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1 NEW STORY-~STEPPING UP~ on Tue Jun 08, 2010 9:13 am




Being in a new school scares me. "Spring Hills Senior High"
thats the name. Having parents like mine, a mother who's
a lawyer and a dad who's a doctor. Yeah, I get alot of benifits.
One question sticks with me,why did we have to move?

Spring Hills High.

"Hello class we have a new student, Sparkle Johnson",slightly introducing
me. No disrespect but I didnt ask her to introduce me, who does she think sheis?
Mrs. Doodle, what kind of name was that?
"Say whats good lil mama?", said some guy
He was cute I had to admit,nice black cut hair,big lips, tall, and he had
the most nicest skin complexion. "Hhheeey", I hesitated. Here I was, my first
day at Spring Hills talking to what looks like the most finest boy in school so far
that I've seen. "So you new right? What school you came from?"

"Cantageville, it's a private school. I hated it there."
"Cool, I dont usually do this but since you new, you wanna have lunch with me?"


"By the way my name is Jamal, Sparkle right?"

As we walked through the cafeteria I just knew all eyes were on me.
At my old school boys would always look at my ass. I asumed that had to
explain all the attention. I had on some grey destroyed skinny jeans,that had about three or four cuts on my thighs,
Also an all white v-neck hugged my small hips, covered with a black and grey hollister brand
beech fleece and stepping on all white low top forcesWhat can I say I'm rich.

"Why is everyone staring?"
"YOur the new kid remember"

We walked over to a white rectangular table with about ten other
students. I'm guessing they're his friends.
"Hey Jamal",giggles a little,"who's your little friend?"
This bitch had the nerve to laugh in my face.
Let me keep my cool before I have to cut a bitch. Let me find out if they have a track team.
Because if fighting her will provent me from doing what I love then Ima chill.
Track was who I was, who I wanted to be for the rest of my life. With so much on my mind
I thought about my TWIN Miracle, how was her first day of this shitty school going?

"Hey you're that new girl from my first period right?"

Damn, I have to stop dressing like Sparkle. These kids are
going to think I'm crazy. I'm enjoying the school besides the fact guys
keep staring. I wonder if my sis is going through the same. This school better
have a track team, or my daddy is going to regret sending us here. The bell rang,so
I grabbed my belongings and took off to the hallway. In my sight was big, small,
short and tall, but no twin. Well thats a first. I miss my sister(tear) lol. To tell the truth all I
had to do was go into the school bathroom and look into the mirror. Everything about my sister and
I were just about the same. We both run track,our personalities are just about the same too.
I was kinda a little shy but dont let my face fool you and Sparkle is more outgoing.
Although, at times we'd have disagreements about something,we'd find a way to work it out.
I'm the oldest by one minute and two seconds.
How weird.

Last period. Fourth period.
I'm really hoping Sparkle has my class. If we just had one, just one class I will
be satisfied. Fourth period I had Geometry. My weakest subject.
"Hello I'm Mr.Dwelling,your name is?"
"Miracle....Miracle Johnson"
"WHat a pretty name,hello and goodmorning clas we have a new student"
No, I cant believe he just put me on the spot, I really hate being the center of attention.
As I told you before kinda SHY.
"Wow a new student?" some girl said sarcastically.

One thing I really cant stand is a female trying to show out.
"Yeah little girl a new student, dont try to show out infront of your friends. You must
dont know how dumb you sound",I snapped while walking to my seat in the back row
of the class.

"ooo, Ciara she told you!",eclaimed an Omarion look alike.
I had to laugh at my self this guylooked like him litterally!
The class period went by so fast that I jumped when the bell rang. I
reached in my purse and turned on my cell
phone to call Sparkle.
Earlier this morning at home she agreed to meet me after school
to see about the track team.

"Where you at?"
"I'm standing outside in the student parking lot Miracle"

Student Parking lot.

"Sparkle you ready"
"Yeah I guess"
Miracle and I walked to the track where a few kids were practicing.
Damn, I saw that girl that was laughing supposly at me in the cafeteria, I got
my twin with me now, I should kick her ass. Jamal was there too, with his fine ass.
Before I knew it Jamal walked over.

"Hey Sparkle......say you got a twin?!!"
"Yeah, is that a problem for you?"
"No not at all"
"So which one of your friends sent you over here? Let me guess Ciara?"

"How you know her?",Miracle interupted. "At lunch she had the nerve to laugh at me!",I exclaimed.
"I Can't stand her!",we shouted at the same time.
"Well no one sent me",he said.

As we laughed it off, the track caoach came over. He had a big goofy look on his face.

"Hey, your the Johnson twins right?"
"Yes, how did you know",I questioned.
"Well your dad came and told me you two were great track stars"

"We love track! Thats what we really came to ask you. Cam we be a part of your team?"
"Thank you so much!",I said proudly.
"Yes thank you", Miracle repeated.

We began to walk away. I told Jamal I would see him Monday. I was
ready to began the weekend.

"We did it Miracke! We should celebrate"

Miracle and I walked back to the student parking lot to get to our car.
For the moment we shared a nissan coupe. Our mom and dad promised two land rovers
for our Sweet 16 next month.

On the way home, Sparkle drove. After about turning six corners and hitting
the freeway to the most biggest houses you've ever seen. RoseMary Falls was
the place to live. I like it alot better than where we used to live. We zoomed into the driveway
which led to three garages.

One garage for our car, one for my dads mercedes benz, and the last for my mom's
lexus. We all pushed silver cars with leather seats. I'm blessed that we're able to have
something like this.
As we got our black and grey coach bags out of the car. I searched for my keys to
the house and opened the huge brown double doors infront of me. Sparkle went upstairs, as I
dropped my purse on the counter and went into our big kitchen that was as big as two bedrooms put together. I went into the 2
way door fridge and grabbed some sunny D. My favorite drink! As I turned it up to drink my phone rang.
I pulled out my phone out of my back pocket and pressed answer.

"Hey baby, you at home yet?", he questioned
"Just got in. Whats on your agenda for the rest of the day?"
"Well I go to work at five and get off at eleven. It's three thirty,I can
put you on my agenda",he teased.
"Sure I would appreciate it", I giggled a little bit.
"Okay, I'm on my way. I'm glad you live closer to me now."

"Me too but I miss my friends.",my lips began to pout.
"You got me"
"Shut up Marcus!"
"Im outside let me in"

I walked over towards the doors and opened them. Marcus pulled up in his 2010 Taurus
I love riding in that car. I met Marcus at the mall in Footaction last year by where I used
to live. We've been together for about a year and 2 months. He was older though he just
turned 17 and works at Footaction closer to where we live now.

"Hey baby",he smiled.
I gave him a hug and a kiss on the lips.
"So how come you didnt transfer to my school yet?"
"Well I havnt talked to my mama about it yet lil mama"
He then tickled me and I bust out laughing, causing Sparkle to come
down stairs.

I came back downstairs to find Miracle and Marcus being
retarded. "Yall need a life", I laughed
"Oh be quiet Spark we were just playing",she claimed.
I didnt want to watch them cup cake all day until my parents got home
so I ran upstairs leading to the second level of our house. I opened the door to my
room. My room was huge.
I walked over to my laptop that was lying
there on my bed. As I sat on the bed, my phone that looks excactly like Miracles began to ring.
"Running my mam crazy",by plies played.

"Hey mom"
"hi sweetie, I'm working late tonight, I'm working on this murder case",she explained.
"Okay, mom is it okay if I go to the mall.?"
"Sure just make sure you check on your sister."
"YEs mam, I love you"
"Love you too"
I hung up the phone and ran into my walk in closet to find something to wear.
Moving was hard for me I just needed some time to myself. I scrambled through
all my clothes and finally I found something I wanted to wear. In my hand i had an all dark pink
hollister collar shirtand these jordans

I took aloose my pony tail and let my hair hang. I grabbed a pink coach purse
as I walked out of my room door.


"Where you going?",Miracle asked me.
"To the mall I just need some time to myself, you know?"
"Oh...Okay",she mumbled sadly.
"Miracle it's not you girl!",I laughed,"It's just this moving thing",I explained.
"It's cool, just call me when you get there okay?"
"Got ya! I love you sis",hugging her.
"Yea Yea get out of here",she said playfully.

Leaving out the door, I left Miracle with her boyfriend. I jumped in our nissan altima
coupe and took off.

Rosemary Falls Mall.
When I walked into the mall I found the directory. This was my first time being here. On the directory
I spotted a Starbucks, my favorite drink was a strawberry mochalate with whip cream.
My mom didnt let us drink coffee.

I ordered my drink and sat at the lounge table. I dont know
what made me look up but when I did....Jamal walked in. Damn can
I get away from this dude! ughh.
"Hey Sparkle. What you doing here?"
"Uhh...drinking what else?"
"You aint have to get all smart",he snapped.
"I heard about you Jamal, I hear people talking about you. Girls mostly.
You fuck them and leave, well I'm not your next victim."
I jumped up and grabbed my purse, and stomped towards the door.
He had the nerve to grab my damn arm.

"Let me go Jamal",pulling back.
"Sparkle I'm not like that at all baby"
Baby? who the hell was he calling baby? I know damn well it wasnt me.
"I'm not your baby Jamal", I corrected him.
"Sparkle just let me show you the real me........please",pouting.
"Fine I dont care"

Jamal walked around the mall with me, and we just talked about
what we liked to do. I had a hard time trying to understand why
his daddy use to beat him.

"Yeah, just by looking at me,you wouldve never guessed that I had a life
like that",he went on.

I felt bad for acussing him of being a bad person. Even if he was he had a reason
to. Jamal and I walked around talking until four thirty. We went into Hollister so I
could get some clothes.
"You must really like this store huh?",he asked.
"Yes, its pretty cool. I've been shopping here since like forever.",I laughed.
"Sparkle if I asked you to just hang with me will that be askin' too much?"
Hell yeah. I playfully said to myself.

"Naw, its cool. So whats going on, between you and Ciara?"
"She's my ex-girlfriend"
"Oh, really? What did you see in her ugly ass?", I asked.
"Look,I'm not worried about her Sparkle"
"Yeah, Whatever"

After that rude discussion I grabbed a size medium navy
picnic Beach dress for $49.50, a Redondo Pink check plaid shirt, and

"Thats alot"
"I know I love to shop. Is that a problem?"
"No not really. Say are you mixed?"
"Yeah Latino and black."

Yeah, how weird.My mom is black and my dad is mixed
with black and Latino. Damn I'm just mixed. After Jamal and I left
Hollister i decided to go home since it was 5. My day with him was over.
I didnt want it to so...........number exchange!

Saturday evening.

"Hey Sparkle girl!"
"Hey whats up Monica"
"Getting ready for this party wannna come?"
"No,sorry I have plans with Miracle today"
"Man...okay maybe another time."

I really wanted to go to that party but Miracle and I promised our dad
that we were gonna go to the track and practice running. My dad was strict
about his girls making it to the top. We never really had time for our friends
during track season, I knew that mad Miracle mad. But for the time bein we needed to
make my dad happy.


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2 Re: NEW STORY-~STEPPING UP~ on Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:20 pm


i like it
add soon

3 Re: NEW STORY-~STEPPING UP~ on Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:31 pm


I like it so far...add asap


Stories by Me:
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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

4 Re: NEW STORY-~STEPPING UP~ on Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:41 pm


Chapter 2/Life On Track

Martial Stem Track.
I ran the 4x4, the 4x1, the 4x2, and relay races.
Miracle ran the 4x8, and the anchor in relays, and the hurtals.
All this time we spent at the track practicing I coudnt help but
think about Jamal. I bet he likes me, I have to admit it. We deep
in the game now. At my old school i had a boyfriend named Toni
but he only wanted me for the three letters and plus he was way older than me.
I dont think Jamal could be the same way. He's a nice guy.
After practice at the track we were ready for real practice on Monday.

8 o'clock.
Miracle and I went back to the house, too much was going on through
my head I just need to go to bed.

Sunday Morning. 9 o'clock
My dad was at work, but my mom was off. Every
sunday morning we ate breakfast. Sparkle was upstairs asleep
and my mom was preparing breakfast, and I sat at the at the bar in the middle
of the kitchen.

"Did you sleep okay?"
"Yeah, I guess,mama can I asked you something?"
"Sure what is it?"
"Well....never mind"
I wanted to tell my mom I was sexually active and I thought she
should know. But at the same time my mom will go crazy as hell. My mom sat
a clear glass plate infront of me with grits,eggs,sausage,panckes,and orange juice.
As I started to eat Sparkle came down stairs wearing the same damn thing I had on!

Damn, I was so sleepy, but I smelled breakfast. I'm so
getting tired of us wearing the same thing it's hard having a twin. But come on...
the same pajamas??? I had on a white hollister sphagetti strapped
shirt with some gray and white shorts with H.co on the butt, topped off with
some hello kitty slippers. Miracle's ass had on the same thing but in black and
white. I sat down at the bar with Miracle and my mom to eat breakfast.
When I finished I walked up stairs to take a shower. Befroe I could even get
to my bathroom my computer made a sound. When I walked over to it, it said, "Webcam invite",
I wondered who it was.

"Jamal invited you to a web cam chat."

Jamal's face pooped up on the screen.

"Goodmorning",he said.
"Oh my gosh you're greeting me on web cam now?"
"Come on Sparkle its sunday morning and you blowin' me off already?"
"Whatever",I laughed.
Jamal licked his lips slowly.
"So um what you doing?"
"Well I was getting ready to take a damn shower until somebody,
I aint gone say no names interrupted that!",I shouted playfully.
"Well how about you take a shower and I'll pick you up around one"
"I guess lil boy"

I exited out of the web cam screen and ran into the bathroom it was eleven, I had two
hours to get ready. I took a quick shower and put on a white strapless bra,
and a white westwars beach shirt, from hollister also strapless. Why in the
hell couldnt I find any shorts to put wear with it!. I scrambled through my
drawers to find some. My whole dresser was even shaking. But finally, I found a hollister
grandview dark destroyed jean shorts. When I glanced at the clock it was twelve, so I had enough
time his ass wasnt goona be here exactly at one. I put on some white sandals and strapped
them on the side.

As I snatched off my hair scarf, I combed it down into a cute
lil style. I grabbed my white hollister tote bag and my cell phone and
happily walked to the staircase until....

"Where you going?",Miracle asked.
"Out tell mom I'll be right back"

When I went downstairs, I plopped down on the couch
waiting on Jamal to call.

"Come on rude boy boy!"

"Okay, give me some directions I'm coming from Lenisting St."
"Oh thats like two blocks from my house.,I live on Rosedale"
"Yeah I know where thats at,ok Im in a black porche"

Im thinking to my self like damn he drives a porche? Im in a damn nissan altima.
Sharing it at that.
"Ok, Im gonna wait outside"

We hang up and about five minutes later he pulls up to the curb
and blows his horn.

"I see you shit!",I laughed.
When I got into the car I sat on brown leather seats to be honest I
was so nervous. But other than that Jamal lokked good. He had on a
Khaki Brooks beach button down, light brown cargo shorts and brown
sperry lofers.

"You look good girl"
"Whatever where are we going?"
"I wanted to show you something"
"Jamal, question why do you do the things you do to me?"
"Because, I think you cool"
"Yeah okay"
"You dont believe me?"
"Just drive man",I giggled.

He drove off, about twenty minutes later we arrived at this stadium. I never seen it before,
but yet and still I wanted to know what we were doing her. Jamal opened his door and got out.
Before I could open mine, he did it for me.

"thanks""No need, its the right thing to do"

We walked over to the entrance and he handed me
a ticket. I read "Golden Olympics."

"Oh my gosh! Jamal, I havnt been here since....."
"Well when my dad had time for me and my sister"
The feeling was so tense. My dad was never home.

"It's gonna be ok",he assured.

Before I knew it my arms were around his neck, and his
around my waist. Our lips locked exchange juicy wetness. This
was getting to be crazy so I pulled away.

"I'm sorry",he said.
"It's okay,I liked it"
He smiled and grabbed my hand,leading me into the
stadium. We showed security our tickets and proceeded on.
The view was so amazing,people running,shot put,hurtals,and more. Just being here made my day.
After,the olympics was over it was about four o'clock. Let
me call my mom.

"Where are you?"
"I'm with a friend at an olympics game"
"Just be careful,be home by eight, school in the morning"
"Yes mam."
From there we hung up.

"Wait Jamal before you say anything I want to thank you
for this"
"Your welcome"
We walked to his car and jumped in. What a day. I was so
exhausted,that I slouched over on the window and fell

"Sparkle? Sparkle! get up"
"Where are we?"
"Look Jamal this is too much"

I walked into my room and stepped into my walk-in
closet to find something to wear to school for tomorrow. I picked out
an American Eagle floral ruffle cami in white,American Eagle acid destroyed skinny jeans,
and American Eagle white strapped sandals.


"Come in"
"Hey daddy"
"Did you girls go to the track?"
"Yeah we did"
"So are you ready for track season?"
"No, because I already know you not gone be there,you always have to work!,
work work work! Daddy thats all you do!"
"Well I'm sorry if I'm working to much to bring money home
and put food on the damn table!"
Thats when I began getting agravated.
"Fuck you!"

Suddenly I felt a powerful slap to my face.
I looked up to see my dad staring me down. My mom
ran into the room as quick as she could. I grabbed my car keys,
my wallet, and phone and headed to the front door.

"Oh Miracle come back here!",ordered my mother.

But before I even thought twice I was already out the door. I
jumped in my car and sped off. I couldnt believe my dad just hit me,
the only person I could turn to was Sparkle and Marcus. Sparkle was on a date
Im sure,so I called Marcus.

"Hey Miracle"
"Hey Marcus",sniffing.
"Baby whats wrong?"
"My dad hit me"
"Baby where are you?"
"I was on my way to your house"
"Okay come on"

Two minutes later I arrived at Marcus's house. He
let me in and led me into his bedroom to lye down. I cant believe
what happend. Should I go back home?

6 o'clock.
"Thanks for the wonderful dinner JAmal"
"No problem. So...I got a question. Why do you like track so much?"
"Well track is life to me. Life on track,you know. I see it as a career. I was
always the type to run when I was six years old, then my dad made us do it in middle school.
And I guess I just got attached to it"
"Cool Sparkle you are so beautiful"
"Thanks. Well you ready to go?"

We got up from our seats, Jamal paid the bill and we
walked to his car. On the way back to my house "At your Best" by
Aaliyah played. I love this song!. Jamal grabbed my hand so gently and
clutched it.

"Jamal I feel so different with you"

Wait a minute did I just say that?
Just then my phone started to ring."All the way turned up!"

"Sparkle where are you?"
"With Jamal on the way home why?"
"Look me and daddy got into an argument"
"Did he hit you?"
Miracle starts to cry. "Yes"
"Oh my god did you leave where are you?"
"At Marcus house!"
"Okay I'm coming",I hung up.

"Jamal I need a huge favor"
I told Jamal I needed him to take me to Marcus's house.
I gave him directions and within 15 minutes we were at Marcus house.
I started knocking and Miracle opened the door and fell into my arms.

When I fell straight into Sparkles arms. I felt worthless.

"Miracle we need to get home its almost seven,when we get there just
go to my room okay?"


"Jamal call me later around nine okay"
"Alrite",kissing her on her cheek.

Jamal got into his car and drove away into the dark.
Sparkle and I got into our nissan and drove home.
5 minutes later. Johnson's Driveway.

"Okay Miracle just go in and go to my room."
"Sparkle I'm not scared of him. I'm tired of him always
controlling us when he's never here"
"Come on just go"
"Whatever, Okay"

I walked in the house, and headed up the stairs to Sparkle's
room. I sat in Sparkles white lounge chair next to her dresser, to calm my self.
For one, I couldnt believe my daddy hit me,but I always was the twin to give him
the most trouble even though I was kinda shy. Still that didnt give him the right to put
his hands on me. All I wanted was Marcus he was the only
person who could take my mind off of this.

"I dont wanna be thru without ya thru without ya"
Speaking of the devil.

"Hey baby you ok?"
"Not really Marcus"
"Its gonna be okay trust me"
"You dont know that!"
"What else can he do to you?"
"Marcus I might be pregnant, I missed my cycle this month
he will kill me"
"Yeah baby I'm still here....."

As I walked into the kitchen I saw my dad in the
dark sitting at the dining table.

"Miracle I'm sorry for hitting you",he explained.
"It's Sparkle, and Miracle's upstairs"
"Sorry",he said laughing.
"Daddy what happend?"
"She told me I'm never home and other shit..I mean stuff"
"Daddy, to tell you the truth your not, you always working,always"
"Why didnt yall tell me?"
"I dont know,but dad you didnt have to slap her"
"I will apologize tomorrow, I dont want to bother her right now"
"Ok", I said hugging him.

I walked upstairs to my room to find Miracle on
my bed crying.
"Whats wrong pb?(peanut butter)lol",I said as I locked my door.
"Sparkle I might be pregnant"
Ok I knew my sister was having sex with Marcus so Im not suprised.
"Sparkle im so sorry"
"Its okay....What did Marcus say?
"He dood,he's excited about it"
"Just dont worry about it okay?"
"I'm trying"
"We gone pick up a test tomorrow okay?"

What the hell, first they fight now Miracle is pregnant
shit cant get no better than this. My dad is gonna make her have an abortion, and
he's gonna give it to her! I just know it.

(Monday Morning)

I started wonderin' if Sparkle liked me at all. I
dont think I should have kissed her though. Man ima call
her up to see if she'll ride to school with me. I picked up my i-phone
and dialed Sparkle number.

"Hello?", sounding wide awake.
"Hey lil bit whats good"
"Getting ready for school you?"
"Tryna see if I can scoop you up for school?....can I?"

All of a sudden she got quiet
I bet she had to think about the shit first.

"Well yeah okay, your lil Ciara friend aint gon get mad?",laughing.
"Naw, thats my ex though thats why she be trippin like that im sorry"
"Dont be sorry for her,just call me when you get here baby,bye!lol"


Shid atleast I can give her a ride.
I got up, took a shower threw on a black colar tee,some
khaki cargo shorts and som all black forces,and put on some polo cologne.

I walked down starirs poured some captain crunch
but shit we aint have no milk bro. Ima just stop by Mcdonalds
if I have time I doubt it though. Picked up my keys, locked the door, and got
in my car then left. (5 minutes later)

SPARKLE HOUSE(on the phone)
"I'm outside" "OK"

Sparkle came outside lookin fine as ever. She had on a
black hollister collar shirt, some dark blue distroyed skinnies and
some all black era vans, with her long curly wavy black hair in a ponytail.(DAMN)


Chapter 3/Sweet Double Sixteen.
May 1st

When she got in the car I just froze up. Dis girl was the
shit,but I dont think she knew it. She looked at me and burst
out laughing.

"Jamal why are you looking at me like that? Is this an early morning
ruteen for you?",caressing his cheek.
"Oh my bad you look good"
:Has anybody told you that you look like a model"
"Haha very funny ass whipe,come on drive man we gon be late"
"Look lil girl",tickling her.
"Stop jerk!",laughing loud.
I kissed her gently on her lips and put the car in drive. 20
minutes later we arrived at school.

Outside in the court yard.
"Jamal my birthday is coming up"
"When?" "May 7"
"Cool so are you havin' a party?" "Yep"

Ciara walks up.

"Hey Jamal can I talk to you?"
"Man what you want?"

Man Ciara got on my last nerves she
never wants another girl to be with me, she
wants me to herself, but I dont like her she a flat
out hoe.

"Okay thats what you wanna do infront of this bitch?"

Before I knew it Sparkle was in Ciara's face big facing
her but Ciara didnt do anything. I pulled Sparkle by her waist
closer towards my torso.

"Chill sparkle chill"
"Hell naw she got me fucked up!",Sparkle yelled trying to get
aloose from my grip.

The bell rung and Ciara walked to class, I grabbed my black
dickies backback, grabbed Sparkle's hand and we walked to 1st period.......

My stomach was hurting super bad so, I stayed at home and
layed down, on the computer planning for our sweet
sixteen party. Then all of a sudden a soft knock approached my door.

"Who is it?", I asked.

My dad came in with water but not tears in his
eyes. He took a seat at the edge of my bed.

"Miracle I'm so sorry for what I did to you"
"Okay daddy"

I really wasnt trying to hear what he was saying to me,
even though it was my dads first time even
acknowleding he was wrong.. A minut went by and he sat a pair
of nike running shoes on my bed and left.

I cant even say anything, I wasnt even expecting that, at all.

First Preiod.

Ciara was asking for it, I swear! I dont even date Jamal,
I mean its getting to that point though.

"Are you still thinking about that?"
"What you think Jamal? You really need to control your groupie!

Everyone in class turned and looked at us, me mostly.
"What are you trippin about,who be by my side you not her!"

The bell rung for 2nd period.
I grabbed my back pack and stormed out the room to
my locker.

"Sparkle come her"
Jamal and his bitch drama is running me hot. This female
dont even know me, obviously Jamal doesnt either.
When lunch time came I sat in the court yard alone.

I walked to my car to get my i-pod. Then my partner Jo
walked up and scared the shit out of me.

"Damn nigga jumpin and shit"
"A nigga tryna chill mane"
"So whats up with you and ol girl?"
"I'm tryna get with her but Ciara kepp fuckin with her she big faced Ciara",laughing hard
"Foreal??? Damn shorty got hand huh?"

I talked to Jo for a few then walked to the courtyard to find
Sparkle at a table by herself, so I walked over.

"Come on Sparkle dont act like that"
"Im not acting like anything, I dont even know why Im trippin"
she started to get up until I forced her back down.

"Sparkle you acting like I still mess with her!(whiping her tear away) Look at me!
I want you and only you. And I wont let no female come in between you
being my girl."
"You mean that?"
"Hell yeah I do"
"So I'm your girl?"
"If you'll accept"
"Okay I'll be your woman, we not on that childish shit"

She leaned over and put her head on my chest and I put my
arms around her. She smelled of Sex in the City perfume.
"Stop sniffing me!"
"My bad",laughing at her.

I kissed her soft lips and took her hand, locked
it with mine and walked to my car so we could leave for lunch.


Today is May 7, our 16th birthday!
We both have on black and pink strapless dress, made
by hollister, and custom mad with flowers on the side.
We also have on black stiletto's and our hair is down
curly and wavy with a pink and black bow on the side. Our
party was located in the Mall. The theme of our party was shoes.

Lol crazy right but its gonna be dope. Before we left the
house we had a photo shoot. Here is Miracle's pictures

And here are Sparkle's

After we proceeded into the two custom hot pink
mercedes benz with the top down.
When we pulled up infront of the mall the whole school
was there screaming for us.


My mom and dad were standing at the first table of twenty
tables waiting for us to come in. When we did everyone began
cheering and then "Itty Bitty Piggy"began blastin through the
speakers. Miracle and I sat at our own table facing the crowd.
I started mouthing the words silently until I felt someone wrap
their arms around me behind.

"Happy birthday baby girl",a familiar voice whispered slightly in my ear
brushing his lips against my cheek.
I turned around and it was Jamal wearing a black hollister button
down, blue jean pants, and hightop creative recreations.

"Thanks for coming"
"You got it ma"
"Really Jay?"
"So you givin icknames now?"
"Well I'm guessing so,Jay!",laughing,
Just then my bestfriend Al walked up.

"Happy birthday Sparkle!",giving me a hug.
"Thanks Al, I missed you!"
We got caught up in the moment so much
I literally forgot about Jamal standing there.

"Oh, this is my boyfriend Jamal, Jamal this is Al"
"Wuzzup",Jamal said looking disapproved.
"Sup",Al nodded then gave me a hug and walked away.

Just then Jamal gave me a stern look. I knew there were questions going thru
his head, who was Al? Do I like Al? and more to come.

"So thats your nigga now?"..........................................................................................

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Continuing chapter 3

I didnt even give her a chance to answer I just walked
away. This Al dude seemed way too much than just a best friend
or whatever he was suppose to be....Fuck that I'm gone. I dont even
wanna be here no more.

When I walked out the door I felt fingers pulling
me back just knowing it was Sparkle. But to my suprise it
wasnt her it was some other female I didnt recognize.

"Can I talk to you for a sec?",she asked.
"Yeah",getting agravated because I wanted to get the hell out of here.
"You need to go back in there and get your girl"
"Man I'm tryna bounce",walking away,until she pulled me back.
"No you need to check on her she's in there crying!"

I started to feel bad,did I make her cry? Damn man
now I gotta fix this shit.


I then went back in to see Miracle hugging Sparkle
I guess to calm her down.

"You jerk what the hell is wrong with you!",Miracle yelled at me.
"Sparkle I'm sorry,come here let's go talk",reaching for her hand.
"Okay Jamal",taking my hand.

I led her outside the mall in the parkinglot.

"Baby I'm so sorry, I didnt mean to make you cry"
"Al is just my bestfriend baby I promise!"
"Sorry I shouldve known you wasnt with him I was just a little jealous I guess"
"A little?",she laughed.
"Well alot",we began laughing until I told her,"come here"

I took her into my arms and apologized over and over.
I'm fallin' so deep for this one girl and we only been together
for a week. But I think it will get even deeper than this.
I think I love her already, yeah ya boy got a sensative side.
Aint nothin' wrong with that right?.....

We went back in and had alot of fun.
They opened their gifts and blew out the candles
for their cake.

After theyre parents walked up to the stage.

"Everybody please head outside to the parking lot",Mrs. Tasha said.

When everyone got outside this is what we saw.
Miracle(pink) Sprakle(White)

Chapter 4/Jamal & Sparkle? Miracle, Marcus & the baby?

Later that day 10 o'clock at The twins house.
Marcus,Miracle,Jamal & Sparkle, in Miracle's room.

"So what am I gonna tell mama and daddy Sparkle?"
"Idk because you know how they are"
"MAn how ima tell my pops?",Marcus said putting his head in his hands.
"Everybody just chill",Jamal shouted, pacing back and forth around the room.
"Miracle who brought you a test?"
"Marcus did since we didnt go get I told him to."
"Oh my god Miracle, you just gotta tell her if anything just tell granny and
she'll tell mama if you want her to.",I suggested.
"Okay lets call her"
"Alright", I pulled out my phone and called.

"Hey Sparkle sugar how are you"
"Fine and you granny?"
"I'm doing alright my athoritous is getting the best of me though",she said laughing the
continuing,"I dreamed of fishes last night".
"Yeah thats what I was calling for"
"What you mean sweetie"
"Well, granny Miracle's pregnant",I said hoping she wouldnt be disappointed.
"Let me talk to her for a sec"
"Yes mam.", handing the phone to Miracle.
"She wants to talk to you"

"Hey baby now whats going on?"
"Granny I'm pregnant, and I'm so sorry but your the only one I can turn to."
"It's gonna be okay sugar, I want you to come over tomorrow, you your sister
and the young man who you...you know",she said.
"Thank you granny talk to you tomorrow"
"Okay baby I love you now get some rest and try not to think about it"
"Okay I love you too granny"
"I love you granny!",Sparkle shouted in the background.
"I love you too Sparkle, alright now bye bye"
"Bye granny",hanging up the phone.

"What she say?",sparkle asked impatiently.
"She wants us to come over tomorrow,me you and Marcus"
"What about me?",Jamal said pointing towards his chest"
"You can come too baby"
"So yall wanna spend the night at my house?",Jamal asked.
"Okay",we all agreed.

Sparkle and I asked our parents and they said it was okay.
I guess since they met Jamal they kinda trusted him and liked
him all at the same time. I'm glad because I know that mad Sparkle
happy. I packed up some clothes and headed to my car along with Sparkle.

"Aye I'll meet yall there Ima go get some clothes from the house",Marcus yelled.
"You know where my crib at homie?",Jamal asked.
"Yeah I think so but if I get lost I'll call"

AT Jamal's house.

"Aye ma where you going?"
"I have to work late tonight"
"Oh okay,this is my girlfriend Sparkle,and her twin Miracle I
been tellin' you about"
"Hi sweetie",his mom greeted Sparkle along with a hug. Surprised

"Well make yall self at home, spend the night if you want cuz I know my pookie
be scared to be at home by his self.",laughing and kissing Jamal on the cheek.
"Mama stop damn"
"I was just kidding Jamal well I'm gone here's two hundred dollars if you need any
"Nice meeting you girls",with that she left.

We walked up the stairs and went into Jamal's

When I got to the house all I could think about
was Miracle and the baby. Would that ruin my
basketball scholarship? Would my pops kick me
out? Man I'm just confused. When Miracle has the
baby whats gonna happen to her? I grabbed some shoes
and headed to my pops room to tell him I was gone.

"Pop im gone"
"Where you goin son?"
"To my patna house"
"Alright you got your key?",my dad asked.
"Yeah I got it", a little nervous.
"Say boy you alright, you sweatin and shit"
"Yeah I'm cool",about to walk off.
"You got some you need to tell me?"

What you think he's gonna say?

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it keeps getting better and better
add soon!!!!

7 Re: NEW STORY-~STEPPING UP~ on Thu Jun 10, 2010 6:20 pm

her love is infinite ;)

bumpz ! im lovinq this . its qettinq too qood ! lls


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(Continuing Chapter 3) scratch

"Naw pop it's nothing"
"Damn Marcus, you got a girl pregnant didnt you boy?"
"Yes sir",looking everywhere else except at my pops.
"Say look at me",I did.
"How did you know I got a girl pregnant?",I interupted.
"I was the same way when your mama got pregnant wit you,I
was seventeen,same age as you"
"Man what you gonna do kick me out?"
"No, you kno what romeo you could have told me son"
"I thought you would kick my ass"
"I'm disappointed that you havin' a child, I wanted you to be better than me romeo."
"Damn pop why you keep callin me romeo?, You havnt called me that since I was little"
"Im ya daddy I brought you here so I can call you what I wanna",he laughed then walked over to me.
"Thanks pop."
"So you know Ima have to tell your mama, you might have to move in with me for good,
since you just here on the weekends"
"Yeah just dont tell her just yet ight"
"Ight son",slapping me five along with a hug.
"See you tomorrow pop"

Chapter 4/The show down into Summer

After about an hour had past Marcus finally came to
Jamal's house. But his personality changed completely but not in a
bad way.

"Why you so giggly?"
"I told my dad well...he told me"
"Really is he trippin'?"
"Naw he cool but he gotta tell my mama and if she trip ima be living with him for good"
"Thats cool,I never got it why your parents divorced and they live down the block
from each other"
"Retarded",Sparkle chipped in laughing,"If i was them I would try to be far away as possible"

We stayed up all night until two in the morning,
I fell asleep first and i guess Marcus went right after
me because I felt his muscular arms around my waist
as I slept. I was resting peacefully until my stomach started
to turn and I rushed into the bathroom throwing up all kinds of stuff.

"Baby you okay?"
"Yeah I think so"
"Hold on let me get you some water stay right there"

In 2 minutes Marcus came back with a glass of
crystal clear water.

"Thanks baby"
"You welcome, come on lets go back to bed"

Man this is crazy. 16 and pregnant!

The girls was gone,Michael was called to work about thirty minutes
ago so I was home alone. I had been noticing my baby had been gaining a little
weight but I didnt want to asume anything. But I'm nosy I had
to see if it was what I thought it was. I walked into her room and
did a mega search. I looked through her drawers under the bed and everything
but came up empty handed until I looked at her waste basket.

(authors note:my mama always told me when you look for
something your gonna find it....and its gonna be something you
dont want to see)

I picked up the purple rectangular box i flipped it
on the opposite side and it said PREGNANCY TEST.
Then I picked up the test it read PREGNANT.

"No...No...No...",I held the test closely and just cried.
My child was pregnant and she couldnt even tell me.
Am i that bad of a parent that my child cant tell me
something like this?

I put the test back in the waste basket and returned to
my room and went to bed. When they get home tomorrow
all four of us have to talk, yes I have to tell my husband...
well maybe not he will kill her!.....

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this is bomb ass story : )
add some more PLEASE .

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