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Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE)

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126 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Tue Nov 17, 2009 6:58 pm

Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

So daddy is fucked up
And king needa do sumthing to get her back
I like king better than daddy in a way
She needa get her shit together too

127 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:01 pm


Aniya Chapter 24 Cont......

Life has been crazy for the last month, I went to the doctors and found out that I was three months. I couldn't tell you who the Daddy is, but I could tell you that it hurt me to my heart becuase deep inside I believed King was the Daddy. I was now almost five months and I was now fully showing and it felt like the more I grew the more Cash acted out. Lately he's been partying all night and rarely coming home, when he did come home it was to pick an argument with me and then leave. He treated me so differently and it felt like it was getting worst day by day. We don't talk anymore and he's so disrespectful and hateful and I know he's fucking other girls left to right. Right now I couldn't take it anymore. He haven't been home in three days and I know he was probably at some other bitch house fucking her. Every time I call him he send me to voicemail and then completely turned his phone off. I asked Pablo and he wouldn't tell me anything he just looked at me and shook his phone.
All the stress was starting to get to me and I was having funny feelings in my stomach, I went to the doctors and he told me that I was stressing and since I haven't been taking care of my body I should be on bed rest and not stress. Right now I was stressing more then ever. It was elevan o clock at nigh and I was waiting for Cash to show his face. I couldn't wait to curse his ass out. Then I heard the door open and I jumped out of bed and headed to the top of the steps where he was standing there with Layla laughing and hugging.
"Cash" she said giggling while she pointed to me. I placed my hands on my hips and rolled my eyes.
"Oh wassup" he said giving me a head nod.
"Where have you been? I've been calling you for three days" I said trying to remain calm. I saw Layla chuckle as she flipped her hair over her shoulder.
"See what did I say, bitchin and moanin before I could even get in the door." he siad shaking his head.
"I see why you don't wanna come home" Layla said laughing.
"Fuck you bitch, this ain't got shit to do with you" I said walking down the steps.
"Calm ya ass" Cash said walking up the steps. We met face to face on the steps and he tried to move past me.
"No Cash, where the fuck was you at?" I said stepping in his way.
"I was in my skin," he said pushing past me. I followed behind him and then Layla walked upstiars behind me.
"Is this what you go through daily?" she said sitting on the bed.
"Bitch if you don't get ya ass on, I promise you I will punch ya fucking teeth out." I said stepping closer to her.
"Ohh so scared, Daddy could you hurry up." she said standing up and yelling into the closet. I turned around and walked into the closet to see Daddy packing a bag.
"Where the fuck you goin?" I said standing infront of him. He looked at me and chuckled lightly. "I'm not playin you not goin no where" I said snatching his bag off of the counter and threw it on the floor. He went to grab it and I stepped infron of him blocking his path.
"Get ya ass on somewhere I don't feel like going through this" he siad stepping in my face.
"No, you not being fair you was out with that hoe while I was here waiting for you."
"I don't give a shit, instead of sitting here wasting my fucking money and shit you should be looking for your baby daddy." he said pushing past me. I pulled his shirt and he pushed me on the floor.
"No," I said standing up and blocking his way from leaving.
"No, what? this is my shit you living lavish on, don't bit the hand that feed your spoiled ass caviar." he yelled in my face.
"I'm here for you and you said you loved me and I love you. Why are you treating me like this?" I said tearing up. "Where was you at, did you fuck her?" I yelled while he starred in my face.
"Yup all fucking day and night, since ya ass can't fuck me right. It's probably the weight you put on from sitting around the house all day spending money like you making it." he said pushing me out the way. I slammed into the frame of the door and felt a sharp pain in my spine.
"You ready Daddy?" Layla said standing up like she was bored.
"Yea, I get my shit some other time." he said waving his hand.
"No, you not taking your ass no where" I said trying to block his way I ran to the top of the steps and he pushed me out of the way making my body crash into the steps. I felt another sharp pain and then felt like I was peeing on my self. The pain was unbearable I screamed out for Cash, but the only thing I hear in reply is laughing and the door slamming. I tried to move, but I it felt like my body was on fire. I pulled my strength together and pushed myself up and then I slipped and fell down the steps and I felt my body crash and then everything went blank.

King 23

Damn, life was a bitch right now I was in a hotel room with a bitch laying next to me. I didn't know her name, but I knew I had a great night fucking her. This was now my life it was two-thirty in the morning and I was sneaking out of the hotel room from late night creeping. After Niya left, I've been fucking every and anything that I could trying to get over her. I slipped out the room shaking my head, Niya had me tripping. I was trying to forget her, but it felt like every girl I met I compared to her and they all came up short. I left the hotel room and headed to my crib that I dreaded becuase it flet like everything reminded me of Niya. I took a shower and walked into the closet starring at Niya side and smiling when I thought about her sexy ass standing there with nothing but a towel on while she lotioned her thighs. I turned back to my side looking for a pair of basketball shorts, shaking the thoughts of her off my mind when I heard something vibrating. I looked around and then went back to what I was doing until I hear it again. I looked behind me and started going through dressers until I came to the top drawer where Niya phone was sitting I was going to cut it off, but I didn't have the time. I looked at the number and Sasha popped up.
"Hello" I said walking ack over to my side of the closet.
"King you need to come to Jersey" she said in a pnicked voice.
"Why what's wrong?" I said placing on a pair of boxers.
"Niya in the hospital" she screamed and that caught my attention.
"What you mean she in the hospital?" I said looking around for a pair of jeans. I grabbed a pair of True Religion jeans and tugged them on.
"I don't know I came to her house and she was blacked out on the floor bleeding."
"What you mean, bleeding? Never mind that shit I'm on my way I'll call you when I get there." I said putting on a black V-neck with my red leather jacket. I threw on my black and red Louis Vutton Sneaker boots and headed out the door. I was driving like a mad man in my new black and red mazarati. I was losing my mind I prayed to god that he let nothing happen to my baby. I felt my chest start to tighten up when I got to Jersey, but I knew it was the emotions that was building up. I pulled into the hospital parking lot and began breathing heavy, I closed my eyes and breathe in and out lightly. I shook off my nerves and puffed on a blunt a little to calm myself before I headed in the hospital. I called Sasha and she said they were on the fourth floor. I tried to walk on the elevator, but something was holding me back. I stood around for a minute pacing back and fourth then I stepped on the elevator taking a deep breathe before I stepped off. After turning the croner I saw Sasha and a few other girls standing around, she saw me and walked to me giving me a hug.
"The doctor just went in." she siad walking to the area where they were all sitting around.
"Word what happened?" I said feeling uncomfortable, I hated hospitals with a passion. But I would put that feeling aside to be my baby niya's side.
"I don't know when I got there she was out" she said sitting down. The other two girls crowded by us.
"What the doctor say?"
"Nuttin much" she said shaking her leg. I placed my hand on her back and rubbed it gently.
"It's gonna be aight shorty is a fighter." I said trying to pursade myself more then her.
"I know" she said rocking back an fourth. I waited by herside until the doctor came out and we all jumped towards him.
"Hey, how are you guys doin?" he said looking over his clipboard.
"Good how is Niya?" I said taking the lead.
"Well, she's good actually just a little banged up. No major head injuries, a broken hand and arm, but that will heal. She has a couple of bumps and bruises, but with a good few months of bed rest she'll be fine. Umm, but the baby died, when she fell it put pressure on her stomach smashing her uterus making her go into early labor."
"What baby?" I said becoming confused.
"She was pregnant" Sasha said looking away. I thought I felt my heart crash on the floor and crumble.
"How is she doin, can we go see her?" One of the girls spoke up.
"Well right now she's out cold, but she should be up in a few hours. Yall can go see her through" he said pointing to her door. We all walked in, The girls set in chairs while I stood next to the door. I couldn't believe I was looking at her lying in the bed, she was laying there silently and everything felt so real so dead and cold. This wasn't my Niya, my Niya was happy and joyful loving and caring. This girl looked pale and dead, I watched the girls shed a few tears, but Sasha had a different look on her face. One I knew oh so well, she shed a tear and wiped it away while her look of death caused tension in the room. I could tell she was ready for war from the way she stood.
"There can only be two visitors at a time," a nurse said walking in checking on Niya.
"We'll go" one of the girls said. She kissed Niya on her cheek and the other one followed in suit both of them hugged Sasha and smiled at me before they left. I set next to Niya and grabbed her hand lightly and kissed it, while Sasha stood on the other side of the room.
"What you thinkin bout?" I said rubbing Niya knuckles.
"That mutha fucka" She said shaking her head. "If he had anything to do with this I will kill him" she said speaking so seriously that it scared me.
"Who?" I said trying to keep myself under control. I didn't wanna start any drama while I was with Niya, she meant to much to me.
"Cash, I got a feelin I just can't explain it but I know he did it" she said shaking her head. "I swear I will kill him and I put that shit on my mom grave." she said raising her hand to god.
"Nah, I'll handle that shit you need to stay by her side until she get better." I said caressing Niya arm a little more. I set back and the doctor walked back in quickly like he was stressed.
"What's wrong?" I said standing up.
"I think, she's still pregnant." He said pressing down on her stomach and running some test.
"How is that possible?" I said looking around. "I thought she lost the baby"
"Yea, she lost one baby. I think she was pregnant with twins."
"Why wouldn't you be able to see that?" I asked becoming concerned.
"Well if the baby is positioned right behind the other one and their hearts beat at the same exact time, we don't see them." he said looking at a monitor. "I won't be able to tell until she wakes up through, if she there is still a baby we have to do some testing becuase the baby could be seriously hurt or have serious problems." he said stepping back and pulling off his latex gloves. "Are you the sister?" he said directing his attention to Sasha.
"Just about she doesn't have any family." Sasha said looking around.
"Okay, well when she wake I'm gonna need her to talk to an officer."
"Why what's wrong?" I said becoming aggressive.
"Well, some of the bruisers on her body shows that there was a struggle with another person." he said looking between me and Sasha. I saw a look on her face that scared me a bit and then she walked away.

Cash Chapter 24 cont......

I was at the strip club thinking about Niya when I saw Khia and Keyshia walk in the club. They were twenty minutes late and Sasha wasn't with them. I sucked my teeth and headed towards them.
"Yo, where the fuck was ya'll and where the fuck is Sasha" I said standing infront of the both of them.
"We was at the hospital and Sasha is at the hospital" Khia said rolling her eyes.
"Why what the fuck is wrong?" I said becoming worried.
"Niya's there" Keyshia said.
"Why, what happened?" I siad becoming frantic. I called for Pablo and before they could respond we were on our way to the hospital. I hope it wasn't nothing serious and I hope I didn't cause it this morning. I could feel my stomach turning as I hoped that I had nothing to do with it. When we got to the hospital they told us she was on the fourth floor. I went there and opened door and saw Sasha and some guy standing over Niya. I looked him up and down wondering who the hell was him, and he was looking at me the same way. The tension in the room was crazy hate was coming and going in all directions.
"Wat's wrong?" Pablo spoke up, I was to busy starring into this dude eyes.
"I don't know" She said in an icy cold voice to match her deathful stare.
"Is she aight?" I said calming myself and going by her on the opposite side.
"I don't know, we'll find out when she wakes." Sasha said crossing her arms.
"How's the baby?" I siad leaning over and kissing her forehead. I looked at his hand while he held her knucklez. I never seen this dude a day in my life, but he looked so fimiliar and I was wondering how Niya knew him. "How's our baby?" I said turning toward Sasha when she turned her face.
"She lost it" the guy said speaking for the first time.
The words seemed so unreal and fake, I felt my chest cave in when I heard it. I couldn't believe this I let a tear start to form then I walked over to the window staring on to the streets of the hood and everything felt at a stand still. My child was gone and I was partial blame, no fuck that I was all to blame. I knew she would never forgive me for this and I couldn't blame her. I looked back at the guy and he was sitting down again with his head resting in Niya hand. I starred at him for a good minute and I knew who he was. He was the dude from the party that I shoot at, he was the nigga that left Sasha. I let out a low growl while I felt my skin heating up.
"Yo pablo let me get at you outside?" I said to Pablo leaving before he could respond.
"Wassup" he said stepping outside and shutting the door. I immediately began pacing back and fourth.
"That's that nigga" I siad alipping my fist into my palm.
"I know, but you can't do anything about it now"
"What you mena I can't do anything about it, the hell if I can't. What the fuck he doin here, who the fuck told him to come here." I said becoming angrier with every word. Sasha walked out and looked at Pablo.
"What's wrong?" he said wrapping an arm around her.
"Nuttin just don't wanna be in there right now" she said cuddling closer to him.
"Aight, let's take a walk" he said pulling her along. I walked back in the room and the tension got so strong it was hard to breathe.
"What the fuck are you doin here?" I said walking over to where he was standing, standing on the opposite side of the bed.
"Not now" he said standing up and starring at me the same way I was starring at him.
"No nigga, this is my wifey we don't need you here" I said picking up Niya hand. He looked at me and shook his head and then walked away and left the door opened. I set down and scooted my chair as close to the bed as I could. "Look Niya, I don't know if you hear me, but if you do. I want you to know I am so sorry I know I fucked up and I dd some shit. I just couldn't control myself I didn't mean to and I don't care about how long it takes and I don't care about what I gotta do to prove this to you. I'ma do what eve it takes, I'ma marry you and I'm goin to fix myself up for you. I just need your forgiveness baby." I said almost crying as I spilled my heart out. I wiped my eyes and I realized that I couldn't treat her like this anymore so I was gonna have to do something to make it up to her.
I set back when and tried to relax when the door opened and I saw the boy walk back in. He set across from holding a bottle of soda I starred at him and I could see his jaw clenching as he set down.
"Yo didn't I tell you to leave."
"I don't care what the fuck you said pussy, I know you did this shit to her" he said leaning forward.
"Bitch you don't konw nothing, but I will tell you one thing that if you don't fucking disappear I will make that happen." I said challenging him.
"Are you threatening me?" he said laughing a little.
"Nigga I don't make threats, I make promises." I said standing up. He stood up matching my stance.
"I don't fear you I'm not one of your bitches. I will merk you"
"Fuck you pussy" I barked at him. "You in my hood, I'll kill you and take your little crown" I said placing my hand up in a gun position.
"Suck my dick" he said opening and closing his hands. Before anything happened I heard a slight movement and he must have heard it too becuase he looked down. Niya was lightly moving like she was struggling, I grabbed her hand and he watched her closely.

What was too happen next........

This one was kind of hard cuz it got serious
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Oh yea I wanted to say thank you for the love.....I really do appreciate it.

128 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:09 pm


excuse me ma`am , you are not
allowed to stop right there. i need
to know what tha hell is going on .

add now !! please !!


129 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:23 pm



Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!


130 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:51 pm





Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

131 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Wed Nov 18, 2009 9:06 pm

Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

So i think she should tell daddy he is an asshole and a fuckin loser,leave his bitch ass for the last and final time
Then she should tell king how she feels about him and go home with him so she can be happy
But i have a feeling none of that will happen and king and daddy will go at it
Maybe one even gettin killed
But add soon i needa see what happens

132 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:08 pm


Aniya Chapter 25

I finally was up, my body felt heavy and weak. The last thing I remember is that I was sitting on the steps and I fell. I tried to move my body, but I felt out of control. I opened my eyes and there stood two men starring right back at me, it was Cash and King. What were they doing here, where was I?" I tried to sit up, but my body was soo numb. I looked to the side of me and there were only white walls. I tried to speak, but my throat was sore I tried to again but all that came out was a horse cough.
"Ma, you aight?" Cash said looking so sad. If I could speak I would have cursed him out. I held up my right hand, but I had a heavy cast on it, he was lucky becuase I was planning on giving him the finger.
"Yo drink this" King said holding a cup. He helped me take a few sips and my throat didn't feel like it was on fire anymore. He readjusted my bed so I was sitting up and I realized I was laying in an hospital bed.
"What happened?" I said becoming frantic.
"I'll tell you later, just chill" King said sitting back down beside me. I heard a fimiliar voice and then I saw Sasha walk in.
"Oh my god your up" she said running to myside.
"Yea" I said with my body still feeling weak.
"How are you feeling?" she said stepping back.
"Okay, I guess I just want to know what happened so that I could leave."
"Well you have to stay here for a while" she said looking at everyone else.
"Why what's wrong?" I said loooking around.
"Umm, it's hard to tell you this, but you gonna have to wait until the nurse gets here" she said stepping back.
"What happened?" I siad looking at every one faces.
"Look I can't tell you right now"
"Yea you can someone tell me what happened" I said looking around. Everyone avoided eye contact except for King he starred in my eyes and I read his look perfectly. "What happened to my baby?" I said practically crying. I screamed it louder and everyone looked away. Just then a doctor walked in holding his clipboard smiling and holding a cup of hot liquid.
"I see your up now, did you haeve a nice sleep?" he said chuckling a little.
"What happened to my baby?" I said calming down some.
"Well you lost your first child, due to trama to the stomach. I'm sorry for your lost." he siad softening his voice. I felt like I was losing my mind I could hear my heart rate speeding up as my hands began shaking. The only thing that ever mattered to me was gone and out of my life. Tears began streaming down my cheeks I wiped one and two more dropped I felt someone put there hand on my back.
"Out, I want everyone out" I said in a low voice. I saw Cash look at me slowly like he wanted to disagree, but he walked away.
"I can't leave you" King said shaking his head.
"I don't want to see you so just go" I said turning my face from him. Sasha set down and relaxed and I knew she wasn't going to leave. After King made sure I was ok for the moment he walked out closing the door behind him. "Cut the lights off" I said to Sasha and turned my head. She set back down next to me and began rubbing her temples.
"How are you feeling?" she said lightly.
"I don't know I just want it all to be over."
"I know mommie, but we gonna get through this just like we get through anything else."
"It's more then that, I can't do this anymore."
"Do, what anymore?"
"Live this life, I just wanna let all the drama go"
"I got you girl" she siad rubbing my back
"Yea," I said becoming quiet.
"You know King ain't leavin until he know you safe right"
"I know, but I don't wanna be bothered with him or anyone else." I sad taking another sip of my water.
"And about Cash?" she asked raising an eye brow.
"I'll handle him my own way" I said pointing shaking my head.
"Aight girly" she said yawning.
"When did you get here?" I asked knowing she was tired as I watched her rub her belly.
"When you got here which was around three" she said closing her eyes.
"Go home Sasha, you need some rest" I said looking at her.
"Nah, I'm staying" She said opening her eyes.
"You need to get some sleep not for you, but for the baby."
"Yea, I guess so but I'm gonna be here first thing in the morning" she said standing up. She gave me a tight and close hug for a minute and then she left after she made sure I was set for the night.
I began watching television when I heard a light tap on the door and then it opened. King walked in holding a teddy bear in one hand and a bottle in the other one. He set on the left side of me and leaned in and kissed my forehead.
"How you feelin Niy?" He said grabbing my hand and holding it gently.
"I don't know, it feels unreal to me." I said shrugging my shoulders.
"Well you know I'm always here for you" he said starring at the ground.
"Yea, I know" I said picking up the tedding bear and holding it closely.
"Is this for me?" I said tugging on the ears.
"Yea, I just wanted to make you feel safe."
"That's cool." I said avoiding his eyes which was burning a whole through my chest. I felt the room become tensed and then a minute later the doctor walked in.
"Hey Aniya" he said walking over to me.
"Hey" I said putting on a soft smile.
"Well we ran some more test and you are indeed still pregnant., We don't know the extent of the damage to the baby until you go into labor." he said looking at the monitor.
"What you mean I'm still pregnant."
"You was pregnant with twins and one survived." he said, but I completely went bank.
"When will I be able to leave."
"Well from the looks of things well keep you here for another day, but if there's nothing wrong with you and everything checks out then we will release you." he said closing his clipboard. He smiled at me then walked away and I could't believe what was going on I didn't understand how it was possible, but I was going to count this as a blessing and a warning. I had to change my life and do it by myself, I had to look after me and my baby. This was a wake up call from god and I wouldn't ignore it, he gave me a blessing and I wasn't realizing it.
"What you thinkin about?" King said taking me out of my deep thought.
"Life," I said shrugging my shoulders.
"Man, you scared the shit out of me. I thought I lost you Niya and all I could think about was the last things I said to you" he said taking a deep breathe and I felt a small pain in my chest. "Look Niya, I didn't mean anything I said I love you Niya and that shit is never gonna change" he said starring me in my eyes. I couldn't stare at him anymore I turned my face to the side hopping he couldn't see the tears in my face. "And, I didn't mean to hurt you and I just want your forgivness"
"King I forgave you a long time ago." I said looking back at him.
"Thank you shorty" he said nudging my side.
"Owww" I said holding my side.
"What's wrong did I hurt the baby?" he said becoming frantic.
"No it hurted through" I said waving my hand.
"I don't wnana harm you or the baby" he said sitting back in his chair.
"You can't hurt me anymore then I was already hrut."
"You wont be going through that anymore" he said rubbing my hand.
"why cuz you said so, you can't stop life." I said snatching my hand away from him.
"I do what it takes your not gonna go back to him," he said with a base in his voice.
"Why not, cuz your ego will be crushed." I said rolling my eyes. "I'm sitting in a hospital bed and all you could think about is wether or not Im gonna go back to that nigga"
"Niya, I don't give a damn about you and that nigga. I care about my baby that's in your stomach, so until you birth my child, you not gonna be doing shit to put my child in danger. You can do wateva you please after you have my child," he said yelling.
"How do you know it's yours?"
"You can't tell me it's not," he said sitting back and leaning against the cair and sitting his arm on the arm rest.
"King, don't get your hopes up"
"Niya, don't doubt me" he said smirking.
"Look King, I got too much on my plate" I said sighing deeply.
"I'm not asking you to be my wifey, I'm telling you to take care of my child. So what we gonna do cuz you can't be living in the conditions you were living in" he said muting the television.
"Well I can't move back in with you" I said looking away.
"You can, but that will make shit difficult." he said smirking again. I looked at him and rolled my eyes again.
"So what I'm suppose to do cuz I'm gonna either be homeless or back to where we started."
"Nah, you'll have your own apartment by the end of this week."
"I don't need you to be my daddy and buy me things, I got my own money." I said rolling my eyes.
"Oh, consider this a favor due to seed in your stomach" he siad pointing to me.
"I don't need your favors."
"Ha, seems like you do. I'm not here for your entertainment."
"And I'm not here to please you, all I'm sayin is have my baby then go on with your life and you and Cash can live happily ever after"
"Wateva I'm not gonna back to him."
"Ha, the words are strong the will is weak. What's so different this time, you always run back to him" he said shaking his head.
"You, don't know what he did to me" I said in a low voice beginning to cry.
"Why don't you enlighten me then"
"He killed my baby" I said in a low voice while tears fell down my eyes.
"Niy, stop crying ma, you makin me sad." he said getting closer to me. "Look I'ma hold you down regardless of what you choose to do." he said rubbing my back.
"I don't know what to do anymore, I'm trying to live life but everytime I turn around it's something new. I just want to be happy" I said looking up at the ceiling.
"You will be I promise you that, it hurt me to my heart to say this to but maybe you need to be along to figure out who you are and what you want. I just hope you still want me when it's all said and done" he siad kissing my hand.
"King, your so good to me I don't know why I fucked up the way I did" I said rubbing the side of his face.
"Becuase, you don't know what you want" he said chuckling and placing his forehead ontop of mines.
"I know I want to be happy for me for the baby." I said looking in his eyes.
"Ma, whateva you need I'ma be right here for you" he said leaning back.
"Good, could you go get me something to eat cuz we hungry" I said laying back and patting my stomach. He chuckled showing his pearly whites and shook his head. I don't know what it was about King, but he always made me feel better no matter the situation.


I was passed pissed as I paced me and Pablo's new condeminum white carpet floor. Pablo was in the bathroom brushing his teeth while I vented about Cash.
"Ohhh I can't believe his ass" I said slapping my hands together.
"Sasha calm down" Pablo said walking into the bedroom wearing nothing but his silk pajama pants. He laid down on the bed and patted the side of the bed and then he leaned back against the head board.
"No, you don't understand baby she is in the hospital" I said sitting down and tucking a pillow between my legs.
"I was there with you, but you don't know what happened and you can't just accuse him" he said sliding a little closer to me and lightly rubbing my back.
"But, look at her she was laying there looking sad and helpless and she lost the baby. I know if I lost our baby I would be devastated." I said lotioning my arms.
"Don't think about that, don't stress it cuz it's gonna bring stress to the body." he said lightly kissing my shoulder. I looked at him like he was crazy, I couldn't believe that he was trying to fuck and my friend was in the hospital.
"Are you serious?" I said turning towards him.
"Pablo, I don't know if you losing your mind, but she is in the fucking hospital." I said screaming.
"Baby, stop stressing her" he said massaging my shoulders.
"I'm trying, but all I could think about was her face," I said shaking my head. I turned towards him and laid my head against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me making me feel safe as I cuddled beside him. "Pablo do you love me" I said after he turned off the lights and began watching televsion. I was laying my head on his lap as he ran his fingers through my hair.
"Why you ask that?" he asked.
"I just want to know, if we have a future"
"You know we do, I don't waste time, but I'm not gonna rush making costly mistakes. When it's time we will know" he said leaning back kissing my cheek. This was something I like about Pablo, he always had this calm damenor like he didn't stress over anything.
"Baby, you always make me feel better" I said smiling.
"I try" he said lightly chuckling.
"No you really do, your always say wat needs to be said." I said sitting up.
"Yea, but it's past your bedtime now lay down" he said laying me back down and rubbing my back up and down. "You been up all day, and stressing that's bad for the baby" he said rubbing my back. I closed my eyes and began dozing off as the sun rose through our blinds.


I was laying on the hospital bed next to Niya, last night we talked and chilled like old times and that made me feel soo good. She was cuddled next to me resting on my chest when I heard the door open. I opened my eyes and there stood Cash, I set up and yawned with a big smile on my face. I jumped out of bed and placed back on my sneakers. Niya began moving around and she woke up and began wiping her eyes. She saw Cash and it looked like her whole body froze up.
"Hey you," I said smiling at her. She smiled back then looked back at Cash who was looking like he wanted to kill me.
"Hey" she said in a light voice.
"Yo, you need to leave" Cash said grunting.
"Who said that?" Niya asked looking around.
"I did, we need to talk" he said without taking his eyes off of me.
"No we don't" she said back.
"Yea, we do" He said in a tight voice, I could tell it scared her a little and before I could respond the lion inside of me came to life.
"Nigga you heard her" I said standing up tall.
"I wasn't talking to you, this is between me and wifey, not us."
"Well with her carrying my child I think you migh have forgotten this has a whole lot to do with me."
"How you know that's yours she fucked me raw too nigga, matterfact I was the first nigga to hit raw," he said smirking.
"Listen to yourself man, you a lame" I said lightly laughing. "You really think she gonna forgive you for this shit."
"Look, I'm right here I can speak for myself." she said asserting her voice.
"King please go home and wash then come back I really do have to talk to Cash" she said trying to calm the situation. I looked in her eyes for any sign that she might want me to stay, but I could see this was something that she had to do. I shook my head and leaned in and kissed her on her cheek lightly then exited giving Cash one last look then walking through the door.

I was riding home when I got a call from my aggivating baby mama telling me to come pick up Lea who been misbehaving. I knew I was gonna have to talk to her, but lately I haven't been having the time. I went to Mya house and saw Eric car parked outside and I rolled my eyes. I knocked on the door hoping god would be on my side and everything would go my way.
"Wassup" I said when Mya opened the door. I walked in and she gave me a stank look and rolled her eyes.
"Where was you at?" she said folding her arms.
"What you mean?" I said really not wanting to have the conversation.
"You look a mess" she said "I guess you had a late night fucking your many bitches."
"Mind your business" I said breathing lightly.
"Oh hum that bad, the only time you was cranky in the morning is when the pussy wasn't that great"
"You would know, as many nights you left me unpleased" I said placing my hands in our pockets, I knew that was a soft spot with her becuase she could never please me the way I needed to be pleased.
"Fuck you King"
"Fuck you Mya" I said back with just as much hate. "Look, where my daughter at?" I said becoming annoyed.
"Upstairs working my last nerve just like her daddy" she said with an attitude.
"What she do now?" I said scratching my head.
"She threw a temper tantrum and stomped her feet, then told me to shut the fuck up. I wonder where she got that from"
"Yo, what's up with her mouth she had been getting slick latley." I said walking towards the steps. "Lea come on" I said yelling up the steps.
"Wait" she yelled out loud.
"See, that's that shit King, I wonder how she became so disrespectful. Like who taught her that." She siad looking around the room. I wanted to slap her but I held my composer.
"Not today Mya" I said sighing deeply.
"What's wrong hoes got you stressing, aww did your latest hoe become a video hoe and leave you for a rapper" she said with sarcasm.
"Shut the fuck up" I said becoming angry. She looked at me and turned her face knowing I was serious. "You want something to drink?" she said walking into the kitchen, and I followed behind her.
"Nah, I'm good" I said sitting down at the kitchen table.
"Aight, what's wrong your soo stressed." she said walking behind me and massaging my shoulders. I leaned back and smiled while her fingers worked my tensed shoulders.
"Niya in the hospital and she pregnant."
"Is she goin to be ok?"
"I don't know, but I really hope so" I siad shaking my head.
"You seem like you really like her." she said moving her hands towards me chest. I looked down and shook my head laughing a little.
"Jealousy isn't your best quality" I said moving forward a little from her touch.
"Jealous I will never be" she whispered in my ear as her breathe tickled my spines.
"Really, so why you comin onto me while your man in your house?"
"You don't want this?" she said moving back a little.
"Nah, not really." I said looking around and then standing up getting closer to her.
"Then why so close?" she said smiling. I smiled back and placed my hands on her waist and pushed her away.
"Don't start this shit up" I said pushing her away against the drawer. We starred at eachother for a while and then Eric walked in.
"Hey" he said looking between me and Mya.
"Wassup" I said laughing a little.
"Nuttin much" he said crossing his arms. I looked at him then walked to the livingroom and waited for Mya. After ten minutes I walked upstairs to her room where she was putting on her shirt.
"Hi daddy" she said jumping into my arms.
"Hey daddy's girl" I said hugging her and picking her up.
"Daddy, can you put on my earrings?" she said picking up a box and handing it to me. I set down and she stood in between my legs letting me place her earrrings in her ear.
"Why you been actin out lately?" I said after I finished and she began putting on her sneakers.
"I haven't, but mommy been being mean to me." she said whinning.
"I don't care you don't ever catch an attitude with your mom you hear me?" I said putting a base in my voice so she could hear me. She began to tear up and I hugged her tightly. "You gonna apologize to your mom?" I said helping her put on her jacket and heading downstairs where I could hear some of Mya and Eric conversation.
"Mommy, I'm sorry" Lea said running to her and holding her.
"I guess it's ok" Mya said holding her back. "You got everything?"
"Yea," Lea said walking away.
"You gonna be good for Daddy" she said looking at me.
"Yea" Lea said walking back over to me. We headed to my car and I helped her into the backseat and watched her clip her seatbelt.
"You hungry?" I said looking in the rearview mirror.
"No," she said kicking her feet.
"Stop kicking your feet"
"Daddy, is Niya coming over this weekend?"
"No, Niya's sick she's at the hospital"
"Really can we go see her?"
"Yea, we will."
"Yay, can I make her a card?" she said looking out the window.
"Yea, and we can buy her present."
"Really can we buy her a neckalace like the one you got me for my birthday."
"Yea, sure wateva you wanna get her."
"And flowers" she said going into her own little world.
"Wateva you want" I said pulling into the parking garage, I helped her out of the car and held her hand as we walked to the front door. She danced around while we waited for the elevator and I helped her press the button to our floor.
"Daddy, can we buy Niya a dog?" she said waiting for me to unlock the door.
"Maybe later," I siad walking with her to my room. After I got her seattled on the bed with paper and crayons to make Niya a get well soon card, I went to take a shower.
After I got out of the shower I put on black cargo shorts a purple V-neck and black and purple number eight Jordans. I put on a black leather jacket and my black and purple hat and stepped back into my bedroom.
"You done?" I said lotioning my face.
"Yea, daddy you gonna sign it." she said passing it to me. I signed my name on the bottom right next to her and smiled at the way she misspelled words.
"Come on" I said helping her off the bed and we left again and headed straight to Tiffany's. I brought Niya a neckalace with a heart shaped pendant on it with yellow diamonds. Inside the locket was the word love written in diamonds. I smiled as the gift wrapped it and Lea carried the bag out of the store. I had to make two other stops becuase Lea said I had to buy her ballons, flowers, and a big teddy bear even through I already brought her one.
On the way to the hospital I sent Shellz a text telling her to handle getting Niya a new apartment by next week. When we got to the hospital, Lea carried the card and made me carry everything else.
"Aww isn't she adorable." Sasha said when we got to the hallway, she was sitting outside texting someone.
"Yea, Lea this is Niya best friend Sasha. Sasha this my daughter Lea." I said giving her a small hug.
"Oh your pretty, I like your hair" Sasha said smiling and bending over.
"My mommy did it" Lea said putting on a smile that lite up the room. I chuckled and opened the door letting Lea go in first then walking in behind her. Niya was sitting on the bed eating. She smiled when she saw Lea and placed her fork down.
"What are you doing here?" Niya said opening her arms and giving her a hug. I picked Lea up and set her on the end of the bed. I placed the vase on the table next to her and handed her the teddy bear.
"Daddy said you were sick and I wanted to come make you a card" she said passing it to Niya.
"Oh my god, how sweet thank you" she said reading the card and giving her another hug.
"And look Daddy signed it too." Lea said pointing to my name.
"Thank you King" Niya said looking in my eyes and then Sasha walked in.
"Welcome, we got you something else to" I said pulling the Tiffany's box from my pocket.
"Ohh what can that be?" she said looking at Lea who couldn't stop smiling.
"Open it" Lea said becoming hyper. Niya began to open it and smiled at the neckalace picking it up and examining it.
"Aww" Niya said holding it in the air. "Thank you" she said placing her hand over her mouth.
"That's nice" Sasha said sitting on the other side of bed.
"I picked it out all by myself" Lea said smiling with pride.
"Ohhh you have great taste." Sasha said patting her thigh.
"Thank you" Lea said becoming sigh.
"King, shes gorgeous I just wanna take her home." Sasha said smiling at Lea.
"Nah, that one is mine." I said pulling Lea closer to me.
"I don't care I'm bout to have my own" Sasha said sticking out her tongue and rubbing her belly. "Oh, I know the sex, it's a boy." she said rubbing her stomach.
"Word, so what you want me to by my little nephew." I said reaching over and rubbing her belly.
"I don't know, but I wanted a girl." Sasha said pouting. "I won't have anyone to dress up. No worries through cuz I'm gonna keep going until I get one and I'm gonna enjoy doing it." Sasha said smirking.
"Hey minors in the room" Niya said pointing to Lea, who was in her own little world.
"Did the doctor tell you what you having yet?" Sasha said sitting down.
"No, I don't know if I wanna know." Niya said shrugging her shoulders.
"I wanna know" I said looking around. I began massaging her thigh under the covers while I set down and watched television. She giggled a little when I gently squeezed it. "You getting thick" I said when I watched her walk to the bathroom. She rolled her eyes and whispered fuck you so Lea wouldn't hear it. We joked around for the next couple of hours until Cash came, I was alert when he came becuase my daughter was there and I will kill a muthafucka no questions asked for my daughter.
I walked out the room to get a bottle of water when I walked back in Cash had his hand on Lea and was talking to her while she smiled in his face.
"Lea, come on lets go get some candy." Sasha said pulling her off the bed and taking her out of the room.
"Yo don't ever touch my daughter again." I said standing in his face.
"My bad, she's a real pretty girl." he said smirking.
"Like I said don't put ya hands on my daughter." I said stepping closer to him.
"Or what????" he said chuckling.
"I'll kill you" I said starring him in his eyes.
"YOu scared I'm gonna put ya daughter on the strip." he said laughing.
"Yo, don't ever referr to my daughter again" I said feeling my temperature rising. Before he could respond I connected my fist with his face, sending him back a couple of steps then he jumped back and punched me in my face. We began fighting and I began getting the best of him when I felt someone come between us. It was Sasha and that nigga he always with was holding him back. I looked at Lea was screaming and crying, I picked her up and began walking out the hospital and didn't look back until we got back to New York

ANother Day.......

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Dang man...This is just too good.
Cash need to go back home
to Layla...King need to take care
of Niya and he is just too cute
with his daughter. And King better
not be getting fresh with his babymama
again...Add asap


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i flippin' love this story . i cant stand
cash and his no good behind . i wanna
push him off of a cliff .

i love king . he makes me smile .
add soon . UPPZ !

135 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:45 pm


i always said i liked King!!
I never liked Cash...
How can I like i nigga who explloits sexy black girls!!
Anywya...It was a good add!!!
Lea is adorable
Mya get lost...the nigga said u could never do it right...
Niya...hold on to King...The dude wants you to be happy...
Cash is a jerk...go fuck Layla or whoever...
Pablo...don't u see Cash is an asshole???
Sasha...u do good sticking for your girl...
King...don't leave Niya alone with Cash...he myt try to hurt her again!!

I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Niya Chapter 26

I was sitting on my hospital bed waiting to be released, I found out that I was having a boy and it confused the shit out of me. I didn't know what to do or say causing me to stress and making me have a panic attach, which made me stay in the hospital for an extra week. It was time for me to go to my new apartment and I couldn't wait, Shellz told me her and Sasha moved all my clothes into the house and already started decorating the babies room. I was so grateful for King becuase he was really helping me out I don't know what I would have done if he didn't put down the down payment for my new condo.
"You ready?" Sasha said walking into the room. I shook my head and handed her the clipboard with my release papers on it and stood up. I was rocking a Aeropostale sweat suit and Timbs becuase it was starting to get chilly. I hopped in my wheelchair and we went and got into Sasha car.
"What you doin today?" I said turning to Sasha.
"Working" she said sighing. I sighed a little becuase I didn't want to be home alone, but I knew I had to be. "We goin shopping first through becuase we need to get baby stuff" she said pulling into Babies"R"Us parking lot. "This is from Cash and King" she said passing me a large knot.
"Oh my god, how much is this" I said placing the money in my purse before walking in the store.
"Enough to buy you whateva you need, that's why I brought the truck" she said placing her keys in her bag.
"That's what I'm talking about" I said going down one asile. I knew today was gonna be a long day for me becuase I brought everything I could think of from bottles to monitors and strollers. My favorite thing was a green crib that was also a play pen and a changing station. I racked up on diapers and wipes and toys becuase I knew I was going to be staying in the house atleast the first nine months. Everything I brought was in green and everything Sasha brought was in blue, after I finished I had brought four thousand dollars worth of baby things and I still had to buy clothes. We went to the mall and I spent another two thousand on onseys, by time I was finished I was hungry and exhausted.
Sasha took me straight home so she could get dressed and go to work, we had made about ten trips to and from the truck to my apartment carrying in my bags. I walked into my apartment for the first time and I couldn't believe it, it was perfect everything went together perfectly. I looked over at the table and there set my my touch phone. I picked it up and immediately called King to thank him.
"Wassup" he said, his voice making my body quiver a little.
"Hey, I'm at the apartment. I just got here and I wanted to say thank you" I said twirling my hair around my finger.
"You good, did you need anything?"
"Yea, if your in Jersey could you bring me something to eat and a tool box and your muscles" I said putting on a sweet smile.
"Why??" he said chuckling.
"Well I brought all this stuff for the baby and I don't know how to put any of it together, but I know you do."
"Aight I'll be there in thirty" he said chuckling and ending the call. I smiled and seperating the bags piece by piece and then I walked into the baby's room and it was painted a real light shade of green. I almost cried it was so perfect, I couldn't believe that they had done this for me. I was sitting in the room just starring when I heard someone knocking on the door. I checked the peep hole and King was standing there I opened the door.
"Why you crying?" he said raising an eyebrow.
"I'm happy" I said smiling and grabbing the Taco bell bag away from him.
"Well damn, welcome." he said walking in behind me and shutting the door. "You brought all of this shit" he said looking around.
"Yea," I said sitting on my black suede couch which complemented the room. I bite into my taco and watched him as he started putting together the crib. "Do you know what you doin?" I said watching him raising an eyebrow.
"Yea, who you think built all of Lea shit" he said screwing something together.
"I don't know this my baby right here and I don't want to harm him becuase of your neglegence." I said drinking some soda.
"Well that's our baby right there and I'm not gonna hurt him" he said throwing a piece of paper at me.
"Don't say that" I said becoming serious.
"Don't say what Niy?" he asked reading the directions.
"That the baby is yours" I said quielty. "I don't want you getting your hopes up and then I end up letting you down." I said folding my legs.
"Ha, that's what you think, Niya let me tell you something, even if the baby isn't mines I'm still gonna be in that childs life becuase he need a man there to teach him how to be a man." he said hammering something. I felt a warm feeling come to my heart then a smile come to my face. He looked at me and smiled also making my heart feel like it was floating.
"So how does Lea feel about me having a baby?" I said wanting to change the subject.
"Well I told her, but she ended up asking where do babies come from and I had to redirect the conversation." he said taking off his leather jacket. I began laughing so hard that I almost choked on my soda, he came over and began patting my back to make sure I was ok.
"And what did you tell her about babies?"
"I told her ass not to worry about them until she knew wat a nurva ring was," he said getting back on his knees.
"What the hell is a Nuva Ring?" I said thinking. "Oh my god that's birth control" I said laughing until my sides hurted, he laughed a little with me while he set on the floor.
"Why are you laughing so hard? It's the truth she don't need to know where babies come from unless she plans on having a baby" he said smiling.
"She's just curious."
"So, it's some shit she don't need to know." he said pointing a hammer at me.
"Why not? Do you think it's gonna influence her to do it just becuase she knows about it."
"Hell yea, cuz as soon as I started learning about sex I was fucking" he said reading another part of the directions.
"Oh my god, see god gonna get you with this one and that's exactly why he gave you Lea. And all I'm gonna say is think of all the shit you did to girls to get in the pants is the same shit some little boy gonna be doing to get into Lea pants." I said throwing the rest of my food back in my bag saving it for later.
"The fuck if he real he gonna have to meet me first." he said looking at me.
"Did you meet all the girls you had sex with during school Daddy's?" I said looking at him with a smirk on my face.
"Niya shut up and pass me the fucking screw driver." he said reaching out his hand.
"Ohh someone is a little mad, you scared your daughter gonna fall to the game of some little horny boy."
"Niya, see my daughter gonna know better cuz I'm gonna have her hip on the game. And god gave me a boy so I can put him on the game."
"You are not turning my son into a pimp." I said walking into the kitchen.
"Nah, I will leave that to Cash," he said looking at me with a smirk on his lips. The same smirk that drove me crazy and made my heart skip a beat.
"Fuck you" I said giving him a finger.
"Don't tempt cuz your ass got really fat over the last month." he siad pointing at me.
"Ewww" I said sitting back down. "Is the cable on?" I said picking up the remote.
"Yea," he said going back to work.
"Um that's good give me something to do now that I'm on bed rest." I said folding my legs indian style. I knew King loved when I set like that and from the way he was looking I could tell he was becoming aroused.
"Why you teasing?" he said under his breathe shaking his head.
"Who me?" I said sticking out my tongue. I laid down on the couch and began watching him as he built the crib. I don't know why my body was acting the way it was, but I wanted him so bad.
"Starrings not a good look for you you" he said smirking at me taking me out of my day dream. I went to say something slick, but then I felt my something tap my stomach, I looked down and the baby was kicking me.
"Oh my god the baby is kicking" I said opening my arms. "You wanna feel it?" I said pointing. He placed his hand on my stomach where it was kicking and his face immediately lite up.
"Damn," he siad silently and moving away lightly.
"What?" I said wondering.
"You" he said starring at me.
"What did I do?" I said becoming confused.
"Nuttin, it's what I want you to do" he said smirking.
"Wow, funny how you want it now and I couldn't get you to want me if I strapped myself naked to your body." I said laughing.
"I always wanted you, and I will always want you ain't shit change." he said picking up the crib and screwing the side to it. Once it was finished he pushed it into the nursery and set it up. He walked back into the livingroom and set down on the couch.
"Your not finished yet"
"Hey, you pushin it" he said pointing his finger at me.
"Well someone has to do it and I'm handicap" I said rubbing my belly.
"You lucky you said that to" he said opening up the baby monitors and setting them up.
"Well I need a shower right now, you can handle this" I said pointing to the boxes on the floor.
"Yea," he said waving me off. I walked into my bedroom and I fell in love it was perfect for me. I walked into the bathroom and it was a huge tub on the left side and a huge shower on the left. I jumped in the shower and scrubbed my body up and down then washed my hair, I was so happy to be having a shower in my own home with my own soap. While I was scrubbing my body I heard someone open the door and then they walked over and there was King standing at the door. I slide it opened and he just starred at me while I starred back, he jumped in the shower and picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist.

I was on my to Niya house becuase Pablo and I just had an argument, I knew she was home becuase I just finished texting about thirty minutes ago. I don't know why Pablo was acting the way he was, but it was annoying the shit out of me. I walked to her door and knocked a few times and then I opened the door, I looked around and she was putting together all her baby stuff. I walked straight to the back room and opened the door and saw King ontop of Niya.
"Oh my god" Niya said when she saw me open the door.
"My bad" I said raising my hand and trying to close the door back. I walked out the door and hopped in my ride and just drove. No destination in mind I just on the highway, I had to clear my head. After Niya called me for the fifth time I turned my phone off and then pulled over at a park. I went and set on the swings and just thought back to life when it was simple. I didn't know what to do anymore life was just getting the best of me and I couldn't handle it.
Before I knew it was three hours later I headed back home and Pablo was sitting on his faovrite couch just waiting for me.
"Yo where was you?" he said speaking slowly and lightly.
"I had to clear my mind" I said taking off my jacket and walking to the bedroom as he followed me.
"Man, I've been calling you Niya been calling you I was worried" he said watching me take off my sneakers and then pull of my jeans.
"My bad." I said placing on a black pair of his basketball shorts.
"Don't my bad me wher the fuck was you at?" he said trying to remain calm.
"I was out, I just had to think" I said laying down on the bed with my back towards him. I felt him lay down behind me and began to gently rub my back.
"Sasha you can't do this to me, you carrying my seed and just leaving. Yea we have our differences, but you can't just walk away when you hear something that you don't like" he said holding me closely. I laid on my back and spread my legs as he climbed in between my thighs.
"It wasn't that, I was just stressed" I said rubbing his head.
"I know" he said pulling up my wifebeater and kissing my stomach. I giggled becuase it tickled and he rubbed it softly.
"I love you Pablo" I said laughing softly.
"I love you mami" he said in his spanish accent, turning me on a little. He rolled off of me and I set ontop of him and then slowly begun to plant kisses on his chest pulling off his shirt and then getting to his pajama pants. I kissed his abs and then pulled his hard member and began sucking it, he let out a soft groan and placed his hand on the top of my head. "Fuck hold on my phone" he said gently pushing me away. I set ontop of him as I rubbed his shoulders and kissed his neck.
"Man, I don't know" he said tugging at my hair lightly. I giggled in his ear then blew on it and shivered a little. "Yo, I see wat's up later, but let me get at you some other time in a couple of hours."
"Baby" I moaned lightly. He tugged at my hips lightly and then he squeezed my butt alittle.
"Man, I don't know yo, you should ask her" he said licking the side of my face. I bite his neck and he began to rub up against me. "Take your panties off" he said lightly in my ear and then smiled. "Fuck that if you need I'm here" he said in a deadly voice.
"No, you not" I whispered through my teeth. He smiled and then started talking on the phone again. I pouted and got off of his lap and then put on my robe and walked downstairs to the kitchen and began fixing me something to eat.
"Yo, I gotta go head out" he said coming downstairs fully dressed. I didn't even look at him, I continued doing what I was doing. He walked behind and wrapped his arms around me and I shrugged away.
"Shouldn't you be on your way" I said turning on the stove.
"Yea, I catch you later" he said stepping away. I looked behind me and he was stnading there laughing. "Gimmie a kiss" he said kissing me and sucking on my bottom lip.
"Bye" I said dryly.
"I love you mami" he said stepping out of the door. I sighed lightly and finished cooking a bowl of soup. I cuddled up on the couch and began watching television before I dozed off.

King Chapter 27
I couldn't believe what just happened, me and Niya was in mid fuck when Sasha walked through interupting us and then Niya ran to the bathroom and locked herself in crying her eyes out.
"Niya come open the door." I said standing on the other side, I knew Rell would be on his way in any minute so I had to get going. I've been standing on the other side of this door for almost an hour. I waited awhile and then she opened the door, her eyes were bloodshot red from crying. "Niya come here" I siad pulling her into my arms and then holding her tightly. She sniffled a little and starred out the window. "I gotta go, but I might be coming through tomorrow" I said laying her in bed. "I'ma call you tonight"
"I can't believe we did that" she said sniffling lightly.
"I'm sorry, I just couldn't control myself."
"I need my space" she said in a low voice.
"What you mean, I just made love to you and you need your space. Niya this that bullshit, I'm sitting here doing everything you want me to no questions asked and you playing me. I hope the nut was worth it" I said standing up and walking away as I heard her sniffle lightly.
"King wait" she yelled after me running behind me.
"What? You got somehting important to say to me." I said turning around.
"I'm sorry I really do love you" she sniffled lightly and shook her head.
"Wateva" I said looking away.
"I need to find me before I make any more moves" she said trying to explain herself.
"You don't have to explain yourself to me." I said shrugging my shoulders.
"But King" she said pulling on me.
"What are you doin? Didn't you tell me that you needed space, so I don't understand why your touching me." I siad pushing her lightly.
"Kaylyn" she yelled.
"Aniya" I yelled back.
"Don't do this? King I'm sorry" she yelled again standing infront of me.
"No, yo move" I said pushing her away from me and walking out of the door.
I'm so fed up with the games, I'm not going through that shit anymore I'm too old to play this game with her. I left and dipped out and then I walked outside where Rell was waiting for me.
"You aight?" he said when I hopped in the car, I shook my head yes and we headed back to New York. I got to my apartment and walked straight to my bedroom and laid down on my bed. I felt my phone ringing on my waist and I looked a the caller i.d. it was Niya.
"Yo" I said answering the phone. I set and then I heard nothing at all "Niya" I said sighing hard.
"I'm sorry" she said sniffling.
"Stop apologizing stop sniffling." I said sitting up.
"I can't it hurt" she said whinning.
"I know, but you gotta be strong." I said laying back down sitting in the dark.
"I'm sorry"
"Niya, I hate when you do that shit" I said sighing. "You ain't fuckin do nuttin what the fuck you apologizing for?"
"Cuz you mad at me?"
"I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at the situation cuz I should have been on my shit and we wouldn't be in this situation." I said looking around. "Look Niya you mean alot to me and shit, but it's to much going on we just gotta chill out like you said. Even through that shit hurt me, it gotta go down." I said sighing into the phone. I set for a minutte in silence hoping she would say somehting, but nothing came out. "Niya baby you still there?" I said hoping she wouldn't hurt herself.
"Yea," she said in a light moan.
"I'm still gonna hold you down regardless, you mines you know that, but shits to stressful" I said wiping my hand over my head.
"Yea, I know"
"Damn, Niya" I said shouting a little.
"What???" she said becoming frantic.
"Why you got me trippin?" I said laughing.
"I don't know" she said giggling. "Ouch" she groaned into the phone.
"What's wrong???" I said becoming worried.
"I stepped on a screw" she said as I listen to her moving in the background.
"What you doin out of bed?" I siad sliding out of my jeans.
"I'm hungry" she said in a baby tone.
"Yo, you betta not be eating any junk food either. You remember what the doctor said" I said placing my hands in my pants.
"But I'm hungry" she said pouting.
"What you eating?" I said hearing a bag of chips in the background.
"Doritos." she said with a mouth full of food.
"Stop" I barked at her.
"OK" she said loudly.
"Why you so hardheaded?" I said shaking my head.
"Wateva" she said with a slight attitude turning me on a little.
"You know what talking to you on the phone remind me of?"
"Hummmm let me think a phone conversation" she said sarcasticly.
"Shut up, it reminds me of the first day we met." I said laughing.
"Oh my god, you had to bring that up" she siad laughing.
"Ha, you looked so good with your glasses on" I said closing my eyes picturing us together.
"And you was so disrespectful" she said chuckling.
"Yea, then that night I found you cuz I knew from the day in walmart that I was gonna have to have you. I can't explain it, but I felt like I was gonna have to put you in my life."
"Yea, um hum" she siad with an attitude.
"It's true look that night I came and saw you becuase I didn't wanna let you go then I saw you working on the floor and I almost nutted" I said squeezing my dick. She busted out laughing and giggling.
"It's real talk" I said laughing.
"I was attracted at the club."
"I know" I said in a cocky tone.
"Some one think they bad" she said.
"Wateva," I said becoming silent. I wanted to hold this moment and feeling for the rest of my life. It was something about this moment that made me think about all the good times we had, all the laughs we shared. I wanted her back and I was gonna do any and everything to keep her.
"What you thinkin about?" she said interupting my thoughts.
"You," I said scratching my stomach.
"Why?" she said shyly.
"Cuz, you sexy" I said laughing.
"Wow thanks"
"Um hum, nah cuz you make me think about us and our future." I said smiling.
"Wait what future?"
"Ours we gonna be together."
"Oh so we are gonna be together just on your terms right" she siad with an attitude.
"You know what King I'm tired I'll hit you up tomorrow or whenever."
"What you mean whenever?" I said getting annoyed. "Huh?" I said after a few minutes of silence.
"Nevermind, but I am tired" she said "I need to get some sleep we can talk tomorrow."
"Whateva," I said hanging up on her without a response, I was so done with playing games with Aniya, but I knew I wans't gonna let her go that easily.......

Sometimes you gotta let it go.....

I didn't like it too much, I feel like I rushed it
It's ok I'll hit it out the park next time.
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Aniya needa chill...
Don't she c King want the best for her???
She is craz ryt now...
She needa forget Cash and think only of King...
And Pablo needa treat his woman ryt!!!

bump to tha fullest!!!

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Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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Niya better quit playin! Men like King hard to come by!

140 Re: Memiors of a lost girl (COMPLETE) on Fri Nov 27, 2009 7:29 pm


Niya Chapter 27

I don't know what to tell you about my story or how to explain to you why everything that is happening is, but I can tell you that life is a tricky game and I'm not even trying to win anymore all I wanna do is survive it.
"Yo, you hear me?" Cash said standing in my doorway.
"Yea," I said shaking my head.
"Aight, well hit me later aight" he said giving me the peace sign and walking away. I walked back in my house and headed straight to my closet where my safe was, I place the three stacks that Cash just gave me in it and closed it back. Right now life hasn't been exciting just day by day I've been getting through it, I think that's my new quote. I just gotta get through it, my stomach has gotten huge and I couldn't wait to drop the baby. I smiled as I walked past his room and went and set on the couch. Even through this was the first time I lived alone, I was sad and lonely, but you will be happy to know that I'm not in a relationship with anyone. I'm just taking time to me and relaxing finding out what I want for life.
I was watching an episode of Spongebob when I heard my phone ringing I looked at it and it was Cash. I sighed and answered it.
"Hello" I said sitting back down on the couch.
"Yo, did I leave my chain?"
"Yea," I said starring at it on the coffee table. He took it off to lay down on the couch becuase he was stressed. Lately he's been trying to work his way back into my life I just wasn't having it.
"I'ma be there later to get it"
"Aight" I said hearing my other line beep.
"One" he said disconnecting the call.

From: King
Subject: Yo can I slide through tonight?

I looked at it for a minute and then I smiled and replied yes with no hesitation.

From: King
Subject: I got Lea with me and she wanna see you, was hopping I can take ya'll out with the crew?

I smiled and replied back sure, when I really wanted to say hell yes.

From: King
Subject: Aight, I'll be there in two hours

I replied ok and then began watching television again before he called and told me he was thirty minutes away. I headed to my closet, I looked at something that would be flattering to my stomach. After searching my stomach I found a gray cardigan with a white wife beater under it. I threw on a pair of jeans and I couldn't believe they actually still fit now that my ass felt like it was two times bigger. I looked through my closet for my pair of gray flats ankle boot. Since I was pregnant my hair have been healthy and strong and I grew out my bangs so I just put on a head band and pulled my hair into a sloppy ponytail. I didn't add any make up and I put on some gold dangling earrings with the matching neckalace and bracelet. I heard my phone ringing and walked to it thinking it was King and Sasha name flashed across the screen.
"Wassup" I said zipping up the side of my boot and sitting down.
"Nuttin wassup with you?" she said sounding sad.
"Wat's wrong?" I said picking up my phone and heading towards the livingroom.
"Pablo, girl I'm at the door can we go somewhere?" she said in a tone that was dry.
"Well, I'm bout to dip with King and his friends" I siad opening the door while she walked in. "Your invited" I said watching her flop down on the couch.
"Sure" she said shrugging her shoulders. "Nevermind, I'll just stay here and chill out becuase I think that's between you and him"
"No, it's not if you can't come then I wont go" I said sitting next to her. I heard the door bell and I picked it up and it was King.
"Come open the door" he said disconnecting the call. I stood up and opened the door letting him and Lea in. I immediately hugged Lea and she hugged her back.
"Daddy look how big Niya's stomach is" she said placing her hand on my stomach.
"I know" he said kissing my cheek. "Wat up" he said sitting next to Sasha.
"Nuttin" she said in a low voice.
"You rididn with us tonight?" he said nudging her.
"Yea," I said picking up my bag. "So come on cuz I'm hungry" I said waving my hand. They all got out of the door and I walked out last and locked my door. We all jumped into his white Range Rover, and drove to Westchester NY. We went to a restaurant and everyone was there waiting for us.
"Hey" I squealed when I saw April and Sasha they stood up and we all hugged.
"Look at you looking bigger then a house" April said rubbing my stomach.
"I know" I said smiling. "Oh, this is like my sister Sasha this is April and this is Shellz." I said pointing to everyone.
"Hey girl" Shellz said hugging her with a cup of wine in her hand.
"Hey" Sasha said smiling and sitting down.
"Damn girl you about to burst" Rell said standing up and kissing me.
"Ohh shut up" I said waving him off and sitting down next to him. I saw Alexis sitting at the opposite side of the circle table. of the table sipping on a cup of wine. We all got seated and I set next to King and Sasha. King was sitting next to Lea, who was sitting next Rell and April then it was Alexis who was sitting directly across the table next to a random dude who was starring at me and then it was Shellz and her husband then Sasha.
"Hi my name is Maria can I get you anything?" the waitress said coming over to our table and starring at Rell. "Oh my god, your young Rell" she said practically jumping up and down.
"Yea, that's me" he said smiling.
"Oh my god you are so sexy" she said licking her lips. I looked over at April who was milking her drink.
"Thank you" Rell said giving her a smile.
"Oh my god, I can't believe I'm meeting you. I have all your albums." she said in a low sexy voice. April looked at Shellz with a wat the fuck look.
"Excuse you, do your fucking job" April said sitting back.
"Oh I'm sorry I didn't know you was on a business dinner." she said starring at April with smirk and Alexis lightly giggled.
"No, he's having dinner with friends, family, and his wife" April said holding up her left hand showing off her ring that was huge. "So like I said do your fucking job, becuase this is mines" she said pointing to Rell who was sitting back and smiling. "And I ain't giving it up so you just out of luck. Fucking groupie" April said rolling her eyes.
"Anyway, what can I get you?" the waitress said going back to her pen and pad.
"Let me get another bottle of Ace of Spades" Rell said finishing off his cup.
"Umm can I have a cup of Lemonade?" I said raising my hand.
"Yea, me too and could you keep them coming" Sasha said smiling.
"Sure" she said walking away.
"Wow when are you due?" Shellz said to me and Sasha.
"Well I'm due December 27th" I said folding my legs.
"And I'm due Janurary 4th" Sasha said smiling.
"Damn, ya'll got pregnant around the same time, that's some shit" Rell said shaking his head.
"I know," I said smiling.
"Here you go" the waitress said bringing back a bottle and two cups of lemonade. "Umm are you ready to order?" she said starring around the table directing her attention to King this time.
"Nah, can we have a couple of minutes" King said picking up his menu and we all followed.
"What you wanna eat?" King asked Lea who was in her own world drawing on a piece of paper.
"Spegetti" she said without looking up for the table.
"Aight" he said looking over the table. "You know what you ordering" King asked me placing his hand on my thigh and whispering in my ear. His breathe lightly tickled my ear and then he pulled back.
"No not yet" I said starring at the menu trying to ignore the heat rising between my legs.
"Sasha, girl I got a question" Shellz asked pouring another cup of wine.
"Yea, wassup" Sasha said placing down her menu.
"How many tattos do Niya got?" she asked drinking some out of her cup.
"thirteen" Sasha said looking at me.
"I told you" Shellz said to April.
"I don't believe it" April said shaking her head.
"Will it's true" I said jumping in.
"Damn word" Rellz said looking at me like was trying to count them.
"Yea, I got one on each shoulder, one on my back, two on my neck, one on my eye lid, one on my thigh, one on my foot, one on my ankle, one behind my neck, one one on each wrist, and one on my finger." I said smiling.
"Yoo, how did you get all those done? I got one and I didn't even get it finished them shits hurt" April said laughing.
"Nah, I have an addiction, but Sasha got a couple too" I siad pointing to Sasha.
"Yea, but I don't have as many as you do. Bitch you bold" Sasha said shaking her head and drinking some of her drink.
"I don't think any girl at this table got as many as she do" April said laughing.
"I know" I said laughing. We all joked around until the waitress came back and took our orders, we ordered probably one whole page of the menu. We ordered six typed of appetizers and more bottles of drinks and alcohol.
"Oh my god Niya you gotta see what we brought the baby, it's in the car. When I say that little boy gonna be fly I mean he gonna be fly." April said smiling.
"You didn't have to buy him anything?" I said shaking my head.
"Yea, I did that's my nephew" she said pointing.
"Did you have a babyshower yet?" Shellz said biting into a buffalo popper.
"No, and I don't want one" I said shaking my head. I bite into a buffalo popper and the heat burnt the top of my mouth. "It's so hot" I said fanning myself while everyone laughed.
"Eat some bread" Rell shouted out laughing.
"Baby drink this" King said rasing a cup to my mouth. I poured the drink in my mouth letting it spill from my lips a little.
"Are you ok?" Sasha said gently rubbing my back while she tried to stop laughing.
"Yea, I'm great" I said with a light attitude.
"Now, you knew it was hot why did you eat it?" King said picking up a napkin and wiping my mouth.
"I didn't know it was gonna be that hot through" I said closing my eyes trying to subside my burning tingle in my mouth.
"Damn, you aight" he said rubbing my back and pulling me to him. I snuggled under him and laughed.
"Awww look at the cute couple. I don't care what ya'll say ya'll are and will always be a couple" April said.
"Oh my god" I said sitting up.
"I know, she don't believe it through" Sasha said laughing.
"Man, the first time I saw her at the club I was like you need to bag her." Rell said placing his hand on the back of April chair.
"What was you doin at the strip club?" April said turning to him. We all began laughing when he started stuttering an answer.
"Yo, give it up. You already buried yourself" King said sipping some from his cup.
"Daddy can I have some" Lea said reaching her hand out.
"Nah, this for grown people" he said sitting his cup on the opposite side.
"Daddy look at the picture I drew for you and Niya" Lea said holding up a paper.
"Aww it's gorgeous" I said grabbing it and holding it up. He grabbed it from me and started drawing on the other side while everyone talked, he passed it to me and showed me what he drew. It was our names inside of a heart then on the bottom he wrote always and forever. I smiled and folded it up placing it in my back pocket.
"Yo, I don't mean to sound like a fat bitch, but where is the food at?" Sasha said looking around.
"Yo I was thinking the same thing" Rell said shaking his head.
"I know" Shellz said lookinf for our waitress.
"I am hungry" I siad lightly.
"Word" King said rubbing my stomach.
"Yea" I said grabbing his hand and holding it.
"How you feelin today?" King said sitting back in his chair.
"I don't know my hormones been acting crazy, my back ache, but mostly my feet been hurting." I said folding my legs.
"Word you want me to give you a massage when we get back to the crib" he whispered in my ear lightly. I began to blush and put my head down hopping no one notice how my body shift as I began getting horny.
"If you want to?" I said in a soft voice.
"Yes, or no?" he said leaning in closer to me.
"Yes," I said smiling.
"Aight, I got you" he said lightly kissing me on my neck. I looked around to see if anyone saw what he did and no one was paying attention.
"Yo, can we get some service" Rell yelled to teh next table.
"Can, I help you" A different waitress came over to the table, immediately her eyes went to Kings.
"We been waiting here over forty five minutes for our food." King said trying to remain calm.
"Ok, I'll go check the kitchen." she said ready to walk away.
"We need a few more bottles." Rell said holding up an empty bottle.
"And a couple more cups of strawberry lemonades." Sasha said before she walked away.
"She had a fat ass" the random dude who was with Alexis said.
"You saw that too" Rell said shaking his head.
"What???" April said looking at him.
"I was just fucking around" he said giving her a kiss on her shoulder that made her lightly jump.
"There is gonna be some serious fucking going on today" Sasha whispered. Me and Shellz began laughing and giggling.
"Yooo, did you not see the minor sitting there" Shellz husband said pointing at Lea.
"My bad" Shellz said laughing lightly.
"I'm sorry for the wait, but were a little backed up" Maria said coming back to the table. "Your food will be out in about ten minutes is there anything Ican help you with?" Maria said directing her statement to King.
"No, where ok thank you" Shellz said smiling as Maria walked away.
"I see someone has a fan" I whispered lightly in King ear.
"Yea, but your the only star I see in my eyes. And trust me I'm your number one fan." he said lightly, I smiled as I toyed with my cardigan.
"Stop it" I said looking around the table to see if anyone was looking.
"Nah, yo I'm telling you I'm your groupie" he said kissing my cheek.
"Stop it" I said pushing him away. He pulled me closer to him and I leaned my head on his chest. A few minutes later the food came and we all ate it quickly becuase we were all hungry.

As the meal went on we all hung out and had fun after sitting around and eating for another half of hour we were all ready to go. Lea was staying the night over Rell's and April's house for the night. We got to my apartment and King carried me into the apartment and Sasha drove back home.
"Um someone tired?" King said walking me to the bedroom.
"No" I said while he laid me in bed.
"Um hum" he said sitting down on the edge of his bed and untieing his shoes kicking eachone off. He placed both of his phones on the nightstand and then placed his jewlery right next to his cell phone. He pulled down his pants and took off his shirts wearing nothing but his basketball shorts and briefs. He began pulling off my jeans and took off my jacket leaving me in nothing, but my wife beater and boyshorts.
"Where's my remote?" I said feeling around the bed while he set down.
"Doesn't matter you don't need it."
"Why not, what you think we gonna be doin nothing sitting around in the dark." I said still searching for it.
"Nah, but I was planning on giving you that good old massage." he said lightly, I could tell he was smirking even through I couldn't see him.
"I guess I can let you touch me tonight" I said laughing and rolling over on my side.
"Take your shirt and bra off" he whispered laying behind me. I took my shirt and he helped me take my bra off and he began to rub my back.
"That feels good" I said lightly gripping the cover. "You like this?" he said breathing on my neck. I didn't even speak I just shook my head and tried to keep the moans from escaping my lips. "Let it out" he said rubbing my back and moving closer to me. I shook my head no as he began rubbing his hips against mines. "Baby, let that out I just wanna hear it" he said kissing on my neck lightly. I opened my mouth and a moaned escaped my lips and then he reached around me and dipped his fingers into my boyshorts. His fingers crept to the middle of my legs where I was so hot. "Damn" he whispered in my ear while he sucked on my neck.
"Baby" I said reaching back just wanting to touch him. We began to grind against eachother and I turned my head back to him so we began to kiss stuffing our toungues inside eachother mouths. I heard a knock on my door taking me away from the pleasure that he was giving me with his tongue and his fingers. "Is that the door?" I said pulling away. He lightly gripped my hair and pulled me to him back into a kiss. Then I heard a big bang and King jumped up, he pulled away from me and grabbed his gun then headed to the door. After a few minutes he yelled my name. I stood up and placed on a rob and headed to the bedroom where Asia was standing in the middle of the floor.


I got home and I was dead beat tired, I didn't even make it to the bed I laid down right on the couch and closed my eyes. I heard the door to the basement open and Pablo walked into the bedroom.
"You ready to talk?" he said sitting down on the chair beside me.
"I'm tired and my back hurt so fucking much right now, I'm not thinking about anything else." I said without opening my eyes.
"Word" he said standing up. He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom and laid me down in bed. He laid beside me on his back and I could tell he wasn't sleeping. "Sash" he said moving closer to me.
"Yes Pablo" I said becoming annoyed.
"Do you know I love you?" he said placing his hand on my waist.
"Yea" I said opening my eyes.
"I'm sorry" he said starring in my eyes.
"I'm sorry too" I said snuggling into his chest. He kissed my forehead and began rubbing my back.
"I'm about to run you bath ok?" he said pulling away from me. He stood up and I smiled and set up and started taking off my clothes.
"Baby" I yelled into the bathroom. He came and stood in the door way looking as sexy as ever. I just wanted to jump on him and fuck him until his eyes rolled to the back of his head.
"You gettin horny without me?" he said walking to me.
"Yea," I said smiling and spreading my legs. He placed his hand between my thighs and gripped my thigh.
"Papi" I moaned lightly.
"Damn," he said standing back up I looked at his dick and it was standing up in his cargo shorts. I gripped it through his shorts and he laughed and pushed my hands away.
"Papi" I whined folding my legs.
"Huh?" he siad laughing. He leaned down and kissed me then picked me up and carried me to the bathroom and laid me down in the tub, I threw my head back as he got in on the other side and began rubbing my feet. He rubbed my claves and I moaned as I gripped the edge of the tub. "You like that huh?" he said laughing.
I pulled my foot away from him and he smirked and walked over to me with his waist just above the water. I opened my mouth and placed the tip between my lips and I slowly took him in with out using my hands. He placed his hand on the back of my head and guided me up and down on his dick. I picked up my pace and began to deep throat him, I knew he liked it becuase he couldn't hold his moans.
"Damn, you suck that shit" he moaned letting his head fall back. I smiled and began playing with his balls I loved being freaky with Pablo he always took control. He pulled me away from his balls and smiled trying to recapture his breathe. He kneeled down and set me on the edge of the tub trying to return the favor. I couldn't control myself after I felt the first lick of the tongue which sent me to heavan. After the second time I nutted all over his face he picked me up and set back in the jacuzzi and placed me on his dick lightly. "You aight" he said when he saw my expression on my face. I shook my head yes. I began rocking my hips sending a sensation through my back.
"Damn baby" I said placing a hand on his shoulder to balance myself. He held my waist as he worked my insides.
"You like that?" he moaned in my ear. I shook my head yea while I place my other hand on his knee cap and jumped around. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, but I kept going. I felt another one and it caught me off guard making me stop. "What's wrong mami?" he said pulling myself off of him and carrying me to the bed.
"I don't know" I said stopping again and then holding my stomach."I think I'm in labor" I said groaning, he jumped up and then dressed me in underware then a sweatsuit and carried me to car speeding all the way to the hospital. I never felt a pain like that, immediatly they put me on a stretcher and rushed me to a room........

Gotta keep you guessin.....
Now I'm proud of this one lol....I hated the last one
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Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

My guess something is wrong with the baby
But i cant wait 4 them 2 both have the baby
Niya needs to get with King and leave cash alone
She has more fun with king and is so much happier with him.

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I loved the add!!!
Can't wait for the babies!!!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
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Authors Note

My bad I've been MIA, but I was in the hospital for the last week and a half. I know crazy right I was throwing up left to right and my mom thought I was pregnant an we were beefin, but then one day I fainted and who knows next. That's crazy right, but I'm ok I had food poisioning really badly. I couldn't believe it myself ummmm but I'm feeling better and I'm back to business. Now its gonna take me a few days to get back to business and finish writing cuz i got mad work from school I need to make up. I hope ya'll aint forget about my story through lol.....I'm sorry about the delay promise to get back to business. bounce bounce

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i hope you feel better!!!!!!!!

omg please add asap!!! lol

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Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

Waiting 4 another good long add

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Hope You Better !

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Niya Chapter 28

I stood there starring at Asia with an attitude, I didn't know why she was here and I didn't want her to be here. King looked at me and then he headed back to the bedroom. I stood in the middle of the floor and crossed my arms over my robe.
"What" I said rolling my eyes.
"Look, I just came over to get Daddy chain for tonight." she said with her hand on her hip.
"Ohhh well it's right here" I said picking it up from the table and handing it to her. She starred at me for a while and then she grabbed the chain from me. I could tell something was bothering her and I couldn't let it go. "Are you aight?" I said readjusting my robe a little.
"Yea," she said with an attitude.
"You sure?" I said hopping she would leave.
"I'm just pissed" she said looking around.
"About wat?" I said shifting my weight to the other foot.
"That new bitch, after you and Sasha left she act like she own shit. I want her to say something else to be and I'm gonna strangle her with them pearls." she said walking around.
"Well maybe you should sit Cash aside and speak to him about it" I said shurgging my shoulders.
"You don't understand he trippin now, and Layla ass got him that way." she said rolling her eyes.
"Okay," I said looking around. "Look I don't put up with shit anymore, and I use to put up with it all the time, I had to realize that if this is the life you choose to live then you gotta take it all good and bad and I realize that, that life wasn't for me."
"Wateva look, all I'm sayin is that it's my turn. Before you and Sasha it was me"
"It was you what???" I said confused.
"It was me he loved" she said starring me in the eyes. "Me and Daddy use to have this connection, but then Sasha came along and she wasn't even a threat cuz she was just about her money. Then you came alone and it was like he fell in love and no matter what I did it wasn't good enough." she said sad.
"Look, I wasn't in love with him. I loved him, he was my protector and my number one, but I had to grow up and I ended growing out of him." I said standing up. "I can't contol life, but I can't let people contol my life and when I started living my life I became happy. I stopped wanting someone to love me and I started allowing people to love me and I loved them." I said shrugging my shoulders thinking about King. My eyes began to water and I just felt so emotional about the situation.
"Are you ok?" she said looking over at me.
"I'm aight, I'm just happy to be honest this is the happiesst I ever been and I'm single." I said laughing while tears dropped from my eyes.
"Wait so who is that fine brother who answered the door?" she said folding her legs as she set down.
"Well were not together right now, but we were close to rekindling the flame." I said looking at her.
"Why didn't you girl?"
"We got a knock on the door in the middle of the night." I said raising an eyebrow.
"Ohh, I'm sorry for interupting." she said standing up. "I guess I'll see you around."
"Hey look anytime you wanna come over or just talk you can hit me up" I said looking around. "Take my number and hit me up" I said as she passed me her phone. I placed my number in it and watched her leave, I looked at the door for a minute until King came back.
"Wassup lil mama" King said wrapping his arms around me.
"Nuttin" I said turning around and tugging him towards me. He leaned down and planted a kiss on my face then grabbed it and felt the moist from the tears I've been crying.
"Why was you cryin?" he said breaking our kiss. I looked at him and smiled it felt good to have someone care for me and to have someone love me.
"I just feel good" I said letting him hold me tightly.
"Umm, well can you make me feel good?" he said against my cheek.
"Kaylyn" I said pulling away from him.
"HUH?" he said trying to pull me to him.
"I love you" I said in a light voice.
"I love you too Niy" he said shrugging his shoulders. We walked to the bedroom hand and hand and he laid me on my back.
"Baby hold me" I said starring in his eyes he smiled and laid on the side of me and wrapped his arms around me.
"Niya I'm neva gonna hurt you" he said after a minute of silence.
"I know" I siad taking a deep breathe.
"Nah, I'm never gonna treat you like he did" he said breathing heavy.
"I know baby" I siad rubbing my stomach.
"Baby, I want you soo bad" he said placing his hands in his boxers.
"It's yours" I said placing my hands in his boxers. I heard someone at the door again and I almost fell out of the bed. I was mad someone was trying to mess up my groove, I pulled my robe together and pulled opened the front door without even asking who was at the door. Then I looked directly at Cash chest, he had a smirk on hs face.
"Was I interupting something?" he said walking in the livingroom. Immediately fear over took me, I began trembling trying to fix my hair.
"What are you doing here, Asia just picked up your chain." I said walking around the coffee table making sure my robe was closed.
"What you hiding your body for I see the hickeys." he said pointing to my neck. I placed my hand over my neck. "Guess you have no regards for the baby huh? It's cool through I only came over here to tell you Sasha in the hospital, but I tell her that you busy getting dick" he said wiping invisible lint off of his shirt.
"Oh my god what happened?" I said becoming frantic.
"Went into labor" he said smiling at me while he leaned against my entertainment center, I ran into the back room and pulled on a pair of sweatpants.
"Damn took you long enough" King said laying on his back. "Who was that?" he said leaning up.
"Cash, I gotta go" I siad picking up my bag and jacket. "Sasha's in the hospital" I said while he tried to stand up, but I was already down the hall way putting back on my boots and leaving out the door with Cash.
"Your boyfriend isn't coming" Cash said when we walked to his car. I didn't care I had to go see my bestfriend.
"Mind your business" I said jumping in the front seat. He rode off giggling and smirking as we headed straight to the hospital. Once we got there I walked so fast that I thought I was running I was out of breathe by time I got to the room.
"Hey" Pablo said greeting me. I looked at Sasha who was sitting on the bed putting on her sneakers.
"What happened?" I said sitting next to her.
"False alarm" she said rolling her eyes.
"What's wrong?" I said rubbing he rback.
"We were in the middle of something." she said giving me a look. I laughed a little and she looked at me and I stopped but continued to gigggle.
"You ok?" I said standing up and reassuring her.
"Yea, I just gotta head back home and calm down my physical activites." she said shrugging her shoulders.
"Awww you want me to come home with you?" I said as she stood up and began to leave.
"No, I'm grown" she said looking at me like I was crazy.
"OK, well call me when you get home" I said as we left.
"Aight" she said signing her papers. We left and I headed back home sitting in complete silence.
"You aight?" Cash said rubbing my leg up and down.
"Yea, I'm great" I said moving my leg away from his touch.
"Oh I didn't know I couldn't touch" he said in a sarcastic voice.
"Well you can't touch me" I said wiping off my leg.
"Don't get brand new just cuz that nigga got you on lock and shit" he said pointing.
"Don't no nigga got me on lock."
"Really???" he said looking me up and down.
"Yea, really I'm single and I plan to keep it that way" I said turning my head.
"Word" he said placing his hand back on my thigh, this time I didn't push him away.
"Why do you keep touching me?" I said pushing his hand away. He grabbed my hand and kissed it then sent chills up my spine.
"I remember where your spots are I can control you with a kiss" he said rubbing my back. I leaned into him and he kissed me lightly and I don't know what took over me I began kissing him. He leaned back and I began kissing him so hard that I was gonna swollow his tongue. He began rubbing my back then gripped my butt, I closed my eyes and let moans escape me.
"Come back" I lightly moaned.
"Nah, I get back to that later go get at your boyfriend I bet he's waiting for you" He said kissing my cheek. I pulled myself together and checked my face in the mirror for a minute before heading to my apartment seeing him drive off.
"I'm back" I said throwing my keys in bowl.
"I see," King said standing up.
"Well I see you got on all these clothes wassup" I said going to wrap my arms around him.
"What you ain't get enough in the car." he said walking past me.
"What are you talking about???" I said stuttering as I talked.
"Stupid is not a good look for you," he said shaking his head.
"What you mean?" I said avoiding his eyes.
"I saw you kissing him Niy, so tell me another lie" he said blocking my view.
"Look it was an in the moment thing, I'm sorry I didn't know he was going to do it." I said hopping he didn't see more.
"Word you couldn't stop it?" he said crossing his arms.
"I'm soo sorry" I said placing my hands on his chest. He slapped my hands away and began walking away. "I don't know what came over me." I said following him.
"I know what came over you, the hoe in you, you got all the way over to the house and let him face fuck you here. I wonder did he pay the price or did he fee get reduced becuase he's a regular." he said standing at the door.
"King, that was unnecassary" I said pointing my hand at him.
"No what is unneseccary is me thinking I actually wanted to be with you," he said standing at the door. "Only call me when the baby come then I want a paternity test and if the babies not mines delete my fuckin number" he said opening then slamming the door. I set there in the middle of the floor running my hand through my hair, I walked to the bedroom laying around I couldn't sleep I just set up thinking.
It's funny cuz I wasn't even hurting as much as I thought I would, in a weird way I knew I deserved it.. I heard a knock on the door and I thought it was King deep down inside I wanted it to be King. I ran and opened the doorand there stood King starring at me, he walked past me and headed to the bedroom.
"Why did you come back?" I said following him to the bedroom.
"I left something," he said turning to face me and then without second thought he kissed me so deeply I almost melted in his hands. "Niya I've been through too much with you and I'm not just gonna let you go." he said while I tried to catch my breathe.
"I'm soo sorry" I said wrapping my arms around his neck.
"Don't be sorry, be responsible." he said lightly picking me up. "Yo I don't want that nigga touching you ever again." he said pointing in my face. "Yo, I swear I will kill him if he ever touch you again" he said so serious that it scared me.
"I want you King," I said trying to kiss me.
"You gotta prove that to me" he said pulling away.
"I will, wateva it takes." I said trying to pull him back.
"Nah, ya ass on probabtion." he said stepping away.
"What you mean?" I said placing my hands on my waist.
"I love you and shit, but I'm tired of this game so now we playing my game. And you mines and I'm not sharing you." he said folding his arms.
"You know that" I said confused.
"Nah, no you don't or you wouldn't have had another nigga hands on you." he said pointing in my face.
"What you want me to do?" I said trying to prove to him how much I wanted him in my life.
"Wateva King wants King gets." he said smirking, I knew he was gonna use to his advantage.
"What you want baby" I said playing along with the role.
"First take a fucking shower you smell like that nigga," he said slapping my ass and walking away then laying on the bed. I ran into the bathroom and scrubbed my body down to the point my skin was burning. I stepped out and he was laid out on the bed watching ESPN. I placed on a wifebeater and pink and red striped boyshorts. I laid in bed and kissed him, but he moved his cheek away. "Go to bed" he said wrapping his arm around me and patting my butt.
"I am in bed" I said placing my leg over his crotch. He rubbed it and laughed while shaking his head.
"Go to sleep Niy," he laughing.
"But I'm thirsty." I said in a low voice.
"Soo," he said shrugging my shoulders. I stood up and switched to the kitchen grabbing a cup of lemonade. I walked back into the bedroom and he was on the phone. I set down quietly and waited until he got off the phone then snuggled on his lap.
"King," I said lightly.
"What?" he grunted.
"I'm sorry" I said in a soft voice, we set in silence for a moment and then I said it agin.
"Yea, I know" he said sighing. "Wat am I gonna do?"
"Your gonna love me" I said sitting up.
"Maybe" he said smirking. He began rubbing the side of my face and then held my chin. "I can't leave you alone" he said laughing.
"I told you the first night we talked that I'm addictive."
"Yea, but I didn't think it would be an addiction like crack. You bad for me" he sadi pulling me back on his chest.
"What you mean?" I said becoming defensive.
"I mean you got me slippin" he said laughing. "On some real shit I never really felt like this for someone" he said truning his head away from me. "That shit scare the shit out of me cuz my heart is made of titanium and some how you broke through that" he said shaking his head.
"I realy do love you King" I said turning his face towards me.
"I love you too shorty ain't shit change, but some shit need to change." he said sitting up on his elbows.
"What?" I said sitting up indian style.
"I can't play this game with you, you gotta get this shit together right now we can't be together too much shit goin on and I ain't beat for the drama. I knwo that shit hurt you to know, but keep if one hundred with you, you gonna always be mines like I'm not letting you go but I cant be cuaght up in this shit."
"I'm trying" I said
"Niy let me talk" he said cutting me off. "You can't control this shit that's going on cuz you going through it too, so you gotta just go through it and wateva the out come is I'm still gonna be here even if you don't pick me." he said turning his phone on silent after it began vibrating. "Let's be honest here I know you say you don't wanna be with that nigga, but you still got feelings for him and they strong. I wish they weren't there if those feelings weren't it would have been easier to be with you, but they are and you need to decide what you want from these feelings. Do you wanna try and make it work with that nigga?"
"No King I love you and I know I got alot to do to prove it to, but I will. It's time for me to move on even if that means I have to be by myself. I would love to have you here with me, but I'm not gonna force you to love. I did that shit with Cash and I gave my all and I'm not doing that shit anymore." I said shaking my head.
"All I ever asked you to do was trust me enough to give me your heart and I promis you that I'm gonna treat you right for as long as I can I'm gonna make it my first job to keep you happy. You gotta give me your heart first, I'm waiting at the bottom of the cliff for you to jump, but somethings holding you back." he said starring in my eyes.
"I been through so much and the easiest thing for me to do sometimes is go to where I feel the safest at" I said turning my head from him.
"How the fuck can you feel safe with that nigga" he said becoming angry. "Come on Niy be serious you don't feel safe you like the fact that he control you. It makes life easier for you cuz if he control you don't have to take blame for anything. You like being the victim and that shit drive me crazy you so much better then that"
"If you haven't noticed I can't offer you too much from me, I don't have alot but I do have honesty and integrity and yes I'm an emotional person but that take more balls then running from shit and having a heart of titanium. You can tell me about myself with a straight face so let me have my turn. I sit here and go through hell for love not becuase I'm some weak person, but becuase I rather love every single day then to reamin heartless. Your only like this becuase your scared shitless to live, you scared to get hurt so you don't play the game unless the game is played by your rules. That's not a strong person that's a little boy tryna play man. You wanna know why I went back to Cash cuz no matter how bad shit got between us, there was never a given moment I didn't feel like he gave a damn about me and with you I double guessed every three minutes." I said standing up and becoming hyped. He took a minute and starred at me trying to read me.
"You think I'm not on the field playing, what else do I have to do cuz I'm sitting right here right now and that's taking alot from me. Let's keep it truthful right now I don't let anybody around my daughter I don't just find strippers and take them to the crib, but you were different and I always tried to prove that shit to doing whatever it takes. You were too blind to see what a real nigga look like. htat nigga must have beat the common sense out your ass" he said shaking his head.
"You know what, this is what you do everytime shit goes down between us. You sit here and you find a way to remind me of all my flaws. You take time to remind me of my past and some shit I'm not proud of but I sit here and take it becuase I love you and this is the only way you deal with the shit I put you through. I know I'm not pefect and sometimes I'm hard to deal with, but so is your ass you so use to being a fucking long you got this selfish ass childish mantality about life. So now I have to sit here and prove to you why you should let me into your life." I said while he rolled his eyes.
"Man I gave you everything money, gold, diamonds, dick." he said raising his arms.
"That meant nothing to me, you think you the only man who want to spoil me. That's never been important to, but what is important is you being by my side and kissing me, holding me, caressing me, listening to me when I have a problem, just being here for me making me feel like I'm loved." I yelled outloud.
"Man I was doing that shit" he said sucking his teeth. "You wanted me to be under you ass twenty four seven like a puppy and taht shit aint my style."
"Yea, I know, but think about the last week we were together in your apartment and how many things I did for you to notice me. How many nights out that week I slept alone, or better yet how many times I begged for a minute of your day."
"Man, every extra minute I had went to you" he said standing up. "You was always on my mind when I was out, I was putting in that work hard during the day so I could come back home to you. Did you notice that shit? No you was too busy complaining. I wanted shit from you too and it wasn't your pussy, I wanted a back rub and a dinner cooked instead I got curse outs and attitudes. Who wants to come home to that shit?" he asked standing right in front of me. "You know what this conversation is going down teh wrong path, I don't wanna fight tonight." he said taking a step back. "I want to lay with you and hold you tightly tell you fall asleep. If you can't sleep I wanna make love to you til your body quiver adn then you fall into a deep sleep then I wake up to you cooking me breakfast and I take you shopping spending a grand on you." he siad rubbing the side of my face.
"You don't understand." I said gently moving away.
"I do baby, and I'm sorry I make you think that I don't I'll do anything for you" he said pulling me closer to him and sitting our bodies on the bed. He turned off the lights and began rubbing the top of my head. He laid behind me and wrapped his arm around me kissing my neck lightly. "I love you"
"I love you too" I said snuggling closer to his chest. I feel asleep smiling thinking about all the good timese we would have with eachother.

What a night......

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HEY , GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK... This is my very first time reading this story. And i've been a fan and enjoying this story from day one. Its very good.


NIYA : she needs to slow her role before she loses the one she really loves. Baby girl if you really love King you have to let your past go to better your future. You cant blame yo insercurities on your past. Thats not a good reason to run back to Cash. Cash dont want to see you happy right now and hes gonna do whatever he takes to break you to let you know he will always have control over you.

KING : You're not perfect yourself. But u and Niy make a good couple so far.Just because u get mad or u and Niy break up that dont mean fuck around. Man up and show her what love Really is. It isnt about the materialistic things in life. That dont mend a broken heart.

CASH: no words.... your heartless, grow up

SASHA AND PABLO: HMMMMMMM...... DEBATING ON WHAT TO SAY... but untill then yall are cute together...

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finally!!!!!!! i thought you gave up on us lol

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King Chapter 29

I woke up to the smell of pancakes cooking, I smiled and rolled over then headed to the bathroom to take a piss. After I finished washing my hands I headed to the kitchen where Niya was standing at the stove flipping pancakes. I starred at her while she smiled at me and pulled the pancake off the pan to a plate.
"Damn, word" I said smiling.
"Good morning" she said walking over to me and giving me a kiss.
"Um you cooking for a nigga?" I said pulling apiece of bacon off the plate.
"Yea," she said lightly smilling.
"That's wassup" I siad shaking my head and walking away. I set on the couch and began watching Smokin Aces. I picked up my phone and began going through my missed calls. I had some from my young niggas, but I'll get to them when I wasn'y busy. Mya called me twice this morning so I had to see what was up with that. I called her back while I began rolling a blunt.
"Hello" she answered on the fourth ring in a sleepy voice.
"Yo you called me" I said placing the phone between my ear and shoulder.
"I gotta go see my mom today could you keep Lea"
"Damn why you ask me so fucking late." I said sighing.
"Nigga that's your fucking daughter." she yelled in the phone. "I asked you to do one thing and you get all funky with a bitch. You know what nevermind just bring her here adn I'll handle it." she said hanging up the phone. I was gonna call her back and curse her stupid ass out, but Niya came in carrying my plate with a cup of orange juice.
"Thanks" I said grabbing the plate from her. She walked away and came back with another plate.
"Welcome baby" she said sitting on the ground right in front of me.
"What you doing today?" I asked while bititng into a piece of bacon.
"Well first I'm buying me a car, then I'm going to Wal-mart for some food." she said chewing.
"Wait what you mean buying a car?" I sadi becoming confused.
"I need a car, how am I suppose to get around." she said looking up at me.
"Man, I didn't even know you had a license."
"I had one since I was seventeen." she said raising an eyebrow.
"Wateva I gotchu" I said placing my foot on the coffee table.
"You gonna buy me one" she asked folding her legs indian style.
"Yea," I said finishing the last of my food on the plate.
"You done already" she asked looking at my plate.
"Yea, I'm finished." I said rolling the rest of my blunt.
"You gonna have to stop that" she said rubbing my leg.
"Stop what?" I asked making sure my blunt was sealed.
"Smoking weed"
"Fuck outta here" I said laughing. "I wanna die with the dutch in my fucking mouth"
"That is so nasty" she said shaking her head.
"Nah, I've been smoking since I was elevan.
"Ewww" she said turning her lip up.
"Don't do that"
"Why not?"
"Cuz it made you look fucking ugly." I said leaning back.
"Wateva" she said rolling her eyes.
She went back to eating and I went to take a shower. When I got out the shower I got dressed and was getting ready to leave when she walked in the bedroom.
"Where you going?" she said sitting on the bed.
"I gotta go pick up Lea adn change" I said placing on my other shoe.
"Okay" she said standing infront of me.
"I'ma be back through, and yo I need a favor." I siad holding her waist.
"I got mad laundry can you do it for me?" I said rubbing her stomach.
"Don't you got a maid?" she said placing her hand ontop of mines.
"Yea, but she quit" I said laying back ontop of the bed.
"I don't know" I said lightly smirking.
"You fucked her, I see it in your face." she said stepping away from me.
"Yea, but that ain't why she quit." I said laughing.
"You are so nasty" she sadi rolling her eyes.
"Come here," I siad pulling her to me.
"Stop it" she said holding my shoulders.
"But nah, you gonna do it." I said pulling her on my lap.
"Yea, I guess so" she said rubbing my chest.
"Um don't start" I said grabbing her hands. "I gotta go through, be ready in like two hours" I said lifting her off of my lap and kissing her forehead. I walked out and began walking down the stairs lighting my blunt, when a girl from the downstairs apartment walked out carrying a laugry bin. I inhaled my blunt and looked at her ass and began smiling at myself.
"You know you ain't the only nigga who running in and out of that apartment." she said with an attitude.
"Yea, I know wassup" I said rolling my eyes and becoming turned off.
"And you stay, that's fucking stupid." she said rolling her eyes. "You a cute ass nigga I know you can have any bitch you want and you with a chick thats playing you"
"I can have any bitch I want" I said inhaling my dutch. "Is that including you?" I said looking at her cureves.
"Maybe," she said looking up at me.
"Maybe, I'ma take that as a yes,"
"It is what it is, I don't stunt I'll fuck the shit out of you"
"Word cuz I been checking for you too adn I know you got a nigga" I said laughing. "So you just played yourself stupid bitch" I said walking past her.
"Nigga fuck you, I don't need you I can have any nigga I want." she said behind me and I stuck up my middle finger as I walked to my car.


I woke up the next morning and Pablo was laying right next to me watching me sleep. I rolled over and struggled to get out of bed, then I went to use the bathroom. When I walked out Pablo was starring at me while I walked back to the bed.
"What Pablo?" I said layind down with my back towards him.
"Nuttin" he said rubbing my side. "Why you got an attitude?" he said lightly squeezing my butt.
"Cuz I don't feel like being stuck in the fucking house all day all alone with not a damn thing to do." I said stuggling to sit down.
"Don't look at it like that" he said pulling me on his chest. I slapped his hand away and turned on the television. "I'm gonna be here" he said pulling me onto his chest.
"No you not" I said pulling him off of me.
"Man cut that shit out." he said lightly raising his voice. I ignored him and began flipping channels. He grabbed the remote from my hand and threw it across the room smashing it into the mirror. "Fuck you Sasha I'm done putting up with your bullshit attitude." he said calmly walking out of bed and heading to the closet. I didn't care what he was doing I knew that I was in the right and he could kiss my ass. He came back out of the closet holding a tote bag, I jumped up walking over to him.
"Where the fuck you going?" I said following behind him. He didn't say anything, he ended up just walking out and hopping in his car and leaving. I ran back upstairs and set on teh bed and began to rock lightly, tears began to fall from my eyes. I called up Niya and she didn't answer I couldn't believe I was alone or that he left me.


I woke up to Layla shaking me and yelling "What bitch?" I said sittig up and shaking my head.
"I wanna go shopping Daddy" she said rubbing my arm. She rubbed my body lightly and then she kneeled down in front of me andd began sucking my dick like she was sucking for gold. Me and Layla relationship been growing and she was becoming my shorty, I wasn't beat for that pimping shit any more. I had to calm down wiht that shit hoes was becoming too stressful and the only two I've been dealing with was Asia and Layla.
"I gotta piss" I said standing up and pulling my dick out of her mouth. I wakled to the bathroom and took a piss then starred in teh mirror. I washed my hands and began brushing my teeth when Layla stood in the door way watching me.
"What you doing today?" she said leaning against the door frame.
"Minding my fucking business," I said wiping my face. "But nah, I gotta head to Niya's real quick then I got business to get to"
"Why you goin to see that bitch?" she said rolling her eyes when I started the shower.
"Yo don't call her a bitch." I said scrubbing my dick. I heard her suck her teeth, but she kept her comments to herself. I hopped out the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. She was sitting on the bed watching television when I walked away and headed to the closet to pick out something to wear. I dressed in a black V-neck and light blue jeans. I placed on a pair of Gucci boots and walked back out. I set on the couch and pulled three stacks out of my nightstand, I placed one in my back pocket and threw the other two on the bed for Layla. She smiled and told me bye as I walked out the door and headed to Niya house.

I knocked on the door and waited a while, when she didn't answer I knocked some more kicking it with the bottom of my shoe. She finally opened the door with a cranky face.
"Damn ma what the fuck was you doin?" I asked walking in and sitting on the couch. She locked the door and set down on the other side of me.
"Sleeping" she said sitting right next to me. "I'm tired" she said with an attitude.
"Word" I said turning on the television. "Then go back to sleep." I said turning the channel the ESPN.
"Why are you here?" she asked me leaning back on the couch.
"To check on your ass, don't I fucking come over every day."
"Yea, I guess so" she said rolling her eyes.
"Yo what the fuck is up with that nasty ass attitude of yours" I said placing the remote on the ground and then looking over at me.
"Nuttin I'm tired" she said lightly raising her voice.
"Maybe if yoou wasn't hoeing last night you would have fucking energy." I said pulling my phone out of my pocket becuase it was vibrating. "What?" I said to Asia. Niya began talking and I raised my hand up to her so she could be quiet.
"Nuttin you coming through today?" she asked
"I don't know why the fuck you askin?" I said becoming annoyed.
"Cuz I wanted to know," she said with an attitude, I closed the phone hanging up on her becuase I was done with the conversation.
"What you was saying?" I said turning my attention back to Niya.
"Nuttin important." she said rolling her eyes.
"Yo, I'm not gonna tell your ass again to fix your fucking attitude."
"Whatever you in my house," she said looking at her nails. "You don't like how I'm coming then fucking leave." she said starring in my eyes.
"Niya don't make me fucking snatch you up." I said looking at her, I could feel my temperature rising and she knew it. She stood up and walked to the kitchen and I headed to the bathroom to take a piss. When I returned back to the living room she was eating a cookie. I set back down and the tension in the room began to annoy me. "Niya" I said without looking at her.
"What?" she said in a light attitude.
"Yo I'm not tryna hear that nasty attitude you got?" I said slapping my hands together.
"Aight it is not that serious" she said stuffing another cookie in her mouth.
"What you doing today?" I said leaning back and pulling her leg over my lap. I began to rub her feet softly.
"Buying a car," she said lightly giggling.
"How much you need?" I said looking at her.
"Don't know, I don't even know what type of car I want right now." she said relaxing a little.
"Who taking you?" I said switching feet.
"King" she said like it was a common thing. I hated that nigga, if it wasn't for Niya I would have been clapped him. I couldn't wiat until the baby came out and the test proved it to be mines so I could get rid of that nigga.
"Bet" I said lightly massaging her foot. "Then what you doin?" I asked rubbing her ankle. She didn't say anything just let out a sweet moan and let her head lean back. I began to smile as she moaned, I leaned towards her and gave her a light kiss. She turned her head against me and I kissed her cheek.
"Cash" she said trying to push me away.
"What's wrong?" I said trying to kiss the side of her cheek.
"I don't want this" she said pulling away from me.
"Yes you do, I bet your panties are wet." I said tugging at her waistband.
"Cash stop" she said trying to push my hand away, I pulled down her shorts and opened her legs. She tried to stop me, but I kissed her at first she resist and then she began to kiss me back.
Even through I knew she had feelings for that nigga I always knew where her heart was and it was right here with me. I began to rub her thighs up and down and lowered my body between her legs. I couldn't wait to taste her sweet body again, I kissed the top of her breast then bite one while I played with the other one. "Cash we shouldn't do this" she said placing her hands against my chest.
"Niya I'm not fucking playing with you" I said placing her hands over her head. "You know you want this shit" I said against her neck, I sucked on the side of her neck and then lightly bite it. She groaned lightly and then she moaned and rubbed her hips against mines. "I know you want this dick" I said grinding against her matching her beat. "Tell me you want this dick" I whispered against her.
"I want that dick" she moaned in my ear. I smiled softly and began tugging on my jeans and pulled back lightly. She watched as I placed my hand in her panties and began rubbing her clit up and down lightly. She bit her lip lightly and chewed on it while I worked my fingers in small circles over her clit. I pulled a condom out my pocket and opened it and began to pull it out of it's package. I smiled and went to kiss her, her phone rung and her body jumped back to reality. She pushed me off of her and answered it.
"Hello" she said catching her breath. I leaned over and kissed her shoulder then pulled her into me, "You outside" she said trying to push me off of her. "Aight I'm bout to opened the door." she said standing up and closing the phone. She looked around and pulled up her panties.
"Who was that?" I asked placing my dick back in my pants.
"King" she said trying to fix herself up.
"Wateva" I said rolling my eyes. She opened the door and King showed up with his daughter in his arms.
"Hi Lea" Aniya said smiling and holding the girl tightly in her arms.
"Hi Aniya" Lea said squeezing back. King glared at me with the same hate I starred at hime with.
"Yo, I'm bout to dip." I said when she closed the door and Lea set down on the couch.
"Aight" she said smiling at me. I smiled back becuase I knew what was up.
"I might slide through later, I'll hit you up to see if you home." I said pulling my phone out my pocket.
"Aight" she said walking me to the door.
"Here" I said passing her a stack, she took it and I kissed her cheek and left dailing Asia number I needed to get my dick sucked.


I turned around and looked at King who was sitting in the same seat that Cash was sitting in. I set next to him and laid my head on his chest hopping I didn't look as guilty as I felt. He wrapped his arms around me and tugged at my hair lightly.
"What?" I said with my heart beating out of control.
"Why you ain't dressed?" he said looking down at my breast.
"Ohh I fell asleep and I didn't wake up until Cash came knocking on the door like a madman." I said rubbig his chest.
"Don't do that" he said lightly smirking. "What was ya'll doing?" he said rubbing my stomach.
"Talking," I said laying back down on his chest becuase I couldn't lie.
"Go get dressed" he said smacking my butt lightly. I stood up and headed to the shower, I began scrubbing the guilt off my body and singing when the door opened. I looked throught the glass door and it was King.
"Yes" I said opening the door.
"What sup Niy" he said leaning against the door.
"Nuttin you tell me" I siad lightly smirking.
"Nah, wassup" he said holding an opened condom wrapper up. I looked at the condom and my face dropped I couldn't believe what was going on. "What the fuck Niya" he yelled stepping closer to the shower. "You know what we not gonna talk about this shit right now becuase of my daughter being in the room, but after I drop her ass off you better have thought of a fucking explanation." he said dropping the condom wrapper on the ground and walking away. I set back in the shower with tears falling down.
I hopped out the shower and began to dry myself off and got dressed in white Chanel flat boots, I wore black pants and a white jacket over a white tank top. I grabbed my white Chanel bag and placed my hair in a ponytail. After placing on my necklace King brought while I was in the hospital and spraying on Kings favorite perfume. I walked into the living room where King and Lea was watching television. I could tell it was gonna be a long day so I just smiled and placed on some lip gloss.
"You ready" King said without looking at me.
"Yea." I said placing on my black leather jacket that I couldn't zip up becuase of my pregnant stomach. We hopped in the car and drove to a car dealership and we began looking around and a salesman walked up to us.
"Hey are you looking to buy?" he said everly excited.
"Yea," I said lightly smiling.
"You know what you want or do you wanna look around?" he asked walking with me while King and Lea roamed off to look at other cars.
"Well I know I want a big car, I just don't know what type" I said looking around.
"Well let me help you out?" he said directing me to the the Volvo section. "We just got this one" he said pointing at a SUV. King walked back over with Lea who was on his shoulders.
"Daddy that's pretty" Lea said pointing.
"Don't point" he said walking around the car. "I don't like it," he stated and began to walk away.
"Okay well on to the next." the car salesman said walking to the next car.
"Yo Niya Lea found your car" King yelled over to me. I walked over to where he was standing and Lea stood starring at a white Range Rover.
"Ohh that is pretty" I said smiling and walking towards it.
"This is our newest car on the lot," the salesman said to me.
"Don't stress saling it cuz I'm buying it" King said cutting the salesamn off.
"Well let's go to my office and talk prices." the salesman said leading us to the room. We set down while the salesman walked out the room, I tried to speak to King, but he ignored me. I pulled my phone out and sent him a text saying I didn't fuck him. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and starred at it then starred at me.
"Please just talk to me." I said looking at him.
"Well the price is just about thirty," the salesman said walking in the room.
"Nah, I'm tyna buy it" King said directing his attention to the salesman.
"Well in that case it's seventy grand" the salesman said drawing up the paper work. "Who's the owner?" he said looking between us.
"She is" King said pointing to me. I leaned in and signed my name on the paper proud I just got my car. I wanted to drive it off the lot, but the car wouldn't be ready until Tuesday. I was so happy about having my car I forgot all about the problems me and King were going through.
I carried Lea to King's white Mercedes and buckled her in and we headed to the movies. I didn't know what we were going to see until King oreder three tickets to see the latest Disney movie that had just came out.
"Daddy I want candy" Lea said pointing to the counter, he popped her hand and she immediately became silently.
"King that look like it hurted" I said looking at Lea who was rubbing her hand.
"Cuz it did, I ain't gonna pop her to make her feel good" he said smirking.
"Don't be mean she didn't do anything wrong." I said lightly rubbing her her hand.
"Don't do that shit and she did do something wrong" King said lifting his hand to pop me. "I should be popping you" he whispered lightly in my ear.
"I'm sorry" I whispered back in his ears. He pulled me closer to him and held me tightly. "Like I said we gonna talk about later" he said letting me go.
"Can I help you" the girl at the counter said popping her gum.
"Well yea let me get a kiddie meal and pack of Starburst." he said reaching in his wallet. "Also a large popcorn a hotdog with chillin and cheese and a large coke. "What you want?" he said directing his attention to me.
"Can I have a nachos with cheese and chillin and a large cherry coke oh and can I have a pack of buncha crunch please." I said to the girl. King paid her and we headed to the theatre and set all the way in the back. As the movie began King wrapper his arm around my neck. I cuddled closer to him and he kissed my forehead.
"I didn't fuck him" I whispered in his ear. "I swear I didn't and I don't kow what I gotta do to prove it, but I will." I said lightly rubbing his leg.
"I know you didn't you not fucking stupid" he whispered back to me. "But don't let this shit happen again." he said squeezing my thigh muscles. "ANd if you fuckin lying to me you better hope I don't fucking find out." he lightly grunted. He gave me a deep controlling sloopy kiss then continued to watch the movie with Lea.
I was on cloud nine, I know I had to drop Cash as soon as possinle becuasae I knew that right now right here was where I wanted to be. I wanted King and I knew I had to do what ever it took to be with him. I smiled at the ending of the movie becuase I loved happy endings, we gathered our stuff to leave and King picked up Lea who was sleeping silently.
We headed back ot my apartment and King laid her down on the love seat and then set next to me on the couch. We starred at eachother and I cuddled ontop of his chest. He kissed me on my forehead and began lightly stroking my back as we watched television.
"Baby I'm hungry" I said rubbing his chest.
"Why you always starting shit." he said smirking.
"I didn't even do anything" I whispered lightly in his ear. "This is starting something" I said sticking my hands into his pants.
"Yooo" he said looking over to Lea to make sure she was still sleeping.
"What?" I said smirking.
"Yo, you don't get any dick until you get your act right" he whispered in my ear.
"Are you serious?" I asked with a smile on my face.
"Yea," he said looking at me.
"Your not gonna last" I siad laughing.
"No you wont" he siad chuckling. "YOu know how much you love this dick when it's deep in you" he said licking the side of my face.
"Whateva" I said rolling my eyes. "But really I'm hungry and I want chinese." I said sitting up.
"Then order it, you know what I like" he said shurgging his shoulders.
"Yea," I said standing up. I ordered all three of us meals and then I set back down hanging out with King. Lea didn't wake up and from the looks of things she wasn't waking up no time soon. King striped her down and laid her on the couch with a cover and we headed to the bedroom. I strippped down naked and laid in bed waiting for him to get into the bathroom.
"Damn you doing it like that" he said laying next to me and holding me tightly.
"No I'm just hot" I said laying on my back.
"Yea right" he said kissing my stomach. I giggled and he leaned forward and kissed the side of my cheek. I reached down between his legs and gently squeezed his dick tightly.
"You like that?" I asked sucking on his neck. He grunted while I began rubbing him up and down. He grew at my touch and his breathe changed from normal to rugged. He began sucking on my neck and rubbing my body up and down then spreak my legs letting one hand carees my inner thigh. I began to gently grind against his fingers while they worked thier magic on my inner thigh.
"Damn someone thristy" he said rolling off of me. "I told you we ain't fucking til you get your act together." he said pointing in my face then walking away while he chuckled.
I rolled my eyes and placed on a pair of boyshorts and a tank top with a build in bra. I placed on a pair of sweatpants and walked into the livingroom where King was rubbing Lea back. He picked her up and carried her to my bedroom and placed her on the bed and laid down next to her. I laid down on the bed at his feet and began watching television until I dozed off horny and upset.

Thanks for the love....
I'm glad no one gave up hope on me lol....
But like I said I'm back to business
So show love
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