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26 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:04 am


Girl do you have talent! this story is owf tha chain plz keep it goin!

27 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Wed Jun 16, 2010 5:54 pm


:::::New Reader::::: THIS STORY IS OFF THE CHAIN!

28 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:40 am

her love is infinite ;)



29 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:38 am


your welcum Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation What a Face

30 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Sat Jun 19, 2010 8:23 pm


Welcome and Congrats.


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

31 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:07 pm

her love is infinite ;)


I had been asleep for at least an hour until Curt woke me up. His body was wet and he had a towel wrapped around him. I smiled at the sight of him and what we had done, but he didn't smile back.
"Get up and take a shower. You smell." He said tapping my thigh.
I sat up in my bed and stretched, taking in a whiff of my body. I laughed because I did smell like straight sex.
He cut his eyes at me and walked into my walk-in closet to get a fly outfit out for hisself.
"Uhh, okay then." i said walking to the bathroom with my sheets still wrapped around me.
"I'm taking Butt out today." he said from my bedroom.
"Can i come?" i asked him, beginning to scrub my body with the Bath and Body Works moonlight path shower gel he bought me.
"Naw. I wanna spend time with her by myself." he said dryly. I sighed heavily.
"Please?" i said rinsing my body and turning off the water.
"What I say?" he said coming into the bathroom to brush his teeth.
"I could give a damn about what you said. I'm going to be in her life now so why you can't just let us kick this 'mommy daughter' thing off right?" I asked him wrapping my towel around my body.
"Cuz you not her mama and she not your daughter." he said walking out the bathroom. Not once did he even look down at me.
"What's wrong with you?!" I asked him walking right on his heels. I was so surprised at how he was acting when all I was doing was assuring him that I was trying to get used to him having a child.
He sighed. "Hurry up. I'm waiting downstairs." he said putting his grill in and walking out of my room.
I quickly dried off and lotioned down. I knew Curt won't playing when he said hurry up because he would leave me high and dry in the house with Tre'Veon, knowing that we weren't clicking at the moment.
I threw on a purple black and white Married to the Mob over-sized t-shirt that draped over my shoulders and said 'Other Bitches Ain't Shit', some black MTTM leggings, and some black and purple peep toes. I grabbed my MTTM bag and checked my self in the mirror. I finger combed my '5 second flat-ironed' hair and applied my MAC lipgloss. I smiled at myself because I was looking bad, then I walked downstairs.

I walked into the living room Tre'Veon spoke to me. I rolled my eyes and walked over to Curt where he was standing in the kitchen in front of Butt Butt, who was standing on the island making kissy faces at him.
"You ain't even gotta be like that." Trigga said walking in behind me.
"You ready Curt?" I asked him, ignoring Trigga.
"Yeah." Curt said looking over at Tre.
"Fuck it then. You find yo own damn way back to Cali." he said ripping up an envelope. "I know yo broke ass ain't got no money. You might as well go back to selling blow because I know Curt ain't gone give you no money to fly out there so you can get fucked up and fuck them niggas you used to always be with in Berkeley."
"Get out my face." I said to him in a low voice. I didn't have time to be arguing with him and that was something I just didn't do because he was always 'The Right One' at the end of the day.
Curt took Butt Butt out of the room because he didn't want her hearing Tre'Veon cuss.
"Why the hell are you calling me out Tre?" I asked him as I looked at Curt walk out the door and signal to me he'd be outside.
"Why the hell you acting like you run shit round here? Why the fuck you acting like I did something to yo ass?" He asked me.
"That nickname shit was petty. I'm sorry if you felt like I was being disrespectful to you today and yesterday." I said. I hated it when it was tension between me and my brother.
"Man, it's whatever. Yo birthday coming up, not mines." he said walking out of the kitchen. "See how much you get from me this time." he said over his shoulder.
I really didn't understand where Tre'Veon's anger was now coming from, but I didn't have time to dwell on it. I picked up my purse and walked out the door.

As I got off the elevator to go into the parking garage, I ran face first into a chest. When I looked up, it was Messiah.
"You in a rush?" he asked me, flashing me his smile that I loved so much.
"Kinda." i said shyly. I felt my stomach turn and I knew I was getting butterflies, which was weird.
"Oh. I was just coming by to surprise you." he said.
"Really?" I asked him.
"I mean I ain't seen you in a couple of months and I was missing you." he said putting my hair behind my ear.
I couldn't do nothing but smile, but then I remember who was waiting on me. I stopped starring into his eyes and backed up from him.
"I gotta go." i said turning away from him.
"Wait." he said pulling my arm back before I walked through the huge glass door. "Number still the same?" he asked.
"I didn't change it for one reason." i said smiling at him, then walking to Curt's car.
When I got to the car, i could tell something was on Curt's mind, but he didn't say anything we just pulled off into the New York City traffic.
After 15 minutes of just riding and listening to his loud system, that Butt Butt had no problem rapping to, Curt finally turned it down and said something to me.
"So you fucking with Messiah now?" he asked me.
"Wasn't surprised you didn't miss that one." I said. I didn't mean to say it but it slipped out. He always trying to start something with me.
"Mayne, shut that shit up. I heard what the fuck you said to him when you was walking out of the door. Little do you know, you loud as hell and the gargage do echo." he said turning on Reade Street, where he parked in front of Gymboree.
"Okay, so what. I didn't want to diss him and plus we were just TALKING. It nothing you need to get pissed over." i said getting out the car.
"So, I'm supposed to be okay with you texting and talking on the phone with some nigga you used to fuck with? Fuck that shit, Bre." he said getting Butt Butt out of her car seat.
"Like you don't still talk and text Tia? Like you don't talk to 100 different bitches? I'm not stupid, don't play me." i said as I watched him walk over to the side of the car where I was standing.
"Why the fuck you bringing up Tia name? That's my daughter's mama. I'll talk to her whenever the fuck I wanna." he said being straight up with me.
I just shut my mouth because I wanted to say some things to him that I couldn't in front of Butt Butt.
Little did Curt know, I was still afraid to be in a relationship with him because I know he talks to a lot of other girls. He's a well-liked rapper and he goes to school with a bunch of girls too. He's sitting there crying over Messiah, but little do he know, I'm crying over all the bitches in his contacts. It ain't fair.

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32 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Mon Jun 21, 2010 6:34 pm


i love this story, you have a lot of talent
i hope you add very very soon
bumpz bumpz bumpz bumpz!!!

33 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:23 pm


Sweet add...Add more. Need to kno more


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

34 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:27 am


Sad add more plz lol

35 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:04 pm

her love is infinite ;)


I was sitting in Gymboree thinking about everything Tre’Veon had said to me. How could he bring my past to right now? I know you want me to clear up what he was saying, so I’m going to tell you.
Back in Berkeley, I ran with the wrong crowd and I did a lot of troublesome things that I don’t regret because it taught me a lesson. I’m going to start with what he was talking about when he said ‘you might as well go back to selling blow’. I was about 14 years old dating and frequently staying with my older boyfriend, Dash. He was 17 going on 18 at the time and he wasn’t nothing but trouble. He was selling drugs from right under his grandmother’s roof. I saw how much money he was getting and how fast it was coming, so I made the stupid decision to sell with him. One night, I got really mad at Dash so I decided to go back home with my brother and dad. My mama left us high and dry when I was about 3 so, I didn’t have a female to look up to. I looked up to my daddy, who was the owner of a chain of successful night clubs and strip clubs. Anyways, I came in the house furious because the reason I was mad at Dash was because he wanted do the grown up and I won’t ready. At that age, I was totally disgusted by it and all I cared about was my money and friends. I swung the door open and Trigga was sitting in the living room with his girlfriend and my cousin Uno and his girlfriend. They were watching a scary movie and so instead of interrupting, I ran up the stairs to my room. I sat on my bed rocking back and forth thinking about Dash when I got a phone call. It was from an older lady who was looking for something to get her straight. I told her where to meet me so we could make the exchange and then I called Dash to let him know. I never did that sort of stuff without him. I changed into light blue skinny jeans, a white tee, and Dash’s red and black Rocawear jacket. I slipped the stuff for the lady in my pocket and I left right back out the house without saying a word to Tre.
Once I got to the gas station where I told the lady to meet me, Dash pulled up at the same time. I hopped into his passenger seat and he planted a kiss on my cheek. I was still mad so I really didn’t exchange any words with him. He got out of the car to fill up the gas tank, then he leaned his head back into the window.
“That’s her.” He said nodding his head in her direction.
I turned around to face the door of the convenience store. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was my mother. I faced forward in my seat as my heart started to pound through my chest.
“You aight?” Dash asked me getting back in the car. I looked straight into his eyes.
“That’s my mama.” I said. I felt myself getting pale. “I can’t do it.” I said squeezing his hand.
“Yo mama white? Why yo brother so dark?” He laughed.
“Dash, shut up you seen how black my daddy is and don’t change the subject. I can’t do this.” I said looking out the window at her.
He sighed heavily. “What? Money is money. She ain’t concerned as much as you is. She probably won’t even recognize you.”
What he was saying was true, but blood is blood. I couldn’t hurt my mom even though she hurt me, but stupid me…I thought about it and how I wanted this fly outfit I saw at the mall earlier that week. I went through with it. I got out of the car and walked over to her. I swallowed the lump in my throat and approached her.
“Ma-…Bethany?” I said to her.
“What do you want?” she said adjusting her hair and puffing on her cigarette.
I put my hand on my hip and pursed my lips. “Look lady, you called me.”
Her eyes widen and she apologized. “You got me?” she asked.
I wanted to say ‘Yeah I got you. I got your eyes, your curly hair, your nose, YOUR BLOOD!’, but I just shook my head up and down and led her to Dash’s Ford.
“It’s $250.” I said holding my hand out for the money.
“Look, I only have $230. I promise I’ll pay you back.” She said placing her hand on my shoulder. I pulled my body away and looked at Dash. His eyes said ’don’t do it, just wait til she has all of the money’, but I wanted to get that nightmare over with, so I gave her the weed and cocaine. She thanked me and then got out the car in excitement. How could she not see herself in me? I watched her disappear into the dark and that was the first and last encounter I ever had with my mother.
The whole ride home I starred up at the stars. I couldn’t believe I just did what I did. Right before we turned the corner to go back to my house, police lights and sirens wailed in the big, dark blue Expedition that had followed us.
“No!” I screamed out loud as my eyes began to swell up while the police officer placed hand cuffs on me and Dash.
“It’s gone be aight, man.” Dash said.
“It’s not.” I said.
When I looked up from having my face against the trunk of the car, I saw Tre’Veon and Uno walk up to us.
“Dash I hate you.” I said as he was being put in the backseat of another police car.
The cop that was following us was about to put me in the back of his truck when Tre stopped him.
“What she do?!” he said in panic.
“Sir, you need to come down to the precinct and you’ll be informed then.” rhe man said back.
Tre’Veon threw his hands up in the air, then kicked the gate on the corner.

At the precinct, I was sitting in a room with an itchy cover and a cup of water in front of me. The police officer came in with Tre’Veon and I told them everything. I cried nonstop in Tre’s arms and long story short, I was locked up in Berkeley County Juvenile Corrections Facility for 6 months on a drug charge. Two months after I got out I went back to the same thing I was doing, just without Dash. He was still locked up.
I was hanging out around the way with my friends when I got a call. It was Tre’Veon telling me that my dad had been murdered the night before at his club…

Back to Now

After sitting at Gymboree for an hour watching Calnaÿa play around with the other kids and painting, I was really ready to leave since Curt had his little attitude.
“What’s wrong with you?” I asked Curt after he put his arm around my chair, slouching in his.
“What you mean?” He asked me, still keeping his eyes on his daughter and not me.
“I mean why do you keep attacking me and giving me this childish attitude?” I said grabbing his chin to make him look at me. He snatched away from me making one of the instructors look in our direction.
“Nothing man.” He said in a low voice.
I chuckled sarcastically. “Yeah, it’s always nothing when it comes to something serious between us.”
With that I got up and walked outside. I stood out there not knowing what to do and then I heard my favorite song ‘Got Your Back’ by T.I. and Keri Hilson come on. I went through my purse to find my phone and I couldn’t believe who was calling me. G…what could he possibly want?
I hit the ignore button, but as I expected he called me right back.
“What’s up baby girl?” He asked.
“What do you want?” I said. I really wasn’t in the mood for no dude.
“I wanted to apologize for how I acted. I was just mad that you would go back to yo dude after he hurt you like he did.” He said lightly sighing.
“Whatever. You told Jay Young what happened?” I asked him rhetorically. “Hold on.” I said clicking on the other line so I could 3-way Jay.
“What up ma?” Jay said. I could tell he wanted to know why I was calling because I hardly ever did.
“Jay…tell me Giovanni did not tell you what happened.” I said with my hand on my hip and pursing my lips.
He sighed. “Yeah he told about a hour and a half after you left.”
“And you told Curt right?” I asked him.
“Yeah…I mean I won’t tryna get you hemmed up by him, but I mean I would want to know if a girl like you did something dirty to me.”
I raised my eyebrows. “A girl like me??? What? What in the world do that supposed to me?”
He laughed and I heard G getting frustrated. “Not like that, but I mean you innocent and for you to do what you did wasn’t you at all so Curt needed to know something was wrong for you to do that crazy mess. Did he tell you why I thought you did it?” He asked.
“Naw, but I guess he was too mad to tell me and once again he mad so for I don’t know what reason, so I guess I will never know. Look I’ll call you later okay?” I said waiting on his response.
“Wait…ugh. Nevermind.” He said sighing. “Just don’t forget to call me aight?” He said disconnecting the call.
“See G? You put me in the worst position of my life now because you ran yo mouth. I’m so through with you. I thought you was my dawg and I could come to you no matter what happens between me, you, and Curt, but I guess not. Bye Gio.” I said hanging up in his face. I felt good about my decision to cut him off because I was trying to eliminate as much drama out of my already hectic life already.

“Who was that?” Curt asked walking up behind me.
“G.” I said smiling at him.
“What’s that to smile about? Why you talking to him?” he asked me holding the picture that Butt Butt painted.
“Look, I was telling him that I was done with him.” I said clearly the tension from that conversation.
“Oh aight.” He said putting his daughter in her car seat. “You gone go with me to look at some apartments?” he asked me.
“Only if you promise to tell me why you mad at me.” I said getting in the passenger seat. He closed the door behind me and leaned down to talk to me through the window.
“I’m not mad at you. I just don’t want you to be pregnant. I can’t afford two kids, Bre.” I sighed in relief.
“That was it? I’m on the pill.” I said rubbing the side of his face.
He sighed in relief and kissed me. “Oh.”
He walked over to the driver’s side and hopped in.
“I’m going to look at some apartments today.” He said and I felt myself get mad because I wanted him to stay with me.

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36 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:19 am


add more please man this story is awsome!!!

37 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:06 am

her love is infinite ;)


So, I lied to Curt about being on the pill...but honestly, lying has became the easiest thing for me to do to him now. It's been a month since Curt moved into his new apartment and as you would have expected, I was getting way thicker than I should have been. An old friend of mine from Cali told me having sex often would get to thick in the right places but this thickness was accumulating around my thighs and midsection. I had no doubt in my mind that I was pregnant. Curt and I finally broke up after 5 and a half months because I caught him cheating...again.
This is what happened...

4 weeks ago - Moving Day

I was helping Curt put his boxes of clothes in his studio apartment that's located fairly close to the community college he was attending. My back started to hurt, so I plopped down on his bed next to his night stand where his phone was charging.
"Bre, I'm about to go take Butt to Long Island...my grandma wanna spend time with her." Curt said walking up to me and moving his phone out of my reach.
"Uh, I guess that's okay, but I'm not going. I wanna stay here and get some rest." I said pulling my legs up close to my chest. He chuckled at me and scanned my body from the waist down. I had on coochie cutters so all he saw was my butt cheeks and a slight cameltoe. I looked down and quickly slid my legs back down.
"I done seen it all." he said rubbing my thigh and kissing my forehead.
I gently giggled as his hand slid up my shorts. "What about Butt boo?" I said lightly pushing him back.
"She aight. She knocked out." he said kissing my glossed lips.
He pulled down my shorts and began sucking on my spot. I instantly got wet and he knew it. He was really cocky about his sex game with me. One thing led to another and then he was deep in me when he phone started ringing.
"Just get it." I said pushing him off me.
He looked at his phone and it immediately slipped through his hands.
"What's wrong with you?" I said leaning over the side of his bed to pick it up.
He put his face in his hands and as I looked at the phone I read the whole conversation he had with this chick named Jenna.

Jenna: Bay I miss u so much
Curt: I miss u 2. u coming by my crib 2nite rite?
Jenna: oh yeah u finally got ur crib. definately
Curt: u gon put on what daddy bought 4 u?
Jenna: lol yeah...i mite not wear nothing at all
Curt: come by round 10 bay
Jenna: kay. I love u
Curt: I luv u 2
Jenna: Really?

I threw his phone against the far wall, leaving it to break into a million pieces. I didn't say a word to him and he didn't say anything to me. I pulled up my shorts and rushed out his bedroom door, slamming it behind me. As I walked past Butt Butt's room, which was already set up, she ran right behind me, attempting to tap my leg. She knew something was wrong with me. I turned around and looked down at her. She had her arms up in the air, silently asking me to pick her up.
"Yes ma'am?" I said smiling enough for her not to see my anger.
"Where you goin?" she asked me in the cutest voice.
I giggled and put my forehead against hers. She gently kissed my nose.
"I love you so much Butt...you know that?" I asked her. Over the time she and Curt stayed with me and Tre, we grew the closest relationship.
"Um hm. Love u toooo." she said holding the sides of my face with her soft gentle hands.
"I'm not going to be around anymore...you understand?" i asked her.
She shook her head no as a tear fell down my face. A faint smile came across my face as I put her down and walked out of the door. I heard her struggle to twist the knob, then she lightly banged on the door. I stood in front of the door as my body became full of hurt. She began to cry so loud that I could still hear her it as I walked down the hall of the apartment building. I sped up my pace when I felt the urge to turn around. Once I got out of the building the cold afternoon air hit my barely clothed body. I knew I was getting looks from the stupid college kids that Curt lived near, but I didn't care. I stood on corner waiting to cross the street as cars rode by beeping there horns at me. I felt really embarrassed as I stood there with my arms folded waiting for a break in the action so I could run to the subway station and go home, but it just seemed like traffic sped up and I had no choice but to stand there. I had a feeling that Curt was going to come and get me and he was most definitely the last person I wanted to see.
"Bre'Anne!" he called out over the noisy traffic. I looked over my shoulder and he was standing there with the passenger door open just waiting for me to get in. I turned my back to him and next thing you know, he came and snatched me up, literally dragging me to his car.
"Get the fuck off of me Curtis!" I yelled, finally pulling away from his tight grip. Butt stood there watching what was about to go down.
"I can't make an excuse for what I've done and I know you probably hate me, but I'm not gon let you stand out in the cold with this on." He said towering over my short frame.
"Whatever Curt. I don't want this anymore. Obviously you don't know how to keep your shit in your pants and you in love with JEN-NA. Remember? So you go save that bitch from this weather because I'm in need of no help." I said punching him in his chest. I felt rage flow through my body and I repeatedly hit him. As he struggled to hold me down, I heard Butt Butt's cries and then I stopped because I felt she didn't need to be unhappy just because I was.
"Are you fucking crazy?" Curt asked me with his fists balled up.
"No BITCH you are." I said slapping him one last time before finally walking away from him.

(Flashback Over)

I sat on my bed trying to write a song, snuggled under Jay.
"I got writer's block babe." I said giggling.
"Don't rush it." he said kissing my forehead.

I bet you are wondering how I ended up calling him 'babe' right? Well, what Jay Young had to tell me was that he was in love with me, been in love with me since we met, but of course Curt came in the picture. He told me all about Curt cheating and since then he has had my back. We don't date, but he is a potential, well along with Messiah. See, since Curt broke my heart, I been on a strict get money diet. I don't have time for a relationship, and with me being pregnant, it won't help anything. I'm keeping my options open and I feel no need to stick with one dude. I've learned my lesson.

I tapped my favorite purple pen against my chin and said, "Oooh I got it!" in excitement.
My Berkeley blood started to pump and I came up with a crazy song called 'BBC Pimpin'. I don't know where it came from I guess I was just in a 'Boss Bitch Pimpin' mode.
I laughed at myself as I completed the 50 bar song, then I reached over and picked up my phone to see who was blowing me up.
"What Curt?" I said dryly. We ain't have didly squat to talk about. He didn't even know I was pregnant.
"This not Da Da." Butt Butt's adorable voice said through the phone.
"Hey baby girl." I said with a smile plastered across my face. I missed that little girl so much.
"Ask her Butt." I heard Curt say. I must have been on speaker.
"I wann come over your house." she said.
"Let me speak to Daddy." I said to her.
"What's happenin?" he asked.
"What's going on?" I said laying my head on Jay's shoulder.
"She been asking bout you Bre." he said chuckling a little.
"Oh, well bring her over. You probably just trying to get rid of her anyways."
"Don't start..." he began to say.
"Fuck you Curt." I said cutting the stupid bullshit out right then and there. "Bring her now. I'm going to probably dip soon." I said ending the phone call.

10 Minutes later I heard Tre'Veon greet the two at the door. Jay was sitting at the end of my bed watching a basketball game and I made him get up and go down to the studio because what I had to say to Curt, he didn't know about either.
Curt walked into my bedroom holding Butt Butt's hand, but she quickly let go when she saw me. She ran up to me and hugged me tightly.
"Hey lil mama." I said letting her go, gently playing with her curly pig tails. Curt quickly got comfortable and laid across my bed. He picked up my notebook and began to read the song I wrote before I snatched it out of his hands.
"We needa talk." I said picking Butt Butt up and sitting her between my legs.
"About what?" he asked me.
"Curt...I'm pregnant." I said while Calnaya played with my hands.
"You keeping it?" he asked.
"Well, I don't believe in abortions and I told you that if I had any baby it was going to be yours. No matter what, I still do love you Curt and I want to be with you, but I really don't know where you at right now with this...us." I said looking into his eyes, but when I did,I didn't see the same feelings I still had.

Was he really in love with Jenna?????

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38 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:45 am


Awww...y u gotta leave us hanging???

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!


39 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Sat Jul 03, 2010 9:29 am

her love is infinite ;)


Curt stared at me for awhile and I felt my eyes tear up because out of all we've been through, he's choosing a girl he just met (well I think he just met) over me...ME? All I ever wanted to do was be with him and now it's seems as though he had a completely different change of mind.

"Curt...are you going to give me a response?" I said hoping he would tell me that he loved me back, but then I thought about it. Even though me and Curt did have something decent, I'm reminded everyday that 'He MOBBIN'. Curt ain't neva gave a fuck about a female and I was starting to finally see that.
"I mean...nevermind. I don't even care. You stay with that bitch and in the end YOU WILL see how much you'll be missing me." I said resting my chin on Calnaya's head.
"I love you Bre'Anne." Curt said rubbing my thigh. I was so happy to hear those words come out his mouth.
"Curtis! On some real shit...just tell me you care. Tell me you won't do me wrong cause honestly...I need you. I don't function right without you and nothing's the same. I try so hard to be normal but on the inside I'm going insane without you. I sat up all night crying over you."
"Word?" he said raising his eyebrows.
I gently giggled and shoved his shoulder. "Don't act stupid Curt."
"Look, I'm sorry for everything I did to you, but I got Jenna now." When he said that, it was the end of my 'Sharing Feelings Session'.
"What? Are you fucking serious? You had the audacity to cheat on me...but you ain't got enough balls to get rid of that bitch? Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit. You don't love me nigga. How could you possibly treat the one you love like this?" I said.
He sat there and I could tell he was contemplating on what to do next.
"You know, i don't think this whole bringing Calnaya over my house thing is appropriate anymore." I said taking her out my lap. "We gotta end this bullshit Curt."
As soon as I said that he snatched me up and pressed his lips against mine. I fell for it and kissed him back. I really wanted us to be like this forever, but I knew it was a wrap. He began licking and sucking on my neck as I wrapped my legs around his waist and held on to him tightly. I never wanted to let him go, but his phone rang.
"Time to get back to your girl." I said pulling away from him.
He answered his phone and I had to listen to him tell Jenna that he loved her, he called her baby multiple times, and he blew kisses at her through the phone. I really couldn't believe it. Tears poured down my eyes as I stood there looking up at him.
"Curt..." I said his name through sobs. "Don't you ever think about coming back to me."
He looked down at me and I saw hurt in his eyes but I didn't want to believe he was hurt. He wifed Jenna and I had no place in his life anymore...wait yes I did. I WAS JUST HIS BABY MAMA, like Tia.
He kissed my forehead and took Calnaya's hand. He took one last look at me and walked out my bedroom door, but it felt like he was finally walking out of my life.
I dropped to my knees and cried like a little girl. More like the little girl that really needed her mama at that moment. I shook my head in disbelief and I began pulling my hair because I had no clue of what to do.
Jay came in my room and just held me tightly. "I need him."

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this story is so good add soon plz

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her love is infinite ;)

‘I Wish I Didn’t Love, I Wish I Didn’t Care About You’
- Roach Gigz

“Sis, you ready?” Tre’Veon asked me, standing in my doorway. I finger combed my freshly, blunt cut hair and straightened out my zebra print bow sitting on the crown of my head. I took one last look at myself in my full length mirror and let out a relieving sigh.
“Yes sir.” I said giving him a slight smile, then grabbing my luggage. I turned out my lights in my bedroom and walked down the steps in the best mood I could have ever been in. I was going back to Berkeley for my birthday.

Tre’Veon and I walked into the airport terminal and all I could think about was seeing my fam and friends. Two years of being away felt more like 10 years.
I stood in the line to board the plane when I though I heard someone call my name. I turned around to see this guy running up to his girlfriend giving her her to ticket to depart. He hugged her tightly and kissed her on the lips and at that moment I was wishing Curt was right there by my side. I shook the feeling off as I walked through the metal detector.

2 Hours Later
I pulled out my phone to let Tre’Veon know I had made it to B-Town safely. I while I was waiting for my Aunt Evelyn to come get me, some guy came and sat beside me. I turned around and faced a person I thought I would never see again. Dash.
“Hey!” I said in excitement. I hugged him tightly and scanned him. He was exactly how I remembered. His mocha brown skin and hazel eyes made me remember the good I missed here. “What are you doing here?” I asked him. “Evelyn told me to come get you. She had to work late unexpectedly.” He said analyzing me. It was weird how my ex-boyfriend was still so close to my family. There was an awkward silence when I stood up and I noticed his eyes were locked on my belly. “Dang girl! You couldn’t wait for me huh?” He laughed. I was sensitive about the subject because of Curt, so I just simply said, “So, are we going to stand here all day or are you going to get me to my auntie’s crib so I can relax?” He laughed at me and kissed me on my forehead. “I missed you ma.”

I thought we were going back to my old neighborhood, but Dash took a whole different route and about 10 minutes later, we were pulling up at a plush black neighborhood, that I was kind of familiar with.
“What are we doing here?” I asked him. “Ev moved. She got the biggest house on the block, kid. She ain’t tell you?” I cut my eyes at him and chuckled a little. “Apparently not Captain Obvious.” I said saluting him and then laughing. When we pulled up into her driveway, my cousin Uno was sitting on her porch with some girl. I hopped out of the car while Dash got my bags and ran up to him. He dismissed the girl and gave me a big bear hug. “Aye cousin? What’s going on?”
Uno and I chopped it up for about an hour and then the question finally popped up. “So Bre…you pregnant?” I didn’t want nobody to know, but I guess I couldn’t hide it either. “Naw Uno. I’m just fat.” I said sarcastically and we both laughed. “Look, you know if you need me, I got you." He said. "Yeah I know." I said and just then Evelyn walked through the door. "Bre'Anne! Come here mama!" She said holding out her arms. "How have you been sweetie?" She said giving me a warm smile. "Holding up." I said moving my bangs out of my eyes. "Mm. I didn't know I had two guests staying with me." She said nudging me a little. I rubbed my tummy and looked up at her. "I guess you could say that." I said giving her a faint smile. "Okay. So I'm going to go ahead and get dinner ready. You go on and get settled and I'll call you when it's ready." She said hugging me once more before walking into the kitchen. "Jace you take your cousin's bags up to the guest room." I heard her tell Uno as I walked up the stairs.
When I got up to the room, I slipped off my Ugg Boots and plopped down on the bed. I had jet lag and I was exhausted, so in minutes I had drifted to sleep. I had been asleep for what felt like 15 minutes until I heard my phone ring. I looked at the screen and rolled my eyes. It was Curt. What did he want?
I picked up my phone and before I could say hello his panicked voice filled my ear. "Bre! I don't know what to do yo! I can't believe I was so irresponsible. You gotta help me!" He spoke fast and I had no idea of what he was talking about. "What? Take a breather and slow down." I said annoyed that he would call me with drama. "Calnaya in the hospital. She real sick I don't know what to do."


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add add add add
some more
im loving the story
bump bump bump

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her love is infinite ;)

I sat up in bed with my hand on my forehead, completely distraught. He was calling me? To tell me his child was sick? The dude that left me hanging for no apparent reason? I know damn well he won't expecting me to help his situation.
I sighed heavily with my hand covering my forehead. Curt, I don't know what you want me to do. First of all, I'm not her mother and second of all, I'm in Cali." There was a pause on the phone and I thought he hung up on me. "Hello?!" I slightly yelled out. "Yeah, yeah I'm here." he said. "Look Bre'Anne, I really need you." He said making me have inexplainable feelings, but not good. I felt rage in my body and I finally let him have it.
"But were you there when I needed you? Huh?! You see, last week...when you left me...I cried day in and day out! I needed you and you weren't there! And suppose I do help you. What you gonna do? You gon scoop me up in your arms and bring back a dream I had for so long? No, I didn't think so. You gon stay with that bitch and fuck her over like you did me Curt! I CAN NOT DO THIS. You are not going to put me back in a position to where I think you here with me, but in seconds you're gone like the wind! I'm sorry, but I can't help you..." It hurt me so bad to say that to him, but he needed to know. He sighed heavily and said, "Bre she did it. It was Jenna's fault. She was fucking some other nigga and she won't watching her like she should have been. I let Calnaya stay with her while I was at school, then I got a call from some person asking me was I her father. I said Yeah and he told me that she had found some dope in Jenna's mama's room and ate that shit, man." he said. He sniffed a little and I could tell he was crying. "I know the system gon take her away from me because they consider that shit child neglect yo. I just don't know what to do." I was shocked to hear that, let alone hear him cry. "What you need me to do?" I asked him. "This shit wouldn't have never happened if I had just been a man to you instead of playing silly little games." I sighed and rolled my eyes. "I need you to be my girl." he said. A tear dropped from my eye and I said, "Curt...I can't."

'Birthday Girl' - 4 Day Later
December 12, 2009
"Bre'Anne Jeniyah! If you don't wake your butt up! We got a whole day planned out for you." My Auntie Evelyn said jumping on the bed. I pulled the covers from over my face and gave her a warm smile. "Happy 18th sweetie." she said rubbing my shoulder. "C'mon get ready. You have guests waiting downstairs." She said walking out of the room and closing the door behind her. Guests like who? I said to myself as I got up out of bed to take a shower.
About an hour later I walked down the stairs with this outfit (scroll down to July 5th) feeling really good about the day.
"Look at cuzzo stuntin." Uno said to his step brother Cameron who I seemed to never be to close to, but today when I saw him, I gave him a big hug. "Okay, so I see you, but what other guests were Ev talking about?" I said looking around the living room. Just as I turned the corner to head into the kitchen Tre'Veon popped out of the pantry. "Geez Tre!" I said hitting his shoulder, then wrapping his arms around me. "What you doing here? I thought you had to work." I asked opening the fridge and grabbing a bottle of water. "You crazy if you thought I won't coming back to my city." he said sitting on Aunt Evelyn's lap. "I gotta show you something." He said getting up, then gently pulling me towards the front door. He stopped in his track s and then made a quick 360 in place. "Close your eyes." He said leading me out the door. "It's a new car?" I asked him holding my eyes together tightly. "Ehh...No. Open them." As I opened my eyes. The winter sun peaked in my sight. I put my hand over my face to block the sun. Once my sight was together I saw who I thought was Calnaya sitting on the trunk of Tre's whip. I walked over to her and sure enough it was her and Curt was leaning against the side of the car. "Hi sweetie." I said picking her up and hugging her. "You okay?" I asked her. She nodded her head yes and laid her head on my shoulder. "Didn't expect to see you here." I said to Curt. I lightly laughed but he still refused to look at me. I gave Butt Butt to Tre'Veon and he walked back into the house with her. "Curt." I said trying to get him to look at me. "What's up?" He asked me looking at the cars drive by. "Look at me." He ignored me. I pulled his chin and forced him to look at me. We stared in each other's eyes and he said, "You look beautiful Bre." I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. "I love you." We ended up saying at the same time. "I ain't letting you go no more." He said placing his hands on my hips. I just looked up at him and smiled. "Where you taking me today, babe?" I asked. "We gone fly to the moon." He said kissing my nose. We both laughed and just held each other.

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im so glad theyre bak tewgetha! add more plz

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i was gonna be real mad if i read 3 pages and they didn't get back together... lol jk jk this story is off the chain... you have to keep adding i'm so happy for them...

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her love is infinite ;)



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please hurry! i love this story! keep it going im glad B got her man back!

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i've been over her fiening like a crack head for you to add to this story....
add A.S.A.P... PLZ

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her love is infinite ;)


I finally moved in with Curt in his apartment. Everything's been going good so far...i mean we have our little arguments here and there because of my moodiness, but other than that we all good. He's now only a part-time student and he took a break from doing shows to be home with me, the baby, and Calnaya.

"4 more weeks babe." I said to Curt as I walked into the room with a towel around my body.
"Yeah I know. I can't wait to see my son." He said wrapping his arms around me and kissing my neck from behind.
"You ain't going to school after I have him are you?" I asked him.
"Why not?"
"Because I can't take of two kids by myself...that's why not."
"Chill with the attitude."
"I don't have an attitude, Curt. I'm just saying it's gonna be a handful."
I said plopping down on the bed and sliding my panties on.
"Aight I'll think about it. Meanwhile, you get some rest. I'll be back." He said grabbing his Billionaire Boys Club jacket and walking out the bedroom door.

About 10 minutes later there was a knock on the door. I thought Curt had left something.
"What did you le-" I was shocked and pissed at who I saw.
"Where the fuck is Curt?" Jenna's ghetto ass yelled pushing through the door.
"Bitch!" I yelled out. "Don't be coming up in my muthafuckin house asking bout my muthafuckin man! You better gone before yo ass get laid out." I said walking to Calnaya's door and shutting it before she woke up.
"Yo house? Bitch this Curt crib and get laid out by who? I know yo pregnant ass ain't gone do shit." She said putting her hands on her hips and rolling her neck.
She was lucky I didn't put my hands on her when she bolted in my house.
"Look JEN-NA. I pay the rent in this bitch so therefore its my house. Matter of fact, I dont have to explain shit to you. What the fuck do you want with Curt???"
"Are you Curt?" She said stepping to me. "Huh? Then don't worry about it." I balled up my fist and swung at her, but of course Curt came and picked me up.
"What the fuck you doing? You tryna kill my baby?" He said cornering me by the door.
"I ain't tryna do shit. You better get that bitch up outta here!" I yelled at him and pointed my finger over his shoulder at her.
He sighed heavily and rubbed my arms. "Calm down man. I got this."
He turned around and faced Jenna. "What you want yo? Why you here?" He said running his hand over his head.
"I want you back." She said wrapping her arms around his neck.
"Uh uh." I said walking between them and pushing her as hard as I could, making her fall to the ground. "I ain't letting no punk bitch play me in my own damn crib." I said walking towards her.
I lifted my fist in the air and punched her repeatedly and each time she tried to kick me in my stomach.
Curt pulled me off of her, dragged me in our room, and threw me on the bed. "Chill." He said walking out of the room and closing the door behind him. I heard them arguing through the door and then I heard a loud slam that made me jump a little. I looked out the bedroom window to see Jenna picking herself up off the ground. She reach for a stone and threw it at Curt's car, busting the window.

"Curt." I called through the door. He walked through the door with Calnaya in his arms who was sound asleep. "She fucked your car up." I said getting Calnaya out of his arms. "I ain't worried bout the car, I'm worried bout you. You needa go to the hospital I saw her kick you."
"What? No I'm okay." I said sitting down at the end of the bed. Really, I was lying. I had an intense pain in my lower abdomin.
We all laid down in the bed and Curt watched me drift off to sleep. I shot up in bed about 30 minutes later, grunting and holding my stomach.
"Cuurrrttt..." I cried out and the more I tried to get out of bed, the worst the pain got.
"What's wrong?" He asked me getting up and kneeling down in front of me.
"My stomach." I cried.
"We gotta go." He said picking me up and taking me outside. "Fuck!" He yelled out. When I turned around I saw that all four of his tires was slashed. "Call Tre." I said closing my eyes tightly and holding my sore belly.
Within five minutes Tre'Veon pulled up and laid me down in the back seat of his car. Curt ran in the house to get Calnaya and then we were rushing to the emergency room.

"Aye somebody get me a doctor! My girl pregnant!" Curt yelled as we walked the doors. "Sir calm down and wait." A nurse said to him. "Wait?? The hell I will. I ain't losing my damn son." He said pushing her out the way. "Curt stop!" I yelled at him. "I'll just wait." I said cringing over only to be supported by Tre'Veon. "Go talk to the lady for me Tre." I told him as I squatted down.
No sooner than he told her people were rushing out with a stretcher. They picked me up and laid me on it. After that, I couldn't remember anything else because I blacked out.


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omfg.... i hope she doesn't lose her baby
i'm happy her and curt back together...
jen-na need her ass whooped... you don't just walk into a man house knowing he got a girl, pregnant girl at that and be disrespectful...
females these days... bold

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