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1 Flatline on Sun Jun 13, 2010 6:19 pm


Parent(s); Keia
Birth; 06172010
Death; tbc
Inspiration; Trey Songz - Flatline.mp3

"Damn it Twan speed this fucking car up!" screamed Charice from the backseat holding on to her husband for dear life.

"Baby stay with me, please oh God please stay with me." Her cries were over powered by the sirens of police cars following behind them. She continued to apply pressure to his wound whilst his eyes fluttered. Within moments she was being snatched away from her husband as the paramedics rushed him inside to ER.

"He's flat-lining." shouted the paramedic.

"Family of Atreyu Jones?" a salt and peppered doctor asked holding his white clipboard. Wiping tears and sniffing Charice, Nastiya, Twan and even Kendra slowly walked to the doctor. "Would you mind coming with me to my office to discuss this more privately?" Already knowing the reasoning of his wanting to be more exclusive Charice began to wail. Twan tightly consoled her until she broke loose of his grip.

"You did this!" she screamed charging at Kendra. "You knew he was a happily married man and you had to go and mess things up!" she continued to yell as Twan stood between the two. Kendra shook her head and began to leave. It wasn't the proper environment for her or her unborn child. It truly wasn't her fault she thought but no matter how or to whom she tried to explain the situation to it always seemed to be her fault. If only she would have continued to ignore this man none of this would be happening. "Stupid bitch!" {BAM} She hit the cement ground holding her stomach, screaming from the pain as some female ran off into the night laughing.

Oh if only she had continued to ignore him.......

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2 Re: Flatline on Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:15 pm


mystery! im luvin this girl! keep it goin bumpz to tha fullest! add more soon please!

3 Re: Flatline on Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:33 pm

her love is infinite ;)

whoa this hot already


4 Re: Flatline on Mon Jun 14, 2010 4:11 pm


Add asap this is good already...


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5 Re: Flatline on Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:46 pm


wow. i alreadyy know this shay character is crazyy. add soon!


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6 Re: Flatline on Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:46 am


"Two months? In a wheelchair? You got to be kidding me!" Trey said to the doctor as he finished explaining to him that in order for him to walk again he had to first let his legs rest for a maximum of two months.

"Son your lucky to even have the chance of walking at all let alone in two months." said the doctor as he exited. Trey sat starring at the tv until someone knocked on his door. "Come in!" Twan came in with a mug on his face. "Wassup?" Trey asked adjusting himself in the bed. "Your one dirty ass nigga." Twan said looking at Trey in the eyes. "Excuse you, you wanna repeat that?" Trey asked sitting up as if he could defend himself if something popped off. "I said you are one dirty ass nigga. I mean damn Trey you had the perfect life and you go and fuck it up. Not only did you ruin your life but your daughters and Kendra's." he said sitting on the edge of his seat.

"You know you didn't only fuck up everything else but you complaining about not walking for two months. Nigga you better be happy your ass is gonna be able to walk again point blank period." Twan was right and Trey couldn't stand it. "You wanna know something?" Twan asked with a smirk. "No but you gone tell me anyway." Trey said laying back on the bed. "Damn right im going to tell you. Charice at the house right now packin her and Molli's shit. But that ain't even the worst part. You know how you tried so hard to keep her from Ryan's sneaky ass? Well guess who the hell she moving in with?" "Alright damn I get it!'' Trey shouted.

"No I don't think you do. You know why you don't get it yet? Hmmm? Because you don't know half of the damage your ass caused. Kendra lost her job, fiance, and unborn child behind yall stupidity. Charice lost her husband. Molli lost her father. Nastiya her favorite, honest, loyal cousin. Ms.Jones her son that grew up with the common sense the good Loard gave him. Then theres me I lost my fucking bestfriend. Not Trey but Atreyu the nigga who used to look females at the club and out in the street and be like none of these bitches got nothing on my baby Charice , and the Atreyu who used tell me that i needed to calm down with all of the nonsense I was doing to females if I wanted to settle and be like him one day. When you find that nigga let me know." he said slamming the door on his way out.

Trey sat there recollecting everything Twan had said. Trey couldn't stand how he had changed into the man he swore he would never be. His father. He knew what had to be done. "By all means I'm going to do it." he reassured himself before falling into a not so peaceful slumber.


"You did this to me Trey!" Kendra screamed as she and Charice backed me into a corner. "You did this to us!" Charice screamed. "I didn't mean to I swear." I cried.

Kendra shrieked the loudest annoying noise i had ever witnessed as her stomach began to grow bigger and bigger until it exploded. "AHHHHHH!" Charice and I screamed at the same time as Kendra laid on the floor covered in blood and different organs taking quick breaths. A baby laid on the floor opposite of me and Charice crying long and loud. Until suddenly everything stopped.

The baby laying on the floor began to shake uncontrollably. Growing into a hideous beast. Finally standing it turned me. "What are you?" I asked as it walked closer to me. "Not what Trey, WHO!" It shouted jumping at me scaring me until I pissed myself. It was a mixture of me and my father. The hideous creature was what I had become.


I woke sweating bullets. My chest heaving uncontrollably, my hands shaking, my mind racing. I couldn't let this be the end I had to fix this. By all means necessary. I jumped at the sound of someone sniffling. I quickly turned the lights on to see Kendra sitting in the chair next to my bed with one of my hospital pillows in her hands.

"Why are you sitting in the dark?" I asked. Silence. She just sat there shaking her legs something I've found to be her stress reliever. "You know I was raised better than this right?" she asked slightly chuckling. "I mean my mother always taught me that when something doesn't belong to you then leave it alone and God will reward you with something that you could have that no one else could." I began to protest but she raised her hand silencing me. "Just let me finish. I knew from the start you were taken. I guess this is my punishment. I don't know what made me think I could have you. Maybe it was the way you told me numerous of times that you hadn't met anyone like me and would never find someone like me. Or maybe the way you'd wait until I was sleep to tell me you loved me." She chuckled again.

She began to circle the bed, "but me being the naive person I never was believed you." I looked at her she had tear stains on her cheeks and bags under her eyes which were bloodshot red. "I actually came in here to kill you Trey. You know why?" she asked sitting on my bed. I shook my head. "Look at what I've lost all for something I couldn't have but what you continued to try and get. I felt that if my live was pure hell then you didn't deserve to live. But I had a change of heart." She went back and grabbed the pillow she had and came back to my side of the bed. "Hold you head up baby." she said placing the pillow behind my head making me more comfortable but uncomfortable all in the same way.

"Kendra im sorry truly I am. I never thought that it would end this way." I said being as sincere as I could. "I know im not holding it against you Trey we all make mistakes." She said getting up and heading for the door. "Oh and Trey, go get your wife back she's the best thing that has happened to you and no one could ever replace her."

"I will." I said as she closed the door. "I will." I repeated over and over again until I fell into another slumber this time very peaceful.

7 Re: Flatline on Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:27 am


this is awsome keep it going plz Sad

8 Re: Flatline on Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:57 am


Sorry for not telling u guys i would change it. I really hope you like it.

9 Re: Flatline on Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:18 pm


I surely did get confused at first but I love it...add asap


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10 Re: Flatline on Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:32 am


"Hey," I said as I walked into the kitchen. He simply looked at me, shook his head and walked away. I knew that there was nothing I could say to make things okay between us again. He trusted me. He was perfect in every way. He was loyal, honest, trustworthy, funny, fine and employed with his own place and car.

"You can stay in the master bedroom im going to be in the pool house." He looked up at me as he waited for a response all he got were packed bags. "Wha..." "Look I know you are not comfortable in the same house as me so Im going to stay with Nicki for a while until I can find a place to stay in case you wanted to know." I said cutting him off. He hopped off the couch and stopped me at the door. "Kendra baby im mad yes but im willing to take a chance and work things out thats why i didn't want you leaving." He said pulling me into him. "You sure?" Instead of the answer I was expecting he pulled me into the most passionate kiss I've ever recieved. "I'm sure."

"Mom why are we staying at Uncle Ryans house?" Somalia my daughter asked as we pulled up to his house. I knew the question was bound to come up soon or later.

"Molli baby you do know that Ryan isn't your really uncle?" I asked hoping she would say yes. "Yes mom I know that but why are we here shouldn't we be waiting on Dad to come home?" she asked unbuckling her seat belt. "You remember when I told you that if you dad did something bad we would move?" she nodded. "Well that's why we are here you dad did something bad and now we are moving in with Ryan." I said exiting the car and pulling out one of my bags as Ryan came out of the house with only basketball shorts on .

"Hey ladies how are yall doing?" he asked hugging me and Molli. "Good." I replied. "So are you and dad getting a divorce or what?" Molli stepping between me and Ryan. "Excuse me little girl you better get in that house and think of how your gonna ask that question without getting your tongue slapped down your throat." I said sternly as she rolled her eyes and walked into the house with an attitude. I sighed and Ryan grabbed me into a tight hug and whispered in my ear, "don't worry i was the same way it will change just give it time." I smiled and pecked his lips twice before walking away to get my daughter straight.

11 Re: Flatline on Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:50 am


i love iyt please add more

12 Re: Flatline on Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:51 pm


Aww shoot, these adds keep getting better and better....add asap


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13 Re: Flatline on Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:58 pm


.ADD SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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