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Unexpected Writings » THE CREATIONS » Stories » TWISTED *NEW STORY PLEASE READ!! New Add 01/21/2012 Chapter 2

TWISTED *NEW STORY PLEASE READ!! New Add 01/21/2012 Chapter 2

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"Its gonna be ok Tammy", my mama yelled as I cried my eyes out.

"How could you say it will be ok he's dead! He's gone he's never coming back!"

I watched as the paul barriers carried my boyfriends casket away along with his bestfriend right behind him. Someone killed them and i don't understand why! Has anyone ever heard of fighting and just let it go. And now because some stupid fuck my man of 3 years is gone.

"I'm not going to the cemetary", I yelled walking out of the church.
"You can't drive out of here like that Tammy", my mama yelled but i was already gone. Just before i reached my car I felt a hand grab my arm causing chills to run through my body. I turned to see my bestfriend Spec breathing heavy i guess from running to catch up with me.

"Come on Tee why you disrespecting ya mama like dat huh?", he asked closing the door back that I tried to open.
"Look Spec I didnt ask for you to come over here judging how I speak to my mother ok so if you will just leave me alone I will be going home.", I said opening the door once again.
"You musta forgot who I am man dont turn ya back on me!", he yelled way outta proportion.
"Kiss my ass", I yelled jumping into my car and speeding off.

When I got to my apartment I kicked off my gucci pumps and slid off my black dress. I didnt even bother to put on anything else I just layed down gently on my bed. My house phone started to ring off the hook. I knew who it was(Spec or my mom) so I didnt bother to even answer. My life was pretty much screwed, what am I to do now? My mama made it seem like it was ok that he died. All that "he's in a better place" crap isn't enough for me. If I can't see him, feel him, or kiss him one more time he's just gone and thats it. I have to face the fact that he's never coming back. It will take me a while to get over this. Spec is my bestfriend and I should apologize for the way I acted but my stubborn ways won't let me do it. I turned to my side facing my window. The same direction where my picture frame holds a picture of Anthony, my boyfriend.He was only 18 about to graduate and do something with his life. I laid the picture face down to try and calm my cries. What the hell I can't do this! This life is just TWISTED!.

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I like it so far...Messed up
how screwed her life is at the
moment since the loss of her
boyfriend...she got a good friend
though...add asap...


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]As always my compliments goes to Jas



I'm feeling your intro...
I think it's going to be interesting between her and Spec. There is always something close about a girl and a guy who are best friends. So I'd like to see whether their relationship gets any closer.
It's sad her boo died. But she gotta move on and not hold the world responsible.

Add more asap!

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Thanks for all the support ladies!!
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I love how the story automatically get the reader hooked!
I'm starting to wonder if he and Spec are going to have a little fling or if they are just "Friends."
Add more ASAP!


adding today!! Very Happy im glad yu girls enjoy my intro!


nicee, so messed up!
I think Spec is gonna end
up being much more...

i like spec =)

cant wait for tht add!


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Street Lights

-New. Click it. Read it. Love it.-

Check Them Out Before They End!
1. Loving A Lie; Lauren Londaon & T.I.
2. Pulse; Trey, Chris, Drake & More!
3. A Brother's Secret; Trey Songz & Chris Brown

More Coming Soon!
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"Since you went away I've been down and lonely-Webbie

As I walked the hallways of Manning High School located in the inner city of Manhattan, New York...I felt pitiful eyes glued to the back of my head. I hated for people to feel sorry for me.

"Fuck yall lookin' at!?", I yelled as I continued to walk down the barely crowded hallway since it was 7:30 and school started at 8:00.

"Excuse us for caring for your pitiful ass!", some girl said as she laughed it off. Her friends tried to warn her as my fist was aimed for her face directly in the middle to her nose.

When I hit her I instantly went blank.

"Ms. Williams!......Ms. Williams!"

Fuck I was in trouble. I knew that voice from anywhere.
Check this out. Principal Cleveland was one of those choosey bitches. I really thought she was races since I went to a basically almost all white school. My grades were good and thats why I decided to go there. Plus the girls here were mad cool. Except the girl I just punched the shit out of. Wait! Did I win what happend?

"Ms. Williams! Are you there?"

Back to her. She suspended me last year my junior year
beacuse I had a rat tail comb in my purse. Ok it looks like a weapon but really? Would I take it out and stab someone? Not my thing.

As I sat up rubbing my eyes to clearly see Ms. Cleveland and my mama sitting next to me.

"Umm I'm sorry Ms. Thomas but I have to send her home for three days. I dont allow fighting in my school"

"Go ahead! What else can go wrong in my life!"
"I beg your parton?"
"I apologize Ms. Cleveland", my mama replied than continued.."She just lost her friend about 2 weeks ago and she hasnt yet got over it."
"Ughhh! Mama you just dont understand do you?! He was my world! Not just a freaking friend! You know what suspend me so I can go!", I screamed to the top of my lungs so the whole world could hear me.

When I pulled up to the crib all I could do was think about Tammy. Im talkin about she got me buggin'. She my best friend and I havnt spoken to her since Antho funeral.
"Hey baby", my girl smiled as she kissed me on the lips.
"Wassup ma? How was your day?", I asked takin' off my suit from work. Being in college was getting to be hard. I'm only 22 and getting stressed.
"It was fine and yours?"
"Man stressful. I dont know wassup with me."
"Owe well it will get better", with that said she walked off.

What the hell? Thats all she had to say?
Im starting to think this girl is a fuckin' goldigger. She just left a nigga hanging with no advice but it will get better?
"Aye I'm out I'll be back!", I yelled to her from the bedroom putting on some sweats, wife beater and nike slides.
"Okay!", my girl yelled back as I walked out the door.

I approached Tammy's door after seeing her car was outside.
After a few seconds of knocking she finally answered looking real good in her shorts and tank.

"Oh umm Spec I been meaning to call you...", She started but I cut her off.
"Look man its coo. Can I come in?", I asked. She looked at me then stepped aside.

"You been alright?", I asked as I sat down in her living room, and started playing her psp.
"Im tryna make it. My day just went all wrong!"
"Why you say that what happend?"

"Some girl ran her mouth so I punched her and I end up getting suspended! I just need someone to hold me again!"

I looked at her as she went on and on. For some odd reason I put the psp down and walked up to her as she kept yelling. Suddenly my arms wrapped around her waist. I waited for her arms to wrap around my neck. When they finally did I held her closer.

"Spec I...I"
"Shhh dont say nothin Tee...Its gonna be fine."

She looked me in the eyes as I looked back into hers.
My face eased its way towards hers then.......................

STAY TUNED! what do you think happend?


-∂εfιηε sεx- "тяεy" wrote:nicee, so messed up!
I think Spec is gonna end
up being much more...

i like spec =)

cant wait for tht add!

thanks! nd I like him too he seems like an ok guy lol


cant add more unless i have readers! lol



U so did that on purpose!
U can't leave us hanging like that...Anyway, I kinda had the idea that Spec would try something...But maybe she won't allow him. He's got a golddigger for a girlfriend so maybe he's looking for someone who will love him for him!


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Love Mist

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Thanks for all the support ladies!!
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Chapter 1 continued......

"No spec no!",she yelled pushing away from me

"Tam whats wrong?", I asked grasping her a little tighter than usual.
"I cant do this, please leave!"

"Is that what you want?"

"Isnt that what I just said?!"

I didnt even argue with her. Anyone who knew me, knew that I would argue with Tammy. At times I knew she never meant what she says but this time, this time was different. The look in her eyes told me she hated me at this moment.

"Alright Tee. Im out"


I havn't heard from spec in 2 weeks since the day
he came over. No calls, or anything. I called a few times
no answer. And don't know what his problem was so i decided
to go over his house.

I got to the doorstep and found a little puppy sitting there. I picked it up and rung the door bell. A female came to the door that I immediately
recognized. "HIS GIRLFRIEND" If you asked me he could
do so much better.
"Is spec in? Im his bestfriend Tammy"
"Oh, you found Precious!", she exclaimed avoiding my question.

I knew immediately that she was a duck, a dumb one at that. The dog was sitting in the front door.... you couldnt
walk outside to see if it was out there?

Once again...

"Is spec in?"
"Wait one minute",she responded returning into the house.

I waited a few seconds nd there he was coming out the door
looking like this, with no shirt.

"What you doing here?", he asked closing the door behind him
stepping outside.

"You should know why!"

"Aye lower your voice Tammy"

"Whats up whats with you ignoring me, not calling or
comming over anymore?", I said softly not wanting
to be too loud.

"Did you forget you kicked a nigga out your house two weeks
ago? Oh or did you forget like you forgot that I was your
bestfriend and I happen to like your stuck up ass", he
screamed making me back away as he came foward.

"Look watch how you fuckin talk to me! I told you
that shit before!"

"Fuck you Tammy. You know what you dont gotta worry
bout how I talk to you ever. Get off my door step!"

"Excuse you?"

"Bye Tammy"

"He said walking back to his door", he turned and said
"I love you", as a tear fell down my cheeks.

My heart was crushed I just lost my boyfriend, and now my

As I closed the door on Tammy, I knew
now that our friendship was over. Wasnt no turning back.
I know how tammy is she doesnt go back. She always said,
'I never go back Spec, once you go back you dont progress
and Im trying to get away from anything that has ever harmed
me.' Damn I guess this is really over.

"Baby who was she?"

"That WAS my bestfriend", I told her, "Look im about to
go out I be right back"

"Okay be careful",she said, "I love you", she continued.


1 Hour later.

I needed somebody to talk to so I went over my boy T.J crib.

"Wassup Spec?"

"I think I messed up man....."

"Whatchu mean?",he asked me looking confused.


"What did you do?"

"Something I shouldnt have done but Tammy gotta
learn how to not say shit she dont mean."


When I entered my apartment I couldnt do anything but
call Nicki.

"Yesss Darling!", she screamed playfully making me laugh.

"Nicki me and Spec are over"

"Baby you sound like yall were together"

"I know but you know how I feel about him."

"Well what happend"

I explained to her what happend, she understood but
told me all I could do was wait, and that he would
eventually come around.

"Well you need to get your mind off of that
nonsense. Im going to the club tonight to
perform. Im going to pick you up tonight around 7, to
catch a flight to New York ok...."

"Okay. I love you girl"

"I love you too Darling now get packed up"

After we diconnected our lines I immediately began
packing clothes.

This is what i was wearing to the club
This dress and these pumps.

After all of this packing....I wondered if Spec was
even thinking about me.....

Bumpz to find out more!!!! LOL


Chapter 2
"You Know you are my lover...You got me TWISTED over you!"-Keith Sweat

When I hung up from Tammy, I finish packing my clothes
for a 2 week stay in New York. I had tons of
clothes to choose from so I just picked my super favs.
My daughter(Teniya Onika Jay) was in her bedroom sleeping
so I had a little time to myself.

To update you on my situation, I was once in love with my
ex boyfriend Terrence. Also known to his friends
as T.J. We split about 7 months ago. Why well maybe
because he punked out on me about the baby situation.
She's his without a doubt but T.J wasnt ready and neither was
I. This whole singing thing is just an opportunity to
get out the hood which i planned to do and did it.
As for T.J he's going to college for Journalism
to become a host.
He doesn't call to check on my stanka but he does send
me money. I wish things were the same but sadly they will
never be.

Anywho lets take a tour of my house.

This is my house I bought
it just after Teniya was born. Yes pretty big for us two
and my mother Niomi. She has
helped me alot with the baby. In fact the baby will
be staying with my mom in the hotel in New York.
All this fame and everything is nothing compared
to love....I truely miss T.J.

"Man all you can do is apologize...dont end up like me and..."

"End up like you and who?"


Damn once again this girl has entered my mind.
This is too much. Seeing her on TV, computer,hearing her
on the radio constantly makes me think of old times.

Come on TJ just admit that you miss her and your baby girl.
I remind my self of my pops. Knowing that he walked out
on my mom when she was raising me and my brothers.

And yet I do the same thing to my daughter.

I hear from Nicole's mom that she's begining to look
just like me. Could this be true. Maybe I need to
just leave town and think about some shit.

"I was thinking...maybe we should take a trip to New York"

"What? When"


"Are you out yo mind dude?"

"Man think about it we both need to
free our minds, so why not?"

"True dat True dat. Ight cool...Well Ima bout to go
back to the crib, hit me up when you ready"

"Ight coo."

I dabbed spec up and he went on his way
Hope I can clear my head feel like its gonna bust.


TJ knows he's wrong from dissing
my girl Nik like that! & I think
Tam is kinda dumb for expecting
Spec to just come back crawling
to her and it was dumb for him to
think it was ok to come on to her
like tht.

Lil miss dumb as a cereal box
a.k.a specs girl needs to get

I like how you did Nicki's
dialogue, it seems just like her

I wudd so lovee to be in this if yu
need a cast or an extra name or w/e.
I cudd be like, Nicki's friend that
owns the club she's gonna perform at or
whatever! I just really like this storyy.

&& yess! Superr happy bc they're all
gonna meet up at the lub, I just know



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Im thinkin new page??


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I thinkk so!


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Neww Page!!!! XD Neww Add!


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-∂εfιηε sεx- "тяεy" wrote:Neww Page!!!! XD Neww Add!



mi character can be

name: Jasmyn "Jas"
age: w/e fits
personality: funny, flirty, very flirty, loves shopping, everybody comes to me for advicee, loves purple, pink and ice blue [random lol], && thats probably it, oh, i likee old music [aaliyah, pac, mary j, jon b, donell jones, etc.] thatz all i can think of right noww =)

man: Trey Songz [if he's not taken. Thats my boo! lol]


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love this story please add soon!!!!


sorry girls been really busy i promise to add soon! dont be mad at me

22 New add 01/21/12 on Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:48 pm



When i reached the house, I began packing and
getting ready for this crazy trip T.J planned out
of nowhere.

"Babe what are you packing for?
Are you leaving me? No you cant leave me!"

"What the hell? Im not leaving you. Im goin' to New York
with T.J"

Damn she a Digger.

"Oh im sorry. Mind if i come? I won't be
any trouble"

"yeah right", I mumbled under my breath. "Yeah yu can roll."

"Ok I'll go and pack."

1 Hour Later

"Man on the cool Im scared of heights", I admitted nervously
to T.J.

"Bro just relax. Hey can someone bring him so
crackers and sider", T.J laughed but i was being

"10 minutes to destination"

"See bro we almost there"

"Yeah whatever man."

"Look at your girl over there talkin' to that
dude you see dat shit?"

"Man i dont even care. My mind aint on this braud"

"Naw man im talking about Tammy", he said making my
heart skip a beat. I began to turn around and look.

"Nigga dont look!"

"Why not?"

"We out here to think bro"

As we exited the plane we hurried to get
our luggage and get in my private

limo to head to my condo in NewYork.

"Niki i had no idea you were living like this"

"I never thought i would be living like this"

Tammy laughed at my comment and i couldnt help
but return the laugh. Tammy has been my girl since
way back when and I love her so much. I owe
her alot for being there when i needed her. Helping
me when i was pregnant. The whole nine.


I never been to NewYorkCity before. This was a first time experience. Yeah we lived in Manhattan but it was nothing
like NewYorkCity.
I hope bein out here makes me forget about all
the crazy shit thats been goin down.

In about 30 minutes from the airport we reached
Niki's Condo.

"Girl this is nice"

"Yeah and expensive as hell lol. Why you think
I live in Manhattan.?"

After we got settled in we eventually started
to get dressed for the club.
I decided to change my outfit, it made me feel sexier.

"Damn Darling! That outfit is Bombing! Alright
don't give the pussy out tonight", she laughed
making me laugh right along with her.

"How old do I look?"

"Not 18!"


So its around 10' oclock pm and me and T.J
at this club in NewYorkCity called Prime
I can't lie it was hot. Females that blew me away. Even this
one girl who i saw sitting by the bar.
I started to approach her but she was too fine
to be single. And then T.J's words began to spin through
my head. "We out here to think bro"
Man bullshit ima go over there. Naw maybe i should
wait. Fuck where did she go?

"Ladies and Gentlemen please Welcome to the Stage
Nicki Minaj!!!", I turned my attention to the

woman on the stage introducing Nicki. Must
be a new singer. Then out of no where.
"Bro we gotta go"

"What why?"

"Just come on"

"Naw man ima meet you back at the hotel."

"Alright bro"

T.J was acting real strange like the nigga seen a
ghost or some shit. As Nicki Minaj started to perform
I seen the girl from the bar again. But she wasnt just any
ordinary girl. It was Tammy. And wearing something
wayyy out of her age range. Before I knew it i grabbed Tammy
pulled her into a empty hallway.

"Spec what the fuck are you doing let
go of me!"

"What the fuck are you doing is what the fuck
i should be asking your young ass. Look what the
fuck you got on!"

"You not no daddy of mine matter of fact you
aint shit to me anymore!"

"You dont mean that shit"

"Oh im sorry did i not say it in a meaningful
way? You aint shit to me anymore Spec"

I smacked my lips and pushed her towards the wall.

"You acting real stupid right now. You acting
your age Kid."

"Im fuckin 18 nothing else should have to be explained!"

"Im 22 years old im considered grown lil girl"

"Well this lil girl was your bestfriend. Lets not forget
who tried to make a pass at me!"

"Mann. Bye Tammy"

"So now you gonna walk away from me?"

She really starting to piss me off. I kept quiet and walked towards her slowly. Once face to face, I kissed her deeply
and grabbed her roughly by her hips.

"Spec...", she mumbled in between kisses.

"Shut up", i replied. "You wanted this shit all along
Tam and ima give it to you.

I had too much respect for Tammy to fuck her in a
public place so i was gonna save that.

"Take that shit off.", she did as she was told
until she was half naked.
I ripped her panties off and began
to feast away at her tender womanhood that
begged to be touched.

"Oh Specccc"

"Oh its Oh spec now huh"

I began to swirl my tongue deep inside of her
as she began to shake and squeeze her legs around
my head to make me stop. But there was no stopping

"Spec you can't do this... ahhhh Spec please"

I continued not giving a damn about her out bursts.
I knew what would send her over the edge and i wanted
to make her come before anyone saw.
I began to suck crazily at her sensitive pearl
making her buck everytime i bit at it.

"Oh fuck Spec im gonna come!!"

I let her juices flow onto my tongue and
I made sure to suck her dry. As i let her down
she just stared at me with those beautiful eyes.

"Im not shit to you, but i had to let you know
that im grown and im done playing games."

"Spec...", she cried but it was too late


Chapter 3---He's mine you made of had him once but i got em all tha time"- Mokenstef


I stood outside the club for a second trying to clear my
thoughts. I couldn't believe who I just saw. My highschool Sweetheart. My first love. All the memories started to come back and I didn't want to feel that guilt ever again. Here we are 20 years old and we have a child together that I haven't seen since she was born. I know I should be there but what if I mess up? What if she won't like me?

My phone started to ring.


"Ayee man you made it to the hotel?

"Naw Spec im still outside the club."

"Alright I see you."

"Man what was wit you back there T.J?", Spec asked looking like someone pissed him off.

"Nothing was up. I just seen someone I knew that's all."

"Alright wha..."

"Ayee whats up yall!", the familiar voice of my brother Trey yelled.

"Whatsup lil bro. What you doin out here?"

"My shorty runs this club"

"Oh foreal I thought I saw Jas in there."

"Yeah you know Nicki is performing maybe you should stick around and talk to her."

"Who is Nicki?", Spec asked in confusion.


"Wasnt that the name of that singer that was on stage? Damn you know her?"

"Thats his baby mama"

"Damn Trey just share my bidddness wit the world man."

Before we could go into the club Nicki, Jas, and Tammy were walking out the back door laughing and talking with amongst one another.

"Hey baby", Jas smiled as Nicki looked confused and Tammy
walked away.

"Tammy wait!", Nicki Yelled running after Tammy.

"Man this about to be a long night", I said as I shook my head.


This could not be happening. Where the hell did he
come from. I tried to catch up with Tammy but with these 6 inch stilletos I had on she was walking too fast for me. I thought maybe she would go back to the condo. As I stopped walking I turned around to see Terrence. Instead of being the better person trying to be grown about this I started the convo off wrong.

"What do you want T.J? Ughh I called him that when we were together."

"Can we go somewhere and talk?"

"There is nothing to discuss!"

We stood there and argued like some little kids. About Tee Tee(my daughter) and the past. I really wish I could disappear and get away from this.

"What is going on here?", some female asked looking at me like she was stupid.

"Hey baby what you doing here?"

"I came to see Jas at her new spot. What are you doing here?"

"Im talking to an old friend"

An old friend what the hell? Old friend my ass.

"I'm his babies mother", showing the tattoo of his name
and my baby's name on my chest.

"T.J what the hell is she talking about?"

"Bye Terrence."

I walked off leaving ol girl confused and I know she's pissed oh well. I can care less about Terrence but I could tell by the look in his eyes that he cares about me, and in reality HE'S MINE.

Chapter 3 Continued---"Just Rain down on me Let your Love just Shower Me Just Rain on me- SWV-"


Just my luck it starts to rain. And as I continue to walk the tears began to fall down my face. I start to think about Anthony and I know he's looking at me with Disgust.

"Baby girl its ok to love him. Let me go."

"Its not ok", I said in my mind.

"Its ok. I will always be with you, Just let me go."

Its not that simple to let him go. I just continued to
walk until I saw a Taxi.

"Taxi!", I shouted as the car stopped. I hopped in and
instructed the driver to drop me off at Niki's Condos.

"What were you doing out here in the rain by yourself?", the driver asked with an African accent.

"Look mind your business ok."

"Ok fine."

"Look I'm sorry. I just had a bad night and I just want to lay

"I understand. Well here we are"

I handed him a 50 dollar bill.

"No charge", he said smiling.

"No I insist"

"No I insist. Just go get some rest. By the way the name is
T.K.", he said as he handed me his card.

"I'm Tammy", I smiled as I exited the car. He was too good looking lol.

When I entered my room in niki's condo I just passed out on the bed.

I dont know if Niki was home yet I just dozed off with Spec on my mind. What should I do?




"Hey son how are you?", the sound of my mom's voice gave me some type of relief.

"Not good mama"

"Well whats going on?"

"It's Tammy."

"How's my baby girl doing?"

"Mama i messed up. She not my bestfriend anymore"

"What! Why not?"

"It's a long story but I know I love her ma. And not
like my bestfriend more than that"

"Well baby if you love her you need to tell her and go get her"

"What about Stephanie"

"Son to be honest that lil bust down isn't for you."

I had to laugh at my mom she just said bust down where did she learn that from lol.

"Alright ma I gotta go"

"Ok I love you son"

"I love you too ma"


I woke up around 9 am and decided to take a nice
bubble bath. After the bath I dressed in this outfit.

I walked into the Kitchen to see Niki sitting at the
bar feeding the baby and her mom cooking breakfast.

"Well good morning Darling! How did you sleep?"

"Not that good. I couldnt stop thinking about Spec."

"Look I know I cant talk but you need to go talk to him."

"How can I...He isnt going to want to hear what I have to say."

"Well find out for yourself."


"SPEC!! Come in here!"




Chapter 3 Continued---"Girl you just can't LOVE anybody, I'll tell you I'm the right one for you-Gots ta Be, B2K

"Whats going on?", Tammy asked looking shocked.

"Look Tam...Can we just go somewhere and talk?", I asked
breaking the silence. I had to admit she looked really good in
that dress. It fit her slim figure.

"Sure umm just let me get my purse"

Niki began to laugh.

"Dont give it up too soon Tammy!"

"Nook you better stop it!", Mama Maraj said tapping
Niki calling her by her nickname. "Nook"

Tammy came back with her purse and I followed her
outside to my rental car.
"When did you get this?"

"Early this morning at this rental place since we flew down
here. I didnt bring my car."


We jumped in the truck and before we pulled off I
had to get some shit off my chest.

"Look Tam. I'm sorry for all this shit. I aint mean all the shit
I ever said to you"

"Spec its cool we can still be bestfriends"

"Tammy you don't get it do you?, I don't wanna be just a
friend. I want you. All of you"

"Spec... I.I."

"Tammy I don't care I'm willing to wait but I know
I want you and only you, I love you"

"I love you too", thats all I needed to hear. I gently kissed
her lips and started the engine.

"So where are we going?", she asked playing around on her

"Grab something to eat who you over there texting"

"Oh my HomeGirl Jas"

"All girls do is run they mouth huh", I laughed as she kept
texting smiling at my comment.

"Whatever Boy"


I have everything I could only dream of. The perfect fiance'
My club, that I could only just draw the image on a piece of
paper or just picture in my head. All thanks to Trey.
He proposed to me about 4 months ago on my birthday and I
couldnt think of any answer but yes.

We live in a brand new house in New York City.
and we will be expecting a child in 8 months. Yeah I was so
excited and Trey was too. He has a great Record Deal and I run the club and I also have a few acting jobs on the side.

I just turned 23 4 months ago and everything is moving so fast
but I'm beginning to adjust to it even though
I start to think am I doing the right thing.

I have alot of friends but none compare to Niki
and Tammy. Out of us three I am the advice giver.
And thats exactly why I'm texting Tammy right at this
moment. Anthony was a good friend of mine. I knew his mom very well. She was my mentor when I was younger.
She helped me in so many ways and thats why I am the woman I am today.

Tammy lost her boyfriend but I think Anthony
would want her to let it go. Spectacular loves her and
I can tell he does just by the way he acts in front of
her. As for lil chick he's dating he needs
to let her lil tryflan ass go. I mean I can tell when
a sister is after money. And trust Spec has plenty of it.

Text conversation. (Jas and Tammy)

Tammy 11:31 am
What should I do Jas? Question Question

Jas 11:33 am
Let him know how you feel thats all you can do
We all know you love Spectacular its obvious
just let it happen. Let him love you.

Tammy 11:34 am
I'm with him now we are going out to eat to
talk. Should I tell him then.. Rolling Eyes

Jas 11:36 am
Yes! Tell him. Don't hold back this may
be your only chance.

Tammy 11:45 am
Ok I will. Thanks Jas I love you girl you're the best ever!

Jas 11:46 am
Thats why Im your girl tongue

Tammy 11:47 am
By the way how's the baby

Jas 11:49 am
Well I'm feeling good. It's not giving me any trouble

Tammy 11:50 am

Jas 11:55 am
lol very funny asshole but Trey's calling I'll
text you later so you can tell me what happend.

Tammy 11:57 am
Ok. Cool


After the last Text with Jas I put my phone
away in my purse.

"I heard of this nice restaurant, I think you will
like it."

"Ok. Hey where's T.J"

"Oh he got some kind of interview with a woman from
BET. You know how he wants to be a host and shit."

"Yeah thats good for him. And that boy know he got talent"

"Yeah my boy do have talent. I hope he get what he wants out
here. Have you ever thought about moving out here?"

"Well now that you mentioned it. I might consider it."

"Alright cool. Ok here's the spot.

We jumped out and went inside. As the
hostess seated us we began to talk.

"Spec before we go any further I just want to let you know
how I feel about this."

"Go ahead its your day"

"Spec you mean a lot to me and I want us to be more...
I want to let you love me, and I know Anthony would want
this for us. Just dont hurt me Spec. My heart couldn't take

"I promise i wont hurt you Tam. Hey I got something for you close your eyes.", he said as my eyes slowly shut.

"Alright you can open them"

When I opened them I saw someone I
haven't seen since we were split apart.

"Oh my god! Nadia!", I screamed as I jumped up
and held on to my sister for dear life.

How did he know?


As I waited to be interviewed all i could think about
is my baby girl and how I used to hold her in my arms.
Niki and me we were like the best of friends and
I did anything for her. She was the love of my life.
The girl I was kind of with was a good person but my mind
forever wondered over to Niki.

"Excuse me sir are you Terrence Jay?"

"Yes mam I am"

"Ok well Ms. Lee is ready for you"

I walked into her office and she immediately gave me a script.

"Read that for me Mr. Terrence"

I read everything that was on the
script as if I was actually on 106 and Park.
I really wanted this job so I put my all
into it. After I read Ms. Deborah Lee clapped
and told me that I was perfect for this hosting

"Thank you so much Ms. Lee"

"No problem. The show re continues in a month. So
be ready"

"I will."

Around 4 oclock I had nothing to do so I went over to
Niki's place.

Boom Boom Boom

I knocked on the door wondering if I should
just turn around and leave.
Before I could leave the door came open.

"Hey Terrence. Umm what are you doing here?"

"I just stopped by to see Teniya"

"She's sleeping right now but you can
go in there"

"Umm alright"

I walked inside the nice condo and followed Niki to
our daughters room. She picked her up and held her as
she slept peacefully in her arms.

"You wanna hold her?"

"Yeah sure"

As I held my daughter I noticed she looked
just like me. I never cried until now.

To be continued


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