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1 ROLLERCOASTER: When Will It End? on Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:47 pm


decided to post my story on this board,i posted it on tattoo lyrikz but i also wanted to post it on here.
this is my first story so plz bare with me... shout out to cho.co.latee (adminisitrator) of tattoo lyrikz for doing my banner... so yeah if you can just read it and tell me what you think i'd be more than happy. and big ups to all the writers and ya'll stories are fiyah

“Just be a man about it, tell me the truth.”
“I’m sorry I just can’t do it Shi, you deserve better.”
“But you’re ready to fuck around? You know what just fuck it. It is what it is.”
“Bay I don’t want this to ruin our friendship, I still cut for you.”
“Sure Zek, whatever you want,” I replied fighting back tears, which is crazy because crying is something I rarely did.
I’m Shiloh “Shi” Styles; I’m 20 years young and a part time student at the local community college. My backbone happens to be my 22 year old brother Shia (like shia labeouf) “Styles” Styles. We’ve been through hell and high water together and no matter what we have each other’s back. I was just talking to his ace, his right hand man, Zechariah “Zek” Ramello. You see Zek & I have been doing this on-off thing for about a year now, never a relationship, just a friendship with benefits, caking and stuff. I want a relationship but as you can see he doesn’t. The shit is crazy because I have to see his ass almost every day. Man I need my own place ASAP.
“Shi, why are you zoning out on me girl? What’s got your train off the track?” my girl Lyric asked.
She always knew when something was up with me. I’d been rockin’ with Lyric since I was sixteen years old and she was eight-teen and she’s mad cool and down. She’s my brother’s baby mama, too bad they aren’t together. Their relationship is like mine and Zek, never been together, just fuckin’, only thing is my brother was the one to catch the feelings and when he realized he couldn’t wife her he moved on. Then the roles changed, she started catching feelings and she realized it wasn’t going to be nothing more, she too moved on. For awhile they’d still break each other off but then she had to tell him they had to stop because she wasn’t on her birth control any more. She said she wasn’t bringing a second baby into their problems if they couldn’t decide what they were going to do about being together. Can’t do anything but respect her and that’s why she’s my ace regardless.
I replied, “I’m good, just zoned for a minute.”
“Bitch don’t lie to me, I’ve known your glow worm ass for four years, I know that look.” She studied my face a little longer. “It’s Zek isn’t it?” she asked while eating a chip.
“Man where is this lady with our food? I’m so hungry, and no I’m not trying to change the subject. I just don’t want to talk about it.” She got serious and stopped smacking. “You told him didn’t you? You told him you wanted to be his girl and not his bed buddy & he rejected you didn’t he?” I turned my head not wanting to relive the memory that cut my heart. I guess she figured it out so she spoke. “Shi it’s going to be hard but just move while you’re still young and kid free. Go live your life and don’t waste it on someone who doesn’t want to be a part of it” I took a sip of my tea and replied, “At the beginning of all of this I use to say, this is all it’s going to be, no strings attached. Now a year and false alarm later I’m head over hills for his ass. Haha I knew I should’ve ended it a long time ago.” “Just be thankful it was a false alarm, cuz trust once a child gets involved it’s so much harder to let go. Took your brother & I a whole year.” She said going back to her smacking.

AN: tell me what you think!!!

2 Re: ROLLERCOASTER: When Will It End? on Sun Feb 27, 2011 6:21 pm


I like. hey go and read mines! Smile

3 Re: ROLLERCOASTER: When Will It End? on Sun Feb 27, 2011 8:13 pm


Gigglezs wrote:I like. hey go and read mines!

okay girlie i will do
and thanks

4 Re: ROLLERCOASTER: When Will It End? on Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:02 pm


yay yu posted here too! glad yu figured the thingy out lol
thnkx for the shout out, much lovee <3


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