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Friends No More... <<Rachel and John>>

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1 Friends No More... <<Rachel and John>> on Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:41 pm


Loud bangs collided the door. Noises that once could be heard from the inside were now soundless and extremely quiet. Rachel felt her blood boil standing there waiting for him to open his door. Finally, John opened it seeing the disappointed look of Rachel's face. "What the hell John? You could have told me you wasn't planning to come instead of having me down there by myself." "Calm down Rachel." He looked over his shoulders. "John this isn't the first time you stood me up like this.It seem like everytime I ask you to help me with something I get shit. Ask me to help you with anything else here, anything else...ooo you urk my nerves." Rachel grew even more upset at her best friend who was suppose to help her on one her assignments for journalism. "Damn. I got caught up ok. I'm sorry. Let me get dressed and meet you in your room so I can help you like I promised." "Baby who in the world is fussing at you?" a girl crammed Rachel's eyesight. Another Lauren London wannabe. She glared at Rachel with disgust for interrupting their time. "Naw. I don't want to interrupt your 5 minute love session. Ya'll have fun." she turned her head walking down the hall to head to her dorm room.

Hurt was not the word she felt. Years of friendship felt as though it should have been more. "Are we only meant to be friends?" she questioned herself before letting herself in. Dropping her things on the bed, she opened the door of the conjoined bathroom that connected to her next door roomie. Seeing no one was in there, Rachel glanced in the mirror evaluating herself to all the other girls John dated. He really didn't discriminate on color but lately he been in a light skin fetish. Rachel's tan brown skin was kissed by the sun of the islands and never transitioned back. After moving on land, she played consistently in sports so the sun never left her beautiful bronzed skin. Her black locks stay in a ponytail, never really styled unless it was for special occasions. Makeup was futile to her, with natural long lashes, high cheekbones, and a beautiful smile, she truly is a natural beauty. Her clothing isnt skin tight to flatter her figure since she is still playing on the basketball team. Its real easy to throw on a pair of loose shorts, and a tee, or a pair of jeans and a shirt. She sighed heavily unsatisfied with her appearance. Hopping in the shower, she cleansed her entire body from head to toe. Massaging lotion upon her and placing her wet hair back in a ponytail, she rumbled through her belongings in her room finding some clothing her mom brought for her a while back. She smirked, deciding to try on the sundress just to see how she would look.

The strapless dress hug against her curves beautifully embracing every womanly part upon her. Her wet hair formed natural curls that was swooped in a ponytail. She crinkled her face at first, then decided to let down her hair catching a glimpse of a person she never recognized. She was so routine with her everyday wear and not focused on the fun fashion. She feels feminine and hated to admit to her mom on how comfortable the dress was. The door chimed a tune in her ear causing her heart to race. Approaching the door, she looked down at the dress not wanting John to see her in it. "You can go back to your room John. I found a replacement." She lied flinging clothes around trying to find something else to put on. "Come on Rache. Open up. I am really sorry. Let me finish helping you." He continued. A heavy sigh left past her lips. She turned towards the door and opened it to see him carrying a pizza and drinks. "Why..." He couldn't finish his statement staring at her. " Why you staring at me like that. You act like you never seen a girl in a dress before." She shocked him back to his senses. Turning her back on him, she began picking up the clothes she flung on the floor up. "Not you." He simply said closing the door.

Rachel turned to him once again. "Well sorry I can't always look like the hoes you carry in your room every night." "Damn, what is wrong with you? I messed up, I'm sorry I get that. Imma help you finish your project." He placed down the pizza and drink and settled on her bed. "Look I'm sorry for over reacting like that. I don't know." She settled next to him on the bed. "It's just when we was in high school, you had your lil girlfriends but you also had time to kick it with me. Now in college its like I'm another face. Why you letting these girl play with your mind?" She questioned him. "I don't let no female get in my mind, okay...I mean I get a lil more play on but shit Ray, its college. Have some fun." he shoved her a lil. "I do have fun okay...I'm just not gonna run after every nigga and say let's fuck...no baby that's not how I roll. You know that. Quit acting brand new." "Naw. I'm just saying live a lil. I bet you if you walk out that door in that dress everybody would want you." he flattered her while his eyes glimpsed at her voluptuous thighs he never paid any attention to at first.

Rachel immediately stood up. "You see, I have to look like this just to get a hey out of any nigga." She fold her arms feeling a bit agitated. John stood in front of her. "You can walk out here in a tee and shorts and eyes would still be on you." He smirked. "Your just saying that. Well catch me in my normal clothes and tell me what you think then." She turned her head. "Why does my opinion matter?" He asked. "It always matter. Your my best friend and I always cared about what you think." she mumbled. Grabbing her chin, he lift her head to eye him again. "Ray, you always been beautiful to me." He kissed her lips drawing sensations that could have blew out the television if they were any closer. Rachel broke their kiss. I don't want you kissing me after you been kissing that chick." She gave him the death stare and he blurted out laughing. "I don't kiss hoes. They just be in it for a good fuck. But you..." He stopped kissing her lips yet again. "You always had my heart tied down." He grabbed her waist pulling her in closer lightly pecking her lips down to her neck where his tongue greeted her chilled soft skin.

Rachel bit down on her bottom lip, singing moans in the still air. Her hands wrapped around his head while he danced her around until her butt hit her matteress. "Maybe we shouldn't be doing this. At least in here." she sais watching him stand so tall towering over her. His erection sat thick in his jeans and obviously that girl didn't whip him in right. "Nobody won't know." he whispered pulling his shirt off and showing all the hard work he been doing. Rachel's leg gapped opened wide revealing her bare rump lightly glazed already from John's sweet kisses. "You planned this?" he teased rubbing his hands together with much thought as to what he wants to do. "Let's just say I never sleep with panties." She watched him lean over her, kissing her lips yet again. His hands lowered her dress revealing her round beauties, nipples piercing from excitement. as a big baby, he sucked and nibbled while his fingers toyed her soft goods. Soft moans once again slipped as he heard his name gaining approval. Widening her legs he caught a good view of her most valued spot and he want to show her how valuable she really is. His tongue covered over her ripe plump tasting a sample. Dipping and diving deeper inside her goods, he lapped on her lips as though they were the last. Gripping her thighs, she felt a rush pushing against her, legs began trembling then a wave met Johns lips yet again. He stood up tall seeing satisfaction written all over Rachel's face. Her legs laid limp on the bed and her chest heaved up and down.

She sat up off her elbows, and began undoing John's jeans. she sat face to face with his erection, running her fingertips over his boxers then cupped it lightly growing excited all over again for the reveal. She lowered his boxers staring at then full length erection that was concealed. He peered down at her. "How you gonna handle it?" She smirked at him. Her right hand stroke his 10 inch hard stiff, then her lips met the head of his shaft. She could tell his head fell back enjoying the pleasure deriving from her experienced lips. she stroke, she sucked, she gently scraped her teeth over him. Curse words left his lips into the air providing an audience for her. "Shit Ray." He sound practically shocked at her. Tasting his precum, she stopped. "You have a condom negro." He chuckled at her, "Always." He grabbed his wallet out of his jean pocket that settled on the floor. Rachel leaned back on her back while watching him slip the condom on.

Raising her legs in the air, he gently massaged his way down to her thighs forcing her to spread them wide. She felt him slowly penetrate her, widening her tight hole. Both released moans. She pulled him in closer so he could dig deeper hitting her g spot. Gyrating his hips, his speed began picking up. Her nails tattooed his back while her teeth dug on his collard bone. The tingling sensation trembled down her legs to her toes, releasing yet another climax. Forcing him onto his back, she climb ontop straddling him for a ride. His hands smoothly made a trail up to her breast that bounced freely. He gripped and squeezed making her want to go faster. They fought back the noises but she couldn't contain herself. They released and she collapsed on his chest. They laid their breathing heavily. Kissing his chest, they both knew they couldn't return to just friends

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2 Re: Friends No More... <<Rachel and John>> on Thu Aug 23, 2012 7:13 am



I have no words to describe how I'm feeling right now! lol
Need to breathe awhile and then I'll write something again.


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