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Unexpected  love  

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Unexpected Writings » THE CREATIONS » Stories » Underneath All the Make-Up *NEW ADD* - 31/03/10

Underneath All the Make-Up *NEW ADD* - 31/03/10

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its so sad how janae's mother died! Sad
but its good dat she put her kids first! Smile

yaaay! cooper is back!
i think Raechelle & Pleasure P gone get somthin started!!



Cnt Wait For The Next Add!!!


AHHH ADD SOON ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I FEEl incomplete without an add.
lol Smile



When I reached the address Laython had texted me I realized it was a house address. I paid the taxi driver and walked up to the door to ring the bell. The door opened after a few seconds.
‘Hey Trevor! Laython said he’d be here’
‘Hey, Kamaria right? Or is it Denise?’ he laughed when I looked at him confused, ‘I’m kidding. He is. Come on in’
I walked in and looked around. This house was huge but it was beautifully decorated. Trevor yelled for Laython who came down in a pair of checked shorts and a blue polo t-shirt. ‘You ready?’
‘Cool. He Trevor we heading out man. I’ll be back in time to leave for L.A’
I looked up quickly when he said they were leaving. He noticed and smiled at me. ‘You live in L.A don’t you? We gon catch up you know. Ain’t no way I’m taking you out today and not planning on doing it again’
I blushed before saying good-bye to Trevor. ‘Where are we going?’
‘You’ll see’

I climbed into his Range Rover and we drove off in a direction I had never been before. Laython wouldn’t talk to me, he had this silly grin on his face. So I took out my phone and decided to text Rachel.
Laython and Trevor are leaving tonight.
[Rachel] What do you mean?

They going back to L.A.

[Rachel] Oh Sad

I texted her the address Laython had texted me and told her to go see him before he goes. They would be all alone and hopefully she’d be able to release all that built-up tension.

[Rachel] Hahaha...stop tryna get me to have sex!

You need it tho.

I chuckled to myself until Laython grabbed my phone and chucked it in the back seat. ‘Hey!’
‘We’re here’

I opened my door and walked out to stand where he now stood. ‘Oh my God...Laython, this place!’
‘I know. The only other person I’ve ever taken here is my mother, right before she passed away’
‘Oh. I’m sorry’ I replied gently rubbing his arms
‘It’s ok. You know what she said to me though?’ I gazed into his teary eyes and felt myself begin to cry, ‘she said son the only other person you ought to bring her is the girl you gon wife one day’
I looked up at him in shock. ‘But, you hardly know me Laython’
‘I know all I need to know Kay. I’ve done my research! You the most beautiful girl I’ve ever set eyes on and one day you will be my wife’

I moved away not knowing what to say. Standing still for a good ten minutes was all I good manage. When I turned back he stood with a basket and some blankets. Smiling I walked up to him and took some blankets and lay them down so he could put his basket down as well. ‘Guess I’d better learn as much as I can before you leave tonight’
He smiled a kind of smile that could light up a dark room. My heart raced when his soft hands caressed my face. Just as the sun went down on the horizon, he kissed me. It was picture perfect.

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Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

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Awww loved it.
they are so cute together! <3
Ready to see what is going to happen between Rachel and Trevor!!
Add soon please!!!!!!!


Chapter 4 – Say Good-bye

I was in my room on the phone talking to my bank about a new business venture I wanted to do when Kamaria texted me. Trevor would be leaving in a few hours and he hadn’t even called. I debated on whether I should go over or stay put. By chance Rachelle and Janae walked into the room and I asked them about it.
‘Go silly girl! Take the ride your mum uses when she’s a the hotel and get gone’ grinned Janae
‘Not in that outfit you ain’t going nowhere’ said Rae
‘Rae’s right. Go take a shower and you’re outfit will be ready by the time you done. And then I got you for make-up’ Janae seemed excited and I decided not to ask about Lisa. I knew she would tell us everything when she was ready. So instead I went to have a shower dreading the outfit they were having such fun picking for me.

‘Well, do you like the way you look?’
I twirled around in my bebe mini skirt and green top. My make-up done by Janae was flawless. ‘I love it guys. Guess I’d better hurry up now’
‘Bye’ they waved as I hurried out the door in my Louboutins.
I drove all the way to house and parked my mum’s Blank Bentley outside. Gosh Rache, you can do this. I was motivating myself and my eyes were shut tight. I jumped at the sound of someone knocking on my door making me realise I had also been holding my breath. It was Trevor and he was grinning from ear to ear. I opened the door and stood in front of him. He was topless with a basket ball.
‘I was hoping and praying you’re girl would tell you to come over’
‘You could have done so yourself’
‘I didn’t wanna pressure you into anything’
I laughed, ‘no pressure. I’m here ain’t I’
‘Yep’ he nodded eyeing me from head to toe. ‘Follow me’

We walked into the house and he led me to the couch. ‘I’m gon take a shower. If the phone rings please answer. My mum’s tryna call. She’ll ask who you are. Say whatever you want’ he winked and went upstairs to take a shower. Sitting on the couch I was remembering the sight of him topless. The images in my head turned x-rated and I found myself bitting my lower lip. Kay is right. I need to release some tension. I looked upstairs and slowly got off the couch and walked upstairs following the sound of the shower. My mind was buzzing with explicit thoughts and my heart was racing.

I entered a room which turned out to be his and heard the shower. He was rapping something and I smiled. Looking around I saw he had packed already and there was only a few clothes here and there left outside. The sound in the shower drew me closer and I walked into the bathroom. I could see his body through the glazed doors. Slowly I reached for the door and opened it. ‘What the hell?’ he asked turning around only to see my face.
‘Hi’ I said blushing. My eyes took all 6ft of him including his man-hood. I couldn’t help myself and I stepped out of my shoes and into the shower getting my clothes all wet. I began to touch him and trace all of his tattoos. His hands held my tiny waist and I backed him into the wall. I could feel his dick getting harder and I pulled his face down to mine. We kissed and just like that I had orgasm causing me to moan his name out loud. My clothes were off in a second and he had me in his arms and headed to the bedroom. Our naked bodies collided and immediately he went to work on my body. It seemed that with every kiss and touch I felt more orgasms coming and my head was spinning as my lips said his name over and over again.

I jumped at the sound of Trevor’s voice. ‘Are you ok?’
‘what? Me? Oh yes’ I realized I had been day-dreaming as Trevor stood in a fresh pair of shorts and an open shirt.
‘You sure? You’re eyes were closed and you were muttering something’
‘Urm...I’m ok’
‘I’ll take your word for it. Come in the kitchen and we can eat something.

Damn it. That dream was too hot to be true anyway. The phone began to ring and he asked me to answer it.
‘Hello...who the hell is this?’
‘Urm who are you?’
‘Trevor’s fiancée!’
‘Bitch you heard me right. What you doing answering my man’s phone’
‘I’m a friend of Layhton not Trevor’
‘You’re ass better be right or else –’

I hung up and stared at the phone. ‘Who was it?’
‘Urm, wrong number’
‘I gotta go Trevor. Something’s come up and I need to head back now’
I didn’t reply. Instead I ran out the door. Before I could make it down the stairs to the car I tripped and fell. Trevor was right behind and he lifted me up but I didn’t want him near me and I tried to get away.
‘Rachel! What’s wrong?’
I had tears in my eyes when I looked up at him. ‘What’s wrong? Did you forget to tell me you were engaged?’
He only stared at me and didn’t reply. ‘That’s right. You’re fiancée just called. I knew this shit was too good to be true. I been hurt too many times and yet I chose to believe your ass was different. But you’re just the same jerk as the rest of them’ I hobbled towards the car as my feet still hurt and he ran after me and pushed me up against the car. Before I could yell at him to stop, his lips were on mine and he kissed me aggressively shoving his tongue into my mouth and toying with mine. His hands grabbed my butt and pulled me tight against his body. I gave in and kissed him back with just as much passion. Finally we pulled apart and I was out of breath. Then I slapped him across the face. ‘That’s for lying to me’ and I slapped him again. ‘That’s for what you just did’
He looked at me and sighed. ‘Let me explain please’

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Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
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Oh lordy!!!

I need to add to this lik ASAP!!! I had actually forgotten a little about it!! lol

Gonna work on it tonight as well as Love Mist.

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!





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