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Unexpected Writings » THE CREATIONS » Stories » Making It Out~A Hood Tale(Humboldt Park) 06/15/10

Making It Out~A Hood Tale(Humboldt Park) 06/15/10

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Surreall Princess Productions

Nothing, nothing,
Nothing, means more than the truth.
-Janet Jackson-

"Girl this party is hot! You better go find you a cutie to dance
with, you gotta remember this night Tiff",my best friend Karina encouraged me.
Girl I cant do this shit I'm sorry, Ree Ree",I said walking off.

I bet you're wondering who I am or where I'm at.
Well the name is Tiffany...Tiffany Smith,the age is 17. Next year
I will be a senior at Fremd High school in the Suburbs of Chicago. But even though
I attend the top school because I'm book smart I live in Humboldt Park which is full
of Puerto Ricans...In my neighborhood my brother and sisters and I are the only kids who are

Here are my Siblings

Laila is the oldest(21)
She's in college majoring in medicine and she wants to become a boxer

[center]My sister Sharisse(20)
She's in college also trying to become an actress

Tatyanna(18) is the middle child.
She and I go to the same school.

THen Me

Last but not least my little brother Omari(16)
he goes to school with me and my sister also

My mom's name is Kellita Smith
A hard working parent to keep food on the table for her
five kids,

and her husband Carlo who is not Sharisse's, Tatayanna, nor my father,
but the father of Omari and Laila...He was with my mother in highschool
when she gave birth to Laila but like most men he ran!!.

but thats when my mom met our father Dywane.

When I was born he tried to take us from my mom all FIVE of us because my mom
was a dope feen. But she wouldnt let em. Then thats when Carlo came back.
And I havnt seen or heard from him since. My
mom claims that he never cared about us but I know better than that. I just wait on the
day hopefully a man comes and takes me away frm here and show me real
life. Should I tell you about Humboldt Park?
Dead bodies on the corner almost everyday people shooting day and
night, ages 3 and up get killed on these streets. My mom and step dad dont
play about being in the house at a certain time because if you dont you might
get popped by a nine millimeter who knows? But the clubs were hot out of everything
here. Thats where I am now but its 12 o'clock I should have been home an hour
ago but fucking with Karina I'm super late!

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Loving it...add soon...


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas



As I walked to the house maybe 6 blocks from the club,
I tripped over a rock leaving a scabb on my knee. Trying to regain
my strength I managed to get up. Then I heard footstepps running
up behind me that caused me to run. "Hold up ma! Just wanna talk to you
for a minute!",sounding out of breath,and cute. I turned around to see what
this mysterious guy wanted. "qué quieres?", I said as
he walked closer to me. "What I want?",he replied finally reaching directly
infront of me. "Yeah because I have to go home I'm late",I explained.
"Well can I walk you there? By the way whats your name?"
"Tiffany you?" "Justin, nice to meet you Tiffany",shaking my hand gently,and then
rubbing it. "Nice to meet you too and I guess you can walk with me."

When we reached my house, Justin kissed my hand
and said, "Hope to see you again",walking away. "Wait! Um you have a phone?"
"yeah",he said pulling it out. I put my number in it and walked towards my front door.
"Call me", I smirked then unlocked it and went into the house.

Step 2: At Your Best
So many things have
taken place before this love affair began.

When I walked in my crib my mom was laying on the couch sleep, I guess waiting for me. My lil bro came
out his room with some girl that go by the name Nicki,tryna sneak her back out the house I
dont know how the fuck he got her in lol. I went into my room and just layed down in the bed and decided to call ol girl Tiffany.
It was crazy I saw her in the club and I couldnt let her get away.
My niggas gone go crazy because I've fallen for a girl who lives on the other
side of the tracks in Humboldt Park and I live about 15 minutes away in the Suburbs
but she doesnt look all hood or nothing maybe she would be
the perfect girl for me right now. Well let me get to know her first.

I dialed her number and she answered

When I saw the unknown number I decided to answer
"Hello?" "Hey whats up its Justin" "Oh hi cutie", I giggled.
"Cutie huh?",I could tell he was laughing maybe even blushing. "Yeah"
"Let me ask you something what was you doing in club V-live tonight with no man to walk you home?"
"I wasnt alone I was with my friend Karina sir",I shot back joking a little.
"Good thing I was just walking that way" "I really think you were following me Justin, because
I never seen you in this hood" "Maybe you're not looking hard enough",he said chuckling then sneezing.
"Bless you" "Thank you mami" "Thats what you get!" "Naw I think you gave me the coodies", he laughed, but
I was hurt lol. "But hey can I call you back real quick because I need to take a bath I smell
like clubbin" "Yeah you can dont forget about me",he manage to say while I was about to
say something else. "I wont", hanging up.

I jumped up and picked out these shorts, and this shirt.

As I walked into my bathroom I grabbed a towel
off of the shelf and sat it on the edge of the tub and began starting my bath water.
When the tub was full I slided gently in the bubbly water that imediately soaked my small body
frame. After scrubbing the soap into my skin and washing
off I dried off and put on my night clothes. I was getting a little hungry
and my mom was still out at work so we were left home with my step father! ughh I hate
him with a passion! I crept out in the hallway and looked around to see if anyone was out.
My step dad was in the den in the back watching tv I knew because he always had it blasting
like he was fucking death! I didnt want to be out alone so I hurried to my sister Tatyanna's room. "Hey sis whats wrong?",Tatyanna
asked me. "I dont wanna go in the kitchen by myself cuz of Carlo" "Yeah I see how he be looking
at you me and Shar come on lets go."

In The Kitchen...

"So whats up with you and ol boy I saw you outside with?"
"Damn Ya Ya you nozy!"
"Thats my job so whats up whats his name?",she asked eager to know.
"Justin, he kinda cool nice eyes!"
"So what you gonna do?"
"I dont know because I just met him, but I think I will give em a shot."
"Okay thats cool."
"So what about you and Wesley"
"Oh about that you cant tell mom or Carlo, better yet nobody"
"I promise but what is it?"
"I'm pregnant"...................................................................


Good add Add soon.


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas


continuing step 2

The next day

Around 11 a.m I decided to call Tiffany since she never called me
back last night. I wasnt gone get mad though cuz I just met her
who knows what could have came up, when I dialed her number
it rung for at least 4 times and she finally answered sounding still asleep.

"Hello?",she said yarning.
"Hey its me Justin, um what you got goin on for today?"
"Well I was gonna go to the mall just to you know walk around a lil bit"
"Can I come with you?"
"Well okay"
"Cool ma I'll pick you up"
"Okay be ready in 30"
"Alright ma"

When I finally got off the phone I got up took a shower and threw on a fresh
white tee, some kakhi cargo shorts, and all white high top
creative recreations.

When I was about to get my phone it started to ring.

"Who dis?"
"Fuck you want girl?"
"We need to talk"
"Man hell naw you good, I dont talk to hoes"
"Yeah hoe! Na hoe get off my line"

I then picked up my keys and headed outside
to my truck and drove off to
Tiffany's house.

At Tiff house

When I got there some dude was standing outside looking at me
like I had "bitch look at me" on my face.

"Is tiffany here?"
"Yes I'll go get her for you",giving me a evil look.

"Tiffany! Tiffany! Get your ass out here some pluto out here!"
My step dad yelled to me from the living room. He knew he couldnt step foot
in my damn room. His own kids didnt even like his ass.

"Im coming! Omari you wanna come?"
"Yeah yeah but you sure going like that?"

I had on these shorts, this shirt, and these shoes.

"Yeah why is it ugly?"
"No you just you know look good"
"Thanks lil bro, come on lets go"

When I walked outside I was like why did this man tell me
somebody was out here.

"Carlo there's no one out here!"
"He's in that nice range automobile thang!"

I looked at the range rover and saw Justin in the driver seat.

"What the hell you think you're doing Justin?"
"What you mean? This my ride,come on get in"

I really didnt want to get in because in this hood man
they will kill you for something like this in a hot second.
I told Omari to get in and we drove off.

"Who's the dude that was outside"
"My step dad Carlo his father",pointing to Omari.,"By the way this is my brother
"Yeah I know him, he's my brother patna"
"You have a brother"
"Yeah a lil brother, call em lil Howard."
"oh okay,so how old are you?"
"18, say lil o why you aint tell me about your fine ass sister?"
"Come on mayne its my sister chill",he laughed.

When we approached the mall which seemed like
forever, I noticed it wasnt the broke down mall I usually go to.

"Hey um this wasnt the mall that...",I began but he cut me off
"Yeah I know, I got you."

This boy is so unbelievable.

her love is infinite ;)

nicee add Smile Justin hella cool



Love the add so u know u need to add soon...


Stories by Me:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

]As always my compliments goes to Jas


Step 3: Your Love
Baby Ima only tell you this once
you the illest!
-Nicki Minaj-

3 months since the day I went to the mall with
Tiff she became my girl within the 2 month so we been together
for a month now. It's going good except Monique keep calling my phone and saying she wanna be with me.
It was the summer and I had alot of shit planned for me and T. Its Saturday and I dont know
what to do since Tiff got basketball practice.

Add more later.

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