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Snow in the Summertime *BANNER COMING SOON!*

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1 Snow in the Summertime *BANNER COMING SOON!* on Tue Jul 05, 2011 10:28 am

her love is infinite ;)


Chapter 1 : Nothin’ But The Truth

A heartbeat rung in my ear as my breathing grew heavier and heavier. The walls began closing in on me as the light bulb from the ceiling swung back and forth. Sweat trickled down my face and murder filled my heart. I raised the bat up in the air and swung. Homerun. I reached down and put my two fingers to the side of Marcus Downing’s neck. Dead.

I grabbed my duffle bag and headed out the abandoned house that sat on the corner of Lexington and Broad. I stuck my hand in my pocket as I threw the bag over my shoulder and jumped over a puddle.
“Christian!” My name was called out. I turned around to see Je’Niyah running up to me. I shook my head. I was supposed to take her to school and I forgot.
“Where you going? Did you just not want to take me? You could have just said that.” The little attitude she had was sticking out like a sore thumb.
“Man, I’m sorry. I was busy. I’ll catch up with you later. Aight?” I said to her as I walked fast. She tried her best to keep up with my pace.
“No, it’s not okay. You’ve been standing me up a lot lately. Where the hell were you Christian?” She asked me as she turned me around by my sleeve.
“Man, I had shit to do! I told you I was busy!” I yelled as I pulled away from her and continued walking to the bus stop.
“Whatever Christian! I’m sick of this! I’m DONE!” Her voice yelled as it faded away in the distance.
I didn’t want to be beefing with my girl but I won’t gone chill with her after what I just did. I stood waiting for the Metro to swing around and take me to my side of town. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called my nigga Red to let him know the job got done even though my homie Zane bailed out on me.
“Hello?” Shaniece’s young voice answered his phone.
“Yo Niecy let me holla at Red.” I said as I wiped the sweat that continued to run down my face.
“C.P.…When you gonna stop by. I haven’t seen you in a while.” She asked.
“I don’t know. Whenever I can. But look Shaniece, ima keep it real with you. You really need to change up yo mind frame. You think it’s okay to be doing what you doing? You 14. Being round a nigga like Red ain’t cool and I know he pimpin yo ass. I told you, you can come stay with me if you really want to.” I said as I ran my fingers threw my dreads.
“You know why I’m doing this. This the only way my little brother’s hospital bills is gonna get paid. Please leave it alone. I’ll let you know when I’m ready.” She said as she sighed.
“Yeah, that’ll be the day that nigga really hurt you.” I said as I sucked my teeth. Shaniece was like a little sister to me and I never saw the day she would be working for the same nigga as me.
“Whatever. Here Red. It’s C.P.” She said giving the phone to him.
“What’s good, lil homie?” He said as he answered it.
“Marcus done. I got the pearls. I’m on my way home and then ima be heading that way.” I said as I got on the bus, making eye contact with this broad who’s brother got it from me a couple of weeks ago. Her eyes still held pain and she looked sick. I tried my best not to look at her but she stared me down. She knew I killed her brother but her lips were sealed. She ain’t have the heart to snitch.
“Aight. Well, I’ll see you then.” He said. I pressed the end button on my phone and slid it back in my pocket. I sighed heavily as I laid my head back. I was growing tired of killing people just to be on top of my game and I felt bad for dissing my baby like I did. Je’Niyah’s good to me and she only wants the best for the both of us. Instead of being a dick, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called her up.
It rung twice then went to voice mail. She was ignoring me, but she couldn’t stay mad at me for long. I called again.
“What Christian?” She answered the phone.
“Excuse me?” I said to her. She called me that to get on my nerves.
“Yeah, C.P.?” She sighed.
“I’m sorry boo.” I said as I got up to get off at my stop.
“Yeah, ain’t you always?” She asked.
“Look, ima swing by and get you.” I said as I walked towards my apartment.
“Okay. Love You.” She said.
“Yeah.” I said as I disconnected the call.
She hated it when I never told her I loved her back, but honestly I didn’t what the hell love was.

*2 Hours Later*

I headed back over Lexington where the abandoned house was. Je’Niyah only lived a couple of blocks away.
I hopped out of my 745 BMW and knocked on her door.
“Coming…” A female voice rang.
I waited patiently as Je’Niyah’s mother answered the door. Surprise was written on her face as she hugged me tightly. She loved me to death and I hadn’t seen her in about two weeks, mostly because me and Je’Niyah creep late at night. I been busy doing shit during the day and her mother would kill the both of us if she found out her ‘precious, innocent Je’Niyah’ would be throwing it back and sucking me up every night.
“Je’Niyah’s on her way down stairs.” She said as she crossed her arms and stared at me.
“What?” I asked her as I smirked and slipped my hands in my pockets.
“Where you been at lil boy?” She asked me as she pursed her lips and squinted her eyes.
“Busy.” I said as I looked away from her.
“Uh huh. You better not be cutting up. I know bout your lil bad ass. You think I don’t though.” She whispered.
“I don’t know what you talking about.”
“Oh, so you don’t work for Red? Huh? Yeah I know. Red is Je’Niyah’s father.”
My mouthed dropped open as Je’Niyah came walking down the stairs, then I saw it she looked just like Red.
“What’s up?” She said as she walked up to the both of us.
“Nothing. Have her back by 11:00.” She said as Je’Niyah walked past us and out the door. Before I walked out after her she put her hand on my shoulder.
“The only reason you around is because I know you really are a good kid and I trust that you won’t drag my daughter through the dirt with you.” She said as she hugged me again.
“Aight.” I said as I gave her sincerity in my voice.

“What was you and my mama talking bout?” She asked me as she turned up my radio. Live By The Gun was playing.
“Stop.” I said turning it down. “And nothing.” I said as I rubbed my hand on her left thigh right above her Marilyn Monroe tattoo.
“Hmm. Whatever.” She said as she continued to sing.
“A nigga shoot at me so you know I’m shooting back!” She said as she pointed her finger at nothing and bobbed her head.
“You too pretty to be acting like that Niy.” I said as I looked at her and licked my lips while smiling.
“I’m hood. I’ll do what I want.” She said as she popped her gum and smiled at me.
“Trust me. You don’t know what hood is. When you gone lemme get some of that though.” I said as I stopped at a red light and leaned over to give her a juicy kiss. She closed her eyes and kissed back, but quickly made our lips part.
“When you tell me where the fuck you was at and why you acted like I was some hoe stalking you.”
“Oh. I ain’t think of you like that.” I said as I laughed.
“Well, you know what I meant. Tell me baby.” She said as whined.
“You be acting like a lil girl.” I said as I laughed at how cute she was. “How old are you 17? I thought you woulda grown outta that by now.”
“I’ll grow up when you grow up. You treat me like shit one moment, then it’s baby this baby that. With you, it ain’t nothing but confusion in my head.” She said as she stared out the window.
“Man, here you go again.”
“Naw, you need to know that shit. You wanted to be with me. Remember that Christian? It wasn’t the other way around. You was just another nigga at Mt. Zion High to me. You won’t shit to me honestly. But look at me. Head over heels for you and all you know how to do is dog me. I’m tired Christian. I really am.” She snapped at me.
“You tired huh?” I said as I shook my head. “This is bullshit yo.”
The car ride was silent and she was pissing me off because I looked over to see who she was texting and it was her best friend. She was telling her shit about how she was leaving me.
I sighed heavily as I pulled up in my driveway. She got out of my car and unlocked my front door with the spare key I gave her. When she noticed I wasn’t behind her, she turned around and looked at me like I was crazy.
“Are you just going to sit there? Come on so I can get this over with. All you gonna do is fuck me, sweet talk me, take me home, then talk shit to me when I call you later on.” She yelled. My neighbors were outside and she was making me look really bad.
“You know what? Go in the house.” I said through my teeth as I got out of my car.
I stormed in my house, pushing her in as I slammed my front door.
“Do you think this is all I want from you?” I asked her as I roughly grabbed her crotch and she jumped back in shock. “No, Niy! You don’t fuckin understand me or none of the shit I go through. I do what I do out in these streets for you shawty. How you think you got them jays on your feet? Them jeans on your ass? That shirt on yo damn back? Huh? That shit was all me! I’m killin niggas to stack my money up for me and you and you tired? I’m tired Je’Niyah!” I yelled at her, making a tear drop from her eye.
“Christian? What? Kill? What the fuck you talking about?” She cried as she covered her mouth, backed up, and looked at me like I was a monster.
“Niy.” I sighed as I walked towards her with my hands out.
“No! Don’t touch me!” She cried as she began backing up my steps.
“Is that where you was today? Killin somebody? I knew there was something with you!” She cried as she ran up to my room and locked the door. I heard her loud cries all the way downstairs and it hurt me to see her hurt. As I stood there, mad at myself, I punched a hole in the wall, then another. A tear ran down my face as my anger took over my body. Was this love?

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why did u stop there??? =D add more soon!!!


Oh snap! that was intense.
affraid Shocked
keep it coming!

Girl With Big Dreams

OMGSH u need to add more, && pics cause i wanna saee what C.P look like cause he got dreads Smile


her love is infinite ;)

Chapter 2: Ride Or Die

"Ma, please come get me." [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] cried on the phone to my [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].
"Baby, the hospital is busy. I gotta 14 hour shift tonight. I can't." She said.
"Please..." i begged.
"Je'Niyah, get Christian to take you home because i can't leave right now."
"That's bullshit, Ma!" I yelled.
"Who are you talking to, Je'Niyah i swear to you i will beat your ass."
"Fuck you Ma. All you care about is that dumb ass job. You don't give a damn about me!" I yelled through my phone.
"This dumb ass job got a nice ass roof over your head, don't it? Still you so grown and you figure you can run your mouth like you're doing, don't come back home." She hung up in my face.
"Ughh!" I huffed as i threw my phone.

Since i wasn't going back home, i threw on Christian's Norfolk State long sleeve shirt and a took off my jeans and left on my boyshorts.

I walked down his steps and noticed the two holes in the wall. I walked into the family room and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] was laid out on the couch, asleep.
"Christian," i called out his name. He wiped his face and sat up.
"Hey. Sit down." He said as he moved out of the way. "Let me explain." He said as i sat down.
"Don't." I said as i put my hand up in his face.
He placed his hand on my thigh and looked in my eyes with sincerity.
"This how you make your money? You cloth me with drug and hitman money?" I asked him.
"Something like that." He said.
"Yes or no." I raised my voice.
"Yeah." He jumped back at me.
"Do you think that shit is safe? Somebody can find out you murked ol' boy and put a price on your head!" I yelled as i pointed my finger in his face.
"I got this shit under control, Niy. All you needa do is sit back and do what you do. Don't act and i won't tell type shit." He said getting frustrated with my attitude.
"Who you work for?" I asked.
"You don't need to know." He turned his head.
"I asked you a question. I dealt with this same shit with Yahkee (Ya-Key). Now my brother got 6 years in prison." I rolled my eyes.
"Who was he working for?" He asked me.
"I don't know. Some muthafucka name Red." Christian's eyes got big.
"What?" I asked him.
"You don't know who Red is?" He asked me.
"Should i?" I asked back.
"Hell yeah. Red is...nevermind." he said as he got up.
"I gotta go." He slipped on his shoes and grabbed put on his Play Cloths sweatshirt.
"Where you going?" I asked him.
"I'll be back." He grabbed his keys, kissed my cheek, and left.

I called my big sister [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] over. She was only 1 year older than me, but she was much wiser and independent. She had her own place, job, and a car.
"Bitch you are dumb," she said as she climbed on Christian's bed wit me. "How you not know your man is affiliated? And what's this about you popping off at my mama? Are you stupid?" I had no idea why i called her she just made me belittle myself.
"Quit fucking talking to me like that." I rolled my eyes.
"No, 'cause you needa here it. I bet you he working for [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] black ass."
"How do you know about him?" I asked her.
"He's our daddy, but he doesn't claim us. You see how much he cared about us. Yahkee is in prison because of him. He's grimey." She said as she ran her fingers through her hair.
"Are these pornos?" She asked as she walked over to Christian's tv stand and pulled out the dvds.
"Oh my gosh, Riah! You're nosey!" I laughed as i snatched them away from her and put them in a drawer.
"Ya'll is some freaky kids." She said.
"Kids? He's older than you."
"And that is exactly why i have no idea why mommy thinks you're a virgin." She grabbed her purse. "You know i love you, sis. Be careful when you're with C.P. that's all i'm saying. Bye." She said as she kissed my cheek.
We walked down the stairs together and she left out the door.
"Damn. It's about to storm." i said to myself as i looked up at the sky.
I waved bye to Mariah as she pulled off then went into the kitchen and grabbed the broom and dust pan. I cleaned up the mess Christian made at the bottom of the steps where he punched the holes in the walls.
There were 3 knocks on the door.
"Who is it?" I asked.
"Zane." Pip said. I opened the door to see [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] tall frame.
"Wassup? Where C.P. at?" He asked as he let himself in.
"Out." I said with an attitude.
"Can i stay until he get back?" He asked as he closed the door behind him.
"This ain't my house. You can do what you want." I said as i sat down on the couch. He came and sat down beside me.
"Who bit you in the ass today??" He asked.
"Pip you knew about Christian. Didn't you?" I asked him.
"Knew what?"
"Knew that he worked for Red! You supposed to be my best friend and you're around Christian all the time! Matter of fact you helped hook us up!" I yelled at him.
"Chill out. Do you wanna know the truth?" He asked.
"I'm listening." I said.
"If i would have told you C.P. worked for Red, than i would have been exposing myself. At the time, i couldn't risk it." He said.
"Ya'll might as well be gang members." I rolled my eyes.
"Call it what you want, but that's what we do. That's our lifestyle." He stated.
"Who would have known the men that were closest to me were cold-hearted killers." I shook my head.
"What? I never killed nobody. That ain't me. I got too much heart for that." He said.
"But you can't speak for Christian, Pip."
"You right. What he do for Red is what he do for him." He said as Christian walked through the door with a large duffle bag. It reeked.
"Fuck you doin' here?" He asked Zane.
"Let me holla at you bruh." He said as he got off the couch and walked back out on the porch with Christian.
I stood by the window and listened closely, but it was hard to hear over the heavy rain.
"Nigga you ran out on me. That was bitch shit." C.P. said.
"You got what you wanted though, right? Marcus dead. You got yo money back and the merchandise he stole. Don't sit here and act like i didn't get him there for you." Zane said.
"Look, i just know the next time that shit happen. You gone be eating through a tube."
Zane chuckled. "Keep that shit in mind that you under me C.P. I could easy get you chopped off the block. But you my boy. I'll let you slide." He laughed.
He got a laugh out of Christian and they dapped each other up. "I gotta go. Wifey want me home early tonight." He referring to his wife, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. She was pregnant with his twin girls. She was also 17 like me. C.P. was 20 and Pip was 21.
"Bye Nosey Niy!" Pip said as he knocked on the window.
I jumped then waved bye to him.
"I'm only staying with you 'cause i love you." I said to Christian as he came back in the house.
"That's great because i need your help." He said as he went in to the bag. He pulled out a baretta, a revolver, .40mm, .9mm, and a automatic. I knew my guns. The man i called my dad, Rafie Barillas, used to take me to gun shows. He was a Hispanic Drug Lord that owned exactly six cartels in Phoenix, Southern California, New Mexico, here in Atlanta, Chicago, and Miami. Red had nothing on him. I was Rafie's princess and to this day we keep in contact. I could rely on him for anything. I even had his last name.
Christian pulled out 4 kilos of pure white, over a hundred pre-packaged baggies of mary jane, and crystal meth.
"Doing what?" I asked.
"I gotta go to Oakland, California. I need you to go with one of Red's boys to Vegas." He said as he went in the coat closet and pulled out two Louis Vuitton bags and two Gucci.
"Vegas? For real? With someone i don't know?" I asked.
"Babe, i need you to do this." He said as he sort of rushed.
I sighed heavily. I didn't want to get involved, but everyone that knew me and C.P. knew i would do anything for him.
"When?" I asked.
"Tonight. In the next couple hours. We're driving." He said.
"What i gotta do?" I asked. He gave me a Louis travel bag.
"I'm gonna take you to your crib. You gotta get the baddest clothing you got. You have to look at least 21."
"Alright." I agreed. I ran up the stairs, put on my hollister sweats and the jacket to match. I put the hood on my head and slipped on some black air force one's.
"Ready." I said. He handed me two bags. He put the alarm system on his house and closed and locked the door behind us.

"He'll meet us at the Waffle House on MLK." Christian said as he pulled in front of my house.
"I'll be right out." I said as i got out. I ran in my house with the bag. I went in my room and threw all my dresses, leggings, heels, panties, and bras in the heavy bag. Everything i felt i needed to travel across the country in was in that bag.
I closed and locked the door behind me.
"You got everything?" Christian asked me as i put the bag in the backseat on his 745.
"Yeah." I sighed. I closed my eyes as he drove.

We pulled up in the Waffle House parking lot beside a lime green and black Camaro.
There was a guy leaning on the back of it eating a sandwich. He noticed who the car belong to and he came to my side. Christian rolled down the window.
"Bout time you got here." He laughed.
"I know i know." Christian replied. "Niy, you gotta ride with him." He said to me.
"Why? We going the same way." I said.
"I know, but if i stop to drop you off in Vegas I'd kill time. You gotta go with him." He said.
I sighed heavily. "I love you. I'ma be riding right in front of you. Text me if you need to." He said. He kissed my lips.
"Alright, love you too." I said as i kissed him back. I grabbed my bag out the backseat and the guy grabbed the two bags out of the trunk.
I got in the car with him and we pulled off behind Christian.
"Didn't get your name." I said to him as i got comfortable.
"[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]" He smiled.





Add more...is something going to happen on the trip?
Will her step-daddy step in and help her if she get caught up with her actual daddy??? LOVE IT!!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!


her love is infinite ;)

Chapter 3 : Slick Shit

"I'm Je'Niyah." I said as i reached over. I held my hand out for a handshake. He didn't give me one.
"That's a pretty name." He said as he switched lanes, following Christian's suit.
"So," i said as i ran my hand through my hair. "How you get caught up with Red?" I asked.
"Ima tell you a little story," he began. "See, i was a young jit when i started thinking it was cool to be a hustler. Ain't nothing wrong with hustlin', but it's a time and a place...anyway," he continued. "I watched my brothers do it. As my mother would say, i even watched my sister sell her soul to a pimp. That didn't stop me, nor give me indication that i shouldn't do this. I caught up with a couple of my boys and got connected. I got my brother to show me the ropes of the dope game and shit. My mama went crazy. She was upset that her baby boy was just like the others."
"Why you do your mom like that?" I asked him.
"My mother was a walking contradiction. A crack fiend." He said as the car suddenly went silent.
"Yeah, but anyway, i was making a run and i got robbed, beat the fuck up, then shot. Red knew who did it and put them niggas down." He said.
"Well, how did Red find out?" I asked.
"The guy i was getting my supply for worked under Red. So did my brothers. He watched me get my start."
"So you let this shit take over your life like that?" I asked him.
"I had to bring income in my house and keep my moms alive. She lived for crack. Without it, she looked like death walking around." He said.
"So, you worked for Red, supplied your mother, and followed in the footsteps of dumbasses?" I asked. "How old are you?" I asked.
"First off, i can't do shit bout it now, second i'm 25." He replied.
"I am so disgusted. You wasted your life." I rolled my eyes.
"I acomplished alot of shit at my age. Look at what you riding in. It's paid for. You should see my house. Paid in full. I'm proud of myself. You're only disgusted cause you don't know shit about the real world." He said.
"Don't you dare tell me what the fuck i know." I snapped.
"Chill, kid. You don't see me getting disrespectful with you. Calm down. We having a conversation, right? Fuck you getting mad for?" He asked.
I shook my head and stared out the window at the millions of trees we were passing by.

*12 hours later*

I rubbed my eyes and looked around as i stretched. We had stopped at a gas station. I got out of the car to stretch my legs and was happy to see Christian in front of us.
"Wassup babe." He said as he hugged me and kissed my forehead.
"Nothing. I'm hungry." I said as i rubbed my tummy. He looked at his watch.
"It's 1:16. McDonald's drive-thru still open. We can swing over there." He said as he used his thumb to point behind him at the big Mickey D's sign up the street.
"Okay." I said as i stood on my tippy toes and kissed his cheek. I went and walked around the gas station's lot. I was too damn cramped sleeping in a two door.
"Let's go, Niy!" Christian yelled after a few minutes.

I got back in Trey's car.
"You got money?" He asked me.
"Naw, i'm broke, but you do." I said as he pulled in the driveway. He laughed.
"What you want?" He asked.
"A 10 piece nugget, a value fry, a chicken bacon ranch salad," i said. "Oh and a sweet tea please." I smiled.
He shook his head.
He ordered my food. We waited on Christian, then we hopped back on the highway. I found out we were close to Nevada. So, we didn't have much longer to go.

"I'm gone stop at a motel so you can shower and change into something nice." He said as he gripped the steering wheel and pushed down on the accelerator.
"K." I sighed.
"Why you so...basic?" He asked.
"Basic? Nigga you got me fucked up. It's just that i don't know you." I rolled my neck.
"You right. I don't blame you, but you have no conversation and when we did talk, it was an argument." He said.
"Why you worried bout me? I'm not your girl." I pursed my lips.
"Cause you my nigga girl. You gotta be something to have something." He said. What the fuck was he talking about?
I chuckled and shook my head. "Do you have a meaning to this sermon?" I asked.
"I'm saying. You a basic girl, but you gotta extravagant nigga." He said.
"Well! Why don't you fuck him." I said as i threw the hot fries on him.
"Fuck!" He swerved.
"Don't call me basic again." I said as i pushed him.
"You got it." He said as he picked up each fry and chucked them at me. I mushed him in the face, making him swerve again, then i climbed my ass in the backseat. I didn't have time for his childish ass ways.
I laid down and texted Christian.
Trey blasted his music, knowing it would bother me. I was in the backseat and i could constantly feel the speakers vibrating. It made my ears pop.

"We here." He said as he shook my body. It was still dark outside.
"Vegas?" I asked.
"No, we on the outskirts of the city though. We at the motel." He said as he got out of the car.
I sucked my teeth. I fixed my hair and climbed out the car.
"I already got the key and your bag." He said.
I straightened my hair and folded my arms. It was freezing. They weren't lying when they said Vegas was built on a desert. Cold as shit at night, hot as fuck in the day.
"C'mon." He said as he opened the door for me.
"Oh no. I'm not sleeping on this matress." I said.
"Please with the high sidity shit." He sighed.
I sat down in the chair. "Just gimme my bag." I said. He handed it to me.
"Thanks." I said as i opened it. I pulled out my panties and bra.
He took off his shirt and shoes.
"I got first dibs on the shower." I said as i stood up and went into the bathroom.
I turned on the shower and let the hot water hit my body. It felt so damn good. I scrubbed down my body and rinsed off.

It was too steamy to get dressed in the bathroom, so i put on my bra and panties, put my towel around my body and walked out. Trey was knocked out. I shook my head. I knew he was tired as hell. He had been driving nearly 24 hours straight with no type of rest.
I grabbed a small throw blanket from my bag that i always carried and covered his sleeping body. There was no need for him to get under them nasty ass covers. I looked at him for a little bit, then bent down and kissed his forehead. He fluttered his eyes, then went back to sleep.
It was a one bed motel, so i put on some sweats and a t-shirt and got into the bed with Trey. I tried my best to keep my distance, but i was freezing. I scooted closer to him and got under my blanket. He turned over and faced me, giving me more cover.

I stuck my tongue down his throat. He groped my ass tightly as i wrapped my legs around his waist. He pulled my hair back and licked his tongue in between my breasts.
"Trey," i called his name. We kissed again and i scratched at his chest. I wanted him.
He ripped my panties off and i pulled him out of his boxers. He was rock hard.
I held onto him as he stood up. He laid me on the bed, then flipped me over. I put my ass up in the air.
"Give it to me daddy." I said as he ran his finger down my crack. He bent over and kissed my ass. I smirked.
He pressed his hand down on my back and squeezed my thighs tightly. He pulled me straight onto him. My body shook from the penetration.
"Aah," he exhaled as he stroked me. He went really slow. That's how i liked it. I could feel everything i wanted to that way.
He twirled me around while still on his dick and laid down on top me. Our bodies were one as my breast were against his chest. His sweat lightly trickled down his face as he gave me something good. He kissed all over my face as our fingers intertwined.
"I love you, Niy." He said as his body moved up and down.
"I love you too, Trey." I said as i bit my bottom lip.
He put his face down and he bit down on my neck. My mouth opened as i felt his semen race through me.
"Ahh fuck." He said.

I jumped up and rubbed my eyes. I woke up to see Trey walking out of the bathroom. His body was dripping with water.
"You okay?" I asked.
"Yeah. I just stubbed my toe." He said with an angry expression written across my face.
"Oh." I said as i pulled my knees to my chest and finger combed my hair. "So, how did you sleep?" I asked as i turned my head.
He was putting on his boxers under the towel.
"Aight. Oh, thanks for the cover too." He said. "It was cold as hell in here."
"You're welcome." I said.
"Can i asked you a question?" He asked.
"You just did." I smirked.
He laughed. "Why was you sleeping under me like you were?" He asked.
"Um, i didn't know i was." I shyly said. "But you said it yourself. It was cold."
"You moan alot in your sleep too?" He grinned.
I sucked my teeth and rolled my eyes. "Nah, i'm playing. You only did it once or twice. I figured you were getting fucked in your dreams or...you were fucking yourself."
I knew i was dreaming, but it felt so real.
"You got jokes, huh?" I asked him.
"The best." He said as he put on his shirt. "But come on. Get ready cause we gotta go. We gotta check in at 2 and it's already 12." He said.
"You let me sleep til 12?" I asked as i jumped up. "Christian wanted me to call him this morning." I said.
"Ya'll be aight. He just got to Cali. He probably got another 8 hours til he get to Oakland. It ain't no thing." Trey said.
I went through my bag and pulled out a short black and white fitted dress and my red bottoms. I went in the bathroom and brushed my hair back into a tight elegant bun. I lotioned down, then slipped on the dress. I put on the heels and looked in the mirror at myself. I could pass for 21.
I walked back into the room and saw Trey buttoning up a long sleeve black shirt. He rolled it up at the sleeves and looked over at me. His jaws dropped.
"You look good." He smiled.
"Not too bad yourself." I complimented back. He put his shoes on and grabbed his keys.
"Get your bag and let's go before the people at the front desk find out i'm not gone pay for this room." I quickly grabbed my bag. We got in his car and left.

Trey turned the engine off and got out of the car. He fixed his clothes then walked over, opening the passenger door for me.
He held his hand out and i grabbed it gently. I scooted out of the Camaro's bucket seats. He closed the door behind me.
"You know the plan right?" He asked as he wrapped his arm around my waist and whispered in my ear. I nodded and smiled as we walked into the casino. We had to walk through it to get upstairs.
"I bet you i can put all of these suckers out their misery." Trey laughed.
"Why are you so sure of yourself?" I asked.
"Money talks. I got big money. If i lost, i would get twice my money back. They love me here." He said as he waved at the Poker lady. She was bad. She had long blond hair, deep dimples, sparkling blue eyes, full lips, and a bad ass body. She had T&A. Imagine a white version of Nicki Minaj. She was her.
"You fucking her when you come out here,don't you?" I smirked.
"Stay out grown folks business." He laughed as he kissed my temple. He was really tryna make us look like a couple. Wasn't he?

"Hi, Mr. Harris. We've been expecting you!" The lady at the desk said. "Mrs. Harris." She smiled and nodded at me.
"I remember you visited us a couple of months ago. You were quite a single man. Now, you're happily married. Isn't that wonderful." She smiled.
"Isn't it..." i smirked as looked over at him.
"The key." He smiled. She gave him our room key.
Trey picked up the Louis Vuitton and the Gucci bag off the floor and we went got in the elevator.
"This hotel is nice." I said
"Yeah," he said. "When we get in the room, we gone have some company. Dont freak out." He said as he handed me the .9mm. I put it in my purse. "If anything happen. Light them niggas up. They dirty and they don't give a fuck. We gotta make this fast. The rest will be a lil vacation until C.P. get back from the 'O'. Don't look vulnerable. Don't flinch. Don't look suspicious. You look good so if a nigga wanna cop a feel, let him do it." He said.
"Are you kidding me?" I asked.
"Please don't fuck this up." He begged. The elevator doors opened.
He grabbed my hand we walked down the hall together. We turned the corner to see a big black guy standing by a door.
"That's our room." He said.

We walked in to see four guys scattered in the room. They were strapped and i got a tad bit nervous, but i shook it off.
"Wassup man." He said as he greeted the main dude that stood out the most.
"Wassup young blood." He said as he tipped his hat. A guy reached over and grabbed my ass. My eyes shot up at Trey, but he was talking to the man. I exhaled and turned around. I gave him a sexy smirk, then gently removed his hand.
"You got the white girl with you?" The man asked Trey.
"Yeah. 50 kilograms of pure white. You got the money?"
The man snapped his fingers and one of his guys brought over a suitcase. I looked at him and couldn't believe my eyes. It was the same dude that used to work for Rafie. Darrien Bridges. I remembered him like he had just left yesterday. He was my first love.
He looked up at me and stared at me hard. I knew he could barely recognize me with makeup caked up on my face. He had never seen me in a tight ass dress or heels. I mean, i was 14 when he was 18. Yeah, we were four years apart. That's would made our love for each other so much stronger. We didn't care. We used to sneak around and shit. He would just tell Rafie that he was just taking me to the aquarium, the park, the amusement park, the movies, bowling. All that.
"Niy Niy." He said in a low, deep voice. That's what he used to call me.
"What nigga?" The man said. Trey looked over at me.
"Nothing." He said as he opened the suitcase.
"100 stacks." He said. "Straight up." Trey gave him the cocaine. The man opened the package of coke. He ran his finger over the brick and tasted it.
"Give the man the money." He said as he sealed it back.
I fell on my ear and slipped my earring off without being noticed.
"I think i lost my earring." I said as i looked down around my feet.
"Can someone come help me find it?" I asked everyone.
"Can you get it later?" Trey asked me.
"Hell no. That's a 3,000 dollar earring itself." I snapped on him.
He looked at me like i was crazy. "Do ya'll thing. I'll help her find it." Darrien volunteered.
"Come on." I said as i walked out the door with him following behind me.

"Niy Niy..." he said as he lost his composure once we hit the corner.
"Darrien." I hugged him tightly.
"I saw you take your earring off. I knew what you were doing." He said as he kissed my nose.
"I missed you, D." He said as i looked in his eyes.
"What the hell you doing with that nigga?" He asked.
"It's a long story. But gimme your phone." I said as i held my hand out. He gave it to me.
"Text me, call me, just hit me up. I still can't believe how we ended." I said as i put my number in his phone and gave it back to him.
"We never really ended. I just left." He said. "It he your man?" He asked me.
"No. He's my man's friend." I said.
"Damn. My Niy Niy gotta man now." He shook his head.
"But i'll always be your Niy Niy." I said as i pointed at his chest.
"Always and forever?" He asked.
"Always and forever." I smiled as we hooked our pinkies together. He bent down and kissed my lips. Damn, ima get myself caught up.


Girl With Big Dreams

Damn She Ready Get Herself Fucked Up
&& IS She Really Gonna Fuck Trey?
Please Add On Because I Need To Know




10 Re: Snow in the Summertime *BANNER COMING SOON!* on Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:29 am

her love is infinite ;)

Ladies ! the banner is up thanx to -∂εfιηε sεx- "тяεy" ! lol so i will get myself together and add soon . i just been working alot lately & when im not working im trying to get my rest or spend time with my family . but i promise the add is coming

love yall !


EBz Perradize

her love is infinite Wink wrote:Ladies ! the banner is up thanx to -∂εfιηε sεx- "тяεy" ! lol so i will get myself together and add soon . i just been working alot lately & when im not working im trying to get my rest or spend time with my family . but i promise the add is coming

love yall !

I can not knock yoiu there! This is my EXACT same situation...smh...i'm at work as I type this! Sad Miss the board so much...

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