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The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED)

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76 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Fri Jul 31, 2009 11:00 pm


i can feel the new pageeee upps


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78 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Fri Jul 31, 2009 11:01 pm


o and piggy says thanks to all the readers pig

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Your welcome Piggy....

I think Piggy's the website's mascot.

back at it Smile

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82 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:39 pm


Im Like so loving this story!!!
Marcus is a ass for bring that female to her house like that
I so love Mj....lol


83 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Tue Aug 04, 2009 10:34 am


sorry i got busy but ima add now pig

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Lol. Just came from mineee.

back at it Smile

86 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:53 pm


yes...can't wait for the new add!!


87 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Tue Aug 04, 2009 8:30 pm


{Chapter seven}

Desire:- To long for, want; sexual appetite.

{.. Kiery ..}

I took up both drinking glasses and examined their contents, making sure I had the correct beverage inside both.

Vodka and Cranberry for him, Vodka and Lemonade for me … hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

I exited the kitchen and headed toward the balcony, stopping just as I got to the doors.

He had his elbows planted on the railing and his hands sort of dangled over, he seemed somewhat captivated by the view.

I stepped cautiously through the balcony doors, seeing as he hadn’t notice me yet and tried not to be seen.

He had this faraway look in his eyes and I just stood there and watched him, the curly ends of his cornrows fluttering lightly as they played with the cool night breeze. He shifted his weight and sighed, running a hand over his face and the tattoo he sported on his left arm became clearly visible.

It was a Beautiful woman.

I wonder who she is?

“My mom is like a hero to me so I got her pic. Tatted on my arm,” he replied without turning to look at me.

What the … I shook my head.

How he manages to know I’m watching him when I’m damn near being discreet, I don’t know.

“How do you do that?”

“I’m psychic,” he answered, slightly turning to look at me.

I chuckled, “right.”

I set the drinks down after sitting and he turned to face me. “You’ve been feeding me drinks all night, how do you know to mix them?”

“Well,” I paused, “I was a stripper back in the day, and when I wasn’t on stage I used to watch the bartenders make drinks.”

He looked at me for a while and a smile slowly crept onto his face.

“A stripper … I see.” He slid his right hand into his pocket and licked his lips. “So why don’t you uh, show me what you’re working with.” He tilted his head toward the huge space to the left of the balcony and I shook my head.

“I was a stripper. Operative word being, was.”

“Then why don’t you show me what you were working with. Operative word being, were.”

I laughed, “you’re a clown.”

“Gotta have the best of both worlds, right? Plus, I know you never stripped.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Oh really?”

“Yeah.” His tone was matter-of-fact.

“How do you figure?”

“You don’t have that stripper vibe.”

I laughed a little and shook my head. “Whatever, Spec.”

“Exactly. So how do you know how to mix drinks?”

“I used to be a bartender at the Matrix alongside Mecey and Bre.”

“Oh, okay. Cool.”

I took a sip of my drink and admired the view.

Night had fallen pretty quickly and the lights dotted the city like sprinkling on a cupcake, it was absolutely breathtaking.

“Did your mom help you get this house?”

“Yeah,” I answered. “The building used to be a hotel. But they remodelled it and basically turned every floor into a penthouse suite.”

“That explains why everybody has their own lobby,” he spoke.


There was silence for a while and he turned to face me.

“I’m really sorry.”

I looked at him. “For what?”

“The whole tabloid thing. I‘m sorry.”

“Spec, I thought we already established that it was okay and we would forget about it.”

“I know, but … because of it I’ve lost the chance to really get to know you.”

He locked his eyes with mine, “maybe turn it into something more.”

I shook my head. “You didn’t loose the chance.”

“Yeah, I did.” He walked over and sat in the chair across from me, taking a sip of his drink. “When I came earlier your mom made it clear that she wanted us to stop whatever we have going on between us. There is nothing going on, but, she thinks that it’s best we don’t see each other. And I’m pretty sure your dad is rooting for the same thing.” He shrugged, “I understand though. I mean, I can’t blame them.”

I didn’t reply, just sat there.

How exactly was this supposed to work?

“So, now what? We don’t see each other anymore?”

He was silent.

“Okay,” I stated.

“Look Kiery … I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have feelings for you, because I do. And I want to get to know you a lot more, in a lot of different ways.” … “But your parents don’t think that’s a good idea.” He paused then sighed, as if continuing was going to hurt him. “I respect your parents, so I gotta respect their wishes.”

Again, I didn’t reply.

I took another sip of my drink and looked out onto the city.

“How come your mom hates industry people so much?” He asked.

“I don’t know, my dad does too.” … “I guess it’s because my grandparents on both sides were pretty famous.”

I shrugged, “I’m not quite sure what they did, but they were world renown, so my parents basically grew up in the spotlight. It weighed heavily on them, and they made it so my younger sister, older brother and I, never experienced it.”

He looked over at me, “and I’m guessing the separation she had from your dad for a while didn’t help, right?”

“Nope,” I shook my head.

We sat there, neither of us saying anything -- until he yawned.

Something caught my eye and I did a double take …

Was that a tongue ring?


He ran a hand over his face. “Huh?”

“Open your mouth.”

“For what?”

I eyed him and he smiled … he knew what I had seen.


“Spec, open your mouth,” I repeated.

“I said, naw.”

I leaned across the table and squeezed his cheeks in - forcing him to open his mouth.

I was right …

“You have a tongue ring?”


“When did you get it?” I questioned.

My imagination was running wild.

“When I was eighteen.”

“Oh,” was all I could reply.

I sat there looking at him.


I licked my lips and cleared my throat, “nothing.”

He chuckled, “stop thinking nasty thoughts.”

“I’m not thinking nasty thoughts,” I defended.

I really was, but he didn’t have to know that.

“Uh huh, whatever.”

The front door opened up and I turned to look into the living room. Mj and Trey walked in.

They walked onto the balcony and Mj sat on my lap, resting his head against my breasts. “Sup Tac.”

For some reason Mj didn’t like to call him spec so he gave him the nike name Tac.

“Hey lil’ man. What up, Trey?”

Trey tilted his head upward, “what up.” He placed Mj’s backpack by the door and turned to me, “soccer practice is tomorrow at nine.”

“In the morning?”

“Naw, in the night, Kiery,” he retorted.

I cut my eyes at him and he shifted his attention to Spec. “You’re pretty big on soccer, right?”

“Yeah,” Spec nodded.

“Cool. Why don’t you come down tomorrow?”


“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I interjected.

They both looked at me and spoke in unison, “why?”

“Because, it just isn’t. That’s the last thing paparazzi needs to see right now.”

Spec spoke, “they don’t know who you are, so I doubt they know Mj.”

“Yeah Kie, it’ll be fine. Plus, we need the extra help.” Trey added.

Mj leaned up and turned his face toward mine. “Yeah mom, don’t be un-stortsman like.”

“You mean un-sportsman like, and you have no say in this. You get to play regardless.”

“But I want Tac to play too,” he replied.

“Well he can’t.”

Trey sighed. “Well if that’s how you feel, then hey.” … “I gotta go though, I’ll see you tomorrow.”


He said his goodbyes to everyone and left.


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88 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Tue Aug 04, 2009 8:31 pm


I gently placed a sleeping Mj on his bed, and flexed my wrists … he was seriously putting on weight.

I kissed his forehead and pulled the covers up to his neck, flicking his night light on and exiting the room. I left the door ajar.

“Is he sleeping?”

I turned around to see Spec walking in, closing the front door behind him.

“Yeah. Did you get what you want?”

“Pretty much,” he answered, waving the piece of paper for me to see.

I cut my eyes at him and walked onto the balcony. You see, when Will left, Spec and Mj pressed the issue of him playing soccer with them until I gave in. Hence, he was coming from Trey’s house -- he went to get the address and what not.

I heard him laugh at my behavior and I slid the balcony doors shut, glowering at the food containers that laid scattered on the table.

No wonder Mj was putting on weight … too much damn Chinese food.

The wind blew some of the containers across the table and I shivered as the cold air met my skin.

Trust -- the shorts and wife beater I sported were not doing justice.

I bent over and started packing the containers into each other when the balcony doors opened and Spec’s figure came behind me. I stood up and adjusted my shorts.

“Why you actin’ shy like I never had you in that position before?”

“Because you never did,” I retorted.

“Yes I did,” he sauntered like a child. “At my house warming party.”

He stepped closer to me and placed his hand right below my belly button, “you made it bounce for me, remember?”

I quickly forced the smile that wanted to form from my face away, and stated coolly, “whatever, Spec.”

I started pulling away from him but he pulled me back, brushing his lower half against my ass. He kissed the nape of my neck and inhaled, “you smell nice.”

This time, I smiled, “thank you.”

His cell phone vibrated against my back and I pulled away from his grasp -- continuing to clean up.

He excused himself and picked up, “yo, talk to me.”

I emptied all the containers into the trash-can that was situated in the corner and made my way to the kitchen with everything else, sliding the balcony doors shut in the process.


I sat comfortably by the counter in the middle of the kitchen, leaning against it and looking out through the extensive windows, thinking -- the lights dim.

This view was one in a million.

“Sorry it took so long.”

I jumped a little … I was so deep in thought I didn’t hear him walk in.

He flipped his phone shut and sat next to me. “damn.”

“What?” I asked.

“I thought the balcony view was something serious, but this is no joke.”

I smiled, “yeah.”

He leaned back and stuck his tongue out, using his teeth to play with the metal ball.

I wonder why he got it?

Either way, I had to admit, watching him play with it was intriguing - hell if didn’t want him to show me what it was capable of doing -- better yet, drop my panties and ge- what?

He had said something to me, but I had been too busy staring to pay attention.

“What did you say?”

“I was asking if you were gonna get that,” he pointed toward the phone that was mounted on the kitchen wall. “But it stopped ringing.”

Shit, I didn’t even hear the phone ring.

He grinned, “my piercing got you that intrigued?”

“Get over yourself, Spec.” … “I was just thinking.”

“About what?”

“Why you got it.”

He shrugged, “I don’t know. Ever since I’ve known myself, I always had to have something in my mouth. Gum, candy, pens, whatever … I just like to taste everything,” he shrugged again, “the tongue ring was just the natural way to go.”

“So, it’s basically the ideal mouth toy. There when you need it and practically feeling-less when you don’t. Right?” I asked.


He looked over at me and smiled that sexy half-smile -- the one that seemed to make my knees go weak.

“That, and the eroticism.” … “I like the fact that it can hide behind a smile, or a close conversation … even a kiss.” He smiled an evil grin, “I can choose to show my victims my secret weapon, but not everyone is going to know the extent of my power.”

I gave him a look, “your victims, Spec?”


“So what, you go around preying on women?”

“And make them fall to their knees,” he stated, somewhat arrogantly.

“Conceited much?” I asked, rolling my eyes.

He laughed, “call it whatever you want, but my pierced tongue is mine to manipulate, feel and use.”

I shook my head and turned my attention back to the view.

He kept playing with the silver stud and an un-welcomed tingling sensation crept between my thighs.

“Could you stop doing that?”

He twisted the ball, “doing what?”


“Why should I stop doing it because you’re horny?”

I glared at him and couldn’t help but smile. “Why are you so bold?”

“I’m honest.”

“Whatever.” I replied, shifting around.

He chuckled, “so what are we going to do about your state?”

“There is no state, because I’m not horny.”

“Right. Is that why you’ve been crossing and un-crossing your legs for the last six minutes?”

I stared at him in dis-belief.

I was out … and simply because I was caught.

He turned me around to face him and brought his face close, “you want me, Kiery. Admit it.”

“After you admit you want me just as bad,” I stated.

He leaned in and kissed my lips, slowly slipping his tongue inside my mouth. His lips were cool and wet and the warmth of his tongue made my spine tremble. I leaned in closer and massaged his tongue with mine, getting a feel of his piercing.

It was hard to get used to at first -- because it felt like a piece of stationary candy was in his mouth -- but after a while, I started loving it.

He moved down and opened his mouth, running the ball across my neck before sucking it lightly. A moan escaped my lips and I pulled away, knowing where this was going. “Spec.” I cleared my throat, surprised at how hoarse my voice was. “Look, I want to be with you, but … right now I’m not sure this is what I want.” He kissed my lips and brushed a few strands of hair from my face, “that’s cool.”

His phone vibrated and he pulled back, searching my eyes instead of answering the call.

Who was I kidding?

I wanted this, probably more than he did - and he knew it.

It was written all over my face.

His phone started ringing and he continued to look me in the eyes. Everything about him was sensual.

I bit my bottom lip and he bit down on his also, moving closer to me. “I won’t do anything you don’t want to.” He kissed my lips once more and I obliged, letting my senses guide me.

In a matter of minutes, things became heated -- so heated my wife beater started to stick to my skin. His kisses became more intense and without my noticing, my nipples had become hard and were clearly visible through my top. He slid his tongue deeper and another moan escaped my lips … the ball was intoxicating.

The pulsating became stronger as he moved down to my neck and my heart beat became irregular.

The energy we were feeding each other was no good … but neither was the height he had in his jeans.

He found his way back up to my lips and slowly started to stand up, bringing me with him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he moved the chair that stood behind me and placed me atop the counter - not once taking his lips from mine. I parted my legs and he stood in between, the ball twisting in my mouth.

His kisses became more powerful and I felt the liquid soak into my underwear.

I caressed his neck as he palmed my breasts and slid his hands down my sides to the top of my shorts, prying them deeper and tracing his fingers along the seam of my thong. A moan rose from his throat and I smiled against his lips … he was becoming more aroused by the second.

Out of nowhere, his cell phone rang and I pulled back a bit -- only to have him lean in closer and slide his tongue into my mouth again.

He slowly pulled my wife beater up and left it on top of my breasts, flicking my nipples as his ball played tag with my tongue.

Kissing my neck and continuing to move down, he pushed my shirt higher, sucking my overt nipple into his mouth. I exhaled. I ran my hands over his braids and dropped my head back as he slid the ball over my nipple.

I bit down on my lip.

Oh God.

This man has started something that I truly hope he can finish.

His cell phone rang again and I groaned and pulled back completely, “Maybe you should get that.” His breathing was ragged, “Naw.”

“Spec, yes. They’re not going to stop calling.”

He looked at me and sighed, picking up, “yo, talk to me.”

I pulled my shirt down and my legs up, sitting on the counter Indian style.

“I’m in the middle of something’,” he continued, looking over at me. He frowned, “right now?” … “Yeah, fine.” He sucked his teeth and hung up.

“You have to go?”

“Yeah. I gotta take care of some business.”

“Okay,” I replied.

To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement … I was damn near ready to throw a tantrum.

“Can I call you later?” he asked, putting his phone back onto his waist.


I swung my legs over the edge and hopped off the counter, “let me walk you out.”

I called the elevator up as we stood in my lobby and it came in no time.

“I’ll talk to you.” His voice was soft.


He kissed my cheek and I waited for the doors to close before entering the house, locking the doors behind me.

I yawned and glanced at the clock as I made my way to my room. It was 12:27 a.m.

“damn,” I muttered.

I decided on a quick shower and changed into my night clothes -- the night’s events replaying themselves in my head.

I smiled and got in bed.

No sooner had I done that when my door creaked and Mj walked in, rubbing his eyes and stretching.

I smiled and shook my head. At four years old he was still waltzing into my room half asleep so he could spend the rest of the night.

He got in bed beside me and layed his head on my chest, yawning. I stroked his head, knowing what was coming next … this happened every night he came in here.

“Goodnight mommy.”

I kissed his forehead, “goodnight baby.”

89 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Tue Aug 04, 2009 8:32 pm


piggy says bump this ishhh upp pig

90 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Tue Aug 04, 2009 8:34 pm


Woo hoo...so reading after i do hair Smile


Stories by Me:
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[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

91 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Tue Aug 04, 2009 9:16 pm


oh my my my....
i would have been like...Man fuck that phone
loved the add!!!



92 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Wed Aug 05, 2009 9:34 am


pig thanks for the new page dezzy


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94 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:22 am


iLoved it Rae ((&& Piggy))

back at it Smile

95 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:03 pm


aww..your welcome
I just noticed i got a new page lol


96 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Thu Aug 06, 2009 11:11 am


ups addin later today pig

97 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Fri Aug 07, 2009 6:49 pm


Damn that was so intense
leaving us with a puddle
for nothing...lol...ADD MORE
This is for Spec👅


Stories by Me:
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[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

]As always my compliments goes to Jas

98 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Fri Aug 07, 2009 10:27 pm


{.. Kiery ..}

.. “It is now seven o’clock” ..

.. “It is now seven o’clock” ..

.. “It is now seven o’clock” ..

.. “It is now sev-” ..

I pried my eyes open and slapped the ‘snooze’ button on the alarm clock. “Shut up, damnit.”

It beeped twice and shut off.

I looked down as Mj adjusted his head between my breasts and closed my eyes for another second.

Clearly, I wasn’t a morning person.



“Mj,” I repeated.

He shifted and groaned. “No, mommy.”

“Yes. You have to get up.”

“No,” he whined.



“Yes,” I stated firmly.

He didn’t budge.

I eased his head off my chest in an attempt to wake him, and he rolled over instead.

Clearly, he wasn’t a morning person either.

Hmm, I wonder who he got it from?

I got out of bed and entered the bathroom -- taking a shower and completing the usual -- washing my face, brushing my teeth, blow-drying my hair, etc …

By the time I got out, it was 8:26 a.m. and Mj was still in the position I left him … with no intentions of getting up. I tightened the towel around my body and moved closer to the bed, pulling my sheets off his small frame. “Mj, get up, now.”

“I said, no!” he shouted.

I stared at him. “You said what? Little boy, I’ma count to thr-” I stopped and turned towards my bedroom door as the knock on the front door repeated itself. I looked back at him and dropped the sheets by his feet, “if you’re not up by the time I get back in here, you’re gonna be having a bad day. My word is bond.”

“But mom-”

“But nothing,” I spoke, cutting him off. “Get your ass out of bed, before I pull you out of bed.”

The knock came again - this time as a bang, and I opened my towel and let it drop, “I’m coming!”

I searched the contents of my drawer for a bra and some boy shorts and barely pulled them on, when the banging became persistent. I sucked my teeth and pulled on my robe. “I said I’m coming, damn!”

As if disregarding my comment, the banging got louder and I swung my room door open, taking strides to the front door. I yanked it open, and huffed upon seeing who it was. “Why the hell are you banging down my door like you pay rent!”

He brushed past me and walked into the living room, dropping the magazine on the table. “You wanna tell me what the fuck this is?”

“As a matter of fact, no, I don’t.”

He glared at me, “so is this why you haven’t been answering my calls? Because you’re running around town with this nigga?”

I rolled my eyes, “what do you want, Marcus?”

“I wanna know what the hell is going on, Kiery,” he bellowed.

“Well you’re out of luck,” I spat.

I started toward my bedroom and he grabbed my arm and spun me around. “What the hell is going on, Kiery!”

“Let me go, Marcus.”

“No, not until you answer me.”

I glared at him. “Marcus, let me go.”

He released his grip and placed his palm on the doorframe, “who is he, Kiery?”

“No one you need to concern yourself with.”

“Who is he, Kiery?” he repeated, his eyes not once leaving mine.

I didn’t answer. I just stared at him and he sighed. “Fine, don’t answer. But let me tell you something, I don’t want this nigga around here and I don’t want him around my son.”

I looked at him as if he had three heads. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me,” he replied. “I don’t want you seeing him and I don’t want him around my son.”

“Our son. And I see whoever I want, whenever I want,” I corrected. “And it’s funny how you don’t want him here, but Ya bitch can walk up in my kitchen like she owns my shit.”

“This isn’t about her, Kiery.”

“Then what is it about, Marcus? Because as far as I see it, you don’t want me to be with anyone but you.”

He sighed, aggravated. “I didn’t say that.”

“You don’t have to, you already make it as obvious as it needs to be.”

He looked towards Mj’s room and moved closer -- towering over me. “Tell me something, are you fucking him?”

“Does it matter?” I asked, getting annoyed.

“Yes it does.”

“Well it shouldn’t. I don’t ask you if you’re fuckin yo groupie hoe.”

The muscles in his jaw moved and he ran his hand over his face. Apparently, she was a ‘hot button’ issue for him. “Look, Kiery Man, I already told you. We’re just kickin’ it” … “Drop it.”

Drop it?

fuck that.

“Is that why you brought her to Senses(it’s a club in Memphis but its gone b a restaurant in here lol)?” I continued.

He shifted his eyes from mine, “how do you know that Shit? You got people spyin’ on me now?”

“Answer the question, Marcus.”

“It was her birthday and I wanted to do somethin’ nice, I took her out.”

“So, what, happy birthday isn’t good enough? You had to take her to the most expensive restaurant in the state?”

He stared at me, frustrated. “What are you getting at, Kiery?”

“We were together for four years and you never took me to Senses on anyone of my birthdays.”

fuck it if I was being selfish. I was hurt.

“You’re right,” he spat. “That’s because I brought you to Rome, Brazil, Paris and and Japan all that shit”


My expression changed and I looked away.

He held my chin and forced me to face him. “Exactly. Cut the bullShit, Kiery, we both know this isn’t about you and any one of your birthdays” … “so what if I brought her to Senses? What the hell is your point?”

“My point is, y’all are not just kickin’ it, and you know it.” I snarled, pushing him away from me. I turned on my heel and walked into my bedroom.

“Wait a minute, why the hell are you getting upset?” he questioned, following me in hot pursuit. “You were the one who said you didn’t wanna be with me, remember?”

“I didn’t mean it, Marcus!” I yelled.

“Then why the hell did you say it!”

“Because you hurt me!”

He stopped moving and stared at me.

“What?” … “How di-”

He cut his sentence short as Mj walked out of my bathroom, staring at us. The tears running down his cheeks. “Why are you guys fighting?”

The anger rushed from me as quickly as it came and I moved closer to him. “Baby, thi-”

“We’re not fighting, lil’ man,” Marcus, spoke up. “Mommy and I are just trying to resolve an issue.”

He shook his head as to say ‘no’. “I don’t know what resvove means.”

“It means we’re trying to work things out,” I replied. I smiled at his innocence.

“Then why are you shouting?”

“Because, mommy’s a little upset,” Marcus answered.

“With you?”

“Yeah,” Marcus replied, hesitating.

He shrugged his little shoulders. “That’s okay, just hug her like you always do.”

Marcus looked at me and I looked past him and unto Mj. “C’mon, let’s get you ready. Trey is gonna be here any minute.”

“Tac too?”

“Yeah, Spec too.” I replied, ignoring Marcus’s stare.

I picked him up and walked into my bathroom - hoping to God Marcus wouldn’t follow me.

“Why is he coming here, Kiery?”

Guess God wasn’t on my side.

I sighed, “to take Mj to soccer practice.”

“What the f- why?” He finished, correcting himself.

“Because, Marcus, Trey offered and he accepted.”

“And with all the stuff that’s goin’ on, you let him?” he questioned.

I sighed, and ignoring his question, peeled off Mj’s pajamas. “Marcus, it’s just soccer practice. What’s the problem?”

“The problem is, I know what’s gonna happen?”

“And what’s that?”

“Yeah, daddy, what’s gonna happen?” Mj asked, looking a bit concerned.

I looked at Marcus as he opened his mouth to speak. This was his chance to fill Mj’s head with lies pertaining Spec … in other words – bullShit, and he knew it.

His Cell phone beeped as he uttered his first word and I silently thanked the Lord. Marcus was liable to say anything to get his way and I didn’t have time for that. Not this morning.

He looked down at the At&t I Phone 3G™️ and frowned. He had to go.

“But why?” Mj asked after hearing the news.

“I have to work. I’ll come by later, aite?”

“Okay,” he responded.

“Kiery, can I talk to you outside for a second?”

“For what?” I asked.

He gave me a look and I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Fine, hold on.”

I lathered up Mj’s washcloth and gave him his bath -- brushing his teeth, washing his face and giving him some playtime, before taking him out. I wrapped him in his robe and wiped the dripping water from his face, “go in your room and pick out something to wear. I’ll be there in a second.” “Okay … mommy look.” I turned to look at him and he smeared foam on my nose and ran out of my bathroom giggling. “I’m going to get you!” I yelled after him, laughing.

I wiped the foam from my face and walked into the living room. Mj laughed and closed his room door. I smiled, “just you wait, Mr. Cooper.” I walked through the front door and saw Marcus standing by the sofa I kept in the lobby. “What is it?”

He looked at me, “he’s gonna play you, Kiery.”

“Goodbye, Marcus.”

I turned to walk back and he held onto my arm, “hold up.”

I turned around.

“Do you really think this nigga cares about you? You don’t even know him.”

“And you do?” I retorted.

“Yeah, I do. He was at my party, remember?”

“That doesn’t mean Shit, Marcus. Random people from all over the world go to your parties all the time, that doesn’t mean you know them.”

“I know him, and I know what he’s about, Kiery.”



“And what’s he about, Marcus? Amuse me, please.”

He sucked his teeth, “Fine, fuck it. I don’t want him seeing Mj.”

“If he’s seeing me, he’s going to see Mj. There’s really nothing you can do about that.”

“I don’t want him around my son, Kiery,” he bellowed.

“Well he’s going to be, whether you like it or not.”

“Do it and see what happens to him,” he spat.

“Is that a threat? Wait a minute, are you worried that Mj might just like Spec?”

He didn’t answer and I chuckled. “I can’t believe this. You’re being insecure.”

“Ain’t nobody being insecure,” he defended.

“Really? So you’re not afraid that Mj might like Marcus so much that he starts preferring him over you?”

“I’m his father, Kiery. Can’t nobody replace me,” he stated firmly.

“Then what is all this about?”

“This isn’t the way you said Shit was gonna be.”

“What?” I asked.

“From the jump it was always suppose to be the three of us. Not you, my son and some dude” … “we planned on a family.”

“Yeah, well, you decided you didn’t want that anymore,” I spoke, bitterness rising from my tone.

“What the fuck? When did I decide that?”

“When you went to Europe and cheated on me with that Latino chick,” I snarled. I wanted to yell but I wasn’t going to.

He wasn’t going to see me sweat.

His body got tense and I glared at him, “yeah, Marcus, I know about it. I always did. And I didn’t say anything because I thought you would be a man and have some decency and come clean about your Shit.”

He shifted his eyes from mine and I knew he knew the games were over.

“Is that why you decided you didn’t wanna do us anymore?” he asked.

I shot him a look, “Is that supposed to be a trick question? Do you really want me to answer that?”

“Yeah. I mean, I was wrong for what I did, but we were on a break.”

“Exactly, Marcus. We were on a break, not fucking broken up! And what’s fucked up is, when you got back to L.A you were still messing around!”

The look he gave me, let me know he had no idea I was aware of his little escapades.

“What, you didn’t think I’d find out? C’mon Marcus, I know you. It’s been me and you since I was sixteen. I knew then, I know now, and I always will know when you’re fucking up. I can see it in your eyes, just like I see it now” I spat.

He opened his mouth to say something but I cut him off. “You know, Shit is funny. From the get-go you told me you’d stay faithful … yeah, I was young and in love, but I believed it. I always did. Until four years down the line when you decided this relationship, your son, and I, didn’t mean not a damn thing to you.”

He moved closer to me and I moved back. The tears threatening to spill.


I wasn’t going to give him the pleasure of seeing me cry.

I stood there and looked at him, in disbelief that this was the man I loved.

I just couldn’t understand it.

How could two people share and care for each other for so long and then just let it slip away?

How could he just disregard what we built and everything we had?

I really couldn’t understand it.

“Kiery, baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you. You didn’t deserve what I did, and if I could turn back the hands of time and take it back, I would” … “I’m sorry.” His voice was soft and his eyes told me he was genuinely remorseful.

I stared at him for a while and moved past him, pressing the button for the lift to come up. “Yeah, Marcus …and so am I for thinking you really loved me.”

I turned and walked into my house, not once looking back. I shut the door behind me and stood against it for a moment.

I wasn’t sure of what I just did, or if shutting him out of my heart was what I wanted to do.

What I did know, was that I was disgusted, and I could no longer let him do this to me.

I wiped the tears that ran freely down my cheeks and locked the door. I was back in a place where I’d been too many times before. The tears, the heartache, the pain … was all familiar. Marcus had brought me here time after time, and each time I swore he’d never take me here again -- but here I was -- crying the same tears and emotionally sick and tired.

The knock on the door startled me a bit and I straightened up and looked through the small glass hole.

It was Marcus.

I watched him as he waited, then knocked again. I fought back the urge to open the door and turned around.

That was it.

It had to be it.

I had to let go and move on.

Marcus, as far as I see it, could go to hell.

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there ya go a long juicy add hope ya like it ima add double next time since i didnt add the other day ...... its all piggys idea he say i gotta give my readers wat they want so i hav to do a double add lol pig


100 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Fri Aug 07, 2009 11:50 pm


That was awesome
Marcus how could you be so
heartless...Kiery girl I understand
1st love never seems to fade away
especially looking into the eyes
of her son...

Girl Upz...
Can't wait for next add...


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