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For the L0ve of the Game....

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1 For the L0ve of the Game.... on Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:47 am


SPP(Surreall Princess Productions)

Written By: Keon C
2010 under the influence

2 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:45 am



Whats good the name be Christian Ward
and I'm sitting here at the most important game of my damn
life right now at the Toyota Center in Houston Texas.
I was drafted into the NBA about 2 years ago when I was 22 years
of age. That makes me 24 now if you would do the math.
Yeah my life seems so simple na cuz I'm playing pro ball
but before then high school and college got the best of me. School work,
being recruted, girls, girlfriend, home boys, and of course BASKETBALL.
I had to choose one or the other bangin' or playin FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME.

Should I continue?

3 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:37 pm


Tired of waiting on ppl to reply because i know theyre not.

My name is Aundrea Casha Shaw but all my friends call
me Cash or A. But any ways Right now I'm at the most important
game at the Toyota Center in Houston I was drafted into the WNBA
2 years ago to play for the Atlanta Dreams, which is my home town.
I'm now 23 and I live independently, dont need a man in my life.
Yeah I know I will need someone to keep me warm at night and be there
at times of need. But when I was in highschool, the love of my life cheated & dissed me to
pursue his dream of playing ball. Playing ball was my dream too, so I didnt see
what the damn problem was you know? My girls told me not to chase after
him so I didnt. And god knows where he is now because I havnt talked to him
in years since we were in highschool. I cant lie I miss Christian.

Man we were hot tonight Atlanta Hawks baby! It was the fourth
quarter and we had 2 minutes left on the score board and we were up by 21
points shit the game was over. Since I played 3 quarters none stop coach
decided to let me sit out on the bench. Tonight I scored about 31 points, 4 steals,
10 assists, and 3- three pointers. I looked around the stadium and just watched
in amazment as the croud screamed my name and my teamates. I never thought
I would see this happen in person. I looked over by the entrance from the locker rooms
and saw the must beautiful female with a very long ponytail and #1 on the back of her
jersey. Even though it was from a distance she still looked good to me. She walked closer
towards me still not noticing I was looking at her. The closer she got the more flashbacks
started to replay over and over in my head.



[left]She finally looked at me and I really expected her to smile
but she turned and walked away not even looking back at me once.
"Cash!",I screamed out to her but she kept on walking.

4 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:56 pm

her love is infinite ;)

i like this . it should bee qood !


5 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:29 pm


i really like it
add soon

6 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:53 pm


.I like so far!
Keep it up!!!!


7 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Tue Jun 22, 2010 3:54 pm


bump bump bump
add more please
bump bump bump

8 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:35 am


That is now
This is back then.

Bunkhead HighSchool(5 years ago)

Casha a.k.a A or Cash

I was walking the halls with my girls Yaya, Yarlene, and Tyra.
We were headed to our last period of the day 8th period.
It was the first day of school and we were officially 12th graders.
I could finally get this basketball thing kicked off right.

'Hey Ima catch up with yall later okay? I need to go to the
library for a sec.'

'Alright girl', Tyra said as they continued walking.

When I proceeded to the library on the main hallway,
Howard, Jay, Daymon, and
some other boy
was walking past me.

'wassup cash?', Howard said making his boys look at me.
I had to admit I wasnt a bad built girl at all. I had the coke bottle shape
that any guy would want. I was so busy looking at the new guy I dropped
my books on the floor that I was carrying,and Howard and his boys started
laughing all except for one. The new boy walked over and helped me with my
books. There was one book left and we both touched it at the same time.
I looked up at his face and he had the most sexiest eyes.

'thank you',quickly jumping to my feet.
'you welcome where you headed?', he asked standing to his feet.
'The library'
'Can I come with you?'
'Well your boys wont mind?'
'Naw lil mama....aye Jay give me my basketball out your bag man!'

He did so and threw it to him in a chest pass.

'I'll catch up with yall niggaz later man.'


At the library

We sat in the library for the whole class period talking getting to
know each other as I finished up my history report on Michael Jordan.

'So you like to play basketball?', he asked making me cheese extra

'Yeah', I said as the bell rung dismissing the school.

We exchanged our numbers and he walked me to his car.
He offered a ride but I declined and decided to walk. I didnt want my daddy
tripping over me getting rides. He would wanna know is he
my boyfriend, why he gave me a ride, how do I know em, What
I do to get the ride so on and so on..

I started to walk home which didnt take but 15 minutes. When I walked up
to my house, No ones
car was in the driveway except for mine.
I dug in my purse to find my keys and unlocked the door.

'Justin you home?!'

Justin is my 16 year old brother who is a pain in the ass!
I couldnt stand him but yet I loved him. HE left school early
to do I dont know what. As I walked up the stairs I started hearing shit.

'I know damn well'

I busted my brothers room I see him fucking some bitch.

'Man get the fuck out my house!', I screamed snatching the girl
back by her hair. 'bitch get the fuck out!, Justin what the fuck were
you thinking!'
, I screamed as the girl ran out.

'Then you went in naked', trying not to look at his dick sticking
straight up.
'Im sorry Cash damn!', walking to his bathroom.
'Why did you go in naked? Boy do you know what that girl could have had?'
'Alright Cash I get the fucking point! If you tell dad I sware, you
a bitch man'

'I should tell him just for calling me that.',I laughed.
'Look just get cleaned up before daddy get home, I'm about to go cook dinner',
I said staring my brother
down. 'you get on my nerves',I said walking out.

Gotta go be back in 15 min... to add more.

9 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:56 am


loving the story
add soon

10 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:33 pm


Christian a.k.a Yung C or Lil Ward

[left] When I got to the house,
I saw my bestfriends house with a broken window his door kicked in
and yellow tape around the perimeter, there were ploice
all outside when I tried to go in a cop stoped me.

'aye my brother lives in that house!'

I got away from his grip and walked in.
I cant believe what I saw...................................................

11 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:39 pm


.omg what happened!!!!!!!


12 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Wed Jun 23, 2010 7:41 pm


THIS IS GOOD...You kno we need another add...


Stories by Me:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

]As always my compliments goes to Jas

13 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:31 am


Christian continued

My bestfriend my bro
was laying in a pool of blood, with no sign of life by the shape of his body.

'Naw man Naw! Ray! wake up man!', I yelled out getting on my knees
holding his body up.

'Yo what the fuck happend!', I yelled to the policemen that were
standing in the door looking at me.

'Um well one of the officers shot him, he had a warent for his arrest and
he started shooting at the police'

'Man thats bullshit and you know it!'

'Sir I'm gonna have to ask you to lower your voice'

'Man yall killed my brother man', Rocking Ray back and forward.
'Come on bruh wake up', he didnt and tears started falling down my face.

I swear I never seen a man cry til it was my own eye..
I jumped up with blood all on the front of my shirt and walked out
the apartment, Shit started running through my head. Ray was the only
person I had in life. I had nobody to talk to or share my tears with. Then I thought
about Shawty at school I pulled out my
and dialed Casha number.

Her voice sounded so sweet I forgot my name,
'Hey whatsup this um..Chris',sniffin' and wiping my tears
away with my forearm.

'Hey whats wrong?'
'Can you meet me somewhere?'

Casha a.k.a Cash or A

I called my dad and told him that I was going out and
I will be right back, since he still havnt came in from work.
Chris sounded really sad on the phone I hope he's okay. He told me to
meet him at Silver Skillet Resturant to talk.

When I pulled into the parking lot I saw his car and parked
next to him and he was leaning against his car. I turned off the ignition
and grabbed my purse stepping out of the car becoming face to face with him.
He had blood smurging on the front of his white Ed Hardy shirt, red eyes,
and red cheeks.

'Hey Chr...'

Before I could finish he fell into my arms crying
saying the cops killed his bestfriend. I began rubbing his
back up and down to calm him and it worked.

'I'm sorry I called you down here for this lil mama I just aint have nobody to talk to'
'Its okay Chris I'm glad you called'

With that said he lifted his head up standing straight
becoming a few inches taller than me.
Look I did think the brotha was cute but I didnt expect this
to go this far. He cuffed my chin and pressed his lips against mine
inserting his sweet long tongue in my mouth letting me taste his sweetness.
After about 10 minutes of tasting me he broke the kiss. 'Thank you god', I said to myself. I love you

I looked at my phone for the time and knew my dad would be home
in any minute but I didnt care at the moment this boy needed me.

'Can you come over, I promise I wont try nothing', he pleaded.
'Okay', I said smiling.

We left my car there I decided to just ride with him
and we'd come back for my car later.

When we got to his place, I saw
the paramedics bringing the body out on a stretcher. Christian's eyes began to water and he
started hitting his hand on the steering wheel. I grabbed his hand and held it
tightly trying to get him to stop.

The moment we stepped into his apartment I was so amazed.

'This your apartment?', I asked walking around the livingroom
'Yeah, I had to learn how to be on my own, I lost
my mama when I was 13 and I never knew my pops', he said as
he leaded the way to his bedroom

'This is nice'
'thanks, you can put on one of my Tee's if you want to.'

I agreed and he handed me one of his white t-shirts that stopped at my knee's
and I watched as he took off his shirt body of a fucking godess!, and tatoos every where.
He layed down on his bed and turned the tv on and started watching b.e.t.
I wanted to fuck him now even though we just met he was making me eager to touch him.
I layed down next to him and pretended like nothing was happening. Well not until he
put his arms around me, he moved up to my breast and he jumped.

'Oh shit I'm sorry'
'I'ts okay Chris'

Lil Ward

I started rubbing on my dick and inserted her with no hesitation.
I could tell by the way she tried to scoot up from me that she was
a virgin. I grabbed her by her waist and gently forced my self inside
of her wet walls. I didnt have any condoms so I reminded myself I was
gonna have to pull out. She started crying out to me to stop but I promised
her it would feel better after a few minutes. I kept inserting my 8 inch inside
of her until I was all the way in meaning my whole dick was hidden by her sweet
little wound. As I started to pick up the pace after a few minutes she was begging for
me I see why Plies said "She use to run from me now she like pain"..

'Damn girl you tight', I moaned in her ear as she scratched my back leaving my
back aching.

'Oh my gosh Chris I'm coming!', she screamed for the 4th time in 30 minutes.

I could feel myself build up in my sack and tried to pull out but her legs werent
letting me and I exploaded inside of her, and I dont think she knew.
But I knew that all of me was inside of her and there was no taking it back

'Fuck!', I said grabbing my peter and taking it out of her.
'Whats wrong?', she asked out of breath but still sounding sweet.
'I nutted in you',I said grabbing her small hips and pulling her towards my chest.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and began crying.

'I knew we shouldnt have done this now what?'

14 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:53 pm


this story is so good. add soon plz

15 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:39 pm



[left]When I got back to the house my dad's car was
there. I knew I had some explaining to do. I smelled
like sex and my body was feeling weak. When I unlocked the
door I searched the living room but no one was in there but when
I made my way to the stairs my dad caught my attention by clearing
his throat.

'Where you been Aundrea?'
'huh?', I said dumb founded.
'Huh aint what I said, where the hell were you?'
'I went to a friends house his bestfriend got killed'
'Oh I'm sorry baby girl well I saved you a plate go upstairs
and get ready for school tomorrow'

Damn I almost got caught in a lie I fucking hate
lying to my daddy.

When I entered my room I quickly threw my
purse down on the bed and went in my bathroom to take a shower.

When I got out the shower I had a missed call from
Chris, so I called back.

'Hey Casha you made it in ok?'

'Yeah, um so what does this make us?'

'You gotta be my girl now, Im not that kind of dude'

'Im sorry about what happend I couldnt control myself I didnt expect
us to go this far'

'Naw its cool, so what you doing tomorrow?'

'Well I have basketball practice'

'On a Friday girl?'

'Yeah I know rite', I said laughing
'You play?', I continued.

'Hell yeah I play lil mama, been playing since 6 years old'

'Maybe we can play one on one sometimes'

'You aint ready for this Casha'

'STOP IT', laughing together.

The next morning I woke up about 7 school started at 8.
I threw on this shirt
with these pants and these shoes and grabbed a grey strapped bag grabbed
my keys and headed to my car.

'Come on Justin!'

When we arrived at school I met my girls in our normal spot
in the courtyard located at the back of the school.

'Damn A you glowing girl!', YaYa laughed noticing that I had my hair down for
the first time in months because I always wear a ponty tail.

'What happend to you yesterday you never came to class',Tyra asked.

'I was doing my report on M.J'

'Girl you and this basketball thing is killing me',Tyra laughed

'Damn who is that?', Yaya said pointing in Chris' direction.

He was walking over to me and when he finally reached me he
grabbed me by my waist and pulled me in for a sweet and
tender kiss.

'Hey wassup Cash'
'Hey!',I said as he put his YB chain around my neck.
'Hey ladies, umm I'll see you later?'
'Yeah later', smiling and getting one in return along with a grill.
With that said he walked off.

'Oh hell naw Cash! Are you serious thats you!?', my friends said shocked.
'Yeah I guess so', lifting up the chain.

16 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Thu Jun 24, 2010 4:29 pm




17 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Thu Jun 24, 2010 5:16 pm


bump bump bump bump

please add more

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please add more

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19 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:07 pm


.New Page = New Add!!


20 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:44 am


about to add please study when Im done plz girls

21 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:39 am


Lil Ward

It was around 4 when I decided to go ahead and
leave school but before I would leave I wanted to see
Cash practice. When I got by the girls gym I peeped in the
double doors and the first person I saw was Cash dunkin' with
her short ass. But she had jumps though. All i saw was that long ponytail
going left and right. It looked like she was slacking a lil bit, cuz of yesterday.

After watching Cash for a few more minutes I finally went to my
car and just sat there thinking about me and Cash. She was a good
girl and I took her virginity, lets not even bring up the fact that this
girl could be having my child. It dont matter though when I first seen
Casha I knew that she would be my girl she had to be.

I started up the car not realizing that I sat there thinking for about
an hour. Cash and her teamates came out the gym doors and Cash
was walking to her car. Damn she had on a nike sports bra and basketball'
shorts with her nike slides on and twirling Spalding on her index finger.
I jumped out the car and called her over.

'Hey Chris.', hugging me.
'Damn mama you smell', laughing and positioning her back on my car door.
'I play hard, were you waiting for me?'
'I'm not gonna lie to you actually I wasnt I was just sitting here thinking'

She looked disappointed then gave me a warm smile.

'What you doing tonight',she asked kissing on my neck.
'Shid nothing now', laughing and moaning at the same time.
'Im serious Chris'
'Oh well I was gonna go to a party'
'Can I come with?',now sucking on my neck.
'Yeah it starts at 10'

Damn this girl was hittin the spot on my neck bro.
When I finally opened my eyes she was giggling and looking
at my dick.

'man', I said kinda embarassed.

When I got to the house I took a shower then put a towel on.
It was about 7 now. I had to wait until my clothes got through
washing to get fully dressed. Then somebody knocked on my door.
I thought it was Cash but it was Howard ol punk ass.

'Aye so when you started talking to Casha?'
'Cuz she a hoe man, stay away from her.'
'Man get outta here with that shit man she good'
'Alright Im tellin you Daymon and Jay ran a train on her'
'Naw bro she a virgin', well was I thought to myself.
'Hell naw she told you that?'
'Naw...I had....',stopping myself. 'I just figured she was'
'Well figure what ever the fuck you want man you coming to Rajon party?'
'Yeah man you going'
'yeah but let me get outta here I'll come back later we can ride up there deep'

An hour later I put on my clothes nothing too fresh
just wanted to look good.
I put on these shoes,
this shirt, and these jeans.

About 15 minutes later Cash came to my house.
I dont know why but I was mad at her after what Howard just
told me could that be true?

'Hey baby'
'You ready to go?'
'Naw I'll let you know'
'um Okay, so um what we gonna do?'
'Okay whats wrong? Did I do something wrong?'
'Did you have a threesome with Jay and Daymon!?', stepping up closer to her.
'Wait wait wait'
'No aint no wait did you Cash! Be one hundred with me yo foreal'
'You not ready for the truth Chris!'
'Girl you better tell me what the fuck happend', standing right in her face.
'Tell me!', gripping her by her neck. and she imediately began to cry.
'It wasnt no damn threesome they raped me! Now you happy! Let me go!',
running in my bathroom.

22 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:04 pm



Lil Ward

I didnt know what the fuck I was thinking putting my hands on her like
that. I guess I wasnt thinking. I bet she hate me now if I was her I'd hate me
too. I needed to get out of the house so I took a walk in the apartment complex
for maybe 20 minutes. When I came back to the house I went in my room
to find Cash laying on my bed sleep. Instead of waking her up I just layed down behind
her and wrapped my arms around her waist making her warm. Before falling asleep
I called Howard and told him not to come over just go to the party. I was
chilling with my girl tonight.
The next morning I woke up before Cash
she must have lied to her dad and told her
that she was at a friends house. I woke her up by
kissing and sucking on her neck then moving down to
her pussy sticking my tongue deep inside of her.

'mmmmmmmmmmm', she said tosing and turning in her sleep.
'Wake up for me baby', tasting her insides.

After I said that she came and jumped up screaming.

'Damn girl what was that?'
'What happend?'
'I dont know', laughing at her. 'You wanna tell me what happend Cash?'
'Ok this is what happend'


Casha and Howard were bestfriends since the 5th grade
It was always Casha and Howard no one else was ever involved.
When they got in the 11th grade Howard became friends with Jay and
Daymon. One night Casha was at Howards crib playing NBA live on
ps3 with Howard you know just chilling doing what bestfriends do.
What Cash didnt know is that he invited Jay and Daymon over to chill.
Cash didnt think anything of it because they all were cool. Howard said
he was about to go take a shower and left Casha alone with Daymon and
Jay. Daymon started to feel on her but Cash refused for him to touch her.
Which led Jay to start touching her. She slapped Daymon making them start
hitting her and snatching her clothes off rapeing her. She screamed for Howard
but he never came from her. She became unconcious and blacked out for 5 minutes.
When she awoke they threatened her by taking pictures of her saying if she told anyone
they would post it on facebook but in reverse!, saying she let them do this to her.
And she did just that. She never told a soul.


'I was so scared Chris til this day I just dont talk to them'
'Why you didnt tell me this before Aundrea?'
'I thought they would find out I told you'
'So thats why he didnt want me to talk to you'
'Nothing, Cash just stay away from them ight?'
'Okay I will'

23 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Fri Jun 25, 2010 2:12 pm



[left]Chris and I been dating for the whole school year almost. We
started in August now its May. Almost the end, then here comes college.
Let me give you an update on our relationship. We found out that I was indeed
pregnant. How? Well in September I had practice and I wasnt feeling too well
My stomach was cramping and I just felt awlful. I went to the clinic and found out. Chris
went with me.(Sweet). But we both decided that an abortion would be best since we are both
trying to go to college. My dad finally met Chris last month and he approved except the grill and
sagging pants. I recieved a full scholarship to UCLA and Chris recieved one to Western Kentucky.
Way out of my range but we promised to make it work. But I really havnt been paying much attention to him lately its been all about meChris no longer talks to Howard Daymon and
Jay. They all apologized but I wasnt hearing it. Me and my girls are still tight
We all made it in to the same college which is good and better for me. Today was the day before
graduation and I asked my aunt to help me find a dress for prom and graduation.

It was Saturday and I was ready to go find a
dress. When we got to the mall I found the

Graduation Dress


Prom dress

Since the school colors were red.

I found the cutest shoes
and these too.

When we were leaving mall I could have swarn I saw

'Aunt Deborah I'll meet you at the car'

I walked over to foot locker where I saw him and he
was with some girl.

'Chris! Who the fuck is this?'
'Aye look I cant do this no more I'm tryna focus
on basketball right now, and obviously I'm something
you dont have time for'
'So thats it your just gonna leave like that'
'Bye Casha', walking off with the other female.

I cried the rest of the night.
Graduation and Prom went by with us not speaking.
I even called a couple of times to tell him I was leaving for
college. When I left I never looked back. I made my choice.

That Was then
This is Now.


I kept walking. I hated Christian for what he did to me he led
me on and crushed me at the end. He came up behind me and grabbed
my arm nearly breaking it.

'Let me fucking go! Fuck you want', I said as camera's began flashing.
'Just listen to what I got to say Cash I'm a grown ass man now I'm done playing games'
'Chris what makes you think that everything is all good now huh?'
'I know it aint good Cash just let me talk to you!'

I kept walking until we got into a private spot. A JANITOR'S CLOSET.

We stood in silence for a minute and looked into each other's
eyes. The love was still there I still loved him and he still loved me.
I began to talk but he started before I could say anything.

'Come here',pulling me into his arms, 'Im sorry, I love you', he continued.
'I love you too Chris'

Before I knew it our tongues were down each other's throat, he
began taking off my Jersey and pulling down my shorts.
I kicked off my shoes and then my shorts and jumped ontop
of the counter in the closet. I began removing his shorts and his boxers, until
I saw his dick. He spread my legs open wide and let him insert hiself inside of me.

'Aww fuck Chrrrr', I hesitated.
'Shit girl I missed the feel of this', he moaned going faster.
'mmmmm baby dont stop!', I screamed nibbling on his ear.

He grabbed me off the counter still inside of me and
spinning me around to where he was behind me entering
my pussy from the back. He grabbed my shoulders picked up his

'I'm sorry for everything I did to you Cash', going faster.
'Say you forgive me', doing me harder
'I forgive you!! Chris I got a game! come on stop!', moaning aloud
'Aww shit!', he grunted, nutting inside of me then turning me around
and kissing my lips passionately.


Will add more soon will they get back together or what???

24 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:23 pm


good add
add some more please Smile

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25 Re: For the L0ve of the Game.... on Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:07 pm

her love is infinite ;)

one word...AMAZING


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