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Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10

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876 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:08 pm

нσт sɘx︱cσℓ∂ ωιиɘ™

i haven't been on here in forever!!!!!!
i thought i missed alot- but i see that i haven't
&& im happy about that.

i really hope that your grandmother
is okay. she will be just fine..

take your time in writing for us.

you know we are going to support
you 100%!!!


877 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Sat Apr 24, 2010 12:45 pm


I love you guys...so guess what...
I think an add is on its way.
Thanks for the support...Keeping
uppin' it...


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878 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Sat Apr 24, 2010 1:48 pm


i so got tew get bak tew reading this


879 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:31 pm


Okay...I'm back to my groove on this story. I will try and add more regularly...Hopefully nothing will prevent me from doing so...Hope ya'll know what's going on being the fact its been a second...Enjoy...

Chapter 34 |Back to Reality|

“So the plan was to kill your father and after hearing about him in the streets I realized I had to go inside and befriend him.” his words were cutting me like a sharp sword digging deeper and deeper until I though my ears were bleeding. A man I love so dearly, so strongly knew who killed my father all along. My heart began pounding much harder, much faster it seem as though you can see it pounding through my shirt. My father was my heart, my life, my world, so the plot to kill my father has been successful in pulling through. How in the world could he say he didn’t know? The more he told me, the more tears dispersed down my cheeks as my salty tears caressed my lips mingling in my taste buds. His once clearly spoken words blurred into distorted noise.

Getting up from the position I was in, I went straight into the bedroom locking it behind. My eyes locked on the door while my back faced the wall sliding down onto the floor tears escaping my soul. The knocking on the door is of no value to me being that I refuse to answer. “Clarese please open this door…” he pleaded. I didn’t answer, no, I refused.

I stood at the door wishing Clarese would come out. I know she couldn’t handle the truth. Crypt changed my life. I tried protecting him knowing Claritha was on a mission but I couldn’t tell them that. Once he would have found out, my life would have ended instantly for myself. Tired of pleading for her to open the door, my pride began taking over filled with anger. “You know what…I should‘ve kept this to myself knowing your weak ass wouldn‘t be able to handle it.” I said letting the regretful words come fourth. My fist punched the hollow door. My breathing pattern turned for calm to enrage, sounding like a mad man on a mission. For what though? Telling the truth?

Obviously she needs her space. Walking back into the living room, I paced for a second thinking of what to do, but the cloudy thoughts in my mind soon interrupt by the sound of the doorbell.

“Who is it?” I growled hearing Corey on the other side…
“Open up nigga.” he said.

Stepping to the door, I opened it to see Corey standing there taking a glance inside seeing the destroyed room.

“Damn man…” he stepped inside. “I just fixed this place up not too long ago.” he continued checking out the damage.
“I‘ll pay for the damages man…” I said closing the door back. “Wassup though?” I asked.
“Nothing…Jinn wanted me to drop by and see if everything was okay. What the hell happened man?” he asked.

I look back at the bedroom to which Clare locked herself in. “Let‘s go for a ride…” I told him opening the door for both him and myself could walk out.

Running onto the interstate started off smoothly until reaching downtown where traffic grew heavier. I was uncertain of where we were going, but my thoughts were heavily upon Clare. Never had a girl had such an effect over me, not even Claritha.

“Damn man…what‘s on your mind fa‘real. We been sitting in traffic and you don‘t have shit to say now?” Corey’s patience began running thin.
“I need you to do me a favor man…” “I need for you to get Clarese out of Jacksonville asap. I have some unfinished business I need to take care of and don‘t need her down here.” I said.
“And how am I suppose to do that?” he asked.
“I don‘t know…Let Jinn go with her to New York for a couple of days…Just til I finish this business.” I said.
“What business man…What‘s going on?” he asked taking an exit off the interstate towards the mall.
“Its complicated. But let me ask you man…How much do you know about your sister?” I asked him.
“What the fuck? What kind of question is that man?” he asked.
“I‘m serious. How well do you know her?”
“She in some shit I need to know about?”

If I tell him about her, Corey wouldn’t be able to look at me the same. Let me just keep my damn mouth shut and just handle my business…


Stories by Me:
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880 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Sun Apr 25, 2010 5:33 pm

Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

I wanna know whats gonna happen with them
Hopefully they get over it and get back together
But so hapy u added

881 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Mon Apr 26, 2010 8:08 pm


finally!!!!!!!!!!!! thank the lord

882 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Mon Apr 26, 2010 8:42 pm


Chapter 35 |Give Me A Break|

I had to preoccupy my mind on other matters now instead of what took place earlier. Cleaning the mess I made earlier helped me to focus on other matters in my life. A knock appeared at the door so I approached, peeping through the peep hole to see Jinn holding Kaslyn in her arms. Opening the door, Zay ran up to me wrapping his arms around my legs.

“Somebody misses their mommy…” Jinn said with a sweet smile upon her face trying to lighten the mood. “Is it okay if we step in.” she said referring to her and mini me. “Sure…come in.” I said clearing my voice that is now hoarse from the screaming and crying.

She stepped in settling on the sofa. I closed the door behind grabbing Zay into my arms and kissing his soft plump cheeks.

“You miss momma?” I asked him. He nod his head causing my embrace to grow stronger. Walking to the sofa as well, I plopped down on it with Zay who soon grew busy in trying to find something to do.

“So how are you?” Jinn asked looking dead at me.
“I‘m good…” I said avoiding her contact.
“Bull…I see in your eyes you are drained from whatever the hell is going on.” she continued.
“Jinn…I‘m really not in a mood to talk about it. Just know that I‘m okay.” I said glancing her way.
“Alright then…I won‘t force you. But remember you could tell me anything. I would help you out as best as I can…” she said.
“I know…” my mind began drifting into deep thought about everything. “Jinn…Can I ask you something?” I asked.
“Sure…” she said as I admired her playing with Kaslyn’s tiny fingers.
“Well…how close is Corey to his sister?” I asked.

Her eyes darted at me.

“You don‘t know that answer by now?” she joked.
“I‘m serious…How close are they? Do he know everything about her?” I asked.
“What‘s going on like that? Did she threaten you or something? She always trying to threaten somebody…” Jinn continued…
“Look I need to tell you something that shouldn‘t get back to Corey, nor Marcus. Okay?” asking for reassurance.
“Okay…” her face grew concerned.
“This morning when I came home angry, I had just came from her place. Come to find out she asked for Ron to rape me in order to break Marcus and myself up.” Jinn’s face grew disgusted and anger slip through her lips.
“That‘s some foul shit. She is not getting away with it this time. Fuck what Corey say. I will kill her my damn self.”
“There is more…” I said realizing what I didn’t want to talk about earlier is coming out with ease now.
“Well, I went to her place and she opened it. My body was enthralled with anger I promise you I was going to kill her but someone stopped me.” I said still not believing it myself.
“Who?” she asked getting caught up in the story.
“My twin.” I said in disbelief.
“You have a twin…Why you never said anything? Wait what was she doing over at her place?” she questioned.
“I didn‘t know I had a twin. Her and Moe are together.” I said.
“Together…Meaning as in lesbo-ish…” she said.
“Yea…I didn‘t know anything about a twin, but she had all dirt on me. What type of shit is that huh…Oh wait, and to top it all off, Marcus knew I had a twin…Knew who killed my father and never told me anything.” my anger grew with my words as Zay wiggled out of my arms. “So how in the hell am I suppose to feel? I don‘t even know if I trust him anymore. I don‘t know to forgive him either. What should I do Jinn?” I asked eyes filled with questions as I look her way.

She cleared her throat, scooting up in her seat, repositioning both herself and Kaslyn.

“Don‘t you think there was a reason Marcus kept this away from you?” she asked. “Shit. Hell if I know.” I huffed laying back on the fluffed sofa pillows.
“Think about it like this. He went all this way to even marrying you. Maybe he didn‘t want you to get hurt.” she came up with a good argument.
“Yea, well it feel as though my pain deepened. Let me ask you something. What if Corey kept a dark secret from you, the man you deeply love and suddenly your whole life feels like a lie. What would you do?” I asked.
“Beat the living daylights out of him.” she confirmed.
“Exactly. I don‘t want to ignore my past anymore. I realize now the only option I have to live a more normal life is to kill it before it kills me.” I said with determination.

“Look, enough of that girl. I don‘t want to hear anything about death anymore. Since the males are out and about. Lets get this whole thing off your mind. I stole Corey‘s black card earlier. Tonight will be just me and you. Okay.” she smirked.

I need to get things off my mind. “Another strip club?” I asked with a smirk thinking about how Marcus found out I had hit up the club. “Maybe that and a little more…”


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883 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:12 pm

Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

Well i smell trouble
Something is gonna happen 2night and cant wait 2 find out

884 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Sun May 02, 2010 7:21 pm


kmsl @ "Another Strip Club..."
I done caught up now im ready for another add plz!!!!!


885 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Mon May 03, 2010 10:16 pm


Chapter 36 |Shop til You Drop|

Pulling into the driveway of a familiar home, an older woman sat on the porch of the home staring in the car. It’s Corey’s cousin who watched Zay once before when we held Corey’s birthday bash. She held a smile after seeing Jinn get out, following with me behind so that I could get Zay and his belongings out.

“Hey Rose.” Jinn said approaching her to give her a hug.
“How are you doing sweetie.” she replied.

They came back towards the car after I got Zay out so that she could get Kaslyn out.

“How are you young lady?” she asked me.
“I‘m fine.” I replied.
“Getting into trouble today Jinn?” she asked with a wink.
“Nosy.” she laughed closing the door behind after getting Kaslyn who is sound to sleep.
“Must be true then. Corey pissed you off again?” she asked interrogating Jinn.
“No. My girl right here is having some problems, so I‘m helping her get her mind off of things.” Jinn replied.
“Oh…Well that‘s nice of you.” she then look my way. “Be careful with Jinn. She could have your life upside down in a minute.” she warned me. “Quit scaring her with your crazy ass.” Jinn laughed. We walk to the house to drop the belongings off. Afterwards we step to the door ready to go.
“Now remember, nothing leaks out to Corey. This is our night and if he finds anything out, I‘m coming to find you.” she warned Rose.

This is a side of Jinn I never seen before.

“Sure thing. Be careful.” she said as we walked out of the door.

In the car we zoom off to who knows where. Jinn cranked the tunes up.

“What‘s on the agenda?” I asked.
“Oh…just a little shopping, a little drinking, a little partying, a little sleeping.” she continued.
“Sounds like a lot…” I replied causing me to wonder if she ever stepped out on Corey before.
“Can I ask you something?” she pulled up to a red light.
“Shoot…” she said fixing her bang in the rear view mirror.
“Have you ever slept with someone else?” I asked looking at her.

She cut her eyes towards me. “Are you serious?” she asked with a slight laughter in her voice. “Hell yeah I‘m serious.”

The light turned green and down the road we trailed until we pushed onto the interstate. Her silence gave away the answer.

“Are you serious Jinn?” I asked not believing the two lovebirds held secrets.
“It was one time, after a huge fight. But he started the whole damn thing after stepping out on me in the first damn place.” she argued.

“So you ever stepped out on Marcus?” she asked.
“No indeed.” I said.
“Have he ever stepped out on you?” she asked.
“Nope.” I said with assurance.
“How you know? You got a tracker on him?”
“No. I just know my man. He ain‘t the type to sleep with any and everybody.” I stated.
“Okay...okay…That‘s good to have trust in your man.” she smiled.
“So you trust Corey now after finding out he cheated…And did he even know about you cheating?” I asked.
“I believe after the death threat I laid on his ass, I trust him more so now than before. He‘s been real good to me knowing I‘m his ride or die chick and no one comes before nor after me.” she protested. “And no. That‘s a secret left between the walls of the hotel, you, myself, and mystery man. Got that?” she said after we rolled our way to the mall.
“Got ya.” I said gesturing with my hands that I have my lips sealed.
“Let‘s go find us a fresh fit then.” she roared up the mall parking lot to find a space for her ride.

We pranced in the mall getting looks from niggas roaming around trying to find sexy ladies to mingle with. Sorry to burst their young bubble but they can’t handle this even if the prayed to god asking for it. I wasn’t trying to find a glamorous dress to rock. I wanted some tight skinny legs, about 4 inch stilettos, a shirt that pops out at you. Yea, I plan to look sexy, rebellious and the like. I want to step out of my element sort to speak. The first place we stepped into was BCBG to find me a pair of dark denim jeans to rock. Jinn focused on one rack while I focused on another.

“Girl these are the bomb right here.” she raised a pair of white shorts that can look great with a silk top.
“Try them on if your butt can fit them.” I said lingering back over the rack I was on.
“We mos def need to hit up Vickie Secret. Although I may not be scoring with anyone tonight…” she smirked mischievously, “I want to feel sexy underneath too…After having Kaslyn, she made my body stretch a lil.” she said.

My eyes focused on her beamingly to let her know its more tan a little. Soon the pair of jeans I desired came before my eyes in my size.

“Gotta try these on.” I said rushing to the dressing room.
“Hol up chick…I wanted to grab something else right quick.” she blurted out, but she’ll catch up. I made my way in the dressing room, ready to drop my pants when my phone began vibrating. Sliding my fingers down in the tight jeans, I pulled it up to see Marcus on my caller I.D. I decided against answering. Right now I do need a breather. Just one night away from him.

Pulling down my pants and slipping on the tight jeans I fell in love with them instantly. My butt look rounder and they’re long just how I like it. I began moving my body to a beat in my head to see if I can work them in the club and of course it rocked my world with them on. Jinn voice echoed in the empty dressing room.

“Since you couldn‘t wait hephar…Let me see the jeans.” she said.

Opening the door, I modeled the jeans for her. Turning around and standing on my tip toes like I had heels on enhanced my butt. She walked by and hit my butt causing me to turn around.

“Them dudes going to love what you have in them jeans.” she teased, walking off into another dressing room.

Corey eyes focused on the rack of latest Jordan’s in FootLocker. I sat on the bench seeing which ones I liked myself, but he stood in clear of my view. I fiddled with my phone, just trying to call Clarese, but no answer. I know she can’t be that pissed off at me to not answer. Well fuck it. I can’t believe I let my feelings get this deep. My attachments to Claritha wasn’t even this strong to where I felt I had to be by her side. Corey caught my attention as a girl with blondish hair approached Corey to help him. She was petite in height, very curvy though. She look as though she could still be in school, but then again college maybe.

“Hey sir. May I help you?” she asked Corey who eyes now diverted to the beauty that stood next to him. I noticed his eyes lit at the sight of her causing me to chuckle some. Although Corey’s heart is bounded by Jinn, his eyes couldn’t stop imagining another girl to bang. That’s just how Corey is.

“Yea…I need these in a size 13 if you have them in this size.” he pointed at the shoe he desired, then back to her. She held a smile upon her face, teeth pearly white. “I believe we do. Any specific color?” she asked…Soon their conversation faded out of my hearing when I glanced out across the way to Victoria Secret. I was thinking about getting Clare a little present to make the mood right again. Shit when she upset, she make it hard for a nigga like me to get play action. It’s like starving only worst.

“Yo Marcus man…You getting a pair of shoes or what?” he asked as the girl attention is on me now.
“Yea, check to see if they have the 23 Jordan‘s in a 14 please. I want the red, black, and white.” I said and she smiled swaying her hips to the back. You can tell that was her natural walk just by the way she step. Corey’s eyes were still glued on her and I started chuckling to myself.
“Look at you perv…” I joked.
“A perv. Nigga please, I perv I am not, a man I am.” he siaid hitting my knee as he sat down next to me.
“Whateva man…” I said fiddling back on my phone sending Clare a text.
“What‘s wrong with you? Keep playing on your phone like that.” he asked.
“Nothing man…Just checking on Clare. She won‘t answer my calls or text.” I said.
“I‘m sure she aight man. She prolly needs to just cool it, you know what I‘m saying.” he said as the female approached our way with the boxes huddled in her arms.
“Alright, Fusions for you and 23‘s for you.” she said giving us the boxes to try on the shoes. I opened the box to the fresh pair of shoes that look beautiful. Shoes and me are like buddies. We always rock the new shit together. No separation.

“These muth‘s are fresh.” I said with Corey’s agreement. Suddenly eyes locked back onto Victoria Secret…A female glowing in sight with a smile upon her face. What the hell Clare doing here?
“What’s wrong?” Corey asked.
“Man…What the hell Clare and Jinn doing here man?” I asked thinking of how she locked herself in the bathroom, won’t answer my calls or anything.
Corey glanced that way. “ You was probably imagining you seen her. Relax man. You acting like a pussy.” he laughed, putting on his shoe.
“I know I seen her. I‘m about to go over there.” I said leaving the shoes on the bench determined to go to Victoria Secret and see what the fuck is Clare problem.
“Quit getting so bent out of shape man. Ya‘ll had an argument, so what…She probably trying to look sexy for you tonight and you bout to ruin shit. No pussy for you.” Corey said aloud.

I stopped dead in my tracks thinking of what Corey just said. I turned back around and head back to the bench to try on the shoe.

“Yea…You bout right.” I said leaving it at that…


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886 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Tue May 04, 2010 3:34 pm

Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

If only he knew
I wouldntt be surprised if they went out 2 the same place 2night or if he followed her 2 see where she was going

887 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Wed May 05, 2010 6:14 pm


Corey need to be Quite! Quite as kept you to be trying to watch yo girl!

888 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Thu May 06, 2010 5:45 pm


so i just read this whole thing
im glad it keep me busy
the whoole day at school
Whaty can i say about it
other than i LOVEEEee it

uppszzz add more soon
i hope they work out thier problems
there are so many ways this story
can go rite now


889 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Fri May 07, 2010 7:03 pm

Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

New add this weekend?

890 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Sat May 08, 2010 10:20 pm


lol upz


891 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Sun May 09, 2010 9:25 am




892 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Sun May 09, 2010 10:31 pm


I am...I will add hopefully tomorrow. Just made it back from out of town and now is worn OUT...


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893 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Tue May 11, 2010 6:18 pm

Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

Waiting on that add for 2night....

894 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Sat May 15, 2010 10:25 pm


Chapter 39 |ATTENTION|

“This place is bumpin‘ tonight.” Jinn raved as the music from live artist who played over the roaring fans. From Lil Wayne to Drake, from Drake to Trey, from Trey to Ludacris…so on and so forth. I haven’t seen so many artist in one place besides television. Then again my life wasn’t filled with fun only drama.

Sipping on a tequila and swaying my hips from side to side enjoying the freedom away from drama, Jinn grabbed my hand then twirled me around as she sipped on her Apple Amaretto drink. “Ready to hang with the stars.” her lips curved into a smile.
“And how exactly you expect us to do that with all their groupies crawling all over them.” I asked feeling my body loosen up with the drink in my hand.
“This is the groupie section…Let‘s hit up V.I.P.” she said strutting in her cream Gucci dress stopping at mid thigh along with a pair of gold peep toe stilettos to compliment her accessories. I followed behind her seeing how well she knew the place. Even more so, how many people knew her but they didn’t call her by her actual name. Sin is what they are calling her. I didn’t realize how big the place was until stepping out in the main drag to catch the elevator. Jinn pressed the button so we could get on.

Once on, she pressed the fourth level which surprised me thinking there wasn’t another level. Stepping into the lobby way where individuals lounged a round a bit, we approached a bouncer who let his shades drop a little checking us out.

“Sin baby…is that you?” he asked bringing a smile on Jinn’s face.
“In the flesh.” she replied.
“The last I heard was your fast ass settled down. Don‘t tell me that‘s the truth…not Sin.” he said.
“Yea baby it’s the truth. Me and my girl just needed to escape reality for a little. So we gonna kick it in VIP.” she said as he step to the side letting us enter into the private sanction.

Entering into the skylight room revealing the city lights above set the seen beautifully. Music was more low key than downstairs giving everyone a chance to mingle around and chill with friends or couples. Jinn and myself walked side by side. Stares met up with us wondering who we were probably.

“Enough of this walking action, lets do what we came to do in the first place and have fun.” she said approaching the bartender. “Two Cliffords…” she announced. “First we gotta get you liquored up.” she said.
“I‘m not good with alcohol.” I said thinking of how I ended up sleeping with Ron in the first place.
“Well tonight is an exception since your with me. I won‘t let anything bad happen to you.” she said when the bartender passed us our drinks.

I sighed heavily before taking a sip. “I can‘t believe I let you talk me into this shit.” I said then began drinking the strong drink.

I sat in the dark room wondering where in the hell Clare was with Zay. I called her for the thousandth time and yet no answer. A knock on the door appeared, so I immediately rushed to the door ready to pounce on Clare’s ass. Opening the door without seeing who it was.

“Where the hell you…” My words were short in realization of who it is.
“Hold your tone. I‘m not Clare.” Claritha sashayed in the home as though she was welcomed.
“I don‘t have time for the bullshit. So I‘m going to ask you as nicely as possible to leave.” I said feeling a little tense.

She didn’t. She waltzed into the living room plopping her ass down on the sofa.

“Close the door dear…Your going to let mosquitoes in here.” she waved her hand.
“Not until I see you walking out of this damn door.” I replied.
“Hmm…I doubt you want to kick me out after I tell you this.” she said facing away waiting for me to close the door.

I slammed the door hearing silence besides the walls settling in the home. Slowly I approached her until we met face to face. She stared at me. Stared too long for me.

“Say what the fuck you have to say.” I fumed.
“Not in that tone.” her demanding ways started annoying me.

My jaws clenched in anger, but her face…that face reminded me so much of Clarese I was going crazy.

“I have one proposal for you.” she said as I just continued standing there. “Because I will be damned if I lose one from the other.” she said. “Now you have a choice. You leave Clarese to be with me then I will let her live. If not, I‘ll just kill your little family and take back what really belongs to me.” she said staring at her nails.

This trick is tripping. I had to laugh for a second.

“You take me as a fucking joke.” she asked standing up.
“Yea…Technically I do. How you come in my damn house telling me to leave her to be with your dyking ass? You forgot Moe is your love?” I questioned her.

She approached me. “You must have forgot when I told you I will be your ride and die chick forever. If I can‘t have you then I‘ll kill your ass right now. I can‘t let you live any longer knowing I can‘t have you when you know I‘m the one who made you.” she said.
“You didn‘t make shit. Just because you chose me to be your lil side kick don‘t mean you own me.” I said angry.
“I gave you this life. I fed you, clothed you, even gave your selfish ass shelter and now you don‘t want to come back to where you came from because of my double mint twin? Let me tell you something, if you don‘t come the house by noon tomorrow, I will personally come in and shoot ya’ll up. If you even try to sneak your ass out of the house with her, I will shoot ya‘ll. But if you come out alone, I‘ll be waiting.” she said pecking her lips on mines, but she didn‘t phase me.

“By tomorrow, you will be all on this again.” she smirked grabbing my ass then heading to the door.

“If I do what you ask. Will you leave her out of this?” I asked.

She stood silently for a second, then turned my way.

“Of course baby…Whatever you say.” she walked out closing the door.

Damn…what a nigga should do? Immediately I walked out of the door banging on Corey’s door. He didn’t answer the first time, so I banged on it twice as hard… He finally answered, sleep consumed his eyes.

“What man…What the hell you want?” he asked crankily.
“You ain‘t worried about Jinn and the baby?” I asked him.
“Man I found out the babies are at Rose house. I‘m cool man. What‘s up with you?” he asked.
“Nothing…You know where they at?” I asked.
“Naw man…I know Jinn do this every blue moon, hit up a club just because then come home to daddy so we could fuck all night. They probably needed to let some steam off.” he said.
“Well, lets go find them man…I need to let Clare know something.” I said.
“Are you fucking serious. I‘m trynna get rested up for when Jinn come in tonight. Look, just go to sleep and you‘ll see her in a few hours.” he said.

I pushed Corey back in the house. “Call Jinn to see where they at.” I said furiously.

He looked at me crazy before stating a comment. “I don‘t know what the fuck gotten into you, but its obvious you need to let off some steam. Look, let me slip on some clothes, and we‘ll hit up a few of her favorite spots. Aight.” he said heading back to his room. Whatever decision I make, I hope it’s the right one.


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895 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Sun May 16, 2010 7:50 pm



I SWEAR i dnt lik claritha hoe ass

Hope everything work out..
hope nobody bnut her n moe ass die lol

add soon
love this story

896 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Tue May 25, 2010 8:25 pm

Pleasure's wifey*peaches*


897 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Tue May 25, 2010 9:13 pm


I will once I get more comments..If not, I'll add soon...


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

898 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Tue May 25, 2010 9:37 pm


imma throw a rock at you
if you dont add to my daggum story

( the above comment is filled with love <3 )

899 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Tue May 25, 2010 9:47 pm


lol no its not...thats abuse...lol


Stories by Me:
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[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

]As always my compliments goes to Jas

900 Re: Unexpected II The Aftermath 07.13.10 on Tue May 25, 2010 9:52 pm


i am more than sure you
have the ability to duck if you
see a rock headed your way
( lol )

i <3 you nae !!

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