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Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE)

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251 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:11 pm


Add asap


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

252 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:29 am

Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

add soon

253 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:25 am


where yu at hun ?

can't wait for the next add

254 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:36 pm


My bad I've been gone I graduated got accepted to the school of my dreams and then turned around and went on a two week vacation to virgin islands but i"m back in swing and hopefully can give ya'll a few more adds before the week is over.

King Chpater 48

I couldn't help myself I had to have her again, ever since I left her house I've been trying to fight off this feeling that she have been giving me. I knew I shouldn't have played her out on the phone and she had a point she was one of the few people who stayed down for me. Damn I was driving to my crib, but I pulled over and called Niya, I had to find a way to hate her to late her go, but I couldn't my heart wouldn't allow it. Damn this girl had me tripping and I couldn't stop myself from falling for a girl like her. She always held me down, but I can't run the risk of being the nigga who get played. Do you knw what my homies would say if they found out that I got played by a stripper. I would be a clown and my pride wouldn't allow that and my heart wouldn't allow me to forgive her as much as I knew I needed to. I called her thinking that I could just spazz on her like I usually did, but this time it was different she spazzed on my leaving me feeling stupid. I couldn't believe she was trying to come at me, but deep down inside I knew I deserved that shit so now what was I suppose to do, becuase I knew she wasn't mad at me she was just hurt that she didn't have me anymore.
I set wondering what was going on and then I just inhaled and exhaled wondering what was I going to do, I knew Niya was a good girl. She was the best firl I ever fucked with she gave me everything I neeeded to make sure that we worked and I can take blame for taking that shit for granted, but she don't know how much I'm hurting, I can't lose her again.
Before I knew it I had my car in drive heading in the other direction, I was headed to her house to tell her how much I need her. I didn't know what I would say cuz I couldn't explain how I was feeling even if I had tried to. I was speeding hitting ninety running to the only place that felt like home and that was with Niya. I pulled up to her driveway turning my headlights off, from the conversation we had I knew she was in the bathroom because I could her the jets from her tub, I went through the patio door which she never locked and I knew I was going to have to get on her about that. I tip-toed up the stairs hopping she couldn't hear me, I didn't mean any harm I just wanted to be near her so her precense could relax me. I opened her door a little and watched her body lay in bed, she was under the covers, but I could still see her shape clear as day. I starred at her body feeling my jeans stiffen as my dick began to rise, I opened the door a little more and I heard her moan. I couldn't believe that she was rubbing hersself the way I fantasized about rubbing her on the ride over her.
I couldnt' control myself anymore, I walked over to the bed kicking off my shoes and taking off my shirt. I slowly slid under the covers and pulled her into my arms. She turned around as our bodies began to touch and my hands began to roam her sides. She opened her eyes surprised that it was actually me touching her.
"What are you doing here?" she said backing away from me.
"Shh" I said sucking on her neck. I came through to handle business and storke her tell her body shook. I pulled her on top of me and she didn't stop me as I pulled off her shirt and stuff my fingers in her small shorts.
I placed my hand on the side of her neck gripping her gently, but roughly and pulled her to me. I starred in her eyes and it felt like time stopped, she opened her mouth to take a sharp breath and I began to suck on her bottom lip letting her breast rub against my chest as I began to rub on. She pulled away and began rotating her hips against me grinding slowly making sure I felt her wetness. I pulled my pants down below my ass and stuffed my fingers in her mouth.
From the way she was moving I could tell she was closet to busting a nut, from the way she was moving I could tell that she was having a blissful moment. Nothing like feeling her in this zone, where the only thing that matters is us. I grabbed her hips with my free hand and began moving her to a rythm that no one else could hit.
"I can't take it anymore" I said leaning her back and placing my dick at the tip of her wetness. She let out a soft moan as I teased her softly because I loved the see the faces she made when I tortured her with pleasure. I did it a little more and then I jammed my dick in her until her lips were touching my balls. We stayed like that as she squeezed her eyes shut, I didn't know if it was from pain or pleasure, maybe both as threw her head back. I held her like that until I felt her relax and then began to whine her hips against me. She lifted her head back up and I grabbed her face, holding her cheeks and pulled her to me letting her ride me. I sucked on her tongue while she grabbed my shoulders for support, I knew she was ready to cum and I couldn't wait until I felt her explode against me. She began to go faster and I began to rub her clit with my fingers letting my thumb send sensations of pleasure through her body.
"I'm about to cum" she whispered in my ear so clamly.
"Cum baby I need to feel that shit" I said burying my face into her neck, sucking her collar bone biting her lightly. I felt her body stiffen and I lifted up her cheeks and began storking her as fast as I could. She started to let out a scream and I covered her mouth because I didn't want a repeat of this afternoon happening. "Shut up" I said flipping her over on her back. She let out a moan and I smiled because I knew how much she liked to be controlled. I lifted both of her legs in the air and began humping her like I was going crazy. I felt this urge to just pound her until my heart stopped. She began to moan uncontrollably and covered her mouth and told her to shut up once again.
For some crazy reason I didn't want her to enjoy this, I didn't want her to like it. I didn't want her to be pleased or to have pleasure, I wanted to hurt her and my mind blacked out. I don't remember what happened next, but I do remember lying on top of her and her screaming under me.
"Baby" I said rolling on my back and grabbing her hand. She jumped up and ran to the bathroom, I didn't understand I knew she liked it I could feel the cum still dripping from my dick.
"DOn't touch me, don't touch me." she screamed crying. "Get out" she screamed pulling the covers up.
"WHat's wrong what did I do?" I said sitting up confused.
"Get out" she screamed so loud that I jumped. I stood up and grabbed my clothes I began to put them on when I flicked on the light and saw my dick was dripping with blood not cum.

What have I done?????

Sasha Chapter 48 cont.....
I opened the door and I couldn't believe I saw Nikki ontop of someone riding them smoothly with her head back moaning.
"What the fuck?" I yelled flicking on the light. Nikkin gave a high pitch scream.
"What the fuck?" Gunz yelled jumping up.
Nikki looked at me and jumped off the boy falling on the ground trying to cover her bare breast. I looked at Gunz and was about to kill him, when I heard the stiars and I knew just who it was. I walked out her room closing the door and Pablo stood in the kitchen with a wierd look on his face.
"Hey baby" I said walking over to him hoping that my voice doesn't show my nervousness.
"Who's here?" he asked still starring at Nikki's door.
"I don't know" I said shrugging my shoulders.
"You don't know" he said walking past me.
"Baby please come back to bed." I said tugging on his arm, but he continued to walk past me and head straight to Nikki's room. He opened the door and took one step in and I froze in my place. A moment of silence stood over us, all of us looking at each other. I could only hear Pablo's chest rising and falling as he bit his bottom lip. Before I could open my mouth to help speak Pablo raised his hand.
"You need to be out of my house in one minute" Pablo said starring striaght at Gunz who was placing on his boots.
"Pablo I'm sorry" Nikki said trying to walk over to Pablo.
"Shut up" he yelled scarring me half to death.
"Dont talk to her like that" Gunz spoke up.he must have lost his mind becuase Pablo looked like he was ready to kill him.
"Thirty seconds" Pablo said in a calm voice then walked away. I looked at Nikki wanting to slap the shit out of her then decided to go chase after Pablo. Pablo set in the sitting room with no lights on in the complete dark, waiting for Gunz to leave. After apologizing to me Gunz left with pablo sitting in his chair lightly bouncing his leg.
"Baby come to bed" I said rubbing his shoulders.
"What you mean come to bed, your sister lost her mind" Pablo spoke very slowly.
"I know, but I don't want you to stress about it. I'll handle it tomorrow I promise" I said rubbing the top of his head which always calmed him down.
"Aight" he said standing up and walking towards the step. "But you betta talk to her because I don't have a fucking thing nice to say to her." he siad before walking up the steps. I stood in the middle of the floor feeling stupid, I was mad and hurt. How could she do this when I told her not, how could she be so disrespectful to my house?
I sighed and went upstairs where Pablo was watching television, I knew there was no way in hell that he was going to be able to sleep tonight so I just cuddled up next to him. He wrapped his arm around and I could see him clenching his jaw becuase of his annoyance and I decided that I would try and relax as much as I could.

I woke up the next morning and Pablo was gone, there was a note on the nightstand saying that he had to go handle business and he would catch up with me later and to remember that I had to handle business of my own. I stepped out of bed and headed to my baby room she was standing up waiting for me and I smiled grabbing her and changing her pull up. We walked into the bathroom together and she watched me brush my teeth and I brushed her small teeth that now started growing in. We walked downstairs and I placed her in her chair and gae her some Gerber cereal. As I began making me breakfast Nikki walked out into the kitchen and pretended like I didn't exist.
"We need to talk" I siad placing a pan in the dishwasher.
"About?" she said giving me a light attitude.
"Yesterday night" I said starring her in her face. She rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth. "I'm going to take Jayla for a play date with Zane when I come back we going to talk.
"Aight" she said shrugging her shoulders.
"Don't leave" I said pointing.
"I ain't going no where" she said grabbing a water and walking away.
I got dressed in a simple pair of jeans and shirt then dressed Jayla in a pair of shorts and matching shirt. After we happed n the car and drove to Niya's house, I called her and got no response. I pulled into her drive way and grabbed Jayala and walked into Niya house without knocking.
"Niya" I yelled out loud.
"Huh?" she said in a soft tone from the kitchen.
"Wassup" I said walking into the kitchen noticing immediately that something was wrong.
"What's wrong?" I said placing Jayla in the playpen with Zane.
"Nothing" she said avoiding eye contact with me.
"What's wrong Niya?" I said again as I set down at the counter.
"I don't know" she said breaking down into tears. I walked around the counter and just began to hold her and rock her softly promsing that everything would be okay.
"I can't believe him" she huffed.
"Who?" I asked wiping her tears. She looked at me and I knew it would have to be no one other then King. "What he do?"
"Last night he came over" she said sniffling. "And then we started having sex and he just became rough like he was trying to hurt me and I said stopped I even begged and pleased for him to just stop, but he didn't he just kept going." she said wiping her face. "it felt lke he was tearing me apart and when he was done he didn't even know that he had hurt me.
"It's okay" I said becoming heated ready to hurt King. No one was going to hurt my sister and if I had to fight a nigga or shoot a nigga then oh well, but I was going to stand my ground.
"I can't believe he did that" she said sitting on a stool and shaking her head. I knew I had to console and all the drama of last night that i was feeling quickly faded away.

King Chapter 49
I was sitting at home in a daze about what had happened teh other night and I wanted to fix or just try and make ti better. I would never forget the look Niya gave me last night it was like she actually hated me. I didn't mean to and I didn't even want to I just couldn't control myself and if I could get her to forgive me I would with no questions asked. I laid in bed letting the blunt take away all of my stressful thoughts and closed my eyes.
"Yo King" I heard someone calling. I set up and decided to go see who it was. I looked around the house and no one was there, this wed had me losing my god given mind.
"Yo King come here" I heard someone call from the closet.
"What the hell?" I said walking into the closet and Ashely was standing there wearing nothing but a sexy turquoise bra and thong set.
"You just goint stare?" she said licking her lips.
"Yo where rell at?" I asekd praying that my dick woyuldn't get hard, but it did.
"He left for a minute, he said he wont be back until later" she said walking towards me.
"Yo, you gotta leave." I said pointing to the door.
"why?" she asked looking me up and down.
"becuase You rell little shorty." I said looking everywhere but towards her.
"So, and he gotta wife." she said rubing my chest.
"Man why you doing this?" I said pushing her hands away.
"Cuz like I said you deserve the best." she said licking the dside of my neck making me jump a little.
"Aye yo on the real to be honest and shit why would you think that I want you."
"Cuz, I'm something you never had before." she said grabbing my hand and placing it on her breast. I squeezed it without her help and I couldn't believe how good it was feeling.
"Aye yo, you really need to calm down." I siad poitning at her.
"Cuz you my man little shorty and I ain't trying to be sliding where his dick been."
"It don't matter he don't care and he will never find out." she said pulling off her bra.
"Aye yo you really need to calm down." I said, but she was too busy getting on her knees to hear me. Before I knew it my dick was throat deep in her mouth and I had my hand on the back of her head encoraging her.
"What the fuck?" A voice boomed scaring both of us.

Who was it????

255 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:59 pm

her love is infinite ;)

glad ur back !!! lol
great add. King really
needa get his shit together!


256 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:47 pm


im thinkinq pablo...
ooooh i hope it aint rell.!
this was a BOMB add.!

257 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:47 pm


king need to go talk to niya about what he thought happen. n niya needs to tell him what he did! n iy hope iyt is rell so he can dump dat nasty trick! lol. i hope he dnt get mad ayt king n tell sasha so she can tell niya! den their will be a whole nother mix up. keep adding iy luv iyt!

258 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:19 am


omfg.... that add was off the wall
you have to add soon
like A.S.A.P
sasha sister was wrong for fuckin in her house....

259 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:33 am


add add add
add add add
add add add
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add add add
add add add !
: ).

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262 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Sun Sep 26, 2010 7:34 pm



263 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:11 pm

Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

Where u at man?
Its been 2 long

264 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Mon Sep 27, 2010 6:46 pm


Sasha chapter 49

After calming down Niya, I knew that she ass in no shape to take the kids on the play date today. I left her in bed with a cup of tea and decided to take the kids back to the house with me. I took them into the basement with a load of toys and left them among themselves to enjoy there time with one another.
"Nikki" I screamed walking into the kitchen when I heard the door open.
"Nah Daddy's home" Pablo said walking into the kitchen and throwing his keys on the counter.
"Hey Daddy" I said giving him a light kiss on his lips.
"Where's Nikki?" he said looking behind me.
"I don't know, I went over Niya's and told her not to leave. I just got in and began looking for her" I said rubbing his chest.
"You need to talk to her" he said walking away from me and grabbing a bottle of water from the kitchen.
"And I will baby,"
"Sasha I'm not playing my daugter lives here and I'm not going to let some young chick come here and do whatever it is that she wants."
"I know baby" I said becoming annoyed.
"Where's Jayla?"
"In the basement with Prince."
"Thought she was suppose to be going on a playdate with Niya"
"They were, but something came up." I said shrugging my shoulders.
"I don't know, she just asked me if I could watch them this time and she will do it the next two times and I said yea"
"That's cool, I'm going to watch television" he said walking out of the kitchen.
"Nikki" I said walking to her and bagning on it.
"Yea" she said opening the door with an attitude.
"We need to talk about that shit yesterday" I said walking in her room and sitting on the bed. "Pablo feels really disrespectected and wants me to speak to you.
"About what?"
"Yesterday, are you not listening to me." I said becoming annoyed.
"I mean what you want me to say it is what it is." she said shrugging her shoulders.
"Ain't no it is what it is, you disrespected the rules, this house and, Pablo."
"Okay, but you say that like he's my man and I'm fucking him."
"Nikki, this is my house and you will respect it."
"You just told me this is Pablo house, so who is it becuase I don't see you with anyjob to pay for it." she said twisting her neck.
"You found the right one." I said standing up.
"What?" she said confused and before she could say anything else I was slamming my hand across her face.
"You think, you're going to come in this house and do whateva the fuck you want. Bitch you got another fucking thing coming." I said slapping her again.
"Get the fuck off of me." she screamed pushing me away.
"No you will not disrespect my house or my man."
"Your man, since I've moved in he's tried to fuck me twice. Honestly speaking he would rather be my man." she screamed sending me into a daze. I tried to add things up in my head, I couldn't believe that he would even try to. Anger boiled in my face, "Yeah, he's not mad because me and my boyfriend was having sex, he's mad becuase I wasn't having sex with him."
"Are you serious?" I said looking in her eyes, looking for doubt.
"Yes, why would I lie about something like this? he tried to rape me twice Sasha." she yelled while tears rolled down her eyes. "He told me that if I told you he would kick the both of us out, so I tried to stay quiet." she said placing her head down.
I don't remember too much of what happened next, but I do remember telling Nikki to take the kids back over to Niya's house. While Pablo was sitting in my face all this time he was trying to fuck my younger sister. I knew there was a reason why he fucked me so good last night, he was thinking about her. After Nikki and the kids left I grabbed a canaster of gasoline we kept for emergencies and walked upstairs I could hear the television blarring from the bedroom.
"Wassup" Pablo said when I walked in the room holding a Cuban Cigar we kept in the sitting room with a lighter. "Did you talk to Nikki?" he said without paying me any attention.
"Yea I talk to her." I said walking further into the bedroom and placing the gasoline down right on the bed.
"What the fuck going on?" he said becoming confused.
"Did you try to fuck Nikki?" I asked in a calm voice.
"What?" he yelled sitting up.
"You heard me nigga, did you try and fuck my younger sister?"
"Sasha I would never do that to you, what the fuck did she say that?" he said placing his hands up as he plead. I opened the canister and threw the liquid all over his body barely missing his face.
"Now, I'm going to ask you again" I said placing the cigar in my mouth. "I don't let anyone put there hands on my sister, so did you try and fuck her." I said opening and closing the lighter.
"Sasha you acting crazy right now" he said jumpingout the bed.
"That's my little sister," I repeated again shaking my head. She's a teenager and you tried to fuck her. I will kill you nigga, you thingk this is a joke you think this is for fun" I said showing him the lighter. "I will set your ass on fucking fire and spit on the fucking ashes before I let you or any nigga try and rape my sister."
"Sasha she lying, I would never do anything like that and you know me" he said walking closer to me. "I don't know what she said or why she said, but I can tell you that it was lies. So stop acting fucking crazy."
"I'm acting crazy." I yelled becoming heated. "Nigga you ain't see crazy" I yelled again throwing the lighter on the bed and watching it go in flames. Pablo grabbed me and pulled me out the room when the fire became uncontrollable.

Niya Chapter 49 cont.....

I was lying in bed when I heard a bang on the door, I really wasn't int he mood for company becuase my head was killing me and the thoughts of last night still hunted me. I stood up and walked downstairs opening the door while Nikki was standing there with Zane and Jayla.
"What's going on?"
"I think they got into an argument and it turned bad" she said out of breathe. I grabbed my keys as quickly as I could.
"Stay here" I yelled behind me while I ran to my car, I knew that when Pablo snapped it wasn't pretty for anyone who was around him. I drove speeding through the streets quickly forgetting my own problems and rushing to aid my friend in need.
"What happened?" I said when I came to Pablo's and Sasha's street and it was blocked off. I parked my car running through the street when I saw the flames flickering from the side of Sasha's house. I ran past the police tape when an officer grabbed me.
"I'm family, this is my sisters house." I screamed trying to escape, then he let me go. I saw Sasha sitting on the back of a perimedics van and walked over to her and grabbed her face.
"He tried to rape her" she spoke softly in a raspy voice.
"What are you talking about?" I said looking around.
"Pablo tried to fuck Nikki" she said looking at me with tears in her eyes.
"When?" I said giving her a hug.
"I don't know, but I promised my grandmother that I wouldn't let no man hurt her and I stand by that. I don't care who I have to hurt or Kill Niya and I swear to you, it would have been him."
"Sasha, what happened?" I said confused.
"Mam, were taking you under custody for arson" two officers said walking over to Sasha and I.
"Why, wait she didn't do anything" I said trying to defend her while they place cuffs on her arms and read her, her rights.
"Call me as soon as you get a chance, I'm going to bail you out." I said following her all the way to the police car, as they shut the door. I looked around and saw Pablo standing afar holding a blanket over her body. I walked over to him with hate in heart, fury in my soul.
"Niya, before you go off I want you to know that I didn't touch her, she's lying. Sasha wouldn't believe me, but please Niya" he said starring me in my eyes and for some reason I knew he was telling the truth. "When she calls you could you call me please just keep me updated."
"Aight," I said giving him a nod and hopping in my car driving back home. deep down inside I wanted to believe Nikki, but I just couldn't something inside wouldn't allow me to. I knew that Sasha would kill for Nikki, and I think Nikki played on that one little thing. I rode up to my house and saw King car waiting in the driveway, I couldn't take this shit right now. As I began to back out of the driveway, King stood in the door. I hated that I had to confront him, it was too much shit going on with me right now.
"King please don't start" I said raising my hand as I clicked my alarm. I looked up at him and his face was bruised and blood was dripping from a lump that was forming as we spoke. "What happened?" I said letting my mother instint kick in immediately. I went to grab his hand and he winced lightly, I looked down and his knuckles had blood dripping all over them. "Who were you fighting?" I said grabbing his wrist and pulling him into the kitchen sitting him on a stool.
"Thanks" he siad when I handed him a towel filled with ice.
"Do I wanna know what happened?" I said sighing heavy.
"Me and Rell got into it" he said quietly.
"What, what happened?" I asked raising and eyebrow. "That's your bestfriend there should bever be a reason to put your hands on him."
"Yea well, you should have told him tath because he took the first swing" he said sighing.
"Why did he hit you, I mean i know that ya'll get into a lot of disaggrements, but I never thought that it will come down to hitting."
"Well I don't blame him, he caught his shorty sucking the llife out of me through my dick."
"Language," I said looking around the croner for the kids. When I didn't notice them I looked further and then ran upstairs screaming Nikki's name. I ran from room to room opening each door, "King" I can't find Jayla and Zane." I said so panicked that I thought my heart was going to excape my chest.
"What you mean you can't find them? You sure they are here cuz wasn't no one here when I came through, but the door was unlocked so I thought you was going to the store or something." he said standing up throwing his towel of ice on the table letting it spill everywhere.
"I left becuase Sasha set the house on fire and Nikki came over here and I told her to not leave and to stay here and watch the kids." I said beginning to panic.
"What the hell you mean Sasha burnt down the house, why the hell would she do some dumb shit like that?" he said raising his voice.
"Cuz nikki said Pablo was trying to sleep with her." I said in a frantic voice.
"That bitch lying, you know Pablo wouldn't do no shit like that" she said sucking his teeth.
"Do I?" I said raisng an eyebrow.
"Oh so you believe the little smut?"
"Why are you name calling?" I said turning my head to the side and becoming annoted.
"Because Pablo is a good dude with a good girl he don't even act like other bitches exist and now a little bitch saying he was trying to fuck her. I only knew dude for a minute and I seen him turn down some pretty good ass for Sasha." he said defending him with his every word.
It wasn't that I believed that Pablo did it, I just got to keep an opened mind becuase even the most convincing can be the best actors. I seen dudes lie and cheat, and honestly through my years I was taught that you can't put anything past anyone. Everyone could do the unthinkable just because you listen to the loudly spoken words, at the end of the day the silent thoughts is what you should want to listen to.
"I'm not saying he did, but I'm not going to come out and say he didn't. You wasn't there and just because we believe don't make it true."
"You know what believe that bitch if you want to, I'm telling you this becuase I know bitchs like her scandaloush and sneaky always looking for a way to come up."
"Yeah and I know niggas like him who show one side and hide the other side until he ahs to and when it's all said and done I can tell you only a few will still be singing the same sang behind closed doors." I said shrugging my shoulders.
"You know what Niy" he said becoming heated.
"King, we have bigger things to worry about like where is your soon and god daughter." I said trying to calm the situation.
"I'ma go check in the basement" King said with an attitude and then disappearing, even through his voice sounded calm his face showed a hint of anger that could explode at any moment. "I got them" I said hearing his heavy boots climb each step one by one. I ran to the door and opened my arms to Jayla taking her in my arms as she giggled and hugged me back.
"Where's Nikki?" I said kissing Jayla and King a million times. Even through it was only a few minutes and the panic that crept to my heart and hunted me I will never forget. I honestly can say that now I understand how my mom felt when I got lost in the mall for two hours at the age of six.
"Now I understand that you would be mad at hearing that, but to burn the house down. That's a tad bit dramatic."
"Yeah, but when it comes to Nikki that's how Sasha is." I said sitting Jayla and Zane on the floor becuase they were completly oblivious to what just took place.
"She don't even like Nikki, I saw the way she treat that girl and it ain't nothing nice and didn't you tell me just a few weeks ago she slapped the holy tast out of that girls mouth." he said reminding me of the cruelty Sasha showed towards Nikki on the day to day basis.
"Yeah, but when her older sister instinct kicks in she don't play games. One thing you don't know about is that Sasha will kill to prtce Sasha go as far as even as selling her soul to the devil."
"That's cool, but let's stop talking about that infront of the kiddes. I thinkg they starting to get a hint." he said turning the television to a kiddy show.
"Aight, how your face feeling?" I asked massaging the side of his face.
"A little pain, but nothing serious." he said shrugging it off like the man he was.
"It's starting to swell" I said examining it like a doctor. "Do you want some more ice?" I said moving closer to him.
"Nah, just put your heart on it." he said looking in my eyes.
"What are you talking about?"
"why you being distanct?"
"Why you think?" I said in a whisper voice looking at him sideways.
"I'm sorry Niy, I never meant to hurt you I just lost control." he said giving me one of the sincerest looks I've ever seen.
"okay" I said softly placing my head down.
"Niy until yesterday, I never knew how much I wanted or needed you. I never knew how good you actually make me feel. Niy I just don't want you to hate me." he siad looking in my eyes where tears began to form.
"I will never hate you," I said becoming defensive. "King our love is so strong and well built that I can't hate you becuase if I hate you that mean I would hate myself and that something I will never do again."
"Niy I never want you to hate yourself, you're the epitome of perfection." he said rubbing my thigh lightly. i really mean what I said when I told you that I can't deal with you not being around around. I feel like I failed at us being together, I failed you because I told you that I would love you forever and I messed up. Niya I can't affor to let you go so i'll do whateva i have to so we can be together and happy forever. I love and to be honest Ms. William is becoming boring, but Mr. and Mrs. King has a better ring to it.
"Oh here you go" I said rolling my eyes.
"I'm not playing Niy, I'm ready to marry you" he said sitting up and looking in my eyes.
"King don't start I really don't hae it in me to rebuild this if we crash."
"We're not going to crash if you would just let me drive. I'm ready to marry you." he said kissing me softly.
"No, you're not" I said trying to laugh it off. "I don't think is real, this is your way to make up. becuase you drastically fucked up you think that you have to drastically make up and when I'm back safely you will not be thinking about marraige and all this will have gotten my hopes up for nothing." I said sighing.
"Nah, I'm serious what I gotta do to prove it to you roadtrip to vegas." he said looking in my eyes.
"Look this is what we're going to do, you say you love me and you're serious then look in a week from today if you still feel the same way then you come over and I'll drive to Vegas my damn self." i said sticking my pinky out.
"Word bet" he said interlocking our fingers, he tugged my shirt and pulled me to him giving me a sexy kiss so passionately that my heart beat began to quicken. I pulled away, but he tried to pull me closer and I pushed him away.
"The kids" I said nodding my heand over to where they were.
"We can take them upstirs it feels like bedtime to me." he said looking at his watch making me laugh. I starred in his eyes and I heard the phone ring, I jumped up and pushed him off of me running to the phone like my life depended on it.
"hello" I said out of breathe hopping I didn't miss the call.
"this is a call from New Jersey county jail will you accept the charges from "Bitch it's me" press one to connect your call." I quickly pressed one waiting for our lines to be connected.
"Are you okay, did you see a judge, do you know you're bail, are they treating you fair?" I asked all in one breathe.
"Bitch stop worrying about me, jail ain't shit new for me. Look I please guilty bail set at sixty-five grand. Lawyer cost was ten grand and i still have a fucking courth date." she said annoyed.
"Damn, sixty-five girl I got you,but they acting like you blew the house up rather then just sexy a quarter of it on fire, i seen the damaage it wasn't that bad." I said like money ain't a thing.
"You are so cheap, I'm in jail bithc it's time you play the best friend role."
"You know I got you, money ain't a thing" I said looking at King and winking.
"I know you do bitch, right now I don't have anyone else."
"You do have one person," I said lightly.
"Yeah and who is that?" she said with a soft attitude.
"Look I'm just the messenger, but pablo told me to call him when you called me so ya'll can talk." I said closing my eyes preparing for the curse out.
"Not now," she said in a soft tone.
"I know this sounds crazy, but I kind of believe him."
"This is going to sound crazier, but I do too. While I was thinking about it he's never been one to do something like that, but you can't trust niggas nowadays. What's done is done and I do'nt plan on taking none of it back."
"I just think you should call him and talk to him."
"I will when that nigga come bail me, you know the deal." she said laughing making me crack a smile.
"You are too much."
"You think you going to keep me in here hell no my nigga spent sixty five grand shopping last month he knew what it is."
"I know that's right," I said hearing the line beep.
"Girl where's Nikki so i can talk to her, I know she must be going crazy right now. I only regret not being able to comfort her at a time like this" she said with a softness in her voice.
"umm" I said looking around becoming big eyes.
"Umm what, is she sleep cuz I'll come see her when I get out." Sasha said worried.
"She left," I said in a soft voice.
"What the fuck you mean she left where did the bitch go?"
"I don't know, when I got back she was gone and the kids were here" I said as King came behind me and started giving me kisses from my arm to my back to my neck.
"She left the kids alone is that bitch losing her fucking mind, you know what if she at where I think she at I am going to slap this bitch both ways."
"Sasha you are in jail talking about slappng someone," i said giggling as i foung King off.
"Fuck that look I only got thirty minutes kiss Jayla goodnight, call pablo tell him wassup, and oh yea if nikki come back slap her, and oh yea tell King I said wat up nigga. I love you" she said hanging up the phone before I could say anything because I was laughing.
"What she say?" he said following me back to the living room.
"Everything is good in her book, bail sixty-five, she plead guilty, nothing serious mad at Niki right now, hopefully she'll get over it." I said grabbing my cell phone and calling Pablo who answered on the first ring like he was expecting it.
"Tellme something" he said with stress patterns in his voice.
"She's waiting for you to come bail her out so ya'll could talk she sounds really hurt about everything."
"What's the bail?" he asked becoming serious.
"Sixty five grand."
"Bye" he said hanging up before I could say another word.
"Bye to you too" I said into the reciever.
"Are the kids sleep?" I asked King following behind him to the livingroom.
"Just about,." he said picking them both up and carrying them to Zane's room.
"Damn they are sleeping tight" I siad pulling off there clothes and putting on night clothes then lying them in bed.
"Yea, they played themselves into a coma." he said walkingout the room and clicked off the light.
"Yeah, and maybe I can too" I said giving him a wink.

More to add....

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her love is infinite ;)

im so happy ur back!
lol you ended too soon. that was
qood and you know
you owe us moree than
that! lol

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Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

Add more soon


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Niya & King are back at it.! Smile
Pablo & Sasha gone be back at it too.!
Sasha shouldnt have reacted that way tho...
She should have hurted her conniving ass sister.!

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how could i forget???

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Pleasure's wifey*peaches*


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where is it?!!!?!?!

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King Chapter 50

Life is funny becuase no matter what happenes, when it's all said and done everything you've done to get to this point really doesn't matter. Niya was lying her head on my chest peacefully when I heard my phone ring, I didn't think to pick it up becuase I was busy. Even if I wasn't doing anything I couldn't let Niya slip away from me. I leaned over and kissed her on the head and she smiled without opening her eyes.
"You are amamzing" I whispered against the side of her face.
"Sometimes" she smirked.
"All the time" I said pulling her ontop of me.
"I love you King" she whispered snuggling a little closer to me.
"I love you too kid." I said kissing her on her forehead.
"Babe" she said in a sweet voice and I knew she was going to ask me for something.
"Yeah" I said leaning over to grab my blunt.
"I want a bigger house" she whispered into my chest.
"Word," I said lighting my blunt.
"Yeah, I mean since we a family now and we're going to be adding more addtions, we're going to need more space."
"More, like what?" I asked.
"I know you want some children so I thought we would work on it, I mean ifyou don't want to then that's cool." she said shrugging her shoulders.
"You know I do" I said sighing and kissing her forehead.
"So I just want to prepare, because if this is real nothing is holding us back." she said shrugging her shoulders.
"Something is holding us back"
"And what is that?" she asked raising an eyebrow.
"My limp dick" I said smiling as she leaned forward to kiss me. I began rubbing her body up and down until I heard my phone ringing for the fifth time. Niya set up letting the cover fall to the bottom of her waist and began to lightly kiss my chest.
"Who is that?"
"I don"t know, but let me answer it real quick because they keep calling.
"No" she moaned in my ear lightly kissing me.
"What?" I said into the phone while Niya began kissing me softly all over my chest and ears.
"Hey, I've been calling" I immediately recognized Dior's voice.
"Yeah, I'm caught up" I said watching Niya's lips go lower and lower making me breather heavy.
"Sorry, but I been wanting to catch up with you for the longest umm I don't know how to say this."
"Say what?" I said feeling the cold air hit my dick then Niya's sweet lips kiss my tip.
"Well, I went to the doctors today and found out I'm three weeks pregnant" she said as her voice began to break.
"Damn" I said sucking in air. I didn't know how I was going to break this down to Niya.
"You sure?"
"What you mean am I sure?" she said catching an attitude.
"I mean it was only once." I said while Niya started giving me the back of her throat.
"No nigga it was twice, once at your apartment and on the trunk of your bentley remember bending me the fuck over and talking on your fucking phone. My mind shifted back and i almost lost my breathe. I was soo busy talking business I forgot to put on a condom and slipped up, but I ain't think that I would get her pregnant.
"Damn" I said pulling away from Niya and sitting up on the edge of the bed. "So what you wanna do?" I said pulling away from Niya completely. She set up on the bed and starred at me with a look that read trouble.
"what you mean nigga, this is as much as yours as mines." she yelled into the phone catching Niya's attention quick.
"Who is that?" Niya asked calmly, but I could hear her voice began to snap. I looked at her then stood up to walk away. I knew when I got back into the room that I was going to be in for it and I knew that I would have to hear a mouthful.
"Look, I'm not saying it as if I'm not gonna be hear for you, I just wanna know what you wanna do?"
"I don't know, but I want your support right now." she said in a calm voice.
"You got me you" I said sighing. "I'm just flustered right now, but look I had a long day and I just wanna sleep can I all you in the morning and we'll figure all of this out." I said sighing.
"Yeah, that's cool good night." she said softly disconnecting the call. I looked at myself in the mirror then began to sigh heavy. Now I had to prepare for Niya wondering how I was going to get out of it, I had plans to tell ehr, I just didn't want to tell her right now. I walked back into the room and Niya was lying down under the covers with her back facing me.
"Niy" I whispered lightly slipping under the covers behind her.
"yes" she said in a voice that I always hated hearing.
"I'm sorry" I said wrapping my arms around her and giving her a soft kiss on the back of neck
"It's cool" she said shrugging her shoulders.
"No, it's not" I said feeling like an even bigger ass hold.
"King please, I'm tired" she said sighing and even through I wanted to say more i decided to keep my mouth shut and just let her chill for a moment.

Sasha (Chapter 50 cont...)
I was in the car with Pablo becoming heated everytime I thought about this night, i love my sister and I want to make sure shit is right with her, but I'm not going to sit here and let her play me out. I don't know what I'm going to do if I find out she played me, but I know if I do it's not going to be good for anyone who's there. I looked at Pablo as he drove and the look on his face said it all, it wasn't like any of the ones I seen before. It was like he was honestly hurt and confused, the first time I saw pablo give off any emotion besides confidence.
"Pablo" I spoke softly for the first time since we got in the car.
"Yes" he said turning over to me while he drove.
"We gotta find her" I said softly as a tear rolled down my cheek.
"And we will" he siad grabbing my hand and kissing it softly. We rode around for a little then pulled up to a hotel, while he was checking I stood behind him not wanting anyone to see me. We stepped on the elevator and the silence btween us was unbearable, I closed my eyes praying that all my pains were gone, but in reality they were still here.
I stepped into the shower letting the water fall over my body not caring that my hair had gotten wet, or that the water was burning my skin because it took all the pain away for the moment. I don't know how long I was in the shower, but my fingers were small prunes and my body was now wrinkled. I turned the water off hopping out the shower and wrapping a towel around my body. I didn't know what the fuck I was going to wear, but I knew I was feeling better. When I stepped out the shower, Pablo was sitting on the cahir smoking in the dark. All I could see was the orange colors from his cigar, I sighed as I dropped my towel and cuddled under the covers wishing everything would go back to the way it was. After the sun began to peak through the clounds, my eyes drifted closed sending me to sleep immediately. As I slept peacefully I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around my stomach. I always knew he would be here no matter how wrong or right I was, I always knew he would save no matter how far gone I was.

Aniya (Chapter 51)
Could someone explain to me why the hell am I going through the same shit that I went through too long ago. I stood over King with my hand on my hip and his phone in my hand, he was sleeping peacefully, but I was fully awake. I tried to calm down, but reading his last text was keeping me from sanity right now.
I guess I s hould slow down a little and update ya'll of the prior events that made me want to hurt him while he slept.

I was lying in bed already pissed that I had to listen to a very interesting phone conversation King was having with some other broad and from what I can make out of it, she was pregnant. Funny becuase he was the same nigga who just walked through my door wanting to put a ring on my finger, but I guess in put that nuvaring inside that bitch. What the fuck, why am I being tortured. So as I slept trying to keep my mind right and leveled, I began to boil I just had to know. So I set up while King was fast off asleep and began to shake him so he could wake his ass up.
"King" I yelled trying to get his attention.
"Yo, man Niya I'm tired ma" he said lying his body between my legs and kissing me.
"Who was that?" I said crossing my arms getting straight down to business.
"Who was who?" he asked in an annoyed voice.
"Nigga stupid is not a good look, like I said who the fuck was that and I know you know who the fuck I'm talking about right now." I said again waving my arms in the air.
"Niy, I'll talk to you about it later. Come on, a nigga tired" he groaned rolling over not facing me.
"I know it was a bitch, and I don't give a shit that you tired nigga" I said lightly slapping him on the back of his head.
"Niya please" he shouted and I rolled my eyes.
"Look you know me and I don't never play no fucking games with you, all I can tell you is that this chick is talking crazy and I don't know what's going on until we really sit down and talk. You're acting like I have some type of obligation to you" he said sucking his teeth and I slapped him again a little harder.
"Nigga are you crazy, what the fukc you mean that you don't have no obligation to me, I'm the bitch that you swear up and down that you love. The bitch you swear up and down you want to marry and not it's time to man the fuck up real talk." I said becoming heated.
"Aight yo, damn why can't you just calm the fuck down" he said sucking his teeth and sitting up.
"Tell me nigga"
"Man, I messed with this chick while we weren't together and she said she might be pregnant. i really don't know if it's mines or not, but I do know that i want to be with you no matter what happens" he said sitting up and looking at me."
"How could you let this happen?" I said after a short moment of silence.
"Man I don"t know, it was twice and I don't even remember half of it.
"But you did it King and you wasn't even going to tell me" I said slapping my hands together.
"Niy come on now, we just got back together tonight and I jsut found out that all this was happening, you didn't even give me a chance to find anything out.
"King, what if she is, what happens to us?" she said with a sad look.
"What you mean, Man I'm not going anyhwere so get that through your thick ass skull. I'm not leaving you ever Niya you the only on who's been in my croner and to be honest i can't afford to lose you." he said starring me in my eyes. I smiled gently thinking that it was alll over, but this was only the beginning.
"I'm sorry" I pouted slowly and he pulled me closer to him.
"I know you are" he said smirking and kissing my forehead a few times before I began to suck on his neck.
"Baby" I said crawling on top of him and kissing his lips.
"Humm" he said rubbing my butt and kneeding them like raw bread.
"This is our last break up" I whispered in his ear then lightly bit it.
"I know cuz theres no turning back after i put that ring on your finger I hope you know that shit."
"Again with this" I said shaking my head.
"Again and again, until i prove to you that I'm serious." he said rolling me on my back.
"I don't know" I said wrapping my legs around his waist and pulling him into me.

After going three rounds back to back, you wuld think that i would have no reason to be botherred, but the truth of the matter is that after he put me to sleep everything was peacful like the ocean right before the storm and i guess the storms about to blow. I waas resting peacefully snuggled up to my baby when i heard something vibrating the sound almost drove me crazy as I tried to sleep through it. i hated the fact that King could almost sleept through fucking anything.
"King" I moaned and half yelled.
"what girl" he siad smacking my ass.
"Answer your phone it's driving me crazy" i said biting my lip.
"Man, ignore it" he said shrugging his shoulders and wrapping his arms back around me.
"King, please, it's starting to give me a headache."
"Okay," he said picking up the phone and placing it on silent. As I laid down becoming comfy again, I could see the light flasing from him phone. I said his name a few times and then became annoyed when I heard his snores escaping his mouth. I set up and grabbed his phone opening it and starring at the text message. I was tempted to read it even through I already knew that nothing good would come from it. I thought about it and closed the phone sitting it back on the night stand, but once again the phone vibrated and I had to see who was blowing his phone up.
"Hello" I said answering the phone.
"Hello" the voice spoke back softly, but I heard it loud and clear.
"Who is this?" I said raising an eyebrow.
"Look, I don't want any drama I just need to talk to King" she spoke again.
"Look I don't want any problems either," I said slowly getting out of the bed and tiptoeing to the bathroom.
"who are you?"
"I'm Niya"
"The one tattooed on his chest?"
"Yea" I said shaking my head softly and closing my eyes and whispering. "Who are you?"
"Dior" she spoke with confidence. "I'm pregnant by King"
"I heard" I said softly.
"Look I don't want no drama, all I want is for him to treat my child liek he treats his other kids. I don't want him or the money none of that matters." she spoke and for some reason I believed her, I felt for her.
"Look I understand," I said wanting to help her.
"Could you just tell him to call me when he get a chance." she said sighing.
"Yeah sure" I said closing my eyes. I ended the call and began to pace the bathroom cold floor. I wanted to look through his phone, but deep downinside I knew I was setting myself up for pain. I opened the phone and went to view the six messages I missed and the name the popped up shocked the hell out of me. "April" I read it again making sure this time I read it right.

From: April
Subject: What are we gonna do, yea it was once and yea I was still fucking Rell, but I don't know who baby it is

Subject: Niya is going to kill us, how can we tell her

Subject:Stop fucking ignoring me I need you right now uggh

Subject: Why did we fucking do it, why didn't you stop and why didn't I say no

Subject:I want to hate you, but I think I'm falling in love with you

Subject:Just please hit me up whenever you get this one

I read each message one by one making sure I read each word correctly and that my mind wasn't playing an tricks on me. As I read each message I became infuriated, my body filled with rage and my anger took over. I slammed my hand against the wall and grunted, how could he betray me, how could she. I thought about it and if these messages were true then he would have to have fucked her while we were together and happy.
I walked out the room and starred at him while he slept peacefully, he didn't even lose sleep from lying to me. I knew this was our last straw cuz there was no way in hell that I was going to let him fuck a bitch that's been someone I called a friend.
"King" I spoke from across the loud enough to be heard. I didn't want to yell or wake the kids, but tonight was going to be a long night.
"Yes Niya, could you please come back to bed." he said in grudge.
"King, did you fuck April?" I said sitting down in my plush chair and folding my legs.
"Come on Niya, I know you not trying to pick another fight. Can we do this tomorrow I'm tired?" he siad rolling over on his side and pulling the cover over his head. I walked over to him and snatched the cover from over his head and throwing it on the ground. "Niya" he yelled, normally this would have scared me and I would have back downed, but not tonight.
"I'm not going to ask you again, did you fuck April?" I said holding his phone.
"Niya," he said looking me in my eyes and I foudn the answer I was looking for the guily in his voice said it all.
"You fucked her" I screamed so loud I think the walls began to shake.
"Niya just listen to me okay, one day things between us hit rock bottom and you left. She came over to talk to you and we got into this argument then I don't know it just happened and now she pregnant and I don't know what to do." he said placing his head between his hands. "I didn't think Niya, but I swear to you that we weren't together" he said as his voice softened and I could swear that he was crying. "I don't know what happened everything is falling apart" he said starring me in my eyes and watched a few tears slide down his cheeks. "Niya I love you aight and I fuck up a few times here and there, but I'm a good dude I don't know how else to prove it to you, but if you give me a chance I will find a way"
I starred at him for a minute wondering if this was all a lie, if this was just another way to get out of trouble, but this was one of the few occasions I actually saw him give real emotion. I walked over to him dropping the phone on the ground and wrapping my arms around him as he let his tears fall onto my stomach. I didn't know if I was doing the right thing, but honestly it felt like I was, I love my baby and I know he love me too.
"I'm here King and I'm not going anywhere" I whispered into his ear as he pulled me on the bed with him. We laid in eachother arms not saying a word until we both fell asleep letting the past be the past and starting a new tomorrow.

Author's Question: So do you think King is a good guy or bad guy?????

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He is a good dude...They belong together!!!
And Pablo and Sasha will work things out...her sister is in 4 a whoopin!!!
Add soon, this one was great...

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This is a small add, but it's worth it....

King Chapter 51

I don't know why God giving me all these chances with one of his angels, but I'm grateful that he do. As I lay next to Niy, I can only imagine the way she could be feeling. I'm suppose to be a man and do the right thing, but I never was the "do the right thing" type of dude. I'm only good at being bad and that's how I been since I came out the womb, but Niya make me wanna change. How can i tell her I love her and still ginf a hundred ways to hurt her. I just want tog et pass everything so we can start everything over. I'm not breaking us no matter what and I'm going to prove that with ever breathe I take and ever day that passes.

The Next Sunday....

I was driving home from the new house that I just brought and purchase for Niya in New York. I was hoping that when she saw it that she loved it half as much as I loved her. I know it sounds crazy, but I got this crazy plan in my head to propose to Niya. I know she thoght I was lying when I told her last week, but I was serious it's time for me to make it official. I been trying to stay cool about everything so it could be a big surprise and she could see how much effort I was putting in to make sure everything was right. I don't care about all the drama that was going on in my relationship right now cuz all I cared about was my baby.

I had everything planned out, her four carat half a million dollar engagement ring was sitting in my safe after being freshly engraved with our names, the new house was done waiting for her to decorate it, trip to Las Vegas was planned for the week, and Prince was at my aunts house for the next week. All I needed was for her to say yes and we was going to be on our way to better days and better nights. I was on my way to my apartment when I dialed Niya's number, I just wanted to check up on her before I see her tonight and put everything in effect.
As I contined to drive the rain began to hit my Bentley making little splatter sounds as I drove down the highway, I hated when I drove in the rain, but whateva it was all good with me.
"Hey" she said whiel Ciara "Speechless" played in the background.
"what's wrong?" I said feeling the vibe, even through lately she's been distant I knew today was something totally different with her.
"Nuttin, just pullling up in my driveway" she said sighing lightly and I sighed heavy. I didn't know why she was pouting and she's been doing it all week. When I ask her what's wrong, I get these bullshit answers and I was starting to get sick of this shit.
"I'm still coming to see you tonight right?" I said switching lanes as traffic began to thicken.
"Yea," she sighed.
"Niya please" I said becoming angry, I knew we was going through shit, but I can only put up with so much of this shit from her. I just wanted to slap her then shake the shit out of her until she understood that I'm not playing fucking games with her. Damn if she feeling this miserable being with me then I guess the only thing I can do is break it off because I rather her be happy without me then to be miserable with me.
"Yes, King" she said in an annoyed voice.
"Niya, why you with me?" I said fed up with the bullshit.
"Not today" she said annoyed.
"What you mean not today? Niy, I'm trying to make us closer, but you're too busy pushing us away. If you don't want to be here then don't cuz I can see that you're not happy and apperantly i'm not making you happy so go head Niya you don't owe me anything."
"King, why are you starting, I thought we went through this yesterday" she said becoming angry."
"We did and apperantly you didn't hear me, I'm tired of you being distant with me."
"King" she yelled into the phone.
"What," I yelled back just as loud and my mind slipped off the road and to the anger I was holding for Niya. I began to push the speed limits knowing this was dangerous in the rain doing ninety, but I didn't give a fuck. "You wanna play this game Niya, I'm not fucking playing with you aight shorty. You want to be somewhere else then fine, I don't care"
"You don't care, you got me feeling like this, like I don't mean shit and I don't care. I'm here fighting for you and to be with you. Do you see that no, you just see that I'm not playing the happy wife you want me to."
"Niya I've been asking you what's wrong, trying to make shit better, hell even just sit back and talk about it, but you don't want to talk, you just want to yell and scream at me. or close down on me." I said sighing. "Fuck you" I screamed when someone cut me off making me swerve.
"Fuck you" Niya yelled back.
"I'm not talking to you some asshole just cut me the fuck off." I said trying to get control back, but the roads was too crazy.
"Knig, please be safe right now, you know how crazy you get when you driving. How fast are you going right now?" she said with a panic and worry in her voice that alwasys hit a soft spot with me.
"Ninety," I said slowing down when the asshoel in front of me started to swtich lanes then stopped making me press the breaks and spinn the wheel as hard as I could, but it was too late my car already lifted off the ground and was spinning all I remember is hearing the yells of Niya voice and fading out completely.

What's going to happen

275 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:11 pm


i have missed this stor,y im so glad you added.
I knew something bad was going to happen when they started fighting while he was driving =(
I hope he is okay!!!!!
I also Hope that you don't keep us waiting to long for the next add cause you picked a really intense part to stop!!!!!!

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