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Unexpected I |Complete|

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26 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:01 am


Thank you...U know I try. But you will learn more about Marcus...I'm bout to add more...Keeping it moving...


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27 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:04 am


Chapter 8 |Girl's Day Out|The next morning, I laid in my bed relaxing from yesterday's event thinking about what I had on my agenda today, which was really to just show my little sister around town. Not only was I thinking about that, but I was also thinking about Marcus and wonder why is he holding so much back. Is it me? Have I caused such a distance between us that he can't trust me? Well, let me stop pondering over that and think about heading over to the spa and receive my monthly "full body treatment" that I usually have with my personal massage therapist. I rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom to take care of my personal hygiene. Afterwards, I tossed on my robe and ran downstairs after smelling something delicious brewing in the kitchen. Once I made it to the ground, I seen Reggie checking out the guide on T.V. I walked over and pushed his head.

"Good morning." I said, not stopping to hear his reply.
"Good morning to you too." he replied for me to hear.

I pranced in the kitchen to see my baby sis cooking up one of her delicious meals. She is a very talented person, and one of her talents is cooking. I walked in the kitchen.

"Good morning sis." she said without looking behind her to see who it was.
"Well, hello sister dear You know you scare me sometimes." I said as I sat down on my stool.
"And how is that?" she asked turning around looking at me with a fork in her hand.
"How do you know who it is?" I asked.
"Because I have ears. You have such a silent step in your walk, but after all these years, I still know its you." she said and continued cooking.
"How did you sleep?" I asked while slipping out a yawn.
"I slept wonderfully, but from the sound of your yawn, it sound like you had a rough night." she said.
"You just don't know." I said.
"Well, what do you have on the agenda today?" she asked as she went to the cabinet to grab a plate out, then walked back over to the stove.
"Well, I was thinking about having a girls day out. You know, just you and I checking out the stores and then going to the spa to set our evening off." I said.
"Hell no..." Reggie shouted out.
"And who told you to be in our business?" BiBi asked jokingly.
"I'm just messing baby." he yelled again.
"Yea, he just don't want me to do one of Madea's moves and add something to his food." BiBi whispered and we laughed.

After another ten minutes, she was through with cooking and we all met in the breakfast nook and ate like an actual happy family. BiBi and I went to get ready afterwards, and knowing what I was already going to wear, I walked down the stairs and waited for her. I decided to bug Reggie.

"You sure you don't want to come and carry our bags?" I asked jokingly.

He glanced over my way and back at the T.V.

"Believe me. I'm sure." he said and after those words BiBi came down.
"Ready sister dear?" she asked standing on the last step.
"Of course. I was asking Reggie did he want to carry our bags, but you know how men are." I said.
"Yea, I know exactly how they are." she said looking down at him.
"Well, we're about to go. Help yourself to anything." I said getting up.
"No problem." he replied, while getting up and kissing BiBi. "And don't buy up everything baby." he said.
"You don't want me to look good baby." she said then pulled out of his grasp. "Don't answer that. Our family are blessed with natural beauty. Isn't that right sis." she said and we dapped each other off and rolled out.

All that day, we roamed the streets, in one store out the other, but as time went on, we was ready for our day at the spa, and I know for damn sure I was. Time for me to head over and get what I've been needing for the longest now. We arrived at the spa, and entered at the front desk to see the receptionist, Tina today. To me she held a snobby attitude, but she doesn't know me, so she better watch out.

"Yes..." she said, sitting there filing her nails.
"I have an appointment with Leon today." I said.

She looked up at me and rolled her eyes. Afterwards she called Leon to let her know I was there.

"He said meet him down the hall way after you change." she said pointing her file in that direction.

I smiled and walked off with BiBi right behind me.

"Ugly ass bitch." BiBi said noticing the girl's attitude. I didn't care since she does that all of the time whenever I came.

We walked to the locker room where we changed out of our clothing and into some fresh bathrobes that customers are allowed to keep if they would like too.

"This is a really nice place." BiBi said looking around.
"Yea, well wait til you get the actual rub down." I said with a smile.
"Rub down?" she asked looking at me.
"Yep." I said leaving it at that after placing on my robe and tying it tightly around me.

Afterwards, BiBi and I walked up the hall way to see enter Leon with a smile on his face.

"Well, well, well, back for your monthly treatments?" he asked with a grin on his face.
"Yes, actually, my sister and I are here to receive a full spa." I said noticing him glare at her.
"Wonderful, I will get Ricky to take care of you Madame." he said lifting one of her hands to kiss it.

Her face turned red and I just wanted to burst out in laughter. One thing I know about my sister is that she's only a freak for her man, other than that she will seem so innocent to others. Ricky walked out of the room with one of his clients, and then approached us. BiBi looked my way, and I looked her way with a smile because I know for myself I was in for a treat. At this time, Ricky walked up to BiBi and was telling her she didn't have to be so shy, while I walked off behind Leon, who was leading me into the usual room.

"If I would have known you would be here today, I would have been more prepared." he said as he opened the door to a candle lit room. The place usually look this way to keep a tranquil environment.
"That's okay...I still love this room since the first day I came in here." I said.

We both held a smile and I headed towards the table and sat down on it, crossing my legs while I glimpsed over at Leon who was gathering some things for my therapy. On the side was a usual glass of wine poured for those to unwind and relax. I took a sip and watched as he walked over towards me with that seductive smile.

"My favorite." I said.
"I always keep your favorite." he said. "But don't drink too much because you know how you get." he said.

I glanced at him with a smile.

"And how do I get? Too wild for you?" I asked continued holding my smile.

No words was expressed, only smiles. He walked behind me, placing his strong firm hands, gently on my shoulders, pushing my hair to one side. He lowered to my ear.

"Nothing gets too wild for me." he said, and delicately placed his soft lips on my neck, knowing it was my tender spot.

A rush of energy flowed in my system now and I was ready for anything. One thing I don't do is kiss those who are my sex partners, because it always lead to a one time thing, although Leon has been more than a few times. To be honest, we could have been made it official, except things wouldn't work out because of my occupation. He moved his hands from my shoulders, and I turned half way around towards him. He stared at me for a minute.

"What's wrong?" he asked.
"Nothing, just really tense I guess." I said then stood with my knees on the table wrapping my arms around his neck. "I need this now." I continued.

I felt him undo my once tightened tie around my waist and my robe began to unravel to my bare skin. He placed his warm hands on my waist and looked up at me.

"Sexy as always." he said and I just smiled.
"Lets get to work shall we. I only have an hour." I said.
"Why is that?" he asked.
"Because my sister will be through within an hour, remember that's how long we would usually be done." I said with a smile.

Before long, I felt one hand travel down in between my legs, capturing me off guard as he lunged two fingers inside of me. A soft moan escaped my lips as he began to kiss my chest as his rhythm grew faster. I could feel myself get even wetter from his rhythmic pattern until I finally exploded all on his hand. He removed his fingers from deep inside of me, taking off his tee showing me his wonderful body. I bit the bottom of my lip, ready to be blown away as I always do. Stay there he said as he immediately walked off and I stayed in that same position waiting for him. It wasn't long when I heard him walk back in the room and as soon as I was about to turn around he said, "Don't move." I peeked over my shoulder to see he was back placing a handful of condoms on the table.

"Why you want me to stay like this?" I asked, growing restless wanting to get deep down and dirty with this nigga.

No words were exchanged as I soon felt him lean on the table and was under me eating me out. I tried to keep my composure since there really wasn't anything to hold onto. He gripped onto my thighs as his tongue explored my insides and constant moaning echoed in the room. My juices was at a constant flow and when he came up for a breather, his face was W.E.T. he wiped his face off and pulled down his pants, grabbing a condom so quick and trying to place it on his 9" without busting the condom open.

"Boy what is wrong with you?" I asked laughing a bit.
"Never been pushed by timing before." he said with a smile.
"Relax...We have plenty of time." I said turning his way and climbed off the table to grab his dick.

I held it in my hand as he was right behind me heading to the sofa where I pushed him on and stood over him on the sofa. I slowly squatted down on his dick that stood at my attention, and felt it enter in me. I first held on to his shoulders to keep from falling back, but once I felt it at the right speed, one hand was on his shoulder while the other was on his knee. One of his hands held my waist while the other gripped on to one of my breast as he tongued down my nipple. My pace grew faster and I could feel my climax.

"Oh shi..." I said as I felt it escape my body. That was a wonderful rush.

He lifted me up afterwards to change out the condom and turned me around to the sofa and him standing behind me hitting from the back. He lunged deep inside of me and I clenched my nails in the sofa. His hands gently massaged my back as he rammed my little pussy from the back...

"Well, thanks for squeezing us in today." I said, shaking his hand.
"Yea, really..." BiBi added.
"No problem. Come back 'anytime'." he emphasized with that mischievous smirk on his face after licking his lips.

We walked to the car and home we went after a wonderful girls day out.


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28 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:06 am


Chapter 9 |Visitor|

BiBi and I arrived back home with a trunk full of bags that we kept in until we felt like grabbing them. When I placed the key in the door, I noticed a car parked by the side of my house. Who could that be? The car was unfamiliar to me, so I was curious. I walked inside and noticed Reggie sitting in the same spot.

"Reggie, do you know the car that was parked out on the side of my house?" I asked.

He slowly looked my way and had a worried expression on his face.

"Baby, what's wrong with you?" BiBi asked as she began to walk closer towards him, but I stopped her.
"Clarese has a visitor." he said.

I opened a small drawer from a desk I had in the foyer and noticed it was missing. Whoever it is must have removed it.

"Stay here." I told BiBi and walked in further to see someone faced the opposite direction from me sitting in my fathers favorite chair.

A gun was pointing towards Reggie, so I walked around to see what the deal was, holding onto my purse tightly, realizing I still have my pistol in there from the night before. This person was unfamiliar to me, but he spoke in a shallow tone.

"Well, well, well...Long time no see baby doll." the man said and it hit me.

This strange man wasn't a stranger, it was my uncle. Baby doll was his trademark name for me, and I barely recognized him since the last time I seen him was when I was six.

"Put that damn gun down." I told him.

BiBi suddenly walked in.

"Now why you're talking to your uncle like that. That is so rude baby." he said as he placed the gun back in his coat and stood up.
"What brings you by?" I asked.
"Uncle Pete?" BiBi said looking at him.
"Hey baby. Come give your uncle some sug." he said as she walked over and kissed him on his cheek.
"Why are you scaring my boyfriend like that?" she asked as she walked over and plopped down next to him, pulling him into her arms.

I just shook my head, because no lie, the nigga is crazy.

"My bad baby...I didn't know this was your ol man. Shi, you know your ol pops didn't play shit with men coming to his house." he said and it was true.
"Look, how about we step in the office and tell me what's the deal." I said heading over to the office with him following behind me.

I closed the door once he entered and walked over to the chair, sitting down and staring at him. It's been so many years, and the last time I've seen him was the huge blowout my father and him shared. So why is he back after all of these years?

"You look so beautiful baby doll." he said.
"Thanks. But uncle. Why are you here? I mean it's been so long and now you pop up. What's the deal?" I asked.
"Well baby doll. I'm going through some things and one of them is the fact that I'm dying." he said.

Silence crept in from hearing that word.

"Dying? Dying from what?" I asked.
"That's not important...It's just that we're the last of the Champion's, and seeing that both your father and I haven't had a son to carry down the family name... you know..." he said.
"No I don't know." I said.
"Well, one thing we've agreed on was the fact that we need for one of you two to bear us a son, to have it in our name." he said.
"A son? How am I to do that? I have a chain to carry out and you want me to..." I began to say.
"Listen baby doll, it is important for you to do this. Now I know that your father and I shared our differences, but we need for one of you to carry out our name." he said.
"Why? I mean I know our name is important, but why?" I said.
"Quit asking questions please. Our name is the name that will hold our family fortunes. Our name is only carried through those who carry our name, and without the newer generation, all of this your doing now will be in vein in the future." he said.
I was just so confused now. I know my father always wanted a boy, but how am I to do that and fulfill my duties?


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29 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:07 am


Chapter 10 |The Invite|

After uncle left, I barely said anything, just thought about it. I didn't even mention anything to BiBi although she was all on my back trying to figure out what was the deal. Monday morning, I turned on the news to see devastation amongst my hometown plague New Orleans. Water here, water there, water was everywhere from constant rain that steadily fell without letup. Tuesday, so many people were trapped in the forbidden city. Wednesday, cops gone mad, people gone mad. Thursday, deaths amongst the thousands of people began to take over. Friday, news were bombarded with so much of the devastation that the television stayed off. Reggie and BiBi was already looking for a new apartment to rent out, and although I offered for them to stay, I could tell after that incident, Reggie was shook up. It was now in Friday afternoon and we were all sitting around when I received a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" I asked approaching the door.
"Marcus." he said in his usual deep tone.

I swung open the door and seen him standing there dressed in his dark clothing as usual. I stood there wondering what did he want.

"What's up?" I asked.
"Can I have a moment to speak with you?" he asked.
"Is it about business?" I asked.

He gave me an expression like what the fuck, so I rolled my eyes and stepped aside letting him enter. He walked in, and didn't take another step after seeing my guest have never left. I closed the door behind me, and took the lead into heading into the office. But before I did, I stopped to introduce him, since he was so rude.

"Everyone, this is Marcus. He worked with dad for several years. And Marcus, this is my little sister BiBi and her man, Reggie." I said, and they all greeted while Marcus kept the same blank expression except he still responded with a handshake.

After that, he showed himself to the office and I followed behind him, closing the door. He took the liberty sitting in my father's seat, so to not complain, I just stood there.

"What is it now?" I asked.
"Mexico." he said straight forward.
"What about Mexico?" I asked.
"There is delivery we need to make, plus get all that we do have in our possession up from the house." he said.

I just stood there with my head down, not wanting to go. The only question now was...

"When?" I asked.
"Tomorrow." he said.
"Why don't I ever receive a two weeks notice or something. You don't know what the hell I have to do tomorrow." I said.
"Yea, well that's obviously because it doesn't pertain to work." he said, standing up as though he was ready to go.
"Okay..." I said.

And watched as he was about to walk out.

"Wait Marcus." I said.

He didn't say anything, just looked my way.

"Want to stay for dinner?" I asked.

He looked at me with a confused expression.

"We would love to have you and besides, my sister fix some pretty delicious meals." I added.

After standing there for about a minute, he opened the door and walked out. Nothing else was said.


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30 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Sat Aug 22, 2009 8:56 am


Man...what is Marcus's problem??
D woman asked him to stay for dinner
and d man walks out...
He got issues..
can't wait to figure out wat!!

31 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:17 am


Chapter 11 |Whose Coming To Dinner?|

BiBi and I was in the kitchen cooking up a storm. We talked and laugh over silly things while we sent Reggie out to pick up a few things for dessert.

“I can‘t believe you had sex with him. No lie, he did look like he could handle what he got though.” she said.
“And that he could.” I said and couldn’t help but smile.
“Why you and him never hooked up?” she asked as she continued fixing her sauce.
“Because…” I said then shrugged my shoulders. “I‘m not really looking for a new person right now and besides, look how I live. I kill some people for crying out loud.” I said.
“True, true. But what about that Marcus dude?” she asked.
“What about him?” I asked.
“He is a sexy chocolate. I‘m surprised you never touched that.” she said.
“Girl, he is a mystery in a mystery. I don‘t know what‘s the deal with him. I‘m not even sure if he like females. All I know is that he was daddy‘s right hand man.” I said.

She shrugged her shoulders, then suddenly the doorbell rung.

“Might be Reggie.” BiBi said.
“Remind me to get you all a house key made.” I said getting up to answer it.
“Who is it?” I asked.
“Marcus.” the voice said.

I was surprised. Did he actually take me up on that offer? I opened the door to see the dark mysterious fellow standing at my door step with a brown envelop. Is he here for business again.

“Come in.” I said as he walked in and I closed the door.
“I‘m not planning to stay. Dr. Dunbar wanted me to drop off the statistics for the new drug.” he said.
“Oh…Okay.” I said retrieving the information. He was quick to walk out of the door, but I grabbed his arm. “But since you are here, you might as well stay and have a delicious meal.” I added.
“Oh no…I can‘t…” he said.
“Oh no…You must dear. See my sister stayed up slaving over the stove expecting you to come, so how about you make yourself comfortable and dinner will be ready in a few.” I said.
“Look Clare.” he began to say.
“Oh no…I insist. Please stay, and afterwards you can go over the statistics with me.” I insisted.

He glared at me with no type of emotion and walked into the living room and had a seat on the sofa. I walked in the kitchen myself and seen BiBi eyes beaming on me. She had a mischievous grin and I couldn’t help but smile on the inside and out. There is something about him that has me going wild. Another knock was at the door and this time Reggie appeared, with a bag of ice cream and a store brought cake.

“What happened to the ingredients I asked for you to get me?” I asked.
“At the store. Besides this cake is good.” he said then noticed Marcus sitting in the living room. “We have another guest?” he asked as I went to put my things in the kitchen.
“Yep.” I said.
“He won‘t pull no gun out on me like that other nigga you call your uncle will he?” he asked.

BiBi and I laughed.

“Baby, it‘s safe. Get yourself acquainted.” BiBi said as we set the table.

Sis brushed up against me and whispered something in my ear.

“That‘s all you out there.” she said then walked on the other side of the table while I just nodded no.
“Believe me, I really doubt that. Besides the dude don‘t like to talk about anything else besides business.” I whispered out.

She shook her head as well, placing down the last fork.

“Come on guys. Time to eat.” BiBi yelled out.

They strolled on in, no one saying a word to the other.

“Well, this is nice. Hope ya‘ll got to know each other a little better.” I joked.

Reggie just shook his head and we gathered at the table with a table full of food.

“Now, everyone. Lets all pray shall we.” I said looking at Marcus who wasn’t saying anything.
“Okay…” I began to pray and most of us said amen.

We grabbed our chairs and began to eat…
After dinner Marcus met me in the office, and I walked in and closed the door behind me.

“So, how did you enjoy dinner?” I asked.

No response, so I walked over to the desk.

“Marcus what the hell is your problem? Did I do you something that you despise so much that you prefer to keep it to yourself? I am tired of you not saying anything to me, only to have me confused. Will you…” I began to spill out everything and suddenly felt his hands surround my upper arms.
“Clare…Clare…” he said as he finally got me to stop talking.

I looked him dead in his eyes and his into mine. And for the first time, I seen his eyes soften. He didn’t look at me with disgust, but it was another way. Something I never seen in his eyes before. It made my heart race, my breathing had gotten heavier. He loosened his grip on my arms and we just stood there, nothing was blocking us besides our desk. We continued to look at each other as I tried to see what was really going on in his mind.

“Where is the paperwork?” he asked.

I sighed heavily and turned the other way.

“I don‘t know what it is that your hiding Marcus, but I prefer if you tell me now so that I won‘t be down your back like I am now.” I said.


“Marcus. Do you hear me…” I said, and before I knew it, the door was opened and off he went.


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32 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:17 am


new page cheers


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33 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:21 am


Chapter 13 |Late Night Stroll|
Who could possibly be texting me at one in the morning? My phone was under my pillow to wake me up early to take that trip to Mexico for who knows what. I flipped open the phone to see what the hell is going on. One new message from Marcus. This made me sit up in the bed. I opened the text and read.

From: Marcus
Meet me outside.
1:15am 9/4/05

What in the world. I immediately got out of the bed in my p.j.'s, but tossed on my robe. I carried my phone down with me, creeping to open the door, not wanting to disturb anyone. I slowly crept by the staircase, when suddenly I heard a noise coming from one of the bedrooms. No they didn’t. I told myself, but I couldn’t blame them. Need to let go of some of the steam you know. I walked down and headed to the door, disarming the alarm. Marcus shadow appeared through my door, so I opened it to see him still dressed in the clothing he worn for dinner.

“Are you okay?” I asked.
“I‘m good.” he said as he looked around. He had my suspicion going as I was trying to figure out what was the deal.
“You want to come in and talk?” I asked.
“No. Wondering if we could talk out here.” he said as he turned his back on me walking off. I slowly crept the door too as I was behind him now.
“Are you sure everything is okay?” I asked.

His silence was urking my nerves right about now, but he turned back around as he leaned on his SUV.

“Why is it that you are always trying to get in my business?” he ask frankly. I stood there wondering what did he mean.
“Well, don‘t you think as business partners, we need to know about each other a little bit?” I asked pretty straight forward.

No response. I just rolled my eyes tired of the bullshit. As I was ready to walk towards the house, he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him as though he was gripping onto a little child.

“I‘mma tell you this. You don‘t want to know anything about my past. My past is the past.” he said whispering gently in my ear. I snatched my arm from his grasp.
“I‘m not asking anything from your past. I want to know what‘s going on right now.” I said being stubborn.

He just looked off.

“See, this is bullshit Marcus. I‘m tired of you giving me the damn cold shoulder. I could have been dropped your ass but you was my dad‘s partner. His right hand man. I have too much respect for him to do that and yet, you show little care about life. I don‘t know what it is my dad seen in you but I will be damned if I have to put up with this shit much longer.” I said. “I don‘t know what the hell I was thinking about making you my business partner.” I continued as I turned my back on him.

He grabbed my arm once again and yanked me to walk on the other side of the passenger side.

“What are you doing? Let go of me Marcus.” I said as he opened the door to the passenger side.
“Shut the hell up and get in.” he said.

I stared at him coldly.

“Get in dammit.” he yelled making me jump into the car.

He closed my door once I was in and he walked on the other side getting on the drivers side. He cranked his car up and drove into the city. Silence surrounded us, suffocating me in thoughts of where were we going. I looked off into the city lights feeling awkward. I looked back at him to see his blank expression. Please Lord don’t let this man harm me was all that I could think about. I know I’m stubborn, but for some reason I couldn’t help but wonder about him. It was about thirty minutes when we arrived to his Marcus and as I looked around, it was a hooded neighborhood. Old drunkards stumbling around looking for money from anyone they could find. Some were sitting out on the porches of their homes. Across their way was an old building that seemed to have been torn down. We pulled into the old apartment and he parked. I was confused as to what were we doing here.

"This is my beginning.” he said as he opened his door and got out, slamming his door behind him. I figured that was my queue as well. I got out and quickly approached him from behind.

He continued walking without a word towards the building and I was trailing behind him, looking around to see people were staring at us. We walked up some stairs to the second floor. People still lived here with all of the cursing and shouting some had in their apartments. We finally reached a stopped as we stood in room 2010. It was an abandoned apartment with the glass looked as though it was shot out of. The door was stuck, so Marcus budged it some to get it to shift open. The street light beamed inside of the room seeing there was no electricity in here.

“Nothing changed.” he said to himself as he roamed around while I stood at the door. “Come on, and ask me whatever you have to ask now because this is the only time I‘m gonna share.” he said without looking my way.
“Is this where you used to live?” I asked.

Silence invaded at first.

“Yea…This was my home.” he said as though it was hard for him to say.
“Come over here.” he said as he signaled his hand in the motion.

I slowly crept over to him and he placed his hand on the lower part of my back guiding me to another room.

“This room here…this is where me and 5 other of my siblings slept.” he said then immediately closed the door behind.

“Are you all still close?” I asked.

There was no response, so I assumed no. Just across the hall was another room. But that room he didn’t open.

“That room there…that‘s where my mom and her mates slept.” he said as he rested his back against the wall hanging his head low.
“Is she still alive?” I had to ask.

He scoffed before saying another word.

“She’s dead.” he said nonchalant.
“I‘m sorry.” I said feeling bad now that I kept bugging him.
“Nothing to be sorry for. She didn‘t love me anyway.” he said as he shrugged his shoulders looking up at me.
“Why do you say such a thing?” I asked surprised at his remark.
“Because…Just know that I didn‘t have real parents okay.” he said.
“You told me to ask you all of the questions here so that…” I began to say.
“Just fuck it okay!” he yelled out and began heading back to the door. I quickly turned in his direction.
“Wait Marcus…Look I‘m sorry. Just tell me what you think I should know then because I don‘t want to get to personal if it upsets you so much.” I said.

He didn’t say anything. Just stood there lost in thought. I slowly approached him from behind, standing in the midst of his shadow.

“Let‘s leave this shit.” he said as he walked out of the door.

I turned my head to take one more glimpse of his past, then walked out closing the door behind me. He was already half way down the steps, and I quickly trailed behind him. We reached his SUV, hopped in, as he cranked up and immediately pulled off. We sat there, no words exchanged as the sound of the engine roared in the midst. I looked his way, then immediately back on the streets. His voice suddenly appeared in the air.

“You know, that was the first time I‘ve ever been back since I left there and nothing has changed.” he said in a low manner as though his whole attitude changed to a softer tone. “Shi, you‘re the first person that actually seen my younger childhood.” he said as he scoffed afterwards still focused on the road.

I didn’t say anything as I took it all in. He was softening up right before my eyes… 30 minutes later we arrived at my place and we just sat in his vehicle for a minute before I decided to say anything. Although he didn’t say much about his past. It was obvious rough for him. No wonder he acts the way he act. I still didn’t say anything after I unbuckled my belt. He didn’t look my way, just ahead as though he was still driving. When he realized we wasn’t going to say anything. He got out of the car and walked on my side to open the door. He stood the and glared at me.

“Goodnight” were the words he uttered.

I got out and as he moved to the side to let me out, then closed the door behind. I stood there and looked at him, then felt myself wrapping my arms around him. I held him tightly in my arms, but there was no hug in return. My head rested on his chest as I heard his heart racing. Even though it seem as though I hugged him for a minute, his arms never wrapped around me. It was okay though because I was happy he didn’t push me away.

“Thanks.” I said softly, then let go as I looked at him once again and the expression on his face turned into what I seen a few hours before. His eyes softened as he gazed at me, and for the first time in my life, I wanted to taste a mans lips on mines. I wanted to feel his soft looking lips press against mines. That desire was unfulfilled as he walked back to the driver side, cranked up, and left me standing in the same spot. There is something so mysterious about that man, and one way or the other, I, Clarese Shantae Champion shall figure it out.


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I love it...
She feeling Marcus now...
Can't wait for them to hook up!!

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Chapter 14 |Explosion|

5 am. I was up at 5 am because Marcus called to tell me the plane was leaving in an 1 hour. A cab would be here to pick me up, so I packed a light bag just in case I needed some changing clothing and was ready to roll out. I told BiBi that I would call her to let her know what was up and heard the cab in front. Time for me to ship out. My hair was slicked back into a ponytail and I just slipped on this fit since I was going to change clothing anyway. I walked outside and headed to the cab that was waiting for me. I slipped in and noticed a dude staring at me. I tried ignoring him, but his vicious stares would not leave me alone.

“Is there something you‘re looking for?” I asked.
“Nothing in particular.” he said as he looked away.

15 minutes later, we arrived at our destination. The plane was waiting for me, so I got on to see Marcus sitting in my dad’s spot again. I sat down at my usual spot not saying anything. Just thinking about all he showed me this morning had me thinking about what was actually going on and how did he meet my dad. The pilot closed the door and started the plane. If I heard correctly I could have sworn I heard Marcus say something, but I didn’t bother to check. That weird suspicion of someone staring at me once again had my nerves fluttering. I peeked my head over towards Marcus who was looking down at some information while I just turned my head back.

“Good morning.” I said.

It took a minute to hear a response from him.

“Morning.” he replied.

I knew this was going to be a long ride, so I made myself comfortable.

“We will be landing shortly.” the pilot said through the intercom.

I had awaken to get myself together when I could feel a sudden stare at me. I looked over at Marcus who was focused on me. Usually he would turn his head by now, but this time was different. I tried ignoring it, but that stare gave me a chill down my spine. He was the first to get off of the plane, and I was after him. A car was parked out front with a driver standing there waiting for us. Marcus didn’t climb in the car at first, so I took the initiative to hop in, and still had to wait until he got in. Once the driver got in, he also got in and slammed the door. I gave him an odd look, then shook my head as we pulled off. I sat back in my seat and looked at the city that took my father’s life. I couldn’t believe I had to come back here. We first past the church where we held his services at. I could feel my eyes water up thinking about that dreadful night. Suddenly the streets turned into a rocky road a place I have never trailed down on.

“What the fuck is you doing man?” Marcus said as he was feeling on his revolver in his jacket.
“Just following orders.” the strange man said as he stopped the car.
“This isn’t where I asked you to bring us too.” Marcus said, looking at the strange dude through the rearview.
“No?” the man said as he suddenly got out of the car. “But my boss ordered me to.” he said.

Marcus tried to get out of the car, but he was unable to get out. The bastard had our doors on child lock.

“I advise you not to move so much. There is a bomb ticking inside of the car.” he said as another vehicle pulled up on the side of him.

“Adios.” he said and walked to the passenger side and hopped in.

I soon grew frustrated. “Now what the hell are we going to do.” I said hopelessly drawing out a long breath.

Marcus didn’t say anything, but was in thought. I didn’t want to disturb him, but I noticed his eyes were suddenly focused upward. Without a word he slowly began climbing towards the front.

“What are you about to do?” I asked softly.

He didn’t say anything. It was as though he was in a trance focused on getting us out of here. I watched him carefully. He took the key and gently let it back as he had let down the windows.

“Dumb ass left the key. Clarese, I need for you to climb out of the window first.” he said.

I didn’t hesitate. I began crawling out of the window and ended up falling on the ground. I immediately got up and waited for Marcus next. He was practically out of the window as well, when he shouted “Start running.” I began to run and suddenly heard footsteps following from afar, then a sudden explosion that caused me to fall. All of the debris was flying everywhere, so I kept my body down until everything stopped flying. Once I didn’t feel anything else, I looked up and around for Marcus, who was not far from the car when the explosion hit. He was also laying on the ground as the flames grew from the car. I immediately rushed to his direction to see him lying on his stomach. I dropped down on the ground and rolled him over on my lap to see if he was okay. It look as though a piece of glass cut him on the side of his left eye.

“Marcus…Marcus get up.” I said trying to get him to respond.

Since he didn’t respond, I looked around to see no one was in sight.

“Shit.” I told myself as I shook him some. Suddenly I heard him moan, trying to wake up out of his fall. He slowly made his way out of it as he slightly opened his eyes. I smiled happy to see he was okay. “Good, you‘re okay.” I said as I stroked his head softly.
“Damn man.” he said trying to get up off my lap.
“Easy Marcus. You‘re hurt a little.” I said, but his hardheaded ass got up anyway.

He sat up in my as he dug in his pocket. He retrieved his cell and called up someone. I sat there and waited for him to get off the phone. He was soon off and stood up dusting himself off.

“A cab will be here to pick us up in a few.” he said.
“Okay, but while we are out, you think I could pick up some more clothing from the store since it blew up?” I asked.

He just looked down at me, but I still held a smile on my face knowing somewhere deep inside, he had a soft spot.


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Chapter 15 |Accommodations|

The cab arrive, and off we went back in town. Marcus look as though he is lost in thought, so I just instruct the driver to take us to Plaza Loreto, which is a newer shopping center in Mexico. We arrive to the pack area. I open my door first, but notice that Marcus wasn’t getting out.

“Come on Marcus.” I demanded.
“I‘m going to wait in here and let the driver keep his meter going.” he said.

The Mexican driver step in the conversation.

“Señor, I wait for you.” he said in broken English.
“See Marcus.” I encouraged.

He immediately open the door, getting out slamming it behind him. We walk towards the crowded market, roaming around the different shops to see what will catch my eye. Marcus is right behind me scoping out a few people while I admire the different kinds of clothing that were on display. Shopping is my thing, but seeing Marcus isn’t into it like I am, I want to be considerate. Marcus and I gather a few things we think we need on this journey, and off we went. Marcus got in the cab and told him to head to my old house down here. Sudden flashbacks enter my mind, so I immediately grabbed Marcus arm and look up at him.

“I can‘t stay there tonight Marcus.” I said with a worried look on my face.
“Why not?” he asked, not looking at me.
“Because...” I said trailing off my statement by looking down.
“Fine then. Take us to the best hotel.” he instructed once again.

Once again, silence invade the space, and I stare out into the streets of Mexico. It isn’t long when we arrive, and stood a tall hotel overlooking the water.

“Nice…” I told myself. We gather our belongings and got out to be greeted by a doorman.

He gather our belongings onto a cart, then we follow him to the front desk.

“Hello.” I said.
“Hello senora. How may I help you?” the receptionist greeted, staring at Marcus and me. She must assume Marcus and I are married. I didn’t bother to correct her though.
“Yes, we need to separate rooms.” I said.
“Do you have reservations?” she asked.
“No.” I said, and suddenly watch as her fingers began typing away.

Marcus look around, and notice a crowd.

“Is there something going on?” he asked.
“Yes, there is a festival in town.” she said. “Aw… we only have one available room, but it does have two beds.” she said.

I glance up at Marcus, who was ready to give her a no, so I immediately jump in.

“We‘ll take it.” I said.
“No we won‘t.” Marcus immediately shot back.
“Can you give us one moment please?” I asked and pushed him to the side. “It‘s just for a night Marcus.” I said.

He look off, and I could tell he’s upset from his jaw bone constantly moving.

“You stay here. I‘ll go to the house.” he said, walking off.
“Wait Marcus.” I immediately said, quickly walking behind him, grabbing his arm. “What the fuck is your problem? You act like I‘m going to kill you or something. You don‘t trust me?” I asked.

He look down at me and didn’t say anything.

“It‘s your decision, but I‘m tired of being treated as though I‘ve hurt you Marcus.” I said, then walk back to the desk. “I‘ll take the room.” I said.
“So that will be for you and him?” she asked looking up at Marcus, who is standing behind me.

I look at him and gave him a warm smile.

“Yes, for him and me.” I said.

She process two room keys for us and off we went to room 1420. We took our cart to the elevator. Marcus didn’t have anything to say, and I am not planning to start anything. We got on and press the fourth floor. The elevator came to a halt on the fourth level, and the doors open. This feels like it’s a start of a wonderful friendship.


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i don't think its the start of just wonderful friendship!!!

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Chapter 16 |Kiss Me|

The water pressed against my body, rinsing away the scent of smoke and liquor on my body. It’s three in the morning when we returned to the hotel after running errands, and the main thing on my mind is sleep. Fifteen minutes later I got out of the shower, wrapping the big towel around my body. The new P.J.’s I brought today is still laying on the bed. I open the door, peeking my head out to see Marcus sitting in a chair watching television. Walking out into the cold room, I quickly walk to the bed to retrieve my belongings off the bed. The feeling of someone looking at me ran through my body, so I glance at Marcus to see he is focus on the television still. I walk back into the bathroom, placing on my clothing as well as brush my teeth, then walk back into the room, fully refreshed.

“The bathroom is yours.” I said, plopping down on the bed staring at him.

He stood up without saying anything, grabbing his bag then walk into the bathroom. I grab the remote, pulling back the covers to get comfortable. I flip through all of the channels several times until I grew satisfied watching a rerun of a fake Maury show. It’s hilarious though. 30 minutes later, Marcus walked back in the bedroom wearing a wife beater that hugged his body along with a pair of sweats. My eyes try not to focus on him, but his rich chocolate complexion made my mouth water.

He place his bag down by his side, then stood near the television to see what I’m watching.

“This bullshit.” he said in a low tone.
“What?” I questioned to let him know I heard his statement.
“Nothing, just wondering what ya‘ll females get from this.” he said, as he walk to his bed and sat down.
“Don‘t know. It‘s just funny to see people make a fool of themselves.” I replied.

He shook his head, while throwing back the covers. He cut off his lamp, which indicated he’s about to go on to sleep.

“Marcus.” I whispered.
“Hmm…” he grunted turning towards me.
“Are you about to go to sleep?” I asked.
“If it looks like it then yea.” he retorted back.

I sat there for a moment before saying anything else. Sitting up fully in the bed, I slid to the edge, turning on his light.

“What‘s the deal Clarese?” he asked, sitting up in the bed as well, but with an unusual calm voice. He must be tired.
“Can I ask you a personal question?” I asked.

He stared at me for a moment.

“Were you there when my father was killed?” I asked point blank.

He looked down before saying anything.

“The time your father was killed, I was out of the house. He called me giving me the instructions he gave to you.” he said.

Nothing else was said. The stares of Marcus was obvious from the senses inside of me.

“I know how you feel Clarese.” he interrupted the silence.

I quickly look in his direction to see what he is saying.

“I‘ve lived my entire life thinking I was the reason for my father‘s death. Being the oldest, I was left the responsibility to help my brothers and sisters because our family was poor. Momma didn‘t start acting like a bitch til he died, blaming me the whole time. She denied me as her son, taking my house key, then kick me out of the house…” he said stopping in mid sentence. He just stared down the whole time he mentioned that.

Getting out of the bed, I approach Marcus, who look up at me. I sat down next to him on his bed not saying a word. The television glared in the midst of us, with the sound low in the background.

“Do you trust me Marcus?” I asked him out of the blue.
“What?” he asked.
“Do you trust me enough to consider me as a friend.” I asked.

The pounding of my heart after asking that question clogged my ears from any sound at that moment. He didn’t speak a word, but something I never expected happened. His hand gently swayed my hair to the side, then let his finger slide down to my chin, raising it. He came closer to my face until our lips matched. Soft smooth lips pressed against mines, and the pressure of his tongues spread my lips apart tasting the sweetness of his tongue. For a minute getting into, our lips departed, and my eyes were found in his. His expression was just as shocked as mines. What is happening between us?


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Chapter 17 |News|

My eyes suddenly fluttered open as though I could feel someone peering me. Looking around the room, I discovered my instincts were wrong. The bed Marcus slept in no longer held his body, but a messy bed spread. I got up, to check the bathroom to find no one. Must have went downstairs. Turning back around, the balcony door is slightly ajar. Approaching the balcony to see why it’s open, I noticed Marcus sitting on the balcony smoking a cigar while peering in the morning midst. I stepped onto the balcony as well, having a seat next to him, taking in the scent of the foreign cigar. His focus stayed ahead, but I couldn’t stop staring at the man before me. Was yesterday a dream, a fantasy I desired so much? Or was it real?

“Slept aight?” he asked, taking one long draw, letting the smoke escape through his nose.
“Somewhat. How about you?” I asked fiddling with my fingers.
“I had better days.” he replied, flicking the bud from his fingers off from the balcony.

Sitting there with silence amongst us besides the sound of birds chirping just had my mind wandering. I noticed a small knot on his head that came about from yesterday event. I gently touched it, but he slightly flinched from my touch. I folded my hands together, looking off far into the distance. Now thoughts consumed my head as to what is all happening? His words soon broke my concentration…

“What you thinking about?” he asked, laid back in the chair, now facing my way.
“Yesterday…” I said, but stop, placing my head down to feel a blush coming on.
“What about it?” he asked in a nonchalant tone as though there is nothing to remember.
“Was, that real?” I asked, looking up to see his reaction.

He sat up in his seat, staring me in my eyes to give me a truthful answer I believe. Instead of words, he stood up standing at the rail of the balcony, overseeing the view.

“I don‘t know.” he said as I continued sitting there.

His head turned slightly, peering me over his shoulder. Standing up, I swiftly walk towards the side of him, leaning on the post. Words mumbled from his mouth as he turn back towards the view. Seven years were the words he chimed as I look towards him to see what exactly his meaning was.

“Seven years of what?” I asked.
He paused a minute before replying to my question. “It‘s been seven years since I first seen you. Seven years when I started working with your father. Seven years that changed my life.” he said, unmovable.

I stood up to complete length, turned to his direction.

“It‘s been seven years?” I asked amazed he remembered.
“Yep. And after seven years, I still look at you the way I first seen you.” he said in a low seductive tone that left a sensation running in my blood.

I turn back towards the now sun lit.

“What? A little kid. That‘s what you said to me the first time.” I replied.

He took in a deep sigh. The sun touched my flesh, warming my blood. The light blue sky was softened by white full clouds. At that moment, it felt as though the heavens were opening up to strengthen our bond. I knew father is looking down, telling me something.

“Yea…because you were. Always chiming in when you were not suppose to.” he replied with a slight grin on his face believing he was reminiscing of the past.
“So. ..”

He stood there, turning to look me in my eyes once more. Taking in the rich brown eye color that trance me.

“It’s hard to trust people you know. Years of the bullshit I went through, I trusted no one until I met your father. He took me in, laying out my foundation, and helped me to grow from there. I owe him my life Clarese.” he said with a straight face. “When you asked me did I trust you, I didn‘t know how to respond because I‘m going to be real with you, I don‘t trust females…” he stopped, looking back off to the sky. “You on the other hand…There is something…” he began to say, but the sound of ringing disturb his thoughts.

My heart, racing with anticipation, died down as he answer walking back into the room. I bit the bottom of my lip to stop the curses from sliding out, while leaning back on the balcony. Thoughts played around in my head about my life. About death. About everything. Who was trying to kill us yesterday? Was it the same men that killed my father? Why were they after us in the first place? Having only a glimpse of the driver who worn dark black shades that hid an important aspect of his identity wasn’t enough for me to remember. I need to find out what was going on, but it seemed impossible to find answers. Suddenly the sound of Marcus deepened voice touch my eardrum, so I turn slightly his way.

“Get dressed. We running by the house.” he said, then turn back inside to place on his clothing I assumed.

Taking in a deep breath, I gave a slight prayer as to what to do, then returned inside. Upon entering, my eyes fell upon a chocolate coated body, very well tone. He was placing a shirt over his head, so I return back to focus walking towards my bag of clothing, then into the bathroom. Shutting the door, images of Marcus body frolic in my mind like a broken record, over and over again. I knew some kind of way, we could be together, but for now being committed to a person is secondary than being committed to the game.

The bathroom door open, and I stepped out. The television was on, and Marcus stood there with his back faced the opposite direction.

“I‘m ready.” I replied.

He glanced towards me with an unknown twinkle in his eye, gesturing for me to come over.

“Check this shit out.” he said as he had on the morning news. It was about the incident that had taken place yesterday. The car was blown up on property owned by a billionaire, none other than Javier. A well known person amongst both the Mexican and American population. But mostly in the streets. Next to us was him, rolling in more stacks than Bill Gates. Something wasn’t adding up to me though. Why would the driver actually take us to that empty lot which was still within city limits? He was ordered there, so who ordered him to do so? Was it this fellow?


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Janae wer u at??
please add!!!!

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Chapter 17 |continued…|
Nightmares of blood fled into my mind as we pull up to the place I once called home. Nothing seem to have change as though everything stayed in tact. The grass is constantly cut, the garden, continuously growing and so fourth. Beautiful as the last I seen it, but darkened by the death of my father. Marcus decided to get us a rental being that whoever is after us is still plotting. Javier been on my mind now after watching the broadcast this morning, and being that I have never had dealings with him before made my suspicion rise even more. Pulling up towards the garage, Marcus parked the car. The driver’s door open, as my eyes followed Marcus to the garage where he pulled up the door to see an empty garage. He ran back towards the car, jumping in to pull into the empty space. After hearing the engine stopped, I decided to say something.

“Let‘s not be here too long. Okay.” I asked, giving him a serious face.

He nod towards me then our doors flung open. We walk back into the open air, looking around to make sure everything was clear. We closed the garage, walking towards the back to check on the crops. Pass the beautiful magnolias I’ve planted a while back that is now going to be out of season soon, we arrived to the full crops that were ready for its harvest. Marcus held a box of garbage bags in his hands, pulling out one for me and one for him.

“You do the right side, I‘ll handle the left. Once your bag is full, get another one. I‘m leaving the box right here.” he said, dropping them in the spot we stood at. I nodded my head. “Work as fast as possible. No telling who may have tracked us.” he continued, then quickly maneuvered towards the left side, while I headed to the right direction. Crops were in full bloom at the moment, so I did as I was told, pulling and bagging as fast as possible. Within 15 minutes, I finished one entire row, working on my second. I looked up to see Marcus already half way done with his second row. He has more experience than me when it comes to plucking the marijuana from the cannabis sativa plant that produces the drug. The sun continuously beam upon my body creating droplets of sweat on my heated body. I wiped the edge of my hairline, seeing the sweat upon the back of my forearm but the work must be done. I thought about sending some workers to do the work for us, but I though about what my dad said, “You can‘t leave merchandise in the hands of monkeys.” I shook my head at the thought and suddenly heard Marcus close upon me. He startled me for a second, as I quickly turned around.

“Shh…” he said in a low tone as the words that was ready to come out become mush.

I silenced hearing the sound of a car door slam. Who could that be, hearing silence suddenly. Marcus gripped onto my arm, as we tip toed our way to the shed in the back. He pushed me in first, then he followed me in, closing the door slightly ajar leaving a beam of sunlight upon him and I. I stood behind him, nervous of who that might be.

“Marcus…What‘s going on?” I whispered, breathing heavily in his ear.

He didn’t say anything as his hand rested upon his nine, ready to pull it out when needed. I stepped back to give him some space, as he peeked out to see who was coming. Silence. No words. Nothing. It was as though it was our imagination that was hearing things. And maybe it was being that the heat was getting to me. No wait… The sound of footsteps could be heard a mile off as though they were wearing boots. Marcus held his hand out, making sure I wasn’t in his way as he grabbed the gun from his holster holding it close to the door. The heavy footsteps grew, but Marcus was able to see the figure as he blocked my view. I want to ask him who was it, but no words were left fourth. Suspense grew as suddenly the heavy footsteps stopped, hearing the sound of another man’s voice.

“Nothing is here man. Come on.” echoed through the shed.

My nose wiggled, trying to hold back a sneeze from the collected dust. I held onto my nose, rubbing it continuously so that it wouldn’t come out. Marcus head shifted back some, I guess so that the man wouldn’t look in here. Once again, the other man that stood afar from the house shouted at the man.

“Come on man. I don‘t see the shit. Let‘s go.” he said as the footsteps disappeared towards the front of the house. Silence still mingled in the air, but a sudden disperse interrupted in the air as gun shots made its way into the shed scaring me out of my wits. Marcus quickly covered his hand over my mouth as I leaned on him, wrapping my arms around his waist. My heart continuously race as more bullets poured through. Not being able to see the direction the man aimed caused me to be even more nervous. Suddenly Marcus hovered over me on the ground, making sure I was safe under his protection. A groan slipped out of Marcus lips as though pain inflicted his body. My eyes beamed up at him who kept his eyes close in some sort of concentration.

“Stop…come on.” the strong Mexican accent said aggressively.

Finally the bullets ceased, hearing the heavy footsteps disappear to the front of the house. Doors could be heard slamming from where we were. Engine growled furiously as tires screeched off the property. The sounds of heavy breathing lifted in the air as I look at Marcus who eyes were closed shut still. I moved back from his covering me to watch him fall back to the ground. My eyes bucked as rays of sunlight touched what appears to be droplets of blood on the ground.

“Oh my God Marcus…Where…What…” my word stumbled all together unable to get my point across.
“I‘m okay… I want you to make sure they left. Here take this gun.” he said, as the look of pain trailed on his face.

My eyes continued looking at the blood that continuously left his body, but the words “Go” moved me to leave out of the shed into an open field of no one in sight. I ran up towards the front, then slowly cease the running into a silent tip toe seeing nothing in sight. The two unknown men were no where in sight, so I figured everything is clear. My feet turned back towards the shed, to see Marcus standing with his shirt off wrapped tightly around his leg. The limp walk signified the pain he felt as I approached him.

“Are you okay.” I asked, rushing to his aid, letting him place an arm around my shoulder for me to help walk him to the car. I wrapped my right arm across his bare waist, slowly taking time to help. Every step he took I could feel his body tense in pain, but he ignored it, trying to ignore the sharpness he felt.

“You need me to take you to the hospital?” I asked half way to the car.

He shook his head in denial, taking his arm away from my shoulder taking the lead. His stubborn attitude is annoying, but deep down inside I felt as though we had a connection that will soon click. We approach the garage, so I took the initiative to open it.

“Give me the keys.” I said.
“What?” he asked as anger flustered his eyebrows, causing a few creases in his forehead.
“You are in no condition to drive, give me the damn keys so we could go.” I said in a calm manner.

He removed the keys from his pants pocket, tossing it towards my direction. I caught it in mid air, unlocking it while walking to the passenger side to let him get in. I opened the door and watched him limp my way with a feel of a moody attitude on. I ignored him though because who would truly be happy getting shot. I immediately rushed to the driver side, cranking up the car and pulling out without even managing to put my seatbelt on. The streets that were unfamiliar became more familiar to me as I paved my way back to the hotel because of Marcus obstinate attitude of not wanting to go to the hospital. My eyes glanced towards him, watching him add pressure to his leg. Then I began to think about the hotel and how are we going to go in without anyone noticing.

“Marcus, I know it may be just a wound, but let me take you…” I began to say once more, but with no surprise.
“Yea, since its just a wound, lets grab some bandages and shit for me to patch this up.” he said, tired of my concerns obviously.

My foot on the gas pressed against the accelerator even harder, heading to the nearest store. The dusty roads soon approached the life of Mexico as many tourist roamed the streets causing me to slow my pace. I pulled over to the side, seeing a local store I think would carry the products I need.

“Be right back.” I said as my door flung open to the noisy traffic.

He didn’t say anything as he stared around at the environment. I shut closed the door, quickly walking across the street as the sun gently pressed against my warm skin. It’s a beautiful day that didn’t need any extra drama such as this incident. Upon entering into the old building, a few stared at me as though I’m from another planet while men eyes glued to me. My main thought is on Marcus though as I went straight down the First Aid aisle as I call it. Gathering the items I need such as bandage wrapping, alcohol, peroxide and the like, I felt a pair of eyes that fell upon me like an unwanted feeling. This feeling was eerie as I began looking around my space. Everyone was focused on their items though, but the eerie feeling is still at presence. Walking to the line, I quickly placed the items up and heard him ring up my items, tossing the bill at him while gathering my things to leave. Eyes felt as though they befell me as I walked out of the store, running across the way to jump back in the car. As I entered, Marcus content stare at the store sort of freaked me out, as though he knew someone was following. Whoever this character is wants us gone, but for what? I didn’t hesitate to pull out immediately as I sped down the packed street regardless of the pedestrians making my way to the hotel now. My eyes glanced at the bloody shirt that pressed against his leg as sympathy fell before my eyes.

“How are you doing?” I asked.
“Nothing but a small wound, nothing to it.” he said nonchalantly, trying to ignore the pain he was feeling. Another ten minutes it took me to arrive at the hotel, following Marcus instructions to park in the back. I noticed a door situated in the back, seeing it said exit only.

“Go inside and find the back door to let me in.” he instructed.
“Don‘t you want me to help you?” I asked.
“I got this. Just do what I said okay.” he said.

I did as he said, getting out to speed walk to the main entrance. Not too many people inside as tourist took hold of the beautiful day to site see. Following the instructions of the exits of the building, it lead me to the stair case where the emergency exit was. Thinking this may cause the alarm to go off, I was nervous to open it, but instead I followed my gut opening the door to hear no such sound come fourth. Marcus was half way to the entrance now as I continued to stand there waiting for him to enter. His hand held on to his hurt leg, limping across the path. His physique still look strong in stature, as his expression of once pain and hurt now is disguised in arrogance. His shirtless frame dazzled in the sun’s midst, glowing upon his milk chocolate coated skin. Upon approaching the door, he grabbed on to it while entering.

“Take the stairs.” he said.
“Are you serious? You‘re hurt Marcus.” I said in shock.
“Take the fucking stairs.” his eyes beamed in a low manner, tired of me making remarks of his judgment.

I rolled my eyes, disgusted of his attitude, taking the stairs with him following slowly behind. Four flights of steps he wanted to climb, but by the time we touched the second floor, I encourage him to take the elevator since it isn’t too far from the stair case. He crept close behind me, not to seem so evident he was hurt, although his shirt is off. The elevator stood six feet away from the stair case, so I pushed the button to see the numbers fall onto number two. The gold plated doors open as we entered, pressing the fourth floor. We watched the doors close, concentrating on the numbers til it reached four. “Ding…” the bell sounded letting us now we have arrived. Getting off, we slowly approached our door sliding my key in to see the green light let us enter. I moved aside letting Marcus enter.


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“I‘ll be back… Bout to get the stuff.” I said closing the door behind.

My pace quickened to the elevator, but seeing it was on the eleventh floor, I immediately rushed to the staircase, down floor flights of steps. The emergency door is where I exited seeing no one in plain sight. Upon approaching the car, I hear some constant arguing from afar, so I began scanning around to see a couple sitting in the car. A female, obviously filled with anger sat on the drivers side pushing his head up against the window. I shook my head, grabbing the items I need to care for Marcus leg, then locked and shut the doors walking back to the building. I forgot the door automatically locked, so I walked all the way around the front entrance. The lobbyist held a friendly smile and I showed my pearls back to her. The elevator opened as some people left upon my approach to the doors leaving an empty elevator to myself. I got on, pressing the fourth floor, waiting a few seconds til the door closed. After closing, I stared straight ahead in the enclosed interior, admiring the wood grained design. The ring sound touched my ear, letting me know I’ve arrived. I got off and headed to the room. My key slipped in the card swipe door. The scent of fresh weed touched my nose upon entering into the room as I seen Marcus sitting on the bed flipping through channels of the television station. I dropped the belongings on the bed, taking slow steps towards him. Drawing in his last puff, he sat the bud in the ash tray, letting the weed escape through his nostrils. One thing I noticed about Marcus is he smokes when he has problems, when things are on his mind. Observing him for several years let me indicate the habit quick. His eyes looked up at me while I stared at his leg. I sat down by his side, ready to unravel the shirt off his leg, but the feel of his quick reaction stopped my hand.

“Marcus, let me patch you up.” I said.
“You don‘t have to. I got this.” he said, letting his brown eyes continue its focus on me.
“Marcus, let me help you…Okay. I‘m not going to hurt you.” I said.
“That‘s what everyone say. Look just chill for a moment, I could handle this. It‘s just grazed anyway, no bullet in me.” he complained.

Ignoring his past statement, my hand squeezed upon his hurt leg, causing him to wince in pain.

“What the fuck you doing?” he screamed out.
“You either let me help you or go to the damn hospital. I‘ll be damned to let you do this by yourself.” I said, not giving into the pain I seen in his eyes.
“Okay…just let go.” he said in an angered manner.

I loosened to see a red stained hand from his dampened blood that seeped through his shirt. His eyes never left me as I walked to the end of his bed grabbing the items to help patch him up. After grabbing the item, I walked back to the him, sitting on the bed slightly near his leg. No words left his full lips as my hands slowly unraveled the soiled cloth revealing the side ripped pants that torn near his skin.

“I‘m going to need for you to take these pants off.” I said sternly, standing up to allow him to get up.

He sighed heavily, slowly making his way up. Knowing he didn’t want my help, I moved to the side a little more to allow him some room, removing the blood stained pants. Upon watching him strip out of the pants, I noticed a tattoo upon his body, but didn’t get a chance to examine it since he sat himself back down in the bed, grabbing the remote to flip through the limited amount of programs on. Staring at his wound, as he said, it was only grazed, but the bullet still left an indention that caused some serious loss of blood. As badly as I would have preferred him to go to the hospital, I know he wouldn’t. Sitting back on the bed, I grabbed the cotton pads I had brought with the alcohol to start cleaning the still dampened blood. Slowly cleaning around the edges slight pulses of nerves was evident that he felt the sensation, but his determination to remain calm is more dominant. Seeing this, I dampened another cotton pad, slowly placing it upon his wound. He eased up on the bed.

“What you doing?” he asked in slight pain.
“You’re a man, you could take it.” I said without looking at him, continuing to apply pressure to the wound.

After the blood was cleaned off of his chocolate complexion, my eyes greeted his after feeling his stare. Dark brown eyes that seemed to have glow from some strange reason were glued to mines. The awkward feeling had my temperature rise, knowing I’m now a shade redder.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked.

His shoulders shrugged, eyes still attached to mines. The stare soon resumed back to his leg as I began to bandage him up. I took my time, showing care to his leg as my fingers smoothen the bandage softly on his wound.

“Much better now.” I said, moving my hair to the side as I lowered my head to kiss the bandage that was fit tightly around his leg.

His hand fallen before my cheek, raising my head up to look me in my eye. I scooted closer as his face came closer toward me feeling the warmness of his lips upon mines once more, but more passionate than the first. His tongue separated my lips, letting our tongues playfully dance in its sweet embrace. Not wanting it to end, I soon felt coldness touch my lips, longing for his once again, but as I open my eyes, he stared at me with softened eyes.

“Why do you care?” he questioned in a calm voice.
“Care?” I questioned back, confused of statement.
“You seem to care about me and I want to know why.” he said with a serious look before me.

My head turned slightly, thinking about an answer to his question. Why is it that I care for a man that never seem to show any affection to me until now?

“Why not care Marcus? You act as though no one care for you.” I said, feeling his hand fall from my face.

His head turned as though I’ve touched a personal point, and this person that I care so much about, I want to know more. This mystery has been played out and now it is time to get to the root of the problem.

“That‘s the point Clarese. No one cared. My momma damn well didn‘t care.” he said, stopping the empty statement.

Placing my hand upon his shoulder to show the empathy I felt, he looked me in my eyes before speaking.

“You can talk to me. I‘m your partner, your sidekick, your friend. You can talk to me.” I said in the most sincere tone. “Please.” I said. “I never had to beg anybody for anything. I‘m just asking you to please tell me why your in so much pain.” I pleaded.
He let go of a heavy sigh. “My momma constantly had children with different men. Each man left her, and she placed all her blame on me, being that I was the first child. She said ever since she had me, no man stayed. Her love that she was suppose to have for us was placed all on each man, and I was left caring for my other siblings. Things gotten worst with the last boyfriend she had. I have a clear mental picture of him. Tall, black, with a rattle snake tattooed on his arm. My momma fell head over heels for him instantly with his smooth swagger and hard core appearance you know.” he chuckled to himself disguising the pain he was feeling. “Well, she allowed him to do whatever it took for him to stay, so he took that as the opportunity to toy around with my sisters and beat my little brothers. Being the oldest, each one of them were watched closely under my care. Every time his black ass even thought about touching my blood, he dealt with me. I took all of the beatings, filthy language and the like. I‘ve done it all for my brothers and sisters. And the eyes of my mother just watched as I took each lick from him without saying a word. Not that she was scared, because the smile she tossed upon her face was something I never forgot. He nearly killed me one night and she held a grin of approval before she said enough…” he said stopping.

Tears fallen down my cheek as I kept my eyes focus on him seeing his tears stain the chocolate complexion. My heart ached for him because of his hard past of a loveless lifestyle. I crossed over him, snuggling next to him wrapping my arms around him to show that I was here for him. Feeling his tears fall upon my arm caused me to cry for him even more, something I never did for anyone. Seeing how his past is affecting him now gave me a clearer understanding.


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lovin the boards new look!!!
Blue is my fave colour!
Anyway the story is banging!

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Thanks...I love blue too.
So I had to change things up...


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Chapter 18 |Restless Night|

After Marcus shared his story, I was determined to learn more. He left me the impression of an incomplete story, but I was not going to push him. During the night, I laid in the bed looking at the moons glow before my eyes, amazed at how extremely bright it is. For some reason, I could not sleep, unknowing of who may be on our trail. All I could do is think about home, feeling slightly safe while working a dangerous job as I do. Not too long ago, our lives could have been taken away in an instant, and now here we are once more with one who refuse medical treatment. A deep sigh I took.

“Can‘t sleep either?” Marcus asked, causing my heart to skip a beat.

I raised up to look towards him seeing that he was positioned on his back looking at the ceiling. I didn’t say anything as I look back towards the balcony window staring at the sky once more.

“What your thinking about?” he asked, breaking the awkward silence once more.

Once again, I sighed before answering. “Home,” I replied wishing I was in the comfort of my bed.
“You going there tomorrow.” he said sarcastically, but I really didn’t pay him any mind.
“I know.” I said.

I heard a grunt from behind me, so I turned slightly to see Marcus getting up from the corner of my eye. His pain could be heard now, as he got up limping to the bathroom not saying another word to me. Checking the view once again, I could hear the sound of Marcus peeing in the background. I felt myself grinning slightly, thinking of how comfortable we have become around each other although there are still many things I couldn’t do with him near. After hearing the toilet flush and the water run, he shuffled back into the room laying back down.

“Go to sleep.” he told me.

The moonlit sky only gave me a glimpse of his chocolate complexion, but the feeling of him staring at me is still relevant. I stood up from the chair, stretching from the awkward position I sat in and turned towards the pathway of our beds. He just laid there with his good arm settled behind his head. No words slipped out before us as I slowly paced towards his bed. I sat at the edge of it with still silence. My head slightly turned towards him so that he is able to hear me.

“May I sleep in your bed?” I asked feeling a rush of blood flowing all over my heated body.
“You have a perfectly comfortable bed next to me.” he said.

I sighed heavily, “I know. It‘s just…I want some comfort.” I replied turning fully towards him seeing his beamy eyes staring my way.

He didn’t say anything else, so I took that as an invite. I crawled up towards him, laying my head on the free pillow. His warm body could be felt just inches away. I just want someone to be there for me without judging or resentment towards me and my profession. There is something about Marcus I have a passion for, but I don’t know why being that he is a man who seems to have a bipolar disorder. Instead of the silence, I decided to start up a conversation with him.

“So do you have a girlfriend, or wife. Any kids?” I asked.
“Lil personal don‘t you think?” he asked, not looking towards me.
“Well, that isn‘t giving me any answer.” I replied.

The sound of his head turned my way, so I looked up towards him.

“Anyone special in your life?” I asked once more.
“I prefer not to talk about personal life with business.” he said.
“Well, that’s fine. I‘ll tell you about my personal life then since there is nothing special about it anyway.” I said.

He sighed heavily.

“That‘s on you.” he retorted.
“Ok. Well to begin I guess, I‘ve actually had one actual love in my life, but my dad told me it was going to be a huge mistake, and I should have listened. Everything was going fine and all, we even planned to get married. It wasn‘t until a few weeks after our engagement I found out his true colors, after being with him for almost five years.” I said cutting myself short.

Silence once more filled the room until he interrupted.

“Then what happened?” he asked.
I sighed, turning over in the bed. “You don‘t want to hear it anyway. I better get some sleep so that we can leave bright and early in the morning.” I replied, closing my eyes to try and sleep.

Within five minutes, I felt Marcus turn towards my backside, wrapping his arm around my waist. His warm breath tickled my neck, which caused me to scoot near him even more. I felt a gentle pull towards him that made me feel safe…

By morning the sun touched the window, but that’s not what woke me up. Something poked me in my backside, which I knew in this case it wasn’t a remote control. A smile touched my face at the thought, but to save him and I some embarrassment, I slipped from under him and into the bathroom. I took care of any personal care I had and slipped into some clothing that I had left in the bathroom, by the time I came out, Marcus was sitting up in the bed watching the morning news.

“Your turn.” I replied, and without a word, he stood up with a slight sound of pain from his bad leg heading into the bathroom.

From there I packed up any extra belongings so we could leave.


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Chapter 19 |Late Night Slumber|

It feels good to be home once again after all of the drama that went down in Mexico. Marcus had grabbed a cane before we departed to help him walk. The main thing we had went up there for, which was to harvest the drugs we had grown, had to remain there since we had taken a public flight back. Upon our Miamiation home, we caught a cab instead of a personal driver unsure of who he may actually be, either one of us or one of them. Just trying to play safe. That is one reason why Marcus didn’t ask the private pilot to bring us because of his uncertainty towards him now. Marcus instructed the driver to head to my house being that is where he left his car. I noticed the driver paying close attention to Marcus. I didn’t know if it is because of his leg or the fact that the driver could just be gay. Oh well, Marcus isn’t concerned with the matter. The meter kept going as the further we were off from city limits. It didn’t matter though because I’m used to traveling such a far distance. Marcus and I barely said one word to each other during the ride. I felt so shy around him suddenly and couldn’t figure out the reason why. Is it because we shared much more than we bargained for? Or is it because my feelings for him is starting to grow and I don’t want to scare him off. Well time will tell me the truth of the matter eventually. Seeing the palm trees that my father planted a long time ago gave me the thought of peace and tranquility of home. The driver eventually pulled up to my driveway seeing that the house is still in one piece. I opened the door taking in the fresh beach air that filled my lungs with great joy. Marcus opened his side up after tossing the cab driver a bill telling him to keep the change. He stood up with a slight hint of pain on his face. The cab driver got out to tend to our belongings. I walk to the door to unlock it, opening the door slightly to find everything so far still in tact. The driver approached me, so I opened the door for him, watching him place our belongings by the door. He tilted his head as a signal that he’s leaving, while Marcus watch him like a hulk. After the driver left, Marcus just stood there, not coming in.

“Well, are you going to come in?” I asked staring in his dark eyes that were filled with questions.
“Naw. I have my keys. I‘m just going to grab my bags and go.” he replied, moving his head in another direction.
“Can you drive in your condition?” I questioned.
“It‘s just a wound. I can drive.” he said kind of upset.
“Well, excuse me for caring.” I said folding my arms.
“Look, I didn’t mean it that way. I just have some other things to take care of.” he said slightly stepping in to retrieve his bag. “I‘ll hit you up later.” he said.

I watched as he slowly left from my sight, heading to his vehicle parked around the corner of the house. I just closed the door trying not to worry about him. Looking around my quiet home, I walked in further into the living room seeing a few things out of place. One, why is my coffee table set to the side? Two, why are all my pillows on the floor? And three, why are they on my $3,000 rug with only a sheet over them.

“What are you doing on my floor?” I asked sort of upset at the thought. BiBi rubbed her eyes slowly opening her eyes while looking up towards me.
“Oh, hey sis, we had caught a late night movie last night and had fallen asleep.” she replied, laying her head upon Reggie chest while squeezing closer towards him.
“Damn, I knew I told ya‘ll to make yourself comfortable, but not all over my expensive rug.” I replied.
“I‘m sorry. Didn‘t mean to. Come on baby…Let‘s chill in my room.” she told Reggie, nudging him slightly.

She pulled the loose cover from over their bodies, revealing Reggie’s well defined torso. His chocolate complexion reminded me much of Marcus, which began to turn me on. I quickly walked to the staircase.

“I‘m about to take a shower.” I said trailing up the stairs thinking about my comfortable bed. I barely slept yesterday, which is why my thoughts is now on laying down. I approached my room, seeing it was left just like I had it. I walked over towards my French doors, pulling open the curtains as rays of sunlight cascaded into my bedroom. My feet shuffled back towards the bed as I plopped down on it feeling the nice cushion upon my body. I laid back, relaxing my back as the mattress consumed my tiresome body. It wasn’t long before my eyes had closed embracing slumber…

The sound of my mattress from extra weight had awaken me. I slowly look around to see Marcus sitting on the edge of my bed, which startled me. I rubbed my eyes to be sure I wasn’t seeing things, but I wasn’t. I quickly sat up puzzled.

“How did you get in here?” I asked.
“Your sister invited me in.” he replied, looking down into his hands.
“Well, what are you doing here, I should be asking?” I asked.

No words left from him yet, so I just stared at him until I received an answer. Finally, something was coming from him.

“I wanted to see you.” he replied.
“Really?” I asked in a surprised manner. I sat up in an Indian style position, staring at him. The fact that he came to see me is a shocker. Suddenly he turned fully towards me.
“I couldn‘t stop thinking about you. The trip from Mexico really opened my eyes seeing that there is something different about you.” he said as he squinted his eyes as though he was trying to figure it out. “You know, your dad told me something a while ago…” he said breaking the sentence.
“Really. And what is that?” I asked tilting my head to one side letting my hair fall against my right shoulder.

He turned his head.

“Never mind. It‘s nothing really.” he said then looked back at me.

I was about to ask him what he was about to say, but I didn’t bother as he stood up from my bed and began looking around my room.

“You have a nice setup here.” he said as he slowly walked up on the side of me glancing at one of my pictures on the night stand that sat next to my bed.
“That was me and dad when I was younger.” I said as he raise the picture up closer towards him to catch a good glimpse.
“Nothing changed.” he retorted sarcastically, placing the picture back down.
“Nope. Still look the same.” I replied to his sarcasm.
“Well, that‘s a good thing.” he said staring down at me.

My head slightly shifted from the uncomfortable position I sat in so I quickly stood up right next to him adjusting my clothing.

“Want something to drink?” I asked waiting for a response.

Nothing was said though. I decided to go on ahead down to the kitchen, but before I could reach the door something is holding me back. I look down at my arm to see Marcus having a firm grip on my arm pulling me towards his arm. As he finally pulled me into his arms, a gentle whisper graced my ear.

“All I want is you.” he said as his firm grasp held my waistline.

My arms wrapped around his waist as well pulling him tightly in my grasp.

“Me too.” I replied taking in his subtle cologne that zoned me out.

One hand left my waist pulling my chin up for a kiss. One kiss led to another that became more passionate. His sweet tongue parted my lips letting loose our desires.

“You look so good.” he said as he kissed my neck.

I didn’t say anything from the wonderful feeling. His hands molded back around my waist pulling me tightly upon his body making me feel secure in his arms.

“You smell so sweet.” he said releasing his grasp from me. “I know I stepped way out of my boundary. I better go.” he replied almost half way to the door.
“No wait.” I quickly responded not wanting him to leave.

He stopped dead in his tracks not looking my way. My body felt so vulnerable at this moment.

“Why are you leaving me?” I asked flirtatiously

He turned towards me with a slight smile on his face.

“Want me to stay?” he asked knowing my expression said yes.

I approached him with a grin on my face deciding to turn off my main light since my lamp and the moon shun through the room.

“Have a seat while I freshen up a little.” I said as I walk towards my private bathroom shutting the door behind. I had taken a bath this morning but I decided to just get out of these clothing and put on something a little more comfortable.

Checking out the mirror, I noticed how rough I looked. I combed my hair down as I walk into my closet to find some pajamas. Peeling my clothing off, I let them fall on the floor as I slipped on another pair of Victoria Secrets. Afterwards, I found a pair of shorts and a tee to put on so that I wouldn’t seem to desperate. Walking out of the closet, I walk to the vanity to see my favorite Bath and Body Works perfume. I dabbed a little on then checked myself once more. Back into the room I went as I found Marcus sitting on the edge of my bed once more. I approached him once again, this time standing in between his legs with my arms folded.

“So what did you really come over here for?” I asked sarcastically.

He licked his chocolate lips that were full and plump, ready for me to devour. His eyes examined my frame, while his hands felt my curves.

“Is it hard to tell?” he asked, which led to a smile on my face.

I pushed him back on the bed, while I climbed on top of him. He held my frame as I lowered towards him, tasting his chocolate kiss once more. His hands stroked my back, up to my hair where he ran his fingers from my scalp to the ends of my hair. My body lowered towards his body even more, as my face stared in his face. His hands went from my hair back onto my back, stroking it slowly…

“Clare…Clare…” he said, but his voice changed into a familiar voice. “Clare, wake up.” The familiar voice said, and soon my eyes slightly peered open to see it was all a dream. “Girl it is after ten and you have a visitor.” BiBi said after finally opening my eyes.
“Who is it?” I asked.
“I don‘t know.” she replied.
“Okay, tell them I will be down in a minute.” I replied, slowly getting up.

Who could this be now?


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damn...she was dreaming!!!
poor thing!!!
lovin it!!!
next add please!!

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Chapter 20 |Delivery|

After giving myself a quick wash up and some nice clothing, I walked downstairs. The unnamed character stood near the entrance of the door with a smug look on his face. He glanced my way, placing a smirk upon him. My confused facial expression have been seen as he began to unveil himself.

“Clarese. I‘m Lorenzo.” his accent caught my attention.

I still didn’t respond wondering what’s the deal. I strapped my gun under my skirt just in case something had went down. He was a little short in stature with a caramel complexion. His hair was neatly braided straight back with a nicely trimmed goatee. His teeth were a little yellow, but his appearance all together is fair. It look as though a symbol is placed upon the side of his neck, but I was unsure. From what I could make out, it look as though it is a Spade with a number in the middle.

“May I speak to you outside?” he asked politely.
“We‘re good in here.” I said folding my arms peering out the corner of my eye to see Reggie in the background still.
“It would be best to do as I say.” he remarked eyes growing darker.

I looked around to see Reggie’s eyes peering at the stranger.

“Ok.” I gave in, walking towards the door.

I open the door, standing there waiting for him to walk out first. He stood for a moment then walked on ahead as I followed behind. His car is parked in front of my house, which of course is a rental from the sticker on the back. I assumed an outsider.

“What is it? Who sent you?” I asked wanting to know what is going on.
“Its official business. My job was just to simply deliver this package addressed to you.” he said, pulling out an envelop from his pocket, but at the same time, I felt for my gun, unsure of his actual intentions..
“Answer my question. I do not do business with unknown individuals.” I remarked waiting for a reply.
“If you take this package, you will fully understand who you are doing business with. I‘m not here to harm you at no cost. I‘m just a deliverer.” he stated still holding the package towards me. It took a minute to take it from him, but I finally did.

Once more, his smirk appeared upon his face, then turned towards the car to get in. I watched as he fully left from my sight. Looking down at the brown envelop with no wording in the front, I just walked inside. Reggie and BiBi stood in the living room with a concerned look on their faces.

“What‘s wrong you guys?” I asked nonchalantly so they could stop being so worried.

No words were said amongst the group, so I stepped in a little further trying to stop the dead silence.

“Everything ok?” I questioned to them.
“No, is everything ok with you?” BiBi asked looking towards me.
“Yea. That was just a deliverer.” I replied.
“You know ever since I‘ve been here, one drastic thing after another has been happening. The life you‘re living is only going to leave you dead. Quit trying to be like dad.” she said looking my way with her arms folded.
“If I could I would, but this is something you can’t just pack your things and leave out of BiBi. This is deep, and dad‘s past is my future.” I stated.
“You know, Reggie and I have been apartment hunting and believe found a nice little place across town. We‘re planning to leave soon.” she said as though I’m suppose to be sad.
“Well, that‘s good. Maybe you all should leave before some more things starts to pop off. I don‘t need anyone else to die tragically before me.” I replied.
“We will.” she said, walking past me as though she was upset.

Reggie and I stood there in silence after hearing her slam the door to her room.

“What‘s the deal Reggie? Why is she so upset?” I asked wondering why all of a sudden she is being dramatic.
“You two lost your dad because of the life he decided to live. I think BiBi don‘t want to loose anymore of her family.” he said, slowly walking past me towards the staircase. “You know, it‘s not too late for you to drop this.” he added, slowly walking up the stairs.

Walking towards the sofa, I plopped down taking in a deep sigh. Why is life so complicated? I looked at the envelop, examining it before opening it. Finally opening it, there was a CD in it with a piece of paper. I just closed it up, ready for a hot bath to relax my muscles. I ran up the stairs and into my bedroom where I closed the door behind. I dispatched my gun, placing it upon my bed along with the package, then into the bathroom where I began taking my clothing off to get ready for a real bath. I ran the water on the right temperature, then stood in front of the mirror thinking about the dream I had last night. Why couldn’t it have been real? The thought of Marcus chocolate skin pressed against my caramel complexion turned me on even more. Out of all the dudes I’ve been with, I have never wanted one as badly as I want Marcus. His whole demeanor turns me on instantly as though he has grand power and authority over many. I turned around to see the water filling over the limit I anticipated, so I quickly walked over to the tub, turning it off. Once I was ready to step my foot in the tub, my phone rang. I thought of not answering, but for some reason, my gut told me to answer. I walked back into my room to retrieve my phone to see it was Marcus name. I immediately answered before he would hang up.

“Hello.” I answered.
“Hey…Busy?” he asked.
“Noo…” I emphasized. “Just about to hop in the tub.” I added.

A long drawn out pause settled in the midst of us.

“So…Needed something?” I asked.
“Received a weird package today.” he said.
“Me too… Did you open yours?” I asked.
“No…Seem like some shady shit.” he replied.
“Well, want to come over and check it out?” I asked.
“On my way now. That‘s why I called to see if you was home.” he said.
“Yea…” I replied.
“Be there in ten.” he stated then hung up.

I quickly walked back in the bathroom to grab my robe and slip it on. Out the bathroom door I went right into the hall way to bump into Reggie.

“Hey Reggie. Say, Marcus is suppose to be coming over in a few and I was wondering when you let him in, can you send him in my room, we‘re suppose to be working on some matters.” I asked.
He shook his head before replying. “Sure. No problem.”

Down the stairs he went, and into the bedroom I went closing the door once more. I hope I could complete my incomplete dream.

Chapter 21 |Incomplete|

The hot water sooth my bones as I slid down a little letting the water press all over me. Silence filled the space until I heard my door open. I quickly scooted up.

“Who is it?” I asked.
“Marcus.” he said in his strong voice.
“Ok. I will be out.” I said, standing up as the sound of the water fell back into the tub from my wet body.

I grabbed the towel hanging from the hook, wrapping it around my body. I let the water out, then got on the step, slowly getting out of the tub. I stood in front of the wall length mirror, drying my body off. The steam from the water had pressed against the windows. The towel dried my body, so now it was time to add some lotion on my body.

“Make yourself comfortable.” I said aloud continuing to rub the lotion in my skin.

The scent was soothing, so afterwards I sprayed my favorite perfume from bath and body works. I dipped into my closet to grab my Victoria Secret set with my favorite colors, black and light blue lace. To pick up my pace, I grabbed my long robe, slipping it on and tying it together, then walked out of the door to see Marcus staring at the picture that I remembered he was staring at in my dream…Weird.

“Hey.” I said leaning against the wall.

He slowly stood up staring at me.

“Hey…Just checking out your pictures.” he said. He immediately jumped into business matters. “So today I received this package.” he added, holding the similar envelop out. “I seen yours on the bed, so I assume it holds similar information.” he stated.

I just stared at him, wishing our life wasn’t so wrapped up in business. I sighed heavily, grabbing his package out of his hands. My fingers pressed against it to feel a hard case, similar to mines. I opened the sealed package, to see that I was right. A letter was also concealed.

“Maybe you should read this.” I suggested, handing him the letter.

He took it from my grasp, and glanced over it. I sat on the edge of my bed, looking off into space until he finished looking over the information. Suddenly I felt his presence over me.

“Put the DVD in.” he demanded.

I looked up at him, rolling my eyes, then got up to head to the DVD combo I had. Opening the CD port, I placed the DVD in then turned on my television, then walked back towards the bed where I had a seat. Marcus sat in a chair across from the. Bed staring up at the television. Suddenly an image appeared with a male who began to speak.

“Finally received the DVD I see. Well let me introduce myself and I will get right down to business. My name is Javier, Mexico‘s number one salesman of all time. Now, I understand the Champ met his match. Well, wonderful. Hearing that his daughter is running the ‘family’ business now let me know that I will remain number one. But I didn‘t send this to brag, I sent this as a warning for you. Get out while you can. Turn all of your possessions to me and things will go easy for you in life. If not, the same fate will happen as for Champ. You have one month, I repeat one fucking month to meet up with me to discuss this business proposition. If not, our men will be out there the day after.” then the DVD went off.

Silence filled the room as we just sat there, confused. I stood up to stop the DVD then walked over towards him standing before his presence to give him back the CD.

“So what you think we should do?” I asked,

He sat back in the seat, making himself real comfortable while he began to think about the situation. I placed my hands on his knees as I kneel down towards the floor. His eyes situated in my eyes as I positioned myself close to being in between his legs. Silence intertwined amongst us. His scent overwhelmed my inner thighs, causing a weakness very familiar. The chocolate complexion looked extra creamy in the midst on the sun light glowing in the windows.

“Well…We have two options.” he said looking off from my glare.
“And what is that?” I asked curious about his decision.
“Kill him before he get to us, or let him take our possessions and kill us in the process.” he said deep in thought.

The gruesome plan both lead to death either way. Its now time for me to get down to business and revenge my father’s death, one that did not deserve such a gruesome path. My mind traveled off about my father, I didn’t realize Marcus talking to me.

“You heard me Clare?” he asked.
“No I‘m sorry. What did you say?” I asked.
“I know you want revenge, so let me know what‘s the deal ok.” he said, ready to get up, but my hands fell back on his knees.

I raised up slightly close to his face, having the urge to kiss him. He never flinched. My head neared his face and soon our lips matched. His lips were soft and plump, just as I remembered it. I then broke the kiss looking him dead in his eyes. So much you can tell within a person eyes, and from what I see Marcus held just as much passion as I did. His masculine hands molded with my face, kissing me once more. More passionate. His tongue slipped into mines. My hands touched his hands upon my face, raising up even more as his hands left my face down to my waist. My fingers gripped on his arms, slowly trailing my way to his shoulders where my hands rested. His kiss trailed to my chin, causing me to raise my neck where gentle pecks left me tingling on the inside. My lips laid next to his ear where I gently whispered my desires to him.

“I want you so bad.” I said softly causing him to embrace me even more. His teeth sunk into my neck softly yet aggressively causing me to raise up a little more from the rush I felt.

He shifted back, tugging onto my waist as a sign to climb on top of him. I did so, raising my robe slightly that revealed my inner thighs. Marcus stared at me as I to him desiring each other so much. My fingers outlined his face, watching his eyes close shut to my touch. His baggy pants made a new seat for me, but a sudden rise was detected, feeling a slight dampness in my panties. I smiled, wanting to please him so much. There is something about Marcus I felt strongly for, something I have never felt in my heart before. I watched as he opened his eyes, tugging on my bow that tied my robe together. Soon it unraveled as his hands touched my chest moving towards my shoulders letting the robe slip off my shoulders revealing my lacy bra. Gentle kisses consumed my shoulders as his fingers played with the straps of my bra. Moan after moan slipped out, as my head tilt back enjoying every moment of his touch.

“I want you badly too.” he said in between a kiss. “I‘ve wanted you…for a very….long time.” he added in between kisses.

My hands embraced his head, pushing him closer towards me. There was one problem, the damn phone of his. I could feel it vibrating. He looked up at me which I knew he wanted to answer it being that it is a business call and all, so I got up off of him so that he could retrieve his phone. I folded my arms, feeling a slight draft upon my exposed body watching him check his phone. After checking his phone, he stood up before me, approaching me to where we stood face to face.

“I have to go.” he said.

I rolled my eyes while shaking my head. He waited for an answer, but never received one, so he walked out of the door leaving me horny and frustrated.


Stories by Me:
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[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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Too good...she almost had it!!!

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Chapter 22 |From Lust to Dawn| Part One

I laid in my bed bored out of my mind. Between thoughts of Marcus and thoughts of my avenging father’s death kept floating around. Reggie and BiBi were off on a date so to speak. Soft music played in the background as I decided to finish reading a book and eat on some gummy bears. Books can be such teasers until it isn’t funny anymore. Things began to heat up as my reading glasses began to slip down onto my nose. During a very intriguing part, my cell phone decided to ring. I responded without checking the I.D. while still chewing on my gummies.

“Hello.” I answered, staring at the part I had left off.
“Open the door.” a deep demanding voice answered, then hung up.

Realizing who the mysterious voice belong to, I quickly jumped out of my bed and down the stairs. I stopped momentarily to regain my breath the walked towards the door slowly to see Marcus standing there.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, pretending as though I was upset.

He stepped in a little without responding, nearing my delicate face.

“Business.” he replied.

I turned my back on him, ready to close my door in his face and finish reading the sex scene I know that would never happen between him and I. Earlier today was just by chance I assume.

“Well, business is not happening tonight.” I said, but suddenly felt him grasp onto my arms.
“I mean unfinished business between you and me.” he said, pulling me closer to where I felt his warm lips onto mines.

Although I wanted to kiss him, I pulled away not wanting to feel like I did earlier, a fool.

“Are you sure your over here to be with me or to discuss business matters?” I asked wanting to be sure.

He walked in fully, closing the door behind himself, then approached me, wrapping his arms around my petite waist.

“For you.” he said simply. I couldn’t believe my ears. Finally we are at the point where we are feeling a real vibe in between us and for him to come to my house lets me know he wants this just as badly.

I had broke free from his grip, and slowly walked towards the stair case. I look back to see him stare at me. I gestured for him to follow, as he took it one step at a time to follow behind. I finally reached the top level, heading to my bedroom where I stood at the door waiting for him. He finally reached the top as well, but held on to his hurt leg letting it go once he reached the top. He stared at me with a grin on his face.

“Before entering into my room once more. Tell me something.” I said, looking up into my eyes.
“Yeah?” he questioned, with his muted expression.
“Can I trust you?” I asked.

He gave me a confused expression.

“What do you mean?” he asked.
“Marcus, as long as I have known you, you were always to yourself. I don‘t know much about what‘s going on with you now, I don‘t know if your married, have any children or what not so I want to know can I trust that the step we are about to take is for the better?” I asked.

He stared me deep into my eyes, his eyes filled with so many things that I didn’t know what his feelings towards me was.

“I will be honest with you. You know my past wasn‘t great, but when I started working for your dad, I felt as though my future would brighten up. When I first laid eyes on you, yea I thought you was a spoiled little girl, but the more time I spent with you and your father, I‘ve seen many sides of you and yet I display none. That‘s because before I‘ve gotten to know you in many aspects, I didn‘t have any feelings, any remorse for what I did because I didn‘t have a real purpose. But now.” he said, lifting my head up towards me. “I think I see what my purpose is in life.” he said, lowering down towards me, placing a kiss upon my lips.

I think I’m seriously falling for him. I broke the kiss, taking him by his hand and slowly walking into the bedroom closing the door behind me. I felt our unusual passion should be taken to a higher level to prove my feelings for him at a heightened level. Once in my room we stood there for a moment like foolish little kids having our first time.


Stories by Me:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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