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The Penthouse

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51 Re: The Penthouse on Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:15 am


yes...it would be nice!!!!

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52 1025 Lionnet Dr on Mon May 18, 2015 9:55 pm


1025 Lionnet Dr.


“Make a left in 25 feet and your destination will be on the right.” The feminine voice of Rachel’s expensive GPS reported. She followed the directions as she sized up the home from afar. Hm, pretty nice she thought as she pulled her crimson BMW coupe into the driveway. She noticed the ivory Audi parked as well and immediately knew it belonged to her realtor; as  if the “WALL” tag wasn’t enough. She looked at herself in her mirror, making sure her honey skin was on point. Her hair was styled in braids and were currently dressed as a cute top-bun while soft baby hairs trailed her hairline. The opening of the home’s front door caught her attention and her eyes diverted to the man who now stood in the doorway, her realtor, John Wall. I hope this wasn’t a mistake she thought as she killed the engine as he begin walk towards her car.

Like the gentleman he had presented himself to be, he opened her door and helped her out. He wasn’t sure if she had noticed, but he couldn’t help but gaze at her long legs that coupled perfectly with her hips and round derrière. The black fitted knee-length skirt complemented her body while the light pink blouse hugged her chest just enough to tease without appearing sleazy. Her high heels brought her a tad bit closer to his height, but he still managed to tower a few inches over her.

“Thank you,” her angelic voice spoke, her island accent lacing his ears. He wondered if she knew how sexy her voice was. He knew it was unintentional, and that made it even more appealing.

“It’s my pleasure,” he smiled, his deep dimples appearing on each cheek as his pearl white teeth gave an alluring smile.

“It’s really beautiful,” Rachel said, admiring the home. She had come a long way. She was now a 6-figure salary professor at one of the country’s most prestigious universities.  

“Yes it is, “ John spoke as he gazed over her face as she looked on. He turned away and began to lead her towards the front door. Rachel followed behind him as she admired his frame. He had to be at least 6’2, if not taller. His ebony skin was complemented by his champagne colored Express button down that was tucked neatly into his tailored to fit slacks. His shoes matched his belt & tie & his hair was barbered into a low cut that made each wave look like perfection ; he looked like a delicious Twix bar, left & right.  Rachel shook her head, she had to remain focused. He opened the door before looking back at her. She gave a light smile before stepping into the extravagant home.

“Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful John!” She said as she quickly looked around the open floorplan home. Each room flowed into the next, the colors, the textures, the lighting, everything was perfect. She followed John and admired the home as he gave a tour, explaining the design details of different artifacts that decorated the home as well as the architecture.

“A room for the princess,” he said before opening the door to a room she knew her daughter would fall in love with. All of her favorite colors were incorporated; Rachel almost couldn’t wait to see her daughter’s face when she saw the room. She followed John to two other rooms before he opened double doors that opened into the master bedroom.

Rachel’s breath was taking away as she admired the bedroom décor. It looked like something fit for a queen. She admired the leaf shaped ceiling fan as well as mahogany wood furniture. She looked at the bed & walked over to it.  She leaned against the large bed as she faced John, who remained near the door. Their eyes met, and for some reason, she had a feeling that he had been watching her the whole time.

“The house, is,” Rachel paused as she looked around the room again, “amazing.” She finished as she looked back to him, watching as he walked towards her.

“Well, why not make it a home?” he asked, now standing directly in front of her. Rachel’s heart began to beat a bit faster and she knew why, John was why. He stood in front of her, his cologne seeming like the perfect scent to hypnotize her. He rested his hands on the soft comforter, trapping her in between his arms.

“John,I-“ she began, only to be interrupted.

“Shhh,” his deep voice soothed as their eyes bore into one another’s. So many emotions ran through her, lust, excitement,fear; the list went on. She looked up at him, and in that moment, she wanted to live….no, she wanted to feel. She raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck, placing her hands on the back of his head , only to push his head lower into her kiss. Their lips pressed together and a sigh of relief escaped the both of them as they dove into the kiss. The silent kiss turning into a smacking lustful one as their kiss intensified.  His hands cupped her bottom as he pulled her close. A moan escaped her lips as she softly bit down on his full bottom lip. Their kiss turned into slow, soft ones until he breathlessly pulled away.

“Rachel, I don’t want this to end.” He said, taking her soft hands into his.  She licked her lips as she watched him bring her hands to his lips and kiss them, “Let me have you, right here.” He spoke. Her mind couldn’t think to say no, so she didn’t say anything. She nodded her head, yes.

Her soft lips caressed his once more as his strong hands gripped her full bottom. Her hands slid down from his face and to the buttons of his shirt. As each button separated, a beautiful chocolate chest peaked through until the rippled abs were fully exposed. Rachel ran her right hand down the bare chest as she admired the soft contrast of their skin. John undid his cufflinks and Rachel pulled the fabric away from his body, never minding where it landed. She pulled her blouse over her head, being careful not to undo her bun. Her full breast sat up, wrapped in a red lace bra. John bit down on his lips, no longer able to resist the ample set, he ran his pink tongue across them before savagely pulling the strapless lingerie down.

His tongue massaged her left nipple while the right hand massage the other breast. Rachel released a soft gasp at the feel of his warm mouth grazing over her harden nipple. She reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, allowing the lace piece to fall to the floor. She rubbed the back of his head as he switched to the other breast. Her bottom lip was clutched between her teeth as she held her head back, enjoying the hot tongue lashes her breast received. John lifted her onto the plush bed, never leaving her breast.

Her hands began to tango with his belt, and soon his pants were around his ankles. He stood, finally satisfied with the now blush red marks he had left across her breast. He kicked off his shoes along with his pants as Rachel eased her black skirt down, revealing what he already knew, a beautiful pair of long legs coupled with thick thighs & lovely hips. Her red thong taunted him, screaming for him to strip her naked. He wasted no time pulling at the thin fabric, tossing it across the room. He admired her frame as it lay against the plush white comforter. He reached into his pants and retrieved a condom. He was rock hard & secure as he climbed on top of Rachel, who had already began to entertain herself, her own juices coating the tips of her fingers as she massaged her throbbing clit.

He kissed his way up her belly to her chest as he positioned himself between her legs. His member pressed at her opening with no help needed as John planted soft kisses up her neck to  her lips. He looked into her eyes, wanting to know he still had permission. As though she had read his mind, Rachel slowly nodded her head yes before pulling him down to her, tasting his lips once more. John slowly worked his lower body, driving his member into her tight peach. The gentle intrusion reminded her of how big he was as her cursing moan erupted through their kiss.

“Oh shit, John!”  she moaned as she began to work her lower body in unison with his, hungry to have his full length inside of her. She bit her lip as he began to kiss her neck, his tongue caressing thatspot as he continued to stroke inside of her. John stood up on his knees and gripped the back of her thighs, pushing them to her chest, never taking his member out of her slippery dessert. Rachel gripped her full breast in her hand as she watched her chocolate lover slowly grind into her. “Oooo yes, yes,” she moaned as he began to massage her clit with his thumb. “Harder, John, harder.” She moaned breathlessly as John began to go faster. “OhhOhhhhOh fuhhhckk!” she cried as he drilled her pussy with his dick like a power tool.

The sound of her wetness only turned the both of them on as they lost themselves in each other. John panted as he pleasantly destroyed the beautiful woman beneath him; she felt unbelievable, so wet..so warm. She fit him like a glove, and no woman had been able to take his full length as Rachel had.  He looked down and watched as his thick, hard dick slid in and out of her. It was like something out of an adult film, so graphic but damn, so amazing.

He pulled completely out of her, their moans and groans the only sounds being made. “Hold your legs up baby,” his deep voice erupted through heavy pants. Rachel gripped her legs and spread them.

“Damn Rae,” he groaned, admiring her wet heavens. He gripped his dick and smack her peach with it, making her moan softly as she too watched. He licked his lips before pushing his dick back inside of her waiting pussy. He gripped her hips for leverage and sexed her fast and hard. Her screams could be heard through out the home as she cursed and moan, begging for more.

That familiar, but almost unfamiliar feeling came over him and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer; he only wished she was close to her climax as well. Sweat covered their shades of ebony bodies  as pleasure took over.  

“Ohhh, Johhhnnnnn!!!” she cried out as she came, John following quickly behind her.


Rachel lay wrapped in his arms, as they both lay covered in the sheets. Her braids lay over her shoulder as they had been relesed from her bun. She exhaled as she turned to face him.

“What does this mean, John?” she asked, watching as his lids opened, revealing his soft brown eyes.

“It means that I want you back, our family back. I was stupid before, and I swear I’m gonna do everything to get our family back.” He spoke as he caressed her soft cheek. John Wall wasn’t just her realtor, he was her fiance. Things had fallen apart three months ago and they had been slowly building their relationship back. The love was there, they were just being stubborn. Rachel smiled, feeling a piece of herself become whole again. She chuckled loudly.

“I cant believe we just had sex in these peoples house!” she said before the two joined in laughter. John shifted to his side and got something out of the night stand, he turned around and held up a golden key chain with a golden key attach as well as the letters “R” & “W”. She looked at him skeptically. “John?”

“This is our house baby, I bought it already.” He said as a small smile appeared on his face.

“John!” she cried out in happiness. No wonder the home was perfect, he had designed it just for her & her daughter. She had her daughter from a previous relationship, but John loved her as his own. She kissed his lips repeatedly as she smiled and laughed all at the same time. Finally exhausted from that she hugged him tightly.

“I cant believe this is our house,” she smiled.

“Yupp, now….can we go get our daughter, so that we can make it a home?”

Rachel felt her heart flutter, her daughter would be so happy to see him, she adored John. “She’s with Janae & Jas right now….i think she can wait an hour…maybe two.” Rachel smiled before straddling John’s waist

John Wall as John Wall.

I was determined to finish this & post it today! srry if it was too long, its 8 pages in Word Sad.

needed to take a break from the usual and add to ths section, just for you rachel!!! oh, this has nothing to do with the rachel & trevor saga lol

hope yall liked it!

oh yeah, i loved the realtor scenario in this add, tryna do new things lol


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Street Lights

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1. Loving A Lie; Lauren Londaon & T.I.
2. Pulse; Trey, Chris, Drake & More!
3. A Brother's Secret; Trey Songz & Chris Brown

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Concrete Garden

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53 Re: The Penthouse on Mon May 18, 2015 10:54 pm


Omw. That add was soooo good. Love the twist at the end, could be a continuation of a story. Lol...John and Rae nasty. Umm hmm, but loves it.

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Unexpected |Complete|

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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

54 Re: The Penthouse on Mon May 18, 2015 11:20 pm


OMG!!! I read this with my eyes WIDE OPEN!!!!
That was intense and ohhhhh so good Wink danmmmmmmmm
Loved the way you changed things up with John and made me seem like me! Being the teacher and all with a daughter from another relationship.
Loved it!!

Oh wow!!!

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
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