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1 EROTIC|CITY on Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:56 pm


Hi, Hello, Hey. First thing I've written in almost a year. Don't be harsh, just a drabble. There is no more. Pure Erotica. Enjoy.

"Erotic City can’t you see, fuck so pretty you and me."

A tiny smile lifted at the corner of my lips as I bounced into the classroom. It was small, made for those major oriented classes. There could have only been thirty seats and only twenty-five students but I had to be here early, every day. Not because I was afraid I wouldn’t find a seat but because it was imperative that I be in front of the classroom. I smoothed my dress down and sat down slowly, making sure not flash the other early birds. I knew that the hushed whispers in the background could have only been about my attire.

I was dressed in a sundress that was strapless, and instead of just flowing on down like a normal one would, this one hugged my every curve. Not that I was complaining. I looked alluring in the dress and everyone who saw me knew it. It wasn’t my problem if they cast any stereotypes or bad adjectives on me because of how I was dressed. I reached in my backpack and pulled out a notebook and pen. Just because I had other purposes for being in the class didn’t mean I was going to let my grade slip. Nothing was coming between my four-oh and me. Nothing.

A breeze kissed my shoulders and I knew by the way the footsteps sounded that it was the person I wanted. My breath hitched and I tried to take a deep breath to calm my self down. This feeling was entirely new to me for a myriad of reasons. One, never had I wanted anything or anyone so badly. Two, I wasn’t accustomed to not getting what I wanted. I was admittedly a spoiled brat and the fact that what I wanted was so close to me, yet so far out of my reach had miffed me for months.

“Good morning.” His distinctive, rich, baritone flooded the smaller classroom and I whipped my head around to drink his image in. A stream of air left my lips before I could control it. From the clean shaven facial image he boasted, to the broad chest that was covered in a button down, to his loose slacks and dress shoes that had to be at least a size thirteen, I was enraptured. He was the flame and I was that little moth. At the moment, I was being smoldered by the flames of the fire. With his simple presence I felt them licking at the heat rising in me internally.

It wasn’t long before he started his lecture. I made sure to look attentively at him and held his gaze as long as I could whenever he caught my eyes. A spark of something rested in the pools of brown that belonged to him. I wanted nothing more than to figure out what it was. I made sure to answer all his questions bringing his attention to me and making a couple of innuendos while doing so. My attraction for him was never a secret; it was just unrequited.

A long, appreciative, stream of breath came from my mouth as he lifted up on the desk and saw how snug that had made his slacks fit. He continued to talk and I reached down into my backpack, fumbling for candy. I knew exactly what I was doing as I retrieved the Blowpop and unwrapped it. A smirked lifted up the corners of lips as I raised the green apple flavored treat to my lips. I could see him peering at me from the side of his hazel eye and at that moment I swirled my tongue around the confection. I made a show of dipping the sucker into my mouth and giving it a hard suck before pulling it back out. Smiling closemouthed I ran the sucker across my lips before licking them off.

“As-As-As-As I was saying before…” It thrilled me to no end to realize that I had that effect on him. I’m sure that he got the message that my little show with the sucker was just a preview of what I would do to him if ever given the chance. I smiled coyly at him, at that precise moment letting my eyes slowly rove over his figure. After my gaze had covered him head to foot I made my way back up to his eyes.

Class dismissed early today and of course I lingered making sure that I took extra time to pack my things away. I finally hoisted my backpack over my shoulder when I heard him call my name. My inhaled before turning in his direction. He was still in his position on the desk. I raised an eyebrow and smirked a little, “Yes, Mr. Davis?” My voice had inched up a few octaves in an effort to make me sound a little more innocent. I rested my palm upon a desk and I rocked a little. He took his time to lick his lips and thoroughly look at me before he responded. His stare was heated, purposeful, and under it I felt exposed already. I didn’t want to shrink away, I wanted to stand tall and tell him I could take anything… and I do mean anything he was willing to give me.

“Why do you choose to make this hard for me? Don’t try and get us into a game I’m not sure either of us can handle.” His words sounded forced, like he was really battling himself at the moment. I inhaled, albeit shakily, and walked in his direction. I stopped once I was directly between in his legs but I made sure not to touch him. I didn’t want to push too hard.

“I can handle it. I know I can.” I stated in a feather light tone. “And,” I stopped to chuckle for a moment – a deep sultry one, “Why wouldn’t I make this hard for you? Seeing as that’s exactly how I want you. Hard, for me. All for me.” A smirk lifted the corners of my glossed lips as I quickly swiped my tongue across the surface. His mouth dropped a little but he quickly recovered, taking me in from head to foot. His hands raised and I tensed a tad bit, only to feel him sliding off the straps of my back pack.

Mr. Davis’ eyebrows arched and he smiled. It was a cocky one, one that spoke volumes of his self-assurance. “Scared?” I bit down on my bottom lip and shook my head from side to side while mouthing ‘never’. I reached out and placed my palm against his hard chest and sighed at the feeling of it. He watched my hand with his dark brown as it slid up to his fair neck and finally reached his face. I traced the outline of his rather large bottom lip with my thumb. How I had longed for this moment. He slid his larger hands up to cover my wrist to stop it from exploring anymore of his perfect face. He moved it to where my index was being enveloped by his warm mouth. I gasped as he sucked it deeper, until my knuckle was against his soft lips. Slowly, he took his time licking the digit and then looked up to see my reaction. “And to think, that’s only a preview of I what I want to do to you.” He mumbled as he pulled my finger from his mouth with a final suck. My knees got weak at the action and I was fighting the urge to start squirming. Being this aroused was uncomfortable I noted and more than anything I wanted him to take advantage of it.

His hands slid down to my waist before going down grasping my hips, and subsequently the fabric of my dress. I watched his face intently as his eyes flickered up to the unlocked classroom door. I didn’t want us to get caught because I wanted nothing to ruin this moment between us. But I would be a liar if I said the fact that it simply could happen didn’t thrill me. His hands went from my hips to cupping my butt. I couldn’t help but to groan a little as he rubbed and grabbed the soft flesh. His eyes caught my own as he continued enjoying getting all his feels. “This what you want me to do?” His voice was low and husky, laced with a desire I couldn’t name. It radiated off him, the same way I’m sure it was doing for me. I didn’t answer him verbally; I just simply nodded. The nod garnered me a hard slap on the butt. The sting didn’t even hurt me though; the only thing I felt was the pleasure and that made me hiss aloud. He smiled at the noise.

“You have a mouth, you can speak. Answer me.” I wanted to frown at him chastising me as if I was a child but I couldn’t. I wanted this so badly, I put up with it anyway. I opened my mouth speak but clamped it shut at his hands roving over my plush thighs. “Yes…Yes…Yes.” This is exactly what I wanted him to do and I wouldn’t dare think about what would happen when it ended. Right now, he was mine and I was his. It may have been only for this moment but he was staking his claim extremely well and he had barely even touched me.

I looked back down at him and licked my suddenly dry lips at the sight. All the desire pooled in his eyes matched mine. Suddenly his calloused finger rubbed at my clit and I jumped and closed my eyes in shock. His hand slid back to my thighs and I whined at the absence. I know patience is a virtue but it’s not one that I have. I opened my eyes to see him looking up at me with a low-lidded smirk. A chill ran down my back at how darken with lust his eyes looked. He slid his hand back to my treasure, cupping what he found there and running the tips of his fingers down my slit. With the fabric of my sodden lacy panties and his fingers, I was already about to come undone. I watched his expressions while he did this, shifting because of my uncomfortable arousal. His rather large bottom lip rested between rows of extremely white teeth as his brow furrowed. “You’re fucking soaking.” He muttered in a low voice, calling attention to the obvious. But his voice was horse and sexy and…everything in me wanted to skip all the teasing and get to it right then. I inhaled another sharp breath right as with a well-placed tug he ripped the lacy garment off my body. I gasped and looked at my underwear that was now ripped into two pieces.

“What the fuck?” My brows furrowed and I glanced between him and my expensive, torn lingerie. “Were you in that much a fucking hurry. It’s called-ahhh.” I couldn’t finish my insult because of his two fingers that had suddenly found their way inside of me. My back arched and I rocked my hips violently in that direction, searching for more. His rhythm was slow and he titled his head to watch my face contort. I struggled to contain moans before taking the plunge and making our lips meet. Tentatively, I explored his mouth and moaned at the feeling of fucking finally being able to kiss him like wanted to do for so long. When I moved to pull away, his mouth followed me, capturing my bottom lip with his teeth. I hissed and he let go, giving me another searing kiss while his fingers curved inside of me. Then he abruptly stopped all movement and pulled his glistening fingers out slowly. He raised his hand so that the two fingers were in between us and I smirked, reaching out to grab his hand. I licked the evidence of my wetness off stimulating fellatio. His deep brown eyes trained in to my tongue and I sighed after the fingers were clean. This was nice but I wanted – no, needed more and I didn’t have the patience to sit around and wait for it. My hands immediately went to his button down, quickly I slipped the buttons out of their loop. My heart was beating a million times a minute and a few times, when my fingers got clumsy, I just simply needed to fucking breathe. I left the shirt on him, but let my hands trail the work of art that was his abdomen. I let my fingers feel every groove because I was afraid I might never get this pleasure again. I sunk lower, letting my sundress and my knees scrape the ground before unbuttoning his slacks and pulling them down to his ankles. A smirk rested on my lips as I got closer to my prize. I dipped my hands into his boxers holding our eye contact as I stroked the already engorged organ.

I bit my lip and let a muffled giggle slip out as I pulled my hand away to lower the boxers also. I’m sure my eyes sparkled and shone in the light as I drank it in. It wasn’t just a regular dick. It was pretty – standing at attention and saluting my hard efforts at getting to him. “Does it taste as good as it looks, Mr. Davis?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow. He shrugged and told me to taste it and find out. I wasted no time. I coyly kissed the head, before licking from the head to the base. He hissed above me and got his fingers tangled in my hair. I moaned against him before starting to take him in my mouth. My head bobbed with a fierce sucking motion, and I made sure to rub his inner thighs while doing so. He seemed to like it when my nails lightly scraped against him so I concentrated on that. His moans guided me through what he liked and what he didn’t. Abruptly, He yanked my mouth away by my hair. I hissed, this time in pain, while he stilled on the table.

“No more.” He stated simply through labored breaths. I got the message that he had been close and I smirked triumphantly. He started to reach for something before I heard him. “Fuck.” He looked disappointed and I tilted my head in his direction. “I wasn’t exactly planning on fucking one of my students today and I don’t carry protection with me everywhere.” I nodded slowly, swallowing all of the disappointment I now felt. I rose up to my full height before pushing him back on the desk. “I just told you, I don’t have any protection.” He protested. I smiled while hoisting myself up myself up on said desk and turning myself around. I straddled his head and sunk lower. His first, almost tentative licks garnered an extremely loud moan from me. I rocked my hips in time with his probing tongue and focused in on the door. Through the crack, I could see a random woman’s eyes peering into the room. I smirked and through my head back; I always was an exhibitionist.

“You don’t need one – today that is. I’ll take your tongue as a substitute.”

back at it Smile

2 Re: EROTIC|CITY on Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:49 am


Ur back and full force. That was so daringly delicious, I didn't expect it to end the way it did. The description is always on point I mos def want another read. Great job Lisa, I love it.


]As always my compliments goes to Jas

3 Re: EROTIC|CITY on Tue Oct 30, 2012 10:13 am


Thanks so much nae!
i miss you! We need to catch up. Do you have AIM or YIM?

back at it Smile

4 Re: EROTIC|CITY on Tue Oct 30, 2012 10:47 am


I know we do. I use to have both. Imma see if I can pull it up again.


]As always my compliments goes to Jas

5 Re: EROTIC|CITY on Tue Oct 30, 2012 10:57 am


well, xo.lisa is my YIM. Just message me when you get to it! Smile

back at it Smile

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