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1 TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Wed Jun 09, 2010 5:25 pm

her love is infinite ;)

im new to this! i've been workinq on like 8 stories && im just ready to let others see my work. lol tell me what uu think so far !


Bre’Anne Jeniyah Henderson is my name. I’m 5’3’’, a redbone, with long honey blonde and black hair that falls down the middle of my back. I’m 17 years old. I have 6 tattoos and my belly button and tongue is pierced. My brother, Tre’Veon (25), aka Trigga, is a well known and adored rapper in New York, but we’re from Berkeley, California. He moved us into a big two story apartment after our dad got killed. We ain’t got much, but we making it from our inheritance and my brother’s income. I don’t have much to add into our crib except for support and stuff. I stay in trouble and that’s why he’s tryna get me to sing for his label because he don’t want me to end up like my daddy. Dead and gone. He’s always supported me no matter how much trouble I got in and he will always see me as his baby sister. He is my keeper.

I watched my brother perfect his freestyle for his new, highly anticipated mixtape “No Pen, No Pad.” Him and his boys been in our studio nearly 24/7, day in and day out and within a week and a half his mixtape was almost complete. “You know I’m not gon seal dis mixtape without you on it, sis.” He said walking out of the booth and signaling Curt to finish up the instrumental with a little something. “Whatever, man. You been saying that for months since you heard me on that song with Dopy.” I said laughing. “Song? Dopy? Oh yeah, that Drop joint right?” He asked. “Oh quick acting like you forgot!” I said nudging him and checking my G1 as it vibrated in my lap. My face lit up when I saw who was calling me. I stepped out of the studio. It was my boo, Messiah. He’s 5’11’’, dark skinned, and buummmm lol. He has a baby face, short curly hair with an always clean round up, a really nice body, deep dimples, and pearly white teeth. He’s really fly, and he’s also a singer. He look like he could be one of Diddy’s kids.

“What’s up beautiful?” he asked.

“Nothing. I’m in the studio with Interference.” I laughed.

“Oh yeah, I am too with my nigga. I was just thinking about you.” He said making me smile.

“Oh really? So what song you working on?” I asked.

“This song called My Shawty. It’s all about you Bre.” he said.

“Word? That’s so sweet of you Messiah.” I said laughing.

“I’m not playing. You know I been tryna get you to be my girl for the past month. Why you tripping?” he asked.

I laughed. “Ain’t nobody ova here tripping. I just don’t have time for you and your ex’s drama, ya know?”

“Can you meet me at the Park?” he asked me.

“Yeah I guess. Be there in 20.” I said.

“Aight, Bre.” He said disconnecting the call.

On that note, I was wrapping up everything with my brother. “Aye Bre’Anne, let me holla at you for a sec.” He said pulling me out of the studio. “What’s up Trig?” I asked folding my arms. “You know Curt been tryna get at you right?” he asked me rhetorically. Yeah I know Curt likes me, but he be on some M.O.B stuff that I don’t have time for. “Yeah. What about it?” I asked not tryna here nothing he was saying. “Just talk to him. I can tell he ain’t gon treat you like them otha birds he be messing with cause he ain’t even approach you yet.” He said pulling out his phone and putting me on hold. While he took his call, I looked back in the window and Curt was laid back in the Producer’s chair with his red Angels fitted hat covering his eyes, a black and red LRG shirt on, some black Levi’s, and some red and black 12s. He was looking good, but I been knowing him for over 2 years and we’ve barely said 5 words to each other, which was “Aye Bre’Anne, I’m feeling you.” I never took him seriously because I never knew what he wanted with a girl like me. I’m tough as hell and if we were together we’d probably fight everyday. “Aight Bre?” Trey asked. “Oh yeah. Sure. I’ll talk to him, but I’m not promising you nothing.” He smiled. “Aight.” He said kissing my forehead. “Bye brother.” I said walking upstairs. When I got in my room, I put on my light brown leather jacket, slipped on my brown and white Levi shoes, and grabbed my Gucci purse and keys.

While I was walking around the Park waiting for Messiah to show up, I ran into a familiar face. “Hey you.” He said beginning to walk with me. “Hey. Who are you? I see you everywhere, but I can’t put a name with the face.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Well, I don’t know. You come into the Gucci Store often don’t you?” he asked. “Oh yeah!” I laughed. “You’re the guy with the glasses and braids!” I said hugging him. “You look different without your glasses and having a hat on.” I said. “Yeah I know. What you doing out here, though? It’s cold.” He asked. I stopped and smiled at him. “Oh nothing. Waiting on my friend.” He chuckled. “A friend, or a boo?” he said bumping me a little. “Well…let’s just say he’s not my boyfriend, but we are just talking.” He adjusted his ATL all black fitted hat. “Ohhhh. I see. So how bout this,” he said taking out his phone. “How about we just talk?” I put my number in his phone. “Okay, can I get the name now?” I asked him. “Call me G.” he said lightly kissing my cheek, then disappearing into the darkness. Whoa that boy was fine. I bumped into Messiah 10 minutes later.

“Took you long enough, punk.” I said lightly punching his shoulder. He laughed. “Man, you know how it is when you in the studio.” He said rubbing the spot I punched him in. “Naw, I don’t cause when you asked me to meet you, I got up, told my brother I was leaving, and I came. IN 20 MINUTES.” I said catching a little attitude. “Aight. I’m sorry. You gonna keep fussing at me or you gon give me a hug?” he asked holding out his arms. “Whatever. Don’t play me, Messiah.” I said hugging him tightly and then kissing him softly on the lips. “Okay. So why did you ask me to come out here?” I asked him. “Come on.” He said wrapping his arms around me. We walked to 5th Ave. and he took me to Starbucks. I ordered a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel and he paid for it. We sat at a booth and just talked. “What’s going on. Why you got me out here in this cold weather, boo?” I asked him. “Well,” he began to say. “I wanted to give you something.” He said going in his pocket. “What’s this?” I asked as he gave me a small Tiffany’s box. “Open it.” He said smiling, making me just fall in love with his dimples. “Oh my gosh. You didn’t!” I said reaching across the table and hugging him tightly. It was a pink, diamond encrusted promise ring. “It’s beautiful, Messiah.” He laughed. “Yeah. I was shopping for my sister’s birthday, but when I saw it I just had to get it for you.” He said. “And I’m not rushing you to be my girl and it’s not a bribe. I’m just saying I promise to be here for you and never do you wrong.” I couldn’t do nothing but smile. “You are a trip. You know that?” As soon as I said that some guy came rushing in. “Aye, Messiah. Mikey got shot man, we gotta go.” On that note, Messiah jumped up, kissed my forehead and ran behind the dude. Perfect way to end my night.

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2 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Wed Jun 09, 2010 5:55 pm


sounds gewd i luv iyt! keep on goin why'd yu stop??? lol

3 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:39 pm

her love is infinite ;)

lol thanks ! im addinq now


4 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Thu Jun 10, 2010 6:17 pm

her love is infinite ;)

Bre'Anne Cont.

I was walking through Central Park going back to my car. My mind was on Messiah and how he just left me like that, I mean I know Mikey was his nigga and all…wait, I’m being selfish. I pulled out my phone and I was about to text Tre’Veon to let him know I was coming home, when somebody grabbed me up, covering my mouth with their hand. I squealed in pain as he twisted my wrist. Being that it was late, there was no one I could possibly call out to help me. “Stop struggling with me, bitch.” The mysterious dude said in my ear, twisting my wrist even more, but he sounded really young and familiar. I turn my head enough to see his face covered with a black ski mask, but his eyes told me exactly who he was. It was G, well at least I thought it was. He forced me to walk into the dark alley that I was oh so familiar with and I was hoping somebody, just somebody would walk through and see us. He pushed me to the ground and ripped down my jeans. All I could do was cry because I was helpless and his strength was over powering mine. He pulled out his mans and stuffed himself inside me causing my body to go into shock. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. He forcefully stroked in and out of me. I tried to get away from him, but he backhand slapped me. It was the worst feeling in the world. What did I do to deserve it?


I was walking through the Park to get home after I left the studio at Trigga’s house. I was having a conversation on the phone with this bad chick I met at Hollister early that day.
“I’ll be over in an hour.” She said disconnecting the call.
I looked to my right and saw Bre’s Challenger, but not her. I got a funny feeling in my gut, but I never-minded it. I took the short cut home through the alley, cause I was tryna go freshen up before the Hollister chick came. All the way at the end of the alley I saw something moving a hell of a whole lot. I didn’t know what the hell it was. As I walked closer, I heard grunting and I saw some masked nigga on top of a helpless girl.
“Get the fuck off of her, nigga.” I said pushing him off of her. Then, I noticed who she was. Bre’Anne.
“Fuck.” I said sitting her up.
“You can get her when I’m done.” Her rapist said getting up and pushing me back. I pulled up my pants and handled that nigga. I fucked him up. Even though me and Bre’Anne won’t like that, I still had to save her because she ain’t deserve it. I looked down at her and her lip was bleeding and she had his cum running down her leg.
“I gotchu, Bre.” I said picking her up and putting my jacket over her, which covered her whole body.
She held me tightly and all she said was, “Don’t let me go.”

I called Trigga and told him what happened.
“Fuck mayne!” he yelled through the phone.
“Mayne, dat’s my baby sister dawg. Is she good? I swear to God Ima kill that nigga when I find him.” I took her to my house and she still held me tightly. We sat there for about 10 minutes until there was a knock at my door. It was the girl.
“Hey.” She said hugging me and trying to come in.
“I can’t.” I said opening the door enough for her to see Bre on my couch.
“Oh. Is that your girl? You standing me up for that bitch?” I clenched my jaws together.
“Naw, that ain’t my girl, but she need me. You don’t know what the fuck she been through tonight so don’t disrespect her because I will fuck you up.”
She rolled her eyes. “Whatever nigga. She look just fine to me,” she was cut off by Trigga pushing her out the way to get to Bre. She saw him kiss her forehead and hug her tightly while tears poured down her eyes. She covered her mouth in aw.
“I’m really sorry.” She said being apologetic.
“Whatever man. You just showed yo true colors. Hit me up when you get off that lil girl shit.” I said closing the door in her face. Once the girl walked off my porch, we took Bre to the hospital.

While she was getting tested and they were making sure everything was okay, the doctor said there could be a slight chance of her ending up pregnant. She didn’t contract any STD’s or anything. I sat by her the whole time. She wouldn’t let my hand go for nothing. She fell asleep under me while we waited for her to get released from the hospital. As we were walking out the door, we ran into Messiah. He was there because of Mikey.
“What’s going on?” he asked tryna hug Bre’Anne, but she just moved closer to me.
“You shouldn’t have left me.” She said in a low hateful voice. He stood there in shock with a What the fuck? Look on his face. I wanted Bre bad, but I didn’t want her like this.
“It wasn’t his fault, Bre.” I said in her ear.
“I don’t wanna hear it.” She said in a sweet, yet demanding voice.
“Aight.” I said and that was the end of that subject. When we got to her crib, she begged me to stay with her and I had no choice but to. Trigga was a little reluctant to let me stay in the room with her, but he finally realized that I was the one who saved her, so she needed me to be with her. All night she tossed and turned. I’m guessing she was having bad dreams and every time she jumped up, she snuggled closer under me, falling back asleep. It was crazy how she was so stuck to me now.

Bre'Anne - 3 Months Later

I’m in the studio like crazy now. In the 3 months since I got raped, I dropped 2 mixtapes with my brother. I know you’re wondering what happened to G right? Well come to find out it wasn’t him. He actually got locked up right after he saw me that night for selling weed to an undercover cop. He calls me often from jail and checks up on me. As for Messiah, I no longer hold hate in my heart for him. He apologized to me for not being there, but it still didn’t change the fact. We no longer talk as boos, just really close friends. I tried to give him his ring back, but he wouldn’t take it. He said that it would just always be a symbol of our friendship. As for me and Curt…well I’m sure you know how that went. I never thought I would see the day that we would be together, but we are. Trigga is still looking for the nigga that raped me. He’s says he won’t stop until he sees that nigga in a coffin. I pray to God every night for that nigga cuz he’s gonna need the prayers.

“Curt!” I yelled from the bathroom.
“What?” he asked walking in the bathroom with nothing on but some Levi cargo shorts and black footies. I starred at the tattoos on his neck because I loved them so much lol.
“How many times I gotta tell you to stop leaving your dirty draws in my bathroom? This ain’t yo house nigga.” I said holding them up with my index finger, then dropping them at his feet.
“My bad, boo.” He said biting his bottom lip, kicking them over, and stepping closer to me. He picked me up and set me on the counter, sucking on my neck. He started kissing me softly on the lips and he gently slipped his tongue in my mouth, playing with my tongue ring. The kissing got rougher then I felt myself gag. He backed up from me.
“You good?” he asked with a crazy look on his face. I shook my head no then I jumped down from the counter, ran to the other side of the bathroom and threw up for a quick minute in the toilet.
“Babe, what’s wrong.” He asked, forgetting about what happened to me.
“Fuck, I hope I’m not pregnant.” He shook his head then walked out the bathroom. I could only hate myself and life even more at this point.
“Everything good, sis?” Tre’Veon came in the bathroom asking.
“Take me to the store.” I said getting up and brushing my teeth.
“Aight.” He said nodding his head. “I’ll be in the parking garage waiting on you.” He said leaving out the bathroom.
I walked in my room to see Curt sitting on the side of my bed with his face in his hands.
“Babe,” I said standing in front of him. “I’m going to get a pregnancy test.”
He wrapped his arms around my waist and looked up at me. I rubbed my hand on the side of his face and he kissed me deeply.
“I’m coming.” He said backing me up and then putting on a light blue Hollister hoodie.
I grabbed my Coach purse and we walked out the door.


We walked into the corner store to this dude cussing out the Spanish clerk.
“Get out of my store before I call the Puh-leese!” he said in his strong accent.
“Fuck you.” The dude said, turning around to walk out of the door, then I noticed Bre freeze up, meeting eyes with him.
“That’s him.” She said quietly through her teeth.
I bumped Trigga with my elbow a little and nodded my head towards him.
“That’s him?” he asked ready for war. “Well let’s go then!” he said pulling out his gun. The dude tried to rush past us and he nearly knocked Bre’Anne over. He stumbled a little and I pulled him back by his hood.
“You ain’t going nowhere nigga.” I said making him fall to the ground. “You might just die today.”
Trigga snatched him up and put his gun to his face.
“You raped my sister, nigga. Huh?” he said. Dude didn’t reply. Trigga hit him with his gun.
“Don’t fuck with me, yo.” He said repeatedly hitting him, making dude face all bloody. Bre stood there in tears as she watched her brother and me fuck up the nigga that nearly ruined her life.
“Drop your weapon!” an officer said. Trigga didn’t listen.
“DROP YOUR WEAPON!” he said louder. With hate in his eyes, he let dude go and dropped his gun. Two other police officers ran up to the both of us in handcuffs.
Bre stilled stood there with her hand over her mouth with tears falling down her face.
“Bre, go home and get the money in the safe.” Trigga said over his shoulder.
She nodded her head okay and hopped in his car and dipped.


I did as I was told. I got home, ran downstairs to the studio and grabbed all of the money out of the safe and stuffed it in my purse. All the while I was having these weird-feeling sharp pains in my stomach, but I ignored it because I was just tryna get my brother and my baby home.
I walked into the police precinct not knowing where to go. A female officer directed me to the head desk and I immediately walked towards that direction. I was walking up the stairs when the guy that raped me walked down the stairs in handcuffs with an officer walking behind him.
“Excuse me,” I began to say to the police officer. I was really scared for some reason.
“Umm…w-well he-he raped me.” I said pointing at him with a single tear falling down my eye.
“Ma’am, what you need to do is go upstairs and file a police report.” I stood there in shock.
“Then what will happen?” the whole time I talked to the police officer, he starred in my eyes like he was going to kill me.
“Well, I’m sure Mr. Jones here, he’ll serve a little time.” He said patting him hardly on the back.
“Thank you.” I said and as I proceeded to walk back up the stairs, then I heard the sound of someone spitting, I turned around and looked down at the back of my pants where there was yellow phlegm on me.
“Hey, watch yourself!” the officer said jacking him up by his collar. He had this crazy person smirk on his face which pissed me off so bad.
I ran up the stairs shaking off what just happened.
“Excuse me, I’m here to bail out Tre’Veon Henderson and Curtis Williams.” I said getting the money out of my purse.
“That will be $7,450 ma’am.” The lady said typing something on the computer. I handed her all the money and she looked at me like What the hell is this young girl doing with all this money. I answered her question without her asking.
“My father was killed and me and Tre’Veon got his inheritance.” I said with a little attitude.
“Oh. Mr. Henderson is your brother? I thought he was your boyfriend. I’ve seen a lot of young girls like yourself come up here and do a stupid thing like bail their boyfriend out with drug money.” She said chuckling a little.
“First of all, my brother is only in here because he beat the hell out of the light-skinned guy that just got taken downstairs. He raped me and another thing, Curtis is my boyfriend, but all our money is legit. You don’t have to worry about that.” I said with even more attitude.
“Alright, alright Miss Henderson, please don’t get ahead of yourself.” I rolled my eyes.
“Oh yeah and I would like to fill out a police report.”
“Here you go.” She gave me a little packet to fill out while I waited the 30 minutes for them to get released. As I was giving the papers back to her, Tre’Veon came up behind me and hugged me tightly.
“What’s on your pants leg, sis?” he said curiously.
“That bastard spit on me.” I said rolling my eyes. He wasn’t even talking about the spit, but he just went along with what I was talking about.
“I heard his bail was $70,000.” He said.
“Good.” I said kissing his cheek. I walked over to Curt who was sitting on the bench, just ready to leave. I hugged him tightly and kissed him deeply.
“What’s the matter.” I asked him.
“I’m fucked.” He said with a slight attitude.
“How?” I asked him, wondering what he was talking about.
“If the dean finds out about this, he gon kick me out of school.” He said. He was only attending a community college, but he was lucky he got into that. Now he has Assault and Battery on his record, he don’t know what to do. “Don’t worry about it,” I said massaging the back of his neck.
“They’re gonna drop the charges.” I said trying to make him feel better. “Let’s go home.” I said getting up and holding his hand.
We got home around 10 pm. I was highly exhausted and I just wanted to lay down and chill, but you know, nothing ever works out my way.
“Bre’Anne!” Trigga yelled from the studio.
“What?” I said walking down the stairs.
“Who’s blood is this on the floor?” I looked at my hands, then down at my clothes and there was dried up blood that ran underneath my jeans onto my ankle.

What the fuck?


5 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:39 pm


girl this is good! man yu got me guessing! i hope breanna is okay.

6 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:59 pm


So when do we get a new add becuz this is awesome.


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

7 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Thu Jun 10, 2010 11:44 pm


this story is great!!!!!! when are we going to get the next add?
well, i hope it is really really soon!!!!!!

8 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:33 am


I like this!!!
Very nice...
add soon

Stories running
My Happy Ever After NEW
Love Mist

Coming Soon
Last Call

Will be revived
Underneath the Make-Up
Dark Secret

Thanks for all the support ladies!!
Please read and leave feedback!!


9 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Fri Jun 11, 2010 4:16 pm

her love is infinite ;)


I walked into the studio and Bre’Anne was standing by their safe looking down at her leg, then all of a sudden she pasted out. If it ain’t one thing it’s another. Trigga picked her up and carried her to the kitchen.
“Get a glass of water, bro.” he said sitting her up in his lap. He fanned her and poured a little water in her mouth. She coughed a little, then wiped her eyes.
“What the hell is going on with you, sis?” he asked. She shrugged her shoulders and laid her head on his chest.
“I’m taking you to the doctor in the morning. Can you take her upstairs?” he asked me.
“I gotchu.” I said picking her up.
Once we got to her room I laid her down on her bed. I kissed her forehead and I let her fall asleep in my arms. Once she was sound asleep, I left and went home. I didn’t really wanna be round her for some reason because I had this funny feeling like...

I didn’t sign up for all of this.

I got home and somebody was calling me off the hook. Even when I ignored it, they called straight back.
“Hello?” I said with an attitude after picking up after the 6th time of them calling.
“Curt.” Some ghetto girl with a high pitch voice said.
“What? Who dis is?” I asked.
“It’s Tia.” She said.
“What the fuck you want? I told you if it ain’t about Calnaÿa (Cal-Nays-ja) don’t call me.” I said not tryna here nothing she was about to talk out the side of her neck about.
“Come set me straight nigga.” She said like I was supposed to know what the fuck she wanted.
“Mayne, I don’t got time for yo ass.” I said getting agitated.
“Look, nigga. Stop being all high class like you can’t do me a favor. Boy, you know you want this pussy.”
I shook my head. “Shut the fuck up.” I said calming my attitude down.
She sighed. “Please Curt?” she said in the sexiest voice.
She spit me a little game and next thing you know I was opening my front door to lil mama standing there in a trench coat. She dropped it and I felt my dick rise a little. I ain’t fucked a bitch since the incident with Bre’Anne and you know she won’t tryna let me hit yet. I understand the situation, but I’m not the type of nigga to just not get pussy.
“What’s up?” I asked her as I watched her walk in with nothing on but some lace panties with the matching bra.
“You tell me.” She said looking over her shoulder then smirking.
Next thing I know I was all up in her pussy. I was feeling it when she was sucking my dick, then it got interrupted by somebody calling me.
“Fuck.” I said pushing her off.
“What Curt?” she said in a whinny voice. I put my finger in front of her face.
“Hey baby.” I said.
“Why did you leave?” Bre’Anne asked me.
“Somebody gotta pay my bills.” I said.
“Well, what are you doing?” she asked.
“Um, nothing. Let me call you back though.” I said disconnecting the call.
“Who was that?” Tia asked me.
“My girl.” I said not giving a fuck if she knew or not. “I gotta take a piss.” I said getting up.
“Well, I see you still the same ol' dog." she said from my bedroom.
Damn. After she put her coat and heels back on, I walked her to her car and watched her pull off. I went back in the crib and took a quick shower. A lot of thoughts were running through my head. I got out the shower, lotioned up, and threw on some Polo draws, some basketball shorts and some black and white Polo footies. I called Bre back and she didn’t answer. I called back 10 minutes later and she finally picked up.
“What?” she said. I could tell she had been crying.
“What’s wrong?” I asked her.
“Who is Tia?” she asked.
“Just a girl I know. Why?” I asked her.
“Why she calling me telling me that you don’t care about me and you don’t want nothing to do with me?” I sighed.
“Why you believing what that broad said?” I asked her.
“Because something is not adding up, Curtis. How she get my number? Why did you just all of a sudden leave? Why you tell me you won’t doing nothing, but you had to call me back? I gotta funny feeling about all this shit. I really hope that I can trust that you not doing me wrong Curt like for real. Can you just be honest with me? You know what I been through, so you know I really don’t wanna go through this bullshit.” she said, starting to cry again.
Once again thoughts were flying through my head. How the fuck?…she must of got Bre’s number when I went to piss. I’m all fucked.
“You want me to be honest with you?” I asked her.
“That’s all I’m asking for.” she said in a low voice.
“Aight, look. Tia called me over and over again when I got to my crib. When I finally picked up, she asked to come over. So, I let her come. It was nothing we was just chilling, but when I went to the bathroom she must have gotten ya number then.” I said lying through my teeth…well half of it was a lie.
“Did you fuck her?” she asked.
I wasn’t surprised she asked me that. Knowing Tia, she probably told her everything.
“Naw, she sucked my dick.” I said once again lying.
I heard her lightly sob a little then she sniffed. “Don’t lie to me.” She said.
“I’m not lying.” I said feeling really bad.
“Okay.” She said letting it go, but I knew she won't believing me.


I was still on the phone with Curt crying. We weren’t talking, he just listened to me sob a little and he sighed and I could tell something else was up.
“What were you thinking?” I finally asked him.
“I don’t know.” He said in a low voice. Then, he sighed and finally told me.
“I fucked her.”
I closed my eyes tight as warm tears poured down my face and hung up on him. How come nothing ever goes my way?

The next day, Tre’Veon woke me up to take me to the doctor. I took a long shower and tried my best to forget about what happened with Curt. I got out the shower, combed down my blunt bangs and put my hair into Pocahontas braids. I brushed my teeth, then walked into my closet. I had no idea what to put on, so I threw on a long sleeved white V-neck shirt, some bleached dark blue ripped-up skinny jeans, a silver Coach belt, and some white and silver gladiator sandals. I grabbed my all white Coach purse and walked with Trigga to his car.
“What’s up with you sis?” he asked me pulling off into the New York City traffic.
“Nothing. I’m just tired.” I dryly said.
“That’s bullshit yo. I ain’t neva seen you so down. I know you still ain’t good from what happened, but I can tell something else is wrong with you. So, you needa spit that shit out cause I’m tired of seeing you like this. You ain’t been getting in trouble, you ain’t dancing no more, yo singing on some different shit, and yo raps is talking about bullshit.” He said grabbing my attention.
“Really?” I asked him. I was so surprised at how much I’ve changed. He smirked at me.
“So tell me what’s up.” he said and I sighed.
“Curt cheated on me with some hoe named Tia. She blew up my phone last night cutting up like she was bad. You know me, and if I was my normal self you know I woulda found that bitch and fucked her up, but now I’m just so emotional and shit.”
He chuckled at me a little. “Yeah, I know Curt called me. He told me everything that happened. I’m not saying he was right for doing it, but I’m just saying you gotta try to understand where he coming from. You know all the pain you feeling? He feeling it too. He was there, he saw it happen, so if he do something dumb and stupid it’s because he not right either.” He said making me understand every word he was saying.
I sat back in the passenger seat in deep thought thinking about what my brother was saying. Maybe I do needa give Curt the benefit of doubt.

We got to the doctor’s office and I was super nervous for what he was going to tell me.
“Miss Henderson, it seems that you were pregnant, but you had a miscarriage and the reason was stress.” He told me.
“I was thinking that was what happened.” I said.
“Are you okay?” he asked me.
“Yes. I’m fine. I didn’t want to have the baby anyways because an incident occurred to where I was…nevermind.” I said with my eyes starting to tear up.
“I understand.” He said patting my shoulder.
“Okay, well you are very healthy and you should keep it up.” He said.
“Okay. Thank you.” I said hopping down from the bed and then walking out of the office behind him.
I walked outside to the car and Trigga was standing in the parking lot smoking a Cigarello.
“What happened?” he asked me.
“I had a miscarriage, but I’m good. You know damn well I wouldn’t even be able to look, let alone take care of that baby.”
I know my words sounded harsh, but I would have never wanted my baby to grow up knowing it was a mistake because that’s would have probably happened and I wouldn’t be able to deal with that.

Bre'Anne - Continued

I fell asleep in the car and woke up to it coming to a stop. I opened my eyes to see Curt walking toward the car. I unbuckled my seatbelt and hopped out the car. I ran up to him and jumped into his arms. He smiled and held me tightly. “
What’s up with you?” he asked me.
“Fuck what happened, baby.” I said kissing him. He put me down and then dapped up Trigga.
“What’s up with her?” he asked Tre’Veon and looking at me. I was cheesing hella hard.
“She’s back.” He said laughing.
“Aight.” He said laughing with him.
“Let’s get to work.”
We all hopped back into the car and rode to the big studio in Brooklyn. Once we got settled down Trigga immediately made me go into the booth and finish up Are You The One.
“Okay. So, just do me right?” I asked putting on the head phones.
“Fasho.” He said counting down. I cleared my throat and began singing.

Now baby all I ask of you is stand with me and be there in my time of need/ I don’t want no other boy but you by my side stay down for eternity/ Tell me are you the one for me/ Tell me are you the one for me/ tell me are you the one/ you the one/ you the one for me

I walked out the booth and Trigga walked in after me to do his verse.
“That was hot sis.” He said smiling at me. I laughed a little and went to go sit beside Curt.
“Go.” He said to Tre’Veon.
While Trigga was in the booth doing his thing gassing up the booth, I was live. I was drinking Joose (the alcoholic drink) with Curt and he was enjoying seeing me happy.
“So what happened at the doctor’s?” he asked me.
“I had a miscarriage.” I said straightening up. His eyes widen a little.
“You good? Cause now that you told me that it seem like you acting happy because you’re depressed.” I calmed down.
He was right. I let a tear drop from my eye.
“Don’t do this to me.” I said closing my eyes and turning my head.
“I’m not bay.” He said rubbing up and down my thigh. “Just be real. It’s not easy for nobody to lose a child.” He said.
“I can’t miss or love what I didn’t know.” I said folding my arms.
He shook his head and sucked his teeth. “Stop acting nonchalant.” He said with authority in his voice.
“Shut up. You can’t tell me how to feel.” I said catching an attitude.
“Ain’t nobody tryna tell yo ass how to feel, but you up in here drinking and shit like you really don’t give a fuck. I see right through that bullshit.”
I rolled my eyes. “Whateva, nigga I don’t got time for this.”
I jumped up a grabbed my purse and threw my phone and notebook in it. I turned around so fast that my purse hit him in the face and knocked the can of Joose all over on the studio equipment.
“Fuck Bre’Anne!” I heard Curt yell.
When I turned around Tre’Veon was coming out of the booth to look at the damage. I hurried up and ran to the subway. I hopped on a train, not knowing at all where it was going. I turned off my phone and then some random dude sat beside me.
“You aight?” he asked me.
I turned around and faced G. I hugged him tightly.
“What are you doing out?” I asked him.
“They let me out hella early for good behavior.”
I smiled in his face. “Good. I’ve been needing somebody to talk to other than my brother and Curt.” I said.
“Curt? You still mess with him? I ran into Tia earlier and she said ya’ll broke up and they were dating.”
I felt my temperature raise, but I didn’t show it.
“Fuck her and him. What’s good with me and you.” I asked him. He smiled.
“You tell me.” He said kissing my neck.
“Don’t get me started. That’s my spot.” I said starring into his eyes.
The subway train came to a stop and fortunately I was on the right one because we ended up Downtown.
“Look, my brother ain’t home and you look like you have nowhere to go right now. You wanna come to my crib?” he said biting his bottom lip and looking down at me.
“It’s whatever.” I said holding his hand.
We walked about 4 blocks until we came to 22nd Ave. Lofts.
“We here.” he said leading me into the building.
We got on the elevator and went up to the 3rd floor.
“This is nice.” I said as we walked into his crib.
“Yeah. My brother’s gay so you know he made it look fabulous.” He said.
I looked at him like he was crazy. “I’m fucking with you lil mama. My sister wanted to decorate so we let her do whateva.” He said laughing at me.
“So, where’s your room?” I asked him slipping off my sandals.
“Right this way.” He said leading me into his all back bedroom with “Giovanni” spray painted gray over top of his bed. He had “Free My Daddy” written on the opposite wall with a man’s face behind bars on it.
“This is really dope.” I said admiring the picture. “You did this?” I asked him.
“Yeah. Took me like 3 days. He killed 6 cops and now he got life in prison. I’ve been visiting him since I was 2 years old.”
“Damn that’s sad. But you have skills though.”
He laughed “Thanks, but enough about me, let’s talk about you. How you been?” he asked referring to what happened.
“Tryna live my life.” I said plopping down on his bed and laying back. “This is really comfortable.” I said laughing.
“Yeah. I heard ya bro nearly killed that nigga at the bodega on Marshall.” He said laughing.
“Yeah. He was beating the hell out of him in his face.” I said laughing with him, but for real, it wasn’t funny.
He pulled me up between his legs and held me tightly.
“Tell you the truth, the night I saw you, I had this funny feeling…like I should have stayed with you.” I smiled.
“Yeah and if you did it would have turned out a lot better.” I said playing with his hand.
“But, you know I’ve let go. What happened that night, happened so things can’t do nothing but get better from here on out.” I looked up at him and we starred into each other’s eyes.
“You’re beautiful.” He said sweetly.
I turned my body around to face him and I sat up in his lap, wrapping my legs around his waist. I gently kissed him and his soft lips made me melt into his arms. We kissed and kissed, not caring about nothing else in the world but us. He laid me back on his bed and lifted up my shirt. He began kissing my stomach and tracing my Tinkerbell tattoo with his tongue. It tickled so I lightly giggled. He began sucking on my waist leaving a few hickies there. He sat up and we just smiled at each other. I took off my shirt and unbuckled my jeans, which he helped take down.
“Your body is amazing.” He said making me laugh.
He picked me up and laid me on the bed. I pulled him close to me and whispered in his ear, “I want you.”
He smirked and pulled his dick out. I wasn’t really sure if I was ready, because I wanted my first real time to be with Curt, but if you play a donkey you get pinned on the ass. He began sucking on my neck when I felt him get harder and harder between my legs.
“You ready?” he said in my ear with his sexy ATL accent.
“Yeah.” I said in a cute little voice that made him gently smile at me.
He slid down my boy shorts and began fingering me. He started with one finger, then two, then three. I let out sweet moans. He was half way in me when a phone started ringing.
“I thought you cut your phone off.” He said gently stroking me.
“I did.” The phone stopped ringing.
His pipe game started to get intense and I loved every inch he was putting in me. The phone started ringing again.
“Hold on.” I said pulling up my boy shorts. I searched through my purse where the ringing was coming from. There it was, Curt’s phone and he was calling from Tre'Veon's. His phone must have fell in my purse when I was leaving.
“Hello.” I said.
“Who is dis?” he asked.
“Who you think nigga?” I said back.
“Man, don’t start. Where you at and why you got my phone?” he asked me.
“Don’t worry about where I’m at and I didn’t take it on purpose.” I said catching an attitude.
“Don’t get smart with me. I’m not worried about where you at, yo brother is.” I rolled my eyes because I really did wish he cared about where I was and what I was doing.
“Tell him I’m safe. I’m round the way, ya’ll don’t need to worry.” I said.
“He don’t need to worry.” He said getting smart.
“Whatever Curt.” I said starting to tear up.
“You da one who snapped and hit me so I’m not gon sit and take yo shit because I could be dogging yo ass right now.” I then started to cry.
“I didn’t do it on purpose.” I said in a high pitch voice.
He sighed. “Why you crying mayne.” He said in a low caring voice.
“Because.” I said whining.
“Stop.” He said making me feel a little better that he cared.
“Come home.” He said in a voice that I couldn’t say no to.
“I’m on my” I was interrupted by G coming up behind me and kissing my neck. Curt must have heard me moan a little and G say, “Come on, get off the phone.” all I heard was him hang up.


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damn g. why he had to say sumthyn!? but curt cant get mad two can play that game.!!

11 Re: TRUST KiLLS && lOVE DiES on Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:56 pm


WOW you cant stop there
two wrongs dont make a right but curt cant even get mad cause he messed up to.

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her love is infinite ;)


I know damn well Bre’Anne won’t with some other nigga. I was gonna leave her house, but I wanted to get my phone back. I waited for like 45 minutes, then she came walking in the door. She still had the braids in her hair, so I saw all the hickies on her neck.
“So, you fucking otha niggas?” I said two inches from her face. She wouldn’t look up at me.
“Move...please.” She said whinning and trying to push me back.
I slapped her hands down and pushed her against the door. I squeezed her arms tightly.
“What the fuck yo!” I yelled in her face. She tried to wiggle out of my grip.
“Stop. It hurts.” She said starting to cry.
“Gimme my fucking phone.” I said letting her go and pushing her back.
She had the saddest look in her eyes. She handed it to me and walked upstairs to her room wiping her tears.
“Nobody’s perfect.” I heard her say before she closed her door.

I stood in their foyer for 10 minutes and contemplated on whether I should go up and talk to her instead of just leave. I couldn’t find the strength to just dip. Yeah, we might have did each other wrong, but I’m not gone just leave her without talking to her about what happened. I slowly walked up the steps and checked my phone. Tia ass was texting me and I didn’t want nothing to do with her. Once I got to her door, I knocked three times. She opened it and once I saw her, I wanted to fuck her so bad. Her hair was down, wet, and curly and she had on some boy shorts and a snoopy cami. I could tell she had just got out the shower because it was hot and steamy in her room. I walked in. Her nose and eyes were red from crying. She sat on the end of her bed Indian style and started to catch the drips of water from her hair with a towel. All I could do was stare at her hickies. I laid down on her bed with one foot on it and one foot off. She got up and stood in front of the mirror to put her hair up in a ponytail. Her shirt lifted up and I smiled at her Tinkerbell tattoo because that’s the one she got when we got together, then I noticed the hickies beside it. I didn’t say anything. I just shook my head. She took all of her clothes and put them in her hamper. I watched her every move. She finally was done cleaning up her room and turned off her lamp. She snuggled under me, even though I didn’t want her to and rubbed her hand across my chest.
“I’m sorry.” She softly said.
“Did you fuck that nigga?” I asked her.
“Do you have to ask?” she said. I rolled my eyes.
“Didn’t yo ass ask me?” I said getting smart.
“Don’t cuss at me.” She said getting closer to me.
“Then answer my question.” I said holding her tighter.
“I really wanted to be with you.” She gently said. “But you made me so mad. Do you know what he told me?” she asked.
“Naw what?” I asked her.
“He said Tia came up to him and said that we broke up and ya’ll two were dating.”
I laughed. “What else?”
“He said I was beautiful.”
I rolled my eyes. “Why did you fuck him? I thought you wanted your first real time with me.”
She sniffed a little. “I was just being stupid. I was so mad at you for just being real with me.”
I pushed her off of me. “Bullshit. That ain’t no muthafuckin excuse and obviously he won’t some nigga you just met. You been talking to him. Am I right?” I asked.
She sat up and didn’t say a word.
“Huh? Answer my fucking question. Ain’t no way in the world you was being faithful to me this whole time. You needa speak the fuck up! I know you heard bout me being a dog. So is that why you did that shit?” I asked her.
She balled up her fist and slammed them on the bed. “Why the fuck are you acting so innocent!” she screamed and at that point I knew Trigga was listening to us argue, but he not the type of nigga to deal with his sister relationship problems. Instead, he tries to get her to be independent.
“Why are you acting like you didn’t just fuck Tia yesterday!” she said with tears streaming down her face.
I stood up to her. “Shut the fuck up.”
She starred dead in my eyes challenging me. “Fuck you.” Was here words while she stood up on her knees on the bed.
I clenched my teeth and balled up my fists. “Did you say fuck you to your little boyfriend?” I asked her.
“Fuck you.” She said again.
I wrapped my hand around her neck. I gripped her neck tightly as she clenched her teeth tightly. She gently slapped me because she had no strength. She started hitting me on my chest. I still didn’t let go. She finally pulled her leg from under her and kicked me straight in the nuts.
“Fuck!” I yelled out.
I fell to my knees and held my nuts. I looked over at her and she coughing and coughing trying to catch her breath. I got up and pushed her down on her back holding her wrists as tight as I could.
“Why do you keep hurting me?” she asked through tears.
I felt bad and let her go.
I sat on the bed beside her and watched her cry and sniff. She sat up on the side of the bed facing the wall for about 10 minutes and then it started to rain really bad. Every time it thunder, she jumped and deep inside I just wanted to hold her.
“Come here.” I said grabbing her hand.
She tried to pull away from me, but I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me. She tried to pull away, but I held her tighter.
“Just leave me alone.” She said in a whinny voice that turned me on.
“You know I’m not gon do that.” I said.
She gently removed my left arm from around her then sat up. She turned to me and then climbed on top of me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and then laid her head on my shoulder, planting a soft kiss on my neck.
“I love you.” She finally said. It was her first time saying it.
“I love you too.” I said holding her. She was the first girl other then my daughter, I said that to and I really meant it.


So, I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have fucked G. He was upset that I left him to be with Curt, but he just didn’t understand what was going on. His words echoed through my head, “If you leave now, don’t come back.” I took the chance and left, G wasn’t my man, nor was he the one I wanted to be in love with.

“Are you mad at me, Curt?” I asked him.
“I can't be mad, Bre. I just don’t understand why we just did each other like this. I shouldn’t have fucked Tia and you shouldn’t have fucked that nigga.” he said rubbing up and down my back.
I sighed. “I know. From this day forward, I want to be with you and only you.” I said kissing his cheek.
He turned to me and kissed me deeply. I laid on my back and he got on top of me. He licked my cheek and then sucked on it making me giggle. He put his hand in my panties and rubbed up and down on my clit. He planted kisses on my shoulder and put his hand up my shirt and began playing with my nipple. I kept giggling.
“You like that?” he asked me.
“Um hmm.” I said smiling.
“Well, you ain’t getting shit else.” He said removing his hands from my body, then getting up to go wash his hands.
“Why you doing me like this?” I asked him, getting up to change my wet panties.
“You lost your chance at fucking me now.” He said sticking his head out the door and smirking at me. I knew he was staring at my ass because I had on red lace boy shorts.
“Please Curt?” I asked pouting and sticking out my bottom lip.
“Fuck no. You was just fucking dude two hours ago and you expect me to get up in that now? You done lost yo mind.”
I blew out a big breath. “So! Well, I mean not so, but…” he raised his eyebrows.
“So?! Are you fucking serious?” he said drying his hands with a towel.
I slipped on some Juicy Couture sweats and changed into a black wife beater.
“I didn’t mean it like that.” I said trying to avoid arguing.
“Yeah whatever.” He said giving me a look that I hated. “I’m gone.” he said putting on his black, gold, and white Creative Recreations.
“Where you going, boo?” I asked him throwing a temper tantrum.
“Stop cuz you not three and did you just hear what the fuck you said to me?” he said getting a piece of lint off his black tee.
“Leave then nigga I don’t give a fuck.” I said crossing my arms and giving him a confident attitude.
“I don’t need yo ass to get it right.” I saw his temper boil when I said that, but I knew what I was doing. He ain’t gon back up from a challenge with me and I knew that. I knew I was going to finally get the chance to make love with my baby.
“Yeah of course you don’t need me to get that shit right. You proved that already.” He opened the door and walked out.
My plan didn’t get executed as expected.
I ran after him. “Curt!” I yelled out.
He continued to walk down the stairs and I followed right behind him.
“Don’t ignore me.” I said in a voice that I knew turned him on, but he still kept walking.
“Curtis Deandre Williams, if you leave now ain’t no way in hell I’m staying with you.”
“Bullshit.” He said walking through the dining room. He stopped in his tracks.
“Oh, so you thought about it.” I said coming up behind him and wrapping my arms around his body. He didn’t look down at me, but he bent down and squinted a little to see in the pitch black kitchen.
“What the fuck?” he said flicking on the lights.
“Oh shit.” He said starting to laugh hysterically. I looked around his 6'4'' frame to see Tre’Veon penetrating a beautiful girl from the back, leaning on our island. She looked like she was Asian and black and she was really thick. Curt wouldn’t stop laughing and I covered my eyes and laughed too.
“Eww, Tre!” I yelled out and we finally caught their attention.
She hurried up and pulled up her panties and limped up the stairs to his room and he pulled up his cargo shorts.
“Aye, I got tired of hearing ya’ll argue.” He said shrugging and running after her.
“Go get your shoes baby.” Curt said to me.
“Kay.” I said. I was calm on the outside but on the inside I was like Yeessss! We was about to go to his crib. I ran up the steps and grabbed my pink, white, green, and black Jordan’s, my purse and a jacket. When I walked back by Tre’s room, it was another girl there standing in front of his bed about to give him a show while the Asian chick watched also and massaged his dick for him.
"Tre'Veon is so nasty." i said to myself as i skipped down the stairs.
Soon, I was walking out the door with Curt’s arm over my shoulder.
“Yo brother a beast. He gassing that hoe like a bitch.” He said laughing as we walked in the rain to his crib.
I laughed. “You nasty, and you mean THEM hoes.”
He raised his eyebrows and laughed even more. "That's aight though, he keeping that shit lit."
I turned up my face.
“You too cute.” He said sarcastically.
“Shut up.” I said booty bumping him.
“I just didn’t want yo virgin ears and eyes to see or hear that, so you staying at my house.” I laughed.
“Virgin? I just got it in with a nigga that won’t you.” I said walking in front of him and moving my ass in circles on his dick. He pushed me off.
“Get the fuck outta here with that childish shit. Why the fuck you had to bring that up? I was gon forget about it and give it to you good.” He said checking his phone. Jay Young, the guy from him and my brother's group (that I am secretively in love with!...well he knows) was texting him.
“Aww, I’m sorry boo.” I said making kissy faces at him.
He moved my hand away from his face and held it. “Don’t play with me like that no more.”
It was raining hard, then drizzling back and forth, so we had to rush to his house. By time we got there, we were soaking wet, but I didn’t care because I was with him, though I could tell he was still mad at me.

When I walked in, it was like no one was even living in his house.
“Where is all your stuff babe?” I asked him, standing in his doorway. He walked in behind me.
“What the fuck!” he said throwing his hands up.
There was absolutely nothing in his house except his tables. Even his curtains were pulled down.
“You got something you need to tell me?” I asked him, searching around his room.
“What the fuck that mean? I’m just as shocked as yo ass.” He said following me.
“Look.” I said picking up a piece of paper. It read…
You tried to play me, but I got you. You act like we ain’t never had nothing and now that you with that boogee Cali bitch, everything between us fell apart. Why? I got yo blood nigga, I got yo heart, not THAT BITCH. You act like everything that happened like me holding you down when you was gon for those couple of months never happened. What about me? What about Butt? Do we matter? Well, since you don't care I’m going to show you how much I give a fuck about you now. NOT A DAMN BIT.

My temperature raised to its highest point. “Curt, who the fuck wrote this? What does this Butt shit mean? How the fuck this person got yo blood????” he couldn’t answer because something crashed in the kitchen.
“Move!” I said pushing past him at the speed of lightening. Walking into the dark kitchen, I didn’t know what to expect, but I finally met that muthafuckin bitch. I flicked on the lights to see Tia dressed in a black G-string with the matching bra and some really high heels. She had a bottle in her hand and she was pouring wine into a glass. I looked all around the kitchen and his clothes and personal belongings were spread around and the strong scent of gas filled my lungs.
“Curt, go outside.” I said pointing towards the door. He started walking towards me.
“GO!” I said in a voice he couldn’t disobey.
“A bitch you are.” She said laughing hysterically at Curt.
He turned around and then, she began to light his stuff on fire.
“What the fuck did I just say?!” I said still facing him.
“Hell naw mayne! Look at what the fuck she doing.” I turned around.
“Oh fuck naw.” I picked up his butcher knife and rushed to her.
“You picked the wrong bitch to fuck with.” I threw the knife at her, missing her by a quick centimeter.
“You bitch!” she said running towards me, but her heels made her trip over his clothing. I picked her up by her hair and threw her on her back.
“You not gon ruin what the fuck I got.” I said hitting her in her face over and over again.
My hands were covered in blood and no matter how hard Curt tried to get me off of her, I won’t budging.
“Come on, we gon get caught in this fire!” he yelled at me.
“Get the fuck off me Curt.” I said pushing him off of me.
I watched her lay there struggling to get up, then I spit on her and I slapped the shit out of Curt.
“I’m done.” I said grabbing my purse and rushing out the door.
I walked home in heavy rain, never looking back at the growing flames inside the house.


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do you have talent or what this story is so good! man im glad breanne beat dat bitch up! n poor curt lol he mess up every time. pleease! add more soon!

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her love is infinite ;)

lol thanx ! i'll add now...havee nothinq elsee to do !


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her love is infinite ;)


I really couldn’t process what was going on after Bre hit me. All I could think about was getting Tia out the house. Once I picked her up over my shoulder, she said something really slick out her mouth. Ignored it, even though what she said made me want to drop her ass.
“You good?” I asked her, sitting her down on the curb and calling the police.
She just sat there staring off into space, like she was about to cry.
“That’s what you get. I guess you learned yo lesson.” I said while I was on hold.
When I looked up the street, I saw Bre walking from a distance. If it wasn’t for me being so stupid, this shit wouldn’t have happened. The ambulance, fire trucks, and police came. I decided not to file a police report and I called my insurance to make sure I was covered. Tia was hauled off to the hospital in a stretcher and I had no choice but to walk to Bre’s house, although I knew she didn’t want to fuck with me right now.

Once I got to her door, I banged on it over and over because she wouldn’t come to the door. I heard Trigga yell at her and she yelled back. That was a first. The two girls he fucked opened the door and then left, letting me in. Trigga was still chastising her in their living room.
“Do you know how stupid yo ass look coming through the house blooded like that? You was doing good mayne. You better hope yo ass don’t catch a charge!” he said about to put a blunt in his mouth.
“Whatever! You don’t know what the fuck happened! She burned all his shit up and you expect me to let that shit fly? Hell no. But you’re right, maybe Curt is too much trouble.” She said lowering her voice.
“I ain’t even say that. Get yo shit the fuck together.” He said over his shoulder, walking up the stairs and lighting the blunt.
She watched him then her attention was directed to me. She rolled her eyes and tried to walk past me, but I grabbed her arm.
“We gotta talk.” I said to her.
“Talking ain’t gone solve shit.” She said in an I don’t give a fuck tone.
“Sit the fuck down.” I said pulling her back down on the couch.
“What Curt?” she said rolling her neck and folding her arms.
“You really need to know everything. Tia and me got a serious ass past.”
She looked dead in my eyes. “How serious?” she said in a caring tone.
“She my baby mama.” All she did was stare at me and I saw hate in her eyes, I never thought a person could have so much.
“YOU GOTTA BABY?!” she yelled out loud and jumped up.
“How the hell did you miss telling me that one?!” her face was red and she was beginning to purse her lips like she always did when she was pissed.
“Listen, please baby.” She stood there with her arms folded then, she sat down.
“My name is Bre’Anne.”
I shook what she had just said off. “I didn’t want to tell you because I wasn’t quite ready for you to meet her.” I said rubbing her hand.
She pulled away from me and scooted on the far end of the couch.
“Curtis it’s been 4 months!” she yelled.
“Girl, calm down for real.” I said getting pissed. “You just don’t understand. That’s why I was hesitant to start talking to you. I didn’t want to go through all this bullshit!” i yelled right back at her.
she dropped a few tears. “Please stop yelling.” She softly said.
We sat there in silence for a few minutes, then she wiped her tears.
“How old is she?” she asked attempting to look at me.
“Two.” I said in a low voice.
“You had her when we first moved here?”
I sighed. “Yeah Bre’Anne.”
She rolled her eyes. “17? You was 17? You told me at 17 you won’t with no girl and you won’t giving a fuck about relationships then.”
I laid back on the couch. “And I won’t lying. Tia was, is, and always will be a hoe. It was a one night stand that went wrong.”
She turned her face up. “You went raw with her?” she asked me.
“Chill out with that shit man. You asking for too much. Did you go raw with G? Yeah, I know you fucked THAT trifling ass nigga and I know you did it raw. He real cool with Jay Young and he was glad to tell me everything. He texted me when we was walking to my house.”
She raised her eyebrows and pulled her lips in, trying to hold back tears. “He’s lying.” She said in a high pitch tone.
“Don’t fucking lie to me Bre’Anne. The truth is already out. You ain’t gotta start with that lying shit because I will leave ya ass right now and never look back.” I said being straight up with her.
She sat there crying and I got up to go into the kitchen. I sat there and watched the T.V. on top of the fridge to get my mind off things. About 15 minutes passed and then Bre’Anne came in and sat beside me with her head down, twirling her thumbs and sniffing. She knew I was staring at her so, she opened my arms and laid her head on my chest.
“You so fucking shaky. One minute you my dream girl then the next you acting crazy as a bitch.” I said to her.
“I wonder why.” She said.
"Man, you can't keep blaming it on the fact that you got raped. That shit happened and we can't do nothing about it. So all this crazy ass emotional shit is coming from somewhere else." i said.
“I ain’t never been like this. I used to be this cool ass girl that could just go with the flow unless somebody stepped on my toes, but now my life and personality has done a whole 360. I’m sorry I’m putting you through this. I don’t blame you if you don’t wanna be with me anymore.” On that note she got up and went to her room.
I couldn’t help but feel bad for her, so I walked upstairs to her room. When I walked in, she turned on all of her lights which made her room really bright.
“It’s 3 in the morning.” I said. “Cut yo lights down.”
“Can you come here please?” she said pulling me over to the bed.
“Hold out your arms.” She said beginning to scan my tatts.
“Kal-Nae-yah” she said in her Cali accent that made me laugh.
“Calnaÿa. It’s pronounced like the country Malaysia.” I said starring at her pretty face.
She giggled a little. “Oh,” she said. “That’s your daughter right?” she asked.
I felt like it was our first time talking again because she was acting like everything that just transpired didn’t really go down.
“Yeah.” I said looking into her eyes that seemed to say there’s going to be better days.
“Her name’s really pretty. Does she look like you?” she asked.
“Naw, she looks exactly like my mama.” I laughed at the memory of seeing them two together before my moms died.
“You’ll see her, but she gotta light caramel complexion, good hair, and pretty brown eyes. She hella little for a two year old.” I paused for a minute. “I ain’t seen her in like 3 months mayne.” I said shaking my head.
“Let’s go to sleep.” She said turning off the lights.
I laughed. “Go get yo ass in the shower. You smell like straight gas.”
She flicked me off then walked into the bathroom.


I was in the shower scrubbing my body down to rid myself of the gassy smell and any signs of Tia’s blood. I felt really bad after Curt told me she was his baby mama, but a bitch get’s what a bitch deserves. I felt as though I was in a crazy predicament because I’m fresh out of high school at 17 years old going through shit I didn’t even think could happen to me. Luckily, my 18th birthday was coming up in a few weeks on December 12. I will be getting away for awhile!

I was still in the shower after 10 minutes when I heard the bathroom door creak. I smiled to myself because I knew Curt was coming in. I could tell he was starring at my silhouette through the foggy glass. I heard his chain clank on the bathroom sink and I knew he was taking off his clothes.
“Come here.” I said opening the glass door, sticking my head out, not revealing my body.
He smirked at me and I smiled as I looked up and down his naked body. He was really long, and thick. Mmm lol. He stepped in and looked down at my face then my body and I handed him the wash cloth to scrub my back.
“Can you?” I asked him.
He ain’t say a word, he just spun me around and took the rag and began massaging my back lightly.
“Do you really love me, Curt?” I asked him.
“Yeah.” He whispered in my ear.
“Say it.” I said as he went lower down my back.
“I love you, Bre’Anne.” He said turning me around with his hands on my hips, lightly squeezing my booty. I looked down and he was gradually getting hard.
“I love you too and I apologize for everything.” I said.
He gently kissed my lips. “It ain’t your fault.”
He began kissing me more and more. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and picked me up. He put my body against the shower wall and I wrapped my legs around his waist. His hard dick was against my wet pussy and I was really ready to make love to him. I reached down and rubbed his dick up and down. I couldn't wait anymore so I slipped him inside of me. He stroked me gently like four times then he quickly pulled out when his phone started to ring.
“Curt, are you serious?” I asked him when he let my body go and I following him out the bathroom.
“I told Tia to call me if she needed me to keep Calnaÿa.” He walked to my dresser and opened the drawers where his clothes he kept at my house was located.
“Oh my god.” I said breathing out heavily.
“You lying like a bitch! Why the fuck she wait to get her ass beat for her to finally let you see your daughter after 3 months? Huh?” He let out a big sigh.
“Bre’Anne, don’t fucking start with me.” He said putting on some navy blue and white Polo boxers. I put on my boy shorts, a bra, and one of his white tees.
“I gotta go.” He said putting on some LRG sweats, a white tee, and some gray and white Blazers.
“Whatever.” I said as he kissed my forehead.
“Oh my god, Bre! Fuck it! I’m through with this shit! I’m out.” He said slamming my door then running down the stairs and out the door.
I ran to my window and watched him pull out of the parking garage in his Charger that he barely drives. Once again, I slipped under my covers and silently cried.


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you have a lot of talent, this story is great
keep up the good work
i hope you add really really soon!!!!!!!!

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upz yu gotta new page new add!

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her love is infinite ;)


I can’t believe Bre’Anne went straight back to acting like she was early tonight, but I won’t stressing it because it’s been a minute since I seen my baby girl and I was just happy that she was staying with me.

I pulled up at Tia’s mama’s house where her and Calnaÿa were staying.
“Hey, Curt. How you doing?” her mama said smiling at me.
“Man, I’m stressing, but other than what’s going on, I’m good. Where my butt butt at?” I asked her walking into Tia’s room, where Calnaÿa was sleeping.
“You know, I told Shatia to let you keep her for awhile. Her life is very hectic right now and she don’t need to put that child through none of that. So, I want you to take her and let her stay with you until Shatia gets on her feet, okay?”
I was shocked that Tia even agreed to that.
“Yes, ma’am.” I said picking up Calnaÿa’s packed bags and putting them in my car. I put everything I could possible put in my car for her then I went back into the house to get her.
“Okay now. Take care of my grandbaby.” She said leading me out the door.
“I will.” I said putting Calnaÿa in her car seat and waving bye to her.

I didn’t want to go back to Bre crib because I knew she would be bitching, but I really didn’t have a choice. When we pulled up to the house, I got out, got Calnaÿa out her car seat and took her up to their apartment. I knocked on the door and Tre’Veon opened it.
“What’s up Butt Butt?” he said to her. She was still sleepy, but she managed to smile at him. It was crazy because Trigga knew all along I had a daughter and she even call him “Uncle Tigga” lol, but he ain’t say a word to Bre bout it.
“It’s been a minute. How long you got her?” he asked me.
“Til Tia get back on her feet, which will probably take forever.” I said chuckling a little bit.
“Aight then lil bruh. Well, you know you welcome to stay here until you get yo crib situation on track.” He said.
“Thanks Trigga.” I said walking up the steps to Bre’s room.
“Fasho.” He said cutting off the lights downstairs then running up to his room.
“Da Da.” Calnaÿa said poking my leg while I got her little bed set up.
“Who is dat?” she asked pointing at a sleeping Bre.
“That’s my girlfriend.” I said picking her up and sitting her on my lap so I could take her shoes off.
“Oh.” She said giving me a kiss on my cheek.
“Get in ya bed and go to sleep, Butt Butt.” I told her.
She gently walked over to her bed and quickly went to sleep. I turned off the lamp and got in bed with Bre. I thought she was sleep, but she scooted under me and rubbed her hand on my chest.
“Sorry.” She began to say, but I interrupted her.
“Go back to sleep, bay.”

The next day Butt Butt woke me up because she was hungry. I was still tired so I rolled over to tell Bre to give her something to eat, but she wasn’t there. I sat up, rubbed my eyes, then went into the bathroom to brush me and Calnaÿa’s teeth. When we got done, we walked out of Bre’s room and the smell of breakfast hit our noses. I walked down the stairs with Butt Butt in my arms and Bre turned around and smiled at us.
“Hey Daddy.” She said.
I laughed. “She don’t call me daddy, she call me Da Da.” She smiled and walked up to me and Calnaÿa.
“You so cute. You lucky you don’t get your looks from your daddy.” She said jokingly and tickling her. Butt Butt giggled a lot.
“Aight, let me get this food before it burn.” She said walking back toward the stove. I put Butt Butt down.
“What that 'you lucky you don't look like yo daddy' thing mean?” I asked her.
“I’m playing nigga.” He got serious.
“Aye watch ya mouth. She pick up on anything.” She put our food on plates.
“Sorry.” She said.
“You good, just watch it.” I said sitting down.
She walked over to the fridge, looking for some jelly to put on Butt Butt’s toast.
“I can’t find it.” she said bending down, looking at the bottom of the fridge.
“Oh for real?” I asked her, walking up to her and bending overtop of her.
She lightly moved her booty in circles on my dick.
“Can you help me?” she asked in a voice that turned me on.
“Yeah I got you.” I said starting to rub on her titties. She threw her head back on my shoulder and reached back and rubbed up and down on my dick.
“Hey hey hey!” Trigga yelled out.


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Lol good add...One minute they are fighting and the next they digging each other...add more soon plz...


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omg! that was a great addd!! n they gettn freaky infront of the poor lil bby! lol add more soon.

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her love is infinite ;)

should have done this first !









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thanks for the visuals


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great choice of characters!! Cant wait for the next add!!!

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her love is infinite ;)

Curt - Continued

I backed up from Bre and straightened out my dick so my daughter wouldn't see my buldge.
"Why yall fondelling in front of Butt Butt?" Trigga asked, kissing her forehead. Bre's whole facial expression went sour.
"How you know her enough to call her by her nickname?"
Tre'Veon sucked his teeth. "Man, shut up. That's her nickname & that's what she answer to, so I call her that." he said waving Bre off. He was still mad at her for cutting up yesterday.
"Whatever." she said. "I can not stay in this damn house." she put a cup of apple juice on the table for Butt then ran up the stairs.
I sighed heavily. "Watch her for me?" I said to Trigga.
I ran up the stairs behind Bre and when I got into her room, she was already topless with nothing on but some black and hot pink boy shorts. She glanced at me, then walked towards the bathroom covering her breasts with one arm.
"Baby..." I said walking up to her with my arms open.
"Huh?" she said stopping in her tracks and facing me. I was so mezmorized by her body.
"Curt!" she said getting me out of my daze.
"Oh," I laughed. "You good?"
She walked up to me putting her bare chest against my body and wrapping her arms around me.
"You never finished what you started." she said starring in my eyes, forcing me to fall deep for her beauty.
I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me. She smiled and looked down at me as I began to lightly suck on her titties. She giggled. "Stop. You've been teasing me like this for 4 months. Just give it to me."
I smiled and kissed her while I laid her down on her bed. I sucked on her neck, then I flipped her over.
"Put it up in the air." I said lightly tapping her round ass.
She did as she was told and I pulled down her boy shorts. I immediately got hard because her pussy was so wet that it was glistening. I played with it a little with my dick so I could get it wet then I pulled her towards me and easily slipped in her. I went deep and she yelled out, but I didn't stop stroking her. I went faster and faster and her arch in her back got deeper.
"Curt," she gently said. "Slow down...please."
She turned around and I saw tears roll down her beautiful face.
I felt bad that I was putting it down on her like she was experience, so I pulled out. I could tell she was hurting, but she sucked it up and kissed me.
"I loved it," she finally said after 3 minutes. "but you can't be that rough with me." she said planting a soft kiss on my lips.
I was still hard so I rubbed up and down on my dick as I looked at her gorgeous body in front of me.
I didn't say a word, but she pulled me on top of her and slipped me back in her.
"Slow." she said as I started to stroke her.
I was giving it to her for about 20 more minutes until I felt my balls tingle and I knew I was about to cum.
"Bre, I'm bout to..." I went super deep in her and stroked her really slow. I let out a low moan in her ear.
As I came in her, I watched her as her eyes were closed, biting her bottom lip. It made me stroke her one more time before I went completely soft. She gave me a satisfying smile and all the while my warm semen raced through her.
I pulled out and laid down on the bed beside her as she turned on her side to lay with me.
She put her arm around my torso and laid her head on my chest.
"I love you." was the last words she said before falling to sleep.


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Let me go deep...deep...deep...de-ep...yea yea yea

lol awesome add...add more.


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