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Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2

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26 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Fri Dec 07, 2012 2:12 pm


noooo adddd moree pleaseeeee!!!

27 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:14 pm


Im glad you decided to write part 2! about to start reading NOW!

28 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Sat Dec 15, 2012 10:51 pm


loving thus more & more each day!

29 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:34 pm


OMG plz add ASAP pretty plzzzzzzz

30 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:12 am

Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

So glad you decided to do a part two. Havent been on here in mad long but will deff start reading every time you add!

idk why they playing with eachother when they both know they will be back together in no time.

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i know your life may be super busy right now but pllzzzzzzz adddddddd soon....

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add add add add super long add, add add. please keep us going!

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Niya Chapter 12

I guess I should have left, I guess I should have disappeared, but I stayed lying in the floor minutes passing but none of that mattered at this moment because my heart would never allow me to leave. It would never allow me to walk away and no matter how bad times got, I stood up heading his way, walking slowly but my heart was already to his. He was sitting there ashing out his blunt, undoing his tie and unbuttoning the first few buttons as he waved his hands over his head. I stood right infront of him between his legs he wrapped his arms around my waist laying his head on my stomaxh and I rubbed his head. I knew what he was feeling without having to express it, knew what he was thinking without having to say it, that was our language the code we spoke that no one else would understand. I was here and if I could be anywhere in the world, it wouldnt matter it wouldnt even be considered a thought because right here was where we wanted to be. We stayed like that feeling each other reading each other and he pulled back as my eyes teared with tears and his hand massaged my hips.
"Niy" he said reaching up as a tear fell and he immediately caught it wiping it away. I pulled back and slapped him, his whole body turned to the side. "Please dont cry" he asked, more like begged and I couldn't keep myself from loving this man if I tried, it I wanted to I knew where my heart belonged and it belonged to this man standing her right in my face.
He leaned back and I straddled his waist. pulling my dress up as I held each side of his face and we began kissing, he started to suck on my neck softly as I wrapped both of my arms around his neck holding him as if I never wanted to let him go. He was right here feeling the same thing I was, he was experiencing the same emotion I was. he picked me up, sucking on my neck and then layed me down on the couch as he got on top. Here he was sucking and kissing on me, he was touching me like this was our firat time back in the day when our hearts first met one another and was young in love. I went for his zipper, grabbing his belt and he pushed my hands away as he looked for my zipper pulling it down and snatching my dress from skin, he was being so aggressive, but yet so gentle something I've never experience with him. he kissed my neck, letting his tongue twirl around my necklace, falling to my chest as he rubbed both my breast. He grabbed my left breast sucking my nipple lightly biting it then teasing it as his tongue swirled around the nipple making my body shake. This man was a love God when it came to me, he knew just what to do as he swtiched between breast. He set up and I began helping him unbutton his shirt sliding off his shoulders as he pulled his wife beater off body. I bit my lip as I watched his sculpture, this man went down as the finest I've ever seen and I will still feel the same way in a million years. I rubbed my fingers up and down his chest and he groaned as I leaned down giving him small pecks going longer and longer making each kiss last longer then the last one did until I got right under his belly button and grabbed his belt. He lighly pulled me up placing a soft kiss on my lips as he unbuckled his blet with one hand while he held my chin giving me sweet kisses. He let his pants fall pulling his legs out of the pants and pushing me back down, he got right ontop sucking on my neck, licking me as our waist grind against me making my body shake as the sensations began to build. I grinded as he watched my face sucking on my neck as his fingers made there way to my love cave, rubbing them gently and I couldn't stop myself from letting out moans. I wrapped my arms around his neck as we kissed and he rubbed me, then my hips started to grind against his hand, began to work against his fingers. He pulled his hand to his face sucking on his fingers like my juices were the sweetest mangos hes ever tasted. he opened his mouth allowing me to taste his juices as our tongues met playing with one another. He monaed in my mouth lettimg his fingers fall down to my love box and he began playing with it once again. Pulling away from my grasp, gabbing both my legs and placing my knees to my chest as he went to work. I began moaning and screaming, I began grinding my hips and humping him back. I gripped the sides of th couch as I felt my self build to give an explosion that felt like a river was being released. It didnt stop him from going deeper, from licking harder his tonuge was doing things to me that made my breathen change my body arch. I moved back and he pulled me back to him starring at me while I twitched and shook, he knew that I was having the ride of my life as he stuffed his face into it. He bite lightly on my clit, then began fingering as his tongue punished my clit and for the first time in my life I squirted. He looked at me as i caught my breathe and smiled like he discovered a secret passage as he began ging harder and harder until I felt like my legs were going to fall off.
"You never did that" he said coming up for air and wiping his face as he smiled with pride.
"You never did me like that" I said as he leaned down and our tongues shared my juices. He positioned himself right ontop of me as he pulled down his briefs, then took them off and laid his third leg right ontop of me.
"You ready?" he whispered on the side of my neck and my goosebumps rose on my skin. I shook my head as he poked the head at my insides and I grasp with pain gripping his back. It's neen awhile and I forgot how big he was, it was like losing my virginity all over again. "You feel that" he kept moaning as he pushed and pulled going gentle as I scratched his back so hard my fingers began to hurt.
"It hurt" I whispered against his ear, and looked down seeing that he was only half way in.
"I got you" he whispered against my skin. He began grinding in and out, until it was just right and my body was there the place that only King would take me. "You like it Niy?" he asked as i shut my eyes and groaned as pleasure took over. For months I craved this, for months I dreamt about making love to this man, dreamt of being under this man. So what we were in a club, where hundreds of people were living there life not knowing the magic that was happening right over there heads.
He leaned down kissing me softly, never have King been this genuine, this loving, this amazing as a lover, I knew that this was only for the night, this would only be for the moment, but it was all my heart craved. I gripped his back as he held my waist pulling me to meet his pumps as he bite his lips. I starred in his eyes as he grunted against me and he was feeling the same way, he was thinking the same thing.
"I'm bout to come" I groaned pushing my body towards him deeper and faster, stronger and harder as the sensaition built in my bak, then hit my knees and before I knew it my body had tightened up and released the biggest explosions I've had in years. King got the memo, and it wasn't before long he was releasing one and sending it into my stomach as I held on to him. We laid there breahthing and panting. I was kissing hm while he sucked on my neck and bite my chest, he pulled out and I could feel the sticky substance leaving my legs as he walked to his bathroom grabbing a towel bringing it in the room as he wiped me up and did the same with himself. The silence was killing me, so many unanswered questions, what did we just do, what did we just get into.
"We gotta go" I said pulling on my dress after we starred at eachother.
"Wow, that's all you have to say Niy?" King said looking hurt.
"What do you want me to say, you act like you didn't come here with a girlfriend and correct me if I'm wrong but she's also your baby mother." I said looking in the mirror making sure my hair and face was back to flawless.
"Really Niy, you act like we didn't just do this like we weren't just together on my couch making love. You act like I just fucked and you know that's not the case." He said pleading with me, but all I could do was look away from him. As much as I wanted this to be the truth, as much as I wanted this moment to last, I knew it wouldn't. I couldn't allow myselg to be comfrotable with this, I couldn't allow myself to fall into this moment and lose the reality of the situation.
I opened the door and there stood Rico, with a smirk on his face as I walked straight pass him head directly towards the dance floor, where I took my spot right next to April acting as if nothing happened. I could feel Dior's eyes on me as King walked towards her and whisperedsomething in her ear, jealousy began getting the best of me and I decided I needed another drink. I got to the bar and Rico stood next to me as I waited on my shot of Patron.
"Next time you want to get kinky, remember to not do it on one of the clubs biggest nights." He said sipping his drink as he starred off onto the dancefloor.
"Mind your business." I said ready to take my shot until Rico stepped closer to me.
"You deserve better then that, King's my nigga, but look at him he smash said thank you and stood by the next chick. You're over here lonely taking shots and he's praising the next chick. Seems to me that you don't want me to mind my business you just don't want to acknowledge the truth." He whispered into my ear then disappeared into the night.
I looked at the shot and sighed heavy instead of taking it and throwing it back, I walked away from it. No amount of alcohol was going to this moment better, no amount of anything was going to make this go away it's funny ho I've givenso much and recieved so little in return. I walked through the club passing everyone who wanted to talk, passed my ticket to valet and patiently waited for the ferarri. I had to get out of here, I had to go if I stayed any longer I know I would be in trouble. It was two o' clock in the morning and I raced home, not taking a shower or taking off my clothes. I walked straight to Zane room and laid down next to him cuddling heside him and holding him tightly in my arms as tears escaped my eyes until I slowly drifted to sleep.


Six Months, I've been home for nine monts and life is so much better, things went to the best. The nightclub was one of the hottest clubs in the city and kept me preoccupied, I've been clean and althrough I was doing alot better, I kept Ms. Ann around just to keep me on track. I still lived with King, but our relatioship was different we never spoke about that night. We stopped arguing and playing our little secret love game and just left one another alone only speaking to one another when we had to, keeping our conversations strictly business. I gave up on him and althrough I was semi dating Ace Da Kid, I never took him or us serious but we did skype once a week go on a few dates and talk everyday I just couldn't do the love thing with him or anyone else for that matter my heart was closed.
Today, I was heading to the club for our weekly meeting we had with the managers, I wasn't just the bar mananger, I also was doing the marketing and publicity for the club now, so my days were extra long. I was leaving the realitor, where I just put down an offer on a condo in New Jersey thirty minutes away from Times Square. I was ready to move on, and out of Kings hous, I was sick of him and Dior even through Zane was now living with us again and the hardest thing would be me letting go of him once again, but I had to move and I knew King would not allow me to take Zane with me. I pulled up to the club in my all white Jeep, jumping out wearing an all gray Alex Mcqeen leather jacket with gold spikes all over the sleeves, with a pair of matching five inch booties. I had on white skinny jeans and a simple black sheer button up shirt. As paparrazzi took pictures of me I smile and lightly waved while I sent a few emails out and walked in the club. I headed straight to Kings office where everyone was having small talk waiting for a few more people to arrive.
"Yo, I was just about to call you" Rico said standing up and giving me a kiss on my cheek.
"Yea yea yea, I'm here" I said waving him off.
"What did I miss?" I said sitting down while I felt kings eyes wander my body up and down.
"Nothing much, I'll catch you up" Rico said as he texted on his phone.
"Okay," I said smiling.
The entire meeting my mind drfited, I didn't understand how I finally was doing what I needed to do but something was missing,, I was still feeling a void in my heart. I finally had my own place, but deep down inside I didn't want to leave, or maybe I did and it scared me that I was ready to leave. It scared me that I was ready to move on with my life, I was done thingking that maybe one day He would come to his senses and we would make this work, but we didn't and deep down inside I knew that we wouldn't. I pretended to be listening, but my mind just wouldn't leave alone the thoughts of being a failure, of having to live with the fact, that I wouldn't be with the man that I've loved for sooo long, the man that I swore I would marry one day. I could feel a tear starting to inch and had to get ahold of myself.
"Aight, so everyone got that" King said catching my attention and I shook my head knowing that I wasn't even listening to a word that he said. Every one began leaving the office and I stayed behind waiting until it was just me and him. He looked at stuff on his computer not even turning his face towards me for even a second.
"Hey, I wanted to talk to you about something" I said biting the inside of my lip. I thought that this was going to be way more easier then it was, that this moment I would be able to just say it and keep it moving, but it was killing me.
"Wassup" he said taking his attention off his computer and looking at me. He smile always gaave me reassurance, always gave me confidence even when I didn't have it.
"I found a place, and signed off on it this morning." I said looking away from him.
"That's wassup," he said after a second of silence. "We need to celebrate", he said with a smile, but his eyes said something totally different. "This weekend we should all go out" he said standing up and walking towards me.
"Yea, sure" I said surprised that he was taking it this easily.
"Well I got to run, to this meeting I'll see you later" he said as we walked out and I headed to my car. I got in and sighed deeply this was what it was I repeated to myself then shook my head, as I headed to the house. I walked in and could hear Zane yelling in the kitchen the boy was starting to act just like his father and I didn't know what was going on.
"Zanere" I said when I stepped into the kitchen where him and Dior was having a faceoff.
"Yes" he said as his chest rose and fell with anger.
"What is your problem and who are you yelling at?" I said placing my bag on the kitchen table.
"You need to get some control over your son" Dior said brushing past me and it took everything in my power to not slap her.
"Mom, I really don't like her" he said walking over to me and giving me a kiss.
"You and me both," I said laughing. "How about we go out to the park?" I said wanting to get out the house.
"Yea" he said smiling.
"Aight, go put on your sneakers and I'm going to call your dad" I said pulling out my phone seeing I had a missed call from Ace and decided that I would call him back when I found the time. I called King and he answered on the second ring, "Hey, I was just calling to tell you I was going to take Zaen to the park for a few hours just to get out the house" I said twirling my hair in my fingers.
"Oh, I was about to head home and chill with him for a minute. Mind if I join yall?" he said asking but I could hear the nervousness in his voice.
"Ofcourse I wouldn't mind silly" I said laughing wondering why he even asked.
"Aight, well I'm heading out the door now, so I'll meet you there" he said disconnecting the call.
"You ready?" I said grabbing my keys and walking out of the kitchen when I heard Zane coming down the steps.
"Yea," he said tossing his football in the air.
"Must we play catch, I rather us fly kites" I said as I hopped in the front seat and he hopped in the back.
"The only reason why you don't like playing catch is because you throw like a girl and catch like one too mom" he said clicking his seatbelt as I pulled off.
"Oh who asked you" I said laughing.
We got to the park and began playing catch, well it was more like fetch because I didn't catch anything that Zane threw, but it was still fun. He laughed as I made attempts to catch the ball and run in heels. I had sneakers in the car, but don't know why I didn't put them on before we got here.
"Okay mom, I'm going to throw right to your hamds" he said speaking to me as if I was the child instead of the parent.
"Okay, I'm going to catch this one I promise" I yelled taking stance and holding out my hands. He tossed the ball and before I could catch it King ran infront of me snatching the ball.
"Interception" he yelled running towards Zane and hitting a spin move before Zane could touch him and running to the other side of the field.
"Mom" Zane said stomping his foot.
"What, I was only suppose to catch the ball." I said laughing.
"Go long Zane" King said pulling his arm back and Zane raced across the field with his arms out ready to catch the ball. They played like this for twenty minutes leaving me out as they passed one another the ball talking junk to eachother as they did it.
"Hey, ya'll leaving me out." I said giving a pout and crossing my arms.
"That's because you can't catch" King said catching the ball with one arm and they both screamed.
"I told you mom" Zaen said to me and I stuck my tngue out.
"I wanted to fly kites anyway" I said shrugging my shoulders.
"Who plays football in a see through shirt and heels." King said laughing.
"I do, and dont come at my neck." I said becoming annoyed.
"Or what," King said laughing.
"Oh you get on my nerves." I said going to hit him and he moved away.
"Too slow" he said ducking and I went to hit him again, but once again he moved out the way.
"Ohh you get on my nerves" I said stomping my foot and my heel got stuck in the grass. "These are expensive shoes" I said taking my shoe off as I balanced on one foot and began examining it.
"Who told you to wear them to the park?" King said walking over to me and helping me balance.
"Must you" I said giving him the stink face.
"Yes, I must" he said laughing.
"Shut up and carry me to my car" I said throwing myself on thim.
"What, you better ak me nicely" he said sucking his teeth.
"Or what, what are you going to do if I don't ask you nicely?" I said squeezing his shirt.
"You got it" he said picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder.
"King, you get on my nerves I said while Zane laughed follwing us through the field.
"Where did you park your box at?"
"Stop talking about my car, it's cute and I like it." I said smacking his back and he smacked my butt.
"It's a damn box, why would you choose that car" he said laughing as he carried me across the parking lot to my car. He set me down in the back seat while I grabbed my sneakers and put them on. "So you really moving?" he said catching me off guard.
"Ohh, yea" I said laughing. "Why you thought, I was going to stay in the guest room on my house forever?" I said tying my sneaker.
"Your house?" he said looking at me like I'm crazy.
"Yea, the one you brought for me, but letting the next bitch stay in." I said placing on my other sneaker.
"Ha, from what I remember you left" he said standing right infront of me.
"Well, you shouldn't take it so hard when I leave again" I said shrugging my shoulders and going to move past him, but he wouldn't move out of my way.
"Why?" he asked starring me in my eyes, but I knew he was being serious.
"What you mean why? Look King, we're not together and I have to move on with my life. I can't wait around..." I stopped mid sentence turning my face from him. "I'm not going to be cutting myself or you short of anything aight." I said shaking my head. "I need to do me and let you do you. Maybe if I wasn't around you would be able to give more of yourself to Dior" I said as he stood between my legs and I started rubbing his sides up and down.
"Kid, you know this driving a nigga crazy." he said leaning inside the car.
"Yea, but you'll be aight nigga" I said rubbing the side of his face.

Sasha (Chaper 12 cont..)

I was at home taking care of my new baby boy, Pablo Jr. yea I finally had him three months ago. It was the first time I saw Pablo cry, he held his son close to his heart and I knew that there was noway possible that he was going to allow himself to be seperated from his son ever. I was in the nursery putting PJ to sleep while Nikki and Jayla were in the family room watching television. Pablo was off handling business like usually and for the first time I was tripping. Life is finally what it's suppose to be, I was changing and I wasn't fighting it, I was becoming who I knew deep down inside that I could be. I put PJ back in his crib and turned on the monitor so I could watch him from the bedroom, I jumped in the shower taking a quick bath before I went to bed. I was tired and althrough I had more then enough help with the baby, I made it a point to do as much as I coudl on my own. I laid in the bed wearing the button up that Pablo was wearing yesterday and before I knew it I was sleeping until I felt someones strong arms wrap around me.
"Hey Papi" I said starring at Pablo as he set on the edge of the bed.
"Hey, you sleep already it's only eith thirty." he said grabbing my hip and squeezing.
"I know I'm tired" I said yawning and sitting up.
"Did you eat dinner?"
"No, I came in here to lay down for a second until I had to feed PJ again, but I ended up dozing off." I said stretching and standing up.
"How was he today?" Pablo asked as I walked into the closet grabbing a pair of sweats and wife beater.
"He was good, a bit fussy, but he was okay" I said shrugging my shoulders.
"Let's go out tonight?" Pablo said last minute throwing me off because today was a Tuesday and we rarely went out during the week.
"Umm Tonight?" I said raising an eyebrow.
"Yea tonight woman, now get dressed and hurry that ass up." Pablo said walking out the room and I shook my head it was something wrong with this man. I placed on a printed summer dress and pair of six inch heels that tied around my ankle. I added gold bagles and pinned my hair back into a low bun as I added a little bit of make up and lip stick. When I walked into the family room Pablo was standing by the door on the phone as Nikki and Jayla told me I look pretty.
"Hey ya'll be good we'll be back later" I said as I followed Pablo to the car service and he opened the door lettign me get in the back seat of his all white Rolls Royce. We rode to the docks and he walked me to his yacth, something he brought years before me that I didn't even know about. I went to the top deck where dinner was laid out for us and I smiled. Only Pablo would be so considerate and romantic, I set down and began enjoying the champaign and strawberries that was laid out for me. "This is nice, I needed this" I said lying my head on Pablo shoulder.
"Yea," he said taking a deep sigh and that's when I noticed it. Something was going on and I could see it was written all over his face, his vibe was off too, it must have been something important.
"Aight, spill it" I said putting my cup down and turning towards him trying to read his face.
"You can always read me" he said smiling and shaking his head.
"Yea well, tell me what you need to tell me" I said folding my arms. He starred at me awhile reading my face and then took a deep breathe looking onto the waters as he rode into the deep seas. "Pablo, is it that serious?" I said becoming frantic. He stood up and walked over the rail taking his cup of scotch with him throwing it back and letting the burning sensation hit his lungs. I walked up behind and wrapped my arms around his chest, I held onto him tight pressing my body against his.
"Can we eat first?" he said rubbing my hand then bringing it up to his lips and kissing it softly. He led me downstairs where a lobster and clam fest were waiting for us and we began eating, but my appetite was beginning to fade with thoughts of the bad news I didn't know what was going on but I knew that I didn't like it. I took a deep breathe and tried to enjoy the meal while Pablo tried to give me small conversation, but I wasn't trying to hear it. "Come here" he said standing up and leading me to the front of the boat where we stood at the tip him with his arms wrapped around me. "I'm sorry" he said kissing my shoulder then placing his chin on it.
"For what, what's wrong?" I asked, but something wasn't right and I could feel it. I could tell that there was a problem.
"I have to go away" he said taking a step back. I turned towards him and I coudl tell this wasn't going to be one of his regular trips this was going to be soemthing serious and that this was going to be somethign important.
"For how long, and where are you going, and why are you leaving Pablo?" I said raising my voice a little as he placed his hands behind me holding onto the rails.
"A few years" he said not able to look at me and I felt my heart drop. "Fed time," he said snaswering the question before I could even ask him. "I might have to do five, but I don't know" he said sighing and before I could say anything tears began falling from my eyes, one bye one two by two then millions were everwear.
"What you mean? Pablo what am I suppose to do, how am I supposet to raise our family, how am I suppose to do this on my own without you?" I said as he tried to calm me.
"You're going to be taken care of," he said wiping my tears. " I still don't know everything that's going on and I still don't know what the call is but we have to start preparing ourselves." he said kissing my forehead and I knew right then and there that my life was being flipped upside down.
For the rest of the night, we didn't do anything, but make love and hodl eachother.

35 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:51 pm


King Chapter 13

This weekend I watched Niya move out of my house and I had to admit that it hurt me more then it should of, that it was killing me to watch her leave, but I understood that she had to go. I played it cool like I was happy for her because I must admit that a part of me actually was but the better part f me wanted to stop her wanted to tell her she couldn't go and tell her I love her. I mean Diors nice, she's a cool girl but Niya had a hold on me that I couldn't shake everythign we've been through and I stlll could look at her and tell her I love her. Yeah, I had it bad for shorty, but my pride wouldn't let me tell her things, my ego wouldn't let me show her how much I actually care and I know that I should just do what I gotta do, I rahter leave it alone.
"Finally we get the house back baby" Dior said smiling as the last truck Niya had came and left. I was sitting in the back by the pool blowing down. I had on a pair of Ray Bandz to cover the hurt in my eyes. Dior was wearing a skimpy bathen suit and was about to get in the pool when my phone rung, I knew it was another shorty I started talking to from L.A she was a rapper and she had the body for it. We been hitting eachother up for a minute and I was just looking for something to dive into. I know you're reading this like what the fuck, but if you can't be with the bitch you love, love as many bitches as you can. I don't see the point of being faithful because I knew in my heart that no ther person could fufill me the way that Niya did. "Hello, are you excited?" Dior asked while she set on the edge of the pool taking pictures of herself probably to throw on instagram, it's cool I wasn't stressign it in other words I really didn't care what she did.
"Yea, I heard you" I said standing up and texting shorty back she was going to be in town next weekend and I planned on showing her my big apple lol. "I'ma be back aight" I yelled through the door walking through the house and heading to the studio right now I needed to be alone. I picked up my phone and called Pablo, he was like my personal therapist when I needed him.
"Hello" he asnwered on the third ring.
"What you doing nigga?" I said inhaling the strong herbs that attack my lungs.
"Nothign just put PJ down" he said as I listened to him walk through the house.
"Yea, that's wassup how little man doing?"
"Good getting big like his daddy" Pablo said boosting. "So you going to talk about Niya moving out, or you're going to avoid and act like you called me to talk about kids." he said getting straight to the point knowing that I was calling for a reason.
"Who would she just spring that stupid shit on me? Then she moved like it was nothing yo, I swear the bitch is so fucking stupid sometimes." I said letting out my fusrations and hearing Pablo chuckle in the background.
"Did you tell her you didn't want her to leave?" he asked, but I'm pretty sure he already knew the answer.
"No I didn't tell her that shit." I said sighing.
"Why not?" he asked and I didn't have an answer to that question.
"I don't know, she should just know all that we've been through she should know I never want her to leave." I said sitting in my chair and slumping down.
"Well hiow is she suppose to know that if you live and sleep with someone else, how is she suppose to know that if you don't say it. Woman need to hear that shit, they like to hear shit like that it makes them happy to know that you want them. And if you don't tell them, they just learn to realize that you don't want them and at the end of the day you can't blame her for leaving if you didn't even make an attempt to explain to her that you want her there with you." he said waiting for an answer.
"Man," I said knowing that I needed to hear the answer, knowing that I need to know the what was going on. I knew Pablo would only tell me waht needed to be said and I can't blame him for telling me the truth because I been saying it to myself for a while. "Man fuck her," I said sighing.
"There go the spirit" Pablo said laughing making me chuckle.
"I can't believe she really left, like she really just packed her shit and left." I said shaking my head.
"Well how long did you think that you would be able to have your cake and eat it too."
"I mean, I thought I would have atleast a minute before she left. It was like she only been here a year and she already out the door."
"My dude you are so selfish" Pablo said and I kenw he was right. "Niya's a good girl, and Dior well Dior is Dior, but she still you're girl. You gotta choose you going to either go after what you want and do what you gotta do or you're going to just accept what you have, but either way you gotta make the choice or a choice will be made for you." he said speaking some real shit and I knew that he was right, I knew that he was making sense, I just needed to hear it. I didn't know what I was going to do, I wanted Niya back but she got to a point where I don't trust no females because of her.
"What's going on with you through, I heard about the case, I heard niggas snitching and shit and you're name was in something" I knew it was deeper but I didn't know who was listening to the conversation and I didn't want shit to get realer then it already was.
"They talking eighty years" he said and my heart almost skipped a beat that's along fucking time for a nigga to be behind bars. "But my lawyers saying something else." he said and I knew he had the best of the best handling the case.
"How did Sasha take it?" I knew that she probably had a fit like no other.
"Cried a little but she a soilder she'll be good." he said and I was surprised but Sasha don't play when it come down to her man or family."
"That's sounds mild." I said not believing it.
"Well, I told her a few years" he said nearly whispering.
"She's going to kill you" was the only thing I could think of.
"Yea we'll I'm hoping the boys work a few miracles so she won't have to find out and if she do eighty years don't seem that bad compared to her wrath." he said making a small joke.
"Yea, make your jokes now because Sasha going to want you head if she find out" I said hearing my other line beep and Niya name popped across the screen. "man, let me call you back." I said clicking over without a response. "Wassup"
"I need you" she said in a soft voice that always drove me up a wall.
"What's wrong?" I said pressing out my dutch in an ash trat and standing straight up.
"I need help putting together this bed and dresser and other stuff." she said softly, but I could tell that she was smiling through the phone.
"Oh so you just want to use me in other words." I said shaking my head, but heading up the steps.
"What you want in return?" she said and all types of thoughts ran through my head.
"A home cooked meal." I said walking upstairs to get dressed when Dior began to follow me.
"Chicken and shrim alfredo," she said making my mouth water.
"Um hum" I said while Dior watched me, getting ready to say something, but I placed my finger up to stop her.
"With salad, and home made cheese cake as desert." she said adding the frosting to the cake.
"Strawberry syrup?" I said looking through my closet for something to wear even through I was onlyl going to be building things, I had to look good doing it.
"Yes, now I'm headed to the supermarket, you know how to get to my house right?"
"Yea, but send me the address," I said pulling out a pair of light blue Homeless man jeans.
"Aight, hurry that ass up too" she said disconnecting the call and I couldn't help but to laugh.
"Who was that?" Dior asked with her hands on her hips.
"Niya" I said stripping down to my pair of grey Calvin Claiborn boxer briefs and nothing else.
"Why you getting dressed?" she said folding her arms and I looked up at her without saying anything I knew she caught the hint. "You can't be serious, she's finally gone and now you're going to visit her." she said raising her hands in the air.
"Dior, she need help putting somethings together. I'm coming right back here." I said pulling on my jeans then a Marc Jacobs white V neck with an "Obey" hoodie and matching snapback. I placed on a pair of Black Jordans while Dior was in the bedroom probably throwing a hissy fit. I placed on my diamond necklace with my jesus piece hanging with a matching watch trying to keep things simple.
"I'ma be back" I said walking through the door.
"I won't be here" she said folding her legs and I stopped mid way, at first I wanted to continue walking but something wouldn't let me.
"What you mean?" I said turning towards her.
"I'm tired of this King, everytime she leave you I'm always right here and you just chase after her time and time again. What is the point of me being here if you're just going to play me out? I was here when she left you, I took care of you when she was out there getting high. Me, King not her and you don't even give a fuck. You don't even say thank you, but when she come around you act like she deserve special treatment, and she don't. You pushed me aside for the last fucking time King, I'm not going to continue to compete with your baby mother it's not fair to me and it's not fair to our son." sshe said in a calm voice looking at her hands. "I'm trying so hard to be the perfect woman, trying so hard to give you everything I have and it's still not enough, well you know what King, I don't have anymore to give you." she said shaking her head and I walked over to her standing between her legs. I leaned down and kissed her on her lips.
She was right, she have been here, she been giving me everything that she could possibly give me and althrough I knew my heart lied with Niya, my pride lays with Dior. I didn't undersand how I had someone right infront of me someone right here devoting herself to me and I was pushing her to the side.
"No King, you're not going to play this game, you're not going to fuck me then run off to go hang out with her, you're not going to do it King." she said trying to fight me off. I kissed her cheek and interlocked our fingers as she began to cry, I tried to kiss her and she moved away. I pulled her up into my arms and wrapped each of them around her waist and began sucking on her neck, I picked her up and I knew she was broken.
"Why you act like this?" I said biting on her ear.
"Like what?" she said wrapping her arms around my neck.
"Jealous, I'm not trying to go through this shit everyday. I sleep with you everyday, I lay with you everyday, I'm not thinking about Niiya. I keep telling you I need her best off for the sake of my son, just like I look at for Mya I look out for Niya," I said pinching her nipples making her laugh.
"I know, but look I know how you felt about her and I knkow what yall had, so I'm just saying that I need you all to myself again like how we were." she said biting her lip and I was enjoying it.
"Look, I'ma handle this then I'm coming home, you going to be over your attitude or not?" I said while she locked her legs around my waist.
"You not going anywhere," she said smiling and I knew what that smile meant. "Well until you give me what you owe me" she said grnding her hips against me and I already knew what time it was.

Sasha Chapter 13 cont..
I was nestling Pj in my arms as I went to Pablo's office, where I heard him on the phone, I didn't say anything when I reached the door because I didn't want to disturb him. He stood with his back towards me and I listened as he began talking and I couldn't believe what I heard. When he got off the phone and turned to me I knew he could see the rage in my face, how did five years turn into eighty. I spinned around and headed straight for the nursery handing PJ to his nanny and walking straight to Pablo, he walked me in the door then closed it and looked at me.
"Pablo, I am sick of you lying to me, I am tired of you hiding things and all of you secrets. You told me five years, but you're on the phone talking about eighty." I said folding my arms, I was trying to control my temper.
"Look, I don't know theres an informant and no one knows what hes saying and whos he saying it to" he said looking around.
"Save it, until you figure out what the fuck is going on or until you become willing to talk about it. I don't want to hear it. I'm taking me and the kids back to New York until you figure out how long they going to be gone and I'm not going to lie to them either."
"You're not taking my kids anywhere" he said with a stern voice.
"I'm not doing this with you anymore Pablo, I don't know what's going on I'm worried about our family. You don't sleep with me anymore always out on business I'm afraid for our family, but I won't let you break it so like I said. I'm taking them to New York while you get your shit together I think it's best if you get time to cleaan up your mess." I said putting my foot down and then he did the unthinkable. He walked up to me and held the side of my face kissing me softly on my lips then starring at me.
"I'll book the flight for first thing tomorrow morning." he said before kissing my forehead and walking past. I went to the bedroom and began packing while Pablo stayed in his office. I set on the closet floor and began crying as hard as I could my family was falling apart and I couldn't do anything. I knew I had to stay strong, but I just couldn't it was something that was too much. I took a few deep breathes when I heard the bedroom door open, I immediately jumped up and began wiping my face, when Pablo stepped in the closet while I turned my back to him.
"I got a meeting I need to go to, I'll be back early." he said and all I could do was shake my head. He started talking on his phone handling business and I continued to pack things into a bad when I felt his arms wrap around me. I tried to move from his touch so he wouldn't notice that I was crying , but it was too late.
"Sasha" he said spinning me around, "I have to call you back" he said ending the call before the person on the other end could say something back. I shook my head left the right saying it was nothing, and he gripped my cheeks to see my face I still wouldn't look at him. "What's wrong, why you in here crying?" he said pulling
"I'm scared" I said breaking down and letting the tears fall from my eyes one by one two by two. "I can't make it without Pablo," I said as he began wiping my tears.
"Shh," he said kissing me and walking me to our bedroom. He spoke into the intercom saying that for the rest of the night we were not to be bothered and then he pulled me to the bed and began holding me lightly rubbing my body. He walked away and began lighting candles all throughout the room.
"Pablo you have a meeting," I said as he began playing music.
"Nothing is more important then whats going on right here." he said walking over to the bed and grabbing my foot and lifting it against his chest. He began to rub my foot and just like magic, I began to melt in his hands. I was suppose to be mad at this man, I was suppose to not be speaking to him and here I was lying on my back losing myself as he grabbed massage oils and began rubbing my body down. I just moaned as he payed attention to every part of my body. Lord know I've missed Pablo so much lately after he told me it seems like all he's been doing is going to meetings and when he isn't going to meetings he's in PJ's room having quality time with him. We barley sleep together and most of the time we don't speak. I missed my husband so much, I tryly don't understand how I been making it without him.
He began kissing my ankle and I began to laugh as he tickled my body softly, and began rub my body gently. He kissed my calv all the way to the back of my knee cap where he sucked it gently then bite the side of it doing the same thing to the other leg. He kissed my thighs until my lip quivered, sucked on my neck making me want him even more. I didn't understand how he could tease me like this, how he could control me like this. He got to my tattoo, his favorite part of my body, his peacock and began kissing each feather making sure to cover the whole tattoo in kisses. I held his face pulling him up to me, trying to rush the moment, but he wouldn't allow me to. He spread my legs lying straight inbetween them, lightly holding my hip while he sucked on my neck then on my chest. Giving me small pecks as I arched my back trying to get a feeling that was remotely close to our sex. He began grinding into me as he kissed me. I knew that the night as just only began.

Niya Chapter 13 cont..
I was starting to cook when I heard my garage door open and knew that it was King, I gave him my alarm codes and garage codes with an extra key incase of an emergency. It was almost an hour and a half sense we spoke on the phone and he was just getting here, I wasn't going to say anything through because he wasn't my man. But part of me wanted to know what was keeping him for so long, and why didn't he call to tell me he was going to be late. I was cooking the food when the alarm went off and I heard him shufflinf through the house, then I walked towards the living room meeting him halfway. He stood there looking sexier then ever wearing his navy cardigan and some simple jeans. I was wearing a baby tee and pair of ripped up jeans that hugged every curve just right as my hair was pinned to one side with strong curves
"Took you long enough" I said rolling my eyes and then smiling.
"I'ma busy man, be grateful I made time." He said walking past me towards the kitchen. "Smells like you got a head start" he said smiling.
"Whatever, come on I'll give you a tour" I said pulling him away from the kitchen and walking through each room one by one. "This is the last room the mastere bedroom, I said opening the door where large windows flooded the roof so I can see outside. The color scheme was gold and cream and had a royal feel to it. The bed was huge, and set up higher then my waist, let a chair right before the end of the bed. The bedding had drapes that hung down creating a romantic canopy. He looked around and shook his head how I explained everything in the room.
"Why you get this big as bed, if you sleep alone and you're not even big yourself." he said feeling the bed and moving the drapes around.
"How you know I'm going to be sleeping alone?" I said raising an eyebrow and for a quick second I could see the jealousy rise, but quickly disappeared with a chuckle.
"Let me see the closet" he said as he opened the door to the far left and that was just my shoe closet, it was a walk in that held nothing but all my shoes perfectly organized. I opened the door connected to it that held all of my clothes and some boxes that I haven't finished unpacking yet. After that the last door was my master bathroom whick was built for a queen. It had a large circle bath in the middle of the floor, with a stand up shower, a two sink mirror, and a vanity for me to put on my make-up and do my hair.
"Do you like it?" I asked as he looked at everything investigating the whole bathroom.
"I like this tub," he said looking at it.
"I know now I can take long buble baths again" I said smiling at him.
"Yeah cuz you need to wash that ass, I didn't know how to tell you shit wasn't smelling right" he said waving his hand over his nose and we both broke out laughing.
"Boy get to your job, there the instructions and everything, and hurry up so I can feed your as and send you on your way back to Dior." I said waving my hand.
"Oh you're going to send me back to her huh?"
"Yea I'm going to send you back to her, ain't like I want to keep your ass" I said walking away getting the last word.
After two hours I was finally finished cooking and was going to check on King, when I got upstairs he was clying down on the chair at the foot of my bed watching ESPN.
"Yo, why did you get this large as television" he said pointing at the 60 inch on the wall.
"Because I like it, I can afford, and I wanted it, damn cuddy any more questions" I said walking next to him and grabbing the remote then turning the television off. "Why didn't you come downstairs when you were done? What the hell were you doing up here this whole time?"
"I was raiding your panty drawers" he said getting up as we both laughed.
It was nice laughing with him, and joking with him. It was something we haven't done in so long, we walked downstairs holding small conversations about nothing. I began making his plate while he set a table for the both of us and poured cups of champaign, I layed his plate infront of him then set infront of mines as we began eating.
"Don't choke" I said laughing as he ate like he haven't eaten in years. "You aight, I mean I know you starving because your girl can't cook, but SHEESH" I said laughing as I sipped on my champaign.
"Yea, I'm going to miss your cooking, but you attitude and sarcasm I think I'll be able to live with out." he said challenging me.
"Don't start your shit King" I said laughing. "It's not my fault you be at home, making hot pockets for dinner."
"Stop coming for me yo, actually why do you care?" he said leaning back and lightly smiling.
"I don't you could starve for all I care" I said shrugging my shoulders and beginning to eat again.
"You wouldn't allow me to starve shorty" he said in his cocky voice that could still send shivers down my back.
"Nigga if you was dying of hunger, I wouldn't let you eat this kitty to save you" I said sticking out my tongue making him choke on his food.
"You wouldn't let me eat it, now you dont' even believe that" he said challenging me.
"Yea, um hum" I said with pure sarcasm making him suck his teeth.
"Anyway, this shit is good as hell" I said pointing to my plate as I cleaned the plate enjoying each moment.
"You want more" Niya asked standing up and grabbing my plate without me even having to say something. She came back holding my plate with an extra helping and I smiled as I went back in with bread sticks and alfredo. After the night went on we did small talk and joked around for another hour, just chilling like old times.
"Aye yo, what's good with the cheese cake." he said after we finished off the bottle of champaign and a buzz had completley kicked in.
"Oh I got you," I said standing up and heading to the kitchen cutting him an extra large slice, but opting not to take a slice because I was trying to lose some weight.
"Where yours at?" he said after I handed him his plate.
"I didn't get a piece" I said sitting in the living room on the couch right next to him.
"Why not, this shit good" he said talking with a mouth full of cake.
"I'm trying to lose weight" I said letting an old episode of Criminal Minds play.
"Oh stop it" he said laughing.
"I'm serious, look how fat I got," I said standing up and lifting up my shirt grabbing the fat from my stomach
"Shut up and come get you some cake girl" he said pulling me down next to him.
"No," I said pushing his hand away from my mouth.
"Stop being corny" he said trying to force the spoon into my mouth but I turnt away.
"No, it's fat" I said leaning back.
"So is you arr, but niggas still wanna eat that" he said making me laugh.
"Where did that come from?" I said laughing and covering my face while he tried to make me eat the cake.
"Eat the cake anne mae eat the cake" he said in his best Ike Turner voice.
"Noo" I said laughing as he continued to try, then forced the fork into my mouth making a mess. "King" I said with a mouth full of cake.
"What" he said smiling as he leaned on top of me. "It's good through right?" he said shaking his head and I shook my head with him as I began enjoying the taste. "I know it's good because you got it all over your face." he said laughing and I tried to wipe it off. "You just spread it," he said laughing and I laughed with him. "Come here" he said placing his thumb on my cheek then wiping it and placing it in his mouth. Some how my body heated up as he starred in my eyes.
"Anymore" I said trying to break the ice, or the temptation in the room.
"Yea, let me get it" he said leaning in and kissing my cheek, then starring at me and leaned down kissing my lips.

What was happening, How was I losing control.....

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what i think is going to happen next...
pablo isnt going to service anytime
sahsa isnt taking her family to new york
king is going to confess his TRUE feelings for Niya to her and in the process leave dior
niya is gonna get pregnant...

add soon

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Add more!!

King and Niya have this love-hate thing going on...I like it!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
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you are so talented! each add pulls me in more and more everytime! im in love with this!


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add soon

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add soon Very Happy Very Happy

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where are you??????

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King Chapter 4

Life is a beautiful thing, it's the type of beauty that you can only look at and smile. Well for me life has been great, it's been a year since Niya moved out and let me update you on what's going on with every one. Rell and April are still living in Atlanta and they have a new reality show that's doing really well on the ratings. Pablo and April are right now enjoying there relationship and planning a wedding for Nikki who's engaged to Gary. Pablo's case went to trail and althrough it's a huge case ad the stakes are huge, he has no true worries because his team of lawyers is playing hardball. Sasha has not only been holding everything down, she's been supporting Pablo every step of the way, but what else would you really expect from her. Well Niya has been good, actually she's been great. Not only is she running the club, but she's starting to write her bio and even got a two book deal. She's also starting up a charity for young inner city girls. Other then her busy business life she's been an amazing mother to our son and that's all I could ask for.

Well now that your caught up, let's really talk about how life has been for me. I am the MAN, I just signed my ninth artist and just celebrated my company's fiftieth million record sold.I was named Forbes top paid producer of the year and I must say that I deserve. Working non stop it's really starting to pay off, Dior is my main girl and shes happy with the perks of dating me. Althrough she's starting to hint towards marriage, I know I will probably never propose to another woman for as long as I live. I guess that everything is perfect, perfect career, perfect life... Yeah right alot of dark secrets being hidden by fake smiles and lies....

It was four thirty in the morning and here I was lying in bed when I felt the woman next to me roll over and I placed her head on my shoulder. I pulled her closer as I reached for my L and lit it as ESPN played on the television. After the mind blowing sex we had, you would think I couldn't handle anymore, but my dick never been good at staying in place. I let my small high take and place and put the next thing on my mind was how long I had to storke before I would be recieving that call to come home. I didn't have to say anything before she was crawling ontop of me and straddling my dick. She leaned back and began riding real slow as I let exotic smoke rings blow from my mouth. I watched her body bounce up and down and enjoyed the ecsasy I was recieving wanting this moment to last forever.
Wish it would of lasted longer, but the vibrations from my phone on the nightstand told me it was time to go home. After a few more pumps I let her cum and pulled out to do my thing all over her stomach. She just smiled and starred as I headed to the bathroom, I began giving myself a small wash up when she walked in the bathroom. She walked behind me and wrapped her arms around my chest letting her manicured fingers rub my abs and perky breast press against my back. She stepped away then lightly dragged her fingers across my chest to my hand and pulled my hand, directing me towards the shower turning on the the shower head and letting the water fall all over her body. As much as I should have said no, I couldn't as much as I should have said I gotta go home I didn't. I dropped my pants enjoying round four and five in the shower. Then I dressed as she hopped in bed immediately going to sleep and I left for my home with Dior.

"Hey" Dior said as I jumped in bed with her after getting in the house and taking a shower.
"Hey" I said wrapping my arm around her waist and feeling her phone lying right infront of her. I touched it and it was hot, knowing she was was probably on it up until the moment she heard my call pull up. I wasn't stupid, but right now I didn't have the energy to fight with her, I just let it go.
"How was the club?" she asked grabbing my hand.
"Great" I said getting ready to go into a small coma, when she rolled over and pulled me ontop of her and I knew what she was craving. I reached for a condom and began rubbing her clit that was already ready for me.
I know she still was uncomfortable with me still using condoms, but with Lia going through her teenage phase, Zane hyper active ass, and Yasir in his terrible twos, I couldn't handle another kid right now. I slid in with ease and began working in small circles, I was prety sure that if I kept this up I was going to need some viagra. She began scratching and I knew I was on the spot and began busting at it as hard as possible. As much as I enjoyed it, I was tired from the previous rounds I just worked.

The Next Morning...
"Dad, Dad, Daad" I heard Lia yell while she stood over the bed. I looked up and saw the same look she gave me everytime I was getting on her nerves. I looked over at the clock on the night stand and it was only nine forty in the morning.
"Yes" I said sitting up stretching my arms.
"Can I please go over Niya house today?" she said folding her arms with an attitude.
"Fix your attitude" I grunted at her while I picked up my phone and began looking through text messages and missed phone calls.
"Please Dad, I'm so bored here and Niya's going shopping today." she said pleaded immediately making me melt.
"Did you ask Niya?" I said knowing I was being a sucker.
"Yea, thank you Daddy" she said wrapping her arms around me and kissing me on the cheek. I kissed her back and she crawled in bed with me laying her head on my shoulder.
"Where's your brothers?" I asked as she looked for something to watch on television.
"In his room sleeping, and Yassy is in the kitchen with Dior."
"He got football practice today right?" I asked knowing she basically took care of Zane for me.
"Yea, then he's going to Auntie Sasha house for a sleep over with Unc." she said turning on Criminal Minds.
"Dad can I ask you something?"
"Yea, what's going on?"
"Why don't you want to be with Niya anymore?" she said mentioning a subject I rather to ignore.
"It's not that we don't want to be together, we love eachother very deeply, but we aren't made to be together and it was hard for us to realize that, but we've come to the point where we're okay with the face that we won't be together. It's nothing wrong with her, it's nothing wrong with me, it's just that just because we love eachother don't mean we're meant to be together." I said giving the most honest I could. I've always tried to keep an opened relationship with her so she knew that she could come to me with anything and not be ashamed.
"So do you ever think about being with her?" she said sitting up and I looked at her wondering why she was thinking so strongly about what was going on between Niya and I.
"What's going on with you, why you asking so many questions about Niya and I?"
"Well I think she's serious about that new guy and I don't want her to leave us because she's moved on and you didn't do anything about it dad" she said looking at me with a since of hope in her eyes.
"She's not going to leave us, she's always going to be part of our family, like we will always be part of hers." I said trying to reasure her, but truth be told Niya's and I relationship wasn't even a friendship anymore, we just were co-parents and nothing more. Only communication was about work or the kids and it was the best thing for us to do. "And what do you mean, she's getting serious?" I asked letting my jealous come out to play.
"Well dad how long did you expect her to wait for you? She's talking to a new guy, she haven't said anything about it, but I knw she likes him, they text and talk on the phone all day." she said looking at me trying to read my face.
"Well I have no problems with her moving on as long as he treat her right and respect that she has a child with me, then I can't say anything I guess. Plus I'm very happy with my current relationship, you know my girl Dior the one downstairs." I said being sarcastic.
"I know you like Dior, but honestly Dad she's messy have you read the blogs about her always at the club getting into altercations, getting drunk, and all that like she ain't got a kid at home. That's not okay you better keep her in check or she's going to mess up your image." she said schooling me and all I could do was chuckle. My daughter was years ahead of herself and I know that I'm partial blame for letting her see this life firsthand.
"Mind your business and stay off the blogs. You can't believe everthing they say" I said running my fingers through her hair and she pushed me away. Then I grabbed her and began tickling her sides, until she squealed and cried. "What time is Niya coming to get you?" I said knowing she already made the plans without my approval.
"Twelve thirty" she said sitting up and fixing her hair.
"You want to go for a ride?" I said standing up and grabbing my robe so she wouldn't catch my morning wood.
"Yea," she said smiling hard because she knew exactly what I was talking about.
"Meet you downstairs in fifteen" I said as she headed to her room preparing to get ready to ride quads with me.

Niya Chapter 4 cont..
I woke up this morning to my phone going off non stop under my pillow, I reached for it and answered without looking at the caller i.d.
"Yes" I said annoyed my sleep was being disturbed.
"Cranky" his voice spoke lightly through the phone and I couldn't help but smile.
"Yea, you interupted my sleep sir" I said rolling over on my back pulling the covers back.
"Sorry, I was just calling to check up on you I miss you" he said while I listened to him as he smoked in the background.
"I miss you too, I wish you would come see me today" I said lightly pouting.
"I'll see what I can do, you know times are hard" he said refetring to how horny he was.
"I bet" I said laughing and getting out of bed while I walked to the mirror and looked at myself scrunching my face up at my reflection.
"What time will you be free?" he asked as he began running water in the background.
"I don't know I have a major shopping trip to take today," I said starting water for a bath.
"Nice buy me something that laced, skimpy, and easy to remove." he said making me chuckle.
"I'll see if they have that in your size?" I said adding bath salt watching the water foam up, knowing I was adding entirely too much.
"Yeah, you do that, but I gotta go I'll talk to you later babes"
"Text me later" I said before he disconnected the call and I began to sstrip slowly getting completly naked and slowly stepping into my huge tube, enjoying this time I had to myself.
Lately I've been so busy that getting free time, was almost impossible and this time I was planning on taking full advantage of. Great things have been happening for me and I honestly can only thank the man upstairs for it. So many updates and I know that you've been asking where have I been, but the only answer I can give you is that I work hard and haven't time for anybody including King. Would you believe that we finally came to understanding, that allows us to be happy with one another, without being with one another. With the way we act, you would think that this wouldn't last, but contary to bliefs it wok perfect for us I don't expect anything out of him other then to be an amazing father, and friend and honestly he does both of those things without any questions. As far as our love and hate relationship, we left that right wehere it belongs in the past and we definately don't have time for any of that.
Well anyway I'm suppose to be taking Lia out shopping today, because while her mom is on vacation she's spending the week at King's and she's miserable. I told her as long as her dad is okay with it I'm okay with it. I miss hanging out, althrough we still speak multiple times a week and text almsot everday I still don't get those moments we use to share with one another and that sucks. She's a teenager and it's like she's going on twenty one I know King is having a field day with her. I miss him from time to time, I find myself thinking of him and missing what we had, but I can't cry over spilled as long as he does his thing for Zane I tend to leave it alone. I'm very happy with my current relationship status, SINGLE and that's good enought for me. I have a few friends I go on dates with here and there, but nothing too serious I make it a point to keep my mind on my riches and I believe that when it's my time love with come later.
I jumped out the shower and wrapped myself in my fluffy towel walking straight towards the closet that I fell inlove with. It was a room everthing laid out perfectly for me, and I loved adding to it. I found a pair of light blue jeans with a, white v neck that said "Good Kush, Bad Bitchs" with a pair of black and white Jordan Concords and a black trukfit hat. I was trying to keep it simple today because I was just shopping no need to go over the top.
I hopped in my all white Jeep and headed towards King's house, hoping that Lia would actually be on time for once, but knowing her I would be waiting for a minute. When I pulled up to the gate and punched in the code I saw King and Lia getting out of his all black truck and knew exactly where they had been. Both of them covered in mud as they pulled off there matching boots. I pulled up and parked right behind king facorite Ferrari and got out, wanting to sit in the car, but didn't want to start something.
"I told you I was going to be here at twelve thirty, it's one ten and you're no where near ready" I said watching Lia and King laugh together.
"Daddy took me riding last minute" she said pointing at King as she walked up the steps to the house.
"Well hurry" I said patting her butt as she walked in the house.
"Hey" King said smiling.
"Sup" I said shoving him lightly and laughing.
"Concords, really??" he said pointing to my sneakers.
"I know, fly right??" I said lifting up my sneakes, showing off. "Where's Zane, is he ready for football practice, I'll take him since I'm here" I said crossing his arms as he stayed a hole through me.
"I just got back, come on" he said walking in the house with me. I don't know how I've shared some of my most intimate moments with this man and still get nervous when I'm left alone around him. I walked upstairs as quick as possible checking on Zane to make sure he was getting his stuff together and then headed to Lia room where she was looking for something to wear.
"Why are you wearing a dress?" I asked as I looked at the out fits she had laid out.
"Why didn't you wear a dress?" she said raising an eyebrow.
"Oh so you don't want to dress like me now" I said nudging her.
"Yea I will" she said going to her closet and making me wait another ten minutes for her to come out, with an outfit just like mines except her shirt said lip stick and jordans. "Wait I don't have a cheetah print snap back like that" she said stopping and looking at herself in the mirror.
"King probably has one, go look in his closet" I said ready to leave.
"Come with me Niy" she said grabbing her purse and I followed, but would rather wait for her at the bottom of the steps.
"I'm not going into King's room Lia" I said following her through the hallway.
"Dior is not here, and Dad is in the shower come on" she said pulling my arm and dragged me to the closet and everything was just how I left it. We began searching through his millions of hats and I began taking in his sweet scent that always seemed to hypnotize me. I heard the shower go off and I snapped back to reality before I could leave King opened the door and there he stood wearing nothing but a towel and I took a large gulp trying to avoid looking at him.
"I found one, ewww dad put some clothes on" Lia said holding a snap back in her hands and turning up her face.
"Get out my closet, and don't mess up my hat" he said as she walked out the closet and I followed behind, but I couldn't ignore the heat that was beginning to ignite inside of me.

Sasha Chapter 5
I was walking out of PJ room, after I just put him down for a nap when my phone began ringing. Nikki name flashed across the screen and I answered immediately, hearing her scream and panic immediately took over me as I placed the call on speaker grabbing Pablo's attention. He turned around and walked over to me grabbing the phone out of my hand.
"Sasha please come get me, before I slap the shit out of Gary  he's so fucking stupid" she yelled and I looked at Pablo and smirked as we shook our heads.
"What's wrong?" I said throwing the phone down.
"He is wrong, just come get me right now I do not want to be anywhere around this man." she said making me and Pablo chuckle. Ever since they got engaged they've been the love birds from hell. One minute they argue like cats and dogs the next they are so in love it's sickening. Nine out of ten times, Gary is the calm one while Nikki is losing her damn mind, I swear my mom breeded some crazy bitches.
"Aight, here I come gimmie twenty" I said disconnecting the call and grabbing a pair of all yellow double sole red bottoms that went perfectly with my black high waist skirt, and silk versace shirt. I grabbed my purse and Pablo followed behind me because we had an appointment in a minute that we had to attend. As I pulled up to the aprtment complex, pressing her floor we waited on the elevator while Pablo held my hand making me giggle as he squeezed it lightly.
"You ready for this?" he said laughing.
"Yea, lets go before she throw something at him" I said sighing and getting off the elevator.
"Or worst, try and set him on fire" he said chuckling and I shoved him, then we heard a door open and it caught both of our attention. I turned because I knew one of her neighbors, but never met anyone else who live on the floor. When I looked up I couldn't believe what I was looking at, there Dior was with some tall, dark, handsome man holding King's son and kissing her. I knew it was her as she flirted with the guy, I began to slap Pablo's side to make sure he was watching the same thing I was as I pulled out my phone and took a quick pic, that althrough it was blurry it stillw as proof.
"Hi Dior" I said walking over to her, as Pablo tired to stop me. She turned around and her eyes became as big as golf balls. "I haven't seen you in so long, I thought you moved after you had the baby, oh my god he's gotten so big" I said stepping closer to the guy.
"Nice to meet, I'm an old friend of Dior's. You must be the daddy of this cutie here" I said kissing Yasir's forehead. "I see the resembelence" I said stretching my arm out to shake his hand.
"Nice to meet you, yea this my boy here trying to spend some quality time with him before the season start and I'm never home." he said grabbing my hand and shaking as Pablo starred with shock.
"Oh you play football right," I said looking at the tattoo of a football tattooed on his arm hoping that I was right.
"No, lol I'm a head trainer for the Giants." he said flashing a gorgeous smile.
"Sorry, haven't seen her in a while and she was explaining to me how happy and commited you two were." I said placing my hand over my head like I was a silly girl.
"It's fine, it's fine" he said laughing a little.
"Well, Dior I guess I'll be going on with my day, it was so nice to see you again. We definately need to hook up again and exchange information so we can go on a double before the season start" I said directing my conversation to him.
"Sure, my name is Tony," he said handing the baby to Dior and intorducing himself to Pablo, who looked as if he was ready to kill him.
"Okay Tony, I'm Sasha and this is Pablo nice meeting you. Make sure you keep in touch" I said grabbing Pablo and walking away as fast as possible before Pablo exploded because I knew he was close to it.
"Did you see that?" I said as we knocked on Nikki door and five minutes later she answered with her hair in a mess and I knew that they were making up like teenagers.
After we stayed around for about ten minutes, we decided it was time for us to leave so that we could make our appointment as soon as we got into the car I started talking. After sitting in our lawyers office getting updated as much as possible on his case, we didn't leave until about an hour.  
"Would you believe that shit?" I said as I began searching through my purse for my phone. "I can not wait to throw that shit in her face, all that shit she was talking about how she ride so hard for him and she got him raising the next man seed. I'm calling him right now." I said going through my phone and Pablo grabbbed my phone and placed it in his pocket.
"We're headed over there" he said hitting the highway, and that's how I knew it was about to go down.
I wish I could text Niyia and tell her to come through with her popcorn because it was going to be a show tonight. I knew she was snake, but everyone looked at me as if I was crazy, but I knew she was playing foul.
"Look before we say anything, let me tell him." he said pulling down King's street and slowing down.
"What?" I said confused.
"Well um honestly what he's about to be told is going to hit him hard and I want this to go as smooth as possible." he said taking a deep breathe.
"Okay, but don't play no games, tell him exactly what we saw because if I'm going to tell it I'm going to tell it all. Ohh she lucky I had on my heels or I would have killed the bitch." I said shaking my head
We pulled up and not only was Dior's car sitting in the driveway, but so was Niya's I didn't know what she was doing here, but I was glad she was. I became excited as I realized what was about to happen. I know I shouldn't take pleasure out of seeing tragedy to one of close friends, but I was rather for karma to come and hit this bitch hard. We walked up the steps and began ringing the door bell, waiting patiently I became a little nervous wondering how things would turn out. Lia came to the door smiling and laughing as we walked in hugging and kissing her.
"Auntie what you doing here?" she said as we followed her to the living room.
"Nothing just came here to see your Dad, where he at?" I said sitting my purse on the table.
"Upstairs with Dior, but they said they don't want to be bothered." she said looking at the elevator doors.
"Lia, who was at the door" Niya said stepping around the croner and I should have known it was her because the house was filled with beautiful smells of food. "Oh hey what the hell are you doing here, I thought you had to go see the lawyers today?" she said wiping her hands off in a towel and hugging me and Pablo.
"We did, we came over here because girl you won't believe it." I said ready to tell her everything when Pablo tapped my thigh, telling me to quiet down.
"Damn, that good I'm ready to hear it" she said smiling.
"Hey Lia, go get King and Dior" Pablo said walking into the kitchen and both Niya and I followed.
"What you making?" I asked as Niya went back to cooking.
"Fried chicken, mash potatoes, corn on the cob, and gravy" she said making my mouth water.
"Yummy" I said sitting on the bar stool as Lia came back downstairs.
"He said give him ten minutes" she said getting back to helping Niya.
Pablo pulled out his phone and pressed it to his ear, I didn't know who he was calling, but my focus was on eating. "You got two minutes or I'm coming up" he said before disconnecting the call and I knew exactly who he was talking. About five minutes later King came into the kitchen and my stomach tightened as Dior followed right behind, not giving a look towards me or Pablo.
"Wassup man" he said doing daps with him and hugging. "What you so serious about, everything go good with the lawyers right?" he said looking at me, but I didn't even have the heart to respond I just turned my face from him.  "You good right man?" King voice began to worry.
"Dior has something to tell you" Pablo said in a small stern voice.
"What?" he said looking at her, but she wouldn't say anything.
She just stood there quiet as ever, she looked around and began to shake as her eyes began to water.
"Lia go upstairs and check on your brother, I'll call you when the food is ready" Niya said pushing Lia out the kitchen.
"Dior what the fuck do you have to tell me?" King said turning his whole body towards her and folding his arms.
"Tell him, or I will Dior" Pablo said breaking the silence.

King Chapter 5 cont..
I looked around and I felt something deep in my stomach, it tightned up and held me deeply. I didn't know what was going on but I knew it was bad as every one starred at Dior wanting a response.
"Dior" I yelled making her jump and she looked at me and I knew what was coming.
"I'm sorry okay, I was lonely and I wasn't happy, but I swear baby it's not what you think." she said placing her hands up in a plea.
"What the fuck are you talking about?" I said confused, but I knew exactly what she was talking about, but I wanted to hear it out of her mouth.
"Theres this guy, I met him a few years back we were just friends and then we started getting serious, but his career took off and we faded." she began speaking a million wards a minute, but she still wasn't saying anything to me.
"What about this guy?" I asked starring at her as my blood began to boil.
"He was there, he listened to me when I talked and we were having problems he helped me clear my head. He's so nice and when Niya came back you shed me out so I didn't knkow what to do, I didn't go where to go I just wanted someone to make me laugh again like you use to, make me smile again, just give me something to fill the distance that was growing between us."
"Dior what the fuck are you telling me? Because I'm hearing every thing you say, but you're not saying nothing but a bunch of bullshit." I said ready to slap her, but wanted to hear what she had to say. She reached out to touch me, but I pulled away. she began crying but those tears didn't phase me.
"She's fucking someone else King" Sasha said, but it didn't phase me, I wanted to hear it from Dior.
"Is it true" I said as she began to full blown cry. She reached to touch me and I slapped both her hands away. "Don't fucking touch me, just answer my question is it fucking true?" I yelled in her face and she shook her head. "Say it" I yelled in her face she sobbed so hard I heard it echo through the house.
"Yes, I've been cheating babe, but I'm sorry I just wanted someone." she said trying to cop a plea, but I was already finished with her and the subject.
"Shut up, you give me shit about everyone, and you sitting around her fucking other niggas. Huh, how many was it? Yo I can't believe I trusted your ass too, all those times I knew it and you told me I was wallin. You leave for hours at a time and when I question you act like I'm doing something wrong. Wait did you have this nigga around my son?" I asked an I saw the shift in Pablo and Sasha both of them wouldn't look at me. Dior began to cry harder hitting the ground and I wanted to know what was going on?
"Tell him" Pablo said softly.
"Theres more" I said looking at her and my heart knew what was coming next she didn't have to say a word. "You gotta be fucking kidding me, tell me Dior tell me you didn't play me like that" I said slapping my hands together and walking around.
"Baby please, I'm soooo sorry I didn't know and I wanted to tell you but so much was going on I didn't know how. Then Niya left and you needed me and you needed this family and I"m sorry" she said grabbing the sides of my face as a single tear slide down my face.
"Get the fuck out," I said pushing her to the ground and walking away when I felt her pull my arm.
"Baby please we can work through this, me and you baby." she said grabbing my arm and I pushed her again with even more force.
"King" I heard Pablo yell and I didn't want to look at him, I didn't want to acknowledge him as I began running up the steps two at a time. I got all the way to the top and ran to my room grabbing all of her shit from the closet filling up elevator with everything I could of hers anything I didn't fit I was going to burn. I took more then ten trips back and fourth making sure anyuthing in plain sight was packed up in a suit case emptying out drawers and everything. Around my second bag Dior came up trying to stop me.
"Baby please" she said trying to block my path but I shoved past her.
"Baby nothing bitch you need to get your shit, and you son, and roll up out my house." I said packing another bag and shoving everything in the elevator. I packed everything up as Dior followed me and began throwing suit case by suit case, bag by bag, out the front door.
"King please baby, please I'll do anything please don't do this to us." she said pleading and I completly ignored her.
"Fuck you bitch," I spit at her and then everything flipped.
"Fuck me, you know what nigga fuck you" she said pointing in my face. "I held it down and all you wanted to do was chase after some stripper bitch. You probably going to run back now"
"Don't make this about her, this is about the bullshit you did" I said pointin in her face.
"You did this you was the one who wasn't home so I found a nigga that was."
"I wasn't hear for you Dior I choose you at the end of the day. Niya came back and I still choose you" I said pointing in her face.
"You did not choose me all you did was play games, you think you was low trying to act like you wasn't fucking that bitch. Well you want to play we can both play, how you like shit now." she said shaking her head and I couldn't believe her balls. I wanted to kill her right there and then, but this bitchwasn't even worth it.
"All this shit I gave you Dior you foul stupid as bitch," I said to her. "And I swear on everything you cut the fuck off go run to your boyfriend and let him deal with your scandalous as, I'm done with it." I said shaking my head.
"I don't give a fuck I'm still good. Let me go get my son" she said shoving past me as she walked away and ten minutes later came down the steps holding Yassy in her arms with a bag on she shoulder. "Come on baby, say bye to your step pops" she said laughing as she packed him in the car the drove off honking the horn.
I turned around and walked in the house slamming the door so hard that I hear part of the glass on the side window crack. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the first bottle of liquor I could get my hands on. I opened it gulping until the burn hit my stomach then took my first breathe, while Pablo, Sasha, and Niya starred at me.
"You good man" Pablo said being the first to speak.
"Yeah, I just want to be alone" I said taking another gulp.
"I got you, we'll take the kids for the night, I'll call you in the morning to see how everything turnt out. Come on Sasha" he said giving me a pat on the back before he left. It only took a few minutes for me to finish the bottle I set on the kitchen floor right next to the island just drinking thinking to myself until I heard steps. I looked up and there Niya was, sitting down right beside me. She didn't say anything just opened another bottle and passed it to me as we took turns gulping. I rolled up and we began smoking and drinking in silence, this is what I needed at the moment complete silence.

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Bout to get caught up tonight!!!


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I knew dior was a skank...always hated her dirty ass! now king and niya can sort shit out. Only thing is the boy knows king as daddy...poor baby

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Niya (Chapter 15)

We drank and smoke until our stomachs burned and our thoughts faded, laughs filled us and hurt left us for that moment. We were lying in the middle of the kitchen passing a fat L with the finest Kush money could buy and sipping on a three hundred dollar bottle of Rose. I didn't force him to talk about it, I didn't force him to deal with feelings he weren't ready to deal with. I knew that he was hurting, but it was not my place to fix this, it was my place to just support him and wish best for him. He passes me the L and set up rubbing his hands through his thick curly locks then looked back at me.
"I don't get it Niy," he said looking at me with watery eyes, not wanting to let the pain win so the tears wouldn't fall willingly.
"Get what King" I said sitting up laughing as the weed and liquor took affect making my mind twirl.
"Am I that bad of dude?" he said gulping at the Rose.
"No King you aren't," I said sighing and placing my head on his shoulder.
"So why every bitch I care about leave? Huh, my mother, Miya, You, even Dior." he said shaking his head.
"King you're an amazing man I swear to everything I love." I said thinking back to the first time I met him, how the ass hole I met ended up becoming the man I love.
"If I was so amazing, why did you leave me Niy you was suppose to ride for a nigga. I trusted you and all you ever did was run" he said making me uncomfortable.
"King when you met me you saved me from Cash, but you didn't save me from myself. I was still damaged and I wouldn't have been able to love you like you've loved me. I would never be able to love you as much as you love mecause I didn't truly love myself. I didn't tryly love myself until I had to face myself and you couldn't do that for me I had to do that on my own." I said sighing.
"Sounds good" he said with a nasty smirk.
"What do you want from me King, I'm not perfect and that's your problem. You view your woman with this perfect view and no woman you meet will ever meet them. We try our hardest we do every thing we can in our power and still you're never satisfied with us as we are." I said taking a deep breathe.
"I guess, or maybe I pick some basic ass bitches thinking I could turn them into diamonds, thinking I could actually build them. Yet yall just bit the hand that feeds you, I give you broads everything fame, money, glory. I give you bitches a lifestyle and everytime I give you bitches the lifestyle. Yall just throw it back in my face, I should just leave you bitches in the gutter where yall belong." he said taking a swig.
"Come again." I said trying to wrap my head around what was just said to me.
"It's the truth look at this house Niya, look at this beautiful house it's a dream house to Barbie and you walked away from it. Look at the life I gave you, I took you from Forever 21 to Alexander McQueen and you still gave me your ass to kiss. I took you off the pole twice and both time you shitted on me." he said hitting a soft spot.
"Instead of getting into it with you about that, I'm going to leave" I said using all of my strength to stand up and letting myself catch my breathe as the room began to spin. "I'll come check on you in the morning" I said walking through the kitchen when I heard King grunting in the background.
"What, you don't want to hear the fucking truth Niya. That's another thing with you bitches yall never want to ehar about yourself, yall think yall can do whatever yallf ucking want." he said following behind me.
"King" I said walking faster as he trailed behind me screaming and taunting me.
"This is it, right here King" I said turning around and facing him. "This is the problem you don't play fair you say the most painful things you could think of and you try to rule me through fear. I'm not you servant I was suppose to be the love of your life, your queen yet you made me feel like I was your peasant. You saved me from the pole, really King?" I said shaking my head and turning. "That's why I don't want this and why I don't want you I'm tired of being your emotional punching bag." I said looking for my sneakers.
"So you just going to leave then, fuck you it's plenty more stripper bitches just like you waititng to be saved." he said spitting venom.
"And it's more niggas like you out here willing to save me" I said losing my temper, maybe it was the liquor that made me bold, or maybe it was the weed that made me numb.
"What??? Just like that bitch huh, just like she is right from one baller to the next" he said following me as I began to do a light jog grabbing my purse off the table, but he snatched it out my hand throwing it across the marble floor letting everthing scatter out.
"King" I yelled at him and the look in his face made me stand still.
"What bitch? It's my money that brought you these fancy bags and expensive shit and your ungrateful ass just take from me. I knew you was a gold digger just like them and I still spoiled you, hell I adored you and you still wanted to go to the pole for some bum as nigga. Niya look at the castle I built for you, for us, but yet and still I have to drive to your town house to sleep with you to be with you."
"King are you serious, we just made love this morning and you left me to come here with her. I'm your side bitch right now and I still stand by your side regardless of where you place me. so please don't start this." I yelled at him.
"I asked you to come back, I begged you to come back, but you said you wouldn't to just chill do our thing don't stress the relationship part." he yelled and I couldn't take it anymore I had to get out of this house before this became something it didn't need to be.
"King you've changed you're not the man I fell in love with youre darker and you are not thinking with the right state of mind. You need to go get help before your temper gets out of control and you end up doing something you will regret." I said speaking calmly.
"I've changed, if I've changed it's because bitches like you, it's because you hoes don't know how to appreciate anything I do" he yelled scarring me half to death.
I walked away and he grabbed me, I pulled away not looking back but he wouldn't allow me to leave he grabbed me pulling me down to the grown and dragging me back through the house. He threw me in the elevator as we tusseled as the elevator hit the top floor. I knew what was to come next, within the last few months King emotionally changed from the loving caring man he was to this monster. This monster who showed himself for the first time a eight months ago, only unleashed his fury on me. Leaving bruises and bumps, but more like emotional damage then anything. I was trapped I loved a man who lost himself in the pit of a monster's stomach.

Sasha Chapter 15 cont...
I was in our closet picking out what I was going to wear to court tomorrow morning when Pablo walked in and wrapped his arms around me and picked me up. He twirled me around making me give a childlike giggle and set me on our island standing directly between my legs. I wrapped my arms around his neck just starring in his eyes. I swear I could get lost in this mans eyes, they showed so much emotion and could read me like a book. They showed the man I reflected, but also my reflection.
"What do I owe this pleasure?" I said tilting my head to the side.
"I wanted to say thank you," he said stepping back and grabbing my hand kissing my palm making me squirm a little.
"I would say welcome, but I don't know what I'm being thanked for" I said wondering how did guy make a man so perfect, wondering if all this time had been a dream and one day I would wake up back in the bummy streets of Newark lying in my twin size bed.
"For supporting me through the case, we're so close to closing it I swear and when we do I'm taking you on vacation over seas. Just you and I, just the both of us showing you the sights of South of France, small cities in Italy, and all the boutiques you can imagine." he said kissing my lips softly. "I love you Mami and I don't know what I would do without you" he said starring deeply into my eyes. I could feel tears start to build and I looked down from him.
"What's wrong?" he whispered softly into my ear.
"What if you don't come back to me, eighty years is a long time" I siad placing my head on his shoulder.
"I'm going to beat this case, I swear I am, for you for our family." he said picking my head and kissing me gently. "And I swear to never ever put you or our family through this again. I know your tired, I see it in your face, I know you're tired of being questioned by people. I know you're sick of going back and fourth to court, I know your sick of lawyer meetings and I thank you for sticking it out for me." he said giving me the most sincere I'ver ever saw and even if I wanted to leave, I knew I wouldn't he need me as I needed him.
"Daddy" PJ yelled running into our closet with Jaylyn right behind him chasing him as if her life depended on it. PJ hid behind Pablo as Jaylyn tried to catch running in circles until Pablo picked her up while she cried holding up her doll screaming in a language we didn't explain.
"What's wrong baby" he said as Jayla squealed.
"He broke it" she said shoving her mutilated Barbie in Pablo's face.
"It was a acdent Papi, I didn't mean to" PJ pouted speaking in his adorable voice as tears fell from his eyes. I picked him up to calm him as he sobed uncontrollably.
"Look at him Jay, he's crying" Pablo said taking the doll out of her hand.
"But he pulled the head off Papi" he yelled making both Pablo and I giggle.
"I sorry sissy, I make you a new one" PJ said as I sushed him. One thing about PJ and Jay they were best friends, I didn't get it. We didn't have to make them share or force them to be nice to one another they were naturally close. Althrough they worked one anothers nerve they never stayed mad at one another for too long.
"Look he's sorry Jay, you can't stay mad at these cheeks." I said kissing his rosey cheeks as he giggled and Jayla did the same thing leaning in to kiss his cheek and he kissed her back. We put them down and left them to run through the house leaving them to torture the maid as the broke anything that came into thier path.
"I love our family" I said pulling him back to me.
"I love you" he said lightly kissing my forehead. Then lifted up the headless Barbie and starred at her. "You know me and this Barbie are a lot alike." he said standing in between my legs.
"How is that?" I said grabbing the Barbie out of his hands.
"We both seem to need head" he said making me laugh and lightly slap him on the chest. He picked me up throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me to the bed room.

The Next Morning
I went to court with Pablo sitting in the first row, right behind him wearing a black high waist pencil skirt with the matching DKNY clean cut blazer wearing a sheer button up underneath. I had on six inch peek a boo double sole yellow Marc Jocobs pumps that made the courtroom quiet as click from my heels walked down the asile, even catching the prosecutors attention for a quick second. Pablo wore a simple black Armani suit with a white button up shirt and a black and yellow tie and hankerchief set. He wore his all gold presidential rolex and I wore my matching watch with a simple pair of cartier earrings, while I had my hair pinned up into a sleek ponytail keeping it simple and sophisticated.
After three hours of court, we were on recess to return tomorrow morning and just like always Pablo and I walked out hand and hand as the press swarmed us yelling out accusations and questions. We ignored all looking past them with my black Marc Jobs sunglasses heading towards our all black Range Rover, hopping in the back so our driver could finally take us home. Once we were in the house Pablo quickly loosened his tie and kicked off his shoes, the kids were all at Seasame place for the day just so we could get everything figured out. I walked behind him as he set in his favorite chair sipping a cup filled with dark liquor that I knew was probably scotch from his stash. I rubbed his shoulders massaging all the kinks that filled his body. He always became tensed during court and this became our ritual after a long day in court sitting here in silence while he let his mind roam.
"Did you talk to Niya and see how King's doing" he said after he pulled me onto his lap as he nuzzled his head between my breast taking a deep breathe.
"No, I didn't even think to." I said rubbing his head while he gave me light kisses. I was just going to have to call her later, because right now I had my own man to tend to.

After a passionate love making session with Pablo he went to handle business as I laid in bed, to tired to even pull a cover over my bare body. I spinned over on my back and called Niya wanting to know why she haven't hit me up all day. I waited for her to answer and she didn't so I sent her a text telling her to call me as soon as she got a chance and rolled over to enjoy the sweet scent of love making that always made me smile.

King (Chapter 16)
I woke up the next day with a banging head ache, I don't know if last night was a dream or if it was the reality of my life. I set up and could feel my body aching as I stretched my arms out and yawned. I looked at my hands and could see cuts and bruises and it came to me that last night was not a dream, but real life and if this is what ever happened then where was Niya. I jumped out of bed seeing the scratches and scars all over my body and began to frantically search for Niya, I called her cell phone, walking through the house and I heard the vibrations lying on the marble next to where her purse was suppose to be. I became worried when I saw her keys and noticed that no car had been moved, where was she and how did she get there. I was stuck I didn't know what to do, who to call, how was I going to explain that I let my temper seep through my fingers and fall upon the body of Niya. I called the only person I knew would be able to handle a situation like this. The only person who witnessed things get ugly and immediately cleaned it up, letting the phone hoping not to hear the answer machine they answered on the fourth ring.
"Niya's missing" I said before they could even get a hello out.
"I'm on my way" Pablo spoke into the phone and hung up and within the next hour I searched every inch of the house, but there was no sign of Niya. I placed on a pair of Jordan basket ball shorts with a cotton V-neck checking myself out in the mirror. I had scratches all over my face and dried blood from where skin had broke. The side of my jar was killing me and a light bruise began to form. I sparked up a blunt letting all the questions, pain, and memories fade as I began to pace the floor. I heard the gate being unlocked and knew it was Pablo, but secretly hoping it would be Niya coming. "What happened?" Pablo said when he noticed the war zone.
"I don't know, I mean I can't remember just glimpses." I said pacing the floor back and fourth trying to remember.

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Sasha (Chapter Seventeen)
It was twelve forty five in the morning and I was sitting in the bedroom starring out the window, when I heard teh door open, I knew it was Pablo, but I didn't care. Niya was missing and she was the only thing that mattered to me at this moment. When I found out what happened the first thing I did was ride straight to King house with a .45 in hand ready to put enough holes through King to make him a distant memory. Not long after Pablo had to come and pull me off his property before the police was called. I don't know where Niya was, I don't know what she was doing or if she was safe and it was killing me. I thought about her everyday, everynight, I even drove to her house hoping to see her car in the drive way, but she wasn't there.
"Sasha" Pablo said to me as he walked closer to me and I didn't even notice my name was being called.
"Huh" I said turning towards him and there stood the sexiest man alive whering a simple Armani shirt with a pair of khaki cargo shorts.
"I asked you something," he said sitting on the bed directly infron of me.
"I'm sorry I didn't hear you" I said giving him all my attention althrough my mind was still on Niya.
"I said how was the kids today?" he asked taking off each of his shoes.
"They were good, just played themselves into a coma" I said taking a sip of my Red Wine.
"And how was my wife?" he said raising an eyebrow towards me.
"Great" I said giving him a loving smile.
"Really?" he said picking up the empty wine bottle that set between us. "Don't start this Sash" he said carrying the bottle through the house and I followed.
"Don't do what?" I said as the room spinned a little with each step.
"This cowboy, superhero you become whenever something happens. It's not your battle." he said when he stepped into the kitchen turning on the lights.
"I'm not Pablo, I'm just worried that's it." I said sighing, sitting at the island.
"You're worrying about the wrong things." he said as he began to pull things out the refridgerator and I felt my stomach grumble. "Like worrying about eating." he said shaking his head.
"I don't have time for that." I said rolling my eyes.
"But you've made time to drink, ignore the kids, and thug life at someones spot." he said pullling out a skillet.
"Don't make me out to be a bad parent" I said giving him an icy stare.
"I didn't mean it like that I apologize" he said looking deeply in my eyes.
"Pablo, I'm worried about Niya is that a crime to be worried about your friend, about your family member?" I asked leaning back in my chair.
"It is when you're putting them before what needs to be done Sasha." he said sighing as he began cutting up mushrooms, onions, peppers, celery, and herbs.
"Like what because the only one who gets a short cut when it comes to raising the kids is you Pablo." I said starring at him, knowing I was going down a dangerous road.
"That's what you think Sasha, I can't call you a bad parent, but you can call me one" he said as he began cracking eggs into a bowl.
"I'm not saying that I'm saying this, Niya is family and I can't just sit around when she goes missing hoping she would return to me one day. I have to go find her, you don't know what she's thinking, what she's feeling, what she's doing." I said thinking of all the things that could go wrong and a small chill flew through my body.
"It's not your responsibility, Niya is a grown woman, she's not a child and she's not your child. It's not your job to go run after her everytime she has a temper tantrum and decided to leave." he said adding spices and herbs to the eggs and scrambling them all together.
"So who job is it, her mother and fathers because I don't think they coming back for her anytime soon, or Cash right because he's such a Captain Save-A-Hoe, is it Kings or is he searching for her to finish the ass whipping her started. So in reality all she has is me and I'm going to be here every step of the way." I said rolling my eyes at his arrogance and then remembering it was Pablo I was talking to stubborn as a damn mule.
"I just don't see the point of this cowboy game that you're getting yourself into. Niya can take care of herself, she don't need you to run behind her everytime life sits her on her ass. I'm damn sure not going to put all my energy into that situation when I know for sure I have way bigger fish to fry." he said placing a skillet on our stove top.
"So what are you saying because you know how I see it, either you're with me or against me?" I said wanting a full understanding of everything that was going on.
"You're my wife, I'm always going to be with you Sasha" he said sighing deeply as he placed butter into the skillet allowing it to sizzle for a second.
"So why does it feel like you're not going to support me?" I asked as he began mixing all his ingredients and my stomach began grumbling uncontrollably.
"It only feels like that because I don't see the point of following behind her Sasha, I actually would rather you just wait it out and sees what happens." he said shrugging his shoulder.
"You mean like not go find her" I said raising an eyebrow.
"Exactly" he siad pointing a wooden spoon at me and placing everything in the skillet letting the aromas of food take over.
"So I'm suppose just sit back and let whatever happens to her happen."
"Niya is a big girl Sasha I keep telling you this, but you refuse to listen to me. If she wanted your help she would have ran to you, but no she ran away from you so right now she don't need you, she don't need anything, what she needs to do is get herself together." he said as his nose began to flare and I could tell he was becoming bothered.
"So what are you saying Pablo, stop sugar coating and just say it." I said wanting to hear it.
"Alright, you want to play this game let's play." he said sighing heavy. "Niya does this all the damn time, everytime something happens that she doesn't like or affects her she runs. She's been running since I met the girl and quite frankly I don't understand why I have to go search for her when One: She's not running from me Two:She's a grown ass woman Three:She ran away Sasha. You can't seriously expect me to go searching for her when I'm on trial for my life right now Sasha. I can't get myself into anything that can cause a problem if it goes left my life is on the line and you should see it the same way. I can't be out here getting my hands dirty, when the feds are aiming to give me eighty years. Right now no one else but you and my kids matter, and I'm not chasing after Niya especially when I'm not even fucking the broad." he said becoming very blunt surprising me with how forward he was actually being.
"So you're just going to let her go?" I said as he began putting together two omlets.
"Yes for right now I'm done with the follow Niya around routine." he said passing me a plate and I began to eat. "And I would perfer if my wife did the same thing, key words being MY WIFE" he said adding emphasis as he began eatincg standing across from me.
"Your wife made promises that she refuses to break. I said I would always be there and protect her so that's what I'm going to do just as I would do for Jayla, as I would do for Nikki, as I would do for you" I said starring him in his eyes.
"Sasha don't do this to us, I will not allow you to put this family through what you put this family through already. I will not allow" he said letting his temper fully show itself.
"Excuse me," I said but was immediately cut off.
"Sasha if you think for one minute I'm going to let you put our family endanger again, you're as stupid as you sound. Make your choice, but you can't do both you can have this family and also chase after Niya at the same time I won't allow it." he said starring me directly in my eyes.
"You won't allow it" I said raising my voice.
"Calm down the kids will hear you" he said checking behind me.
"You won't allow it" I said sitting up from my plate crossing my arms.
"No, if you want to go chase after Niya go, but you will not be part of this family Sasha" he said dropping his fork.
"Niya is part of our family" I said starring at him wondering if he was really serious or not and from the looks of things he was.
"Sasha are you really listening to yourself right now, you're talking about a grown ass woman." he said running his fingers through his hair.
"Pablo, Niya was there when you werent and when things weren't right Niya was always there and she was always a part of our family and now she need us and you're going to turn your back. I'm not turning my back with you so if you're asking me to choose it's going to be a problem." I said standing my ground knowing the risk I was taking.
"Sasha, choose her and don't come back I swear that to you" he said starring me in my eyes.
"Don't worry, I won't" I said sliding my ring off of my finger and sitting it on the counter, and then walking away.

Niya (Chapter Seventeen cont...)
I've done alot of running in my life, I've done a lot of hiding in my life and this time would be no different. Right now I was in Syracus New York, sitting in a dirty motel room, where the walls had faded from white to yellow, the light flickered on and off, the bathroom reeked of old mold, and the bed squeaked whenever I moved around on it. The carpet had ciferette burns and the stains from previous residents and here I was. I was sitting at a desk, with a mirror right in front of desk attached to the wall. It was so dirty everything looked like a blur to me, but this is all I had right now.

After the brawl, with King he walked away and I picked up my purse and my sneakers and ran non stop until my heart pumped no longer. Until my lungs felt like they was carrying bricks. I ended up at a gas station a few miles up and took out as much cash as I could and hitchhiked with a trucker until he dropped me off in the heart of Syracus.

I found this cheap rinky dink motel where girls "worked" the parking lot and drug dealers sold whatever was on market. It's been three days and each day all I did was wake up and cry, eat and cry, shower, get dressed and the same clothes and cry, sit around and cry. I thought about Zane until my bones hurt, I know I pormised never to leave him and I know he probably don't understand, but I had to this time. I couldn't take it anymore for the last few months I've been on the wrong side of the love song.

Maybe I should update you guys a little more so you understand what's actually been going on because King tends to only tell one side of the story. For the past three monts King and I've been messing around nothing serious just dating starting off small trying to clean the slate and start over. But King has changed his temper was more like a monster and his attitude was sometimes even worst. He began hitting me and each time I would forgive him keeping our relationship a secret hoping that it was just a phase he was going through. I don't know why he's like this now, I don't know if it's something I've done or if it's something that has happened to him, but I can assure that things between thte two of has changed. I love him and I know in my heart he loves me, but I honestly don't know what to do, we've been so good lately, but our bad times have been horrible.

I know you're reading this wondering what was I thinking to be in this relationship after all the shit he put me through and now this, but King loves me. And he's trying to so hard to prove it and I can feel him changing each day, I just don't know if it's for the better or for the worst.

Anyway here I am, wondering what am I going to do with my life and the only thought I had was to start over. I was going to change who I was and start a new life clenaing the slate althrough I wanted to be there for Zane right now I couldn't and when he get older I would want to tell him why I did, but right now I know in my heart he just wouldn't understand.

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Niya Chapter 18

I was sitting in my motel room for the fourth day straight, wondering what I was going to do with my life, eventually my money was going to run out, and I was going to have to get a job. I knew there was nothing left for me to do, but what I've done best for years. I knew there was a club somewhere, where the money was fast and they were looking for some type of new talent. But I knew first thing first I had to get my look together, I was wearing the same tore jeans and white tee from three days ago, washing it and jumping back in it without my underware on. My hair was matted down from not being combed or brushed for the last days, putting a simple pony tail in.

I set up and got myself as presentable as possible, I stepped out the motel room and flagged down a cab, heading to the nearest shopping center and going straight to the hair store. I brought three boxes of red hair dye and a few packs of twenty two inch Bella Dream red hair to match the dye. I grabbed a flat iron and curling iron. Includidng a few more hair products I was going to need. I then headed to CVS, grabbing all the hygiene products I was going to need, including a boat load of make up because I was going to bneed to not only hide my identity, but also any bruises that showed on my body. Then I headed to a small urban boutique, and brought atleast thousand dollars worth of clothes, most of them skimmpy small and revealing, just what I needed to get started.

After I finished my days adventure buying everything I was going to need, I went to a chinese store and brought me dinner. Then found a cab and headed back to the motel where I began carrying all of my bags up the stairs, I heard screams from a girl and I froze for a second. As I unlocked my door, a girl I see everyday on the strip ran into me nearly knocking me over, I got myself together throwing my bags into the room and closing the door. I began to help her up, as she scrambled to pick up her things and get away. Then out of nowhere a guy ran to her kicking her hard one time in her ribs sending her flat on her stomach.

"What the fuck?" I asked as he leaned back to slap her and I pushed him back.
"Bitch mine your fucking business, this ain't got shit to do with you" he said pointing in my face, trying to get around me, but I stepped in his path.
"Leave her alone" I said standing my ground and without hesitation he shoved me to the side knocking me straight into the wall, then walking past me.

I stood up as he began slapping the girl repetedly and found an old glass bottle that has been sitting outside my room since before I came. I crashed it over his head, and when it didn't break I swung again sending him stubling away. I wasn't done, anger that's been built in me for the last few months, was unleasing itself and I decided that it was time to let it go. I ran up behind him and punched him in the back of his head, then proceeded to punch him as he fell. I began stomping him and the girl jumped in taking turns kicking him as he began running away, while blood trickled down the side of his head from the hit of the glass. We chased him away talking shit, and threatening him like we were thugs, after he hopped in his car, promising to come catch us, we both headed back to my motel room.

I locked the door offering her a seat on the bed, while I got ice to put in a hand towel and put on her face, while I invested the rest of her bruises like I've done to a million of times to Zane. We set in silence as began eating my chinese offering her the rest when I was too full to finish the platter. She took it gladly and began eating as if she was starving and I began organizing my bags seperating everything from each other.

"Ceasar" she said when she finally finished eating and was wiping off her hands with a napkin.
"Huh?" I said placing all of my all of my hygiene products on the sink outside of the bathroom.
"My name, it's Ceasar but everyone calls me Cee for short." she said sitting back down on the chair against the desk.
"Paris" I said thinking of a quick name, because I didn't want anyone to know who I was.
"Word," she said starring at me and raising her eyebrow.
"Yea," I said laughing like I was use to that. "My mom and dad honeymooned in South of France, and nine months later I made my entrance into the world." I said not completely lying about my life story.
"That's raw" she said shaking my head. "You know you fucked up right?" she said starring me down as if she was was trying to ready me as I pulled out each pair of clothing from the bags spreading everything out onto the bed.
"Huh?" I said looking at her.
"The dude, he's going to come back and when he does it's not going to be pretty." she said looking like she knew from first hand.
"I've dealt with worst." I said trying to shake off bad memories.
"Not like him, he's not a good person." she said putting her head down like she was embarassed.
"Trust me, I've dealt with worst" I said giving her a reassuring smile.
"Where you from?" she asked after a moment of silence.
"Philly" I said keeping is blunt.
"Word, I'm from Harlem Jackson projects." she said pointing to the tattoo on her neck that spelled out Harlem.
"Long way from home to be getting your ass kicked?" I said raising an eyebrow at her.
"Long way from home to be saving bitches?" she said giving me the same look I was giving her.
"I'm a bad girl, I never stay in spot for too long. I come, make money, meet a few people and keep it moving." I said shrugging my shoulders. "What's your story, who was he abusive boyfriend, angry pimp, drug deal gone wrong?" I said wondering what was going on, but living in the world long enough to know that he wasn't just angry, he was pushed to something.
"Abusive exboyfriend" she said adding emphasis to the "ex".
"You sure, that looked like a we're still together fist fight" I said getting everything in order to start my hair. Lying down a towel from the motel and placing the dyes, flat iron, curling iron, and the packs of weave on the towel.
"You doing a little too much to just be coming into town, seems like you're running away from someone. I spotted you the first time you pulled up looking like you was hit by a truck. Changing your hair, brand new wardrobe, what you running away from. Abusive boyfriend, angry pimp, or drug deal gone wrong?" she said flipping the switch.
"None, like I said I never stay in one place to long, I come, I get money, I leave. Find somewhere new to go, change my look, do the same thing and keep it moving." I said shrugging my shoulders. "I was abandoned as a child, so I never had a home, got attachment problems, abandonement problems. So I keep to myself, that way if I never build a relationship with someone then I can't leave them and they can't leave me. It just becomes it is what it is." I said shrugging my shoulders.
"Damn, heartless" she said shaking her head.
"Yea, but it's whatever I'm just hear for the money all that other shit is irrelevant" I said reading the dye box instructions.
"I hear that, so what you do, rob, scheme, doing them swipes, or you a working girl" she said cracking a smile. "I don't take you as moving weight, but nowadays you never know." she said shrugging her shoulders.
"Nah, I'm legal baby all I do is dance" I said laughing at her, but also something about her relaxed me.
"You really going to dye your hair?" she said immediately changing the subject.
"Yea, new place, new look" I said sitting on the edge of the bed.
"You should let me hook you up" she said grabbing a box and reading the directions.
"I don't trust people when it comes to my hair boo, if you was to fuck my shit up, that ass whooping you just got wouldn't be of comparison of when I would do." I said giving her a blank look.
"I got you, you hooked me up, I'll hook you up for free and when I flip your wig I bet you going to love it" I said standing up and for some reason I felt a sense of trust between us already.
"What the fuck, go head it's only hair" I said closing my eyes and shrugging my shoulders, giving her all the creative rights to my hair.

King Chapter 18
It was day five without Niya and I was losing my mind, I haven't been leaving the house just drinking lean and smoking until I was too high to see straight anymore. I was hurting more then anyone would ever know and I didn't know what to do anymore, I just wanted Niya to come home, I just wanted Niya to come back and laugh when I gave her a light slap on the butt, snuggle under me when I came into bed late night. I don't know what I've changed into, who I've become and why it was this way now. I know this time when Niya came home I was going to be right by her, I don't care what she needed, I don't care what she wanted me to do I would do it. I know I got alot of apologizing to do and I'm willing to do it.

I heard the gates beeped and I immedately clicked on the monitor to see who it was, Pablo car honked once and I got up to meet him at the door. I opened the door and he walked straight past heading towars the theatre and taking a seat while I set two chairs away from him and I could tell that something was up with him. I just rolled up and past it to him without even taking a pull because I knew at this moment he needed it way more then I did. We set in silence for a while passing the L and cup of lean between us letting all the emotions seep through with the smoke we blew out.

Finally he reached in his pocket and pulled out something holding it tightly in his hand, then opened it and there set a small piece of silver and when I picked it up. I realized this was the ring that he gave to Sasha it was her wedding ring and band. I looked up at her, and he just blew out smoke, and I could see the tears build in his eyes. He began telling me everything that happened and immediately the guilt hit me like ten tons of bricks, it was my fault Sasha walked out on him.

"You gotta get her back" I said after he finished his story.
"I told her once she walks away, she walk away for good" he said keeping on a tough face, but I knew that it was all for show.
"Pablo, I know what you're feeling right now it's like you can't breathe but your heart still pumps. We think we're men until we met these girls and then we lose them and we realize how fucking pathtic we are without them. Pablo I know, I know what it feels like to lose your other half and you know better then anyone that with your first wife" I said looking at him and I knew I had hit a soft spot, but it was something that needed to be said. "You don't want to lose her over something petty, you go get her and you keep her because you know you don't want to live out the rest of your days without her and you know I"m not lying to you." I said sighing heavy. "When I find Niya, I swear I don't give a fuck what I have to do, I'm going to do it and I'm going to do it for the rest of my life to prove to her that she's all I want and she's all I've ever wanted. I don't want to live the rest of my days out spending time with these bitches that warm the bed for a night then give me nothing but headaches. I know I want to marry her, I'm going to give her the wedding of her dreams, I'm going to give her more kids, I'm going to give her a new house, closet full of red bottoms, anything she want and need I will give her for the rest of my life." I said spilling my heart out for the first time in a while.
"See it's different with Niya, she's easy she's not crazy, she's loving and understanding. Sasha is a different breed the things I love about her is the shit that makes me want to kill her. She's the only woman I ever wanted to slap and fuck at the same time." he said chuckling and shaking his head.
"But you love that feeling, you love the fact that she can make you angrier then you've ever felt, but in the same moment she makes you feel alive, she adds that excitment that you didn't know you ever could feel."
"I have to protect my family, that's my main concern."
"What you think she's trying to do, when I met Niya I met Sasha with that ass and she explained to me how much she loved Niya. You know we will never be able to come between them and there dysfuntunal relationship." I said chuckling.
"Yea youre right, I just can't afford to lose my family, this is all I have left and if anything was to ever happen to my family because some stupid cowboy dreams, I would never forgive myself" he said looking down. "I love my wife, but she's so blind to how the real world works, she can't save everyone even her family" he said speaking from personal experience, then anything.
"I'm going to get Niya back, I can feel it, she's going to be here again, she's going to be mines again. I'll handle that, and you handle your wife before she come back to my house with the gun threatening my life." I said lightly tapping his shoulder making him laugh.

For the rest of the day we just talked about silly shit, but somehow we cheered one another as much as possible. He left saying he would think everything over and get back to me if he hears anything, and I went back to the theatre wishing I wasn't as lonely as I truely was. This week has been one of the worst weeks of my life, first finding out my son may not be my son, then the Niya situation, if anything else happened I was going to lose my damn mind. I sighed and began walking around my huge house that I shared with no one, wondering what was going to come of me if NIya never came back, but I had to shake off those feelings.

I walked to the bedroom and rolled up again, but remembered I left my lighter down stairs. I looked in the nightstand where I usually kept my back ups when I saw my cam corder sitting in the drawer. I set on the bed and turned it on, and the first thing that popped up was Niya standing in the middle of our floor stripping off her skin tight dress. I remember this, it was the day I proposed to her, it was the day I gave her this house, it was the day everything changed for the better I believed at the moment. I plugged the camcorder into the television letting the video play on my big screen as she began dancing slowly, then hoping on the pole doing exactly what I like, exactly how I like it. I placed my hand in my pants, it's been a while sense I had some and it's killing not to be able to touch Niya.

As I began rubbing my dick up and down, slowly then quickly getting the sensation, closing my eyes wishing it was Niya here instead of my hand. I began pulling and pushing faster and faster grunting as I imagine being between Niya legs making her moan in my ear with each stroke. Damn I needed to get Niya back I thought as I pump faster feeling the sensation and gripping my mans harder feeling it coming and when I opened my eyes and Niya fat ass was bouncing on my deck, I immediately nutted letting out a small moan as I released my seed all over my sweats and hand.

I went to the bathroom cleaning myself up, changing my sweats and boxers and then I heard the gate beep and I immediately pressed the intercom.

"Yo" I screamed feeling alot better now that I got a nut even if it was by hand.
"It's Los" I heard and I immediately beeped him in and picked up my blunt off the bed and headed downstairs to meet him at the main door.
Los was one of the nieghborhood boys I grew up, rather then running the streets he turned his life around and became a cop. And when I took over the hood, he was someone I put on the team because if I was going to be doing dirt I was going to have a clean guy on my team to clean it up.
"Sup" I said giving him a dap, thinking of the shit I was just doing and shaking my head.
"I found her" he said getting straight to the point.
"Word" I said and I felt my heart explode.
"Yea, she's in Syracus" he said passing me a folder with pictures of Niya using an ATM taking money out and althrough so much about her was changed, I still could tell that was Niya I would always be able to point her out a crowd no matter how much she's changed no matter how much she switched her look up I would always know her it. "She's staying at a motel, hitting up a few clubs dancing a little, but mostly staying to herself." He said shrugging his shoulders and at that moment I could kiss him, but I wasn't about that lifestyle.

After I gave him, ten thousand dollars for the information, I got dressed in all black from head to toe picking up my two glocks making sure they were loaded before I left. I hoped in my all black Dodge challenger and placing the address into my GPS, turning a two and half hour drive into an hour and forty five minute drive. Speeding through the highway and streets as my stomach turned over and over, wondering what was going to happen when she saw me. I pulled into the parking lot in the spot farthest to the right, as I leaned back and laid low because I knew everything but which room she was staying in and I didn't want to make things suspicious.

I waited an hour before I saw a cab pull up and a tall darkskin girl hop out the cab, I studied her she was a cute girl body was well fit, but she was a nothing compared to Niya. I began to light a L when the other cab door opened, and Niya stepped out and I swear my heart jumped out my chest. She was looking better then I've seen her in a while, making my dick jump immediately. I watched her and the girl laugh at something as they walked up the stairs to the third room and Niya used her key to opened the door. After the door shut, the light went on and I waited ten minutes calculating a plan of how I was going to get Niya without making a scene.

Before I could make a move, I saw a black Lexus pull up and two niggas hop out, both looking like Thug wannabees. I watched them as one tuck his gun in the front of his pants waiting for the driver to close the door. I shook my head at these clowns, who still tuck they gun in the front of there pants and infront there shirts, that was nineties New York gangster shit, that got old. I went back to watching Niya room when I the two cats walked to her door as they began talking and I didn't know what was going on, but I know I was going to kill Niya if she was fucking one of the dudes. Hell I would kill all four of them and take my ass straight back home. I was in my thoughts when I saw dude kick open the door, and made me jump, this was not a double date. Somehow within a week Niya had gotten her ass in trouble, and I couldn't be surprise Niya always got her ass into some shit, that most of the time didn't have nothing to do with her.

I immediately jumped out my car and ran through the parking lot, jumping the steping two at a time and could hear the screams and I didn't know who that was, but a part of me prayed that it wasn't Niya. Before I got to the door, it burst opened and the dark skin girl was trying to run away. Before she could get away she was snatched by her hair in mid step, but that was not my concern. I gripped my gun ready to shoot, as I entered the room, I didn't know who was winning the fight, he had Niya on the bed and she kicked him as hard as she could in the dick and he backed away and she jumped on him jamming her fingers in his eyes. As soon as I was about to shoot the dark skin girl fell into the room, with her body slamming against dresser.

"Fucking bitch" the first guy said shaking his head as he entered the room, while Niya was punching her attacker like she was a man herself.
"Who the fuck are you?" the second attacker asked and without hesitation, I put a hole through his chest. Both girls screamed as the guy fell against the wall holding his chest gasping for breathe. I turned to the other attacker who already had his piece out and we both let off a shot. I immediately felt the fire ring through my shoulder and Niya scream when I jumped behind the chair then rung off two more shots hitting him in the thigh and the lower stomach. I looked down and checked myself realizing that there was shots in my chest and in my shoulder. I could feel myself giving up slowly, and my breathing change. I couldn't stay through, shit was getting real and I had to make a move, before I could stand Niya grabbed the darkskin girl and immediately ran out room holding her purse.

I took two breathes standing up, as the pain shot through me and ran behind them as a few bullets rang past my ears nearly taking my life. I ran downstairs to the parking lot, looking for Niya when I saw her running full speed across the busy intersection still holding the girl hand, as the girl tried to keep up. I jumped in my car, pulling out the parking lot full speed, as the tires turnt and smoke filled the air. I drove t the parking lot Niya was running across and cut her off. I could feel the blood spilling from my chest. I cut her off hopping out the car as she looked around trying to figure out a way to get away.

"Niya, get in the fucking car" I said walking around and moving closer to her as she began to back away.
"No, King" she said sounding as if she was filled with fear.
"Niya stop this madness, I'm taking you home to our family, your son" I said filling my burns of the bullets. I began pressing the wound to keep the bllod from falling out.
"No King, I'm not going" she screamed at me and then I began to hear sirens and knew we only had a few moments before shit got real.
"Niya get in the fucking car, the police is fucking coming and they probably going to find two dead bodies in your hotel room." I said reaching for her but she pulled away, and I could hear the sirens getting closer and closer as a crowd began to fill in the motel parking lot.
"No King," she said once again and I wanted to slap the shit out of her one good time, just to get some sense in her.
"Niya with God as my witness," I said looking at her, as fear filled in her eyes as she shake, but wouldn't let go of shorty's hand. I grabbed my gun from the back and pointed it straight at the girls head and both girls screamed. "I swear to God, if you don't get in the fucking car, I will put one straight through her fucking head." I said through my teeth as the girl held her hands up and began begging for her life as if that would save her.
"King please" Niya said stepping infront of me, but I still held the gun to the girl.
"Get in the fucking car" I said placing a bullet in the chamber allowing her to hear the click so she could see how serious I was right now.
"Okay," she yelled stomping her foot and I turned around heading towards the drivers side, when Niya and the girl began to go back and fourth.
"Niya" I screamed as the first Ambulance pulled up to the motel.
"I'm coming, she's coming too" she said trying to pull the girl, but the girl declined. "I'm not going without you Cese" Niya screamed and I rolled my eyes at this soap opera drama, right now all I wanted to do was get out of this city before the boys caught me.
"No," the girl screamed and I got back out the car.
"I swear to God, on my fathers grave if you two don't get in this fucking car I will shoot the both of you getting in the damn car and shut the fuck up." I said between my teeth so angry I coudl feel my eyesbrows practically touching.

Both woman hopped in the car and I swerved off, doing ninety the whole way home because I did not want any evidence held against me. I didn't say anything until two hours later when we were finally back home and Niya and the girl jumped out the car. I got out the car and immediately stumbled back feeling my chest where I was shot at and falling against the car. The girl looked at me and ran towards me as I slide down the side of the car and was sittign down.

"King" Niya said coming to my side and I couldn't even think, the adreneline and high had wore off and the reality of this situation hit me. "I'm so sorry, please don't die, please don't die" she began to say as I blacked out and the world turned white.

Sasha Chapter 18 cont..
It's been two days since Niya's been home and I've been by her side since, she's been by King side never leaving the house. Taking care of him, like he was her child, no matter what King did when he needed her she was always there and the same for her. I wish Pablo was a little more like King, but he wasn't he was Pablo. The man I've loved for years and althrough I couldn't change him a small part of me didn't want to change him. Since I gave him back my ring, I've been living at Niya's house and basically staying with Niya and King just to keep an eye on her. Pablo and I haven't said a word to one another, when he comes around I leave and when I dcome around he does the same.

It's been so hard without him, you wouldn't believe how much I actually miss and love him. I barely eat, I barely sleep, I cry whenever I'm alone. Niya tries to talk to me about getting back with him, but I never listen I just walk away and go on about my day and I think she finally got the hint because she don't bring up the subject anymore.

Today, I was helping Niya do laundry when King walked through the house straight to me ignoring Niya completely. He tapped my shoulder and lead me through the house, to his office downstairs that he rarely uses and opened the door. I stepped in and he closed the door behind me locking it, the only thing was he was on the other side of it. The problem wasn't the door being locked, it was more of who I was locked in with. I looked up and there stood Pablo, looking in as much shock as I was, not even ten seconds passed before his arms were around me and I was welcoming him freely. He picked me up and pressed me against the wall as I wrapped my legs around his waist.
"Why do you this Sasha?" he said pinning me against the wall as we starred in one anther eyes. "You know I need you, you know I can't lose you, why do you leave me?" he asked with anger.
"I love you" was all I said and he pressed his lips against mines slididng his tongue into my mouth. Then I pushed him back and he took a step back and I unwrapped my legs from around and pushed him further back. "But I can't do this anymore" I said when tears fell from my eyes. "I need you to support me, like I support you and you never will." I said shaking my head.
"What is wrong Niya is back, she's safe it was King who got hurt" he said looking at me, but I wouldn't look back at him.
"It's deeper then that, I need you to have my back and you don't. No matter how stupid I might seem or how doumb my choice maybe, you should have my back and you don't. I'm tired of supporting someone who doesn't support me. I shouldn't have to wonder if my husband is going to be here for me, and I wonder that everyday."
"Sash--" he said, but I held my hand up and cut him off.
"I back you with every decision you make right or wrong, I will fight with you right by your damn side pablo and I want the same in return. I want you to support me no matter how crazy my choice is, no matter how wild I get. You should be right there right by myside because you took the oath saying you would, but you haven't done any of that Pablo. You can't decide when you're going to support me and when you're going to stand back you have to support me all the time like I support you all the time." I said pouring my heart out.
"I will try, I will learn" he said reaching his hand out and I shook my head.
"you've tried before, but you can't" I said as tears fell from my eyes. And for a minute we stood in silnece but it felt like an eternity.
"You want this to be over, it's over you can have it all. I'll call the lawyer tomorrow draw up the papers and you can have it all, the money, the house, the cars, all I want is my rights as a father." he said in a calm voice. Without saying anything else he walked past me and kicked the door opened breaking the lock completely then walking out.

I didn't even watch him leave, I just waited until Niya came and got me, which I knew she would, before she could say anything I ran into her arms and began crying my heart out. Knowing that this was the last time I would ever have Pablo, this would be the last time I would ever love someone again. We stayed in the office while I cried until my eyes became dry and my throat became sore. She didn't say anything just stayed there right by myside until the wee hours in the morning and when it was time to go to bed. She laid down with me, rubbing my back until I finally fell asleep, but it didn't last long because an hour later I was up again, wishing it was Pablo next to me instead of Niya.

A week Later....

Today was the day Pablo was going to hear rather or not he was guilty on all of his charges for his case and I was going. I was going to be there to hear rahter or not I was going to be a single mother, the alarm went off, but I was already awake. I went home and went back to life raising the kids, being a mom, I don't know where Pablo was staying at. The kids was back in school and I know one day he came here while the kids was in school and packed up everything he owned in the closet. Nothing was left behind, every night he came over before the kids bedtime, getting them ready for bed and even checking there homework. Once they were sleeping he would leave, never saying a word to me and I did the same. The divorce papers came two days ago and Pablo gave them too me, and dropped off my ring walking away without saying anything and I sobbed so hard that night, I thought I was going lose my mind. Niya comes over everyday, but I haven't been able to focus on her life, because I felt like I was dying inside, I felt like my life was over.

I got up and placed on a cream pair of DKNY high waist slacks with a black sheer polka dot shirt and matching cream blazer with one button. My hair was straight fresly pressed and it was Pablo's favorite way for me to have it. I placed on my wedding ring and band, then my presidential rolex, adding a pair of all black patent leather heels with the skinny heel. I grabbed my black Dolce and Gabanna cluth adding a pair of gold diamond earring and hopped in my Mazarti heading to the court house. I havent't been to court with Pablo in two days since he gave me the divorce papers, but today I had to go and be there. No matter what happened between us I was always going to support him.

I pulled up in the court house two minutes after Pablo did, and he got out, walking towards my car he opened my door and led me through the crowd of paparazzi, holding my hand. I almost melted when we got in the elevator and he tucked a part of my hair behind my ear. He was hearing an all black Armani suit with a white button up and black tie. He was keeping it simple and I couldn't help but watch him as he strudded to the large doors. Before we walked in, he talked breifly with his lawyer as to what to expect and then he turned to me.

"I didn't think you was coming" he whispered to me as I straightened his tie.
"I wouldn't miss it" I said looking up at his eyes.
"No matter what happens, you're always going to be taken care of" he said kissing my forehead. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and cry, beg for forgiveness and ask that he come back home, but right now was not the time nor the place and I didn't want to add stress to his full plate. Then we both walked in the court house and I took my seat right behind him where I always set. Everyone came in and we all waited for the courtroom to get settled as the jury walked in last. The judged asked Pablo to stand up, and tears began running down my eyes. I felt a hand on my shoulder and look back at King while he gave it a squeeze. Niya was right next to him and Nikki right beside her, the judge began to talk, but everything at that moment went blank. A juror stood up, and the courtroom went dry as the judge spoke to him.
"In the case of The People Vs Pablo Armando Marinez, we find the defendant not guilty on all counts of conspiracy, not guily on all counts of money laundering, not guilty on extortion, not guilty on drug trafficking" he read off each charge and I couldn't believe it. I jumped up and screamed while Pablo hugged each of his Lawyers. He turned around and reached over the bench then pulled me to him picking up and pulling me over the bench and twirling me around...

At this moment life was good.

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Niya Chapter 19

I'm the only person in the world, who life is just filled of constant drama, I'm tired of this shit. I honestly just want to be normal, to have a normal relationship, normal friends, and normal circumstances. This is starting to drive me insane, shoot outs and running away. When will this end???

Everyone was gathered at Pablo's dinner party celebrating his freedom and his family, it was weird to watch Sasha and Pablo act like they didn't have feelings for one another. You would think that after winning a case like this, they would have pushed all the petty shit to the side, but nope still don't want to be with one another.

Me on the other hand, is in nothing, but the Niya King drama filled love life, after I came back home it's like I see a whole different side of King. The King I haven't seen for years is now back and I don't know what to do. It's like he's trying so hard, but I'm just tired of getting my hopes waiting for his true colors to surfice. He's been not just trying, but basically perfect, to the point I want to slap him. Ever since we got back it's like a light has finally shined on him and he's finally got the picture that I'm not going to be going through this shit every damn day.

"Niya" Cese said pulling me out of my day dream.
"Huh" I said sipping on a glass of champaign and watching everyone that's neaar and dear to our hearts have a blast.
"I still can't believe you're Aniya, you're like a stripping legend. I mean I should have known from the tattoo, but still" she said shaking her head.

Cese and I have grown tight, must admit that she's turned our to be one cool gilr. Right now she's staying at my house, while I stay in between my house and King's house. She's talking about getting herself into school to be a stylist and I've already hired her and introduced her to a few of my celebrity friends, just to get her name ringing. With all that Sasha's going through I honestly need her because I need someone to give me advice.

"It's cool, look don't be star struck, I'm a regular around the way girl." I said shrugging my shoulders and leaning against the wall starring on to all the people smiling laughing, play pool, or just talking to long lost friends.
"Yea, if that's what you want to call it." She said leaning down right next to me.
"Tell me something through, now that you've come out with your true identity, why were you running away?" she asked and all I could do was drown the rest of my wine.
"That's a story for another day, I'm going to find Sasha." I said walking off into the crowd looking for Sasha.

Tonight, she was wearing a floor length silk cream colored dress, that split right down to the middle of her breast. Her dressed hugged her skin and made her look like a greek goddess. She was smiling and talking when I grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the small group of people and dragged her outside to the backyard.

"I'm bored" I said starring on to her infinty pool in the back yard.
"Where's King at, I'm surprised he's not following you around waiting for your every demand." She said smiling and lightly shoving me.
"I'm typsy" I said placing my hand over my head and laughing.
"And let me guess you dragged me out here to do something stupid with you" she said giving me a smirk, knowing that I was up to no good.
"It's boring and everyone, want to act to stuck up to admit it." I said pinning up my hair.
"So what do you suggest we do, order fifty boxes of pizza and drink until we're throwing up on one another." she said folding her arms.
"Let's turn this into a pool party" I said giving her a head nod.
"Ain't nobody bring no bathin suit to go swimming," she said shaking her head. "And I'm surely not about to hop in the pool looking like this Niya. Just go inside mingle for a minute and go home" she said shaking her head.
"I'm getting in" I said taking a step closer to the pool.
"Aniya, if you think for one minute you're jumping in that pool, I'm going to get King and he's going to drag you out of here by your ankle." Sasha said between her teeth pointing at me and I took another step back.
"Hey, what are you guys doing out here" Pablo said stepping on the balcony, while I silently challenged Sasha.
"Don't you do it" Sasha said raising her chin, and I kicked off one of my five inch all spiked red bottoms. "Pablo go get King" Sasha said pointing behind her.
"Get in with me" I said removing the other shoe.
"No, you're going to embarass me and Pablo" she said reaching for me and I pulled away.
"What the hell is going on?" King said as he came back out with a group of people who was watching me.
"I want to jump in the pool, this party is wack and if I'm going to be here I'm going to turn up." I said pulling off every piece of jewlery while Sasha followed me around the pool
"She's right, this party is kind of wack" Pablo said shrugging his shoulders.
"It was suppose to be a celebration something light and simple, this ain't no damn rap video" Sasha said stumping her feet.
"Who wants to get in the pool?" Pablo screamed and a few people waved there hands laughing. "Yo, pull up my ipod to the stereo system, every one get in" Pablo said getting a rise out of people, as woman began pulling off there shoes and dresses leaving on nothing but panties and bras. While some bold ones only left on panties.

Nikki, Cese, and two other girls were the first to jump in, all holding hands and screaming as they hit the water. A few guys jumped in, and then the music started to bump and before I knew it liquor was flowing and the pool had filled up. I looked at King, and he smirked at me pointing his finger then removing his shirt, and I smiled as he pulled off his pants. I almost choked when I notice his buldge was in full affect, showing perfectly in his red Polo briefs. He grabbed me into him, picking my body up in one swift move and then throwing me in and jumping in right after me. We began splashing and joking, as the music was pumping and liquor was pouring.

Pablo came out, while Sasha began to complain and before she could finish one of her sentences, Pablo grabbed her and pushed her into the pool. That night we all laughed and joked, letting everything go. We swore as a group, there was no more drama for now on it's going to be all laughs.

Let's see how long that last.

King Chapter 19 cont...
I woke up the next morning around seven, with my alarm clock blarring, I hit the snooze for ten minutes and snuggled deeper into bed with Niya. She had her arms wrapped around me like the old times, before the drama got the best of us and I couldn't stop myself from enjoying this feeling.
"Your alarm clock is so loud" she groaned as I pulled the covers over our heads. "It's too early for all that" she said turning her face up to me.
"Never to early for money" I whispered back lightly grabbing one of her thighs and pulling it across my waist.
"You going to the studio today?" she asked as she began rubbing my chest up and down and I immediately grew to her touch. I hated mornings because no matter what, I always woke up with a hard dick.
"Nah, a few meetings, then a few more meetings, then to the club for the last of my meetings." I said sighing, a busy day for me, and right now all I wanted to do was slide between Niya thighs and stroke until my heart gave out.

It's been damn near a week and a half and Niya still won't have sex with me, right now I didn't even know what we were doing. I told her what I wanted, and I've been proving myself everyday. I know it's going to take time, but yall know how I get down I need my dick wet everyday. She finally started sleeping in bed with me again, after she had a bad dream and couldn't sleep.

I leaned over and began giving her small pecks all over her face, she laughed and giggled. She wrapped her arms around me as I climbed ontop of her and the only thing I was thinking was finally. Her sweet moans escaped her mouth, while my hands explored her body. Only wearing boyshorts and a wifebeater I lifted her shirt and bit the side of her neck making her jump for me. Her hands were rubbing across my chest and six pack as her legs locked around waist. Letting my manhood sit right between her lips, I was too old for dry humping, but I couldn't help rubbing myself against her. Any sensation was better then the cold treatment I've been getting.

I began rubbing her clit through her shorts and pulling down the front of her shirt so I can suck on her breast. She had her arms wrapped around me, her fingers caressing the back of my head while I locked on to one of her nipples, swirling my tongue around it and felt her completely shiver ontop of me. I went to reach my hand into her shorts and she stopped me. I continued to suck on his nipple and she pushed me away, making me roll onto my back. I sighed, and pulled the covers from over my body, it was always like this lately. She always said no, I didn't want to force her, but I needed to touch her.

I was peeing in the bathroom, when Niya walked in behind me and set down to pee when I was finished. I didn't even want to look at her, and I guess she could tell. She stepped behind me as I turned around and was starring in my eyes. I tried to step around her, but she blocked my path, I stood back and just sighed.

"What" she said reaching up to touch me and I pushed her hands away.
"You know what, when are you going to stop teasing me Niya" I said fed up with the games. "Look it's either we're going to be a couple or not, I'm showing you how much I'm willing to change and it's like you're not doing anything but playing games. I'm not doing this" I said folding my arms across my chest.
"Are you serious, it's only been a week and all you want to do is fuck as soon as you get your nut off you're going to be back to the man you were before I left." she yelled at my face.
"Niya, if you believe that then leave." I said as calm as I could. "I don't want to hurt you at all, and if you believe I do then you're more then welcome to leave. I just want to love you, give you everything, be the man you deserve, but I shouldn't have to go through all this to prove to you how I feel. I've been here for more then five years Niya, we had a son, we have a home, alot of shit happened between us and we still stayed down for one another. So for you to sit here and act like you don't understand why I'm coming the way I'm coming is a bunch of bullshit. You know I have to feel you, so I know we're okay, I have to make love to you, I have to make your legs shiver, you body arch. That's how I show you my love, Niya and you know that. So to hold out on me like this is bullshit."
"But you know why I'm holding out on you, it's not like I'm just doing it to torture you. I told you I need time, and if you think a few days of happiness is just going to provide you with some ass you're mistaken." she said shaking her head. "Look at all the bullshit you've done to me, a couple pairs of shoes and apologies is not going to make up for the shit you was doing. You think you deserve something for buying me shoes. King that's the most selfish shit I've ever heard." she said pointing in my face.
"I never said I wanted to have sex with you because I deserve it Niya" I said sighing because I could feel this turning into something I didn't want it to be and I actually didn't have time for this bullshit.
"So why you want to have sex with me then, because you're dick hard, because of my fat ass huh?" she yelled while shaking her head and I knew that the argument was lost.
"You know what Niy, forget it" I said waving her off.
"Oh now you ain't got shit to say when I pull your damn card huh?" she said pointing in my face.
"No it's not about pulling cards or being right, I don't want to argue with you all it does is send us back fifty steps and I don't want to go back I want to go forward." I said in a calm voice just trying to make everything better because I knew Niya is what I wanted and I was going to have prove myself through the tough times, through the easy times.
"Don't put on this isn't act with me King, you just want to fuck me and I ain't having it" she said raising her voice a little more.
"Niy, why are you so angry, I'm not mad this isn't about sex, if you don't want to have sex, then we don't have to have sex okay." I said shrugging my shoulders, trying to show her that sex wasn't the only thing on my mind, but leave it to Niya to make something out of nothing.
"Why am I angry, you're the one who got out of bed with a nasty attitude ten minutes ago, now you want to play mister good guy. Fuck outta here with that, you can beat the next bitch upside her head." Niya said laughing.
"You're right, I was a little angry, but now I'm not and I don't want you to be angry either. This is my fault, and I'm sorry" I said looking her in her eyes, hoping an apology would just keep her sane for the time being. "I won't cross any boundary you put up again."
"You gotta be fucking kidding me, you think I'm stupid I know you King this shit isn't going to last long."
"I'm not gaming you Niy, I keep telling you that, I'm here for the long run, but you just want to argue. You're pushing me away, and I'm trying so hard to stay right now, but you making it real hard." I said as my anger began getting the best of me.
"You mad because I'm not accepting your bullshit, you're mad because I'm not letting you just fuck me." she said and I was done with being mister nice guy at that moment.
"Yes, I'm mad when you made your mistakes I gave you the chance to make it up, I didn't hold shit over your head either. When all the shit went on between us, I didn't break you down. I let you love me, I let you prove to me how much you wanted to be here and I never made you feel like you weren't good enough." I screamed in her face, backing her against the wall. "I just want to make love to you because it's the only way I know we're good. When I make you cum and scream my name, when our bodies get tangled in the sheets together and I'm in between your legs sendign you to the place only I can. That's the only way I know how to love you right now. Money, clothes, cars, I know this shit don't mean anything to you and I know I don't always get the emotional side right, but physically I've always been able to love you the right way. And when you tell me no, I feel like you're not allowing me to love you and that's why I get angry. I can have sex with you a million times and never come, as long as you feel me, feel us. It isn't just sex with me Niya, youre not allowing me to love you." I said shoving past her jumping straight into the shower, not listening to anything else that she had to say.

The day was so stressful, with more meetings, then I could count, enough phone calls to make any sane person throw there phone out the window, I just needed a drink. I was at the club, finish a meeting up with a party coordinator so that we could host my new artist release party here and was just going over all the last minute details. Most of the day, my mind would drift straight to Niya, she called me a few times, but I just let it ring. I didn't know what was going on between us, I didn't know what the situation was, but I did know that I loved Niya and I wanted us to work, but I didn't know what I was doing anymore.

I headed home around nine and didn't see any of the lights on, that was wierd because I knew today we were suppose to be having a house with the kids, and Cese, and whoever else Niya felt the need to invite over. I clicked the alarm to my car, and opened the door hitting the alarm and closing it behind me. I began to walk toward the grand steps when I saw a light lingering in the dining room. I walked towards it calling Niya's name, but no response, when I stepped in the room, it was like I stepped in a different world.

There was hundreds of candles lite throughout the room, with rose petals leading to the table, a bottle of champaign on ice, with sweet music playing in the background. I looked up and there was Niya laying across the middle of the table on her side, with one arm holding up her head while she ate strawberries. I stepped avoiding stepping on any candles, while she slide to the edge of the table.

"What's this?" I whispered while my manhood screamed for me to take Niya right there.

She was wearing nothing, but a laced black thong and matching bra that left no room for my imagination to wonder, I knew exactly what I was going to do to her if I got the chance.

"I'm sorry, you're right" she said picking up a strawberry and bititng into it, she leaned it on my lips and I bit it with anticipation.
"About" I said starring in her eyes and it read more then lust, or anticipation, she didn't want to lose me.
"I know you're not doing everythign you've been doing just do it. You're trying and I see that you're actually trying really hard to make us work this time, and I want us to work just as bad, and to do that I'm going to have to give up the past and accept what we have now. I'm ready baby" she said wrapping her arms around my neck and I leaned her back on the table and began kissing her.
"I love you Niya, I know I said alot of shit in the past, I've done even worst shit in the past and I'm sorry. I keep saying this is our last time, but honestly baby this is our last time we're getting married and it's going to be good. I swear to treat you like a queen for the rest of my days out." I whispered against her skin.
"I love you too and I want to this," she said holding up her finger and she was wearing the engagment ring I brought her almost two years ago. I don't know if it was the outfit or the ring, that made my dick almost jump out of my pants.
"You want this," I said climbing ontop of her as she began to slide to the middle of our dinner table. We've finally found a way to put this baby to good use, since we hardly ever ate in here.

I laid flat on my back after removing my shirt, placing both hands behind my head as Niya stood over me. She teased a bit giving me a sexy little pose, then bending over completely placing her hands flat on the table as she began to twerk something. The she stood with each foot on the side of me and slowly began sliding down, then without warning completely popping into a split on my dick. I became excited when she began bouncing up and down while still positioned in a split. I leaned up on my elbows, and opened my mouth as she poured a cup of champaign. she poured some in my mouth then licked what was ever left off my lips. I pulled my legs up, making her straddle me pefrectly as she leaned back on my knee caps and I began massaging her breast.

I rubbed her breast through her bra and found the clip in the front instead of the back. Without hesitation, I popped it opened and released her two breast while her nipples perked eith excitment ready to be touched. I rubbed my thumbs over them slowly pinching and pulling them. I rubbed my hand across her chest then over her neck, giving her a light squeeze and her body jumped a little, I knew she loved when I got rough. I pushed her on her back between my legs then pushed her legs straight up in the air and just admired them. She began making her thighs jiggle, spreading them opened giving me a clear view then, shutting them back. She closed her legs then began dropping one then the other. I grabbed bother her ankles and picked up a strawberry rubbing it froom her ankle down her clave and licked up the juice, she tried to pull away and leaned her legs back towards her head and gave her kitty a smack, making her squeal a little. I did it again, tracing the strawberry down her left leg, then licking it up and she twitched, but didn't move.

I repeated those steps until I got to the middle of her thighs making her cum without even touching her kitty. I knew I was driving her crazy, I could tell because she was speaking out of context shaking and twitching like I gave her dick and I hadn't even touched her kitty yet. I began kissing her through her laced panties and she began shaking and begging for me to just do it to her. I smiling when she grabbed my head with both hands and began humping my face back. I blew on her kitty through the panties and I thought I saw her began to tear up.

Before I could even really go in, there was banging on the door.

Who the hell was interupting us.

49 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Thu Sep 26, 2013 1:48 pm

Pleasure's wifey*peaches*

I would just ignore that damn knock!!!

I'm so mad that I haven't been getting my notifications for this story but I'm gonna check every week to make sure I don't miss anything.

50 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Mon Oct 21, 2013 3:33 pm


King Chapter 17 cont..

I couldn't believe I was being interupted right now, just when I was about to go in for the kill I was interupted. I set up on my knees and Niya popped up on her elbows, both of us starring at one another with the annoyed face. I walked over to the wall where the intercom was.
"Yes" I said waiting to know who it was and why they were interupitng my night.
"It's New Jersey Police sir, could you open your gates." the voice spoke through the phone and I immediately looked at Niya, who shrugged her shoulders. She began blowing out the candles while I got myself together and unlocked the gate. I turned on the monitor to see a patrol car pull up, while Niya went up stairs to put something on that covered up anything that could leave imagination to the eye.
I watched through the door each officer get out the car, hoping this wasn't a question about what had happened in Syracus because I was usually more secretive about the way I move. Then I saw Lia get out the back seat, and I almost lost my mind. I had to catch a quick breathe before I ran outside to put my foot through her ass. They knocked once and I opened the door, both men were tall, white, and tatted.
"What's going on?" I asked them, but my eyes were attached to Lia.
"Is this your residence sir" the one on the left asked while he looked behind me to see in the house.
"Yes, it is"
"Is this your daughter sir" he asked and for a second I wanted to say no, because after tonight she was going to wish she had a different dad.
"Yea, is there a problem?" I asked when I heard Niya coming back downstairs.
"Well we caught your daughter joy riding with a friend tonight in his parents car, ontop of that we found an opened container of liquor in the car." he said and I damn near jumped out of my skin.
"What the fuck Lia?" I said massaging the top of my head when Niya came and stood next to me and her eyes nearly jumped out her sockets.
"We were going to take her in, but she was so scared and cooperated well with us that we decided to drop her off here and let her off with a warning. That if we ever catch her doing anything as remotely stupid that we will take her in just like we did her boyfriend, who's being booked as we speak." he said placing his hand on his belt.
"Boyfriend?" I said trying to contain the rage that was now seeping through my viens.
"Yea, too young to drive himself, in daddy's Range Rover doing forty in the twenty five."
"You gotta be fucking kidding me Lia" I said as calm as possible but that was short lived my wrath was going to bring down the house.
"It was a stupid thing young lady, you could have gotten in a car accident and hurt someone or yourself. I don't ever want to catch you joy riding again or I will personally take you to the precint myself." the cop said turning towards her and she immediately shook her head up and down as they turned to leave telling us to have a good evening. I stepped aside and she walked past me and Niya, not saying a word.
"Room now" I yelled making both her and Niya jump.
"Dad, I'm so sorry it wasn't like that" she began pleading, but I was already over the conversation.
"What was it like Lia riding around with some little nigga you don't even know drinking. I'm ready to slap the shit out of you" I yelled feeling the house shake. "How fucking stupid do you have to be Lia?"
"I'm sorry" she tried to plead.
"Sorry about what, having a boyfriend and not telling me, or lying to me because you said you was going out with Sarah, or getting fucking caught?"
"Dad" she tried to finish her sentence, but I cut her off.
"Dad nothing, I honestly don't want to hear it right now I just really want to fucking slap the shit out of your stupid ass. I don't even want to look at you." I said spitting venom making her break down with each word.
"Dad" she yelled, but I was through
"Lia if you don't get to your room I swear" I said jumping towards her and she ran upstairs full speed while tears fell down her eyes.
"Calm down" Niya said biting her lip and it turned me on just a bit. I looked at her and she was wearing a pair of all black leggons with a plain white tee. I could tell she was still wearing the sexy outfit from earlier, but my mind quickly shifted to Lia and what was wrong with her.
"Calm down, not this time Niya." I said pacing the floor.
"Look just listen to me, how about I go upstiars and talk to her, you calm down and I'll come to bed and we can discuss this. Then in the morning we can start over, I know you're mad, but you need to stay calm and figure out what you're going to do and Mya and tell her whats going on so the both of you can discussed what's the next step." she said rubbing my back.
"Niya, she was with a nigga drinking and driving. Who is that little nigga, when I catch him I'm taking his head completely off his body. Putting my daughter at risk, he got the right one." I said walking around the kitchen.
"Okay, okay you're right King, but not know okay calm down please, for me" she said walking over to me and rubbing the side of my face and no matter how angry I was she always soothe me.
"I'm going to smoke, talk to her Niya." I said looking in her eyes as she rubbed my shoulders.
"Okay, you want me to run you a bath?" she asked, but I could hear a hint of seduction in the conversation.
"Nah" I said looking past her. She didn't argue or fight with me she shook her head and understood what was going on..

Sorry it was so short, my laptop is dying and I left the charger at my mom house....

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