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Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2

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51 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Fri Nov 08, 2013 11:47 am


I thought for sure the police were coming to pick King up! Very Happy 

52 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:47 am


OMG!! I had a lot of catching up to do!
I'm glad King and Niya acting right. I'm hoping Sasha and Pablo also get their act right.
Lia, Lia, I don't blame King for going crazy! I have a daughter and if she did that I'd be all over her and the boy!! lol

Keep the adds coming!!!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
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Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!


53 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Fri Nov 29, 2013 2:12 am



54 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:03 pm


Niya Chapter 20

The next morning, I woke up in bed alone, I jumped up and saw the balcony opened and became relieved. I walked across the plush carpeted floor and watched him through the glass as he smoked letting the smoke leave his lungs. I knew he was far beyond angry, because when I got back to the room last night he was outside in the same place doing the same thing. Coming to bed extremely late, and lying down trying his hardest not to disturb me.

I decided against disturbing him and went to start my morning, brushing my teeth, and pulling my hair up into a bun. I threw on a pair of jogging shorts and a vneck then headed to speak to Lia.

I walked to Lia room, and knocked lightly, last night we didn't do much talking I just conforted her until she fell asleep. I knocked on the door and eentered, she was sitting up just starring out the window. I picked up a few things that was on the floor and set down on her bed.
"How did you sleep?" I asked lightly pushing her hair behind her ear.
"Awful, he hated me last night" she said sniffling as tears began falling from her eyes.
"He's pretty mad Lia, I can't believe you did that it was stupid, really, really, really, stupid. What was you thinking?" I asked wondering everything that was going on.
"I like him, and I just wanted to have fun. I didn't think it was that serious you and Daddy drink all the time." she said starring at me. "I was at Sarah house and he just called asking me if I wanted to hang out, and at first I didn't, but he kept asking so I finally said cool. Lately he's been different, getting deeper in this rap thing, he told me he was trying to be as big as daddy, and I was going to be as fly as you. He said you drink all the time, and it was fine, I just couldn't be a drunk mess. We began drinking sip after sip, it was nasty, but it began to feel good, I began to feel better. Like all the things I was feeling and thinking was slowly fading away. I didn't hate myself for a second, and I've began drinking more while he turned up the music letting it flow through my body Niy. I don't know why, I did it, but I know why I didn't want to stop it made me feel good Niya." Lia said starring me in my eyes and I felt horrible looking into her soul seeing how everything she had stilll left her feeling empty.

I didn't respond, I just stood up and headed straight to the master bedroom, walking in the room and jogging acrosse the room to where King was standing. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him as hard as I could. I released and he starred at me directly in my eyes, I could tell he was shocked.

"What do I owe the honor?" he said raising his eyebrows.
"I want to handle Lia" I said knowing that this was a big favor.
"Nah ah, Niya" he said pulling away and I could tell this was going to be like pulling teeth.
"Please King, look it's deeper then this with her, I talk to her and.."
"She gave you some puppy dog love story and you fell for it. This ain't some talk to her

55 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Fri Jan 31, 2014 7:01 pm


Puh-lease add the rest! Don't leave us hanging like that! ADD ADD ADD ADD!

56 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Thu Mar 27, 2014 2:12 pm



57 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:25 pm


"Please King let me handle this, I went into her room to talk to her"
"That's the problem, you want to talk to her. You're not her friend you're suppose to to be her parent Niya and that's the problem you can't seperate the two. What she did last night was incredibly stupid and her punish is going to be incredibly stupid and what I don't want is for you to interfer with what's going on." he said speaking to me as if I was the child.
"I'm not interfering she needs to know my story, what happened how life became this for me and you need to back off right now she don't need a drill sergant of a correctional officer she need a reality check with the world. She need to know what growing up lost and confuse can do to you. She needs to know my story, because I was her young and dumb, not knowing a damn thing about the world and when it hit, which it did I was caught up. Let me handle this King, I'm not trying to be her friend I just want her to hear me out and you can punish however you see fits." I said pleading.
He starred at me and rubbed his chin, I could tell that he was thinking and I could tell that he was trying to figure things out in his head. I remained quiet just waiting for an answer.
"Okay, You can talk to her, but as soon as your finished she's mines." he said sighing deeply.
"That's a deal" I said extending my hand out and he grabbed it placing a soft kiss on my knuckles making my skin crawl instantly. "Are you hungry?" I asked as the heat in the room began to rise.
"Not for food" he softly grumbled at me. He looked deeply in my eyes and paused before attacking kissing me and grabbing my face.
"King" I squealed as he picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist.
"I believe we were interupted last night, but I promised I would finish." he said palming my ass.
"Now" I squealed as he led me to the bed.
"Right now" he demanded and I bite my lip anticipating what was to come next.

I placed my body on the bed and I began to pull off my shirt, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but it was exactly what I needed from King I needed him to love me to explore my body. I knew he was feeling the same way pulling off his shirt and pulling down his boxers and pants in one swift movement. I was ready to be his, I was ready to submit to his every touch to his every want and desire.


"What the fuck, who did we piss off to make our lives a living hell" he said sighing and rolling his eyes.

"Hold on" I called out softly placing my clothes back and walking to the door. "Who is it?" I asked before unlocking the door and before I could open it, the handle twisted and the door immediately opened.
"Kylin, why the fuck was my twelve year old daughter that I spent twenty two hours in labor pushing out arrested yesterday and you did not tell me." Stormed in Mya.
She was now in the middle of our bedroom wearing a pink sweat suit and a white Berkins bag. She threw the bed on our bed and immediately both of my eyebrows rose.
"She wasn't arrested she was escorted to the house, and calm down this isn't your house Mya" King said in an annoyed voice that showed no interest in her nagging. "Now I will talk to you downstairs after I finish getting dressed" he siad walking straight past her into the bathroom without allowing her to voice a come back. "And get your fucking purse off my girl's bed." he yelled right before slamming the door.

She turned around and faced me, sizing me up while I stood with a straight face. I knew not to say anything because my man had handled it just as I needed him too. She sighed and picked up her purse then walked out the room, making sure the flip her hair at me right before she hit the door. I never had a beef with this woman, but she sure had one with me. I didn't care through I was the woman in kings life and she was either going to learn to like it, or learn to respect it. King walked out two minutes later, wearing a pair of black Nike sweats and Vneck with his Nike slides. He sighed and shook his head back and fourth as he leaned down for a kiss.

"You coming?" he asked as he opened the door.
"I don't think that would be the best thing to do right now" I said quietly.
"Why not, you help raise Lia just as well as I do, and I like your idea about explaining the real world to her, because leave it to her mom she's going to grow up as backwards as a bat." he said grabbing my hand and walking me through the hallway to the elevator.

We walked through the house hand and hand, until we got to the kitchen where Lia and Mya was standing up looking like sisters rather then mother and daughter. I felt awkward being in on this conversation, but I understood that this was Kings decision to have me here.

King looked at me and I grabbed a water from the refridgerator, opening it and taking a small sip as they all took seats around the table.

"Okay, you can leave while the parents talk" Mya said facing me, and I could feel the tension rise.
"Niya's staying" King said waving me to a chair.
"The hell if she is, she isn't the dad or mom" she said spitting soo much venom I thought her spit would burn the marble table.
"She's had a big part of raising Lia, and she's a big part of our family and I think she should stay." King said keeping his voice calm, but I knew not to mess with him when he became serious.
"So has the nanny, but I don't see her at the table with us either." Mya said challenging him, crossing her arms across her chest.
"Mya sit the fuck down" King said making both of us jump. He still had the ability to scare us like little children. "You too Niya" he said not sofetening his voice.
"Okay, we're all here to discuss Lia so I think we should let Lia tell us what happened" I said starting the conversation while Mya and King had a stare off.
"She lost her damn mind is what fucking happened" Mya said turning towards her. "What were you thinking, drinking and riding around with some young knucklehead?"
"Mya I think we should listen to what Lia has to say before we began antagonizing her." I said trying to calm the situation.
"No what I think you should do is find a pole or something to go swing from and let me deal with my daughter. This is the problem King you wife these trick ass bitches and bring them around our daughter and allow her to see this. Then you think she's not going to follow behind them." Mya said slamming her hand on the table and it took all the strength I had not to jump up and slap the shit out of her.
"Mya that's enough" King said grinding his jaw. "What Lia did, she did on her own, she decided to go behind our backs and lie to us, she decided to get in the car with that boy, she decided to drink all on her fucking own. So if we're going to blame or punish anyone in this room it's going to be Lia not Niya." King said defending me and I wanted to jump on him and fuck his brains out. I couldn't believe this was the same king from years ago, the one I met at Walmart disrespectful and rude, I couldn't believe this was the cold as ice thug sitting here defending me. "Now I want to hear what Lia has to say, so we can punish her correctly, not off what you think should happen, but off what needs to be done to discontinue this behavior from happening." King said taking everyone by shock. Who was this man sitting at this table with us, couldn't be the same man that almsot took both Lia and my head off last night.

"I just wanted to have fun, I wanted to be careless, and live life like you guys. Everyone in school says how much yall go out and how much yall drink and get wild and party. I wanted to seem cool like you guys, I didn't know that was going to happen, I didn't know we would get caught. It was the first time I've ever done something like that I wanted to experience what you guys did when you drove fancy cars and drank at clubs." Lia said with her head down.
"That's not all life is for us, at one point we did make those decisions, but that's not all we do. Your father works extrememly hard and have made sacrifices you wouldn't believe and your mother has been an amazing woman raising you full time. They don't live life like you see on television that's more they co parent and hustle no nights of sleep, many oppurtunities missed just for you." I said hoping to shed some light into the naive mind of Lia.
"On mom's new reality show all it is that's happening is cameras coming in and out all day, then she leaves to go out every night to this party that party we never even talk anymore." Lia said while tears start to build in her eyes.
"New show?" King asked raising his eyebrows.
"Yes King I'm doing a reality show New York Ex's" she said looking everywhere but across the room where daggers were being shot her way.
"What the fuck you mean, a reality show, not around my daughter. I don't want her watching her mother act a fucking fool on television just for a fucking check. You ain't hurting I'm paying for all your bills plus a nice little cusion so I know you aint' hurting" King said catching me off guard because I didn't know he was paying all her bills also.
"Nigga I'm grown I'm not about to live my life out living on King's allowance," Mya said sighing. "And I'm not acting a fool, I'm telling a story my story about everything I've gone through and go through with you. I'm tired of being King's babymama"
"Your story about all you have to do is sit on your ass and make sure my daughter eats and you're taken care of. Complaining about an allowance, who else gets a quarter million monthly."
"What the fuck, a quarter million for an allowance King." I said not able to hold my tongue a minute longer.
"Yes, a quarter mill, not every month but it's nothing he keep my bank account flourished and nourished." she said rubbing it in.
"Well if you take this gig, you're cut off and I mean it Mya. I won't pay for you to make a fucking fool of yourself. Did you hear what your daughter said just now this is the behavior that's affecting her."
"This behavior not this dysfunctional more bitches then a snoop dogg video coming in out house hold you have, but me getting a little shine is a problem. You're always on television and this one" she said taking a her well manicured figure and pointing it at me. "Is always on mediatakeout, the shade room, even tmz. So if anyone or thing is a bad influence it's this whore house you call a home."
"Make this the last time---" I said getting ready to attack.
"Niya" King said cutting me off.
"Like I said you will be cut off, if you do this show." King said starring straight into her eyes.
"You can't tell me what to do, allot of opportunities are starting to come in and I'm taking this opportunity and I've spoken to Lia about this and she was find with it so any problem you have is none of my business."
"What is the show about?" I asked calming down and having a few breathes. "I mean if this provides her great opportunities you shouldn't be the one to hold her back King that's not fair you've said it yourself how she supported you through this music business she deserve the same thing back."
"It's New York Ex's, it's about Ex's of famous new York men." she said and immediately King whole demenor changed.
"I'm definately cutting you off if you do that bullshit, you're not about to drag my name through the dirt and use me as a ticket to eat especially when I'm already your ticket to eat. You've must of lost your reality show mind." King said laughing and I wanted to chuckle a bit, but I had to hold it. "And don't throw no shade at my house hold because if you don't think I know about you and your husband splitting so you could go be with the young rap fuck, then you must be getting high off them cameras."
"Fuck you King, you think you're better then someone because you turned a stripper into a house wife, and a hoe into a half ass baby mama than fuck you."
"Make this your last stripper joke, because the same shit I was doing to get him you were too. You some hood bitch that locked on a drug dealer and hit jack pot when you got pregnant. I know about you, bitch you came from nothing" I said done with all her slick shit.
"And what you think bitch you was a stripper and trick, now you got a berkins bag and you forgot you was twerking for ones. bitch please." she said pointing in my face and I slap her hand away. She stood and so did I ready to take it anywhere she wanted this show to go.
"Bitch I came with money, you on the other hand is just looking for a hand out." I said pointing in her face.
"Looking for a hand out, bitch I've been fed, no matter what bitch come through I'm still seeing that quarter million." she said when King seperated us. "Ask that question you lil whore. You know how many of you bitches has come and gone."
"Bitch fuck comin and going I'm staying not my fault you couldn't keep your place, you old ass dust pussy bitch."
"I got your old" She said trying to get past King and I was prepared. I didn't know what was wrong with this old bitch thinking she was going to come into my home and disrespect me, I don't care if she was his first babymama or his last I wasn't going to let her talk to me any type of way.

King CHapter 21
This happens everytime I put two or more woman I smashed in the same room, it always ends in an all hell breaking uproar battle. It got so bad I had to send Lia to her room, mya home, and put Niya back in her corner before she pulled out her gloves. Women, man what is wrong with yall??? I mean can you not have a conversation about men and money without fighting. I need a break, and of course I still didn't handle the Lia situation, they should have just let me go with my original idea and beat the hell out of her and shoot whatever little fucker she was with.
I was on the patio smoking until my lungs was filled then blowing smoke out, hoping all the stress would go with it. I heard a tap on the door and there stood Lia, no matter how angry she made me, how stupid she acted she could always bring a smile to my face and because of that I knew punishing was going to be hard. I just didn't know that it was going to be this hard to punish my baby. She was growing up and learning the world one way or another.
It's funny as a parent you try your best to take your children from the wrong you saw in the wrold, to protect them from the dangers you faces, to guide them, better then you was, but no matter what they always find a way to make there own mistakes.
"You still mad," she said in a voice so innocent so sweet normally it would have made me melt immediately, but she wasn't getting off that easy.
"No, I'm fucking livid. Anything could have happened to you, anything you don't know this world and I don't say that shit to doubt you as a young woman to so that you don't understand this world will and can eat you alive. You've been blessed to no have to see how cruel and cold the world is but at the end of the day that don't mean that you won't witness it and I need to be able to trust that when decisions come your way, you'll be able to make the right one and I don't Lia. You're smarter then this always have been always will be smarter then this, but when life begans you're going to make a lot of stupid decisions. I've done it, your mom done it, Niya done, everyone has, but I want you to understand that no matter what happens I'm always going to be here for you in your corner.
"I know Dad, I talked to Niya" she said sitting next to me.
"And what did she say?"
"Alot she told me alot about herself and everything that she went through and how you worked so hard so I wouldn't have to see the same things in life. I never thought my decision would have affected you, or would have made you so angry dad I'm sorry" she said as tears began to leave her eyes.
"I'm not angry with you, I'm angry at myself for not being able to protect you, I'm disappointed at you if you wanted to know anything about life I'm always going to keep it one hundred with you. I'm always going to tell the truth I'm always going to have your back. Anything, but you got to do the same with me you don't knkow what could have happened and it hurts me to think about the possibilities. I love you kid" I said wrapping my arms around her and she immediately sunk into my chest.
"So what's my punishment?" she said getting straight to the point.
"Oh I figured that out too and I feel like we should let your mom handle that shince she's specialized in making our lives a living hell." I said chuckling.
"Aww" she said pouting because she knew her mom would hold no mercy what so ever.
"But you can hand up that phone, and anything else you have to plug into a wall to work" I said standing up and heading inside.

Something deep inside me ached, right now more then anything what I needed was my shorty to rub my back. I walked into the master bedroom and heard music from the bathroom, I walked in and Niya was sitting neck deep in tub with bubles everywhere. I just watched her closely and everything about her was perfect, I pulled my shirt off, didn't even ask to join she already knew what time it was. I pulled my clothes off closing the door, hoping no distractions come tonight because everything was going to be ignored the only thing I needed to hear was her moans and feel her wetness tightening around me.
"I want you" I growled stepping into the hot water that made my skin tingle. Before she could respond I was picking her up, sitting her on the edge of the tub and kissing her. I gave her everything I had stuffed up inside of me, everything I had to give her.
She didn't push me away, she didn't even shiver, as I laid her back on the marble floor and spread her legs back as far as possible. I began eating, licking, savaging, doing anything to feel her body bust on my tongue. I could feel her wet fingers gliding over my hair calling me begging me to just take her. I continued to eat stroking my tongue overe her pearl then spinning it really slowly around and around, slowly easing my finger up inside her. She was loving it, she screaming like I was hurting her. I knew she loved when my tongue tortured her, when my fingers explored I could feel her legs shaking then they locked up and tightened, but it was beautiful as she released and her body shivered. I stepped back and watched what I created, this beautiful monster trained to take all of me.
She slide her body down towards mines and I stepped back, a smirk fell upon my lips and I bit them as I plated this game with her, I was going to tease her until she couldn't take it anymore.
"Please" she said in an eshausted breathe reaching out for me.
"What" I asked stroking my self and escaping her touch.

She set up on the edge looking at me with desperation, looking at me with desire she was hungry and I wanted to feed her. I wanted to give her exactly what she needed.
"I want it" she wined and my dick jumped just at the sound of her voice.
"You want what?" I asked leaning all the way back.
"You" she said in a low voice.
"What?" I said pretending I couldn't hear her.
"You" she said louder avoiding eye contact.
"What do you want?" I said grabbing her face and pulling her towards me demanding her to look at me.

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