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UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011)

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26 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:30 am


AWWW Kaylee and Rachel he was just mad lmao

and Rachel yall "date" in this story

27 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:44 am


Chapter 6:GOD HELP!

I was waking up in a room I had never seen before. When I tried to move, my whole body started hurting. I let out a low moan and turned my head to the right. I saw a sleeping Rachel in a lazy boy chair. I laid my head back on the pillow feeling a migraine coming. I turned my head to the opposite direction and saw 3 duffle bags. WTF. Then I remembered the fight. I have no money, car, and Aniaya. My beautiful Sunshine. Wait where is she? I hopped out of the bed not caring how bad the head ache was. I knocked down the remote and Rachel opened her eyes ran to my side.

“Marcus, it is so good you woke up. Where are you going sit down.” She helped me sit down. I looked at her strangely and I guess she noticed.

“Look Marcus I am sorry about Trap, and I refuse to let you or Niaya be homeless. So I packed your clothes up for you. I made sure to bring the whole file cabinet for your school files and stuff. Aniaya is in my sister room playing. I didn’t tell her about what happened, but she has a lot of questions. Listen I know what Trap did was wrong, but he just has trust issues im sure he will come around and yall will be running the streets just like old ti-“

“Look Rachel I know you mean good but he put a gun to my face, and after I told him about all the abuse I went through he attacks me. I d-“ I stopped talking when I heard a voice come in talking.

“Rachel Trap is on the ph-” It was Kiery. She came over and handed Rachel the phone. “Hey there urum, good to see you up, you have been knocked out for a while” She showed a weak smile. “Yeah, thanks” I said as I lay back down. Kiery walked out of the room and I grabbed my phone which was on the charger and saw I had 10 missed calls. 8 from customers and 2 from Porter. I logged into my school email. I had received an email from the basketball coach saying tryouts were being postponed for a month because of the repairs to the gym. I said a silent prayer and thanked God and emailed my teachers telling them I would be out for at least a week and that I would email all my homework. I decided to sit up on the side of the bed.

I heard movement at the door and Kiery walked in with a sleeping Aniaya. All of a sudden all the hurt I felt disappeared. I watched as she brought her over and laid her beside me. I played in her hair which was now braided with beads into a cute design. I looked up at Kiery who was staring at us. When she saw me look she quickly moved and started to walk out. She was still beautiful but I knew she would never want me after all this.

“No its ok please stay.” I said as lowly as I could. She turned around and smiled and pulled a chair over in front of me. “Thanks for bringing her in here” “No problem. I figured she would probably bring a smile to your face.” “Yeah, your right.”

“Look im sorry about Trap, he well, I aint saying that I am taking up for him but I have known him since we were babies. His mom was a drug addict and his dad was always telling him that he would take him away from all all the bad things but he never did. His mom would have women come in a rape him just so she could supply her drug addiction. That was in middle school. When he reached high school it well it..it turned from women to men. His mom would always lie and say that was the last time but it never was. He never did tell me what was happening till his own mom sold him. I told my mom what he told me and she got custody of him. Just like you have a rough past, he does to. Marcus both of you need each oth-“

I heard a big crash coming from the front. Saved by the crash.

“Be right back” Kiery said. She ran out of the room and Aniaya jumped up from the crash. She didn’t know I was behind her. She got down off the bed and started for the door. “Sunshine” “BAY BAY” She said with a loud squeal. She jumped back onto the bed and crawled to me. I laughed as I saw Kiery come back in. “Sorry about that, her maid dropped a glass vase.” “O” was all I said. I really didn’t want to hear anymore of what she was saying. I don’t care who hurt him, hell I don’t go around killing people because Shawn killed my mother.
I sighed and Aniaya began to talk to me and Kiery as good as she could in toddler language. She was telling me about this new bike and Barbie house she wanted.

Growing up in a family with Shawn I learned to save money. Trap didn't know but I had a bank account and as of right now I had saved up to 24,948 dollars. All that in a year. YES! this business was booming and I didn't get a big house because well i was saving my money.

I excused myself to go to the restroom and when I came back I saw her and Kiery playing a hand game. They made me join in and we were laughing and having a good time. Its like ALL of my pain and troubles went away. I felt my phone ring and it was a text from Porter.

TEXT: Marcus, mane change of plans. I called you twice hope everything good on your end. But we will be leaving tonight. We won’t make it till 12 tomorrow. Our house isn’t done it wont be done till May 4th(its May 1st)CALL ME. Hoping to stay at your house.

Damn. I have no house. I cleared my throat and got up from the floor and laid down. I felt my migraine coming back. I text him back.

TEXT: Sorry about that Porter but yes man of course you can stay with me. What are else Friends for? Im setting up the guest room now! See you tomorrow. I will call you later on tonight though.

GRRR! How will I pull this off. He thinks I am doing good for myself. GOD HELP!

End Of Chapter 6:GOD HELP!

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28 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:16 pm


Sorry I aint add today immm SOOOO tired!

School is soo much.
I was late for class today.
Got a PARKING ticket.
Grrr, NOT a good day at all.

29 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:29 pm

EBz Perradize

FINALLY got caught up! This story is soo good! Idk about Trap at this point but hopefully he'll come around (fingers crossed) Marcus has found a good girl! That is so awesome and I think that he should just tell his homie the truth! I mean, he should understand if no one else does, right? ADD whenever you get things str8!

30 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:10 pm


What marcus gon do now?
I feel so bad for him...
Trap need to learn a lessn
Even if we spozdly 'together'

Can't wait for Trevor to appear!!! lol

31 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Sat Jan 29, 2011 2:10 am


Chapter 7: A Night TO Remember

This week has been the longest week of my life. Today is Thursday, May the 7th.

I am finally back in school. When I went back my teacher ask me to bring my paper back and changed my grade from a D to an A. I was so surprised. She said she was half sleep when she was grading and she messed up everyones grade.

Porter and Ri-Ri made it safely. I was talking to Kiery about my Porter and Mariah and I was asking her to help find a house. She told me to stay at her house with her and that she had extra rooms. At first I denied but I knew it was either that or nothing because there was no way I would be able to move into a house in a few hours.

I had forgot about how bad I looked from the fight and when they got here that’s the first thing Ri-Ri noticed. She cracked jokes the whole day about me getting my ass whooped. The same night after dinner I told them the truth about everything I have been doing since I have been here. They never knew exactly what I was doing but they knew it wasn’t legal because I would always send them a 1,000 check every month. They understood and Porter actually got me a room built in his house. He even has Aniaya a room to herself. This is what I call a REAL friend.

He even said that he could get me a job at his building. Since I am in college majoring in business, he said they are looking for an Executive Assistant. Of course I told him I would take the job. He is the one who hiring the person for the postiton anyway. I have soo much to thank God for right now.

I have been playing basketball a lot lately. I’m still not 100% but I’m getting better daily. I have made a big decision to NOT try out for the team. I would NEVER get to spend time with my Sunshine and I just cant handle that. Yes I am a very sensitive man when it comes to her.

Rachel Ri-Ri and Kiery are helping me take care of Sunshine. The girls hit it off. I was actually surprised. Ri-Ri is LOUD. She isn’t all proper and cocky like Rachel and Kiery. But somehow they all three are like the BEST of friends.

My birthday is actually Sunday. Yes I will be the big 23 finally. I was just thinking about just staying home and having fun with sunshine but I KNOW porter is not going. I mean I have no problem with that but I don’t have anyone to keep Aniaya. Kiery said her mother wouldn’t mind but I don’t know about that. When Porter brought up the idea to go to club here in Miami then go to the strip club, I didn’t think the girls would like that but BOYy was I wrong. Ri-Ri was actually the first one to say she wanted to go. Rachel and Kiery had never been to the strip club but they wanted to go. We finally decided to go to the Cumberland Room and then hit up Sassy but Classy Strip Club. It was an upscale strip club and to get in you had to have 1,000 up front. I was too ready.

Damn May 10th is going to be a night to remember.

End Of Chapter 7: A Night To Remember

32 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:50 pm


u d'u stop???
i'm happy that things seem good for marcus now...
wonder wat gon happen to mess it up tho-i know sumthn will! lol

33 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Sat Jan 29, 2011 3:10 pm


Chapter 8: I Love You To Trevor.

Goshh. I just gotta out of class. Let me tell you it was sooooooo boring. I stopped by the U C to get me some food. I got it togo and headed to my car.

The day after Porter got here we went looking for cars for Ri-Ri but I ended up buying a 2011 Dodge Challenger. Since I had my money in ALL cash he knocked the price down 10,000 dollars and also because he knows me he knocked it down another 5,000. So I paid 22,000. Now I know I got to get a job. Ri-Ri ended up getting a 2011 Red Honda Accord.

When I got to Rachel House to pick up Aniaya, my baby girl was sleep. Yes Rachel is balling. When I finally got a tour around the house I found out it was 6 bedrooms. 7 bathrooms 2 living rooms a bar a dining room a game room and 2 kitchens. The maid told me that Aniaya had just went to sleep. I decided to just hang with Rachel for a while. Now that I think about it I might as well just stay till after dinner. Tonight she cooking dinner for Ri-Ri and Porter. She claims they didn't get the right welcoming so we going to have a dinner to officially welcome them to Miami. I'm so glad they all like each other. BUT that brings me to one question, what if Trap shows up?

I haven’t seen Trap since our fall out. Rachel hasn’t talked about him either. I think ima ask about him because even though he did almost kill me, he the reason my baby girl and I are alive. I really don't want him to come because Porter is VERY protective of anyone he knows. It doesn't matter if he just met you five minutes ago, if he sees someone messing with you he is going to take up for you. That is one of the reason him and Ri-Ri argues most of the time.

I was talking to the maid her name is Maria and she barley speaks English so I didn’t know what the hell she was saying I just nodded my head and when she laughed I laughed and when she frowned I did to.

I ran up the steps to Rachel Room and she was on the phone. She was laughing so I decided to be nosey. I was Listening and from the way she was talking at first I thought it was Trap. My heart dropped when she invited him to come with us on my birthday. I was fixing to walk away when the end of the conversation caught me by surprise.

“Boy stop….Yes Well my boy Marcus is turning 23 and I don’t have a date and I want you to go and I think it’s time that he knows everything…I know that he won’t tell anyone he isn’t like that….Whatever…Look I have been right about people my whole life and you know that…Well first we are going to the Cumberland Room and then we are going to Classy but Sassy...Yes I am going to a strip club...you soo silly.....Ahh that’s why I love you…Ok baby well you going to be my date but hey let me call you back I need to start dinner…No you can’t come it’s for my friends and they don’t know about you yet…Ok honey….I love you to Trevor.”

End Of Chapter 8: I Love You To Trevor.

34 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Sat Jan 29, 2011 9:42 pm


OMG...This getting good!!!
Is marcus gon tell trap???
I'm biting my fingernails till the next adds!!

35 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:57 am


Chapter 9: Time For Me To Pray

We were all sitting around the table. Me, Kiery, Rachel, Porter, and Ri-Ri.

Aniaya, Lauren, and Ebony were with Rachel's mom at Chuck E. Cheese. Im so glad she has real friends now. She talks about them and when we say our prayers at night she prays for them and pray that they continue to be friends forever. She so silly. She is my world and i don't know what I would do without her.

They were laughing at something but I have been worrying myself about who Trevor was and what Rachel has been hiding. Its like something in me was telling me that it wasn't nothing to worry about but I HATE secrets. I felt someone grab my hand under the table and I realized it was Kiery. I smiled at her. Everyone else was still talking.

"Whats up." I asked her looking at her. Her hair was soo beautiful tonight. She recently got highlights and I LOVE them. "You in your own little zone, I need to be asking you whats up." She said with a smile. I smirked. "Nothing is wrong its just im tired." I lied. "O Ok. Well Wake up" She said laughing and I joined in.

"What yall laughing at" Ri-Ri asked. I loved this girl she always busting people out. "Nothing Ri-Ri. We laughing at Life" We all shared a little laugh and she acted like she was upset with my answer. We ate dinner and it was amazing now we were in the sitting/living room playing a question game. It was Ri-Ri turn and of course she picked me.

"So Mr. Marcus Ramone Cooper" She said laughing. I just smiled cause she think she so funny. She made some weird facial expression and it caused me to chuckle. "Yes Mrs. Mariah Breyon Stampley." "Hey don't be saying my government, I might be wanted, but my question to you is, why you and Kiery aint together because I saw yall holding hands at the table and I REALLY HATE when two people flauge like they don't like each other, Earth to Marcus and Kiery we grown." I looked over at Kiery who was beyond blushing. I laughed along with Porter and Rachel. I really didn't want to answer the question because..well I actually didn't know. Rachel's phone began to ring. She got up and as I was about to answer the question she screamed what and told whoever it was she on here way.

"Marcus come on its Aniaya, she had a seizure." She said with tears in her eyes. It was millions things going through my mind. My mind just shut down and so did my body. This CAN NOT be happening is all that flowed through my mind. I cant lose her. The hospital was 25 minutes from here. I ran out the house without saying anything. I realized when I got outside I left my keys. As I was fixing to run back in Kiery came out with my keys. "Im riding with you, they are going to meet us there." I nodded and ran to the car as Kiery followed suite.

You would have thought I was running from someone. I hit at least 120 on the expressway. I would look at Kiery every once in a while and her soft face would make me slow down but when I would look away its like I had to speed up. I made the 25 minute drive 13 minutes. i rushed into the building. Kiery told me to just stop at the front and she would park but I decided against that because I didn't want her to be walking by herself. When I got in I was out of breath and so was Kiery. I know her feet were probably hurting she had on some 2 inches stilettos. I went to the front desk and the nurse looked at me and smiled.

"Yes sir how can I help you." "Yes mam. I'm looking for Aniaya Danyelle Cooper. she is 2 years ol-" "Hold on sir it says we do not have an Aniaya Cooper." "NO, she is 2 years old and she was just rushed to the hospital a-" "Sir, please calm down. There is no Aniaya Cooper here. Its poss-" "WOMAN LISTEN TO ME, T-" I felt Kiery grab me and turn me around and she had a stern face. "Marcus yelling at this woman is not going to do anything, now Rachel just called me and said the ambulance just left Chuck E Cheese. they will be here in about 20-25 minutes."

I sighed and ran my hands over my face. "Now you owe this woman an apology. You know that right." I turned to the woman who looked like she was in her early 20's. She had an uneasy look her face like she was nervous. I sighed and she smiled and I gave a half smirk. "Look mam, I apologize for raising my voice at you, its just that little girl means the world to me and I just want to say im sorry." I said and she gave me comforting words.

Kiery lead me to the waiting room and we both sat down.It felt like forever. Time felt like is was standing still as I stared at the round clock on the wall. I raised out of my seat and knelled on the ground. It was time for me to pray.

End Of Chapter 9: Time For Me To Pray

36 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Sun Jan 30, 2011 2:26 am


aww no...
poor baby..
I hope she ok...
Marcus seems pissed bout Trevor..
Him and Kiery bout to hook up!! Yayyy

37 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:59 pm


love this story soooooo much lol
i hope she is okay
please add VERY VERY soon!!!!!!!!!

38 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Tue Feb 01, 2011 2:54 am


I will DEF. addd later on on 2/1/11 prob. around 5-6ish when i get back from school.


bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

39 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:43 am



40 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:11 am

EBz Perradize

Shocked Omgosh! I hope that she is ok!

41 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:45 pm



Chapter 10: Everything Is Going To Be Fine

The ambulance had finally gotten there with Aniaya. Shortly after Porter, Rachel, && Ri-Ri made it.

Doctor Watts came out 10 minutes after the ambulance and told me who he was and what he was going to do to her and I listened as he told us that he was going to run some test to see the cause of the seizure. I had to sign some papers for her to have the tests run.

I never told you but when Aniaya was born Shawn was to drunk to come to the hospital so I had to sign the birth certificate. I am actually the legal guardian of Aniaya. According to records I am her father. That is the only reason I’m sure Shawn hasn’t come after me legally because he isn’t the legal guardian && he wouldn't be able to take her.

When he left I stood in the same spot for a few minutes. I finally went and sat down by Porter who was consoling Ri-Ri. I felt a tap and turned around face to face with Trap. I could felt a bubble in my throat and anger consumed my whole bod, then all of a sudden it went away. I said the next time I saw him I would beat his ass, cuss him out, and put a gun in his face to see how it felt. But now that he is here, I dont know what to do or say.

“Marcus can we talk for a minute away fro-" "Naw im straight Trap, we can just talk here, they family to me" "OK look mane I'm deeply sorry. I came in here with a whole speech thought out of what I would say but I forgot everything so I'm just gonna speak what I feel. You know how much I love Juicy and I want to say that, I am sorry for all that I have done to you and her. I shouldn't have put yall out without a place to stay that was uncalled for. I should have never let my anger get the best of me. I have been going to church lately and I really do believe that God is working in me and with me. It’s like that day I had flash backs of when my dad would tell me he was going to take me away from all the trauma and pain I was experiencing from my mom but he never did. I loved my mother so much but she didn't love me. She made me the cold hearted person I am today. When I think of her it make me so angry I just snap. and that day I took everything wayyy out of proportion. I really do hope we can move on from this and become cool ag-“

“WHAT ! You think I want to be around someone who beat my ass, put me out knowing I had no family and a child to take care of, took the car that I worked my ass off on the blocks to save up money for, and TOLD ME I was NEVER going to finish college. Trap real friends don’t do shit like that. I always have flashbacks to when my dad would beat my mom, when he would rape her and she would always tell me everything was gone be alright but I knew it wasn’t. But even though I have those flashbacks, I have NEVER put my hands on no one. I don’t go around waiting for people to fuck up so I can beat they ass. That’s what YOU did and an apology aint gone help. I hate to say it but I do-“

“The family of Aniaya Cooper.” When I heard that my face fell from tense to nervous. I walked over to Doctor Watts and he was looking down at the charts. I listened intently as he told us what the cause of the seizure was.

"Epilepsy." He said with no expression but in a way of relief. "It’s a condition of the nervous system that causes repeated, sudden, brief changes in the normal electrical activity of the brain. Aniaya’s brain cells fired uncontrollably at up to four times their normal rate, temporarily causing a seizure. As of right now we are not sure what the cause of her epilepsy is but we have a few more test to run. Do you have any question Mr. Cooper?”

“Umm Yes well will she have any more seizures, will she be ok, can see talk, can see walk, see, bre-“

“Calm down Mr. Cooper, she will be fine. The seizure she experienced was minor and will not effect her one bit. She can have up to 2 visitors at a time, but since it’s a quite bit of you I will allow 3 BUT, I want you all out by 11. its 9:30 now so please don't be loud, try not to make her move a lot. She needs all the rest she can get. Also I will allow dad and mom to spend the night with her but that's it. Any more questions?

I was about to correct him but Kiery asked a question.

"Sir how long do you think it will be till she gets back to her normal energized self?"

"Oh, that will take no time. When we finish the test in the morning she will be free to go. She should be running around maybe tomorrow actually. Every thing is going to be fine."

I had the biggest grin on my face. I saw Kiery concerned look graduate to a cheesy smile. I heard a few thank Gods from the others.

“Ok Doctor Watts thanks sir.”

I ran to room 333. When I opened the door I saw all kinds of tubes and cords and monitors. She was sleeping.

Ri-Ri and Porter came in first. I sat by her side and grab her hand in mine. Ri-Ri stood kind of far back because she was scared of hospittals. Her grandomother died in a hosiptal right before me and Aniaya left Chicago. She died from the doctors giving her the wrong medicine in here I V.

I looked up at the monitor and when I looked back down at her she was opening her eyes. “I love you sooo much Sunshine. You are the most important person in My life, and you will forever be.” “I lobs you to baybay” She had the biggest silly crush on Porter and he would always call her beautiful so she would blush and turn soooo red. I smiled at her as she hid her facee in shame when he kissed her forehead.

They left and 2 by 2 everyone would come in. She was so excited to see Trap. I knew she loved him. He took Rachel home and Kiery decided to stay here.

I dont know how I felt about Trap and I becoming back cool "like we were." I don’t know if I would be able to forgive him. I am right aren’t I? I mean why should I forgive him after all that?

End Of Chapter 10: Everything Is Going TO Be Fine

42 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Thu Feb 03, 2011 6:47 am


cuz he means it and he's been thru sht too
u gotta 4give n 4get
no use making enemies!!!

Why he taking me home???

43 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:05 am


i love this story it gets more and more interesting after each chapter!!! i love it!! plz add more

44 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:55 pm



45 Re: UNDER the influence. (# newadd 2/18/2011) on Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:03 pm


Rachel P.O.V
(ENJOY Smile )

Since Porter and Ri-Ri had to go to his job to get some papers, Trap offered to take me home. We didn’t exchange words and he knew not to say anything to me when I didn’t speak to him first.

See when you look at me from the outside, you see a carefree, rich, proper, suburbs girl. I’m actually the complete opposite. I haven’t always had the Prada and Gucci. I grew up in Duval County, Florida around all the drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, and low lives. When I was 16 years old, my mother got sick. So sick she had to stop working. I kept going to school because that’s what she wanted even though I wanted to be there to take care of her.

My 10th grade year I met Trevor. He was small time drug dealer, with no sense of style, with dirty long dreads to his neck. He would always wear saggy jeans, 3 sizes to big shirts and big fitted hats. I HATED IT. Even though we lived in Duval up until I turned 20, I have always hated guys who thought sagging was cool. Well, he would always try and talk to me but I would always tell him “Trevor to talk to me, I need you to change the way you dress, because you look like someone who hoped out the bed and turned yo swag OFF. Also you need to pronounce your words, I'm not one of these little hoochies.” He would smirk every time and tell me, “Ok Ms. Rachel, in due time, I will be the man you need.” That went on all of tenth grade year; I had stopped believing him way before the end though.

But 11th grade year, he surprised me. I came in the building alone because I kept to myself here. I normally talk to this girl named Kaylee but she is always late. I still love that girl though. I got to my locker and I fell in love. It was this guy standing there with a button down shirt, some khaki pants everything freshly ironed. At this point I didn’t care what he looked like all I knew was his head was on right.

As I approached my locker he turned to me and I was so nerves I couldn’t get my locker to open. He rubbed over my hand as he helped me open my locker. “T.t.thhanks” I said with a smile, still not looking up. “You are sooo very welcome; you know that it is rude to not look up at people when you are speaking to them.” He said with a deep smooth voice. I blushed and when I looked up, and my jaw almost dropped. Hewas drop dead gorgeous. I closed my eyes and said a quick prayer and when I opened them I saw him holding a pretty white rose with a note attached.

“This is for you pretty lady” he said handing me the flower. I was beyond red now. I accepted and read the card out loud. “To the most beautiful women in the world- I told you I would change for you in due time. Sincerely, Trevor. I thought my eyes had to be playing tricks I reread it quickly to myself and when I looked back up and added the dreads from memories it was him. “Yes, it’s me, told you in due time I bet you didn’t believe I could do it.” I actually didn’t even hear what he said I ran into his arms and gave him the biggest kiss I could.

That was the BEST day in my life. A guy actually changed for me. We have been going strong ever since August 23, our first day of 11th grade. Now that you know the background of me and Trevor let me tell you how we went from 10 speeds (bikes) to Bentleys.

Well when Trevor changed from hood to Corporate, the man he was selling weed for small time was so impressed at how Trevor dressed. He had never seen anyone dress like that who sold weed. His name was Ya-Yo and we owe him all of this wealth. Well when Ya-Yo would go to business meetings all the other people would be dressed in suits yet he was in jeans and plain T’s. He made Trevor his right hand man. They would shop together and after that first shopping experience, Ya-Yo was ready to meet me. He said that “if she can make you go from looking busted to trusted, she must be amazing.” From then on he was the father I never had. He was 29 and With me and Trevor’s help his business went from small time to BALLER status.

We were Blowing Money Fast. I was able to help my mother pay for surgery. I didn’t want her asking questions so I would send checks worth 3,000 every two weeks from a nonprofit organization. At first she thought it was a scam and she was fixing to throw away the first check but I convinced her to explain to the bank what happened so if it didn’t go throw then it wasn’t her and she agreed. We would go to church every Sunday no matter how bad she was hurting because WE had sooo much to be thankful for.

Trevor and Ya-Yo would go out of town every weekend. I didn’t know what we was doing was dangerous, until Ya-Yo came back with a bullet wound. I was sooo scared and I tried to convince them to stop but they felt sooo on top of the world and they didn’t want to stop. One mission they went on required a woman and I was the only one they trusted. It was me and Ya-Yo. I will never forget this night. We all had said a prayer, and me and Ya-Yo went to meet these new connects from South Africa.

When we got to the spot I didn’t feel right. I told Ya-Yo but he didn’t care all he was focused on was the money. Well He had stepped out the car and was walking around to open my door. It had been like 30 seconds and he hadn’t come back then I heard a cars rubber burn I hopped out of the car and shot at the car but I missed. I was fixing to chase after them but he had taken the keys out and there was a knife in one of the tires.

I called Trevor and we were in mourning for the next month but we vowed to never let the business collapse. We still had hope that one day we would all three be back together. That’s when I started to deal with things first hand. I would go to meetings. I would cover up foot tracks. But I would also call around every now and again looking for any clues to Ya-Yo’s location.

Juggling this and school was kind of hard but I survived. I graduated top of my class and right above me was Kaylee. She was sooo smart. She wanted to be a lawyer and guess what. She did. She is now the biggest lawyer in the city of L.A. She hasn’t even finished law school. I don’t know how she is able to be a lawyer yet but she told me it’s some kind of law. I still talk to her occasionally.

I bet you are still wondering about Trap. No we are not dating and NO I defiantly am not cheating on Trevor with him. That one time we had sex I told Trevor the same night even though we had broken up hours before. He let it go and so did I. Well we hired Trap as a small drug dealer. He would bring back EXTRA money every time and that made us love him even more so we allowed him to move up to starting a cartel on the south side of Florida. That is currently what he is leading. He came to use with a proposal to add his friend who had just moved here from Chicago. When he asked to put Marcus on I did background on him and saw the priors he had but I allowed him to bring him in. See I never hire people with priors in the law because aint no telling if the cops still watching them. I learned that from Ya-Yo. But the reason why we acted like we were dating is so that I could get to know Marcus. Just to make sure he wasn't a snitch.

But I know you tired of hearing from me. I might be back to talk to you if Marcus don’t hog the Narrator role. Dueces. Time to go to bed.


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glad we get to see other people's point of view.
glad the whole thing with the idea of her cheating is cleared up lol
add soon please!!!

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aww!! that was too cute how we met!!
Dang tho about Yayo...
We need to find him
And I wonder how Marcus gon react when he find out
that me and Trap are nothing...
And is he and kiery gon get it on...
Put Marcus back soon!!!!!!!

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I will be adding soon ! ! !
College is starting to get funnier
but at the same time HARDER

bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

I havent forgot. hey while im typing this lil message i coulda been adding lmao but its coming.

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Chapter 11: Special Gift

"BABY ! ! !" I jumped up out of my sleep to see Aniaya wide awoke. I instantly ran to the side of the bed and grabbed her hand. She tried to climb to me but i held her down and she looked confused. I didn't want her to rip the I.V. out of her arm. I bent down kissing her forehead and we made small talk. I didnt understand half of what she was saying but her speech is getting much better.

Kiery woke up which was about 5 minutes later. I looked at the clock and it read 8:59 a.m. When Kiery walked to the bed I couldn’t stop Niaya from jumping up to hug her. Her I.V. came out of her arm but that didn’t stop her. I shook my head as the nurse came rushing in the room. She checked up on Aniaya and told us that she would be able to check out at 12.

“Baby I humbgry” Aniaya said in her car seat. I shifted in my seat and cleared my throat. We were pulling up to Rachel's house to drop of Kiery. “Well how about this we go home and change clothes and you can pick anywhere you want to eat but not chuckee cheese all the bad ass kids, I can’t handle it” I said serious.

I heard Kiery chuckle which made my stern look turn into a smirk. “I don’t know why you laughing you know they bad as hell.” I said looking from the rode to her. “No they are not bad, they are just adventurous.” I should have won a Grammy for the facial expression I held. The hell what chuckee cheese does she go to? We finally made it to Rachel’s house. I dropped Kiery off who was going to go get dressed and go to breakfast with me and Aniaya. I called Porter and he said they were going to go.

I am so glad that my sunshine is OK. I think I would have lost my mind without her. I did some deep thinking while I was in that hospital room with her and I came to the conclusion that I need to forgive Trap. I mean, if I was trying to become one of the biggest drug lords and someone lied to me I might have went loco to. I guess I need to stop acting bitchy.

I still haven’t told Rachel about this Trevor guy I heard her talking about. I mean I KNOW she gone tell me about him soon I hope because I don’t want to be the one to bring it up. We decided to go to I Hop and we all had a great time. Rachel even came, I called Trap but he didn’t answer. He probably was sleeping anyway. Ughh my life had always been complicated BUT I LOVE IT.


ITS FINALLY YA BOY BIRTHDAY ! ! ! I logged in to my face book page to be greeted with 159 wall posts telling me happy birthday. I started to like every single post by the 68th "like" I got tired and said a mass thank you to everyone. I went to the bathroom and showered did my hygiene thing and got dressed for the day. What can i say ya boy was feeling and looking grown.

I am so ready for tonight. It’s about time I start dating because I aint getting any younger. I have a great paying job now that doesn’t involve the risk of getting killed or arrested. It actually pays more than selling drugs. I will be making 2,453$ every two weeks. Can you say blessed.

I was kind of sad because Sunshine didn’t bust in my room today to wishme Happy Birthday, niether did Porter or Ri-Ri and I know they goofy ass should have been done busted in here

. I got up after tying my shoe and opened the door. I caught the scent of Pancakes and Bacon in the air. I KNOW PORTER DIDN’T MAKE HIS FAMOUS PANCAKES ! Hmm no wonder he didn't wake me up he cooked me breakfast. I ran down the steps like a chipper ass kid. When I looked on the counter I saw an I Hop bag. My big ass grin turned sour. I grabbed the bag and read the note.

“Hey Marcus,
I knew you weren’t going to be up yet so I stopped at I Hop and picked you up some pancakes. Even though they don’t compare to mine, they are the next best thing. I took the girls to the park and we should be back by 12. It’s a beautiful day outside maybe you can enjoy you breakfast on the balcony in the back yard. Well they rushing me so see ya later mane.

Porter, Ri Ri, && Sunshine.”

I looked over to the clock that read 9:35. What the fuck! They leave me with this cold ass I Hop and expect me to eat this shit on the balcony like it’s a five star meal. I threw the I Hop in the trash, I HATE cold ass pancakes. These niggas didn’t even leave me no birthday card. I ran upstairs and checked my phone. NO MISSED CALLS OR TEXTS.

I ran back downstairs and I grabbed a bowl and poured me some cereal. Mane since they don’t want to acknowledge my birthday, fuck all of them I will go to the club by my damn self.

I walked to the back to sit on the balcony because he was right it was beautiful outside. When I made it to the back it was all decorated. I was confused as shit. I walked closer to the balcony and when made it up onto the deck all my friends jumped from behind a table screaming Happy Birthday.

I was shocked as hell. I immediately started laughing. I felt a tug on my legs and looked down and saw my Sunshine. “Hawpy birfbay” She said to the best of her abilities. I smiled and gave her kiss. I should have known she wouldn’t forget about me. She gave me a sloppy kiss on my cheek and everybody aww’d. I chuckled and put her down.

“WOW, mane thanks. Yo I had just thrown a tantrum in there. I was like these niggas aint tell me happy birthday, no texts, no phone calls, then left me that cold ass I Hop. Shittt I thought Face Book showed me more loved then my homies. But For real I love every single one of you. Mane we fixing to wild out tonight.”

We all shared laughs and I got my Famous Porter Pancakes. I had an amazing breakfast. I LOVE my friends. Every now and then me and Kiery would get caught by everybody staring at each other but how can I not stare at this. Even in the simplest outfits she still stopped the world around me. Of course, they made a big deal about us looking at each other. I can’t wait till tonight she told me she had a special gift for me tonight.

End Of Chapter 11: Special Gift

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Loved the add it was great!!!!!!!
Please some more VERY soon!!!!!! Lol

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