigh.
"Babe, don't worry about it we're going to get through this as a family." I said not even believing the words that fell from my lips.
"It's more then that, I just gotta figure everything out" he said shaking his head then planting soft kisses all over my neck.
"Are you okay?" I said rubbing his shoulders.
"Yea, I just want you to know" he said wrapping my legs around his waist.
"You want me to know what?"
"I want you to know that I don't regret meeting you, and I don't regret loving you, I don't regret any of it. I love you Niy, you are my everything and you are my everything. If you leave I probably wouldn't know what to do with myself after this." he said holding my face as he kissed me.
"Babe, I know this already and you don't have to do anything to prove because you've already done it for me and to me." I said starring in his eyes. "Just come lay with me babe," I said pulling myself away from him and taking his hand as I lead him to the bed with me. He dropped his briefs and laid in bed pulling me so close to him I was smothered by his scent, we slept together and that was all I needed to reassure me that I was going to be loved today, tomorrow, and forever.

Sasha Chaprer 58
I woke up the next morning hoping everything from last night could be a dream, that everything from the other day could have just been a dream. But with my luck ofcourse everything was real, and I had to remember those words from last night "A WIFE AND CHILD". I remember the look on his face, he couldn't even look at me, he couldn't even speak about. How could this have happened right under my nose, I never would be one of those girls who loved so hard it blinded me. Was all that late night business stuff lies to cover up. Why would he propose to me and say he wanted to be with me if he had a whole nother life. Damn I feel so stupid for trusting so easily, how could I let myself go this far being so blinded.
I stood up and headed downstairs, althrough I love Niya for helping me out it was some shit I had to go through on my own that I couldn't get her into. I grabbed my keys that was left behind and walked outside where my car was still sitting outside in the same spot that I left it. I immediately jumped in and sped all the way to my house, a part of me felt anxious while the other half of me knew that I had to do this. I called my grandmother hoping that she could keep Jayla for a few more days, becuase I knew I couldn't let my daughter get caught up in this storm.
"Ma" I said after she answered on the third ring.
"Yes baby" she sung into the phone, helping me relax a little, she always had that touch where she cuold make me feel like she loved me.
"Can you keep Jayla for a few more days?" I asked knowing that she would automatically say yes.
"Baby Pablo already came over and picked her up, I thought you knew"
"Oh yea, my bad I'm so dipsy today" I said pissed off to a whole different level.
"Is everything okay?" she asked with concern in her voice.
"Yea, I was just drinking with Niya last night and got a little drunk so I couldn't drive last night. So he must of sent me a message or something." I said pulling up to my drive way.
"Aight honey well call me later." she said sweetly into the phone.
"I will, I love you" I said disconnecting the call.
I prepared myself for the next moments that was going to take place, I prepared myself of th next moments saying a quick prayer as I saw Pablo peeking around at me. I cut my car off and knew anything I did from this moment on was going to have lasting affects on me. As soon as I hit the door, the aroma of food hit me and I could feel my stomach growling at me. I wish I would have thought ahead and ate beeofre I started my long day off. I looked Pablo in his eyes and hate immediately filled inside of my stomach. I wasn't mad at what he did, I was mad at the fact that even through he did what he did, I still had my heart full of nothing, but love to him.
"You need to leave my house" I spoke sharply, but sternly.
"We need to talk" he said with the same poise as me.
"I don't want to talk, we spoke enough last night, now what you need to do is get up out my house before I make shit real" I said crossing my arms.
"You don't scare me I'm not going anywhere" he said stepping closer to me.
"You need to, I don't want you here, but I bet your wife and child might want you to be home with them that is" I said with a smirk on my face.
"You don't even know what the fuck you're talking about Sasha if you would just sit and talk to me." he siad reaching out for me.
"Don't touch me" I said crossing my arms.
"Please just listen because it's not what you think it is." he said starring me in my eyes and at first a part of me wanted to hear it and wanted to listen, but the next part of me wasn't beat.
"I don't want to, now either you pack up all your shit or I will." I said taking a step upstairs, and he followed me. As soon as I hit the closet my rage came to peak and I couldn't control my anger had already taken it's toll over me. I began throwing everything everywhere, I don't care if it hit him or hit the floor either way it had to go.
"Sasha just listen, to me" he said remaining calm.
How could he be so calm at a moment like this how could he be so relaxed when last night happened, I had to find out that he had a wife and then he slapped the shit out of me. He never raised his hand up to me like that, I don't know what came over him, but it won't have a chance to be taken this far again.
"You want me to listen, after you lied to me, after you slapped me, after you set in my face making me believe all your lies, you want me to listen. No I'm tired of fucking listening, I tired of believing all your bullshit. I'm done making you to be the man you're never going to be" I said throwing everything my fingers got in contact with.
"I never lied to you" he said ducking and dodging, but still standing right there right by myside.
"Oh so now you're saying that I can't hear, now you're saying that I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. You want to sit in my face and act like you love me. What was I to you an over paid mistress, you put a ring on my finger is it bigger then that bitch. Pablo I thought you were different, but you're just like every other nigga, just selfish as hell. You're just like Cash, the only difference is that Cash kept it one hundred with his shit, you're a fucking snake ass nigga." I said slapping his chest as tears fell. "You said you loved me, you said that you wanted me and only me, that no other girl would ever matter, but those was lies." I said falling to my knees. "I thought you were different." I said wiping my eyes.
"I am you just gotta trust me and trust everything that's being said." he said getting on his knees with me.
"No I'm done, I'm soo done I don't even want you hear it
"Baby don't say that okay, please don't say that just talk to me. I'll give you space, but I'm not leaving you, I meant it when I said that I love you. I meant it when I said that I love you. I meant it, okay baby just listen it will alla make since.
"I don't want to listen, I want you to leave" I said losing my breathe.
"No baby, just listen, just don't make any decisions. I'll tell you everything you want to hear if you just listen to me, okay baby give me time to explain." he said holding me while I cried and at first I felt safe, I felt like nothing, but this moment mattered to us. "Anything you want from me, I'll do baby, just give me a chance." he said whispering as he kiss me lightly.
"I want you to leave me and your daughter and never come back" as tears stung the side of my face.I stood up and began shaking my head left to right knowing this moment wouldn't be right.
"Just listen to me" he yelled and pushed me against the wall. "Yes I have a wife and daughter, but what you didn't hear was that they died a few years back. They were executed in our house, my wife raped and my daughter was beat until she was unrecognizable. I never told you because I didn't want the same thing to happen to you, I didn't want you worry about rather or not she would make another day." he said stepping back and turning his back to me.
At that moment, nothing was said between us just the silence and heartbeats that echoed through the tensed room. I stayed where I was while his back faced me, I didn't care what happened before us, or what happened years ago all I cared about was right now. I stepped closer to him, placing my hand on his back then wrapping my arms around him. He turned around and for the first time I saw Pablo cry and I knew it was real. This was the life that everybody dreamed about and althrough we had hard times I couldn't see myself being any other place, but here. I leaned up and planted a soft kiss on his lips and wiped his tears.
"Please just don't leave me, I know I should have told you I know I should have shared it with you, but I try not to think about it as much as possible. Sometimes when I look at you and Jayla I feel like I'm with them again and I see it all happening again, I feel it slipping away from me. I'm trying to be the best man that I could be for you and Jayla, for the both of ya'll trying to give ya'll everything I didn't give them. This is my second chance at being the man I need to be, being the man I couldn't be before." he said to me whispering softly.
"Pablo, you are the man I need and want, I couldn't hate you if I wanted to I couldn't deny you and us if the worst came. I'm not her baby you can't treat me like I was her. I'm going to be by your side no matter what baby, but you gotta let go your past for us, just like I did." I said as he picked me up and carried me to bed.
"I will becuase I want us to work like I want you so bad right now, and about hitting you I want to say that I'm sorry, I just was under so much rage." he said lying my body down and rubbing my sides.
"I don't care, make love to me" I whispered to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him to me and proceeded to make love to me.

King (Chapt 58 cont....)
I was lying in bed with Niya when I felt my phone vibrating, at first I wwanted to answeer it, but nothing in the world was more important then this moment right here and now. I had Niya on my arm snoring lightly like no tomorrow. I began massaging the top of her head, and flowing my fingers through her straight hair and she began to stir, rolling over and resting her head on my chest.
"You up?" I asked softly.
"Kind of" she said
"You sleep good?" I said running my fingers through her hair.
"Yea," she said smiling to herself and cuddling closer to me.
"I love you" I said smacking her butt softly.
"You better." she said smiling as we laid in silence for a minute. She jumped up and ran to the bathroom full speed like no tomorrow. I listened to her use the bathroom and wash her hands then enter back in the room, she came in standing naked looking like a goddess. "You bruised me" she said walking back over to the bed and crawling towards me sitting on her knees.
"Where?" I said turning on the television to ESPN.
"Everywhere" she said pulling her hair back and letting me see the bruises all over her body. I began looking at her realized that I xcouldn't believe that I had bruises all over her body. Bite marks all over her chest, I must believe that last night I was a beast in bed.
"In News today Grammy Winning Rap Artist Rell, was arrested for aggravaited assualt after an altercation broke out in his New York resident. After an argument broke out screams was heard by a neighbor who immediately called the police, as of now the wife is in New York University Hospital, where she is being taken care of." I didn't listen to the rest my mind went numb while my body froze in one place. I could see Niya face looking just like that, I couldn't believe Rell I knew he was mad, but too take it that far was crazy....

What's a man to do?????????

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Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

Bumps!! so much drama but hopefully they can get past it

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THAT WAS A BOMB ADD! & i know the next one will be just as good! ADD SOON!
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King Chapter 58
Everything else after that felt unreal, like it wasn't happening or maybe it was happening and I just didn't know what to do. I took a deep breathe and relaxed closing my eyes and taking everything in, as the News went on to the next subject. I immediately grabbed my phone off the table and headed to the patio, I had to handle this, althrough all the bullshit happened the night before. At the end of the day he was still my mans and I had to make sure that he was going to be good. The first thing on my list was to call the lawyer and put him on, the second was to call the precint to see if I could go see him. I knew that I was the last person he cared to see, but he was my brother and I was going to make sure that he knew I had his back no matter what went on between us. My last thought was how was the baby, how was April making out in all of this. If the baby was mines or wasn't, it didn't deserve to die over the bullshit, I thought as I shook my head. I walked back into the patio where Niya was starring at the television with a blank look on her face, she had a habit to that when she was in deep thought.
"Niy" I said lightly nudging her.
"Huh?" she said shaking her head.
"You okay?" I asked wrapping my arms around her pulling her into a deep hug.
"Yea, I can't believe that happened" she said with a voice filled of shock.
"You gotta be strong baby, that's all you can do"
"But why, why did this happen?" she said still in a light shock.
"You know shit happens,"

After getting all the information I headed straight to the precint, it was time for me to face problems I created. I went through the steps to bailing him out, and waited for him to come out. I paced back and fourth I didn't know if he wanted to see me, but I knew I needed to be here for my boy he went through soo much in the last twenty four hours. He walked out and starred at me while holding his brown paper bag, and headed straight to me not saying a word.
"You gotta take me to my lawyer" he said after we got settled into the car.
"That's all you worried about, April in the hospital man she's pregnant and alone and the only thin you worried about is going to a fucking lawyer" I said not hiding a bit of disappointment in my voice.
"Ofcourse you concerned for her, I don't care if she dies in the hospital today. She fuckin betray me." he said through the grids of his teeth.
That drove me into over drive, he was hurt, but there was no reason for him to be hateful. I drove to the docks, where me and him use to talk when we were younger. This was our sanctuary where we could yell, scream, even cry if we needed to.
"What the fuck arewe doin here?" he said while I unbuckled my seatbelt and jumped out the car. I walked to side of the car and pulled him out.
"You want to beat bitches up and be angry, well hit on me" I said shoving him.
"Nigga, ain't nobody worried about you, I told you take my ass to my lawyer." he said waving me off like I was wasting his time.
"Oh so you can beat on a pregnant women, but you can't fight a man. That's pussy" I said shoving him again, this time with more force.
"Aight nigga, I beat your ass before I can do it agian" he said pushing me back and sending a punch straight to my jaw. "You was suppose to be my mans" he said sending one to my stomach. I blocked and sent one to his rib cage then a combo to his face. After a few punches sent back and fourth he beared hugged me and I grabbed him in the headlock sending us to the ground, rolling around on the ground. After five minutes of tussling in the rocks, we both were tired and laid on our backs against the small rocks.
"Damn" I said catching my breathe.
"I won" Rell said laughing as we both caught our breathes.
"Why you do it?" I asked sitting up starring over at him.
"Man, it's not what you think" he said sitting up and taking off his shirt, or what was left over from the fight.
"Then what was it, cuz she's in the hospital."
"She did that shit, I just wanted to leave and she wouldn't let me." he said shaking my head. "I told her that I want a divorce and she snapped and grabbed a knife following me around the house. man I ain't try to hurt her, but she attacked me with a knife. What was I suppose to do? The next thing I know she on the ground crying and when i run by herside, the police run in the door. Man I would never hurt April that bad, even through I was hurt and mad, I still couldn't." he said starring away while he told the story. "Why did you fuck my wife?"
"Man, it was like once we both were drinking talkin and our emotions got the best of us. She never wanted to hurt you and we did want to tell you, it was just complicated."
"Man, that shit crazy and it wasn't like I wanted to fight, yea I was hurt, but that's still my wife. I did alot of dirt to shorty and she always come back. I was going to come back, I just needed to clear my head next thing I know we going back and fourth. Why wouldn't she just let me leave, I was going to come back. I can't leave my family, we built it from bottom to top, from nothing to amazing." he said as his voice began to crack. He turned his face from me and I already knew what it was. Men can get hurt just like women can. I gave him a minute, wondering about last night because althrough I didn't show it, I had alot of questions I needed answers to. The stinging pains in my legs, reminded me that it was time to take my medicine.
"Come on man, let's get out of here, so we can figure out our next step." I said struggling to get up, my legs had no support left in, after all night with Niya and all this my legs were done.
"Yea man," he said jumping up with ease and reaching out his hand to help me out. "You aight?" he asked while I limped to the drivers side.
"Yea, it's bout that time I drug myself up," I said jumping in the car and heading home.
"Man, I don't mean to sound a little off it, but do you think it's a good idea to take me to your crib when Niya there" he asked sounding a little unsure.
"Yea, what you scared??" I said looking over at him and laughing.
"Nah, but you know how she is?"
"Yea, but nah you my nigga, no matter what and when you go through shit, we go through shit and you was here waaaaaay before she was. If she have a problem with it, then I will handle it" I said with a sense of confidence, but honestly I didn't know how the hell she was going to respond.
"If you say so, are yall good, I know alot of shit came up yesterday."
"Nah, we ain't take any of that to the bedroom with us last night." I said chuckling.
"Man, you got some?" he said looking at me for a moment of clearification. I didn't say anything just smiled, and he knew what time it was.
"Damn, you lucky all the dirt that come out last night and you didn't get a curse out wooow." he said leaning his head back.
"Niy and I already hit rock bottom, so ain't nothing but up for us. Yea last night shook both of us, but it ain't break us and when the time come to talk about it, we will, but we won't do it yelling and screaming we're going to talk about it." I said pulling into my gates.
"If you say so, man just watch her" he said unbuckling his seat belt and getting out the car.

Niya Chapt. 58 cont....
I was at home, cleaning up for what felt like hundreth time I decided to grab my camera and began taking pictures just to relax myself. I know it seems like alot has happened between King and I, but it won't break me. It won't make me either, I love my man and I know that we're going to have road blocks and speed bumps but that won't stop our ride to happiness. I walked to our pool, on the edge of the a hill and pulled off my clothes and just jumped in. I set under water for as long as possible, holding my breathe until I felt dizzy, then went back up for air. Just swimming around made me feel like my mind was slowly clearing from all the drama. After doing a few laps, I heard the gates alarm go off and knew that was no one, but King. I stood up and grabbed a fluffy cotton robe, then walked inside to greet him like his women should. Before I could open my robe and show off my amazing body, I heard his voice and someone else's.
"Hell no" I said tying my robe and knowing exactly who the voice belonged to. I walked into the sitting area ready for war, pointing my fingers at him, while the other hand balled into a fist.
"Niya" King said grabbing me before I could start my full attack.
"What is he doing here?" I yelled still trying to get past him to hit my target.
"He's going to stay the night until we get everything situated." He said blocking my way.
"The hell if he is, you know what he did?" I began to yell.
"Why are you yelling?" King said in his calm voice that always shut me up. "He's staying here, he's my boy and he's going through shit and I'm going to be by his side. And that's final."
"Do you know what he did, and you're going to bail him out once again you're always saving his ass." I screamed at the top of my lungs.
"Bitch, like he don't save your ass he took you off the fucking pole, it shouldn't matter who the fuck he bring in the house HE BROUGHT. You're just like a piece of furniture, has many functions but knows it's place. You're another trophy for him, so sit there shut up and be quiet." Rell spoke towards me.
"Yo, watch your mouth" king said turning to him and pointing then turning back towards me.
"You lost your fuckin mind Rell, you really lost it, you're some sucker as nigga that's got a real nigga to protect him. You lucky I can't get to you or I would break your fucking leg off and kick you with it. You stupid hoe, your wife in the hospital and you act like all if forgiven it's not. I'll catch you nigga" I said shaking my head while King pushed at my waist. "But it will go down trust and believe."
"You know what, I'm gonna go lay down before I get real crazy" Rell said looking at King, then walking past us, while I starred him down.
"Fuck" King mumbled under his breathe as he took a deep breathe and stumbled a bit.
"You good" Rell said stopping mid step to catch him.
"Yea, I just need to sit." he said waving his hand at Rell.
"No you're not what's wrong King?" I asked looking him over like he was Zane.
"I'm good" He said slapping my hands away and standing up straight.
"Atleast let me walk you to the elevator." Rell said standing right beside him as he began to limp.
"We don't need your help." I said with a real large attitude.
"Yo shorty, we don't need your help to be real, let's be honest you just come along the story and got pregnant to stay. I've been here before that nigga started dating girls. Like who the fuck you think you are, you got the ring, not the marriage yet and you already think you runnin shit. You need to go head with all that shit and know your place." Rell said waving me off.
"What's my place Rell?" I said ready to punch the shit out of him.
"Sit there, suck dick, and look fuckin pretty. So what the fuck are you talking for?" he said starring me in my eyes.
"Are you fucking serious?" King grunted as he began limping away from the both of us. "Don't fucking follow me, ya'll rather bicker and argue with one another right, so leave me the fuck alone. I'm tired of hearing yall two go back and forth. I want to be left alone for the rest of the fucking day." he said pressing the elevator button.
"Shut up" he said without looking behind him.
"Man, you ain't gotta talk to shorty that way." Rell said speaking up for me.
"You can shut the fuck up too" King said before getting on the elevator still with his back closed.
"Now what?" I said folding my arms.
"You go check on him stupid, what type of fuckin question was that? You're tryna be his wife right?" Rell said in a sarcastic voice.
"I wasn't fucking talkin to you asshole." I said rolling my eyes.
"Yea, whatever I'm going to the guess room." he said walking away. The petty side of me wanted to go run up behind him and kick the shit out of him, then beat him like he was a slave, but the better part of me knew I had to go take care of my man.
I walked upstairs feeling my skin begin to dry up from the pool and walked into the bedroom, where King was lying on the side of the breathe holding his bottle of prescriptions.
"Babe" I said in my softest voice.
"Yea" he said grunting to sit up.
"What's wrong?" I said walking over to him an standing between his legs.
"Yall actin mad stupid, like can yall get along for two seconds, yall act like children." he said sucking his teeth.
"I'm sorry, but are you okay, what's going on?" I said rubbing the side of his face.
"My legs feel like shit, they are killing me" He said silently. I knew it was hard for him to admit to me that he was in pain, he's always been like that rather just hold it in.
"I'm gonna take care of you okay babe." I whispered lightly into his ear then kissed him.
"Aight" he said slumping back down.
I walked into the bathroom and began running his bath water for his bath, after adding bubble bath and turning on the jets, I walked into the bedroom where I began taking off all his clothes one by one carefully. Making sure to be careful while I pulled off both his boots adn his jeans then his shirt and boxers. I passed him two of his pillls before handing him a cup of water watching him take them. I passed him his cane before we limped to the bathroom and I eased him down in the bathtub.
I got in after him as he groaned while the jets relaxed his body. I began to washed his body down, kissing him very softly as the television played ESPN. He wrapped his arm around me and decided to sit me on his lap while we watched Sports Center together.
"You want to watch somethin else?" he whispered in my ear.
"Please" I said laughing not understanding a damn thing they were talking about unless it was about basketball.
He began to click through the channels when I started to lightly nibble on is neck. I don't know why I couldn't get enough of this man, my body felt like shit from last night, but I still wanted to make love to him. He laughed a little when I hit his spot making sure to pay extra attention to his spot, until i found a small bruise forming around his neck.
"What happened?" I said investigating where they began and ended.
"Me and Rell got into a fight" he said turning to HBO where Iron Man 2 was playing.
"What the hell?" I said becoming defensive.
"Yea, we good now"
"Oh my god," I said seeing a bruise on his jaw begin to form. "You should never fight him, yall are too adults who should have handled waaaay better."
"Coming from the one who wanted to kill him twenty minutes ago" he said placing my head on is shoulder and sitting his chin on it.
"It's different I'm hard on Rell, but it's out of love. He know he's my brother, but he does some stupid shit honestly. I would never fight him, I might punch him a few times, but that's it." I said playing with the bubbles.
"Awww spoken like a true sister, and he need his family right now, he going through it and I wnat you to be here for him like you would be here for her." he said sitting the remote on the edge as he started playing in the bubbles with me.
"I dont kno he really gets under my skin and I want to knock him out," I said when I felt him began kissing on my neck.
"Um hum" he said completely ignoring me.
"Can you, I mean I know your legs kind of weak." i said pulling away. He pulled me closer and picked me up sitting me on his lap
"Do I look weak to you?" he growled at me.
"Damn" I said feeling his third leg standing at attention.
I placed both hands on his shoulders and began to straddle him when he stopped me midway.
"Where the fuck your ring at??"
"Ohhh on the nightstand" I said placing my hand on my head.
"Why the fuck did it leave your finger?" he asked holding my ring finger.
"Babe I started cleaning up and it was gettin in the way, plus I didn't want to get any cleaning products in it."
"Did I propose to the nightstand?" he said in a serious voice.
"No" i said in a soft voice.
"Don't do that soft voice shit go get that ring" he said smacking my ass and I jumped out the tub and walked to the room full speed picking up the ring up and placing it on my finger as it glistened. I saw my phone light up and picked it up, had a few missed calls from an unknown number, then it began to ring again. It was another unknown number and I answered without thinking twice.
"So I heard you was looking for me?" an all to familiar voice spoke through the phone.

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Cash Chapter 59
Damn life was going good for me, even through I wasn't living the life I thought I would, I must admit it turned out a little better. I never thought I would be the dude with a family, a kid and a girl I wanted to marry. Layla is my heart, I've never met someone as giving and honest as her. We had a rocky start, but after she proved that she love me with all her heart I knew this was where I needed to be. Don't get me wrong, I ain't no pussy, we far from normal, but we making it. Layla had my son, my first son and right now life was good because I now had a girl on the way by Layla and that was going to be number two for us.
I gave up my bus load of hoes and now is just the owner of the two strip clubs, which was just a front for the drug business. I came home every night, I slept with one woman every night. I was a simple man now and I give that to Niya. She made me realize how much I was missing from life when I was living the life I use to. She saw the better in me and made me want to be a better man, althrough a part of me wishes that it was Niya, but I realized that ship has sailed. She was with King and she deserve tht, it's what she always wanted and I wish her the best. LOL I know you reading this like I don't believe this shit, and trust me I don't believe it either. I'ma changed man I tell you, Lol....
"Cash" I heard Layla call from the bedroom as I stood on my balcony rolling up.
"Yo" I said standing up and walking towards her.
"Look what I brought the baby" she said holding up a pink and gold basket.
"Awww that's cute" I said kissing her on her cheek.
"You like it?" she asked as she placed it on the floor and wobbled to the bed.
"Yea" I said while she pulled off both my sneakers because she couldn't stand when I laid in bed with them on.
"What's going on with Nikki?" she asked while she straddle my waist slowly.
"Nuttin, I don't have anything to do with that situation. Sauce took the girls over and what's going on with him and Nikki don't have anything to do with me."
"But that's Sasha sister, you know she don't need to be in te game. You said it yourself you owe Sasha for really riding with you, why don't you give her this favor." Layla said rubbin my chest. But what Layla didn't knwo was that Nikki was pregnant and althrough I told Polo it was mines, in reality it was Sauces. Sauce had Nikki as his bottom bitch and the one thing I knew about was that you don't come between a pimp and his hoes. "And you need to tell Polo the truth, he's your best friend, hell you're only friend and you're going to put him in a place to choose between you and his family. He can lose Sasha and his daughter forever. You gotta make this right"
"Fuck, I hate when you right" I said sitting up and laughing. "Where's Asia?" I asked while she rolled over and got comfy in her side of the bed.
"She should be coming"
"Asia" I screamed at the top of my lungs.
"What?" she screamed back as I heard her walking down the hallway. She walked in looking like she just finished a video shoot. Two piece string bikini and pair of heels on, hair and make up was flawless like she never touched the pool. She walked over and kissed me on my lips then did the same with Layla. I told you we were partially normal, yea I was living in a triangle. I was with two girls and they both loved each other and me. I was a lucky nigga all in all, I smiled as Asia cuddled on one side of me and Layla snuggled on the other.
"Asia we were talking about the Nikki situation, what do you think he should do?" Layla said to Asia.
"I think that he should mind his business" Asia said sipping on a cup of wine.
"Nah ah, he should get Sauce to give Nikki back and tell Polo the truth." Layla said sitting up.
"Hell no, Polo would kill him" Asia said laughing.
"Woah" I said finally giving the conversation some entertainment. I was trying to watch my Sports Center in piece, but I couldn't with these two babbling.
"Ain't nobody going to kill me" I said feeling macho.
"You know what I mean, I think this has nothing to do with you and my best advice is to leave it alone because you have nothing to do with it." Asia said shrugging her shoulders.
"It does has something to do with him because he already told Polo that he was takin care of her and got her pregnant." Layla said turning the television on mute.
"Right, well you should talk to Polo" Asia said lightly smacking my chest. "Oh I'm out of wine let me go get another cup." Asia said standing up and I couldn't do anything, but squeeze my dick while I starred at her body.
After she nearly died while giving birth to our son passed away twenty eight days later and we learned that she could never have children again. Apart of me was hurt, but the other half of me was okay because that's what we had Layla for. Asia was now thicker then ever and she was my little freak whatever I wanted however I wanted it, she would always give to me and only me. She loved me to death and even through I wasn't in love with her I knew I wasn't giving that up anytime soon. Her and Layla got along great too, it was amazing how they grown in love with eachother, like they were lesibeans.
"I need to start dinner here I come" Layla said struggling to get up, I knew better then to help or that would get me a curse out real quick.
You need anything?" Asia asked while she adjusted her string bikini.
"You know what I want" I said licking my lips.
"Cash" Layla said starring at me like I was crazy.
I loved making one jealous, I thought that shit was sexy how they owuld secretly compete for me. I didn't love one more then the other one they both brought different shit to the table. Layla gave me a sense of responsibility, she made me be a man, not just let me. Layla was loyal and an all around good girl, she was what I could come home to and be happy. While Asia was what I referred to as my fun, althrough she was loyal, I could do all types of shit with her, we could fuck bitchs together, get money together, like she was a live person. I could take her out have a good time with her and it be that. We could kick it and smoke, I loved shorty because she kept me live. Althrough they gave me totally different things, I enjoyed it from the both of them and all togeter we made one happy family.
"I just want a nut." I said laughing as Asia climbed back in bed with me.
"I'm going to sart dinner don't take long" Layla said walking over to the bed and kissing Asia. Damn it was sexy everytime they touched eachother. Now that Layla was pregnant her moods were crazy sometimes she wanted it other times she didn't so, I never asked and when she threw it at me I always kncked it out the park.
"We won't" Asia said giggling.
"Yea, we definately won't" I said pulling my pants down slowly.

Niya Chapter 59 cont......
"Joeseph" I said int the phone looking behind me to make sure that King wasn't becoming impatient.
"Yea, I haven't spoken to you in day, what's going on? When did you want to make an appointment for the shots" he asked softly in the phone.
"Ummm, I can't talk right now, but I'll text you when I get a chance." I said quietly when I heard King call after me.
"Okay, see you later" he said hanging p the phone and I turned around where Rell was standing in the doorway starring at me.
"I see there's more secrets, then we thought."
"Mind you're fucking business you don't know what you talking about?" I said placing the phone down forgetting that I was totally naked.
"Yea, well when I tell King, he'll know wht I'm talking about"
"You're not going to tell him anything" I said folding my arms.
"Why not?" he whispered towards me.
"Because if you tell him that, I'm telling him the whoooooole truth about you and Sasha." I said back with a little attitude.
"Niy" King shouted.
"Sorry, Rell came into the room." I said picking up my robe and placing it on as we both walked into the bathroom where King rested like the King he was in his tub.
"Damn what was ya'll in there doin, fuckin" King said laughing.
"Hell no" I said with more attitude then required.
"Man, I came here to tell youthe team on the way over, to help figure things out.
"Aight, just buzz them in when they get here I'll still be right where I am at now."
"Aight" Rell said walking out, but not before giving me a dirty look.

I slide back into the tub next to my King, making sure that they understoond that I was here for him and only him. I knew we been through alot and that we were going through much more so I wanted to reassure him where my head was at. I began sucking on his neck, while he held my waist and watched television.
"Babe," I whispered in his ear, craving all his attention.
"Huh?" he said not pulling his attention from the movie.
"I'm here"
"Okay," he said slightly smacking my butt twice.
"ANd you're focusing on the television" I said stepping off his lap and standing completely up.
"You took mad long" he said looking at me and smiling.
"I just don't want us to change." I said softly.
"And we're not, right now we're in a good place wiht eachother and nothing is going to change okay shorty" he said pulling me back on his lap and continuing to watch the movie.
"Babe, I'm going to get out before I turn back into a prune" I said getting up and walking towards the closet. Althrough I didn't have alot of clothes over here I had some clothes King must have brought for me. I slipped into some lime green Victoria secret sweats and a bra and white wife beater.
"Niy" King yelled from the bathroom.
"Yea" I said walking in pinning my hair up
"What you cooking tonight?" he said hitting the drain and grabbing his cane. He jumped out the tub and began to limp to the closet.
"Whatever my King want me to cook" I said helping his grab his things.
"I like the way that sound." he grunted walking into the room and flopping on the bed. I began lotoning him down from his toes to his finger tips. Let me climb on top of him adn start giving him small kisses.
"King, what are we doing for our anniversary"
"It's a surprise" he snickerd like he had something up his sleeve.
"Babe, you already brought us a house, and proposed, like what can you do to top this" I said flashing him my ring."
"Oh you ain't see nothing yet, trust" he said with a confidence that just heated up my body.
"Ummm, well I have a surprise for you too. It's the perfect gift." I said smiling to myslf.
"Oh so you're going to be cheap this year and just give me yourself." he said laughing.
"No I said it was the perfect gift."
"You're the perfect gift." he said making me speechless.
"Babe, you're amazing" I said while he placed on his Polo Boxers, then Nike sweats.
"Yea, I hear that every now and then" he said standng up.
"Where you going?" I said placing on two ankle socks while he grabbed a pair of foot locker socks then his Nike slides. Damn this man had swag even when he was just chilling. Lately he's been looking sexier and sexier, instead of keeping his face neatly shaven only leave his side burns, but he was letting his facia hair grow in, giving him the regged look.
"To the theatre play some COD, with the homie" he said getting excited.
"Aight, I'll get dinner started." I said walking on to the elevator after King.
"When you gonna let me fuck you in the elevator?" he said smacking my butt.
"Oh lord" I said laughing and joking with him.
I loved this man, more then anything tht has happened between us, I didn't know why I did, but I knew that I would forever. Smiles flooded my face while I walked to the kitchen and began cooking dinner for my man and his company even through they were uninvited.

King Chapter 61
"Yo, you really need to keep an eye on Niya" Rell said as I plugged up the game and waited for the system to load.
"Man, don't start that shit, my shorty not like them other birds she loyal." I said sighing that we were having this discussion.
"What you need to figure out is how you going to handle your gome, you have a wife, kids, a family and it can be over." I said getting serious for a second.
"I know, man I hate that I have to think about, that I have to be going through this. I wish I could take it back, but I know that I can't" he sia while he set in deep thoughts.
"Man, I don't know why you did that shit you put so much in jerpordy, your fans your business EVERYTHING. Man these niggas out here really look at you like a hero, really look up to you." I said while my phone began going off. I looked at it and Dior name popped up for the fourth time since last night. All the drama she set off, I was mad ass hell at the broad and right now I didn't want to be bothered. After she called for the third time witihin an hour I picked up.
"Yoooo" I said annoyed giving no emotion.
"I had a doctors appointment today" she said with more attitude then needed.
"How it go?"
"Good, wish you went with me" she said giving me an attitude that made me regret picking up the phone in the first place.
"Okay, well that's cool I'll try and catch the next one"
"Try to catch the next one, really King? You treat me like this, when Niya was pregnant you was with her every step of the way and you didn't even know if the baby was yours. And I'm bout to drop this baby within the next month and you haven't been to one appointment, even Niya's been to one."
"Don't compare Niya's and mines to what we have because you and her will never be on the same level." I said while Rell starred at me, wondering who was on the phone.
"You always put on a pedalstool like she's better then the world and she ain't shit. She was some low life who got big because she scored a baller."

Before she could finish the sentence, I hung up the phone and threw it on the plush chair beside me. I looked at Rell and shook my head un pausing the game and getting back to the game.
"Dior is gonna drive me up a wall for the next eighteen years if she don't stop being jealous of Niya" I said not directing that statement to Rell, just outloud.
"I don't know why you fucked that bitch, I mean Niya get's on my fuckin nerves, but she's bad ass hell. Dior is aigh, but she ain't Niya as soon as you heard she's was knocked up you shoulda took that bitch to the chop shop ASAP. She and Niya ain't competition all the shit you and Niya been through and she think she gonna replace her FUCK OUTTA HERE" he said shaking his head.
"Wooooow" I said laughing. "You and Niya argue like cats and dogs, with no home training, but if anyone says anything about yall, yall ready to kill them....That's the backwards shit" I said shaking my head and laughing.
"I like Niya, she know I like her, she just gets on my nerve, my last good nerve too yo. Ever since I met that girl she's been a thorn in my side." he said shaking his head making me laugh.
"Yo, honestly I've been wanting to ask you this" I said looking at my phone while Dior called me again. "You really was fuckin with Sasha?"
"Hell yea, she was a nigga main shorty." He said starring me in my eyes. "Then she got with Pablo ass and you and Niya became serious and we just let shit go. Everytime I see her, I just want to break her off with some of this dick."
"Yea Sasha is bad ass shit through" I said laughing with him.
"Hell yea, but man all I want to do is start over with April. I don't even care if the child is yours I'm still willing to make it work with her. My manager told me I should stay away from her, I don't want to be with no one else, if that means giving up this fame and riches to be with my wife and family I'm willing to do it." he said starring me in my eyes and I knew he was telling the truth.

Niya Chapter 60 cont...

I was in the kitchen cleaning up after I cooked dinner for Rell and King, who ate like they were straving slaves. It's funny because when Rell come over, they act like two big kids having a sleep over and I have to clean up after them. I was in my room chatting with Sasha while she explained the events that passed since she went home. I swear my life was like a bad soap opera sometimes, as bad as things were on my end, they were just like that on her end.
"Well Sasha you know you're not going anywhere and he's not going anywhere. I mean no matter what happened yesterday, it's a new day and a new step you just gotta figure out which direction you want to take that step. You can step to better days or worst, but you gotta do the work, nothing happens over night and you taught me that. I mean you know Pablo loves you, you tried to set that man on fire and he still stayed." I said making her laugh a little to lighten the mood.
"I know I know, but he never opens up. Like he never wnat to talk the only things we discuss are the things he want me to know. He's so secretive, it kills me because you want me to be your wife and I don't know anything." she said while Jay talked in the background.
"It's PABLO girl, you remember how he was when we lived in a house. I don't even know his last name, I didn't even know his birthday until you told me." I said laughing.
"Yea, girl you right, but we have something different and now I'm wondering how many more secrets am I going to have to find out from some random bitch. And I hope you know I TOLD YOU SO, is so in effect"
"I don't want to hear it Sasha" I said pouring me a cup of wine.
"I'm just saying, that bitch is exactly what I told you she was and she did exactly what I told you she would"
"Sasha I'm taking a damn raincheck on your speech about that hoe. All I know is that if I ever see her again, it's going down wiht or without the baby. I trusted that hoe." I said as I emptied the rest of the wine bottle into my cup.
"You trust everone that's your problem you see the good in everyone and they end up shitting on you. You need to stop loving these hoes, keep your circle tight and stop lettin these btches in all the damn time." she said schooling me like she did all the time.
"I hear you Sash" I said taking a sip.
"But are you listening because I'm not talking for my health, if I wanted to talk to myself I would leave myself a voice mail."
"LOL yea mom I'm listening" I said sitting on the patio looking on the beautiful view as the soon began to fall. "I wish I had my camera" I said wanting to take a picture of the view.
"You still keeping that a secret, girl it's a fucking hobby you acting like it's the end of the world. Tell that man, before he finds out you keeping something from him. You should have learned from yesterday that secrets only get you slapped up and beat up." she said snickering.
"That aint funny Sasha" I said trying to contan my laughter.
"The hell if it ain't my face still stinging"
"Bitch when you flew over that table, I was scared for my life." I said stomping my foot as I laughed.
"Hoe, I got more air under me then a Lebron jump. You know I was shocked Pablo ain't never hit me and now I see why, he a bone crusher. I got a bruise and everything" Sasha said nearly making me spit out my drink.
"Girl you ain't the only one." I said standing up a little dizzy. I wanted to go get me another bottle because I was feeling a nice little buzz." I began wobbling through the house while the boys continued to play the game in the theatre.
"Where the fuck you get bruises from, did King hit you cuz I got another canister of gasoline if you want me to come take care of that real quick." she said becoming serious.
"No Gangsta, we didn't argue even through we both felt some type of way, we let it go because we know we want tobe together and we've been going through shit since we've met. We use to going though shit, we know we want to be together and realize that it's going to be hard. We decided that we're going to fight for us and not give up." I said walking into the cellar and grabbing one bottle of wine, then a bottle of tequila. I never been heavy on drinking because I was a light weight but today I was feeling like I needed it.
"Sooo that don't tell me how you got a bruise on your body."
"We had sex last night duhhhh. But it was different it was rough, he was throwing me around choking and scratching me. I can't explain it, it was like he was taking everything he felt and giving it to me. Girl I was nuttin all over that room, had me just taking dick. Girl if you would have had it like that, you would probably be scrubbing Pablo underwear by hand." I said sitting outside right next to the pool.
"Damn, I'ma need some of that dick" she said laughing.

We talked for a little more then we got off the phone whil I finished off a whole bottle of tequila and laid back. I was more then buzzed, I knew I was messed up and right now I couldn't move because my body felt like noddles. I began laughing as I starred at the stars because they were spinning.......

King Chapter 61

When twelve o' clock came around and Niya haven't came to come get me, I realized that it was time for me to wrap things up and go to bed. Hopefully I could get one off if she wasn't too mad about Rell staying here, you know how she gets down. I decided to turn the game off, after Rell and I played this last game.
"Man, them niggas was cheatin" Rell said throwing down the controllers while I laughed at victory.
"Whatever nigga come on," I said as we walked to the kitchen talkin bout the game.
"Damn Niya" Rell said picking up an empty bottle of wine. "She gettin her drink on" he said laughing.
"Where her ass at?" I said shaking my head. Niya had a low tolerance for liquor after three shots she was drunk so a whole botttle of wine means she was somewhere on her ass. I began to shout her name, until Rell told me she was in the back yard. I stepped out and she was sitting on the side of the pool with her legs in the pool lying on the ground. "Niya" I said standing above her.
"Huh?" she said giggling without opening her eyes.
"Wake ya ass up" I said lightl nudging her as I picked up an empty patron bottle and shook my head.
"I am, stop yelling at me King" she lightly slurred when she set up.
"I'm not yellin ya as drunk aren't you?" I asked as I watch her stumble to stand up.
"I'm not drunk I'm grown." she said pointing in my face. "King don't talk to me like like like I'm your child. I'ma grown adult woman" she said wobbling.
"Yea, bring your ass on" I said while Rell laughed.
"Niya you doooooone" he said holding her other side so she wouldn't tip over.
"Noooooo" she said pulling away from the both of us. "I wanna go I wanna go" she said twirling her hair around her finger.
"Niya come to bed." I said laughing while she acted like a child.
"Nooooooo, I wanna go swimming" she said pointing at the pool behind her.
"Hell no, not like this you're gonna drown" I said becoming annoyed and grabbing her hand.
"You're bein mean to me," she said while I dragged her through the house. I told Rell to lock up everything while I handled her. She stomped her feet trying to resist the pull I had on her, but wasn't strong enough. She began yelling and screaming like a four year old and that's when I had enough. I picked her up throwing her waist over my shoulder carrying her to the elevator. She wiggled and squirmed yelling and cursing while the elevator came to our quarters. I entered the room and threw her on the ground, I was kind of tired because it took alot of leg strength.
"I wanna go swimming." she begged.
"No" I screamed at her and she began to cry giving the works with real tears and sobs. I went to the closet grabbing a pair of my Polo pajama bottoms and slide into them. When I came back to the room she was in the same place still crying. "Niya come to bed" I said pulling all the decoritive pillows off the bed and on to our chair.
"No" she said crossing her arms without even looking at me.
"Niya" I said again pulling the covers back.
"I'm not your child King, and I'm not coming Kaylen." she said stumbling under almost every word.
"Niya I'm not going to argue with you right now." I said sighing and getting on the bed wile flicking on the television.
"Aight then shut up you big fuckin meanie"
"Niya" I growled this time getting her attention.
"I'm not coming mean man." she said playing with lint on her pants. I jumped out of bed sick of her mouth and walked over to her picking up and throwing her on the bed.
"King, I hate you" she yelled at me when she tried to stand up and I pushed her down. She kept trying to push me and I wouldn't budge. She tried to crawl across the bed and I grabbed her foot, pulling her back to her original place. She tried to slap me and I grabbed her hand mid swing gripping it tightly while she squirmed. I could tell she was in pain, while I continued to squeeze her wrist.
"Don't say that" I said pushing her down and pointing in her face.
"I hate you King" She yelled again this time louder. "Fuck you nigga, you always think you a bitch daddy" She said swinging wildly hitting me all over my chest scratching all over me. "Stop it" I sadi grabbing both her hands in one hand and turning her over, smacking her ass hard enough to hear an echo.
"Now shut up" I said holding her tightly.
"No King," she said crying lightly."Look at all the shit you did to me, look at everythng you put me through. I fucked up but you got another bitch pregnant King, why would you do that" she said as tears fell down her eyes. "I hate that I have to look at her, I hate that you speak to her, that she calls you and you answer. I hate that you lied to me, all day all I've been thinking about is what is our relationship based on, because you didn't want me because you loved me. You wanted me to get back at Cash. This is a lie." she said pointing at her ring finger.
"You been thinking about shit all day, shut the fuck up Niya, think about the bullshit you did. You think I didn't think of what ever dumb as plan you and Sasha thought about huh? Your dirt came out too Niy, you ain't the only one hurt." I said screaming at her. She looked scared just like everytime we argued and I showed her an ounce of anger.
"I hate you and I don't want to marry you" she said saying words that dug into my chest like a knife and turned, creating a pain only Aniya could. I step back and looked at her. She grabbed her ring finger aggressively pulling at the ring tugging to slip it off and throwing it across the room. I never raised my hand to her until this day, I pulled my arm back and slapped the shit out of her. She flew straight to the ground holding her face like it was broken, I could see the blood seeping from her lip.
"Now you sit there and shut the fuck up. You hate me too fucking bad because I love you and I'm not letting you go ever. You're not going anywhere."

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They always say when youre under the influence the truth comes out and King ended up
slappin her ass. Sorry to say but thats what she gets tho.


I gotta know what happens next!

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I woke up the next morning, lying in my bed with a headache that split through my head. I don't remember much about last night, but I could feel the side of my face burning a hole through my soul. I set up and my body felt like I got into a fight with Mayweather and I did not win. I grunted turning over for King, but he wasn't there. I looked at the alarm clock it was already two forty five in the afternoon, how did I sleep this long without someone coming to wake me up. I looked over at the nightstand where a bottle of water and bottle of asprain was waiting for me. Thank god I had a man like King, only he cuold take care of me like this. I stood up and a burning sensation erupted through my body, I walked to the bathroom turning on the stand up shower and scrubbing my body from top to bottom. I wash in the shower letting the hot water relax my achin muscles. Letting the water run over my body even wetting my hair because I needed to wash everything. I turned around and King was standing there just starring at me like a killer, a look I only seen in his eyes once before, the night Cash shot up the party we were at.
"You scared the hell out of me King" I said placing my hand over my chest.
"The movers are bringing the stuff from the old house and Zane and Lia are here also." he said while I stepped out the shower wrapping a towel around my body. His vibe was off, someting was going on with him. He was cold, like when we first got together and I was staying at his house. He was different like the person he never showed me.
"Oh wow, you got alot done already" I said starting to brush my teeth as he starred at me through th mirror. "What King?" I said turning towards him while he starred at me.
"You need to stop fuckin drinkin" he mumbled towards me when we heard our bedroom door open then walk away.
"Mommy" Zane yelled running towards me. I ran to him wrapping my arms around him tightly while we hugged.
"I missed you" I said kissing his cheeks.
"I miss you too" he said pulling away from me. "I love my room, it's the best" he said when we walked into the main room.
"Well did you thank Daddy" I said smiling at King who had a look of hate across his face. "Go with Daddy and I'm gonna get dressed then make you and your sister some lunch." I said tightening my towel.
"Okay mommy" he said grabbing Kings hand and pulling him away.

I walked in the closet and pulled on a pair of jogging shorts and wife beater, then I decided to pull my wavy hair into a messy bun on the top of my head. I placed on my fendi slippers and headed downstairs where Rell was in the kitchen whispering. I over heard a few words, but the last thing I heard was I love you and I'll see you late. He turned around and saw me and I shook my head, and he decided to give me a mean mug for a second more like a "mind your business" look.
"Hey drunkie" he said lightening the mood.
"Was I that bad last night?" I said looking in the refridgerator, while the movies moved throughout the whole house. It felt good that things were getting back ot normal in the new house, couldn't wait to have my closet full of all my clothes.
"Worst, you really pissed King off" he said taking a seat at the island.
"Did I do something?" I sadi pulling out all the makings of a sandwhich.
"You said something"
"Something like what?" I asked looking at my hand and noticing that my ring was missing. "Shit" I said under my breathe, King was already in one of his moods, I didn't want to add fuel to the fire.
"Just know that, drunken words are sober thoughts." he said shaking his head and standing up.
"Okay well since you want to talk in rddles, atleast tell me how I got a bruise on my face and ass." I said listening while Lia and Zane played in the play room.
"Ask him" Rell said pointing towards King who was standing in the door way.
King walked in the kitchen and grabbed a water, ignoring me completely so I didn't mention anything to him. He walked towards me and decided to stand right behind me, breathing down my neck and I hope that he did't notice my ring wasn't on my finger. Rell gave a nod then walked out and I was confused, but continued to make sandwhiches for the kids.
"Did you want one?" I asked feeling a little subconcious about myself.
"Yea" he said lightly, barely over a whisper, but I could still hear the attitude under his whisper.
"Why are you giving me the cold shoulder?" I said slamming down my hands on the counter. He walked around me to the other side of the island, starring at me like he was starring through me. He just starred at me like he had nothing to say, just watched me like he was reading my soul.
"Last night" he spoke calmly, but I saw his jaw flenching with each breathe.
"Okay, well I don't remember last night, but if theres something I said or I did I'm sorry" I said starring in his eyes, but his look was icy cold. He stood there watching me and I began to fidget crossing my arms hoping he would stop looking at me like he had no attachment to me. "You're not going to speak?" I said after another moment of akward silence. Still no response, I gave a heavy sigh and continued making sandwhiches.
After I finished I took the sandwhiches to Lia and Zane, giving them each a juice telling them not to make a mess. I walked back into the kitchen to start cleaning up and King was eating still had the same look on his face. Still acted the same way, I just decided that I would ignore him and not pay him any mind.
"Did you do this?" I said pointing to my face after I was finish cleaning the mess I made. He leaned back throwing his napkin on his plate and starred at me. "Huh?" I said becoming a little louder. "You said you would never hit me" I said while tears began to swell in my eyes, but I was determine to hold them back.
"Don't play the victim" he said softly, but stern.
"King, why would you hit me?" I asked starring in his eyes, looking for some type of emotion, but nothing was there.
"Shut up" he said in one tone that surprised, he reminded me of Cash. How heartless and evil he was, no he was worst then Cash because I knew he actually meant it.
"King, I'm sorry about last night I was drunk" I said wishing that I remembered, but then I didn't want to know if I remembered or not. "But to treat me like this now, is childish" I said becoming angry. "You hit me, if anyone should be mad, it should be me" I said pointing to the side of my face. He stood up and walked over to me, his hands were clenched into fist, I didn't know what he was going to do, but I knew what he was capable of and it wasn't pretty.
"You know what you said to me yesterday, the words that left your mouth yesterday" he said through clenched teeth backing me to the cabinets. "HUH? You not wearing your ring today, you want to know why, you took it off and threw it. Telling me you don't want to be with me. Now you want to sit here and play victim you lucky that's all I did." he said breating through his nose like a bull.
I stood there in shock, I didn't know what to say, I idn't even remember it. All I remember is wanting to get into the pool.
"Where is my ring?" I said after a short moment of silence.
"Oh you want it back now huh?" he said stepping back and chuckling.
"King give me my damn ring?" I said becoming aggressive.
"Or fuckin what?" he said low, but assertive. Once again his jaw started to do that dance, started to flex and rotate, I knew what time it was.
"Nevermind King," I said trying to defuse the situation as soon as possible.
"That's what I fckin thought"he said placing both hands on each side of me.
"King, you don't have to be mean to me okay. I fucked up I get it. I just want to do whatever it takes to make us better." I said in a soft voice.
"We'll see" he said taking a step from me right before Zane and Lia walked in holding there plates and juices. "Lil man" King said picking Zane up and grabbing his plate out of his hand. "What ya'll up to?" he asked Lia while she threw away her plate.
"Nothing," she said in a sweet voice.
"Yall want to go to the park?"
"Yea" both kids screamed getting excited.
"AIght, go get your shoes on" he said getting them out the kitchen. "I expect dinner on the table when we get back." he said before exiting and walking away.

Sasha Chapt 61 cont..
I was playing with Jayla in the back yard while Pablo built her new bed set in her room, when I heard the door bell. I took her to the kitchen and handed her a bowl of grapes while I went to go answer the door.
"I got it babe" I said while Pablo stood at the top of the steps, just to see who it was before he went back to work. "Hey" I said when I saw Khia standing at the door. I haven't seen her in a while, but we kept in touch and talked a few times a week. "What you doin here?" I said while Pablo gave me a nod and returned to Jayla's room.
"I have a messaged" she said sitting down in the sitting room.
"From?" I asked confused.
"Sauce" she said making my face go into an immediate stank face.
"About?" I said wondering why I even was wasting my time entertaining this bullshit.
"Nikki" and that immediately caught my attention. I don't know what Nikki had to do with Sauce, but if she was anywhere near him I would have to kill him with my bare hands.
"I'm listening" I said folding my legs.
"Well Sauce said that if you and Niya come back, he'll let Nikki and her baby go without a problem." she said getting straight to the point.
"I thought Nikki was with Cash" I said becoming confused.
"Not at all Cash gave that up, now he's just the owner and Sauce got all the girls. I work for Sauce and it's hell, I tried to stop Nikki, but she wouldn't listen she was grown and she knew what she was doin. Now she on Sauce arm, in this world and she don't know nothing thinking it's all cool cuz the money's nice."
"Mommy I'm finished" Jayla cameinto the room interrupting my thoughts.
"I guess I'll be goin" Khia said giving Jayla a smile and standing up.
"Yea, set up a meeting" I said as I walked her to the door.
"For when?" she asked when I opened the door.
"Aight see you later, give Pablo my love" she said as I closed the door behind.

Later that Night
After the day passed and Jayla played her little heart out with me, Pablo finished her new white castle bed set and she was in her own little world. I cooked dinner and like a real family we ate together and had a nice night in. Even through my mind was somewhere else, I still valued my time with the people I love. Pablo was in his office handling some business with his Sports club that's opening is next week.
"Everything's good?" I asked when he plopped on the bed sitting right next to me.
"It's getting there" he said snatching the remote and turning to something he wanted to watch. "Jayla's still wide awake" he said smiling.
"I know, she loves her new room"
"Yea, what did Khia come over for?" he said pulling my head onto his lap while he watched Criminal Minds. I could never really get into it because it was gruesome and scared the hell out of me.
"Ohh" I said getting up forgetting I had to talk to him about it, because I was too busy making my own plans. "I thought that Cash had my little sister to find out Sauce has her and she's pregnant not by Cash, but by Sauce. Why did you lie?"
"That's what I was told?" he said speaking calm, but I could tel that it was about to go down. "I'm sorry I'm gonna figure this all out" he said wrapping his arm around my stomach and leaning over to kiss me.
"You got a week, and after that Pablo I don't give a fuck I'm doin what I gotta do" I said taking a deep breathe.
I wanted to tell him so bad about the meeting, but I couldn't bring myself to tell him. I figured tha I would jst hold it off until what he decided to do. I never wanted to hide anything, but if he heard about me going to see Sauce, he would not approve of it at all. I snuggled closer to him enjoying our moment as it was, hoping to never lose our family.

King Chapter 61 cont....

When I came back from the park with the kids, like I expected Niya was in the kitchen finishing up a nice dinner for the family. After we played for awhile and I taught Zane how to catch a foot ball, I took the kids out for ice cream ignoring all of Niya's text because I was still feeling some type of way about things from last night. I knew Niya was hurting, I didn't care that she was feeling some type of way, honestly she had all rights too I fucked up. The fact that she was holding this anger towards me, lying next to me hating me. She could have told me, I've been begging her for years to just talk to me. She held in like she could get over it, she held it in like she wasn't feeling. That's why made me hreatless towards her, that's what made me angry with her and turned a cold shoulder.
"Niya, Niya" Lia yelled running through the house. "Daddy brought us ice cream" she said holdng up what was left of the cone.
"Really cuz I cooked and I hope you hungry." Niya said looking at me like she had something to say, but opted not to.
I watched her set up dinner and make all of our plates including Rell and when we were finished she cleaned up. She was extra quiet barely speaking and walking around like she didn't want to do or something that might set me off. I felt bad for hitting her, but got beside myself from the bullsit she said to me. Yall know I never really ever put my hands on Niya I wasnt Cash and she didn't deserve that, but I was mad ass hell. I know that don't justify it, but I need her to understand what we built and what we have is forever.
I went to the theatre while she handled the children and sparked up a niiice blunt, you know I been needing this all day. I let the herbs feel my lungs and run through my body sending me to my zone. Tomorrow I had to go to the studio to work on another record, even thrugh I had a studio downstairs. I began making moves over my iphone, and turned on the cameras that was set up throughout the house. I watched Niya play with Lia in her room, both of them holdin Barbies and walking with them. Here Niya was once again acting like nothing was wrong, everything was okay. I remember when we first started dating how I could read her like a book, did so much time past that I stop paying attention to her. Was I part of the blame too, did I stop caring how I use to because so much was happening. I watched her pull out of her phone and began texting, after she finished she got Lia ready for bed tucking her in peacefully then leaving the room and going to check on Zane, who's room was right next to Lia's.
She walked to the bedroom, sitting in our sitting room and just sitting there. I could tell she as in deep thought as she starred off in space and shook her head as her phone with off. She texted whoever back and threw the phone back, she went back to her deep thoughts as her leg bounced up and down. I sparked another blunt once again smoking away my inner emotions, times like this Niya reminded me of my mother and father. I remember how my father could read a man just by staring at him, but with my mom he could never know he exact emotion. He told me thas what made him love her the way he did, honestly now I understand. I saw her pull off all her clothes and stare at herself in her vanity mirror. She looked over her whole body, I know lately she been insecure about her weight, but I loved my women thick and Niya wore it well. She squeezed her stomach and I laughed at her silliness. She went bck to the bathroom, and I decided to put the rest of my L up and get me a snack.
Yeah a nigga had the serious munchies and of course Niya made sure the pantry was filled with everything I loved. I grabbed a pack of oreos, a can of pringles, a fruit snack that was suppose to be for the kids, but I always ended up eating a few packs, a bottle of water, a can of soda, and a few snickers. I caught the elevator to our quarters and walked in the room while Niya set on the bed lotioning her legs and humming while the television played a Trey Songz video.
I laughed a little, I can't even lie a nigga was high ass hell to the point where I was silly. I flopped down in the sitting area and turned on the television to Thor and began watching it. Niya stood up and disappeared to the closet while I ate like a fat kid. I laughed to the point I cried, and Niya came out wearing a long white tee and old sweats.I didn't plan on fucking her, but she culd have came out in something a little more sexy. She always wore somethin cute to bed even if it was simple.
"You sleeping like that?" I asked while she climbed on to the bed. it was cute seeing her small frame climb on the bed. She turned to me and just looked at me, like she was a child being punished. "Go change" I said not even giving her a second look. She gave a sigh and walked back into the closet. I knew this was mean, but I had to teach her a lesson adn she had to understand what was going on between us.
I finished off my pack of oreos and soda wishing I grabbed a milk instead, that's that high shit I said laughing to myself. Niya came out wearing my polo pajama button up. I could see the bottom of her ass popping out the bottom with her boy shorts. My dick immediately stood up wanting attention. No matter what I was not fucking her tonight, I was gonna show her who was boss.
Once again she climbed on the bed and her ass was lookin extra sexy, can't help to stare at her while she climbed on my side of the bed then crawled to her side pulling the covers up and gettng under them. She curled up and moved around a little before falling asleep. I finished my movie and I knew I was still a little high, but it went down alot because I was stuck in that chair as Puss and Boots came on.
I turne off the television strippng down to my boxers, too tired to take a shower, and got in bed right behind Niya. I didn't even reach out and touch her, something I always did, I turned my back to her, something I never did and began dozing off when I heard light sniffle. Damn here she go crying knowng that made a nigga weak, I tried to ignore her, but ya'll know I'm a better man then that.
"Niya," I said in a low grumble.
"Yea" she said trying to sound normal.
"Stop it" I said reaching my arm behind me and squeezing her hip.
"Okay" she said snuffling. After awhile I began to doze off, but I could feel Niya still awake, I hope she still wasn't crying. I rolled over and pulled her into me scarring her half to death. I felt her face softly and I could feel the tear fall from her eyes. I squeezed her tightly as I pulled her into me and she began crying more.
"Niy didn't I tell you to stop crying" I don't like tha tshit. I said into her ear lightly biting it. She didn't say anything back just began balling like a baby. "Come on Niya stop it."
"You don't love me anymore, I tried to apologize and you wouldn't listen, you acted like you wanted to hit me again, you talkin to me like you hate me, you ignored me all dinner." she said now with a full cry and sob. "I don't know what I did, I don't know what I got into, I don't understand how I made you this mad. I swear I'm sorry and I won't do it again, I'm soo sorry if you want me to stop drinking I promise I will" she said pouring her heart out.
"I'm not mad at that shit, stop crying" I said feeling my heart break as the shorty I loved poured her heart to me.
"No, you won't even give me my ring back." she said wiping her cheeks like a big kid.
"Look at me" I said wiping a few tears, but she wouldn't budge. "Niya, look at me" I said again this time pulling away from her and she tried to snuggle back under me. It was crazy how her small body always ended up under mines when we slept, every morning I would wake up with her clenching herself to me or under me. It was like a puppy sometimes I loved it through I know I can't sleep well if she not with me.
I laid on my back and patted my thighs signaling for her to get on top, she postioned herself right on my waist where my mans met her opening. He was all to excited to be home again, i had to catch my breathes and relax just to keep myself from making love to my girl. That was my way of showing her how much I truly felt with her, cuz you know I be fucking up sometimes. Niya began to draw on my chest avoiding eye contact wiht me, I grabbed both her hands and she looked to her left gazing out the door while a few more tears dripped from her eyes onto my chest.
"Niya please stop" I said softly gripping her neck and turning her face towards me.
"You never treated me like this" she said sniffling. "Never you reminded me of him" she said in a soft voice.
"I'm not him, I've never been him, but Niya the shit you said and did yesterday was unforgiveable. Not because what you did or said, but because you been holding it in for sooo long. We don't keep secrets not us, we face everything head on and you been feeling so strongly about some things and never once been honest. You faking us, have me thinking that we happy and we not."
"You're happy and that's all that matters to me."
"No, it's not I want you to be happy and if you not happy tell me. You're emotions been crazy lately and you won't even tell me the problem when I ask you. That's not you Niy and that's not us we always talk, even if we screaming and yelling we make sure our feelings for things are clear to one another."
"I kno" she said in a light voice.
"I know we're going through alot of shit right now and I know that things between are rocky, but Niy you need to talk to me. I don't care how you feel, I don't care how bad things get between us, you talk to me. You hear me, you talk to me. Niya you know what you do to me, you're my everything. Everything I've wanted and everything I need, but I be damned if you sit here unhappy, you was unhappy when you met and I'm tryna change that completely." I said while she bite her lip and played with her knucles.
"I'm sorry" she spoke after a few minutes of silence.
"I don't want you to be sorry, I want you to be happy."
"Im trying to be happy and it's so hard, like we've gone through soo much stuff and it's like everytime I turn around it's something new. Then we argue and have sex and everything is forgiven. Even through I still feel some type of way it's like I have to get over it and I honestly don't be over it. I hate having to act like everyhing is perfect, like I'm not hurting" she said while tears slide from her eyes with ease. "I just want to be at peace, but everytime I turn around theres something new that's going down. I never have time to get over anything, I just have to act like it's all good all the time." she said lettin her soul out to me.
"I never force you to get over anything, I be feelin shit too Niy. I don't hold on to it because bad times don't last, bu if you're ever feeling some way you come speak to me." I sadi placing both of my hands on her waist. "I'm sorry for hitting you" I said picking up her chin and making her stare at me. "You kow I don't like hurting you, but yesterday you hit a spot in my chest" I said lightly leaning forward and kissing her.
She began grinding against me and I know Ihad to slow or down or I was going all the way. After we kissed a little more like teenagers, and she begged for me to put it in. I decided that it was time for us to go to sleep. I wrapped my arm around her waist as she snuggled against my chest and fell asleep instantly. I knew she was at peace for the first time in a long time and that made me feel at ease.
I woke up the next morning around five and I had to be to the studio at seven so I had to start getting ready. I pulled away from Niya and just like she always did, she pulled me back. I laughed as she buried her body into mines, her eyes were still close so I knw she was still sleeping.
"No" se whined a little when I began to pull her arms from around me.
"I gotta go to the studio" I said standing up and pulling away from her. She cuddled under the cover and rolled over. I hopped in the shower getting the water to wake my body up. I finished showering and wrapped the towel around my body when Niya ran in, headed straight to the shower. She set down moaning while she peed and watched me brush my teeth. She stood up and flushed the toilet, then began to walk back towards the bedroom. I rinsed my mouth out with cold water then grabbed her and picked her up, while I nesteled my face into her neck.
I stood about three feet from the bed and threw her on the bed, laughing as she screamed when she landed. She placed her hands over her face as she began to laugh, a laugh that always brought joy to my soul.
"Oh my god, you scared me" she said placing her hand over her chest.
"You know I got you" I said giving her a wink and walking to the closet.
I began looking for something to wear, I can finally say I'm officially moved in. All my clothes was placed in my closet, and I could get flee, because I've been on my bummy shit and that ain't poppin. I placed on the rest of my lotion and pullin on a pair of Gucci brefs. I placed on a pair of tru Religions and a black long sleeve Vampire Life shirt with Red words. I placed on my black and white red bottom sneakers then added my jewlery. I looked at myself in the mirror smiling as I brushed my waves and pulled out two ten thousand stacks placing one in my pocket and walking into the bedroom. I grabbed one of my old Timberland boxes stacked with Cash, still had dope boy hanbits.
I walked in the bedroom where Niya was sitting up watching The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air and laughing. I threw the box on the side of her and turned to the news, catching up on the world's events.
"Babe I don't like Timbs, I only wear them when somethins going down." Niya said pushing the box.
"Open the box" I said shaking my head and laughing. She opened it and began laughing her ass off, picking up stacks and smiling.
"What's this for? and why did you have it in a shoe box, you're not a dope boy anymore." she said crawling over to me and planting a kiss on my cheek.
"It's for shopping for our anniversary trip, you need to buy some new swim clothes," I said completely ignoring her second statement.
"Ohhh where are we going?" she said getting excited.
"Island hoppin" I said standin up and getting ready to head out. I walked into the bathroom and sprayed myself with Sean John unforgivable.
"You want me to cook you something before you go?" Niya asked as I headed to her.
"Nah, I'll pick something up." I said sitting on the bed right beside. I didn't understand why everytime I got out of the bed she decided to move to my side. "Niy" I said leaning over and kissing the side of her face. She wrapped both arms around me and kissed all over me.
"Yes" she said as my hand slide up and down the side of her body.
"I love you" I whispered against her neck and kissed it lightly.
"I love you too King" she said as my hand fell on her breast and began to squeeze. She giggled, and I could feel her body temperature, rising and I knew it was that time for me to leave or shit would go down.
I stood up giving her one last kiss, before heading out to the kitchen and making a bowl of cereal. After finishing my bowl and grabbing a handful of grapes and bottle of water I headed out the door. Hopping into my all black Aston Martin, as Niya stood on our blacony waving to me, I honked the horn and blew her a kiss before speeding to the studo. Live was feeling good right now and I can't complain.

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yes! 2 great adds! add again soon!

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Niya Chapter 62

I was walking through the house, about to get Zane and Lia ready for the day, when I bumped into Rell. He looked at me and I looked at him, but could tell something was up, he held car keys in his hands.
"Where you goin?" I asked crossing my arms, blocking his way.
"Niya, I'm not fuckin you and you're not my mother I don't have to answer to your ass." he said placing on his jacket.
"Ohhhh, so I guess you're going to see your side bitch. Carry on" I said giving him a look of disappointment and pushing past him. Sometimes he got on my fucking nerves. I was going to have to talk to King about this shit.
"Babes wake up" I said walking into Zanes room and sitting on his bed. He groaned and skirmed as I tickled him, waking him up, I leaned down and gave him a few kisses on his face.
"Mommy it's early" he said wiping his face as I laid down right next to him.
"It's nine o' clock, and we have to go sign you up for school." I said pulling the cover from over him.
"School" he said lighting up like it was Christmas.
"Yea," I said giggling as he jumped up.
We walked to his bathroom which connected to Lia's room and he began brushing his teeth as I helped him wash his face. He was so excited and talking my ear off, that I didn't even notice my phone ringing. We walked to Lia's room, where she was lying on her bed watching television and texting. She was twelve going on thirteen in a month in a half who she was texting I had no idea at all.
"Come on Lia, we going to run errands" I said as Zane ran to her bed and jumped on it.
"I sign up for school today" Zane said jumping up and down. "Sissy I'm a big kid like you" he said making Lia smile.
"I see, now get off my bed" she said laughing and standing up heading to her close because she was now a fashionista. I walked back to Zanes room and asked him, what he wanted to wear because he was developing his own style. He grabbed a pair of jeans and button up lumberjack shirt and his all black ACG boots. I laughed because he dressed just like his dad would, both of my men were Divos. I helped him get washed up and dressed, while Lia did her thing in her room. We walked downstairs where I started making them bowls of cereal and waffles.
"How I look?" Lia said entering the kitchen wearing a pair jeans with black and pink jordans, her black and pink Lady Gaga shirt and leather jacket.
"You look aight" Zane commented while eating his bowl of cereal.
"I look cute, right Niya" she said sitting down next to her brother with her face and hand glued to her phone. I was about to ask who she was talking to, but then my phone vibrated signaling I had a text message.
"You look adorable, I'm going to finish getting dressed when I come down we're leaving so hurry up." I said cleaning up the mess in the kitchen then heading to my bedroom. The text wasn't from nobody, but King telling me he love me. It was the settle small things he did, that always caught my attention.
I placed on a pair of skinny jeans that I had to slither my body into and dance around in to zipper up. I placed on a white wife beater that said J'Adore Dior in black letters and a black blazer. After I placed on a pair of black suede red bottoms with a dougble platform and a large Louis Vutton Patent leather duffle bag fitting all the stacks King had in the box in the bag, adding all the things I usually kept in my purse. After pinning my hair up in a bun on the top of my head I applied some mascarra and eyeliner keepin it simple. Adding a pair of heavy pearls and my diamond studs I was ready to go. I picked up my phone that's been ringing off the hook and saw that I missed two texts and a phone call from King.
"Niy" King said picking up the phone usuing his authority voice, that always intimidated me a little.
"I was getting dressed in the bathroom" I said spraying myself with Gucci perfume that King brought me to match his Gucci cologne. After I looked over one myself one more time and added Mac lip gloss I was ready to go.
"Ohh you bout to head out?" he asked as people talked in the back.
"Yea go get Zane registered for school and all that good stuff, then go shopping, oh yea I told Sasha I would swing by there for a while." I said turning off all the lights when Lia began calling for me.
"Ight, well answer my texts bae"
"I am babe, I promised, but I'm leaving the room now Lia is becoming in patient with me" I said giggling.
"Yo, you in the room?" King asked me catching me off guard.
"Yea," I said laughing.
"Two things, before I get off the phone with your ass take a picture of what you wearing and send it to my phone. And look in my night stand and get that." he said while music began playing in the background. "I gotta go, but I love you ma and you betta send that pic my way." he said before disconnecting the call.
I laughed as I walked towards his night stand and openedthe drawer, there was my ring sitting on his bible waiting for me to put it on. I didn't hesitate to slip my ring on and flash a smile as I stood in our large mirror and took a picture holding up my hand showing off my ring.
I walked down stairs where Lia and Zane were waiting for me as the watched television in the livingrooom. I walked into the kitchen and lia must have cleaned up or me because everything was put away.
"Niya I love your outfit," Lia said as we walked through the house cutting off all the lights. "I love the way your dress."
"Thank you, now which car you want to take" I said placing on the house alarm and locking the door.
"Can we take the Bentley" Lia said smiling as I walked towards the Bentely and opened the door for Zane to get in and buckling him up. I hoped in the car pressing the start button and placing the keys down.
"Niya I love the way you dress" Lia said as we cruised down the streets of the suburbs. "It's like Sex in the City Carrie meets Nicki Minaj, it's like swag meets sass" Lia said. "I can't wait until I grow up and start dressing like you" she said looking out the window. "Dad don't let me wear anything, it's like he dresses me like dress Prince" she said suckig my teeth.
"Girl, he don't even like hte way I dress when I go outside. He still tries to dress me" I sad hopping on the high way.
"But you get to wear heels, and dresses."
"One day you'll be able to, too" I said pulling up to the school.
"I'm sick of being the only girl in my class who can't wear make up, or can't wear skirts, or even wear shoes that don't look like I'm going to church."
"Oh lord girl, don't do that I'm going to feel guilty and your dad is going to yell at me."
"It's true Niya, like my mom only listens to King if he say I can't wear it. She says I don't wear it and she dresses like an old woman." Lia said complaining as if her life depended on it.
"How about today you come shopping with me and Sasha today, and if we see something I buy it for you?" I asked pulling up into the school parking lot.

After spinning atleast an hour in the school, signing Zane up and taking a walk through watching how hyper he was. He couldn't wait to start school, next semester and I couldn't wait to let him ineract with other kids. Lia acted like she weren't enertained with the school, as she texted as no tomorrow. I had to remember that next Monday we were going to have to come back so he can tak a few test to see where his mental levels were. After hopping back in the car we headed to Sasha house, to drop Zane off and go out. I text King telling him I was going to bring Lia out shopping with Sasha and I, and he was cool with that.

"Hi Lia" Sasha said hopping in the car while I began to pull back off. Me and Zane walked into Sasha house, while Lia decided to wait for me in the car.
"Hey Mrs. Sasha" Lia said smiling as she set behind me.
"You hanging with the big girls today huh?" Sasha said smiling and applying lip gloss.
"Yea, she been complaing about her wardrobe."
"Ohh I rememeber those days LOL, I won't be going through this with Jayla she's going to be in sweats for the rest of her damn life." Sasha said turing up the radio as a Drake and Nicki Minaj song played. We rode to 5th Ave ready to shop our asses off.

We first went to saks and headed straight to the swim suit section, I grabbed this slver metallic monokin which was a halter that wrapped around the stomach. As Sasha look for things, that she thought would look nice one me, Lia looked around like she was in heavan.
"Lia you find anything?" I asked afer grabbing about three swim suits
"Yea I like these two." she said holding up to, as Sasha walked towards up holding up three that she found for me.
I walked to the fitting room and began trying on outfits when a sales associate came to help assist when she realized I was spending big money and not petty dollars. She offered me and sasha glasses of champaign as she gave us a V.I.P station. It's funny how money make bitches friendly, I thought as I tried on a swim suit tht Sasha picked out. It was a string that went up my ass crack and seperated into two strings that tied around my body connecting to a small bikini top that tied around my neck. It left absolutely nothing to the imagination, this would have to be for King's private collection. I didn't even step out of the spacious Dressing room, I told them to come in.
"Oh shit" Sasha said laughing as I posed in the bikini.
"whereis the rest of it?" Lia asked blusing like she never saw a females body.
"This is how it' suppose to be" I said spinning around giving them a full view of the ass, that look like it swallowe the string.
"King, gonna be hyped when he see this" Sasha said sipping the rest of her champaign.
"Hell yea" I said looking down at my body in the mirror, even through I was a little thicker then when we first met. I must admit my body was still sick, I smiled while the sales associate began grabbing swim suits I was going to purchase and ones I didn't care too much for.
"I can't believe you're going to wear that swimsuit, your entire butt was out Niya" Lia said aswe began looking through summer dresses.
"After you lived the life I lived, showing off your body comes natural and King loves my body" I said passing the sales associate one more stripped beach dress and made that my last dress I was going to be getting.
"Is it true that you use to be a stripper?" Lia said looking through the dresses.
"Where did you here that from?" I asked starring at Sasha gave me the "You're on your own" look and I knew I had to be careful with my next words.
"Well mediatakeout said it, and bossip said it too, then I saw yall on E one day. I just don't understand why you did that. I could never take my clothes off for money, I'm sooo skinny" she said placing her head down like she was embarassed.
"You're still developing, you think I looked like this my whole life. When Sasha met me, I was short and shapeless and I can't forget I was chunky. I had a growth spurt and this and that came." I said placing up a cover up that match one of the swim suits I was planning on wearing.
"You're time wll come where you will develope into a gorgeous young women, then a full blown woman. but if you don't come to think you're beautiful now, you'll never genuinely appreciate it when you're done developing." Sasha said giving her some older sister advice. I don't know how Sasha did it, but she always knew what to say. Sasha was the older sister I never had and I'm greatful for her.
"I just wish boys looked at me, like they look at you Niya" she said placing her head down.
"Baby not all attention is good attention and if you don't learn the difference you'll be attracting attention from all the wrong people." Sasha said looking off and I could tell she was thinking about Nikki at that moment.
"Look I've done alot of things in my life, but I can tell you is that the thing I'm most proud of is finding a man that loves and respects me and when you get that all the attention in the world won't equal up to the way you feel when you finally found someone that special. Enjoy growing up and enjoy the innocence because when you seen it all and done it all, you'll just want to go back to the simple things of life." I said texting king back after he sent me a third text asking why I wasn't responding.
"It's different through when I go to school all the boys are looking and all the boys treat me like I'm one of them. I don't want to be a boy, I like getting my nails done and dressing up. I jus twant to do the things I want to do Niya" Lia said looking through the racks.
"Look how bout this, how bout after we finish shopping for the trip, we go buy you a few things get your nails done and feet done and me you and Sasha have a girls night out. We can drink apple cider, and watch all the girl movies, and eat until we burst." i said hoping to cheer her up.
"really?" she said lightiing up.
"Yea, just Sasha you and I" I said looking up at Sasha.
"Yup just us" Sasha said smiling at me while we walked around.
After buying almost a whole new wardrobe in saks from lingerie, to beach hats, swim suits, dresses, pants, purses, and shoes (you know I had to buy a few red bottoms lol). I spent more then forty grand in saks, I know it was a large amount, but it was nothing compared to the money King was making. He gave me atleast a hundred thousnd this morning just to give me somethin to do today. Sasha didn't hesitate to spend a few dollars herself, I guess it's the life we lived bcause going back broke wasn't an option for us. This the life we weren't meant to have, the better things, so what we look like settling. It was crazy we were two strippers with the sadest stories, but some how we live the most extravgant lives. Bags that cost more then rent, shoes that can count for a salary, vacations, and being able to afford the best was something, I wouldn't trade for the world.
It was crazy how spoiled I was when it came to King, he didn't spare an expense with anything when it came to his family. Walking the streets of New York was crazy, Kim Kardasian was in town and paparrazi was out, once they saw the ring on my finger they went crazy immediately snapping pictures acting crazy. I kept it friendly as I placed my sunglasses on and held Lia's han as we walked through the crowded streets.
We walked into this cute boutiq that was simple and started looking for little things for Lia to have, that made her feel a little older. She picked up a pencil skirt and showed it to me and Sasha, it looked like a halter top with how short it was. I must admit it was cute and simple and I saw a blazer and picked up a peach blazer that looked just like the one I was wearing today. She lite up as I picked up a turquios one, then a mellow yellow one and handed them to her to try on. I handed her a few pairs of skinny jeans with a few cute tops, then we headed to the shoe secton as much as she tried to convince me to buy her a pair of heels. I still said no picking out a cute pair of pointy toe shoes, that was cute. She grabbed a few more dresses and skirts, with five pairs of flats and we were done. But not before picking up almost a hundred dollars of cute jewlery that was at the stand. Somehow she talked me into buying her a two piece, that she saw and fell in love with. It was pink with leopard print that wrapped around her neck. her second swim suit was a black monokini that was badazzled with diamonds around the neck with two holes on each side of her sides and her back was cut low. She thank me after her and Sasha convinced me to buy promising that it was not going to leave our house and she'll only wear it in the backyard pool. It was crazy how I spent almost a few grand and she was smiling like no tomorrow.
That smile was always priceless, I thought as we went and picked up King's rolex from the jewlery store. It was part one of King's anniversary gift, would you believe we were going on five years long as time, alot of drama between those years but we were making it. And after last night, I finally had a reason to smile, I had a man that cared, he didn't just love me or adore me he genuinenly cared abotu me. Part two was going to be the tattoo I was getting the day after tomorrow, and part three would be the pictures Joeseph was going to take of my new tattoo while wearng this rolex. I was explaining the gift idea to Lia and Sasha when Sasha phone ringing and by the look on her face, I could tell it was a serious call as she walked away from the table. We continued to eat, then headed to get our nails done when Pablo agreed to Keep Prince over night so we could just have a simpe girls night out. It was my turn to call King and get him to stay in the room for the night so the girls could have there girls not out.

King chapter 62 cont...

I was in the studio working on Fabolous new mix tape, as I text Niya and Dior. Yea Dior and I was having our problems, but she still was carrying my seed and I wasn't going to just sit around and play her out. She was apologizing for how she been acting and that she didn't want to be treated like a nobody or just a nanny to the child she wanted to give our child a chance to have stability without drama. And I had to respect that because I didn't want any animosity between her and Niya, I would talk to her about things tonight. I planned on not having sex with Niya until we were on our Yacht headed to our island home. Then I would blow her back out, an she would be hooked on me once again, hoply I would closed his distance that been beteen us lately.
"Yo man, this shit going to be fire" Fab said coming out the both as he just laid down a sick verse.
"Hell yea" i said stretching while my phone began ringing. I watched Niya name flash across the screen and I immediatey answered placing down my Beats by dre head phones. "Yo" I spoke smoothly as Fab text on is phone.
"Daddy" Lia sweet voice rang.
"Where's your phone?" I asked hoping she didn' lose it because when it came to phones her and Niya knew how to run through them.
"It died while I was shopping with Niya" she said making me relax.
"Okay, did you have fun?"
"Yea, Niya brought sooooo many things. You're going to love them" she said excited nd I could hear Niya in the background telling her not to spoil the surprise.
"Really, is it something I can wear?" I said trying to figure out what Niya was getting me for our anniversary. This would be the first one we celebrated being an actual couple and together and happy.
"Daddy, I'm not suppose to tell you" she said in teh phone making me laugh.
"So what Niya's going to show me anyway so you mines well give me a hint" I said breaking Lia with ease. I had her built to the point she could never lie to me.
"Hello" I heard Niya interupt the phone conversation.
"Put Lia back on the phone" I said answering a text from Dior, saying she was headed to come see me, she wanted to have a late lunch since neither one of us ate yet.
"No, I know what you're doing and you're not going to use your daugther and squeeze information out of her that's just wrong" Niya said laughing.
"Whatever, what you doing punk?" I asked twirling arund in my chair to face Fab.
"Just finished shopping, went out for a little lunch and bout to head to the nail salon."
"Oh you just burning through the Timb box Niy" I said texting Dior back.
"Yo, tell Niy I said wassup" Fab said drinking some water and going over some lyrics.
"Fab said wassup" I said while Niya rambled. "But did you get everything you needed?"
"Ohhhh tell im I saw Emily and Chrissy at Saks today, we're going to have lunch one day next week. She picked out the prettiest dress today babe. I was going to buy it, but she fit into it soo muc better I just don't wnat to be out done." she said rambling on, like she always did.
"Niy," I said cutting her off before she got deeper into the conversation.
"Ohhh sorry babe" she said laughing. "I called you to tell you that we're having a girls night tonight and I'm sleeping in the theatre with Sasha and Lia."
"Hmmmm, so in other words I'm not gettin any" I said making her feel guilty even through I had no intentions on having sex with her.
"Really King" Niya said asking surprised.
"I guees, where's Prince?" I asked when Dior told me she was ten minutes away.
"Pablo have him for the night, he's sooo excited about starting school in the fall" Niya said as I heard paparazzi in teh background asking about the ring.
"Damn, paparzzi all over you," I said listening to all the cameras click in teh background.
"It' been like that all day, after they seen a glimpse of the ring and now millions of people are trying to tlak to me on twitter saying congratz and love the ring ugh" she said making me laugh. To be one of the hottest bitches out, she was soo humble and simple.
"Might be because I announced it on Twitter this morning" I said laughing because I knwo Niya was going to be mad. She didn't like sharing our business over the internet, but I was addicted to twitter.
"King" she yelled making me laugh.
"My bad, I had to"
"Whatever, definately won't be singing on the mic tonight" she said using a code to tell me she won't be pleasuring me at all. I knew it was a bluff, I could get it right now if I wanted and she knew it.
"Ummmm, really" I said leaning back an plaicng my foot on the edge of the table.
"You know me" she said in a cocky manner.
"I do know you, and I know you gonna pop that pussy for me. Talk is cheap," I said laughing as Fab rolled up a cigerello.
"Well you know I just look back at a nigga and tell him Daddy it's real" she said quoting her favorite lyrics. My shorty was in love with Drake, every time she dressed for something important she blasted all his songs making sure he was her motivation.
"Ohhh god" I said laughing when Dior sent me a text saying she was about to get on the elevator.
"Yea, well yall better not act a fool. I gotta go, I'll be home by about ten" I said trying to get Niya off the phone before Dior showed up.
"Okay I love you"
"Love you too" ahe said hanging up the phone right before Dior walked in.
"Hey" Dior said walking in after she knocked in my engineer opened the door.
"That ain't Niya" Fab said under his breathe making me laugh.
"Sup" I said standng up and Hugging Dior as I rubbed her stomach. I don't care Dior still had the look of a video girl with swag. Nothing compared to Niya and Fab made a point to tell me in subtle ways when she set down and made herself comfy on the chair behind me.
After Fab and I ran a few more verses we decided to take an hour break to get something to eat, he and everyone else left out while Dior and I ordered something from the Italian place down the block. It felt weird with us chillin solo because I was still feeling some type of way about the way she handled dinner.
"How's Niya, I tried to call her and she havent returned any of my phone calls." she asked sounding really concerned.
"She good just taking it one day at a time, that night was alot to take in" I said as she spinned around in the extra computer seat in the studio.
"Yea, I really didn't want to hurt her, I was just so mad at everyone judging, I was sick of everyone acting like everything was all god and they know it wasn't." she said looking around.
"Well everything done in the dark must come to the light, people aren't really mad at you, there mad at the way they had to find out some things, mad at the fact that they weren't able to tell there deepest darkest secrets, the way they wanted to." I said turning my chair to her.
"You're right, it's always easy talking to you" she said putting on a half smile and I smiled back.
I don't care what she did, she was always going to be my babymama and she was going to get treated as such. I know I knwo you're reading this wondering why I didn't treat her the way I treated Niya, or why I could be so heartless towards Niya and forgive her so easily. The answer is I love Niya that's my heart, but this bitch is a nobody that I had to keep on my team. So I had to butter her up make her feel good or she would try something sneaky. See the best ways to treat your enemies are to keep them on a tight lesh make them believe what you want them to, be able to manipulate them without them knowing and that's what I was doing with her. Hopefully by time my kid was three I would have full custody. I was putting in a plan, to eliminate this broad from the picture completely, she was a snake and I couldn't afford to have an eighteen year tie to her. Rigt now I had to get her to trust me, so I had to be as nice as possible.
"Yea, simple shit" I said rubbing my chin hairs.
They way she looked at me, I knew this look I seen the same look on hundreds of bitches. She wanted me, I leaned back and licked my lips and realized that she just didn't want me she desired me. I gave her a once over and today she was looking sexy with he long weave in deep curls, she wore a pair of jeans and button up and flats. It's funny that she didn't have nothing on Niya, I couldn't tell you why I fucked with her because Niya is bad, and Dior was so and so. I folded my arms behind my back as she began to blush and L dnew I should stop, but I was standing up before I was thinking. She was hungry for me immediately rubbing my legs up and down while I stood rihgt infront of her face. I grabbed her chin holding it tightly as my thumb pressed against on cheek adn my index finger pressed against the other chin.
"What you doin down there" I asked whn she began unbuckling my belt buckle. It was crazy I didn't even have to ask bitches anymore they just flocked. I swear niggas only dreamed of living the life I was living, both my arms was at my side as I watched her slip down my zipper and began taking out my mans.

Later that Night,
I don't think I want to talk about what happened with Dior ass in the studo, don't give me that look I knwo I'm with Niya ass. Stop assuming shit you don't know what we did, okay since you don't believe me I'm just gonna go on with the story because this is some fucking bullshit. Yall must be Niya fans with the way ya'll treating me. Well anyway it was nine o' clock when I left the studio tired as fuck because we laid a few tracks working none stop and smoking. I was feeling a nice vibe when I pulled up to the crib, forgetting all about girls night out until Niya text me that my food was in the microwave and to grab it and head to the room. How was she sending my ass to the room like I was on punishment.
I walked in the house, heading straight for the kitchen because a nigga was hungry when I looked outside and saw Sasha, Niya and Lia all sitting in lawn chairs next to the pool stretched out. I walked outside cuz I had to knwo what was going on, why the fuck did my elevan year old daughter have on a swim suit looking like she was in a Lil Wayne video while she held a glass of champaigh with her hair and make up done. It was light but I could see the mascara and lip gloss. then to top it off just like Niya, Lia had a bun in on the top of her hair. Now call me crazy, yall know me best, yall know I'm crazy, but why the fuck did my daughter look like she was at French Montana's Pop That video.
"Niya what the fuck?" she said standing up and walking over to me seeing the disappointment on my face.
"It's not what you think, King you're over reacting" she said before I could get a word out.
"Why is my twelve year old daughter dressed like a fucking stripper and drinking."
"Oh cool it papi, it's a one piece and she's drinkig apple cider" Sasha said holding up a bottle. I looked at Niya who was a tad bite afraid of how I was going to respond. I shook my head and turned to walk away, I was annoyed but I wouldn't ruin the time Niya nd Lia was having because I wanted them to be able to get along. I just didn't want Niya to think that she had to be Lia's friend instead of a parental figure.
"babe, I told her she's only allowed to wear it here with the family, not to take it out this house and the make up was just one time. She just been feeling down about turning twelve being the ugly duckling in school." Niya said posing wearing one of her swim suits she brought a few months ago. I must admit my dick stood at attention because my wife had it going on.
"My daugters not ugly,"
"We know that, but now she's going through the stages of when how you look matters and she's tired of looking like the tom boy." Niya said walking around the island and standing infront of me. "Babe just let her have fun tonight and I promise everything will go back to normal tomorrow" said rubbing the side of my arm. Damn Niya and her sweet spots, she always pulled my card when Ii was tripping I was going to stop letting this girl have soo much damn control over things.
"Aight just don't have her out too late, you know she got that trip with dance tomorrow and she gotta be up early" I said heating up my left overs.
"Yeah she's going to tour broadway tomorrow we already discuss that she's going to be up and ready for you to drop her off and pick up Prince after taking Sasha home" she said wrapping her arms around me while I set down waiting for my dinner to warm.
"Niya," I growled at her.
"I know I know babe, but I have two meetings tomorrow back to back and I can't" she said kissing me all over my cheek.
"Ight, but you owe me" I said leaning back looking down at her body.
I watched outside while Lia laid down wearing a pair of glasses looking like she was turning fifteen instead of thirteen. I didn't care what Niya said if Lia ever leaves this house dressed like that I was going to kill her. I didn't wnat any dude looking at her, or any of them young boys in her class getting the wrong idea. Cuz that was my first girl my only girl, when the doctors passes her to me the first thing I whispered in her ear was that no one was ever going to love her as much as I would love her. That was a promise any nigga do anything to disrespect her I was coming glock loaded ready to put the Mac to the dome and I ain't talking bout an Iphone.
I shook my head as I grabbed a bottle of soda and my plate then headed up stairs, I was gonna need a blunt after this shit. Seeing my daughter grow up was starting to kill me, just yesterday she was coming to my room to sleep with me and now she was taking care of Prince and worried about the way she look. I knew she was going to grow up, I just hope not to soon with the body she was promied to have from her mom. I didn't need any young knuckle heads like myself back in the day coming to corupt her.
After eating and lightening one, I was finally out the shower and dressed for bed watching Sports Center. twelve thirty came and within fifteen minutes Niya was walking in the room smilling at me like she was in love.
"Lia's sleep her alarm is set and ready for tomorrow." Niya said untying the top part of her swimsuit. She let it fall down then undid the bottome tie and it completely came off, my dick started to scream at me. He was mad that I've been teasing him for the last few days even through a nigga just beat off in teh shower about thirty minutes ago. Yea I beat my meat, I ain't ashamed a nigga gotta do what he gotta do, I had a plan and I had to execute it by any means. Niya disappered for thirty minutes and when she came out all I could do was grunt. She was wearing a black see through corset top, with gold beading and matching laced boy shorts. Her hair was hanging down, while dripping wet and beginning to wave up. She walked over to me and her scent immediately hit my nose, it was the smell of sweet seduction. I didn't knwo the name of the scent, but it was turning me on to the point my breathing became horse like a small snore.
"You like?" she said twirling around making sure to stop and pose when she her ass directed towards me. There she was with it poked out showing me why she could stack more then a couple geez a day as a stripper.
"You know what Lia asked me today?" she said climbing in bed right beside me as she started to flip through a magazine while sports center took up most of my attneiton. Alot of people thought Niya and I were free spirit party animals that just partied all the time. Honestly we were boring, at night we would rather pillow talk about our day and watch sports center, until I broke that ass off with some daddy dick.
"Nah what?" I asked rubbing my dick up and down because Niya ass had me wanting to just take her and make love to her for a million trillion days.
"Was I stripper?" she said placing her magazine down like she was shocked. Niya could be so dramatic sometimes that it killed me when she got worked up about something.
"Well, what did you tell her?" I asked not takin my attention off the television. I must admit althrough my main focus for this room was Niya, I had to have my flat screen television against the wall that disappeared with just a press of a button.
"I didn't answer it, I didn't want to give her the wrong idea," she said softly.
"Well I mean Niy you have a powerful ass story and more young girls need to hear it. She needs to know your story one day, she needs to hear the poision on sex, money, and love."
"I know, but don't you think she's kinda young"
"Nah, because yall have that bond that no matter how old she is, she's going to hear you." I said wrapping my arm around Niy neck.
"I don't think I want to tell her right now, because I don't want her to see it as I got all the attention, I got with the baller, I was getting the money and she think it was an option. She's going to grow into a gorgeous girl, but not if she let her doubts get to her." Niya said and I could tell she really had love for Lia like she was her own.
"Doubts about what??" I asked confused.
"Who she is, her look, babe she's at the stage where things are happening, look at her now she has breast and a period her body is beginning to bloom. She now is seeing boys differently and she want them to see her differently also. She's tired of not having any fashion sense too babe, she don't want to rock sneakers forever I think it's time she start developing a style of her own, not what daddy is comfortable with seeing her in."
"What you mean? Like that shit she had on today, cuz that's a fucking no no. She want to be grown Niya not cute, I want my daughter to enjoy her youth, not grow up fast like we did. I want her to take it one day at a time, not jump into this game of life. Niya she looks up to you and you have to see that, some shit she want in life is beyond her years."
"I knwo that King, but come one she should have some type of choice instead of being told what she can wear how bout she get to start picking out a few things for herself and yall come at a friendly medium. Then the more trust she earns the more choices she get right?" Niya said making sense.
"I can dig," I said after thinking about it for a second. I mines well give her a chance, and give her an oppurtunity to prove herself to me. I just hope I taught her well enough to be able to choose the right things, make the right decisions because that's all I could give her was knowledge, how she used them was up to her.
We talked a little more until Niya turned off the lights signling she was ready to take it down, before I could even lay on my back Niya was all over me. She was kissing and sucking on my neck like we were two horny virgins on Prom Night. I had to fight her off of me and after what felt like the tease of my life as she attempted every thing to change my mind, she finally gave up. I was glad becasue my dick didn't know much more of the teasing he could take before he would just have to bust.

The Next Morning
I had my arms wrapped around Niya when our alarm blarred through the room, the first thing Niya did was pull the covers further over her head. I rolled onto my back and began letting my mind wander to todays event's I picked up my phone and immediately started making moves, after thirty minutes of answering texts and responding back to emails I was ready to take a shower while Niya as still laid under the covers.
"Niy" I said popping her butt as she grunted. I began to get out the bed and Niya began to pull me back. I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom and she stripped naked as I peed in the toilet and she hopped in her shower and I hopped in mines. today I didn't wnat to shared the shower with her, she always had the water on super hot and that shit usually burnt my dick.
After placing on a pair of Levi jeans fitted jeans with a white v-Neck and pair of butter scotch Timbs. I tried to slide into Niya's closet just to see what she brought yesterday, but she caught me and sent me back on my way. It was a little chilly out side so I picked up my levis jean jacket.
I got to the kitchen where Sasha was waiting for me while I left Niya to get dressed because waiting for her could take her all day and I didn't want to be out all day. I had to clean up a few track from yesterday and didn't want to be working all day.
"Where's Lia?" I asked Sasha as I grabbed a bagel and placed it in the toaster. It was something light to start her day, I knew she liked to eat them in the car when I took her to school in the morning.
"Gettin dressed, I'll go call her" she said getting up and walking away while Rell walked into the kitchen dressed with a large smile spread across his face.
"Nigga what you sooo happy about?" I asked sitting at the island waiting for her bagel.
"Nuttin" he said trying to play it cool, but I could tell something was up. He grabbed his bottle of orange juice and began drinking it. I grabbed one for Lia, who was annoying the hell out of me keeping me waiting.
Sasha walked back into the kitchen and I could tell something was off, I could feel it in teh air between the two of them. She wouldn't look directly at him, but I could tell that she was starring, something happened and I didn't knwo what. I looked at him, and he just burst out laughing another thing he did when he was guilty. I was going to call Lia, when she walked in the room and I almost choked on my juice.
"What the fuck are you wearing?" I asked standing up.
"Damn" Sasha said shaking her head. There stood my twelve year old daughter wearing a skirt that showed off every curve she had, and I could see everything but her ovaries. I shirt that hung off her shoulder and showed stomach
"It's cute" she said looking at Sasha for some type of help.
"I mean, it's not terrible" Sasha said speaking up for the first time. I knew Sasha was just trying to be nice, because this was a fucking mess.
"Who brought you that short ass skirt?" I asked well Rell shook his head.
"Niya yesterday when we went out," Lia said while tears flooded her eyes. "I'm not a kid anymore dad" she yelled and I began to walk towards her when Sasha jumped up and screamed Niya name who I heard walking down the steps. Just the person I wanted to see, because I had words for her ass also.
"Good morning" Niya said smiling as I looked in her eyes adn she knew I was pissed the fuck off.
"So this what you did, turned my daughter into a fucking video vixen yesterday?" I said pointing to Lia who had tears coming out her eyes.
"Woah" Niya said taking a look at Lia for the first time. "I didn't tell her to wear this today" Niya said trying to defend herself.
"She shouldn't have it at all Niya, she's tweleve" I said speaking calmly.
"And you treat me like I'm five, like I'm one of these girls you just throw money at so they do what you want them to, act how you want them to. Atleast Niya actually cares about my feelins, you don't care about anybody but yourself." Lia said screaming at me.
"Lia, I will break your" I said walking after her, but Niya stepped in my way.
"No Dad you're not fair" Lia yelled while she screamed.
"I'm your fucking father, what does being fair have to do with this fucking convo. It's what I say go even when you're grown paying your own damn bills, having your own damn kids. I'm always going to be your fucking father." I yelled at her something I rarely did, but she was bringing me here.
"I'm twelve dad, not three you can't control me forever and when I get old enough, I'm gonna run away and never come back. So I can live by my own rules." Lia yelled at me, she reminded me so much of myself with the way she demanded respect and wanted to live her life the way she wanted to. "I won't use a dime of your money either" she spat before running away.
"Don't wait til later, do the shit now since you feelin so bold. Take all your fancy clothes Niya brought you and leave then. You are a child don't let the glamorous life I gave you fool you it's a cold fucking world" I yelled going to walk behind her
"Don't King" she said trying to keep me relaxed.
"Niya, why would you buy her clothes like that. You knew I wouldn't approve." I yelled.
"I didn't know she was going to dress like that, it's nice if you wear it the right way and she's just wearing it the wrong way." Niya said trying to convince me.
"Niya you shouldn't have brought that shit at all, it's bad enough you walk out the door half fucking naked, but my daughter is another subject."
"Excuse me" Niya asked stepping closer to me.
"You have no rights to dress my daughter like a fucking stripper" I said spitting venom out my mouth.
"I don't understand the problem of buying her a few things"
"You're not her fucking mother Niy, Damn. You don't have the right to play dress up with her. She's my daughter not yours, your just a bff or long term baby sitter. I'm her father and I knwo what's best for her and dressing like she working for a nigga name Cash ain't the best." I yelled before I realized what came out my moouth. Damn just like that I let blades fall from my tongue and hit Niya directly in her heart.
"Damn man," Rell said shaking his head as Niya just starred in disbelief.
Niya stood there silence driving me crazy, she took a deep sigh and put on this look. Her famous look pretending that everything between us was fine, when I knew that things between us was shattering. She walked away from us, mumbling something about Lia under her breathe and the room stood still.
"King" Sasha said shaking her head.
"Yea, that was harsh on the both of them" rell said agreeing with Sasha
"I knwo" I said sitting down taking a deep breathe relaxing a little before I walked upstairs to go get Lia so I could take her to meet up for this stupid trip.
We were running a few minutes late so if I hit the metal we could still make it on time. I knocked on her door and just like true Lia style, she had a temper tantrum throwing things in her room all over. She had the temper of her mother and the anger of me, whenever she got mad she was throwing things and breaking things. The outfit she had on was ripped up hanging out of her pink garbage bin, but she was nowhere to be found. I became worried and immediately walked to my bedroom where I heard Niya and Lia laughing, I walked to the closet and Niya stood infront of Lia holding a make up brush.
"You see all done" she said standing up and passing her a mirror as she examined her face. "King, it's just a little blush to hide the tears nothing serious" Niya spoke apologizing before I could respond.
Then Lia stood up and turned around, I must admit I was stuck on the girl that was standing infront of me. She was wearing a pair of light blue skinny jeans with a vintage Maryln Monroe loose fitted wife beater and a peach blazer. I could tell Niya dressed her because she cuffed her sleeves just about the elbows just like Niya. She was wearing a pair of gold pointy toe flats and I must admit she looked stunning. She wore a gold small clutch that I knew was Niya's because I saw it in our closet. She wore her hair tied up in a bun on the top of her head, and a diamond canary tennis bracelet with match canary studs to match.
"You look gorgeous" I said to Lia as she looked at herself in the mirror.
"Niya did it" she said smiling so hard I was about to have a heart attack. Like any real man all I ever want to do is protect my daughter and love her. She will nver understand the fears I have as a father is that she don't live up to her potential as a woman and sell herself short.
"I see that, look I'm sorry for screaming on you" I said not knowing how to express myself. "I went hard, harder then I should have." I said pulling her into a hug and struggling to keep from crying.
"Sorry too dad" she whispered into my chest. This was a moment where I never wanted to let my daughet go it was something alot of people wouldn't understand.
"Come on, so we can head out. Go get your stuff out the kitchen and pick the car you want to ride in" I said letting go reluctantly and patting her butt. "Yea you can start it this time," I said answering her question before she could ask.
"Niya" I said after I heard Lia hit the door. "Thanks for hooking her up, she looked nice" I said trying to break the ice in the room.
"Thanks I'm sorry I over stepped my boundaries as a girl friend. I really was just trying to help, I'll take all the things I brought back." she said not looking at me while she picked out something to wear but I could tell that she had on her face. The famous face that she coul win any academy award easily cause it was convincing.
"Niya stop it" I growled sick of playing this game.
"Stop what" she said reacing for her yellow heels.
"Pretending that it' all good, when you know it isn't. Niya stop it" I said grabbing her and turning around. I knew she was crying i could feel it without even seeing her face. I kept forgetting NIya wasn't one of these tough girls, she felt it everything from the petty shit to the big shit it effected her and I had to start being more careful with her feelings. "Why you crying?" I said taking a deep breathe. She shook her head and just continued to cry, I picked her up making her look at me.
"We have to go or Lia's going to be late and I'm going to be late." she said sniffling trying to wipe away her tears.
"No Niya, tell me what you're feeling. Explain to me what's going on with you please, because this is why I was mad. You try to act like everything is good and it's not." I said placing my arms on both sides of her body, planting my hands flat against the wall.
"I just don't like when you yell at me, I hate when you're mad at me or when you're disappointed. I feel like shit when you scream at me because I don't want to make you unhappy" she said in a full cry. I wrapped both my arms around her, now I understood why she acted the way she did, she just wanted to make me happy. What type of crazy shit did God take time to bless me with? I had a girl who wanted nothing more to make me happy, a girl that hated when I was mad at her, who just loved me for me.
I kissed her like it was everything I ever wanted, like she was the only person in the whole wide world. She wrapped her arms around my body stepping on her tippy toes just to give sherself to me.
I picked her up letting her wrap her legs around my waist she was holding me tightly and sqeezing my butt.
"I want to taste it" i said sitting her down on her island knocking everything off of it. She began pulling at her pants, squirming to get the tight jeans over her plump ass.
"Nooo baby give it to me" she said pushing herself towards me and I realized that she was extra horny because we haven't done it in a few days.
"I wat to taste it" I growled again, pulling both of her legs on my shoulder and going to dinner. I don't know why I was soooo adicted to eating my girl out, but it must be a real nigga thing because I loved doing it. I loved diving my tongue into it, while playing with it making her jump each time my tongue did a lap around her clit. I knew she was shaking and I was waiting for her to bring the flood my way. Just like clockwork she was spraying me with her love and I was drinking every inch of it. I leaned back looking into her mirrror and my face was covered in Niya's sweet nectar. I continued to play with her while I rubbed her breast through her shirt.
"Please baby, just give it to me" she said finally catching her breathe.
"We gotta go" I murmured rubbing myself through my jeans. I was going to have to focus extra hard to keep him down.
Without second thought, Niya jumped on me like a tiger, I must admit she had the energy of a rabbit when it came to the sex. I spinned around pressing her against the wall as she ppushed off my jean jacket. Fuck, I was going to lose this battle as Niya some how spinned me around, locking her legs tightly around me as she sucked on my neck. This girl knew how to hit every spot, new how to kiss me in that one place to set the beast inside me off. She was holding my neck, squeezing me tightly and biting my lip as I just said fuck it and let myself go for the kill. Holding onto her with one arm and trying to pull my jeans down with the other, when there was a knock on the door.
"Niy, King hurry up" Sasha said not daring to enter the room.
Niya jumped off of me, going back to reality as I watched her hurry to get dressed. In less then five minutes Niya had pinned her hair up, placed on a whiter button up with a pair of hell heels that made her five inches taller. She wore a yellow purse to match and grabbed all her accessories. She was still wakling around grabbing a few things, when I told her we had to go and like a couple madly inlove we walked through the house hand in hand lightly flirting and touching one another.
We made it outside and Rell and Sasha was off to the side talking and smoking a "L" today, they looked surprise ending there conversation when they saw me come out first while Niya set the alarm and locked the door. Niya pulled out keys to her black Aston Martin coupe and I saw Lia sitting in the all white Range and was waiting for me. She began walking to her car as Sasha walked away from Rell who was hopping in his black Mercedes.
"Text me, afer I drop her off I'm coming back home to the studio to clean up a few tracks." I said as we seperated with me heading to the truck.
"Aight, I'll text you" Niya said smiling like her life was perfect, she began to walk to her car which was a car away from mines when I screamed her name.
"You forgot to give me a kiss" I said leaning against the truck as Lia changed music stations in the truck.
"I gave you plenty kisses inside." she yelled baack to me unlocking the door so that Sasha could jump in.
"I want another one" I said licking my lips. We starred at one another having a stare off wondering who was going to break. I grabbed my crotch and Sasha started laughing, before I knew it Niya was walking towards me dropping her purse, now headed in a full run and jumping on me wrapping her legs around my waist. I kissed her and she laughed softly as I pinned her onto the side of my car.
"Babe" she giggled as I licked her neck.
"You're gonna make me take you right here." I whispered at her.
"Get a fuckin room" Rell said pulling besides us and laughing.
I let her go and she began to walk back as I whisteled behind her and she switched a little harder giving me a gorgeous view when she bent over to pick up her purse. She looked back at me licking her lips one last time before riding off and I blew a kiss then grabbed my cock again. I don't know why I been doing that shit, so much lately but it's becoming a habit I had.
"Dad hurry we have twenty minutes before the bus pull out, and my friends are already on there way." Lia said making me snap back into the real world.
"I got you" I said snapping my seatbelt on and adjusting my chair because Niya set practically ontop of the steering wheel. I let Niya out first and then followed behind her as she honked her horn going in her own direction and I'm going in mines.

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Sasha Chapt 63

Damn, so much happened this morning and last night, how could Niya sit with a straight face after the things King said to her. One thing I'm starting to notice is how much she take from people, especially King. I don't understand her sometimes even when she had no reason to smile she found one. We were riding to my house as my mind floated to Rell. No I did not fuck Rell, I love Pablo and I wouldn't dare hurt him like that, we were plotting on how we were going to get My little sis back. I set up a meeting with Sauce an I found out he wanted a quarter million dollars to pay for my little sister. Can you believe that slime nigga, put a fuckin quarter mil on my sis. But it was small money, cuz what he don't know is that I would have paid a million for her just to come home. Money wasn't nothing, all those years of shaking my ass didn't go to waste. I had a stash spot just in case Pablo ain't get his shit together and I had to leave. I know I know, Pablo is a good man, but you never know, ya'll know that nigga crazy he slapped the sht out of me, I still think about it.
I was finally getting my sis back and I needed Rell to come be my back up if anything went wrong, you know niggas try to play dirty. I wanted someone that was trigger happy, reckless didn't care who was around and that was Rell. I mean that was Pablo and King too, but they were low key style niggas more like thinkers. I needed a hot head shot first ask questions later. And having him there would make me feel safer.
"Sasha" Niya sang out loud trying to get my attention.
"Huh" I said falling out of me deep thoughts.
"You didn't listen to anything I said, what is you mind on?"
"My bad" I said shaking my head slowly. "I'm out of it"
"I see that, what are you thinking bout? You being mad wierd today" she said taking a turn off the highway when my house was still a half of mile out.
"I know, just thinking you know it's been alot going on" I said becoming alert as Niya rode through the City.
"Oh yea" Niya said pulling up to this small building.
"Niya, where the fuck are we at?" I said as she picked up her purse getting out the car.
"Come on" she said getting out the car and I followed behind. She walked into this old building and I followed wondering what was about to go down and if I was going to need my knife. Ya'll know Niya was naiive sometimes easy to take advatage of most of the time, so I didn't want to take the chance.
"Niya" I heard a small voice rang out, then we walked into a room that came to life. We were at a tattoo shop, where three men and one girl set at there stations smiling and one was working on a client.
"Hey ya'll" Niya said walking to each of the tattoo artist and giving them love. "This is my tattoo place" Niya said laughing at me while I stood there stuck on stupid. This was funny, because Niya nver told anyone where se got her tattoos it was sacred for her. Her tattoos was always the flyest, always on point everyone who ever saw her tattoos always wanted to know to did them and she never told.
"Hi" I said smiling to everyone.
"This is the master minds, behind my master pieces" Niya said getting comfortable as she set down. I mean I see why they treated her like family she had about thirteen tattoos and only a few of them were small.
"Okay, but what we doin here? I thought you had to run errands" I said as I watched Niya sit at the head stylist booth as she took off her jacket.
"This is one of them, I told you I was getting a tattoo for the anniversary." Niya said as the man began setting up.
"Ohhh, I mean yea I guess, what you gettin?" I said gettng mad excited. I walked over to the booth she was sitting at and the tattoo guy passed me a picture. It was a huge crown with the word King in it. "This shit big ass hell, where are you going to get it?" I said raising an eyebrow, for Niya to be a small girl she did some big shit. There was no way in hell I was putting a tattoo that fucking big on body for the next person.
"My back" she said smiling.
When I first met Niya, she was the sweetest girl alive, very quiet and timid. She never was exposed to the real world, like the rest of the girls, she had a good up bringing. When she got her first tattoo, she came home no one knows where she went the whole day and dragged me to her room and flashed me a tattoo of a pin up girl on her hip. I couldn't believe she got one and as the weeks went on, it was one more, and another until she began looking like a subway in Harlem. One thing she vowed to do was to never get a tramp stamp even after I got mines, she would not do it. And King asked her many times to get his name over her ass and she wouldn't. So to do it nw must mean alot, they were going all out for there anniversary and i couldn't be happier for them.
"Humm, you sure you ready, you got two days to over think it."
"Yea I'm ready" she said unbuttoning her shirt and lying down. She already had a tattoo on her back already, but she saved teh bottom of it for that moment.
"I haven't done one of these in years after Zane" he said smliling. Niya's last tattoo was of kid building blocks and each block had a different letter from Zane's name.
"I know I know" she said texting on her phone like she was getting a massage rather then a tattoo. After he laid the tattoo down and she realized how she wanted it, she laid down preparing for her tat to began. "What's going on with you and Rell?" Niya asked out the blue as we began holding small conversations about nothing.
"What you mean" I said wondering i should tell her or not.
"Yall was acting strange this morning, secret convos and shit." she said raising an eyebrow.
"Ain't nuttin going n with that man." I said trying to play it off.
"You are not" she practically screamed. "You're having sex with him, Sasha think about Pablo and what you guys have built together. Why would you throw that away for some dick?" she sadi lecturing.
"Girl ain't no body fuckin Rell, I would never cheat on Pablo, we just been talking that's it" I said trying to convice her the truth.
"I hope not" she said saounding a little hesitant.
I set back regretting that I didn't tell Niya what was going on, I regretted not telling Niya what was happening, but I didn't need a lecture. I didn't need Niya creating doubts making me question my decisions. We talked about everything that was going on while the tattoo man did his thing, it was so easy talking and chilling with Niya. I felt my phone vibrating and I checked my black berry, seeing Pablo name appear across the screen made a smile instantly appear.
"Hey" I spoke sweetly into the phone stepping away from Niya as she closed her eyes to not concentrate on the burn of the needle.
"I thought you was coming home" he said sounding like he missed me and my heart jumped a little.
"Yea, probably later you knwo how Niya takes me with her for all her errands." I said laughing as he chuckled.
"But I have an errand I need you to run with me" he said giving me a hint and I couldn't help, but bite my tongue.
"Ummmm, I wonder what that could be babe"
"You know what it is" he spoke heavy through the phone in a voice that always shot chills down my spine.
"Well as soon as Niya wrap things up I'll be on my way" I said twirling my finger through my hair.
"Okay, I'll be here waiting for you" he said as I heard Jayla and Zane playing in the background.
"Okay I love you Pablo" I said biting my lip.
"Love you too" he said before waiting for me to disconnect the call.
"Sasha, you should get a tat" Niya said when I walked back over to her and the tattoo artist was now shading certain parts to make it realistic.
"Yea, I'm thinking bout it, I swore the next tat I got was going to be for Pablo" I said laughing at how opened I sounded.
"Soo get it sis, PLLLLEEEASE" she said making me laugh my heart out.
"I don't know what to get, you knwo I'm not gettin his name anywhere on my body."
"Well get something that reminds you of him" Niya said while the tattoo guy began adding color to the crown and she winced in pain. The color is always the worst part.
"I know what I want" I said witout second thinking what was going on.
"Okay," niya said waiting for me to talk.
"I want a peacock" I said with confidence, both Niya and the tatto guy looked at me and burst into laughter.
"Where did that come from?" Niya said trying to stay still while the tattoo guy stopped his work on Niya because he ws laughing so hard.
"That's Pablos favorite animal, he love to watch they feathers. Everytime we go to the Zoo he alwasy visits the peacock section and smile. One day I was flipping channels in bed and turned past the discovery channel where they were doin this show on peacocks and he made me flip back. Stop laughing" I said as I explained and they continued to laugh.
"Well, then my girl Sid is perfect with animals." he said pointing at th rocker chick that had a tattoo of two roses right next to her eye. Her hair was black and in strong curls that showed off highlights of blue. She had her dimples pierced and looked crazy.
"Yo Sid, she want a pic of a peacock" The tattoo guy said before putting is face mask on and getting back to Niya's piercing
"Oh my god really?" she said jumping up and becoming excited like a cheer leader. She pulled me over to her station as she became getty grabbin a seat for me as she began to draw. "How big do you want it?" she asked as she placed on a pair of glasses.
"I don't know," I said becoming nervous with how excited she was. "Just do what you do" I said taking a chance.
"Really" she said smiling as she began doing her thing.
Four hours later, Niya and I were walking out the shop with two new tattoos, yes I said two. Niya and I decided to get matching tattoos that spelled out love in cursive on your wrist. My tattoo was gorgeous, sitting on my side with the head starting on the tip of my rib cage all the way down to my hip and the feathers spread out through my back on the tip of my ass. She combined the most beautiful colors to create the feathers and bring them to life. I must admit this was a good idea althrough I was in pain like no tomorrow.
We rode home, in a hurry because Pablo called me again and I knew I had to get home. It was funnny how when he called I went running, like a child. But yall Pablo my Daddy. Rell hit me up a few times, but nothing serous he went to see April in the hospital today. He been going to see her for the last few days, but was keeping it a secret because he didn't wnat to hear anyones mouth. I walked through the house hearing Jayla talk in the kitchen with Pablo. I walked into the kitchen and Jayla became excited.
"mommy you're home Daddy and I had sooo much fun" she said reaching out her hands for a hug and I greatly accepted.
"Did you really?" I said grabbing fries off her plate and stuffing them in my mouth. Just like Pablo to go get fast food then cook when I wasn't home.
"Yea," she said kicking her feet back and fourth.
"Hey daddy" I said pulling off my jacket as Niya walked in right behind me.
"Where were yall?" Pablo asked giving me the look.
"getting tattoos" Niya said spoiling the moment.
"Tattoos" He said raising an eyebrow like the Rock.
"Yea, you want to see it?" I asked drinking some of his juice until I realized it was Henny and started to spit it out.
"Where is it?" he asked pulling the cup out of my hand.
"Hey ya'll I gotta go, you know I can't keep the King waiting" she said rolling her eyes as she get Zane ready. We all began chuckling a little knowing that she wanted to be next to him, as much as he wanted to be next to her.
"Aight" i said as she kissed me and pablo on our cheeks then headed out.
"Sooo back to you and this tattoo" he said wrapping his arm around me and I cringed at the pain.
"What about it" I said folding my legs and teasing him s Jayla made the biggest mess she could with her sandwhich.
"Let me see it" he said starring me up and down.
I stood up and starred directly at him as I lifted up my shirt and threw it at his face, he caught it with no sweat right before it landed against his cheek. He just starred at me as I turned to the side lifting up the plastic and revealing the tattoo.
"mommy somebody draw on your body" Jayla said amused as she looked at the tattoo.
"No jayla it's okay" I said giggling a little as Pablo starred at me.
"Jay, come on and let me get you ready for bed" Pablo said standing up and throwing away the mess Jayla left behin. "Meet you in the room" he told me without saying a word.
"Night Mommy" jayla said giving me a kiss on my cheeks.
"Night baby" I said confused as her and Pablo disappeared.
I walked upstairs after locking up and turning off all the lights and heading to the master bedroom. I didn't know what to think, he showed no emotion like he hated it, I knew I shouldn't have gotten this stupid tattoo. I was pacing the room back and fourth when Pablo walked in locking the door.
"babe, I really thought you would like it, I should have talk to you about it first, but I was just being in the moment." I said trying to explain as he walked over to me. I don't know how to explain the scene after this becaue it was crazy. He grabbed my face and kissed me like he was madly in love with me all over again.
"That's the realest shit you ever did for me" he said releasing and holding me.
"You like it?" I said smilng.
"I love that shit" he said carefully rolling up my shirt and slididng it off of me. He unclipped my bra and starred at it, just starred at it. Like he was admiring beautiful art in a museum. Like he was watching an opera singer hit the last note, he watched me and observing it. Then without second to spare he lifted me up and attacked me like he was hungry. Pablo had the passion of a thousand men when something turned him on. He acted like a prisoner, like a savage ready to attack. The night has just began....

Aniya Chapt 63 cont...
"Who dat" King called from the kitchen when Zane and I finally got home.
"It us" I yelled taking off my jacket while Zane ran straight to the kitchen.
"Where you been?" King asked holding Zane while I walked in the kitchen where him and Rell were chillin.
"Running errands," I said kissing his cheek. "DId yall eat?" I asked opening the refridgerator and grabbing a bottle of water.
"Nah, Rell was about to go pick something up when he go get Lia" King said focused on his phone.
"Nigga what, we ain't talk about that" Rell said scrunching his eyebrows.
"Go head and do it nigga" King said throwing a piece ofpaper at him.
"Where yall ordering from, did yu put in the order already?" I asked taking a seat, but regretting it as soon as the irritation shot up my back.
"What's wrong with you?" King asked notcing my face.
"Nuttin" I said shrugging it off.
"Niy" King said knowing I was lying by just looking at me.
"My back is killin me, I fell today getting out the car, I tripped a little and hit my back on the door. I think I have a bruise." I said playing wih my water bottle to avoid eye contact.
"Yo man, I'm bout to ake that order." Rell said looking at the number, "What yall getting"
"Order Niya steak and shrimp, with double mash potatoes, and steamed Prince gets baked chicken, rice and corn, and get me chicked and shrimp with rice." King said calling out our orders knowin exactly what I wanted.
After Rell placed the order in we chilled talking about nothing in paticular while I stood up and took in a soft brush as I stretched. The pain I was in, was soo serious, my butt was killling me feeling soooo numb that I was sore.
"Come here" King said leaning back.
"Huh" I said texting April, seeing how she was doing.
"I'm gonna rub your back." He said wth real concern.
"Nah, I'm okay babe, it's nothing really" I said trying my hardest to reveal my secret.
"Niy, what's good, you're lying" he said starring through me.
"Nuttin babe, I promise" I said bitting my lips.
"Niy really, what the fuck?" he said becoming annoyed.
"I can't show you" I said finally breaking.
"Show me what?" he said standing up and walking towards me.
"Nuttin it's nuttin" I said placing my hands up and keeping him away.
"Niya" he said trying to grab my waist but I jumped to the side.
"She got a tat" Rell said becoming bored with the dance we did around the kitchen.
"Rell" I screamed mad he told.
"Oh shit, I was just guessing I did not know" Rell said placing his hands up in innocenece.
"Of what, let me see, where is it?" King said becoming more aggressive.
"No King it was suppose to be a surprise" I said giving Rell a mean mug.
"I'm gonna go pick up thefood while ya'll mash this out, Zane yu wanna ride with uncle?" he asked while Zane was in his own world with his toys.
"Yea," Zane said getting excited and leaving with his uncle.
For the rest of the night, I was practically running away from King, he was all over me like an octupus trying to see my tattoo. Wondering what it was, where it was, and followng me around touching me. Zane went to his room, falling asleep I guess he had a long day playing soo hard LOL. Rell went to the guest room ass soome as he got his food, leaving King, Lia, and I to have dinner together.
"Niya guess what?" Lia said while we set in her room watching television and going over her day.
"Todd asked for my number on instagram today?" she said smiling so hard that I thought her cheeks were going to break off.
"Ohhh seventh grade Todd" I said remembering her texting me how cute he was.
"Yea, he liked this pic" she said showing me a pic that she took with two of her friends posing. "And a few more, but he told me this was his favorite."
"Ummm" I said smiling at her. "I thought he was dating the eight grader." I said knowing all of the drama that happened with her day to day life.
"Ohhh they broke up like two weeks ago, like they still talk and act like they go together." Lia said smiling.
"Well you know theres no dating until you're seventeen" I said reminding her that she had rules.
"I know I know," she said smiling at me.
"You wanna see my tattoo" I said chaning the moo a little.
"Ohh yea," she siad getting on her knees and smiling. I stood up and lifted up my shirt standign with my back towards her. "It's soo big Niya" she said shocked.
"Do you like it?" I said turning towards her.
"Yea, it's nice" she said sitting back down on the bed. "Ohhh my good" She said screaming and grabbing her lap top off the desk and sitting on the bed.
"What is wrong with you girl?" I said pulling my shirt down and sittng on the bed next to her.
"He wants to skype me" she said logging on to skype.
"Umm you gonna get on like that?" I asked raising an eyebrow. She was wearing a simple tee shirt nd pajama shorts.
"Ohhh what should I wear?" she asked running to her closet that was bigger then most rooms.
"Sweats and a wife beater" I yelled out while picking up a few things from the mess she had created this morning. I heard a ringing sound from her computer and looked at the screen, saying she got a call from JetBoyTodd. It was a stupid ass name, but for her that name was the name of the flyest dude in school.
"Hows my hair?" she asked with her bun still intact from today.
"Good, answer the call before he hang up" I said laughing.
"Hey" she said sitting down on her bed, with the laptop sitting on her legs.
"Yoo" a boy said back to her while listening to music.
"Don't be on too late Lia" I said getting ready to leave.
"Who that?" the boy said turning dwn the music.
"My dad's fiance," she said while I walked over ot her an kissed her cheek.
"Goodnight," she said kissing me back.
"Goodnight" he said in the camera smiling. I smiled and waved at him, before getting read to retire to my man.
"Yooo, you're Aniya" he yelled scarring me half to death.
"Yea," I said confused how he knew me.
"My bro loves you, he follows you on twitter." he siad smiling.
"Ohhh okay, well I'm leaving have a good night." I said waving and walking away.

I walked into the bedroom, where King was on the patio smoking and talking on the phone for a second. I didn't mind it because i knew it was probably business he was going to have to take care of. I smiled at him and decided that it was time to show out, I went into he closet and grabbed the new lingerie I brought the other day just to show off my tattoo. I pulled the plastic off and cheked it out, the tat was cool and shiny. I took a quick short avoiding getting my tattoo, wet by any means. I lotioned with strawberries and campaign body butter, then pulled on my lced cheek thong, that only covered half of my ass if that. I put on a matching bra that was a push up and had my breast looking a size bigger then they already were.
I heard the shower come up and I knew King was off the phone and was takin a shower to go to bed. I walked into the main bedroom and began lighting candles through out the room, and began playing a few pretty ricky songs, that always set the mood. I tied my hair up in a bun, tying it with a satin ribbon, adding make up to my face with red lip stick and heavy eye liner, that made me look mysterious. I pulling on thigh high stockings and a garter belt. I clipped the clips that connected to my underware before adding a pair of five ince double sole red shoes. I sprayed my body with Gucci perfume then walked into the room when I heard the shower stop. I climbed on the bed and got ready to pose, I try a few out laughing at myself and choose one before he came out. I decided to get on all four facing his closet so when he walked in he could see me with my face down ass up.
He opened the door coming out wearing a pair of polo pajama pants and brief boxers, while he text on his phone. He looked up and it seemed like everything froze for him, immediately he started walking towards me investigating my body. He starred at my tattoo and smiled licking his lips, and heading towards the night stand and pulled out the camcorder. I put on a devilih smirk then got off the bed, pushing him down to the chair. I placed my foot on the arm, wihle he looked and smiled at it. He reached his hand out and I quickly smacked it away and stepped back.
"Did I tell you to touch me?" I said winking at him.
"Ohh, I can't touch you now" he said challenging.
"Not until, I say so" I said in a small secuctive voice.
"Ummm, you tryna tease turn around and let me see that tattoo agian." he said turning on the camcorder. I spinned around and stopped with my ass facing him directly, and stood there posing. I began to rock my body left to right showing off my tat, I rotated my waist takin it all the way down until my ass hit the ground, then decided to start bouncing my cheeks one at a time.
"You like it?" I said looking behind me and biting my lips.
"Um hum"
"What your tattoo say?" he said grabbing a rolled blunt from the side table.
"It says King"
"Why???" King said lightening his blunt and holding the smoke.
"Because you my daddy, and I be stunting like my daddy?" I said turnig around and getting into my original from when I was on the bed. I began crawling towards him, while he smoked blowing O's from his lungs.
"I'm your daddy?" he asked with a smirk.
"You know you my daddy," I said whle he turned the camera facing us. "Can I try?" I asked becomng intrigued with what he was smoking, letting off a sweet aroma that filled my nose.
"Try what?" King said lifting up his eyebrow.
"You don't smoke" he said blowing smoke out of his nose.
"Soo, I want to try it" I said batng my eyes like a little girl.
"Aight, but you better not be trippin" he said passing it to me.
I inhaled deeply, letting the weed fill my lungs and immediately coughing and releasing the smoke. King looked at me and began laughing, as I chocked. I repeated these steps one by one making sure I got comfortable with it, and passed it back to King. I was now high, I felt it as my head felt like I was thinking about a thousand things, but in reality I wasn't thinking about anything.
"Niya" I heard King yell pulling me out of my own thoughts.
"Huh?" I said giggling.
"Damn you high" he said recording me as I giggled and laugh.
"I know" I said breaking out into laughter. I stood up and walked into the middle of the floor then began to spin around. I started dancing slowly, as my own personaly beats played in my head, I was feelin something else and I can't lie it felt so good. I felt like I didn't have to be perfect, like I didn't have to be someone else. I looked at King who was smiling as he starred at me dance, and it made me want to move quicker, and made me want to grind like never before. He licked his lips, while I twirled my hips, recording each of my moves like he never wanted to forget the way I moved.

325 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:46 pm



Today was Friday, no it wasn't just Friday it was the day, that I was going to get my little sisiter back. It was the day, my life was going to finally be complete, the day that everything was going to fall into place. I was nervous as hell, but none of that would stop me from doing what I needed to do. Finally I was going to be able to smile without having to to force it, I was going to be able to sleep without me having to worry if my sis was okay or not, if my niece or nepehw was getting everything they needed. Today was the day, that all of that ended, all the hard times stopped, and life began once again with me.
"Yo, you sure this is all of it?" Rell said looking through the bag that held a quarter million dollars.
"Yea, I counted three times" I said as we set in the back parking lot of Target. We had forty minutes untl the meeting was going to take place.
"Aight, I'm just sayin Sash" Rell said being extra careful.
"I know, I know, I got it" I said as my leg bounced up and down.
"It's gonna be good Sash" Rell said placing his hand on my shoulder and massaging it.
"I hope" I said smiling trying to give myself hope.

We waited a few more minutes then we headed to the motel, I breather and prayed a little, hoping that God would actually have my back. I knew I was playing a dangerous game, but this was a gamble I would take everytime to get my sister back. I didn't tell Pablo what I was doing, he had no clue what I was up to right now. I know once he found out what was going down he would be disappointed, but he would get over it because he had his chance and he did nothing to help. I parked infront of room number ten and took a deep breathe, it was fifteen minutes until time and I checked to make sure it was good. The money was in an all black duffle bag in the back seat, Rell was ready and strapped and so was I. My high was starting to ease and that's good because I know I needed to focus during this time. I hopped out the car and grabbed the duffle bag, when a black Aston Martin pulled through the parking lot speeding towards us. Niya jumped out heading directly towards us, full speed.
"No no no" I said to myself as she walked to me and slapped the living hell out of me.
"What are you doin here with him Sasha, did you forget you're engaged?" she said with her hands on her hips.
"Niya noooo, you need to leave" I said looking at Rell who was as surprised as I was.
"I'm not going without you Sasha, as your friend I'm not going to let you throw away the best thing that have ever happened to you" Niya said grabbing my hand and pulling me towards her car.
"Niya, it's not what you think, you have to leave. You have to go" I said snatching my hand away.
"You want to be with this low life, look at what he did to his wife Sasha, don't be fuckin stupid" She said reaching for my hand once again.
Before I cold say anything else, two black vans pulled up and men jumped out the van dressed in all black surrounding us. I tigthened my grip on the bag, while Rell moved his hand to his gun, but before anything could be done a man walked behind Niya placing a napkin over her face. I went to move, but I was snatched from behind with a napkin placed over my face and I inhaled then blacked out.

I began to come back to life, but something was different, we weren't in the parking lot, I tried to move, but I was sitting down with my hands tied behind me and my legs tied to the wooden chair. When I tried to speak the bandana around my mouth stopped me. I let my eyes adjust to the old damp room, one light hung from the ceiling and I looked across the room at an old rusty mirror. My hair was a mess and my head was spinning, I couldn't remember what happened after being thrown in the truck. I looked to my left and saw Niya sitting across the room tied the same way, with her head hanging.
"Oh you up?" Sauce said walking in the room a few moments later. He pulled the bandana off my face and stepped away from me.
"What is all of this Sauce?" I said in a rough voice because my throat was sore. "Where's Sauce?" I said lookng around, wondering what happenedto him.
"He got handled, after he took two of my men out, my men had no choice, but to take him out" he said pulling up a chair and sitting right infront of me. I felt like my heart dropped to my stomach and my head began to spin out of control.
"Why?" I said while my heart began hurting, I wasn't going to cry through right now was not the time or the place.
"Fuck him, it's not about that, we gotta situation right now" Sauce said giving the creepy smile that he gave when he was up to no good.
Niya began to stir and we both looked over to her, she shook her head and when she realized what was going on, panic immediately over took her.
"Niya calm down" I said while she began moving and struggling. She looked at me and I saw her shoulders relax a little, I nodded at her and she nodded back relaxing as much as she could.
"You're finally awake I see" He said chuckling lightly. "That's good, because you should see what was going on right now. See Sasha and I arrange this little meeting so she could get her sister back, but now that you're here I figured out a better plan."
"That's not what we agreed to Sauce, you wanted money and I brought it here, now keep your end of the bargain" I said wishing that my hands weren't tied up because then I would beat the shit out of him.
"Yea, but you brough Niya too and you only brought a quarter million. That's the cost one person, Sasha you can only take one person with you, and you have to choose between Niya who's been your friends for years and your sister who's pregnant with a helathy baby." He said giving a sick chuckle. "Who you're going to save?" he said laughing and walkign towards the door. "You got ten minutes or I choose for you and just to give you some motivation" he said walking over to Niya and running his fingers through her hair. She snatcher her face away and he grabbed her hair turning her face towards his. She grunted through her bandana, and he pulled it from her mouth where she let out a wad of spit in his face. He back handed her, making the sound echo through the room, he stood up wiping the spit from his face.
He walked out the room, and a minute later Nikki walked through the room with her belly peeking through her shirt. My eyes lite up, while she ran to me placing her forehead on mines as we both cried. She untied my arms and I hugged her so tightly rubbing her stomach and touching her face. I waited so long for this moment, I waited so long for this chance and time.
"I missed you soo much" she said holding onto me like she was holding on for dear life.
"I missed you too" I said pulling the ties at my leg until they loosend and the blood began to flow back to my ankles. I walked over to Niya untying her and she stood, we all starred at eachother, adn then reality hit me. I was going to have to choose I was going to have to decide who I was going to take who I was going to leave.
"Fuck" I said walking back and forth through the room.
"Look, it's okay" Niya said taking a deep breathe.
"Niya I'm not leaving without you" I said grabbing her hand, and starring in her eyes.
"You have your sister, that's what you came here for. And I know you're going to come back for me." she grabbing both my hands and starring in my face. "So choose her, okay" she said sitting down. And no less then a minute later Sauce walked acting like a boss he wasn't, I looked at him in disgust as he smiled and leaned against the door frame.
"So, you make the choice?" he said looking down at his nails.
"I choose my sister" I said grabbing her hand as tears began to slide down my cheeks.
"Aight my people are waiting for you" he said stepping aside as I walked past him and headed towards the the end of the hall.
We were takin back to the parkinglot I was taken from, and my mind just wondered until I felt like my head was about to explode. I helped Nikki get in the car and then sped home, I was feelin so accomplished as I pulled up to my drive way. We got out the car and walked to house, I walked in with Nikkin right behind me, I could tell she was nervous as she walked through the house. We got to the kitchen where Pablo was lookin the refridgerator for something to eat I guess. He stood up and looked between me and Nikki, I could tell by his face that he was shocked.
"Come talk to me" Pablo said closing the refridgerator and walking through the house. We got to the bedroom and he immdediately picked up his phone. "What the fuck?" he said sighing and running his fingers through his hair.
"I know Pablo, I should have told you and I wanted to, but I was so close and I didn't want to lose her. I couldn't wait another day Pablo." I said crying as he paced the floor.
"It was a fuckin set up Sasha, Sauce wasn't suppose to meet up with you until next week. We agreed on that, and he did this to sneak behind my back." Pablo said annoyed.
"They got Niya" I said silently, "You have to get her"
"What you mean they got Niya?" he practically yelled. "How did she get caught up in the mix?"
"I don't know she popped up on Rell and I while we were getting ready to meet up with Sauce, I think they killed him" I said looking away while tears rolled down my eyes.
"What did ya'll do? YOu fuckin with a game you don't know anything thing about Sasha. And you got innocent people wrapped up in it, what am I suppose to tell King. How am I suppose to explain to to King, that the love of his life has been taken. Come on Sasha this shit was fuckin stupide" Pablo said shking his head. "Pack your bags and put on a hoodie" he said changing from the Pablo that was soon the be my Husband to Pablo the Killer.
"What where are we going?" I said as he placed a phone to his ear.
"Sasha, it was a fuckin set up, they'll be here in less then ten minutes to kill you, me, Nikki, and our daughter. You lead them here where our fuckin daughter lays her head, where our family is suppose to be safe" he said walking in the closet with me right behind grabbing a duffel bag as he spoke on the phone. "I need one......in an hour......I know it's alot.....but I need this favor" he said stuffing all my jeans and shirts into a bag. "Aight, it's for three people" he said passing the bag at me then disappearing. I packed up two duffel bags, trying to stuff as much stuff in the bags as I could and began dragging them to the bedroom. Pablo came back in the room, with another black duffel bag, I guess for Jayla as he walked around barking orders over the phone.
I grabbed Jayla who was confused as we walked downstairs, where Nikki was in the sitting room fumbling with her thumbs. Pablo looked out the window, then turned off all the lights, scaring Jayla half to death.
"Fuck" Pablo said grabbing his mac out of the his stash spot. "Come on, we gotta go now" Pablo said grabbing all the bags with no effort and shoving us through the back door. I placed Jayla on my back running through the back, when I heard a window crash. I ducked down, but never stopped running. We ran through our backyard, until we reached our gate, I looked back every ten seconds making sure Nikki was with us. Pablo threw all of our bags over the gate and grabbed Jayla from me who was frantic and began to panic.
"It's okay baby, okay" Pablo said kneeling down and kissing her forehead which calmed her down a little. "Come on" Pablo said to Nikki, helping her jump over the wall being extra careful cuz she was pregnant. "You're gonna be a big girl and take care of mommy" He asked Jaya who shook her head and he held her like letting go wasn't an option. "I love you and when you wake up tomorrow I promise to take you to the beach for the whooole day" he said smiling as she smiled at the idea of going to the beach with her father. "Now be a good girl" he said picking her up and spinnin her around for a minute making her giggle. He passed her over the cherrywood gate, placing her in Nikki hands, he looked at me and not a second passed without me breaking down.
"Sasha" he sadi wrapping his arms around me. He knew he couldn't smooth me over like he did Jayla, I was a big girl that saw the cold world. "I'm gonna come back" he said while I cried into his shirt.
"Promise me" I said gripping his shirt so tightly my nails began to break.
"I promise, take care of Jayla mamas" he was said when a dark figure ran towards us. I began to panic, when he got closer to us, but he dapped Pablo and I felt saver.
"You got two minutes man, they raided the house." he said breathing heavy.
"Sasha this my mans Jason, he gonna take you where you going. Don't call me, I'ma call you when I'm on my way" he said rubbing my sides up and down.
"Pablo, just come with us" I said crying and starring him in his eyes.
"I can't okay, but you gotta hold it down" he said while I cried in his neck. "Look at me" he said pulling my chin and giving me a soft peck on my lips. "I love you, and I'll be back" he said starrin me in my eyes then kissing my forehead. I don't know how he did, how he could calm me in a moment like this, but this moment made me feel stronger, made me feel better, I believed in my heart that he would always come back for me.
"I love you" I said kissing him as I held both sides of his face.
"I love you too Sash" he said letting me go and stepping back.
"Aight man, you gotta go" Jason said snapping us back into reality.
"Come on" he said walking me over to the gate and giving me a boost, silightly smacking my butt and then Jason came over next. I looked behind e thinking that Pablo was still there, but his figure disappeared into the night.
We followed Jason through the forest, while Nikki held Jayla and Jason and I devided the bags between the both of us, after what felt like an hour passed we came to a small shed. Jason pulled a pair of keys out and unlocked the three locks on the door. I never knew we had this, when it was built I would never know, Pablo was a man of secrets. We walked in, and there was a black Impala sitting there. I clipped Jayla in the back seat, with Nikki right beside her, and went to handle business while Jason handled business in the shed. He jumped in the car with us and handed me a phone, pair of keys, and a book bag, with a large envelope. I looked through seeing Jayla's birth certificate, our passporst, all the information we needed, then bank accounts from puerto rico that made my jaw drop when I saw the amounts.
"Open the book bag, and put it on" he said to me while we hit the highway.
The bag had two wigs, I passed them to Nikki who placed one on her head and the other on Nikki, who thought she was playing dress up. I tied my hair in a ponytail placed on the pink Polo hat and pulled it down as low as possible adding a pair of dark glasses. I looked back at Jayla and she gave me a thumbs up and I gave her one back adding a smile. I grabbed the wallet at the bottom and opened it stuffed with hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and new credit cards. I reached down in the bag pulling ou three candy bars and a Barbie I knew that was for Jayla. I swear Pablo took care of his family better then anyone, I passed one to each of us, and placed the pack of gum in my pocket. I reached further down and there was an all black glock and back up clip sitting at the bottom of the bag. I looked at Jason and he sent me a shrug, and I knew it was there for a reason, I slipped the gun on my back waistline and placed the clip in my front pocket and tried to relax.
Here I was following a man I didn't know, heading somewhere I didn't know, as much as I worried I knew I had to keep it together for Jayla and Nikki. My mind didn't stop wondering to Niya, if they killed her I knew that I would hate myself. I let a few tears fall from my eeyes, but wouldn't let anyone see them as I lightly wiped them away.
We pulled up to a large warehouse, riding around until we got to the back where small jets were everywhere. Jason got out the car and headed towards a man who looked like he's been waiting for us. He was smoking a cigarette as they spoke, until he flicked it and the conversation was over. Jason walked back ot the car opening the trunk and grabbing out bags. We followed him to a small airplane as the steps lowered and the pilots appeared at the top. Nikke and Jayla climbed the steps first with me behind them and Jason behind me. They loaded our bags while we settled down in our seats. I clipped Jayla's seat belt adn pulled out the gun understanding what Pablo's intentions were. She immediately began talking about how nice the plane was and asking where we were going. It was funny how being a mother was always my first priority, no matter how much I was going through it. After a few minutes of waiting, Jason passed me cup of alcohol, I didn't know what it was, but I didn't hesitate to take it back letting it heat up my throat. Then without any further delay, we began pulling off leaving behind a lot of un answered questions.

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