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A Kill For Love

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1 A Kill For Love on Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:13 am



Once I was settled in my little room of my campus apartment, my phone started to vibrate. I picked up off the charger and seen it was a text from him. I smiled.

From: My Love
Hey me and a few of my boys coming over! What your apartment number?

I texted him the number then put my phone back on the charger then sat it on the night stand next to my bed. It wasn’t too long when I heard a knock at the front door.

“I got it” My new room-mate Carla yelled from the front. I guess she was watching TV at the time. Once I was finished making my bed, I slipped on my puppy slippers and walked in the front to see if my visitors had arrived.

“Girl you didn’t tell me Brandon was your boyfriend” Carla said once she saw me. She was sitting on the lap of some dread head. I guess he was friends with Brandon.
“Yea…Sorry…I didn’t know you knew him” I said with laughter in my voice. I took my seat between him and another one of his home boys. He put his arm around me and the dude on my right moved to the next available seat.

“Bay…this my boy Justin” he said pointing to the dude Carla was with. “Him and Carla close” he laughed. I smiled at him and he nodded his head.
“And this my other son Tevin…”
“You’re the drum major here right” I said turning my attention to him. He smiled.
“Yeah that’s me” He laughed.
“Nice to meet you…I’m your new dancer” I said with a smile.
“So you the new girl” he said looking me over “You didn’t tell me your girl was on the team B” he said looking at Brandon.
“Yeah that’s her…Diamond better keep a hold on her captain spot” Brandon said as he started hugging me. All I could do was smile.


“So how long you and Brandon been talking” Carla asked as we cleaned up in the kitchen.
“Not too long…We started talking the beginning of his senior year of high school” I said placing the glasses in the cabinet.
“Oh okay” she said with a smile “Yall look cute together Friend” she said as she playfully pushed me. I laughed

It wasn’t long before we were done in the Kitchen. Once we were done, We both went to bed. Good thing it was the weekend, No Class. Bad thing was both me and Carla had practice in the A.M. She had her cheerleading and I had my dance team.

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2 Re: A Kill For Love on Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:48 am

EBz Perradize

Ok I like how this started because I can relate (Kinda) except me and my roomie were in choir and our bf's/gf's were in the band!

Now, I have a question: How on earth do you do pictures yo cuz my brain going mad crazy trynna do it! UGH! confused

3 Re: A Kill For Love on Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:10 pm


EBz Perradize wrote:Ok I like how this started because I can relate (Kinda) except me and my roomie were in choir and our bf's/gf's were in the band!

Now, I have a question: How on earth do you do pictures yo cuz my brain going mad crazy trynna do it! UGH! confused

&& Girl im having trouble with that too!! idk how to do the links but I put Melanie's pic up by using the lil button with the picture frame on it...not the first one the second one!


4 Re: A Kill For Love on Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:59 pm

EBz Perradize

Yea, I finally got it the other day and added pics to my story! thanx and BUMPz BUMPz BUMPz! Where is the next add?? Lolx

5 Re: A Kill For Love on Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:35 pm


Its coming lol...Im just having writers block...I know what i wanna write just dont know how i wanna write it!! lol


6 Re: A Kill For Love on Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:36 pm



I watched as my band started to play Right through me. Once they started the dance team came forth and started their routine. I watched for any mistakes from both the band and the dance team. As I walked the side lines I noticed her picking up on the 8 counts.

“Are you getting it” I asked as I stood behind her. I could till I scared her cause she jumped a little. She turned around and smiled once she noticed it was me.
“Yeah…it’s a simple routine” she said laughing. I smiled. We hugged for a minute then her attention went back to the team.

“Your band is amazing” Melanie said, finally breaking our silence. I smiled.
“Thanks…” I said turning my attention on Mel. “So how you like the dance team Mel” I asked still looking down at her. I guess she was shocked that I called her Mel because she turned her head to look at me quick. I laughed a little at her actions.
“It’s nice…I mean everyone is nice except Diamond…It’s like I done her something and she holding it against me.” She said turning her head to look at the girls as they finished up their dance. I couldn’t reply cause all in all. I knew the reason why Diamond was acting this way towards her.
“Maybe it’s because I’m the only freshmen on the squad and I have the potential to take her spot” Melanie said with a smile. “What you think” she said looking my way with a smile. Damn her smile could kill.

“I mean I never seen you dance yet so I wouldn’t know” I finally said after a few seconds. She laughed and turned her head again. Damn man.

“What’s up yall” I heard a dude say from behind us.
“Hey baby” Melanie said getting up from where we sat to go and greet Brandon. I watched as they hugged but turned my head once they kissed.
“What’s good son” Brandon said as he came sit on side of me. I said what’s up as we dapped each other out. “Yall done for the day” He asked as Melanie sat on his lap.
“Yeah…they done” I said standing up. I blew my whistle twice letting the band and dancers know that was it for the day.

Brandon and Melanie got up from where they were sitting and walked over to where I was. I was just about speak when Diamond came over and mugged the shit out of Mel and Brandon. Oh shit!
“I’m really starting to dislike this girl” Mel said as diamond walked passed. I looked at her and Brandon and started to laugh.

“So yall coming over tonight” Mel asked as she picked up her dance bag.
“Yeah I’ll be there” I said picking up my bag as well.
“What about you bay...you coming watch movies with us tonight” Mel asked wrapping her arms around his neck. He looked down at her and smiled.
“Yeah I’ll be there too” he said with a smile and kissed her on her forehead.


7 Re: A Kill For Love on Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:26 pm

EBz Perradize

Hmm...I'm guessin that Diamond doesn't like Mel because she got Brandon! But she need to get over it and move on! Smh...And Tevin a trip, wonder what's gonna go down between him and Mel Exclamation Exclamation

8 Re: A Kill For Love on Sun Dec 19, 2010 7:15 pm


im working on the add...but im not posting it till page 2


9 Re: A Kill For Love on Sun Dec 19, 2010 9:52 pm


About to catch up since I did read the first part...We'll get to page to real
soon...About to read once I get relaxed in bed...Showing my love to you
keep it coming upz...


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10 Re: A Kill For Love on Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:04 pm




11 Re: A Kill For Love on Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:54 pm


well, i like tev just bc he's treyy.
I think he has a lil crush on mel,
it's cute bc i think she has one on
him too, but she 'loves' Brandon?
And Diamond, either she's gonna
try to get with Brand or Tev. I can
just feel itt.



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12 Re: A Kill For Love on Sun Dec 26, 2010 12:33 am


happy birthday to me!! lol
imma have the add up for yall later today!!
Yall christmas gift lol!!


13 Re: A Kill For Love on Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:39 pm



“So what we watching” Carla asked as she came from the kitchen area with two bags of popcorn. She handed me one and then took her seat next to Justin.
“I really wanna watch something scary” Mel said as she took another look at her watch.
“Shit yeah…we can watch Paranormal Activity 1 and 2” Justin said picking up the movies from off the table.
“Its good” she said as she shrugged her shoulders.
“You alright Mel” I asked as she stood up.
“Yea…I’m good…get the movie started…I’ll be right back” she said before leavening the room.

As I made my way to the bathroom, I heard my Iphone blast The Usual through its speakers. I didn’t bother to go back for it because I knew who it was already. Once in the bathroom, I took off the used condom and throw it in the trash. After putting my pants back on, I went over to the sink to wash my hands and face. Once I was finished, I heard my phone start to play The Usual once again. As I made my way down the hall I seen her holding my phone, yeah she was upset.

“Why the fuck she calling you if she see you don’t answer” she said as soon as I sat at the end of the bed. I didn’t reply, she knew the answer. I pulled my shirt down and she threw my phone my way. I looked back at her and rolled my eyes. I put my shoes and started walking towards the door.
“Where you going” she said getting out the bed and following right behind me.
“Home” I said opening the door. She grabbed my hand and pulled me back in.
“Why are you going back to that….bitch…and you got me” she said pulling me closer to her. I snapped. I pushed her against the wall and held her there.
“Get off me Brandon” she yelled. I held her there for a few minutes then loosen my grip then let her go.
“I’ll see you later” I said after giving her a good-bye kiss.

During the middle of the movie I looked over to see Justin and Carla passed out. I looked at the time and it was damn near 2 a.m. I looked over to see if Tevin was sleep but he was still into the movie. I picked my phone up off the table in front me to see if Brandon had returned my call or text. Nothing.

“You alright” Tevin whispered in my ear. I jumped a little and he chuckled.
“That’s not funny” I said as I hit him in his chest. “But yeah I’m good” I looked over to Carla and Justin and shook my head. They were still sleep. I guess I’m about to do the same. I slowly stood to my feet and then looked down at Tevin still sitting.

“I guess I’m going to bed” I said looking at him. He got up and smiled.
“Yeah…I was thinking the same thing” he said picking up his phone of the table then walking over to the door. I was right behind him
“ text me once you make it…I don’t want nothing happening to you on your way” I said taking his phone and putting my number in it. He laughed.
“Alright…I got you” he said taking his phone. We hugged then he was on his way
“Bye friend” he said closing the door. I smiled.

After Tevin left I went straight to my room and jumped straight in the bed. I looked at my phone and their still wasn’t a txt or call from Brandon. I rolled my eyes then closed them.

*vibe…vibe…vibe*……………………… *vibe…vibe…vibe*

The sound of my phone vibrating on the night stand next to my bed woke me up. When did I fall asleep. I had two texts. The first was from a number I didn’t know.

From: 555-2138
Hey Mel…I just made it! You dnt have to txt back if you was sleep…just letting you kno I was good! Lol

I smiled. I saved his number then text him back a smiley face and told him I would txt him when I woke up! I sent the message then went to the second one.

From: Brandon
Wats good luv?

I rolled my eyes. Now he wants to text me back. I looked at the time and it was 2:30 in the morning. Fuck it I’m going back to sleep! I sat my phone back on the night stand then through the covers over my head.


14 Re: A Kill For Love on Tue Dec 28, 2010 7:31 am

her love is infinite ;)

Brandon is triflinq !
&& omq was he fkkinq
Diamond??? wow .
add soon .
Tev & Mel are just too
cute !!! lol


15 Re: A Kill For Love on Wed Dec 29, 2010 2:54 pm


I love it!!!! plz add more!

16 Re: A Kill For Love on Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:08 pm


^_^ so i did three adds on this page!!
imma give yall 2 long ones on the next one!


17 Re: A Kill For Love on Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:45 am


I been ducked off
now its time to get back at it!!


18 Re: A Kill For Love on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:33 pm


not a fan of brandon at all lol she needs to get with tevin asap lol
add soon plzzzz!!!!!!!!!

19 Re: A Kill For Love on Tue Jan 18, 2011 9:57 pm


working on it now!
Very Happy


20 Re: A Kill For Love on Sat Jan 22, 2011 5:57 pm


a few weeks later

“I’ll talk to you guys after practice…bye bestie number 1 and 2” I said walking away from Carla and Tevin.
“I hope you know im number 1” I heard Carla say as I walked away. I started to laugh to myself.
Walking over where we were having practice for the day, I noticed Diamond staring me down. I really didn’t pay it any attention. She was just made that I was moving up in just a few weeks. Hmm. I already grabbed the co-captain spot from Chasity. Her spot was next. As I walked passed her I smiled and she turned her head. Ha weak bitch!

“Hey Chaz” I said walking over to Chasity. She was real cool with me taking her spot. We actually were real good friends.
“Hey chick…where you been…naw don’t answer I already know” she said with a smile. “Been with Brandon most of the day” she said getting up and stretching out her legs. I rolled my eyes. “Trouble in paradise” she asked.
“Idk…Brandon just been actin different!” I said stretching out my legs as well.
Brandon was acting different now a day. I mean we still talk everyday but it’s not like it use to. We would argue about the little things. And he doesn’t like the fact that I hang with Carla and Tevin most of the time. Im at the point I want to just give up.

“So you going to the kappa party tonight” Chaz asked bringing me out of my thoughts.
“Oh…im not sure yet…but you’ll be the first to no chick” I finally replied.
After practice I decide to wait for Tevin to get out of band practice. I text him to let him know I was waiting outside. Not long after I sent my text I had seen Brandon. Guess coming from class. Great he’s coming over.

“What’s up love” He said taking a seat next to me.
“Nothing just …” I couldn’t even finish my damn sentence
“Waiting on your boyfriend to get out of practice” he said standing up again. I rolled my eyes.
“Brandon don’t start…Tevin is just my friend…damn” I said talking out my phone to text Carla. He didn’t say a word. Once I sent my text to Carla, he sat next to me again.
“You coming to the Kappa party tonight right” he asked.
“Idk…depends on how Carla feeling” I replied. He smirked then got up.
“Let me know if you decide to go….I got class in a few” he said before leaving. I rolled my eyes.

“Oh so you talking to other niggas on me now” I heard Tevin call from behind me.
“Shut up…that was Brandon” I said laughing.
“Oh okay..Better be” he smiled. “Since you done for the day…you coming chill and help me pick a outfit out for tonight” He asked as we started walking towards campus apartments.
“Sure why not” I said with a smile.


21 Re: A Kill For Love on Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:11 pm


Now yhu know tht was mad short
I hope Brandon dnt try to stunt at the party
Umm I'm still loven. Tevin. He kool as hell
Um and diamond and her need to fight and get it over wit
Any who love it add more asap

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