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The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED)

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1 The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Thu Jul 16, 2009 8:17 pm


[.] Prologue [.]

~God, it seems like yesterday -- but then again, it doesn't. He's been a part of my every waking thought for so long now that it's weird to think back to a time when I didn't know who he was. Even during those times when he got on my nerves and I wished he'd disappear, there was always some picture of him on my television screen, an interview with him in a magazine, or a clip of him on Entertainment Tonight. He was impossible to escape. Most of all he was impossible not to LOVE.....

Or forget. ~

[.] Chapter One [.]

{.. KIERY ..}

It’s been almost four years since I first heard the name Spectacular Blue Smith. And at the time, it wasn’t a major factor for me. But thinking back … If I had known then, what I know now, I would’ve seen that the whole course of my life would be different. Because if I hadn’t tripped over that soft ball, I never would’ve tripped and fallen into Spectacular Smith's arms … nor his heart.....

And him into my heart.

If I just hadn’t tripped … You see, I was only at the party because M.J. was in the hospital and I had to find-- sorry, I wander away sometimes … as you’ll soon see, I tend to do that a lot. Dealing with Spectacular can make a person’s mind begin to go -- maybe for the better, knowing what I know now …

Again, I'm wandering off. Let me just begin at the beginning.


We entered the Miami,Florida mansion and literally pushed our way through the crowd. It was hot -- so hot I was worried I was gone faint and sweat my cleaness away. I looked behind me to make sure Breanna was still there and I used her shoulder as a boost to stand on the tip of my toes, searching the room for Marcus.

“Are you sure he’s here?” she asked, looking sceptical.
“It’s his house” I answered levelling my feet once more, “Why wouldn’t he be here?”
“Because it’s Pleasure P” she replied in a matter-of-fact sort of tone ....

--She was right. All his parties were nothing but live, so it wasn’t a big deal if he was present or not. I smiled at the fact that she used his media name because I was so used to calling him by his first. I was the only person next to his sister, that called him Marcus, -- Marcus Ramone Cooper to be exact … which was also the name of my son, but I’ll get to that later. Right now I had to find Marcus.

I made my way up the stairs to the second level and approached the two men standing guard outside the room they affectionately called ‘The PLAY Room’.

“Damn, they look scary as hell” Bre whispered, adjusting the small spaghetti strapped top she was wearing. I laughed a little and motioned for her to be quiet. Luckily, Larry was standing guard, which meant that I didn’t have to go through the routine check. He was one of Marcus's personal bodyguards and knew who I was.

“What up Kiery Baby?”

“Hey Larry” I smiled, “Is Marcus in here?”

“I’m not sure … but you could check if you want.” He stepped to the side, as did the other guy and opened the door.

“Thanks” I said, smiling once more.

“No problem Ms Kiery.”

I walked in and squinted, it was so dark I couldn’t see a damn thing; the walls were white and the Red fluorescent lights hurt my eyes. There were people everywhere, mostly celebrities, talking and playing what sounded like Bowling. Blinking quickly, I glanced behind me to make sure Bre was still in there. Larry shut the door behind us and I still couldn’t see for some reason.
Bre leaned in on my shoulder and spoke,
“Aren’t these dudes past puberty? What the fuck do they need a Play room for?” I suppressed a laugh as she moved to my left and blinked once more. My eyes were beginning to adjust, thank God, and I immediately moved forward, scanning the room for Marcus. Unfortunately, I was so intent on finding him that I didn’t see the little ball someone kicked directly in front of my feet which were currently sporting three-inch heels. My left foot came right down on the ball, making me teeter back and forth, desperately grabbing air before falling forward.

“Yo, watch out!” someone shouted, a blur that resembled a light-skinned guy with a ponytail. I flew past him and landed on another guy, my face ending up buried in the center of his chest. Whoever he was, he let out a soft “ooumph” on impact, but he was strong and held on to me, steadying me. I remember thinking at the time that I wished I hadn’t been caught. I figured if I fell and passed out, at least people would be worried and I wouldn’t be as mortified.

I’ve never been more mortified in my life. I mean, seriously … if I could have, I would’ve turned and run out of there without looking back. I even considered it, while the guy who caught me placed his hands on the middle of my back, asking if I was okay.

Marcus had better be in this fucking ‘Play Room’ ... What kind of idiots kick around balls with other people moving around anyway? Wow, he smelled pretty good … was that Fahrenheit?

“O my Rye,” I heard Bre voice and felt her hand on my shoulder. “You all right?”

Reluctantly, I lifted my head and opened my eyes. “Yeah … what was that thing I tripped over?” Stepping back, I finally got a chance to look around and see who caught me. Oh, God … He was gorgeous -- young looking, but a bit tall with a really light carmel skin complexion and ... damn, everything about him was hot. Especially those dark brown eyes that were staring back at me.

His braids hung over his neck as he bent down to pick up my cell phone, allowing me to see the tattoo he sported on his left arm. I couldn’t quite see what it was of but-- Damn what? He had said something to me, but I had been too busy staring to pay attention.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

“I said ‘ball’,” he held up the little object that was the cause of my embarrassment. “We were kicking it around. Sorry it got in your way.”
“It’s okay” I replied, lying. He threw the ball up and balanced it on the back of his hand before throwing it toward the other end of the room. “Aye Chris, move back a bit!” he shouted. “Are you sure you’re all right?“ he asked. “Yeah,” He looked at me, still not convinced and I smiled a bit. “It’s okay … I’m fine.” “Aite” he answered, letting his eyes roam my body before walking off in the direction of the five other guys that were kicking the ball around.

“Was dude just checking you out?” Bre asked, smiling.

“No he wasn’t” I defended. “He wasn’t.”

“That’s not what it looked like to me.”

I smiled at the sleazy look she gave me and shook my head. “Cut that out”

“What, you know it’s tr-” she stopped in mid-sentence, looking over my shoulder.

“Who is it?” I mouthed, not wanting the person to hear me … she didn’t answer, just arched her left eyebrow and smiled.

Something told me it was him.

I turned around and sure enough … there he was.

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2 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Thu Jul 16, 2009 8:20 pm


scratch sooooooo should i delete it Question Question .....

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n dnt lie cuz i dnt wanna waste space n nobody really readin it pig pig

4 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:18 pm


{.. KIERY ..}

He smiled, “My bad, I think this is yours”

“Thanks” I replied, taking my cell phone from his hand.

Bre smiled and looked at me. “I’m going to get a drink … I’ll be over there” she finished, pointing toward a buffet table with all kinds of snacks and drinks set up.


She walked off switching her hips, and I smiled to myself, she could be so dramatic sometimes. I turned back to him and he laughed a little, watching Bre. He was about to say something but stopped as a guy approached us.

He looked to be about 6’5 and had a chocolate skin complexion. He was big in body, most of it being muscle, held a walkie-talkie in his hand and carried a gun on his waist. I figured he was more or likely a bodyguard.

My eyes wandered back to him -- him being the guy who caught me, seeing as I didn’t know his name. Everything about him was sexy. His eyes, his lips, his hands- yeah I said his hands. I have this thing about hands -- I look at a guys hands all the time. I hate it when they bite their nails or their hands are scrawny; I like them to have warm, not sweaty, palms and I like for their hand to be bigger than mine with a strong grip. Yeah, yeah, I’m picky, I know. The point is, he had all of these things going on. And more, if what they say about hands are true.

He nodded as the bodyguard told him something and smiled ....damnn. He licked his li- what?

Again he had said something to me but I was too busy staring to pay attention … I really need to stop doing that.

“I’m sorry, what was that?”

He chuckled and shook his head. I was caught. He knew I was staring at him. “See something you want?”

I gave him the same chuckle. “Conceited much?”

“You were the one staring at me”

“And you weren’t staring at me?” I asked, tilting my head to the side.


“Then how would you know I was staring at you?”

I had him and he knew it.

He laughed a little and let his eyes roam my body, yet again. “I gotta go, but I have a feeling I’m going to see you around ...Ms. Kiery”

Before I could ask how he knew my name, he left. What the HEll is going on? How he know my name and i still dnt kno his...

5 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:02 pm


Sounds good so far to me. I will add a more detailed review tomorrow


6 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:52 am


Instead of dwelling on it, I took a look at my surroundings. It really was a toy room, they weren’t kidding. There were some video games set up, a pool table, comfortable, colourful chairs, a few game machines along the wall and about five balls scattered around the floor, which I glowered at briefly. There was a huge flat screen television on one of the walls and a stereo system that was surround sound.

Bre wandered back over to me, her plate filled with food. She looked at me, then looked around. “Where’s Spectacular?”

“Who the hell is spectacular?” I asked.

“The guy who caught you”

So that’s his name.

“And you know this how?” I questioned.

She shrugged, “I asked around … apparently, he’s this big time producer who’s worked with a lot of top artists. He’s twenty-three”

Leave it to Bre to ask the twenty-one questions.

“Well he left” I told her.

“That’s too bad, because there are a lot of things you could’ve done with a fine ass nigga like himself”

“Bre I don’t even know him”

“And …?” she asked, placing the mini swiss cake in her mouth. “He has nice hands and big feet … and you know what they say about those two things.” She looked over my shoulder and smiled, “Speaking of which.”

I turned around and saw Marcus walking towards me, his two bodyguards behind him. “I came as soon as I heard you were here, what happened?”

I looked at him, knowing what his reaction was going to be.

“Kiery, what happened?” he asked again, stepping closer to me.

“Mj’s in the hospital, th-”

“What! What happened?!” he yelled, causing a few people to look in our direction.

I looked at them, then back at him. “Can we go somewhere?”

He looked back at his bodyguards and they stared at me for what seemed like minutes before nodding okay. I looked over at Bre, “I’ll be fine, you know where to find me.” I smiled at her and followed Marcus and the men outside the room. We descended the stairs and a mob of girls screamed and ran towards us as we exited the house. “No! Don’t come any further!” one of the bodyguards shouted and stepped before Marcus as a barrier. “Stay back!” The look on his face was dead serious and the other bodyguard stepped before me and pushed a button on his walkie-talkie. The girls ran towards us and he pushed them away and shouted at us to keep walking.

Within seconds another man came out of no where and pushed us inside a Black SUV with tinted windows, slamming the door behind me. The girls continued screaming and banged the windows and within another couple of seconds, five large men pried them off and surrounded the SUV. I stared in disbelief as they frantically tried to get past and looked over at Marcus, who didn’t seem phased by the situation -- but then again, he was used to this, I wasn’t.

He sat forward. “So what happened to Mj?”

“He can’t breathe”

“What do you mean he can’t breathe? Why can’t he breathe?”

“I don’t know and the doctors are still unsure. They admitted him this morning.” I replied.

“Well are they running some tests?”

“Yeah, but they said it could take a while”

He sucked his teeth, “That’s bullShit. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes”

“That’s what it’s like for us, but you gotta remember he’s four Marcus. The process is a bit different”

“Well why didn’t you call me as soon as it happened?”

“Mj didn’t want me to leave.”

His face softened. “Was he crying?”


We sat in silence for a while until he spoke again. “So … is he gonna be aite?”

“I don’t know” I answered in all honesty.

He leaned back and I rested my head against the head rest, watching the screaming fans outside. This Shit was ridiculous.

“Nah, he’s a soldier, he’ll be aite” he said.

I turned to look at him, my head still on the head rest and smiled. “Right”

We both sat in silence again watching the girls scream outside the vehicle. I smiled to myself as they tried to peer inside the SUV, I could only imagine what they were thinking. I turned to look at Marcus and saw him staring at me. “What?”

“You know what I thought when I first saw you?”

I smiled, “That I was un-important and I had cooties?”

“Nah” he laughed. “That you were different, cuz you didn’t act fast like all the other little girls.”

“Really” I replied, “Because I remember you telling me that I was a Bitch and you didn’t wanna have anything to do with me because i wasnt tryna kiss you” I finished, turning to face him.

He laughed. “You remember that?”

“Hell yeah”

“Well that was my bad, I mean c’mon Kiery … I was a kid”

“And stupid” I added

“You’re right” … “But then I grew up and got enough sense to know that I needed you.”

He took my hand and started singing Musiq Soulchild’s “Don’t Change.” I shook my head as I laughed, he was something else..
He kept on singing, but this time, his face was turned towards the window. I watched him and remembered why I was so caught up when it came to him. Everything about him was amazing … and Mj possessed the same qualiti- what? He stopped singing and said something to me but I wasn’t paying attention.

What the hell was wrong with me today?


He hesitated, “I wanna give us another try”

“What?” I eyed him. “Marcus …”

“Before you say anything just hear me out … when you called earlier and said you had to see me I thought it was cuz you wanted to give us another shot too … I wanna be with you Kiery.”

I stared at him. “Marcus … I’m sorry. I can’t handle everything that comes with what you do, and that …” I pointed outside to the screaming fans that were now going hysterical. “Having people rush at me like that is scary. And I don’t wanna put Mj through that.”

“You won’t have to, I’ll make sure of it” … “I can’t hide it Kiery, I love you. And for the past six months that I’ve been on tour I’ve been fucked up. You’re all I think about.”

I turned away from him. “I have to get back to the hospital”

He looked at me a little longer. “Aite … I’ll come by later.”

He tapped the window and one of the men got in the passenger’s seat. Marcus told him I had to go and he nodded and spoke into the walkie-talkie. Another man got into the driver’s seat and started the SUV as the six remaining men blocked the still screaming fans from touching the vehicle -- or getting run over, as it drove off. We drove off the property and circled for about two minutes before getting on another road that led to the back of the house. We stopped behind another Black SUV and the two men got out and looked around before motioning for us to do the same.

I said good-bye to Marcus and headed back to the ‘toy room’ to find Bre.

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[.] Chapter One Cont’d … [.]

{.. kIERY ..}

The ride back to the hospital was quiet, mainly because I couldn’t help but think about Marcus and what he said earlier.

“What’s wrong with you?” Bre’s voice was soft.


“Kie stop lying. Something obviously happened between you and Pleasure” she replied.

I didn’t say anything, just looked out the window. Breanna was one of my closest friends, next to Jamece... they were like my sisters and we’ve all been down since the sixth grade. So I knew lying any further wouldn’t make sense because she knew me.

“He told me he wanted to give us another try”

“Fa’real?” she asked, glancing over at me.

“Yeah … but I told him that I couldn’t handle it.”

I went on to tell her everything else that happened, including my little ‘brush’ with fame, and in no time we arrived at the hospital. She pulled her Silver Land Rover Range Rover HSE outside the main doors and looked at the clock -- 10:48 p.m.
“I gotta get to work. Kiss Mj for me and tell Mecey(Jamece) I’m stopping by her later” “Yeah” I replied, opening the door.
“Thanks Bri” “No problem” she replied, smiling.
“Now go, your going to make me late for work.” I laughed and closed the door as she drove off.

I entered the main doors of the hospital and went in the direction of the elevators. I got off on the eighth floor and found the room that Mj was in, he was laying back watching TV as Jamece made something for him to eat. He was supposed to eat hospital food but because Mecey was an intern, he had benefits -- you see how good it is to have friends in high places?

“Mommy” he said, causing Mecey to turn around. He was barely able to speak.

“Hey baby” I said smiling at him. He forced a smile and I sighed, I hated seeing him like this.

He looked so helpless.

“Hey girl,” Mecey walked over to me. “How did it go? Did you see him?”

I nodded and sat down beside Mj’s bed, telling her everything -- from my mortifying fall to my thoughts about Marcus.

“See, didn’t I tell you not to put on them damn shoes?”

“Shut up”

“Mommy don’t say that” Mj coughed. Spitting up a little blood.

I took the washcloth that was by the bed and wiped his mouth. “Sorry babe.”

“What I want to know is ...” Mecey continued, “Why’d you say no to him?” She put Mj’s food on a tray and looked at me.

“Because Mecey, I can’t handle all of that. I’m not about to put my son’s life at risk, again.”

“Okay Kie, that was once … and they pushed you through the car window because it was the best option at the time.” She helped Mj sit up and placed the tray before him. “That man loves you Kiery... what are you gonna do about it?”

She sat across from me and I started feeding Mj but stopped when he pushed the spoon away to speak. “Daddy.”

I looked toward the room door and sure enough, there was Marcus, bodyguards and all. I sighed and looked at Mecey, who winked and got up. “Hey Pleasure P”

“What up Ms. Mecey ? Hey lil’ man, how you feeling?”

He coughed, spitting up more blood and I wiped his mouth once more. “I’m fine” he managed to mutter.

Marcus looked at me as Jamece pulled a chair beside me for him to sit. “I’ll be back” she said giving Mj a blanket. “If you need anything before that, buzz me”
“Yeah” I answered, and she left. I continued feeding Mj as Marcus looked on until he pushed the spoon away, shaking his head to say ‘no’. “Are you full?” He gave a half-nod and closed his eyes, letting his head drop to the side. I felt like I wanted to cry ... never in my life have I seen my son in this condition. “He looks pale” Marcus voiced, staring at his sleeping figure. I didn’t answer ... and seeing the fear in his eyes I couldn’t. I knew my voice would be nothing but shaky. The doctor walked in with his clipboard in hand and looked at Marcus. “Are you the patient’s father?”


“Okay well, great ... both parents are here.” He looked at me before continuing. “Mj’s doing a lot better than he was when we admitted him this morning. At first we thought he was having some sort of asthma attack, but the tests showed no signs of asthma. However, we took an MRI, and there’s a blood clot in his lung ... we hooked him up to the oxygen machine and gave him some Dilaudid for the pain.”

“What’s that?” I asked

“Dilaudid? That’s medical slang for hydromorphone hydrochloride” He replied, turning the page on the clipboard.

“Why are you giving him something so strong?” Marcus questioned, glancing over at Mj.

I had no idea what the hell hydromorphone hydrochloride was and I had no reason to, I did Law -- Marcus, on the other hand, majored in the Sciences.

“If he has a blood clot, we don’t want him to move and it’ll help with his pain.” He looked at me. “Have you done any flying recently?”

“Yes,” I answered. “Why?”

“Sitting in one position for a long time can sometimes cause a clot to form … usually they form in the leg and travel up,” he explained.

“Would that cause him to have symptoms like he has, like cold symptoms?”

“Yes,” the doctor nodded. “We’re going to put him on heparin, a blood thinner, and keep him on oxygen for at least twenty-four hours to dissolve the clot. He’s not going anywhere for at least the next two days.”

“Why’s he sleeping so much?” I asked

“We pumped him with morphine … the more he sleeps, the less pain he’ll feel and the less he‘ll move.” He wrote something down on the clipboard and removed the tray from the bed, checking the IV tube. “The most important thing is that he moves as little as possible until we’re sure the clot is dissolved.”

“Okay,” I replied, satisfied.

“How long is he going to be asleep for?”
marcus questioned

“For about the next six hours … he should wake up around, hmm, let’s see,” He paused and checked his watch for the time. “Around six o’ clock, six-thirty.” … “The nurses will check up on him periodically to make sure everything is fine.”

“Thanks” Marcus replied, looking satisfied as well.

The doctor exited and Mecey entered, as if on cue. She looked over at me, “Is everything all right?”

“Yeah ... he has a blood clot in his lung” I answered.

“I know that, I meant is everything all right with you?” she repeated

I smiled a little. “Yeah, I’m fine … I’m gonna go home and sleep for a few hours, but I’ll be back before seven with some things from the house. Clothes, his slippers or whatever.”

“Okay. You need a ride home? Cuz I get off at twelve.”

“I’ll take her home” Marcus spoke.

She looked at me. “It’s cool” I answered.

“Okay well, I gotta go again. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, oh- Bre said she’s dropping by you later.”

She laughed. “That chick is a damn free loader. But yeah, I got her.” She finished, waving good-bye to Marcus and exited the room.

“Where’d you go?” Marcus asked, turning to face me


“The doctor asked if you did any flying recently and you said yeah … where’d you go?”

“Oh, we went to visit Carlos and Larry” I replied, referring to my older brother and his son.

“Oh …” His voice trailed off and I knew what he was thinking.

“No Marcus, he didn’t say anything about you”

“Good … he finally decided to get off my nuts”

“And you should do the same”

“What? After all the Shit he’s done to get me to leave you?”

“He’s my older brother”

“And that makes Shit right?” he asked, getting upset.

I sighed and looked over at Mj. I couldn’t wait for the next forty-eight hours to come so he could be back to his normal self again … I really hated seeing him like this. A nurse knocked slightly then opened the door. “I’m sorry, visiting hours are over” “Okay, thanks” I replied, smiling. She returned the smile and closed the door. I looked over at Mj one last time and kissed his cheek before standing. Marcus yawned and got up behind me, following me through the door. I waved good-bye to Mecey as she entered another patient’s room and i got inside the elevator with Marcus and the two men that guarded him.

We got outside and three girls ran up to Marcus, which they refered to him a 'Pleasure P', asking him to sign the back of their shirts. The two men, which went by the names James and Mike -- we got acquainted in the elevator -- looked irritated as they asked for a picture … I don’t know, I think it might’ve had to do with the fact that it was after twelve and we were all tired. Marcus, however, smiled and did as he was asked. He hugged them good-bye and they screamed as we entered the SUV.

The ride to my Miami Condo was long and silent, for the most part, until Marcus’s cell phone rang. He picked up and I looked out the window, my mind wandering back to Mj. Every time I thought about him things just became a blur ... he was my life ... and I took it hard that he was in the hospital and there was nothing I could do to help.

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cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers

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The ride to my Los Angeles Condo was long and silent, for the most part, until Marcus's cell phone rang. He picked up and I looked out the window, my mind wandering back to Mj. Every time I thought about him things just became a blur ... he was my life ... and I took it hard that he was in the hospital and there was nothing I could do to help.

I looked over at Marcus as he yawned and flipped his phone shut.

“You look tired”

He chuckled. “It shows?”


“I’ve had a long day” he said, slouching in the seat and resting his head back.

The SUV pulled up to the huge glass double doors of the building I called home and stopped. “You want me to walk you up?”
“I‘m fine” “Nah... it’s after twelve, I’m not tryna have you kidnapped or nothing.”
I laughed at his comment and got out. He did the same after talking to the two men and walked me to my door -- located on the twenty-second floor.

“Thanks for taking me home”

“No problem … I’ll try and come by when Mj gets out”


He didn’t move ... just stood there. His eyes regarding me carefully. I tried to hold his gaze but I panicked and instead took a deep interest in his shoes. I just couldn’t look at him, not when he was looking at me like that. Looking at me like he wanted to ...

When I looked back up, he was a lot closer than he’d been before -- closer as in standing right in front of me, his six feet two inched figure towering above my five feet five inched frame. Again, I was engulfed in the smell that was him … I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, hoping that I would calm down from my deep breathing. I opened my eyes as he tilted my chin upward and locked his eyes with mine. “Kie, I love you … I wanna be with you.”

“Marcus it’s not that simple”

“Why not?”

“Your life is complicated and I’m not ready to deal with that again”

He looked at me for a while. “Aite, well … I’m in town for the next week so I’ll call you.”

I smiled. I loved many things about Marcus, but what I loved the most was his level of understanding … he wasn’t one to force you -- which had it’s pros and cons.

He bent down, kissed my cheek and left. I waited until he entered the elevator before stepping inside, locking the door behind me. I switched on the living room lights and let out a few select words as I tripped over Mj’s ‘pull-along’ carry-on suitcase.
“This Shit is outta’ control” I said to no one in particular as I kicked off my three-inch stilettos. I stripped down as I ventured into my bedroom and pulled on an extra large White tee, switching on the TV in the process.

“I’m Charlene McGowan for “On The REAL” and I’m sitting next to major producer … Spectacular”

Her words made me turn around … and I sat at the edge of the bed, completely indulged in the television.

I smiled, laughed and frowned as he continued with the interview, telling his life story and revealing personal information … I was completely taken aback by him. The show was about two hours long and I watched every bit of it, along with a clip from Entertainment Tonight about Marcus and Family Guy before drifting off to sleep.

19 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:31 pm



20 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:27 am


Have you written this story somewhere else?? It seems vaguely familar to me. But it's a good one

21 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Sat Jul 18, 2009 11:18 am


yes it was on an old b2k board(i changed the characters n some of the events) but they cloased it so i put it on here n on pr board to

22 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Sat Jul 18, 2009 11:21 am


RaeMoney09 wrote:yes it was on an old b2k board(i changed the characters n some of the events) but they cloased it so i put it on here n on pr board to

Yeah, I knew it was from someone. I'm glad you put it on here cause I missed ittttt.

23 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Sat Jul 18, 2009 11:26 am


yup ima add in like 15 mins or maybe sooner though

24 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Sat Jul 18, 2009 11:30 am



25 Re: The Storm(2009) (COMPLETED) on Sat Jul 18, 2009 11:39 am


[.] Chapter Two [.]

{.. Kiery ..}

My eyes opened slowly as the phone rang for the fourth time. “What!” I let out frustrated, picking up.
“Excuse me?” My mother’s voice came from the other end.

“Oh, sorry mom ... morning”

“Good morning. What’s the problem?”

“Nothing.” I cleared my throat. “I just had a long night.”

“How is Mj doing?”

“He’s fine. He has a blood clot in his lung, but they have it under control”

“So everything is all right?” she asked

“Yeah, everything is fine”

“How is Marcus?”

I sighed and sat up. “Please don’t ask, mom”

She made a sound and I could tell she was smiling. “What did he do?”

“Nothing, it’s just ... he wants what I can’t give him right now ... and no, I don’t wanna talk about it”

“Are you sure?” she questioned


I pulled the t-shirt over my rare end and got out of bed. Switching on the TV and putting the phone on speaker in the process. “What’s going on for today?”

“Well one of my clients are having a get together ... a party by the pool thing”

“You sold another house?” I asked, not really surprised.

My mother was in the real estate business and was well known across the United States. She owned her own company and sold a lot of houses ... mainly to the rich, famous and high profiled.

“We closed the deal two days ago”

I parted the blinds. “Who did you sell it to?”

“A man by the name Mr. Smith”

The name didn’t ring a bell. “What time is it for?”

“Three. But I’ll call before I pick you up.”

“Yeah.” I smiled. It was funny how she didn’t have to ask me to accompany her anymore, now it was sort of, tradition ... every time she sold a house, my younger sister Raven and I would accompany her to whatever they were having -- now I’m not really for the whole ‘house warming’ party thing -- but Ve(raven) loved them. Then again, what seven-teen year old wouldn’t?

We spoke for the next hour until we both had to go ... we said our good-byes and hung up.

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