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Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE)

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276 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:06 pm


yes i think King is a good dude.. he just has a bad boy attitude just like every other nigga out there...

& i hope king is alright... please, please dont let him die on me.!!!!!


277 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:25 am

Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

Well dont leave us hanging, i hope king is okay cuz he got a lot of babies about 2 come

278 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:00 pm




Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!


279 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:16 pm


oh lord no!!!!

280 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Sat Nov 27, 2010 12:13 am


omg! iy hope he's okai!

281 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:47 pm


King Chapter 51 cont....

Damn, I was feeling weak ass hell right now for the last three weeks it's been in and out of surgeries. I just found out that my chance to walk again would be close to slim, why would God fuck me like this. The only thing that has been keeping me sane for the last few days would be my shorty Niya who held me down. Here when I wake up, and here when I go to sleep like a real wifey should be. I know she feel like she to blambe, but honestly I couldn't blame anyone, but myself.
"King" I heard Niya lightly whisper from her chair.
"Yo" I said back trying to get comfy, not feeling my legs was a bitch, but not being able to use them was a bigger bitch.
"Are you okay?" she said trying to help me.
"yea" I said with an attitude, I was a grown man I didn't want my girl babying me. "Niya stop" I said getting an attitude.
"i wsa just trying to help" she said backing away.
"I don't need help" I said sucking my teeth.
"Well you don't have to be so rude about it."
"I'm not trying to be rude, but you kno that I don't want any help."
"Why not?" she said sitting on the edge of my bed.
"Cuz, I can do this shit myself." I said sucking my teeth.
"Okay" she said with an attitude.
"Aight yo, just come here" I said waving her towards me. "I don't try to be mean, but you gotta understand like I'm in a no win right now and this shit is taking a toll on me." I said shaking my head.
"I just want to be here for you, i can't help, but to feel like i'm partcially the balcme."
"Yo, didn't we talk about this, I did this shit, I'm the one who caused this shit you ain't have shit to do with it and i don't want you thinking that you did." I said pulling her hip closer to mines.
"But I did, I should have been holding that conversating with you while you was driving."
"Niya, I'm not stressing it" I said trying to keep on a straight face, but deep down inside I couldn't stop thinking about how I wish shit would have changed and how I wish this wasn't happening to me.
Niya stood up and I couldn't help, but to stare at her ass today she was wearing a pair of black thick leggons with one of my button up Amani shirts. Usually I was against her wearing my clothes out in public, but today shorty was looking good. I starred at her body while she began picking up things off the floor.
"What" she said without even turning around.
"Nuttin, I just can't stop starring at your body Niy. That shit is crazy." I said leaning back into my pillow when she began to walk over to the bed. I starred her up and down and then licked my lips starring at her black and gold Chanel rain boots.
"How is it that you are in a hospital bed, with the possibility of never walking again and you can still be a flirt and try to get shit started." she said when I wrapped my arm around her.
"You, my third leg ain't stop working i'm hard right now." I said placing my hand in my sweatpants. I know I was wrong for trying to get busy in hospital, but honestly it's been three weeks and i explained how sex with Niya was my way to relieve stress. And for the past three weeks I've had alot of stress put on my plate.
"You really need to quit" she said as i pulled her closer and began inhalling her sexy sent.
"Straddle my lap" I said kissing her neck.
"No" she said laughing, but not pulling away.
"Come on, I want you to get on top and ride it how you like it" I said lightly smacking the side of her thigh.
"Nooo" she said lightly moaning.
"You know you want to, when the last time you got some of this good dick. When the last time you came, I know you still be horny" I said palming her ass while i looked down her shirt. I slowly slide my hand to the front and began unbuttoning her shirt one by one. I was in a hospital bed and was still about to get some ass, I was the man. I leaned back and she straddled my lap being careful like she could hurt me.
"Do that hurt?" she said smiling.
"You funny huh?" I said feeling a tingle in my legs. I unbotton all the buttons on her shirt except for the last three and slowly slide the shirt over her shoulders.
"A little" she said pulling off her rain boots. I was grateful that i had enough money to afford my own room and didn't have to share, because what i was about to do should have been off limits. I knew I had some time becuase whenever Niya came to visit the nurses always gave us a few hours alone, maybe because I was paying them off to leave me the fuck along. Only come through when they have to.
"Lay on your back and let me see it" I said sitting up while she laid on her back placing both legs in the air. I help her pull her leggons and thong over her ass and down a little and admired my favorite place. I licked two fingers and lightly began to spread her lips and making her jump a little. I leaned forward and lightly blew between her legs and she took a sharp breathe. "One blow got you ready to explode." I said rubbing my fingers back and forth. I began playing with her clit starring at her face while she moaned lightly and humped against my finger. I stuffed my index finger inside her making sure no one else been inside of my cave and it was just how I left it "tight".
"King you gonna make me cum" she moaned while she gripped the sheets.
"Really?" I said smirking while she set up and began to ride my hand.
"Yea, ride my hand like you gonna ride my dick" I said grabbing one of her breast. I pulled her hair out of her ponytail and watched it fall over her shoulders.
"Baaaby" she moaned into my ear.
"Huh?" I said wrapping my arm around her waist pulling her closer.
"I miss you," she said while she began to press the button letting the bed lay flat.
"I miss you too, you gonna show me how much you miss me." I said while she began to pull down my sweats.
"Yea" she smirked and began licking her lips. Before she could wrap her warm lips around my dick, there was a knock on the door.
"Fuck" I said under my breath while Niya quickly buttoned up her shirt.
"Who is that?" she said getting off the bed and placing on her boots while she finger combed her hair.
"Like I know, go get it" I said pressing the button and pulling my bed back up in sitting position, I covered my hard dick with a pillow and turned on the television on.
"Hey Man" Rell said walking through the door holding April hand after Niya unlocked it.
Even through me and Rell fought, he was still my nigga and I was still his nigga. We weren't a bunch of bitchs that would let sum hoe come between us. When I woke up he was right next to me and ever since then he's been coming to see me atleast twice a week. Real talk, he was a real nigga and it kills me to know how bad I fucked him over.
April hugged Niya and I could feel the tension between, I haven't told April that Niya know about us and I told Niya to keep it quiet until everything was cool and settled. One thing I noticed is that Dior and Niya started talking more and more often and it was starting to kill me. I didn't want my main talking to someone that I jumped off. Since I was in the hospital it was Niya who was helping Dior out and they began growing tight.
"Girl those are some cute rain boots." April said sitting next to Niya and smacking her thigh.
"Thank you" Niya said smiling and making me believe she could forgive, but the look deep in her eyes said something else.
"How you feelin man?" Rell said coming up and giving me a pound.
"Good good" I said shaking my head.
"Nigga, when you get out of here you know I can't stand hospitals." Rell said looking around.
"Damn you actin like I've been here forever it's been a few weeks and I'm the one that's hurt, but you don't hear me complaining."
"Whateva dude, you need to take your ass home, I've been writing and this shit is fucking fire, I'ma need you to hook this shit up for me"
"I don't know when I'm going to be able to het back in the studio" I said shaking my head and shrugging my shoulders.
"You need to get there like ASAP, they said your legs don't fucking work they didn't mention shit about you arms."
"Stop being mean" April said looking at him.
"It's aight, I'm quite use to him being an asshole." I said laughing.
"I am not, but on the real through these rumors are spreading like wild fire even MTV picked up on this crazy baby shit happening with you. So I gotta know how many babies you got on the way."
"Man, mind your business I ain't fucking you so it shouldn't matter how many I got on thye way." I said becoming ver uncomfortable with the conversation.
"I'm just asking nigga" he said joking around more.
"Okay, why did you bring him here if you knew he was going to be an asshole." I asked April.
"I don't know he wanted to come along." she asid laughing.
"Niya, could you get me some water" I said feeling a little dryness in my throat.
"Yea," she said standing up and walking towards the table. She began to pour my water and I could see her hands shaking I could sense the emotions she was going through and I didn't know what to do or how to do it. I had to be an ass to make my girl feel this low. I was going to fix it someway somehow. I didn't know how to get us to the next point, but we couldn't continue going the way we were going.

Niya chapter 52
I was sitting aorund talking to April until her and Rell left, leaving me and King to sit around together, I usually stayed until he went to sleep. I was thinking about April when King began to call me back to back and it began to annoy me.
"Yes" I said slightly bothered.
"Did you hear me?" he said raising an eyebrow.
"Not really" I said softly putting on my neutral face, no matter how I was feeling I could always pull this face out and act like everything was okay even through right now it felt like my life was falling apart slowly.
"Where your head at?" he said sighing.
"I'm here" I said sucking my teeth.
"No, you not, Niy I know you what's going on with you"
"I don't know it's just too much right now."
"What's too much" he said sitting up and rubbing my back and then I pulled awy.
"Everything like what?" he said with his voice becoming annoyed. "Like us?" he said after I set silent for a minute.
"I don't know" I said looking at him and the look on his face said it all/
"Man, Niya go head" he said waving his hand.
"What?" I said in a wierd voice.
"Go" he practically yelled in my face.
"What you mean go?" I said confused.
"Niy, you're a smart enough girl to comprehend. I'm done playing this game with you begging you to be here. I'm tired of trying to explain to you why I love you, why I want you to be here, or how bad I ant to make us work. I'm cripple and tired so you can leave because you don't have any obligations to me." he said lifting himself and sliding back down.
"So what you saying?" I said catching an attitude.
"You can leave, and you ain't gotta come back tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. I'll keep in contact with you for my son, but other then that I won't be stressing I honestly rather be by my fucking self."
"So now you telling me that it's over?" I said standing up catching an attitude extra quick." Yea, cuz I'm not beat you can go head with that I'm a little girl and I'm confused bullshit."
"What are you talking about, I'm not acting like anything right now." I said placing my hand on my chest.
"Wateva Niy, like I said earlier you don't have to come to check on me anymore because they pay people to do it" he said being an asshole.
"Honestly I don't even know what you're talking, but I can tell you that I don't care you don't want me to come through anymore I won't, but you're going to have to explain to your son why he can't see you." I said standing up and collecting all of my stuff.
"Niy, you won't keep my son from me and I put that on my fucking life, unless you want to be lying up in this hospital with me." he said starring me directly in my eyes.
"Are you threatening me?" I asked placing down my bag and starring at him.
"Take it how you want to, but I promise you that no one on this earth is going to stop me from seeing my seed." he said in a calm voice. "Now, you don't want to come through fine, I don't give a shit, but my son will see me. Do I make myself clear?"
"Do you make yourself clear?" I asked raising my voice. "I don't know what drug they been shooting in your veins, but let me make something clear, I'm your sons mother and it's what I say go. You wasn't the one who pushed him out and breast fed him, without your help. You went and lived your life while I was playing mother twenty four seven. So before you let this shit go to your hear remember that I was the one here when you wasn't around and I'll be here when you go away. You want to threaten me, you lost your rabbit ass mind, I'm crazy ass hell don't let the Chanel conufuse you of the asswhipping I will deliver and don't let the five g's on the weave, get you thinking that I don't know niggas that will come to your house and mirk you" I said leaning over."
"Bitch are you crazy, don't ever threaten my life" he screamed tpwards me.
"Or what? I just threatened you and I still stand here in good health with my Chanel on and my five thousand dollar weave intact" I said running my fingers through my hair. "Let me remind you of who is in crontrol and who is the little bitch boy. You need me, not the other way around."
"I swear if I wasn't in this bed" he said speaking through his teeth.
"But you are," I said smirking. "So how about this I'ma go blow a wad of your cash and then I'm gonna drive your whip around and I might not even come see you tomorrow." I said picking my stuff back up and walking away.
"Fuck you bitch" he screamed behind me.
"Yea, yea, yea" I said waving and walking away.
I don't know wha that nigga heard, or what that nigga thought, but I can tell you what it is and where it's at. I'm a boss bitch, I drive the Aston Martins and the driver takes me where I need to go. I'm always a timid girl when people meet me, but most people think it's a weakness. Sad for them because I run shit call me the general because I always get the last laugh. If he want to think that he can say and do whatever he want then let him. I been nice for way to loong accepting his bull for waaay too long and he think he can threaten me, that will be the day. I don't have time for this shit with him, I started to dial Dior's number when the rain began to fall.
"Hello" she said in a dull voice.
"What you doing?"
"Nuttin, thinking about what I want to eat" she said sighing.
"I'm about to come pick you up and we can figure it out together." I said placing her on speaker.
"Aren't you suppose to be with King for like the next hour"
"Yea, but he's being an ass so fuck it and fuck him."
"I hear that girl, I'm craving some steak" she said groaning.
"Girl, you always craving steak are you having a aby or a full grown man."
"I don't know, but either way they eating more then I am" she said laughing.
"I know that's right, so did you just invite me to lunch so i can listen to you bitch and moan about King."
"Hell yea you won't believe what the bastard did and how he been acting"
"I will, I told you that nigga is too much work to put up with, like from the way he treat you I'm glad we ain't have a relationship." she said sighing.
"Girl, you know it ain't that bad." I said trying to play it off because even if it wasn't the greatest I could admit that most of the time, it was one of the bestest. Since Dior and I began hanging out all she really been doing is telling me how bad of a dud King was and right about now I was honestly sick of it. I don't know why she didn't like him, but I knew when they were left alone that it was a different story. It's been plenty of times where I saw her looking at him sideways, why I never said something I just couldn't bring myself to it. Right now if she wanted him, he would be all of hers because I'm done giving all of me.
"Girl are you listening to me?" Dior said breaking me out of my thoughts.
"Not really, what you say?"
"NOthing, you coming right?" she said spinning the conversation around.
"Yea, I'm headed there now call you when I get out front" I said placing the phoen down without listening to a goodbye. I set in my car and dialed Sasha, she was and will always be my bestfriend and I knew at this point and time that she would keep it real.
"Yo, yo, yo" she answered the phone laughing.
"Someone sounds better" I said after how depressed shes been because she was now stuck to the confinements of her house.
"Yea, I can't complain chilling with my family brings the best out of me." she sadi making me think about me and King.
"That's good" I said with a deep sigh.
"What's wrong?" she said knowing me better then anyone else.
I waited a minute then I spilled my whole life out, I released all of me that I've been feeling, but didn't tell anyone. I told her about what just happened at the hospital and what was going on with me. Expressing the feelings to her that I could never express with anyone else.
"So you not going to say anything?" I asked becoming confused.
"Oh, I just thought that you wanted to get shit ff of your chest." she said in a calm voice.
"No, I mean yea, but I still want your opinion." I said sighing.
"Yo, you crazy I don't know why, but you like to abuse King"
"I do not" I said laughing.
"I'm dead serious, you do wateva you want to him and when he shows you that he can do the same you be the first one to act like a victim. I mean honestly what more do you want from him. You would think after all the shit that Cash put you through, that you would be greatful to have someone love you and treat you like King treats you. Man you wild, I don't know much about this love shit becuase everything I loved been snatched away from me one way or another, but I can tell you if you push love away then it will leave. Once it gone, it's gone forever and you have to live with the fact you did it wrong forever." she said making me think twice. "While you sit around thinking that man owe you something remember you owe him just as much. Yea, you had your heart broken by fucking with those little ass boys, but then you had you're pieces back together. Just like you never experience something this strong niether has he and you blame him for not knowing what to do. The one thing he's never stopped doing was fighting for you and for ya'll to move forward. It's funny how he left your past in the past and you can't get over his past. I think you're selfish." she said in a blunt voice.
"How a I selfish when he's the one that went and got other bitchs pregnant?"
"You turned around and became bff's with the itch he got pregnant, and yea that's cool I guess, but when you let that bitch talk down your man infront of your face it's not cool."
"Don't call Dior a bitch." I said not wanting to talk about Dior becuase I knew that they had a serious beef going on.
"Honestly I wasn't referring to it in a disrespectful manner when I said it that time, but this time I am. FUCK that BITCh, you playing yourself thinking that she ain't a scandolous chick."
"She's not" I said tired of hearing these two talk smack about eachother.
"Yea okay, even April said it and April knwo everything about the industry. She a goopie, a well played out groopie, but at the end of the day shes a groopie."
"With this bullshit again, I don't give a fuck what April said" I said becoming annoyed wondering why I even called her in the first place.
"Yea aight, you can play the bitch as you best and I'll just play her to the left." she said sucking her teeth.
"You sound mad silly, like Diors a really cool and down to earth chick and I don't care how you or anyone feels about our friendship."
"If you say so" she said smirking.
"I do, like she mad chill and even through King is her babyfather we still cool."
"Maybe, you can believe the hype, but I don't I think she's lying"
"About what?" I said annoyed even more.
"King being the father, she fucked a hundred of fucking rappers and she just so happen to get pregnant by King fuck outta here she can't fool my ass I know it's something up with that story."
"What you saying?" I said becoming a little confused.
"I'm telling your ass to get a paternity test."
"For what, she ain't lying even King said he fucked her raw." I said pulling on to a road full of traffic.
"Him and a million other niggas, I guess you just gonna sit here and act clueless."
"OMG why do you hate her soo fucking much, it's starting to make you look bad practically jealous." I said knowing I was pressing a button with her temper. Oh well she want to play hard, well call me Jeter cuz I'm up to bat.
"Bitch are you fucking crazy, don't even come at me like that."
"I'm just saying" I said in a calm voice.
"Yea, aight like I said what the fuck I look like being a hater. I look like a yes and that bitch look like a no" she said sucking her teeth letting me know that I got under her skin.
"You just let the fact that you don't like her blurr your judgement."
"Ain't shit blurring my judgement, but reality you act like you don't know shit about scandalous girls. Like you ain't work, live, and eat with these bitchs. Living the lifestyle you lived should have taught you these things, but if you wanna play blind to these hoes go right on head and I promise not to stop you. Just remember when you get hurt don't be surprised if I don't give a fuck."
"Honestly, you ain't gotta give a fuck I'ma grown ass women who is okay with taking care of my fucking sefl I don't need you or anyone else giving a fuck about me." I screamed.
"Yo, calm yourself" Sashs said catching an attitude.
"Or what Sasha," I said getting tough.
"You know what, bye" she said hanging up the phone. I looked at my phone surprised that she gotten so blunt and had the balls to hang up the phone that I got mad. I threw my phone in the backseat and proceeded to drive to pick up Dior.
"Girl, took you long enough" Dior said hopping in the passenger side.
"I got into it with Sasha." I said sighing.
"Over what?" she said sucking her.
"Teeth shit that happened with King, but you know how that goes she gotta keep it "gudda" like we too old for that hood shit. She always wanna get to tough and hood for what, your point is still a point with out the gangsta talk" I said shaking my head.
"It's just that some girls have class and some don't and Sasha isn't like us, she don't know how to be a lady." Dior said placing her red Dior bag down between her legs.
"I just don't get it with her sometimes and then she had the nerves to fucking hang up the phone."
"She's childish like I understand that ya'll friends and everything, but when is you going to reazlize that she's still a lil ass kid. Like I know ya'll cool and I ain't been wanting to say this because I didn't know how you would take it, but I really think it's time that you let her go completely she ain't doing anything, but making you look bad. You are the one going with someone in the spot light and she's messing with a nobody so when she get rowdy and you aroudn her rather or not if you was in it, you're name is the name that get mentioned not hers. Maybe you should just cool out from her until she matures becuase I believe that she aint' doing shit, but bringing you down.
Even through Sasha was my freind some of the shit she was saying was making sense to me. Sasha been this way for waaay tooo fucking long, she's been acting wild liek this and it's time to grow up, now that I was a popular face being a hoodrat isn't cool anymore. I was going to have to think about all that drama later, and for now just enjoy my everyday on this earth.

Aight Author's Question:
Is King right for dissing Niya even through he's the one who made her that way?
Is Niya right for playing with King's emotiongs?
Was Sasha right for saying what she said?

And tell me what you think....

282 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:45 pm


That add was amazing!!
King gon sorry, But Niya does need to know that she being stupid..
Sasha told her straight!! King loves her but she keeps messing wit
his head!!
Dior sounds like trouble telling her to drop Sasha...wer does she get off
tell Niya to drop the girl whose been her best friend for years? Uh huh..she crazy!!

Add more asap!!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!


283 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:59 am


Sasha Chapter 52

I set back and starred at my phone, it was funnny that Niy and that bitch was best friends now becase call me petty, but ain't no way in hell I'm going to allow some bitch that fucked my man to become my friend. If Niya wanted to act clueless then I won't stop her from it, but I don't want to hear her mouth about it either. She was acting so brand new lately that honestly I ain't want shit to do with her and I won't be calling her until I'm ready for the bullshit which will be never. I'm not beat for this young girl bullshit I've never been one to hold my tongue and I refuse to start now.
"Hey" Pablo said walking in the room taking my attention off of the situation.
"Hey yourself." I said standing up and kissing him.
"Umm, what's wrong?" he said starring at me.
"Niya's acting crazy ass hell right now like she acting real wild." I said pulling my hair behind my ears.
"Why what happened?" he asked sitting down.
"No, her and Dior are best fucking freinds now so everytime I say something about Dior she take that shit personal getting out of pocket and shit. I love Niya to death, but I have no problem riding to that bitch house and punching her in her fucking face.
"You do have a problem riding to her house and punching her in her fucking face." Pablo said patting his thigh for me to sit on it.
"And what's that" I said sitting on his thigh and waiting for him to rub my back to make it better.
"That little bracelet on your ankle." he said chuckling.
"It's not funny, I hate this fucking thing, it doesn't even fit" I said rolling my eyes.
"It's not suppose to be fashionable," he sang lightly.
"Well who the fuck asked you?" I said catching an attitude.
"Stop Sasha" he said putting on a stern voice.
"I just don't get how she can fucking trust this bitch so fucking easily. Then she had to nerve to come at me like I'm a fucking hater. Are you serious I do big fucking things so I ain't stressing about these small bitchs that can't make it."
"I think you salty too" he said quietly and I looked at him as if he had lost his fuckin mind.
"Never that" I said sucking my teeth when I heard my phone ringing.
"Well then stop worrying, you just do your job as her bestfreind and when she needs you, you'll be ther and have her looking stupid" he said kissing my head and my mind immediately went to Nikki. I haven't seen her since that night and I don't know how I've made it, I think about her every night all night. I tried looking for her a few times, but no one has seen her. I hope she's safe because I don't know what I would do, if I was to find her in an alley somewhere.
I stood up and walked upstairs to our master bathroom and locked the door, i let the tears fall from my eyes one by one and and covered my mouth hoping that no one would hear me. It was so hard keeping on a straight face, I thought about her so much that I began losing my mind. Every second without her made me hate myself. I knew I was the reason why things were the way they were between us. I should have been a better sister, I should have listened and understood what she was going through. I cried for a minute wanting to scream because I was hating myself, but I didn't I let the tears fall down my cheeks like rain drops. I heard a light knock on the door and I knew it was Pablo, everytime I came to cry he would come. He wouldn't ask any questions just hug me tightly and kiss me on my forehead making everything feel better even if it wasn't.
I stepped out wiping off my face when I saw Jayla standing there, she had a look in her eyes that always made me smile. I picked her up and threw her in the air lightly letting her laugh take me to true happiness.
"What you want?" I said sitting her on the bed.
"Eat eat" she said rubbing her stomach.
"Eat eat" I responded back picking her up and carrying her down teh stairs.
"Yea," she said when we got to the bottom of the steps and Pablo was on the phone. He looked up and quickly finished his coversationd.
"Who was that?" I said as he followed me into the kitchen.
"Cash, we got some business to take care of tonight" he said playing with Jayla.
"I thought it was going to be the family tonight" I said becoming annoyed, being in this house everyday was starting to drive me crazy and not having any to back me up was starting to piss me off.
"I did to, but I gotta handle this" he said in a nonchalant voice.
"No, you want to go there's a difference." I said rolling my eyes.
"Not today Sasha, we we're having a good day"
"Yea, but now you wanna leave me" I sadi patting my chest.
"I don't wanna leave you stop saying that, I gotta go handle business and I just wish you would look at as exactly what it is."
"And what is it?" I said placing my hand on my waist.
"Me handling business."
"But it's more then that" I said stomping my feet.
"How so?"
"Becuase it's you leaving me and I don't want you to go" I said walking closer to him.
"I'll be back aight?" he said placing his hand on my hip and kissing me on my forehead.
"Okay," I said still a little sad.
"I promise and then I'll be all yours" he said hugging me tight. He kissed Jayla on her forhead and then left into the night leaving me.

Aniya Chapter 52 cont.....
I had just finished my day with Dior and just came from picking Zane up from his aunt house, when my mind immediately drifted to King. I thought about him the whole time I was with Dior even through I tried to front, I was missing him terribly. I rode home and placed Zanere in bed because I knew he was tired after his long day with his cousins. I walked into the bedroom and set back thinking about what I was going to do about the situation that was now at hand. I loved King, but I wasn't feeling the way that I once use to feel. After everything that we have been through I didn't know how to feel anymore. My heart was feeling heave, but I knew I wouldn't make it without him. I loved him and he loved me so why was this shit so hard for me, why couldn't i make a way to go back to where we were. I knew he was thinking about me as much as I was thinking about him, I knew he had plans for us and a future I just was unsure and I'm finally starting to see how much it was affecting us. I had to fix us and I had to tell him that all my doubts were gone becuase I was here for him just as he was here for me. I stood up and placed on a sexy La Pearl bra and panty set and threw back on his Armani shirt. Inhaling his scent no matter how many times I smelled it could bring back the best of memories between us. Nothing was like the way that he use to smell and it light up the darkess times that came between us. I couldn't sit around and not be with him, I knew sleeping was going to be hard if me and him didn't make up. I could barely sleep now, but with him being mad at me I wouldn't be able to exist. I needed my baby so bad because without him I was losing my mind. I couldn't take it anymore I walked into Zanere room where he laid in his bed halfway watching tv and halfway sleeping.
"Hey baby" I said sitting down next to him.
"Hey mommy" he sadi looking at me.
"You wanna go see Daddy?" I sadi rubbing the side of his face.
"Yea" he said jumping up, like he wasn't just lying down falling asleep.
"Okay, well put on some clothes." I said patting his butt and walking away I put on sum lipgloss and grabbed my purse cutting off the lights as I walked down the hall to Zane room. He was putting on his leather jacket and checking himself out in the mirror. I laughed at his actions because he was just like his daddy, couldn't leave the house without checking himself out.
"Come on" I said walking down the steps and leaving the house on my way to go get my baby back.

Zane Chapter 53
I was mad ass hell at Niya ass for storming the fuck out the way she did, she must have lost her fucking mind thinking that she was going to keep me away from her child. Then she had the balls to fucking threaten my life, did she forget that I had niggas ready to fucking die for me she better keep her shit to herself. I thought back of how she starred at me and the sexy way she stormed out. Man damn Niya had my dick hard ass hell with that tough girl shit, she didn't turn hood on a bitch easy, but when she did she got my attention. I closed my eyes thinking about Niya's sexy ass beating my meat and falling asleep becuase it was that good of a nut.
I woke up and I could see that it was dark outside and my dinner was sitting on my table getting ready for me. I pulled myself up and clicked on the television so I could have light for when I decided to pee. Since I couldn't get up and go use the bathroom they gave me this container to shoot in. I sighed while I tried to get my fat dick into the tip, I hated having a big dick I said to myself and laughed. Who the hell was I kidding, I loved my big dick and apperantly the bitchs loved it too. After I wiped off my hands I decided to turn the television onto something that I liked. I turned the television to Dragon Ball Z and relaxed, this was my shoe growing up and now they were playing all the episodes from beginning to end. I sipped on my water when I heard my phone vibrating against the nightstand, I haven't even thought to check it because lately the only people who been hitting me up were people from the industry wondering how I was and when I was getting better. I went to put my phone back down when I saw that I had two calls from Dior, I only tried to talk to her about the baby becuase I was with Niya so I needed to see why she was hitting me up now.

From: Dior
Subject: Is dat hw u gnna treat me wen I hav ur child?

I looked at that message and sucked my teeth, since her and Niya became friends she been doing this shit a little too fucking much. Always comparing Niya's and I relationship to her, like she will bever be on Niya's level. I sent her a text back saying "fuck outta here" and placed my phone down. I was fucking tired of Niya running to Dior and telling her everything that's going on between us. Like I understand that she needed to talk, but I thought Sasha was her best friend not some bitch I had a one nighter with. I perfer her talk to Sasha, because Sasha was fucking real she always kept it one hundred about everything that was going on. Like she wasn't beat for all of the bullshit and dramatic shit Dior be on, like she don't know shit about us, but she talk shit like she be right here when it goes down.

From: Dior
Subject: She dnt need ya ass i keep tellin her dat.

I sent her back one saying "If Im such a bad guy y did u fuk me stupid" laughing when I placed my phone back down.

From: Dior
Subject: Dnt start dat

I said "start what?"

From: Dior
Subject: U knew i was feelin u nd still choose her

I said "U soundin salty"

From: Dior
Subject: You shouldnt have went back I was seein us, u was seein her, bt u cnt do rite by her.

I said "hw would u knw"

From: Dior
Subject: Cuz I c shit nd i c dat u dnt wnt 2 b wit her or u wuld handle it lik a real man. U must nt want her 2 bad if u doin dis, 2 treat her lik dis means u dnt luv her, or u luv some1 else.

I didn't even know how to respond to that because I knew she was feeling me on the low, but her loyalty to Niya was strong also. It was funny becuase she probably set in Niya face talking all this shit about me and turn around and be tryna get with me. I bet you Niya silly ass feeds into it too, like she gotta get everyone opinion before she make a decision. I hate when Niya act like she can't think for herself, she was too old to have people control her every thought, expecially these young minded young girls who just going to fuck her over in the end. I was in deep thought gettinf ready to call Niya and tell her about herself when I got a text from Dior. Damn this bitch was thirsty right now.

From: Dior
Subject: Wht u aint sayin shit now.

I said "I aint gt shit 2 say 2 u, lik Niy wifey srry, but ur times up. So dnt text me til it't bout my child."

From: Dior
Subject: Oh u think dat she on u lik daat

I said "I knwo she on it like that"

From: Dior
Subject: I got text dat say different, everytime u mess up she got some1 else in mind nigga. U wastin ur time thinkin dat she wont leave u for another baller. U seen her, shorty bad, n u know her past HOE. So wht will stop her frm goin out and gettin sum dik, cuz u ain't givin her none neway.

I read that message and almost lost my fucking mind, if Niya was stepping out while I was laid in this bed then she would be fucking done. I would fuck Niya up over some shit like this, I could hear my heart monitor beeping and I knew I had to calm the fuck down. I wouldn't believe this shit, cuz one thing I knew is after the one time Niya almost slipped up and I got in that ass she knew better then to try again. So I smirked and replied "Dont hate yo, you silly sounding a bit jealous"

From: Dior
Subject: I got da proof all I need is the word to 2 shw it, do u wanna c it?

I didn't want to believe, but I didn't want to seem like I didn't truse Niy, but the better half ofme had to knwo what was going on between us. If she was trying to slide on the low, this was it I was done. I would probably lose my mind. She don't know how much I actually loved her ass and if shit went down the wrong way I wouldn't be able to forgive her. As much as I wanted to say no, the back of my mind had to know. So I sent her one word, three letters, YES. I waited five minutes and nothing came through, damn I knew my shorty was loyal to me. Then it happened, I heard the worst thing happen to me the phone vibrated and I shut my eyes hoping that life wasn't playing a game.

From: Dior
Subject: FWD Aniya:
Yea, he's so sweet I wanted to just jump on him and ride him until the wheels fell off girl. I haven't been out to lunch in such a long time because King can't do that anymore so being with him turned me on something serious. The way he was touching me made me want to do all types of wrong LOL....
FWD Aniya: I'm tired of using my hand I'm going to get me some when he come thru tonight jkjk, but I was thinking :/ I'm such a shame. I love King, but a girl got feelins and Mario is heresnow, what am I to do?

I read those messages one by one making sure I read each of them correctly each word stabbing me like a knife. That bitch set in my house every fucking day, she came and set in here acting like she cared about me, but didn't give a fuck about me honestly. I was going to kill her, I can't believe that she ran on me while I was lying in the hospital bed I hope I never see that bitch because if she do come through I'm going to have to fuck her up. I was pissed and my body was heating, if I could I would get up and walk to her house and stuff my fucking foot in her ass. Before I could say anything else the door opened and light knock came, I looked up and there stood Niya and Zane smiling lovely. Damn why she gotta do me like this....

Before she could say anything, and before I could control and then.....
Authors Questions
Did King go too far?
Is Dior wrong for leaking information?
Is Niya too naive to what her friends say?

284 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:37 am


finally caught up..
omg Shocked

dior was wrong and i think honestly she made up those text messages...
i don't thinkn niya wrote that...

in a way king went to far but in a way he didn't
he's only human... after all the stuff he put niyah through
he can't be mad.. but like mama always said, a man will do what you
allow him to do...

sasha and niyah isn't gonna be mad at each other long...
they have to many years invested to just through it was over a hoe...

king is gonna hurt niyah and i hope the truth comes out.. but i could be wrong.
niyah couldve slept with mario but i don't see her being so hard on king if she did
like if your man do wrong and then you do wrong in return you kinda get over it
and the shit doesn't matter anymore.... cuz you know you can step out and get it just
like him..

and what happened to CASH...??

write asap i've been waiting on this story for the longest....plz

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King shouldnt believe what that bxxxx say
And Niya need to leave Dior alone she nothin but troble
Sasha is the one to talk to.
I hope king dont go off on Niy especially not
infront of their son.

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EBz Perradize

It has taken me five whole days to fully read and enjoy this story! I am a new reader and all i gotta say is...... Shocked ! This is so friggin good but down to business.

King and Niya need to stop playing. They always end up together. This is one of those relationships where there needs to be a compromise! And soon....

Sasha was right for telling her like it is! What best friend wouldn't? But, she need to realize that Niya is grown and old enough to fall on her ass alone and learn a big lesson.

April and Rell???? That whole situation is just on some whole other shit! But Niya has no reason to act fake, even if she did promise King that she would be cool.

Now, Dior....she a bird, no doubt like a bum groupie type bird! She want King and just made cuz she gonna be just another baby mama and not his wife! Smh at the nerve of females!

Anywho, great great great add...NOW>>>>>

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Aniya Chapter 53

I walked through the hospital hallways holding Zanere's hand while he smiled hard, preparing to see his dad. I had butterflies in my stomach slowly confusing me, I didn't know if I wanted to turn around and run or to stick it out. Each step closer felt like my life was near an end, like my chest began to tighten. I didn't know what was going on with me, I was getting a feeling that everything going on was different. I swallowed my pride and opened the door wondering what King was going to say.
"hey" I said opening the door and slowly tip toeing in. He looked up and the look in his eyes said it all, before he could open his mouth Zanere broke free of my grip and ran full speed towards him.
"Daddy" he said jumping onto his lap and smiling. They began to talk and watch television and I noticed that King wouldn't give me any attention, I walked over to him and leaned against his arm and he didn't budge.
"Hey" I sadi rubbing his shoulder. He moved away from my touch and continued to play with Zane acting ass if I didn't exist. "What's wrong?" I whispered into his ear and shrugged me away.
"Nuttin" he sad in a blunt voice.
"So why you actin like this?" I sadi rubbing his chest.
"Like what Niy?" he said sighing.
"Like you mad or something, I know what I said and did earlier today was wrong and I'm sorry about that" I sadi looking down.
"Aight" he said shrugging his shoulder.
"That's it" I said sucking my teeth.
"Yea," he said shrugging his shoulders. "What more needs to be said?"
"Wow" I said walking away and sitting on a chair across from the bed. I sucked my teeth as he and Zane began to talk and play for about an hour until he drifted off to sleep. I stood up and stretched mad at myself for believing that King was an adult, or even something close to it. "I guess I'm going to be on my way" I said grabbing Zane off of his lap.
"Ight" he said patting Zane head and leaning back.
I couldn't take it anymore so I set Zane in the chair I was sitting in then decided to walk over to King and sit on his lap.
"What the fuck you doing?" he said sucking his teeth. I grabbed the curtain and spent it all the way around the bed making sure that Zane couldn't see us.
"Why you acting like this I said I'm sorry" I said rubbing his chest the right way making sure that I was going to get a reaction.
"Man, you ain't nuttin but a bird" he said sucking his teeth.
"Oh I'm a bird now?" I said trying to keep my voice down.
"Yea, so go call Mario and see if he'll accept you're apology."
"I don't want Mario, it was one date and I told you that" I said sighing I hated when he brought up Mario, becuase he was doing nothing but acting jealous.
"Yea, ight that's why you going to lunch with dude sending little text messages to Dior about him and shit." he spit lightly.
"I didn't go to lunch with him, the day that you're talking about is when me and Dior went to lunch and we saw him. Dior is the one who invited him to the table and we barely spoke becuase I'm not beat."
"Oh so you weren't texting about dude saying how you tired of using your hand and you want him, how's hes cute and you want to ride him until his wheels fell off. Oh I see you ain't got shit to say now, matterfact get the fuck off of me." he said pushing me.
"What the fuck you talkin bout, I didn't send Dior no type of fuckin text messages like that. I don't think about Mario, because I'm always here thinking about you on the days I'm not here I'm still thinking about you calling and texting you. You're a fuckin joke, you wanna sit here and believe all the things that these bitchs are telling you t hen find go head and do it, just don't get shit twisted between us. I love you to death, I've put up with your shit for too fucking long to be with someone else. One day, you're just going to have to accept the only one that cheats is you, the only one that hurts the other person is you. I'm sick of this, I told you last time, that this will be your last chance. You don't believe me then watch me." I said standing up and getting off of him. I can't believe that bitch tried to set me the fuck up and I'm angry that King took time to believe that shit. I mean yeah Dior and I have talked about Mario, but she's the one that brings him up she's the one who wants to jump all over him.
"Man, Niy stop fucking lying to me you never wanted to fuck dude" he said raising his voice. "HUH?" he said calling me out.
"You know what, you want some fucking honesty, I'll give your ass some honesty. Yes I did want to fuck him, hell I want to fuck him right now. Did I go have lunch with him, NO, but now I wish I had took him up on his offer." I said without thinking twice and before I could react I felt King snatch me by my arm and swing me across his lap.
"Yo, don't ever say some shit like that to me again, you hear me I will fuckin kill you" he whispered against my face.
"Get your fucking hands off of me I said struggling, but it seem like that only made it worst.
"No, you want to fuck other niggas and sit here and lie to my fucking face." he said holding me tightly.
"King Please" I said as my eyes began to tear up. "I swear"
"Niy, tell me the fucking truth" he said starring in my eyes and I could not lie to him.
"I wanted to fuck him so bad" I said as I began to break down. "I wanted his dick so bad" I said while tears washed down my face.
"What did you do with him?" he said biting his lip.
"We kissed and I never meant for it to go that far, he just pulled me to him and kissed me like he loved me, like the way you use to kiss me." I said spilling my heart.
"Did you fuck him?" King asked in such a silent voice I could barely hear him over my cries.
"No, I swear" I said grabbing his hand.
"Did you send those text messages to Dior?" he asked me starring me in my eyes, but the way he was starring made me think he was looking right through me.
"No, I never told anyone" I said sniffling as he let me go and I slide on my knees.
"Damn Niya" he said slamming his hand on the nightstand.
"I'm sorry okay" I said turning towards him on my knees.
"Get off your knees" he said copping the side of my face with one hand.
"I'm sorry," I said slobbering.
"Ight, but get off your knees." he said practicalling picking me up and wiping away my tears. "Damn, you get the worst of me" he said kissing me all over my cheeks.
"I'm sorry" I said holding him tightly, I didn't know why I drove this man to his breaking point, but everytime I took him there it proved to me that he still cared.
All of my friends told me it was unhealthy to be in a relationship like that, it's only unhealthy if I'm not in it. King never hit me and all his ciolent threats was full of bullshit. Everytime he grabbed me and got angry I knew we grew closer cuz that meant he wasn't growing apart from me. I sniffled a little more while he whispered sweet things in my ear telling me how sorry he was for breaking us and how he couldn't see himeself without me right now all of these things driving me crazy in it's own way.
"Niy, I don't want you with dude anymore ight, I don't care about ya'll friendship I can't handle it. I hate thinking that he had his lips where only mines are suppose to be, I can't take thinking that you would give him the ass. It kills me Niy" he said starring in my eyes.
"I'll stay away from him," I responded grabbing his hand and holding it.
"Niy, you such a good chick" he said watching me straddle is lap.
"No, I'm not" I said kissing the side of his face.
"yea, you are. Damn I feel stupid for letting this shit go to my head. You going to forgive me?" he asked biting his lip.
"You know I do, okay we're going to make this work I swear" I said starring in his eyes.
"You right, I promise I'm going to change."
"It's going to work, no matter what people say or how they act it's me and you against the world." I said kissing the side of his face.
"You gotta stop teasing me" he said placing his hand inside of my shirt.
"I'm not you know I want you" I said licking the side of his face.
"Yea, but not like this my son over there"
"I know" I said leaning back and sighing.
"So go home and I'll see you tomorrow aight." he said patting my thigh.
"I love you" I said leaning my forehead against his chest.
We stayed in that position until the sun began to peak thruogh the windows and I pulled myself away from him wishing I could stay like that for the rest of my life. God has a funny way of spinning things around and destroying the puzzle, but the picture is still the picture no matter how much you jumble the pieces. And all I can say is that this picture is painted clearly forever we we're meant to be and forever we will be.

Sasha Chapter 53 cont....
I was lying down waiting for Pablo to get back when I began to think about life, damn I wish I could talk to Niya right now. No matter how many times I been in this spot, she always seem to pull me out my slump and make me laugh. I knew I had to call her, but right now I was too focused on this depression that was beginning to creep up on me once again. I don't get it, I had everything I could ever want and still came up empty, how is this possible? Was I selfish to want more even when I had ninety percent? I laid on my back sighing and shaking my head, it's crazy that I was feeling like this, but I couldn't stop it.
I walked downstairs and opened the alcohol cabinet and decided to take the first bottle I saw, which was a bottle of Patron platinum. I took a swig without thinking twice letting the burning sensation fall to the pits of my stomach where all my stress was building. I walked to the kitchen grabbing a shot class and taking a shot before screaming out, releasing everything that was beginning to build.
"Patron always takes the edge off." I said to myself shaking my head. I opened the cabinets looking for some juice to drink it with, just to calm the burning sensation. I grabbed a bottle of Lemonade and walked to the television room where I set and relaxed, turning on an episode of "The Game". Damn Tasha Mack was a crazy bitch, I laughed.
I mixed a drink, making sure that it was get me nice before Pablo came home, maybe doing something freaky with him would take the worry out of my stomach. I was driving myself crazy ready to pull my hair out and I couldn't figure out why life always got the best, stress got to me like a bitch. I stood up and walked to the excersize room pulling off my shirt and jumping on the treadmill running as fast as I can for as long as I could. When my body couldn't pump it anymore I turned it off and jumped in the shower feeling alot better. The tension in my body was still there, but the feeling in my gut was starting to departure slowly.
I stepped out the shower naked, whistling a stupid tune when I saw Pablo sitting on the bed with a look on his face. I've only seen this look a few other times and every other time it was bad news. Damn that feeling in my gut was coming back and I didn't know what to do about, this time the feeling was in my gut and heart.
"What's wrong?" I said going into panic mood without thinking about it twice. He looked at me without an answer and right then and there I knew it was Nikki. "Where is she?" I yelled running towards him. "Tell me nigga" I said raising my hand to slap him.
He caught my arm mid air and held me tightly, like he never wanted to let me go. I knew something was wrong I could feel it in viens running deep down to my heart and capturing my soul.
"Please, tell me Pablo I have to save her" I said trying to pull away from his grasp. I yanked and tugged with all my strength and got away. Running full speed for the door when he grabbed me. "I have to save her, I'm all she got" I said reaching for her, feeling her fade away from me slowly.
"You can't," he said holding.
I tried to fight him, for as long as I could, I tried and tried, but he wouldn't let me get to her he wouldn't let me save her. What was happening, everything was becoming out of my control. How was I going to fix it, if this is what was going to happen. I stopped fighting and gave up just holding on to Pablo for dear life. Tears fell from my eyes, one at a time, two at a time, three at a time, four then five and before I knew my vision blurred then my eyes began to burn. I let out a scream so powerful, I could feel my ears pop, even through I didn't know where she was I knew I had to save her. I had to be the one to come through for her, I made this promise long ago before Cash, David, or Pablo. I made this promise when she was still in my mom's womb, that I would be the one to protect her and until I am buried six feet under that is what I plan to do.

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EBz Perradize

Niy and King are killing me with this love/hate relationship...UGH! SMH

Where is Nikki and what is wrong with her? Omg... Neutral

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I LOOOOVVVVEEE this story!!!!!!!!!!!
Great add!!! it's been forever sense the last one!
niya and king are crazy lol.
Please add again SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope we dont have to wait as long as last time lmao!!!!

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iM SO iN LOVE WiT THiS....


291 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:09 pm


add asap plzzzzz

292 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:45 pm


plase addd!!!! >Sad Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil

293 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:06 pm


pretty please !

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King Chapter 54

It's been a month since that night with Niya and slowly we we're starting to get things back on track. I was rhe hospital released from the hospital and living at my house with Niya. I was going to physical thearpy every other day and I could feel that I was on the track to start walking again. Every day I got a little stronger and felt a little more, that's where most of my energy was directed nowadays. I mean I directed a lot of my energy to my family and Niya, but lately she's been doing her own thing and I've been doing mind. To be honest through I wanted her to see how much I was improving, but I guess I would have to surprise her when I knew I was completely walking again. Before I showed her the new house or the ring I wanted to make sure we would be on the right track. Now that I was home again it was king of wierd because everything was impossible for me now that I was using the wheel chair, but I was determine to not let that stop me. Niya has been a pain in the ass even through I know all she is trying to do is help, she was actually annoying the hell otu of me. every minute of the day she was trying ot help or to worry about me. I didn't need her I had this, she didn't knwo she was making me feel helpless and I always did shit on my own and I didn't need her.
"King" Aniya song softly as she walked into the kitched where I was making a deluxed sandwhich.
"Yo" I said adding three slices of tamatoe.
"You need help" she sad leaning next to me.
"Why did you hear me call for help" I said in a blunt voice. I know it was rude, but I was making a sandwich if I needed her to do it, I would have said something.
"I was just asking" she said rolling her eyes.
"Yea, why did you come in here in the first place?" I said adding lettuce.
"Can you watch Zane, while I go run some errans?"
"Yea" I said looking at her like she was crazy.
"What?" she said with an attitude.
"He my son right?" I said closing my sandwich.
"Yea, but I didn't know if you could handle it." she said not looking at me.
"Niya, dont start" I said biting into my sandwich.
"I'm just saying" she said shrugging her shoulders.
"Niy stop treating me like this" I said looking at the chips at the top of the fridge. "Shit" I saied looking for something to reach it with.
"You need help?" she said smirking.
"You think you funny?" I said grabbing the broom and pushing the bag off of the fridge onto the ground.
"There is nothing wrong asking for help." she said walking over to me.
"Yea there is, and you won't get it" I said placing the plate, chips, and soda on my lap and then rolling to the table setting everything up.
"I just want to help" she said shrugging her shoulders.
"I know and you can help by not helping me, I'm not a child." I said biting into my sandwhich.
"Well fine," she said sucking her teeth. "I'll be back" she said grabbing her purse and storming out. I rolled my eyes I hated when she got sensitive for no fucking reason. I finished my sandwhich throwing my plate into the sink, I rolled into the livingroom and began watching television while I listened to Zane play in his room. I began watching telelvision when there was a knock on the door I yelled that the door was opened and Pablo walked in with Jayla right behind him. She was growing up to become a gorgeous women, and I could see she would have an attitude like Sasha that would drive him crazy.
"Uncle King" she said runnging towards me full speed and wrapping her arms around me.
"Hey pretty girl, what do I owe this visit." I said sitting her on her lap.
"Daddy brought me here" she said smiling.
"Zane" I yelled upstairs hoping he heard me.
"Yes" he said walking down stairs towards me.
"Look who here"
"hey" he said un amused and I laughed.
"Take her upstairs so ya'll can play" I said picking her up.
"Aww man" he said sucking his teeth.
"what's wrong?" I asked starring at him.
"She's a girl" he said pointing to her like she was an alien.
"And you have cooties" she said sticking her tongue out to him.
"Take her upstairs and be nice" I said pointing at him. He shook his head and they ran upstairs full speed.
"In ten years, he's going to bed to have a girl to upstiars with him." I said laughing as Pablo got comfy.
"As long as it isn't that girl, I'm okay with that" he said chuckling and sitting down clapphin his hands together.
"Everything aight with you" I said starring at him. Pablo was a hard dude to read, so I watched him with extra care.
"I don't know" he said sighing and leaning back in the chair placing his hands in his head.
"Man, wassup" I said turning the television on mute giving him my full attention.
"It's Sasha" he said looking at me and I knew this was something big.
"What about her, she didn't burn down your house again" I said cracking a small joke.
"She isn't herself, she isn't talking to me, looking at me, she's practically living in a different world. We don't share a room any more and the only time she talk to me is when we're infront of Jayla. I don't know what to do."
"Why isn't she talkign to you?"
"I know where Nikki is and I can't bring myself to tell her." he said sighing.
"Why not, I mean that's her sister she's been worrying about the girl day in and day out."
"I know that" he said cutting me off.
"I just don't know what she would do"
"I mean, where is she I hope she isn't in any danger."
"I don't know, she's working for Sauce now." he said sighing.
"You mean old dude that use to hang out with Cash" I said starring at him like he was crazy. "Man, you need to save her or tell Sasha, I know she gets off of the bracelet like next week and she's going to do it rather or not you support her."
"I know, I just" he said sighing and shaking his head.
"You just what Pablo, this isn't you man you know you have to save her" I said looking at him wondering what he was thinking.
"Man, I don't know" he said trying to make an excuse.
"Pablo, don't lie to me man, just tell me what's going on"
"I can't yo" he said slapping his hands together.
"yea, you can"
"She's pregnant by Cash" he yelled back in my face. Then silence took over the room and the only thoughts that came to mind was everything that was going on. "How can I tell the women I love that the man she hates got her sister pregnant. I can't hurt her anymore, she's been through too much we've been through too much." he said starring at me with tears in his eyes.
"Damn" I said sitting ba ck in my chair, as crazy as it sounds Iknew eactly where he was coming from. HOw could you tell the women that you love something so painful. He starred at me and I starred back, even through we didn't speak the room felt heavy ass hell.
"Look man, how about you go get things off your chest with Sasha and I'll watch the kids." I said after a while of silence.
"You sure man" he said taking a deep breathe.
"Yeah" I got this" I said waving my hand.
"Thanks" he said giving me a hug and walking away. I didn't know what that man was going to do. The funny thing was I understood perfectly what he was feeling and going through. How could you explain to the one that you love, the one she love was in trouble? A real man couldn't bring himself to tell the women he love a painful secret. I shook my head and said a little prayer for him hoping for the best.
I went back to watching my show, wondering where Niya was and when she was going to be home, because lately she's been distant with me. She's been leaving more and more giving lame excuses of why she couldn't be here with me. I needed her support, but it seems like she coudln't give it anymore, I couldn't blame her through I didn't make it easy for her. I felt my phone ring and picked it up hoping it was Niya returning my call.
"Yo" I said when I realized it Rell.
"Go look at mediatakeout right now" he said in a hurry.
"I don't read them shits I'm a grown man" I said hating to read gossip articles.
"Well I hope you look at pictures, because they got a pic of Niya and some nigga together at the park" he said making me lost me breath.
"How could that be fucking true?" I yelled rolling my chiar to the office and hanging up before he could respone. I know I shouldn't, but I had to know the truth. I typed in the address and a large picture of Niya and man popped up on screen. "King's girl bail on him after fatal accident leave him paralyzed." I froze my body shook with rage, this bitch was going to be the death of me. I knocked everything off the desk pissed that i was being played. I clicked to see the article, reading everything twice.
Sasha chapter 54 cont...

I was cleaning the counter for the fififth time today, when I heard the gates open I look at the monitor and watched Pablo park his Mazarati in the garage. I sighed and rolled my eyes, in my mind right now all I could say was either you was with me or against me. And with him knowing where my sister was and not telling me, clearly he was against me. He started a war and didn't even know it, he was the enenmy and the only reason I chose to spare him was because of our daughter.
"Hey" he said throwing the keys on the counter. I ignored him completely and began to walk away when I felt him wrap his arms around me.
"Get off of me" I said pushing him away with all my strength.
"What is your problem?" he said looking me dead in my eyes.
"Like you don't fucking know Pablo," I said pointing in his face.
"I want to talk to you and you're acting like you're crazy."
"When it comes to my sister, I don't give a fuck. So either you tell me where she is or this conversation is over."
"I will, just calm down and talk to me." he said directing me to the table. I looked at him and sighed slowly, I walked to the table and set down and he set across from me.
"Don't play me" I said sucking my teeth.
"Do you know how much I love you Sasha, I'm not playing with you."
"You are, she's my sister she's my responsibilty. What am I suppose to tell my grandmother, how do I explain my failure. I was suppose to take care of her and right now I don't even know where she is and you won't even tell me. You're suppose to be on my side so I hope whoever yo're protecting is worth it."
"It's not like that" he sighed.
"Well let me make this easier for you, either you tell me where my sister is or you pack your shit" I said starring him in his eyes. "Cuz at this point it's either you're with me or against me." I said standing up and walking away. I knew Pablo was crazy, but I didn't think he was this crazy. Before I could respond he had grabbed me, picking me up off my feet carrying me to the bedroom.
"Look at me" he said throwing me on the bed and pointinf in his face. "I'm tired of these fucking threats." he said picking up the lamp off of the nightstand and throwing it across the room. "I'm the man of this fucking house and it will be a could day before you become the man of this fucking house. I make the fucking rules I am the only one bring ing in cash the only one willing to put up with your crazy ass and still do right by you. I don't know how to be the man for you and I don't know how to balance the shit we go throug, but I will tell you this much through. I'm trying my hardest to do what's right for us, and no I don't know the answer, but I do know that this will not be it."
"You don't know shit, you just want to control this shit" I yelled in his face.
"Sasha, I've never wanted to slap as much as I do now" he said clapping his hands together.
"I don't care," I spit in his face. Before I knew his hands where around my throat slamming me on the bed like we we're professional wrestlers.
"Why do you always want to drive me to this point?" he screamed tighening his grip. "Why?" he yelled again. "I'm not a nigga that loses his temper, but you always push me to that point and you don't seem to ralize what the fuck you doin." he said releasing his grip when he noticed that I was losing my breathe. He stayed ontop of me with his hand on my throat, but this time it was a bit more relaxed. "I love you Sash" he said kissing my tears as I laid there with my body numb. I've never known Pablo to lose his temper especially with me, I must have really over stepped my boundaries. I wrapped my arms around his neck starring in his eyes trying to get a response, some type of response. He pulled away from me and turned his face, he began to rub my thighs. I set up and starred at h im for a minute, but thoughts of my sister began to flood my mind. Then anger began to take over and before I knew my body was heating up all over again.
"You want me to be nice to you when you're the one that's a trader." I said snatching my body away from him. "You want me to give you a kiss on your cheek for not telling me where my sister is. Nigga please, I don't live for you I live for her. I don't give a fuck how you fucking feel, what you think choking me would effect me. Nigga, i've been through worst," I said challenging him.
He looked at me like he was shooting daggers and starred like he was ready to attack, he smiled at me with a smile so wicked I didn't know how to respond. He stood up and began to walk away like nothing ever happened, and I couldn't take it I ran after him yelling and screaming. He pushed me away like I was saying nothing. I began to cry like a baby, pulling on his arm hoping he wouls rung back, but he wouldn't. I fell to my knees and begged him, then held on his legs while he starred down at.
"You gonna learn Sasha." he said pointing in my face and pushing me off of him. Then I jumped on him full speed trying to show him how bad I wanted him to stay.
"Get off me" he said pushing me onto the bed making me fly back a few feet.
"Please Pablo, I'm begging you" I said crossing my fingers like a child.
"Stop it" he said yelling at me. "Get off your knees." he growled picking me up.
"Please, I'm begging you" I said crying.
"Sasha stop" he said wiping my face.
"I can't you don't understand, it's my job to protect her." I said slapping my chest.
"I know I know" he said wrapping his arms around me holding me.
"Just tell me" I said gripping his chest.
"I can't" he said standing up looking stressed.
"Why not?" I said standing on my knees.
"I just cant'" he said walking back and fourth. He began to pace and then breathe in hard like he was stressed.
"Just tell me Pablo,"
"I can't tell you becuase I can't lose you" he said kicking the dresser.
"Tell me, I have a right to fucking know" I yelled standing up and he pushed me right back on the bed. I stood up ready to attack him, he was making himself an enemy each second that went by I didn't know where my sister was and he did.
"Since you so big and bad then I will tell you. She's pregnant by Cash" he said to my face and I swear everything went numb, my whole body trembled and I crashed to my knees. He walked behind me and picked me up laying me on the bed and rubbing my back.
"You gotta get her back, just get her back." I kept saying to him, letting my body go completely numb and everything faded away.

Aniya (Chapter 55)

Lately, I've been leaving the house more and more getting away from King and his grumpy attitude. I would usually go shopping, but once I became bored with having the latest new everything I decided to pick up a hobby. I began taking walks through the park and reading every and anything I could pick up. Reading became my life, it always took me away from all the stress that was going on at home. Right now I was reading a mystery and getting to the good part, but I felt someone starring at me. I pulled off my Gucci glasses and looked around wondering who it could be, but it was too many people so I shrugged off the feeling and went back to doing what I was. When I couldn't shake off the feeling any longer I closed my bood and looked up when I saw a man starring at me, then he picked up his camera and took a pictured.
"You mind?" he said walking up next to me and sitting down at the bench.
"Not really" I said shrugging my shoulders.
"You have a photogenic body" he said picking up his camera and taking a close up.
"Thanks" I said smiling and turning my face away.
"The camera always catches true beauty" he said turning th camera to me and showing me the last picture he took on the screen.
"I guess" I said shrugging.
"Do you know where true beauty comes from?" he asked resting his body when I took a look at him for the first time, a real look. He was average hieght with smooth exotic skin and gray eyes. He smiled and his teeth caught my attetnion a perfect smile, just like Kings. Althrough he was wearing a baggy v-neck and homeless man jeans I could see how built he was.
"No, how about you tell me?" I said smiling.
"From the emotion behind the picture." he said picking up his camera once again and taking a shot of a kid running to an icecream truck.
"Wow, that's deep" I said starring in h is eyes once again becoming captured by his vibe.
"I'm Joseph" he said reaching out his hand.
"Niya" I said grabbing it and shaking it. "So do you take pictures of every girl you meet, or am I just you cover shot for the month?"
"A little bit of both, I'm a free lance photographer, but I also do some work on the side." he said shrugging.
"I just hope your not paparazzi, I actually can't take it anymore" I said rolling my eyes.
"No, those was my college years" he said smillign.
"Yea, if you say so" I said smirking.

That's where it all began, first I would just go to watch him and then he brought me a camera and I began to take my own pictures. One by one I would capture true beauty in different forms, letting my mind wonder and relax. I know I should tell King, but I can't this is something I don't want to share with anyone and now that Joseph let's me use his studio to print my work my life has been perfect. Each day I would go out in the world with my camera taking pictures of anything that captured me. I know I should tell King, but he wouldn't understand, I was doing this to get away from him. I was doing this to get away from anything that pissed me off.

Even through I told King that I was going to run a few errands in reality, I was actually going to the studio to get some stuff of off my chest. As I bega to hang up my pictures one by one on a drying line, I heard a knock on the door.
"Hey" I said as Joseph waled in.
"Hey yourself." he said studing my pictures one by one.
"What are you doing here?" I said starring at him.
"Well, I was thinking, you remember when you told that you wantec to do something special for King because of your anniversary that was coming up."
"really, like what?" I asked while I placed a few more pictures in the water waiting for the image to appear.
"What, if you give him a portrait?" he said leaning against a shelf that set in the room.
"Of what?" I said confused.
"You, I mean look at Niya. You're one of the prettiest women I've laid my eyes on." he said shaking his head. "I mean, I woyuld want to take you everywhere with me, if you we're my girl."
"Thanks" I said laughing lightly. "But I don't knwo how I feel about that" I said shrugging my shoulders.
"Look, just think it over." he said walking over to me.
"I mean, it would be wierd"
"No, it wouldn't I take pictures of gorgeous models all do long and I still haven't found beauty as pure as yours."
"I don't want to do a playboy shoot for my man,"
"It don't have to be a playboy shoot it could be something sophisticated and mature. Look just trust me" he said walking over to me.
"Aight, but if it's sleazy we're not doing it. I'm too olde for that plus I have a son and he don't need to be seeing all of that." I said waving my hand and walking out of the door."
"Look, come back on Wednseday next week and I'll have everything set up." he said following me through the house.
"Okay, but look it's getting late I gotta go" I said looking at my rolex and grabbing my purse.
"See you wednseday" he said walking me to the door.

King Chapter 55 cont.....
I was watching television wondering where the hell Niya was, when I heard my phone vibrate. I picked it up without looking at the i.d.
"Man, did you see mediatakeout today?" Rell asked me out of breathe.
"You know I don't read that shit." I said sucking my teeth. I was never one for gossip, most of those sites only got half the story and the other half was he said she said.
"Well maybe you should read it today"
"Why," I said becoming annoyed.
"Nigga just read it" he said disconnecting the line.
I thought about it for a minute, but my curiosity got the best of me. What could be so important for me to see? I rolled my chair into my office and loaded up my computer as nervousness began to take over me. I waited for the internet to load and then tapped in mediatakeout, hoping that everything was false. Then the first thing I saw, was an exclusive in big red letters. "Famous Producer King's fiance photoed out creeping". With a picture under it of Niya and some white man walking through the park together. I felt my chest fill with rage, I know this bitch ain't trying to play me once again. I took a deep breathe trying to remain calm. I scrolled through the pictures and she was with him on more then one occasion, even a picture of him taking a picture of her.
"Everyone knows the bumpy relationship, Niya and King have been through from her stripper days to his son being born. Even through they are one of our favorite couples and we love Niya shoe game, there have been some suspicious behavior going on with Niya lately. Right after King was released from the hospital for a car accident resulting in him living his days out in a wheel chair. Niya began hanging out with this guy, and one of our top industry snitches reported to us that they have been out to eat, she's been to his studio for hours at a game. Looks like you can take a hoe off the pole, but you can't keep the pole out the hoe."
I read that article time after time and each time, something inside of me snapped like I was falling apart. I inhaled deeply and then rolled away, I couldn't let this control me, I thought to myself as anger flooded my body. I rolled onto our elevator and headed to the excersize room the only way to get all of this pain off my chest. I laid on the bench with 320 pounds of weight and began doing reps of ten, I pushed myself as hard as I could so I wouldn't think about anything else. I pushed until it felt like my arms would fall off, not thinking of Niya was killing me through. I loved her and rather or not if she was cheating she was still going out with another dude and wouldn't tell me, that's decieving ass hell.
I heard teh door open and listened to Niya heels clicked down each step, she saw me and smiled like she was seeing me for the first time. I don't know how she did, but all my doubts washed away as soon as I saw her. I marked it down as mediatakeout running there mouth again, not knowing what they were talking about, but deep inside me somewhere I knew it was something and I wouldn't forget this and it would be popping up again soon.
"I missed you" she said sitting on my lap and leaning over to kiss me.
"I'm sweaty," I said looking away.
"I don't care, I love you" she said shrugging her shoulders and looking me deep in her eyes. She leaned down and snuggled against my chest making me smile and I knew at that point I was a sucker. There was no breaking us, it was going to work, if it killed me. I closed me eyes pulled her to me and kissed her like we was coming to an end, like this was my last moment on earth.

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Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

She isnt cheating with the guy so hopefully he doesnt get 2 mad
and those ppl need to stop taking pics and mosting bullshit about her
Bumps! add more soon please

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im glad he didnt go all out of proportion on aniya lol thats how you keep a relationship he should kno she wont cheat on him. She loves king add morreeee bumpz! Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation I love you

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addd (: i love me some king, but sasha and pablo are definitely my fav. couple.. bumpppppzzzz


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I was lying down in bed when I rolled over to reach for King, but he wasn't there, I sighed and stood up then headed to the television room where I know he would be. Lately he's been a little to himself lately, and I've been wondering why, it was a month until our anniversary and I haven't been feeling like it. I didn't even know if I wanted to go another year with him, I don't even know how we made this many years. I stood up and picked up my robe then wrapped it around my body tying the rope around my waist. I walked through the house first checking on Prince to make sure he was still sleeping peacefully, after pulling the cover over his body and kissing his cheek lightly. I walked downstairs and walked through each room, when I got to the studio the red light was on and I knew King was in there. I understood that he was going through something, but his behavior was becoming ridicoulous. I opened the door and there he set with his head phones on bumping his head to the music as he pressed different buttons. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his shoulder making him jump a little, I kissed his cheek and held him tightly.
"wassup" he said pulling off his headphones.
"I missed you" I said walking around his chair.
"Really" he said like he didn't believe me and continued to press buttons.
"You don't believe me" I said starring at his face.
"Niya" he said looking at me giving me a look that always shut me up.
"Nevermind" I said sighing and walking away. Even through I would usually put up an argument and fuss, I was tried of going back and fourth not getting any thing, but a solo night. I went back to bed pulling off my robe and dropping it on the floor, I cuddled under the sheets and closed my eyes. After about twenty minutes, I was back to sleep dreaming of all the good times that King and I use to share. All the memories that made me fall in love with him, lately it's been hard real hard, but I knew we could get past it I knew we could make if only we put our all into it. I planned to fight for us until my heart couldn't take so all these lonely nights would get better, or thats what I told myself to make me feel better. I felt King finally return to bed and wrap his arm around me, I snuggled closer to him and he kiss the side of my neck. He moved his lips to my ear and then my cheek. It's been soo long since we've been intimate and I craved his touch so much it was like slow torture to feel him touching me like he wanted me once again.
"You not going to turn around?" he said leaning back away from me. I turned so fast not wanting to miss his touch if only for a second and leaned into him. I climbed ontop of him letting my hair fall over my shoulders and leaning into kiss him. We interlocked fingers and began kissing like it was our last kiss and our last touch, I craved him as much as he craved me.
"King, you're the only man I ever want to love" I whispered against his chest.
"Really?" he asked like he was surprised.
"Yea, I've been thinking alot about our future baby" I said kissing his hands.
"And?" he said rubbing my thighs.
"I don't want to find out how it feels to be with someone else"
"That's cool" he said leaning up and pulling down my bra.
"King I'm being serious" I said pushing myself off of him.
"I know you are, but I don't know what you're getting at. I love you, you love me, we go through hard times, but we make it." he said sucking his teeth and lying back down.
"Hard times ain't the word." I said shaking my head.
"Niya what do you wnat from me?" he said sucking his teeth.
"I don't know, all I know is that it feels like we're falling apart." I said sitting up.
"Because look at us, we're barely talkin and when we do we're snapping at eachother. Then you got two babies on the way and one of them is by your best friend's wife." I said starring at him. "How am I suppose to deal, I'm trying to be supportive, but you act like you don't want me here. I don't even feel attractive anymore, I feel like you don't even want to touch and everytime I ask what's wrong it's like you're giving me an attitude. I don't know what's wrong, and I don't know how to fix it."
"Niya, damn you act like everyday is suppose to be fucking perfect between us." he said shaking his head. "We're going through a bad time so either you're staying by myside until this storm is over or youre leaving simple as that" he said shrugging his shoulders.
"Fuck you King" I said standing up and getting out of bed. I walked into the closet and pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a wifet beater. I grabbed my purse and keys then headed for the bedroom door.
"Where the fuck you going?" King yelled behind me.
"I need some space." I said taking a deep brethe. "I'm going to catch some air" I said slamming the door behind me.
It was times like this, I wish I could just disappear times like this when it seemed like nothing is going right no matter how hard you try. I hopped in my car and set there for twwenty minutes. I just wanted to be along at that moment and I didn't want to hear all the harsh things King had to say. I know he was being honest, but sometimes it felt like he was being a bitch for no reason. I was getting ready to head back in the house, when my phone vibrated. I hesitated to pick it up and there was a text from King.

Subject:wen u gonna be a grown women

I looked at that message ready to curse him out, when I just took a deep breathe and let it go. I closed my eyes and slipped my key into the ignition, and pressed my foot against the gas. I drove going nowhere in particular when I looked in my back seat and saw my camera, I picked it up and headed to the other side of the New York bride. I began snapping pictures of the bright lights, and beautiful pictres letting my body go to ease while I relaxed in this picture of perfect beauty. It felt like I was standing in the perfect moment and nothing could stop it. Funny how I have to get away to feel the love when I should already feel it, I let the cold breeze caress my body, when I pulled off my jacket and snapped a picture of myself. Then it came to me like something out of a book, it came to me and I ran full speed to my car. I jumped in driving like a mad women.
"Girl what is wrong with you?" Sasha said opening the door when I started knocking on her door like a mad women. "I have my own problems" she said closing her robe and brushing over her hair. I took a look at her for the first time and she was being honest, I could see the dark circles under her eyes.
"Forget me, what is wrong with you?" I said grabbing her hand.
"A whole lot" she said sighing and waving me in her house while she closed and locked the door.
"Like what?" I asked confused.
"I can't exactly say yet, but as soon as everything sorts eachother out I promise to tell you." she said with a look of sincerety that said she was serious.
"Okay, well I guess it's my turn" I said sitting odwn on the couch.
"Yea, I think so" she said chuckling and sitting next to me.
"It's King, girl he is driving me crazy" I said shaking my head. "Lately he's been such an ass, like became distant and mean. Everytime I'm around him it's like he's finding something to snap about and then he will turn around and act like it's all good. I can't take these mood swings, one minute we're in love the next he don't want to be there. He don't have to string me along, if he don't want me here he could just say that shit. But if he chooses to be here he should be here comitted to being here just like I am."
"Girl, ain't nothing change" she said cracking up.
We talked and laughed for hours and hours catching up on everything, honestly I missed all of the things we've gone through. After talking to her for a few hours and helping her around her house I decided to go back home. I became nervous when I pulled up into my house and took a deep breathe. I knew this was the time I was going to have to be a big girl and face my problems head on. I checked my face in the mirror and cleaned my face getting all of the dried up tears off of it. I walked into the apartment and heard Zane in the kitchen laughing, I walked in the kitchen and kissed him on his face while he ate his food.
"How's mommy's baby?" I said smiling at him and grabbing his empty plate.
"Aight go head and watch television" King said sounding exausted.
"You okay?" I said walking over to him.
"Yea" he said giving me the cold shoulder.
"What is wrong?" I said rubbing his shoulders, I knew this would relax him a bit.
"Niy" he groaned throwing his head back. I knew he needed this before we discussed anything or the conversation would be distroyed.
"I'm sorry for running out on you" I said rubbing the side of his face. I walked around his chair and set on his lap leaning my head into his chest.
"I can't take this right now" he said annoyed ass hell.
"Okay" I said getting up and going to the sink to clean the dishes.
"Later I want to go out to eat, can we do that?" he said to me before I could start crying.
"Yea" I said in a low voice.
"You going to get all dressed up." he said rolling his chair behind me and pulling me on his lap, making me laugh.
"Oh my god, what are you doing?" I said trying to pull his arms from around my waist.
"Did you hear me?" he said kissing the side of my face.
"So are you going to do it?" he said squeezing my thigh.
"Yea," I said grabbing his face and kissing him.
"Okay, wear one of those dresses" he said placing his hand up my shirt and grabbing my stomach.
"I will wear whatever you want me to" I said starring in his eyes.
"Damn," he said smiling at me.
"What are we celebrating?" I said standing back up.
"Nuttin I just want to be with you tonight." he said shrugging his shoulders. Then he rolled out the room, I laughed and shrugged my shoulders then went back to washing the dishes. After I finished drying my hands I decided to text Joseph.
Subject:hey you
I texted him that I had an idea for the portrait I wanted to give King, when I was looking at the New York lights an epiphany came to me. I saw myself naked with nothing, but a mink coat, black heels, and diamonds on. I knew King would love something like that and I couldn't wait to surprise him.
Subject:Okay well meet on Tuesday afternoon and we can go over details
I looked at the text and shook my head, I couldn't wait until our anniversary came I was already making plans for how we could spend it. I could feel that this was going to be right and this was going to turn good for the both of us. Life was crazy, but one thing that always came to me was King's love. I wish my mom could meet him because I knew that she would love him, my mom was the best. If I could be atleast half the women she was today I would be happy, she always gave me her best and I wanted to give the same.
"Mommy" Prince said walking into the kitchen.
"Yea" I said wiping off the table.
"Daddy said I'm going over Uncle Pablo house tonight" he said following me through the house.
"Yea, that's right" I said helping him onto our bed.
"Well do I have to" he said in the saddest voice he could muster.
"Yea" I said shaking my head. "Why you don't like Uncle Pablo's house?"
"I love it, but that girl is always there" he said sucking his teeth.
"What girl?" I said confused shaking my head.
"Jayla" he said sighing.
"And what is wrong with her she's your god sister" I said when King rolled his chair from the patio to the bedroom. I could tell he just finished smoking from how low his eyes were, he pulled himself on the bed and cut the television on.
"Well she always want to play girl games, and I'm a boy and I don't want to play those sissy games." he said slapping his hands reminding me of his father.
"Talk to your son" I said looking at Zane who was smirking.
"Man, when you get older all you going to do is want to play with girls, trust me" King said smirking.
"That's not the talk I was talking about" I said crawling over the bed to King and lying my head on his lap.
"But dad," Zane said whinning.
"Yo, don't make me pop you" King said pointing at him. "Stop that whinning shit,"
"Okay" he said in a low voice.
"Come here" I said patting a space between King and I.
"Don't baby him" King said giving me a stern look.
"I'm not" I said when he laid on my stomach.
"Right now you and Jayla might not agree on everything, but it's games that ya'll can play that you both can enjoy. Look at your dad and I, he's a boy and I'm a girl." I said pointing between his dad and I.
"But all ya'll do is fight" he said looking at King.
"That is not true" I said looking at King who was looking at me.
"Yea it is" he said becoming sad. "All I see is dad mad and you sad." he said pointing to me.
"Prince me and your mom go through stuff and it's not th ebest times, but our relationship is much more then that. We're going through tough times, but that don't mean our relationship is damamged. I love your mom and she love me that will never change." King said wrapping his arm around Prince making my heart soften.
"Now go pack some clothes and I'll make you ice cream." I said kissing him on his forehead.
"Hey" King said grabbing him before he could get off of the bed. "Me and your mom love you and regardless of anything I want you to know that" King said starring in his eyes. Prince smiled and ran away from the room to his.
"I put twenty dollars that he's going to go in his room and play" I said laughing and lying back down on the bed.
"Yea, that's my boy" he said wrapping his arm around me.
"That was crazy" I said rolling over on my back and looking at him.
"Yea, I guess we can't hide it anymore."
"He's getting older, he knows and hears stuff." King said shrugging his shoulders.
"We gotta get better" I said sitting up.
"We will" King said pulling me on his shoulder and kissing my forehead. I cuddled in his chest, placing my leg across his waist and wrapping my arm across his stomach.
"Where are we going tonight?" I said snuggling closer.
"I got this, you just make sure you looking good aight" he said lightlly smaking my butt and then rubbing it.
"Okay" I said smiling.
"I got a surprise for you" he said smiling.
"What is it?" I said jumping up like a big kid.
"You'll see" he said smirking.
"I hate when you tease" I sadi sitting back on my knees.
"You tease too, so I ain't hearing it" he said waving me off.
"I do not" I said crawling on to his lap.
"Yea, you do" he said gripping my waist.
"When?" I said leaning down and kissing the side of his face.
"Here you go" he said pulling at my sweat pants.
"What if Zane comes in?" I said giggling and combinning our hands.
"Then he get to see some of the fun games that boys and girls can play" he said lying me on my back and climbing ontop of me.
"How did you do that?" I said shocked at his strength.
"I've been working with the physical thearipist" he said sucking on my neck.
"You're getting stronger" I said locking my legs in his arms.
"Yea" he said leaning back adn taking off his shirt.
"Damn, you're sexy" I said rubbing my hands through his six pack.
"Take these off" he said slapping my thighs ass I slipped out of sweatpants. I didn't hesitate to strip my clothing and pull off my shirt and panties. He smiled starring at my body and something in me knew something was up. It was something different about him and I couldn't put my finger on it quite yet. I was going to figure it out through, but that would have to wait until we were finsihed handling business.

King Chapter 54 cont....
I just got finished digging in Niya back and was out of breathe, I loved having all of my strength back. Working with the physical therapist for four to six hours a day finally worked off, I was walking again. Slowly, but surely I was back in business, I still needed to work on it. I couldn't run or walk for a long time and I needed a cain, but I was good. Tonight I was taking Niya to the new house finally, it was finally fixed and everything was good. Her ring was sitting looking perfect sitting in the house. Everything was brand new and I knew she would loveit, I wanted to move in for our 4 year anniversary. Damn, I can't believe we were going on four years, it seem like just yesterday we were at Wal-mart and I was causing drama. I had just planned out what we were going to do for our anniversary, but that was for two weeks so I wasn't stressing that quite yet.
"Damn, how long you going to be in there" Niya said interrupting my bath as she walked in the bathroom and pulled off her robe, getting ready to take a shower.
"I was just thinking" I said smoking a blunt and watching her climb into the tub with me.
"About" she said crawling.
"Nothing important."
"Ohhh so are you going to wash my back?" she said standing up and pinning up my hair letting the water glisten on my body.
"I'll do alot more"I said grabbing her waist and kissing her stomach, making her giggle.
"We have to get ready," she sadi placing my hands on my shoulder.
"No we don't" I said pulling up her leg on my shoulder. I couldn't get enough of my shorty's body, I thought while I inhaled her sexy scent and licked her pearl making her shiver.
"What time are our reservations?" she asked holding on to the wall and my head.
"When I say" I said flicking my tongue, making her take a sharp breathe.
"King please." she said pulling away from me.
"What?" I said watching her sit on the edge of the tub and start squeezing Caress body gel into her green pouf. She began scrubbing her body down and I wanted to snatch her up and rub her body up and down.
I continued to watch her while she started putting on a sexy show standing up swaying her hips left to right while she scrubbed her body. She pulled her shower head up and rinsed her body off then helped me to the bed. She began rubbing her body with lotion then helping me placing on my Gucci boxers. I was going to wear a pair of True Religion Jeans with a white crisp Polo V-neck, and a pair of Polo Combat boots. I wore my my Jesus piece with black diamonds incrested all through it, with the matching cross. I had to wear the matching watch and bracelet just to do it big. This was a big night and I had to make sure everything was going to be perfect.
"Yo, I'm bout to call up the driver" I said looking at the clock, it was going on eight thirty. She had been in the closet for a little over forty five minutes and I was sick of waiting.
"Okay give me ten minutes." she yelled from the bathroom closet and I shook my head knowing it was going to be way longer.
I heard the doorbell and knew it was probably Pablo, so I got in my chair and decided to take the elevator downstairs. I told Zane to get his bag and meet me downstairs I answered the door and Pablo was standing there looking like he was stressed.
"Damn P, you aight?" I said letting him in the door.
"Yea, just a little tired, but Sasha made me a home cooked meal and ran me a bath so I'm going to be much much better." he said smirking and sitting down. "Where's Niya?" he said looking around.
"Getting ready" I said rolling my eyes.
"Oh so I guess it'll be like another hour." he said laughing.
"Zane, is getting ready just like his mom"
"So you ready for the big night?" he said smiling because he helped me plan everything out.
"Yea, I can't wait to see her response, but I think she already knows something up."
"How?" he said looking behind him.
"We were having sex and this time I got on top" I said keeping a low voice.
"Well damn" he said raising an eyebrow.
"Yea, so she noticed that I was a little stronger then I usually am when we have sex."
"Well, I guess you ain't gotta hide it anymore" he said shrugging his shoulders.
"Yea, I'm nervous, but good" I said when I heard Zane door open and he ran downstairs.
"Hey Uncle" he said jumping on Pablo lap.
"Sup little man, you ready" he said giving him a handshake.
"Yea," Zane said smiling.
"King, did you call the car service yet?" Niya said walking to the top of the stiars. I looked up and saw Niya standing at the top of the stairs and I swear my dick rose on point.
She was gorgeous, everything about her was flawless from head to toe and I think Pablo felt the same way. If it was any other moment and any other nigga it would be disrespectful, but at this moment I understood. She began walking down the stairs wearing a fitted red dressed by Alexander McQueen that was cut low with sleeves and a black Dior leather Jacket. She wore a pair of red bottom Ankle boots with an open toe, her hair was pulled back in a clip with lose curls hanging. I was glad she got ride of that wack ass chinese bang she use to wear. I didn't hate it, but I believe she out grew and I wanted her to look a little more mature like the women we want.
"Hey Pablo." she said getting to the last step and kissing him on his cheek.
"Hey sis" he said pulling her into a hug.
"Okay, so you're all packed up?" she said knealiing down and grabbing Zane hands.
"Yea" he said shaking his head up and down.
"You going to be good?" she asked smoothing his head.
"Yea" he said smiling.
"Okay, I love you" she said wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him hard on his cheek. He kissed her back and walked away and then left with Pablo.
"You ready?" I said rolling my chair out the door and waiting for her to lock the door.
This was going to be one of the last times that we were going to call this house our home. She stepped on the elevator and waited patiently until we got to the lobby floor and she walked out the elevator beside me making eveyones head turn as she stepped across the marble floor with each step making any unforgetable sound. We hopped in the all white Maybach as our driver took a smooth ride to New Jersey.
"Baby where are we going?" Niya said rubbing my thigh.
"You'll see" I said getting a nrevous feeling in the pit of my stomach.
"I'm so excited" she said smiling, like I've never saw her before. It was the smile that captured my soul and held me dearly.
"You should be, tonight is our night to celebrate" I said leaning back and looking at the full moon.
"What are we celebrating?" she said moving closer to me and lying her head on my shoulder.
"Us, we've been through so much and I just wanted to do something special for you because after all this you stayed and you fought for us when you could have easily given up.
"I would never do that" she said rubbing the side of my face. "I love you and there's no other place that I would rather be, but with you."
"I love you too" I said grabbing her hand and kissing it.
"If you love me so much you would tell me where we're going?" she said rubbing her cheek against me.
"Nah, I told you it's a secret" I said laughing.
"But I want to know I'm so anxious, feel my stomach I got butterflies" she said grabbing my hand and placing it on her stomach and I squeezed it making her giggle.
"Nope, not yet, but you do gotta put this on" I said pulling out a blind fold.
"Oh no" she said raising her eyebrow and shaking her head.
"Come on, it's no fun if you don't play along" I said rubbing her thigh.
"Ugh" sehs aid smiling and sucking her teeth.
"Turn around" I said watching her spin around and wait for me to tie the blind fold around her neck tightly.
"Dont mess up my hair" she said grabbing my hands.
"I got you" I said spinning her back towards me and waving my hand in her face to see if she could see. I looked at her and even with a bulky black blindfold she still looked pretty amazing.
We kissed and listened to music, until the car pulled up to our house. The gates slowly opened as we drove up the driveway where all of our cars set infront of our mansion surronging our fountain.
"We're here" I whispered into her ear.
"Really?" she said getting excited ready to pull off her blindfold and I popped off her hand.
"No yet" I said kissing her.
I opened the car door and slowly climbed out the car as the driver came around handing me my cane. It felt wierd having to use one, but I was still getting stronger and stronger by the moment. I turned around and helped Niya out the car as my heart beat began to quicken. This was out new beginning and I had to realize that this is what I needed to get everything together.
"Oh my god" she said taking baby steps.
"What?" I said hoping the surprise wasn't ruined.
"This is so exciting" she said grabbing my hand and squeezing it.
"Okay, you got three steps" I said as she took each step one by one.
"Okay, I hope I don't fall" she said smiling.
I stood infront of the doors waiting for the moment, I opened it and walked through the door and she followed. I looked around and everything was perfect I turned towards Niya and kissed her lightly on her lips.
"You ready" I said getting behind her and grabbing the blidfold.
"yeah, can I take it off please" she said squriming and then I pulled off the blind fold and she grabbed it away from her face and looked around adjusting to the light of the huge chandelier standing on top of her.
"Oh My god" she said looking aroundd stepping away from me. "This is fucking gorgeous" she sadi looking around then spinning. "Who owns this" she said spinning towards me.
"We do" I said smiling.
"Oh my god are you standing and walking" she said running towards me then touching me.
"Yeah," I said smiling. "I mean I'm getting better every day, but I'm not completely there yet.
"Why didn't you tell me" she said slapping my arm.
"I wanted it to be a surprise." I said smirking and then she jumjped on me then kissed me.
"This is the best gift ever" she said sucking on my neck and lips.
"Better then the house?" I asked while she starred in my eyes.
"Yea" she said shaking her headd up and down.
"Betther then the cars." I asked while I wrapped my arms around her waist.
"Better then anything" she said smiling.
"Well go look around" I said smacking her butt.
"Really" she said letting go and running full speed to the large kitchen. Each room we went in she yelled and screamed like a little kid getting there first bike christmas. She jumped and laughed and smiled when she got to each room finding something new she like. The last room we were going to see was the bedroom. I got on our elevator and pressed the third floor this was our big moment.
"The left" I said pointing down the hallway.
She opened the French doors and walked through and silence consumed us, before I could say anything she smiled and screamed so loud I felt my ears burst. She ran to the bed and jumped on it running all through the room so quick I couldn't keep up. She ran into the bathroom and screamed when she saw the huge tub in the middle of the floor that was planted in the floor and ran around the huge glass shower until she noticed that they were sensored and began to come on.
"Oh my god, look a the mirrors" she said looking at our his and hers mirrors. "It's so elegant and nice, who decorated this"
"Well me and a few friends." I said smiling as I took pride.
"Go look at the closet," I said poiting throug the doors.
"We got a closet."
"A walk in closet to fit all of your shoes." I said smiling and she ran full speed away from me. I was surprised her heels didn't slow her down as she ran like a track star.
I walked back into the bedroom preparing for a moment that could change our lives forever. I grabbed the cherrywood ring box out of my pocket and slowly got down on my knee opening the box to make sure the ring was still there sitting perfectly.
"Babe come look" she said walking back into the room. "Oh my god" she said placing her hand over her face.
"Come here" I said waving her towards me.
"Oh my god King" she said jumping up and down then running towards me grabbing my hands.
"Niya, I've known you for a few years and I knew from the first moment I met you that I wanted you in my life forever. You gave me my first son and so much more, ever since the night we shared our first kissed I've loved you. You made me mature into a man and look at life from a different point of view, not focusing on me but living for someone else. We've been through so much, but every day I thank god that we made it through a another day with one another. I don't want to know what it feels like to wake up with out you cuddled under me or what it feels like to not have you here next to me. I just don't want to be without and to make sure of that I want to marry you. So Aniya will you marry me?" I said as each word escaped my mouth my soul escaped with it.
I opened the box and I swore for a moment I saw her heart jump through her chest. She jumped up and held me tightly then shook her head up and down jumping ontop of me making us fall back on to the carpet.
"Is that a yes" I said as she kissed all over my face.
"Yeah" she said wiping off her face and placing on the ring.
"Do it fit?" I asked while she starred at her.
"Yea" she said leaning down and kissing me.
"Do you like it?"
"I love it" she said rubbing my chest up and down. She leaned down and began kissing me and I felt her soul as she pulled off her leather jacket. I knew what time it was as I pulled off my hat and began taking off my shirt. "I love you, I want to do anything to make you happy." she said standing up and taking off her clothes. I watcherd her strip down then got back on the ground and began crawling towards me.
"I want a show" I said when she began sucking on my neck.
"I need a pole." she said rubbing my pole through my pants.
"I want to make a movie" I said as I palmed her as like a basketball.
"We can do whatever you want" she said leaning up unclipping her hair letting it all fall.
"I got something for you" I said sitting up then walking towards the chair next to the patio. I picked up a remote and pressed a button then a stripper pool came from the ceilling right infront of me. She smiled and walked towards me with her heels making me want her so bad my zipper was beginning to rip.
"You forgot the camera." she said smiling and kissing me.
"No, I didn't" I said reaching behind me and pulling out a bag with a camera and tripod.
"Oh you were ready for this" she said turning on the camera and pointing it at me and I licked my lips. She opened the screen then turned it towards me as I watched myself and smiled.
"Give me" I said pulling the camera away from her and then spinning around as I taped her from head to bottom. She began dancing and moving seductively making me so hard I couldn't take it.
She walked to the Bose radio system and turned on some music, right them Jermih Raindrops came on and I could tell Niy was feeling it. She walked over to the pole and gripped it tightly then twirled around the pole quickly then slowed down wrapping her leg around the pole and spinning around again. She began grinding against the pole then started getting low spreading her legs giving me a direct peek of her kitty. She turned around and began making her ass clap and jiggle and all I could do was groaned as I watched. She bounced her butt up and down and looked back at me while she did teasing me lightly then began to smack her butt. She stood up jumped up the pole climbing to the top and wrapping her legs around the pole spinning around then tunring upside down and rubbing her breast. I can't lie my shorty was bad on a pole adn choose the right decision when she started stripping. She slide all the way down until she was doing a perfect headstand and flipping away from the pole. She continue to give me a show for the next twenty minutes until I began massaging my dick placing my hand in my pants.
"Come here" I growled and she seductively crawled towards me. She kneeled infront of me with her legs spread wide open and began biting her lips. She unzipped my pants pulling my dick out and smiling when she saw it. She took it in and started sucking it as she starred at the camera. She sucked it until my legs weakened and my heart beat quickened. I pulled my dick out her mouth and began to slap it across her face as she smiled. "You a fuckin freak" I said pulling the back of her head on my dick making her deep throat. I pulled all the way out and and jammed it back in her mouth hitting the back of her throat. I laughed a little because I knew she couldn't take it. "this how I'm going to fuck you pussy" I said doing it again.
"Ohh" she moaned and smiled.
"Shit, my phone ringing" I said pulling my phone out my pocket getting ready to turn off the phone when I saw Dior name flash across the screen. As much as I didn't want to answer the call it could have been about the baby. I showed the screen to Niya and she smirked standing up and pushing me in the chair as I answered.
"Speak" I said when Niya set the camera up on the tripod directing it towards our huge bed.
"What are you doing?" she said in a low voice.
"With Niya" I said watching Niya get on the bed and spread her legs then stuck them straight in the air. She spent on to her hands and knees adn began riding the bed and gripping the sheets making me want her. She turned her ass towards me and the camera and and began rubbing her clit and I couldn't control myself anymore. I walked up to the bed and shoved her head into the sheets as she bite them. I grabbed my dick and began smacking each of her cheeks with it and rubbing her clit.
"I'm lonely" she said annoying the hell out of me.
"Word," I said slapping her clit with my dick making her jump.
"Don't tease" Niya said in a low voice for only me to hear, but I guess it wasn't low enough.
"Your fucking her" Dior said annoyed and shocked.
"Yea" I said taking the tip of my dick and rubbing it against the tip of her clit, it drove her crazy making her moan outloud. Then I thought I was imaginging it, but I heard Dior moan lightly.
"What you doin?" I said pulling away from Niya when she tried to pull me inside of her.
"I miss it" Dior said moaning in my ear making me even hornier.
"Damn" I groaned. How did this shit happen, I was fucking my soon to be wife, with my soon to be baby mama on the phone wanting to fuck me.
A blessing in disguise or a curse......

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Pleasure's wifey*peaches*


He should just hang up the phone and they really need to work out there hate-love relationship

Bumps add more soon please

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