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Forever Young

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1 Forever Young on Sat Apr 21, 2012 6:52 pm



Forever Young


**this story is mad old too.
I only typed one add when I
started it, prob 2 yrs back,
didn't even do graphicx except
the banner which is bad lol XD
The pix'll come later <3


2 Re: Forever Young on Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:11 pm



Darkness kissed the sky as stars lay caught in its web. Ameri looked both ways before crossing the street. It had to be at least 3 in the morning. Her six inch hills pierced the concrete as she fiercely walked towards her apartment building, this wasn't exactly her favorite time of day. Her heart beat heavily as she neared her building, she knew Carlos was up waiting for her to return with his “package”. But tonight, her life was going to be set free, finally, from the tight clutch Carlos held around it. Nervously, she looked across the street at the black car parked in front of the building she and Carlos shared. Walking into the building, her hands became sweaty, she felt as if everyone knew what she was up to. Carefully walking up the stair case, making eye contact with no one, she quickly made it to her apartment.

“Ameri? That's you baby?” Carlos called out.

“Y-yeah,” her raspy voice said as she tossed the small bag of white powdered contents on the table, where Carlos had a thin razor blade waiting. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] appeared in the hallway doorway. A crooked smile splashed on his face as he looked at his package. “You joining me tonight baby?” Carlos asked as his eye's began to roam the room, Carlos was psychotic. He often heard voices, demons rooted in his soul. Crack had taken over his body and brought out the worst in him. He sat on the couch and emptied the small clear bag. Four white lines laid on the glass table. Ameri stood there, inside she cried.

This wasn't the Carlos she fell in love with. This wasn't the gentleman she remembered and held so closely to her heart, this was a monster. But when she looked in the mirror, it wasn't the Ameri she knew and loved either. She had spent her very last dime on his high. She knew the more he consumed, the longer he'd be knocked out. “No, baby, I'm really tired, I'm just gonna lay down,” she lied as she watched him take the first line. His body shook as he squinted his face. He took the other three, enjoying the burning sensation in his nose. Ameri eased in the kitchen, opening the cabinet under the sink, her two black bags sat packed and ready to go, all she had to do, was make it out. Carlos was a crack addict, only she knew. He was mean & powerful on the outside streets, but in her apartment, he was another person. He always sent her to buy his drugs, he always did it at her place, he wouldn't dare do it in front of his kids, or his wife.

Ameri was a good girl gone terribly wrong, although her speech was perfect, and her looks were astonishingly beautiful, this beauty was no angel. Her fingers trembled as they gripped the handles of her bags. Her eyes never left Carlos' limp body; she had tried to leave many times before, and he had always caught her, beat her like a dog, forced her to use, and once sober, apologized. It was clear, he was gone for at least a hour and a half, just enough time to get as far as far was from him as she could.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead as she made a steady pace to the car in front of her building. “Get me out of here,” she welled to the driver.

Marcus drove off slowly, he wasn't about to mess up his new Benz by driving over deep ass pot holes. Marcus was a close being of Ameri's past. They had had a few run-ins in the past, but those were what brought them closer. Marcus finally made it out to the interstate. Ameri finally felt like she could breath, for once.

If one day the link doesn't work, Carlos is D' Angelo the singer.
**So that was the only add. Hopefully I can continue with it, I have a few ideas for it. Well, first, tell me what yall think!


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3 Re: Forever Young on Thu May 03, 2012 4:26 pm


Dang man. That was so messed up. Carlos was something serious. Smh. I need more info please. I lurve it.


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