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1 -unthinkable; on Fri May 28, 2010 9:13 pm



I was wondering maybe
Could I make you my baby
If we do the unthinkable would it make us so crazy
If you ask me I'm ready

"tay girl yhuur gonna stay virgin your whole life" is wht i hear while im chillin with my two best fewnds keyshia and ebonee. "im not gonna stay a virgin my whole life...im jux waitin on the right one to give it up to" i say thinkin im soundin logical. its kinda hard bein in a group and yhuur the only one thts still a virgin and all they tend tue tlk about his hw good this boy was and hw this boy was bettah than the last. well i had made it up in my head tht i was go loose my virginity tue the person i felt was the right peron...i would kno if he was the right person...i really dnt kno. "come on lets go to the mall and go shoppin skewl is gettin ready tue start" ebonee sugest. so we onn get in my impala ss nd we hit up beverly hill shoppin center. yeah we were few of the whealthy kids but it wasnt our fault...it our multi-million dollar parents. my dad was a big time lawer and my mom well she was a proffesional nba physical therapist..now she just layin on top of all the money she manged to grown threw-out her 20 years of sweat tall fine mean how had damaged or tore sumthng. "man tay i still cant believe yhuu got this car" "wht yhuu tryin tue say ebonee?" "i mean yhuu could have got a charger or a ranged rover" "so i wanted this so i got it...yo asx riding in it right..owe okay so shut up" (a minutes of quietness then the car filld with laughter) me and my girl was always joking and being the 17 and 18 year old girls other girls wishd to be. dont get me wrng we were far frum shooty and stuck up...we saved tht for them boogie white kidds at our skewl. we finally made it to the mall and the first stor we hit was hollister. me being me i went for the hoodies polos shorts and sandels and of course keysh and eb went for the cute boys that worked there.lol.we all walkd outtah hollister with about 4 bags each.i guess you can say money wasnt nuthn fha us. while we were walkn to our next fav store pacsun we seen these boys tht go tue our skewl. brian kriz and jamarcus...i had always had my eye on jamarcus. he was a tall,long pretty braided hair'd, pretty chest-nut eyed body of a godess(jux my opinion) eb and keysh liked brian and kriz..of course. "hey tay wht good" omgee i couldnt believe jamarcus was actually tlkn tue me but of course i playd it kewl "hey jamarcus wht yall bustahs doin up here" "owe.we bustahs" (blushin"no yhuur nt but brian and kriz is" "aww.thats so cute" keysh teased "yhuu shut up" jamarcus said it before i could even open my mouth. we all laughed and walkd and tlkd. wen we got to pacsun i just got my usually some jean shorts and my plaid button down shirts.."wht all doin when yall leave here" jamarcus ask "well ima take keysh an eb home and im headed back tue my house" "well hw about yhuu drop then off and me and yhuu go catch a movie?" "tht sound kewl i jux might take yhuu up on yo offer lil daddy" "lil daddy?" "yeah lil daddy..tht wht i said aint it.lol" "alright now.ima let yhuu slide bkux yhuu a lil cutie" "lol.well thank yhuu..yhuu nt so bad yhuur self sir" (outtah no where brain come over)"heyy yall wanna go to the spot tonight?" "wht evrybody over there say?" i askd "they all kewl with it" "well i guess we'll catch tht movie latah huh tay?" "(blushn again)yeah i guess so" "alright..yall they say they down" "well tay can i atleast get your number?" "i guess i can give yhuu my lil 10 digits.lol" "alright bet"

so me and jamarcus exchange numbers and me and my girls and him and his boys go about our ways and head tue go get dressd!.

-hopefully yhuu all like it so far..ima get my bestie tue help me out with a few thngs;; jux kno the unthinable is to come.ily guys!.

2 Re: -unthinkable; on Fri May 28, 2010 11:40 pm


its good add soon

3 Re: -unthinkable; on Sat May 29, 2010 11:38 am


this is gewd bestie keep going and I will help if yu really want me to. oh go check out my other story called Rock with you.

4 Re: -unthinkable; on Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:07 pm


Cant wait for future adds


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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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