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My Life: New Story! Added August 17, 2012

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1 My Life: New Story! Added August 17, 2012 on Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:25 pm


"So i'm grinding til im tired and you ain't grinding until you
Tired so im grinding with my eyes wide. Looking to find
A way through the day. The life of the night. Dear Lord you've
tooken so many of my people im just wondering why you haven't
taken my life. Like what the hell am i doing right?" - Lil Wayne

Written by Q. CAMERON


2010 under the influence

INTRO(Am I Dreaming)
"Kiss Me to see if it's real cuz my mind can't decide"- Old Skool & X-scapeW


SHANNON "Imani" Anderson
better known as "IMANI"

"Felecia I know what i saw ight!", I yelled at my bestfriend. "He was kissing her. LET'S JUST GO. I don't wanna be here no more." I continued walking towards the door of my girls crib. "I can't leave Imani i got a party going on. Just call me when you make it to the crib" I looked at her and sighed. "Fine. If he comes looking for me tell him i said it's over im done"
Once again i feel like i let myself down. His stupid ass just did what he promised he wouldn't do. This music wasn't loud enough so i turned the knob just a little bit. I The seats began to vibrate in my white 2012 nissan altima soothing me to my comfort zone. While holding you down by Jazmin Sullivan blared through the car I began to check my iphone. Seeing my homescreen pissed me off i threw it on the passenger seat and drove off. I didn't have anywhere else to go so i just drove home I thought maybe i could talk to my mom and she would make it better. I parked in our drive way in Atlanta where i was born and raised, everyone was home, my mom, dad, and brother Shane. I walked up to the door rather tried to because it was already unlocked which rarely happened. "Shane you left the door unlocked!", I yelled to my brother but there was no response. All the lights were on downstairs, and no one even acknowledged that i was here like they usually do. "MAMA? DADDY? SHANE?!", i yelled. Maybe they were sleeping. I FIXED A glass of water to calm down my anger that I felt for Jason. He's a liar and my love for him is still there but i refuse to let him into my life again. Enough about his ass where the hell is everybody? I walked upstairs to the den and saw blood trailing to my parents room. As i walked to the door and stepped in before i knew it i was running downstairs with my keys still in hand running to my car. "OH GOD NO! PLEASE NO! THIS IS A DREAM!" I screamed as tears ran down my cheeks. A knock came at my window causing me to jump like i was in a fuckin' horror movie. I looked up to see my brother's home boy "X". I knew him but not as well as my brother.
"What's wrong Shannon?", he asked.
"Their all dead! Someone killed them!", i screamed. HE IMMEDIATELY CALLED THE POLICE and sat in the car with me to comfort me. THIS WASN'T MY LIFE.

CHAPTER 1: Breakdown
"And led you to believe i was, ok to just,walk away from the, one thing thats unyielding and sacred to me" - Mariah Carey

Sean "X" Anderson

"How did you afford all of this?", Shannon asked me as I opened the door to her new apartment. "Can you not worry about how I got it and just live in it?", I replied setting her bags down. It's been a month since my home boy, my best friend and his parents were killed and the shit was killin me. But no one was hurt more than Shannon, I could still see the pain. "Alright here's my number again, call me if anything pops off or if you need anything". She looked at me in confusion. "You're not staying?", she asked standing in the kitchen with her hand on her hip. "NAW, I got business to handle ma but if you want me to come back later I will", I replied walking towards her. "NO you have business to take care of I'll be ok,", she said walking to her bed room.
"Well alright then I'm out"
I drove to my crib and took a shower to take my mind off all the shit that's been goin' down. "Baby?", my girl said in a questioning voice standing in the mirror fixing her hair as i brushed my teeth for the second time today. "SUP?"
"My bestfriend Shano little sister why wassup?", I asked looking at her finally.
"I just seen her number in your call log alot"
"Pshhh it ain't even like that I'm just taking care of her. I promised him that". I looked away looking down at my tattoo that i just got done 2 weeks ago in memory of him. "Well i just found it odd that..."
"Man what the fuck you doing in my phone? I told your ass about that shit!"
Shorty had that shit bad. If we together I don't like the accusing type shit, save that shit for another nigga. It was time for me to go on the block so I let it go for now. I put on an all black v-neck, all black levi's, and all black vans with a black Spurs snap back. "I'm about to head out aight", I assured her and kissed her on the lips. "OK", she replied with an attitude. I wasn't up for this shit.

Once I made it to my block work was already coming and it was only 9 o'clock at night. It was around 12 o'clock midnight when I sold out and walked back to my whip. I was almost to the car when two niggas jumped out trying to start shit. One punched me but I stood my ground. My money was precious to me and I wasn't aboutto let these niggas take my shit. I fought until they was laid out. I grabbed my bag and got in my black 2012 charger. As I was about to drive off I felt a pain in my side. I touched it and I couldn't believe this shit.
"Them mother fuckaz stabbed me. FUCK!", I yelled hitting the steering wheel. I couldn't go home my girl would be bitchin, so I drove to Shannon's spot.

"Nigga why are you beating on the door like that!", she yelled making me laugh as I walked in. "Oh shit", I whispered touching my face feeling all the pain from earlier. Shannon turned on the lights and looked at me. "What the hell happened!", she yelled walking over to me. "Nothin just get me a warm towel," I told her taking off my shirt. "And you got stabbed! What happened X?"
"Look I ain't come over here to be lectured Shannon. Can you just get me a fuckin towel!" "Nigga you can get the fuck out I understand you bought this shit for me but I deserve respect!", she yelled shocking me cause I never heard her go off like that. "Stay in a lil girls place man", I waved her off. "I'm 19 ass hole I'm grown.", she said walking to get me a towel. When she same back she didn't even look at me.
"Look I'm sorry aight I'm just pissed off right now man", I explained grabbin the towel from her. She understood and just sat down next to me. "That cut looks deep let me see", she said touchin my side. "Damn your hands are cold!", I laughed as she kept examining. She then ran into the bathroom to get something and came back with needle and thread. "Hell no Shannon!" "It's gonna be infected if you don't! I have to"
"Alright man", I agreed laying on her lap so she could get a good view. As soon as she started the shit was already hurting. "You gotta stay still X". When she finished i thanked her and layed on the couch and watched Why Did I Get Married Too?. I started to dose off until I saw Shannon coming out of the kitchen in some short girl boxers and fitted tank top.
"Going to bed?", I asked not looking at her. "Yeah, well um I wasjust gonna lay down.", she said. "Come watch this movie with me. I mean since you not going to sleep." "Ok", she replied sitting on the opposite couch.
"How's the wound?", she asked breaking the silence.
"Oh its cool. How you know bout stitches and shit?"
"Oh I'm a part time nurse at Memorial Herman. My dad always wanted me to be in the medical field. I'm going to school now to be a Surgeon.", she replied as the light from the tv showed the tears on her cheeks. Damn i was bad at this shit. I never cried in my adult life. Everyone cries as a kid. I'm 24 years old and tears always mademe become stronger when i was younger. I lost my mom to an over dose and my dad lives in New York. I never met him though. Just a couple of letters and phone conversations. She whiped her tears away but they continued to fall. I had to do something. I walked over to her and got on my knees and sat on my heels infront of her.
"Look Shannon I can't say anything that could bring them back but i promise you I will find the motha fuckaz that killed them.", I said whipping away her tears.
"You have to be strong strong for them ok". She looked up at me and for the first time I just realized how beautiful she was. Our eyes locked and I moved in to kiss her until my phone began to ring.
"Yo wassup?"
"Where the hell are you!? I've been waiting up for you Sean!"

Damn she buggin.

"Ima be home in a minute alright"

"No! Where are you. I know ya cheatin ass at some hoe house huh! Just be real and tell me!"

"I'll be home like I said". Since when she start bitchin at me for every lil thing? This the shit I don't need in
my life. I hung up on her she was gonna have to be mad. I swear she act like a lil girl instead of a 23 year old. Shannon was way more mature than her and she was only 19.

"That was your girl huh?", Shannon asked getting up from the couch walking over to the kitchen. She had one hell of a body to
be a teenager. Damn man what was I thinkin'? This is my bestfriend's lil sister I promised to look after her not fuck her with my eyes.
"Are you gonna answer me X or what?"
"My name is Sean. Call me Sean and what you gettin all mad for? What I do?"
"So you're gonna act like you didn't see our connection just a minute ago?"

"Shannon I gotta burn alright? I'll See you later"

What the fuck was goin on? I knew I liked her but I never knew that I would be this close to goin beyond that.
I drove to the crib and I prepared myself for the tension inside. Soon as I opened the door.....

"So you hanging up on me now. Mother fucka I don't know who you thought I was, but I don't take
shit from anybody especially not you Sean. So you need to tell me what's up and I mean now!"

"This is not your house you don't pay not one fuckin bill in this bitch. All you ever do is shop my money
away. Thats why I'm always out on the block hustlin every night for yo ass. And you got the ardasity to sit
up in my crib and ask me where I been? Fuck outta here with that shit."

"Either you leave the shit alone or I'm out and I'll be back when you calm down"

Enough of the bullshit. I fucked Layla wild. Thats all she wanted. But thats not what I wanted My mind was on

Layla{Sean's Girl}

The Following Morning.

Yeah Sean put it down alright but I could tell his mind was somewhere else. I followed him the other night and seen him
taking some female to some Luxury type apartments. I wanted so badly to make a scene but I didn't want to make
myself look stupid if it wasn't what I expected. Sean always said he would never cheat but that's what they all say right?
I felt like I needed more proof so I'm gonna follow him there today to see what happens. I jumped out of bed as soon as Sean
went into the studio. He thought I was sleeping and thats what I wanted him to think for now. I snuck down to the door of th studio
to listen to his conversation. He was too sneaky.

"Look Shannon what happend last night didn't bother you did it?"

"I just didn't know how you felt about shit like that" he laughed. Did he fuck her?

"No No No you did good. I'm feelin' much better I'm glad I came. You are good
at that tho. I know to come to you again when it happens again"

"Yeah I meant if.", he laughed some more. He can't be serious!!!

"But thanks again. Alright. Oh wait! Did you get that money I left you?.....ok.I'll be over there in a few hours."

I knew he was cheating on me! No one is taking him away from me I gotta follow him again.

I showered then put on my [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

This was gonna end and i mean END.

SHANNON "Imani" Anderson
better known as "IMANI"

A knock came at the door and I knew it was Sean. I-I-I mean X. O_o
I opened the door and there he stood wearing a miami heat snap back with a all white v-neck and black Levi jeans.
His shoe game was always on point he even looked good in black and white chuck taylors.

"Wassup Shannon?", he asked as I let him in. I closed the door and locked it behind me.

"Nothing much", I replied as I recieved a warm hug. The palms of his hands and tip of his fingers gripped my
waist making me have sexual pictures run through my head. When he let go he smiled looking into my eyes with so
much passion.

"Shan Do you wanna go out somewhere I mean I know you been tired of sitting in this crib"

"Yeah but I don't know this side of Atlanta, and all of my friends are back on the southside."

"I'm really tryna say....would you like me to take you out. I wanna get to know you better is that cool?"

"Umm yes, thats fine. But when?" "Right now come on get dressed"

I walked into my [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and looked through my walk in closet. I was tthe fashion Queen and I definitely loved clothes!! Picking an outfit was the problem.

"Alright don't be all day", he laughed. It made me think of old times when my brother use to rush me out the house in the mornings so he
could take me to school before I had my car. He always use to tell me "Come on Shawn don't be forever I got ladies waiting on
me to buy me breakfast" lol he thought he was a player. Oh my god I miss [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] oh so much. He was like my bestfriend. Even tho we always went at it at times for being in the bathroom too long etc. Lol I love my brother. R.i.p
I put on my [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and walked back into the living room
where X was. "How I look"
He turned to face me and he just stared but not too hard. "You look great you ready?"
"Yeah I guess so", I smiled. What the perfect gentlemen he walked towards the door and opened it for me to walk out.
I was about to until I see some girl with blonde hair at the door looking like she wanted to charge me up. I gently sat my purse on the
end table that sat by the door and looked at X who had no idea about the girl at the door.

"Whats wrong, somebody at the door?", he whispered pulling out his pistol. "Yeah. Can I help you?", I asked
calmly. I had a strong feeling she was trouble. Ever since the murders I've been very observing. "Where is my man?"
"Who? Sean?"

"Girl don't play dumb"

"Man Layla what are you doing?"

"The question is...what the hell are you doing. Is this why you be out all the time now cuz you fuckin with lil
miss prissy!?"

"Who the hell is this Sean! You fuckin her."

"No this is my bestfriends lil sister. She just lost her whole fuckin family and you come over here pullin this shit?!"

"I told you nothin was goin on with me and her and you continue to assume shit when I tell your ass whats up!"

"Look I'll be waiting in the car", I said grabbing his keys and my purse. This heffa act like she was begging to get slapped.
I was being nice and said excuse me but she just stood there looking down on me like she was god.

"Either you're gonna move or I will make you move take your pick.", Just as I thought she moved aside. I'm not the trouble
maker type but my mama always told me that you can't fight with someone unless they're willing to get in the ring with you.
And clearly she wasn't ready for this fight.

I walked down to the lobby and out the electric sliding doors heading to X's car. I sat in the car for a minute
waiting for him to come. He finally did but you could tell he was mad.

"Are you ok?", I asked him putting my hand over his as he hadd his hand on the gear. He snatched away and put the
car in drive. We drove off in complete silence. I didn't know if I should say anything else I was too scared to. I never seen him this angry.


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Shannon Continued.

"Look I understand you're pissed off but can you atleast tell me where the hell you are taking me? I don't feel safe with you
mad and driving like a mad man!", I yelled. He was taking this too far. He was really showing me another side that I have never
seen and it was beginning to annoy the fuck out of me.

"Where are we going!"

He forced his foot down on the break causing cars behind us to honk their hornes and cursing
out loud. I could see his chest going up and down at a rapid pace. What can he possibly be that mad

"If you're gonna be yellin and shit while I'm drivin you can get your ass out my ride."

"First of all who the hell are you talking to. I'm not your little girlfriend, you can talk to her any kind of way, but trust me
I don't allow that shit. And second I will be happy to get out your ride. You know what. The nice car, my apartment...what the
hell do you do X?"

"I work. What else would I do?", he replied smartly. I was tired of this, obviously he had some thinking to do and I really didn't have
time for petty shit like this.

I grabbed my purse, and jumped out of the car. I had no idea where I was but at the moment I didn't even care. I turned a couple of corners
and found a shopping center. Great atleast I can shop my anger off. I walked into the mall looking for no store in particular, whatever looked
interesting I would just go in and look around until I would find something I wanted. I walked into foot locker and looked around. There were alot of hot shoes out and I had to buy atleast one. As I browsed the jordan collection I looked towards the exit to see Sean...I mean X.

Sean "X" Anderson

When Shannon jumped out the car she walked around the corner. Now where the hell was she gonna go?
She had no idea where she was. I followed her slowly until I watched her go into the mall. I parked my car and ran in before
I could lose her. Just my luck she walked into footlocker, I needed to buy the new J's that came out today.

"Shannon? Why you just jump out like that?"

"Do your really have to ask.?", she shot back not looking at me. She was more interested in the nice kicks on the
wall intsead of my conversation.

"Shannon I'm sorry ight. Look I just broke up with my girl of years and that shit made me upset. I really have love
for her man. You gotta understand that. Can you do that for me?", I asked moving closer to her.

"I understand, but why take your anger out on someone who didn't do anything?"

"That's just how it is Shannon. Im just that type of nigga."

I bought my shoes and Shannon's also. We decided to go to this restaurant called Saltgrass. I'm a man right
and men eat steaks.

"X, Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah wassup?"

"Look I don't know what happend last night but I really felt a connection between you and me. I know
you're my brother's bestfriend but I really just.....I don't know.", she said looking down.

"Never look down Shannon. That's something your brother always told me. And yes, I like you too", I admitted, putting
it all on the table. Damn I hope my boy wouldn't be mad at me for this shit. But I really do like her.

That night

I walked Shannon up to her apartment and mad sure she was in safely. I was just about to leave until....
"X, Can you stay with me tonight?"

I laughed. "What you scared?"

"Noooo butt hole I'm not scared. I just get tired of being alone in here.", she replied, I thought for a minute.

I definitely don't want to go to my crib too many memories of Layla and me.

"Alright I'll stay"

"Thanks. Hey there is a party at Club Minix tonight on my side of ATL. You wanna go. I just wanna see all my friends
I haven't seen them in forever! I know how you feel about me going back but X...."

"Calm down Shan come on I'll take you there."

"Not like this I have to change first!", I laughed at her lil cute ways. I waited for atleast 20 minutes and she came
out her room with a bomb ass [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].


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This is getting good. It's messed up what happened to her family but big Sean came to.the rescue. I knew they would have more than a platonic relationship, especially since he been around her for so long. so what's about to go down at the club.


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4 Re: My Life: New Story! Added August 17, 2012 on Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:44 pm


Aww man I wonder if Layla gonna come back. X ddnt like her tht much since he's all on Imani. I like her hair <3. But anyways I hope nothing bad happens at the club. X gonna spend the night, hmmmm:) great adds! Keep'em comin!


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Thanks Ladies!!! Adding Soon! Smile Exclamation Exclamation

6 Re: My Life: New Story! Added August 17, 2012 on Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:04 am


Will be adding this week ladies!

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bring this back ms.lady! I just know Layla is gonna be at the club, probably with someone else anyway though. she's gonna be feeling some kind of way about Shannon and prob say something. not quite sure, but I would like to know:D


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