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Unexpected I |Complete|

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1 Unexpected I |Complete| on Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:32 pm


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For those who haven't experienced Unexpected Part One will have a chance to read i before Part Two to understand it...

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2 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:36 pm


“We will be landing in Mexico shortly, so please remain seated.” our private pilot informed the attendants on the plane.

I glance over to see my dad still nodding off into sleep. A seat behind him is my dad’s right hand man, Marcus. He sat there with his same solid expression. No smile, no teeth, nothing. He is built like a rock, stiff and unmovable. My dad name is Clayton Champion, but others know him by the name Crypt. Drug Lord of the deep south. As for myself, my name is Clarese Shantae Champion, his companion. Together, we are known as Champions for overcoming various obstacles. After my mothers death, when I was twelve, my dad have always wanted me to live a more wealthy lifestyle. I’m his life and he’s mines, as we have successfully started a business ranking in millions. I checked out of the plane to see the backyard of our vacation house in Mexico, which is gated in. Once the jet came to a stop, I’m the first one off, walking in the courtyard that blossom with sweet magnolias that I planted earlier this summer. It takes my dad a while to get off since he is walking with a cane for getting shot in his leg. Marcus is right behind him as usual with the same mute facial expression. The only time he says anything is when my dad speaks. Dad came right behind me, admiring the blooming beauties as well.

“Looks beautiful out here.” my dad admiration shined through.
“It does, doesn‘t it Marcus?” I asked cutting my eyes at him.

Of course no words came fourth, just a simple nod. I just rolled my eyes at him, then glance back over to the garden.

“Mac, can you give me a minute with Clare.” my dad asked calling him that for some reason.

He head towards the house, while my dad and I just stand there.

“Why does he always have to come with us dad? I mean he doesn‘t speak, doesn‘t smile…nothing.” I asked.
“Don‘t give me that shit Clare. You know he is trained like that. We are businessmen, we handle business.” he said.
“And I don‘t? I carried out just as many duties as he did and I don‘t deserve the credit?” I asked.
“Not until you start acting like a real business woman.” he said.
“I am a real business woman. All of the duties I carried out were successful.” I said.
“No…what I‘m saying is all that lip you constantly give me. You know I don‘t like the constant remarks.” he said.

I didn’t respond this time.

“Look Clare, you know I love you, but quit being so damn judgmental. We‘re here on business and I expect you to attain to your duties.” he said.
“Yes sir.” I said.
“Your outfit is in the room already, along with two loaded guns that you will have strap to your legs.” he said.
“Okay then.” I said.
“Are you sure you want to go alone?” he asked.
“I must, it‘s my job.” I said.
“You know Clare, I know I don‘t tell you this often, but I am proud of you. Proud that you are proud of our family. We are Champions, and when I‘m dead and gone, everything will be in your hands.” he said.
“Don‘t talk like that daddy.” I said.
“What you expect from an old man like me?” he asked.
“You’re not old…you’re ’ONLY’ 53 years old dad.” I said.
“Whatever. Now run along so you can get ready. You only have a couple of hours until the meet. ” he said.
“Okay.” I said strolling into the house.

Marcus is standing by the French doors, and after seeing we were through with our conversation, he walks out the door as I walk in. I just pause and glance over at him. I couldn’t help but admire his physique, but his attitude left me the impression to not waste my time…Arrogant ass negro….


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3 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:51 am


i love it! It leaves u with a need 2 knw wats gna happen...guns n a dress? I need 2 knw wats next! Update asap!!

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Chapter 1 |First Mission|

I check myself out in the mirror, seeing a tall physique that flows perfectly with the black Vera Wang dress my dad had laid out on the bed. Red lipstick with a touch of gloss represents the fire I had inside of me. I was ready now…

“Come on down Clare…The cab is waiting for you.” my dad shouted upstairs.

I glance at myself once more, feeling very confident. I walk down the stairs and into the study room where the guys were conversing at. I cleared my throat as I entered into the room, capturing both of their attention. The medium knee length, strapless dress was set off by my red belt and red strapless shoes. My hair is pinned up because usually, if something went down, my hair would be in the way.

“You look lovely.” my dad said as I walked over to him and kissed me on my cheek.
“Thank you daddy.” I said.

I take one glance over at Marcus, but recognize the same solid expression. I never understood men like him, which makes me wonder if he is gay. Was there something I was missing? Why am I worrying about this?

“Here is the suitcase.” my dad said breaking my concentration. “Once you enclose the deal with them, you get out of there.” he continued.
“Okay.” I reassured him.

Suddenly the horn of the cab blew outside.

“Okay guys, see you in a few.” I told them. “Oh, and don‘t forget to take your medicine.” I told my dad, walking over to him and gave him a kiss on his cheek.
“Yea, sure…Now get…” he said.

I walked out of the door and is more than ready to finish this mission. The cab driver immediately got out and opened my door. And I got in…

“Where to señorita?” the driver asked.
“Los Caminos señor.” I said.

I sat there in the back admiring the coastal view, but notice the driver staring at me.

“Excuse me sir, but do you have a problem?” I asked.
“No senorita…Usted es muy bonita.” he said with a smile, admiring me.

“Gracias.” I said with a smirk.

I didn’t say another word. It was about 45 minutes arriving to the club. We live far off from the city because of the fact that we do harvest some drugs and we prefer not for everyone to know what we are doing. The club is pack, which is perfect. I tossed the man a bill then slip out of the car. Instead of standing in the line, I walk to the front where the guard standing at 6’5 glance down upon me. I glare up him, remembering this is the same man that gave me trouble last time. But this time, I’m sure he remembers me.

“Good evening, do you mind if you step out of the way sir.” I asked politely.

He held a grin at me, then moves a little to the side.

“Thanks…I knew you remembered me.” I said, patting him on his strong arm.

The music is extremely loud in the club, along with the vibrant color schemes. I head towards the V.I.P. area and spot Alonzo, which is Absolom’s right hand man. I walk over towards the area realizing he must have spot me because he immediately stood up.

“Aww, Clarese, you have made it. Welcome once again.” he said in a strong accent.
“Yea, and I have something very important to deliver, so can you please excuse yourself.” I said.
“Getting a bit feisty these days huh…Well, come and have a sip of champagne first. You seem a bit tense.” he said with that same evil grin.
“Trust me, I‘m fine. I had something earlier that did me justice.” I said.

He sip on his champagne once again.

“Okay then. Lets check on the boss, shall we.” he said as he leads the way.

I tag along behind him as we arrive to the narrow stairs that led to his office. It’s not just him though. Two more men tag along behind me, which make me a bit suspicious. I try not to show my fear, because these type of men could sense it. A secret knock lets Absolom know it meant business. My heart pace grew rapidly, but I continue to keep my cool. A female opens the door, bare at the waist on up. We walk pass her, as his men surrounds me. I look at the chair, which faces away from us. I seen smoke puffs floating in the air, as though we are wasting his time.

“Señorita Clarese requests to see you sir.” Alonzo said, waiting for him to turn around.

It took him a minute to respond. He swiftly turns around, staring at me.

“You look nice tonight. What can I help you with dear?” he said.

I didn’t say anything. I just place the suitcase upon his desk.

“Delivering packages for daddy huh. Cute. Real cute. So tell me Clarese, what is it that you propose in this agreement?” he asked, trying to toy with me.

He must think I am a fool. I don’t even think he believes I have what it takes to know how this business operates, but he thought wrong.

“Well sir, I‘m glad you asked. You know in the U.S. 90 percent of our clients pays about 10 grand a week, depending on exactly what drug they find to have the most impact on their customers, as well as the limits. So in this suitcase, there is well over $500,000 which can double in time. All if you decide to work with us.” I said.
“You know what?” he asked.
“What?” I asked.
“I like you…But how do I know I can trust you?” he asked.
“Well, it‘s all in the suitcase. If you take up the offer, by two weeks, you will have a million at hand. ” I said with a smirk.
“I‘m sure that‘s possible, but until I receive that mil, I‘m going to need a trade off.” he said as he folded his hands together staring at me.
“Well, what is the trade off?” I asked him with a glare.

He stood up from his chair, then walk away from his desk to me. He encircles me, as the fumes of smoke chokes me. I could feel something wasn’t right about his motives.

“You…you shall be the trade off.” he said stopping right in front of me as his low beamy eyes focused into mine.

“Pardon?” I asked with a sense of attitude.
“You will be the trade off until I receive the money. Either that or nothing.” he said.
“I‘m sorry, but I don‘t bargain like that.” I said.
“Who said bargain. This isn‘t a flee market. We are dealing with money, and if I don‘t have you as a trade off then there will be no use of you anymore.” he said plain and simple walking back towards his desk.

I grab hold of the suitcase and began backing up towards the door, but suddenly, I hear the sounds of loaded guns in the air. I see his three men aiming them towards me.

“Oh, so this is how you want to play? The fact that I cannot be your toy, you want me to die.” I said.
“It goes my way or no way at all. Now you’re a young beautiful lady that has your whole life ahead of you. You can play smart and just do what I say, or meet death early.” he said with a grin.

I stood there eyeing them all, and place my hand upon my thigh, feeling the gun I possess. My heart was pounding as the men are strapped, ready to fire. I immediately take out my gun, dropping the suitcase and fire at one of his men. The other two starts shooting, but I duck low and shot one of the men in his nuts, and the other in his leg. The one who I shot in the leg immediately shot back, as the bullet slit my dress, going through my side barely. It’s just a flesh wound because it barely touched me, but I could feel some blood seep through my body. I slowly stood up, holding the suitcase in one hand and the gun in the other. I hold my arm tightly close to my wound to keep the slight pain from escaping out. Absolom stares at me, with the same evil grin.

“Girl with guts.” he said.
“Yea, keep this up, you won‘t have any more guts.” I said sarcastically.

He immediately rushes up towards me, stepping over his men and wrap one large hand around my neck.

“I don‘t take threats well. I can easily break bitches like you. You know that.” he said gripping onto my neck tighter.
“Yea…well think again.” I said poking the gun by his stomach.

He look down, and that same stupid grin appears on his face.

“You’re going to shoot me. I think not.” he said immediately takes out a gun, placing it towards my head.
“If I die. You die…” he said.

Suddenly someone began beating on the door.

“What the…” Absolom said, as he immediately placed the gun towards the door.

This gives me the opportunity to shoot him, but he slams me hard against the wall until the gun collapse on the floor. I’m struggling to get out of his grip, but I couldn’t.

“Say a word and your dead.” he said.

Suddenly the door bust wide open, and before my eyes stand Marcus, with a 32 caliber. Marcus didn’t hesitate to shoot, shooting him dead between his forehead. His blood splatters across my face as he collapse on the floor. The gruesome site give me a sigh of relief knowing he couldn’t kill me. I pick up the suit case and step over Absolom. Marcus grabs hold of my arm, as I trail behind him. My side is hurting me badly, so I began slowing down.

“Come on Clarese. We have to go before the others find out.” Marcus said without looking back.
“I‘m trying. I really am.” I said.

He stop in his tracks, causing me to almost crash in behind him.

“We can‘t…” he began to say, but stopped, I guess realizing the blood that was on my arm and hand.
“Fuck man…” he continued getting upset.
“I‘m fine…” I said.
“Just come on.” he said lifting me up walking quickly out of the back door.

His strong figure is mesmerizing, but I can not lose focus now. He slowly creeps up at the back door, checking the small glass window to see if anyone is out. Coast is clear I guess as we rush out. His black charger is parked a block off, but he continues to carry me all the way until we reach his car.

“There they are.” we heard someone yell out, and down the dark alley, seen some men running towards us.
“Get in…” he shouted at me.

I get in as fast as I can, but before I close the door, he zooms off…Mission one is complete…


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TophyzAngel wrote:i love it! It leaves u with a need 2 knw wats gna happen...guns n a dress? I need 2 knw wats next! Update asap!!

Thank you Smile I'll add daily since I have it already written out


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Ooohhh...I love it...next!!!!!
lol! Laughing

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lol...ok bout to add


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Chapter 2 |Unexpected Surprise|

We rode the streets of Mexico, miles from the club. I continued to put pressure on my wound so it would stop bleeding. I glanced over at my hero, and chuckled at his muted expression. It is as though he was dead inside out. He must have heard me, and looked my way for a quick second before I gave him a look.

“Are you hurt real badly?” he asked breaking the silence.
“Oh. I just need some type of bandage to patch up my side. A little pain, but nothing I can‘t handle.” I said.

After I said that, no other word was spoken. I glanced out at the view of the coast and suddenly realized we stopped. He gotten out of the car and headed to the trunk. While he was back there, I was admiring the detail of his car. Very dark tinted, mysterious. The M was engraved in his seat, and a very high class police detector on his dash. As I continued looking around, I heard his strong masculine voice through my window.

“Clarese, get out.” he said scaring me at first.
“Get out?” I questioned.

Without saying another word, he opened the door and grabbed me by the arm pulling me out.

“What the hell is your problem. Watch it.” I screamed out.

I yanked my arm from him and got out of the car myself. I noticed some bandages and alcohol in his hand. Trying to be somewhat helpful I guess.

“Take off your dress.” he said bluntly.

I immediately cut my eyes at him in shock.

“Excuse me.” I said
“I need for you to take off your dress so I can bandage you right.” he said.
“I can‘t do that. Especially not in the streets.” I said.

He drew in a deep breath, getting short tempered on me.

“Fine, get in the back of the car, just don‘t get any blood on my seats.” he said in an upset tone.

I rolled my eyes, tired of being treated like a preschooler to a man who is around my age. I opened the door and got in to take off my dress. I am not ashamed of my body, but I do have dignity. I slipped the dress off slowly, so to not hit my wound. I winced in pain trying to unzip my dress, and finally got it off. I placed the dress in front of me, trying to cover myself up some, then opened the door, seeing Marcus standing in the opposite direction, I guess on look out.

“Can you please hand me the stuff?” I asked.

He didn’t say a word, just handed me the items and closed the door behind. I opened the alcohol bottle and from the paper towel he gave me, I poured some on. I had the hardest time at first, trying to place the alcohol on myself because me and pain is hard to get along with. I heard the door crack open and immediately covered myself up.

“What your doing?” I asked.
“Hurry up.” he demanded, then closed the door.

I finally rubbed the alcohol over the flesh wound and bit the bottom of my lip trying to keep the pain from slipping out. Once I finished, I tried wrapping the bandage around my side, but was unsuccessful. I opened the door once again, this time asking for help. It took him a minute to get in, but he finally did, and I kept myself covered some.

“Turn around and remove the dress from in front of you.” he said, closing the door behind him.

What is his fascination about me moving this dress from me. I handed him the bandage wrap and turned around, removing the dress from in front of me. I did so though, and felt, not flesh, but a cloth material touching my body. I turned around and noticed a pair of gloves he had on.

“How are you suppose to secure the bandage on me wearing a pair of gloves?” I asked.

He didn’t say a word, just continued doing what he was doing.

“So why did you come?” I asked.
“Crypt sent me.”

I didn’t say anything else. Finally he secured the bandage on me, and got out of the backseat and into the front. Just pure silence. I watched him walk around and get in the driver side. I was still in the back trying to slip on the dress without feeling the pain.

“Thanks.” I said, but his silence said it all.

I ignored his silence, and pulled out my phone to call dad to see what he was doing. |Rings constantly.| Why doesn’t he answer. He would usually answer. Then I thought about it. It must be that medicine he’s taking. It causes him to become drowsy and fall asleep. I just sat there in silence. No music, no conversation, nothing. Just a blank mind with a blank person. The gates were unlocked, so he pulled in by the front. Marcus got out and headed in towards the house, without helping me. I slowly crept in the house, and seen Marcus in the backyard lighting up a black. I crept upstairs to see what my dad was up to.

“Dad, I‘m home.” I said, seeing if he would respond.

I held the suitcase in my hand still, so I could be sure to return it. I approached his room and noticed his door still open. That was odd, because my dad prefers his door to be closed at all times. I slowly approached his door.

“Dad, are you up?” I asked, walking into his room.

I dropped everything, and had fallen to my knees at the sight.

“MARCUS!!” I screamed out. “Oh my god…” I continued shaken at the site.
“MARCUS!!!” I cried out again, this time him running in the room.
“What is…” but his words were stunted at the site as well.

He walked up behind me slowly, but I couldn’t bare to see the site no more. Blood shattered everywhere. His body looked as though he was gunned down 14 times non stop. Who would do this???


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Oooh...good...I'm hooked now...I bet now Marcus and Clarese gon get closer now....when's te next add??? lol...I'm so impatient cuz I love a good read and I'm someone who loves murder and mystery novels mixed with some romance!!! and urz is all that and more!!
cool afro

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Chapter 3 |Saying Goodbye|

My heart is shattered. My dad is dead. When I find the killer, I will personally kill him myself. A very slow death indeed. I couldn’t take him back to the U.S. and have a funeral there. I don’t even want people to find out. Instead, I held a small private funeral with just Marcus, the preacher, the Paul Bearers, and myself. I sat in the front row, mesmerized at the event that is taking place. Marcus sat a few rows back behind me, having no type of emotional effect inside of him. My dad, although a major drug lord, had very strong faith in God. But its hard for me to accept the fact that this so called God is real. My mind began thinking of the past, all the things he did for me. Now it was time to let go and say goodbye.

“Clarese, we‘re about to take him to the grave site.” Marcus said interrupting my thoughts.

I wiped away my tears before I looked up at him.

“Come on, lets just get this over with.” I said trying to disguise my emotions.

I think I cried an ocean from the moment I found him dead until now. My mind has been racing , trying to think of who would do this, but my mind is fogged from knowing he was gone. I walked out of the church building, instead of feeling a sigh of relief from knowing he could feel no more pain, I felt revenge in my heart like a blazing fire. The Paul Bearers, who were also men that worked for my dad, carried him to the Hurst. Marcus stood by my side as I watched them push the heavy casket in the back. I wanted to break down, but I couldn’t, not with Marcus by my side. I couldn’t show any emotions with him by my side. Why? Because this is mines now. I am the drug lord. Marcus arranged a limo to carry me to the grave site, and there alone, I cried to myself. The pain stabbed me in my heart. I love my daddy. He did everything in his power for me. How was I now to show him that I cared and loved him just as he did me. The final spot, the six foot deep hole was ready for my dad to rest his body at…I stood there, looking at the casket that now laid in the ground. All is said and done. Emotions couldn’t be held back no more. No, I cried my heart out.

“Daddy, I love you.” I whispered out through the crying.

At that moment a swift breeze past by and I could have sworn I heard the leaves whisper I love you too. I knew for sure he was in good hands and was still upon me through memory and nature. I turned around and seen Marcus, standing in his solid position staring at me. I began walking, and passed him up, ready to press forward.

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aleady read it but i have the urge to reaad it again lol pig

12 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:45 pm


Lol...well thanks Rae...i
knew some pple have't
read it so im putting it
on here


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Never hurts to read a good story again.

14 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:24 am


im lovn dis! A female drug lord! Yeah! Power 2 d femalez! Quick update plz!

15 Re: Unexpected I |Complete| on Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:47 am


I will add this evening a double add since i had to work today


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Chapter 4 |Home Sweet Home|

3 weeks I stayed in Mexico, deciphering on what to do next. The strategy before hand was good, but before my dad passed, we developed a new strategy, one that populated a new crowd. I wanted to put this into play, but needed to develop a plan on how to get it started. Now, traveling back to the U.S. was hard for me knowing my partner wasn’t with me. I stared at the empty seat, imagining the time he would be nodding his head in sleep. I missed that. Seeing we were soon to land in the backyard of the summer house in Miami, Florida, I was prepared to step up in action.

“We will be landing shortly Miss Champion, stay seated as we come to a halt.” My pilot said.

I stayed in my seat, calmed and relaxed as I watched the lights from my summer house glowing in the night. Soon we landed, and I got off the plane. The pilot grabbed my luggage and placed them in the house, while I went around inspecting to make sure everything is in its place. Looks safe from here.

“Thank you Randall, I will be calling you later to fly out to New Orleans soon.” I said.

“Okay. Have a nice night.” He said and walked off.

He leaves his private car here and lands the plane in a garage I had built specifically for the plane. Now that the silence settled in, I could hear my rapid heart beat. I hate living in a house of my own because so many people are constantly trying to find a way to do away with us. I headed upstairs and was heading to my bedroom until I walked passed my father’s bedroom. I had a chill crawl down my spine as I stopped in my tracks thinking about opening the door. My hands caressed the door knob as flash backs of all the times I ran into this room to find some type of security of my fathers arms. I slowly opened it and peeked inside to see it was left the way we had left it. Nothing untouched, everything organized and in his place just the way he liked it. I also picked up similar traits from him because I cannot stand anything to be unorganized. All is good. I closed the door behind me and headed towards my bedroom until my phone had went off. I checked the number to see it was Marcus. What is he doing calling me around this time of night? How does he know I am here?

“Hello?” I answered in a quizzical tone.
“Meet me in 30 min.” he said in a very deep tone.
“What do you mean, and where?” I asked confused.
“A cab will be waiting for you in approximately ten minutes. Hop in the cab and he will take you to your Miamiation.” He said.
“And what…” I began to say but heard nothing.

He hung up in my face. A typical male who thinks he’s in charge. Well, I’ll show his ass that no one will mess over Clarese Shantae Champion. I checked in the mirror to see how presentable I looked, especially after getting off a flight. Lately, I’ve been dressed in all black, which seems to suit me best. I feel in control in wearing the color black, I feel safe when I wear this color, I feel empowered. I am a Champion. I walked downstairs and heard the cab pulled up. I made sure all the lights were off and walked out…Cruising the streets of Miami was something I haven’t done in a long time, even before my dad passed away. New buildings went up and old ones were worn or even torn down. No matter, it was still beautiful with the bright neon colored lights, fancy hotels and restaurants and the like. We eventually pulled up to an old joint my dad used to come to, but of course I wasn’t allowed to enter. It’s been closed down for years, but he still came and made the place seem like it was in business. Yes, this was it for sure, but what are we doing here?

“Is this the correct place?” I asked the cab driver.
“Yes, and that’ll be 26.50 on the nose.” He said bluntly.

I would be the one to pay for something I didn’t ask for. I grabbed some money out of my wallet and gave him a straight fifty then got out.

“Now wait a few minutes before you leave, okay?” I asked.
“Sure thing ma’am.” The man reassured me.

I walked off to see if I could find Marcus, but no one was in sight. I didn’t want to scream out his name because I didn’t know who could be surrounding this building. Quick thinking, I immediately pulled out my cell and text him. It wasn’t a minute later I received a text back. It read.

From: Marcus
Look behind you.
9:40 pm. 7/16/05

I quickly looked behind me to see Marcus standing amongst the shadows. Of course I was scared out of my mind, but I refused to show it. I don’t like people to see my emotions.

“What took you so long?” I asked.
“Why you told the cab to stay? I told him to leave.” He said then walked back in the alley.

I immediately rushed behind him trying to see what the hell was going on.

“Marcus, where are we going?” I asked.
“Quit asking questions and come on.” He said.

I didn’t say anything else, but shuffled behind him trying to keep up. We reached the back of the building with a door opened from behind. I wanted to ask where was he taking me, but of course I knew not to ask him anything. We walked in and he shut the loud steel door behind him. Once we walked in the building there was a trail of stairs that led to, I guess a basement below. Marcus was moving so fast, I couldn’t get the chance to look behind me to see if anyone was following.

“Keep up.” He said.

I just continued and found myself following him in a long hallway that seemed to lead to a never ending place. What going on down here because I hear noise? Marcus pushed open a door finally and into a lab type of place where many men were working at.

“What is going on?” I asked amazed at seeing, look like pharmacist working down in the lab type of place.

I didn’t even know this building had all of this in it. Is this what my dad been spending his time and energy doing without my knowing. Well, I’ll be damned. He suddenly vanished down into the lab, so I quickly walked down the staircase to keep up. Men in white coats were all messing with many types of chemicals and so fourth. Finally I caught up with Marcus to see he was talking to one man wearing a lab coat as well. The man was a short, stubby white male who seemed to be in his mid forties.

“So you think we could launch this anytime soon.” Marcus asked.

I just stood there and listened. What is going on?

“Yea, hopefully by the end of this month.” he said.
“I don‘t understand. What‘s going on?” I asked stepping in the conversation.

Marcus looked at me out of the corner of his eye, then back at the doctor.

“Oh doc. This is Crypt‘s daughter. She took over his position.” he said in a nonchalant tone.
“So glad to meet you. I‘m sorry for your loss, but Crypt always talked about you.” he said.

I smiled and shook his cold clammy hands as well.

“Thanks. So may I ask what is all going on around here.” I asked.
“Sure follow me.” he said as he began to walk.

Marcus and I tagged along behind him and I tried to listen clearly to what he was saying as he because there was so much noise going on.

“So Miss Champion, your father and I have been working on a new type of pill that will be distributed nationally. This pill is not a normal pill though. Although we haven‘t test out the side effects, this pill will be able to cure the slightest common cold, to the harshest ammonia. This pill here…” he began to say but I had cut him off.
“Wait a minute, your going national with this?” I asked.
“Will you let the man finish…” Marcus butted in.
“No Marcus. I will not let him finish, who you think you are?” I asked as my patience ran short but I realized what I had just said.

His eyes grew wide but I didn’t care, I walked over to the man who walked us into another room.

“Well, yes, we had planned to take this national. This will, in time be a legal drug when we get it out there.” he said.
“And how is that? I mean there must be some type of network you all put together right?” I asked.
“Actually yes. I am one of the top pharmacist and your dad hired me a while back. We‘ve been working on this project for a good ten years.” he said.

Ten years and I’m just finding out about this. We walked into a room that looked like an office.

“So you mean to tell me for ten years you all have came up with a drug that may end the common cold?” I asked.
“Yes, here is a booklet with all the details of the idea, the formulas and the like, so you can take a look and see the route we have took with this. I know your just finding out, but everything should be self explanatory in this.” he said handing it to me.
“A month you say?” Marcus asked.
“Yes, we will contact the local doctors first and ask them to provide it for their patients first, and once we get the go from them we will have your men to go out as pharmaceutical doctors to sell it.” he said.
“Sounds good.” Marcus said.

I was flipping through the book, but couldn’t concentrate.

“Excuse me, but do you have an extra copy, I‘m going to need to take this home and inspect it.” I said.
“Yes, take that copy.” he said.
“We won‘t waste anymore of your time.” Marcus said shaking the man’s hand once again.
“Yes thank you. You and Miss Champion.” the man said shaking my hand as well.

Marcus and I walked out of the door, and back through the lab until we was back running up the stair case and out the door. Marcus was walking fast through the alley and I just tagged along behind him until we reached his Escalade. Once we had got in, I could feel his mood throughout the vehicle. I didn’t bother to say anything at first, but I cannot stand when he act like this.

“What is your problem?” I asked.

He didn’t say anything at first, and I just sat there for a minute before I said anything else.

“Why…” I began to say, but I was cut off by him raising his hand.
“What the hell you raising your hand up? Talk to me Marcus.” I said.

He immediately pulled the car over and stopped in a dark street that only had two street lights working.

“If you don‘t be quite, I will put you out right here right now.” he said.
“Let me tell you something.” I began to say.
“Save it. I don‘t have time, I‘m trying to keep your daddy‘s business alive while you took your little vacation.” he said.
“Keep it alive. You don‘t run shit. I do. I am in power now, so accept it. And you call that a fuckin‘ vacation. My dad‘s death? I had to get over that, something I doubt you truly understand.” I said folding my arms and looking out the window.

Nothing else was said. I can’t stand him.

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Continuation of previous chapter…

Marcus pulled up to my house, and I immediately got out and slammed the door to say something. He waited until I got my front door to say something.

“Say Champion, come here.” he said.

I didn’t say anything, I just stood at my door, debating on what to do. I don’t appreciate being disrespected by no one, and I’ll be damned if my daddy’s little sidekick be rude to me. I didn’t turn around. I just walked in my house and slammed the door. I heard the car speed off, and afterwards silence. I could feel my body tense up so much, I needed to get loosened up. I headed to the bar area, grabbed a glass and poured some grey goose. I know I can’t handle it straight but the way I was feeling right now, I needed it. I grabbed a glass and poured some in the glass. I stared at it for a minute, then immediately drunk it. Gulp, gulp, gulp…My throat felt like a blazing desert, but I didn’t care as I felt my body become loose. I poured another glass and drunk it, then one more before everything became a blur…

The next day, the bright sun touched my skin delicately and my eyes slowly fluttered open in a room I haven’t seen in the longest. What am I doing in my ex’s house? We laid there naked and I knew from the start I had made a huge mistake. I slipped out of the grasp of his arms, trying to find my clothes. I had the hardest time trying to find my clothes. I began to feel a splitting headache and my stomach boiled of loose alcohol. I ran to the bathroom and spilled out my guts, all over the toilet seat, and some on the floor. I threw up until there was nothing left in me. Ron stood at the bathroom door with a grin on his face.

“I was wondering when you was going to spill.” he said.

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t say anything. The horrible taste trapped my mouth. He approached me and helped me up.

“Come on and wash your face.” he said.

I stood at the sink and just looked at myself. I looked a wreck. What have I done? I ran some hot water to rinse out my mouth, then splashed water all over my face. The sleepy sensation had disappeared, but the headache remained. Ron gave me a towel to wipe my face off.

“Go lay back down so that I could clean this shit off my floor.” he said.

I walked off into the bedroom slowly and collapsed on his bed. I remained naked as I wrapped myself back in the cover. The sun made my eyes hurt really badly. I could hear Ron’s footsteps roaming back and fourth, but soon after the sound came closer my way, then in a silent halt. No words were exchanged. I just felt the bed go down some as he climbed in and wrapped his arm across my back. He removed the cover from my face and just stared at me.

With a chuckle in his voice. “Nice seeing you back here.”
“Shut up. This is the last place I wanted to be at.” I replied and covered my face back up.
“Well why are you here?” he asked.

Silence crept back in on the scene and I really don’t know why I’m here. What am I doing over here? I must have been really desperate.

“I know you heard me.” he said.
“Don‘t know.” I said finally.
“You must have missed me. The way you was last night I knew I did something good you remembered.” he said.

I removed the cover over my head. “Don‘t flatter yourself please. If I wasn‘t drunk, believe me, I wouldn‘t be here.” I said. “As a matter of fact, you can gather my clothing so that I could go.” I said.
“I would do that, but there is one problem.” he said.
“A problem.” I said cutting my eyes at him.
“Yea a problem. You didn‘t come in any.” he said.

I gave him a shocked look as though to stop playing with me. He held his serious face until I noticed a small grin appear on his face.

“Quit playing so damn much. I don‘t even belong here.” I said.
“Why not?” he asked.
“Because I have business to take care of.” I said sitting up in the bed.

He raised up on his left elbow and was just staring at me.

“What‘s your rush? We have all day.” he said.

That’s one reason why we had broken up. He never really understood a females need. He was always into himself and I need a man who can look out for both me and him..

“See you never changed Ron. Mind always on sex.” I said getting up to find my clothing.
“Well, what can I say? If I have what it takes then why not use it.” he said.

I looked down at him with a disgusted look. “That‘s the reason why we had broken up from the start. Get up and help me find my damn clothes.” I said upset.
“Fine then. I have guest coming over this afternoon anyway.” he said as he stood up trying to help me look.

I wondered if he was right about me coming out naked. I was drunk, and I could never think of what happens when I’m drunk.

“Maybe its in the living room because by the time you made it inside you was stripping out of your clothes.” he said walking into the living room.

I found my under garments lying on the floor. I grabbed them up and began to put them on.

“Clothes in here.” he shouted.

After I placed on my undergarments, I walked in the living room to retrieve my clothing. They were piled on the sofa, so I put them on. Ron just stared at me.

“Well, I‘m bout to roll out. Sorry for disturbing you last night.” I said.
“No problem whatsoever. Come back anytime.” he said with a grin.

Although we had split up for a while, he never cared about too much of anything but sex, that’s why we partly broke up.

“Whatever.” I said and walked out.

I arrived at my house and dragged out of my car. Tired and aggravated. I approached the door to unlock it. What the hell happened? Everything looked torn apart. Many pictures that were once on the wall were now lying on the ground, the sofa had been sliced up, and pictures had fallen everywhere. I grabbed one of the guns I kept in the kitchen drawer as I began inspecting the house. What happened raced in my mind as I began roaming around the house, checking to see if someone was in here. Then I walked back in the same spot I was at when I had gotten drunk. It was me…I am the culprit…The glasses that I had drunk out of was scattered on the wall, which let me know that I was pissed when I was drunk. I remember small pieces of what happened, but that last that I really remember was the incident with Marcus. Why does he make me feel small when I’m around him? There was only one way to settle this matter. Keep it business.


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Upszzz quickly!! I luv this 2 much!!

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When is the next add?? don't leave me hanging pweeeeze!!

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Imma add this evening...Another double...Or maybe a triple Smile


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ooohhh...YAY FOR JANAE!!!

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Chapter 5 ||Business Partner||
Life had to move on. The product that they was working on in the lab was going to be launched in January of 06...It’s now late August, and that Friday I was packing up my things to get ready for my trip to New Orleans. I’ve been trying to re-find myself, and from the rest of this summer, I think I am now fully ready to handle the business. Things did change, and I’ve realized I’ve changed. Physically, I can say I have grew stronger since I’ve gotten back on my weight training, and emotionally, I feel that I can control my grounds. It wasn’t too long after I packed, I decided to call my pilot to see when we are departing. He answered the phone.

“Yes Miss Champion.” he said frank.
“Yes, I was calling to see what time were we departing?” I asked.
“Oh, it should be around three. I‘m still doing a little maintenance on the plane.” he said.
“Okay, that will be fine.” I said.

And afterwards we hung up. Since we had enough time, I felt that I had enough time to soak myself in the tub. I walked in my personal bathroom and started my bath water. Once I did so, my phone began to ring. I walked back into my bedroom to grab my phone to see it was my half sister, BiBi…

“Hello.” I answered.
“Hey sis…” she said.

My father stepped out on my mother when I was about three and had another child that he kept a secret until my mother past away. I hated the fact that I wasn’t his only baby girl, but he assured me I would remain number one. Getting along with BiBi was hard for me at first, but when things had gotten rough, we really grew close.

“Hey…Long time no hear. What‘s up?” I asked since it has been a year since the last time I called her.

I walked back in the bathroom to cut off my bath water that had rose up high.

“Nothing…Well, yes there is something. I was wondering if its okay with you and dad if Reggie and I could come up there until this hurricane blow over.” she said.
“Hurricane?” I asked since I haven’t been watching the news lately.
“Yes…Its suppose to be a category 5 so it was a mandatory evacuation for us…Is it okay or should I just ask dad myself.” she said.

I forgot to let her know that dad past away. Not the fact that I didn’t want to tell her, but I had a hard time not to cry about it with the mention of his name. I know she would be devastated when she finds out, but I refuse to tell her now.

“You know it‘s okay. Do you need me to…” I began to ask but she had cut me off.
“Oh no…we’re actually on the road now…We should be there sometime this evening.” she said.
“Okay then, ya‘ll be careful.” I said.
“We will…” she said and then we had hung up.

I guess my plans are going to have to be pushed aside. I called up my pilot once again to change our plans, while I turned on the TV to the weather station. As I tuned in the meteorologist reported…

“This storm is now a category five reaching up to a wind speed of 150 mph. Yes this is….” she stated but I had walked off into the bathroom to disrobe myself and slip into the tub. The water soothed my body as I had let everything unwind into the comfort zone. While I let the worries of my life slip off, the doorbell rung disturbing all of my thoughts. I didn’t want to get out, but it continuously rung, so I dried off a little and slipped on my robe rushing down to answer it. I noticed a tall figure through the glass stained doors so I asked who it was before opening the door.

“It‘s me.” the deep male voice said on the other side.

I knew from that distinct voice it was Marcus. What is he doing here? I haven’t seen him since that argument we had that night. I opened the door to see the same expression he always have standing there. No words were exchanged at first until he invited himself in.

“You may enter.” I said sarcastically. ”So what brings you here?” I asked.

He turned my way, looking me dead in my eyes. I didn’t know what to think now as we stared each other down. I didn’t know what to think or say as I closed the door and walked over to the sofa and plopped down on it.

“What really brings you hear Marcus?” I asked.

I said looking up towards his way.

“What have you been doing lately?” he asked as he looked around, I guess noticing some of the changes I made.
“What kind of question is that?” I asked.
“Do you have any idea how the business is going?” he asked.
“Well…I mean…I‘ve been trying to get myself together.” I said.
“What will it take for you to understand you are not living for yourself anymore. If you want this business to continue its success, you must live it, breath it, carry it as if it was your child. From the things I‘ve been doing, I could tell you haven‘t done anything.” he said.
“I am doing my best to…” I began to say.
“Doing what exactly?” he asked.

I didn’t have anything to say. I haven’t been doing anything besides trying to get my life together. Marcus was actually making sense to me and it scared me.

“You know what?” I said getting up and walking up towards him. My robe was loosely fit on my so I tried tightening it up a little.

He didn’t say anything, but his eyes followed me.

“Your right. We need to keep this business running, and if we‘re going to do that, I‘m going to need your help.” I said being real.

His silence was annoying me as he was continuing to look off.

“Would you please be my business partner Marcus?” I asked coming completely out. I only know the basics of this business but if I want to be completely successful I need the person who has been in this business with my dad to know the complete deal.

He nodded his head as a reply. I didn’t know what to do at this point because he seemed to be lost in thought.

“I‘ll be back this evening.” he said as he turned off and walked to the door.
“Wait, aren‘t we going to discuss what needs to be done?” I asked.

He didn’t say anything as he walked through the door. My new business partner, what was I thinking?


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Chapter 6 |Out of Town|

Most of the day, I spent cleaning, to keep my nerves in control. It wasn’t until eight when I received a knock on the door. I slowly approached, having a gun strapped to my legs at all times because you never know who it could be.

“Who is it?” I yelled out.
“Me sis, open up.” I heard my sister say through the solid door.

I slowly opened it and seen her and her boyfriend, Reggie with a hand full of bags.

“Come in, come in…” I said opening the door wide enough for them to enter.

They both walked in, admiring the view before them. Of course it is a Florida style home so there is an open and airy feel to the rooms. I closed the door after they entered.

“Hey sis…” she said hugging me after dropping the bags onto the floor. “Thank you for taking us in like this. Is daddy home?” she asked and my heart sunk in some.
“Daddy…umm, he‘s out right now.” I said not wanting to tell her yet.

She stopped hugging me as Reggie walked up behind her. We really don’t get along because he doesn’t have any respect for what I do, and for all that I do not care. He glared at me and looked off, but my eyes continued to pierce his way.

“Well guys…” Bibi cut in trying to crack the silence.
“Gather ya‘ll things so that I could show you all to ya‘ll room.” I said continuing to look his way.

I walked past them to lead the way heading to the stairs.

“Now, let me tell you all we do have rules in this house, and for one thing its sleeping in separate bedrooms.” I noted as I looked back to see if they were listening. They were still admiring the house I guess. Once we made it upstairs, I showed Bibi her room, which was next to mine.

“Now sis, this is your room…” opening the door and let her enter. Of course I chose it because it was her favorite color…”And Reggie…” I began walking down the hall opposite from her. “This is your room.” I said stopping and opened the door to let him in. I waited in the middle of the hall until they came out. Reggie was out of his room before her and once she came out we walked back downstairs.

“Of course, make yourselves comfortable and help yourselves to anything…” I said but was cut off as the door rung.” Give me one moment please.” I said heading to the door. I asked who it was and from the sound, it was Marcus. I opened the door and stood there as he stared at me.

“Would you like to come in and meet my family?” I asked.
“No, not really…” he said with no expression. ”Can you come outside though so we can discuss some things.” he said, then walked off, I guess expecting me to follow him.

I closed the door some first. “You all, I will be right back.” I said and headed out the door to see what was going on. He was leaning on his car, looking around. I approached him.

“What‘s up Marcus?” I asked.
It was silent before he said anything else, “You have a pickup to make tonight.” he said.
“Tonight…Are you crazy?” I asked getting upset.
“Look Clarese, if we’re partners, you have to give in 50 too. You remember how your dad sent you on deliveries and pickups, well, we have do the same thing.” he said.

I just stood there with my arms folded. “Where too?” I asked looking off.
“New Orleans.” he said.
“New Orleans…There is a Hurricane on its way there.” I said looking at him as though he was crazy.
“They predicted that storm to come Sunday or Monday, we have to pick up our merchandise because its worth hundreds of thousands. If we leave that, we loose a lot of money.” he said. “Flight takes off at midnight.” he said.
“And I‘m the only one that‘s going?” I asked.
“No, your partner will be there too.” he said then walked to his car door and got in, cranking up and sped off.


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Chapter 7 |Small Talk|

After Marcus left, I went back inside to see BiBi and Reggie made themselves comfortable on the sofa watching T.V. I felt bad that I didn’t tell her dad was killed, and maybe this time is the right time. I mean she’s going to realize he isn’t here anyway.

“BiBi, can I talk to you for a moment please.” I said heading to the steps.
“Sure…” she said then whispered something to Reggie then kissed his lips gently.

I need a man for myself. Not saying I have jealousy of my sister’s relationship, but I want to experience real love for myself as well. She followed me upstairs where I had lead her to my room.

“Have a seat.” I said, closing and locking the door behind me.
“What‘s wrong Clare?” she asked as she sat down in my chair looking at me with a concerned look.

I didn’t say anything right off. I just looked at her and walked her way.

“I haven‘t been really truthful with you dear.” I said standing there with my arms crossed thinking about how would she react.
“What do you mean?” she asked.
“About dad.” I was trying to hold in my tears. “You know how I kept saying dad wasn‘t here right now, but he will be back?” I asked. She nodded her head. “Well, he isn’t coming back.” I said.

The room was quiet and it was hard for me to look down at her, but I did and I could see the tears rolling down her face.

“Look sis…” I began to say, but she cut me off.
“How long?” she asked but the silence appeared again. “How long Clare?” she asked once again.
“It was about two months ago.” I said.
“And you‘re just telling me?!” she said getting upset.
“Bibi…” I said but she had cut me short again.
“Why are you just telling me this now? Why you didn‘t call and tell me that our father died? We‘re sisters, or at least I thought we were.” she said getting up ready to leave my room.
“Listen Bibi…you think it‘s been easy for me. I had to come home and find him dead, I had to see the devastation some bastard left on dad. It took me a month to get the nightmares out of my mind. Weeks to realize he was still gone, and a day to see him get buried six feet under. How was I to tell you Bibi? IF I COULDN‘T HANDLE IT, THEN HOW WAS I TO TELL YOU?” I said as I busted in tears from remembering that tragic event.

She stood there for a minute before walking up to me and embraced me as we both cried out from the lost of our father.

“I‘m sorry I didn‘t tell you, but it was so painful. You‘ve always seen me strong, never crying, I couldn‘t have my lil sis see me like I‘m doing now.” I said squeezing her tighter.
“I know…I know…” she said as her shaken voice let me know she was still crying.

We sat there for about thirty minutes talking about everything, but I realized I soon had to be ready for my trip. I didn’t tell her I was heading to New Orleans but I did let her know I had an errand to run tonight and she knew what was up.

I sat in the study room, looking at the clock. It was now 11:15 and a sound of the horn blew outside. I got up, making sure I had everything and walked out. I walked past BiBi and Reggie who were knocked out on the sofa. As I walked out, it was a cab picking me up. He opened my door and I got in and off we went. Before long we pulled up to a deserted land where a private plane was waiting for me at. I tipped the driver with a hundred and walked to the aircraft. There was one flight attendant that was unfamiliar to me who greeted me.

“Right this way Miss Champion.” she said and I was escorted onto the plane where I seen Marcus sitting in the seat where my father once sat.

His eyes pierced my way as I sat down in my usual spot. No words were exchanged as we sat, waiting for our flight to take off. Sitting here in silence was uncomfortable, but what was more uncomfortable was feeling someone eyes piercing my way. I looked back to see Marcus still glancing my way. He didn’t even move his eyes once I looked at him like some people would do if you stared their direction.

“What Marcus?” I asked to crack the silence.

He didn’t say anything as he looked back down at his paperwork.

Soon the pilot spoke on the intercom letting us know we were departing soon. We fastened our seatbelts and took off. Soon we stood about 1500 ft above the air.

“This is the deal. We have a separate plane for the cargo, I told the cargo plane to take it to Mexico, leaving it in the basement of the house, so that when we return, we can ship it back once this Hurricane passes through.” he said.

My mind was so focused on other things, that he had to question me.

“Did you hear me?” he asked.
“Yes, that sounds perfect.” I said.
“Is something wrong?” he asked.

Wait a minute. Is this question out of concern or is it just another get the job done anyway?

“No, no I‘m good.” I said and looked back out of the plane.
“Well, here are a few items you may want to strap onto yourself, just in case. Although these are our men, they aren‘t expecting a female.” he said as I turned back around to see some nice pistols laying nicely for display.

We made it to New Orleans within an hour span and landed in another vacant land area. From there, a car with a private driver came and escorted me to our first place, located downtown. It wasn’t too long when we arrived at the place where many people were still roaming around like dead drunken zombies. Marcus stayed in the car until I finished. I walked inside of the building, which was filled with smoke and many woman walking around half naked. One approached me.

“May I help you?” she asked with a bit of attitude.
“Yea…Need to see Dice…” I said straight forward.

She glared at me with so much attitude, then rolled her eyes and asked for me to follow her. We walked to the back of the building where a narrow stair case led me into a small room. She tapped on the door.

“Enter.” the voice said.

She opened the door and held it open until I entered then closed it behind me.

“How may I help a beautiful woman like you?” he asked. “Looking for a job here?” he asked.
“No, but I did come to pick up the merchandise.” I said and glared at him.

His stares eventually led into laughs.

“On whose account. That nigga is dead, long gone…I own this …” he began to say until he heard me load gun gearing for action.
“I don‘t take shit from nobody, especially when they talk shit about my dad. Now get it together now, or suffer the consequences.” I said with no shame in my words.

I was ready to kill him for that rhetorical remark. Let him make one false move and watch my gun leap into action.

“So you‘re daddy‘s lil girl…” he grinned looking at me.
“I don‘t have time for this Dice. We need the merchandise shipped back to Florida until this Hurricane pass.” I said.
“Hurricane. Your worried ‘bout a lil‘ hurricane? Hurricanes are the least thing you should be worried about.” he said.
“Look, enough chit chat…If you don‘t get it now then expect to suffer the consequences.” I said.

He glared at me to see if I showed any sign of fear.

“Okay then, look here is what we could do.” he said getting up from his desk.
“I don‘t listen to orders, I give them. Now this is my last time telling you to get the shit.” I said feeling my patients wearing thin.
“You really think I‘m gonna…” he began to say, but my finger touched the trigger as I watched the bullet fly dead into his chest.

I walked over once that happened and pulled his chin up to look my way.

“Where is my merchandise?” I asked as I watched his eyes flutter slowly back into his head while he tried to speak.

He pointed to a big picture hanging on the wall.

“Combination?” I asked, while he began to spatter out the words.

9198 was the words that came out, so I let his chin go and let his head fall on his desk while I approached the picture. Suddenly loud banging appeared on the door with a lot of shouting. I didn’t pay it much attention as I struggled to get the painting off the wall. It wasn’t too long when his men finally busted through the door, but I had my gun ready for them. They all stood there, looking at their boss, then back at me who would not let the gun down.

“Make one false step, you will be like your boss man.” I said. “Now someone get this picture down for me so that I could retrieve my merchandise.” I said as I step back so they could handle it.

They immediately did as I told them. I could tell they were nothing but teenagers because he could pay them a lower percentage and keep a lot for himself. They finally removed the picture.

“Stay there. I will need you once I unlock this.” I said.

I walked over and coded in the combination, but of course I didn’t get it the first time. So I tried it again and it was right. I opened it to see a big space full of our drugs. All kinds.

“I need boxes to fill up. Get me four boxes.” I demanded and watched as they headed out to grab it up.

I waited until their return, and suddenly heard someone approached. I kept my gun up, so whoever it is seeing I’m not up for games. The boys came back with the boxes, and we began filling them up…There were ten more major stops, but Marcus and I rotated getting all of the merchandise, or at least most of it. It was now four in the morning as we boarded on the plane, tired and worn out. I sat down in my seat worn out, and tired of seeing blood from left to right. Marcus sat down in my father’s seat and heard the plane start up. I just stared out the window as we began to take off. Nothing was said until Marcus interrupted my thoughts.

“Rough night?” he asked.

I turned my head towards his way.

“What you think?” I asked rolling my eyes and looked back out the window.
“Be happy we saved over half a mil.” he said.
“Yea, I‘m really happy.” I said. “Can I ask you something and you give me an answer?” I asked looking at him with a serious face.

He gave me a nod.

“Is money all you think about?” I asked.
“It‘s my job. My life.” he said.

I just shrugged my shoulders.

“Do you have a family?” I asked frankly.

He looked at me confused as to why I was asking that.

“I mean, you‘ve been around my father and I for so long, I always wondered if your family was worried about you.” I said.

He turned his head and silence entered back on the plane…What’s the deal? Why is he keeping everything to himself? Did he have a real life as a kid back then? Did he ever had a girlfriend or just a friend?


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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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Janae that was gud!!
I'm serious...u got mad talent!
The way you make it look like its almost done
and then u add more details...
I'm loving the way u keep Marcus's life private
Makes u wanna keep reading to find out what his story is!

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