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1 NEW STORY-ROCK WITH YOU on Fri May 28, 2010 1:42 pm





I sat in my chair fumbling with my pen trying to stay awake to listen to my college professor. This was my second year in college majoring in Journalism, maybe to become a news reporter or a writer. "Wake up Tasha", a familiar voice demanded,"I'm not sleeping just resting my eyes", I lied slightly opening my shut eyes. When they finally opened there stood my bestfriend Mel. Still looking at me with her huge eyes laughing at me. "lady's please quiet down",Professor Williams said eyeing us over his huge coke bottle glasses. When class was finally dismissed I grabbed my notes and placed them neatly in my all black dickies book bag and headed towards the door leading out the classroom.

"hey Tash why were you so tired?",Mel asked while trying to catch up with me.
"Studying all night I guess", wow my second lie today. The truth was that I havnt been feeling too well, Ive been vomating and eating way too much that its getting quite annoying now. Plus on top of that my boyfriend of three years has been picking arguments with me for the last month what the hell? I didnt sign up for this shit I really didnt. Mel was talking to me but I didnt hear anything she said as I reached my dorm room. "I'll talk to you later Mel, I'm a little under the weather call me later okay?", I didnt even give her a chance to respond I unlocked my door and walked in closing the door behind me. I shared my room with another chick named Camille. She was really cool except the fact when she got on the phone loud wasnt the answer..how about RIDICULOUS.
When I passed up her room to get to mine and noticed she wasnt here. This funny feeling in my stomach left the most nastiest taste in my mouth,to where i ran into the bathroom and threw up something unusal. "Yuck!", I yelled out trying to stand up but once again I kept throwing up. After regaining strength I decided to go take a walk to Mcdonalds and get something to eat and study a bit. I put on an all white hollister co tee and some dark blue denim jean shorts toped off with all white airforce ones. Once again I grabbed my black book bag and threw it on my right shoulder along with my wallet and my keys locking the door and on my way. I could have drove but the way my stomach was feeling no way.


I ordered my favorite, a big mac and a sprite and sat at a table n the back of the resturant to go study and eat. It was going really well until I spotted Nathan walking over to me with an apple pie in his hand.FAT ASS.
"Hey Tee", he said pecking me on the lips.
"Hi",feeling a little sick again.
"Are you okay? You need anything?",he said as he strokes my long curly black hair. "I just feel a little sick to my stomach baby",continuing to study.
"Your not pregnant are you???"........................

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2 Re: NEW STORY-ROCK WITH YOU on Fri May 28, 2010 2:50 pm


i like it so far!
How would the thought of her being pregnant not cross her mind it seems obvious!
Well cant wait to see what happens next
Add soon!

3 Re: NEW STORY-ROCK WITH YOU on Fri May 28, 2010 4:22 pm




For some reason I knew that could be the cause of all my sickness. I really didnt want to believe it. "Um..no Nathan why would you ask that?", trying to avoid the question.
"I mean you said you was feeling sick",eyeing me as if I had something up my sleeve. When I finished eating and got my last minute of studying in Nathan and I left together in his 2010 Nissan Maxima.. "Nathan do you mind taking me to CVS to get some aleve I think I have a little head ache",I lied. "Ight"
Once we pulled up to CVS I jumped out and went straight to the pregnancy test aisle. When I found the right one I walked slowly to the register to purchase it. "Excuse me is there a bathroom in here?", I asked so I could take the test without Nate knowing. "Towards the back to your left",the old woman explained pointing towards the direction. Reaching the bathroom I started opening the test. I stepped into one of the stalls and used the cup provided to urinate in to find out the results.
"Just great Latasha your pregnant", I said amongst myself in disgust. I quickly jumped up and threw the test in the disposal and ran to get the aleve and headed to Nathans car. "Took you long enough",he joked. But he could see the look of hurt on my face. "Everything okay?",he said as he lifted up my chin. "Yes I'm fine". I cant afford to have a baby in college. Maybe if I just keep it from him it will be all over. Or If I dont tell him will that be wong? what should I do?

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4 Re: NEW STORY-ROCK WITH YOU on Sat May 29, 2010 12:15 pm


Chapter 2-Whats It Gonna Be?
-Me or You or You and Me whats it gonna be?-


Maybe I should tell you a little about myself. The name is Latasha Maree Thomas, 19 years of age raised in the mean streets of Compton and Inglewood below. How did I make it to college being poor and living a rough life? I focused on making it out of that life. My mother who died when I was 16 was a drug addict, left me in Compton alone to be taken by CPS. Where I was adopted by the worst woman in history. MAMA PETERS. She treated me like shit because I was yellow bone and I had an enormous vocabulary. I attended Crenshaw highschool for four years. My Sophmore year I became united with my bilogical father who was a basketball coach there and finally made it out that misery with MAMA PETERS. My dad is Trevor Ariza and he pratically saved my life. He's still in my life today.
How I met Nathan? Senior Year at Crenshaw.Let's make a long story short, I met him at the park playing basketball with Mel and my other close friend Josh. Thats when Nathan walked up and introduced his self and asked for my number. How Bold. Ever since that day we've been closer than white on rice. Well besides the arguments.
Basketball was a major part of my life too mainly because of my dad. He introduced me to it my Sophmore Year and I instantly became addicted to it. I love it so much Im on a four year scholarship for it attending UCLA. Hoping to make it to WNBA if the writing thing doesnt kick off.

2 weeks later -Saturday-

Today I had no classes so I decided to go to the mall with Mel. After hoping out of bed and taking a quick shower I threw on a white polo shirt, grey denim skinny jeans,and white high top blazers. As I grabbed my purse along with my dorm and car keys I headed out the door to see Mel standing against my black nissan altima coupe my dad had gotten me for graduation present my 12th grade year.
"Hey chick!",I shouted over to Mel making her jump a little.
"Mel you're so scary",I said as I unlocked the car doors and hopped in and so did Mel. "Mel I have something to tell you",I hesitated. Should I tell her??? Or can Mel keep her mouth closed?


Two weeks went by without Latasha and I talking. To tell you the truth I dont know whats going on. Maybe it's because we're always arguing. Yeah I start em but not purpously you know what I'm sayin? I see her from time to time and she really doesnt look my way. She wears hoodies now and she actually hates them. I just wish whatever is making her this way will some how suddenly stop. I love Tasha with a passion. As I sat in my dorm watching 106 & park I decided to get dressed and call up my nigga Marquise and see if he wanted to hit up the mall I needed some time to think maybe I could by something for Tasha.
I picked up my blackberry and dialed his number and her answered finally on the fourth ring.
"whats up Nate bro?",sounding happy as fuck. "Say you feel like rollin with my to the mall?"
"yeah im cool Ima come over there now",he said as I heared his door open and close.
I threw on a white tee some jeans and all white 11 jordans. Ready for the mall.


When me and my boy walked in the mall doors we decided to go to Lids and buy a couple of new hats. I dont know what made me look in the opposite direction but there stood Mel and Tasha but there was something about Tasha that caught my eye, she had a little pudge in her stomach. Was this girl carrying my baby and didnt tell me shit?
I walked over towards her noticing she was drinking out of a glass bottle. What the fuck has she lost her mind???
When I approached her I grabbed her by her arm.

"Nathan let her go she's pregnant!",Mel yelled to me but I wasnt tryna hear that b.s. "I see that shit now! And what the fuck you drinking Tasha!",grabbing the glass and throwing it down to the ground watching it shatter into pieces. "It's a fucking soda! Let me go!",with that said she loosend my grip and ran to the nearest bathroom. I sat there looking stupid I just caused a scene but it wasnt what I thought. But off of all that she's pregnant and she didnt tell me.

"Now look what the fuck you did Nate! Now I gotta calm her ass down!",Mel yelled pushing me.

"Say girl dont put your hands on me man, I just want to know why she aint tell me nothing! So she pregnant with my baby and I cant know about it!?",sitting down on one of the benches.

"Yo what happend?",Marquise asked all extra late.

"Man where the hell you was?"

"Oh I was hollerin at shawty over there at Lids."

"I should have known,...Tasha's pregnant"

"Damn where she at"

"In the restroom.Mel go get her and bring her to the chilrens place.", I demanded and she got up and went to go get her.


In about 5 minutes Mel brought Tasha to me. I started grabbing clothes for girls and boys and taking them to the check out counter. "This what you want Tasha?! Huh?! This why you kept this shit from me?!",I shouted still putting clothes on the counter."You thought I was gonna leave you?! Im buying shit! You happy now?!"

"Stop it Nathan! Stop!",she pleaded as she walked up to me wrapping her arms around my neck.

"I'm sorry Nathan, I'm sorry",and just like that she started crying in my arms.

"No baby I'm sorry",kissing her on her forhead and wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Um sir are you going to pay for all this?",the cashier asked impatiently.

I looked at the clothes then at Tasha's stomach.
"yeah how much?"

She then scanned all the items
"That will be $105.36"

I payed for the clothes and took my girl and my future baby to my car. Whats it gonna be? ME & YOU.

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5 Re: NEW STORY-ROCK WITH YOU on Sat May 29, 2010 1:44 pm


ily bestie.this is good grl..dnt worry about tht impatient grl on here.lol.but keep adding!.

6 Re: NEW STORY-ROCK WITH YOU on Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:03 pm


About to read.


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]As always my compliments goes to Jas

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