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Forever His (trey)

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1 Forever His (trey) on Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:46 pm


Hi ladies, so I was bored while supervising 3 students for the exams and I wrote this on my phone!! Lol sorry for any typos! I was daydreaming!!!

Rachel walked into class late as usual. She took her seat in the back of the crowded lecture hall and avoided the cold stares from the Historian. The students chuckled as she rolled her eyes and walked to her seat.

'why you always late?'
'cuz I have to Skype with my mum every morning and she always got stories to tell' Rachel whispered back to her best friend Janae.
'your mum is crazy'
'tell me about it'

They turned there attention back to the lecture until the class ended.
'Rachel, may we talk please'
'yes professor '
Rachel stood in front of her professor while he reminded her that she must improve her punctuality to class. 'and the good news is you scored an A on your last paper. Well done'
Rachel apologized and smiled as she took the paper. 'something to Skype with mum about'
'please tell her to allow you to get to classes early'

Rachel took a seat when her professor walked out. She had a paper to work on and she loved the large quite space. She opened her macbook and started working. Half an hour later the door opened and another student walked in. Rachel rolled her eyes at Tremaine with another chick. They clearly thought the room was empty. The girl seemed annoyed when she saw Rachel who got up and walked out. She could feel Tremaine's eyes on her curvy body as she left.

'finally peace!' Rachel walked into her dorm and settled at her desk. But an hour into it she was disturbed again this time someone knocked on the door. 'I know you in here Rache'
'Ugh' she groaned and opened the door, 'watchu want Tremaine?'
He strolled in and she shut the door. She looked at him and suddenly felt envious of the girls he been with. He had a smooth chocolate complexion and a few tattoos. His biceps were toned. But it was his lips that turned Rachel on, his bottom lip to be exact. She leaned against the door and stared as he smiled. 'Talk' she said.
'didn't come to talk' he walked towards her and pinned her against the door. 'Tremaine this is wrong'
'Why cuz u got a man up in Florida? He should be here turning you on'
'He in school too'
'Fucking other broads no doubt'

He hit a soft spot because Rachel knew for a fact that her current boyfriend of 5 years had been sleeping with another girl. She had forgiven him but there was no denying the lack in communication since then. Tremaine locked the door and breathed against her neck 'Ima take his place cuz I know you need someone to relieve the tension' he sucked her neck leaving marks. 'and then onto the next hoe? I won't be your trophy' she pushed him away and walked to her desk. He grinned, ' I fuck the hoes because I can't get you, but I'm done now and I want you'

Rachel sighed, 'right'
'I been feeling for you a year now Rachel' he talked in a low voice turning her on. She felt his hands in the straps of her mini dress. 'I just didn't have the balls to fess up' the straps were pulled down, 'but now I can't deny it' her breasts were freed from her bra as her dress hung around her tiny waist. By now Rachel was breathing heavily and Tremaine took each breast in his mouth one by one. He licked her nipple turning her on while his fingers toyed with the other nipple, 'you like this baby?'
'yes Tremain' she moaned breathless when his hands pulled the dress off and he placed his hands in between her thighs feeling her wetness. 'Damn baby' he said with a smirk, 'this pussy mine now' he said seriously as he pushed her into the desk and slid off her pink thong. Slowly he kissed her feet and left a trail of fire from her toes to her inner thighs. Rachel leaned back and let him devour her wet pussy, 'tell me how you like it' he asked
'Just eat it please' she begged not having felt like this in years.

Tremaine obliged as his tongue darted to her clitoris and he massaged it gently. His fingers entered her entrance which was dripping wet by now. He rubbed her walls sensing her about to come, 'come for me baby' he sucked her clicked and kept finger Fucking her enjoying the sounds she was making. Her hips began moving and she pressed her mound to his face. He hungrily licked and sucked on hee clit. 'I'm coming' she cried out just as she released a waterfall into his mouth, 'sweet pussy' Tremaine stood up and licked his lips. 'you too Damn beautiful girl and you wasting your time on that blind nigger. He ever do this too you?'
Rachel smiled and slid off of the table, 'no' she removed his basketball shorts and his dick sprug out of his boxers. She kissed his lips and lowered to his dick. Tremaine watched in amazement as she took all of him in her mouth. 'Shit Rache' he scratched his head and groaned as she tickled his balls and sucked his dick hard, 'I know you love this dick' he groaned before he butted all over her breasts.
'yes I do' Rachel replied as her inner freak took over, she cleaned her breasts and then let Tremaine lead her to the bed. 'now for the main feast'

He spread her legs and eyed her wet pussy with a smile. Her hands played with her breasts and he stroked his dick slowly edging closer. 'how bad you want it baby?' he whispered.
'I want it badly Tremaine'
'call me Trey' he murmured as he entered her until all of him was inside her. 'Damn you tight baby'
Rachel enjoyed the feelings he was giving her as he rammed into her harder each time. She knew the others on the other side of the wall mist be heating her cries as he didn't slow down. 'Trey! I'm coming'
She flooded his dick with her juices and he flipped her onto her belly, 'lift that ass up' he commanded and she obeyed. Immediately he thrust into her slippery entrance sending her to ecstacy, 'yes Trey' she urged him as another orgasm built up. She played with her clit so she could come again, 'come with me Rache' he groaned slapping her ass. She tighten her walls around his dick and she released more come at the same time as he came deep inside of her.

'just so you know, you my girl now' he said out of breathe falling on the bed.
'in that case we gon have to work on her stamina' Rachel smirked straddling him. Tremaine watched in amazement as she rubbed herself against him getting him erect again. 'round 2' she asked
'all day baby'

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

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Last Call

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Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
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2 Re: Forever His (trey) on Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:02 pm


oo rach yur a lil freak! lol trey got yu just right lol!


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Street Lights

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3 Re: Forever His (trey) on Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:12 pm



I was so sleepy while supervising only THREE girls!!! So I just pulled out my BB and started writing!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!

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