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No More Vixen...a Trey and Dezzy joint

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1 No More Vixen...a Trey and Dezzy joint on Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:21 pm


Trey and Dezzy

I felt her nails scraping my back as she whispered game in my ear. The producer were yelling out different things but I concentrated on not getting a hard-on.

“Trey…Interact with her more. Make her seem as though she is screaming out to you.” he said as I slipped from under the covers of the bed as lights it me and the girl in the video shoot.

I walk towards Dan, the producer, who held a smirk on his face knowing the deal.

“So your pussy whipped ass can‘t shoot a damn fake scene.” he said sarcastically as I could hear folks snickering in the background. “Everybody, take five.” he shouted as many people scattered about quickly. Even the lovely vixen who only worn a strapless bra and the matching panties. What is so hard is the fact that she knew all of my weaknesses. One time was all it took. Who would have known a one night stand from long ago would follow me back to this. I’m a changed man now though. I have a girl at home…

“You know the deal man. I‘m tired of going through the same shit when I get home. She understand its my job, but she also know my weaknesses as well.” I began to say, but he cut me short.
“Trey, you know your job more than anybody else. This is nothing but play. Half of the time, one night stands come from this and you should kno0w. You used to be the king of it. What the hell is happening to you man?” he asked looking dead at me with question.

I thought about it. Who would have known for me to be the nigga to catch feelings like this. Is this love? Damn man…

“Man I don‘t know but I don‘t want to mess a good thing up.” I said for certain.
“Aight man, but if I don‘t see any action like I am envisioning then we can cut this shit because I‘m wasting time and money.” he said seriously for me to get my act together.

“Back in your places everyone.” he shouted as I went back to the bed and sat on it as I spotted the beautiful vixen sashaying her hips from side to side as she held a smirk on her face. She slid back in the bed as I resumed my position on top.

“Don‘t be scared.” she whispered her red lips in my ear as I could feel her hands trailing down my abs to my growing manhood from her touch. The music began to blare through as Dan shouted action. Once again she began scratching my back the way I like it as she bit down on her plump lips and moaning while the tape rolled. My name slip through her lips as she felt my manhood pressing in between her legs. The role insisted that I kiss her to make it seem so real and I have to admit, she was doing a pretty damn good job to say I wasn’t ramming her as I did once upon a time ago.

“Cut…That was beautiful.” Dan said as I quickly hopped out of the bed, but felt her hand pulling me back.
“Meet me in my dressing room.” she said with a wink as she got out of the bed walking off, and glanced back knowing I was staring at her from behind. I shook my head trying to erase her out of my thoughts when I thought about my baby girl and all the things I had planned for her tonight. Getting out of the bed, I began heading towards wardrobe. As I was heading towards it, I spotted Dezzy, standing in her all white BeBe gear I bought her not too long ago. She glowed on the set, but I can see from her eyes it was filled with anger. Shit, I forgot we were doing this scene today and I told her she could come up while we were on set. I walked her way trying to play it cool as she stood there arms folded with disapproval. My girl know she look sexy standing like this.

“Baby girl. Glad you came up. Let me change into something so we could head into town. Aight.” I said, but all I heard from her was a scuff.
“Look like your too happy with someone else.” she said looking down at my semi erection. Damn man.

I stepped closer, but she moved back. “Stop Dezzy. Will you just come with me?” I insisted, grabbing her wrist as she tried to loosen my grip like a little child. “I don‘t feel like going anywhere with you Trey. Have fun with that hephar since she seem to have made your day.” she continued, but I refused as I walked her over towards my dressing room. I opened the door and pulled her in, shutting the door behind. She gave me a cold stare knowing time and again some girl is always trying to hit on me.

“How many times are we going to go through this Dezzy baby. I‘m only for you…You‘re only for me. All this shit is play…” I began to say, but she cut me short.
“No matter how much play there is doesn‘t take her off your mind Trey. I seen the way you were tonguing her like she was dessert. You enjoyed every damn minute of that didn‘t you…Didn‘t you?!” she raised her voice louder after leaving her with a silent pause. “And what did she tell you when you tried getting out of bed huh? Meet her in the dressing room to finish off your foreplay?” she continued interrogating me as though she heard the conversation that went on.

“Why you think I‘m always the bad guy? I‘m the one who stopped in the middle of the scene to tell Dan what the deal is. I told him I wasn‘t feeling the shit, but Dezzy you know this is my job. That song out there was an inspiration from you and although you wasn‘t there you was still on my mind. Why the hell would I ask you to come up here if I didn‘t feel comfortable?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes due to stubbornness, but I knew I was winning this war. I approached her slowly placing my hands over her shoulders to pull her closer. Kissing her forehead, I placed my finger under her chin to raise her to see me in my eyes.

Her brown eyes always held a glow, no matter what the situation was. My left hand settled on her waist as I placed my lips onto of hers. At that instant I slipped my tongue into her sweet tasting mouth, enjoying her sweet taste. My shirtless body molded to hers perfectly as I lift her up, she placing her legs around my waist.

“You…bastard.” she said in between kisses letting me know I won this one.
“I know.” I said… “Now prove to me your better than the other girl.” I teased walking over to the sofa as I laid her on her back. Automatically she sat up on her elbows, looking at me hovering over her body.
“There is no comparison boy…” she said so seductively. “And besides, we have reservations made. I didn‘t get all dolled up for nothing.” she said with a smirk, getting up off the sofa to straighten herself.

“Look what you did though. I can‘t walk around with a stiff like this.” I pointed out as she chuckled some.

Her hand pressed against my jeans, and even though I could not feel her flesh, her touch was driving me wild.

“Are you sure its not from your other friend?” she joked, ready to walk off and leave me hanging, but at this moment I say fuck the reservation. I’m hungry for her now. I grabbed her hand, causing her to stop in her tracks as I got up and walk towards her. My hands enveloped around her jaw line up behind her ears as I pulled her in for a strong passionate kiss. She couldn’t resist this. I know she couldn’t. I let one hand free to trail over her curvaceous frame, palming her breast, right down in between her legs as I could feel her heated oven ready to bake something. She couldn’t fool me. She was horny as fuck. I know it because I was. My fingers rubbed over her throbbing pussy, feeling a slight moisture peering through. I wanted her here and now. I slid her panties to the side as I allowed one finger to slip inside. She held onto my waist as she spread her legs some more but was still occupied with our hungry kisses. I pumped my hand in and out of her til her walls became even more slick for my to slip in another finger…She wasn’t having that though. She tugged on my pants, trying to undo my pants and I chuckled in between the kiss. I pulled back, releasing my wet fingers from within her to undo the pants, but she popped my hand.

“I have it.” she said as she finally undid my belt, and now unzipping my pants. My jeans dropped to the floor, leaving me in my boxers. I spin her little frame around to unzip her dress. As I began unzipping, I notice no bra on. But then again, this dress had its own built in bra. The dress dropped to the floor leaving her in her black silky panties. I pushed my body against her backside as I began palming her breast, feeling her harden nipples. I toyed with them as I could feel her body squirm every time I did it right. She spin back around, pulling me close to her as her hands slipped in my boxers slightly, feeling my ass. She was the only girl I actually allow to do that since she was so stubborn not to. Her hands slid around the side of my boxers. Pulling them down leaving me in my socks. She pushed me back on to the sofa, as I watched her turn around to slip off her panties. I found myself masturbating as I watched her tease me the way she did. Suddenly she walked over to me, moving my hand out of the way as she climbed on top of me.

She slid down on me as I felt her warm walls surround my dick. I groaned out with relief feeling myself deep within her. She pulled me in closer, while I took that as an opportunity to suck on her plump breast. I took one in my mouth as she moaned out in bliss from the pleasure we both were deriving from it. I sucked harder as I felt myself getting more into it while trying to control myself from climaxing. My hands massaged her back, enjoying the feel of her soft skin. Suddenly I felt her wetness sliding down my shaft. I lifted her up, pushing her on the sofa as I stood up.

“Turn around and bend that ass over.” I demanded as her round as was the main focus. She looked around, swinging her hair out of her face as she looked at me through her peripheral vision. I smirked as I gripped her waist, sliding myself into her entrance once more. It didn’t take me long to move at a rapid speed because of her vivid outburst.

“Say it…” I said aloud wanting everyone to hear the ron’de’vu that is going on.
“TREY!!!” she screamed aloud, making me thrust even more finding her g spot.
“Sing it like you mean it…” I sang as she bit down on the leather sofa trying not to scream aloud.

Sweat beads were forming along my face as I rammed until she came once again causing me to pull out exploding on her backside.

“Shit…” I said, slapping her backside causing her to fall on her side and spreading her legs. I smirked, as I grabbed her pulling her down on the ground. Causing her but to hit the rug hard.
“Damn Trey, what the hell.” she said, while I laid on the floor fully.

“I‘m hungry…Feed me baby.” I teased as she smirked knowing I wanted her to climb on top for me to feast from our love juices. She did as I said as she held onto the sofa while I was ready to indulge inside of her. One simple lick caused her to moan, while I chuckled on the inside. Her slick walls were slick, but not slick enough for me. I spread her lips more with my tongue, darting in and out of her like a dog lapping water. She taste so good from our love making I went to her most sensitive area knowing she will produce more. My teeth softly rake against the soft piece of skin as my tongue stroked against her small pearl. Her legs began to tremble…

“Oh God…” she moaned out. I brought my right hand up to slip inside of her while my tongue continuously flicked over her clitoris. I could here scratching against the leather sofa as she continued moaning for more. My hand motioned deeper, feeling the slickness of her insides. I gave one strong stroke of her pearl as her body began to jerk trying to hold it in.

“Let it go…” I said ramming my fingers in her a couple of more time until she released a waterfall. That’s what I like. That’s what I wanted. That what she knew. I licked everything from her, as I wrapped my hands around her waist causing her little body to sit on my stomach. I wiped my sticky mouth, but Dezzy lowered to me licking my mouth without sticking her tongue in my mouth.

“Nasty.” I teased.
“You do this to me.” she replied as she taste my lips once more…

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Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

2 Re: No More Vixen...a Trey and Dezzy joint on Sat Sep 12, 2009 12:27 pm


o wow that was awesome lol

dezzy got it good bom

3 Re: No More Vixen...a Trey and Dezzy joint on Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:52 pm



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