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Loving What is Real-Trevor & Sincere NEW ADD!June 1st

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SPP(Surreall Princess Productions)

This is a story I wrote last year in a notebook just tell me what you girls think please

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Sincere Ariza is my name. 24 years of
age is years I've spent so far on this green
earth. I have a wonderful 2 year old daughter
who is as bright as the sun. I feel guilty due to the fact
her father isnt in her life. Trevor and I were the best of
friends, lovers, and much more. How did we meet? Most
people meet in the grocery store, or maybe even at the club.
But this, this was different.

Should I continue?


Keep Going II wanna read More


Kinda eager to write more lol

THE PAST:Sincere

'Im going to kill you when I catch you!',my
father yelled. I ran full speed down Fundren bulevard
with bloody tears dripping down my face. Hoping and
praying that this drunken man would
soon stop chasing me. I was beyond tired, but I couldnt stop,
if I did my father would do exactly what he said "KILL ME".
The reason he was chasing me? Oh no there was no reason.
After my mother died of a heart attack, my father has raped, beat,
and attempted to murder me. He drank and drank until his check
was completely gone. Soon I began to hear his footsteps cease, but I
kept running.

Soon I approached an alley, the alley
was dark and cold but I had no where else on earth to go. So I sat in the alley
behind the dumpster trembling and left alone.

I was walking the streets with my boys around maybe 9 or 10.
It was a cold friday night, no school tomorrow so I figured why not stay
out late? "Say Tee lets go down this alley, it's a short cut", Kobe said. "Alright"
Kobe was always the lazy type he never wanted to walk the long ways.
We turned into the alley laughing and playing until I heard a soft groan.
"What was that?" Allen searched around. I then spotted a young girl posted
upon the wall behind the dumpster. Running over to her Kobe tripped over
a trash can causing all three of us to burst out laughing cracking our sides.
I picked up the girl and rushed over to my house.
Beyond the bruises this girl was beautiful. Nothing like I've ever seen.

THE PAST:Sincere

i awakend hearing the sound of
people talking on the tv. Some how I was in a bed
and I had on a big T-shirt and panties. "What the hell?"
Was I dreaming? From the sound of what I'm assuming was
a bathroom door opening, out came the most sexiest body I've ever
seen! Also picking up a glimpse of his manhood.
"Oh my bad I though you would still be sleep", he said rapping a towel around
his waist. I chuckled a bit and rubbed my face. A stinging sinsation surrounded
my left eye. "Ouch!', I winced in pain.

"Who did this to you?',he seemed a bit concerned even though
he didnt know me. I paused for a minute then continued.
"My father"


this is good hope we get another add soon


bump bump bump

ilike it : )

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Her father? Thats out of control. How could a
man do such things to his own daughter? How
could any man?

"So what happend, how did you end up in that alley?",
stepping closer towards the bed. She pushed her black
long wavy hair behind her ear revealing another deep cut
on her cheek.

"Well this isnt the first time I've been beaten by him.", she
sighed and continued, "He gets drunk all the time, and today I just
had enough so I ran from him, and sooner or later he stop chasing me.
But I kept running until I managed to get to that alley", tears started to
fall out of her eyes like splashing waterfalls.

"I know you dont know me, but I want you to stay with me", I smiled
in approvement but her smile said otherwise.

"I cant do that, thats too much",she complained.
"Where else you gonna go?"
"You right", she stood up walking towards me.
"Thanks,......Whats your name?"
"Trevor, Trevor Ariza", I reached out to atleast shake her hand
and she jumped. Damn this girl was going through alot. "I'm Sincere
Jones", just then I saw pearly whites.


Saturday Night(7)
Trevor and I sat down in the living room to get
well aquainted with each other. His one bedroom apartment/condo
was really nice. I could see the whole Downtown L.A bright lights from
many tall glass windows.
"So Trevor? What school do you go to?",wondering if he's even in school
from the looks of his pad. "Oh I go to Beverly Hills highschool", looking
straight into my eyes. "Thats odd because I go there too but I dont remember
hearing your name", "I go by TJ, and besides I just transfered there"
"Wait Wait Wait, varsity basketball TJ?", I said as I remembered my girl Toni told
me he was alot of trouble. "Thanks for the help I cant be here I have to go"
"Naw I'm not what you think!"


"You just mess with girls and leave them hanging, if you think I'm your
next victim you got another thing comin!". With that I grabbed her arm
turning her body towards me. "Im nothin' like that! I'm trying to help you,
dont you see that?!",loosening my grip on her arm. She looked at me with great
fear, what was I thinking? I shouldnt have put my hands on her,


"Look Sincere I'm sorry", he said sitting me down on the
coach. I dont know why but something in my body was telling me
I wanted him but then I didnt. All of a sudden I felt his lips press against mine.
"Im sory",he said after each peck. "No.....No...Trevor I cant",
Even though I would want to I was so scared to let a man touch me.
And not even just that, I just met the man! He then got up and walked
towards the kitchen. "You hungry?", lifting up his eyebrow. "Sure"
"I thought maybe we could go to Olive Garden"
"Thats cool but I have no clothes", holding up his white tee he let me throw on.
"I'll get you some, what store do you like?", Damn he's giving me options? What
does this guy do?. "Hollister" "Alright I'll be right back, by the way whats your
size?", grabbing his keys off the kitchen counter.
"A small in shirts, a 7 in pants and I wear a four in shoes.", I said laughing at my shoe
"Small feet. Alright I'll be back okay, dont let no one in feel free to do whatever",
he walked over and kissed my cheek, "Your safe here", and he was right I felt
more than safe, more like PROTECTED.

Should I add more?


hell yeah !!

keep it comin !!

love it !!


Hell yeah This Is GOOD

10 Loving What is Real-Trevor & Sincere July 1st on Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:54 am


thanks girls here goes another add

I jumped in my black Impala LT
and thought about what I had to get Sincere. Here's the thing
I had to buy her some nice shit. When I pulled up in Foot Actions parking
lot I walked to the jordan's section. "Whats up TJ!", my boy
Allen was running over to dab me up.
"Whats up boy, how you like working in here?"
"Cool, cool, so what you looking for?", he asked.
"Something for lil mama back at the crib, um get me
these all white 11's in a 4.
them fusions,
them forces"
I just continued and got her all the shoes I thought would be cute for her to wear.
I know what your thinking TJ you going mad crazy over a female you just met.
She had nothing now so who am I to buy her just one pair of shoes.

"All these in a 4 right?" "Yea"
I walked over to the socks and grabbed two six pair packs.
Money wasnt an issue for what I did(tell you later).
Allen told me the price and gave me some of his store discount.

Hollister Co.

I wore polo all the time so since she
wore hollister I'll just get her some collar shirts. I
picked up all colors, I picked her up 2 pairs of sandals
one brown the other white. Damn I couldnt be no girl. I
picked out 3 pair of them skinny jeans girls wear, and 6 pair
of jean shorts. I saw this nice jacket, it was black and white and
a few purses that should be enough rite?

Well since we were going out I decided to take a nice
shower. Every time the hot water hit my skin, it burned all the
scratches and bruises I recieved from my father. I scrubbed my body
hard until I felt that it was clensed away from the time I've been raped.
When I jumped out the shower, I dried off and lotioned my body down. I
rapped the towel around my waist walking into the bedroom where I saw Trevor
looking out the window. I tried to sneak to where the stuff was that he had
brought so he wouldnt see my body but it was too late. Atleast I had a towel on.

"Stop looking!", I giggled and so did he.

I made my way over to the clothes and shoes set out for me, I picked
out a white collar shirt with some gray destroyed denim shorts with the
all white 11's and wore my hair down flowing down my back.

"I bought these diamond studs, I saw you had three ear holes", handing
them to me.

"Thanks Trevor!", I gave him a big hug and put on the earrings.

"You look good girl", he said eyeing me.

"Shut up.....so when are we leaving", I said as I put in my last stud.

"Oh come on lets go".


Instead of going out to eat we decided to go to the movies first.
Edwards was going hard tonight so we went there. But damn it seemed as
if the whole school was there.

"Hey TJ bro! Who's your gal?", Kobe questioned not
realizing this was the same girl from last night.

"The girl from last night Kobe"

Before he could answer , Sincere whispered something in my ear making my get
a little horny just because she whispered in my ear.

"Trevor I'll be right back I see some friends"

With that she walked away to a girl named Toni
that tried to talk to me and push herself on me but I
turned her down. I couldnt help but watch Sincere walk away,
her backside was a nice shape I couldnt even lie. "Are you listening TJ?!",
Kobe said snapping in my face.

"Huh? What you say?"
"Are you down Monday night?"
"Oh yeah man I have to be, no choice man.

"Hey girl whats up!", greeting Toni with a hug and
slapping up Amari.

"What you doing here Sincere?, you know your daddy never let you go
nowhere", Toni said laughing. Apparently the shit was
funny to her but there was no smile on my face. I felt arms rap around
my waist, when I turned around it was Trevor. What was he doing?

"Ugh....this who you came here with?!", Toni shouted letting her
ghetto voice be heard.

"He's not so bad, Toni whats wrong with you?", I snapped at her.

"She just mad because I didnt want to talk to her!", Trevor said while me
tight as if we were together.

"Atleast I dont sell no fucking drugs!", Toni shouted back then walked away,
but Amari stayed. What the hell drugs?


this story keeps getting better and better
add soon

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