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Unexpected  love  

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Unexpected I |Complete|

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51 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:04 am



We stood in the midst of soft music and a dimly lit lamp sitting on my nightstand.

“Well, have a seat. I will be right back.” I said, drifting away into my private bathroom closing the door behind.

I stripped bare deciding to only slip on my robe and spray on a little perfume. I kept my hair in a ponytail taking one more look at my caramel coated skin that felt overheated from the desires within. Finally what I have longed for was being made manifest as my feelings for him will not be hidden no more but wrapped in each others desires and love. I felt confident walking back out into the bedroom to see Marcus sitting on the edge of my bed. Once he heard the door open, he quickly turn my way.

“You didn‘t have to change on my account.” he said.

I walked towards him, standing in between his legs while resting my hands upon his shoulders.

“I feel this is more appropriate.” I said in a low tone lowering towards him for a kiss, soon tasting the sweet taste of his thick tongue. Each kiss we share seem to become better than the last. His hands settled on my waist. He soon broke the kiss running his finger down the middle of my frame of the silk robe.

“You‘re so beautiful.” he said bringing a slight grin upon his face.
“And I think you are a sexy piece of chocolate.” I replied with a grin on my face. A grin appeared suddenly revealing a pair of white pearls from the cutest smile. “Are you sowing me a different side of Marcus. Could this really be a smile? Oh my goodness.” I joked.
“You know your something else.” he replied, untying the loose knot on my robe.

My naked body beneath was revealed that wanted him only. His warm hands delicately touched my breast making me weak already. With one arm he pulled me closer to him while staring at my 36 B cup. I watched as he opened his mouth taking in my breast with his warm tongue. His tongue stroked over my nipple causing an instant reaction in between my legs. A moan suddenly drifted into the melody that played in the background. I noticed his stare before maneuvering to the next breast. I bit down on my bottom lip as my eyes still couldn’t believe that Marcus is about to make love to me. His hands began to travel to my waist, settling one hand upon my hip and another heading towards my womanhood taking hold great excitement as to what’s to come. Softly rubbing my inner thigh, I slightly gapped open my legs letting him explore the treasure I possessed. One stroke is smooth to the touch being the pleasure I derived from his suckling of my nipples as a baby did to its mother left me moist beneath. After feeling a slight dampness, one finger came across my pearl letting another moan slip out. His grip upon my hip tightened as I felt the entrance of his finger. My hands laid upon his shoulders, leaning my head back from such a rewarding feeling. He remove his grasp from my hip to my leg lifting it up for me to place onto the bed adding greater effect to the feeling. One finger is replaced with two now as the sound of juices within build up. His continuous sucking on my harden nipples and rapid speed of his two fingers left me hungering more for him. I grind with the flow until my legs were weakening from a tremendous flow inside me, sliding from his fingers into his palm. He looked up with a devious grin.

“Didn‘t know you had it in you.” he said, taking hold of my arm with his left hand slinging me down on the bed as I fell back and he stood up.
“That‘s because there is a lot you still don‘t know about me.” I said as I propped up on my elbows trying to see what he was doing.

He didn’t respond as I watch him take off his shirt, revealing the many tattoos upon his voluptuous chocolate coated body. He tossed his shirt to the side, then turn his attention back onto my body peering towards my eyes. He licked his smooth lips while rubbing his hands together. He neared me once more, rubbing my thigh, then grab behind my legs pulling them up so that me feet would be on the bed and my legs cocked open. He kneeled over me in between my legs to plant a small kiss upon my lips. After that one slight kiss moved towards my chest, from my chest to my upper stomach, then lower stomach till he reached my plumped cunt ready for him to devour. He kneeled on the floor in between my legs.

“Well, I‘m ready to learn even more.” he said, trailing kisses along the inner walls of my legs. I knew another rush came through, but I knew for sure when I felt a warm embrace over my pearl.

My hands tugged on the cover to the feeling knowing a smile covered my face. I bit down on my bottom lip staring at Marcus who looked at me from time to time, but look as though his concentration was to eat me dry. His fingers probe my insides helping the rush of my cum touch his tongue. Soon the feeling intensified as he went at it for another good ten minutes. Moans escaped my lips enjoying every moment. My back is arch as I grab my breast to compose myself. Marcus moved back licking his lips while taking his forearm to wipe away my cum. He stood up digging in his pocket to pull out a stack of condoms, tossing them on the bed. He stood there staring at me as I grabbed a condom, putting it in between my teeth. I grabbed his belt, pulling him near me. Undoing his belt, the bulge piercing through became very noticeable in my sight. Eagerly, I began to pick up my speed, finally undoing his belt while watching his pants drop slightly from the loose fit. His scent is driving me wild on the insides. After undoing his jeans, they dropped to the floor seeing him in just his boxers and the head of his dick slightly piercing out. My hands clutched on the side band of his Sean John boxers, pulling them down until it hit the floor. His naked body stood before me, dick at full attention making me more ready than ever to have him fulfill the needs inside and out. I took a condom in my hand admiring the fact that his size look perfect, not scary to where he seem to put major damage on me, but enough to where I will not walk right for a few days. But focusing my attention away from his dick to the bandaged wound, I couldn’t help but wonder if it still bother him much.

“Does your wound still hurt?” I asked.
“I‘m walking, does that answer your question.” he said simply, touching my chin for me to raise up. “I will do your body good. I promise.” he said taking me by the hand to stand me up.

I stood before him, bare skin against bare skin. Eyes admire each other features. The hand we held in each others was raised up by him for me to spin around and face the bed. Standing barely a few inches away, a slight poke pressed against my backside. His warm breath pressed against my neck.

“I‘ve always liked you Clare.” a small kiss upon my neck. “I felt I wasn‘t worthy for you.” another by the knap of my neck. “I want you all to myself.” another kiss upon my neck, this time feeling his warm tongue against my skin. My eyes were closed taking in every word.

“Take me.” I whispered turning around to face him. “Take me now, please.” I said pressing against his lips leaving a kiss of assurance. After kissing him, I stood there raising the condom towards him.

A slight smile appeared before me as he took the condom out of my hands. I watched as he opened it, removing it from the package and placing it upon his manhood. Afterwards he wrapped his hands around my waist, taking both him and myself down upon the bed. I scooted up to give us enough space and he trailed upward as well.

My legs wrapped around his arms after he stood up, lifting me slightly up from the bed. He guided himself into my wet folds as I felt his entrance. An instant moan slipped as his hands squeezed my thighs as he push himself further within. My walls began to surround his manhood, feeling inch by inch spread me open realizing the thickness of his dick. My hips was in the air feeling his hands wrap around my waist to launch himself deeper. My hands clenched the soft cotton sheets taking in three-fourths of a foot. His hands loosened from my waist as he moved in closer to me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and taking my arms to pull him closer to me. Passionate kisses held some of my moans, but the pleasure I’m receiving is more than I had anticipated. Pushing himself deep within, I felt myself being rolled on top of him in one swift move leaving me to work on him. My hands laid upon his chest feeling fingers squeezing my backside for more fulfillment making me ride him faster. Sparks enthralled my inner most deepest spots, never experiencing as much ecstasy with no other man before. This is only the beginning. From night into the wee hours of the morning. Love was being made in many actions and playful ways. From tasting to biting, from licking to screaming, I knew there is something more. I know this is it. This is the man I have been desiring for. One who can keep me on my toes as to what is next. He has taken me on a higher level that no one has ever taken me before so this ride will not be once, but for a lifetime.


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52 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Sat Sep 05, 2009 5:47 am


Great add Janae!!
New add please!!!
Simba and I want a new add!!!

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53 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Sun Sep 06, 2009 7:46 pm


Chapter 23 |A.M.|

The sun greet my face of its heated rays gracing my presence with a smile for the first time in a long time. I’m wrapped in the arms of Marcus Cooper, the man who have taken my breath away. My eyes roam his chocolate complexion filled with many tattoos of his past. I glance at one tattoo laying upon his chest that called out his siblings names I assume saying “In Loving Memory of Laron, Baron, Elise, Ray Ray, Tiny, Sandra, Sheila.” each one in a halo with wings behind the names. Its sad to know that there is no family to look towards. My father was my family so I could sympathize. I kissed his chest with the name engraved across and slowly got up to take a shower while trying not to disturb him. I finally moved my naked body from his grasp walking into the bathroom where I slightly closed the door. Walking to the shower, I turned it on adjusting the temperature that would suit me. Climbing in, my soar body is now delighted with the feeling of the heated water pressing against my tender muscles. I lathered my frame with soap smelling like the fresh scent of Oil of Olay. Twenty minutes of relaxation and out of the shower II went, wrapping myself in a big bath towel. Getting the lotion to massage my body, I slipped into a big t-shirt and a pair of panties. Walking back into the bedroom was an empty bed. My heart soon felt sadden seeing Marcus is no longer near me. I want to be wrap in his arms once more because I felt so safe and secure. I took a deep sigh and laid back on my bed reminiscence of the love we shared yesterday in his bed. My cell phone suddenly went off seeing I received a new text from Marcus


Sorry I had to leave.
Get dressed by noon.

8:43 am.

I didn’t respond as I felt the covering embrace my cleansed body. Sleep once consume my relaxed body visiting wonderland once more.


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54 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Sun Sep 06, 2009 7:51 pm


Chapter 24 |Moving?|

Not sure exactly what to wear, I slipped on my long sundress that tied around my neck filled with the cool pastels of orange, green and cream. My hair flung down my back as flip flops show off my pedicure toes. Applying my seer juicy lip gloss and a touch of eye shadow to match the décor, I’m set. Grabbing my purse, out the door I went walking downstairs to find BiBi and Reggie sitting down as though they were talking about something private. BiBi glanced up towards me.

“Well, someone is glowing.” she said getting up to check me out. Circling me, se stopped shoulder to shoulder whispering in my ear. “I seen Marcus leave out your room this morning. O boy must have put a number on you since you decide to come down at noon.”

A sudden smile appeared upon my face.

“And your point is?” I asked leaving it at that.

I walked towards the armchair plopping down in the seat as BiBi approach Reggie, making herself comfortable next to him.

“Wait a minute, I didn‘t mean to break up a conversation. I‘ll just walk in my study…” I said, until BiBi stopped me.
“No sis. Actually, we need to talk to you about moving.” BiBi said while I crossed my legs.
“Moving?” I questioned.
“Yes, Reggie and myself are apartment hunting. As a matter of fact, Reggie received a job downtown at the radio station so we feel its time for us to give you your space back.” she said.
“Space. I have a lot of space BiBi. Reggie can keep his job which means less bills you would have to pay.” I suggested.
“We really appreciate your gesture and all, but…” she began to say, but Reggie patted her leg.
“Baby, lets rethink this.” he said.
“No no…we made up our minds. This is your house.” she said getting up to walk in the kitchen.

Just as I was getting up to see what was the deal, the doorbell rung. I walked by the kitchen, setting my head in.

“We‘ll talk when I get back.” I said, hearing the doorbell once more as I approached the door. “Who is it?” I asked, wanting to be sure of the person on the opposite side of the door.
“It‘s me.” the sound of Marcus voice rang into my ear touching me in areas very sensitive.

Opening the door, I stared at the figure before me, wearing a pair of Gucci shades dressed in a white button down shirt, a little big for his frame, a pair of dark denim jeans and fresh pair of Gucci on his feet. Brother looking good..

“Ready?” he asked.
“Yea…I‘ll be back later.” I told everyone and the only person who respond was Reggie.

I walked out, closing the door, seeing Marcus ahead by his Charger. We got in and sped off into the streets of Florida. The scent of the car smell of the scent of his cologne. If only he knew how this is driving me on the inside. His mysterious physic still carried with him, even after sharing that night with him. I think that is why I am truly falling for him.

“Your hungry?” he asked, pushing the car up to 70 mph after hitting the interstate from the long drive from my house.
“Yes I am.” I said, looking ahead.
“Good.” he said, without saying another word.

He turned up his sound system, blaring ol school rap mixes. It took twenty minutes upon our destination as we pulled into Emeril’s Miami Beach restaurant. After parking in the garage, we got out, heading into the filled restaurant. The hostess approached us with two menus.

“Is it the two of you?” he asked.
“Yea. My name is Marcus Cooper, I had made reservations earlier.” he said, as the Hostess walked over to the podium to glance in his book.
“Okay, come this way please.” he said walking ahead.

I was right behind Marcus, trailing behind the hostess, reaching the table with the view of the bright blue sky and gleaming water. We both took a seat, as the hostess gave us our menus.

“A waiter will be with you in a moment.” he said walking off.

Marcus and I sat there, while I watch him glance through his menu. Opening mines up, I observed the wide variety of foods offered. A waiter approach the two of us.

“What can I get you two to drink?” he asked.
Marcus glance my way past his menu waiting for me to go first. “May I please just have water with a lemon in it please.” I said.
“Sprite.” Marcus said plainly, staring back at his menu.
“Okay. Any appetizers?” he asked.

I shook my head no and off he went. Staring at the menu myself, my mind was made up on the grilled catfish plate. I placed my menu down, noticing Marcus staring at me. My eyes swiftly move to the view outside.

“It surely is a beautiful day.” I said, trying to keep my mind right.

No response, the waiter came back with our drinks.

“Are you ready to order?” he asked.
Once again Marcus gave me the queue to order first. “May I have the grilled catfish with the mixed vegetables and Alfredo pasta on the side.” I said.
“Okay.” he said writing everything on his tablet. “And what about you sir?” he asked Marcus.
“The steak plate.” he said, holding his menu up to the waiter.
“Okay, it comes with either mash potatoes, macaroni and cheese or a baked potatoes and a vegetable.” he said.
“Mashed potatoes and string beans then.” Marcus added with a slight attitude.
“Okay, I will be back with you plates.” he said walking off.

After the waiter stepped to the kitchen, I stared at Marcus to see what was his attitude about.

“So Marcus.” I said, stirring my drink with the straw. “What‘s wrong?” I asked taking a sip of my drink.
“Nothing. Why are you assuming something is wrong?” he asked.
“Attitude Marcus. All about the attitude.” I said.

He shrugged his shoulders, then settled his elbows on the table.

“You need to move.” he said.
“Move?” I asked.
“Yea, move.” he said.
“Why Marcus?” I asked, sitting back in my seat to understand his reasoning.
“His men is everywhere. Not only do you need to move, I need to move.” he said.
“So what are you suggesting?” I asked with a slight grin on my face. “That we move in together?” I added.

He didn’t say anything as he sat back in his seat.

“Well?” I questioned.
“Our lives are both in danger Clare. If we work together on this, the better secured our lives will be.” he said.

Living with Marcus. I wonder how that will be? Will he be home with me mostly or out in the streets handling business as usual? The waiter returned with the steaming hot food placing my delicious meal before me and Marcus heavily filled plate before him. The waiter left, so I grabbed my fork to begin tasting the food.

“So what do you think?” he asked before touching anything for his food.
“Umm…Marcus. Let me ask you something and I want your honesty. Okay?” I asked to see him nod his head. “Why the question suddenly? I mean I understand our lives are in danger, but why live together?” I asked.
“I told you already.” he said.
“And what is that?” I asked.
“I want you all to myself.” he said with a smirk.

I didn’t respond as my insides tingled from joy.

“Well that sound like something that can be worked out.” I said.
“And also to work fast.” he added, finally grabbing a utensil to taste his steamy food.

It is true, we do need to work fast, meaning time is now on the clock.


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55 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:15 am


Great add!!! Luvin it...
Marcus seems shy...but he is slick!

Next add please!!

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56 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:50 am


Chapter 25 |Sister to Sister|

We rode back home, chit chatting about a few small matters. I already explained to him that my sister is ready to move out, so it wouldn’t be a problem living together. The plan is make it seem as though the homes we live in seem to be inhabited while we are away. That way Javier’s men would get side stepped on there missions. Cameras will be set up from our homes to the new location to see the oncoming people. We had all the plans made, but the only issue is we have is only one week to move for everything to come into action. Marcus pulled in my driveway, turning of the engine of his car.

“Well, I have to meet up with the Doc about the launch of the medication.” he said, staring out of the window.
“Ok…that‘s another thing we need to discuss too.” I said.
“What?” he asked, finally glancing my way.
“Nothing really. Well, I won‘t hold you. I‘ll be doing some research on different places too.” I said.

A smirk appeared on his face after I said that.

“What you smiling about?” I said.
“Never thought I would see the day we would end up living together.” he said.
“Why you say that?” I asked.
“Because you’re spoiled. I don‘t like spoiled people.” he said.
“Well, what made me different then?” I asked.

He looked away and shrugged his shoulders.

“You‘re just different.” he said.

I smiled, unbuckling my seatbelt. Leaning towards him, I kissed him on his cheek, then sat back down in the seat to open the door.

“Hit me up later. Okay.” I said.
“Okay.” he said.

I climbed out of the car, approaching the door, only to hear Marcus restart his engine zooming out of my driveway. Opening the door, I walked into the empty house, seeing the only thing on is the television.

“BiBi?” I asked aloud, hearing a voice coming from upstairs.

I walk the staircase up to see her door cracked open. Stepping near the door, I tapped on it.

“Hey BiBi. Can I come in?” I asked.
“Yea, come in.” she said.

Upon entering, the bed is neatly made, but clothing were scattered in piles neatly folded as a suitcase laid on the floor being stuffed with her belongings.

“What your doing?” I asked, still standing at the door frame folding my arms shifting my weight to the left side.
“Oh…just packing. We found a place to stay.” she said nonchalantly.
“Can I ask you a question?” I asked, wondering why the sudden feel of attitude in the air.
“Yea, what‘s up?” she said.

Standing there staring at her, she never look towards me.

“Did I do you anything? Is there something I said or did that caused you to get such resentment towards me?” I asked, puzzled by her actions.
“Nope…Nothing that I could think of.” she said sarcastically.
“Something is wrong and I would like to know what is your issue.” I said, hearing my own voice becoming more demanding.
“Look Sis, have a seat.” she said, still folding her clothing.’

I walked in the room, making myself comfortable on the edge of the bed.

“I love you. Always have and always will, but the things you do are so wrong in so many ways. There are many reasons why I kept my distance from you and dad and one is the fact that I value my life. The bullshit your doing is like playing with fire and you know your going to get burned one of these days. You could have been pulled yourself out, but now your trapped. You are trapped til the person who wants you dead and gone get his wish.” she said.
“BiBi after all these years, your just telling me how you feel?” I asked concerned.
“No. I‘ve been told you. You are stubborn just like dad which is why your in the predicament you are in.” she said.
“Wait a minute. What are you talking about?” I asked.

She finally stopped folding her clothing looking towards me. Her eyes glossed with water, holding her tears back.

“I‘ve just had it. I‘m not planning to live in a house prone to danger. Reggie and I have made up our minds, and while you were gone, we received a response from a landlord saying we are able to move in today.” she said confusing me.
“BiBi, you know I would never want anyone to put you in harms way.” I said, as she cut me short.
“You know what‘s my problem. My problem is whoever you messed over, their men is trailing you two like hotcakes. Not only you and Marcus, Reggie and myself can‘t even enjoy a simple dinner for someone to interrogate us for your wrongdoings. I‘m out of this.” she said, throwing the rest of her clothing into her suitcase.

Reggie appeared at the door.

“Ready BiBi…” he said, stopping there as he realized I’m in the room.
“Yea baby.” she said, stopping down to zip her bag. “Come get my bag please.” she said, standing straight back up. Reggie walked in after leaving his bag in the hallway. He grabbed her bag and walked right back out. BiBi stood in front of me with a disgusted look.

“You are just like dad. You know that? You would risk your life for this lifestyle when it isn‘t worth it…Good Luck.” she said, then walked away.

I sat in the room with a blank expression not realizing BiBi held so much resentment. I never knew she was interrogated, why she never told me. I took in a deep sigh not knowing what to do anymore at this point.


Stories by Me:
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57 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:24 am


ouch...sister trouble!!
Poor Clar....
What next???


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Coming Soon
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Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

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58 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:52 am


hapter 26 |New Look|

Trying to disregard everything BiBi said, I made a hair appointment by my favorite beautician which she was able to squeeze me in around six after many of her clients left. I decided to leave early to get out of the empty house. The silence became unbearable bringing up unwanted thoughts about my life. Traffic held from bumper to bumper making my frustration inside grow. Turning on my satellite system, many of my favorite old school songs played, keeping my concentration focused away from my thoughts. Upon arrival at the hair salon, I walk into a practically empty building seeing my stylist wave to me. We greet each other with a hug.

“It‘s been a while Clare, so good to see you.” she said as I had a seat in her chair.
“I know, it has been a while. Thanks for fitting me in. I hope it was no trouble.” I said with gratitude, while taking a seat in her chair and placing my purse onto the side..
“No trouble at all. So what can I do for you today? The usual?” she asked, swirling my chair towards the mirror while pulling my hair back off of my shoulders.

I stared at myself in the mirror before responding.

“No. I‘m thinking of a new look. Something fresh and simple to style.” I said.
“Well, what did you have in mind?” she asked.

Taking a little time to think, something immediately popped into my mind for the perfect style for me.

“A layered bob. I also want my hair darker with subtle brown highlights.” I added.
“You sure you want to cut all of this hair off?” she asked, raising it up in the mirror.

I stared myself in the mirror before a response.

“Yep. I am sure.” I said, taking in a deep breath of nerves, but exhaling excitement.

Spinning her chair around for me to face her, she stooped to my level.

“Its about time you want to cut this off. It is time for a new look.” she smiled pleasantly.

She completely held me away from the mirror as she worked her magic on me. First came the hair. I watch as one snip completely fell into my palms. The past is history I thought feeling excitement run through my veins…

“Finished.” Jackie said spinning my chair to the mirror. I couldn’t believe the person in the mirror. It was me. I look amazed at the new hairstyle I had. It definitely complimented my skin tone. “So do you like it?” she asked, staring at my ever growing smile.
“Oh, I love it. Thank you.” I said, grabbing my purse to grab a bill out. I stood up, giving her a hug, then slipped the hundred in her small petite hands. “I will see you later.” I said as she glanced in her hand to see the bill.
“Wait, let me give you your change.” she said.
“No you keep it.” I replied getting up to stretch some. After giving her a hug to express my thanks, I walked out with a new feeling, a new me.

Chapter 27 |Jacksonville|

I laid in my bed flipping through the channels while chewing on a few chips I had left in a bowl. Finally satisfied with watching an old rerun of Maury, my focus went back to the local ads on apartments. I circled the ones that seem to be of interest. My cell phone suddenly went off playing a ring tone I had set for Marcus which is Jill Scott song, All I. I answered the phone.

“Hey, what‘s up?” I asked flipping through the pages.
“Come outside.” Marcus said while hanging up the phone.

I stared down at my phone in wonderment then got up putting on my slippers then got up walking downstairs. Upon reaching the door, there stood Marcus by his car staring at me. His face turned slightly in a shock manner. Ignoring his reaction, I walked outside placing my hands behind my back in a playful manner.

“So what is it?” I asked, seeing he is now coming back to reality.

Staring at me, he bit down on his bottom lip, holding out his hand for me to approach him. His appearance is turning me on badly standing there with his button down shirt unbuttoned showing his muscle shirt underneath. His dark jeans sagged low enough, while rocking a pair of Jordan’s. I placed my hands in his, feeling him yank me towards his body. His free hand trailed up to my face, raising my head up by my chin for me to taste his sweet lips. Soon I was greeted with his tongue, making everything in me heat up. A moan escaped my lips, causing him to depart from my lips. My eyes finally open to see him staring at me.

“Different.” he said as our hands separated.
“Bad?” I questioned, standing up straight to look at him.

His hands wrapped around my petite waist as he pulled me in closer to his groins.

“Good.” he said, kissing me once more.

This time, I broke this kiss, resting my hands upon his chest.

“So tell me, what brings you over here?” I asked, wondering if this is part two from yesterday’s session.
“Thanks for reminding me.” he said with a grin. “Found a spot.” he said letting his hands fall away from my hips as he went into business mode.
“Okay, sounds good. Where is it?” he asked.
“Jacksonville.” he said, no other emotion, nothing.
“Jacksonville Florida?” I asked.
“Yea. Pack light, we‘re leaving tomorrow night.” he said, placing his hands in his pockets.
“I thought we were staying in town?” I said, folding my arms across my chest.
“Staying here is risky. Jacksonville is unknown territory for us meaning Javier’s men wouldn’t know where we are. This will give us time to plan this shit out in order to make our move on him because we only have one shot.” he said. “What? Are you worried about your sister and her boyfriend?” he asked.
“No, they already left.” I said.
“So why you seem a little timid about this?” he asked.
“I‘m not, I‘m fine with it Marcus.” I said, stepping my right leg to the side to shift my weight on it.
“Alright then. I‘m about to head out to finish packing up my things as well and finish up some unfinished business here.” he said, ready to walk off, but I grasped onto his hands.
“So you have to leave so soon.” I asked, watching him turn towards me.

He let out a deep sigh before responding.

“Believe me, as much as I want to stay, I seriously need to accomplish this before tomorrow evening.” he said.

I pulled him into my arms, wrapping my arms around his waist.

“If you stay, I will help you tomorrow.” I said with a smile.

He looked off as his jawbone was working up a storm. I could tell he want to stay, but whatever he had to do must be important.

“Tomorrow…” he said, breaking free from my grasp, and into his car.

I stood there upset, as he rolled down his window talking to me. I barely heard a word as my insides were yearning for him, but as usual his business came before me. Without saying goodbye, I walked inside shutting the door while taking in a deep sigh. Hearing nothing on the outside, I slowly walked back to the staircase wishing Marcus would change his mind and take me up on my offer. No knock, nothing. Silence crept back in the walls of this house. I drag myself back upstairs wishing I had a vibrator on hands during these hard times.


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18 more adds til part two Smile


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18 you say??
Anyway i really like this story...
its so good!!

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Thanku I appreciate it...
And I really like yours Smile


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Shucks...thanx Janae!!!

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Chapter 28 |New Life|

It’s now after five in the evening, I had everything packed that I needed and anything else, well look as though I’m going to have to buy it. I tried calling BiBi to see how she is doing, but no response. I figure she is either blocking all of my calls or just that busy with her new place. I sat downstairs, watching television as I notice a vehicle pull up in the driveway. I got up to peak out of the window, seeing Marcus car sitting in the driveway. Watching him get out, I quickly moved from the window, walking to the door to unlock it. Wearing my BCBG black poplin dress that fluttered above my knee along with a pair of Prada wedge sandal that match the dress. I stood at the door with one hand on my hip as he approached me.

“Ready?” he asked, brushing past me to see where my luggage is at.
“Rude don‘t you think?” I said, rolling my eyes as he seen my luggage in the living room.
“Come on, we‘re pushing for time. it’s a five hour drive so lets get on the rode.” he said, walking past me once more as he walked outside to his Charger. It would have been better if he would have brought his Escalade, but oh well. I walked up on the side of him, as he tossed my stuff in the trunk.

“You never told me exactly where we are going to stay.” I said, watching him ignore me as he walked to the driver side.
“No time at this moment. Keep some lights on, but close your damn door so we could hit the rode.” he said with such an attitude. Walking past his nonsense, I walked in the house to grab my purse, then turn the front porch light on, closing the door to still hear the television on.

Approaching the car, the sound of his engine roared. I got in and off we were… The stereo system is loud as we traveled across town entering into an unknown territory populated by many Hispanics. He pulled up to a small little house with one old 90’s model Honda parked in the front. Without saying a word, he cut off the engine and got out. I watched as he trot to the door. I didn’t even recognize how good he look today with a pair of jogging pants and a black tee to match his pants. A black hat trimmed with white border complimented his fit. Finally, someone answered but I barely could catch the figure because before long, Marcus entered into the house. I looked around the car seeing the back seat is empty and everything is clean. Staring at the house, it took him about five or so minutes to walk out, but wait a minute, is he carrying a…a child? Right behind him was a Hispanic female, trailing behind him with baby items. He approach the car, opening the door for her to place the car seat and bag in. She held a pleasant smile.

“Hola.” she said, adjusting the car seat to fit properly.
“Hello.” I said, with slight attitude in my voice.

“Ok. I will call you when we make it, okay.” he told the female, as he moved to the side so she could kiss the little baby boy.
“Okay.” she said, stooping low to give him a kiss.

She stood back up as Marcus closed the door, muting out any other words he had to tell her. I glanced back at the baby boy, seeing his big brown eyes staring up at me. He didn’t say anything as his two little hands fold together as though he felt shy suddenly. A slight smile appeared, but the thought of him being Marcus child still dawned on me. Marcus finally wrapped up the conversation, getting in without saying a word and sped off back onto the interstate. I didn’t want an argument to start up because I know that’s what it would lead into, so I sulked in my seat, folding my arms as I slid down in the soft leather. The feeling of his eyes beamed my way, but I refused to look his way…

Now an hour on the road, and the little boy is now sleep. Marcus turned down his music, still not uttering a word, so I took the initiative to speak.

“So your not going to say anything about what just happened back there?” I asked, waiting for a response.

No words exchanged.

“Marcus? What‘s the deal? Is that your kid or something?” I asked.
“I don‘t feel like explaining right now. We will discuss it when we make it to Jacksonville.” he respond.
“Why are you trying to keep everything under wraps? We are about to move in together at the moment meaning you and I have to be open a little more than you consider being open. So it would be nice to know where the hell we going and who kid that is.” I said getting fed up of so many damn secrets.
“Just such the fuck up Clare and enjoy the ride.” he said, turning the music up a little.

I didn’t continue, as I stared out of the window at the beautiful sunset hoping we make it to our destination fast enough.


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Chapter 28 |Truth Revealed|

The sound of the car door slammed as my eyes from such a sound sleep slowly open to see we made it to our destination. Staring at the house before me, I rubbed my eyes to remove the sleep to see we were in a nice neighborhood filled with town houses. I looked in the backseat to see the baby is fast asleep. Wondering the time, I clicked a button near the radio to see it is after twelve midnight. Marcus walked back outside with a male trailing behind him. I really didn’t get a good glimpse of the male since he walk to the trunk to grab our belongings. I continue to stay in until Marcus open the door of the driver side. The car light came on as he notice I was up.

“Grab the baby while we finish getting the bags.” he said, closing the door behind him.

My attitude came back into reality on wanting to know the truth. Opening the door, I got out of the car slowly walking to the other side since it seem like forever since the last time I walked. Marcus and the mysterious fellow was talking amongst themselves, so I didn’t bother to dove in their conversation. I opened the door to see the baby who look like an angel. Slowly undoing his seat belt so to not wake him, he flinched a couple of times as he laid across my shoulder but remain sound asleep. The trunk of the car finally closed as I heard Marcus telling me to follow them. We walked up to the double house complex. The light that shun from the pathway showed the mysterious figure. I remember him from somewhere. He spoke first, releasing a sort of deep voice.

“How you‘re doing Clare?” he said as though he knew me. I was hesitant to speak at first so he continued. “I used to work for your father.” he added. His dreads that were pushed back into a ponytail cause me to remember him.
“Hound?” I questioned to the familiar being.
“Yeah, but you can call me Corey now. That was my street name.” he said. “Well, here go ya‘ll key. Holla at ya‘ll in the morning.” he added handing Marcus the key.
“Thanks man.” Marcus said placing as we watch Corey place our belongings down while disappearing

Unlocking the door to a fully furnished home beautifully and carefully decorated to match every color each one compliments. I walk in wit the baby first, then Marcus toting our bags in. Once inside, he closed the door behind.

“You like it?” he asked.

I didn’t bother to say anything still pissed of at him from earlier. He dropped the bags down walking behind me. I quickly spun around handing him the baby.

“Go ahead and lay him down.” I said, walking past him so that I could continue to admire the home.

A heavy sigh left his breath, as though he had something to say. He did as I instructed. The living room space is huge, with the feel of 18 ft. high vaulted ceilings giving a much airy feel of the room. With a patio door, I approach it opening the curtains to see an immaculate full moon before us. A feeling of someone approaching me became relevant, but I continued staring out of the window.

“Come here Clare.” Marcus said.

I didn’t budge, just continued standing there.

“What do you want?” I asked with a slight attitude in my voice.
“We need to talk for a moment. Come here.” he said.
“Oh. So now you want to talk.” I said, turning around to see him standing with his arms folded.

Approaching me, he took me by the hand to the sectional sofa, which is a chocolate brown leather piece. We sat down with space in between the two of us. I sat back, staring at him waiting for an explanation of his secrecy.

“I‘mma be straight with you because I find you are an individual who needs to hear details. Almost a year ago, I received a visit from the police to hear that my sister and her ol man were found funned down outside of their home. She was the only sister near me that I had close connections with. At that time, the baby was just a few weeks old and was found in the house afterwards, so I took on the responsibility of raising him. The girl you saw was my sister in law and she would watch him mostly when I‘m out handling business. I didn‘t want to tell you in the car because memories would have fogged my mind and I wouldn‘t have been able to concentrate on my driving.” he said as I took in everything.

My eyes peep over towards him to see he settled back on the sofa with his hands behind his head.

“He is the only blood I got Clare. I can‘t loose him.” he said turning my way looking me dead in my eyes. “The killer is still out there somewhere and one of these days I hope to find him.”

Sorrow filled my body wanting to make everything right with him.

“Marcus. I‘m sorry.” I said with a slight crack in my voice.
“Nothing to be sorry for. This how shit roll in my life.” he said with no hesitation.

I sat up slightly, folding my hands together as it rest upon my lap.

“Look Marcus, I know I‘m not the easiest to get along with or work with, but I truly appreciate your honesty.” I said.

He glance my way with a smirk.

“You thought he was my baby, didn‘t you?” he asked.
“Yep. You never told me anything. You never even told me if you was in a relationship.” I added.
“Clare, I don‘t have time to be in a relationship with the shit we do. Fuck, I never have time really to myself since I have lil Zay in my life now.” he said.
“So what your saying, everything you said to me before that you want me is a lie?” I asked with a smirk.

He smiled, pulling me up to sit onto of his lap.

“No, I really meant that I want you. Me and you are on the same page when it comes down all to it.” he said, kissing my neck.

I felt his finger toy with my hair, then looked up at me.

“I really like the new look.” he said.
“Why is that?” I asked, wrapping my arms around his neck.
“Because it is as though I‘m fucking a new person.” he said with a grin on his face.

I slapped him on his left arm. “Forget you.” I said, trying to get up from his grasp.
“Damn, I‘m just joking.” he said in the most calmest manner.

My right hand touched his face, as I pulled him in for a kiss. One peck led to a deeper kiss. That kiss led to me tasting his sweet tongue in my mouth. Feeling him scoot up on the sofa, his hands wrapped around my body, lifting me up into the air.

“We got to make up from yesterday since I was so busy.” he said, biting down on his bottom lip.

As we walked in the hallway, the sound of the baby called out for Marcus in a tone as though he was scared. Marcus stood there, staring at me.

“You better go get him. Put me down.” I said.

It took him a second to do so, but once he placed me down, he pressed my body against the wall, as my face pressed against the wall.

“Give me five fucking minutes. I want you stripped out of you clothes and on the bed ready for this dick.” he whispered as his hand slid from my hips to my thigh, raising up my dress as his fingers wrapped around my boy cut underwear. He slid my panties down until it hit the floor then slowly walked back. “Five minutes.” he repeated walking to Zay’s bedroom. Instant wetness felt as though it is ready to slide down my leg. I stooped over to grab my underwear off the floor and see another door that is the master suite, and a master suite it is with full furnishings. Walking in and closing the door behind many things ran in my head wanting him now.


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hadn't noticed this add
good one!!!
next please
can't wait to find out what happens
with them now!!!

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Chapter 30 |A.M.|

My eyes were heavily weighed down by sleep thinking about Marcus saying five minutes. Five minutes turned into 45 minutes as my anticipation died down. I laid under the cover naked feeling quite comfortable on the plush mattress. Suddenly the sound of the door open which automatically caused me to react by pretending I was sleep. I laid there hearing the sounds of footsteps shuffling into the room and the door close. I could hear Marcus kick off his shoes then more subtle movement hearing things fall on the floor. His movement neared the bed as silence became more prevalent. S edge of the bed. I suddenly the sheets were ripped away from my body feeling the cool room temperature on my skin.

“I know your ass not sleep.” he said gripping his hand around my ankle and pull me towards the bed. I raised up on my elbows.
“How you knew I wasn‘t sleep negro?” I asked staring at him.
“Body too tense.” he respond taking my legs into his hands spreading them wider apart. “Besides, I‘ve been thinking about this all day.” he said settling in between my legs feeling his bare hard dick pressing against my opening making my restless body wake up.

Soft lips pressed against my lips as his tongue parted mines to share our desires. As we mingled together, his hand reached my treasure finding my clit making circular motions around it. A moan slipped out as I pulled him closer on my body.

“Open wider.” he said in between kisses wanting me to do practically a split in the bed.

My legs widen a little more opening my slit that is now wet. Marcus dipped his finger in drilling deep inside until I came feeling my wet juices seep into his hand. He removed his soaked hand setting it on the bed as he adjusted himself to lunge inside of me, but stopped and began to stare at me.

“What?” I asked sitting back on my elbows.
“I want to hit it from the back. Turn that ass around.” he said.

I did as he said flipping onto my stomach. I raised up with my ass in the air, then turn to the side.

“Like this?” I asked playfully.

His hands gripped my ass firmly as he stood up on his knees feeling the head of his dick press against my opening. He slid himself inside if me taking time, making sure he push himself deep within. Once in, the rhythm picked up as moans and grunts filled the air.

“Damn girl…” Marcus said pumping harder.

I sat up, riding him from the back. He grabbed hold of my breast, squeezing the firm yet gentle. I grabbed hold of his hands, going with the motion of them. Everything felt so good. My moans constantly grew louder as I could feel my climax erupt oozing onto his lap. Marcus immediately pulled out as I stooped back over feeling his warm cum hitting my backside. I turned around, facing him as I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling myself on top of him. He moved to the edge of the bed with me on top, stretching his legs out. I pushed him back on the bed as my hands massaged his chest.

“You want more?” I asked softly, yet sexily seeing a grin arise upon his face.
“Can you take more?” he asked, placing his hands upon my hip as he raised me up to help guide me in.

It didn’t take me long to speed up my pace, going up and down, rocking back and fourth. I could tell my moans were making him go wild, because before I knew it, he flipped me on my back, pinning my hands down onto the bed as gentle bites were felt on my neck. Tonight is all about love making as we definitely christened the bed.


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Chapter 31 |New Home New Faces|

The sound of laughter aroused me from my sleep. Automatically I glanced up at the time to see it is now noon. One long stretch help awaken my body causing me to realize Marcus is not in the bed. I sat up, as the cover still cradled my bare body. Examining the room. I notice our bags were in the room. I stood up, gathering my belongings to head into the master bath to take a nice shower…

I am now fully dressed in my Dolce and Gabbana dark denim skinny jeans along with a gold Dolce and Gabbana sequence shirt. Walking back into the bedroom, I grabbed a pair of my gold sandals out of my bag, sliding them on. I walked out of the bedroom and into the living room to see Marcus and Corey sitting on the sofa. Walking in further, there sat a female playing with lil Zay in her lap.

“Look who finally woke up.” Marcus said with a slight grin on his face.
“Hello everyone.” I said ignoring Marcus statement as I sat down.
“Clare, that‘s my wifey Jinn. Baby this is Clare.” Corey said.
“Hey Jinn. Nice meeting you.” I said with a slight smile.

She smirk back focusing her attention back on Zay. I feel a little displaced being that I didn’t know these people. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember Corey being in the game at all. Suddenly Marcus and Corey got up.

“Look ladies, we‘re about to handle a bit of business matters.” Corey said.
“Well, should I join?” I asked ready to get up from the seat to see what is really good.
“Naw, this is just a small intervention. As a matter of fact, you and Jinn suppose to be hitting the rode from what I hear.” Corey continued, glancing over at Jinn.

I eyed him, not liking the fact he is giving orders like he running my business. He don’t know who he is messing with before I bust a cap in him real quick with no remorse what so ever. Marcus walked up to me, standing over my body.

“Here go the keys to get Zay‘s car seat out of the car. Be careful, alright.” he said wanting reassurance.

I thought why couldn’t they watch little Zay since it is suppose to be small and we’re hitting up the town. Not wanting to get into an argument about the matter, I left it alone. I took the keys, sitting back on the sofa as they walked off to Corey house. Silence crept in, feeling quite a bit of tension between Jinn and myself. I’m really not used to be around another female other than relatives so this should be interesting.

“So Clare, I could tell you’re a little pissed off so I‘m going to light the mood. You ready to hit the streets?” she asked standing with Lil Zay who was about to leap out of her arms to get on the floor.
“Sure.” I said taking in a deep breath and let out a long sigh. “Give me one moment.” I said walking back into the bedroom to grab my purse, then walk back to the front
“Show me what Jacksonville has to offer.” I said with my purse in hand.

She walked over to me.

“Can you hold Zay while I grab my purse from my house?” she asked.

I didn’t even have to respond as Zay slipped into my arms. He began whining, wanting to get onto the floor. I’m not use to being around babies so this is new to me.

“Okay. I will be outside getting his car seat.” I respond, right behind her as we walk outside. She grabbed his diaper bag, then walk next door to grab her belongings. I approach Marcus car, opening the door to feel some of the heat that was trapped within escaped.

“Shh…it‘s okay. Calm down.” I said as his whining grew into crying.

The sound of a car door slam caught my attention as I glanced up to see a female stepping out of a sky blue Lexus ES. The female worn a pair of shades, concealing her eyes, lips puckered out with a sheer sheen of gloss. Her small black t-shirt read the words “FUCK OFF” while her shirt still showed her pierced belly button. White shorts elongated her slim legs wearing a pair of flip flops with freshly pedicure toes. Girl really think she is the shit. She approached me as I dropped the seat on the ground struggling with the baby.

“Hey, need help?” she asked, prancing over.
“No I‘m fine.” I said slamming the car door as the baby kept whining.
“Your new? Never seen you around here before.” she said raising her shades revealing her bright brown eyes.
“You can say that.” I said looking over her to see Jinn walking our way.

She turned around to see her glance at Jinn now by us.

“Well hello Jinn.” she said nonchalantly, placing her shades back over her eyes.
“Oh, hey Moe.” she replied in the same manner while taking little Zay out of my hands.
“Is my brother in there, gotta talk to him about something.” she said shifting her weight from the left foot to the right foot while placing her hand on her hip.
“Yea, but he‘s busy. Maybe if you…” Jinn began to say but was cut short by Moe.
“I‘m not gonna be long.” se said with attitude walking towards the house.
“Rude bitch.” Jinn said in an undertone rolling her eyes. “Come on.” she said changing her frown into a smile.
“Okay, let me just drop off his keys and we could roll out.” I said, walking back up towards the house.

I approached the house, knocking on the door. Voices could be heard through the door and suddenly someone answer.

“What you need now?” Corey said recognizing it was me. “My bad. Come in.” he said.

Walking into their very well decorated home. Moe sat by the kitchen table as I approach Marcus who is in the living room.
“Here go your keys.” I said tossing them into his lap then turned around to walk out.
“What‘s your issue?” he asked never budge.

Moe found her way to chime into the conversation.

“Ooo Marcus that‘s your boo.” she said, scanning me out.

He didn’t respond while I rolled my eyes at her remark. Her snickering could be heard from the kitchen.

“Shut up Moe, mind your damn business.” Corey said, walking into the kitchen where she is at.

I decided to answer Marcus question, “Nothing. We‘re bout to go. Have ya‘ll little meet.” I said turning around to approach the door.
“Wait a minute.” he said, getting up as he tagged behind me.
“What?” I asked, and felt an unexpected kiss.

Parting away from each other, I could hear someone in the background ooing and awwing.

“Moe…back to business. Quit being nosy.” Corey said getting frustrated with her at this point.

We both shook our heads, then felt him come closer to me whispering in my ear.

“Buy something nice for our new home.” he said.

I smiled hearing the fact that he said “Our new home.”


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Aww!! That was good!!
Real Sweet...
Next please!!
Like a Star @ heaven

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Chapter 32 |Officially Mines|

Laughter filled the atmosphere as we sat in a nice local restaurant taking a break from the shopping we did earlier. Poor Zay is knocked out in my arms. Can you believe it, he actually went to sleep in my arms with my help. Well Jinn is really down to earth and stay keeping me laughing. But somehow we ended up on the subject about Moe.

“Girl ever since I been with Corey, her and I never been on good terms. She bickers about every little thing. The girl is about to turn eighteen. ‘EIGHTEEN now’ and she thinks she is the shit.” Jinn said sipping on her sprite.
“Well, I knew when I first laid my eyes on her she is no good.” I added taking a bite of my caramel swirl cheesecake.
“Let me tell you one more thing because it is going to be directed to you one of these days. The girl will try your patients because she gets whatever she wants. The bitch is spoiled and what she can‘t have she will take it one way or the other. I‘ve seen it girl. She is a natural at it, so I advise you not to leave your man around her if you know what I‘m saying.” she said sitting back in her seat as though she is satisfied with her meal.
“Believe me, if she know what is best for her, she wouldn‘t try my patients.” I said sipping on my water, then flagged my hand up. “Check.” I said aloud as our waiter walked pass us.

Jinn laughed within knowing I’m ready to see what the boys are up to since our mini discussion of Moe. After receiving our bills we paid and walked out on a full stomach. Walking out of the restaurant, we head to her Nissan Titian seeing night is just in the midst of the sky.

Arriving at the house, the Lexus once parked in the street is now in Jinn’s driveway.

“That hephar.” Jinn said pulling out her cell phone calling someone. “Baby tell Moe to get her car out of my driveway.” she demanded as I assume it is Corey.

After hanging up, we could see Moe laughing about something as she prance out not looking our way. She got in her car, crank it up and sped down the street. Jinn pulled in, parking outside of her garage. We both got out as I grabbed Zay into my arms leaving our belongings in the car.

Since I don’t have my key to the place yet, I walked into Jinn’s place seeing Marcus and Corey sitting at the table playing cards.

“Had a nice time out ladies?” Corey asked throwing a card out.
“Yea baby. We had fun together.” she said approaching Corey as he looked up to give her a kiss. He wrapped her arm around her waist as he waits for Marcus move.
“That‘s good baby. Need help wit the bags.” he asked. “Since Marcus taking his precious time.” he added.

Marcus didn’t remark to the statement as he finally threw a card out.

“Don‘t rush me nigga.” Marcus said getting up from the table. “I had enough of this anyway.” he added walking over to me, placing his hand over Zay’s head to see he is asleep. “My boy look like he had a good time with you.” he said kissing me on my cheek.
“Yea, we are growing on each other.” I said.
“Well, lets grab you bags so we could chill.” he said looking over at Corey and Jinn who were staring at us.
“Dude, that was a beautiful moment.” Corey said jokingly as he placed his hand over his face pretending that he’s crying.
“Man shut up and come on.” he said.

From the look of Corey and Marcus relationship, they had been boys for a long time. It took me the longest for Marcus and I to be at the point we are at so I wonder how long they have been friends. Marcus gave me the house key for me to lay Zay down while he grabbed my belongings. I walked in the house feeling excitement once again running through my veins to the thought of having our place. Although my house is a little more elaborate than this, it doesn’t compare to the feeling of having someone by your side. Walking into the baby’s room placing him in his crib. Looking over the crib once situated, the fact that my father want me to bear a child to carry on the name scared me. I’m not ready to hold such responsibility. A sudden bang on the door shaken my thoughts realizing I locked Marcus out. I quickly ran to the door opening it for him seeing he grabbed all that he can.

“My fault.” I said stepping to the side to let him in.
“Dang…did you buy out the damn mall.” he said, dropping most of the stuff on the floor.
“Had to start over so I couldn‘t help it.” I shrugged my shoulders and pouted a little.
“Don‘t do that.” he said wit a grin.
“Do I have anymore bags out there?” I asked.
“Yea, but that can wait.” he said taking me by the hand as we walked over to the sofa.

He plopped down after grabbing the remote control with his left leg outstretched on the sofa and the other settle on the floor.

“Have a seat.” he said, taking my hand for me to situate myself in between his legs as I slipped off my flip flops and made myself comfortable.

He turned on the television, trying to find something interesting on. We decided to keep it on HBO since there was a movie on.

“So did you enjoy yourself?” he asked stroking my hair.
“Yea, I really did have a good time.” I said. “What about you?” I added.
“It was good. Just sat around and got caught up on each other lives.” he said.
“Oh. Did his sister stay?” I asked.
“Somewhat. She had a run to do, but came back.” he said.

We sat in silence for a moment as he held me close to him.

“Marcus?” I said waiting for a response.
“Hmm…” he asked getting into the movie.
“Can I ask you a question?” I asked.
“You just asked one.” he said nonchalantly.

I sat up to get his attention better,

“Well, what I want to know is about our relationship.” I said seeing he look towards my way.
“What about it?” he asked.
“I just want to know what you consider our relationship?” I asked.
“Well, what do you think?” he asked.
“I don‘t know. That‘s why I asked.” I said.
“Watch your mouth now…” he said talking about my sarcasm.
“Well, I would like to hear it from you. What do you classify us as?” I asked.
“Well, you know.” he said beating around the bush as he settled his attention back on the television.
“That‘s no answer.” I said, beginning to get serious.
“Clare, if I tell you I want you to myself what does that mean?” he asked.
“That could mean a lot.” I said shrugging my shoulders with emphasis.
“Fuck Clare. I look at you as mines, mines only. My girl.” he said pulling me back down to rest on his chest.
“So…” I began to say but he cut me off.
“I answered your question.” he said as I glared up at him.
“Well, that makes us official.” I said.
“Whatever you take it ma. As long as you know its just you and me.” he said kissing me on my forehead.
“You just so damn mean.” I joked.
“I just tell it like it is.” he respond.
“Well, as long as you know the same rule apply. Your for me and me only.” I said.
“I got ya.” he said.

A smile surface to the top thinking of us as an official couple. I felt like a high school-er all over again having a first real boyfriend.


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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Yeahh..dey is official!!
Now wat drama dey gone get into!!!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

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Chapter 33 |Family Outing|

It has been two days since our commitment and is now Saturday morning as I got up before Marcus. I head to the bathroom to take care of my hygiene then slowly walked back out to find Marcus still sleep. Checking Lil Zay’s room, he is standing up in his crib staring at me. I smiled as I walked in the room to grab him up.

“Come on little man. Lets cook breakfast” I said softly but felt his soaked diaper. “But first, lets get you changed.” I said grabbing his diaper and wipes. “Hold this.” I told him as he grabbed onto the diaper. We walk into the living room, placing him on the sofa. Since he only worn a t-shirt to sleep in, I pulled his wet diaper off and placed him in some dry ones. Once I was finished, he raised up on his own, making himself comfortable on the plush sofa.

“You feel fresh now?” I asked as he shook his head yes.

He really is intelligent for a one year old I must say. It fascinated me. I got up throwing away the diaper then walked back to the front where he is at.

“What do you want to watch?” I asked sitting back on the sofa as I grab the remote.
“Barney.” he said with a smile on his face.
“Let‘s see if he is on then.” I said turning on the television.

He began clapping as I channeled it to the station to see it is on.

“I‘m about to fix us some breakfast. Okay…” I said but he is now focused on the television.

I got up and head to the kitchen to see what I can cook. Yesterday, Marcus went to the grocery store so lets see what he brought. Water bottles filled the top shelf. On the second shelf I found a case of eggs so I grabbed that off the shelf placing it on the counter. I also found some butter, milk, and bacon out of the fridge. After grabbing the items, I close the fridge placing the items on the counter. Next I walk to the pantry to find a lot of snacks, but through the mix I found a pack of pancake mix. I usually like to fix homemade pancakes so I guess I will go to the store next time. After closing te pantry, Marcus startled me standing there with no shirt on, but a pair of baggy gym shorts and a pair of ankle socks.

“My goodness. You scared me.” I said holding my chest.
“Sorry ma. What you doing?” he asked walking further in the kitchen resting his back on the island.
“What does it look like I‘m doing?” I asked sarcastically.
“You forgot Corey and I made plans to take ya‘ll out for breakfast?” he said as I place the package on the counter.
“Well, that‘s fine then since you seem like you don‘t like my cooking.” I joked.
“You know its not like that.” he said. “I just want to give you a break since you have been working with Zay this past week. Now come here.” he said as I slowly walked over to him with my hands behind my back. We stood face to face as I felt him wrap his hands on my hip.

“What?” I asked.

No words spoke as he pulled me in for a kiss. I gladly accept removing my hands from my back and around his neck. Suddenly, we heard someone as we immediately broke apart. We look down to see Little Zay with his eyes covered.

“Eww…” he said standing there with his slight bow legged self. It is just too cute. Marcus pushed me to the side as he walk over to Zay picking him up in one swift motion.

“Now what your saying eww for?” he asked him moving his hand from his eye.
“Kiss-sing” he said breaking the word in two syllables.

I chuckled, slightly amazed he knew what we were doing. Kids are getting too old for me at a young age.

“Well, you happy we stopped?” Marcus asked.

He shook his head with approval.

“Well, let me get you ready so we can go out to eat.” Marcus said walking towards his room.

I smiled looking at the two of them seeing how cute they interact with one another. I place all of the things back where they belong then head to the bedroom to see what to put on. Checking the closet, I decided to put on the new sundress I bought a couple of days ago. A bright yellow I felt would match this day perfectly. I slipped out of my P.J.’s, hearing the door open to see Marcus and Zay walking in. I quickly put up a defense feeling bare in front of the two.

“Well, excuse ya‘ll.” I said watching Marcus place Zay on the bed. Zay is fully dressed in his fit wearing a lime green and yellow striped polo shirt along with some dark senim shorts and a pair of Jordan kicks to match.
“Don‘t play shy. I‘ve seen all the goods.” Marcus retorted walking over to his closet.
“Yea, but Zay is still young. Can‘t have minors checking out the goods.” I joked.
Marcus began pulling out a fit. “You hear that Zay, ma wants you out.” he said.

After slipping on my sundress and shoes, I walked by Marcus, bumping up against him. “Whatever Marcus.” I said walking to the bed to play with Zay.

“Play…” Zay said standing in the bed about to hop around.
“No…no play.” I said sitting him back down on the bed.
“Play…” Zay whined, insisting on getting back up.

Marcus walked over and popped Zay on his leg. He began to cry so Marcus intervene “She said no…now sit down and be good.”

Marcus ignored his crying, walking in the bathroom to handle his business. Zay flapped down on my arms with his hands over his stained face shamed of his whipping.

“Be good.” I said softly raising him up to see his drenched face. His long eyelashes bat at me bashfully. Marcus came back in when my cell phone went off. I picked Zay up in my arms to grab it off the dresser. After grabbing it, I checked the caller I.D. to see BiBi is calling so I immediately answered.

“Hey, finally decide to call me huh.” I said jokingly sitting back on the bed.
“I just been so busy. I went over to your house a couple of days ago but you wasn‘t home. Just want to see if you were straight.” she said.
“I‘m good. Out of town at the moment. Look, do me a favor and not pass over at the house for the time being. Ok.” I said asking for reassurance.
“Okay.” she said knowing I knew she understood.
“So how is everything going?” I asked.
“Good. It is all going wonderful.” she said.
“That‘s good. Well,” I began to say before getting cut short.
“Look, I‘m going to call you back.” she said kind of in a rush.
“Okay.” I said then heard her buzz out.

I toss my phone to the side then heard Marcus.

“Who was that?” he asked.
“BiBi.” I said, leaving it at that.

I turn to face him seeing he is fully dressed now.

“Looking good.” I said with a wink.
“Don‘t I always.” he said sarcastically as I roll my eyes.
“I‘m about to go see if the ready.” he said placing his matching white cap on his head then walked out.

I place Zay on the floor as he ran up to the door then turn his head to see if I was behind him.

“Hold on Zay.” I said, walking over to the chair in the room to grab my purse.

Afterwards, I was right behind him as he ran in the living room after hearing the sound of Elmo on the tube. By the time I was about to sit down, Marcus walked in.

“Their ready.” he said walking over to grab Zay. “Grab his diaper bag.” he said.
“You can ask nicely.” I said, walking to the back room to grab his diaper bag, then back into the living room and out the door I went. The stood Jinn and Corey by their pitch black 85 Corvette that has been brought back alive.

“Morning” I said hearing both speak.
“Ready.” Marcus said walking over to the Charger placing Zay in his seat as I got in on the passenger side.

Marcus slipped in on the driver side and soon we trailed off behind Corey making our way to IHOP. A mix tape played low key in the car while hearing the sound of little Zay in the background saying food.

“Marcus.” I said
“Wassup.” he respond focused on the road.
“I don‘t want us to lose our focus. We need to start making out plans now because time is running short.” I said.
“Ok.” he said still focused on the road.

We soon arrived at IHOP. Being that there are so many cars here, we parked far off. As soon as we got out, we paired off, me and Jinn, and Marcus carrying lil Zay walking with Corey. I felt so alive as though I’ve known everyone forever. We walked ready to be seated, well until Moe greet us at the front.

“About time ya‘ll came. Me and my boo been waiting on ya‘ll for the longest.” she said, turning around to walk us to the table where they were at. Both Jinn and myself look at each other, rolling our eyes not knowing she was coming too. We followed behind and seen a big round table. We made ourselves comfortable, Marcus sitting next to me, he sat next to Moe, Moe is by her man, he was next to Jinn, Jinn next to Corey, and Corey by me… A waitress approached us.

“Would you like a high chair?” she asked.
“Yea, that would be fine.” Marcus said.

She walked off to retrieve it.

“He is so cute Marcus.” Moe said, taking Zay’s finger onto hers playing with his finger. “What is his name?” she asked.
“Zay.” he said as the lady approached with a high chair, placing it between Marcus and myself. “Thanks.” he said placing Zay in the high chair.
“What can I get everyone to drink?” the waitress asked.

We all ordered our drinks and off she went.

“So sis, your not going to introduce your friend?” Corey said, sitting back in his seat checking the dude out.

You can tell he is tall in stature from the way he sat, with a nice dark caramel complexion and deep brown eyes. Wavy hair is probably his best feature because his face look weird to me.

“Sorry…this is my baby Dre. Dre that‘s my brother Corey, his friend Marcus and their girls.” she said not acknowledging us.

She is urking my nerves already, but it is going to be okay I told myself.

“So Marcus. How long are ya‘ll planning to stay?” she asked, but I intervened.
“Not long, believe me hun.” I said with a smile that I could tell drove her nuts.

The waitress walk back with our drinks, then afterwards she took our orders. We all began talking since Jinn started the conversation. Everyone was into it except Moe who is leaning all over her man. We received our food causing conversation to cease. Once our stomach became full, we expressed how delicious the food was.

“So what do you have plan today Marcus?” Corey asked with his arm wrapped around Jinn.
“Man, I dunno. Just chill you know.” he said looking over towards my way.
“Your lady have you locked down Marcus?” Moe asked stepping in the conversation staring dead at me. My fist clenched up quickly before Corey stepped in.
“What I told you about that?” Corey said getting pissed off at her. I could tell his patients run thin with her real easily. As badly as I want to say something, I left it at that.
“I‘m just saying. My goodness.” she said, folding her arms as her boyfriend wrapped his arm around her pulling her in to kiss her on her forehead.
“Man Marcus, it‘s all good. She does the same thing to me.” Dre said referring to her earlier statement.
“Well, I was wondering if you want to kick it with me tonight.” Corey said, glancing my way. “The ladies will be alright. We‘re not going to be out long.” he added.
“I‘ll let you know man.” he said. “We‘re about to hit it.” he said taking out his wallet and placed a finger up letting the waitress know we were ready.

She walked over wondering if the ticket is being paid together or separate. Marcus instructed who was with who. She walked off.

“Just like your ass to eat and run.” Corey said with a chuckle.
“Don‘t need to be around ya‘ll niggas all day.” he said, taking Zay out of his high chair.

The waitress came back placing our bills on the table. He hand me Zay as he pulled out a ten on the table for a tip.

“See ya‘ll.” he said getting up with me behind him. He paid for our meal then out we went. As soon as we got in the car, I spoke.

“I don‘t like that girl.” I said, couldn’t hold it in any longer.
“Who?” he asked cranking up.
“Moe…or moe like hoe to me.” I said.
“How you figure?” he said zooming out into the highway.
“You can‘t tell from the way she eyeball you or the way she talk to you?” I asked folding my arms.

He didn’t say anything, but I could feel his eyes on me. I look over to see a smirk on his face.

“What you smiling for?” I asked.

He shook his head.

“Well, where are we going? It‘s not like you know your way around here.” I said.
“Just going wherever the fuck the road goes.” he said plain and simple racing on the freeway. “Just relax. Your with me.” he said, taking his right hand off the armrest and onto my hand.

My body temperature immediately warmed from his touch feeling a smile arise.


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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More, more...
I so wanna know whats gonna happen!!!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
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Hey Janae where u at???
How come u ain't posted an add yet???
Btw...wat u think of the battlefield ending?
I started Part 2...lemme know wat u and think!!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
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My bad...Im trying to get back on track...Its been hectic lately, but I loved the story...and especially loving part two...

Chapter 34 |Nap Time|

Jax Beach is where we ended up. Walking out to feel the cool breeze sweep by left a since of freedom away from the drama, the scare, the killing back home. Each day you have to watch your back. Every night you had to be sure your piece is loaded for emergency purposes. But now, I feel secured, for the first in a long time. And to be with a man I never expected in a million years. Although I didn’t realize hidden feelings for him were deep within, the fact that he feels the same way made me more confident about our relationship. Having little Zay around has truly expose me to parenthood. To a family that one day I do wish to have if another day allows it to happen. We all took off our shoes before walking on the beach. I didn’t expect to come here because I would have been more prepared than this. Zay is in Marcus arms who took the lead in finding a spot. Making ourselves comfortable on the beach sand after settling by a cool little spot near a cliff, admiration for the creation before us settled in.

“Do you believe there is a God?” I asked out of the blue.

He didn’t say anything at first, because one, Zay is trying to move around and two he began to think.

“I believe so. I mean I believe that‘s the reason why I‘m still alive because there were many times I could have just died.” he said then silenced.
“Marcus…we have to end this. I believe he placed us together for us to finish this once and for all so we could get out of this business you know.” I said looking at the blue waters that pressed against the soft sand.
“You really think so?” he asked, feeling his eyes looking towards me.
“I really do. Even though my dad was very ruthless, I could tell deep down in his heart he wanted to end it all. Its just too risky.” I said.

He rested his two hands in the sand leaning back while Zay became occupied by a sea shell found next to them.

“You‘re right.” he said. “I never want Zay to be surrounded by this shit. That‘s the reason why I kept him at Letticia house because she was a safe haven. No one knew of her because she is a homebody.” he added.
“So once everything is said and done will you pull out?” I asked.
“Yea, for Zay sake.” he said as we look at Zay who eyes became filled with sleep.

We sat there for about thirty minutes admiring our surroundings and getting to know each other better. Once Zay was truly in a deep sleep, I decided to pick on Marcus.

“You think if I kiss you Zay will wake up?” I asked with a smile.
“Do it and find out.” he said.

I moved closer to him as we both lean over to kiss. His soft lips always got to me. I slowly broke the kiss to see Zay is now fast asleep. I smiled and suddenly felt a more forceful kiss. A moan escaped through my lips arousing my insides. I broke it once more looking off.

“Are you going out with Corey tonight?” I asked trying to escape my desires.
“I don’t know. Might just go to see what the nigga talking about.” he said. “You want me to go?” he asked looking my way.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I don‘t want to intervene in your decision.” I said.

He shook his head approving my statement.

“I respect that. Lets hop out of here since Zay is sleep and also since we can‘t do anything out here anyway.” he said.

I stood up dusting the sand off of my butt then picked up Zay so Marcus could get up and dust himself off. Once we removed most of the sand away we walked back to the car and back onto the road we went.

Approaching the house, we noticed no one is at Corey and Jinn house. Both getting out of the car, Marcus got sleepy head out approaching the house. Once we were in, I walk to the sofa plopping down on it feeling a bit weary from the sun. Marcus went to put Zay down. The sound of his feet approached closer to me as he sat down laying his head on my lap.

“Sand still got in my damn car. I gotta clean it out.” he said covering his hand over his face.
“Yep.” I said in agreement.
“You sleepy?” he asked.
“A little.” I said looking at him.
“Well lets go take a nap.” he said sitting up to get up to get up from the sofa.

“I don’t feel like moving.” I whined with a slight grin.
“Get your ass up.” he said holding his hand out.

I placed my hand in his hand as we walk to the bedroom closing the door behind. I was ready to pass out in the bed but he stopped me.

“Get out of those clothes. I don‘t want to feel sand on the bed.” he said pulling his shirt over his head.
“I‘m going straight to sleep. Trying to strip me out of my clothes.” I joked.
“Nobody ain‘t trying to fuck you right now.” he said as he took off his jeans leaving himself in his boxers and socks ten crawl in the bed.
“You sure you don‘t have any sand in your boxers?” I teased.

He cracked a smile before responding.

“I told you before, no one trying to fuck with you ma.” he said licking his lips. “Now come get your ass to bed.” he said watching me slip out of my heels and yellow dress leaving on my bra and panties.

I crawled in the bed next to him as he securely wrapped his arms around me as I situated myself with my back facing him. Our heads laid upon the pillow feeling his heated breath against my neck. Silence crept in as we just laid there. Soft kisses were placed upon my neck gently.

“What did I tell you?” I said turning to face him.
“I just can‘t help myself.” he said. “But I‘m going to keep my word.” he added.

My eyes grew heavy feeling sleep about to consume me.

“Your just as stubborn as a baby, you know that.” he said as I smiled.
“Shut up.” I said turning my smile into a playful pout.

His finger ran down my lip and placed his juicy lips on mines.

“Night.” He said pulling me closer to his body as my head rested on his chest feeling out body temperature come into an agreement with each other.
“Night.” I said drifting into a sound sleep.


Stories by Me:
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[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

]As always my compliments goes to Jas

75 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Tue Sep 29, 2009 12:42 am


Chapter 35 |Can I Trust You|

The sound of my phone rang had aroused me from my sleep. Darkness and shadows filled the room feeling myself surrounded in cover. I sat up hearing silence throughout the whole house and no Marcus next to me. I got up feeling a draft over my nearly bare body. I decide to slip on my exercise pants that were extremely comfortable and a white tee.

My concern wasn’t on the phone as I slowly open the door to see a dark filled room. To be truthful the darkness truly scares me. Unwanted shadows hide themselves not wanting to reveal themselves. In darkness many are killed and I know because I have killed in the dark. Walking back in the room I step in the closet where in the bottom of it is where all of my weapons are. So going through my black bag, I decided to pull out my pistol just in case someone decide to step in here and try something. I opened the bedroom door once more seeing nothing. My hand glide over the wall until I found the light switch that held nothing in the hall. I walked out of the bedroom holding my piece up as I turned on the lights everywhere. The house is empty. I checked the bedroom to where Zay is, but nothing. I walked back in the bedroom to grab my cell phone off the night stand, then made my way back towards the front plopping down in the sofa. Grabbing the remote control that sat next to me, I turned on the television flipping through the stations. After settling on one channel, I dialed up Marcus number to see where he is at. I should have known he wouldn’t answer. I felt a little pissed being that he didn’t tell me anything. I know I was sleep but that is the point of waking me up. Not wanting to sit around, I got up and out of the house I went deciding to see if Jinn is home. I grabbed my pistol placing it on my backside then walked out. Knocking on the neighbors door, Jinn told me to hold on before she came to the door. Upon answering Jinn held Lil Zay on her hip.

“I was wondering when you were going to wake up. Come in.” she said stepping to the side. I walked into the dimly lit living room with its main source from the television. I walked over to the sofa.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.
“Girl, out. Marcus said he left you a note.” she said walking over next to me, sitting on the sofa.
“O, well I didn‘t notice.” I said, sitting on the sofa watching Zay slip down from her lap onto the floor.
“Well, looks as though it is just you and me tonight.” she said. “Want something to drink?” she asked.
“No. I‘m fine right now.” I said.
“Well, I have a movie we could watch in the meantime.” she said getting up to walk over to her DVD collection.

I just stared at Zay as he look around trying to see what badness he could get himself into. After placing the DVD in, she came back over and sat on the sofa with me and began to watch the movie. During the previews she got up once more to fix some popcorn as I stood up as well to remove the gun from my back pocket placing it on the coffee table. Zay stared at me the whole time. Afterwards I picked Zay up so that he wouldn’t knock anything off of her table. He whined wanting to get down, so I lift him to face me.

“Stop being bad or you get a whipping.” I said as he pouted.

Jinn walked back in with a huge bowl of popcorn. She plopped down on the sofa next to me holding a long pause after noticing my gun.

“Got scared by yourself?” she asked digging in the popcorn now.
“Could never be careful these days.” I stated sitting back on the sofa. I look at my watch to see it is after 9pm.
“How long have they been gone?” I asked.
“Oh…about an hour now.” she said chopping down on her popcorn. “They should be back eventually. They claimed they were going to keep it short.” she added.

I smiled and left it at that… Twelve crept around the corner embracing my body with a swarm of tiredness. Jinn is knocked out on the sofa and Zay in my arms. The boys never came in, but the sound of keys rattling at the door sense that it is them. The door crept open to see dreads swinging back and fourth as they talked. Not realizing I was sitting there on the sofa, Corey opened his mouth sounding slurred with his words.

“Man girls were climbing all over you man. Its like they knew you wasn‘t from here.” he said stumbling in with Marcus behind him.

I decided to jump in the conversation before they finish up something they would regret.

“So Marcus…had fun tonight.” I said watching both pause in their walking and speech. Jinn moved slightly waking up slowly.
“What‘s going on?” she asked sleepily rubbing her eyes.
“Nothing baby, come on so you could get some rest.” Corey said walking towards her, sweeping her off her feet then walk to the bedroom.

I stood up with Zay in my arms as Marcus continued standing in the doorway. I walked past him to our door unlocking it. I left the door open with no one saying anything. Walking into Zay’s bedroom, I placed him in his crib, then walked out closing the door behind, feeling Marcus approaching me.

I turned to see him staring at me, but I didn’t say anything as I walked in the bedroom, closing the door behind. I began stripping out of my clothing and heard the door opening.

“So now you want to ignore me and pretend as though I‘m not here?” he asked.
“No, I‘m just tired and ready to get in the bed.” I said, slipping on a big t-shirt.
“You think I‘m fooling around on you because of what Corey said?” he asked, closing the door behind him in a calm voice.
“Nope.” I said plopping down on the bed.
“You fucking right I ain‘t. It was strictly business and besides I don‘t have time to fuck around on you.” he said pulling off his shirt.
“Oh really.” I said staring at him.
He glanced my way. “Getting sarcastic?” he asked.
“No, it was emphasis.” I said shifting the cover down to get underneath it. “So what was so business about hanging with your boy? Thought ya‘ll were out chillen.” I asked.
“That‘s what we were doing, but had to handle some business matters first. That‘s how we roll.” he said.
“And what about us Marcus? Earlier we said we want out of the game, so what about our game plan?” I asked, folding my arms.
“Let‘s see, tomorrow is Sunday isn‘t it?” he asked.
“Yea.” I said.
“Ok, then it is set. No interruptions. Nothing. You, Zay, and myself will get all of this straight.” he said crawling towards me on the bed.
“Got that.” he asked, kissing me gently on my lips, then rolled over on the empty side.
“Sure.” I said, leaning over to turn off the lamp as the moon glowed in our room.

Hope we can plan out everything so we could settle this once and for all. I snuggled up next to him feeling his bare chest press against me cool cheek.

“Bet not fuck around on me nigga.” I said hitting his chest playfully.
“I don‘t fuck around with no any female.” he said. “Now quit thinking that and get your ass to sleep.” he said in a low tone as though he was already dosing off to sleep. Man I’m falling for him badly.


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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