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-break it down!. [NEW STORY;ADDED JULY 6]

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1 -break it down!. [NEW STORY;ADDED JULY 6] on Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:56 pm



Whats good. My name is Shad G. Moss bettah known as Bow Wow. As you know im a rapper with Jermaine Dupre and So So Deff. Im now signed under Birdman and Lil Wayne' Cash Money. Now when it comes to the relationship im suree you all have heard alot. My previous relationships wasnt the best ; weather it was my 2 year relationship tht i fuckd up with R&B singer Ciara or my barely 8 month relationship with Rev Run's daughter Angela Simmions. Well believe it or not i believe i havee found the one. I thought the same with the other to but i got a real good feeling about this one

Hi my name is Melody Thornton. I am i member of the R&B girl group The Pussycat Dolls. I tend to keep a private life. Being in the limelight will mess up a relationship with no problems. But right now my girls and I have decided to take a lil break. So now im kindah jus doing me and what i like to do. Basically getting me somee rest. So with this time i have I plan on focusing on me and maybe building a healthy relationship. Kindah have a dude in mine. But i gottah see where his head is right now


Me and my boys Ant, Jus, nd Kleo was in my condo in Miami. It was my last night out here and it was a saturday night and we needed something tue do. So we got fresh nd went tue this club calld Thrillist my boy Jus had heard about. I got cleand up, fresh True Religion jean, a fresh white v-neck tee, and some all white 11's and we headed it out. We got there and it was live. Nice looking ladies evrywhere and I was loving it, thats until I saw this onee cutie. She had the light skin tone, a nice shape, and she had the prettiest smile with deep dimples ive ever seen. I seen she was drinking a pink panty,so i ordered one nd askd the bartender tue send it over tue her. When she got it i seen her smile...

Me and a couple of my girls were at this club in Miami. I was dancing nd doing what us girls do in the club and all of a sudden the waiter brought me my favorite drink(pink panty);"i didnt order this" i say tue the waiter."no the young man over in the corner sent this for yhuu"(pointing) When he pointed to the guy tht sent the drink i seen a nice smile nd a fly asx swagg so i shall so. I waved a lil smilee nd mouthd thank yhuu nd turnd around. A few minutes latah i felt a tap on my shoulder. When i turnd i seen the cutie who sent me the drink."Thank you fha the drink" i said tue him...


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2 Re: -break it down!. [NEW STORY;ADDED JULY 6] on Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:46 pm


love it real good start add more!

3 Re: -break it down!. [NEW STORY;ADDED JULY 6] on Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:59 am


nice start explaining the characters continue Smile


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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

4 Re: -break it down!. [NEW STORY;ADDED JULY 6] on Tue Jul 06, 2010 2:55 pm



After lil mama got the drink my boy Kleo said he head tue head out. So i figured i would go holla at lil mama before we left. I walked over and tappd hwer on her shoulder. She turned, smiled and said "Thank you fha the drink" i told her "no problem,it was my pleasure. She then asked for my name. "My name is Shad but i go by Bow" i told her. "Bow as in Bow Wow..okae" she said back. "Yeah, well i dnt wanna hold yhuu i jux wanted tue meet yhuu atleast get yah name, didnt wanna be a stranger behind the pink panty" i joked. "Yhuu silly but okae sir, thank yhuu again Shad fha the drink, it was very cute of yhuu" By that time Jus walked uhp and told me we had tue go. So i gave Melody a handshake and tld her it was nice to meet her and that i hoped tue see her again. Now it was kinda dumb of me to not get her number but something told me not to so i didnt. Me and my boys left and went went back tue my condo and pack our shxt and headed to the airport. When i was on the plain all i thought about was Melody and if I was going to be able tue see he again. Hell i was even wondering if she was thinking about me too....

Once Bow left for some reason I felt something, but we didnt exchange numbers which was kinda wierd but hopefully i see him soon. I have to admit he was kinda cutie and had a prety asx smile..


5 Re: -break it down!. [NEW STORY;ADDED JULY 6] on Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:01 am


im liking the story so far Smile

can't wait for the next add .

add add add add.

6 Re: -break it down!. [NEW STORY;ADDED JULY 6] on Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:50 pm



As I walked back into my hotel room kicking my shoes off , i hopped in my bed and got my labtop. I got on facebook and i had one friend request , what do you know, it was Bow. Thinking to myself "maybe not getting his number was so bad after all" i accept the request nd checked my other notifacations. I had to get up early in the morning for a charity event i had signed up for with my group, so i called it the night nd went to sleep!

6:30 am

I woke up to the annoying sound of the hotel alarm i set. I slowly crawled out the bed and made my way to the shower. When I got out i put on some dark true religion skinny jeans a black spegetti strap shirt nd a cute gray no sleeve sweater and some silver Hollister strap sandels with my black Ed Hardy purse. I grabbed my paper work i needed and my phone and headed down stairs to the parking lot. I got in my new 2011 Lexus and headed to the charity venue......

7 Re: -break it down!. [NEW STORY;ADDED JULY 6] on Tue Aug 31, 2010 8:39 pm


yu left us hanging.!

8 Re: -break it down!. [NEW STORY;ADDED JULY 6] on Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:13 pm



On the flight back to Atlanta i hopped on facebook and searched for Melody. As soon as I found her i added , she accepted it when i went back to checked it. I seen her recent status update saying she was go be in the A soon, so i sent her a message..."Subject: Hey Sweetiee lol. Message: Hey, whats god this Shad from club Thrillist. I seen yah stat sayinq you were going to be in the A soon. I was thinking maybe we could meet up , so have a drink , go out to eat , something. So hit me up at 614-360-1668 maybe we could talk things over. One !" About four hours later we landed in the A. Damn I was tierd , all i wanted to do was get some rest , but i had to hit the studio up to lay some freestyle tracks down. While I was taking a break I checked my facebook. Mel had replied. "Look at me calling her Mel like we real cool" lol . I read the message she sent, she basically said sure to us getting to gether for drinks or whatever and told me to be waiting on a text with a smiley face. I took that into consideration and got back to work in the studio.

After my meeting with the charity I headed to my car and went back to the hotel to pack. When I finally made it to my hotel room i hopped on facebook beacuse I remembered that Bow had addedd me. I logged on and seen that Bow had sent me a message saying that he wanted me to meet up with him when i got to Atlanta. I replied back saying " Hey, thats sounds cool, where ever you wanna go im cool with it, i got your number now so i should be texting soon, so be looking for me:)....Mel <3" I reread it like five times making sure i wasnt sounding stuck up or rude, basically making sure he would know that im a real cool female. I packed up all mr baggage into my in to my louis vuitton luggage bag and went to the loby and returned my key. I put my bags in my car and headed to the airport. I had made sure that I hd everything on my check list checked off, I had things worked out so my car would be at the airport in Atlanta waiting on me when I got there, my pint house was set and ready fha me, and all i had to do was make my way there. After I made all those arragments and doubled checked them I went ahead and got on my private plane I had waiting on me. The whole four hour flight I slept, I wanna say about thirty minutes before I landed I texted Bow. "Hey, This Mel, I'm getting ready to land, if you still wanted to meet up im free:)!" I couldnt think of nothing else to say so i sent it with my signature smiley face i always do. When I landed at the airport my car was there. So I got my bags and put them in the car and headed to my house. While I was at a red light Bow texted me back.

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