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The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED)

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26 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:37 pm


We spoke for the next hour until we both had to go ... we said our good-byes and hung up.


I pulled into the half filled parking lot of the Miami's Children’s hospital and parked my Black Dodge Charger Hemi 2009 behind a Lime green station wagon. I grabbed the duffel bag with Mj’s things from the passenger’s side and got out, setting the alarm before entering the building.

I got off on the eighth floor and entered Mj’s room.

I closed the door gently behind me as I noticed the huge teddy bear propped up in the corner and the many balloons that read “Get Well Soon.” I smiled as I watched him sleep and pulled a chair beside his bed. His skin didn’t look as pale as it did yesterday and I breathed a sigh of relief. I noticed a second teddy bear propped up beside the bed. I removed the card and read it …

Hey baby,
I’m sorry I can’t visit you but I hope you get well soon and I hope the bears and balloons brighten your day. If you look real close, you’ll find a surprise.

Love always,

I laughed a little and closed the card, resting it in the bear’s lap. “Hi mommy.” I looked up and smiled as he rubbed his eyes. “Hey baby, how do you feel?”
“Okay.” He shrugged slightly. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”
“It doesn’t?” He shook his head. “No” “Well that’s good. Are you hungry?”
“No … aunty Mecey gave me something to eat” “All right.”

He looked around the room and smiled a bit. “Are they mines?”
“Mine,” I corrected him. “And yeah, they’re for you ... they’re from grandma.” His eyes lit up. “Really?”
“Yeah.” The door opened and the doctor walked in, clipboard in hand as usual. “Good morning,” he smiled. I smiled back. “Morning”
“How are you doing?” “I’m fine” I replied. “Good to hear.” He looked at me before continuing. “The clot is completely dissolved … however, he shouldn’t fly out of the country for the next month or so” ... “We’re still going to keep him on oxygen for the next few hours to make sure everything is under control. He’ll be able to leave by tomorrow” “Thank you” I spoke, releasing a small smile. “No problem. My name is doctor Terk by the way.” He wrote something down on the clipboard. “Have a nice day Ms. Jackson”
“Thanks” I replied before he walked out. “Am I staying here?” Mj asked. “Just until tomorrow, okay?”
“Okay … where is daddy?” “He’s working, but he promised to come see you when you get home.” He smiled, “Okay.”

Just then Bre walked in with Mecey behind her holding a tray. “Why are you smiling?” she asked Mj, kissing his cheek.

“Because, his mommy is here” I replied, smiling

“Oh yeah, he’s a momma’s boy … I almost forgot” she replied

“No I’m not” Mj defended. “I’m not a momma’s boy”

“That’s right baby, you tell her” I chimed in.

“Are too” Mecey responded, putting her face right before his

“Am not”

“Are too” she repeated, making a silly face. He giggled and she kissed his nose.

“My baby is not a momma’s boy”

Bre looked at me. “Kie please, he’s like your shadow”

“Like? He is her shadow” Mecey spoke, smiling. She pulled a chair beside mine and swung her legs over mine. “What did the doctor say?”
“He said the clot’s dissolved, but they’re going to keep him on oxygen to make sure everything’s under control.” Bre opened a small cupboard below the sink and revealed junk food galore. “When is he leaving?” “Tomorrow” I replied. I eyed the contents of the cupboard. “Where did you get all that?” “I snuck it in … you know I had to hook up my godson.” Bre shook her head. “You are going to get your ass fired” “Please, I run this” Mecey replied. “Riiight” Bre and I spoke in unison before bursting out in laughter. Mj giggled along with us and she threw a couple fruit loops at him -- which he ate happily.

Time went by quickly and before I knew it, it was 1:17 p.m. Mj was sleeping again and Mecey and Bre were snacking while watching As the world turns. “I’m sick of this Bitch always crying” Bre voiced, slouching in her chair. I laughed a little and took a handful of chips from her plate, getting up. “I have to go, by the time I get home it’ll be time to leave with my mom” “She sold another house?” Mecey asked. “Yeah” I answered. “But I’ll be back when it’s finished”
“Are you sleeping here?” “Yeah” “All right … I’ll ask them to bring in one of the converting chairs” “Thanks” I said, picking up my cell phone. “Later Bre” “I’ll be here when you get back” she replied, not taking her eyes from the TV screen. I smiled and left.

I got home at around 2:30 p.m. and took another shower. I pulled my still straightened hair into a ponytail and slid on my sun glasses as the intercom in my room beeped, letting me know my mother was downstairs.

I exited the building and a few guys whistled as I approached my mother’s White Maybach. I got into the passenger’s seat and said hello to my sister.

My mother looked at me. “Where is the rest of your skirt?”

“Not here?”

She shook her head and drove off and I looked down at the faded jeans skirt I had decided to wear. I had to admit, it was extremely short … but it was a perfect fit.

We drove for hours -- approximately one n a half -- and spoke about everything in general before pulling up to a mansion that sat on a huge piece of property.

Toya and I were in awe as my mother drove up the driveway, which was packed with expensive cars.

“Mom, this guy you sold the house to, what does he do?” Raven asked

“He’s a producer” she answered. “I think his name is some wierd like Spectacular”

My heart skipped a beat. “What?”

“Oh my God! I’m going to meet Spectac Smith!” Rae some-what screamed, getting excited.

“Don’t get too excited now Raven.” My mother voiced. “We’re just passing through.”

Spectacular Smith... Mr Smith.

When my mother mentioned the name this morning, it didn’t ring a bell ... now I was deafened.

My mother parked behind a Black Ferrari and I got out along with my sister. We walked up the stairs to the main doors and were greeted by Omarion's O … I’m guessing he produced that too.

There were celebrities everywhere, and Raven was absolutely star struck. She ran off in the direction that Drake was in while my mother said something to me. It came across as more of a blur due to the loud music, but I nodded anyway and she headed up the winding stair-case to the second floor.

After stumbling upon two wrong turns and a porn scene, I finally found the kitchen. The glass doors that led to the pool area were open and a few girls turned to look at me -- most of them wearing next to nothing.

I slid the sun glasses up and rested them on top of my head, swinging the refrigerator door open. I scanned it’s contents before taking a bottle of water. Liquor wasn’t really my thing and neither was coke.

I closed the refrigerator door and some-what froze as he walked in, looking good enough to eat. He spotted me as I turned around and said something to the female he was with. In turn, she shook her hair into her back and gave me a disapproving look before walking into the living room. What the hell that bitch dnt know me?

“Hey ...Kiery right?”

It came to mind to ask how he knew my name, but my mom sold him the house, so that wouldn’t be a smart thing to ask. “Yeah.”

He smiled. “I’m Spectacular”

“Nice to meet you.” I spoke, releasing his hand from the shake.

There was silence for a while and I felt awkward. I really didn’t want to see him again ...especially not after my near death fall the day before -- and my stomach was doing flips, on no damnn wat if i do sum stupid...

We both looked toward the pool area as F.L.Y, Swag surfin flowed through the speakers.

“You wanna dance?”

“Uh, sure” I replied.

He led me through the glass doors towards a small section where everyone was dancing and that’s when I realized the pool area was a lot bigger than it seemed in the kitchen. A few eyes stuck to us as we walked to the middle and I regretted not wearing a longer skirt.

We danced face to face for a while until Avant, Read my mind came on and I turned my back towards him.

Then things started to heat up. He placed his hands on my waist and pulled me toward him.

I grinded my lower half against his manhood as his hands slipped down to my hips, keeping me there. The grinding became intense as I leaned my head back onto his shoulder ... and somewhere between the surroundings becoming a blur, my skirt riding higher and his Dick growing harder, I realized we were sweating. I could feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead and the breathing he generated into my ear didn’t help the situation. My heart was beating at an alarming rate and I felt his pounding through his White beater. The song slowly came to an end and we slowed our movements, breathing harder than we were before. A few people applauded and I didn’t realize it was directed at us until he started laughing, showing his pearly whites. I shook my head as they yelled a few select comments and looked up at him. He gave me a sexy half-smile and stared at me as if he had seen something that wasn’t there before. “You have beautiful eyes, are they like green and hazel?” “Yeah they change with my mood... thanks.” I replied. "So what does green mean" i smirked and whispered to him "It means im really feelin like going away with you right now" He slid his hands to my lower back and was bout to pull me much closer until a girl that looked to be about twenty approached us. She was actually very pretty, until she started talking about herself ... the more she spoke, the uglier she got and I sized her up in a matter of minutes. She looked at me and smiled. “May I cut in?”

“Sure” I replied, looking at Spectacular.

He stood there for a while, looking at me, until I called his name. “Spectacular”

“What?” he asked.

I smiled. “In order for her to cut in, you have to let me go.”

He looked down at his hands which were still planted on the small of my back and laughed. “My bad.”

She smiled as he let me go and I headed back toward the kitchen. The water bottle I held earlier was no longer in my grasp -- hell if I knew what happened to it.

I opened the refrigerator and took another one as my mother walked into the kitchen. “I’ve been looking all over for you.”

“Are you ready?” I asked

“Just about, I just have to say good-bye to a few people. Rae waiting in the car”

“Ok.” I spoke, walking out.

I finally found the car after about 15 minutes of walking around this bi ass place, and when I got to it, my mother was already seated.

I opened the door to get in but stopped when I heard my name ... I turned around and saw Spectacular walking out of the house. He started running up to me and I shut the door and met him half-way.

“Sorry about Yaya cutting in.” He said.

I smiled. It was cute how he felt he had to apologize. “It’s fine, nothing personal.”

Raven jumped out the car and ran up to us. “Oh my God ... can I get your autograph?”

“No, Rae.” I answered for him.

“Nah, it’s cool ... sure thing.” He said, smiling.

He signed the piece of paper she held in her hand and she stuck her tongue out at me before walking back to the car.

He laughed as she got in and turned his attention back to me, clearing his throat. “Uh, I was wondering if you want to go out later on ... maybe get something to eat.”

I tilted my head to the side. “Mr. Smith, are you asking me out on a date?”

He laughed. “Nobody said anything about a date ... I just want to feed you” ... “And maybe after, we can go somewhere and relax a bit.”

I smiled. “Sounds tempting, but I can’t.”

He looked disappointed and I felt the sudden need to explain.

“My son is in the hospital and I have to get back.”

He shifted his eyes from mine and I could tell he was caught off guard by my statement.

“You have a son?”


He looked at me for a while. “Well ... how about I give you my number, and you call me when you’re free?”

I eyed him. “Are you serious?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” He asked, puzzled.

“Well, because every time I tell I guy I have a son, they run like hell.”

He laughed. “I can see how having a child is intimidating. But yeah, I’m serious.”

I laughed a little. “See, that’s how I know you’re crazy”

“Nah .. I’m just a sucker for a beautiful woman.”

I laughed.

“So does that mean you’ll take it?” He asked.

“Yeah.” I replied.

He put his number into my phone and waved good-bye to my mother and sister before walking back to the house. I smiled and walked back to the car ... somehow feeling that infatuation was setting in.

27 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:58 pm


Aww[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] THat's so cuttttttte. And I'mma need her not to be getting all freaking with him while her mama's at the party!

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cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers

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[.] Chapter Three [.]

{.. Kiery ..}

“So, are you going to call him?” Mecey asked, leaning against my car.

“I don’t know.” I replied. I packed Mj’s duffel bag and the bear my mother sent him in the trunk. “He’s probably got a million other things to do.”


“And … he most likely won’t have time to go anywhere.”

“Then why would he tell you to call him when you’re free?” she asked, knowing the answer to her question.

“Because, he-”

“Because nothing Kiery.” she said, cutting me off. “You’re making excuses.”

I stuffed the balloons in and looked at her. “Fine ... I’ll call.” I closed the trunk. “But if it turns out bad, you’re to blame.”

“No problem.” She spoke, smiling.

I got in the driver’s seat as she stuck her head in the passenger’s side. “Later lil’ man.” She blew a kiss at Mj and he smiled. “Bye aunty Mece Mece.”

She turned her attention back to me. “You going to call me later?”

“You say it like we’re together.” I laughed.

“We are … you’re my wifey and Bre’s my Bitch.”

I laughed even more. “Yeah, I’ll call you.”

“Good,” she smiled. “Oh- and don’t forget, I got Friday off and it’s our night out … just the three of us.”


She looked at Mj for a minute, then looked back at me. “See, didn’t I tell you everything was going to be fine?”

I sighed. “Yeah, you did.”

“And you were still stressing … but I guess it’s a mother thing.”

“It is.” I answered.

She started talking to Mj and I drifted off … remembering what happened.

I had brought him over to Mecey’s that morning, so that he could spend the day with Kaden -- her four year old nephew. And also see Mecey older brother Trey.

= = = =

I opened the refrigerator and took out the bowl of macaroni salad; resting it on the counter. “That’s what you want for breakfast?” Mecey asked, walking into the kitchen. “Yeah.” I replied, smiling. “M’kay, well, there’s some chicken up top if you feel for it.” “All right.” I answered, taking out the chicken along with some greens.

The phone rang and she picked up. “House of beauty, this is cutie.”

“You are retarded, I promise you.” I laughed.

She smiled. “Oh, hey Bre, what’s good?” … “Really … today? … dammnn.” … “Yeah, I’ll tell her … yeah … I’ll see you later … all right … bye.” She hung up and I looked at her.

“What happened?”

“John got shot again, he’s in the hospital.”

I sucked my teeth. “I told him to stop fucking with the streets.”

“He wasn’t huslin’ this time though. Apparently, his baby momma caught him cheating with another girl.”

“So she shot him?!” I half-yelled, surprised.

“Yup. twice.”

I shook my head. “damn, I feel sorry for him.” I paused. “Then again, no I don’t. He should take this as a lesson learned, because he damn well needed a wake up call.”

She laughed. “Exactly. And Bre’s being all pitiful and what-not, talking about she feels bad for him. Shit ... I don’t.”

“Me either. But come on Mece, we should at least have some remorse.” I spoke.

I felt bad that he was laying in the hospital with bullet wounds, and we weren’t even being sympathetic.

“No we don’t, for what? I told this nigga, fucking with these Bitches will get you stitches, and he always told me to stop saying that bullShit. Now look where he is.” … “If you ask me, he had it coming.”

I laughed a little.

I hope he’s okay though.

I took the food from the microwave and set it on the counter. “Aye Kiery, can you fix me a plate?” Trey asked, coming into the kitchen.

“Yeah. Where are the boys?”

“In the guest room playing Nascar.”

I took down a plate for him. “Oh, all right.”

“I’m taking them to FunVille.”

“By yourself?” Mecey and I asked in unison.

He looked at us. “Yeah, what? Y’all think I can’t control them?”

“No.” I answered. “It’s just, they get a little crazy when they let loose.”

“Nah, I got it.” he replied. “Plus, Tasha’s coming, so I’ll have help.”

Mecey smiled, “Awww, one big happy family.”

He rolled his eyes at her and I gave him the plate. I put mine on a tray and set the drink beside it.

“Let’s eat in my room. I have to show you this new outfit I got.” Mecey said.

“You got another stripper outfit?” Trey asked, smiling.

“So KIERYY, the person I was talking to.” She paused to give him a disgusted look. “I bought it at the Boardwalk. You have to see it.”

I picked up the tray. “Let’s go.”

We left him in the kitchen and entered her room. I plopped down on her bed and set the tray before me as she walked into her closet, exiting two minutes later with three outfits.

“I thought you said outfit?”

She laughed. “Shut up.”

She placed them on the bed beside me and pulled her shirt over her head; revealing her breasts. I put a forkful of greens in my mouth and motioned for her to move out the way as I turned on the TV. She took off her pants and rolled her eyes. I laughed.

Mecey and I, have seen each other naked plenty of times over the years and didn’t find a problem with it. As was the same with Breanna.

We were comfortable and confident about our sexuality.

“Aye Mece n Kiery!” Trey yelled from the living room.


“I’m going out for a couple seconds!” … “The boys are fine!”

“Yeah!” she yelled back.

A few minutes later the front door closed and she turned to me.


“That’s a nice colour on you but, why Hot pink?” I asked.

“Because, Hot pink is in.” She replied in a matter-of-fact sort of tone.

She took the outfit off and I returned to watching T.V.

“Okay.” She spoke, stepping in front of the television screen, once again. “What do you thi-” She stopped talking and looked towards the door as Kaden walked in -- crying.

kaden what’s wrong?” We asked in unison.

“Mj’s, sick.” He said between sobs.

I sat up quickly. “What do you mean, he’s sick?”

“He’s on the floor crying. And he breathing like this,” he started panting rapidly and I jumped off the bed and ran into the guest room.

Sure enough … there was my son -- on the floor, crying, and panting, like Kaden said he was.

My heart stopped.

His panting turned to wheezing and I ran over to him and fell to my knees. Scooping him up.

“Mj, baby, what’s wrong with you?!”

He didn’t answer, just kept on panting and wheezing.

“911! I need an ambulance!” I looked up and saw Mecey on the phone. Pacing back and forth with Kaden on her hip, still crying.

“Mj baby, talk to me!” I yelled.

His eyes closed as he started sweating profusely, and his panting grew stronger.

My heart beat became irregular as I cried. “ Marcus baby don’t do this to momma!”

“He’s panting and wheezing!” Mecey shouted. “Yeah, he’s sweating, a lot!”

His eyes closed again and I sank to a sitting position -- crying uncontrollably. I didn’t know what to do and I was beginning to get frustrated. “What the fuck is taking them so long?!”

“What the fuck is taking y’all so long?!” Mece yelled into the phone. “My nephew is fucking dying and you’re telling me to calm down?! Woman!…” … “Well then bitch give me some fucking tips or get off the got damn phone n give me someone wit some sense!”

She turned to me, quickly. “She said to rub his chest vigorously, in circular motions.”

I did as I was told, but it wasn’t helping.

This was it … my son was going to die in my arms.

A million and one thoughts ran through my mind as I rocked back and forth -- tears streaming down my cheeks.

I held him in my arms i rocked and sang a song to him n told him how much i loved him

" Its gonna be ok baby...Jesus loves you this i know for the bible tells us so....I love you so much Marcus Jr...little one who hymms below they are weak but he is strong.....you gonna make it for me n for dad...."

The loud knock on the door made us look up and kaden cry harder. Mecey ran to open it and I heard the paramedics rush in.

“No, you idiot! In there! … Does the kitchen look like a fucking bedroom?!”

They ran into the guest room, ignoring Mecey’s yells and grabbed Mj out of my arms. I quickly got up and watched as they placed him on the stretcher and put a mask over his nose and mouth. The first two men yelled at Mecey to move out the way, as they rushed the stretcher through the front door and I got up to go after them. I got in the Ambulance and a woman was talking to Mecey
“They are taking him to the hospital ma’am.”

“Where are they going?” Mecey asked.

“Miami Children’s” she replied.

Mecey Ran in the house n got her keys put kaden in the car to meet us at the hospital!

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addin soon

35 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:09 pm


= = = =


“Yeah.” I answered, looking at her.

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Okay well, I’m going. I promised Kaden’s mom that I’d baby-sit.” She replied, sighing.

I laughed. “Have fun.”

She flipped me the bird and blew another kiss at Mj before walking toward her car. I smiled and put on my seatbelt.

“Are you hungry baby?”

“Yeah, are you?” he asked.

I laughed. “Extremely. What do you want?”

He swung his little feet back and forth from his booster seat, “Um, Chinese.”

“M‘kay, well, Chinese it is” I replied, pulling out of the parking lot.

Within the next hour or so -- after picking up the food, we got home.

I parked in my designated spot, and we unloaded everything from the trunk before entering the building.

I shut the door behind me and set the balloons and teddy bears by the closet. He kicked off his shoes and I put them by the shoe rack along with mine.

I walked into the kitchen. “Do you want to call Mike and Al, see if they want to come over?” I asked him, transferring the food from the bags to the counter top.

“No.” he answered, heading for my room.

I smiled.

He had his moments when he didn’t want to be around anyone but me, and I loved them -- seeing as they didn’t occur very often.

I set everything on this three-shelved tray my mother got me and proceeded to my room.

“What did I tell you about flipping on my bed?”

He stopped to look at me. “Nothing.”

I paused, “You’re right … I didn’t think it would come up.” … “No flipping.”

“Okay.” He answered, plopping down on his tummy.

We ate and watched "Transformers 2” and within no time, he fell asleep.

I picked up the container that laid before him and put it on the tray along with everything else, and headed for the kitchen.

I started throwing the containers into the trash when the doorbell echoed throughout the house.

I placed the remaining containers on the counter and walked into the living room. I tugged at the end of my skirt -- as if it would magically grow longer, and opened the door.

It was Marcus but my smile faded when I saw the female beside him. The way she clung to him let me know they were a little more than friends.

Now, remember I told you that I loved many things about Marcus, but what I loved the most was his level of understanding? Because he wasn’t one to force you -- which had it’s pros and cons?

Yeah, this Shit right here? Was one of the cons. He wasn’t one to wait around.

I flashed him a look and politely smiled at her.

She was tall, dressed to the T, had a caramel complexion and jet Black hair. She pressed her lips together as she removed her sunglasses and looked me over ... that’s when I saw what we had in common.

Who told this Bitch to look like me?

MArcus cleared his throat. “Kiery, this is Jazmine, Jazmine this is Kiery, Mj’s mother.”

She gave me a look as he said ‘Mj’s mother’ and barely smiled at me.

Not even trying to force a back a smile, I just looked at her.

I stepped aside so they could come in and noticed the huge spongebob gift bag in Marcus’s hand - but before I could question him on it’s contents, she spoke.

“Baby, where’s Mj? I want to give him the gift I bought.” She wrapped her arms around his neck before kissing him and I looked away.

“Where’s Mj?” He asked.

“He’s sleeping.” I spat out. I shot him a disgusted look and closed the door.

She asked for a glass of water as I proceeded to the kitchen and I ignored her.

I continued to throw out the containers when Marcus walked in, questioning me about the balloons and teddy bears by the door. I ignored his questions and turned to him.

“Get your girlfriend and her gift out of here, before my son wakes up.”

“Our son.” He corrected. “And she’s not my girlfriend, we’re just kicking it.”

“Well that’s not how it seems.”

“Well that’s how it is.” He replied. “I don’t even know why you’re getting so fucking worked up. You were the one who said you didn’t want to be with me.”

I ignored his last comment. “Either you tell her to leave, or I will.”

“She can’t leave without me Kie, and you know it.”

I looked at him. “Well then, you know what you need to do.”

“I’m not leaving. I came here to see my son.” He spoke, opening the refrigerator.

“Well you won’t be seeing him with her here.” I replied, matter-of-factly.

He looked at me and was about to say something but stopped when she walked into the kitchen.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked.

“Excuse me?” She sucked her teeth. “I am a grown woman, I go wherever I please.”

I looked at her like she done lost her mind. “Now see, that’s where I need to correct you. You go wherever you please on your own territory. This right here? Is not your domain. When I leave you at point A, stay your ass put.”

She rolled her eyes. “Bitch please.”

“Who are you calling a Bitch?!” I stepped from behind the counter and Marcus stepped in front of me.

“Kiery calm dow-”

Mj walked into the kitchen rubbing his eyes and we all went silent.

Marcus picked him up as he went over to him; and he rested his head on his shoulder as Marcus told Jazmine to leave the kitchen.

“Are you okay, baby?” I asked him.

He nodded yes and Marcus moved toward me - I moved back. “Leave.”


“You heard me. You have some nerve bringing her here ... give me my son and leave .”

He looked at me for a while, before handing me Mj exiting the kitchen.

The front door closed a few seconds later and I entered my room, placing Mj on the bed. I sat at the head, resting my back against it. He crawled and snuggled up beside me and I smiled.

I flipped through the channels as he drifted off to sleep and I suddenly thought about Spectacular.

Should I really call him?

I mean, no harm can come from it, right?


I picked up my cell phone from the nightstand, and flipping it open, I searched for his number.

Little did I know … the course of my life would be different thereafter.

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[.] Chapter Four [.]

{.. Ms Kiery ..}

I stood in front of my full-length bedroom mirror and stared at myself in admiration. I was beautiful beyond words.

My curly Black and dirty blonde hair was pinned up nicely, with a few select curls falling down; the Bebe spaghetti strap baby doll top I decided on wearing, fit my upper body perfectly; and the White Bebe matchin pants I wore, fit like a second layer of skin and accentuated every inch of my curves.

I turned around and took a look at my rear end, and smiled ... I was almost too much for myself.

I was sexy, yet classy. Which was exactly the look I was going for.

The phone rang as I closed the blinds and I walked past it, knowing it was Marcus -- calling yet again.

The ringing stopped and the intercom beeped a few minutes later, letting me know a Mr. Smith was downstairs awaiting my presence. I snatched my keys and hand bag from the table by the door and exited the house.

On the way down, my stomach started doing flips and a feeling of nervousness came over me. I placed a hand on my tummy and exhaled. “Relax Kie, you have absolutely nothing to be nervous about.”

The elevator dinged, and the doors opened as it reached the lobby. I stepped out cautiously, my Christian Dior stilettos clinking against the tiled floor, and scanned the area, hoping I didn’t look as nervous as I felt.


I turned around and he flashed a smile.

I smiled back. “Hii.”

He stepped toward me and took my hand. “You look beautiful.”


He stared at me, “Why are you so nervous?”

“I’m not,” I lied.

He turned my hand upward -- showing my sweaty palm, and I smiled. “Okay, maybe a little.”

He smiled a warm smile and led me towards the building’s exit, where two large men were waiting. “Relax Kiery, you have absolutely nothing to be nervous about when you with me.”

Talk about déjà vu ...


We drove for about half an hour, talking about any and everything. From his parents, to my first set of braces -- yeah, I know … weird. But with every sentence spoken, I became more and more infatuated with him.

The two men, who were introduced to me as Man-Man and Cortez, joined in on the laughter every now and then and in another hour or so, we pulled up to the parking lot of B.E.D and my eyes widened.

There was an actual barricade up, and young girls were lined up behind it, screaming every time anything larger than a compact car pulled up in front. I looked over at him and he sighed, before apologizing.

The apology made me feel better, but it didn’t help me figure out what to do ... not that there actually was anything for me to do.

I mean, with Marcus -- when we were together -- it was different. His bodyguards always gave us a play by play on what was going to happen. Resulting in us, arriving and departing in separate cars. And even when we were seen together, there weren’t that many fans around, so it was fine.

This, however, was completely different ... it wasn’t like Spectac and I were dating, and to be seen exiting the same car and entering the restaurant together, couldn’t be good for the both of us.

The media was going to have a field day.

“How the hell did they know where I was going to be?!” Spectac shouted.

“Spec, calm down. We got it.” Cortez replied.

He related the plan to Ma-Man and I calmed myself down. After all, they were trained for this kind of unexpected thing.

“Ok, Kiery follow Spec’s lead, all right?” Man-Man said, turning his attention to me.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

We pulled up to the restaurant and got out of the car right in front of the barricades; and the girls went frantic.

They screamed, grabbed and stretched for Spec, and he politely smiled as he made his way to the restaurant doors.

He looked over his shoulder to make sure I was still behind him; and I could see the girls staring at me with jealousy, whispering nasty things to each other about me. I shook it off and entered the restaurant. The waiter sauntered over and escorted us to our bed in an upper room that was roped off, leaving us the menus as we got seated.

“I’m sorry about the things being said back there.”

I smiled, “It’s okay.”

He shook his head, disregarding me. “Naw, those girls are insane. They’re whispering nasty things about you when you could just be my cousin, or a family friend” ... “They really don’t know who you are to be talking about you like that.” He finished.

“True,” I agreed.

Just then the waiter came back and asked us if we were ready to order. We placed our orders and he left, after serving us a glass of champagne.

The band started playing a type of slow sultry sound and he looked over at me. “You want to dance?”

“I don’t really know how to dance to this kind of music.”

“That’s cool … It’s real simple, I’ll show you.” He replied.

I got up and he placed his two-way and cell phone down and moved to stand right behind me, so close that I could hear him inhaling and exhaling.


I swallowed hard, and silently thanked Him for giving me the idea of chewing a wad of Extra Spearmint Gum before leaving the house. I’m not being vain -- but he was so close that he probably would know if my tonsils were removed. God knows I could smell every scent coming from him, and it smelled oh so good …

He pulled me closer to him and placed his hand on my stomach. I jumped a little and he chuckled. “Relax, I won’t bite ... unless you ask me to,” He whispered.

The touch of his lips against my ear sent shivers down my spine and I closed my eyes and exhaled, hoping to calm down from my deep breathing. I placed my hand over the one he had planted on my tummy as he instructed; and he held my left hand with his. He moved his body even closer to mine, causing his lower half to brush against my ass. “Okay, now step back with your right foot,” he spoke. I did as I was told, and accidentally stepped on his foot in the process. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry … see? I can’t do this.” He smiled, “Sure you can. Don’t concentrate so much on what I’m telling you to do ... just do it” ... “Now try it again.”

I sighed and tried it again. This time, I did it correctly. He smiled and continued whispering instructions in my ear, and in no time we were dancing like we’ve been doing it all our lives.

He stepped back and shifted to the side -- causing me to do a spin and I ended up facing him. He placed the hand he had on my stomach on the small of my back, and stepped closer to me.

It was like I was in a dream where only him and I existed, because, while I could vaguely hear Man Man making small talk with Tez, all of my attention was on him. And it was reciprocated too .. we were staring at each other for minutes and minutes, not saying a word. And those brown eyes were sure as hell saying lots and lots to me ...

Normally I would be offended if a guy seemed to be coming onto me so strongly only hours after our first meeting. I'm pretty conservative; I like to have some dates, get to know where a guy's head is at and see if there's any sort of compatibility. But for some reason, I had no problem with him showing such blatant interest. I mean, he wasn't groping me or being obvious about it, but ... I swear his eyes were burning through my clothing, trying to imagine what my body was like underneath. And I had the irresistible urge to disrobe and show him exactly what was there, something that had never happened before.

Despite all these things running through my head at warp speed, neither of us moved. It felt like we were having a silent conversation that spoke volumes ... and we were both on the exact same wavelength.

The waiter came with our food and we sat down to eat.


Every conversation with him was mesmerizing, and I loved it.

We were on dessert and I almost choked on the Strwberry short cake as he told a story of his brother and sister.

“Are you serious?” I asked, surprised.

“As a heart attack,” he replied.

.. “All units stand clear” ..

We turned to look at Man and Tez and they stepped a few feet closer to our table ... on queue and on guard -- as if waiting for something to happen.

I exchanged a look with Spec and found that we both held a puzzled expression on our faces.

“Aye, Tez, what’s wrong?” Spec asked.

“Everything is under control ... are you okay?”

“Yeah.” Spec replied, hesitantly.

Their walkie-talkies beeped and Man-Man spoke into his, his voice muffled. I looked over at Spec. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know. It’s probably not that serious though.”

.. “Move out. I repeat, move out” ..

“We have to leave guys.”

“For what?” Spec asked.

Tez ignored his question. “Let’s go.”

We got up and they led us through a small hallway and we came out in the restaurant’s lobby.

We both stopped walking as we saw what was taking place ... It was a mob scene.

There were people everywhere -- on top of cars, pushing on the barricades and banging on the restaurant windows.

I was mortified.

“Don’t stop walking until you get to the car. Got it? Don‘t stop and talk to anyone.”Tez instructed. His voice was strict.

We nodded and exited the restaurant doors and everything went chaotic. Camera lights flashed and girls were actually trying to climb over and under the barricades just to get to Spec.

Tez stepped beside me, so no more pictures could be taken; and yelled at some girl to put her camera away before he had to break it.

“Hey you! Stop!”

A guy hopped over the barricades and pushed past one of the other security guards. He started running toward us and time went at an all time slow …

Everything became surreal.

As he got closer, I noticed the black object in his hand that resembled a gun and got nervous.

My heart beat became audible and Spec’s face had fear written all over it. This couldn’t be happening, this was all in my subconscious, right?

“Stop! Don’t come any further!” Man-Man shouted, stepping in front of Spec.

Tez started to step in front of me as shots went off, and everything went black....

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Whyyyyy? Me likey

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i like it keep adding

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Need to catch up. Let me finish reading Very Happy But I like it. Don't stop.


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Don't cancel this story. I love the characters
I love Marcus in here.
And the fact they are taking time
with finding their relationship...
Keep it coming.


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srry been suppa busy but ima add ahgain

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back at it Smile

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Yes...lol...I know everybody been busy. Skool bout to start back for some of ya'll...
Smile Not me...hahaha


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[.] Chapter Five [.]

{.. Kiery ..}

I opened my eyes slowly, and immediately sat up.

Where the hell was I?

My hair was no longer in an up-do and my top was ripped ...

I could bet three dollars that I looked a mess ... no doubt about it.

I looked around the room and noticed the Lady Enyce shopping bags by the bed, the pair of White Air Forces on the chair, and a silver tray filled with chocolate with a card that said “Compliments of the Hilton” …

Hell if I knew who all these things were for, my only concern at the moment was to get out of here.

I started to get off the bed and a sharp pain ran up my right thigh and back down. What the fuck?

Then it hit me. The last thing I remembered was shots going off and everything going black …

I laid back.

I couldn’t have gotten shot because there were no signs of bullet wounds; but I was definitely hurt. That, and the fact that I really wasn’t going anywhere. I caught my reflection in the mirror above the bed and I was right … I looked terrible.

A door connecting to the room opened up and Spectac stepped out -- dripping wet and with a towel around his waist.

He walked across the room and zipped open a duffel bag, bending over to rummage through its contents. I stared at him as his muscles flexed every time he moved his arms … he was sculpted to perfection. He opened the towel and let it drop, and my eyes widened … DaAmMnNN.

He kept moving around, unaware of his audience, and I closed my eyes and opened them.

I wasn’t sure where all this was happening, but it might’ve been in my subconscious.

He retrieved a pair of boxers and a Black Nike hoodie from the bag, and chuckled a little before licking his lips. “How long are you going to lay there and watch me, Kiery?”

I was busted.

I decided to play around a bit. “As long as you’ll let me.”

“Is that so?” He smiled and turned to fully face me. “Tell me when you’ve had enough.”

I looked at him to see if he was being serious, and he really was. The only expression he held on his face was a sexy half-smile -- and it damn near took my breath away.

He walked around to my side of the bed and I got nervous. Everything about him made me want him, but he was someone I knew I couldn’t have. I tried looking up at his face, but couldn’t … Shitt, it was too hard of a task. Especially when he was naked and standing right there. I needed to get out of here - and fast.

Where the hell were my shoes?

“Do you always look this good in the morning?”

I looked up at him. “Good?? Hello Spectac, can you see?”

He laughed. “Kiery you’re beautiful, whether you want to admit it or not.”

“Thanks, but I feel far from that at the moment” … “My legs hurt and I look a mess.” I paused, “What happened last night?”

I was so caught up and intrigued by his physic that I forgot to ask about the near death experience.

He pulled the boxers on and sat down in front of me.

“I really apologize for that. Some crazed fan shot at me, screaming some crazy Shit about his god saying we should die together … he missed, and Tez stepped in front of you when he fired the second shot but you passed out” …

He continued talking, and my mouth hung open as I finally understood why my top was ripped.

His fans were psychos … for real.

“I’m really sorry, Kiery.” His voice was soft.

“It’s okay. I should be used to it by now anyway.”

He looked at me. “Why should you be used to it by now?”

damn, did I say that out loud?

“Never mind,” I replied. There was no way I was going to tell him about Marcus -- at least, not now.

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golden07 wrote:Yes...lol...I know everybody been busy. Skool bout to start back for some of ya'll...
Smile Not me...hahaha



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Kiery, Kiery, Kiery....

Always tell the truth....

back at it Smile

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RaeMoney09 wrote:
golden07 wrote:Yes...lol...I know everybody been busy. Skool bout to start back for some of ya'll...
Smile Not me...hahaha



Whatever, I rep hard for the class of 2011 babee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol.

back at it Smile

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Lol...my bad...so about to read after I write this add


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