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Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2

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1 Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Wed Oct 10, 2012 11:39 pm


Sasha Chapter 1

Wow, it's been a year, a whoooole year since the last time I saw Niya, the last time I was in New York, a whole year since the incident happened. A whole fucking year and here I was in Puerto Rico raising a family, living a new life, a life that wasn't my life. This new life was everything a girl can ask for, here I had my sister who brought a beautiful baby girl into this world, a man who finally married me, giving me a simple small wedding and making it official, that this is the life he wanted with me and his family. And not to brag, but I had another baby on the way, yeah I was four months pregnant and proud. I still wonder if I made the right choice, if I did the right thing, because even though I had everything I wanted the cost was a part of me. I think about Niya everyday that goes by, I wonder if she's good what she's doing who she's with. Pablo only gave me need to know information telling me that althrough she wasn't with King, that she was fine, and not to worry about it. I knew in reality that I had to worry about it, that I had to do something, but would it be worth damaging my family any worst then I already have.
I was lying in my favorite chair in the house, an all white suded lounge chair that set facing the beach. I guess Pablo was serious when he told Jayla he was going to take her to the beach, I loved that man so much I wonder how I made it all those years without. I was partly looking out the large walls made out of glass here people could see us, well if any one was a round. Here we were on what felt like our own little island, no neighbors, no people for miles on out.
"Senorita Sasha, Senor Pablo's home" our maid Maria said. She's been with us since the day we got here and quickly became my friend, confidant, gossip partner, and backbone. I stood up following her to our dinning room, our whole house was one floor and opened. Our dinner room had a huge while marble table that easily set twenty people atleast. Don't know why it was that big and we never had company, Pablo was so protective of us after what happened last year. I understood becuase he didn't want to risk losing his family, but there was a thing called doing too much and he took it over board. We had our own personal body guards and securtiy like we were important, never leaving home wihtout them. We was always to tell Pablo where we were headed even if it was to the beach or to buy some tampons. I knew he was protecting us, but sometimes I felt like I was being suffocated.
"Hey Papi" I said leaning on the edge of the table running my fingers through his hair like I always did.
"Hey mami" he said leaning back as he starred at his laptop computer screen.
"What you doin here so early" I said picking up some grapes that was in our fruit dish. I loved living her, the food was so fresh, so natural that you could taste the difference.
"I live here woman" he said pulling me between his legs and rubbing my stomach, making me giggle.
"Mama, Papi" Jayla said running into the dinningroom full speed with Nikki and the baby right behind her.
"Yes" Pablo said giving a smile that always made me blush a little.
"Auntie Nikki let me feed the baby" she said as Pablo pulled me on his lap and gave Jayla all the attention she wanted.
"Really?" he said excited while he looked at Nikki. Yea it took a minute, a few arguments, a lot of disagreements, but they finally got it together and accepted the truce that both would have to learn to live with one another.
"Pablo what you doin here?" Nikki asked sitting down as she cradled Daya in her arms.
"I live here damnit," he said giving her the same answer he gave me, making everyone laugh. "I had to handle some business and I was finished so I decided to come home early and have a nice night with my family."
"Ohh that's sweet" Nikki said smiling.
"I'm going to New York next week, so I have to get ready" he said looking over his computer.
"Can I come" I asked hoping that this time would be the time. Pablo never let me go to America with him. After what happened he was not beat so I was only allowed to go where he said I could and New York was not one of those places.
"Sasha" he said giving me a stern voice without even looking at me.
"Last time you said that next time we would talk about and it's next time so we're talking about it." I said folding my arms. He set quiet and I knew he was thinking and I knew that it was probably going to be a no. "Look I will walk around with security or whatever, I won't get into any trouble, PLEASE" I said batting my eyes and I knew it was working becuase he sighed.
"Sasha you're killing me" he said shaking his head. "Just this time Sasha and I'm not playing you're going to have to do what I say how I say, first mishap your headed back here" he said putting his foot down, but I alreayd had my way.
"Wait I want to go mommy" Jayla said pouting.
"Me too, family vacation" Nikki said smiling. "We can go shopping on fifth ave." she said with her face lighting up.
"No to the both of you" Pablo said closing his laptop after finishing up whatever he was doing.
"Awww" Jayla said rolling her eyes.
"It's too many girls in this house" Pablo said shaking his head and we all laughed.
"Well I'm hoping this is your boy" I said pointing to my stomach.
"If it isn't, we're going to keep trying until it is." he said giving me a smirk.
"EWWWW" Nikki said turning her face.
"How about ya'll get ready to go out and I take everyone out to eat" Pablo said while rubbing my stomach and they left us. "Sasha, I don't know how I feel about this" Pablo said when the room was clear.
"Feel about what?" I said playing stupid.
"This New York thing, I know what you're up to" he said leaning back.
"Pablo I'm not up to anything,"
"So Niya haven't crossed your mind once." he sad getting straight to the point.
"Ofcourse she has" I said looking at him for a second then turning away.
"I don't want you turning this trip into a dummy mission."
"Pablo, I'm the reason she's out there" I said feeling my eyes tear up wen I thought about all the things that could be happening. "I have to save her or atleast try"
"Do you hear yourself" Pablo said becoming annoyed.
"Yea I do" I said standing up. "I wouldn't be a friend if I didn't care the way I do" I said pointing to myself. "I have to do something, not now, but at some point."
"Like you did something to get your sister back, Sasha look what you got yourself into" he said standing up. "Sasha I will not let you put my family in harms way, I won't lose my family over your cow boy ideas." he yelled at me "You're not doin this to us and that's the end of it. I will not lose yall, like I lost them" he whispered pointing in my face, but I knew he was serious. He walked away and I could feel the tension in the room choking me. "Be ready in ten minutes" he said before stepping outside. For the rest of the night, we didn't say much, pretending everything was cool, but having a civil war. As we laid in bed, it felt like our minds and hearts were a thousand miles apart and he was less then three feet away from me.

King Chapter 1 cont...

Damn I know ya'll ain't think I was dead, nah not a nigga like me, there was no way tha I was going to let some sucker nigga take me out. I was on my last breathe through, but Pablo came through dropped me off at the hospital and for three months I laid in a bed, having my heart worked on, left to right. I had part of a bullet still lunged in my heart and it made me heartless, when I woke up after my last surgery, I swore to myself that I would kill Sauce if it took my last breathe. Now I was running New York, I was ruthless the same person I was before all this took place. I was not the producer, I was the same King people met years ago, I was now the King that ran New York to Deleware with a tight grip. I was back to the same life, I ran away from, saying it wasn't for me, but you can't leave the game because it's going to follow you. I was getting this money anbd I was not giving a fuck about anybody, they took my heart. NO let me restate that I had my heart walk away and I would never forget that, I knew that one day I would have to cross that bridge, but until then I was about this money.
Rell and April moved to Atlanta to a bigger house, and they welcomed there newest baby girl Hope into there arms. Yea he ended up being the father, that was some great new, now he's doin a few movies, putting out another album and they are finding there way. As far as Pablo, I don't know where he is, but once a month every month he's here staying at my crib with me so we can handle business. We never talk to much about Niya or that night, or why Sauce had a safe pass, but whatever it's all the same for a nigga like me. Dior had the baby, a precious boy she named Xavier, and now we were living in the house. I never thought I end up with Dior, but life is crazy. YOu can't predict anything, she was here helping me throughout everything, at first she would just come over and by the end of the month she was moved in. Packed up all of Niya's shit and moved it to the guest quarters, she moved in with my second son. A part of me wants to get a DNA test, but the better part of me know I don't have the strenght to swallow another heart break. Zane now lives with my aunt, I see him once a month every month for a weekend, but I can't deal with looking in his face all the time reminding me of Niya.I couldn't handle the responsibitilty for having to take care of somebody. I know it's a bitch move you don't have to tell me that, but it made my life much easier, but my concious much heavier. I didn't have the heart to explain to my son, why he would probably never see his mother again.
I don't know where Niya was, last I heard Sauce and his hoes left town and he opened a new club, but noone knew anything. Everymonth llike clock work, a hundred grand came to the spot, I dropped it off and walked away. A hundred grand a month was nothing compared to what I was willing to pay for Niya. My heart still craved her, my body still needed her, I wasn't living right without Niya. It's like my bones knew something was wrong, that something was missing. Niya is my other half, my heart and without her, I couldn't tell you what I was. Dior was cool, she was convient she did everything for me and anything to me, but she wasn't Niya. She wouldn't be able to fulfill my heart like Niya and she knew it. Dior was just another chick for me, I didn't pay her no mind, she worshipped me and I liked being treated like the King I was and that's it. I hated Niya for leaving me that day, I probably would never forgive her, the next time I seen her she was not going to get any love, any respect, any emotion. I wanted to make her pay to, I wanted to make her hurt like she did me. As much as I loved her, right now I knew I secretly hated her for what she did to me. She was going to pay just like he was.
Right now I was standing on my balcony, smoking the loudest weed money could buy, and sipping on something just as strong. I was clearing my mind for a second before I had to make some moves with my peoples. Pablo was coming to town in a few days and I knew that I had to prepare even through I was ready. I stood up wondering what the fuck I was doing with my life, what the fuck I was doing here, I should have been looking for Niya, but she decided where she wanted to be. FUCK, why was she long gone, but still stuck on my fucking brain cells. I just can't believe that she betray, I always thought she would ride for me, always thougth she was the one, how did she get one over on me. I thought I knew her, but maybe she was playing me like she played sooo many other niggas.

2 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:55 pm


Niya Chapter 2

Do you remember the first thing I told you when I first met, do you remember my first statement. That I don't know if my life was going or already gone. Well I do, I remember what I told you because what I told you was important, it just wasn't my story it was my life. This jorney that you read is my life, the times you laughed at my silliness, or frown at my mistakes, it was my life. And I'm surprised you got through the first chapter, but you did just like I did.
Well here I am, well I don't know if this is me, it don't feel like me, it don't even look like me, and it definately don't act like me. After leaving King that night, a part of me died a huge part of me died. I know you're wondering why did I leave, why didn't I fight or choose King. Well the answer is simple, I love King I love King enough to make sacrifices and that's what I did that night. If King would have died that I don't know where i would be or what I would be doing. I would probably be in a mental hospital on suicide watch, because living without King is not possible to me. I made a choice to let the man I love live even if it was without me. That day was the hardest day of my life and I've been lost ever since.
Here I was in Miama Florida, at Sauce's new strip club as his best dancer, every night I was on the pole, giving lap dances, and working for those dollars. It's funny because I'm back to where it all started, only difference is that I didn't fuck anybody and I was a dope head. I'm not going to lie to you, I was heavy on that white girl, every morning, every night, sniffing lines just to survive. My body was starting to look difference the powder, liquor, and pills were starting to get the best of me. I know you're wondering why I did it or why I was doing it, but I thought about Zane and King everyday, all day. When I sniffed all of those thoughts faded away, all those memories disappeared and I was in my own little world.
"Niya" Khia said shaking me out of my daze, I was in the back room of the club getting ready for my performance. In other words I was seperating three lines, these would be lines number nine, ten, and elevan for me.
"Huh?" I said between lines, throughing my head back so that I wouldn't waste any blow.
"Damn girl you need to slow the fuck down and focus on this money." Khia said putting on lipstick.
"Yea" I said smiling as my mind drifted to butterfiles and shit.
"You know you go up in five," she said watching me as I sniffed the last line then shook her head. Khia took care of me looked out for making sure I didn't do any stupid shit while I was high. She was disappointed through, I could tell by the way she spoke to me sometimes. "And you know Sauce be acting like he on his period and shit so don't piss him off." She said laughing.
"Yea he do" I said popping two perks and chasing it with a shot of Patron. I know you're thinking that's a lot for a girl who couldn't even handle a bottle of wine LOL, but the pain on my chest wouldn't allow me to live sober, wouldn't allow me to breathe with out pain, so it started with alcohol, then lead to the pills, and now I'm sniffing.
I stood up, tonight I was wearing five inch black suede boots that went mid thigh with diamonds and spikes all over them, a black teddy with matching thong. Althrough I was a little skinner, my body was still healthy and I still was the baddest stripper in the club. I put on my garter belt then added lip gloss and was looking perfect. The lines were starting to take it's toll and I headed to the main floor to my pole, it was made just for me to dance on. It was in the middle of the floor right where any and everyone could see me dance all night.
Before I was able to start dancing, a group of men was throwing hundreds, some was basketball players, others were working men, but nothing less then twenties was being thrown. I gripped the pole and and lifted my bottom half up, and began making my thighs and ass clap. I hung myself upside down wrapping my thighs around the pole and pulling my top down showing my breast.
"How you like it Daddy?" I asked sticking my tongue out and rubbing my tits, he through a stack of hundreds at me, and I knew he was balling.
"Yo, come to the private room with me." he said in a New York accent just like King. "My mans got the room, and I want you" he said when I pressed a button and one of the waitresses came over collecting all my money off the floor.
I followed him to the backroom where a private party was going on, I didn't know who was throwing it, but they must have been balling cuz it was a couple thousand dollars to rent the room for the night. It was about ten dudes in the room, and a few strippers from the club and some other girls that came with the guys I guess. He set down as I began working the pole, with no problems, before I knew it the whole room eyes were on me. I was at the top of the pole with my legs spread while opened while I bounced my ass up and down. Dollars were being thrown at me, and niggas were screaming at me, but I heard none of it at this moment I was in my zone. I wrapped my legs around the pole lying straght across then started spinning like a helicopter down. I got a little above the ground, then flipped away from the pole and began ass bouncing to 2chainz and nikki minaj "luv dem strippers."
"Niya" I heard a female voice scream taking me out my zone. I looked up and I couldn't believe who was standing right infront of me. How was this possible that I was seeing a face from my past, a face from the life I use to live.
"Asia" I said looking at her and I must admit she was looking like a dime.
"What the fuck are you doin here?" she asked pulling my arm while a couple niggas spoke under there breathe, but no one challeneged her. She pulled me to a private table and set me down, but I immediately fell over as the perks made me scratch left to right. "Are you fuckin high?" She said lifting my chin and looking at my nose. "I know Sauce ain't got you sniffing that shit" she yelled.
"Stop it" I said pushing her away and looking through the crowd.
"When Cash gets here, he's going to kill Sauce. I thought you was with that dude and had a baby, where's your son Niya?"
"I don't know" I said throwing my head back.
"What the fuck you mean you don't know, Niya this is not you, I'm calling Cash right now." she said going in her louis vutton bag and pulling out her iphone.
"No" I said not wanting to face him or anybody else who knew me before this.
"Ain't none of that, you need fucking help," she said while I tried to snatch the phone. She waited on the phone, but I guess there was no answer because she hung up and rolled her eyes. "How did you get like this?" she said looking at me with shame in her eyes.
"DOn't fucking judge me, you don't know shit" I yelled at her standing up.
"Well tell me Niya" she said grabbing my hand pulling me back down.
"He made me choose," I said placing my head down. "He made me choose either go with him and let King live, or he would kill King and take me. I had to come, I couldn't live if I found out that King died because of my drama." I said crying as her face softened.
"This is why he ran down here" Asia said under her breathe. "We gotta get you out of here" she said shaking her head.
"No, I don't have no where to go, I don't have any family. And since when do you give two flying fucks about me" I yelled pushing her away.
"Since, I came to your house at my worst and you was there for me, since then Niya. I might not have gotten alone with you, but I always respected you for what i saw in you and I be damned if you throw your life away." she said shaking her head. "Cash" she said standing up and walking over to him before I could respond.
"Niya" he said with his eyes glued to me.
"Or what's left of her" Asia said pulling him to sit down beside me. "Look at what Sauce did to her, she's on that shit"
"What?" he said looking over me like I was dead and came back to life. "Niya, you can't be fucking serious?" he said and I could tell he was angry, as I looked away. "I'ma handle it" he said standing up and walking away.

Cash Chapter 2 cont..

Here I was living the life I never thought I would have, Layla gave me a beautiful girl and was at the hotel watching them while Asia and I hit the town. Life was going good, the money was coming in, and the past was leaving
I don't know what was going on, I don't know how Niya ended up with Sauce sick ass, but I had to fix this. I had to figure out how to save Niya, althrough I couldn't be with Niya I still loved her and I was going to protect her with my last breathe. I looked at her and her eyes weere low with chingy eyes, and could tell she was high off of something. She tried to smile at me, but I could see the pain in her eyes. I had to fix this, I took a swig of a bottle and went to find Sauce, he had some explaining to do.
"Yoo my man" Sauce said sitting in the VIP section upstairs.
"I need to talk to you" I said pulling him aside and then following him to the side.
"About what nigga, you need to be enjoying yourself with one of these fine ass strippers." he said spreading his arms out.
"Niya" I said giving him a serious face. He looked around for amintue then lead me to the back to his office.
"What about her, she dozing the fuck off again, I told that bitch to stop using soo fucking much before she went on." he said walking towards the door.
"What the fuck are you doin? You got Niya takin fuckin drugs? Nigga I should kill you" I said in a low voice through my teeth.
"Man, that hoe bringing me money" he said laughing like it was a joke.
"Yo, let her go" I said standing up and challenging him because I knew him better then any other person in the world.
"Business" he said taking a sip and challenging me back.
"Fuck business, I want her out" I said wondering where this was going to go, because I was prepared to go to extreme measures for Niya.
"I said business and I got money on that ass" Sauce said taking a step back.
"You put Niya on insurance?"
"Yea, hundred grand a month" he said smiling and winking at me. "All I have to do is make sure the bitch don't get fucked" he said shuckling.
"Let Niya go" I said turning my back ot him or my anger would get the best of me.
"Cash, these are my hoes, you gave them away and you can't come back making calls." he said placing his drink down and starring me dead in my eyes.
"When it comes to Niya, I make whatever call I want with you, how the fuck did you get her?" I asked through my teeth.
"I traded her, I was going for Sasha, but when Niya came along, I knew that I hit the jack pot with her. That nigga came tryna save her and shit like Superman, I dumped more holes in his fucking body then a slice of cheese. He was on his last breathe, and I told her to choose, ofcourse she choose me trying to save her man. Stupid bitch don't know that rather or not if she choose me, that he was going to die." he said taking a sip. "But every month, I get that cash money delivered front and center." he said taking pride.
"You're done" I said making my final decision. "You not eating out here, no more business rides your way" I said trying to keep my peace.
"It's aight, cuz these bitches feeding me lovely, a hundred grand a month just for one bitch, what the fuck I need you for" he said laughing like he heard a funny story.
"You're protection is off," I said knowing how to control him. I had protection put on Sauce to insure that I would always make money. None of the bosses could touch him, or kill him because he was under my wing, but tonight I was pulling that.
"Nigga fuck that, I'm the King down here, I got these bitches making these niggas sweat. Niggas want beef bring it to the club and I'll make sure I leave them in Sauce. I'm that fucking nigga, and anyone who have a problem is welcomed to come get it." he said challenging me.
"You're right," I said laughing loudly "We're done" I said walking awya and heading towards the back. "Asia we gotta get out of here" I said knowing I only had a few minutes to get out before shit got real.
"What about Niya?" she asked looking back.
"I can't bring her this time," I said pulling her through the crowds when I saw security looking at me. "We gotta save ourselves first, but Niya will be free by the end of this month." I said pushing through the door and heading towards the car. I sped off, making it a point to head back to the hotel room and get Layla and the kids because I had to protect my family.
"Hello" Pablo said through the phone after I called him for the second time.
"Man, it's two in the morning and I'ma be in town by the end of the week go get some work from King" he grumbled in the phone, and I knew he was annoyed.
"Why didn't you tell me about Niya?" I said making him go into immediate silence.
"You found her?" he said, now I knwo I had his full attention.
"Yea, I found her, even through I didn't know she was missing" I said throwing him a hint.
"Last year the Sasha situation, I wasn't allowed to touch him cuz he had protection" he said grumbling in the back and then moving.
"I didn't know he had Niya" I said feeling like I was the reason she was caught up in the mess.
"Well she wasn't suppose to be there she got mixed up."
"Well Sauce is off of protection, and we gotta get Niya, he got her sniffing"
"WHAT, King's going to kill him." he said, but I could tell that he was thinking up a plan. "I'm going to call him and when I get to town we're having a meeting"
"AIght, I gotta get out of Miami," I said laughing at the thought that Sauce thought he would get the chance to take me out.

King Chapter 3
I was just getting in the house at about three o' clock in the morning, I had a meeting with some of my niggas and I had to make sure the money was on point. I got to the bedroom and all I wanted to do was lay down, but Dior was sitting up waiting for me, like she's been doing all week. I didn't want to hear her mouth, I was getting sick of her and to be honest I had a bitch sucking me off on the way to my meeting.
"King" She said when she noticed that I was ignoring her.
"Huh?" I said sitting down on the bed in my briefs, pulling my shirt off my well toned body. I not only got back in shape, I improved one hundred and fifty percent, my body was now cocky and arms were huge and tatted.
"It's three in the fucking morning and all you have to say is huh, where hae you been I cooked dinner and was waiting for you" she said nagging me, if we were in the light she would have seen me rolling my eyes.
"I'm grown" I said laughing lightly and taking off my watch.
"I know but you have responsibilities here me and your child"
"Yo," I said answering the phone when I saw Pablo name flash across my phone.
"We gotta have a meeting when I get down there,"
"Like always" I said wondering why he was calling me to tell me shit I already knew.
"Really?" Dior in the background.
"Shut the fuck up," I growled at her, and Pablo chuckled.
"Don't talk to me like that" Dior said sitting up.
"Bitch don't make me slap the shit out of you" I said looking at her like she lost her mind.
"It's about Niya" he said grabbing my full attention. "Good news" he said knowing what I was thinking.
"Niya" I repeated and now Dior had my full attention, even if I wasn't giving it to her.
"Niya" Dior said and I had enough.
"Call me and set up a date, I'm bout to handle what's on my plate"
"One last thing, the meeting is with Cash" he said disconnecting the call before I could respond to that.
"What the fuck you talking bout Niya ass for?" Dior said before I could place the phone down on the nightstand.
"Yo, Dior I swear to you, I will slap the shit out of you" I said sighing so she could tell I was serious. She didn't say anything else just rolled over being extra for attention I wasn't going to give her.
I closed my eyes and I couldn't help, but to think about Niya and her fat ass, back home where she was suppose to be. I was soo close to having her, so close to being with her, a smile spread across my face at memories. My dick immediately got hard when I remembered all the things we did in bed with eachother and I couldn't help, but to start storking it. I couldn't take it anymore, I rolled over getting on top of Dior, she wasn't even sleeping just sitting there. I entered and closed my eyes, the whole time I was picturing Niya, I was wishing it was Niya, I didn't even open my eyes. Damn that was good, I thought while I nutted all over her stomach, and she walked away to wash her stomach. SHe came back and laid on my chest, but I rolled on my side turning my back to her.

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King Chaper 3 cont...

Last night was wild, I must admit that I was feeling some type of way after hearing what I hread about Niya last night. I woke up this morning with hope, I don't understand how I got this feeling in my stomach when I knew that a part of me hated Niya, I hated the fact that she left me. I hated the fact that she choose him over me and I couldn't believe that she played me. But a part of me wanted to see her, wanted to know what would make her choose another nigga over me, I wanted to hear her explanation for things.
I was getting dressed I had a meeting for a new artist I had on the label, a girl name Shay Red that was a hella of a singer. I was tryin to get her in the studio ASAP, because she what the hood needed. After that, I had to see how the run to Deleware went and get my money. I was suppose to be heading to my new night club I was building and check on the construction. I had to go to the doctors and get checked out for an annual check up, and that was just all before one. My schedule was crazy now and I liked it that way, this way I didn't have to sit around thinking about people or feelings.
I walked out the house dressed in a pair of straight leg dark blue Levis, a white V-neck and red cardigan with white stripes. I was wearing a pair of white and red number five jay's. Adding my platinum white diamond rosary, with the matching, watch and pinky ring set. I let an ice cube sit in my ear, just so bitches know they messing with a King. I didn't want to have to face Dior today, I wasn't beat for the nagging, I could feel in my heart that I wasn't into her, into us. Maybe I didn't want to let her in, or maybe my heart was occupied by something or someone else, but I wasn't really feeling her or us. As much as I knew that was true a part of me wanted it to work with Dior, I don't know why, I was caught up with this girl something was holding me to her.
Going through out the day was tougher then I thought it would be, every part of me thought about what I was going to do, what I was going to say, what was going to happen. I know my heart was a bit bitte, and my heart was a bit cold, I hope I didn't fall in love with her. I wanted this to be over I wanted this to be done with, was that too much to ask for. All day I was getting caught up, all day I was getting caught up in deep thoughts, right now I just wanted to hop in my tub and watch sports center while I smoked one.

Sasha Chapter 3 cont....
Finally tomorrow morning, I would be leaving and headed back to New York smelling the New York air. Finally being in the city again, a fashion capital, where other people would be and I couldn't wait. Plus Pablo promised me romance, something we haven't been getting because of family time and personal problems. I couldn't wait to be back in New York and hopefully I would be able to convince Pablo to move us back to Jersey one day, but I knew that day was coming no time soon. I made sure I packed everything I could pack, knowing that I would be coming back with more bags then I left with.
"Babe" I said crawling on the bed where Pablo was watching some show about cooking.
"Huh?" he said not paying me anymind, while he sipped on his beer.
"I'm all packed" I said lying down and stuffing a pillow under my side trying to get as comfy as possible.
"We might stay a little longer, I may have business to handle."
"Oh okay, that's cool, but remember what you promised me" I said hoping he wouldn't be all work and no play.
"Romance," he said rolling his eyes because I nagged him about it more then enough.
"Yeah romance" I said in a sarcastic voice. "You act like I'm asking for a lot." I sad rolling my eyes.
"In a way you are" he said folding his left foot over the other.
"How?" I said lying my head on his shoulder.
"We been having our problems Sasha" He said looking at me out the croner of his eyes.
"So what?" I said jumping up and starring at him. "So what you don't want me to come to New York because of what we were going through?" I said in full annoyed mood. He looked at me taking another sip of the beer and shrugging his shoulders. "Really Pablo?" I said looking at him and his face showed it all. I stood up and shook my head before walking away with my blanket and pillow, preparing to sleep in Jayla's room llike I've done a few times Pablo and I were on the wrong page. "Fine, I won't come" I said going to slide open the door.
"Sasha, don't do this tonight" Pablo said to me.
"Do what?" I said throwing the blanket and pillow down, then spinning around. "Fuck you talking bout don't do anything, what am I doing?"
"Stop yelling" he said placing his bottle down on the night stand. "This is what I don't want to go through in New York."
"You know what, how about you go to New York handle business and stay in fucking New York." I said picking up my blanket before I knew it Pablo was across the room in a dash standing in my face. "Pablo get out my fucking way" I said trying to get around him.
"What's your fucking deal?" he said pulling at his hair like he was losing his mind.
"Oh you don't know, all you want to do is travel and leave your family behind, all I ask is for some time and you don't even get it like I don't deserve a break. You never asked how I felt about the move not once, you just up and moved us expecting me to be happy."
"I'm not doing this to punish you, I'm doing this to protect my family, the same family you put into danger, the same family you tried to take away from me." he said yelling in my face.
"You keep bringing that up and you forgot that I was saving my family, I don't have a mother she died she's not here, she can't give me another fucking sister. So I did what the fuck I had to do, cuz leave it to you, I would be sitting around waiting for you while my sister probably would be in a fucking box." I yelled pointing in his face.
"Leave it to you, my wife would have been in a fucking box right next to her fucking sister" he said walking around then turning back towards me.
"That's what an older sister does, she protects her sister until she's in a fucking box Pablo" I said getting in his face.
"And a husband protects his wife" he screamed so loud I thought the house shook.
"You don't get it," I said ready to give up.
"No you don't fucking get it, I lost my wife and daughter already, I know how it feels to lose your other half, to lose you first child. I lost my family before, and I refuse to have to go through that again. So excuse me if I want to protect you, when you put us in these stupid ass situations. You're the reason we're fucking here Sasha, this is what you caused." he said grabbing my face.
"Don't touch me" I said slapping his hand away. "Stop hating me for choosing my sister over you," I said fed up and finally speaking my mind.
"Are you fuckin serious? If I hate you, it's because you tried to take my family away from me, after you found out what happened to my wife and child. You soo fucking selfish" he said while his shoulders rised and fell.
"So you hate me?" I asked feeling my eyes filled with tears.
"You know what, I can't win" he said throwing his hands in the air and walking away and slamming the door behind him.

Niya Chapter 4
Hopeless, right now, right here, at this moment that's the only emotion that flowed through my veins, I thought there would be some hope when I saw Asia and Cash. But I realized that they were just people i knew in my past life, a life that I didn't live anymore, a life that I didn't live anymore. I had to adjust to my new life, this is all my life was and I couldn't change it just accept it. No one could save me, until the day I died and until then I guess this was as good as it gets.
I was lying on the bed in my room, chilling after drinking and taking a few lines letting my mind roam to the happy times I had in my life.
"Niya" I heard Khia yell at me, once again here she was pulling me out of my zone.
"Huh?" I said looking up at the televsion and watching an episode of Spongebob.
"You aight, you been going hard for the last few days."
"Man, I'm just tryna stay with a clear head" I said sipping on some wine.
"Girl, you better slow the fuck down before you kill yourself" she said lying next to me.
"Like I want to live for a long fucking time." I said chuckling.
"Yea, I hear that" she said lying her head on my stomach. I spinned around on my stomach and she starred at my tattoo."How was it?"
"How was what?" I said giggling at Squidward curse Spongebob out.
"Being with someone who loved you," she said grabbing my attention. I took a deep breathe and set up taking a sip of my wine, then gulping.
"Amazing, it was like I found someone that would make every part of me a hundred percent. He would be aggressive when I would be shy, he would be my protector when I was insecure, we confided in one another laughed together, for the first time I had some one care about my feelings, care about my well being want to see me better myself. It's like we found eachother just when we lost hope in love, at the moment when I gave up there he was saving me from myself. Now I feel like it's so much missing, I don't have no one to hold me at night, put up with my bullshit, make love to me, I don't have that and I never realized how much I was missign until I met him and lost him. I'm nothing without him, I don't know what to think, how to feel, what to believe, I don't understand how I went soo long through out my life without having my other half. I remember all I did would strive just to make him happy, if he was every unhappy I would cry that's how much I cared about him. He spoiled me rotten, this bag that bag, these shoes those shoes, and my ring was huuge, because he loved methat much he wanted to show it in money. We grew up with a dice tossed to lose, and somehow we made, somehow we found a way to eachother." I said closing my eyes remembering all the sweet memories.
"Damn that sounds like the fuckin life, all the glam, I remember I use to go on the internet and see you driving the flyest cars, chilling with the rich and famous, walking down the street wearing the flyest shit. I mean we always did that, but it was like you were famous, and to be here, I understand why you do it." she said pointing to the powder sitting on my nightstand. "I was happy for you, because it was like you made it to a better lfe when most people said we wouldn't get anywhere."
"Girl if I made what am I doing sniffing lines, if King ever saw this he would fucking kill me, it was a hassle getting him to let me smoke weed." I said laughing, remembering the last few days we shared. We kicked it for the rest of the night, but not without me getting high as a fucking kite to keep the dreams from turning to night mares. The higher I got the less I would have to deal with, have to face reality.

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King Chapter 4

Damn, Pablo was finally in town I was so anxious, I couldn't wait until we had our meeting, I was surprised that he brought Sasha up because she was the reason shit went down and I knew he was very protective of his family. I had one thing on my mind, revenge I could picture the way I would kill him, how I would torture him, how I would make him beg me to take his life. My plan would soon be in action and I couldn't wait to see him at his worst. It felt like it took forever to have this meeting, it was Tuesday when Pablo came down and tonight was Thursday and we we're finally having our meeting even through it was with Cash. I don't know if he had anythng to do with Niya being caught, but I felt like he did so I always held animosity towards the nigga even through we work together. Now I was going to have to go off his word, if this was a set up I owuld kill him first without even hesitating because I really didn't give a fuck. Right now I was preparing for the meeting placing on a white long sleeve V-neck and pair of Tru Religions, I placed on my black rosary with the matching watch and bracelet. I wore a black and yellow leather motorcycle jacket with a pair of yellow Nike, running sneakers.
"Where you going?" Dior said walking into the closet as I checked myself out in the closet and decided to change my outfit.
"Meeting" I said without even looking at her and began looking for something to wear. I wish Niya was here to pick something out for me. Damn I had to stop thinking bout that girl, I thought shaking my head.
"Oh I thought we could go to the thatre and watch a movie or something" Dior said twirling her fingers. I immediately felt bad, here I was thinking bout the bitch that left me when there was a chick right here willing to stay with me.
"It's a meeting with Pablo, I'll be home early cuz Sasha's in town with him." I said walking over to her rubbing the side of her face. "Then I'll come home and we can rock out" I said placing on a wife beater with a black and yellow Vampire Life shirt that Said "BITE ME". I sprayed my neck with Ralph Lauren number 1 and lotioned my hands before placing two stacks in my pockets and walking out hoping in my all balck Mazarati and zooming through the streets. I pulled up to Cash house and I felt my stomach drop, I didn't know how to feel or what to think at this point. I parked and pressed the bell waiting for someone to open the door. I saw Layla open the door and I smiled, she was cool real laid back and focused so I never had a problem with her.
"They on the patio" she said walkign into the livingroom and I walked into the back where Pablo was sitting down at a table with Cash. Both of them stood and shook hands with me passing me a cup of something, but I didn't hesitate to throw it back I was going to need something to loosen me up.
"Damn nigga, what you live in the gym" Cash said laughing with Pablo.
"Yea, you can stop working out before you can't put your arms down" Pablo said lifitng up his cup.
"Fuck outta here" I said flexing my arms. "So wassup" I said ready to go in business.
"I know where Sauce at, and he got Niya" Cash said getting ready to the point.
"Where is he?" I said starring at him.
"Miami he own a club called sweets it's packed" he said referring to the security.
"What's the move?" Pablo asked me wanting to kow my call.
"Go get her kill him, what else is there to talk about?" I sad leaning back starring at Cash.
"I'm down, I got Sunday then I have to go home" Pablo said giving me a nod.
"All we gotta do is get Sauce to the warehouse, then you can do whatever you want with him" Cash said making this to easy.
"Why you giving up your mans so easy?" I asked putting everything on the table.
"He crossed me, no one crosses me." Cash said starring me in my eyes.
"You gotta come better then that" I said filling my cup with more Patron.
"I didn't know he had Niya, no one told me, and Niya means a lot to me and he knew that, he was pose to be my mans" Cash said with venom in his voice. "I mean, I never would have let that shit go on if I knew because the last thing I want is to see Niya unhappy and I know she happy with you." he said not facing me, but I could respect what was being said. "I gave him that protection, I gave him the club, I did this, but if I knew that Niya was wrapped up I would have been cut him out the picture"
"Word" Pablo said shaking his head.
"I'm going to kill him" I said without even thinking twice.
"Man, I know you gonna cry when you see Niya" Cash said laughing. "You miss her?" he said already knowing the answer.
"Yea, but I ain't worried bout her, I want my revenge on him, he left me for dead and she followed. The only reason I'm sparing her is because she's the mother of my first son." I said putting on my stone face.
"That's it, man you ain't gonna be saying that shit when you see that ass again." he said laughing and we all chuckled.
"Man, I got a girl at home" I said sipping lightly.
"Who?" Pablo said lighting a cigar.
"Dior," I sad reminding Pablo, but he told me a few times he never took us serious and he don't like her.
"Ohh, you sticking with that huh?" Pablo said shaking his head.
"Dior who?" Cash said raising an eyebrow. "You're babymama, nigga no I know you didn't wife that hoe" Cash said laughing as he lite a blunt.
"Yea, she held me down ever since I got out the hospital." I said shrugging my shoulders.
"She know about Niya, or you not going to bring Niya back?" he asked and I knew deep down inside that I wouldn't be able to just leave Niya behind.
"I don't know it depends on how that bitch act" I said chuckling.
"That's a yes" Pablo said looking at Cash and they both shook there heads.
For the next hour we planned out what we were going to do and how we were going to do it, I knew that a bunch of niggas like us were going to do something sick. I was twisted and when I was let loose I would do some serious damage. I got a smile when I thought about finally having that nigga in my grip, finally being able to show that nigga how angry I was.

Sasha Chapter four cont...
I was in the hotel room, watching television and was waiting for Pablo to get back, even through we weren't on the same page, I was still enjoying the trip. We barely spoke to one another the last few days because needless to say we were still angry about the argument we had the night before we left for here. I heard the door open and Pablo walked in the master suite and head straight for the bathroom while I watched an old episode of Basketball wives. I was going to order some room service because the baby was throwing a fit. It was seven o' clock on a beautiful Friday night in New York city and here I was in a hotel room calling it a night.
"We leave at Eight thirty" Pablo said taking off his clothes and grabbing his suit case lying it on the bed.
"Where we going?" I said excited, but didn't want to show it because of how angry I was.
"I promised you something, and I keep my promises get dressed" he said looking through his suitcase and I jumped up.
I went to my closet knowing exactly what I was going to wear, I brought it while I was on a shopping spree and he was out doing business. I plugged up a curling iron into the wall and began prepping my face for a night on the town. I took a shower about forty minutes ago, so I didn't have to take another one. I was going to slipp into a cream one piece pants suit that had a halter top and complemented my stomach without making me look huge. I was going to wear it with a pair of snake skin Jimmy Choo pumps and matching clutch. I began doing my hair just simple large curls, giving my hair volume and bounce. I decided not to wear any make-up because Pablo like my natural, he came into the bathroom wearing only a pair of David Bechem briefs and I couldn't help my blush. He washed his face, then brushed his teeth, looking at me everytime I began starring at him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and gave me a kiss on my cheek and starred at me, and rubbed my stomach making me giggle.
After we both got dressed I was looking in the mirror wondering how fat I looked, I added a pair of dangling diamond earring and a few gold bracelets and lipgloss. He came out the closet looking like a million bucks, I couldn't hold my smile after seeing this man dreassed to impress for me. He was wearing a grey casmere sweater with a black stripe going through the chest. He pulled up his sleeves to under his elbows. He had on fitted all black jeans and a pair of black and grey Polo boots. He always kept his jewlery to a minimun only wearing a platinum rolex on his wrist.
"You ready" he said picking up a few things off of the bed and putting them in his pockets.
"Yea, you like" I said turning around and posing.
"You putting on a jacket" he said raising an eyebrow.
"I wasn't planning on it," I said rolling my eyes.
"It's going to get chilly," he said walking over to me. "And you look beautiful" he said kissing my cheek.
Damn I was sick off of this boy and I couldn't help it, just when I thought he didn't care, he always showed that he did. I added a blazer and we headed out, hopping in his black Ferrari he brought himself for his birthday. We valet parked and walked straight into Hilton Hotel that was a bar and restaurant, we hopped on the elevator and went to the top floor where the private restaurant for important people only, Pablo spoke to a few celeraties that he knew, after opening his two sports bars, celebraties from all over would come and meet Pablo. I was proud of his success even through he didn't see it as anything important, we became sociallites and Pablo perferred to stay to himself. We set on the outside patio where it was set up gorgeous, candles were lite everywhere and there was roses all over the patio.
"Did you set this up for me?" I said looking back and smiling.
"Maybe" he sadi sitting me down and then taking his seat, the table was set for two with covers over my plate. The waitress came over and opened a bottle of apple cider for both of us, and I enjoyed the view of the whole city lite up and I missed it so much. The waitress lifted up our trays, but instead of there being food, set a beautifully wrapped blue box, which only met one thing for me TIFFANY'S.
"Is this for me?" I asked folding my legs.
"It ain't for me" me said being a smart ass.
I smiled and opened it and there set a platinum tennis bracelet, I couldn't believe how pretty it was or how shiny it was, Pablo always had good taste. I looked up and he starred at me wearing his famous smirk and all I could do was smile and shake my head. I was so happy, I wanted to put it on at that moment, and never take it off.
"Well" he said raising his eyebrow.
"I love it." I said smiling and laughing, it was funny he still put this feeling in my stomach like a four year old girl.
"I hoped you would" he said as the waitress, pulled a cart over and made us fresh ceasar salad cart side. I began eating and I was enjoying my meal because I didn't eat much all day, Pablo starred at me and laughed.
"Sorry, I haven't ate since breakfast" I said wiping my lips off with the napkin, making sure not to smear my lip stick.
"Why not" he asked licking his lips making my quiver alittle.
"You know how I am when I'm pregnant, my appetite don't exist" I said waving my hands
"Yea, I had to force youto eat" he said chuckling at the memories of my first pregnancy.
"While Niya, would eat any and everything. She would be eating taco bell and doritos at four o clock in the morning" I said chuckling at the memories while I drank some cider.
"Calling to ask what you were doin?" he said laughing and my memories came flooding my head. I wandered what she was doing, was she safe, I didn't want her out there with no guidance. "I miss her too" he said reaching across the table and taking my hand into his. Two waitresses came over, one taking our plates and the other sitting plates on our table, he pulled off my lid and there was another blue Tiffany box waiting for me.
"ANother one" I said smiling, he said raising his eyebrows. "You're spoiling me" I said unwrapping the silk wrapper and pulling the top off. There was two platinum diamond earrings that looked like small ice cubes chipped off of an icebreg. The waitress smiled at me admiring my gift and I could feel myself tearing up. The waitress placed down my dinner and I smiled at the lobster, red potatoes, and vegetable medley. It was my favorite and Pablo knew that, I was so happy how Pablo knew everything about me, it still made me smile til this day and it's been years since we first met. I was eating and having small talk with Pablo, it was something we both wanted and needed. Before our last meal came, Pablo stood up and walked over to me pulling me up to stand. He starred at me and he grabbed my hand pulling it up to his lips to kiss, then he placed his finger under my chin and kissed me, like it meant everything to him.
"Sorry, I couldn't wait any longer" he said stepping back and helping me into my chair. I'm glad he did because after the kiss he gave me I don't think that I could stand any longer. He had my body fully awake, and I wanted him like never before. I was about to flood my panties and I knew that I would finally get some after a month of us, not having any sex. The waitress came over refilling my and Pablo's cup and I smiled because I was having the best night in my lfie. A plate was set on the table and I lauged because just like the others it was covered.
"Babe, I don't think I can handle anymore surprises tonight" I said smiling at him. "You've given me enough" I said pointing at the two boxes that was already sitting on the table.
"You can't take anymore surprises, hum that would be a first" He said, but I knew he was talking about so much more.
I gave him a slick smirk taking it as a challenge when the waitress lifted up the metal plate and there stood the longest of the three boxes. Ofcorse it was Tiffany's and I didn't hesitate to open the box, there set the necklace to set off the set. I covered my face, yes I was use to the better things in life, but to have someone give to you because they love you and wanted you to have nice things always will put a smile on your face, no matter how expensive or nice.
"I feel terrible because I didn't buy you anything babe" i said sitting it down and pouting.
"I was thinking you could model what I brough you wearing nothing else," he said planning our night out and I was down for whatever.
"Babe, I love you so much" I said not being able to hold my tears anymore. "I know we've been having differences lately, but I don't care where we live, where we are as long as I'm with you. I never thought about your feelings and I know I put alot on your plate expecting you to not feel anyway about it and I'm sorry. I love you always have and always will and I never told you I'm sorry about that day, and I am. I will never want to take your family away from you, I know what you've been through and I understand you even if I'm stubbor about it baby. I love you" I said smiling at him and he reached across the table and wiped my tears as the waitress began bringing over desert. I had a slice of cheescake with a strawberry swirl, while Pablo had a chocolate piece of cake that made my mouth water. After I began eating most of his, he just gave it to me, making me come sit on his lap to get it.
"Sasha, I've been thinking" Pablo said as we looked at the stars and enjoyed our apple cider. Ofcourse the weather dropped and I became chilly like Pablo said I would, happy I was decided to take my jacket with me. "I know the move was a big change on everything that was happening and you've been going through a lot. I know you've had a lot on your plate to and I was thinking that I would buy a place up here and visit everyonce in a while and if things smooth out that we could move back here, but it would take time Sasha" he said making me so happy that I could jump up and fly right then and there.
"Oh my god" I said smiling and hugging him soo tightly he had to pry me off of him. "That would be so nice, but babe I wouldn't wnat you to do anything you're not a hundred percent into. If you feel that it would be better having your family in Puerto Rico I will stand behind you one hundred percent, because you've made so many sacrifices for this family that I'm willing to do anything for you." I said rubbing my hand over the side of his face.
"Well I guess you don't want these then" he said pulling a pair of keys from his pocket making me scream so loud our waitress came to make sure everything was going smooth. "I found us a nice small place, on the outside of New York and we can stay up here a few times." he said smiling at me.
"You didn't have to do this" I said kissing all over him as he held me, I began sucking on his neck, and bit his shoulder. He gripped my waist, I always loved when he got aggressive with me, he stuck his hand between my legs and lightly squeezed. I couldn't wait until he was inside of me, I wanted to straddle his lap, but Pablo didn't want to take it that far in public. He was never one for a public display of affection, he got up grabbing all my gifts walking to valet holding me by my lower back and patting my butt. We got into his Ferrari and he sped off into the nights air, not before I leaned over and began to suck his mans while he switched lanes. He was speeding and had to slow down because he was swerving through the streets. We chuckled because he almost crashed his Ferrari and we chuckled after he pulled up and I knew the night only just began.

Niya Chapter Five

I was working the club because Saturday Nights were always the busiest and I was all about the money, I was saving up so I could get away and just disappear. I had almost a hundred grand saved up and I was adding to that every chance I got. This was the day and age of the strippers, niggas would throw thousands at me just to dance in they face, I can't tell you how many rappers, singers, basketball players, and nfl players. Any dude who was spending more then a couple dollars had my attention and I was doing it all on the pole, never fucked one of them it was out of my contract and I perferred it that night. Even through I missed having someone inside me, I knwo that no man would ever compare to the love I made with King. Only he could make love to me, it was like he knew my body better then God himself, I get wet thinking about the way he could make me feel while he was inside of me. It's plenty many nights I stuffed a pillow between my legs squeezing, hoping that I could get the feeling he gave me back. Just for a second, I just missed how deep he would go, how he kissed me how he touched me, it's like he had a manual for my body, he knew what to do and he knew how to do it.
"Aye Niya" Someone yelled across the stage, it was rare to be called Niya nowadays because my stage name was Amazin. Sauce gave it to me, because he said that's what I was, most of the time I would ignore him because he's stupid. I looked up and there stood a dude I never met, I ignored him and continued to dance in my cage on my pole. Dudes continued to throw dollars when the guy stood up and walked up to the cage and starred at me. "Your name Niya right?" he said not paying any attention to the guys who was telling him get out the way.
"What you want, a dance?" I said annoyed he was fucking with the money.
"Yea, I got a room" he said passing me a key and walking away. I continued to dance to a Future song, then headed to room #5. I couldn't believe my eyes, when I saw the figure turn around and there stood....

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Niya Chapter Five cont...

How was it that I haven't seen this man in months and he still looked as good as the first time I met him, nothing about him changed except that he was bigger, like an athlet. He starred at me, starring me down, looking at ever curve of my body. He just stood there and my heart stopped for a second, the man I thought I would never see again. The man that I thought stopped existing was here in my face. So many times I dreamed of tonight, so many times I wished that he would just touch me again. Before I knew it I was crying and he was reaching out to touch me.
"Niy" he spoke to me and his voice felt unreal. "Niy, stop crying I'm here" he said wrapping his arms around me and I held on to him like so many times before never wanting to let go.
"I thought I would never see you again" I said taking a step back.
"Because you left me," he said spitting venom in his mouth.
"I didn't want to leave you" I said, but he turned his face from mines.
"It don't matter," he said going cold on me, like he didn't know like he didn't miss me as much as I missed him.
"Then why are you here?" I asked confused.
"I wanted revenge on that nigga" he said putting on a stone cold face.
"So why come see me," I asked while I felt like I was dying inside. He paused and starred at me for a second watching me like he was starring through me.
"You look different, lost some weight" he said starring at my thighs. "Ass still fat, seen you on the pole, you still doin it big, who the fuck is Amazin?" he said raising an eyebrow.
"Stage name, Sauce gave me, don't change the subject, why did you come see me?" I asked wondering if this is the man I fell inlove with or ws he some random guy that became a stranger.
"I don't know" he said placing his head down. "I came to get you and take you back to Jersey"
"Why?" I just wanted to hear him say he loved me.
"You have a son you need to raise." he said in a cold voice and I knew what he was saying, whatever we had was over it died that night.
"No other reason" I said folding my arms.
"Nah, no other reason" he said starring me in my eyes. "Niya, you left me I will never forgive you because you was suppose to ride with me, I came there that night for you and you left me." he said and I could feel the rage.
"Then make it even, get your revenge and leave me." I said numbing myself completely. I couldn't wait to get away and sniff my life away.
"Same way you spared me for my son, I'm sparing you for my son."
"King please leave" I said folding my arms.
"You're coming with me, when I come back tomorrow, you hear me." he said pointing in my face.
"Get away from me, go get your stupid revenge and leave King" I said starring him in his eyes. I kenw this was too good to be true, I knew that all my dreams were just that dreams.
"Aniya" he grumbled at me pulling my arm, making my whole body fall into his. I starred in his eyes and before I knew it I was kissing him, first he resisted, but that didn't last for too long. He picked me up with no effort and pushed me against the wall. "You don't deserve me" he said pulling away and pushing me against the wall.
"I was the best fucking thing that have ever happened to your sad ass" I said slapping him. He starred at me like I lost my mine and gripped my chin soo hard I thought he would break it then he leaned down and kissed me. "Get off of me" I said pushing him, but I was pinned against the wall.
"Get off of you" He said slamming me against the wall as I hit at him. "Huh, make me Niya" he said gripping my thighs and the heat in my body made me crave him. He was grinding against me and I was so wet I knew he could feel it through his jeans. He held me grinding against me as we kiss, I didn't care we was in a room where it's gone down in this room so many times. He pulled my top down and began sucking on my breast biting me like he wanted to ripe me apart. He pushed me back and I grabbed onto him. but he still pulled back shaking his head.
"I can't do this with you" he said pulling away letting my legs drop from around his waist.
"Why not?" I said confused.
"I got a girl," he said and I felt like the whole world crashed, I tried to hold it in, but I couldnt I tried to stop it from happening, but here they were falling from my eyes. He was over me, he moved on, he found something else in life, something better. "Niya you left me" he said slouching down on a chair.
"I know" I said wanting to explain myself.
"You don't know" he said going back to that cold voice. "I'm over you, my heart will never love again" he said shaking his head. "I'll be back to pick you up" he said getting ready to leave.
"Don't," I said back.
"This again" he said stopping. "Look Niya, I'm not doing this for you, I'm doing this for my son, your son, our son. I don't think he deserve to have to grow up without a mother, like me and you did" King said making me think so heavy about my son. "So like I said, I'll be here tomorrow." he sadi looking at me once more before leaving.
I was so hurt and angry, I walked straight to the dressing room getting my stuff and walking away. I got home, not being able to hold it anymore, I opened my stash a eight ball of coke was sitting there waiting for me. At first I wanted to take a few lines just to take the pain away, then a few more just to take the edge, then a few more just to make me forget tonight, then a few more to make me forget everything. I was lying on the bed drinking my life away, sniffing my memories away wishing tonight never happened.

King Chapter five cont...
I was so confused while me and Pablo rode through the streets of Miami, it sickened me, I was so close, I had her, but I still didn't have her. I don't know why I pulled back, but my heart wouldn't allow me to do it. I love Dior, Niya don't have my heart or own it. I kept trying to convince myself that those statements were true because I don't understand how I could forgive her for walking out on me. She left, walking out, like she didn't love me so right now I didn't love her. I tried to act like I didn't love her, because of what she did, but my heart needed her for some reason and that made me angry. I was in the room number five, same room that I first pulled her aside in, the first night I truly spoke to her. It meant something to me, it meant alot to me, she meant alot to me, and I couldn't take it. Touching her, holding her, kissing her, set my body on fire like she could months ago. It felt like after that night, I was awakend and that shit drove me wild, excited me, but scared me at the same time. It was something off about her, something different, I couldn't put my finger on, she looked different felt different, it was like her head was somewhere else.
"You ready?" Pablo said pulling up to an old warehouse on the other side of south beach.
"Yea," I said getting out the car while Pablo pulled the baggage from the trunk.
He carried it over his shoulder while we walked into the warehouse, going into a room where I turned on a light, where there was nothing there, but a table to the side and a wooden chair in the middle of the floor, right under a hook. I pulled a chair right infront of the chair sitting in the room, Pablo place the work down on the chair and pulled off the sak covering him. Here Sauce was tied up and confused about where he was, after he was drugged from the drug we threw in his bottle, strong enough to knock out a 300 pound foot ball player.
"What the fuck?" he said looking at me and Pablo and began struggling to get out his seat, but Pablo had already tied him down. "Are you fuckin crazy?" he said looking between me and Pablo, while Pablo paid attention to the tools on the table, I cleaned out my nails. "Let me the fuck go" he screamed like a girl. I paid him no mind, didn't have a need for conversation I knew I was going to kill him no matter what he said.
"Well" Cash said walking in the room, finally making his precense known."You pissed off the wrong niggas"
"Fuck yall pussy ass niggas, all yall can suck my dick" Sauce said trying to act tough, but I could see the fear starting to sit in his stomach, showing through his eyes.
"Fuck us, you did this to yourself my dude, you knew your actions would come with consequences." Cash said leaning again the wall.
"Nigga sick over what?" Sauce said smirking
"You threatened me, last time you saw me, telling me some shit like you were the King of Miami." Cash said making me luagh at the stupidity of this nigga.
"You crossed me, we made a deal and you tried to fuck me over You tried to set my bitch up, fuck with my family." Pablo said in a voice that sent chills up my back. He still had his back to me while he handled tools on the table.
"Nigga you tried to kill me and took my bitch" I said making everyone in the room laugh.
"I should have killed you" Sauce spit at me still acting like he was a tough guy. "Yea I took your bitch, and you pay me to keep" he said smirking at me. I should have got up to kill him, I should have fucked him up right thne and there, but I knew his time was coming and I wanted to enjoy every minute of him.
"You know he going to kill you right?" Cash said out of nowhere making me laugh so hard I had to take a deep breathe.
"Yall a bunch of pussy niggas, it took three of yall to get at me" he said laughing.
"Don't flatter yourself, I could have killed you with one shot to the dome, while you was getting brain in the car from that red bone bitch. But I wanted this to last, I wanted to enjoy every time you cried out, every time you begged for you life, I wanted to hear you breathe stop, I wanted to feel your heart stop" I said starring him in his eyes so he knew I was serious and he took a deep gulp, knowing this was the end.
"I'm ready" Pablo said turning around holding a wooden bat that had barb wire and nails wrapped around it.
"Yo my nigga, what the fuck are you doin?" Sauce asked as Pablo stood right next to him and I back my chair not wanting to get any blood on me. I snatched Sauce up and Cash helped me hang up by his arms on the hook.
"You told Sasha she had to choose, now you choose" Pablo said smacking his stomach. "Stomach or legs?"
"Man I'm sorry aight, I'm sorry you got your bitch and her sister, you can have the money man, don't do this shit" Sauce said begging, but it fell on deaf ears.
"I hear stomach" Pablo said taking the back to his stomach then dragging the bat over his stomach, making him scream like a bitch. His shirt tore with some of skin that splattered from the bat. "Now choose" Pablo said again using the clamest voice I ever heard from him.
"Legs" Sauce cried out and the blood began dripping from his stomach because one of the nails dug and dragged his stomach. Pablo took the bat to each of his thighs, making the screams come out louder and Pablo started to smile.
"You want some?" Pablo said pointing the blood stained bat at Cash and I.
"Too messy" Cash said declining, and I shook my head I already knew the plan.
Pablo went to work on his body hitting him left to right, right to left making me bite my lip as Sauce cried and begged him to stop. Shit looked disgusting after about ten minutes, his body looked as he been beating by a whip rather then a belt as on of his ribs hung out his side. He placed the bat down and leaned against the wall picking up an apple and biting into as if nothing was going on. I started laughing because Pablo was so wierd sometimes.
"You done?" I asked raising an eyebrow. "That was all you could do?" I said challenging him and he smiled taking the challenge on.
"Want to see what I can do?" Pablo said walking over to the table and looking through the tools.
He picked up a brass knuckle sliding it on and walking over and grabbing Sauce leg as he screamed and tried to skirm away. Pablo stepped back and hit him in the jaw and picked his leg up once again. He cocked his arm back smashing is knuckles through Sauce kneecap, making a breaking sound. Pablo dropped his leg and it looked like it was hanging, I could see the knee cap had been displaced and I shook my head, as Pablo did it to the other kneecap. Sauce was sniffling and crying, while Pablo smiled at his work and walked back over to the table. Pablo began punching him, hit after hit, I heard bones break left to right, I knew Pablo could give it up, but I ain't expect such graphics.
"My turn" I said as Pablo gave me a nod, I was bout to finish what was started I wanted this more then any of them. Cash said he wanted to set him on fire at the end, and watch him burn so me and Pablo could do whatever we wanted to.
Pablo set down in my seat while I stood up and grabbed a scapple knife doctors used, this was all I was gonna need for right now. I cut opened his shirt, snatching what ws left of it off dropping it with all the blood dripping muscle and skin on the ground covered with plastic. I did the same with his jeans leaving him in nothing, but his boxers and shoes.
"You should have killed, don't know why you let Niya talk you out of it." I said starring at him, then began giving him little cuts the size of paper cuts all over his arms. "Because now I'm going to kill you, but I'm going to make this seem like forever, I'm going to make this pain last as long as possible." I said laughing as I continued cutting.
"All this over a bitch, you can have her back I never even fucked her. Don't kill me over love King" he said crying.
"You should have, because I'm not doing because I love her, I'm doing this because her pussy good" I said laughing and Pablo and Cash joined with me. "She got that go to jail and kill a nigga pussy, but you wouldn't know cuz you never had her, but if you did you would be doing the same thing I am" I said smiling.
"Amen" Cash said in the background, he knew exactly where I was coming from.
"She left you my nigga, she could of choose you and she didn't." he tired to reason with me. "She only fuck with top nigga, Cash, you, think about it that bitch ain't worth it"
"Is that why she never fucked you" Cash said making me step back and laugh.
"Cuz I got the ass the first time I asked for it" I said looking at Cash.
"I got it her eighteenth birthday" Cash said smirking.
"Come on that ass too fat, her thighs too thick to not have tried. Or is it cuz she never wanted you" I asked knowing I was getting under his skin.
"Fuck that bitch" he said trying to be a tough guy.
"You should because now you're dying over pussy you never had." I said smirking as I conintue to give him over a hundred small cuts covering his body. I stepped back and he began sniffling like a baby, and shaking my head.
"Man please, you can have her yo, you can have the money too, man just don't kill me" he said begging as I lifted up a steel bucket and starring at him.
"I'm going to get her back, almost fucked her in the club last night, but I don't love them hoes. I'm not doing this just for her, nigga you put enough holes in my body to turn me into a salt shaker. I had more then enough surgeries and one bullet is still in me, it's in my heart they couldn't take it out. Nigga you tried to kill me, but you let pussy get in the way, me on the other hand, if one of your bitches was here I would kill you, fuck her, and probably kill her too." I said looking at the liquid that was in the bucket. "Nigga you talk big, but you a pussy, atleast die like a man, no crying, or begging, put your head up" I said standing right in front of him. I took a second then I threw the bucket of liquid all over his body hearing the screams the shred through the room. "Oh that's battery fluid" I said laughing as he shook and twitched.
He looked crazy as his muscles began to burn from the exposure of liquid each cut began to blister and he twitched and jumped his skin start to burn inside out. I smiled at my work, I thought it was beautiful watching him take the last few breathes of his life, it wasn't even ten minutes before his body stopped jerking. He was now dead and I was proud of my work, I smiled when I watched him take his last breathe. I thought I would feel bad, but I felt so much anger in my heart that I needed this. I watched him and I was done, I let Cash finish his job and decided to go sit and watch Cash through gasoline all over him and we rolled the plasitc dumping our clothes and anything else that would be used as evidence and took them to the back where Pablo and I set it on fire, waititng for Cash to come out. After three minutes I saw the lights from the flames and Cash walked out giving us a smile and nod. It was over finally, I was going back home with a large load taken off of my shoulders.

Niya Chapter 5 cont...

I was so high, I didn't know what the fuck was going on, it was four o' clock in the afternoon and here I was snifflin lines, drinking, and listening to music. I twirled around the room and I forgot all about my worries as I laughed at myself. I was feeling it, finally the thoughts of King wasn't poisioning my mind, last night never happened to me. I was going on a twelve hour binge and I liked it, if I could be like this forever I would. Khia walked in and looked at me like I was crazy, I started laughing pulling her into me while we started dancing.
"Bitch, what the fuck?" Khia said looking at me and all the coke that was on the glass top.
"Nuttin, just chilling" I said leaning down and doing two more lines.
"Bitch you need to slow the fuck down, Niya you're wallin out" she said taking the bottle, I leaned down doing another line and letting it high take over.
"I'm good okay, look at me" I said standing up. "Look at my curves, my ass, do I look like I have a problem" I sad running my fingers through my hair.
"Niya, this ain't you" she said shaking her head. "But anyway have you heard from Sauce, I been calling him since last night" she said sounding worried, but for all I care he could burn in fucking hell.
"Nope" I said laughing as she turned the television down and we started watching movies together. I did probably another four lines and was calming down until I heard something.
"You heard that?" Khia said sitting up. "I'ma go see wassup and if Sauce here, you want me to bring you something up" she said walking out my bedroom. I took another two lines, as soon as my high began going down, I would sniff to get high and I could feel my head spinning. Something wasn't right, my stomach began to hurt like a bitch. I continued watching television when I noticed Khia wasn't back, I opened the door and there stood Pablo.
"Found her" he called out behind me. "Niya, get your stuff you got two minutes" he said looking at me, but I think he knew it was something going on. "Niya you hear me" he said taking me out of a shock.
"Yea, where is Sauce?" I asked confused and I began sniffling feeling my nose drip.
"I'm here Niya, where do you think he is?" Pablo asked starring at me. "Tell me you're not high right now?" he said looking at my glass table next to my bed. I became ashamed, feeling like I somehow failed him, I missed him so much. "Damn" he whispered "Niya get whatever you want to take with you" he said walking over to me. I grabbed my louis Vutton bag, the same one I was taken with, that was stuffed with my stash of money.
"What's going on?" Cash said walking in the room.
"She's high" Pablo said shaking his head at me.
"King's going to kill her if he find out." Cash said shaking his head also.
"Put these on and hurry up" Pablo said passing me a pair of Gucci glasses with dark shades. I walked through the house, while Pablo held my hand and we ran downstairs. Khia was with us and I didn't understand what was going on. When I got outside Khia hugged me and told me she would be seeing me real soon, then got in a car with a few bags and pulled off. I was taken to a black suburban and pushed in the back seat. When I turned around there was no other then King sitting there smoking a cigarette.
"I told you, I was coming" he said as we pulled off.

We were on a private jet, all four of us and the silence was killing me, I tried to stay still, but my high wouldn't allow me to. I began to fidget as my high went down and I knew Pablo and Cash was starring at me. King looked at me, handing me a blanket thinking I was cold and my head just wouldn't stop spinning. I was feeling something that I couldn't explain, it was the best high in the world mixed with the best feeling in the world. Being relaxed was hard as hell, so you know being normal while you're high is the worst.
"What is wrong with you" King said looking at me as my head hung like I was dead.
"Nuttin" I said wiping my nose and sniffling.
"You can take off your glasses now" he said looking at me like I was wierd and I shivered for a second.
"Okay, I'm good through" I said trying to play it off.
"I want to see you Niya" he said trying to touch me, but I shivered. Damn my high was starting to fade and my body was starting to fiend. Being on a twelve hour high, was killing me now that it was going down my body was going crazy. I was sweating, but shivering and I think my body was craving it more and more, now that I didn't get to it.
"Niya" he said calling out to me again.
"Huh?" I said looking up at him with my mouth hanging open. He starred at me for a second and I shivered then began to fidget trying to remain normal. He grabbed my face and took off the glasses and he looked at me for a moment. I tried to keep a cool face, but he watched me, and his face changed.
"Are you fucking high?" he asked throwing my glasses down. "Niya what the fuck did you do to yourself?" King asked me then pushed me away, like he hated me. "So you getting high now?" he asked mugging me in the side of my head. "You a stupid bitch" he standing up and walking away. I laid down on my back wondering where I was going, because I was feeling like it might have been a better idea if I would have left.
Pablo gave me two pills to relax me, but before I knew it I was knocked out, I didn't remember getting off the plane, or riding back to King's house, well what use to be our house, but things changed. I woke up in a cold sweat, with a blanket over my body, I didn't know where I was and I was wondering what was going on. I stood up and I looked around, I got off the bed and my body felt weak and I knew what was going on. I flicked on the light and I was in the guest quarters of King's Masion, I saw boxes everywhere. I looked into two of them and I realized that all the things in the boxes was mines. This nigga packed up my shit and juse sent me to the other side of the fucking house. I felt my shivers start to come and I tried to fight them off, hearing my stomach grumble , I decided the first thing I was going to do was take a shower then get me something to eat. I jumped in the shower scrubbing my body like I haven't taken a shower in years, it felt so nice to be back in the house that I missed soooo much. After finding some of my body products and clothes, I put on a black loose wife beater and pair of work out leggons that were black with a lime green stripe design on them. I placed on my pair of high top black jordans and tied my hair in a pony tail, but the feeling sitting in my stomach still was there, my shivers and fidgets were more frequent, and my nose felt it was filled with mucus.
I walked through the house, wondering why everything was still the same, until I stepped downstairs and heard two voices coming from the kitchen. I walked in the kitchen and there stood Dior and King talking, but both stopped when I appeared in the door way. I didn't understand why she was here, but I didn't care, my ony focus was food.
"Niya" Dior said nodding her head at me, but I ignored her walking straight to the refridgerator and opening the freezer figuring out something to eat. I pulled out some ground beef and was going to make spegetti.
"How you feeling?" King asked me while I began pulling out the thngs I was going to need for the spegetti.
"Aight, hungry" I said in a low voice, when my body shook making me take a deep breathe.
"Niya, we're going out to eat you don't have to cook for us" Dior said walking beside King and rubbing his shoulder, telling me that she was now his girl.
"Oh so yall a couple now?" I said chuckling.
"Yes we are," she said shaking her head like she wanted to reassure me.
"Cute," I said shaking my head and rolling my eyes.
"Dior you go ahead and I'm going to stay here" King said placing his hands on top of hers.
"King, this is what I was talking about PRIORITZE" she said adding an emphasis and I laughed again. "Is there a problem?" she said turning towards me.
"Don't do it to yourself" I sad looking up and starring her in her eyes.
"Excuse me" she said stepping closer.
"Don't do it to yourself" I said lightly raising my voice.
"Or what Niya, like what is you mad at? Cuz I got him, you left him for dead remember. YOU LEFT, so don't come back here feeling like you still the shit when you ain't shit." she said smirking at me.
"You done?" I asked as I opened a container of cookies and challenged her. "Listen, babes you got it" I said smiling at her because I was too weak to give a fuck.
"I know I got it, and while you're in this home you will respect it" she said crossing her arms.
"Bitch, this was my home for me and my family. YOu will never be me, that's why I'm not going to get into this with you. You the queen now huh, doing all the shit I've done years ago PUUUUHLLLEASE, save it for the next hoe" I said rolling my eyes.
"Listen Dior go ahead and I'll be here when you get back" King said standing up and placing his hand on her shoulder, she grabbed her purse still starring me down and gave him a kiss before leaving. I can't lie I was hurt seeing that he actually moved on, that he could give himself to another person.
"That's the girlfriend" I asked after he starred at me for five minutes, while I cut up onions, peppers, and mushrooms.
"Yea," he said shaking his head and walking over to the island.
"Nice" I said in a sarcastic voice while I sniffled a little. "That's some bullshit, but whatever King" I said shrugging my shoulders.
"How?" he asked leaning on the counter.
"You know how" I said throwing everything into the kitchen and letting it sizzle and saute in the pan, then added the meat and began breaking down.
"She had a point, you left and she was here" he said walking on the side of me, watching me.
"I bet she was here, didn't your momma teach you to go better, like come on you was suppose to go find better not some knock off bitch that will always be a never been" I said feeling insecure while he starred at me.
"You're better then her?" he asked like he was setting me up.
"You gotta ask, she's not competition, she's not even in the same league as me." I said smirking. "The bitch can't even cook" I said spazzing, while he starred.
"So what, she's been here when everybody else was out doing them" he said standing up.
"I was always here for you King" I said looking at him. "I can't believe you ran to that bitch, out of all the hoes our here you ran to that nasty ass trick. The pussy must be good" I said laughing at him.
"It is?" he smirked knowing he was getting under my skin.
"Not better then mines, you know she' nothing compared to me, I'll run circles around her, and lines through her,"
"When you say lines, you talking bout those coke lines you been doing." he said stepping closer to me.
"Really?" I said rolling my eyes.
"Yea really, Niya why did you start doing that shit? You can't even handle liquor and now you sniffing lines." he said starring at me.
"I don't want to talk about it" I said grabbing a large pot and filling it with water.
"Ohh you not speaking now huh?" he said laughing. "You not even like that Niya, you not the type to be out there like that."
"You not like that King" I said becoming annoyed.
"Like what?"
"Fucking basic bitches who just want attention," I sad shaking my head at him.
"Stop talkin bout her like that" he said in a stern voice.
"Ohh you off her like that King, well FUCK THAT BITCH" I said starring in his eyes and laughing, knowing I was getting under his skin.
"Fuck you, Niya. You left me, to go chase after some nigga that got you sniffing coke now. Come on, you mad I'm with that bitch. well she ain't getting high and riding a fucking pole for some wack ass nigga. You was just some dancer on a fuckin pole when I met you, now you better then bitches. Stop it" he said waving his hand.
"You know what, I'm done" I said grabbing another pot to start the sauce.
"I know you are, you talk big, but no matter how much coke you sniff you'll never be high enough to take it there with me." he said pointing in my face.
Before I knew it I was throwing the pot at him full speed, he ducked and starred at me like I was crazy. He ran towards me grabbing me and throwing me on the ground, he kneeled over me and I pulled back and punched him in his chest. He stepped back coughing and I jumped up, ready for a war and charged at him throwing wild hits, hitting him as many times as I could. I picked me up and pinned me against the freezer and began choking me, I was losing breathe and I began slapping his hands. I then felt my eyes starting to tear and my lungs struggling to take a breathe, I began to relax and everything began to ease.
"I hate you Niya" he yelled shaking me. I scratched his face sending him back a few steps. I gripped his shirt then head butted as hard as I could, I gripped his shirt and began hitting him a million times with fire in my heart.
"I hate you too King" I said when he picked me again and slamming me on the island. I could feel the pain shoot through my back. I tried to knee him, but he caught me before I could get it there and looked at me like I truly was crazy. He pinched my nipple and all I could do scream in pain, because that hurted enough to remid me of labor. He leaned forward and I didn't hesitate to bite his neck and wrap my legs around his waist, he threw me again the wall wiht my mouth still locked on his neck.
"Niya let go" he grunted loudly as my teeth loosened a little, then bite down again. "Ugh Niya" he yelled slamming my back against the wall as he began squeezing my waist making me loosen my mouth as I groaned in pain. I starred at him in his eyes, and he watched me both of us breathing heavy. I looked up at him and slapped him, he grabbed both of my hands and pinning me against the wall. He locked both my hands in one and squeezed my nipple, while I screamed out in pain. "That shit hurt" he said wen more tears swelled up at my eyes. "You wanted to hurt me?" he said letting go then squeeing again making suck in a sharp breathe and my face squeezed. He watched then began lightly rubbing my breast squeezing and massaging it. I began moaning and grinding against his waist slowly, and he began grinding back.
"You gonna do it this time?" I asked when he began rubbing it up and down. "Or you faithful to your girl" I said in a soft voice.
"Nope" he said stepping back letting me fall to the ground. He turned and walked over to the stove turning it off, because it was starting to smell like it was burning.
I reached down and began rubbing myself, I was too horny for nothing to happen, I needed to feel it and since he wasn't giving it to me, I was going to give it to myself. He looked at me starring for a second, watching me as I rubbed my breast and rubbed my clit.
"Damn Niya, right here on the kitchen floor" he said watching me, and began rubbing his dick through his sweats. I looked at him and licked my lips slowly, pulling my shirt up exposing my nipples as I moaned. I pulled my leggons over my ass showing off my thong, moving it to the side and rubbing my clit as fast as possible and King was now standing over me. I lifted my legs straight up and pulled off my leggons as I spread my legs as far as possible giving him the perfect view. He droppped down between my legs and replaced my hand moving his fingers quickly then slowly. I moaned so loud, while he just played with it teasing me and enjoying the show. He dipped down and kissed it and I felt my body shivered a little and before I knew it I was coming. "Already, damn when the last itme you had it?" he asked getting as wet as possible.
"You" I said over a low whisper getting caught up.
"Damn" he said pulling his mans out and I didn't remember it being that damn big. I wanted it, to the point my mouth began to water, if I was shivering now, it wasn't cuz I was missing the dope. He rubbed it against me then slapped my clit with it and I swear I was coming without penetration. Then without delay he dipped down taking a lick of it, he looked up and smiled at me giving me a wink while I watched him softly stroke himself.
I don't know how I ended up ontop of his face, or with his member stuffed in my throat while his hand guided my head up and down. I couldn't tell you how his tongue ended so far in my kitty that I was feeling it in my stomach. King was the fucking man through, I could tell you that much, he knew just how to please making me nut more then three times only using his tongue and fingers. He nutted all over my mouth and for the first time, I didn't have a problem tasting it even through he pulled away from my mouth. I continued to clean up getting off his face and still licking him.
"Damn" he said breathing and sitting up.
"I know" I said lying on my side.
"Now, put your clothes on and finish dinner" he said leaning up and smacking my ass then standing up and putting on his clothes and walkin away.

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King Chapter Six

I was in my room, beating my meat, I sent Dior a text telling her she needed to get her ass home ASAP. I was horny ass hell, I had to get another one off, immediately and I couldn't help it Niya drove my ass crazy, she always had that power. I didn't fuck her throug, and I didnt want to, after finding it she was on coke, I was angry ass hell. Why would she be doing that shit, and the way she talked to me in the kitchen, she changed a whole fucking lot. She wasn't the girl I fell in love with so why did I still love her? I checked myself out in the mirror and a few scratches, but the bite mark was going to be impossible to explain..
I walked back downstairs and ate, telling Niya to clean the kitchen up when she was done, then headed back to my bedroom waiting for Dior to return. I can't lie I missed having Niya cook for me, she was right Dior ass couldn't cook. I watched Niya on the monitor and I could see her stopping every once in a while holding her body or shaking. I seen this many times before from my mom, she was having withrawls, I know this was going to be a hard detox for her. I watched Dior pull up and I started to put out my dutch and flicked the channel to some movie. Dior got into the bedroom while I set on the bed and started to pull off my clothes, she placed her bag down and headed to the bathroom and I followed.
"Babe, I got here as fast as possible" she said standing up and I saw that her leggons was on backwards.
"Dior where were you," I said watching her take off her clothes then turn on the shower.
"Out with Kim, you know that bitch talk to much" she said placing on a scarf and then jumping in the shower.
"Dior" I said getting in behind because I could tell that she was lying.
"What babe" she said scrubbing her body like I wwasn't even there.
"Where the fuck were you?" I asked again wondering how many times she could try and lie to me.
"I told you King," she said suckingher teeth like she was mad that I said something.
"So why the fuck your leggons were on backwards when you came in this house." I said turning her around and her face said it all.
"King wow, really? This ain't got shit to do with me or my leggons, you piicking at me over some Niya, you tryna find any and every reason to have problems with me." she said starring me in my eyes. I knew she was right, I could lie about it, I could hide it, so I gave up the conversation. Knowing something was going on, but refusing to have to face my own shit, so I suckered down.
"Sorry" I said shaking my head and grabbing her wash clothe as I started rubbing her back, softly. "I'm just on edge" I said turning her around and lifting her up placing her legs on the inside of my arms. I entered her one time smooth, and I knew something was up, but still didn't say anything as I began pumping inside of her. She was moaning and groaning, pushing at my waist, telling me she couldn't take it. I closed my eyes picturing Niya so I could quicken up my nut, because she done already. After I realized that fantasizing wasn't enough and I was just going to have to make love to Niya one more time, I pulled out.
"Baby, that was wild" Dior said as we both was in the closet looking for clothes. I pulled a pair of briefs, sweats an a V-Neck.
"What you mean?" I said as I lotioned and she placed on a tee shirt and panties.
"You're so aggressive in the bedroom lately, like you was when we first me. It's a fire under you" she said smiling and rubbing my back lightly.
"Yea, I'm feeling back to my old self" I said placing on a pair of tall Foot Locker black socks.
"That's good you getting your strength back up, now maybe we could start working on a second baby" she said hinting that she wanted to expand our family.
"Yea, but we gotta take things slow" I said slightly rolling my eyes.
"Okay," she said walking around me and starring at me, then her eyes hit my neck. "What the fuck is that?" she said pointing to the side of my neck. "You in here, talkin bout backwards leggons, and you got a bite mark get to talking?" she said crossing her arms.
"We got into it" I said sighing, acting like it was nothing.
"Who, and why the fuck you got a bite mark on your neck?"
"It ain't like that, after you left the bitch started going off talking that jealousy shit, and my temper got the best of me. Next thing you know I'm choking the shit out of her and she's biting the hell out of me and scratching to get me off of her. When I came back the girl eyes looked bugged out and shit." I said acting like I was mad.
"I will fuck her up, where is she?" Dior said with hostitlity acting like she was going to do something when I knew that Niya would probably wipe her out.
"Nah, it's cool she in her room. I mean I choked her so we equal" I said sighing as we both walked to the bedroom. "I just don't want to deal with this drama." I said putting on a good act.
"I know it's hard for you daddy" Dior said kissing my cheek.
"Yea, I just want to make sure she's good, so she could raise my son and get on with her life for I care." I said sitting in my favorite chair in the sitting room.
"You're not coming to bed" She sad giving me a soft whine, that got on my nerves.
"Not yet, you go head I was going to watch television" I said lightly patting her thigh.
"Don't stay up too late" she said walking over to the bed making it completely dark so she could get some sleep. I turned the television on sports center and decided to watch some until twenty minutes later my suspicions got the best of me. I turned the camera on and Niya was walking back in fourth in her room, she was rubbing her body and shaking like she was shivering.
"Babe, I'm gonna hit the gym I'm restless" I said rubbing Dior thigh while I kissed her neck.
"Okay" she groaned rolling over and I gave her a soft sensual kiss.
I walked to the guest quarters lightly knocking then opening the door where Niya was lying on the floor shaking like she was freezing. I picked her up and she started mumbling words, but none of that shit was relevant. I laid her on the bed and wrapped her favorite green cover over her body, while I rocked her.
"I turned the heat on" I said as the room began to heat up.
"Why?" she said in a daze, her voice more like a whisper.
"Cuz you shaking" I said wrapping my arms around her.
"Well King, it ain't those types of shakes" she said biting her lip.
"I know, my mom use to get these shakes all the time.
"Why are you here?" she said fidgeting and shaking.
"Cuz I saw you" I said kissing her forehead holding her like letting go was never an option.
"She gonna come looking for you" she said in a weak voice.
"Don't worry bout that"
"You don't love her" she said laughing a little and shaking her head.
"How you know?" I asked wondering if it was really that obvious.
"I know you Kaylin, you don't lie to people you love." she said leaning over holding her stomach and squealing in pain. "Damn, my stomach fucked up" she said tightening the cover around her. "I never felt like this before" she said going into a cold sweat. I stood up and went to my master bedroom being extra careful not to get caught by Dior or she would slow me down. I grabbed a heating pad, that also cooled and a bottle of perks I was perscribed when I got out the hospital. I walked in and she was rocking back and fourth like her life was depending on it.
"Here take these" I said passing her two perks and a cup of water. She took them stil moving around I laid on the bed and she cuddled up right on the side of me just like old times. After thirty minutes she completly relaxed and I knew the perks was kicking in. She turned on the televion and we began watching Hang over 2.
"Thanks" she said scratching a little, but that was just a reaction to the perks.
"You good" I said as she laid her head on my chest.
"Where's Zane?" she asked me catching me off guard.
"With my aunt" I said keeping the conversation simple.
"Why don't you take care of him? Why isn't he here living in his room?" she asked just like a worried parent would.
"I couldn't handle it Niya, I was shot in my heart, I couldn't run behind him and raise him" I said admitting my own faults.
"It's okay, but I really do want to see him" she said looking up at me and I could that she was serious.
"Not now, not like this, I can't let you get his hopes up and let him down." I said remembering growing up with my mom and how she always got my hopes up.
"I know, I just don't want you to hold this against me forever." she said pulling away and I pulled her right back to my chest.
"Show me change and in three months we'll have this discussion again" I said wondering if I was doing the right thing, but I knew I could trust in Niya I could count on her always believe her.
"I missed you King I did, I know you think I left you, but I didn't" she said sitting up.
"Don't" I said cutting her off, not wanting to think about anything that happened.
"I'm tired, I don't knwo why, but I'm soo tired" she said looking at me and her eyes were half way shut.
"The perks baby" i said rubbing her back. "Let me tuck you in" I said going to stand up, but she pulled me back like she always do. "Niya I can't stay with you tonight" I said looking away, because I don't think I could have said that straight to her face.
"I know" she said in a soft voice turning her head. I pulled the cover over and she got under it, I pulled it over her and began rubbing her back. She pulled off her shirt and leggons, and I was tempted to touch as she began to relax. "Just hold me a little longer" she mumbled and I got under the covers with her, trying not to show how anxious I was. I wrapped both my arms around her pulling her back into my chest and she snuggled deep against me.
"Like this" I whispered in her, letting my mouth tickle her ear.
"Like this" she said mocking me and laughing, but sounding weak and tired as she did it.
"Oh you playin" I said biting her shoulder lightly making her jump. "I should do it harder to match my fucking neck, you did that shit on purpose" I said squeezing her stomach and she jumped up, lightly rubbing against my dick, awakening him.
"She spazzed" she said chucklling.
"Not as bad as you would have." I said thinking about what Niya would have done, if I ever had a bite on my neck she didn't put there.
"Yea, I would have killed you" she said shrugging her shoulders. "Or atleast tried" seh said letting off a yawn.
"You talk tough" I said squeezing her making her giggle and cough a little.
"Here we are once again," she said after a moment of silence.
"What you mean?" I asked when the movie went off and I turned off the light leaving us both in the complete dark.
"Once again we weren't together, you got some new bitch, but in bed with me." Niya said with ahint of cockiness in her voice.
"Don't flatter yourself, this time I'm not going to end up with you" I said lying through my teeth, but I wanted that to be the truth.
"I guess King, you know where your heart is and it'll never be with her." She said shaking her head snuggling deeper into her pillow.
I sucked on her shoulder and her back after five minutes of just sitting in the dark saying nothing. She moaned while I kissed her spine all the way down, I was addicted to the this girl, more then she was addicted to dope. "Don't do this to me" she said leaning her head back while I rubbed her breast and lightly bit her back.
"Do what?" I asked turning her on her back, sucking on each of her breast, while she rubbed her fingers throgh my hair.
"tease me" she said pulling my face to hers and I leaned down and started kissing her. "I don't want parts of you, I want all of you or none of you" she said rubbing her hands up and down my chest.
"You'll get what I give you" I said becoming mad aggressive and I knew she like it, I gripped her hair and spinned her, putting her on all fours. "You hear me bitch" I said leaning up, still gripping her hair.
"Yea" she moaned out and I smack her ass watching it jiggle.
"You think you deserve this dick" I said holing my mans and rubbing against her ass. "You left him" I said pacing my hands on each side of her waist and pounding myself into her. She was pushing back and I could tell she was wet ready to go. I spinned her over and spread her legs as far as possible and pulled down my sweats ony thing between us was my underware. I began to grind against her like I was Chris Brown. She was gripping my sides, matching my grind with each stroke, I whispered all types of nasty things in her ears and she loved it, challenging me to put it in. "You lucky I let you suck my dick today" I said as she began rubbing my cock up and down.
"You liked that shit" she said squeezing my mans, making him want to jump out and bite her hand.
"Nah, you like this dick bitch" I said placing my hands on top of hers.
"I love that dick" she moaned against my ear.
"I know, you want this dick in your fucking stomach" I growled at her, I know we seemed like two horny teenagers but honestly that's what we were at the moment.
"I want it" she begged as my fingers found her love cave.
"Fuck my fingers bitch" I said leaning back as she turned back around and set on my fingers like she was riding for her life. I laid on my back and she got on top of my lap as my fingers played wiht her and she humped me at the same time. "Beg for daddy" I said gripping her breast with my other hand. She starred at me, the look that said a milllion things, I pulled away and just starred at her for a second. I pulled the pony tail from the top of her head and let her hair fall over down her shoulders. Her hair was longer, but it was thinner then I remembered. I ran my hands through her hair while she starred into my eyes, reading my soul, like only she could do. She was different, but still the same, her soul was the same soul that interlocked with mines the first time I starred into her eyes. She leaned back and I looked at her small waist and think hips with her breast still standing up perfectly.
"What's wrong?" she said rubbing my chest over her my six pack.
"Nuttin" I said cupping her face. "Niya I can't do this with you" I said lifting her off of me.
"Then don't, but stop playin with my emotions" she said in a weak voice as she rocked back and fourth, hugging herself. "You want to be with her, fine" she said pulling the covers over here body. "I will leave in the morning, I have a couple dollars I'll get a hotel room tomorrow, until I find a place. Then you want have to do this with me." she said sucking her teeth turning her back to me.
"You're going to stay here, until you get your shit together." I said with a base in my voice.
"No King cuz obviously you don't know what you want and this half way in half way out is just going to confuse me. It's going to make going through this ten times harder then what it has to be." she said shivering again.
"I'm not confused" I said wanting to argue her down.
"Don't King, I'll stay here until I get better, but after that I'm leaving." she said speaking with no emotion, like those words didn't hurt her saying them as much as it hurt me to hear them.
"I know what I want, I want to watch you get yourself together. I owe our son this, but as far as being with you I can't do that. I'm sorry that I'm playing with you, but I don't love you anymore Niya." I said watching her with her back to me. Those words hurt me to my heart, I dropped a tear after I said that. It was going to have to be like this, I couldn't give her any more emotion or effort. I walked out the door, closing it and my heart felt like it had broken in a million peices. I wiped my face and headed to my bedroom, getting in bed with Dior and wrapping my arms around her like I never wanted to let her go.

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Niya Chapter 7

Two weeks passed since, I came back to the house I once called home, but now I was just a guest. This detox was kicking my ass, but everyday was becoming just a little easier, for me. Kaylin had found a nurse to come to the house helping me get clean, she was cool her name was Anna, an older black woman that had the wisdom of a thousand people. She didn't just help me get clean, she talked to me alot, about my life, my past and my future. She knew alot of things, been through a lot, she was a good listener, gave great advice.
"Ohhh, I see your up" she said walking into my room holding two cups of dunkin donuts.
"Yea, I'm unpacking some of these boxes" I said because I started unpacking my things putting them where they belonged or getting rid of them.
"Ohh we're going to be unpacking for days, all these clothes" Anna said chuckling and passing me a cup. She handed me my medicine for the morning and I popped them drinking some of the tea to follow.
"Yea, I know" I said laughing as she opened a box.
"You have more purses then a boutiq, this one is gorgeous, I know the girls at the shelter would love them" she said holding one of my old Louis Vutton bags. Anna helped run a shelter for young girls in crisis, giving them food, shelter, clothes, just any thing they needed.
"I'm not going to keep all of these, but anything I don't want your more then welcomed to give to the girls." I said going through another box filled with jeans.
"I couldn't do that" she said as she helped me fold each of the jeans stacking them on the bed.
"Yea you could, you helped me out more then the I could ever thank you, I want to give back." I said smiling at her.
"Niya, you have such a good heart, don't ever lose that. No matter what you go through, how it may crack you, don't let it break you." she said smiling and I walked over and gave her a hug.
"I'm trying," I said giving a smile as I threw a pair of jeans I didn't ever where on the floor. "That will be the give away pile" I said picking up the bag she looked at emptying whatever was left out and throwing it into the pile.
"Girl, you throw it let it came from Wal-mart." she said making me chuckle.
"It's just stuff, like I use to worship these things, but none of this stuff matter anymore. I use to live by designer, breathe by designer, but now I don't even care." I said shrugging my shoulders throwing two more pairs of jeans in the pile.
"I know, a few of my girls told me about you and King. When they found out I was working for you and him, they became so excited talking about you hair, you clothes, and your shoes. It was like they looked up to you"
"Yea, well if they would look at me now, they wouldn't feel the same way" I said shaking my head.
"Ofcourse not, I don't know the last time you ran a comb through you hair. You look like you just gave up on yourself." she said criticzing me and all I could do was laugh. "I tell you this, no matter how bad you feel, anytime you dress yourself up, you give yourself a reason to smile." she said pointing to me and laughing. "You're such a pretty girl, stop wearing that pony tail and sweats. You need to go out, get out of this house, go to the park or to the movies." she said making me shake my head.
"Nah, I rather stay here and get better." I said emptying another box of jeans on the bed and she shook her head.
"Girl you can't hide from life, you can't run from it either, you hit a bump in the road and fell, but that don't mean you stop you journey, you destination is still in the same place you left it, if you just get back on the rode" she said giving me the old school knowledge she knwo I needed.
"Hello" King said knocking on the door waiting for my response and I totally ignored him.
"Goodmorning King," Anna said adding emphasis as she starred at me.
"Goodmorning Ms.Anna, how are you?" he said hugging her and starring at me.
"I'm good, kneecaps getting the best of me, but you know a little artritis can't stop me" she said smiling. "How are you? When I walked in your lady friend said you were in the shower and I didn't want to bother you"
"Oh don't mind Dior" he said sitting on the edge of the bed. "What are you lady's up to this beautiful day?"
"Well she's trying to unpack all these boxes, but I don't think we have enough hands or man power to get through this load today." Anna said holding up a pair of jeans and throwing them into the pile.
"I knwo, it's like a million boxes" King said kicking one and I rolled my eyes.
"You packed them" I said givng him a smirk.
"Dior packed them" he said giving me a dry voice. Lately our relationship been wierd, we barely spoke, tip toeing around eachother or acting like one another didn't exist. "Anyway, what else were you two young lady's going to get into?" he said turning his attention back to Ms. Anna.
"I'm trying to get this girl to atleast take a walk in the park, it's seventy degrees out and all she want to do is sit in the house, it ain't good to not to be just sitting in the house, let some light hit you skin, you already a little on the light side" she said making me laugh while King chuckled.
"I just don't understand why I can't sit in the house and read a book" I said throwing another pair of jeans in the pile."
"Yall should go out and do something, do some shopping" King said looking at me while I starred at him through the croner of my eyes.
"You see all the stuff we unpacking, she don't need anything else" Anna said laughing.
"I do need to go get some things, a new laptop, a phone, vitamins, some movies, and things. Errands do need to be ran" I sad placing my hand on my hip. "We could run a few errands, and come back here to do my daily work out, and cook some dinner." I said planning out my day. "I don't know through" I said shrugging my shoulders.
"Awww come on, I got on my new scrubs, don't make waste them sitting in this huge house. I don't understand why you brought this big old house any way, ain't but three people staying here" Anna said making me laugh with a southern accent. "I know the maid hate you" she said shaking her head.
"The maid, I use to clean this house, room by room, floor by floor" I said throwing a few more things in the pile.
"I know, that's what a good woman does," Anna said looking at King.
"Diors a good girl" King said to Mrs. Anna and I raised my eyebrows.
"That girl so backwards she don't know if she coming or going, I tell you she don't do anything, a chef to cook, a maid to clean, a nanny to raise the baby. In my day, the man made the money and the woman took care of the house." she said shaking her head. "She don't work the poor baby just lost,"
"Anyway, you ladies should get out the house." King said standing up and stretching.
"That's what I'm saying, I ain't wear these new scrubs for nothing." she said posing like she was modeling and I laughed.
"Well I don't have anything to wear" I said holding up some shirts.
"You a damn lie" King said starring at me and Mrs. Anna laughed alone.
"These things are old," I said folding a few shirts.
"So girl, ain't what you wearing, it's how you wearing it." Mrs. Anna said putting her hands on her hips.
"And you look good in anything" King said starring at my hips.
"I don't even know if I could fit half of this" I said lifting a few pairs of jeans and shrugging my shoulders.
"You can, with as tight as these jeans are, you know you can," Mrs. Anna said not giving up.
"Okay look, I'll do my work out come upstairs take a shower, get dressed, and then we can go run errands and maybe have lunch or something" I said finally giving in.
"Ohh, and please put on something better then sweats or tights, get dressed up like you use to. I want to know what's all the hype about because the way my girls talk about you." Mrs. Anna said making me smile.
"I don't even have the body I use to" I said placing my hands on my hips and I saw King readjust himself through the croner of my eyes.
"Girl, I didn't even have that body thirty years ago, before diabetes and five children. You look good" Mrs. ANna said making me melt.
"Okay, okay, let's just finish this last box and I'll do an hour work out, then get dressed and we can head out." I said laughing.
"Aight, it's set then" King said smiling like he was happy.

I was in my room checking myself in the mirror for the fifteenth time, not knowing how to percieve what I was starring at. Here I was wearing a pair of light blue cut up jeans that I squeezed my body into with hope. I was wearing a white vintage baby tee that read "The fashion police, don't know me" with red letters and a gun smoking with a red bra under it. I wore a pair of black pantent leather open toes shoes that had a design all over the top of the shoe, with a a double platform sole. My hair was in a tight pony tail with babydoll curls, my make up was some eye liner mascara and lip gloss. I grabbed my red leather Gucci filled a few stacks, and other things, then headed to the door. I walked downstairs hoping that I looked okay, with my black Gucci motorcycle cop style glasses and headed to the kitchen where everyone was talking.
"You ready?" I said to Mrs. Anna as she stood up.
"Oh lord jeasus" she said looking me up and down. "You looking good girl, real good. King don't she look good. I knew you had it, I knew you had it girl. You working it, with your heels on" Mrs. Anna said dragging it, but making me blush at the same time.
"Thanks" I said "You don't thinkI I should put on a jacket" I said twirling around.
"Nope not at all, this is good girl," she said holding my hand.
"Wow Niya, haven't seen you like that in a minute" Dior said speaking up for the first time, but King eyes was stuck on me.
"Thanks, you ready?" I asked wanting to get out the room, because King eyes were making me hot. As much as I tired to hide it I couldn't stop loving that man, and him looking at me like that right now made me feel like maybe he felt the same way.
"Yea, let me get my keys" she said walking through the house and I was behind her. King followed and I didn't know why he was making this harder then it have to be.
"How bout you take the Aston Martin" King said passing me the keys and I smiled so hard.
"You don't have to do that" I said trying to hide my excitement.
"You been doing good, I want you to have a good time" he said stepping closer to me.
"Thanks" I said stepping towards him, our bodies only inches apart. I grabbed my keys, twirling them around my finger and starrign in his eyes.
"You looking good" he sad taking a deep breathe. "Real good" he said placing his hand on my waist. "Have a good day" he said breathing down my neck.
"I gotta go" I said when Mrs. Anna opened the door practically running out the door. "Niya wait" King called out as I walked down the stairs.
"Huh" I said turning around while Anna walked towards the car.
"You need money?" he said after a minute of akward silence.
"No, I have some thanks" I said looking away after he starred at me. I know I still loved him, I know I still wanted him, as much as I tried to bury my feelings, I couldn't.
"I'ma go" I said pointing behind me.
"Yea, have a good time" he said shaking his head.
I walked to the car and hopped in, pushing the top down and Anna got comfortable as I pulled out letting the wind blow through our hair. After we went to best buy, I brought a 17 inch hp laptop with a flowery print top. I brought an iphone and spent almost two hours getting it programed and set up. I brought everything I needed from wal-mart then I decided to take Mrs. Anna out for lunch because she was confused with all the technology talk.
"I love this place" I said sitting at a restaraunt off of fifth ave, while we set outside under an umbrella.
"I never been here, this fancy" Mrs. Anna said looking around.
"I use to come here all the time, after a day of shopping," I said remembering my past and smiling.
"What else did you do?"
"What you mean?" I said sipping on some lemonade.
"I mean, I hear you use to go to the best parties, hang out with the most important people, go shopping buying the most expensive clothes, but what did you do? Who are you without the glam?" Mrs Anna asked and I couldn't help, but to think.
"I was a mom, and wife" I said shrugging my shoulders.
"No Niya what did you do?" she asked again.
"Nuttin" I said facing reality.
"What did you want to do with your life?" she asked when our salads came.
"When I was younger, I use to tell my mom, I was going to own a boutiq for Barbie" I said laughing at the memories. "I was going to have my own little store with the best clothes, andnicest shoes and the most important women would come shop at my store, especially Barbie" I said smiling and laughing.
"So why don't you do that?" Mrs. Anna said while stuffing her mouth with lettuce.
"Do what?"
"Open your own boutiq" she said looking at me like I was stupid.
"I never thought of it." I said wondering why I didn't do it.
"You should, you don't have your son, you cant go shopping, and you don't have a man, It's time that you do something for yourself. You spent all your life doing for others, what about you? Stop doing what people tell you to do, stop acting how people tell you to act, and do what you want to." Mrs. Anna said giving me some insifgt that I never thought of.
For the rest of the lunch we talked about everything under the sun, even sex, and that kind of scared me when she told me that I need to get me some. I laughed at her because she was the easiest person for me to talk to. When we got to the house, I saw Dior pulling out, and wondered if King was still in the house. Mrs. Anna gave me my pills for the night and I began helping her with the five boxes that I was donating to the shelter, taking them to her car and putting them in the backseat. She pulled off and I walked back in the house, and went to go unpack the last three boxes that was just personal stuff.
"Hey" King said knocking on the door and walking in.
"Hey" I said opening the first box and seeing that all of my jewlery was thrown in the box like it meant nothing. "Wow" I said annoyed at the tangles of jewlery.
"What's going on?" he said walking in the door and closing it.
"Nothing just knocking out the last of these boxes." I said pulling all of my jewlery out the box and a few purses was stuffed in. I pulled out three of the bags, my favorite bags, ones I barely wore because I loved them that much.
"You need help?" he asked after a moment of silence.
"Nah, it's okay" I said sitting on my bed, emptying a box of all my earrings.
"How did everything turn out today?"
"Good, I got a phone and my computer" I said smiling at my acomplishments.
"Phone?" he said raising his eyebrow.
"Yea, I am going to have to step back into the world one day" I said laughing.
"Yea, I hear you"
"I'm trying to take things one day at a time, but I need to get a job, find a place, you know for the first time in my life, I won't have anyone take care of me." I said throwing my rings into a pile.
"Niya, you know you don't have to leave here, you can stay as long as you need to." King said sitting down on the other side of my bed helping me seperate my jewlery.
"I knwo, but I need to get out and do things on my own." I said smiling.
"Well you know I'm always going to be here for you, my door is always going to be opened for you." he said starring in my eyes.
"Not with Dior living here it won't." I said rolling my eyes.
"This is my house,"
"And it was suppose to be our home," I said letting my emotions get the best of me. "Sorry" I said trying to take it back.
"Niy" King said putting down my necklace and starring at me.
"No, it's okay King" I said raising my hand and shaking my head.
"Niy" King said again lightly grabbing my arm and I pulled away. I kept my head down because I could feel the tears building.
"No," I said snatching back and I couldn't hold it back an longer. I stood up throwing the jewlery down. "You don't know how it feels to watch you everyday be with someone that you're not suppose to be with. You don't knwo how hard it is to act like I'm not inlove with you when I knwo I am. Why did you come get me, to show me that you don't love me anymore. Everyday, every fucking day, every fucking moment I thought of you. You want to know why I sniffed because thta was the only time thoughts of you fadded away. Now I'm hre, I finally get to see you to watch you, but you're telling me I can't have you. What the fuck is that?" I yelled while tears fell from my eyes.
"Niya you fuckin left me for dead, to be with another nigga, how you think I felt watching you walk out the room with him. Niya I went there to save you, but in all honesty I went there to here you say you didn't want me." He yelled across the room.
"King you don't get it" I yelled throwing the jewlery I was holding down.
"Niya you don't get it, you left me, you turned your back to me, when you should have held me down you didn't" he yelled jumping in my face. "Now you mad that I didn't wait for you, stop making yourself the fucking victim Niya." He said makign me roll my eyes.
"King are you fucking serious, I'm here living in our dream house, while you got a bitch sleeping in our bed, getting my loving, and she don't even know what to do with it." I said pushing at him.
"Back to point A, you left Niya" he yelled even louder this time, his veins popped out his neck.
"Yes, I fucking left because I wanted you to live, he had a gun pointed at your fucking face. He was giong to kill you and I'm sorry, but I don't want to know what it feels like to take a breathe without you. I rahter you live and I never have you, then to have to feel what it's like to not have you at all." I said breaking down. "But if I would have known you having your life back would just result into you getting with another bitch and gloating her around, I would have just killed myself" I yelled crying to the point that my eyes felt like they were going to fall out. He starred at me like he was starring through me, like he was reading me. "I left you because I had to save you, I love you King, more then I ever loved anyone in my life, more then I love myself, and I made sacrifices, but when I see you with her it makes me angry. She don't deserve you" I said starring in his eyes.
"I love you too Niy" he said snatching me up, planting a kiss on my lips, but I turned my face away from him.
"What" he said after attempting and I fought him off.
"You're with her, and you're not going to do this. You're not going to do this to me," I sadi pulling away from his touch, but wishing I didn't. "I'm not going to let you have me and have her you have to choose." I sadi looking in his eyes. He took a step away and then it happened, I felt it.
He went to speak, but I raised my, he didn't have to say it, I didn't want to hear it. I already knew what it, it looked like he wanted to cry, but I it didn't matter. Here I was pouring my heart out to the man I loved and he was telling me he loved someone else. I was done with this game, I was done with the circle of love, I didn't have the strength or the energy and even if I did have it I wouldn't waste it on him right now.
"Get out" I said in a low voice placing my hands on my waist.
"Niy" he said trying to explain his side of the story, but I raised my hand shaking my head.
"You need to leave, you need to go" I said feeling my heart crushed.
"Why?" he said in a soothing voice, but I knew it was just sympathy.
"Cuz you love that hoe," I said with venom. "I can't believe this, here I am spilling my heart to you and you love someone else. What I did was fucked up, but you loving someone else will always be ten times worst." I said shaking my head. "I never gave my heart to another person, never gave myself to anyone else. If I never saw you again, you would still be my only love, how you let someone come and do waht I do, how you let someone come and love you, when you know that only I can love you. It was written before us Kaylin, we were meant to be one, we were meant to be together, and you threw it away." I said breaking down.
"You think I wanted to be with someone else, Niya you hurt me" he said pointing to his chest, but I couldn't take it anymore. I walked around him, but he followed me into the closet, I grabbed a bag and began stuffing clothes into it. "You're not going anywhere" he said grabbing me and backing me against the wall.
"I cant do this with you King, it hurts waaaay too much." I said shaking my head left to right.
"I'm sorry" he said wrapping his arms around my waist. "I'm sorry baby" he said kissing me all over my neck. As much as I wanted to fight him, I couldn't this was my other half, he was my first true love, and I couldn't see myself with any other person in the world. "I love you" he said pulling away from me and starring in my eyes.
"No" I said pushing him. "I'm not playing this game with you, I'm not putting myself out there and you love someone else. You love that bitch King, you love her?" I said yelling.
"Stop it Niya" he growled at grabbing both of my hands.
"You're suppose to love me" I said crying, trying to pull away.
"I do, I fucking love you Niya" he said for the first time in almost a year. "Come here" he said wrapping his arms around me and holding me so close to his heart.
He leaned me back and gave me a soft kiss, slow and sensual, as he ran his hands over my sides. I held the side of his face as he gave me soft kisses on my lips, making me smile. He pulled his shirt up over his head, and threw it across the floor making me bite my lips starring at his tatted frame. Here we were together, but it felt like time wasn't moving, life wasn't going by and it was. At this moment I was on a high, but no drugs were present, he pulled off my shirt, starring at me in my eyes while he did it. He lifted me up and began kissing me, sucking on my bottom lip, then lightly biting it. This time was different, this time it wasn't aggressive, or rough, it was soft and sensual. He carried me to the bed rubbing my legs up and down then laid me down, sucking on my neck. He unclipped my bra, starring at each of my breast. He stepped back and both of us, began taking off our jeans and he dropped his briefs and got back on top of me. Lifting my leg and sucking on the inside of my thighs, he slide his fingers through the side of my underware and pulling them down. He kissed me lightly on the side of my hip, the positioned himself ontop of me just kissing me and sucking on me. He ran his fingers through my hair while we kissed and our bodies intertwined wth one another. He was taking it slow, caressing me like I was fine china, touching me like he didn't want to break me. He was going slow as he kissed my legs, then my kneecaps, leading to my innerthigh, but I was ready for him. We heard a knock on the door, then someone turned the knob, but the door was locked.
"Niya it's Dior, I'm looking for King" she said when King ran to the closet with his clothes. I wrapped a towel around my body, and headed to the door.
"Yea" I said opening the door putting on a smile. She saw me in a towel and her face completely turned sour.
"King in here?" she said stepping inside my room looking around.
"King" I yelled out. "I'm getting in the shower let yourself out when you leave" I said walking into the bathroom. I closed the door and sunk to the ground, I didn't know how I was feeling, I wanted to cry and smile, it was a crazy night.

King Chapter Seven cont...
"King" Dior said walking in the closet where I was standing on a step ladder placing a bag on the top self.
"Yea" I said looking at her, but thinking of Niya.
"What are you doin in here, and why is she wearing a damn towel around you, you know come to bed" Dior said talking to me like I was a four year old.
"Let me finish this and I'll meet you there" I said giving her a look, that told her not to argue back with me.
"Ten minutes" I said stepping off the ladder and she rolled her eyes then stomped out the room. She walked out and I followed making sure she was gone before walking into the bathroom where Niya was taking a shower. I opened the shower door, and she jumped a little, I could tell she was crying.
"Go," she said shaking her head.
"Niy" I said trying to express myself.
"Go" she said holding her hand up. I wanted to stay, I wanted to say something, I wanted to kiss her and make love her, but I realized that I couldn't stay. I closed the door back and walked out the bathroom, I shook my head. I don't know what the fuck I just got myself into. I got to the room with Dior waiting for me, arms folded, foot tapping.
"What?" I said walking past her and going to smoke on the balcony.
"You know what, so what you fuckin that bitch again?" she asked following me.
"I ain't fucking her, I barely fucking speak to that girl." I said giving her a striaght lie with a straight face.
"Yea right, what the fuck was you doing in her room" she asked with her hands on her hips.
"She asked for help, then went to take a shower" I said becoming annoyed with the conversation as I sparked up.
"Ohhh you must think I'm fucking stupid" she said getting loud.
"I ain't fuck that girl, so drop it Dior" I said grumbling.
"Whatever" she said getting in my face.
"You think I'm lying, huh?" I said blowing smoke.
"Yea" she said rolling her neck.
"Smell my dick" I said knowing she ain't have nothing on me.
"What?" she said looking at me like I'm crazy.
"Smell my dick and see what you smell on it." I said opening my arms. She looked at me and smirked for a second, challenging me, she grabbed my sweats pulling them down and getting on her knees. She inhaled and leaned back rolling her eyes. "Oh I don't hear shit" I said laughing at her. "But since you down there you mines well get to work" I said gving her a smile and without hesitation she got to it. I wanted to enjoy it, I wanted to feel it, but all my thoughts fell on Niya and I was starting to realize that we were done.

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AWWWWW thanks for the support I didnt think anyone was really keeping up with the story anymore.... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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Sasha Chapter 8

Life, has been crazy for me, I've been happy, really really happy and I can't blieve how good life has been going for me. Pablo and I was back to us, the real us, all the romance and the good times, wtih the family, it's just amazing. I wish I could share this with Niya, but I know she would want me to enjoy my life.
"What you thinking bout?" Pablo said walking into the bed room as I starred off into space.
"Us" I said smiling.
"Good or bad?" he said raising his eyebrow.
"Great," I said biting my lip.
"that's always good" he said lying on the bed beside.
"I'm just happy," I said rubbing his chest.
"And that's how it's suppose to be" he said grabbing the remote.
"I just really miss Niya through"
"Really," he said rubbing my head.
"Yea, you know she was like my book of secrets."
"Well just give it time" he said patting my butt.
"Sasha, can I talk to you" Nikki said walking straight into our room and I could tell that something was up.
"Yea, you want to go to your room?" I asked giving her my full attention.
"I don't know what to do, sis" she said sitting on the bed and pouring her heart out. "Everytime I get to where I want to be it's like my past follows me." she said as she began crying.
"What's wrong?" I said becoming worried looking at Pablo who placed the television on mute.
"I love him, and he left, but I still love him and now he's reaching out to me and I want to let him go, I want to act like he doesn't exit, but in my heart I know that he does." she said now at a full blow weep.
"Who?" I said confused trying to figure out what she was talking about.
"Gary" she said sniffling.
"What you mean he's back?" I said trying to figure things out.
"He emailed me, telling me that he's a changed man, but one thing that hasn't changed is how much he love me and how he misses me and I miss him too. I know we were young and dumb, but as time went on I know it's love" she said and I didn't knwo what to say.
"Look, Nikki you're an adult now and I can't tell you what to do or who to love. All I can tell is that love isn't a joke, especially for you. You got a daughter now, a beautiful one that you have to look out for so you can't be out here playing games. But if you love him and its real, then I think it's only right that you explore it." I said knowing that a part of me would have rather told her to leave him alone. I looked at Pablo, who had a look of worry on his face, but I couldn't control her all my life. She was going to have to grow up, and she was going to have to make her own choices as a woman and all I can do is stand by her side and support her.
"I don't know, we been talking over the computer and he's changed, he's in the Navy, he not in the streets, he's going back to school. He want to be a man and I think he's changed." she said looking me in my eyes. "I don't know why I love him, I don't know where these feelings came from, but ever since I met him he's been the one. When I was out there in the streets, I realized that he was the one, I think of him every day every night because I love him."
"Don't cry about it, it's okay love is never easy, if it was Pablo and I wouldn't argue so much" I said making her chuckle a little.
"Thanks I just needed to get it off my chest" she said hugging me. "I just don't know what to do"
"Give it time, if it's meant to be trust me it will be" Pablo said speaking up for the first time. We talked a little longer before she went to the room to check on the baby and I snuggled right back under Pablo.
"That was unexpected" I said laughing .
"Maybe" Pablo said wrapping his arm around me.
"You don't think so, like I didn't even know she kept in contact with him." I said looking at him.
"It's love, no matter how far you go, love will always find you" he said making me smile. "Look at Niya and King" he said and I looked at him and his face showed that he regretted what he said.
"King know where Niya is?" I asked becoming excited and he became silent, giving me my answer. I immediately jumped up and grabbed my phone looking through the numbers and finding King name when Pablo got up.
"Sash" he said trying to stop me, but the phone was already ringing.
"Hello" King answered on the fourth ring.
"Where's Niya?" I asked getting straight to the point.
"Hi Sasha, I'm fine thanks for asking and you?" he said being a smart ass.
"Get to the point" I said into the phone walking back and fourth when Pablo set back down.
"Do Pablo know you're making this call?"
"Yea, Pablo is sitting right here watching me" I said facing Pablo who went back to watching television.
"Hold on" he said putting the phone down and then I heard movement and him walking through the house. He knocked on a door, while I waited impatiently because I had words for him. How did he know where she was and didn't tell me and why was Pablo holding out on information?
"Hello" I heard a female voice in the phone that made me scream so loud Pablo jumped up. Then she started yelling in the phone and we both screamed.
"Where the fuck you been? I call your old number all the fucking time" Niya said with excitement.
"I been, bitch do you know the last time I seen you, you were charging at me and Rell" I said smiling and spinning around the room.
"Yea, well I was taken by Sauce to Miami and became a stripper once again. A month ago King showed up to the rescue" she said sighing.
"I was in New York just a month ago, well Pablo and I moved to Puerto Rico after that night" I said sitting down.
"Puerto Rico, really?" she said surprised.
"Yea, I know I like it through it's gorgeous."
"I bet, if that was your punishment, then I would not be mad."
"Mad, girl I'm far from it I got my family back, and now I got you back, and I have a baby on the way" I said waiting for her response and she screamed in the phone so loud Pablo could hear her.
"OH my god, I'm going to be an auntie that is the best news I've heard all week." she said, but I could tell she was smiling in the background. "Boy or girl, ohhh please let it be another girl, I need more girls around me."
"Girl stop trying to put a curse on me, Pablo and I are working on boys, you have your own damn girls." I said and we both laughed.
"Girl, I'm done with the dating and the love thing, right now I'm focusing on getting health and getting my life back on track, so I can get my son and live happily ever after" she said sighing.
"King is not letting you see Zane, put his ass on the phone, I bet you he will after i talk to him." I said looking at Pablo.
"It's not like that, King told me once I get healthy that I can see him and I think it's best with everything that's going on between us."
"What is going on, he still with that bitch?" I said referring to Dior.
"Yea, and he loves her and she loves him, I try not to pay them any mind anymore and just focus on myself."
"I hate that bitch" I said rolling my eyes at the thought of her. "I still owe her a fuck up too" I said, but Pablo gave me a look telling me it was not going to happen, I can dream can't I?
"Yea, well how you think I feel having to live in the same fucking house, or having to look at her and him together?"
"I know that shit is killing you" I said only imaginng the way she feels.
"Not as bad as this detox shit" she said sighing.
"Detox, what the fuck is going on with your ass?" I said looking at Pablo who would not look back at me.
"I had a little problem" she said getting quiet. "I started sniffing" she said and I didn't respond imediately.
"Don't make me come to Jersey and fuck you up, you were doin what?" I said placing my hand on my hip. "You betta be talkin boust sniffing some damn flowers" I said looking at Pablo who would not look at me.
"It's cool now, I'm getting help and I'm doing good, I've been clean for almost a month" she said sounding stroung and the guilt in my heart multiplied, it was my fault why she even started that mess.
"And you betta stay that fucking way, don't make me come put my foot in your ass and I'm pregnant so it's swollen and huge" I said pointing around like she was standing next to me.
"It's good, I'm good, I'm not who I was while I was in Miami" she said reassuring me.
"Your damn right," I said pacing back and fourth.
For the next three hours we talked on the phone none stop, catching it up with one another, swapping stories. I missed these times so much that I didn't know how I got through day by day, when we started catching up to hour four Pablo, cleared his throat signaling me that it was time I get off the phone. As much as I didnt want to I told her I would text her and make sure we stayed in contact and I felt so much better after hearing her voice.

King Chapter 8 cont..
It's been a little over two months since Niya came into my life turning everything upside down, and I must admit, she's been doing good. She stick to getting clean and changing and I actually believe in her. We keep our distance most of the times, after that night she made it clear that she was not playing with me anymore and her heart was closed. I mean I knew that it wasn't right, but it was what it was, and it had to be done I guess. I tried a few times to talk to her about that night and she wasn't hearing it, she made it clear that it was over and that it would never be something between us ever again.
So now I've been focusing on getting the club up because the opening was in twenty days and there was still so much to be done. I still had to find a bar manger, even through I got a club manager I was still need someone to look over the bar. I had to interview a few people, but I never got the time and my new artist was in the studio working hard, to get her first single while Relll was bringing out his movie next month. Dior and I had been wild, she's been up to something, but acting like it was all cool between us. I wasn't feeling it, but right now it was the best thing to have her, I enjoyed her convience and the fact that she was always care about me way more then I care about her and that's what I needed at the moment. She been wanting to expand our family and move out our house, just to get away from Niya, but I don't know why when Niya's been nothing, but nice to her. I was surprised how mellow she's been lately.
Today, I was at home looking over the blue print to my new club just going over things before heading there and making sure everything was going as planned. It gave me a headache because it seemed like construction was taking forever and I needed shit done on time. All that was left was putting in the bars, then just moving in furniture and I would be set. Dior didn't really care about the process, she was only focused on when the opening was so she could wear some dress she went out and got made for it. So basically I was on my own, and I was stresseing more then needed over one club. I was standing over the kitchen table where the blue prints were laid out with the salt and peper shaker holding them down. I had my note pad making notes on everything that the contractor just told me over the phone.
"Hey" Niya said walking in the kitchen wearing a pair of sweats that cuffed under the knee and a wife beater and I still had to take a deep breathe to stay in control of my feelings. Niya's body was not just back it had gotten better, still thick in the hips and thigs, but her stomach was now a little four pack.
"Hey" I groaned lightly while running my hands over my head.
"What's that?" she said after popping her pills for the day.
"Blue prints for the club" I said looking over everything.
"What club?" she said looking over the blue prints.
"My club" I said looking at her wondering why she didn't know.
"You're opening up a club?" she said looking at me with excitement and it made me smile.
"Yea, two floors VIP, dance floor, full bar, the whole nine" I said feeling some type of hope, but Niya always made me feel like the man when I was around her.
"That's exciting," she said walking next to me looking over the table plans.
"Yea, I'm having a huge opening in about a month, I hope everything is done by then I don't want to look stupid" I said while she admired the blue prints.
"Is that the bar, it's huge?" she said pointing to the bathroom and I chuckled.
"That's the bathroom Niy, this is where the main bar will be" I said moving her finger where the bar was.
"Oh well hell you know I don't know how to read one of these" she said shrugging her shoulders and laughing. "I need to see it," she said nudging me as I chuckled.
"You wanna see it?" I asked leaning forward.
"Yea" she said shrugging her shoulders. "This is your baby, I mean not your child, but it's an addition to your empire and I would love to see it" she said as if it wasn't a big deal, but hearing that come from made me feel less stress then I really was. It was something about how Niya could just soothe me and Niya was like my personal cheerleader, she always supported me one million percent.
"Let's go" I said clapping my hands together.
"Where?" she said looking at me like I was crazy.
"To the club, I was suppose to be going there to check things out with me and if you want to see it then you should come with me and tell me what you think" I said hoping that she would come becuase deep down inside I wanted her to.
"Sure, I'm not up for that, I just gotta get dressed" she said stepping back.
"Aight, I meet you in the front in thirty minutes." I said so excited that I couldn't believe that she was actually coming.
"Okay," she said walking towards the guest room and I headed to my bedroom. I was excited like I got a new car, or something, even through it wasn't a date anything between us was better then nothing. I placed on a pair of Tru Religion jeans with a plane black Polo V-neck and pair of black and red Jordans becuase I didn't want to over do it.. I opted to wear a black and red snap-back with the snake skin brim and snake skin clip in the back. With a black and red, hundred dollar belt, I only wore once before.I grabbed my gold chain with a gold medallion hanging from it, I placed on my gold rolex, and pinky ring, keeping it simple. After grabbing my Gucci Knapsack back pack placing two stacks in it, chap stick, my wallet, a few other little things I need and I looked at the clock as I place grabbing my phone heading downstairs.
Thirty five minutes had passed and I didn't know what was taking Niya so lone, but then again it was Niya she always taking long to get dressed. I called her phone telling her I was ready, and decided to pull my new red Lamborgini I brought just to splurge after my near death crisis to the front of the house. I became anxious wating for Niya ass to hurry up, just when I was going to call her again she walker outt the door wearing jeans that could make a blind man see the truth and a lose belly shirt that hung lower in the back and said "NO BOYS ALLOWED". She wore a black bandanna tied around her head letting her loose curls hang from it, with a pair of black number eight Jordans. She had on a pair of Easy E glasses with her black Louis Vutton purse, she brought herself a week ago. One thing about Niya was that her swag was always on point and I loved that about her, she could go from heels to jordans and still look like a million bucks.
"Damn Easy E, it took you long enough" I said pulling off.
"Oh you funny," she said rolling her eyes and laughing. "This is what swag look like," she said pointing to herself.
"Aight, I don't want no problems I know you from Compton" I said laughing again and she punched my shoulder.
"Shut up" she said laughing, but I couldn't lie she was looking real good in some simple shit. "I ain't say nuttin about your Paid In Full outfit Money Mitch" she said cracking a joke back.
"Ohhh you talkin shit now" I said switching lanes and looking at her.
"I'm just saying you talkin back my swag when you look like Money Mitch" she said making herself laugh again.
"Nah, you would be Money Mitch, I'm Ace Boogie" I said tapping her thigh.
"I would be Ace, because I have more swag then you" she said throwing a sub.
"Yea fucking right, you got on a shirt thats uneven, that's not swag, that's bad tailoring" I said laughing as she popped me behind my head.
"Yea, cuz snakeskin was poppin when?" she said sliding her hand over the brim of my hat.
"With your "No Boys Allowed" so what you're a dike now, I mean I always had my suspicions" I said speeding a little.
"King don't start your shit" she said pointing at me. "You know I don't like when you drive fast, or did you forget your accident that had you wheel chair bound"
"I'm in a Lambo, it's only right I speed" I said dodging through traffic making her squirm in her seat.
"Why did you buy this fuckin car?" she said looking around it.
"Cuz I fucking like it," I said driving with one hand. "But back to question you a dike now?" I asked raising my eyebrow at her.
"It says no boys allowed it didn't say anthing about a man," she said pulling the visor down and applying red lipstick to her mouth, giving her an edgy look.
I parked in a garge, paying fifteen dollars just to park there, I placed on my Knapsack while Niya waited for me and we began walking down the street, to the club, talking about petty things that truly didn't matter. I pulled my keys out and opened the door letting her walk in first then walking in behind her. She looked around like a big kid, when Rico my club manager walked over to me giving me a dap.
"How's it going man?" I asked looking around seeing some improvements and some things that still needed work.
"Man I just got down taking my walk through, I thought you was going to be here a little earlier." he said starring at Niya as she looked around.
"She had to get dressed" I said pointing to Niya.
"I understand" Rico said giving me a nod and walking over to Niya. "I'm Rico," he said standing right next to her getting ready to put the mac down.
"Niya" she said sticking out her hand and shaking his.
"No boys allowed huh good thing I'm a man" he said winking at her and she smiled. I met Rico years ago when I first entered the legit business, he was a business man and an even bigger ladies man. He had green and grey eyes that could hypnotize any girls, he was the pretty boy type that flashed a smile and girls threw there panties left to right. Once he saw a girl he wanted, she was going to be making pancakes in the morning while he called car service to come pick her up. Then she be on her way and he never met her.
"Ohh nice to meet you, you like what you see?" he said walking her around while I trailed behind.
"It's nice, spacious, I like the color scheme King," she said looking at me completely ignoring Rico.
"Yea, I didn't want to go to dark" I said smirking at Rico then wrapping my arm around Niya's waist and walking her through the club, we ended up stairs where the second bar was put in.
"I like it, I mean I love it actually, but you having bottle serive, you should get a side bar over here" she pointing to an empty spot between the bottle service booths and VIP section. "Then the girls won't have to run into VIP, to get bottle service to come back out. If they have this they won't have to run back and fourth." she said making a point. "And your bars need a show shelf," she said walking to the bar section.
"A what?" I wasked wondering how she knew what she was talking about.
"A show shelf, if you give a visual people are more likely to buy what they see," she said standing in the middle of the bar. "If you was to add shelves in the middle and line them with different flavors of Ciroc, people ae going to buy more Ciroc." she said pulling me into conversation.
"That's an actually a good idea" Rico said leaning on the bar.
"I've been working at clubs and bars since I was sixteen" she said smiling at Rico.
"Damn really?" RIco said sticking a straw in her mouth.
"Yea, something light throw" she said smiling at him.
"I bet, where you from?" he asked starring into her eyes.
"Niya, I didn't know that you had experience behind the bar" I said learinging something new about her.
"Yea, I have bartending and mixology license." she said while Rico walked around the bar and stood behind her.
"That's wassup, you should mix me a drink one day, maybe after I cook us a nice meal and we eat it on my balcony over looking the New York lights." he whispered in her ear and she smiled.
"Niya, finish explaining what you were saying" I said interupting there little moment.
"How bout you go get the contractor and Niya and I chop it up a little"" Rico said giving me a look that meant disappear.
As much as I wanted to stay, Niya wasn't my girl I had to let her do her own thing. I went and got the Andrew back as fast as I could not wanting to leave Niya and Rico alone for more then five minutes. Rico had his hand on Niya waist as she mixed a drink at the bar and he watched her, whispering little things in her ears and I felt my temperature rise. Niya explained some of her ideas with the team and we all agreed that it was good ideas and started planning aound them. After an hour of talking we all had a plan figured out and was setting a meeting for the next time we would meet up.
"Damn, you helped out alot" Rico said when everything was over.
"Thnaks just sharing some ideas" she said being modest.
"Niya, that really helped and I was thinking that maybe you could be our bar manager, since you know so much." I said throwing an idea out and she looked at me like I just gave her a million dollars and jumped on me.
"That would mean so much, I would work really really hard, I mean real hard" she said smiling.
"It's nothing, I want you to get on your feet" I said shrugging like it meant nothing.
"I guess that mean we'll be working together" Rico said stepping closer to him.
"We need to celebrate King let me take you out for a late lunch my treat" she said smiling big enough to light up the whole club.
"Aight, well Rico we're bout to head out, I catch you at the next meeting" I said smiling at him, and giving him dap.
"Lucky bastard" he whispered in my ear before letting go.
"Niya, it was nice meeting you, take my number down so we can keep incontact to go over things in the club since we're going to be working together" Rico said giving one more smile and she began to blush. They exchanged numbers while I waited getting annoyed as Rico and Niya flirted. I tried to not act annoyed, but I didn't want to see Niya with anyone else and that was real shit.

Later that Night
I had a nice lunch with Niya, she always made me smile and after a great lunch we did a little shopping and I ended up buying he more things then needed. I brought her a few pairs of shoes and purses since she brought the lunch and I appeciated her going in the bag and saying she got it. It kind of turned me on, and being with he made me love her just a little more. It was hard holding my feelings inside for her, by the end of the night we were in the whip riding home and I was holding her hand and she let me. I pulled up to the house and helped her with her bags, seeing that Dio was home and I knew she was going to be feeling some type of way.
"Yo" I said walking into the bedroom after making sure Niya was settled.
"Where were you, I called you like twelve times." she said lying on bed.
"I was at the club with Niya, then we had lunch and shit" I said sitting on the bed and pulling off my sneakes.
"Really, so you on dates with the hoe" she said standing up.
"It wasn't a date and why you callin her out her name," I said becoming annoyed while I walked in the closet placing my shoes back in there place.
"Because you out with that bitch like she you rgil, I'm your fucking girl." she said yelling and I wanted to turn around and slap her.
"I took her to an unfinished club, like how do you fucking sound, that jealous shit ain't cute" I said sucking my teeth while I took off my jewlery.
"That's not just it King, the longer she stays here the more distant you are with me" she sad not giving up.
"If I'm distant it's cuz you ass out every night leaving me and our child alone." I said bring up a conversation I knew she hate having. She was going out all the time and when I bring it up, she get mad like I'm accusing her of something.
"Don't do that, cuz I ain't takin no bitch out" she said folding her arms.
I shook my head, tonight was going to be a never ending argument and I honestly wasn't beat so I gave up, opting to give her the silent treatment. I went and checked on my baby, making sure he was sleeping peacefully and then went back into the bedroom where Dior was lying in bed giving me a fake attitude. I laid down next to her, ready to watch sports center until I doze off.
"Babe" she said in a soft voice.
"What?" I said annoyed with the bullshit.
"I'm sorry okay," she said sitting up and looking at me, but I payed he no attenion. "Babe you know I get jealous, and I know that sometimes I get crazy, but you use to love her and I know a part of you still loves her and I don't want to lose you." she said acting like she was hurt, but I could read though that.
"You're not going to lose me unless you keep acting on that crazy shit" I said sighing.
"How was the club today" she said rubbing my chest up and down.
"Good, I found a bar manager" I said as she straddled my lap.
"Ohh really. that's good cuz you been talking bout that for a minute" she said smiling and I was suprised she paid me any attention. "Babe I be hearing you even through you think I don't" she said leaning down and giving me a kiss. "Who is it?" she asked placing her hands in my shorts feeling my man.
"Niya," I said knowing I was setting myself up and she hopped off my lap looking at me like I was crazy.
"Are you fucking serious King? Like please tell me this is a bad joke." she said lifting up her hands.
"You said you wanted her out of here, where is she supppose to go if she don't have a job to pay for her own shit." I said looking over at her as she pouted.
"This just means she's going to be around for a long time."
"Ofcourse seh's the mother of my first son, just like you had to get use to Mya, you're going to have to get use to Niya" I said turning on my side and pulling her to me. "Come on, I was doing this to help her out" I said holding her and kissing her neck. "So you can't stop with all that insecure talk, and go back to being us." I said soothing her then tuning on my back when I know that I had her. "Now hop up on this dick" I sad giving her ass a smack.

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Of course I keep up with it. I love this story ALOT. Thanks..!! Keep adding..lol

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Thanks for showing love zi really appreciate it......

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Niya Chapter 9

Life, has somehow turned itself around for me, three months ago I had no hope I had no reason to live, I was slowly killing myself, but now I've found a reason to live. I found a reason to see better, and now that I am better I'm genuienly happy, the only thing that I wish I could change is King and I's relationship. I still loved King with all my heart and everything I had, but when I decided that I couldn't be wiith him I meant it. I cried enough tears to make a river, but I was sticking by what I said. The one thing that kept me together was Sasha, I loved the fact that she was there whenever I needed her. I talked to her all day, morning phone calls, all day text, and night calls. I was happy for her because she was finally getting everything she deserved and I couldn't wait until I got to that place in my life, but its not going to happen over night. My detox was going great even through I was having a hard time, I was still getting through, I didn't think of doing that too myself ever again, no matter how many shakes I've gotten. In two days the club was having it's opening night and I was busier then ever with getting the girls on the same page, and getting the bars set up. Rico was a cool dude, but I knew his type so I wasn't taking it seriously, but I can't lie I loved the attention I was recieving. Right now I was getting the sleep of my life, last night I didn't leave the club until damn near five doing a run through of the club with press.
"Niya" King said walking into my room lightly shaking me.
"UGGGGGGH" I groaned pulling the covers over my head snuggling deeper in the bed.
"Niya, it's someone here for you" King said trying to pull the cover from over me.
"Take a message" I groaned lying down.
"Ohhh, okay" King said getting up and smiling, but it was too easy. I snuggled deeper into the bed, and then my door opened again.
"Niya" Lia voice rang up and I jumped up like my bed was on fire. She ran onto the bed jumping on me and then holding me tightly as I hugged her.
"I've missed you" I said giving her a million kisses all over her face.
"I missed you too, oh my god" she said lying on the bed with me. "Where have you been, daddy said that you were traveling, but I've missed you. I couldn't wait until you came back." she said smiling at me.
"Mommy" Zane said walking through the door and I jumped up running across the bed hugging him like I never wanted to let him go.
"I missed you, oh my god you've gotten so big" I said holding him tightly.
"Yea, mommy are you back for good?" he said as I stood on my knees rubbing my fingers through his hair.
"Yea I am," I said looking at King who was leaning against the door frame with his arms folded, who was smiling like it was his birthday.
"Good, do I have to go back to Auntie house because she can't cook" Zane said pouting and it hurt me to my heart, but I had to tell him the truth.
"Yea, you do. You don't want auntie to be lonely." I said smiling running my fingers through his soft curls.
"No, why don't we send Dior there instead" he said pouting.
"Mrs.Dior" I said correcting him.
"Since you're back, that means you and Daddy are going to get back together right?" he asked and all I could do was look at King, who was as confused as I was.
"Zane, why don't I take you to get some juice so Mommy can get dressed and we can plan our day" King said grabbing his hand changing the conversation.
"Okay mommy," he said giving me a kiss on the cheek then walking out with Lia right behind him.
I jumped up, I was so happy that I ran to the shower taking a shower that lasted ten minutes, throwing on a wife beater and pair of Victoria Secret sweats that said Love Pink on the leg. I ran downstairs where everyone was in the kitchen, even Mrs. Anna. She fell inlove with Zane within ten minutes of talking to him, saying she wanted to take him home and keep him. Zane and I talked about everything under the sun, how he was doing in school, what was his favorite subject, how he was signing up for little league foot ball in the autumn. I swear these moments were teh best moments I ever witnessed in my life, sharing the day with my family. I cooked a huge meal for every one, we had barbecue chicken, mac and cheese, candied yams, collard greens, cornbread, and apple pie and ice cream for dinner. Zane ate until he almost burst opened, and we laughed when he rubbed his stomach like an old man.
"Mommy I missed you" Zane said while we were sitting in the Theatre watching Dispicable Me, which was our favorite movie.
"I missed you more" I said squeezing his side making his squirm in his seat, while Lia set on the other side of me texting on her new phone, she was so happy to have. King was sitting on the other side of Zane with his arm over the back of the seat reaching me, lightly caressing me making me laugh.
After watching toy story 3, Zane and Lia was all tired out of playing all day in the back yard and eating a heavy meal. Lia took Zane to bed and I cleaned the rest of the kitchen, putting up all the food. I was so happy, I couldn't believe that I had gotten to see Zane, it's been soo hard without him and today gave me reasons to stay clean and keep on the right track. King walked back downstairs just as I was wiping off the table.
"Thank you soo much King" I said feeling truly grateful.
"Niya you've been doing good with the club and getting clean, and I wanted to show you how proud I was." he said stepping closer to me.
"Thank you, I promise I won't let you down." I siad holding the towel in my hand. "What you doing down here, I thought you would have retired to bed."
"Night cap" he said grabbing a bottle of Henny from the pantry. "Come drink with me" he said holding up the bottle.
"Recovery, I can't drink heavy liquors" I said knowing that I can't drink until my recovery is over.
"Oh yea, I forgot my bad" He said holding his hand on his chest.
"Yea, so I'll be heading to bed" I said placing the towel down.
"Come on Niy, don't make me drink by myself atleast come sit pool side with me," he said opening the patio door.
"Aight, but I'm not staying out here all night" I said walking by him and sitting down on a lawn chair and he set on the one next to me.
"I'm proud of you Niy," he said after sipping some Henneseey.
"Thanks King, I really couldn't do this with out." I said looking up at him. "I mean finding Mrs. Anna for me, and the job, I mean King you gave me hope." I said smiling. "I can't wait until I can get on my feet, get a little place for Zane and I," I said smiling at my goals.
"Damn you ready to leave already" King said chuckling, but I could hear the seriousness in his conversation.
"Yea, I figured that I would let you and Dior have yall house back, get ready to expand your family and I don't want to witness that" I said raising my hand.
"Yea, she's been talking bout expanding." he said, but I could tell that he wasn't feeling the idea.
"It won't last," I said crossing my legs.
"What?" he said raising his eyebrow.
"The thoughts of expanding, she just feeling a little threatened with the fact that I'm here and she wants to insure that yall relationship stay strong. Dior don't want anymore children" I said stating the truth.
"How you know?" he asked pouring another cup.
"She always said it, she only wanted one child." I said looking at him. "I mean I know you want a whold bunch of children, but with Dior I don't think you shuold. She barely raises the boy ya'll have now, look she hands it to the nanny going where she want to go. That's not being a mother, I mean I'm not the best mother, but I raised my son when I was here. And I plan on raising my son, when I get him back, just me and him." I said shrugging my shoulders.
"You not having anymore children?" he asked raising an eyebrow.
"Nah, I don't have anyone to make a child with and I always said to myself that I would only have one babydaddy" I said making him laugh. "And now that you've moved on, I'm not having anymore children, I don't have no one to have them with."
"What about Rico?" he said looing at me.
"What about him?" I said laughing.
"I thought ya'll was kicking it"
"Not even, he's a flirt, I see the way he play and I'm too old for all that. The only thing I'm focusing on is my son and that's the only man that I will ever need." I said shrugging my shoulders.
"So you telling me that you're not going to date anyone else." he said becoming intrigued with the conversation.
"Noo" I said shaking my head.
"Really Niya, I mean you're pretty with your head on right, it's a million nigga out here that will date you and you're telling me you're going to turn all of them down."
"YES," I llightly shouted.
"Why?" he said turning towards me.
"Because I experiened having true love, I know what it's like to meet your other half and honestly I knwo in my heart that no one else is going to compare to what we had. So theres no reason for me to go out there looking when I know no ones going to make me feel like you did" I said starring in his eyes.
"That's some real shit" he said shaking his head.
"Yea," I said smiling and it felt wierd between us, like a spark was lite as I starred in his eyes and he starred into mines. I wanted to lean forward and kiss him, so many times I wanted to make love to him, to kiss him, just to have him back.
"King, when did you plan on coming to bed?" Dior said walking through the door only wearing a pair of bra and paties.
"Ohh my bad we were just out here drinking a little." King siad holding up his bottle and I stood up and walked past Dior with my head down, but she was looking at me like she had a problem. I went straight to Zanes room, getting in bed with him as he snuggled into my chest, I knew he was the only man I was going to ever love and I was okay with that because my love for him would last forever and never change.

King Chapter 9 cont..
Damn hearing what Niya said to me last night, really made me think about my feelings for her. I knew I could only hold them for, but so long and that eventually I was going to have to step up and admit my feelings that I had for her were not just alive, but they wer deep in my heart. Dior and I argued and made up like always, and I can't pretend like my feelings for her were deep. Somethign in my heart was telling me that she was doing wrong and I knew it by the way she acted. I didn't want to call her out, because I wanted it to be real, I wanted this to be where I was suppose to be.
Today Pablo and Sasha was coming down for tomorrows club opening, and I knew that Niya would be so siked to see Sasha. Having them two together again would be that a party in itself, because they were going to be gossiping for the next ten hours about everything that means nothing. Niya and I had to head to the club tonight making sure that everything was going good and having one last staff meeting with the crew so they understood what were going to be the expectations for the night.
"Hey, I'm about to go get ready now Zane held me up" Niya said knocking on my door as I was standing wearing nothing, but a towel. She looked at me and then became uncomfortable looking away and fidgeting wtih her fingers.
"AIght, take your time" I said licking my lips and she walked away. Damn that girl was going to be the death of me, I thought while shaking my head.
"You're leaving" Dior said walking in the room holding a few bags from a day out of shopping.
"Yea, meeting at the club before tomorrows big night" I said pulling on my briefs as she placed her bags down on the bed.
"I know babe, my dress is banging" she said getting super excited. "We going to be looking good" she said pulling off her clothes as I placed mines on. I was wearing a white Polo V-neck with a pair of Levi Jeans with a matching jean vest. I grabbed my Gucci Knapsack and matching hat, adding my gold chain with the matching rolex.
"Where you going?" I asked watching her pull on a turquios dress with silve stilletos.
"Oh just out with the girls, I'll be back early" she said waving her hand, but she didn't have to lie, I knew what she was going to do. I know who she was going to see, I didn't investigate because I wasn't ready for the truth, but deep down inside I knew what was going on.
"Aight" I said hitting the door and shaking my head. I was so mad that Dior was lying ot me I wanted to slap the shit out of her. I hated being lied to, I hated being stunted on, I hated being made a fool. I thought of these things while I ran downstairs to stand outside an wait for Niya but she was waiting for me. "You ready?" I asked walking towards my black Aston Martin hoping in.
"You okay?" Niya said getting into the car and fastening her seatbelt, as I pulled off speeding thruough the night dropping the top just to feel the cool air because I was angry. "King, King, KIIIIIING" Niya yelled catching my attention and I turned to her and she was looking at me like I was crazy. "Pull the fuck over King, Pull over" she said slapping my arm and I pulled over on the high way. "Get out" she said unclipping her seatbelt and getting out her car. I was confused as she walked around and came to my side of the car, pulling the door opened. "I'm driving" she said unbuckling my seatbelt.
"What is wrong with you?" I said getting out the car and standing up. Today Niay was wearing a pair of jeans with a black shirt with yellow writing that said "Insert Fangz Here" and a black and yellow Steelers hat with a ball on the top. She had on high top black and yellow Nikes and her Easy E glasses.
"What is wrong with you, it said sixty miles per hour, not a hundred and ten." she said shoving me and I laughed.
"Okay Ace Boogie" I said making her smile for a second.
"Shut up" she said laughing, get in the fucking passenger seat" she said getting in the drivers seat while readjusting it forward. "What's going on, you look like your mind was on something" she said pulling off into the traffic.
"I just don't like when people try to play me like I'm stupid" I said relaxing.
"Ohh you talkin bout Dior" she siad hitting the nail on the head.
"Yea, she up to something and I don't like it and I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I'm not a stupid dude I know when something isn't right." I sadi reallly expressing exactly how I feel.
"Well maybe you just need to talk to her, instead of just assuming because you know how you get" she said shrugging her shoulders.
"Yea I'ma be good," I said taking a deep breathe because Niya's precense always seemed to calm me down.
"AIght, I don't want you having no moment while we at the club because I ain't gonna play with you" she said looking over at me and smiling.
"I guess so" I said relaxing enjoying the nights air.
"You sure?" she said making me smile at her concern.
"Yea damn Ace, let me breathe" I said making her laugh.
"Mitch you playin games" she said pulling to the front of the club getting the car valet parked.
We walked in and everyone was chilling waiting around for us and then the meeting began. We did a walk through explaining exactly what I wanted done and how I wanted it. Niya gave the girls there shirts which was black with the name printed on the front. They were told to wear black bottoms and heels everynight, and we made sure that the DJ was set up so he could do his thing all night. I had big expectations because I had a lot of important people coming tomorrow so I needed everything on point for the club tomorrow. After we all got the meeting out the way we opened a complementry bottle, and we all celebrated, together. Niya was on the side talking to Rico, and I could tell he was putting down the mac because of the smile on her face. I didn't take it serious because I knew what she said to me the other night was nothing but honesty.
"Ace" I said lightly patting her thigh and sitting next to her.
"Mitch" she said folding her leg and turning her body towards me.
"How you feeling bout tonight, you ready?" I asked while Rico sipped on his drink.
"Yea, I guess" she said shrugging her shoulders.
"You're going to be good, all you have to worry about what you're going to wear" Rico said reaching his arm around her and she rolled her eyes.
"What are you wearing?" she said to him and moved away from his touch, and a little closer to me.
"I don't know yet, I got a few outfits it depends on how I feel tomorrow." he said trying to get closer, but she gave him a look that said back up.
"Don't be mad, I said I wanted to take you, but you declined" he said and I was confused.
"I'm not mad, but if you like her and she likes you why are you over here with me ignoring her" Niya said without even looking at him.
"I like you too, but you be giving a nigga the cold shoulder." he said getting as close to her as possible.
"Okay and apperantly you heated it up with her, I'm not mad cuz you're not my man. I'm annoyed she step to me in the bathroom about you, like that's childish and you need to go handle that" she said shutting it down and making me laugh a little.
"I'll text you later" he said getting up and walking away.
"You're too much" I said laughing.
"You don't even know the half of it," she said shaking her head.
"Yea, but I would love to see what you're wearing tomorrow." I said flirting with her just a little to see where she would let it go.
"I know you would," she said with a cocky smirk "What you putting on?" she said placing her hand on my thigh.
"Tux," I said getting closer to her. "You?" I asked wondering how she was going to shut down the building.
"It's a secret, you're going to be surprised" she siad lightly pushing me.
"I can't wait you always look good" I whispered in her ear and she smiled.
"You too Mitch" she whispered back and I must admit I blushed a little. "I'm worried, that I'm going to mess up" she whispered to me as the music started to bump.
"You're going to be good, stop worrying Niy" I whispered to her as she started lightly swaying to the music.
"The music is really good, good mixture" she said rocking her body back and fourth and I placed my hand on her lower back.
"I meant to tell you earlier this week, I like your new hair style" I said complementing the new color of her hair. She now had different shades of blond mixed into her hair and was keeping it curled and pinned back.
"Thanks, I just wanted a change" she said turing to me running her fingers through her hair.
"I miss my buns through" I whispered lightly rubbing my lips across her ear.
"That was so long ago" she whispered back turning her face to me.
"But I remember it like yesterday," I said getting closer to her. She scooted away from me, not wanting to seem suspicious while I rubbed her back.
"What are you doin?" she said turning her head towards me.
"Nuttin" I said reaching my hands up her shirt.
"King" she lightly moaned throwing her head back.
"You ready?" I asked ready to go so I can enjoy the rest of the night with her.
"Yea" she said standing up, and we walked out and jumped into the car and she pulled off into the night air.
"Where we goin?" I asked as she rode through the streets.
"To a secret place," she said looking at me and smiling.
"Secret place like where?" I asked becoming suspicious.
"You'll see" she said not giving any more hints. "You trust me right?" she said after a few minutes of silence.
"I don't know, should I?" I asked as she pulled up to central park.
"Well, then leave and go home." she said getting out the car and for some reason I was tempted to follow her.
"Niya where are you goin?" I said getting the key and locking the car as I followed her. She looked back and began walking faster, as I chased walking past a few people who were out. She dodged through the trees and I still followed tempted to know where she was taking me.
"Here" she said when we got to the outter skirts of the park facing the bridge surrounded by rocks.
"Here what?" I said as she began to climb the roccks one at a time and I followed then we got to the top and the sight was beautiful. "Wow," I said taking a seat next to her.
"Yea, this is where I would go when we were having our problems, this is where I would go when I was going through stuff. This spot right here was my safe place, where I could cry, where I could scream and not have to worry about others. When I was in Miami this is the place I dreamt of being" she said taking a deep breathe.
"Damn, this is you spot huh?" I said pulling her closer to me.
"Yea, and I want you to just breathe, you've been so stressed over everything, you deserve a deep breathe" she said rubbing my thigh up and down.
"It's not that easy" I said chuckling.
"Yea it is." she said looking at me and I swear her eyes made my heart skip a beat. That's how good Niya made me feel, just a look could take away a hundred thoughts of doubt. "Tell me" she said after another second of silence.
"Tell you what?"
"What you're thinkin?"
"Diors cheating on me" I said finally able to get this feeling off my chest. "It's my fault." I said running my fingers over my waves.
"How is it your fault that someone is cheating you?" she said looking at me.
"Because she know I'm not there emotionally, she ask me what's wrong and I pretend that it's nothing, but I see it in her eyes, she knows. But she playin games," I said sighing.
"You should talk to her," she said standing up and stretching. "That's what I would want, I want for you to talk to me, tell me what's wrong and then I would do everything in my power to fix it" she said walking around.
"I can't tell her, what's wrong." I said sinking my head lower.
"Why not, the truth is the best thing to give to someone when you're in a relationship with them." she said balancing herself on the rocks holding her arms straight out so she wouldn't fall.
"It isn't that easy" I said sighing.
"It is, if you want it to work you have to do the work" she said pulling my arm up.
"She just don't have my heart" I said as she stood infront of me with my arms wrapped around her neck.
"What's occupying it?" she said rubbing my arms up and down.
"Who's occupying it" I whispered in her ear and for a moment she snuggled deeper into my arms. this moment right here was the one moment, I wish could last forever. The one moment I wish I could remember for the rest of my life, this moment right here.

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OMG...Its been more than a minute since I been on here!! Months actually. Work has me strapped! YUCK!!
SO, I'm back now...

Niya...girl I feel sorry this chick! She been through hell and then some. King rubbing Dior in her face is wrong. They belong together and need to work it out. Now that she the bar manager hopefully they will see eye to eye on that. If he don't her with anybody else than be with her!
Cash was cool to find her and get to King...for a minute I thought he would keep her or something - but he a changed man so that's good!

Pablo and Sasha are too cute!! Living on an island and about to have another baby??? Thats the life!!

Add more girl...I'm loving part 2!!!!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!


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Great add!

I loving NIY all the way.

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AWWWWWWWWWWWW I really do appreciate the love, my compputer broke so It's going to be a week, but I'm gonna add a few adds to make up......I honestly love the support,

Just some teasers.
King is definately in for a few surprises, in his life.
Niya been through the worst so shes only destined for the best.
Sasha can't have her cake and eat it too, all good things come to an end

Sneak Peek

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her love is infinite ;)

i still feel like Niy & King wont get together.
theres too much resentment between them with A LOT
of things need to be fixed in order them for them to start
over but i think King is afraid to admit he needs her back.
even though Niy says she wont get back with him, i think
she'll give him a chance if he just truly opens up to her.

oh and its fcked up that he wont take care of Prince like
he should because he looks to much like Niy. but the "being
shot in the heart" part is understandable. idk who could handle
that on their own. but once he was back healthy, Zane
should have been back in HIS HOME, where HIS PARENTS had
been raising him. not stuck with King's aunt.

i hate dior, i feel like she just getting King for his money. Mad

Niya & King's 'relationship' is an emotional rollercoaster!
you seriously have me crying while im reading this because that
relationship is so relatable to anyone!
smh this is...was...and always will be an amazing story!!!!

now about that new add..... lol



20 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Sat Oct 27, 2012 12:15 pm


Niya Chapter Ten

Tonight was feeling incredible, as we rode through the highway holding hands, like it was us, when we both knew as soon as we entered the house, it would be over. We got out the car, but Dior car was nowhere to be found, and we walked in the door checking on the kids making sure they were all asleep. We teased one another, he followed me throughout the house, to the guest quarters, going into the bathroom, running a bubble bath.
"I want to make love to you tonight" King said pressing me against the wall, his breathe was heavy and rigid against my neck.
"I can't" I said as he pulled up my shirt, but my emotions were too far gone already.
"Why not" he said challenging me.
"Because you're not mines" I whispered against his chest, and he rubbed my body up and down.
"My heart is" he said placing my hand on his chest.
"I don't want parts of you, I want all of you" I said pulling off my hat.
"I can't" he said placing my hands over my head. "My heart won't allow it" he said starring me in my eyes and I knew exactly what he meant.
"I know" I said starring in his eyes and it felt like our souls were seeping through our skin and combining above us. I pulled off my clothes, getting completely naked, as he did the same staring at his body like it was sculpted by God himself. He walked away as I set in the tub adn turned on the jets letting my mind drift to when these times were different and it was us in the main bedroom lying under one another. I lite a few candles and turned down the lights some so that we finally He came back with a bottle of champaign and a tray full of strawberries, holding two cups. He set in the pool with me and slowly guided himself in under the bubbles pulling me into him. I set on his thigh and crossed my legs as she sucked on my neck slowly, giving small bites.
"Can you sip some champaign with me?" he asked popping open the cork and letting some of it slide down the sides.
"Yea, but not too much" I said watching him pour us two cups.
"Aight" he said passing me a cup. "I miss you too Niya" he said placing his forehead against mines and sipping.
"I miss you soo much King, I hate watching you with her" I said holding her face.
"I know you do, but what was I suppose to do Niya she was here" he said grabbing my hand and kissing it.
"I would never give myself to another person, NEVER king, I can't imagine laying next to someone else, or having someone else touch me. I don't want to knkow what it feels like to be with someone else." I said spilling my heart out to him.
"I know" he said placing his head down and I pulled his chin up and he kissed me, one time pressing his lips against mines then pulling away. "I told you I can't" he said looking away.
"Then why are you here?"
"I don't know it feels right" he said rubbing his fingers over his head.
"Because this is right" I said starring in his eyes leaning in for another kiss and he gladly gave it. I didnt want to pressure him, I didn't want to force him to do anything he didn't want to so I turned around and laid down between his legs.
"I love this tattoo" he said leaning me forward as my ass poked right onto his mans. "Everytime, I look at it I remember" he said taking a gulp of his champaign. He pulled a strawberry to his lips biting it then pressing it against my lips. I bite the rest starring in his eyes as I did it, making sure he enjoyed the sight and with the way his man jumped I knew he was. What was I getting myself into right now, what was I doing, I was too far gone to ever attempt to answer those questions. All that mattered to me right now was what was happeneing right now.

Sasha Chapter 10 cont..
Today, I was catching the red eye with Pablo to New York so we could go to King's night club opening and I was so tired. It was four in the morning when we arrived and King said that we could stay at his house because he knew I would to chill with Niya. It would be the first time we've seen one another and even through we talk every day even skype, but it would nothing like seeing her face to face. Pablo was being so supportive with me and my decisions I swear I couldn't ask God to bring me a better man.
"Babe, did you get car service?" I asked as we walked hand in hand through the airport, with Nikki right behind us. It took a little convincing to let her come, but Pablo told me to give her a chance. She would be seeing Gary for the first time in a while and she was so hyped, he was going to be her date to the opening, but ofcourse they would be leavign early.
"Yea, they should be waiting" he said standing in the lobby when a man walked up to us, holding a card with Pablo's name on it. He grabbed all of our bags and directed us to the black Suburban truck. I was so tired I couldn't wait to get to King's house and fall asleep in the guest bed. I was going to cuddle right nex to Niya and sleep until we had to get up and start getting ready. The closer I got to the house the more anxious I got, we pulled up to the drive way and Pablo pulled out a pair of keys.
"Why do you have keys to this mans house?" I asked totally confused when did Pablo and King become that cool they exchanged keys with one another.
"He trust me" Pablo said walking in, and I followed him heading "He knew we were coming late, and told me to just use the key and head to the guest room, downstairs" he said locking the door behind him.
"Well I'm heading to Niya's room" I said as we walked to the bedroom and showed Nikki where she would be staying at.
"Aight, I'm beat I'm going to bed" Pablo said grabbing the remote and lying on the bed. I gave him a little kiss on his cheek, then headed up stairs to Niya's room, because i remember I stayed in it when I was staying the night after the dinner from hell.
I opened the door, not even opting to knock because I knew she was probably tired after all the running around she was doing. I walked in and she wasn't in the bed, so I walked to the bathroom where she was sitting ontop of King and they were kissing.
"Oh shit" Niya said hopping off of King falling into the water as King stood up turning towards me.
"Ohhhh, hum ya'll ain't together right" I said leaning against the door and folding my arms as King grabbed a towel and wrapped around his lower half.
"We were just" King tried to explain, but I raised my hands.
"I know what yall were just doin, I've done it a few times before" I said laughing as Niya began blowing out each candle.
"Oh don't mind me, I guess I should be heading back to my bedroom." I said raising my hands and turning around. I walked downstairs with the biggest smile on my face, I couldn't help but be happy for my girl. She was finally getting herself some, from the man she loved, this was a good moment. Now all I had to do was get Dior out the picture and they could live hapily every after. I walked into the room and Pablo was lying on the bed watching an episode of Criminal Minds and I jumped on the bed. "Guess what," I said unable to keep the secret.
"What?" he said pulling me closer to him.
"Niya and King was upstairs in the bathroom getting in on babe, like candles and champaign, with the strawberries" I said smling as I got ontop of Pablo.
"What?" he said surprised.
"I know, I thought the same craziness when I saw it" I said smiling. "Finally they can now get back together and he can kick Dior ass to the damn curb" I said rolling over and pulling off each of my shoes.
"Don't get your hopes up," Pablo said as I crawled next to him.
"What you mean don't get my hopes up, they were doing it and they can't act like they don't love one another, they can't act like it's just a fling. They still love eachother, you know that, I know that, hell they know that." I said pulling off my summer dress.
"You don't know there situation and they might actually not be getting back together." he said pulling the cover back so I can slide under.
"Niya would not play herself, letting him slide just to slide ain't her style and you know that." I said snuggling into his chest.
"Yea, but love make you do some crazy things, it's better to have a part of someone to not have them at all" he said rubbing my back making me think extra hard. I didn't want to see Niya get played out, I knew her feelings for King were still strong and alive and it would kill her if he played her out. I had to talk to her, but I would have to do that tomorrow becuase right now me and my baby was tired from the flight.

The Next Day
Pablo woke me up around elevan o' clock and I went straight to the bathroom, my baby was tap dancing on my bladder like everyother day. I brushed my teeth, pulling my hair back into a pony tail and taking a quick shower. I wore a simple summer dress with a pair of Old Nave flip flops and headed straight for Niya's room, but she wasn't there so I went to the kitchen where King, Pablo, Dior, and Nikki was all sitting around the table.
"Where's Niya?" I asked getting a nasty taste in my mouth from seeind Dior.
"Work out with Mrs. Anna" King answered from the table.
"Ohh yea, good morning babe" I said kissing Pablo on his cheek.
"Oh I exist now, after you asked about Niya" Pablo said laughing and pulling me onto his lap.
"Yea, I can't wait until we get together." I said smiling.
"I can, all the gossip" King grumbled under his tongue.
"So King how was your night?" I said extra loud making sure Dior heard me. King looked at me like I was crazy almost choking on his omlet. "Didn't see you when we came in," I said being even more over the top, while Pablo squeezed my thigh signaling me to mind my business.
"Cut short" King said leaning back in his chair, starring me in my eyes like he was calling me out.
"Really, I thought it was long and hard." I said raising an eyebrow and Pablo choked on his orange juice.
"Good morning Sasha" Dior said finally speaking to me.
"Good morning" I said smiling at her like we were friends all while starring at King.
"How have you been, you've gotten so big" she said taking it too far.
"I've been good, just happy" I said wondering what made her feel like talking to me was an option.
"Auntie Sasha" Zane said running into the kitchen with Lia right behind him. And I can't lie, Lia was growing up, now her hips were poked out and her breast was a full C cup.
"Hey baby" I said when he ran into my arms and I squeezed him as tight as possible.
"Sasha" Lia said rubbing my belly and talking to my stomach making me laugh.
"Hey" I said pulling her into a hug as her and Nikki started gossiping like they knew eachother for so long. "Umm Pablo what you eat?" I asked as he rubbed my leg.
"I just had a cup of coffee" he said holding up his half empty cup.
"What did you want?" I asked as Dior text on her phone and I watched her closely because King was giving her the same look.
"I would like for you to mind your business" Pablo whispered lightly in my ear. "Anything you make" he said loud enough for anyone to hear.
"Can you make us waffles?" Zane asked me and I looked at him like he was crazy, I was about to make me a bowl of cereal.
"Zane, what did I tell you about walking through the house without your slippers, go get something on your feet" Niya said walking into the kitchen wearing two sports bra and a pair of spandex shorts and running sneakers.
"Yes mommy" Zane said walking past ehr to his room.
"Good morning" she said with an older black woman behind her and came to the table.
"Bitch I'm not no fucking commender, you better act like you know" I said opening my arms and she smiled at me then ran towards me and we screamed.
"Oh my fucking god, look at you." she said rubbing my stomach.
"Look at you" I said rubbing her stomach, that was now a small four pack.
"I know," she said smiling as I complemented her.
"And your hair" I said running my fingers through her pony tail. "I thought you would never color your hair" I said smiling.
"Yea, I just got tired of it" she said shrugging her shoulders.
"It's cute" I said taking a step back looking at her body. "You are just looking good, Pablo don't Niya look good" I said raising her hand over head.
"Thanks, I'm trying it's hard through" she sadi shaking her head.
"I bet babes, but you got this" I said holding her hand and we hugged again squeezing as tight as possible. "Zane said he want waffles and I do to, and so does Pablo, get to work" I said turning her towards the stove and smacking her butt.
"Oh it's just like you to boss me around." She said shaking her head and I set at a bar stoll at the isnland.
"Who else wanted waffles?" I sad getting on her nerves, even more while Nikki, Lia, and King raised there hands.
"I'll help you baby, they must think you're the International House of Waffles" The older black woman said stepping next to her as Niya got the waffle maker out.
"King, you want one to, you just ate" Dior said rubbing his shoulders as him and Pablo talked about sports.
"I'ma grown ass man, what the fuck that white girl breakfast suppose to do for me I'm hungry" he said picking up his empty plate and we laughed. Then we heard the doorbell and King excused himself as the kids went to the theatre to watch cartoons until breakfast.
"Mrs. Anna I'm sorry this is my crazy ass sister Sasha, Sasha this is Mrs. Anna" Niya said as she turned on the iron.
"I figured, she act just how you described her" seh said smiling at me.
"ANd how is that?" I asked raising my eyebrow.
"Off the hook" Mrs. Anna said making me smile.
"Aaaaahhhhhh" April screamed when she walked into the kitchen and then I jumped up and Niya and I ran towards her all giving one another a tight hug and jumping up and down.
"Oh my god, your pregnant" she said rubbing my stomach. "And you have a six pack" she said pointing to Niya's stomach.
"Yea, six months" I said rubbing my stomach proudly. "You cut your hair" I said looking at her small bob on the top of her face.
"Yea, after the baby" she said rubbing her fingers over her curls. "You dyed you hair?" she said to Niya who was smilling.
"Yea, just a little something different." Niya said taking a step back.
"But you're body still looking like a million dollars" April said smack Niya thighs.
"I was saying the same shit," I said laughing.
"Well hi Sasha, Niya" Rell said standing there after watching us.
"Ohh we're sorry" Niya said walking over to him adn kissing his cheek, as I followed and did the same. "I missed you man man" Niya said as he spent her around and you could tell that they really missed one another.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHH, Pablo look at you, King oh my god oh my god, you got bigger, is you using a new shampoo" Rell screamed and pointed at Pablo and King making fun of us.
"Shut up stupid" I said as Pablo and him gave one another dap.
"Yall was mad loud" Rell said sitting at the table.
"Cuz we missed eachother." April said sitting down next to me at the island.
"AHHHHH, look at you, no look at you, no look at me" Rell said mocking us and April reached behind her and slapped the back of his head, as all the boys started laughing.
"You want some waffles April?" Niya asked as she mixed the batter.
"Hell yea." she said laughing.
"Man Man you want some waffles?" Niya yelled across the table.
"Hell yea, you know I don't ever say no to your food'' Rell said making everyone laugh.
"Everyone getting excited over Niya's pancakes" Dior said speaking up for the first time.
"Ohh shit I didn't even see you Dior, what you doing over here?" Rell said giving her a kiss on the cheek and April and I rolled our eyes.
"I'm with King" she said rubbing King's shoulder as he watched the news with Pablo.
"You're fuckin me right?" April said making the room go silent except for Mrs. Anna snickering and I knew I was going to like her.
"No, we're not fucking you," Dior said starring April right in the eyes not backing down.
"This is some" April said before getting cut off by Niya.
"Hey King could you go get the kids so they can come get there waffles." Niya said breaking the tension. The kids came and got there food, taking there plates outside in the backyard to eat because it was nice outside.
"Hey Niya" I said nudging April's arm. "King said he want strawberries on his" I said laughing at my inside joke and Niya almost dropped the batter while, King face changed a whole color. April and i laugher as Niya reached over the island and popped me with the spactular.
"Sasha is an asshole" King said laughing and shaking his head.
"Pablo you're gonna let him call me an asshole." I said spinning around, but was having complications because my stomach was gettting in the way.
"If he was lying, no, but since he's telling the truth I can't fault the man" Pablo said not looking away from the table and everyone laughed.
"We should all eat breakfast in the dinning room it's not like ya'll use it" Mrs. Anna said placing a plate infront of me and handing me the syrup.
"NOOO" almost everyone in the room screamed at her and she scrunched her eyebrows.
"Okay, don't bite my head off" Mrs. Anna said raising her hands.
"Yooo Niya you playing games right now, like why is everyone eating before me." Rell said standing up and trying to steal my plate.
"Becuase she's pregnant Rell" Niya said placing her hands on her hips.
"So, what I was shot so we equal," he said making me laugh so hard I almost spit up my food.
"A YEAR AGO" Niya said shaking her head.
"I still feel it through" he said turning around and sitting back down making the room laugh uncontrollably.
"Pablo, here you go" Niya said carrying him over a plate.
"So let me get this right, you and King aren't together anymore?" April said whispering between the four of us.
"Nope, not at all, sad two because they practically made for one another" Mrs. Anna said.
"They were last night, in the bathroom" I whispered making sure no one was paying attention to us.
"Ohhh, gossip" Mrs. Anna said leaning in closer.
"No we weren't, mind your business" Niya said through her teeth looking past us to make sure no one heard.
"We'll talk about this" I said leaning back when Dior walked back into the kitchen.
"So are you ladies ready for tonight?" Mrs. Anna said changing the conversation, noticing Dior and I was feeling the lady.
"I just have to get my hair done, and I'm good" Niya said passing King and Rell there waffles and both of them jumped in head first.
"I thought you washed it last night in the tub" I said raising an eyebrow and she opened her eyes. "I mean it was wet" I said turning to King and starring him in his eyes.
"Very," he said challenging me and smirking.
"What" Dior said finally looking up from her phone.
"Nothing babe" he said getting back to his meal.
"Sasha Taylor Rodriguez," Pablo said catching everyones attention.
"Yes" I said knowing that I cracked my last joke, he didn't say anything just pat his thigh and I picked up my plate and walked across the room placing my plate next to his and sitting on his lap finishing my meal in silence.
"Damn, I never thought I see the day Sasha as was put in check," Rell said laughing as everyone joined in with him. "I'm bout to start doing that shit" Rell said raising his arm and pointing at April. "April--"
"You bugging the fuck out" April said cutting him off before he could finish his sentence. "No repellant, don't let that man be the reason you lose a fucking arm" April said making everyone start crying to the point of tears.
"Aight babe next time" he said shaking his head getting back to his meal.
"Ya'll are a mess" Mrs. Anna said wiping her tears as she laughed.
"Sooo everybody listen up" King said standing up. "I gotta go to the club with Niya do a quick run through and we'll be back before two. Then every one has to be ready before seven, that's where we going to have a quick bottle pop and head to the club and be there before eight o' clock. So everyone should be down here at seven, no later then that ladies" he said putting an emphasis on ladies.
"Damn, don't call me out" April said folding her legs.
"Well ya'll know between the hair, make up, choosing an outfit, and whatever else yall do it take yall years." King said shrugging his shoulders.
"Yea, yea, yea, I have to go to the mall" I said waving King off.
"For what, I thought you had everything when I ask you if you had everything before we left." Pablo said patting my hip.
"I know, but I didn't bring a hair clip to pull my hair back." I said eating the rest of his food.
"Niya, has one" Pablo said trying to argue me down.
"No, I have to go to, I have to get my nail color changed" April said looking down at her hand.
"Ohh ya'll just making excuses to go fucking shop." Rell said shaking his head.
"I don't care what ya'll do, I just know that everyone better be ready before seven." King said drinking the rest of his cup. "Niya you finished yet?" he asked while rubbing his fingers through Dior's hair and she smiled.
"I just started eating" she said pointing to her plate with a fork.
"We gotta head out, soon Niya" King said as Dior got up and he wrapped his arms around his shoulder. "Matter fact take your time" King said as Dior began to rub his stomach and he smiled while following her through the room. I could see a part of hurt in Niya's face, but she quickly went back to normal like nothing was wrong.
"I can't stand that bitch" April said sighing as the girls were in the kitchen cleaning up.
"Oh, it was so hard not to tell that bitch to kiss my pregnant ass" i said while shaking my head.
"She is somethin else" Mrs. Anna said as we cleaned the kitchen.
"What happened last night, I walked in on a romantic moment and i think there was some sex involved." I said lookin at Niya and could see the hurt in her heart.
"I don't know everything was right, everything was going good, but it didnt feel right" Niya said turning her face.
"Sooo" April said wanting to catch up with the story,
"I told him I'm not playin this game with him and he walked out to go to bed with her" Niya said shruggiing her shoulders as if it meant nithing but i knew that it meant everything to. her.
"Are you ok?" I asked concerned with her and she shook her head yes, but i knew that she wasn't.
"Yea, like I've told you a million times I'm focusing on me and my son. That's all that matters, that's all I care about"
"Girl I hear that fuck these niggas, I swear I care about everything, but these niggas" April said making everyone in the kitchen laugh.
"I gotta go get dressed, I'll catch yall silly's later" Niya said laughing.
"Aight" we all said splitting up heading our different ways.

Niya Chapter 10 cont...
I was in the shower, crying my heart out, it was officially over after last night, I knew that we would never be able to go back. He told me that he don't love me, and those words hit my heart, they hit me hard when I asked him to choose and he choose her. I never cried so hard, so long, but today i was over it. I wasn't going to be sitting around waiting for him to love me, a part of me knew that he did, but if he couldn't admit it to himself it didn't mean anything. Right now all i was focused on was my family, all that mattered was me and my girls and going out tonight painting the city Pink. I had my son here, why was I stressing over King so hard, when every thing i needed was right here on my lap.
I jumped out the shower, and lotioned my body, right now I was just going to throw on a pair of jean shorts that was cut off, with a shirt that said "Bands Will Make Me Dance" and hung lower in the back. I threw on my Jordans and Easy E glasses, just something that's chill and relaxing. I had to hurry up because I needed to meet my hairstylist here. I grabbed my clutch and headed out, I knew the girls were probably somehwere with there husbands so I didnt bather them. I waited downstairs for King and after ten minutes of waiting I called his name a few times, then waited another ten minutes.
He finally came downstairs lookin fresh in a Black and fitted buttonp and a pair of cargo shorts, he was txting on his phone and I rolled my eyes when I finally got to the bottom steps. I followed him to his black Aston Matin hoppin in the front sea annoyed with the whol situation, but he didn't pay me any mind a he pulled off. I turned the radio on avoiding the sick silence that as going on between us and he drove acting like I wasn't even in the car until we got stuck in raffic, just my luck.
"What's with the attitude" King said turning the music down.
"Nuttin" I said rolling my eyes and turning the music back up.
"really?" King said urning the radio completely off.
"Really?" I said mocking him reaching to turn the radio back on, but he grabbed my hand.
"You mad?" he said looking me in my eyes, then I snatched my hand away turning myself towards the window.
"The fuck would I be mad about? Oh that you flauntin around the next bitch n my face but lyin up in my bed with me swearing that you love me." I sad with an attitude.
"You are somethin else, you told meto leave, you told me to be with her, and now you mad thats what I did" he said looking at me, but i wouldnt turn my body to face him.
"You know what I dont even give a fuck be with the bitch" I said shrugging my shoulders.
"You know it always turns me on when you get jealous." He said lightly grabbing my chin and making me look at him. He pulled me closer to him and then gve me a kiss on my lips.
"don't do that King" I said pointing my finger.
"Do what?" he said grabbing my hand.
"Try to make what you're doing better" I saidnsnatching my hand away and folding my arms over my chest.
"I'm not doing anything, I ejoy you and I enjoy her" he said shrugging his shoulders.
"Are you trying to make me slap you" i said cocking my head toward him.
"I'm just saying we're not together Niya, stop puttin pressures on our frendship to be just one thing when you and I both know were more." he said running game and before I could help it I reached back and slapped the shit out of him. "What the fuck?"
"Dont you run game on me bastard, you want to be with the bitch then be with her, I don't give a fuck just dont mix my feelings up in that shit." I said pointing in his face but I could see his jae flexing.
As soon as i got to the club, I headed straight to my office, that just got finished being decorated. It as a cream and gold theme with potraits of Elizebeth Taylor, Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie o, hanging on the walls. My desk was all cream with gold edging, and knobs. I had a cream victorian style chaise with gold trimming against the wall and two chairs infront of my desk. I began looking over the VIP and bottle service list making sure everyone was on the list and printing them out to give to security for tonight.
"Ace Boogie" King said walkin in the room with Rico rigt behind acting like the conversation in the car never happened.
"Yes" I said looking up from my computer as they both set down getting comfy.
"We were thinking we should get some strippers for VIP tonight, put them on the pole, on the swings, put them in the cage, put them everywhere" King said while Rico dapped him.
"And that has what to do with me?" I asked leaning back in my chair.
"You know the baddest strippers" Rico said licking his lips.
"Ohhh you want me to find them and get them here in less then eight hours" I said looking at my watch.
"Good idea thaks Ace, Iknew we could count on her" King said hitting Rico shoulder as they both got up.
"Hold up" I said standing up and walking round my desk. "I never said i was going to do it, ya'll dont pay me for talent recruitment" I said pushing King.
"Rico let me handle this" King said as Rico walked out laughing and King locked the door behind him.
"You keep plyin with me King and i'm gonna show you wats really good" I said pointing in his face and he slapped my hand.
"You gonna stop putting your hands on me, the car you gt A FREE PASS CUZ YOUR LITTLE FEELINGS ARE HURT" he said raising his vioce a little
"Ohhh okay, free pass huh?" I said rubbing my chin and shaking my head as I starred at him, then went to swing and he caught my hand in mid air. He pushed me to the desk bending me over as he held my hand and popped my ass twice.
"Yea free pass, now you better act right before it gets worst" he whispered in my ear and let me go. "You hear me? he asked pinching my sides.
"Yea, now let me go" said shaking from his touch, but feeling a million times better.
"Ight, come on" he said guiding me through the club and everything was being laid out, I just hope that everything was going to be finished by tonight.
"You ready?" I asked him, as he his hands lingered to the small of my back when approached him.
"Yea I gotta go get ready for tonight" he said leaaving rico too ,ake sure everyting would be finished and we headed out.

21 Re: Memoirs of a Lost Girl 2 on Sat Oct 27, 2012 6:41 pm

her love is infinite ;)

it hurts my feelings that he's flaunting Dior in front of Niya.
what the FUCK he mean he enjoy the both of them? i would
have really put my hands on him.
since Niya wants to "play" like she don't care, why don't she
move out? she gotta job now & more than enough money.
so, she needa take her son and get a crib or summ shit.
king would HATE her independence.

king's ignorance is killing them & so is niy's feelings.
king needa stop dwelling on the past. so what if Dior was there
when he got shot.
NIYA gave him his first son.
NIYA was with him for 5 years.
NIYA was there when he was in that accident.
NIYA got his name tatted on her.
NIYA made sure he was happy no matter what.
NIYA gave him newfound love he never experienced before!
it was all Niya, c'mon sahnnnn. get it together.
im starting not to like King. he playing too many fcking games SMH

anywaysssss good add , add SOON love (((((((((:


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I loooove the fact that yall show me love, word to...

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King Chapter 11

I was headed ome with Niya riding shot gun and I was feeling good, I knew was living wrong, but it felt o good to have two woman under me. Niya gave me what my heart needed and Dior gave me what my heart wanted, I felt complete right now, even trough a part of me rather just be with Niya because she was the closest thing to perfection I was ever going to find. I guess she wanted me to choose and right now I wasn't ready to choose her, even through she was the best choice for me. I just needed to see where i was suppose to be with her, and when I was ready to let her back into my eart I was confident tat she was going to be waiting for me, and gladly accept me back in her life.
Right now it was six forty and was just getting out the shower, kno i was running a little late, but when you the boss you don't have to be on time. I went into the closet lotioning my body and applying more then enough deodirant had to stay fresh all night. I walked into the main room where Dior was pulling on her black black and red dress tat was corset fit at the top with large badazzled rhimestonrs all over it. The bottom was a see through material that split to her upper thighs. I placed on my black Sean John boxer briefs with a fitted hanes wife beater. Tonight I was going to be wearing a Vegan style red suit jacket and black slacks on the bottom. I buttoned up my white Armani button up opting to wear a matching red boetie with it. I clipped my boetie and began puttin on my pants whn I heard a small knock on the door. Dior stylist opened it, and I quickly threw my pants on to hide my boner Niya was gave me. She wasn't dressed yet, but her hair and make-up was flawless. She waswearing a silk mid thigh robe with her breast poking out the top. Her hair was pulled into a large bun on the top of her, making her face stand out soo much. Her make-up was light and simple and I wanted to fuck her right then in ther, but Dior interrupted my thoughts when she opened my mouth.
"Yes Aniya" she said slightly annoyed.
"Ohh I'm sorry to interrupt, but Ijust wanted to drop this off." she said passing me a small jewlery box. "This is a thank you, for helping me out" she said as I opened the box and there was two white gold customized cufflinks. Each had the word King inscripted in them with the "I" doted with with a diamond. I almost broke down and kissed her right here, but Dior was starring at me. Niya was the type of girl who would always know how to take care of her man not because she loved the, becuase she made it her job to get to know them and to study them. "I mean never saw Money Mitch wear aux before, but if he did I'm pretty sure his cufflinks would look just like these" she said smirking as I hugged her.
"No doubt these are fly, good looking" I said shaking my head trying to hide the smile of a kid who momy just brought them a new toy just because.
"No problem," she said with a shy smille.
"Now go finished getting ready, I'm te only one allowed to be late on my day" I said teasing her.
"Ace can be as late as I please" she said rolling her eyes and turning around heading to the door. Dior starred at me as I buckled my pants and put on my all black belt, with a mean attitude.
"what" I said as i clipped my cufflinks and Dior starred at me.
"You kno what King, but it's your night and I'ma let you shine, but that little bitch is really working my nerves" she said placing on a pair of earrings and shaking her head.
"You ready" I said placing on my soes and jacket.
"Yeah" she said with an attitude and we walked downstairs where everyone was waiting except for Niya
"AYYYYYE" Pablo said whering a classic all black tux and tie with a vest. he was drinking with a cigar in his mout and I knew what time it was.
"Lookin sharp" I said giving him a hug as everyone began complmenting eachother.
"Awww bro, you look sexy, if i wasn't Niya's friend pregnant or marries, and didn't know Pablo, tonigt you could get a dance" Sasha said a we psoed for a picture.
"Yo, before we start drinking and celebrating where is Niya?" I asked as the potographer started taking pictures.
"She gave Zane some juice and he spilled it on her"April said drinking a little.
"So wat she gonna wear?" I said confused. "Cuz we don't have time for Niya to find a new outfit" I said worried.
"Nah ah Niya look good in anything" Rell said making me laugh because it was true.
"She wasn't dressed yet, it's cool" Sasha said shaking her head and laughing.
"Niya hurry your ass up" Rell yelled up the steps making everyone laugh.
"I'ma go get her" I said passing my cup to Dior who had the "What the fuck" face on. I headed up stairs with a platinum bracelet in my pocket the one I brought her for our anniversary almost a year ago.
"Yo" she screamed from the bathrrom.
"Yo what's taking you so long?" I said walking into the batroom where she was wearing a thong and noting else.
"I had to wash off red juice from my legs" she said placing on lotion.
"Hurry that ass up, I aint waiting all day for you" I said trying to keep myself from looking, but I couldn't help it her body was sick and i kne wwat i wanted to do with it and how to do it.
"I'm coming I'm coming, all i gotta do is slip on my dress." she said shoving pass me amd walking to the bedroom as I followed. "Thats all you wanted" she said looking at me with her arms folded.
"And to say thank you, I really appreciate these" I said flashing my cufflinks.
"Welcom" she said shaking her head. I pulled the box out my inside pocket, I had to slip it in there so Dior wouldnt see what i was doing. I had it saved sitting in my closet just waiting to be worn. t was a platinum diamon bracelet that had flawless cut diamonds in it.It designs made up of diamonds of circles completing the design.
"I hope you didnt think that I was going to let you go without the chill on your wrist" i said throwing the box and she caught it. She opened it amd a smile as big as the sun came out.
"I love it, oh my god it's so cute" She said as she ran to me jumping on me giving me a hug and I backed into a wall. She starred at me and I kissed her lightlysucking on her neck then pressing my lips against her chest.
"Thank you" she moaned as I began squeezing her breast.
"Now get dressed and bring that ass downstairs" I said breating against her neck, not wanting to leave, but knowing I had to go before people become suspicious.
"Is she coming?" Dior said annoyed as I walked down the steps.
"Yea" Insaid getting to the bottom step and grabbing a cup.
"King you look so sharp" April said spinning me around, almost knocking over my cup, then wiping my lips. "You forgot to wipe off Niya's lips gloss" she whispered at me giving me a smirk
"Then where she at,?" Rell said annoyed.
Then she appeared and I almost dropped my cup, she was doing it like a boss bitch would. Damn iya had on a black fitted dress with the halter top and twp small sleeves on each side. It fell to her knees and fit every curve like it was painted on, the was a stripe running down the middle of her dress that was black lace with a nude color under it. Her breast was look full and delicious damn she was looking sexy, as she walked downstairs and Pablo whistled. he wore two studs that looked real crazy as they glistened and a necklace tt looked like small icecubes combined together and made an iceberg. The bracelet was sitting tough on her arm as her double platform nude heels clicked against each step slowly. She came downstairs greeting everyone showing her back, with her ass standing out making me clear my throat as the lace, with the nude was also on the back making her ass look even fatter.
"Damn sorty is a ten"Sasha said hugging her while we all took pics, then I bust opened a bottle of champaign giving every one a cup except for Sasha who had Sparkling Cider.
"Aight, let's get serious" I said wrapping my arm arounds Dior waist starring at Niya who was standing between Sasha and April. "I want to toast to new beginnings, A year ago, the last time we were all broken and cracked, friendships were split up, and relationships was over, but tomight we all stand here once again each of where we belong and I don't think could have gotten through these hard times without the wisdom of Pablo, the jokes from Rell, the honesty from Sasha, the reality from April, the support from Dior, and the belief from Niya" I said starring in her eyes as she smiled. "Everyone one of yall is why I do what i do why work so hard, yall motivate me to keep the hustle going, stand by myside when times get hard, this right here right now is my family and we all we got. TOAST" I said raising my cups as everyone else clinked there cups together.
"Congratz to my bro, we told yall niggas we were gonna make" Rell said hyping up the moment. "Matcin Bentleys, and rolexs" he said holding up his arm sowingnhis platinum gold presidential rolex and showed off mines. Niya and Sasha took pictures of all three of us showing out I knew they were imstantly going on instagram.
"Car service here" April yelled out and when we all walked outside three all black Maybachs where parked, and I became mad.
"It's suppose to be four" I said annoyed.
"One was canclled" A driver said.
"Yo where is Niya suppose to go" I aid embarrassed.
"It's cool i'll drive" she said as everyone started making arrangements and she shook her head convinving everyone she would be right behind us.
I hopped in the back seat as Dior cuddled next to me enjoying the life of fame and money and I somewhat wanted that same thing. I wanted to enjoy life and money I wanted to be carless right now, to have my heart jus relax and chill, but it wouldnt do that because something was hanging on my chest, something was deep in my heart and I could never shake this feeling. It was the feeling of loneliness that would never escape me even if I wanted it to go away, it never would.
"Damn baby look at all the people I'm so excited I'm about to be killing bitches with my shoes." Dior said while we pilled up the club where everybody who was anybody showed up. celebrities getting there pictures taken by paparazzi and I had to go do the same ting, but something was missing.
"Really King, it's your night and you're sitting here in zombie mood." Dior said reapplying her make up.
"I'm just nervous" I said shaking off the feeling that crept through my spine sitting in my heart.
"I hope so, and you're not sitting her thinking bout whats her face.
"Don't start" I said while we pulled up and the driver got out and walked around to our side opening Dior's car door and she got out as I slide over and stood behind her as the lights began tp flash i put on a smile, that I practically had to force. I walked down the carpet doing my stop and snap every three seconds with Dior and by time I got to the end of the carpet metting up wit Rico I probably took over a hundred pictures and Dior was eating it all up, acting as if she was famous.
"Looking good" I said to Rico dressed in a black suit.
"Yea, I'm trying" he said gloating making me laugh. "Where's Niya?" he asked looking behind me.
"She drove her car service fucked up." I said feeling bad about the situation.
Ricol, Niya, and I had to take pictures so the crew went in while Rico and I waited for Niya talking to different companies about the club, then out of no where a red lambo pulls up and everyone turn there heads as the speakers blarred 2 chainz No Lie. Paparrazi automatically began taking pictures wondering who would pull up with the half a million dollar car. Then I realized it was my car and now I had to stop and stare. Valet pull the the drivers car door ip and out came Niya stunting on these hoes. I had to smile as she straigten out her dress walking around the car and paparaazzi went nuts taking pics making her diamonds sparkle in the lights. She smiled then walked to the passenger side, pulling up the car door where two women were sitting in the front seat one on the other girls lap.
"Damn Niya kno how to do it" Rico said to me while we starred at one girl get out looking like a model with the video girl body. She was atleast six three with heels on and her dress was barely covering ass, but from the way it was poked out I doubt anything could cover that ass. She wore a black dress that hugged ever inch of her body with no back as the tip of her ass poked out. Then the second girl got out and I almost shitted my pants when I saw they were twins. Where the fuck did Niya find two of them at. I watched her walk with one girl on each side of her taking pics for the cameras smiling. It was every niggas dream to have a bad bitch but to see three of them together was a miracle. As bad as they were the couldnt take shine off of Niyas beauty. After they walked down the carpet Niya walked over to us ready to take the group pictures and all i could do was smile Niya had swag, only she could pull something like that off paparazzi was all over Niya and the two twins that looked like tey ass had an obesity problem, but there waist didnt have a meal.
"Damn you know how to make an entrance" Rico said as Niya stood in the middle of us taking pictures.
"I mean, I never been known for not doing it big" she smiled as we walked dow the carpet talking to different entertainment sources and paparrazzi feel in love with Niyas swagg, but I been in love with it for years.
"Two bitches in the lambo at the same damn time: Niya said to a reporter for Media Take Out, making everyone who heard her laugh.We finally entered the club walking through each of us showing love, but it seemed like Niya got most of it with her entrance, we walked to our VIP section where everyone was waiting for us.
"Damn Sis, where you find them bitches at?" Rell said as Niya sipped some champaign, but i was going to have to keep an eye on her making sure she didn't over do it with the liquor.
"You kno, I do my thing" she said shrugging her shoulders.
"I swear my bitch is to tough," Sasha said smiling at Niya as the twins walked towards the table and every nigga tey walk by turnwed his head trying to get there attention, Niya excused herself while she took each of the girls to te swing getting them set up as tey began swinging on the swings getting attention from any and everyone.
Instead of coming back to the table Niya went straight to work heling with the bottle service that was struggling a little, then even jumping on the bar. Niya was a boss she aint mind putting in the work for tje dollar, she went from table to table making sure everyone was enjoying themselves. April and Sasha pulled her away from the bar so they could dance a little just rocking there bodies nothing serious and after two hours Sasha and Pablo where leaving and honestly I was surprised that Pablo let her stay out this late, but I guess it was a special night so he was giving her a free pass for the night. I was stressed because everything that went wrong I had to fix or solve and Rico, I thought I would be enjoying myself but I was working just as Niya was and every nigga she came across was tryin to talk to her hitting on her and that shit was getting on my nerves as I watched her flirt with the next man giving him a smile and conversation. Dior was chilling with a few video girls all of them looking for attention from a baller and i knew I couldnt stay with her the whole night or I would kill her. Right now I was feeling nice, I was in the zone after all the shots i took and I was drinking lean with a few of my homies, the weed had my brain on cloud nine.
It was one o clock and i was done playing owner, right now I just wanted to be a boss. i watched Niya at the bar with a guy, he was a petty rapper that just came out with a new single that was climbing the charts he had no real talents just auto tune and a catchy ass hook, but people were feeding into that shit. He ordered two shots and offered Niya one, and she declined, she already had five cups of Ace hitting her limit for the night. He pushed it towards her whisperng something into her ear ear while he caressed her hip and my blood began to boil after I sipped a little more lean straight. This was my second cup and tonight and I was feeling the wave. Niya smiled as he took his chan off placing it on her neck. What the fuck was this, I starred while my jaw began to flex right to left, left to right.
"Damn mna, you looking like you over here bout to kill someone" Rell said taking a ea next to me,
"Nah, I'm on that wave" I said breaking my train of thought.
"Niya got your ass trippin huh? I mean I don't knock you she came out here looking good" he said nudging me.
"Man my bitch came out here looking good, i aint trippin over old pussy"
"Yea right, I know you nigga all your life we been cool, you can lie to Dior, you can lie to Niya, hell you can lie to yourself, but you cant lie to me" he said drinking some llean and shaking his head.
"Man, i told you aint nobody checking for Niya" he said waving his hand.
"If you say so, if you not why you mad she talkin to old dude, starring her down like she cheating" he said spitting knowledge that I wasnt ready to hear yet.
"Man, I cant be with that girl she has no loyalty to a nigga" I said grabbing a bottle of ciroc guzzling straight from the bottle.
"Nigga yea right, even a blind man know Niya hold it down" he said while Niya and dude moved to the wall with him standing behind her sipping and she was infront of him light grinding. His arms were wrapped around her waist, as he lightly kissed her neck.
"Yo, I just want to fuck her see if that pussy still get as wet as it use to," I said guzzling again, but the heat in my hand wouldnt subside, was this bitch really throwing another nigga in my face.
"You lying to yourself man, you telling me you're not going to leave Dior for Niya" he said drinking some and then starring me dead in my face.
"Hell no i'm just tryna fuck Niya cuz her ass fat" I said making him laugh. "I wonder if I can have them both, now that shit would be gorgeous" I said guzzling as Niya smiled at the attention she was recieving.
"Yo a dog man," he said laughing as April came over to the table.
"woof woof" I said giving him a pound.
I stood up and walked over to the bartender telling him to send Niya to my office ASAP, I told Dior i was going to have to handle business so she wouldnt be stressing me, I was bout to punch Niya in her fucking face how dare she disrespect me after everything I've done for her, she must think shit is a game with me, I guzzled a little more lean then headed to my office smoking a freshly burnt blunt. I stood looking over the club as I watched people enjoy themselves, dance like they had no care and a part of me wanted to be those people who moved like life was just passing them by slowly.

Niya Chapter 11 cont..
I pulled away from Ace Da Kid, and headed towards King's office, I didn't know what was so importat because tonight I was trying to enjoy myself as much as possible. Feeling a little buzz so the nigh has just began for me chillin with Ace had me feeling nice we met in the club spoke on twitter a few times and now we were textin all day. Even through I would never take us serious I enjoyed his company and I enjoyed the attention. I walked into the office watching King smoke and just stare onto the dancefloor, like I wasn't in the room. I waited foe him and he just turned to face me starring at me, reading me, once again King was observing me. I turned my head looking at the wall trying to avoid his gaze, but I could still feel his eyes burning my life away, peeling back layers of make up and clothes to my bare heart.
"Yes King" I said when the tension in the silence became too much.
"Have I not given you more then enough to maintain?" he asked walking around his desk.
"What?" I asked confused,
"You heard me" he said making his voice clear as smoke escaped his nose.
"Yes, King you have" I said annoyed with the conversation.
"So why the fuck would you disrespect me by throwing some little money nigga in my face, in my club" he said sipping from a half empty bottle.
"This liquor got you tripping King, you need to slow down" I said standing up and going to walk away.
"Ohh you don't want to talk about the nigga, but you can flash him around?" he asked as I turned my back to head to the door. Every being in my body told me to run, told me to get out of there and never look back. Anything after this was not going to be healthy and I knew it, but I still stayed.
"King, you acting like you came here single, you got a whole girlfriend that you live with and she had your child. Came here flaunting her like shes the new queen and you mad cuz I'm spending time with someone else. Not only are you tripping your ass must of fell and bumped your fucking head." I said pointing my finger.
"Niya slow your roll" he said folding his leg over the next and I can't deny that this man standing infront of me was a god.
"Or" I said shrugging my shoulders and laughing like his threat had no effect over me, but fear was beginning to rise.
"Niya, dont" he said standing up straight and I shook my head turning towards the door. If I didnt leave now, I knew that it would only get worst, because I knew that we were made to be friends our hearts were into deep. I knew that our love was amazing that it was either love or hate nothing in between and right now I had to choose which way tonight would go.
"No King, you dont. What are you ,ad about you got a bitch you can torture, so what fun are you getting out of torturing me. I mean I know she's not half the woman I am and her swag is no comparison but you should be happy with what God gave you." I said smiling.
"Niya you here fucking with that little swagg nigga like you can do better please that nigga chain is an off springs of mines" he said placing the bottle down. "I fathered that niggs swagg, you couldn't do a better nigga if you created him yourself." He said smirking as he took off his jacket which made my body temperature rise.
"I don't know why I'm doing this, this my pussy I can fuck who I want" I screamed at him, I was done with this conversation as I stormed off, but not before feeling Kings arm grab me and spine me around. Without thinking twice I slapped him and he stepped back, then mugged me onto the carpet floor. Before I knew it, he was in top of me grabbing both of my arms holding me tightly as he starred in my face.
"You can fuck any nigga you want huh? That corny nigga downstairs you want to fuck that nigga huh Niya?" he said squeezing my cheeks as I scratched at him and fought with him, but his grip was too strong.
"KING GET OFF OF ME" I yelled hoping that someone heard me. I got one hand loose and slapped him again and his eyes went from angry to enraged and he began squeezing my neck.
"HUH, you wanna fuck that nigga, or you want one of them bitchs you came in with, you a dike now?" he said hoolding my arms over my head as I tried to shake away. "huh Niya tall that tough shit now" he yelled at me as I began tearing up. "What you fuckin that nigga, giving him this pussy" he said pulling my dress up, as I tried to lock my knees together.
"King stop" I grunted at him as I kept my knees together and he manuevered his fingers up my dress to my opening.
"You giving him this pussy, letting them dike bitches suck on your shit" he said tearing my panties to the side.
"No, I'm not I swear" I said moving back and fourth trying to pull away from his grasp. Then he rubbed my kitty up and down and I knew what was going to happen next so I just relaxed letting my legs fall. I've been here before never with him and I never thought it would be with him, I never thought it would be with him, but I guess you cant predict this life. H ewatched me give up my fight and he just set ontop of me looking at me, then without a warning he decided to get off me. Walking to his couch that set againt the wall, after grabbing is blunt and lightening it.
"You can leave" he said after a moment passed us by and everything in my head said I should leave and right now, but something deep in my heart said that I should leave. Everything said to run away, but this moment it felt like our hearts connected more at this moment then other moment that passes us by.

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her love is infinite ;)

King is jealous as hell!!!!
Lol but I really thought he
was about to rape her or something Shocked
idk about this anymore.
King is not healthy for Niy and vice
versa, even if they think they really
belong together.
that fighting and making up shit every 5
mins...thats that shit i dont like. scratch
they go from hating each other to wanting
to make love and pretend like Dior isn't in the
that mess is tiresome!

but bumpsssss ! good add , add soon (:


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